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  2. I have a few treats to share! January 31, 1986 Thank you to @ChickenNuggetz92 for helping do an audio swap on this. October 10, 1995 Unfortunately I don't have October 11. Two episodes were aired on October 12, 1995 to catch up due to preemptions: Episode 1 Episode 2 October 13, 1995 October 16, 1995
  3. But they're providing more drama than the show these days.
  4. I think Eric Trump made up a story about being spat on. The restaurant says that they didn't see the incident and there are no witnesses saying that it occurs. The Secret Service detained someone, but they could have done that based just on caution because he claimed someone spat on him. If it is truly I think he provoked the incident by trying to touch the woman or making an inappropriate comment. He isn't pressing charges which is surprising for someone from such a vindictive family.
  5. I'm actually happy about this. Always thought she had the quality to become a Y&R classic heroine. She's beautiful and a good actress.
  6. I think it was this one. I was already watching daytime but I wanted this because of 90210. My mom never let me buy soap magazines. I was sick and she felt bad so she ran back in and got it for me lol. Thanks mom. I remember going to visit my dad (parents divorced) every weekend and making him take me to the candy store every time so I could buy the soap magazines and then I would read them in the car and ignore him. Ah, the pre-internet days.
  7. Is this him? This is the only picture of an actor named John Burke that I could find. I'm not sure if this is the guy that has been casted or if it's another John Burke. Hopefully, one of the soaps sites, will soon post the picture of the John Burke who will be playing this role. ETA: It looks like he may indeed be playing Chelsea's husband. I just looked at one of the SOD pictures and it is showing a white haired man laying on a stretcher while Elena and another EMT are attending to him. I do believe that is this John Burke. They also are showing Chelsea looking worried about him in what looks to be maybe a large home. Maybe the Chancellor mansion.
  8. @alwaysAMC @Gray Bunny Its a question of status. LVP has a big fanbase and a popular other show on Bravo. I do think it is interesting how much she appears in the preview for next week's finale. BH is floundering, and this weird, disjointed nothingburger of an episode this week did not help. 21 episodes of filler this season! If Bravo was invested in a transition, they really shouldn't have padded out the season. Cut it to 14 and keep it tight. Camille was doing God's work in bringing up Dorit's legal problems but lord everyone was making it extra hard for her to actually squeeze some true scandal out of the show. Rinna is such a pot stirrer and yet wanted Csmille to shut it down? What? After she mentioned LVP's legal issues 20 billion times? IA about S5. It was a great season, and we were really invested in these women's lives. The different friendships felt real. Now I have trouble even feeling the Rinna-Erika relationship as anything other than a practical alliance.
  9. I wonder who else the show will end up adding, as they have now added Chelsea's husband to the mix, Calvin Boudreau. I wonder if how long Calvin will stay around, and if so who he might mix it up with. So we now have Chelsea, Chloe, Kevin, possibly Avery and now a new character Calvin. And Chance will probably come back as well.
  10. Oh wow, one of my first jobs was a stint on a show that he was on. He was one of the few likeable people in that entire cast and crew!
  11. Anybody watch this? I used to hate-watch the show back on the day. I never liked Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavilari so I'm not bummed they won't be on the reboot. Audrina seems to have grown a few brain cells in the last decade, hopefully. I think Brandom Lee and especially Mischa Barton are good additions to the show. Brody Jenner is still an epic, gaslighting douche, so he hasn't changed one iota since the original Hills. Justin-Bobby is still fine as f*ck though.
  12. Here are some upcoming spoilers, including some from SOD: Adam will fight for Chelsea, Paul will interrogate Phyllis, Jack will quiz Billy's condition, and Jill will come home for a visit. Also Adam and Nick will almost come to blows but Chelsea will show up. Her appearance will shock both men, and Adam will tell Nick to leave so that they can talk to each other. Nick will not want to leave Adam alone with her. Nick will end up reluctantly leaving and Adam/Chelsea will be left alone. Chelsea will end up telling Adam that she just returned to town to tell him to ask him to let her go. Chelsea's husband has also been cast. The actor's name is John Burke and he will appear on July 2. His character's name is Calvin Boudreau. Also, according to the daily recap for tomorrow's show from soaps.com Esther will find out that Chloe is alive tomorrow. They will have an emotional reunion. Esther will want to go to Portland with Chloe, Chloe will tell her to meet her at the airport. Billy will also get a text from someone to meet him at Delia's grave and he will go there and Chloe will show up.
  13. Stop feeding the trolls guys, and they'll slither away LOL
  14. Pamela Bach or Diana Barton? Although if they rescurrect Diane Jenkins with Alex Donnelley is the role, Id be good with that.....
  15. Sanaa Lathan, Shannon Kane, Mishael Morgan, Hell call Renee Jones out of retirement, she lives in GA.
  16. I agree. I try to give the benefit of the doubt, lol.
  17. Hope and Carrie were once very close too. I don't really care either way. Rafe sucks the life out of everyone he's paired with, much like Daniel did. I sort of liked the idea of Carrie and Rafe, but that would have been instead of Sami and Rafe. Meh at this point ... what, she'll come back in 9 months with a kid? Not like Christie/Carrie is sticking around ... just another obstacle for "supercouple Rafe and Hope" to "overcome" .... you know that's all it is. Lawd.
  18. Today
  19. Kate is the whole reason Chloe got involved with El Fideo/the cartel. When Chloe was dating Lucas, Kate let El Fideo loose on Chloe in order to get her out of Lucas' life. lol
  20. Damn Hope f’d over two of her nieces. She need to turn into Princess Gina and tear the town apart!
  21. In the 1980s and 1990s, Robin Givens was a pretty serviceable actress, when the scripts and direction were right for her. Just a guess, but I think what people are complaining about may be the end result of years upon years of doing not so good movie roles. What I really want someone to ask Givens about is that Drake tattoo.
  22. I thought givens was more subtle than usual...and I'll be interested in seeing how her character develops.
  23. Waiting for the next SOD saying Rafe sleeps with Will. Might as well since he's slept with his mom and aunt
  24. How is that Kate's doing??? What did I miss?
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