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    • Felicia believed in Mitch all along and helped him believe in himself.  Their love was the real deal and little by little you see Mitch becoming confident and successful.  Her love made him a better person & father.  All Rachel ever did was use Mitch and throw him away.  She was jealous of Felicia and after Mac died she went after Mitch all the while shaming anyone who had the audacity to say she was depending on Mitch too much.  She would go to Felicia’s and look her in the eye and claim nothing was going on, they were just friends and then leave with a guilty smirk on her face.  She reminded Felicia that she & Mitch were close and there was nothing Felicia could do about it...insert knife twisting in F’s back!!  Rachel scolded Amanda for saying something was going on with Mitch & turn around and say Mac was all she ever wanted.  And after all the drama with hurting Felicia she moves out of town away from Mitch but damed if she could get the motel door open fast enough when Mitch knocked!! In some scenes she pledges that she & Mitch shared a great love and then in another scene say she only slept with M to help save Mac.  Idk.  It made me crazy when F would say she couldn’t even hate Rachel because she lost Mac and she would back down when she & M would fight.  Leaving F on their anniversary & on Christmas woulda landed his clothes off the balcony of the Love Tower!!!  Unless I missed some episodes she just looked over it all and remained friends with Rachel!!! Crazy, just crazy!!
    • I agree BUT writer's don't want to write storylines like this, nor do they seem to have an interest to do so either. I'd rather if something like this were to be written, especially long term, I'd rather it be written well and with interest from the writer(s).
    • I couldn’t agree more.  Felicia was the all time lover of love and she gave 110% to her friends and those around her and to end up with Sergei was a disgrace!!  I think the writers totally messed up the whole Lucas storyline. After being separated for all those years, being lied to by by Fanny’s family and losing their daughter they finally reunite and get married and then fight every single day and throw in Sally and that true soul mate love is reduced to jealousy, etc.   I would have given anything If the writers would have made Lucas like Alexander-how he was visibly in love with Felicia in every scene (until that whole bury Rachel Alice thing-LOL)!! The chemistry was hot, hot, hot!!!
    • I loved John & Felicia together. Felicia fought the feelings for John in the beginning-breaking off during the kiss, making him call Sharlene...but that dang ice storm got the best of them!!   I thought they had great chemistry especially in the episode when John was a bartender @ Tops & he was giving Felicia advice after a big fight with Mitch.  It was Christmas time  & John was bah humbug & she took him shopping for ornaments & John said he hasn’t had a Christmas tree since Vietnam so Felicia took over & immediately went in search of a tree-they decorated this stick of a tree on John’s boat.  It was a very sweet scene. I think it was on December 14, 1987.  
    • Was that technically what happened with Otalia on GL or no? I wasn’t watching the show consistently enough in those final years to know.   Soaps would just never really go there for men in a real sustained way. There aren’t really that many male bisexuals in primetime either. (Issa Rae is executive-producing a show about a black bisexual man, and she’s had a lot of negative responses.)   Adam’s dalliance with Rafe on Y&R was used to show how depraved he was, how far he’d go to cover his tracks, and he had sex with Heather like someone washing a disgusting taste out of their mouth.
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