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  1. It was a woman named Beatrice and they said she was the laundry maid I believe, so we could easily infer she was just one of the staff.
  2. Without a doubt! The sound those slaps made -- whew! And McInnes Woods' reaction was 100% real! I honestly don't think they were expecting that second slap. lol
  3. Not the double slap that threw him off balance!!! I can only imagine what the actors thought when they saw the script and read Flannery has to slap them. lol
  4. Yeah, that's also doubtful. They should just go for a 2021 release and call it a day.
  5. Sigh. That 1967 episode. The only people I know/recognize were Chris and Penny of course (both lovely to see) but I realized I was so invested by that last scene and holding my breath in anticipation of Amanda's answer to changing her plea. Just one episode and I was in.
  6. LOL! ALL B&B does is have people falling in love and making out within two days of catching feelings. Those poor people, of course they're resulting to taking Taylor's corpse doll and putting wigs on it.
  7. HUH?! When do soaps even mention the month they're in except VERY rarely or on holidays/special days? Why get stuck on such inconsequential details? New episodes start, it's July 2020, and go! I can totally get behind that. Mention in the dialogue that it's summer (although you may not even need to, you can clearly show that) and move on. But not sure they'd care to move the stories forward, that would mean honestly looking at the material and what wasn't working.
  8. But why would we need a time jump to make it July? I think it's as simple as they pick up where they left off and it's the current month.
  9. This I GOTTA see!! I'm just dying. This thread.
  10. Pretty decent choices. They did well with this one.
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