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  1. I also remember things like Gina continually referring to Danny as "little brother."
  2. Thanks. I remember those clips but thought I'd missed something.
  3. Thanks Broderick and everyone else posting old memories. Your descriptions are so detailed that I feel like I'm watching some of these scenes. It also speaks to how good the directing, acting, and writing were that people can still recall scenes from the 70s in such vivid detail. I think I missed that 1978 episode. Was it posted here? I really hope someone has the link, or can upload it. I'd really love to see that.
  4. Wow! Excellent quality. Thank you!!!
  5. You'd make a lot of people very very happy if you were able to share them. My first piece of advice would be do not put them into a VCR that you're not sure is 100% functional. Because then if the tape messes up you won't know if it was the VCR or the tapes and you could ruin a good tape. Try it first with a tape you don't care about. If no one else can or if you don't have a VCR, I'd be willing to convert them for you, but I need to check my VCRs cause it's been a couple of years since I've done it. You might as well try since you weren't using them anyway and the more years go by, the worst the chances are. How many do you think you have?
  6. Has anyone ever tried to figure out the dates of the clips on this YT channel? I really prefer full episodes to clips, but with B&B, a 13 minute clip practically is the full episode, so it could be useful.
  7. I've read some articles about this woman, who recorded news broadcasts from 1975-2012. Surely someone did that with soaps?! https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/marion-stokes-television-news-archive
  8. When Y&R did Nikki's 40th anniversary special, they didn't even mention the retcon of her giving birth to Paul's baby (Dylan). And I agreed with that decision.
  9. OMG, I didn't even notice that!!! I can't believe I missed that - she looks exactly the same too!
  10. January 31, 1986 (repost) February 11, 1986 February 14, 1986 March 27, 1986 March 28, 1986
  11. It was a mistake to kill John off. Very happy to see the episode again though!
  12. Oh no, I had saved some of his videos, but I was a week or so behind. Does anyone have all of them?
  13. I was actually the person who helped the uploader set it up as a private playlist and I invited her to this forum. Besides it has been posted in here several times.
  14. @FrenchFan the playlist is private. Here it is:
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