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  1. DAYS: Week Of Nov 20

    Marlena's actions toward Will make sense, given how she helped John recover (what he thought were) his lost memories as Roman BITD. Therefore, she has SOME idea what Will must be going through at the moment -- and maybe, she'll be able to convince John to help Will as well. Other than that...? This story is pure [!@#$%^&*].
  2. The Politics Thread

    To the surprise of absolutely no one, this is NOT the first time Wes Goodman has been busted. (IDK why, but for some reason, this particular story fascinates me.)
  3. The Politics Thread

    I'm from Oklahoma. I'm used to the freaking cold.
  4. Days actress returns

    Frankly, I think all soap actors have come to look at their jobs as nothing more than ATM runs. That's why so many now look like they don't GAF in scenes.
  5. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    You know, I would be okay with Joshua Morrow dictating his character's love life if I felt he understood Nick enough to know who he should and shouldn't be paired with. But it just seems like he's as clueless as the next guy.
  6. What the hell was Gene Simmons doing at Fox News in the first place? I always thought Christian conservatives looked at him and KISS as doing the devil's work.
  7. The Politics Thread

    But seriously, folks, pay no attention to Gordon Gekko. I am SO moving to Ohio.
  8. The Politics Thread

    It's just like what @marceline has said: the Republicans, when they are in power, always wreck the economy. Always.
  9. If only I could hire some Russians to hack into SON and uncover who Jerry/Jonny is....

  10. The Politics Thread

    I came across this story earlier this evening thanks to one of my friends on FB. The part that irks me, of course, is his calling the affair "inappropriate conduct." If, by "inappropriate conduct," he means that he was wrong to cheat on his wife at all, or that he was wrong to do "on company time," so to speak, then okay, I'm fine with the language. But something tells me that's NOT what he means by "inappropriate conduct." Oh, well. At least it was consensual, with someone who was age-appropriate and not working FOR him or alongside him. So, when Wes is ready to come out officially, we'll be here and all will be forgiven (...I guess).
  11. The Politics Thread

    Agree. So much for "The Al Franken Decade."
  12. The Politics Thread

    Oh, God, not Al Franken, too?!
  13. I hope Kevin's new co-workers at McDonald's, where USA Today is prominently sold, are giving him a REALLY hard time over that article.
  14. Ex Passions Alumni to GH

    Boy, does someone need some cash!