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  1. LMAO I wondered when they'd recast
  2. Why do you put spoiler tags in a spoiler thread in the spoiler forum? See what I'm getting at there? LOL Anywho the actor is cute
  3. Zach did NOT kill the character of Kendall, that is beyond stupid. She was ruined with her Ryan(and later on) Greenlee worship.
  4. Sure is. I'm almost 2 hours in. Some parts are a bit boring, but overall enjoyable.
  5. I'm in about an hour into it and I gotta say WestAllen Snyder version are ADORABLE!! Can't wait for Clois lol
  6. Anyone besides me watching the Snyder cut???
  7. Sharon always likes to play the victim
  8. I remember how she defended ChenBot after the stuff with Moonves came out, UGHHHHH
  9. What she said above, it's gonna happen at times
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