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  2. Oh Kevin that poor boy 💔
  3. That week of episodes garnered an 8.9 HH number. Y&R was dominate #1.
  4. That was amazing. Again, I’d be ashamed to air new episodes after that.
  5. Ponds

    The View

    She's far more intelligent than McCain!
  6. In the 1982 episodes Charles was in boarding school. Was Charles on screen in 1980? I wonder why Bill Bell changed the name from Charles to Cole in 1993? Maybe he felt Charles was not a 1990s soap opera name
  7. Definitely. And what a horrible story it was. Side note: If I had my druthers, I would rather the actress playing Flo to be playing Hope instead. Ooh, that'd be a good one.
  8. You find out the Charisse tea in episode 2
  9. Watching the 1983 clips from the vault, Margaret Mason is so stunning as Eve. Would love to see her on DAYS as Linda too.
  10. I have not seen Episode 2 yet, but I loved see our Potomac ladies back!!! I have to say, I'm glad mommies Monique and Ashley have found a common bond with motherhood, or else Ashley would start to get islanded in her own story. Poor Ashley.... baby Dane looks JUST LIKE his daddy. The permanent scowl on his face is cute as an infant, but we know what he'll look like in adulthood... Robyn... girl... Juan will never put a ring on it. It would make sense to hear rumors he's got someone on the side given the situation, so I'm pleasantly surprised we hear nada. Unless I'm missing something? Gizelle's daughters calling out their own dad for being a phony. LOL But also kind of sad that he only feigns interest in them for their mother's sake, to score brownie points with her. Grande Dame & Ray.... hmm... I smell turmoil. But I love what she pointed out about marrying someone who's nearly 20 years older; everything is fine when you're 30-something and he's 50-something... but once you're 50-something and still interested in building a career and socializing, while he's 70-something and winding down, it creates a new dynamic and rift. Loved the La'Dame shout-outs at Candiace & Chris' party. If this were NYC and Karen was Bethenny, you know she would've been handing out scratch 'n sniff samples with her mug on it. 😂 Charriissee... y'all know I had to make a mention of this salty heifer... I did LOL at her stank face during Karen's speech, but otherwise she is such a hater. It's sad but not surprising that Charrisse and Monique had a falling out due to Charrisse bad-mouthing her (anyone know the tea there?). Also, it seemed when we first saw her on-camera, she was croutched in the corner, like she was waiting to latch onto a castmember to make her way into the party. Was she even invited? I don't think Bravo had her mic'ed up initially. Thanks! I'm so out of the loop with Nielsen numbers these days now that TVByTheNumbers is gone, but what's this about NYC tanking? And how's BH faring?
  11. What a way to end the 1990s classics. I think this was one of the episodes that got Y&R the 1993 Best Drama Series Daytime Emmy.
  12. I was trying to figure out when Stuart tied to romance gina, i would love to see those scenes but they say he left after that didn't workout but I swear he left October 1983 so im confused lol
  13. Just pointing out that Potomac got a 0.33 18-49 with 1.064 million viewers and was ninth among cable programs for Sunday. Last premiere it had 0.4/1.16 million. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-sunday-cable-originals-network-finals-8-2-2020.html http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-sunday-cable-originals-network-finals-5-5-2019.html
  14. Honestly, I thought same thing at first, but cheers to true love!
  15. About Derek, he tried to get his hands on Chancellor Industries but when Kay came back from the dead (the Felipe story), she showed Derek his true colors and threw him out the Chancellor Estate. That's all I think.
  16. Today
  17. I actually quite like JMW too, for what it’s worth. With all the soaps returning, it feels like the faucet just got turned on blast in the Spoilers forum.
  18. I fail to see any bashing in this thread, unless you count the one Ron Carlivati and his partner is subjected to. Pointing out that some of the comments made towards them is pushing the envelope a bit is not what I would call bashing.
  19. Thudley will bring on someone like Patrick Muldoon or Brian Krause on as the new new Thorne for Brooke & Katie to fight over before pairing any of them with Carter.
  20. Madrid tournament cancelled!
  21. people can hate all they want, but JMW can act well too. Just because y'all don't like a character does't meant they're "chewing scenery" lol the 2 younger blonds otoh... yikes!
  22. I think in the beginning. I'm not sure how Derek was written out after all that. Julia eventually discovered Michael in the basement and set him free. Victor and Michael struggled knocking Julia down the basement steps. She was rushed to the hospital and almost died. Victor prayed that if she lived, he would set her free to be with Michael. She miscarried the child. It was discovered that Victor's vasectomy didn't take and the child was his. I remember that scene. Nikki wanted to get one last look at Victor and said he was the only man she ever truly loved while Kevin was standing right there. Kay told her he's gone let him rest in peace while trying to rush her way. Nikki also argues with Julia when she tried to get to the casket to open it.....LOL
  23. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/08/03/general-hospital-temporarily-recasts-brook-lynn-quartermaine
  24. If memory serves correct, Walkers Max found out he wasn’t a true Buchanan and felt everyone he loved / trusted had lied to him and that he didn’t know who he was anymore, so left to “find” himself. His relationship with Asa was strained from that point on (although he did pass as Asa’s son again under JFP) and upon DePaiva’s return, he did hook up again with Lee Ann. Agreed on Lee Ann being a hold over but I am surprised at the amount of story she received and that Malone anchored her to the Buchanan’s with Duke, as I always found Bleeth hard to watch. As for Max and Luna, I believe Walker and Max we’re off the canvas when Batten was introduced
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