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  1. Details: https://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2013/06/glee-star-reveals-details-on-break-up-with-amcs-chrishell-stause
  2. Alison Sweeney appears on "Home and Family" to announce "Days of our Lives" return. More The post Alison Sweeney Back to ‘DAYS’ appeared first on Soap Opera Network. Read More
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  5. Errol, an official from RetroTV (currently airing The Doctors) had been attempting to join the forum.  I've been asked to contact you about that.  Do you have a Facebook account?  Is there a way to discuss this with you privately?  Privacy isn't absolutely necessary, but might be preferred.  Please let me know.  Thank you.

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  6. They've since updated their story to say the following: "Despite the cancellation rumors, production is expected to resume in January, the person added. Another source said the deal has not officially closed yet but is very close."
  7. To be clear, the earlier production start was reported by TheWrap: https://www.thewrap.com/days-of-our-lives-renewed-by-nbc-for-season-56/ "Despite the cancellation rumors, production will resume in January, according to another source close to production."
  8. I don’t know who leaked it and I don’t know if it was a ploy by whoever did to force NBC’s hand. Either way, this move was the best thing to happen to the show. Being 4-6 months ahead of air was insane. To hear directly from Ken Corday’s mouth that they were now 8 months ahead in May (after winning an Emmy for the show)...I was floored. That was just unheard of. This was the only decision they could make that could possibly keep the show afloat. A hard reset is needed and by not being obligated to anyone for anything during this four month plus “hiatus” is just a blessing financially. The decisions they’ll have to make should NBC and Sony hammer out a deal as to whether to bring back anyone or do a true hard reset will be the real conversation we should be wondering about. If the show gets canceled, at least it’ll be done and they won’t have to pay people for work that isn’t required.
  9. No. I’m saying let’s be real. This situation isn’t sunshine and roses. All the people talking about everything being honky dory is doing a disservice to themselves, the fans and what is really going on here. This isn’t a “break.” If DAYS is renewed, whether at its current budget or lower, the actors have to decide if they are willing to return to a show that is one step away from filming in a park across the street from its once iconic studio or if they are willing to jump at a potential job opportunity now that they aren’t under “contract.” When a primetime show is on hiatus the show remains in first position to any jobs the actors field during said hiatus — look at Constance Wu pre-renewal of “Fresh Off the Boat” for how that turned out. This isn’t that. There is no first position when you have no contract by months end. If the show is canceled, they wasted their breath trying to calm worried fans since the show essentially won’t have time to get back into production (if it even does) for a proper finale much less have the required actors to return for a proper sendoff since they wouldn’t be forced to return considering they won’t have any contractual obligations to the show at that point. Y’all are just making me cry with laughter today. My gawd. Really?
  10. I can’t...OMG. hilarious. It’s true though (garbage response). She’s technically right in that she nor the rest of the cast were fired. But they were let go and no longer have a contract with the show leaving them to go job hunting during the lucrative pilot season. If any of them get a gig, since they don’t have a contract anymore they can either shoot DAYS if they can get a good deal with the new job or enjoy getting bigger checks that don’t put their jobs on the line every 13 weeks. It used to be you could get fired every cycle (Er, “let go”), but this is a different thing altogether. I’m just saying...all the positive comments and “we’re not canceled” hoopla people are pushing today is just code for “I’m under contract (right now)” and the hope they get picked up and offered a job if the show does resume production. Remember, the last show to release their actors from their contracts was “One Life to Live,” and shortly before it “All My Children.” Both were to return on the internet but the ABC contracts were nullified when they completed filming. This is that. But “Days of our Lives” hasn’t been “canceled” in the same way the other two were.
  11. On the surface you might be right. In reality, however, when a show is confirmed canceled (to the masses who don't know the soap world, this looks like it's canceled) this news means they'll tune in for its "final episode" or maybe see what they missed. Most won't bother watching a dead show walking if they think this is what that is. "One Life to Live" was the outlier since it was increasing in viewers just before it was canned officially.
  12. Exactly. The time jump would have been better for this kind of result. However, they don't know if the show will continue. This "time jump" is being used to drive discussion for the show as it heads into its 55th season. Unfortunately, this news means it'll be overshadowed by the firing of the entire cast. I understand. It might be unprecedented, but a complete reboot for a daytime soap opera might be necessary and VASTLY cheaper. This is exactly the way I expect a soap to get rebooted in the future, should that ever (eventually) happen -- completely new cast (no prior characters/connections).
  13. The problem with this is who is "dead weight." What you and I consider dead weight to be wouldn't necessarily mean the same for the show. You might regret saying this considering those that choose to return if the show is renewed and they are okay with getting paid peanuts.
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