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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjBgJmUZFQdlR6eFD2Od82Q/videos This is the same user as Amy Silence, and they are now uploading the 1987 episodes from the beginning. @sheilaforever my PMs haven't been working so I'm not sure if you saw my reply but my email address is the same as my username here @gmail.com.
  2. @ Days22 thank you again! The YouTube uploader that @Soaplovers posted also has a couple of full episodes from 1988 that I didn't have, nice!
  3. Hi, I've been having this problem on and off for two days. Sometimes I can read the PM when I get the first notification, but then I can't open the PM again or respond. Thank you for your help. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C
  4. It's hilarious that I'm watching scenes I fast forwarded originally just because of the Y&R music. These teens don't have the gravitas to pull it off though.
  5. It works now thanks @sheilaforever That's very convenient.
  6. Thanks for all your help! I can't see the attachment either but I reported the error to the board admin. That's so cool how you had access to that site in the past... I always figured they must have a big database listing everything for when they need old clips to make montages, etc.
  7. It's so slick, like it's a real video. Very nicely done... do you use Audacity to edit the audio?
  8. Jeez! MediaFire is usually good but I don't think it embeds.
  9. I can definitely relate to your files not being in order! 🙂 Unfortunately the GH clip is blocked by copyright.
  10. Oh, so there WERE a lot of preemptions. I thought that was so weird for that time of year. Was Y&R affected also? I downloaded a bunch of the them on YouTube years ago, since deleted, and they had all the dates in July, August, plus the preempted September 7 and 11 dates (those September dates tipped me off to the problem also). I guess that person bought the DVD and was just using a calendar to date them but they weren't the correct dates at all. I'm not sure how 1988 can be right, though, if December 31, 1987 has the wrong episode number. It seems what we would need would be a certain date where we know that CBS has given us both the official episode number and we know the date. Thanks for the link! The episode numbers do seem to be easier to follow, but the problem is when you find some random episode on YouTube with a date in 88 or 89, and then you don't have the episode number to compare. Do you know how many episodes are in the official release? Is it 250? I purchased the first 16, which is all that was available in the US, and downloaded up to 105 but am looking for the rest. I never bothered with those "special episode" DVDs. Thank you all!
  11. That Lorie/Leslie scene sounds so good. That's what soaps should be. We don't need ghosts or special effects or crazy crap. Just a scene of people behaving like people, two sisters arguing, one hurting the other in a way that could have played out in anyone's living room, in a very human way. There is some audio of Jill performing the tracheotomy on Stuart here
  12. So they had to kill off Caroline, a somewhat watchable character and decent actress, with ties to all the main families, just to bring on a bad actor to play Thomas, whom they'll probably fire in a few months anyway. Ok then.
  13. I've been trying to catalogue the B&B that I have, and I noticed that the IMDB listing is messed up for 1987 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092325/episodes?year=1987 It jumps from episode 100 on 8/7/87, to episode 102 on 8/17/87, to episode 105 on 8/28/87. I highly doubt those were preemptions, so that means I can't go by IMDB. It's really annoying because some people upload B&B by date but others upload by episode # (probably because it's so popular internationally with various airdates). Does anyone know of a reliable resource to obtain episode numbers?
  14. So in the 1975 video, am I the only one who got the vibe that Katherine was looking to Brock for comfort from a lover, not a son? That's totally how I'd have read it, had I not known these characters. And it makes sense based on real life. BTW, have they ever addressed Beau Kayzer's death onscreen? Did Mac ever say that her father was dead? Man the next episode sounds like a good one, with Katherine and Jill due in court where I assume the judge will invalidate Jill's ownership of the house. Too bad it wasn't included. Then with the 1978 video, I was thinking it's funny given how few episodes there are from this era, I have already seen the storyline "Leslie is too nervous to play" at least 3 times, although this was the first time she didn't overcome it (I would've liked to have seen Janice Lynde portray that). That classical piece sounds so familiar, but I cant't place it. I liked where they were going with the juxtaposition of her negative thoughts with the music, but it came off as cheesy the way it was executed, which is surprising for Y&R. I really hope those 1983-84 vids cover more of the Rick Daros storyline. I saw a couple of partial episods from it on pannoni4's channel and I was quite riveted. You are the man/woman!
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