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  1. Wow, that definitely makes me think the soaps are out there. Unfortunately I think a lot of these people are either not interested in soaps or think they are already uploaded somewhere. Whenever I have attempted to interact with people who upload VHS on YT or on the reddit VHS page they always seem to think there is already a catalogue with all the soap episodes available. There was someone who posted commercials only from a 1987 episode (which we later got in German) and I asked them to upload the full episode on archive and they were surprised that it wasn't already out there (and alas never did upload it).
  2. I see it is up to 1208 now, so if that was you, big thanks
  3. My best guess, from talking to people who made compilations like this, is that they did transfer the clips onto a new tape, but then reused the original tape that had the full episodes, because tapes were expensive back then. I am so puzzled at how difficult it is to find episodes of a popular soap like Y&R when there is so much available of other shows. Part of it is Sony being aggressive, but even if they don't show up on YouTube, you would think at least they would be around on tape and DVD trading sites. @AlexGrimaldi Thanks, your posts are full of great info! I had wondered why the show changed its name to Amarsi. Focusing on the Sheila stories, while she was popular on Beautiful, was a good idea, I'm sorry it didn't work out. It all sounds so political. I always thought Y&R's glamour and emotion would appeal to Italians, as it so clearly connected with the French audience. One thing I don't understand is why the Tina Turner song instead of Nadia's Theme! It was ok, but doesn't feel like classic Y&R. I wish I had saved my grandfather's old magazines. I don't remember the names, only that the soap summaries were all on one page, on the last page of the magazine. Was your channel RestlessDuncan? It is so nice to connect with the original uploader of these clips after all these years. I would absolutely love seeing whatever you have. I just went through and uploaded the 80s/90s Italian I had in the Vault. I have some from 2000s but haven't yet figured out the dates and most likely we have them in English already. I uploaded a full episode 1990-05-22 clips from 1984, 1986, 1990, and 1993 Time jump (salto temporale) 1986-1989 I hope I've dated them correctly, someone can let me know if I'm wrong. Interestingly you have some clips, in Italian, of the aftermath of Paul shooting Michael, which we don't have in English (if I'm not mistaken). I think you had also uploaded clips about Nina and David but only a few seconds downloaded, and I always wished I would find the original uploader again. I also had this clip of Melody and Eric at the awards show. They do a pretty decent job speaking Italian! In his book, Eric talked about meeting Berlusconi, being invited to his restaurant and having dinner with AC Milan, an honor because Eric was a national champion in soccer/calcio. Those schedules are crazy indeed! 8-15 minutes a day!? There is almost no point in that. I guess it is not worth bothering to find recaps then. I am going to save your posts, this is really good history in case I need to refer to it later. The Radio Corriere site had day by day summaries of Sentieri (GL), which is convenient because it's a time period not really covered by other sources. Sentieri must have been really popular because I see a lot about it online even now. At least for Y&R we already have the German and French daily recaps starting January 1986. What would be incredible would be to find daily Italian recaps covering the US airdates before 1986, but I doubt they exist. Those clippings are so great! I will take a better look at those later and see if I have anything to add (all of mine would be from the Radio Corriere site, nothing original).
  4. Grazie for this nice comprehensive reply I had saved a lot of clips over the years from YouTube and I have a few from the 2000s so they probably came from your channel. Unfortunately I did not always keep track of where I got the videos. I also have some 90s videos in Italian that were on YT ages ago... a full episode from May 1990 and some clips from 1993 (Cricket being attacked by Michael, some Sheila stuff, and Nikki/Cole). I can upload them to the vault. I would love to see whatever you have in Italian! It is so frustrating that YT deletes everything, because who knows how much is out there. I can PM you the guy I'm talking about but it is probably the one you're thinking of. That's disappointing to know the clips in the trailer come from you... I was hoping because they had those rare (to me) clips, it meant they were for real. I totally agree with you and I don't know why someone would run a scam for something as obscure as soap operas... if someone really has collected all that footage, then they must be a fan, and why do that to other fans... I don't get it! If only someone had saved those broadcasts with 1979-1983... we have almost NOTHING from those years. The cult storyline and the Victor dungeon are on the top of my list to see. I taped Y&R every day in the 90s and taped over those tapes, what a shame. Didn't realize the treasure that we had. There are a lot of missing gaps in the early 2000s too. I'm sure the footage is out there but YT deletes everything, so people don't share. The vault is such a godsend. By the way, do you know if there is anywhere that has summaries of the Italian broadcast. There are French and German daily summaries starting in 1986 and they are very helpful when figuring out the dates of old videos. German TV also gave the episodes titles which can be a good clue. Someone sent me the Radio Corriere archive, and I searched through it, but mostly when I found a picture of a Y&R actor there would be a description like "a drama set in small town USA." I found some summaries of the storylines starting around 1983 (US Dates) but they seem to be weekly recaps. It would be wonderful if there were daily summaries for the episodes from 1979! I'm from the US but my family is all Italian and I remember when my grandfather would go and bring back those magazines, and on the last page there would be a recap of "my shows" and I couldn't it believe the first time I saw it! Then I would tell my relatives from Europe about all the storylines that would happen in the coming years lol.
  5. Yes! She played Angela Lawrence, daughter of Lorie's attorney, Robert Lawrence (from her trial of the attempted murder of Vanessa). If you take a look at the 11/29/82 episode in the vault, she's featured in that one and has a meatier role. She was also Traci's friend. The Lawrence family was clearly meant to be a bigger deal than they turned out.
  6. Added some 2004 episodes to the vault recently: 2004-06-16 2006-06-24 2004-09-07 2004-09-09 2004-09-15 2004-09-24
  7. That's great! Is that your channel? I am so curious why Italy seems to be the only country that aired Y&R episodes before 1986. I soooo wish I could find them. There was someone on YouTube who claims to sell Italian episodes, but they didn't respond to me.
  8. Thanks! Strange that the episodes are different in length.
  9. Oh I know, just musing on my part. Sony is so frustrating that I fear even if Y&R were to be cancelled, they would not let up on the copyright.
  10. I really wish that the Paley center would have made episodes online during the pandemic, lol. I'd have been all over that. I recently read all the SOD recaps from that time and Nikki goes through quite a lot. The ordeal apparently lasted for over a week. I'm sure you've read this, but when she realizes who he is, she tries to run away and gets to a cabin to hide, then pretends she was scared of the woods and is glad Edwards saved her, then he catches on that she knows he's the stalker, drags her out... she runs away and finds campers in the woods and begs for help, but Edward comes along and tells them she's just high on drugs... Nikki doesn't know what else to do, so she asks to meet his mother... and then we get to these scenes. I'd love to see how it was filmed, because we rarely get to see any action scenes pre-1982, and I don't think they did much shooting outside in the 70s at all. I wonder if this is all cheesy outdoor sets or if they did something more cinematic like when Brooks almost drowned.
  11. Wow, that's super rare! I guess this is right after she meets "mother"?
  12. This must be a country thing because they don't show up as deleted for me (in the US). I uploaded these in the vault already (October 10, 1988 and January 24, 1989). There are also a couple of others that were newer or already available in English (July 3, 1989, July 8, 1992 clip, and May 31, 2007 clip), if you want I will upload them too. I really hope someone will come along and fill in more 1988 and 1989 French episodes to fill in the gaps. There was that wonderful angel a few months ago who uploaded Phillip's death in French. It is great to see the scenes even if they are not in English.
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