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  1. If only the "secret that could turn Jabot upside down" were that a Black person was truly responsible for Jabot's initial success in the cosmetics industry. OTOH, that could make Papa John look like a damn thief.
  2. According to one article I've read, Marland was lured away from TD, because the daughter of ABC's then-VP of daytime, Jackie Smith, preferred watching TD over GH. When Smith asked her daughter why, she said it was because TD featured younger characters and had faster-moving storylines (compared to GH's).
  3. I had chickenpox when I was in the sixth grade. In fact, the school had to postpone awarding me my trophy for placing second in the school spelling bee because of it. Believe me, that was one of the worst weeks of my young life. Vaccinate your damn kids, people.
  4. It is shameful how ABC took away RH's time slot and handed it to a show (LOVING) that, in all honesty, never really stood a chance of succeeding at any time in their lineup. Bottom line: LOVING suffered constantly from lack of a strong identity, while RH had an identity that not even Joseph Hardy and Pat Falken Smith could diminish (despite their best efforts).
  5. The BTS shenanigans at DH were a soap opera unto itself, lol.
  6. I guess that was bound to happen. Netflix apparently had something fantastic going; so, naturally, they had to find ways to muck it up.
  7. Ironically, Gary Hudson (ex-Rick) lasted only 13 weeks. There must be something wrong with me. Several have spoken negatively about the quality of Justin Deas' performances. However, he's one of those actors who never, ever bores me. I mean, I absolutely love to watch the guy act.
  8. So, is she admitting she has fallen off the wagon?
  9. Frankly, Norman Lear's shows tend(ed) to feature a hammy, over-the-top performance style.
  10. Yep. It's called "frat party antics." I'm kidding.
  11. I wonder if that's (the bingeing phenomenon) why so many shows today are sooooo slowly paced. Perhaps they don't want to throw TOO much at you since you're watching several episodes at a clip. Unfortunately, for me, slowing down the storytelling is having the opposite effect: some shows (that I'm forced to watch with Mama Khan because "family togetherness" and all that bull) produce episodes that are so dull (not to mention, so dark and ponderous) that I find I can't finish even one episode before finding an excuse to leave the room. OTOH, could you imagine trying to binge a fast-paced series like, say, KNOTS LANDING, where something big happened in just about every episode? I feel like the back of your head would be blown off by the end.
  12. The Republican representative was accused of having sex with an incapacitated woman against her will. Apparently, that's the only way some Republicans can have sex. Amirite, Brett Kavanaugh? ;)
  13. It also doesn't help that the directors have almost zero time to rehearse them and give them proper notes.
  14. It certainly is. Blame the ooga booga man for all your country's problems, rather than admit that you are the ones to blame. Germanic peoples can be sooooooooooo predictable. Thanks, Carl, for the article!
  15. What idiotic thing did he say/do now?
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