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  2. I'm surprised I haven't read that Thomas used his happy pills that he got from Vinny on Hope.
  3. I agree with you there; she probably wouldn't have fit into the melodrama that Melrose became. I loved when Jasmine Guy was briefly on the show in Season 3, and had they written it in such a way, they could've kept her character longterm or brought her back, just as they were able to bring Peter Burns back. I loved the tension between her and Amanda. I also liked Alycia Barnett (Anne-Marie Johnson) too. I also agree they should've kept former characters "alive" by mentioning them more often. Even when Jo left after season 4, there was nary a mention of her again, not even by Jake. When Rhonda left, I remember Matt mentions her in like the second or third episode of the new season. Otherwise, he mentions her one more time as he's recalling his time at Melrose when he leaves the series. One thing Melrose was good at for the most part, though, was bringing back key parents of the main characters... Jane & Sydney's mom and dad, Billy's mom, Matt's mom and dad, Kimberly's mom, etc.
  4. Pannoni4 other channel uploaded another clip.
  5. I hadn't even thought of that. I was worried they were going to bring on Patricia Heaton.
  6. I was just assuming considering the lower ratings compared to the big soaps, but I may be wrong.
  7. I didn't know Loving had a small budget. Loving always looked really good. It looks just as good as any soap from that era.
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  9. Perhaps we can hope Rolf will implant Sonny and Will with the memories of heterosexual men? *shrug*
  10. ABC schedules repeat airing of "General Hospital" on Tuesday, January 28 due to continued ABC News coverage of the impeachment trial. The post ‘General Hospital’ Preemption/Repeat Info for Tuesday, January 28 appeared first on Soap Opera Network. Read More
  11. I think I would've avoided saddling Fenmore with a drug addiction, since I don't believe we've known him enough (as an adult) to care (beyond how Michael and Lauren are affected, of course).
  12. Well, at least he's not coming aboard as a love interest for Justina Machado's character. I hate when sitcoms stunt-cast like that.
  13. The truth is, a team that's talented and dedicated to putting on the best show possible could work even with NO budget if they had to. If today's soaps look crappy even next to "Loving," then it's because they have people in charge who gave up a long time ago or weren't that talented to begin with.
  14. It's just what you (or someone else) said: the Berners are so enamored with their outsider/underdog status that, in a way, they don't want their guy to be the nominee. That way, if/when Bernie's shut out again, they can do again what they did in 2016: sit home on election day, vote third party or vote for Trump out of spite. Berners are truly, truly happy to watch as the Republicans burn this country to the very ground.
  15. I guess I wouldn't put it past Bravo to bring Leeanne back to RHOD for drama. We'd get a few episodes of the new season cast hobnobbing around Dallas. And then, right at the end of ep. 5 (at some dog event, probably): a door opens. The camera follows somebody's beheeled feet into the room... the camera pans slowly up a black, witchy pantsuit... cut to Brandi's face transforming slo-mo from a smile into a silent scream... Stephanie's look of shock... D'Andra looking like Mama Dee having a stroke... Kameron busting out a grin... and then panning to Leeanne's face for a close-up. "Ah'm baaaack. Did y'all MI-ISS ME?" In reality, though, I could see Brandi, D'Andra and Stephanie outright refusing to film with her.
  16. 2. Rhonda Blair (Haggard?) (Vanessa Williams) Personally, I never minded Rhonda all that much. I thought she fit well into the first incarnation of Melrose Place, at least for the first half of the season. It always seemed to me that around the time Sandy was written out, Rhonda was essentially written out as well. It's almost as if TPTB just felt it would be too much to have them both take off at once, so they kept Rhonda around until the end of the season. But they certainly stopped writing for her. Unlike Sandy, I don't think Rhonda would have worked well in the show MP would become, so utimately it was probably for the best that they let her go. I think Rhonda suffered greatly from the fact that they tied her down to Terrence so soon. It would have been interesting to see her in another relationship. It feels like an interracial relationship would have really fit with the whole social struggles theme they had going on back then. The one thing that bugs me to no end, however, is that she was not mentioned at all after her departure (actually, I think I recall a mention in one of the later seasons by someone like Amanda, which made little sense). Matt and Rhonda were supposed to be best friends. How easy would it have been to start a Matt scene by having him on the phone saying "I gotta go Rhonda, talk to you soon". I always found it interesting that on Beverly Hills, 90210 (I'm only on S8, so please don't spoil) they seemingly had an entire storyline going on in mentions only, as we found out through the remaining regulars that a certain former regular had made their way down to where a certain other former regular lived to resume a certain relationship). I'm not saying that's what MP should have done as well, but how difficult would it have been to mention some of these former regulars from time to time. In Rhonda's case, those mentions obviously would have waned over time, but in the beginning it was quite jarring. Though the show was definitely guilty of tokenism with both Rhonda and Matt, I do think it's a shame that the show never brought in another African-American (or any non-Caucasian, really) character following Rhonda's departure. -- I actually either didn't or at least don't remember. I'll pay attention to it once I rewatch. I definitely remember her having a strong southern accent, but I don't recall her dropping that accent.
  17. Totally agree with you on Shemar. I remember being in an elevator with him at the conclusion of the 2005 Daytime Emmys at Radio City as everyone was leaving the building. I thought it was a star struck moment, but nope. And he smelled amazing!
  18. I swear I made a mental note to request Zach last week. Great minds... The reason I was going to request is because I saw that his IMDB page most infuriatingly lists him as having appeared in a 2009 ATWT episode, which most definitely did not happen. It just reminds me of how happy I am that we have out own Internet Soap Opera Database here. I'm telling you, you should trademark the name ISODB. 🤣 Roerig was on ATWT from January 2005, so while not impossible, I wouldn't imagine his GL stint to have been in 05. 04 seems more likely. Also, between The Vampire DIARIES (😉) and Legacies he played Matt Donovan on 1 episode of The Originals as well. I'm not sure if that show is among the ones you list. Could I now request his ATWT buddy Jesse Lee Soffer as well?
  19. I interacted with Shemar Moore multiple times, and it's the SAME. DAMN. THING. Whether you're a man, woman, gay, straight. He looks at you with such intensity, anyone's panties will get wet
  20. But...is she though? Given what Coven 2.0 has been up to, the wedding planner's continued Twitter rants, and the controversial drama on other shows (I am thinking of VPR, BelowDeck, and what's coming up on RHOA), there might be some greedy producer who might decide to that the most drama might be to bring LeeAnne back to 1)repair her image but most to 2) needle these girls especially Brandi due to her video drama and let the 'bodies' hit the floor. As for re: NJ. Honestly I'm going to need a rewatch. I've been busy finishing up my latest novel and NJ this week has been background music. I caught the tail end of the Frankie chat so I saw it. I was just joking about Dolores's presence with that comment. She's been easy and breezy lately with no drama. Not boring, but no drama. Yet. I even missed the talk you mentioned between Teresa and Marge. So I hope to see it on the next repeat because I would have liked to see it. Guess I was looking down at pages longer than I though.
  21. I've met Christopher Sean in person many times over the years at various press events and I WAS SEDUCED by him. He's straight, but those eyes and those lips...swoon. He just exudes passion without doing a damn thing.
  22. One Life To Live excerpts (November 6, 1987)
  23. The "DNC is rigged against Bernie!11!" propaganda also started up yesterday. It's strange as many would say that Bernie's chances of winning the primary have improved in the last month, but his team are behaving more and more like they don't think he has a shot.
  24. Oh, so now folks are complaining about the messed up DNC criteria?? (*shrugs*)
  25. According to this article that I'm reading, once the pilot left the control zone of Burbank, he would have been totally on his own, left to his own judgement to navigate since he didn't have clearance to 'use his instruments' outside of the control zone. Once you leave that F.A.A. authorized zone, you're totally on your own if you continue on-- this is according to an anonymous F.A.A. official. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/flying-into-patchy-fog-kobe-bryants-pilot-had-a-decision-to-make/ar-BBZo2T3
  26. Trying to find out the name of the Y&R background music used during Matt Clark aka Carter Mills story line 2000-2001. It was used throughout multiple scenes including when Tricia drove Matt (Carter) off from the cabin and tried to get them both killed. Unfortunately, I don't have any video clips of any scenes that contain the music. Lead to believe the music is called "Psycho Realm - Sick Dogs" but I can't confirm that or not. Wondering if someone might know or be familiar with it. Had no luck google searches have turned up nothing.
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