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  1. The Cala Classics angel has uploaded some new episodes! Trying to untangle the dates. I'm comparing them to the available recaps and the clips that Marquise posted in the Clips 1994 folder. "November 1994 7" is November 21 (source: https://groups.google.com/g/rec.arts.tv.soaps/c/Cqe52wjTcNs/m/U9AEY4cH5JYJ), which means "November 1994 6" is November 18, so the episode we had as November 18 is possibly the 17th? Not sure about the others.
  2. Which will just be them all sitting inside on the usual sets and saying "oh, it's so bad out" with some sound effects.
  3. The clip with Christine learning about Patty was from September 18, 1996. Anyone know the airdate of the scene with Dina? The September 18th date is in the vault only in German, it would be great to have the English. Edit: here it is in Englis h https://archive.org/details/youngandtherestless19960918
  4. Didn't they say Quinn and Eric were supposed to get a big story? I sure hope that will be more than just Quinn flirting with Carter. Maybe Sheila can get Eric's sex drive back.
  5. I could be wrong about the exact dates and episode numbers but I'm pretty sure those episodes are from November, based on the old usenet/google groups. I guess the second episode was the 14th, not the 15th. I'll fix it. https://groups.google.com/g/rec.arts.tv.soaps/c/UZzeD0MAVSc/m/s7u5s5SeRooJ https://groups.google.com/g/rec.arts.tv.soaps/c/8JPnZhFv6yc/m/n99Scklk_JYJ B&B: SPOILERS: 11/14/94 - 11/18/94 Ivana lets Stefanie know that Dylan and Jessica are still seeing each other. (Ivana is trying to ingratiate herself with the Queen Mother.) Thorn a
  6. Someone also uploaded up to 1078 Thank you @skebujebuand our mystery uploaders
  7. Daniel Goddard was constantly making eyes at Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton. He was such a bad actor that he couldn't differentiate between how he should relate to a love interest and a mother figure.
  8. I uploaded the following to the vault: January 12, 1990 episode August 2, 1990 (short clip) August 15, 1990 episode October 18, 1990 episode I'm wondering if anyone has these episodes? I ordered DVDs of these, but they were duplicates of other episodes or I was a sent an entirely different show, sigh. I'm hoping someone has these or anything else to help fill out that year. March 12, 1990 April 26 - May 3, 1990 May 30 - June 4, 1990 October 8-9, 1990 December 19-20, 1990
  9. This is what I come up with: October 1994-2 = 1994-11-10 #1913 October 1994-4 = 1994-11-15 #1915 I hope I didn't miss "October 1994-1" and "October 1994-3"? March 1994-1 = March 1, 1994 March 1994-2 = March 2 March 1994-3 = March 3 March 1994-4 = March 4 March 1994-5 = March 7 March 1994-6 = March 8
  10. I posted a list for February, above. Never renamed them cause I wasn't totally sure, but I guess I should just label them. Haven't looked at March, but it's only 6 episodes.
  11. Thanks for taking this over! It's good that this data is not lost.
  12. I loved when Brenda said it's amazing how "no one ever watches the show."
  13. This is the last of the stuff I got from the Y&R Anonymous Angel, it took me quite a while to through everything, so thanks again to this person! I'll soon resume uploading stuff from my own collection. Or if any of you have VHS tapes or DVDs that you want me to upload for you, hit me up with a private message. This one is a bit of a mixed bag between old and new. Uploaded a couple of other clips of 1987 and 1992 to the vault too. July 17, 2002 final segments February 11, 2004 clip Jill & Kay March 5, 2004 cl
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