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  1. It's from DL, LMAO, yeah definitely not true. Seriously can something be done with these trolls already
  2. I am binging Superman and Lois on HBO MAX
  3. They said she was off at some retreat, I think from the group she was in for her drinking
  4. The live episode is really good. I think the younger ones did the best of all of them lol
  5. Yeah Same, I can't see it being the #1 soap on NBC like it is on CBS. Heck knowing NBC it'd have been cancelled lol
  6. LOL sorry that's the last time I will. I know it's best to ignore trolls and will do from this point on
  7. He's saying back then NBC wanted to poach Y&R...what????????
  8. Honestly I don't think she show is invested in Belle no matter who is in the role. Look how awful they write Brady and he's a lead and even Phillip, two IMO completely unrootable characters
  9. I like MM, I think she's great, she's not lead actress material, no but she does great with the material she is given
  10. NO one gives any f*cks about DL or anywhere, you like those boards? GO there we won't miss you mmmkay. BYE
  11. I remember him from the first Season of Boy Meets World. Truly a wonderful actor RIP
  12. I was hoping this would happen. SOrry but the changes they made with Tyra hosting and whatnot. They act like it's the Tyra Banks show when it's not. Plus I doubt anyone is interested in seeing Lori Louglin's daughter dancing. ABC remains clueless
  13. I often feel like some of this is Frank's doing as well as the Network's What spark? LW has only ever had chemistry with Ingo and that's it. Her and Steve's Jarly have always been dull, she's always come across like his mother not his BFF
  14. I hope this can be taken care of Sure this isn't Abbott's doing?
  15. I don't count online polls as valid for any type of reaction lol
  16. Seth Rogen apparently called out those in charge of Primetime Emmy's for having so many people crowded together for the show. Good for him!!!

  17. I hope I am as spry and just so cognitive as Bill Hayes is when I get his age LOL. He is a treasure I agree
  18. Bill Hayes is so good, I see subtle changes come over Doug when the devil takes over. You can see the difference in his body language, demeanor, etc
  19. Yeah it's always gonna make someone salty when the recast of the character you played is an actual upgrade lol
  20. Props to Bill Hayes, he's pulling this possession off so far.
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