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  1. you just enjoy to be mean don't you? you're always being picky to all i post here, really?? wonderful marvelous icredible I GIVE UP
  2. Oh would be so nice to see how Cecile lived in Tanquir LOL, they could have created a storyline in which some characters went there and we could actually see it, the best opportunity was when Cecile kidnapped Cass, wouldn't it be easier for her to take him there?
  3. didn't know about this one i am curious anyway i remember reading a comment on one of elena's episodes that said SW wanted to leave but he didn't answer when i asked about it, so no clue, but i liked the idea of Elena staying on the show longer it would be nice to have a more down to earth long term Vilain, they could easily just have her wounded and comitted to a sanatorium for a time then she would come back and wreak some havoc without having to try to kill everyone
  4. lol didn't expect a question like this but, Amanda Carrigton is a character from Dynasty the original series, she was the youngest child of Blake Carrigton and Alexis Morrell, the Protagonist and Antagonist of the series respectively Brooke Logan, the usual female lead of The Bold and The Beautiful, she began as a virginal girl who falls in love with rich Playboy Ridge Forrester, and since then has a on and off love and hate relashionship with him, as well as relationships with his brother and Father, his other brother and her on daughters' boyfriends and husbands and her younger sister's husband as well, therefore she's loved by some and hated by many
  5. Flora Campbell (1911 - 1978) She was a Tv Pioneer and starred in the first TV Soap ever "Faraway Hill" (1946) and others like Valiant Lady (1953 - 57)
  6. Catherine Oxenberg as Brooke Logan, Amanda and Brooke sound like the same character, they're both childish, very beautiful, obsessed with a certain guy (amanda with dex, Brooke with the Forresters) and i don't find neither one sympathetic (I began disliking Amanda not long after she entered the show, i began hating Brooke in the mid 2000's/early 2010'sof what i saw), now Catherine is not the best actress in the world but she could act being given the right material, Amanda never had very good storylines specially after Moldavia
  7. that's true thanks for reminding me and thanks for the little defense
  8. didn't saw your comment before and never saw these episodes sounds amazingly OTT, I too would love to see the years that Carla and her mom (i think it's Sadie) were proeminent characters on the show i envy you for seeing it, i never found anything from those years, i wish they were made avaliable somewhere
  9. that's one thing i hated about many soaps specially B&B absurdly rapid aging, i don't mind this when they wait a reasonable time like 10 years but but some like B&B, Y&R and AW aged characters way too quickly, it's too OTT to me that's why i think i would have enjoyed TSS very much sometimes i think i was born 30 years too late
  10. if that was 1967 it would be for ATWT or if it was 1969 i would say to draw for children on sesame street but no idea on 1971
  11. Makes sense 1970 was the year Haila was let go of Secret Storm, she had a 16 year tenure as villain Pauline who I understand was kinda High Society Matron so she sounded like a good Phoebe
  12. Exactly, Cecile was a goldmine in plotlines her last tenure was complete waste, I'm sure that a well used Cecile could have prolonged the show's life a little
  13. Ok thanks Yes IMDB lists her as playing a character in 1964 probably one of those that only appeared for storyline purposes then vanished
  14. But Sharon fit That Role perfectly
  15. Well maybe if the show was on air longer they would find something decent for her to do, but who knows And thank you everyone for the insights I guess so many questions are pretty boring
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