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  2. Paul Raven


    I wonder what might have happened had Jim Reilly done an Irna Phillips and deserted his creation. Maybe with other writers Passions could have achieved its potential.
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  4. victoria foxton

    Another World

    This channel has a lot of AW episodes.
  5. Gray Bunny

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Did they already give up on Nia?
  6. DramatistDreamer

    The Tennis Thread

    if she feels it's not working for her (and the precipitous drop in ranking seems to indicate as much) then that alone would be enough reason for a change. After eleven years things can get stale. A few people people were discussing the fact that he'd said some negative things over the years (which I interpreted as his impatience with the constraints of her auto-immune illness) which made me think that, perhaps were it not for the Sjogren's and the need for stability, she might have made the change years ago. If she got tired of the situation, she is free to make the change. Nobody's obligated to keep a coach on for what remains of their career. Almost nobody keeps the same coach for half their career. People are acting so surprised but even players who were considered to be 'slumping' or at the end of career made coaching changes. I don't remember all this discussion when Pete Sampras had three different coaches in the final two years of his career. Everyone just believed that he was doing what he believed was best to squeeze whatever he could out of his game for whatever time he had left in his career. Maybe for Venus, the risk is worth it, rather than to sleepwalk for the remainder of her career with a situation that has gone stale. She's already gone through the uncertainty of having an undiagnosed illness for five years, so she probably looks at uncertainty in a totally different way than many others.
  7. DaytimeFan

    CBS Television City Up For Sale?

    The shows apparently have a guaranteed 5 years to shoot at Television City. But I'll believe that when it comes to pass. I think we'll see some of them move to the CBS Studio Centre earlier than that.
  8. Soapsuds

    The Tennis Thread

    Never ever cared for this bozo either. This is the same guy that chickened out of matches due to was it panic attacks? I didn't believe any of his stories when he would forfeit matches. He wasn't even at the actual confrontation.... The ATP council is full of Gimelstob trumpeters supporters...ridiculous....the council should only consist of retired tennis players and not current ones...John Isner being one is ridiculous....u know they aren't going to do anything to him and let him stay. This has become a joke. Losing respect for all of the tennis council....had this been anyone else this story would be front and center and the person would've already been banned.
  9. ChitHappens

    The Tennis Thread

    @DramatistDreamer, why do you feel Venus and David splitting is good for a 38 year old player?
  10. Costello

    The Tennis Thread

    LOL, it kills me that we have to follow a British newspaper for a story on an American tennis figure, coach of the No. 1 American men’s tennis player and commentator on an American TV network, who was arrested on American soil, with American tennis players coming to his defense. Hilarious. However this shakes out, I’ve lost the remaining scrap of respect I had for tennis media.
  11. DramatistDreamer

    The Tennis Thread

  12. Toxic34

    Port Charles Discussion Thread

    Well, with all due respect, soaps love to go for the unbelievable and the uber-dramatic, over the likes of realism. Which is part of the fun, after all. I mean, PC's debut started with Audrey being operated on with a power drill while the hospital is taken over by armed terrorists. So when we're already operating on the absurd, how is it really any different when we add vampires, angels and time travel to the mix?
  13. BetterForgotten

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    @DRW50 will be happy.
  14. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    Trump's response.
  15. ChitHappens

    Y&R: December Spoilers

    DING DING DING! Devon as a billionaire only creates story for white characters. Abby is the next batter up!
  16. DeeeDee

    Y&R: December Spoilers

    Wow. So not only is Devon forced to dismantle his FAMILY business but he also ONLY exists to fund ventures for white people.
  17. Costello

    GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

    The show’s so bad, but I agree with whoever said that a very good show is hiding in there somewhere. IMO, that is. The Ryan story could have been a wonderful spark for this show and all of the its characters.
  18. YRfan23

    Y&R: Old Articles

    Whoo!!! YOU ROCK!!
  19. TaylorResseFan33

    B&B: Meet Flo

    Flo is Dr Resse Buckingham's ex wife. She will probably want Resse back. So I think a Taylor, Resse and Flo triangle is coming. I don't think Taylor will remain with Resse after this.
  20. I think that Jack will still end up with Kerry and I believe they spend Christmas together. I think that Kerry is just hesitant right now to start a relationship with Jack for whatever reasons. But spoilers say she will spend more time with him and get to know him. Spoilers say they will end up moving forward in their relationship. I believe that the Rebecca Barlowe character is a very short term character that has just been used to tie in different characters with business storylines.
  21. victoria foxton

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    LEGENDERS Two of EastEnders’ most iconic characters, Lofty and Mary the Punk, are set to return to Albert Square after 30 years The roles will be reprised by Tom Watt and Linda Davidson for a storyline next year EXCLUSIVE By Andy Halls, TV Editor 11th December 2018, 10:00 pm Updated: 11th December 2018, 11:41 pm CLASSIC EastEnders duo Lofty and Mary The Punk are to return to Albert Square after 30 years. Tom Watt and Linda Davidson will reprise their roles for a storyline next year that will see another of the soap’s original characters killed off. 5 Tom Watt and Linda Davidson will be back next year to reprise their roles The pair will be back in Walford after the death of Dr Harold Legg, played by Leonard Fenton, 92. Mary and Lofty were two of the show’s 26 characters when it launched in 1985 — appearing in episodes three and five respectively. But neither have been seen in Walford since their final appearances in 1988. Tom, 62, and Linda, 54, are now expected on set at the show’s Elstree Studios, in Hertfordshire, in the coming days. 5 George 'Lofty' Holloway was the barman at The Queen Vic pub A formal announcement from the BBC about their comeback will then follow. The pair were seen together in 2015 at celebrations for the 30th anniversary of EastEnders. A soap source told The Sun: “Lofty and Mary The Punk are two of the most memorable characters of the original set of stars. “It’s staggering to think it’s been more than 30 years since they were last on the Square but soap fans will be delighted to hear of their comeback. 5 Mary was one of the soap's most controversial characters at the time “Regular viewers will know Dr Legg’s health is bad and it’s thought his death will play out in February next year, and these two will be back around the time of his funeral.” Mary was seen as one of EastEnders’ most controversial characters at its launch — a former punk rock groupie and drug user whose wild lifestyle put her baby at risk. Barely able to write, she couldn’t look after her child without her neighbours’ help and earned her living as a prostitute. Actress Linda, who was born in Canada, dated co-star Nejdet Salih, who played cafe owner and minicab driver Ali Osman. REX FEATURES 5 Linda gave up acting work and now runs a social media agency She later gave up acting to work in web design and now runs a social media agency. And George “Lofty” Holloway — the barman at The Queen Vic pub — was hopelessly in love with Michelle Fowler, who also returned last year played by Jenna Russellrather than original actress Susan Tully. Michelle dumped him at the altar at their first wedding, but they later married after she had Dirty Den’s illegitimate child, Vicki. Lofty left the soap after their relationship broke down to become a social worker. In real life, aside from a few small roles, actor Tom moved into sports journalism and regularly appears on radio. Tom has been busy with sports journalism, including ghostwriting David Beckham's autobiography
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  23. EricMontreal22

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    The concept of Pacific Lives always confuses me... A 30 minute soap set all around the world? Wha? How would that work? And what's even the point if they're not gonna be filming in Hawaii, Singapore, Australia, etc?
  24. EricMontreal22


    Hrm I actually remember the promos making it look genuinely spooky in a Gothic way. I was very disappointed when I tuned in...
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