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  2. From Los Angeles 🇺🇸
  3. Why dont they rerun the Susan Moore Murder Or the Laurelton story How long were thse. Ive seen em on Youtube
  4. I was just reading the comments on a post from GH’s Instagram page- the amount of people asking when there will be new episodes and why are these repeats continuing was kind of ridiculous. Do any of these people look at the news at all? They need to be filling all the comments with we want some real classics!
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  6. i love the Ridge and Taylor story may be becouse i was a Ridge and Taylor fan
  7. Wasn't there an interview with Bill Bell where he said Ted Corday basically on his death bed asked him to save his show ? Corday died in 1966. Ken talked about the barbaric cancer treatments at the time where they would zap his father with radiation, pack him in ice and bring him back to the house, carry him up the stairs and put him into bed.
  8. Winner was never in doubt. She’s amazing. I loved Heidi’s little sketch in the middle of the finale. She’s so much fun. Sad about the longtime Drag Race producer who passed away. That was a lovely tribute to her from the queens throughout the seasons. They really created a vivid picture of who she was. Much better finale than the lackluster reunion.
  9. IMO the best way to keep the audience engaged during a multi month hiatus is to air classics. Why re show sub par content from 5-6 years ago thats still relatively fresh in the memory? Anything up to 2008-2009ish (to stretch it) would be okay. The only interesting material from the Frank V era I'd care to re watch would perhaps be some stories relating to the 50th anniversary. The early 2000s forward definitely had quality decline issues but had a few storylines that were at the very least entertaining. B&B needs to take the hint aswell and stop airing episodes from about the last 12 or so years.
  10. This was also the first I've seen of Paul. Santoro looked older in the photos of him I had (the article I posted here years ago seems to have disappeared - I'll try to find it again), although it's still pushing it to picture Pat Bruder in the matriarchal role (Ellen wasn't his bio mother but was still meant to be about 15 years older than him at least). He seems amiable enough here, even if he doesn't set the screen on fire. From some of my comments at the time I posted the article it looks like he agreed with Irna about the merits of the Paul/Liz/Dan drama. I agree that the material has a more personal feel; in the shorter clip you can believe Paul and Dan as brothers, Dan and Susan as having a complicated marriage, Dan's conflict over Betsy, etc. I guess it helps that Irna was so heavily involved with the dialogue. I wonder if there were ever any scenes of Ellen talking about Dan's paternity struggles in contrast to her never telling Dan (not until near the end of his life) about being his mother. From some old comments it also looks like Paul was killed off the week of December 4th.
  11. Not if they're going to keep giving her the same repetitive stories. She's too talented for that.
  12. Sounds like a Grindr date... 😏
  13. LOL that sounds like the start of a soap opera storyline... “the mystery of Box 347”
  14. Didn't Rauch remodel Llanfair multiple times? Did he just take things to far? I guess a lot of 1989 was filler but I still enjoyed it for what it was. We know RC was a big fan of the 80s and has the same problem today on DAYS (and when he was at OLTL) of basically filler and then climax.
  15. I think the next really good story is the BeLieF patent.
  16. Wow, thanks for the heads up, Carl!! I’m going to watch the full episode later, but the clip is interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen Paul before, and the Dan/Susan/Paul/Liz triangle is the classic storyline I’m always looking for more of. For the reputation that the P&G soaps get, I have to say that most of what I’ve seen of GL, ATWT, and AW from this time period has a deeply intimate, personal feel. Not sexually, but just lines like Betsy’s “Paul is my daddy, so I love him more than you.” Depictions of couples and families just seemed realer. Betsy’s mention of Paul’s headaches reminds me of all those behind the scenes soap parodies where a performer learns they’re being killed off when the script specifically mentions a headache or a cough
  17. I thought BE's Ashley was friends with Olivia from the start though. And she had never met Nathan? At least mentioning she knew him via Olivia would have made sense.
  18. Thanks for the links, my friend. And ITA with your comments about Bruder and that slug, Goutman.
  19. This was wild, Nathan had been on the show for 6 years at that point and was meeting John and Ashley for the first time. BB was a master at keeping the cast in their little pocket universes.
  20. I wish Twitter did a better job with misinformation outside of the posturing with Trump. One of the trends on there is "Hitler Youth" because of third hand photos and videos that have come from nothing (and in some cases are likely a short woman, not a child) yet have convinced many that the government is deploying child soldiers. Embarrassingly enough, one of those bird-brained socialists, an alderman from Chicago no less, is pushing this nonsense.
  21. The part about the production values is what stands out most, as that criticism would follow Rauch around for years. I do agree with them about the stalling, but in clip form it's easier to tolerate because of the performers. I'm not sure how fans felt while watching live.
  22. I always felt that those events marked a significant shift in B&B. The main plots reached a climax and were resolved in one way or another and 1990 seemed to be very different from the previous years.
  23. A friend of mine, who is a Peyton Place fanatic, posted this and said watch from 6:52 to 10:32 (although maybe start at 5:26 for context). It’s not a knockdown, drag-out “confrontation,” but a tense discussion between a daughter and her mother (played by Barbara Rush) about life choices and the responsibilities of love and sex. Really smart and nuanced dialogue.
  24. Have you seen her in Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice ? with Miss Ruth Gordon? Often grouped into the hagsploitation genre but based on a good little thriller by Ursula Curtiss (one of my favorites in domestic suspense) La Page is fantastic in this.
  25. As soon as Eric tells Stephanie he wants a divorce, I am going to take a little breather and not watch. I couldn't stand Eric and Brooke 30 years ago.
  26. Thanks for that. I'm not sure if I watched this particular episode back in the day, but I do remember seeing Nathan confront Dru and Jack rescuing pre-soras Victoria from the pool so I am pretty sure I've seen the episode after this. I think this was Victoria's last major incident as a child before being shipped off to that magical Swiss boarding school and coming back as Heather Tom about six or seven months later lol.
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