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  1. Seriously. I think that would be great. The audience wouldn't care at all. Think about how many doppelgangers/twins has Y&R had over the years - Kay, John, Cassie, Phyllis, Lauren, Cane, Patty - that's 7 just off the top of my head. Y&R has probably as many doubles as DAYS has had returns from the dead.
  2. I just binged the enter season to date during the past month. MM definitely benefited from better writing and a new approach. I do believe that Abby is in an alter. What would've been great: if Gwen is actually protecting Abby, who showed up to the room and got into an altercation with Dr. Laura and accidentally pushed her. So Chanel drives from Miami to see her mom, but wasn't there for christening. Did they establish that Paulina was actually moving to Salem permanently? I just got that she wanted to invest there. It was strange for Paulina to direct Chanel to 'pound the paveme
  3. Ratings/streaming numbers are all that matters. So if RH came back as Todd for, say, a two-week test period, do you think viewers would be so repulsed that the ratings would show a sharp drop? It's possible that the 2-3MM (1%) or so people who still consistently watch GH actually like characters like Sonny/Jason/Nina, etc. v the 300MM+ (99%) who don't watch. It's just a theory.
  4. I suppose Susan will be involved in EJ's - that would be one way of keeping SH on. Kristen definitely needs a rest. And there's really going to be a debate about Sami choosing nuEJ v Lucas? Seriously. I imagine that will be settled in the first episode. No way Ron doesn't exploit his body from the start. As far as AS staying on, I wonder how much is tied to renewal and whatever new budget constraints are imposed. I'm just glad she's on at all. It's hard to believe DAYS has like 20 episodes left to film unless NBC added more to last year's renewal order. I
  5. They should've cast PD as Sally1 - she could've pulled it off.
  6. Happy Anniversary! Now why doesn't P&G monetize that library on a streaming service....
  7. I'd argue Capitol shouldn't never kicked SFT. When you look at SFT's ratings at the time of cancellation, it's downright shocking. The only thing B&B has excelled at: production. Their use of exterior location remotes, including LA and Studio City, is unmatched in this century. Otherwise, B&B rarely has stories worth watching - and this is from someone who has tuned in and out many times. The show should be better and history has shown upcoming stories like the above are not only destined for disappointment, but also will never be spoken of within 3 - 5 episode
  8. Poor Vinny or some other rando character that will show up out of the blue for 4 episodes and then be off'd. No soap has ever faceplanted at crime-related stories more consistently than B&B. It's absolutely shocking how bad they are at it - and not in the campy, fun way. Just terrible television.
  9. Y&R: John, Dina, Colleen, Diane, Cassandra and Hillary. We know Dru ain't dead. DAYS: Renee NEVER being revived always puzzled me. The character and actress seemed very popular. ATWT: Rose. Yeah, OTT at times, but without Lily's baggage, it allowed MB to take chances. ATWT worst offenses were recasting Connor and Molly. ATWT seemed to be pretty good about not killing off legacy characters. B&B: Macy.
  10. With so much uncertainly with production (and after last year's massive pre-emptions), it's smart to completely avoid direct episodes with holidays. Didn't one of the Xmas episodes air after New Year's?
  11. In theory, CH's acting style should be a great fit for Y&R . . . but after seeing the likes of Debbi Morgan, Maura West and Genie Francis do iconic faceplants, I'll absolutely hope it works out for her.
  12. I thought it was part of a scripted promo until ED appeared!
  13. Maura West - Carly ATWT and Ava GH Reluctantly - PB - Clif on AMC and Jack Y&R
  14. I'm relieved CH is playing S2. It's a smart move for both shows - S2 can get that 'fresh' start after that horrific storyline while giving Y&R a character that doesn't have to be completely established. This might get me back - at least for a couple of episodes.
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