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  2. This Franco/Drew memories storyline is so awful. If only it could push RH off the show...
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  4. Bharat from Chennai, India 🇮🇳
  5. So Adam's return has sent Billy off the deep end? Yet all those years before Billy was coping with Delia's death? If Josh takes a dollar away from Devon via Katherine's will, some posters will go ballistic...
  6. Joseph Mascolo had a role on Days in 1968 before he was cast as Stefano. He was also on other soaps but when he came to Days it was always inferred that this was his first time on daytime and it was a coup for Days to have him.
  7. Not to take away from that but I was just thinking how he ended up pretty much destroying Molly as a character as after his exit everything given to her was terrible, aside from her 2010 return, which I thought was surprisingly strong.
  8. I remember hearing Martha Byrne especially campaigned to get him fired after that "incident."
  9. Sigh. I'll probably catch hell and everything else for revealing this information, but since it's come up several times in the past in this and other threads -- why not? Tom Eplin's departure from ATWT had nothing to do with contracts being up, or anything of that nature. The truth is, he ran into some trouble BTS with one or two actresses on the show. Specifically, he behaved badly -- VERY badly -- during an all-night wedding shoot (IIRC). Out of respect for the actress(es), I won't name names. But, let's just say it was a #MeToo/#TimesUp kind of situation. Molly's being a house guest of Bob and Kim's after the church bombing (it was a church bombing, right? And Lucinda led everyone in song, right? Or was I high when all that happened?) had a lot to do with that as well. I mean, it probably helped to make the audience more sympathetic toward her.
  10. At this point, we're down to two options: vote (in the 2020 election), or stage a militaristic coup. Chances are good, too, that even if we vote him out, we'll still have to pull a page from the Golan-Globus action film playbook, because like hell is he gonna go quietly.
  11. I love Bill Hader so much I finally had to change my avatar, but Bobby and Shelly are still the best couple ever on television, so don't forget it.

  12. i knew it was DID. Lame. Cop-out. male actors LOATHE playing mentally ill because they feel like it emasculates them and taints their character, meanwhile female actors are constantly saddled with mentally ill/DID storylines on soap.
  13. I don't, but I remember it being rather Brenda Dickson-heavy. She was interviewed pretty extensively re: her final weeks on the show leading to her firing.
  14. Alex from Queens 🇺🇸
  15. well Monty was only there a year the 2nd time & thats when ABC actually gave a damn
  16. Didnt Leigh McCloskey also play a doctor on GH in 1992 before coming back as Damian Smith in 1993
  17. That wasn't even something I thought of. It's crazy that most of the cabinet is acting. The state of our government is just terrible.
  18. The 25th Amendment is not an option because most of the cabinet is there in an "acting" capacity and therefore never went through confirmation. They don't have the power to do anything.
  19. Someone on another site got the SOD spoilers a bit earlier. Here are some spoilers from SOD including about Billy. Billy is mentally ill. He has DID. His alternate personality has been gaslighting himself this whole time. When Billy wakes up his alternate personality breaks into Adam's penthouse and steals a handkerchef that belongs to Hope. When he wakes up, he has no memory of what he did, but he finds the handkerchef in his pocket. His alternate will return when that happens. His alternate will have a showdown with Adam and a surprise guest will intervene. Also Jack will gain a new perspective, Phyllis will pick up an old habit, Adam will cover his tracks and Sharon will stand firm. Also Victor will prepare the Newmans for battle, Nick will plead his case, Chelsea will encourage Adam to do the right thing and Devon will get unsettling news about Katherine's Will. Victor will protect Summer from a dangerous situation, and Chelsea's world will be rocked. Nick will also be awarded full custody of Christian and him and Chelsea will celebrate and sleep together. I didn't expect the DID stuff with Billy, but that does help explain why he keeps doing stuff and not remembering it. And I wonder what Devon discovers in Katherine's Will. Maybe he finds out he wasn't supposed to get as much wealth as he originally did.
  20. It's a little more common than you'd have thought. I know both Anthony Herrera and Jordan Clarke played two different characters on ATWT and GL, respectively.
  21. Yeah---defined relationships weren't their strong suit. Sort of like how Jack started out as Holden's second cousin---then quickly got an upgrade to first. I was surprised that they made Carly and Molly cousins. I'm not sure Molly would've been salvageable if Carly hadn't returned to town. Molly had crossed a line trying to kill Lily, and seemed destined to get the bum's rush.
  22. The show gets better with each episode
  23. Pence doesn't want the blame. He can get his agenda through while Trump is the public face. People also likely know how these big revolutions turn out (as it likely will in Honk Kong soon enough). The only way anything will change is if rich white kids are affected. I think that the media and the Democrats have long underestimated just how much dislike and outright contempt there is for immigrants from many people. It's not just a liberal vs conservative issue and nuance is long gone from American discourse, if it was ever there in the first place.
  24. RHONY:I'm glad Bethenny is leaving. I may watch full time now. I couldn't stomach Bethenny 2.0 and it'll be nice to see the show without Andy Cohen feeling the need to prop up Bethenny at every opportunity. BTW, I thought seasons five and six were wonderful (although five took a few episodes). I'm glad I saw season three recently because now I understand why people like Bethenny. I like that version but not the Bethenny we have now. I watched OC last night and I don't know why as I don't care about any of these women. I know I should feel something for Gina, but Gina's revelations means she's another OC hypocrite since she went after Shannon at the reunion for holding stuff back and not being honest. IT also felt like a power move in her custody hearing to bring this out now. She was mean to Emily about her problems when she said something like "Your problems are going to sound so stupid." Who does that? Bronwyn is talking about her daughter, and it's something incredibly sad so of course victim Shannon has to make it all about her. I know people like Shannon but I can't get behind her. On an off topic note, Shannon and Vicki need to take a grammar class. It drives me nuts when they say things like "I seen." The whole "train" discussion was so contrived and ridiculous. It felt like Vicki conspired with Shannon and Tamra to get back at Kelly. At this point, it's just vicious since they know it will harm Kelly's daughter. Perhaps, that's why I can't get behind the show. Vicki has done truly horrific things and the show wants us to just forget this. I think because she never got her comeuppance (although I suppose the demotion could be seen that way) there is always this elephant or pig in the scene.
  25. Yes, she was. She was in one scene, but it was substantial. I saw this post before I watched so I knew to look out for her. She did look great.
  26. Vladimir from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬
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