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  1. I uploaded 4587, 4589-4597, 4599-4603, 4607-4609 in 2005 which were all missing and recently uploaded by the BobSoaps channel. Quality is not exactly HD but not too different from the official uploads either. Maybe someone can update the missing episodes list.
  2. Heh, when I first read this I was like "wow, Cricket Blair was so unpopular that they wouldn't air the show during the summer when she was on, Terry Lester would have loved that" until I realized you were talking about the sport.
  3. I can relate from the opposite side... I'm American and had relatives in Italy whom I would fill in on everything that's going to happen! I'm not a huge fan of spoilers myself so I didn't understand why they enjoyed that, but they would beg me!
  4. I am refreshing archive like a madwoman, haha. Times like this make me glad I have held off... it'll be nice watching them in the proper order. This seems like it's just such a classic era with huge things happening every day.
  5. Thanks guys! Too bad it wasn't really from 1993, but I'm sure we'll have that year soon
  6. Thanks @soapwikijohn @BoldKaraor anyone else, do you know how far behind Tenplay was in the 90s? Archive has posted a 1993 ep: https://archive.org/details/ten-daytime-timeshift-ten-10-06-01-93
  7. This is how they did it in Italy apparently. Y&R had aired there in the 80s and been cancelled. Then B&B became huge, so they relaunched Y&R with a new name and sold it as "see Sheila's backstory" which was pretty good marketing!
  8. Stay the course! I have been going through and uploading my Y&R DVDs over the course of years while not actually watching them as I do it, and then I go back and watch in order. It's sooooo much nicer doing that. I did cheat last summer when they were rebroadcasting classics, but then I went right back to viewing in order. I'm up to end of 1988 for Y&R and 1990 for B&B and I need to get caught up by 1992 cause I went to watch them together once Sheila crosses over.
  9. Congratulations!!! I wish I had discovered it way back then, but I really appreciate how many old threads are still archived. It's fun to go through them sometimes. The discussions here are always top notch.
  10. So the episode posted today is definitely May 24, 1995 https://groups.google.com/g/rec.arts.tv.soaps.cbs/c/FWPcrPDQP3I/m/BshXzv3zck8J so yesterday was May 23 and that's NOT a preemption date then. I've renamed them and put them in the May 1995 folder. I don't think there's any preemptions coming up so @soapwikijohnyou can just continue the dates from there. Maybe @YRfan23has the full 1995 preemptions list. I noticed we already have May 30 and 31 but in pretty poor VHS quality. Thanks again for uploading! They really look fantastic.
  11. I went ahead and renamed the first two vids (it will show my name because I was the last one to edit the file, I don't mean to take credit away from you :)) and I deleted the duplicate that BoldKara pointed out. I'm not sure about "B&B Cala Classic 10-7-21 Episode 2" cause I had May 23, 1995 as a possible preemption, which would make that episode the 24th, but it definitely doesn't match the recap for May 24th. https://groups.google.com/g/rec.arts.tv.soaps.cbs/c/FWPcrPDQP3I/m/BshXzv3zck8J So maybe once you upload tomorrow's episode we can confirm if that one is May 24. I'm also making folders because the messiness is driving me crazy.
  12. LOL of course. I saw that the first was the 19th and then didn't check the calendar. It must be the 22nd then.
  13. Thank you so much! Episode 1 is May 19, 1995 and episode 2 is May 20, 1995. May 19 was in the vault, but the quality on yours is much better! I think these videos look great and the file size is perfect for me. They look just as good as videoland but without the subtitles. I'm like you, I'm waiting to watch them all at once. I just skim the episode enough to figure out the date (I watched in real time in 1995 so it's not really a spoiler, haha). It's really too bad they don't stream the videos on Cala and instead you have to do all that work. Hoping videoland gets up to that season eventually, but it's so great to have these in case they don't. Truly appreciate the work that goes into it. Same problem here, I think the video is corrupted.
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