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  1. I can understand how Traci would feel that way. She was always in Ashley's shadow and hearing her sister called "my beauty" while she was teased for her weight. Brad was the hot guy who actually fell for her, and Ashley dating him hit a sore spot. I don't blame Brad Bell for just hitting reset. The story was too convoluted by that point. We saw Sheila in jail, locked up in chains and heavily medicated, only to hear that was really Sugar whom Sheila forced to have plastic surgery to look like her. No one wants to see Kimberlin Brown as "Sugar" and Michelle Stafford as "Sheila." At that point it made absolutely no sense for Sheila to just be walking around LA free, but I'd rather that than having them go through more cringe-worthy re-writes. At least now the door is open whenever she wants to come back.
  2. It's so funny how a couple of 1 minute clips provide more entertainment and subtext than an entire week's worth of the show today. Not that I wouldn't love seeing the whole episode though.
  3. I wish videoland would upload more than one episode a day. I'm only still up to episode 195, so I don't mind Amy Silence being behind, but it seems crazy that they can't drop them in bigger batches for people who are actually watching along with videoland. I wonder why they've released them only in the Netherlands. Now that the episodes are ready, why can't they license them to Netflix or Amazon Prime? They must have already addressed music rights, because there are some scenes where you hear cheesy music and you can only see the characters lips moving and it's obviously been dubbed over.
  4. August 26, 1988 August 29, 1988
  5. My reaction was exactly the same! I checked your Y&R playlist and when it was there, I was bummed but like "at least B&B is new."
  6. Someone uploaded March 6, 1992 (Y&R as well but that was already on YT) https://archive.org/details/WLYHShowsAndCartoons3692
  7. @Y&R21395 do you have any playlists prior to 2010?
  8. MTS' facial expression when she finds out Ashley helped pick the horse was priceless. And Y&R used to be filled with little moments like that in every episode. I've always liked Victor and Ashley's relationship, but seriously - who collaborates with their mistress to buy a gift for their young child? I love the way Bill Bell played it, with the affair being an open secret. So much better than having everyone look dumb as if they never had a clue. This is psychological drama and it's so much more interesting. I can just imagine how cringey this would be today, with two different factions of "Niktor" and "Vashley" fans battling out who was Victor's twue wuv. Y&R had romance, of course, but the relationships weren't so much about making you swoon (a la Calgon take me away) as the way those relationships fit into the canvas, and the reactions of the various characters to them. Nikki going and telling her daughter that story about the wicked witch was terrible parenting, but you couldn't help but feel for her, and it demonstrated how delusional she was thinking that if you just take Ashley out of the equation there's no problem with the marriage. Other than her hair and the way she's dressed, this could have been any wife in America trying to work out her feelings. I was very impressed with Shawn's acting. I don't know a lot about this storyline - who was this Tamara woman and what was the deal with Turk? Unpopular opinion, but I greatly, greatly preferred MS and never liked GT. I certainly concede that MS was overacting by the end and I was very much over her... I just never thought GT did any better. I just think of her as always snarling and angry. I think this is represented well in the clip @ChickenNuggetz92 posted.There's no lightness to her character, it's one note. Sandra Nelson was much better than GT.
  9. This user "Jesse Jesse" is uploading B&B episodes with Finnish subtitles under the title Kauniit ja rohkeat. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclLCB-TiUoL-h5QorFZlUg
  10. I have a few treats to share! January 31, 1986 Thank you to @ChickenNuggetz92 for helping do an audio swap on this. October 10, 1995 Unfortunately I don't have October 11. Two episodes were aired on October 12, 1995 to catch up due to preemptions: Episode 1 Episode 2 October 13, 1995 October 16, 1995
  11. I'm actually happy about this. Always thought she had the quality to become a Y&R classic heroine. She's beautiful and a good actress.
  12. I think it was this one. I was already watching daytime but I wanted this because of 90210. My mom never let me buy soap magazines. I was sick and she felt bad so she ran back in and got it for me lol. Thanks mom. I remember going to visit my dad (parents divorced) every weekend and making him take me to the candy store every time so I could buy the soap magazines and then I would read them in the car and ignore him. Ah, the pre-internet days.
  13. Thanks! The date for the second one is Monday, November 22, 2004.
  14. I always thought Bell used B&B as a redo of sorts for the Fosters and the Brooks. You had the Logans, a working class family whose father had left with the son becoming a lawyer and the wealthy Forresters with their four children. There was some mixing around of the ages and sexes of the children but the original foundation was very much there, plus actors Bell was comfortable with from Y&R. And 30 years later, it's still very much those two families and the Spencers onscreen. And while I love the consistency and ties to history B&B has, it has made for a very incestuous and often boring show, and I'm glad Y&R didn't turn out that way. It will be strange though once Jill dies or Jess Walton permanently retires and there will be no ties at all to the original show. I feel like that hurts Y&R's chances of ever being picked up in streaming tremendously.
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