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  1. I will say this: The first half of Season 3 worked better for me than the second half. But you are very right: Once I came back to the show, I felt very different about Season 2, so maybe Season 3 needs a rewatch down the line.
  2. I loved Shogun World! I did, I'm officially caught up. I'm finding it hard to decide where I stand with Season 3. The show changed SO much. I can roll with that. But, overall, I think it was a disappointment. It didn't quite click for me and I think a lot of climactic stuff was sort off a let down. Still, I'll be watching.
  3. The website no longer exists. They have partnered with/moved to https://watch.itsrealgoodtv.com/. There were several emails sent out announcing the move, maybe you have them in Spam or something.
  4. Did YOU know Joshua Morrow and Eddie Cibrian were in a boyband and made videos like this? And, no, it's not a parody!



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    2. Faulkner


      LOL! Katharine McPhee brought this up during an interview with Eddie Cibrian about their new sitcom. Eddie didn’t want to discuss it. 😂 

    3. ReddFoxx


      Not at all surprising he didn't want to discuss this. Once somebody asked Rue McClanahan about playing Fran on Mama's Family and she got sort of indignant. Actors like to forget embarrassing things, lmao.

    4. KMan101


      I wonder if Rue was offended how they killed off Fran? lol 

  5. Laura, Val, and to a lesser extent Gary and Abby. It's really kinda just unbelievable.
  6. I clearly need to go back to Thailand!
  7. Yes, overall people are saying it's pretty decent. Excited to find out.
  8. Oh, definitely! I may try to get to it today or tomorrow but it is 4 hours long....
  9. Never did I think a new soap would be created. Chances are it won't be great but exciting nonetheless.
  10. There really was no need for all that, Wes.
  11. That was a great NJ premiere, esp. following that lukewarm OC season.
  12. Thank God Kelly became a coke fiend! Season 6 is pretty good, despite the loss of Charles Rosin. The first half is certainly propelled forward by the storylines he left in place and the great Toni story but once those stories wrapped up, things started flatlining a little bit. Thankfully, Kelly decided to "deviate her septum" and things are heating up. And I've got to give Jennie Garth props. I used to be a little hard on her but she's doing wonderful work as an addict. It just feels real.
  13. Sadly, ATWT or anything P&G is not likely to happen. It's not about music and licensing rights, at least not when it comes to P&G. I believe it was RetroTv who wanted to do reruns of THE EDGE OF NIGHT like they do with THE DOCTORS and P&G told them they're not interested. I'm sure someone here can provide/remember more details.
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