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  2. It's interesting how I can actually sympathize with both Mindy and Alex (Bev and KS) in their rivalry.
  3. Kelly Price reported missing on the day her new album was supposed to drop?  Nothing fishy here.  

    Best Not Shocked GIFs | Gfycat

  4. Especially so since Marj had already played the shrewish mother-in-law on SB. Granted, Pamela Capwell was a much broader character than Alex,but still...
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  6. No. His greed for money and gaslighting his daughter is what's to blame for the conservatorship lasting this long.
  7. Classic Carlivati: ignoring history. Meh. I don't find Robert Scott Wilson all that attractive.
  8. The three-hour Law & Order franchise premiere was amazing. They're setting up some amazing things on both Organized Crime and Special Victims Unit. However... what is up with the re-designed squad room on SVU?
  9. When Susan Lucci was going through her Emmy dry period, I remember reading several articles stating that she didn’t have a wide range and she didn’t deserve the award. So I don’t think that opinion was too unpopular. Now here’s an unpopular one: Beverlee McKinsey tended to be hammy. Frankly, I’ve found a lot of those popular leading ladies - McKinsey, Slezak, Lucci, Robin Strasser Jess Walton - to be over the top at times (and for some of them, it’s a lot of the time). The one who I found to give consistent controlled performances was Victoria Wyndham.
  10. Yes. Personally, I think TB was the best Carly period.
  11. Akshay, a trainer from Mumbai
  12. There was a scene in 06 when Carly had brought in Alexis at GH when she had lung cancer and Carly started rattling off medical information and lingo at Epiphany who looked surprised she even knew these things.
  13. Hi... I must admit the comments about Quinn/Eric/Carter are a bit surprising here. I have my issues with this storyline. I'm not a huge fan of Quinn and Eric to begin with... in my opinion Eric should have divorced her after the vow renewal debacle. She had an ongoing affair with another man and kept it a secret, this is a serious betrayal. Now I'm not crazy about how this SL is unfolding and I get why it's a bit taboo. But racist? That's going too far. I don't see it. Yeah, Sheila's return is disappointing so far. Sadly it looks more and more like her last return... a cartoonish character. They aren't using her history and they still haven't answered all our questions... she just reappeared as Finn's mother and we had to accept it. Steffy doesn't look good either in this SL. While I get why she doesn't want Sheila around her and calls her dangerous, she also acts like the members of her family are saints. Most of them have tried to kill someone and done questionable things but we never hear about it. If the Logans Spencers and Forresters were such good people and paragons of virtues they could bash Sheila all they want, but most of them would be in jail IRL, to me they all sound like blatant hypocrites. As for Finn... he just comes accross as a bigger wimpy loser than Liam at this point. I can't root for him either. I'm looking forward to seeing Thomas' new love interest. And that mysterious visitor, I'm curious to find out who it is. October should definitely be better than August and September.
  14. https://people.com/theater/2021-tony-awards-lois-smith-oldest-person-win-for-acting/
  15. You’ve explained how I feel about the Carter, Quinn, and Eric storyline. Yes, John McCook should be incensed, but the racist elements of the story are so much worse. A wealthy white couple OWNS a black man to the point that the black man has to serve them? Follow orders? And notice that no one cares about Carter — how he feels, if he deserves love, if he wants a family. It’s disgusting and hideous. And as you said, now another black man is told to spy on the interracial relationship. It just won’t stop. I have been screaming about this story for weeks, and seeing Carter and Quinn together is no longer hot or fun or exciting. Soap media should be losing their minds about this storyline. I cannot believe it’s happening.
  16. John Lupton PILOTS/PROPOSALS BARE ESSENCE PILOT Hugh Marshall 1982 Maidie Norman BARE ESSENCE Violet 1983 PILOTS/PROPOSALS BARE ESSENCE Violet 1982 Joan Fontaine BARE ESSENCE Laura Parker 1983
  17. No. Sheila actually wanted to push Brooke (being pregnant - possibly with Eric) from balcony at Brooke's apartment and fix this problem with Brooke once and for all. Sheila calculated this very well. She would even sacrifise herself and raise this horrible brat (Rick) she hated so much with Eric together (at least for a while, until she'll come up with something), just to kick Brooke and her unborn child out of the picture. Sheila knew that Brooke's pregnancy could cause some serious problems in her future life with Eric, there was also a very important money aspect as well, so Sheila didn't want to let this to happened. (Un-)fortunatelly someone showed up (I believe it was Eric) and Sheila immediately dropped this idea at the very last moment. Hopefully we will see this scene soon. And I just want to remind all of you that Sheila attempted to hurt Brooke and Brooke's unborn baby once again at the Forrester lab after Brooke collapsed by injecting her with something. We all know what could've that been... She was pure evil!
  18. I always think of the character Jay Garvin when I see the crew member Jay Garvin in the end credits...they must have used his name for the Jay Garvin character! Anyone pick up any other instances of character names being used that are crew member names?
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