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  1. I've been on Twitter a lot recently, and as far as *I* can tell, there's been tremendous pushback to the idea of there being a "crisis" at the border; just as there has been pushback to the ridiculous "Why hasn't Biden held a (solo) press conference yet?" noise; just as there has been pushback to the "cancel culture"-related issues (i.e., Potato Head, Dr. Seuss) that the GOP has tried to drum up. If the majority of Twitter users are concerned about anything, it's that we still have right-wingers (including state governors and other politicians) who refuse to adhere to CDC protocols regarding COVID or accept any vaccines, thereby jeopardizing our chances of finally getting past the pandemic.
  2. Even when AMC was doing silly stuff like the Silver/Goldie/Damon Lazarre storyline, there still was this sense that everything that happened on the show was within the realm of possibility. However, the Natalie-in-the-Well storyline seemed to upend all that. I mean, one sister assuming the other sister's identity (and husband)? And they're not even identical twins, like Adam and Stuart? In what universe, AMC? AMC still had its' moments of brilliance afterward, but for me, the show never felt quite as "real" again.
  3. I read that story this past weekend. My favorite part: when she cries police brutality and the other people in line at the bank are like, "Nope!".
  4. But that dress. I needed an antihistamine after seeing that dress.
  5. Good, lol. If it isn't working out, then it's only because the public (including yours truly) is *slowly* catching on.
  6. Agree. We (Democrats) should have learned our lesson after what happened to Al Franken.
  7. FFS. At this point, putting on an Indian head test pattern in place of "The Talk" would be an improvement and a blessing. Just CANCEL this !@#$%^&*] already.
  8. It's like the media is saying, "What do you expect us to do? We have to go where there is news, don't we!?". Of course, the problem *there* is that there's a difference between challenging and not challenging the GOP on the bulls**t they keep pumping out. The media constantly resists challenging the GOP on anything in the name of "both sides!" and "many viewpoints!" and "objective observers!" because they know where their bread is buttered (Republicans pay their salaries and give them access, too...all while trashing them to the general public); but of course, that's b.s. as well. Journalists have a responsibility to report the news AND to report the truth where the news lacks for it. That's their function in a democratic society. Point blank, period.
  9. THE DOCTORS is another soap I just couldn't (or can't) get into. The Rita Lakin/Rick Edelstein era seemed pretty good (although, I think I caught only the tail end of it on RetroTV). However, the Pollocks' era in particular grated my nerves. Everyone had to be dumbed down in order for any story to work; and oh my God, those *endless* flashbacks that were obviously used to pad out episodes. Even the Douglas Marland era wound up disappointing me (and as a Marland fan, I hate admitting that, too). Instead of wrapping up the show's interminable plots and starting his own, he spent most of his time there keeping them going to the point of insanity (mine, not theirs). By the time his work had concluded, I was just done.
  10. "Ghetto" is the Very. Last. Thing I would ever say about Holly Robinson Peete.
  11. I think it's pretty clear Republican men hope to kill off the rest of us.
  12. Pardon my ignorance, but who the hell is Jimmy Dore?
  13. I, myself, see how hard the media is trying to scandalize Biden's not holding a solo press conference since taking office. As if such a thing matters to anyone outside of the press.
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