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  1. Hey, I can be cruel, but cruel enough to include the child actors? LOL!!
  2. No, lol. Just the ones who played Kevin once he was SORAS'ed in '90 or so.
  3. I'll say this much: compared to Joey Thrower and (dear God) Ken Kenitzer, every other actor who played OLTL's Kevin was just a gift from the soap gods.
  4. Classic GH Thread

    You know, I've often wondered if ABC blamed York for that story tanking and that that's why Mac ended up not just on the back burner afterward but practically off the stove entirely.
  5. Last time a newbie impressed you?

    I think that -- meaning, poorly constructed characters -- plus the lack of strong direction is what makes this question so difficult for me to answer. How can ANY newbie on soaps impress me at a time when the writing on all the shows is pure [!@#$%^&*], and the directors and producers have absolutely no time to work with ANY actors, much less the younger and less experienced ones, in order to finesse consistent, and consistently good, performances out of them? To me, it's a miracle if even one of 'em can get through a whole line of dialogue without tripping over the words.
  6. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Agree. You know, before Genie Francis returned in '93, GH was not in great shape. I THINK Claire Labine and her team had come aboard already, but I don't believe they had been there long enough to clean up all the messes that previous writing regimes had left behind; and at a time when so many other shows were grabbing all the attention and accolades -- AMC, OLTL, the Bill Bell shows, DAYS, even GL and ATWT -- GH was just not on a lot of people's radars anymore. Ergo, I don't think I'd be lying or overstating to say she saved that wretched show not once, but twice. All the other great stuff that came from Labine and Wendy Riche -- B.J.'s death/Maxie's heart transplant, Stone's battle with AIDS, Sonny and Brenda's initial romance -- wouldn't have meant a damn thing to anyone, had Luke and Laura's return not generated some buzz and brought back lapsed viewers. And the funny thing is, Genie didn't HAVE to return to GH at all. When execs at ABC told her that she was worth more to them as Laura than she would ever be as AMC's Ceara, she could've easily told 'em all to shove it and refuse to return under any circumstances. Who knows? If she hadn't gone back to GH , she might've landed either another NBC soap or even a gig on one of the CBS or P&G shows.
  7. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I've heard that, and frankly, it puzzles me. Why on Earth bring back an EP whose first run was a disaster for fans and critics alike? IMO, P&G would have been much better off asking someone like Ed Scott or David Shaughnessy (both from Y&R) or GH's former EP, Wendy Riche.
  8. Last time a newbie impressed you?

    Well, I'm stumped.
  9. GH Actress Demoted

    That soon?
  10. The Politics Thread

    He must be cutting back.
  11. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Laura as mayor of PC? That seems even more ludicrous than LUKE as mayor of PC. Yeah, if I were Genie and I'd been handed that potential storyline, I'd walk, too.
  12. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Basically, yes. He went WAY over budget and that, plus the steep ratings decline, pretty much guaranteed GL would never, ever recover.
  13. My God. The resemblance between Roya and Susan Lucci is STAGGERING. I wish they had coaxed Roya into joining AMC as some long-lost relative of Erica's.
  14. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    It just seems so incredible to me that ABC has never placed much value on Laura OR Genie Francis apart from Tony Geary and Luke. No wonder GF seems, at times, bitter about the whole thing.
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Oh, Mitch, lol. Here's the thing about John Conboy as an EP: he ALWAYS brought a glamorous, refined touch to whatever show he was tasked with running. However, gorgeous actors, atmospheric lighting and tasteful set and wardrobe designs don't mean a damn if you don't have good writing to back it all up with. He had that with Bill Bell, of course, at Y&R; and later, with Peggy O'Shea and Henry Slesar at CAPITOL. Otherwise, though, he might as well have just stayed home. I think I've mentioned this here before, but it seems Pam Long and Jeff Ryder DID mean for the Cabin Mystery to have more of an impact on the canvas -- specifically, where the Spauldings were concerned. There was a plan to introduce Brandon and Sharina's offspring, integrate them with the rest of the family and with Springfield, etc. However, P&G got nervous about the idea of there being AA Spauldings and forced the two to drop the plan entirely.