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  1. I would subscribe to Peacock in a second if that were to happen. The thought of seeing the Bell years/70s of this show...
  2. How telling is the selection of clips? And in such pristine quality. No soap today looks even half as good as these decades-old episodes. What I wouldn't give to have this Y&R back....
  3. Very pleasantly surprised by "Song for my Mother", the Season 5 episode that pretty much follows David and Donna to Portland and has no appearance by Brandon, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, Jesse, or the older adults. Brian Austin Green's been looking 5 years younger forever but, damn, all of a sudden he grew into his looks. He also did the best work he's ever done with looking for his mother and finding out she is bipolar. The whole thing was done pretty well for BH. Then, you have Dylan looking into past lives and I'm not sure about that!
  4. Episode 4 was another winner -- Geralt and Yennefer's storylines were great. I LOVED the grumpy, non-social Geralt thrown into a royal ball and found the Duny/Peverta stuff very touching. And Yennefer fighting off the assassin was pure fantasy fun. Ciri was slower this episode but I trust we're going somewhere really interesting with this.
  5. Hey! Sorry, looks like the tag didn't work, so I never got notified. I've seen up to episode 3 (will watch 4 later tonight) and I. am. loving it!! Trying to make it last about 2 weeks to cut down on that waiting time til Season 2 lol Really into and intrigued by all the stories. Cavill's doing a great job, better than I expected. Excited to see what happens when stories converge!
  6. Congrats, Mariah! 😂

  7. Finally! The first one feels like it came out eons ago. I hope it's good!
  8. Whoa, you weren't kidding. Great episode all around and I was not expecting Todd to kill both himself and Angela. Those shots of their bodies were quite scary -- never thought they'd do something like that!
  9. I'm a few episodes behind on the uploads but just saw Ridge discovering Angela and Stephanie/Eric paying them off. It was a good episode. Of course, it doesn't really make sense why Ridge would just leave to go to a diner. Even in complete shock, he's the type to stay, demand answers, and bulldoze his way through the whole thing. We should've seen his actual exit onscreen but it may have been a half-hour episode limitation or a desire from TPTB not to demand too much from Moss.... Stephanie threatening to kill Angela and reading Todd for filth was fun!
  10. Is the show still using classic cues?
  11. Taylor came with the VOCALS for this one! Wonderful and cool that she wrote this with Andrew Lloyd Webber. I really wanted this to be good but it's a no for me. The new lyrics are cringeworthy (highlights what a great storyteller Taylor is, so I hope she didn't have a part in these) and Shawn Mendes manages to sound both underwhelming and like he's trying too hard at the same time. The "look in my eyes, they will tell you the truth" part is the absolute WORST. How dare he come in during the best part of the song with that? Ew.
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