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  1. I'm not sure about the late '90's, but, yep, P&G nixed Pam Long and Jeff Ryder's plans to expand the Spauldings via Brandon's Barbados family. Ryder told me as much, via email.
  2. IMO, Vicky's story suffered from not having her mother (Alan and Alex's half-sister) there to act as a buffer of sorts between Vicky and the rest of the Spauldings. If nothing else, we needed scenes of conflict between Victoria, who respects her half-siblings and does her best to keep peace between Brandon's two families, and Vicky, who resents her side of the family's status as Brandon's dirty little secret and fights for equality and legitimacy within the Spaulding empire.
  3. Granted, this is a nit-pick, but I don't understand why Nina Laemmle made Kellam Chandler a former, unscrupulous governor/ambassador who was running again for the job. I mean, he didn't HAVE to be Salem's ex-governor in order for his story to work. He could have been just some wealthy businessman who decided to run for office (like another, real life businessman-cum-politician who shall remain nameless). Better yet, Kellam could have backed Don for governor instead; and as Kellam and his right-hand man, Maxwell Jarvis, employ all sorts of dirty tricks to get Don elected, Don finds himself c
  4. Hell, that could be an SON topic in ANY year, lol.
  5. So, I'm confused. Jordan and Bill say Laura has made a full recovery; yet, many years later, when Jaime Lyn Bauer's Laura appears for the first time, she's catatonic. Did Laura relapse? Did they say as much on-air? Or did DAYS just ignore history again? Agree. Again, just like with Alex and Lee, Kellam and Max are evil for evil's sake. No nuances, no layers, no motivations beyond just being bad because that's what the plot requires. Maybe I'm alone, but I just don't like blatantly evil characters. Characters don't all have to get along with each other, but having
  6. No need to apologize, @marceline. Many of us are feeling the same way. I just hope you are taking care of yourself today.
  7. Agree. Especially the theme music. It makes me feel like I'm about to watch a "Trapper John M.D." spinoff, for some reason.
  8. IIRC, didn't Michael Dietz join the show as nuA-M right around the time of his and Lucy's wedding? So, right there, you had two big strikes against the story: the ridiculousness of the wedding's locale, and the fact that it wasn't Rick Hearst playing A-M anymore.
  9. I'd say the same about Maggie. Her endless Daniel-propping ruined her for me. Now, when I watch, it's strictly for Doug and Julie. Reading all the synopses, I feel like Bill Bell had some hope that Tommy and Kitty would provide a ton of conflict and drama, but it seems like Kitty was written into a corner almost immediately. Is there anything keeping DAYS from introducing Jessica's daughter and Marie's granddaughter? Or has it been established that Nick was an only child?
  10. Honestly, some of these exits "read" like bad fanfic. As eager as TPTB appeared to be in ridding themselves of these characters, I'm surprised they didn't have Stephanie mow them all down with her car on the way to getting herself killed.
  11. I'm still bracing myself for the possibility of Trump burning everything down -- literally AND figuratively -- on his way out.
  12. Well, then, I guess it's back to AOL chat rooms for right-wing nuts, lol.
  13. I lost count of how many "bad" girls on AMC were raped in order to redeem or "punish" them.
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