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  1. Will & Grace Revival

    I think this may have been my favorite episode so far. The "heads up, Puerto Rico?" I died. The kid was very good and I agree, Hayes has been turning in some very touching stuff without getting too corny. Emmy Emmy Emmy. I nearly died at two gay actors IRL playing too gay characters trying to be straight and failing. I ain't gonna lie, that kiss-off was hot. I liked that this episode picked up the harassment arc that they started in the first episode and morphed it into Grace's horniness. It was very much a B story, but fun nonetheless. Oh, I love them. They can be funny but also annoying. Likeable but also infuriating. They are so utterly real and recognizable, versus the fantastical Karen and Jack (who also have recognizable, human traits but stretched to the extreme). You can't do the show with only Will & Grace but you also can't do a show with only Jack & Karen. It would be too much and grow stale very fast. That balance and back and forth gives it something special. It's one of the reasons why the show worked so well. IA. I don't know how exactly to put it but I think they see them as less the wacky sidekicks and more of equals now. I'm sure, to a certain point, they already knew they were a huge draw, but it feels like the stories they're giving them are meatier, with more importance.
  2. Will & Grace Revival

    Poor Will & Grace! All they want is to be loved and accepted!
  3. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    ANOTHER WORLD did this for (at least) the early 80s and I always felt it didn't work all that well and was an awkward way to format things. For one, there were almost no cliffhangers picked up on the next day ever. It also doesn't help pace. They now have to drag things out or use filler, otherwise stories would move too fast based on the timeline.
  4. Daily Hotness

    On this nice Thursday, October 19, 2017, some pointy hotness (those abs!)
  5. I think it may be the turtleneck. It looks like it's strangling him.
  6. Daily Hotness

    For this sunny but cold Wednesday, October 18, 2017, some front-and-back hotness!
  7. Daily Hotness

    Oh, I pretty much like all the photos you post, although I tend to select my personal favorites & it cuts down on those huuuuge quote bubbles that just repeat tons of pics over and over again (which drives me crazy! lol).
  8. He certainly did. Perhaps being on a cheesy teen soap made people automatically dismiss the acting of the cast. That is actually the very first episode of BH I ever saw as a kid and I still remember how heartbreaking it was. A lot of it was down to Perry.
  9. Daily Hotness

    TEW MUCH! Thank you for your valiant efforts in keeping the thread going! Hotness Never Stops!
  10. Daily Hotness

    I'm back! I was too busy and wasn't feeling it, but on this Monday, October 16, 2017, hotness returns!

    The 'funny' thing is, we saw him in private moments before (for a few seconds after Val would exit) and he seemed normal. But I guess things are starting to get complicated now, so the psycho's coming out. Besides, they kept him a pretty much empty slate up until now, so they could fill those holes with anything they want & it's not like it would contradict anything we've seen so far as viewers. You are right about Lotus Point vs Sumner Group. Lotus Point was the embodiment of early/mid-80s soap opera business. Big, dramatic, dark colors, melodramatic. SG really feels much more late 80s. Lighter, more pastel, even slightly more professional lol I miss Lotus Point, and the fact that it brought so many characters together, but I think the show moved on with the times in a way. That was my favorite from all the screencaps. It's never a bad scene when he's in it. Now, if only Patricia could get a little more to do.... Yep, the show put out 3 seasons of 30 episodes before settling around 28 or 29. This one has 29! Y'all are driving me crazy. I can't wait. So far, I imagine the stabbing in PSYCHO (complete with music) every time that thing opens her mouth.
  12. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Yes. Thank you. I honestly can't take some complaints seriously if the viewer didn't even watch the episode or already hates it on principle no matter what. This was a CW soap from the very beginning, and in that context, they did it fairly well. Also, let's please get rid of that myth that the ratings tanked. They did NOT. RIVERDALE, which is now considered a huge hit, started off with the same numbers and slipped MUCH lower in its first season. Again, these are CW ratings. The premiere was considered mediocre in terms of ratings.
  13. Started Oz season 5. It may not be as inspired a show as before anymore (I think), but the Beecher/Keller love story is still played perfectly down to the last soapy note: Keller finally returning to Em City but there's a new charge, so his and Beecher's separation is prolonged? They're so close but can't see each other? Frustrating, and brilliant!

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    2. vetsoapfan


      I was seriously sobbing my eyes out. Nothing on daytime soaps has affected me like that in decades! The last time a soap made me weep was in 1994 when BJ died on GH.

    3. YRBB


      Nice! I love a good gutpunch from a show every now and then. And Oz is the perfect example of a primetime soap that could do that. 

    4. vetsoapfan


      The acting in the episode in question was outstanding. 


      Hmmm. Now I want to rewatch the whole series.


      What TV shows have given your noteworthy gutpunches in the last few decades? 

  14. The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread

    Some absolutely, definitively, positively true spoilers (Hint: Fake)
  15. Will & Grace Revival

    Good episode this week. They dealt with Leo (and, I'm not going to lie, he's good eye candy) and now hopefully they can move on and create a nice, fun new character/romance for Grace. The Karen stuff was particularly good.