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  1. I cant see them too well due to my eyes can someone repost what episodes it is?
  2. I just saw a commerce on Pluto TV. Looks like they are going to air new ODAAT along with the original on the One Day At A Time Channel
  3. People used to say the same on the old ATWT boards
  4. I always thought Marnie looked and sounded like Cady McClain
  5. Margie Schulenberg was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer 😢😢
  6. If you haven't watched the pilot of Stargirl, do it. It's soooo good!!!!
  7. Meh Cohen was asked about reality blah blah. Only takes a second to turn it back around to soaps.
  8. Andy Cohen is being dragged for filth on Twitter for this mess
  9. Andy Cohen is being dragged for filth on Twitter LMAO

  10. The Story of Soaps tonight at 9 on ABC

    1. YRBB


      Thanks for the reminder! I would've forgotten for sure.

  11. RIP Fred Willard


    1. YRfan23


      Wow! RIP! :(  

    2. Khan
    3. DRW50


      That was lovely, @Khan . Fred was such an underrated genius of comedy - I just loved Fernwood2Nite. I'm glad he had a cameo on I Think You Should Leave last year, with Clifton Davis. 

  12. I hope it's not ones from last few years.... GH will air its last fresh, pre COVID-19 shutdown episode on Thursday, May 21. In its place, ABC will broadcast reruns of classic episodes of the soap, beginning with three weeks of Nurse’s Ball-themed outings (airing Monday, May 25 through Friday, June 12).
  13. RIP Jerry Stiller 😢

    1. DRW50


      Sad news. I always thought he was a lot of fun on King of Queens. And I loved Anne Meara, especially as Peggy on AMC

    2. DRW50
  14. All the missing episodes are on All Access now
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