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  1. "Julie makes a dying request of Maggie." If only that "dying request" were to join her in getting away from this miserable show for good.
  2. When a character's name reminds me of a Neil Diamond song, he's already overstayed his welcome.
  3. Agree. Y&R had no problem with resurrecting Phillip Chancellor, even though the boy died on-screen. Why couldn't they do the same for Hilary? No "maybe" about it. That is EXACTLY what they are doing. The bastards.
  4. Wait, what? Marlena had a child even she doesn't remember having?
  5. Khan

    The View

    She's also very immature, which makes me think Mr. and Mrs. McCain gave that girl absolutely zero home training (tm Ricki Lake and every other talk show from the '90's).
  6. One down, 497 more to go. Not that this is news to anyone with even half a brain, but Trump is being "indecisive" about a lot of things, because all he had going into the WH was "BUILD! THAT! WALL!" and paying back Obama for making fun of him. The emperor truly has no clothes.
  7. As it is, it'll take the next generation and the one after that to sort through the messes he and his team have dumped in their laps already. Rudy Ruettiger wasn't that dumb.
  8. Based on my limited amount of knowledge about these types of things, it seems to me that the far left's attitude is, "Let it all burn to the ground, so we can build anew (and maybe get it right this time)." Which is a fine idea...IN THEORY. But, in order for this phoenix called the United States of America rise from its ashes, I would think there needed to be enough there worth saving. My fear is that, if we let this country burn as much as the far right and far left want it to, we'll be left with less than nothing. We'll basically have to rip up the Declaration of Independence AND the Constitution and start all over -- and given the temperature of this country right now, especially among those hate-mongering Trumpers, I'm not sure I want for that to happen.
  9. Are you talking about the Coopers, or the retro-fitted Bauers? In retrospect, it just seemed silly to introduce this branch of the Bauer family tree we had never heard of before, when simply bringing back Hope, Mike, or even back-from-the-dead Hillary would have sufficed. If anything, having more Bauers on the canvas to interact with might have helped the audience accept Johnny, Lacey and their parents more.
  10. And if we were being fair and honest, we could further admit that SNL took it REALLY easy on Gerald Ford (all they could say is that he fell down a lot?) and even Richard Nixon (less about how he upended the political system for his own craven agendas, more about the fact that he was that crazy, drunk uncle who could make you cringe-laugh at family gatherings). In fact, the most venom that even the brief (and garishly unfunny) Jean Doumanian era displayed was toward -- you guessed it -- Jimmy Carter.
  11. Frankly, I think you would be VERY hard-pressed to find ANY political humor from that period that was even SLIGHTLY critical of the Reagan administration. I think that is one reason why conservatives today tend to "wax nostalgic" so much about him. They have been conditioned by all those warm, congratulatory and toothless jokes that SNL, HBO's "Not Necessarily the News," Johnny Carson, David Letterman and everyone else told about him. They either do not know or do not care that, in fact, the Reagan years were hell for a lot of people in this country.
  12. Unless, of course, it's yet another hit job on those "comedy evergreens," the Clintons.
  13. IIRC, Frank Dicopoulos was supposed to play "Todd Bauer," Johnny and Lacey's brother, until Pam Long turned "Todd" into "Frank Cooper."
  14. That was such a bizarre moment in my SNL-watching life. Madonna's making a pass at a minor? Okay, she isn't REALLY making a pass, but...wha?? I think SNL has been center-right for longer than 30 years, though. The Dick Ebersol era, in particular, couldn't have been more pro-Reagan.
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