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  1. That shot of Haley falling just pleases me so much! The only good thing about Haley was more Melinda - because she's an interesting character and LCK is an underrated actor. I wish DAYS had done more regarding Melinda's choices and backstory, because it was far too brief. Judi Evans is still lovely and such a screen presence. But DAYS is kinda filled with plenty of actresses in her age group, so that's a big issue. But, honestly, I'd rather see the "Hattie" smart-mouth role filled by Bonnie, but they already have to pay DH. We know budget is a big issue - they can't even afford to give DH a different wig to try to distinguish Hattie from Marlena. (It's especially bad when Hattie is wearing the apron, but really Susan's barnyard outfits don't make that much difference.)
  2. So I binged the week. A couple of observations: 1. The show felt completely different, in a good way, with so many cast members. 2. "Toxic" describing Quinn has re-entered the vernacular. Remember when she first connected with Eric and it was literally used 3 or 4 times in the SAME episode 3. Knowing that B&B doesn't toss things out randomly, Brooke mentioning her 8-week 'alcoholism' as one of the 3 primary barriers for BRidge during her conversation with Eric leads me to believe they are revisiting that soon. 4. Heather Tom can still command a scene. And Flo being brought to the 'altar of forgiveness' in front of the likes of $Bill, Katie, Justin, and to a lesser extent, Donna/Wyatt, was quite laughable considering the crimes they all have committed. 5. Thursday's episode was solid and tight throughout and gave us an unexpected payoff at the end. OC, we know we're now bound for endless, repetitive Quinn/Brooke/Eric/Shauna/Ridge scenes ad nauseam.
  3. @dragonflies Exactly, it Quinn’s home and Brooke is trying to dictate who stays in guesthouse, tells her that Stephanie’s portrait should be above the mantle and that Eric should leave her. Quinn would be found NOT GUILTY - this was ‘Stand Your Ground’ self defense. @soapfan770 Absolutely Eric should’ve been sent away a decade ago. It’s ridiculous having RS tethered to him. It’d be like Stephanie lassoing $Bill! Brooke/Ridge + Bill/Katie should be the leading elders. And, as you said, Rick should be leading the 3rd Generation.
  4. It’s not the ‘physical’ slap that makes it exciting - it’s Quinn verbal ‘slap’ that makes the entire scene.
  5. That was word during 1990s/early 2000s with ATWT or GL reverting to 30 minutes. Bell talked about not changing the format in a couple of interviews. Based on his comments, it was probably a non-starter. It’s a good thing because the one-hour shows are pretty bloated. Despite B&B’s inability to do effective B&C stories consistently, they are able to shift focus in record time when stuff doesn’t work (see Brooke’s alcoholism, Maya’s 2nd baby/custody battle for Lizzie, etc). If only DAYS had that benefit!
  6. That’s sums up my B&B viewing for past 10 years. Jumped back during Thomas vat. Dropped at Xmas. Will check our this week and probably skip next few. B&B is so easily to just kinda float in and out. The stories are basic and not convoluted with conspiracies and fake identities. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, the production values are top notch and with few exceptions, the cast is solid. Keeping the 18-minute format, despite some pressure from CBS years ago to expand has paid off.
  7. Praise the heavens! Rena Sofer is BACK! Thanks @dragonfliesfor posting that clip. Just wow. RS nailed every nuance of that extremely well written dialogue. Simply stunned. Gonna have to stream the week when I get back from this work trip.
  8. If that’s the case industrywide, then several DAYS’ actors are just weak. The fact that the constant slippage stood out when I started a four-month binge catch-up in August made me think it was production. I’ve watched soaps for decades as well as legacy (DS, TEON) and I’ve never seen anything like it - and it happens during every episodes.
  9. @Khan @KMan101 Does DAYS basically do one take? I’m curious because I’ve never seen a soap where more actors stumble, stutter, clearly mix up lines that they try to correct than DAYS. It’s pretty funny on CC. DAYS also has very long scenes 2 min+. The production really illuminates the truly skilled and vets. LG is a standout of the newer additions.
  10. @Antoyne SC will always be a weakness bc of Mike/Carly (ATWT), but Daniel turned into such a showeating character that I just couldn’t stand it. In measured doses, Daniel on canvas working with Sarah and Kayla at hospital, Maggie, of course, and in the middle of Ericole. Better than Stevano, Princess Gina and the unfortunate propping of St. Ben-dover.
  11. CBS first to announce broad plans for hearing coverage starting Tuesday and sounds like it will last at least two weeks: https://deadline.com/2020/01/senate-impeachment-donald-trump-1202832470/ I do wonder if NBC will continue to air DAYS online even if pre-empted in most of country. I suspect if they do go online during massive or full pre-emptions, it means that the episodes impacted in Nov/Dec did very well on streaming.
  12. I was on hiatus during the 'Summer' of Despair (and I like MW), but why bother? This stuff makes me miss Daniel.... though I'm sure Dr. Rolf has him stashed only to be released during Ericole's wedding vows.
  13. CM has worked with LK and DH plenty - I’m surprised he hasn’t taken a cue from them that actors have the ability to make even the poorest scripts better. MBE is an expert at this with the ridiculous medical situations Kayla has had to address. These actors find ways to sell it to the audience through sheer charisma or bringing a humanizing element to the screen. Either CM isn’t skilled enough or doesn’t care. You choose. LOL.
  14. @victoria foxton Sadly being gay does not automatically grant kissing excellence. 😘 The biggest issue with Sonny/Evan is that there isn't a hint of real chemistry between the actors. We've all watched plenty of soaps to know when two actors just click (romantic, friends or rivals). See - the heat in the 1:1 CB/BF scenes and compare them to the more flat 1:1 scenes with their respective romantic pairings.
  15. Evan has more chemistry with Rafe. Those Sonny/Evan scenes were the most uncomfortable to watch because both actors are kinda stumbling with their delivery. Please no more Kristen/Nicole scenes - the writers are just plain lazy with that pairing. Considering the history with those two characters (and Eric/Brady connections), they could be far more interesting. Shoot how a Kristen/Nicole scene wishing Victor 'the best' during his stroke surgery could've been fun! Can DAYS' budget really afford to have Kristen continually trashing that hotel room set? It's like the 4th time since she came back! And SH really gets into it, which makes me LOL. Even though MBE is one of the most solid actors on the show, the Kayla suddenly thirsty for Steve was so badly written/conceived, that even she couldn't get me to believe it. Anyone else pick up on how difficult it was for Drake to sell the catching Hope in the liar scenes? Even he isn't buying that John would be that oblivious.
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