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  1. Yeah this was the guy who was bothered when women would say to him "rape me Todd" and now he just doesn't GAF about his character cause he know's he's on easy street cause he's a Frank Pet
  2. Could be, I do remember reading some stuff about how he acted during some of the shows he's created.
  3. OG Dallas UNCUT with bumpers from the beginning!!!! ❤️

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    2. dragonflies


      @ChitHappensBobby is my favorite, but yeah I'm in heaven too being able to watch. I'm on Season 2 now lol

    3. ~bl~


      This is part of IMDB Freedive, which is an app separate from Amazon Prime though it is related to Amazon, and works on their Smart Tvs. Dallas has been part of this service since it premiered in the last six months. It is a very cool service, and the ads are not that annoying. IMDB hasn't done a great job promoting the new service, so it makes sense that a lot of people don't know it exists or what shows they include.

    4. dragonflies


      @~bl~ Yeah the ads are short and not annoying at all compared to ones we get on HULU and whatnot. 

  4. Honestly I'm surprised Cady hasn't joined already to prop Franco she was paired with RoHo on ATWT and Jon on ATWT and JPS played her brother on AMC lol
  5. Sounds like the way of the article he'll have scenes with JPS
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