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  1. Well, he's gone. For now. We can breathe a sigh of relief 'til 2024, when I'm sure the itsy bitsy Bernie will climb up the spout again.
  2. It's just a tragedy (and a TREMENDOUS failing on this nation's part) that Kamala Harris didn't become the Democratic nominee.
  3. Well, that's what happens when DAYS refuses to move on from Stefano DiMera: you end up with idiotic farces such as "Stevano."
  4. But, Don Hastings has always been more...agreeable about these things. And I say that as someone who considers Larry Bryggman the finest actor ever to work in daytime (next to Michael Zaslow).
  5. Why, Opal, of course, lol!
  6. I'll be gobsmacked if Larry Bryggman agrees to do one of these reunions, lol.
  7. For sure, I think the early emphasis on large families from different walks of life was due to Doug Marland's influence. Like Richard Culliton said in some soaps-related book, Marland tended to create families with tons of relatives. You could see that even on his first HW'ing job, with THE DOCTORS, when all of M.J.'s siblings showed up for her and Tom Carroll's nuptials. Agnes Nixon, on the other hand, tended to create quirky, larger-than-life characters, which probably explains Tom Ligon's character (the college football coach, right?) and his wife. As much as I adore Marland's contributions to the genre, I can't see him coming up with characters like Billy and Rita Mae Bristow on his own.
  8. No doubt, Bernie Sanders dropped out, because he's about to land another gig with a fat paycheck. But, whatever. He's done. I'm satisfied.
  9. Wretched title aside, this sounds like it could've been an interesting soap. After all, even GENERATIONS had some potential at the start.
  10. Well, at least they didn't try to say Todd was Danny Wolek's stillborn twin.
  11. Erica Kane once faced down a bear in the woods. Surviving this virus should be like an evening at The Chateau for her. I'm kidding. But seriously. If Susan Lucci says we can do this, then, by golly, we should listen to her. Thanks, @DRW50.
  12. Agree. But, if a streaming platform wanted to jump into the soap business, my advice would be to return to this genre's roots and produce 15-minute (or less) episodes. Streaming a series that you can watch anywhere on any number of devices isn't the same as planning your lunch break around a half-hour or hour-long show that airs on network TV. Even now, with virtually the entire world on lockdown to the COVID-19 outbreak, I don't believe the patience is there to watch a half-hour show on your phone, tablet or computer.
  13. You know, if Donald Trump weren't who and where he is in life, he'd be one of those scavengers who's hoarding toilet paper (and everything else) and selling it back to us at an outrageous markup.
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