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  1. April 16, 1984 - The day after Nikki & Victor's wedding
  2. She died very soon after I started watching but Maureen Bauer on GL seemed like a very realistic and loving mom. And of course Mary Williams from Y&R with her sauerkraut and spare ribs!
  3. That's the most normal hairstyle Danny Romalotti ever had!
  4. If she already had Marcus, I guess you could read that to explain why Beth really didn't want her going to the beach party, yet Brooke still thought she was innocent. Really hard to believe that she got pregnant by Justin with Storm always hovering around... must have gotten it on in the bleachers at the gym, lol. I knew that Bill was a retcon, but I'd never realized how adamant the writers were that Caroline was an ONLY child, and Bill Sr had NO ONE ELSE. I just thought he'd never been mentioned. How was Karen introduced then? She was a new character when I started watching. Bill had money and a stable marriage... how on earth did they just "lose" a twin? She wouldn't have been adopted out, surely. Brooke going to the hospital was bad enough... I guess I could see a young girl getting starstruck and wanting to see celebs in person... but to actually go into Caroline's hospital room and talk to her... and for Caroline to be fine with it... really ridiculous. Maybe it played differently in the 80s before the privacy laws were expanded. Brooke is definitely stringing Dave along, wondering what life would have been like had her father made money... but you can sort of understand it, since she hasn't even graduated college yet and doesn't want to be tied down into a lifelong commitment. I really hated Brooke in the 90s and actually see her in a slightly more sympathetic light in these episodes, but the seeds are there.
  5. Considering how trashy the show became, it's funny how chaste it is in the beginning. Caroline is explicitly a virgin, and Brooke, Donna, Katie, and Kristen aren't really getting it on either. Brooke even tells Donna to wait to have sex. Is this supposed to be before or after Donna had Marcus?
  6. It seems like 2/3 of the cast is missing. Low energy. Beautiful speech from Shemar though.
  7. So I guess Shemar is just going to present best drama and no Kristoff tribute.
  8. LOL! JMW shouldn't even be competitive for younger actress let alone lead!
  9. Didn't know Luan from Y&R passed away this year. RIP. Very underwhelming memorial sequence to say the least.
  10. In case you all were not aware, Amy Silence is still uploading to this playlist, but all episodes are unlisted so you won't get a subscription notification. You need to check it yourself daily. She's up to Episode 305.... 302 was the episode where Ridge rapes Caroline while Thorne is making a sandwich, so it's getting good.
  11. May 27, 1991 - Nina & David
  12. Looks like that Ridge Moss person that was uploading from episode 1 deleted his account.
  13. Today's episode was AMAZING, especially the editing. It felt like Kristoff was present in the conversation.
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