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    • My problem is not their pace.  As traditional Procter and Gamble soap storytellers, Jean and Shelly were probably well-schooled on keeping a slow pace, BUT, to be sure to reward their viewer's patience with a big payoff.  That is where their problem lies, and that is why I have said over and over again that they need a good story consultant to help them out, having a story consultant that could properly plan a story that will make sense, make use of history, and pack a wallop with the payoff at the right time.  I don't think they need to be replaced, they just need the right assistance.  
    • I feel like I've hit a history jackpot here! I'm so glad I've read up on this board... I watched Loving from almost the very beginning (I was a kid, yes, but a kid with an incredible memory) - on through to its end... There were some questions here that I can definitely answer!       I don't remember if Ally was ever kidnapped by Carter (Dinalee definitely was) - but Trisha was held captive by Giff Bowman, Casey's father - who had a mental breakdown, and was saved in part by Casey.       Ceara's transition to Loving involved a Genie Francis body-double getting off a train from Pine Valley to Corinth... unfortunately during an unrelated shoot-out (bad timing!). She died in Jeremy's arms.       Jessica Collins & James Horan may have crossed paths, but if they did at all, it had to have been passing scenes... Before getting cozy with Clay, Dinahlee (like Lily, except minus the crazy) pivoted from Jack to his cousin, Curtis Alden - and through three actors: Patrick Johnson (nice to look at), Michael Lord, and the returning OG Curtis, Chris Marcantel. Their marriage & moving into the Alden mansion is what gave her proximity to Clay.       I don't remember them being on the show at the same time - he left & she arrived the same year. But I am sure they weren't involved at that point. I agree with you about Parlato - but he was an unexpected recast, as Larkin Malloy abruptly quit. I thought Malloy was VERY good, and that his Clay & Dinahlee were really appealing. She didn't have that connection with Parlato; it was as if he just wanted to own her. It was Horan's decision to leave, but there was always talk about him playing as "too young" to be the real Clay Alden. He was cast after wrapping a notable stint on AMC as Creed Kelly... similar to Parlato just having finished a run on OLTL as Michael Grande.       Remember that at this time, Cabot was mistakenly presumed dead... and that the only interaction Holms' Isabelle had with Cabot was through her imagination (or his ghost, as she viewed it). I'm not sure that Barry even shared scenes with Addy, as Holms' exit wasn't exactly amicable. I thought it was Barry who came off as REALLY hard-edged. Dabney returned just in time for Cabot's resurrection - of course, that wouldn't last too long, either.       Agree on all those counts! I really enjoyed Roya, and feel that she essentially created the character of Ava. But in spite of how entertaining she was to watch, it was easy to become frustrated with her. She was just SO selfish... Peluso, to me, was a seamless recast. She had a really similar energy & presence to Roya - but she matured the character and gave her a subtext that made Ava easy to root for. There was a good, caring person in that schemer!  And to your question, the Jack / Lily pairing in 1984-85 (as played by Jennifer Ashe) was the couple to bet on. I liked them, and rooted for her to overcome her breakdown from the abuse she suffered. Ashe's leaving changed that outcome.       Except O'Hara Parker was SO bland - we're talking a big wet blanket of rainbows & unicorns... make that BORING rainbows & unicorns. Emma Samms is anything but bland.       Elizabeth Savage is the second Gwyn - not counting Tudor's previous temp replacements, Leslie Denniston and Marianne Tatum. April Hathaway was Alexandra Wilson, who went on to originate Josie Watts on Another World.. her romantic rival for Ned was Kristin Larsen, played by Teri Polo.
    • EW talks to Lynch about the first four episodes.       Much more at the link.
    • Of course, Toni Kalem (a favorite actress of mine) appeared on Another World.
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