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  1. An excellent example - the reveal about Joshua really helped to subtly shed some light as to why Lilimae was quite so enamored with Chip, especially since he and Joshua generally shared similar appearance (although they also hinted there was something almost romantic on Lilimae's part, another very interesting aspect of that story). Continuing in this vein, Adam's kidnapped existence fit wonderfully into the already existing world of DYNASTY and they didn't do too badly with Amanda as well (in terms of how she could exist, etc.). I've never seen WKPR, but from a quick search I did, it sounds like a nightmare what they had to do for the DVD releases. Did it turn out better than it sounds? Having said that, I would still rather have KNOTS LANDING on official DVD with good picture quality, even with edits.
  2. The retcon thread has been retconned!
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  4. I do like those as well. Murray's exit must have been such a huge shock back then, especially since he did survive a few episodes following that dive. No worries!! There's a still or two of Alexis being crowned out there. We never knew if it was her coronation or a dream, but it was certainly filmed and dumped when the show retooled (for the much, much better....). It's not like you could even cut the singing scenes on KNOTS. Lots of times there were montages, or whole scenes in which characters made decisions/the plot moved. So getting rid of all of that would make for an incomprehensible show almost. Thanks for remembering I'm still watching haha... not sure what you're referring to, so I likely haven't seen it yet. To be fair, though, 1st era JER (crazy and insane as it got) is vastly different from 2nd era.... for what that's worth!
  5. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    I have to say I haven't seen enough of Cally to really judge as a character and she is the best thing to come out of the whole story so far (that may or may not be damning with faint praise), but her being anywhere near J.R.'s vicinity is just a visual I don't think I can get over. And the story itself is indeed so... bizarre. Sue Ellen's look in this season is incredibly harsh.
  6. I don't know who it could be (I don't seem to recall anyone just disappearing, although that wouldn't be strange on DYNASTY), but it wasn't Ashley. We were told she died and Dominique gave Jeff a letter from Ashley.
  7. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    DALLAS: Lucy and Mitch Jack & Jenna (shudders) Jack & Grace Jenna and Ray (dear Gooood) Bobby & April J.R. and Cally DYNASTY: Jeff and Lady Ashley Jeff and Nicole (shudders) FRIENDS Joey & Rachel MELROSE PLACE Richard & Jane Richard & Jo Billy & Samantha
  8. Still, it's the music rights. Unless KL was a massive seller (thus providing WB incentive to spend big), they will likely never get through that hurdle. Hartman sings as Ciji and Cathy on camera many, many, many times throughout seasons 4-7. It's not like you can even replace the music with something else, unless you butcher the episodes by cutting the scenes out. Which is impossible.
  9. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    It WAS played for laughs. Unfortunately, Cally also looked 15 married to a 60 year-old, and knowing Hagman was personally involved in the actress' casting makes it even more uncomfortable. That whole Hayleyville story (I am watching it now for the first time) was truly horrific beyond words. Lucy was great with Alan, Mickey, and Eddie. Mitch, not so much. The main issue with Lucy is that they turned her too much into a simpering heroine and Tilton didn't have the gravitas to keep herself relevant.
  10. True. It KILLS me that TPTB didn't give Paulsen the carte blanche he wanted in order to take over as showrunner in Season 6. Had he done that, the show would have turned around immediately and I'm pretty sure would have held on to its #1 ranking and gotten several more seasons out of it. Ah, what could have been. But that's DYNASTY's story in general: Wasted potential. I don't think Collins' negotiations had anything to do with it. She was only gone for one episode, after all. The scrapping of the coronation was from the intense backlash and quick drop in ratings following the season 6 premiere. They were in trouble, and they knew it. AFAIK, it wasn't the sales, it was the music rights. Eventually, even if they'd gotten Season 3 out, the Hartman songs would cripple them.
  11. It was a good cliffhanger. Were the show faltered was, as always, with the follow-up and its execution. I guess it can be seen as a retcon considering the last shot of Season 5 had all of them unconscious with bloodied heads/wounds and yet Season 6 starts and all they've gotten is a little ruffled.
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