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  2. NM Bravo finally YT it...
  3. I think it comes down to a few factors... 1. Nene and Kim were friends before they were famous and before RHoATL was a glimmer in Andy Cohen's eye. They have history based in real friendship. 2. Nene and Kim were involved with their respective children. If someone loves your children and is good to them, a part of you will love them forever. 3. When it comes right down to it, and in the circumstances we find ourselves in, it's safe to say that very few of the housewives are actually bad people, they have their sh*t (and don't we all?) and time heals a lot of wounds.
  4. I realize this pandemic is worldwide, but with the lack of coherent response domestically, I will just say that there is a VERY special place in hell for Trump and the GOP. And I have to believe - right now - hell exists. If anyone deserves to take a trip there, it's these pieces of s-h-i-t.
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  6. Nene and Kim will always have that odd connection..hard to explain.
  7. That had been posted many years ago, but great that it was reuploaded! Thanks. This person Jeff Keyes has been posting some Daytime Emmys and Y&R... unfortunately he has comments closed, so I'm expecting his videos to be deleted and we'll have no way to contact him.
  8. Soaplovers

    Twin Peaks

    With Twin Peaks recently turning 30, and with Covid-19 causing shelter in place.. I've been rewatching the original series again.. and I often think since the show was a lot like a prime time soap opera.. that perhaps had the show employed a few writers experienced in writing soap operas... maybe when all the plans for season 2 had to be altered (rather due to Lara Flynn Boyle as rumored or not).. having experienced soap opera writers on staff could have helped the show adjust to these changes more seamlessly (soap opera writers always had to adjust due to maternity leaves, actors not renewing contracts, deaths of cast members, etc).
  9. Must read. Non-paywall link here.
  10. Jerry Cartwright, whose sister Sally (Patricia Wheel) was charmed by slimy Jack Andrews (Donald Symington) into loaning him money. At the Paley Center there is a great fight scene with Jerry and Jack in the billiard room of some preppy Manhattan social club. That was 1958, right before Connell started on "Malone." from my FB page,a dedicated soap fan posted.
  11. StoicWarrior🦅💥📿🩺 (@DrQENow) tweeted at 7:38 AM on Sat, Apr 04, 2020: Man! Those were the days!! The simplicity! 😇 (https://twitter.com/DrQENow/status/1246416876386652161?s=09)
  12. Even though I purchase a copy here or there electronically, it's rare, especially with it being more expensive as a Canadian. $6.99 is a bit rich. I snag one as a treat if there's a new feature on some of the defunct soaps.
  13. Why is this trending number one on Twitter??! Rogan is one on those [!@#$%^&*] perpetual frat boy types who will always support Trump because he's their father figure- God-King.
  14. “They did not scurry or dart or dash. They instead pranced about the wood chips like students in a high school musical.”Dr. Jens Foell
  15. IIRC, that cast photo was taken to commemorate the 11,000th episode.
  16. Also, with any job, who remembers the full names of all their coworkers? I don’t think that was odd at all. Especially considering how long he was on the show.
  17. Not sure if this episode from 1984 was already posted : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G3Rvb8Of8qk
  18. When I first started hearing/reading about this, I thought (hoped) it was a few people spreading false accounts and determined that I should refrain from posting this anywhere but this account tends to have more legitimacy than any of the other accounts I've seen. I still hope this is somehow untrue because this is truly despicable. Knowing France's colonial history (as well as England, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands) it would not surprise me at all, if true.
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