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  1. First, unlike many here, I actually like TK. He comes across in his interviews as solid, likable and professional.K's awkwardness on-screen are my observation. he nicknames are not intended to be mean - it's all in good fun. Based on the feedback I've received over the years, the ones I created are not offensive - see Bad Santa, Gomer Pyle, Ct Wynot, etc. Plus, Widge, Lame and Dope were long in existence before I started using them. B&B won't have another post-worthy story for at least 1 or 2 years, so not to worry about me. B&B threads will back to 10 replies every month. To be clear, I like all B&B's cast. Many B&B actors are severely underrated because of the continually repetitive dialogue/mostly subpar stories. Jacob Young, such a waste of talent and just unceremoniously dumped! Same with Reign Edwards a complete natural with real screen presence.
  2. Total Emmy-bait that's why! Since TK isn't great with children (and that's OK), I imagine Widge and Craylor will ship Douglas off to be with Karen in NY. That's the best solution. I've hated everything that lead to Douglas' conception to killing off C2, so I'd be quite happy if we never see that child again, though I do like the actor.
  3. The last thing I want is an instant Hevon reunited S/L. How boring and limiting is that? It might be better to go the Cassiah route- doppelganger that they'll eventually turn into Hil. I honestly don't care, I just want her back on the show. I could see "Hillary" married to or involved with Chance - at least that would be a big 'boom' to launch her return and CI.
  4. Actually, here's an except of CBS Chicago's ratings during the week in this thread, which was first week of blackout: "Nielsen household ratings dropped an average of 28 percent around the clock last week, with some time periods (including CBS 2’s 10 p.m. newscast) down as much as 33 percent."
  5. Ah, that makes sense. I was shocked when I saw that DD didn't appear in July. Considering how budgets go/vet salaries, B&B with its singular storytelling has the ability to 'rest' contract characters rather than having them appear in 2-4 random episodes a month doing nothing just for sake of meeting contract minimums.
  6. I'll bet a $B. While normally $B is a huge Stuffy supporter, I can see where he would choose Lope's side here because of Lame. This will lead to lots of Brooke/$B encounters rehashing that PhoeBeth belongs with Lope.
  7. At first I thought it was going to say: "Wedding of the Summer." Figuring they were being clever and snarky. When I say "Year," I just laughed. Seriously? Who cares? I just wish Kyle and Mariah would get bombed and give in to the chemistry that just screams. And I'd want Summer to find them.
  8. I streamed W-F episodes because they looked the best. In what seems like a first for B&B - effective, emotional and significant fallout after a major story. Too often B&B has the big build-up for weeks/months and then the story is gone in like 2 episodes - rarely to be spoken of again. But I'm realistic, how many times next week will we hear: Stuffy: "This is the ONLY home she's ever known/She's MY daughter!" Widge: "Don't forget, Stuffy is the real victim here." Brooke: "Beth belongs with Dope." Dope: "Her name is BETH!" Flo/Zoe: "I wanted to tell the truth/My father did it to protect me/Reese lied." Lame: "Um, Um, yeah, OK." I don't mind AN as an actor - considering how heavy and dark Dope's stories have been since she arrived. I do wonder how Kim Matula would've handled this storyline. I always thought she was extremely underrated - and based on her post-B&B work - I think I'm right.
  9. C'mon, Dope or any other Logan can't be responsible for idiotic choices! "Pose, Pose," anyone? I wish someone would call her out on the Catalina trip, if only to avoid B&B's usual "good/bad" approach to far more complex stories. So how do you think Widge will rationalize Dumb-Az behavior? And how soon will Brooke 'very wide, big open heart' welcome $B back?
  10. THe DTV blackout ended, but, 3MM DISH customers also lost CBS in several markets. When both were out, it was peak of 6.5MM homes. So I wouldn't be surprised if these drops are tied to that. No word on when DISH and CBS will come to an agreement. I do wonder how many viewers ended up streaming on CBS.com or CAA, which is what CBS wants.
  11. Not only that, Dope was able to watch PhoeBeth grow during those months. Same for Lame. Plus, she was being raised with her half-sister. I have a feeling that Stuffy is going to be the shrew here with illogical arguments - not to dissimilar to the ridiculous "Mur-dah!" storyline. Is there any chance that PhoeBeth isn't Lame's? Or that they revisit Kelly's paternity? I kinda recall $B skulking around the hospital during Kelly's paternity testing, but maybe I'm mixing things up.
  12. Yeah. Except for the handing over of Beth, I mean what else is there to really extend. The fallout coverup characters are all disposable. Dumb-As reform has really little to do with the secret because he came unto it so late. Because he's a recent recast, I don't believe the audience is invested in him. Does B&B have any secondary stories going? I can't for the life of me think of anything else based on the recaps from the past few weeks.
  13. At 48, Sharon Case is still smokin' hot. The fact that she doesn't look ANYTHING like a cradle-robbing cougar opposite a 32-y.o. Mark Grossman is remarkable.
  14. I tuned in today - happened to be home - and decided to watch Dope finding out truth. The thing that struck me was JMW's midriff - just a little pressed. I love her, but I just wanted to tell her that she doesn't need to prove to anyone she's still smokin'! Watching Dope and Dumb-As very creepy scenes, why on earth would Dope marry him? There's nothing wrong with the 'betrayed by a lover holding a big secret' plot point, but it seems like it would've been far more effective if Dope had actually fallen for him. It would've been plausible - familiar guy who helped her through her grief so she could be happy again. Instead, I'm watching this supposedly intelligent, kind woman who decided to marry someone voluntarily, but is cringing at him touching her. What is this 1940? If I didn't know that she'd learn truth at end of the episode, I would've turned it off after that first scene. It was that repulsive to me. But, hey, maybe I'm missing something here.
  15. Exactly. It's a smart move to get people there. I remember when Y&R was on POP. If there was a partial pre-emptions, the same-day ratings on POP episode spike significantly. I'm betting the same thing happens online. It's the only way I watch now. And, since, I've gone cordless (no DVR), it's easy to binge a few episodes at a time.
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