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  1. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    OMG they'd do Diff'rent Strokes with someone horrible if they could, maybe Jaden Smith or something yikes
  2. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    When will the reboot madness end for the love of all that's good and holy!!! https://tvline.com/2018/08/14/designing-women-reboot-linda-bloodworth-thomason/
  3. Why are soap fans so averse to online streaming?

    Speaking of actor's who talk about their soap past, I remember a few years ago, Nolan North from Port Charles said some not so nice things about soaps.
  4. LOGO Sitcom Reruns

    Okay thanks guys, I'm now hooked on "It's A Living" LOL
  5. MeTV

    Yes! The 80's had alot of underrated gems of shows. Another is "Double Trouble" with Patricia Richardson
  6. MeTV

    I love me some Crystal Bernard so yeah I probably will lol
  7. MeTV

    We need a LOGO thread, but you all have me intrigued by IAL, so I DVR'd it lol
  8. GH Recasts Teen Role

    not really, they kept Cameron a kid way longer than he should have been. Joss and others were teens before he was, and hes older than them
  9. Facts of life Reboot

  10. When real life gets in the way

    I also remember reading that filming the scenes of Jennifer's death was kind of a catalyst and losing his mother as well.
  11. Charlotte Rae Dies

    I adored Mrs. Garrett, such a wonderful character. I'm glad Charlotte lived such a long amazing life. RIP
  12. Facts of life Reboot

    The new ODAAT is really good from what I've seen of it. SO yeah I could accept something along that line. At least have Lisa involved somehow and maybe Mindy would be willing to make appearances. I can even picture something with a Blair JR type character who is Blair's daughter lol
  13. Facts of life Reboot

    I'd rather a continuation, something like Girl Meets World but better, let's have the originals(Jo, Blair, Tootie, Natalie) kids' all in same college together or something similar. Heck it would work since we still have Charlotte Rae with us too
  14. New Star Trek series starring Patrick Stewart

    I am actually excited about this!!!!
  15. The Politics Thread

    @marceline Curious what you think of Danny O'Connor?