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  2. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Mal loves her and tries to convince viewers she's not trash!
  3. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Why must Phyllis be on every day?!
  4. The Politics Thread

    It makes a warped kind of sense when you realize that Connecticut is one of the most unequal states in the country and this inequality is steeped in many aspects, chief among them are racial lines. I have family ties to the Northeast and Connecticut is one of those states where I have familial connections. I have also worked in the state and have personally felt the sting of prejudice while there, if not overt racism. People like Jahana Hayes (and myself) are not supposed to be in positions of authority, or power or influence, so the thinking goes. Connecticut has had a number of white male politicians who were utterly corrupt (hence the nickname "Corrupticut" that was once the moniker of the state) who have each tried to exert and regain influence, some after stints in prison. The district that Hayes is running in leans left, as does much of the state. I don't remember Bernie's folks endorsing Stacey Abrams and despite all the hullabaloo, they didn't endorse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez either. Hm, I'm noticing a pattern. Does anyone else?
  5. LATEST RATINGS: July 30 - August 3, 2018

    Fixed! I think the days of rising ratings are over. It's a slow, but relentless slide towards ratings that are so low that the shows will be cancelled. They're all living on borrowed time, and the end is inevitable.
  6. LATEST RATINGS: July 30 - August 3, 2018

    The days of killing off characters and expecting a big rise in ratings are obviously over. I wonder if soaps will stop using this (cheap) trick to try to stir up ratings.
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I think I like Brandi (shocking), Kameron (her way with words) and LeeAnne (Bae).
  8. BBC's Orphan Black

    So far I'm entering Episode 3. So far, so good. With most of the questions answered to the general arc over the last three seasons, the writers had to go in a different direction. And going back to the beginning with Beth, the clone who started it all, was clever. It made me realize we really do not know enough about her, do we? And it was nice seeing ATWT Chris again. Shirtless. lol. And that's just the main arc. There's so much going on with the sestras...and Felix. I am worried that someone will get the shaft.
  9. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    But you have said that about quite a few butts who are not not bubble so I see butts are quite subjective.
  10. Another World

    has anyone ever asked/answered if Victoria Love-Hudson the character name was inspired by Victoria Wyndham the actress's name?
  11. Today
  12. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    It's very sad. I guess considering Jean Rogers left due to unhappiness of stories, at least Dolly was not violently killed, as happened to a number of other ladies on Emmerdale. Still, it's sad to see her go and to know there are so few left. This also further isolated the Sugdens, which had already been happening. It is very prescient when she calls Frank and Kim out as users - I wonder if that was intentional or not. It doesn't help that the extremely depressing story with Kate Hughes leaving was going on at the same time.
  13. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Since there's not much else going on right now I felt we might as well have a little trip down memory lane. It was on this date, August 15th, that Dolly Skilbeck left Beckindale back in 1991. Her departure, and the final appearance of Henry Wilks exactly two weeks later (August 29th) ended a long line of long-time character exits that had begun two years earlier with Sandie Merrick, and which also included Jackie Merrick, Caroline Bates, Rev. Donald Hinton, Matt Skilbeck and Amos Brearly. It might sound a little bit drastic but it feels like this was the end of the "old" Emmerdale and the beginning of the new updated show which revolved less around farming and more about typical soap opera issues.
  14. Love and Hip Hop Thread

    So I'm guessing it's a wrap for A1 and Lyrica? Even if this stuff is scripted, there's no way a man would say the things A1 said to Lyrica. But I hate what's she's done to her face and body. She was so beautiful but that plastic fvckery just made her the average wannabe. Nikki Baby looks even worse than before. She continues messing up her face AND she really serves no purpose. I loathe RayJ Teairra is a mess and that's sad. Her pathetic SL does her no favors. Her fake boo continues to look into the cameras. Moniece continues to be trash. Fiz don't have her back? That man always has her back in spite of practically raising his son by himself. Moniece doesn't want Fiz's gf respect. She wants them to bow down to her as the mother of his child when all she really did was conceive and spit the kid out. She does not raise him. Hate her still. AD can certainly do better. Brooke is so pathetic, she's interesting. Oh, and before I forget, I laothe RayJ! On another note...Jessica Dime is coming for Nicki Minaj. LMAO! I'm no NM fan, but Dime needs to stay out of the beef with Nicki and Safaree. She's a new mom and she does not want to turn folks against her. She's a nobody in the rap world.
  15. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    People shpuld not be attacked because of their weight regardless of gender. So the thought that since actresses get called out, Freddie should too is CRAP. We shoould be telling people to jusge on acting and nothing else Not all gay men have a RSW type of Body. A great number are average to Chubby and they have great relationships, friendships and sex lives. Being gay doesnt give you a pass to be catty Nothing on the show says that the reason Will & Paul were with Sonny was just apperance based. Both characters have never been shown to be that shallow.
  16. The Tennis Thread

    Yeah, but if I have to watch Queen get beaten by anyone, it may as well be Kvitova! I just love her power and the FH is out of this world! Queen needs more match play, plain and simple.
  17. Facts of life Reboot

    Now I see why they made Tootie an actress. They were just writing to Kim's own personality. But, yes, I did love her remarks about Ms. Rae's life and career.
  18. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    You think that'd be terrible? Just imagine who'd they land for a "Silver Spoons" reboot!
  19. Another World

    Was Carmen Duncan (Iris) fired or did she quit. Her exit in September 1994 seemed so aburpt
  20. Facts of life Reboot

    For anyone interested, both Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields have posted part of their eulogies at Charlotte Rae's funeral to their respective Instagram accounts. They wanted to capture the words for the many lives Charlotte touched.
  21. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    He has what I call Negative Ass!
  22. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Charlie and Mattie are a fail in general.
  23. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I don't think it can get any worse than John Yorke I don't think I'm on Walford Web, I'll have to have a look.
  24. The Politics Thread

    I know it's Glenn Greenwald but I read an article on The Intercept saying that the Chamber of Commerce, MoveOn, and that Bernie group all endorsed her primary opponent, and there are some other odd things that went on as well: https://theintercept.com/2018/08/14/connecticut-primary-mary-glassman-moveon-chamber-of-commerce/ She seems very qualified, so it makes no sense to me. I hope they will support her for November as I think this is a swing district.
  25. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    OMG they'd do Diff'rent Strokes with someone horrible if they could, maybe Jaden Smith or something yikes
  26. The Politics Thread

  27. The Politics Thread

    One last flush down the toilet for "Sam's Club Republican" T-Paw, a craven husk of a sellout who trashed Minnesota and then cashed out. I wonder if his old booster Chris Cillizza had anything to say. I doubt it...he seems to be too busy with his usual hee hee ha ha on Twitter. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/08/tim-pawlenty-loses-minnesota-gubernatorial-primary.html
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