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  1. THat's a great promo and YES! Jack and Eve are OVER!!!
  2. From what I've read recently, they're losing subscriber's and fast
  3. Eric Braeden is even defending her, saying what a sweet heart she is. DG better watch himself of he's gonna be on EB's bad side
  4. Same voice too? That was Steve Burton's voice lol
  5. Yes he is. He follows me on twitter and I was subtweeting about him LOL. What an ass
  6. They really are just rebooting everything at this point LMAO
  7. I was hoping, but you can never tell these days lol
  8. Please tell me that's a site as unreliable as Celebrity Dirty Laundry
  9. Edward Furlong is back as John Connor!!
  10. I think that was BM's way of saying DG is trash and got his way once again
  11. Not that I wanted this pairing, but it looks like DG got his way once again. Poor BM
  12. I'd rather see this than something like Scummy on GH threatening a woman(who in other cases would grab the man by the balls and Say STFU) and just take it
  13. I hope BM returns to Y*R as Billy. JT is so miscast
  14. Wasn't this the FRIZ(Stanco & Liz) wedding week? LMAO
  15. "Hart to Hart" turns 40 this year. YOW, makes me feel so old lol

    1. ChitHappens


      Unreal how long ago these shows were.  I loved me some Hart to Hart!

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