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  1. YRBB

    Netflix: Bodyguard

    Robb Stark returns! Am I watching this just for handsome, utterly charming, sweet, and funny Richard Madden? Yes, yes I am.
  2. In thrilling, totally unexpected news, Breaking Bad will return as a two-hour movie, written by Vince Gilligan! The series, and its finale, was so perfect, but I think they can pull it off!
  3. YRBB

    Y&R Casting New Role

    Sounds horribly painful. Don't speak such things into existence!
  4. YRBB

    What Are You Watching/Binging/Streaming Now?

    Oh, you poor thing! I have been meaning to start this forever!
  5. YRBB

    Y&R November 2018 Discussion Thread

    That's really cool! Would love to see her in something different. Meanwhile, that hair on Patrick Duffy has GOT to GO.
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody was really good. Rami Malek gave the performance of a lifetime. Glad to hear it OVERperformed, surpassing expectations.

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    2. Wendy


      I think I read Bryan Singer was fired and another director, Dexter Fletcher, took over (uncredited). So, @DRW50, watch without guilt!

    3. Taoboi


      He was and he did re: director.


      And wow at Allen Leech...he has come into his own (and looked hot in that one scene with the 'tuche and arms) since his days on HBO'S ROME. For a clear villain, there was layers for days over on with one look.


      But I saw it last night and it's STILL on my mind. the whole crowd were transfixed on that screen. And Rami just draws you in. It was just awesome.

    4. Cat


      I hesitate to see it, like DRW said, because of Bryan Singer's link to the project. I also read a review that said the movie was anti-gay and basically put Freddie Mercury's sexuality as the 'reason' for his problems with the rest of Queen. To viewers of the film, would you say that was true?

  7. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    The End of Game of Thrones: An exclusive report on the epic final season. A great writeup. I cannot wait.
  8. YRBB

    Game of Thrones: Prequel

    Naomi Watts stars in the prequel! Great news, she's fantastic.
  9. Finally finishing up the wonderful Carnivàle. The answers--and twists--coming at you nonstop. Too bad it didn't sustain its ratings or get a proper wrap-up.

    1. Taoboi


      That reminds me...another show I have to get around to watching. :((

    2. YRBB


      Taoboi, it's highly worth it, and at only 24 episodes, not a huge commitment. The first season builds sloooowly, but everything comes together and it's a thrill ride.

    3. Taoboi


      Good thing I love a slow burn. ;) 

  10. I find it funny that people always say something along the lines of, "Marlena got possessed and started levitating" (likely because it's one of the most memorable things about the storyline), but the actual levitation didn't happen until at least 6 months after the start of the story and was part of the climax/finale. There is an episode where Marlena is growling as the exorcism begins and it's genuinely scary/creepy. But Caroline's armchair rocking/scaring her was hilarious, and it wasn't meant to be. Peck is starting to develop some really hot chemistry with Clarke. When he kisses her, you half-expect him to rip off her clothes and take her right there LOL It's good to see Sami back. I love when Billie and Austin talk about their past; it really works. Funny how Peter spoke of Aremid and going there with Jennifer the next day for a trip. It's been 2 days (in show's universe) since then, and no mention of it.... Guess Reilly either just wanted to introduce it or came up with something else he'd rather do first.
  11. Without a doubt - it's outrageous material, but the cast, and the writing, are 100% committed to it. I saw the scene you're talking about just the other day -- It's just as John enters the room to begin the exorcism and Marlena does her 'parlor trick.' That hair was giving an Oscar-worthy performance!
  12. Why so positive? I give it 20 episodes. Tops.
  13. YRBB

    Megyn Kelly Melts Down

    Oh, this is ending the only way it could - but so much faster than I thought it would! Fabulous.
  14. Is it really a mullet, though? It's definitely very 80s but looks more like helmet hair ala Bobby Ewing. In any case, the sexiness wasn't affected all that much by the hair I guess... although he did look even hotter when he finally trimmed it. You've quoted someone else with my words, @j swift. This isn't really what I was talking about -- I was more making a note about Hogestyn's performance, which can vary wildly from decent to laugh-out-loud hilarious. On the other hand, from what little I've seen from the second half of Reilly's first run, I agree he probably stretched things out too much... but I'll have to see how I feel once I properly watch it all.