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    Thor 4

    It's officially happening! Taika Waititi is writing and directing! Fingers crossed for an official announcement on Chris Hemsworth soon! YES YES YES!!!!
  2. I'm annoyed at how Chase just disappeared around March 1991. He was a big supporting player in the Kimble story, yet suddenly he's nowhere to be found, didn't even show up at the trial, and was only mentioned once out of necessity. What happened? Was the actor not available?
  3. Hi all, If there is anyone who knows where episodes are being uploaded (or earlier ones if available), PLEASE pm when you get the chance. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I will never understand why anyone, anywhere, thought 90-minute episodes were a good idea or would ever work.
  5. Halfway through 1991. I love every. single. storyline happening. The David Kimble story has been phenomenal. Of course, I adore Tricia Cast beyond words, so it wasn't a big sell for me (I broke into tears when she had to walk away from Phillip and show up in court). Her shooting David, psych hospitalization, and trial was three months of breathless, amazing entertainment. Really loved the jury scenes and taking their time to show that side of things. I did find David's plastic surgery scenes ridiculous -- perhaps a step too far, but considering his psychotic state of mind, I suppose we can excuse them. And the reveal of his face was HARROWING. I knew what was coming, but didn't know the details of his butchered face other than "Killer", so it was terrifying. Honestly, I almost threw up. I cannot imagine any other show pulling this off. I just love how 15 year old Victoria is nuking Victor and Ashley's lives and they don't even realize. Well, Ashley is, but there's not much she's been able to do yet. Nikki's drinking is also a lot of fun; I love the complexity of her secretly dealing with pain while addressing various other storylines. It was such an honor to watch Dru's first big story and see her flourish. I cried so much at her ballet recital. Beautifully done. I do wonder how she'll get over Nathan, considering she's ignored many, many, many signs it's not happening. I guess it'll help she and Neil have lots of chemistry So great to also enjoy the baby switch story, complete with temp recast. I am getting a little distracted by Peter Barton's ridiculous, ever-changing hairstyles. Sheila and Scott have just gotten married. LOVED Sheila turning triumphantly to look at Lauren, who witnessed it all. Perhaps it's getting a bit lost in the awesomeness that is Kimberlin Brown, but a great part of the story is Paul and Lauren's strong, loving connection. Another tearjerker was when Lauren told him she wishes her baby was his. Traci's more confident than ever -- it was really amusing to watch her go against Cassandra, and now this thing with Hilary Lancaster. Not sure where this is going, if anywhere, but interested to follow it.
  6. Good for them! Halfway through the season -- so far, it's been great. Love how they involved Billy, Max, Robin (Love her!), and Erica more. They leaned into the Dustin/Steve friendship, and it's awesome. The second half promises more surprises. And they've done it again with Joyce: First the lights, then the drawings, now the magnets. Meanwhile, this took me out:
  7. Two episodes into the new season. David Harbour deserves an Emmy.

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      You're in for a wild ride. I just finished watching it. tenor.gif?itemid=12207079

  8. I'm sad applcin stopped, because, indeed, the show takes off at the end of Season 1 and becomes truly something wonderful to behold. Great characters added, strong story arcs with things becoming more serialized, a strong villain, LOTS of creativity and playing around with tropes. Halfway through Season 3 now and I love it more than ever. I would suggest at least watching the second season -- if it doesn't hook you in, then the show really isn't for you. LOL Outrageously hot man. Those leather pants were one of the best costuming decisions made on any show. Indeed.
  9. Nearly done with Season 7. Whoever thought up Lexi and Michael as a comedic duo is genius. Really fun(ny)! Intrigued by this Kyle/Jane pairing they've been teasing.
  10. The first two episodes have found their director.
  11. NYC Season 9 -- another one down! I ended up getting used to and liking the new opening credits and music, even if I felt the colors should've been brighter and less grey. I didn't think I would, but I really enjoyed Tinsley and thought she provided a good couple of storylines living with Sonja and re-starting her life. Her weird mother/daughter frenemy dynamic with Sonja was fascinating. Ramona was on a whole other level of hateful crazy this season. It doesn't matter, I love watching her, but she did admit in the reunion she went nuts. I don't know if she started the Bethenny feud in order to have a story, but I suspect she did partly feel hurt Bethenny didn't contact her much over the summer and spun that off into a season of arguing. It really was a pretty good arc, though, from mentioning Brynn to that naked pool hug. So painful watching LuAnn stubbornly getting married all the way through to insisting she's happy with Tom at the reunion when we knew it was only a matter of weeks before she filed for divorce. Towards the end there you could read between the lines: It was all about getting married and not about real love. Which Housewives show could ever pull off a political storyline like NYC? I thought I loved Carole but I adored her even more for fighting against Trump's election and being so passionate about it. The Mexico trip was HANDS DOWN the best Housewives trip ever. You actually truly felt it that they had fun/enjoyed themselves, and while there was drama, it wasn't toxic and relatively quickly contained. Dorinda's Christmas party is SUCH a great tradition for the show. I love how her "I MADE IT NICE!" became a catchphrase. Season 8 ended up leaving a bit of bitter taste in regards to Bethenny for me, but I still find her hilarious. I actually thought she was a little too reserved in her comebacks this season -- I KNOW she can end lives much better than this! Just, adore adore adore NYC.
  12. Sheila has been mentioned of course, but there were times on Y&R were David Kimble was terrifying, like when he fantasized about surprising Cricket and strangling her to death. Corbett's eyes went deadly scary.
  13. Apparently, Lars Mikkelsen and the scarily sexy Eamon Faren are also in it!
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