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  1. dragonflies

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Of course Queen Betty White on B&B
  2. dragonflies

    GH: Actor returning

    Someone said Steve and Maurice are the only males who were on the show pre-2012 that are on contract. Sickening
  3. Maybe a short appearance as Starr??
  4. dragonflies

    What Are You Watching/Binging/Streaming Now?

    I really liked BC as Hobie, but I'm kind of glad he left, we wouldn't have had him as JT on Step By Step if he hadnt lol The show really has aged well. I do wonder why they don't use the original theme that was used for Season 1
  5. dragonflies

    Shows You Are Sick Of In Reruns

    Don't get that either lol
  6. dragonflies

    Shows You Are Sick Of In Reruns

    TBS used to air LHOTP, I don't mind it cause I love the show and I don't get COZI so I watch it on Hallmark Drama
  7. dragonflies

    GH: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Ryan's daydream is a thing of beauty, someone on the writing staff seems to know what viewer's want but wont give it to us lol
  8. dragonflies

    Shows You Are Sick Of In Reruns

    I have to watch it on HULU or not at all lol
  9. dragonflies

    Shows You Are Sick Of In Reruns

    I love M*A*S*H but find I can't watch it on tv, I just hate the editing for it lol. Kind of off track there lol sorry
  10. dragonflies

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Celine Dion was on AMC a few years before the show ended
  11. dragonflies

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    The new TV Guide has a tribute blurb to him.
  12. dragonflies

    Unflattering Photos/Articles Of Soap Actors

    I remember once Guza saying in an interview that he'd write whatever he wants and will not write what the fans want. I also remember Pratt telling All My Children actors forget what they know about their character's, I think La Lucci said that in an interview