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    • Ok, I’ll try to make this quick. Sorry for what will, most likely, be a TL:DR situation but I have nowhere else to share my thoughts on ATWT. I’ve finished 1987 for the first time (celebrated Christmas with everybody - they all sang around the piano this year) and have moved onto ’88. I just haven't had a moment to sit down and collect my 1987 thoughts.     1987 The Highlights:
      John & Lucinda - Yes, please. I could watch them all day. What is there to say? They’re marvelous. I knew the pairing was coming and I just didn’t think it would work for me but it sure has!
      Lily/Everyone - I haven’t seen all of soapdom. (I’ve seen a lot.) But I think, arguably, there’s never been a better reveal than “Let go of her. Let go of her she’s your BABY!!!” I just had to relive it in my head as I typed that - insane good TV. I don’t know how everyone else feels about the Summer Repertory Season with Mrs. Gilmore (Love me some Kelly Bishop) but I enjoyed it. Lily and Holden got away for a summer. We had a cute little Pollyanna type story. It worked for me. Lily had to grow up somehow and being on her own for a summer seemed to do it. She now wears lots of make up and has big hair. 
      James Stenbeck - great storyline. I missed out on some of the intricacies of it - especially with what involved Duncan and anything at the castle but the murder set up was great. I honestly don’t know who shot him and can’t figure it out - it could be anyone. Of course, I know he’s not dead so some of the details, like he was shot in the back of the head - really? how do we explain this one? I mean, do they just retroactively (don’t tell me) make it Costello who got shot and James escaped? They’ve said the dental records of the dead body are James’……Anyway, my money is on Emily - there’s something in the actress’ performance that says she’s dangerous. I believe she’d kill someone Oh, but the TRIAL….why did they put reverb on the actors voices when they were giving testimony on opening/closing statements? Super weird. 1987     1987 The Low Points: 
      The Sabrina Reveal & Frannie/Seth/Sabrina - Most of this is missing from YT (at least from what I could find) The episodes do exist where they save Sabrina in the church but I didn’t get to see all of the buildup. Also, the episodes I saw (I think there were 120 or so of the year) didn’t really have the Frannie/Seth/Sabrina triangle storyline. Once again though, they had the big moment of Seth sleeping with the wrong sister. I just didn’t get the build up to it. So I wasn’t emotionally involved in the story. Frannie seems to have moved to Boston and I frankly couldn’t care less.     The Inbetween:
      Craig/Sierra/Tonio - I’ve been vocal in the past about the fact that I have no love for this version of Craig and Sierra BUT I warmed to them by the end. I actually feel as if Craig is still on the show because they talk about him all the time. 
      Steve/Betsy - I can’t believe all the stuff that happened this year! Steve leaving - good riddance. I get what a part of the canvas he was, though. Betsy hasn’t has had a lot to do other than grieving Steve and grieving Craig. 
      Meg/Tonio - another couple I’ve warmed to over the months. Neither of them really care for each other and they both know it. Although, that seems to be changing these days maybe?
      Lily/Holden/Dusty/Emily - yeah, it’s a little contrived but only a little. For a soap, I’ll take it. Holden is lashing out - he’s frickin’ howling Lily’s name like a wolf (a tad too much) - watching him team up with Tonio and vowing revenge on Lucinda is genius. Bring on 1988! Love this Emily - I’m assuming she loses the child - unless there’s a forgotten baby that never got mentioned post 2000. (It could happen)  I feel like I’m cheating on Lily & Holden by saying this but I think I may prefer Lily & Dusty. 
      Lyla/Casey - Don’t nobody take my Lyla & Casey away from me. I love these two. So happy to see them wed!      I was super sad to see Earl go. My delightful Shannon O’Hara seems to be stuck in that castle. Now, there’s a ghost mystery story I’m sure many will remember. Oh, and Beatrice is having a baby which has Duncan concerned because of the curse.  So many characters, I know I’m forgetting some. Kim’s talk show - super 80s. Andy drinking. Meh. I’ve never been a fan of Andy’s. I only saw his last year though so there’s just no attachment to him. That may change. Pam? Who the heck is this chick and why is she hanging around so long? Ok…I’m off to 1988 land. Bob just stopped someone from being raped! I can't believe I can't come up with her name 'cause they've said it at least 5 times. Laura Simmons? Pam is making friends with the alleged rapist.    Thanks for reading this far! I love As The World Turns!!!!
    •   I don't think so because pretty much all of them are gone, and the four that are left are lost causes. 😢😠
    • Today's episode was a very short one for me since I FF through all the the Cane/Lily crap.  
    • I went back and looked and all I see is his bio and his title "Assistant Professor". Interestingly enough someone else who has the Assistant Professor title has her bio, title and Course listings, which he doesn't have.   I'm wondering whether he's even actively teaching or not. It's possible that they forget to take his name off the Faculty listings. I'm more interested in the fact that Vondie Curtis Hall is going to be teaching there soon.
    • I've definitely heard real-life horror stories about people with dementia that surprised and frightened me, but yeah, this is over-the-top. I don't suspect they've written this story in consultation with medical experts as soaps often do with these types of sensitive plots.
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      THE WIRE: Season 4 - Just wow. Enough said
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      RIP to The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan. What a great voice she had.
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      ER the complete series is now on HULU!!!!
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    • Wendy

      Huh! I just read that Linda Thorson - who played Julia Medina on OLTL in the early '90s - is the younger sister of Susan Clark, who played the wife and adoptive mom on the corny sitcom, "Webster" with her now late real-life hubby and ex-Detroit Lions football player, Alex Karras. Small world!
      So Linda Thorson has a "Webster" connection.  :-P
      · 2 replies
    • Vee

      Nafessa Williams - lampooned for her work as Deanna on OLTL - has grown into a solid actress playing a queer superheroine on CW's Black Lightning, and I for one am going to credit her recurring role on Twin Peaks as being responsible for it all
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