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  1. I hope Tyler Christopher gets the help he needs. :(

  2. 😴All of that was snooze worthy and pointless
  3. Honestly I'm irritated at the "its on life support just cancel it" ish. Stop it LOL. The show is better compared to the other 3 I think a lot of people are being all "the sky is falling" ala chicken little. If its cancelled then so be it. I don't believe it will be, given I believe NBC does want it to stick around.
  4. LOL I agree, and this tweet almost says the same as you
  5. LOL honestly I don't believe NBC wants the show gone. If this saves money so be it. I feel for the actors but they can pursue other things in the mean time. I think most if not all will be available when time comes to start taping again.
  6. Yeah I think it's Jordan and somehow Ben gets blamed for it Justin crying and looking devastated means its Adrienne and with Jason47 saying he teased another I believe it's Jordan
  7. I"m intrigued too. Yep it's Adrienne that dies and I read Justin & Kayla are together
  8. I missed some episodes, so did Jack and Jenn remarry after all?
  9. Doubtful given it wasn't what people wanted. they wanted a real reboot. I can't count how many comments from people I saw on FB, twitter etc. about why this wasn't a real reboot and WTF was going on
  10. Really you're bugged that Jack's hairstyle is the same a year later? Really? 🤣 I literally have the same hair style, never change it lol. Of all the things to be bothered by
  11. Wow is that LW's lowest episode count ever???
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