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  1. Taylor came with the VOCALS for this one! Wonderful and cool that she wrote this with Andrew Lloyd Webber. I really wanted this to be good but it's a no for me. The new lyrics are cringeworthy (highlights what a great storyteller Taylor is, so I hope she didn't have a part in these) and Shawn Mendes manages to sound both underwhelming and like he's trying too hard at the same time. The "look in my eyes, they will tell you the truth" part is the absolute WORST. How dare he come in during the best part of the song with that? Ew.
  2. LOOOOL It sure does look like a wiiild... ride!
  3. He did, in 2003, during that year's awful Sheila return. It led to the even worse 'twist' of Brooke having grief sex with Nick, getting pregnant, and then finding out Ridge didn't burn alive.
  4. They shoulda grabbed the opportunity to do a continuation of the show. Good payday for something destined to fail, though.
  5. I'm fairly certain Paul did choke Will during their alone time, but probably for very different reasons....
  6. That too. SC could, without a doubt, handle her own. She's been doing so with really crappy material for 15 years. JM could even rise to the occasion if he wasn't lazy. But the problem with creating good 20 year old characters and writing them well remains.
  7. Yep. It did open up a lot of new avenues (even if it also somewhat killed momentum and the show struggled initially to 'restart' itself and find its footing).
  8. It arrives December 20th! And it looks GOOD
  9. With Y&R's issues with developing/writing great 20-something characters and casting them well, Nick & Sharon being trapped in those storylines will not change. To move them out of that, the show would first have to be able to replace them with something equally as good or better that can carry story....
  10. HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, the other, Targaryen prequel, has been given a 10-episode order.
  11. The Naomi Watts prequel will not proceed.
  12. Wow, I NEVER thought I'd be reading a headline like this: Jared Padalecki reportedly arrested in Texas for assault and intoxication. I hope this is some kind of misunderstanding or there is a good explanation. Also, I can't help it -- sounds like something straight out of Walker, Texas Ranger
  13. I think it was pretty clear the showrunners no longer understood or even liked Krystle. Following the steep decline in quality starting in Season 3, one of the characters to suffer the most was Krystle. I'm pretty sure Esther referred to her as "boring" at some point. Rita, therefore, was a great opportunity to have Linda Evans but make her "interesting" versus a boring housewife.
  14. Great. So now It has a second profile and is quote/replying to Itself...

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      What's with all these DID posters? OLTL has been cancelled for long enough for that particular story trend to be over. 

  15. ALL SAINTS Season 3 ALLY MCBEAL Season 4 Is it available for streaming anywhere? It used to be...
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