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  2. So sad to hear this I had often wondered how he was doing since retiring from Days but at least he’s as peace now!
  3. So sorry to see this. John was an excellent actor and Mickey was one of the best characters to appear on a soap. I'd give anything to see his stories again.
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  5. As said above I wish that his most prominent years in the role were available. Clarke represented much of the integrity of DAYS and of soaps in general - an integrity and strength that they could use much more of today. And he and Suzanne Rogers had such a special chemistry.
  6. I don't think this one was up before, was it?
  7. Why did NBC give up on Generations so quickly? Pretty much every NBC soap was at the bottom of the ratings in its first year or two. What was different about this one?
  8. RIP John Clarke. One of DAYS' best actors. I wish the clips of him finding out about Mike's paternity and his subsequent breakdown were available to see.
  9. You can't take your eyes off her. I'm surprised Rauch let her get away - then again she isn't a blonde. Is it me or is there a big difference in tone between the late '87 and early '89 videos? It was a little hard to watch the 1993 episode because I kept thinking of all the wasted potential with Angela, with breaking up Rachel and Kevin and firing the wonderful Kirk Geiger, but I appreciated getting to see more of Carol Swift. Her scene with Nora was very powerful. (Nora's meltdown at the end didn't quite work for me but I got the idea) And I always enjoy seeing more of Christopher Cousins and Karen Witter. They had such a spark and their performances were always strong.
  10. They weren't based on show ideas, AFAIK. But that unused cover suggests some might have been had they continued. All prior DS comics at Innovation had taken place during the first season; the one advertised there (and unprinted) was slated to take place after.
  11. I'd much rather see Katie back then Charrisse tbh. Candiace better watch out, otherwise she is going to find herself divorced and without a RH paycheck. Nobody wants to be near the rage monster. I wouldn't skip it. It wasn't a boring episode, but it was an unexpected one. Braunwyn and Tamra were especially thirsty for camera-time. Re: Dallas, I think D'Andra will never apologise fully to Leeanne. You can see the look in her eyes when Leeanne is mentioned: she literally cannot stand her. The jealousy and resentment is REAL. I thought there was a chance in Mexico when they turned to each other and kind of helped each other drunkenly up the crazy stairs of Kary's house. But that moment has passed. Leeanne does not want that "fat cow," as she called her, in any of the all-cast wedding events, which means she wants her off the show. All the other cast members kind of put up with the fact that Leeanne is calling the shots to varying degrees, but they resent it, too. The irony IMO is that D'Andra's standalone story is probably the most interesting to me. The business stuff tied up with family. That convo she had with Travis a few weeks back was fascinating! BTW D'Andra is such a study in emotional abuse and how inherited money stunts you as a person. She reminds me a bit of Sad Boy Kendall on Succession, lol. I am off the Mama Dee train, I think. Wildly entertaining as she is, she is cruel and abusive to her daughter. Giving her daughter a bankrupt company so that her daughter will never gain confidence in herself in business is cruel. It was done to ensure D'Andra stays dependent on her mom. Plus I wonder if Mama Dee has already spent the money in D'Andra's trust, too. In some ways, D'Andra resents Leeanne because she reminds her of her mother. Leeanne has a domineering personality and can be emotionally manipulative. IA that apart from this story, something seems to have stalled on RHOD.
  12. Thanks for finding that. I think I have some of those somewhere. I had no idea they were based on ideas for the show. I didn't care for the last episodes at all; I wish we'd gotten another season for a fresh start.
  13. Pictured: John Clarke as a young boy; on his wedding day in 1964; and more recently with his wife, Patty. JOHN CLARKE: IN HIS OWN WORDS... Here's some quotes from an interview John Clarke (who passed away last week) did with Soap Opera Digest in 1998 discussing his life: On his early years: "I was born in South Bend, Indiana, but I was an Army brat...I grew up with a father who was re-stationed about every year, so I was in a new school every year making new friends...It was a great way to grow up...By the time I was in junior high school, I had been voted class president all through...I went to UCLA and got acting awards there. All during my master's, I had an agent and did the nighttime episodic westerns." On appearing in the classic film "Judgment at Nuremberg" in 1961: "I was the MP who takes Spencer Tracy down to see Burt Lancaster in the last scene. I had one line. I was there the day Spencer Tracy did his summation to the jury, and he did it in one take. It was eight pages of dialogue, but that's the way he worked. He's kind of my hero and my inspiration." On joining the cast of "Days of Our Lives" in 1965: "I had just finished The New Breed and I had saved up enough cash to get married. After I had been married for awhile, my agent said 'How about this soap opera that's coming up? Mac Carey is going to head up the cast.' I told him no. He called me back and said 'Think about it, they're asking for you by name.' But I had a bad taste in my mouth from other daytime shows like Day in Court. My agent talked me into giving it a shot, so I agreed to do the pilot. We did it and they liked me and tried to sign me to do more. I said 'Okay, I handle it for a year' thinking it was going to be a temporary sort of thing, and here we are 32 years later. I look back and think 'Why did I stay' but the Cordays were super people and the show was so well organized and Mac Carey and I hit it off, we were very close. I really enjoyed playing his son. That was the sort of family he engendered among us with Frances Reid and Ed Mallory. It grew and became an extension of reality. To us, it wasn't acting, it was a real experience, and that kind of working is very rare in this business." On his favorite "Days" storyline: "It has to be the farm business...It was such a pastoral thing. I think there's part of me that would love to live in the country and live off the land, and I think a lot of people identified with that too. We enjoyed it so much, and I think the audience did as well, It was a fresh approach to daytime." On meeting and marrying the love of his life, Patricia Lewis, in 1964: "[At a wedding reception, this girl] turned around...and I thought 'Wow, I have to meet this girl.' All of a sudden I lost sight of her. I looked for her for half an hour, but couldn't find her. I then found my table where I was supposed to sit, and she was sitting right next to me! I was nonplussed for the first time in my life. Finally, I got her up to dance, and we found out we were both from Pomona, California. We had a great time at the wedding reception and I said 'I'm going to call you.'...I was getting crazy for her, and I had just met her. I called her three days later and she said 'I was expecting you to call me sooner than this' and I said 'I didn't have the guts to call you.' So we went out for an ice cream...[We got married] about three months after we met. We love each other to death." On his three children: "We had three kids, two daughters and a son....The son is married...Our second child, Heidi, was studying...as a scenic designer. She had a very rare heart tumor that took her from us....She had a very wonderful and happy life, doing exactly what she loved to do...My other daughter, Melinda, is going to be a bigger star than I am. She started out when she was 8 years old saying 'Daddy, Daddy, get me an agent.' I told her when she was 18, we'll talk. She got all the leads in the high school plays, and when she turned 18, she got an agent. Next thing I know, she's working on "Days of Our Lives" playing Faith....We thought maybe we would get some lines together, but it didn't happen."
  14. Hopefully Days will incorporate some sort of tribute. Of course, being so far ahead presents a problem. They need to have Maggie remember Mickey on some anniversary( maybe say it's Mickey's birthday) and show some flashbacks before a tribute card. Edit it into an episode soon.
  15. One of DAYS' finest actors. An underrated legend and stalwart of the show. Mickey was so much more than the lawyer who always lost as he would come to be known as in the latter years of the character's life. I've always missed him on the show since he left. The recasts never should have happened. RIP John Clarke.
  16. I know - Doreen's wig is almost as scary as she is. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
  17. Thank you...it's always nice to hear back from the people on the show, and especially to hear that they enjoyed their time on the show. I knew girls in high school who were similar in looks and personality to Jane's character, Kim.
  18. Then you had the departures of Marcy Walker and A Martinez in 1991 and 1992, which nailed the lid shut on SB's coffin. AW definitely had more BTS stability at that point than SB.
  19. Sad to see another DAYS vet pass, so many of them in the last couple of years. As someone who started watching the show in the mid-90s, I thought characters like Mickey, Alice, Caroline, Shawn played vital roles in keeping that family feel that's lacking these days. And Mickey was one of my favorite of the senior characters. But only when John Clarke portrayed him. I always thought it was classy of him to beg the show to kill Mickey off instead of Maggie during the Salem Stalker storyline since he wanted to retire anyway.
  20. I saw Susan on Dallas a few yars ago. When i have time i can upload some episodes. The moovie you talk about is this
  21. After today's "Days," maybe Jenn will be framed for Eve's murder...? She'll be in jail w Princess Gina/Hope? Far fetched... lol.
  22. IN LOVING MEMORY JOHN CLARKE APRIL 14, 1931-OCTOBER 16, 2019 (Mickey Horton, 1965-2004) Original "Days of Our Lives" cast member John Clarke, who played Mickey Horton from the show's pilot episode in 1965 until his retirement in 2004, has passed away at the age of 88. Clarke died from complications of pneumonia in Laguna Beach, California on October 16, 2019. Clarke appeared in 3,085 episodes during his 39-year "Days" career. His daughter, Melinda, appeared as Faith Taylor on "Days" from 1989-1990. Clarke was predeceased by a daughter, Heidi, in 1994. He is survived by his wife Patty, his children Joshua and Melinda and his grandchildren, Catherine Grace, Natasha and Jacob. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Heidi Clarke Scholarship Fund at California Institute of the Arts, 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355-2340. Entertainment Weekly reports that John's daughter, Melinda. sang Ave Maria to him as he passed away peacefully. https://ew.com/celebrity/2019/10/22/days-of-our-lives-actor-john-clarke-died-88/ For a full obituary. visit: https://deadline.com/2019/10/john-clarke-dies-days-of-our-lives-actor-lifetime-achievement-emmy-recipient-was-88-1202765668/
  23. Nope...and to my knowledge, she's been out of show biz for a long time. (Her last imdb credit is from 2004.)
  24. πŸ˜’β€πŸ™ https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2019/10/john-clarke-dies-days-of-our-lives-actor-lifetime-achievement-emmy-recipient-was-88-1202765668/amp/
  25. Jason47 posted on his Facebook page that John Clarke who played Mickey Horton from 1965 to 2004 passed away at age 88.
  26. Oh this Potomac tea is scalding hot and I cannot wait to see the new season - dump BH and bring on Potomac. And that's amazing to hear that Charisse is irrelevant - she is nothing but a footnote.
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