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  2. Will makes a difficult sacrifice for Sonny’s happiness Clyde reams Ben out for betraying him Eve is cleared when new evidence is discovered Lani and Kristen hatch a plan to win back what is rightfully theirs Julie cares for JJ as he struggles with sobriety Jack comforts an unsettled Jennifer Victor becomes suspicious of Ciara Gabi is stunned when she receives a call from Kristen Abigail questions Eli’s feelings for Gabi Stefano gets a surprise visitor. Days of Our Lives 12/16/2019 Weekly Preview Promo
  3. NJ: It's early days but I am enjoying the season this far. Jennifuh has come in leaps and bounds from last year. Melissa is... better than she was 5 years ago. I still love Margaret and Dolores. And this episode I even started feeling for Jackie! Wrestling with an eating disorder makes her more human, and she's calmed down from trying to stir up controversy last year. As usual with NJ, the focus on the house-husbands and family lift this franchise and give it authenticity. Specifically Joe Gorga reacting to Joe Giudice's predicament, and Gia next week.
  4. The end of season 7 really sucked! Dominique gone with no fanfare at all. I am already sick of Leslie and her desperation to belong in the family. Every "Uncle Blake" makes me cringe, but I adored it when she ran up on Fallon, desperate for some kind of familial welcome, and Fallon paid her dust. So am I really supposed to believe that Blake and Alexis are told that Adam really isn't Adam and all they do is decide to adopt "Michael Torrance?" They have no interest in finding the real Adam? This man who's only been in their lives for five years, they never raised him, he's been way more trouble than he's worth the entire time, etc, and they're all "Aw you've always been our son!" No, he hasn't! The Sarah story was depressing, and did they really need to give us two big "OMG what about Krystina!?!?!" stories? Lonely Alexis was also depressing and just represents how far away from the heyday we are, and it was a quick separation. The only thing getting me through season eight is that everyone has always said that season nine was fantastic.
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  6. LMAOOO @Khan How ironic. I guess Ciara and Will finally found a song to sing if they ever go to a karaoke night.
  7. Nah, I don't wanna Jason killed off. Recast? Yes. Killed off? No.
  8. Kathy Bates talks about the prison scene she did with Susan Lucci on AMC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryk0Ho4AzP4
  9. Okay, I had to go back and do a bit of reading because I admit to being less than fully conscientious in paying attention to Northern Ireland. (True story: I used to watch a weekly broadcast of RTE years ago, but since dropping cable, I haven't really watched on a regular basis. I'll have to try to catch a regular livestream in the immediate future.) From what I remember, the DUP seemed to have tied their party and the fate of their party to a semi-partnership with the Tories. It didn't work out, to put it mildly. From what I've been reading, Ireland pretty much rejected parties that were not in the center. Both the DUP and Sinn Fein (fun fact: a member of Sinn Fein once spoke to my class when I was a student in London, but that's whole n'other story) lost seats overall (DUP was the biggest loser of all) in yesterday's elections, while the Alliance party took the most gains. So the parties that were considered either extreme right or extreme left actually lost ground and the party in the center gained seats. We'll have to see how it impacts Northern Ireland going forward but based on this article in The Irish Times, the results seem to suggest that most Northern Irish prioritized looking toward the EU over the possibility of a united Ireland, which, tbh, I never truly thought a united Ireland was actually a genuine possibility, despite mulling it over in my mind a couple times in the past. By the way, here is the article in The Irish Times that I was referencing. https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/editorial/the-irish-times-view-on-the-northern-ireland-election-heartening-results-1.4114734 Despite the fact that it's an Op-Ed, I thought it gave a concise summary without too much prognostication.
  10. ICAM. The gloves have LONG needed to come off on the Democrats. Bill and Hillary can't be the ONLY Dems who are willing to get their hands dirty.
  11. @KMan101 Ain't that the truth.
  12. Haha...no biggie...actually I enjoyed your post and Khan.
  13. Apparently, the b&w episodes from the 60s (that Retro hasn't aired) will be available on the streaming, as well as new interviews with the cast and crew. I know the Retro representative was trying to get contact information for Liz Hubbard.
  14. Fantastic news that they'll be streaming the series.
  15. I wouldn't be against killing Carly off honestly. I was never a huge Carly fan, so LW's deviation from the actual true version of SJB's Carly doesn't seriously offend me, but I am not sure why they even keep LW around. She plays Carly like a loud soccer mom. She has no romantic chemistry with MB and it's not like she is an amazingly stunning beauty of anything (although she is attractive). She seems like a cool person IRL, but she lacks any vulnerability and warmth onscreen. She's just a very cold actress and it doesn't work well for the character of Carly. But to be honest, I am used to her and, like I said, there are many characters that I would ditch before her. I do think Carly and Jax make a good couple and they actually have chemistry. But the bigger problem is I like CarJax, but it's been well over a decade since I shipped a character or couple on GH, so I don't really care who ends up with who.
  16. @Gray Bunny I skipped those months, but I thought it was part of some grand plot. Having been ‘relieved’ of GR from Y&R, I wasn’t rushing to see him back on my screen. 😀
  17. LOL, there's just nothing to see here I guess. Sorry it derailed the thread
  18. I think another press release is upcoming. Someone from Retro has been trying to join this board but can't get approval. She's posted elsewhere.
  19. I want to say Meyers but I could be wrong and confusing my Fran's. Script editor or something she is. I need to scan the credits or do a google search, lol. I more or less liked his time. It got a bit ... uglier than necessary but lots of drama and frankly, I'd take some of that about now. Not "everyone hates each other" levels ... I was disappointed by some dropped story threads. I loved his turn for Lexie. He overdid it with the teens for a while. But considering what came after, his time looks pretty golden at the moment, lol! And my mistake on Craig/Chloe. I'm surprised I didn't remember it was under Brash and Cwickly. Guess it was a quick wrap up like I thought?
  20. I'll try to find it. It was someone who tweeted "post your unpopular opinion" or what not and someone said Geary in Amsterdam and Ron more or less said "that's unpopular"? Just thought it was hilarious how free Ron is being on his dislike for Geary and Benard. Yep. But I wouldn't expect Brook Lynn to be kind about anyone, so it didn't really bother me.
  21. We can't have nice things 😛 lol
  22. They simply have to do something. Unless they do what "The Bold and the Beautiful" has done with Sally Spectra after Darlene Conley's death and have her live on off-screen. But Annie has been too important for that treatment. They re-named the village Emmerdale after the plane crash in honour of Annie and the Sugden's for heaven's sake!
  23. That would be lovely. And have Robert and Andy return for a cameo.
  24. I know it won't happen, but I wish they would take this opportunity to bring some old characters back to bolster the show. First and foremost, my old dream of re-introducing the Skilbecks. Bring Matt and Dolly back for Annie's funeral together with Sam and his family. They can then settle in Emmerdale, while Matt and Dolly can visit occasionally. And bring either Kathy or Sandie back as well (or why not both? ), with families. (And get rid of some Dingles!!)
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