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  2. Another World

    This was a brief time that AW got back to the basics. 88-89. The 70's was AW's fame and they tried to bring back some characters related to that and EP Michael Liabson bought on Harding Lemay to rewrite the show but it failed. Donna Swajeski did not do a terrible job and the theme that year was focused on the show being 25 years old but once the anniversary special was over it just tanked and then kept tanking. The Murder mystery was great and intriguing especially since they used a major character as the murder and remember watching the original episodes but never catching the cue and the body language of Nicole as her being a suspect. It was great seeing JC come back as Alice in brief episodes and ironically death of DW dying as Mack was the same time as the anniversary. DL back as Gwen Frame and NC as Robert Delaney was great to see along with the few other actors that came back for the anniversary and Mack Corys funeral.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Don't worry about the calories today, everybody, just enjoy! @DRW50 I miss good soap too! Thanksgiving used to provide some of the best episodes of the year for soaps. Status update still doesn't work for me either. I can only reply, can't generate any updates on my own.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Have a nice Turkey Coma everyone
  5. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    LOL!!!! Perhaps then they should write better. Most of us here could do better.
  6. Another B&B character recast

    Hope isn't needed. And Bell already has a recast of a Forrester (Aussie Thorne) about to be rolled out. As usual Bill Bell is using stunt casting to make up for his woeful lack of meaningful story.
  7. I'll take your word for it, but I could have sworn that Cane's short-lived painkillers SL was in October-November 2016. It's not that they don't just like it, they are AFRAID to show it. Especially anything Bill Bell related. That kind of class and mastery would show up the current writers and producers so horribly -- and especially CBS's management of this storied soap opera.
  8. Today
  9. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Lady Elizabeth Peale This Santa Barbara site can answer many questions. This is her character info.
  10. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I find myself resenting the hell our of Adrienne and Justin on behalf of Lucas. I'm happy to have Eve back. I'm hoping Ron actually knows what to do with her, but she's off to a good start. The Marlana and Sami scenes have been good. It's nice to see them supporting each other and on good terms.
  11. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'd much rather 80's TG, not an Avery episode.
  12. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    This thanksgiving greeting deserves a read.
  13. Thanksgiving soap question

    Any Thanksgiving with Mac Cory and his family on AW. The Snyder/Walsh gatherings (especially with John/Lucinda/Kirk in attendance) on ATWT. I actually like the B&B gatherings (minus the lemon bars).
  14. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    He sure does!
  15. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    He has great pecs! That's the one
  16. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I kind of recall except for big stories or events, Claire Labine’s GH often felt like one episode was one day. They didn’t always pick up the next day with the same set of characters or carry over scenes. There were exceptions - the culmination of the Maxie/BJ’s heart, the shooting at Luke&Laura’s house and Sonny’s apartment, etc. She was a master storyteller though with an excellent EP and team.
  17. Thanksgiving soap question

    In honor of Thanksgiving, which year was your favorite Thanksgiving episode on a soap (US, UK, international) and which soap family would you like to spend thanksgiving with?
  18. Another B&B character recast

    Is this really the time for Hope to come back? Not if BBell is going to insert her in Liam's story, I think he has enough female attention! B&B needs to cast more males, with Thomas and Zende off the show, there is a male void. Meh.
  19. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    See? That I would love to see since I was still too young for when they got married.
  20. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Having some turkey here and watching some football.
  21. Favorite TV Themes/Openings

    I don't know why I love this theme so much. I think it's the loud, elderly bombast over that lil popcorn 90s rock beat.
  22. Primetime shows that were cancelled too soon

    Flamiiiiiingo Roooooadddd.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving

    Since I still can't use the status updates, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and I hope you're having a happy day today, whether on your own or with people you love. I miss the soaps more than ever on days like this. At least we have our memories.
  24. Primetime shows that were cancelled too soon

    Point Pleasant
  25. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    It'd be great if they actually showed Nick and Sharon's original 1996 wedding, but oh no tomorrow is that mess from 2014 with Phyllis barging in a wearing a designer dress (Avery's quote, not mine). We only get a real gem every few years.
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