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  1. Today was great, I know a lot don't like GR, but he's IMO playing the hell out of this role and seems to be enjoying it.
  2. Who's the other grandson Julie mentioned yesterday?
  3. dragonflies

    Days: Preview (12/10/18)

    Have to completely disagree, it feel like even as Gabby Kate is playing Abigail, her Abby always was a skank, her Gabby and Abby are one and the same lol
  4. Yep Sami had a DNA test done using Susan's DNA and it was a match
  5. Nicole died from being trapped in a burning building where EJ was being held
  6. dragonflies

    The Politics Thread

    LOL Dubya and the candy too cute
  7. How is Ben Weston's ridiculous? He's still being redeemed and it's not like everyone in town loves him unlike Franco on GH so to speak
  8. Miller's better IMO. Mansi tends to gnaw the scenery way too much. I guess her Gabigail was weak cause it's Abby PRETENDING to be Gabby
  9. Mansi's Gabby was not very good, very weak.