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    • I’m currently up to season 3 now and it’s amazing just how fast Quad will turn on a bitch when she’s done using them. She and Lisa Nicole were damn bosom  buddies when she needed her in the war against Mariah, with a Mariah gone she wiped her hands clean. What she didn’t realize though is that Lisa Nicole would fight back. But her downfall is coming.   I’m on Simone’s side in the fight with Toya.
    • 17.4/30 C Dallas 17.3/29 C Knots Landing 14.1/26 C Falcon Crest   Wow...Dallas actually went up from its cliffhanger. Both Knots and FC dropped in numbers from their cliffhangers. No Dynasty numbers?   @Paul Raven Thanks for the numbers and the explanation for the late start...I had forgotten about the strike. 
    • The 88/89 season was affected by the Writers' Strike of that Summer. Because of delays in getting new series to air it was decided that Wk 6 of the season be regarded as the first official week as most of the proposed schedule was ready to air. The prior weeks had been filled with repeats of regular series, mini series reruns, TV movies already filmed, specials and limited series especially ordered to fill gaps.   26.2/43 N Cosby Show 24.4/38 N Cheers 23.3/37 N Different World 23.2/36 C 60 Minutes 21.9/33 N Devil Worship Tues 8-10 Geraldo Rivera special 21.4/35 A Monday Night Football 21.2/38 N Golden Girls 20.6/30 A Roseanne 20.5/33 A Growing Pains 19.8/31 N Dear John 47. 19.5/30 A ABC Tuesday Movie 'David' 19.5/29 C Murder. She Wrote 19.2/30 A Who's the Boss? 18.8/29 A Head of the Class 18.5/28 N ALF Ihr premiere Mon 8-9 18.4/33 N Empty Nest 18.3/28 N NBC Monday Movie 'A Stoning in Fulham County' 17.8/27 N Night Court Ihr premiere Wed 9-10 17.6/32 N Hunter 17.4/30 C Dallas 17.3/29 C Knots Landing 16.0/24 N Family Ties 15.9/26 N NBC Sunday Movie 'Favorite Son Pt 1' 15.4/25 A ABC Sunday Movie 'Commando' 15.2/24 N Midnight Caller 14.8/25 N L.A. Law (R) 14.8/25 N Tatlinger's 14.6/26 A Full House 14.5/26 N Amen 14.4/21 N Day by Day 14.1/26 A 20/20 14.1/26 C Falcon Crest 14.1/22 C Paradise 14.1/22 N Unsolved Mysteries 13.9/21 A Wonder Years (R) 13.4/25 A Perfect Strangers 13.4 24 N 227 13.2/23 A Crimes of Passion Wed 10-11 13.2/22 A Mr. Belvedere 13.0/20 C Newhart 12.8/22 A Just the Ten of Us 12.8/20 A Wonder Years Special Wed 930-10 (R) 12.8/22 C Wiseguy 12.6/19 A Mission: Impossible 12.3/19 N Magical World of Disney 12.1/22 C Garfields Halloween Fri 8.30-9 12.0/18 C CBS Monday Movie 'Indiscreet' 11.9/18 C Equalizer 11.7/18 C CBS Tuesday Movie 'Pancho Barnes' 8-11 11.6/17 C Coming of Age 11.3/19 C CBS Sunday Movie 'Dadah is Death' Pt 1 10.5/16 A MacGyver (R) 10.3/19 C America: C. Brown. part 2 Fri 8-8.30 10.2/19 N Miami Vice (R) 9.8/18 C Dirty Dancing 1hr premiere Sat 8-9 9.7/15 C Annie McGuire 9.5/15 A Incredible Sunday 9.3/15 C 48 Hours 9.1/17 C West 57th 9.0/16 A Police Story 9.0/14 C Van Dyke Show 9.0/15 N Something Is Out There 8.3/15 N Sonny Spoon 8.0/15 A Scandals Sat 8-9 7.6/12 A Look of the Year Th 9-11 7.6/14 C Simon and Simon 7.6/11 F America's Most Wanted 6.8/11 A Making of a Model Th 8-9 6.1/10 F 21 Jump Street 4.8/7 F Tracey Ullman. Special 4.1/6 F Gary Shandling Show 3.9/7 F Reporters 3.0/5 F Beyond Tomorrow 2.75 FDuet   Still to air ABC Moonlighting, thirtysomething, Hooperman, China Beach, Knightwatch, Heartbeat,Murphy's Law and new eps of MacGyver and Wonder Years CBS Murphy Brown,Designing Women, Almost Grown, TV 101, Beauty and the Beast, Close to Home NBC Hogan Family, Matlock, In The Heat of the Night, Baby Boom and new eps of LA Law and Miami Vice
    • The Carter-free second half of October really made the show easier to get through. I like Hayley but I think she should have been tied to other people than the Slaters, some of her mannerisms and toughness makes me think of Kathy and that's one part of the canvas that could use something more. I wonder if Kate Oates will switch things up at the Vic, she changed the landlords of both ED and Corrie's pubs, and it's time the Carters retired. My first bet would be on Martin and Stacey but it could go to new characters.
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