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  1. Y'all are literally missing the best thread on SON! 

    1. Vee


      I'm just trying to forget tbh

    2. Taoboi


      Uh...New Johnny?

  2. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    omg you've gone all the way back to 2004? How many do you have?!
  3. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    It largely depends on what kind of mental health issue we are talking about. There is a difference between falling for someone with Bipolar Disorder and someone with DID who is not responsible for or in control of their actions because they are literally taken over by an alternate personality. Knowingly and willingly going ahead after finding out something like that is like sleeping with someone who is highly intoxicated/drugged and cannot consent.
  4. Amazon: The Lord of the Rings series

    The series is reported to cost as much as $250 million! (for more than one season). Also, a handy little breakdown of what we know so far (minus the newest budget news). I'm dying to find out what they do with it. Some things I NEED: Filmed in New Zealand. First episode directed by Peter Jackson. I don't think that's it, although they might go down that road. With the tons of backstory available, they can literally adapt any part of it and keep the inventing stories at a low level. Then again, they might take these characters and just build their own thing. Whatever it is, I hope it's good.
  5. Doctor Who

    David Tennant and Jennifer Garner a married couple on a show "about" camping? Boy, I'm having trouble picturing all this....
  6. Sherlock

    Martin Freeman briefly discusses the issue with the rabid fans. He makes a good point. Also, I'm glad he mentioned Season 4 cos, really, you could see the effort they had to put into meeting expectations. It's almost painful. If they ever do a Season 5, I think they should go back to really great, stand-alone stories, with a little bit of an arc. Simplify it a little and go back to basics.

    EPISODE 18: THE RIPPLE EFFECT An interesting episode that somehow feels similar in tone to the big, dramatic middle seasons of the show. The pace also picks up considerably. I wonder if it will last. We shockingly begin with Val going to Gary's ranch to tell him she married Danny (I still don’t get it). Amusingly, Gary questions why she felt the need to come tell him. Things get very bizarre after this (yes, even for the usual standard in this Gary/Val/Amanda/Danny story). Amanda runs into Danny while he’s picking up the twins and she’s picking up her last check, and she’s fascinatingly rude and dismissive. "Drop dead you slimy son of a bitch" is the nicest thing she says to him. Somewhere in there, Amanda kinda coughs/garbles, which must mean she’s crazy. Later, in what has to be one of the most ridiculous scenes in Knots Landing history, Amanda shows Gary her brooch made with a condom (….) and that was her way of telling him she wants to have sex. OK. They have sex. Then Amanda decides she’s leaving town and she’s gone! OK? Surely, this can’t be the end but Gary really takes it calmly. Just bizarre stuff. Thankfully, Karen actually does something productive for once and arranges a dinner party: Thanks to the fact that she invited Danny and Val and Pat and Frank, we get a three-part montage instead of the usual two. The dinner scenes are really good (and well lit, everyone looks fabulous). You gotta laugh at Danny turning on the bullshit charm to 200 and constantly making jokes everyone seems to hate but act like they don’t. It’s a scene that uses Behren’s lack of charisma to its benefit: Danny is putting on a huge performance that is hardly believable and everyone in the scene sees it (save for Val, dear God they’ve murdered her). The moment Karen makes her realization during coffee time after Danny slips with a comment about beating children is refreshingly melodramatic (the music made me jump) and it gave me goosebumps. I really liked her turning to Mack after everyone’s gone and telling him that Gary is right about Danny. Mack also makes a realization: For no reason other than the plot dictates it, he makes a comment about phone calls between lovers and both he and Paige realize Tom never called Paige from the airport like he said. Paige breaks up with Tom again and Mack, Frank, and Peggy realize that he is a dirty cop. Dobson does great in the scene where he confronts Arnie Zimmer and the man admits it was Tom all along. Meanwhile, Tom dodges Harold's blackmail effort with some blackmail of his own. I don’t buy at all that he found out about the Mexico stuff but the whole thing leads to a swift exit from Harold after he finds out about Olivia's money from stocks, steals it to pay off his debt, dumps Olivia, leaves town, and never pays Michael back. Wow. I guess that’s it? Funny how not one, but two characters in this episode quickly leave town. Greg being sarcastic, rude, and mean to the police is really fun! The show puts Michael to good use here when Greg asks him to find out what Mary Frances went into his computer for. Contrasting his behavior towards everyone else, Greg stops Michael before he exits his office and thanks him. It’s a very nice little moment. Turns out, Mary Frances is part of a subversive group, Oakman is involved, and Greg can’t figure out exactly what it was she was tracking. As Greg and Paula exit a restaurant at the end of the episode, Greg is shot! It’s all getting slightly ridiculous, but OK.
  8. Sami will return once more for another storyline. Look for her to debut in 2089.
  9. Saw The Incredibles for the first time. Really good. And Edna Mode is a TRIUMPH.

  10. B&B actress returns again

    So they brought her back just to make her a psycho/killer, blame it all on her, and move on from the story as soon as that's done without any repercussions to anyone on the current canvas? Yep, sounds like B&B.
  11. It's so lovely to see so much of Hogwarts. This sort of confirms my theory that the series of movies essentially started off as Fantastic Beasts but will morph into a prequel for Harry Potter. I am here for it!
  12. Wow, this looks so much better than I even expected!
  13. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I think once she realized her rotting corpse interpretation of Victoria wasn't going to get her fired, she also realized she could get away with anything!
  14. The Kylie Minogue Thread

  15. Peyton Place

    They've already announced the Part 4 DVD, out June 26! Here's the TVShowsOnDVD announcement too. I hope they keep this pace up!