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  1. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    FINALLY!!!!! April 14th. Amazing teaser.
  2. YRBB

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Not gonna lie. This looks wonderful.
  3. YRBB


    I'm not exactly defending Passions, mind, but 2-3 months in, it started to gel and became addictive. Of course, I can't account for what happens after Season 1....
  4. I think the Ray of Light album is possibly Madonna at her most brilliant, so I'm happy to see RoL on the list -- if not surprised they didn't go with Frozen, which would've been my choice. As for after RoL... I fully expected to see Music and Hung Up on the list. They're the best two, post-RoL.
  5. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Agreed. You can't skip any of it without missing out on major payoffs or important twists/reveals. Season 5's rough, but don't let that stop you. If Tywin is a motivator, you definitely want to see Season 4
  6. YRBB

    Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Stop it! 😛 You're making me want to watch!
  7. YRBB

    R.I.P Dame June Whitfield

    Such a fabulous, lovely actress. Sad to see her go.
  8. YRBB

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Exactly my thoughts re: Liam. Funnily enough, I was listening to the convos people were having at a book signing for Don Diamont's book, and several people seemed to like Liam and SC. I certainly didn't hear the amount of complaining I would've expected.
  9. Yes, indeed, although I'll agree with those who said they never saw this coming. A creepy, creepy fusion of art and life.
  10. YRBB

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    That will be fun to watch later on! Thanks! I know it's not the same, but I get exactly what you mean: As I was reading Warner's "One Life to Live" book, I devoured the year synopses and was totally fascinated by the stories happening. But as we started getting to the mid-80s (probably around '84) the stories' interest took a sharp decline (even in synopsis form). I started reading about doctor villains losing their hands to crocodiles and such. It's very clear the show became something different (some of the 90s sounded very good) and not for the better.
  11. YRBB

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I thought it was A LOT of fun. Light, breezy, enjoyed the competition, the whole hour flew by.
  12. YRBB

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I thought y'all were exaggerating about Reid's hair but... hooooly crap!