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  1. At the very least, even if Donald Trump delivers all the right words and phrases to the audience at the Tulsa rally, Black Twitter and everyone else will be quick with the receipts that say otherwise.
  2. Another name: Christopher Douglas. Couldn't happen on OLTL, Y&R (although, that one probably wasn't his fault) or on PASSIONS.
  3. I can't believe no one thus far has mentioned Kelly Sullivan. Shame, too, since she's a Broadway legend and all.
  4. I don't think she counts since she was already successful on AW.
  5. How should I know? @Vee's the HW!
  6. Write a role for me! I could portray Viki's long-lost Black son, Jamal!
  7. Maybe not. But, it's certainly one hell of a story, lol!
  8. Brad spent too much time looking at himself in mirrors. I'm kidding.
  9. So, if you attend the rally, there's a chance you could contract the coronavirus? But, Mr. President, I thought the virus was supposed to magically disappear when the warm weather hit? ;)
  10. I know she, too, wrote for several primetime shows after leaving ATWT. She also penned several children's books. Last I saw, however, she was writing mystery stories for online mags and such.
  11. Don't forget Brian Gaskill's roles on AMC and PORT CHARLES. ABCD tried hard to make him "pop," too. Guess both networks operated under the assumption that he had a massive following from "Models, Inc."?
  12. Actually, @Mitch, he has done daytime. Twice. Once, on LOVE OF LIFE; and a few years ago, as former cult leader Ian Ward, on Y&R.
  13. Actually, I could buy that part of the story. As much as Dorian and Viki detested each other, there was also an unspoken level of begrudging respect between them. Exposing the real nature of Victor and Viki's relationship to the whole world would have been low, even for Dorian, because she was still human enough to recognize that Viki was far from being a willing participant in the abuse. Plus, Dorian knew that telling everyone that Victor had molested his daughter would have just made others feel even more sympathetic toward Viki, and Dorian was NEVER gonna let THAT happen, lol.
  14. We don't need to go out of our way to trash JFP. The proof was right there, on her shows, day after miserable day; and whether the mistakes were hers or forced upon her, the point is that it's her name on them as EP. The buck, as it is, stopped with her.
  15. More likely, they had an idea, but P&G wanted them to concentrate more on "sexing up" the show and making it more competitive with the ABC ones. Weren't there also Caroline Franz and John Saffron (and maybe a couple of others) during that time period as well? I, for one, have always wondered what happened to Saffron. Aside from writing an episode of KNOTS LANDING, the man seems to have dropped off the globe.
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