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  1. So did they not post the Thanksgiving classic re-airing of the Ball on CBS.com? I don't really care about that one since we have it, but I hope if they air something on Christmas it'll be posted.
  2. I personally don't mind either way, but I get all excited when I see one with end credits, cause I know you guys always look for them!
  3. The link is here https://bit.ly/3kMIjRN As far as access, anyone can view it to download/upload things as a guest. You only need special access from @ChickenNuggetz92 if you want to be able to move and rename files and have your e-mail address appear.
  4. Thanks! I'll continue on with the renaming. This has been a great year! New stuff almost every day. That first episode is a repost of October 3, 1997 which I posted on YouTube and the Vault, from a VHS from @Y&R fan of oldies (strangely, it got blocked on YT from my channel, but somehow it appears on this person's channel?) Reminder, if any of you all have VHS tapes PM me and I will upload them for you.
  5. I got stuck at clip 1999 #62 (partial). It's only 9 minutes long, and it comes after June 25 but before July 19 lol.
  6. Holy crap she's up to 90 episodes! Be sure to thank her for us! I have access to rename things so I'll do that using the dates from @YRBB hopefully they just continue after those dates.
  7. Thanks! I updated the names, added the crappy version of 8/26/91 and also 11/30/99 which was uploaded on archive the other day: https://archive.org/details/vhs-tape-december-1999-pax-the-bibles-greatest-miracles-the-proof-cnbc-tim-russe There were episodes aired on July 18 and 19, 2002 but I do not have them either.
  8. I do have the whole episode, but it's really bad quality, it looks like this LOL. If you want it I'll upload it.
  9. For me it works but I have to refresh the page many times. High traffic? @YRBB thank you for the dates, great work! The uploader keeps adding more - if you're reading this, thank you, uploader!
  10. THANK YOU to the person uploading 1999 full episodes of Y&R to the vault! I'm downloading them and will try to figure out the dates.
  11. In honor of the new vault I'm starting to upload the rest of 90s episodes that I have that's not already in the vault (it's not that many). For right now 1990 and 1991. 1 episode from 1990 2 episodes from 1991 1 partial episode from 1991 Clips: 1 clip from ep. 1191 Christmas 1991 3 clips of Stephanie homeless I don't have the dates or episode numbers, but if you all can help, then I will rename them. I left in commercials where I had them to see if it helps. Does anyone have August 26, 1991? It used to be on YouTube. I have
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