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  1. When reruns of "Blind Date" become more enthralling than any of the remaining four soaps, you know the end is nigh.
  2. I'm sorry, but I just find it incredible that Maggie Horton was ever an alcoholic, when the woman ran her parents' farm almost singlehandedly AND ON CRUTCHES.
  3. Seems to me the "Midnight Cowboy" has taken one too many falls off the old horse.
  4. Yes, it was. Patrick Mulcahey and Frank Salisbury were and are the best dialogue writers in the business, bar none. But, SB might have been TOO different (for daytime) to have any real staying power. Plus, was it just me, or did anyone else who watched notice how the writers tended to throw out or cut short even the stuff that WAS working? It's as if Chuck Pratt, Jr., or whoever was HW'ing the show at the moment, had an extremely short attention span.
  5. Please, our nation has suffered enough, lol. Welcome to SON, CC!
  6. I hope Ken Corday knows his head writer is ripping off himself. Again. (Seriously, does Ron even WRITE for DAYS, or does he just re-print his old GH and OLTL story projections?)
  7. He ate a pack of Oreos because he was upset about GoT? Chandler! Dude! IT WAS JUST A TV SHOW!
  8. IA. When Lynn Marie Latham had someone actually murdered at the Nurses' Ball on PC, I felt that the tradition needed to die as well.
  9. As far as the Daytime Emmys were concerned, Susan Lucci's popularity (and notoriety, as a perennial Emmy loser) was both a blessing and a curse. The longer The Streak went on, the more eyeballs it attracted to the yearly telecasts, to the point where they could air in primetime and not just win the night, but be the most-watched program of that week. But, The Streak was bound to end, sooner or later, either with an eventual win (which it did), or her decision not to nominate herself anymore. It's just unfortunate that daytime soaps in general have fallen by the wayside in terms of popularity, and that the Emmys couldn't come up with any other, compelling reason for people to keep turning in BESIDE The Streak.
  10. Exactly. The only thing you and I and other African-Americans can do in times like these is what we ALWAYS do in times like these: take care of ourselves, and each other. (Oh, God, did I just quote Jerry Springer?). Meanwhile, in other news, Theresa May is DONE.
  11. That, too, lol. Before 2016, we thought it was INCONCEIVABLE for someone like Donald Trump -- a "reality" TV series "star," who had never run for political office before -- to attain the highest office in the land. But, you know, part of the reason why I ultimately sat out the election, is because I called it waaaaaay before Super Tuesday. When friends on FaceBook (and elsewhere) were EMPHATIC with me that Trump wouldn't make it to the primaries, I knew otherwise -- and that's because I could see where this country was heading post-Obama.
  12. At least MAB had Faux Malcolm making sandwiches for everyone.
  13. I do. People who voted for Trump, for third parties, or for no one at all, simply because "their man" (or woman) was not on the ballot, did so, because their station in life afforded them the opportunity. I mean, it's easy for Berners who are predominantly Caucasian, predominantly upper- and upper-middle class, and predominantly Christian and heterosexual to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, or to stay home, isn't it? Because, even if Hillary had won and had made a gigantic mess of everything, how much would they have lost -- I mean REALLY lost -- by the time she was through? For that matter, how much do you think they will actually lose before TRUMP is finished (if he ever finishes)? Only those who TRULY stood to lose a lot with Trump getting elected (and who knew it) were willing to set aside their hurt feelings and everything else, and vote for Hillary. Otherwise, voters saw 2016 as nothing more than a game.
  14. Oh, well. I hope she can get her hostessing gig back at Applebee's. Was he really retired, or did he just sit out until DAYS could free up some money for him?
  15. Where was I when the streak was FINALLY broken? I was at home, of course, watching it all unfold on TV, and yelling loud enough for everyone in my neighborhood to hear, lol. All these years later, the moment remains magical for SuLu and all her fans.
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