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    • Eric Braeden is even defending her, saying what a sweet heart she is. DG better watch himself of he's gonna be on EB's bad side
    • This has been going on for a while while.  These mediocre men calling the shots BTS.  See: Benard and Morrow 😫
    • This!  I'll add, not even on paper does Cane/Traci make sense.  Cane is a well established white male who would not look at Traci twice (let's be honest). If Cane were still a con man, he would have a legit reason to be into Traci.  Super happy the farce is over and the next step is to get rid of Cane.  He's simply not needed on the show at this time.  Why TIIC tripping over themselves to keep Goddard employed is truly mind boggling. 
    • I have to say I do love seeing all the different generations and bonds on soaps, that happen when couples have several children. And they branch out and have their own families and ties. Like on Days when you see all of the generations interact. There is something special about that. Like when several generations gathered for Caroline's funeral and seeing several of the Hortons interact. Especially at family events/special occasions.   Though on the other hand there are some characters who keep getting saddled with kids and really shouldn't have any more. Like Sonny on GH. Sonny should have stopped having kids like 10 years ago, lol. IMO, they should have definitely stopped giving him kids after Dante. (Heck, the argument could be made they shouldn't have even made Dante his son. I know I was one that didn't like them giving him another child with Dante at first.)   IMO, Sharon on Y&R doesn't need any more kids. And neither does Nick in any form or fashion.
    • The older and more traditional soaps clearly followed older standards where people commonly had upwards of 5 children.
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    • ChitHappens

      Bought a few eppies of Marcus Welby, MD on Amazon and the first eppy I saw was a 42 year old woman who was pregnant and immediately wanted an abortion.  The damn doctor went to tell her husband 😡  He breaks the news to the husband that he's going to be a father and them all but tells him the wife didn't want the child.  Wow!
      I know this was the 70s but damn!  
      · 0 replies
    • dragonflies

      "Hart to Hart" turns 40 this year. YOW, makes me feel so old lol
      · 1 reply
    • dragonflies

      Harry Styles is being considered for the role of Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid
      · 2 replies
    • DRW50

      I’ve tried so hard to avoid anything related to Game of Thrones lately that I just saw Alfie Allen got a nomination. He earned that all the way back in season 2. A phenomenal actor who was the heart of the show for me. I’d love to see him win but even this is more than I expected.
      · 2 replies
    • DRW50

      So sad to hear about Charles Levin. I used to have a crush on him when he played Vera's husband on Alice. He helped make the last few seasons less empty. Sad to know he and Beth Howland are gone now.
      · 5 replies
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