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  1. God, the climax to Tony framing John and him almost being executed is so great -- ridiculous, implausible, unrealistic, but so so fun. Also, Hall and Mascolo doing great work as they played games with each other and Lexie finally finding out Stefano is her father. I certainly didn't expect Stefano chloroforming Marlena twice and possibly kidnapping her. Interesting though -- a few months before Marlena's possession ended, things were being set up for Aremid, so it'll be interesting to see what they do for their next big story (although the Woman in White stuff isn't done yet).
  2. Yes, he has always seemed like a genuinely nice man and I'm glad to hear his prognosis is good. Wishing him all the best!
  3. Anyone catch the series premiere? It was pretty much like I expected. I thought KC would take to it easily but she was quite relaxed for her first show. I wonder if her star quality and charm will help keep this around for a while...
  4. YRBB

    Netflix: Daredevil

    2/3 into Season 3. Damn, it's so good -- Matt's injury and loss of faith, Maggie turning out to be his mother, Bullseye's origin story (with the very sexy Bethel Wilson), the well-meaning but basically screwed Nadeem (his boss turning on him b/c of Fisk is a GREAT twist), Fisk and D'Onofrio reaching new heights of awesomeness.... I'm angry they canceled it all over again.
  5. Thanks!! I'll give it a listen once I get to Bedtime Stories.
  6. YNTCD was nice spectacle (she can't dance) but the real MAGIC is during Lover. Audience knowing all the lyrics already. Beautiful energy taking over the room. I nearly cried. Seems Lover will become one of those songs.
  7. This is great. The latest film was very good. If they keep it smartish and inventive like that, it'll be a trip!
  8. Ally McBeal Season 4: Robert Downey Jr's suddenly a regular cast member and his chemistry with Flockhart is hot! 

    1. sheilaforever


      The season is just SOOO good. Larry & Ally were off the charts hot. Too bad that Robert Downey Jr. killed the show as he was still battling his addictions back then prompting a very sudden end to...

    2. YRBB


      It really is a phenomenal season. I'll enjoy it while it lasts! That's too bad about RDJ. I thought maybe by this point, he was recovering and this was his comeback.

  9. Barash is really good as Stefan but give me a break on him and Gabi jumping each other's bones when they've just been kidnapped and fear for their lives. You mean to tell me Stefan can get it up when his sister could walk in any moment ready to kill them? So much John and Marlena.
  10. Ramona really is hilarious and iconic. The performance is just hilarious.
  11. Y'all probably saw/discussed this when it happened, but I never knew about this Ramona Singer... performance... until now and... oh boy.
  12. Finally listening to the "Like A Prayer" album for the first time. I am only 30 years late.

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    2. YRBB


      I was reading about the one-take thing. You can certainly hear the emotion. It truly is a masterful album.

    3. Gray Bunny

      Gray Bunny

      Yaasss! Oh Father and Promise to Try are wonderful.  Madonna doesn't get enough credit for her incredible ballads. These days, next to no one does ballads :(

    4. YRBB


      Agreed - ballads are not the first thing most would associate Madonna with but I think her gift for beautiful melodies and emotion shines through them.

  13. I thought perhaps I was the only one but I, too, felt the Claudia stuff destroyed the character. And it's a big shame considering some careful writing and good acting had turned what was a too obvious retconned character into something that worked and I wanted to see more of. Ah that would make sense considering he had no other credits following KL (except the miniseries). I'm sure he could've booked something if he wanted to LOL
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