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  1. The Politics Thread

    C'mon, who DOESN'T he treat like garbage? I truly do not care what Chozick has to say. Yes, I, too, fell for the "WHAT ABOUT HER EMAILS??" con (although, not to extent that I would have voted for Trump or third-party). But what good does admitting that do for us now? Just do better!
  2. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Oh, wow, I always thought that was Taylor Dayne's song.
  3. The Politics Thread

    Oooooooooooh, AG Foghorn Leghorn ain't gonna like that one bit.
  4. AMC Tribute Thread

    You're not the only one. I'm sure Opal had enough money to reopen the Glamorama away from the Cortlandt mansion. Heck, even converting the mansion into a spa would have made more sense.
  5. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, they might as well change the name of this show to NIKKI KILLS PEOPLE. ETA: I think I've said that after the last 26 people that heffa has iced, but it still fits.
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Between the Richard Fairchild story and the way James' jacket sleeve tore as he fell from the plane, it's clear that someone (either John Saffron or Caroline Franz) really loved their Alfred Hitchcock.
  7. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    UNLESS... Kyle is allying himself w/ Victor in order to do the one thing his father can't seem to -- destroy him. (It's a possibility, ya know.)
  8. The Politics Thread

    Sure he can! Look at his comb-over! He's had the same, exact comb-over since the George Bush administration! That's consistency, baby!
  9. The Doctors

    I'm sure she was glad to be done with that hideous brunette wig.
  10. The Game Show Thread!

    "Anything for Money" sounds like the PERFECT vehicle for Tori Spelling.
  11. Y&R: Old Articles

    At the VERY least, she should be disapproving of Billy's choices and trying like mad to manipulate his life (in between tumblers of alcohol). And Billy should feel resentful, of course, believing that Jill is only trying to mold him into the kind of man she had hoped Philip would be (you know, if he were still dead). As much as I enjoyed Kay and Nikki's relationship, I wonder if Nikki wouldn't have been better served having a mother or aunt all these years as her personal sounding board. And who knows? Maybe Nick Reed was a big enough louse to have OTHER children out there, like a half-sister or -brother (or two) for Nikki and Casey.
  12. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Hilary will go into labor, though; and with Devon incapacitated, it'll be up to Simone to deliver the baby. Which she does. However, Simone will kidnap the baby. Hilary will track down her and the baby (not right away, of course). Simone will force Hilary at gunpoint to drive the three of them out of town. But Hilary and Simone will fight, Hilary will lose control of her car, and the three will crash into a ravine. Hilary will climb to safety and alert the police, who later find Simone's body. The baby, however, will be presumed dead. Between her and Devon's baby's presumed death and continued pressure at work, Hilary will find the stress too much to cope with, and she'll turn to painkillers for relief. (Mal wanted to do a story about the opioid crisis, and chose Hilary after a few rounds of Bubblegum-Bubblegum-in-a-dish.) Devon will stage an intervention and force his wife to get help for her drug addiction, but not before Hilary sleeps with her pusher, a white dude named Brian (who'll be revealed as Victor's long-lost son because he's just too hunky to write off the show), in order to score more drugs. This, of course, will result in Hilary's next pregnancy.
  13. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    But -- wait a minute -- Devon and Hilary will put two and two together, realize "Simone" is Celeste and then Hilary will fake labor pains in order to break out of jail. But girlfriend better hurry up, because once "Seleste" knows that Devon knows, she's gonna have to kill him in order to keep her secret from being revealed.
  14. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    LOL! Except...Simone won't REALLY be dead. It'll be Simone's identical twin sister, Celeste. And Simone will assume Celeste's identity, as Hillary languishes in prison.
  15. Y&R: Old Articles

    I've always chalked it up to the fact that Jill had become harder and more driven by power and a need to outdo Kay on every level. She wasn't starry-eyed Jill Foster anymore, working as a manicurist to provide for her family, and dreaming of having the kind of life she'd read about in movie magazines.