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  1. I love how Lois figured out Clark was the blur. Its so in line with her. Yet Lana couldn't tell the difference between Clark and Bizarro πŸ˜‚
  2. Yep, if Anna had slept with Faison, he'd have never let her forget it
  3. Season 9 and 10 are my favs. Yeah and Chloe once called herself his sidekick. He's Supes, he's doesn't have sidekick, he's not Batman lol
  4. Yes, or reveal it was a con all along and he's not either one's son
  5. Anna Devane and the slept with Faison stupidity which produced parking lot Peter 😠
  6. Chloe to me is annoying as well. They act like she's the Super Hero and Clark is her side kick, ugh I'm on Season 7 watching Pete's return episode
  7. I will never stop Season 4 is meh, only good thing is Lois/ Clark
  8. Yes! Lets start with Clois first meeting. "Who are you?" "Lois, Lois Lane" 😘
  9. Great episode. Love the Clooney flash back
  10. I wish @Toups or @Errol would re open the Smallville thread so we could discuss the show still 😒
  11. Lana was a Mary Sue and sucked the life out of Clark
  12. Yes!!!! Lois brings out a different side to Clark than Lana or Chloe. First 3 seasons aren't bad
  13. I started at the beginning, but I am on Season 5now. Show got better Lois joined lol
  14. I am going back and forth, binging between M*A*S*H and Smallville
  15. Digest: DAYS announced it was coming back to work on September 1 but then you announced that you would not be coming with them. What factored into your decision not to return to the show? Alfonso: Well, our executive producer, Ken Corday, and I had a conversation prior to my announcement. During the conversation, Ken told me that Ron Carlivati, our head writer, and Albert Alarr, our co-executive producer, wanted to take me off the canvas for four to five months then bring me back for a storyline involving a Navy SEAL, who would be a new love interest for Hope. I said to Ken, β€œOh, this is the storyline that you mentioned to me a while ago.” I know Ken was really looking forward to telling this story. When he originally told me about it, I got chills. I thought, β€œYou know what, this could be a great story. This could be so fun.” And during our conversation, he reiterated that they felt like I needed to be off canvas for four to five months. In that moment, I thought to myself, β€œI think it’s time to leave.” I’ve been there for an incredibly long time and am hugely grateful that I was able to be a part of the DAYS OF OUR LIVES family for as long as I was. But in the last few years, DAYS OF OUR LIVES is not the DAYS OF OUR LIVES as I know it.
  16. I've crushed on him for years. He's married to Randi Oakes from CHiPS
  17. The ODAAT Channel for the OG series is back on Pluto TV
  18. I don't want Serena on the show cause they'll ruin her, plus Carly Schroeder IS Serena πŸ˜‹
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