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    EPISODE 12: WHAT A SWELL PARTY THIS IS If you told me a few weeks ago there’d be an episode mostly focused on Michael and Linda's story and that I’d like it, I would have never believed you. But what a swell ride this was. Michael's birthday is the catalyst for most of the events in the episode. While Karen and Mack are busy planning and then unplanning a party, Michael focuses on helping his newest shouldn’t-have-feelings-for-her girl find an apartment. What a lovely surprise when Eric returns. The scene in which he apologizes to Michael for scamming him out of a baseball card when they were young is touching and heartbreaking, both in its irony and because you can totally see this happening between the two of them back then. I can’t believe we’ve watched these two kids grow up all these years. When Eric tells Michael that he thought growing up would be easier, it carries so much weight. Tom kisses Paige until she agrees to play hooky with him. They try to find things in common they’d like to do but end up back in bed. Greg spotting them outside and telling Paige he’s glad she’s feeling better is hilarious. Speaking of Greg, he brings Paula to the ranch hoping to have sex with her but Paula, astute as she is, can tell she’s nothing more than a diversion and refuses to give it up unless Greg burns with passion for her. I did very much like her in this scene. The Harold/Olivia situation is kind of comically tragic. They argue over money again, then they argue over arguing in general, and then they fight about how they fight. Looking back at how they met, got married, as well as their ages (particularly Olivia's), it’s no surprise that things are imploding so spectacularly. Still, that final scene where Olivia throws her ring into the glass of water and leaves the house resonates a lot. I don’t know what it is, but I could see so much of Abby in Olivia here. Following a brief visit from Val (where she says she won’t let another one of Gary's demented lovers ruin her life – and she’s got a point), we get a lot of funny moments during Michael's party. Although Mort bringing a blow-up doll to a party full of his colleagues is too close to sitcom humor, one can’t deny Karen catching Mack trying to deflate it was very amusing. I loved all the little bits of Karen and Mack deciding to mingle with their son’s friends and then realizing they’d rather by upstairs eating chocolate cake in bed. Underneath all the shenanigans, the Michael/Eric/Linda situation is finally boiling over and it all comes to a head when Linda runs off in tears. Karen later finds her crying downstairs and thinks she’s about to comfort her but instead gets shocked into a freezeframe when she is told Michael is who Linda wants to be with!
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    I'll have whatever he's smoking.
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    FINALLY!!! Kylie returns this month with single "Dancing" and a new album titled "Golden" later this year! YAAAAAS. Bless us, Kylie!
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    Gillian Anderson won't do any more X-FILES. So, we'll be left with unresolved cliffhangers or perhaps X-FILES with only Duchovny around? UGH.
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    May he R.I.P. I never did realize it was him on BSG.
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    Horribly disappointed Timothee Chalamet didn't win.
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    Oprah's speech was ICONIC.
  8. The X-Files: Discussion Thread

    I finally saw the last two episodes of Season 10. The one with the terrorists, the trumpets, etc. was ridiculous. I did really like Miller and Einstein though (even if their parallels to Mulder and Scully are too obvious) and the cameos from Smoking Man and The Lone Gunmen. I never thought I'd see Mulder in cowboy garb two-stepping it (and did I spot Mitch Pileggi in a cowboy hat too? LOL). I really wanted to like "My Struggle II". I enjoyed it well enough but the whole thing was average at best. That being said, some good moments were SM taking off his mask (ew), seeing Monica again, and the cliffhanger scene was unexpected and a good ending. The way they cut from "I don't know where [William] is" to Miller had me making up all kinds of conspiracies in my head Could it be? On to Season 11!
  9. Thank you for this! The numbers for Sheila are pathetic.
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    DEADER than DEAD!
  11. Thanks @jcar03 @Aback @Antoyne @KMan101 @YRfan23 Good to hear there's still interest. January will be coming up soon! That was Jill going into the Chancellor estate for the first time as co-owner. Her face was priceless. In the meantime, while Jan 1999 is being readied, I thought I'd share some screenshots that didn't exactly pan out.... Sometimes, we catch the actors making really weird faces... we call those..... Unfortunate Screenshots! Alex Donnelly, with her rather unique style and delivery, is obviously the queen of Unfortunate Screenshots. Here's the 1998 collection:
  12. Thank you for putting this together!

    You're welcome. It really did spit on everything. I agree that's likely why they did it, but I don't see why they would -- having to date and kiss Danny was painful enough and I'm pretty sure the audience already felt for her! Without a doubt. I don't think "The Lie" can ever be topped, and the focus on plot here is clear. Still, a decent exploration of rape and a really good episode for the latter era of the series.

    EPISODE 11: TWICE VICTIM A classic Knots episode. Although it gives Val the shaft once again (more on that later), it’s a wonderful exploration of rape that manages to feel both soapy and gritty at the same time. Exclusively focusing on the Danny/Amanda/Gary/Val story, it leaves majors like Greg, Paige, as well as the supporting cast, out of this one. Shackelford and Peyser turn in excellent performances as Gary approaches Amanda about her rape and helps her through the process of reporting it, getting examined, and ultimately being disappointed in the outcome. It’s all very sad and dramatic, but one has to chuckle a little at Gary constantly being surprised (Amanda was raped – Danny was the one who raped her – Amanda slept with Danny just two weeks ago – Val's engaged). Amanda is given a couple of very good speeches here: First, she erupts when Gary wants to go beat up Danny, desperate to avoid the endless cycle of payback that’s about to get ignited. Then, she reveals she thought of herself as dirty following the rape and catches herself saying that she 'admitted' to being raped. This is where the episode comes the closest to sounding like an after-school special, but nevertheless, its condemnation of the misogynistic way rape gets handled (what coincidence to be watching this while the Weinstein scandals reign supreme) is noteworthy, even if it does feel at times they’re just checking off boxes. Gary turns to both Mack and Karen for help and advice before telling Val that Danny raped Amanda. "She says she was raped by Danny!" Listen, Val's reaction is normal, even expected. Why would she believe her? She does have reasons to lie. And, Danny is Val's biggest love (rolls eyes). But the Val I know would have voiced these concerns before choosing to believe the woman in this situation… or, if she couldn’t, it would take one long, meaningful moment staring into Gary's eyes, and she would have known it’s true. A greatly acted scene from Shackelford and Van Ark but my blood pressure was through the roof. Of course, this is only happening like this so the Danny/Val relationship continues, sacrificing Val's character for the sake of the plot. That being said, the whole thing is sorta saved by the final two glorious scenes. Gary lures a smug Danny to the ranch to discuss helping Amanda in what is one of the best Gary scenes, and instead goes after him with a baseball bat until Danny is on the floor, whimpering with fear. In those few minutes, Gary metaphorically raped Danny by completely taking away control of Danny's life and making him feel helpless and scared. "Did you enjoy it, Danny?" he asks kind of sexily. Oh, yes we did. Meanwhile, as Amanda readies to kill herself by taking care of a variety of chores, she gets a knock at the door: It’s two young girls selling magazine subscriptions in order to save to go to college. Their joy, optimism, and enthusiasm touches Amanda and she orders a bunch of subscriptions, changing her mind about her suicide. She stands there, smiling widely as we fade to credits, an unexpected, touching, poignant ending.
  15. Spending this snow day writing, watching soaps and ... Baywatch (LOL). You? Stay safe, all!

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      Snow day for me. Writing stories for the now-defunct The Doctors and watching the current soaps on tv.