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  1. If I had written the TJ, one thing I might have done was have Ciara disappear under mysterious circumstances, with Ben fighting to clear his name, as everyone in Salem believes he has murdered her. There would be flashbacks aplenty, displaying the cracks that had formed in Ben and Ciara's relationship over the past year. Perhaps Ciara had returned to school, and Ben was jealous of her new friendship with a male classmate (Evan?) and had stopped taking his meds. We might see some of the subsequent trial, too, as Ben's attorney fights to keep his "prior bad acts" from being entered into testimony. Ben would ultimately be found guilty and sentenced to life for Ciara's murder, even though authorities have yet to locate her remains. However, there would be two major twists: 1) Jordan, who maintains her brother was not involved in Ciara's disappearance, is actually the mastermind behind it. She arranged for Ciara to be kidnapped in order to keep her away from her brother, and then made it look like she might have been killed. 2) Jordan's co-conspirator is none other than Hope-as-Gina, who is forced into participating after Jordan figures out that Gina has taken control over Hope's mind and body. In exchange for Jordan's silence, Hope (or Gina) has hidden Ciara away. But, when Jordan's ruse is inevitably exposed, Ben is exonerated and reunited with Ciara, he discovers Gina and Dr. Rolf have succeeded in erasing all memories of him from her consciousness. And this time, when Ciara learns all about Ben's past, she might not be so inclined to fall in love with him again.
  2. Agree. As I was saying to a friend on Facebook, people will always want serialized storytelling, it'll just morph into something else after the last soap leaves the airwaves.
  3. I wonder if they'll make any attempt to include Tori (Scott, not Spelling) in this shindig, or if the paradox will continue.
  4. Or Democratic presidents who have the audacity to be half-African-American.
  5. And THAT explains why GH isn't in imminent danger either. ABC, CBS and NBC would love to eighty-six the four, remaining soaps. However, they know that audiences will take only so many game shows, talk shows or extra editions of this-or-that morning news show. Ergo, it's either stick with what they have (even if it means shrinking each show's budget even more) or cede those time slots to the affiliates (which would mean losing revenue, as measly as it is). That's why I keep saying DAYS should take risks beyond mere narrative time jumps. They literally have nothing left to lose.
  6. By several accounts, Gail Kobe was a c-u-next-Tuesday.
  7. This is DAYS. Chances are... 1) "Stefano" was behind Jordan's death. 2) Jordan ain't dead after all.
  8. Knowing Bradley, though, he'd make it some sort of accident, like Brooke and Rick were high on something, or brainwashed somehow, and they slept together w/o realizing they were mother and son.
  9. It breaks my heart to read these details. I pray TC gets the help he needs before it's too late.
  10. NBC wants to keep it, because they don't have anything to replace it. Pure, and simple.
  11. Especially, at this point, when they're paying everyone with Universal Studios Hollywood coupons anyway.
  12. Maybe Genie Francis or Tony Geary? I know both have histories of substance abuse.
  13. Seriously, though, he looks old enough to be Tricia Cast's love interest, not her son. Y&R's casting department needs a SERIOUS overhaul.
  14. Let me make one thing clear: I truly do not care about FS' weight -- except, if he has an issue with it, then I hope he can get it under control, because weight fluctuations such as his can lead to serious health issues later in life. I don't believe Jean Passanante was criticizing DAYS' (and Ron Carlivati's) decision to DO the time warp jump, only the NBC ad department's decision to market it as something that's unprecedented in daytime. She's been around the block enough times to know better than to criticize Ron or any headwriter for the story choices they make.
  15. I hope so, too. You hate to hear or read stories like these involving anyone. Sadly, @ChitHappens, you are correct.
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