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  1. RIP and condolences to the Bell family.
  2. Lauren just kept doing so many stupid things. Bill Bell usually wrote smarter than that. And the climax with Andy and Paul finding them and then that story not even being on the next day was sooo irritating.
  3. I love both Brenda and Eileen. Brenda was Ashley when I started watching so I see her as the "real" Ashley, but as much as I'd love her back on, if Eileen as the original and an excellent actress is willing to play the role on and off, it's hard to justify dropping her. It's not like if they brought Ashley back full time she would have a good storyline anyway. Brenda would make a fabulous Kristen Forrester though. I've been watching the German episodes. I finally got to see the Shawn/Lauren story that way (which was disappointing other than the acting and production values). Currently up to where Jill has been shot. I do understand the basics of the language, and I use the auto translate into English on YouTube which helps with the harder words, so I get the gist. The woman who does Kay's voice is fabulous, lol. She sounds so much like her. I really wish that there were more. I really want to see 1987.
  4. The thumbnails are glorious! Jill looks like Scarlett O'Hara!
  5. I'd rank this episode behind Nikki's but above Jack's. I think Nikki's was better in part because it was her memoirs, so she was able to contemplate the entirety of her life. Victor's was a little formulaic with each person giving a little speech and then a clip playing. I wanted to see a good long scene with Victor holding Julia's lover in the dungeon (seems like we only ever get 5 second clips) and some of his other misdeeds, some of his "deaths," Ashley's abortion confrontation, and more of the downs in his and Nikki's relationships. But in the context of having a party celebrating his corporation's anniversary, that wouldn't have made sense ("Hey, remember when I aborted your child and had a nervous breakdown? Mazel tov!"). Everything was more on the positive side or if that was something negative, it was to show how he overcame it. They should have opened or closed with scenes of just Victor thinking about his life. Maybe there will be more tomorrow. I'm watching unspoiled. Very puzzling how they spent time having him escort Julia out, and didn't use that opportunity to show an older clip of just them. That was such a miss. For the newer viewers did they even explain she was his first wife?! The scene with Neil was too short and they should have picked something much older, and there was just a blip of Kay. But points for showing Col. Douglas Austin! They really should have cut that art installation out and showed more clips, why even waste the budget on that? I really loved the scene between Victor and Paul, that was a surprise. I think there was a script of that scene floating around FaceBook, didn't think we'd ever see it! Who knew these would end up being two epic characters? And of course the scenes between Victor and both parents were fantastic. There were some nice choices of scenes I wouldn't necessarily have picked that were a really pleasant surprise, like the Nikki as a maid scene and the flirting scene with Jill. The show was so good back then that any throwaway scene like that was still just awesome. Complain as I might, it's fantastic that they do this. How I envy the person that is responsible for watching and picking the clips! And I'm amazed how good the old scenes look. You'd think they were filmed in HD. The quality looks fantastic, this would be great on streaming... sigh.
  6. Bloopers of Eric Braeden going back to the early 80s. So, not only does CBS have crystal clear archives of all the episodes, they even have the tapings... https://wdrv.it/72ddf27da
  7. @Days22thank you! We are all busy, and better late than never!
  8. It's a double edged sword, because if they did include soaps, they'd probably remove the considerable amount of P&G soaps that are on YouTube.
  9. Wow!!! I can hardly keep up with the new uploads. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I'm reading that TubeDigger is the go-to for downloading from most sites... has anyone tried it who has the videoland service? Maybe @FrenchFan? There is a free trial available. If it doesn't work I will see if I can ask someone what they recommend.
  11. Has anyone confirmed that B&B was the same episode that got pulled Friday?
  12. Do you know the episode numbers? The Whitney song at Kristen's party worked, interestingly enough. In other cases it's obvious the production is using generic music to cover copyrighted music, sometimes covering the dialogue.
  13. Is it Amy editing out the music or is it the Dutch site?
  14. Yes! I was just thinking about that today. On my provider channel 55 was actually channel 10 and I was checking the schedule today but no Y&R.
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