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  1. There's a black dot (it's a star if you posted in the thread) to the left of the thread title. Clicking that brings me to the first unread post.
  2. Kevin is adorable and a good singer too. Interesting that they seemed to have chem tested him with Ashley. And there was Allison's line about John Abbot having "two marriageable daughters." I thought they should have kept him around. I really love the whole Bancroft family storyline.
  3. Those have to be the most boring and tepid spoilers ever lol. It will be nice to see everyone again I guess.
  4. Honestly, the amazing person uploading 1982 videos to the vault is making this a lot easier for me to accept. I got into a groove of watching classics in the evening, and I'll still be able to do that thanks to the vault.
  5. I'm curious what exactly did he say about Muhney in his book? Did he talk about the other Adams especially the whole Chris Engen situation with him leaving the show?
  6. The uploads are up to December 1982! I hope that @FrenchFan has the summaries for the rest of the year. I really enjoy reading them. I found some others they posted years ago but they're not as detailed. I love the bits of dialogue. Makes me feel like I watched it, except I picture Brenda Dickson instead of Deborah Adair. These are the other summaries from 1982
  7. If ever they were to bring closure to the Williams parents they would have done it during the Patty storyline or when Paul killed Ricky. Another missed opportunity.
  8. Really? It's so interesting when the soap stars have "real" jobs on the side like Kate Linder being a flight attendant and Beth Ehlers working for the state of New Jersey (although not while she was acting). I wonder what he did there and if people recognized him. It would have been a fairly new agency at the time. I haven't seen a lot from that era but I assume Carl's job made it easy for the writers to just say he was away on an assignment or undercover, and then, I guess they just eventually stopped bothering to mention him at all, same as they did when Carolyn Cromwell got sick and they didn't even give Mary an onscreen funeral or anything.
  9. I haven't seen anyone else bring this up, but if Bruce Henderson is Liz Foster's brother, that makes her maiden name Liz Henderson. That's the same name given as Beth Logan's maiden name on B&B. When Beth is in the hospital for breast cancer, Stephanie sees that she has a Henderson family Bible and she is "Liz Henderson" from college. There are already so many similarities between the Logans and the Fosters. I wonder if Bill Bell knew a woman named Liz Henderson who was abandoned by her spouse? Since Bruce turns out to be Lorie's father, this also makes Lorie a cousin of Greg, Snapper, and Jill (before the Jill adoption retcon), which I don't believe has ever been addressed on the show.
  10. The only surprise is Steve Burton not in the top 5.
  11. As a child watching with my grandma, that was the most evil thing Sheila had done... SHE SHOT THE TV! 🤣
  12. I just think there isn't much money for... anything. They could have been using the time to retool things, write some good scripts, try to get some big actors back, do promo. They can't afford to do any of that so they're all going to pick up with the same scripts and only minor tweaks to recap. It's a completely wasted opportunity. Plus, they have to pay the costs of testing and the on-set virus consultants. Filming is probably taking nearly twice as long. We know on B&B, they are filming scenes twice because of the mannequins. Y&R is doing more shooting outside which comes with lighting and sound complications. So more costs, less revenue, and lower ratings. It's not good. I predict that all of the soaps will be moving to DAYS-type schedule of cramming in months of filming as soon as that's possible.
  13. Sometimes I wonder why they didn't just cancel the show after losing so many actors and just create a spin-off with selected characters like Lorie, Kay, Jill, etc. That would have given them a fresh start while leaving things open for original cast members from the core families to pop in.
  14. What about Big Brother? I doubt they have to follow social distancing in the house, but I guess it's different because once they're in they can't leave... Found the full clip from those twitter videos. HATE that Denise Richards is now the B&B spokeswoman...
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