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  1. Looks like she might be back and that Finn might be her son I know it says set crashing, but the end of today's show makes me think he's Sheila's...
  2. Alan is awesome and the irony given how many of you all lust after Chandler LOL I would love a Will recast, cause I agree about the stupid grin Chandler has like in every single scene, sad-grin happy-grin, someone dies-grin
  3. Looks like Cam reached out to GH and not the other way around.....
  4. Plus Gillian was the ONLY pairing that truly worked for Ryan as a character too
  5. I started a Baywatch rewatch. I'm on Season 1 Billy Warlock
  6. Yeah but they don't create original content like Paramount Plus and Peacock do, they have a disadvantage by that I mean ABC on the app, not HULU
  7. Not sure how it's doing on Peacock, but Days was #1 of ALL SHOWS in streaming on the NBC App when it was on their
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