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  2. I think at GH a lot of the decisions both in producing and writing were all Guza. I think the only time JFP was actually EP was Jan 2001-June 2002. Then Guza Took over and rode that show til his firing in 2011. Im sure JFP retook the decision making In summer 2011 but she was gone by the end of that year
  3. Yes. I am truly disgusted by Bravo trying to paint her as some victim when her talking heads tell otherwise. Also, Rinna being wedged up Erika's a** is grating. This is the same trout mouth bimbo that had no issue taking LVP, Kim, and Denise to task b/c they were honest to her liking, but we're supposed to believe that she believes Erika's blatant lies? Whatever. I think this is gonna blow up in everyone's face at the end of the day.
  4. Ted King should be interesting as Finn’s father not a bad choice at all. But ya I am wondering how long before his character either sleeps with either Brooke and/or Katie while his Finn’s mother gets cast off to the side. If it had been a couple years ago when she was in better health I could have totally seen Thudley recasting Taylor with Shannen Doherty just have Taylor hookup with King’s character just shock value while giving the audience a wink.
  5. To be fair, he did get slightly better towards the end of his first run with the Sami wedding stuff and his interactions with Nicole. And AP was one of the greenest, most wooden actors on the planet, but JER didn't actually give him anymore to do than be the hot mannequin Sami and Carrie fought over. Then he got to hang out shirtless with Greta in a Virtual Garden of Eden. No one could make that work lol. His best moment was running Sami over twice with his car. HILARIOUS!
  7. Erika's new house Erika's new furniture Erika's new closet Erika's karma
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  9. Was Marcy Walker as Tangie on GL the original FOJ? Y&R to this day is still left with three actors from Hollywood Heights in three important roles and all three have failed to thrive especially with the horrible writing given to them over the years.
  10. JOAN KAY RADIO ARNOLD GRIMM'S DAUGHTER Marian Moore CAROLINE'S GOLDEN STORE Customer JUDY AND JANE Judy THOSE HAPPY GILMANS Phyllis Gilman BYRON MORROW PEYTON PLACE Mr. Thackerly 1965 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Judge 1966-68 Judge Turner 1969-70 Judge Wolf 1970 BRIGHT PROMISE Unknown Role 7/1971
  11. & @Dr Neil Curtis: Belle never went into nursing; she was a Candy Strip She was also in school for nursing around the time when John was hit by the car.
  12. RHOBH I dunno how much I’m going to be stomach the Erika victim hour. She laid it on so thick tonight.
  13. Interesting about Manhattan. Last time I was in Harlem was about 3 years ago when there was a walking tour organized by one of the City Colleges that my niece took me on. Some of it seemed the same from years prior but so much seemed to have changed. I guess I just assumed that gentrification in so much of Manhattan had driven out so many over the years. So much has happened in Chicago in areas where there are now million plus dollar townhomes on the near west side and Bridgeport. Now they are after the Chinatown area. I am going to assume Adams is going to win the primary. Unles
  14. Viki being a lovesick puppy on the verge of crying ever 5 seconds over Mark fuckin' Derwin was insufferable to watch.
  15. Jackee is pretty much playing Sandra. The whole scenes with Tripp were Three's Company/Will and Grace but very very cringeworthy bad.
  16. RC is pretty much writing a sitcom, which every now and then works due to some game actors (like PT and SSH) but often leads to some headscratchers. I suppose he got Jackée and said, let me lean into the wackiness.
  17. I wonder if the glossing over of GH has anything to do with how the power dynamic was there. Guza/Pratt had a producing credit (which I assume gave them some autonomy), and we already know what working with Frons on ABC was like. I wonder if she felt she got to put her stamp down more on the other shows. OLTL being a tough show for her is reflected in all those interviews I read back then. HBS and RW were both critical of how the show broke them up, making them both so stupid instead of letting it happen organically. Even if Lindsey was an excellent addition to Nora’s story. E
  18. I third that. Nina will never be remembered as one of the greatest character of daytime but at least she is watchable now. As for romantic chemistry, I don't think neither Nina/Jax nor Nina/Sonny, nor even Nina/Val are setting TV screens on fire but it is not cringeworth either. As I said earlier, it reads more like a plot point than organic chemistry but there are plenty of other pairings I like that are not off-the-roof with chemistry but that makes sense and work (Ned/Olivia?) And I think it is similar to what I remember of her main GL pairing with Josh: they weren't red- hot but CW
  19. Characters have to die, but a lot of the deaths, especially during her run on GH, were gratuitous and really destroyed the fabric of the show. And for what? It’s absolutely transparent that a lot of the cuts were for saving some cash. It almost always felt that way. Aside from OLTL, which was terrible under her watch yet managed to not be *totally* gutted, there’s an emptiness to her shows by the time she’s done with them.
  20. Yes. And yet the fanbase was so so so angry with the admittedly bleak run of bad things that had happened to her the first five years after her SORASing and the reaction/backlash to any negative plot so epidermic that I don't know it would have been well-received and that producers would have dared going there. Just like when fans burn characters by refusing to let writers get them out of a supercouple, even temporary, I really feel that the potential of Bianca as a character was hurt by the vicious backlash to the fact she was given a lot of sad heavy storylines. I get it, mind you,
  21. Yeah when I saw the preview yesterday I assumed the inappropriateness of Paulina saying that was going to be a plot point - either to establish Paulina as having some of kind of motive to float that or create conflict with Lani - but it turns out it was just a weird writing choice. Yes. It is unfortunate that there seems to be a lot of BTS drama out of his ATWT run that marred the memory of it because his Brad vs his original Austin is one of the largest gap in acting ability/on-screen charisma for the same actor in two different soap roles in almost ever.
  22. I enjoyed the interview for what it was; and agreed with a lot of what she said. High stakes drama! High stakes drama! No there should always be a balance of emotional and psychological and romance too! Soap fans are too complicated for me. You guys don't wont fan faves to be killed, nor legacy characters. so who can they kill off? You want them to waste a powerful storyline on somebody we care nothing about? Or the town villain? Where is the fun in that?! I believe its unrealistic and quite boring to have all the main cast constantly survive health scares, shoot outs, explosions, stabbings,
  23. It would have made more soapy sense to make Lani creeped out more and against the relationship if they felt the needed to tell, but she was immediately fine with it. So it was just a weird thing to bring up. I liked Gwen and Xander today, not going to lie. Allie has looked cute two days in a row. I am so happy she's losing the frumpy accessories. I thought Tripp/Allie/Chanel were cute. Tripp is obviously the weakest link in the throuple, but I still thought he was cute and dorky today.
  24. From what I learned from this: -Actually I am glad she thinks blackout week on GL was her proudest achievement because it was indeed her finest moment and thought Demorest, Curlee and Reilly were great to work for. She should have just stayed focused on the production values as opposed as she puts it “let her mind wander”’ as I am quite sure that lead to Maureen’s death. -She named her dog after John Bolger? I wonder if she has anything named after Kevin McClatchy or Steve Burton. -Her rationale behind the John/Felicia affair has completely changed from how she
  25. I do think I learned more about her in this interview than in all the years I hate read everything about her while she was EP at OLTL and GH lol. Killing Maureen was a huge mistake. But I think it is also the line in the sand for the quality of the show changing into the mess it quickly became after, which exacerbated the situation for fans and became a kind of rallying cry for what was wrong and when it happened. I had to chuckle at her feelings of success with the Blake and Alexandra recasts, both of which were not successful in my opinion. I would love f
  26. This big block of videos originally came from archive.org. They are already in the vault. The first episode is March 23, 2005 #2000. This person will probably upload all of these from this user. The episode numbers are listed in the comments there. https://archive.org/details/vhs-tape-1995-kelo-six-hours-of-the-bold-and-the-beautiful https://archive.org/details/vhs-tape-1995-kelo-dr.-quinn-medicine-woman-ksfy-the-laverne-shirley-reunion-kel https://archive.org/details/vhs-tape-1995.03.19-sdpb-documentary-fun-raising-lawrence-welk-show-kelo-the-bol
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