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  1. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Which is a huge miss on the show. Lauren is the perfect Y&R character - legacy from the Jabot-intro era, relevant ties to everyone in town, grown-up bad girl, who is warm/loving/rarely weak, intelligent, solid career, etc. And Tracey has always had that 'it' thing - she just connects and I've never seen her phone it in. Lauren can be dropped into almost any storyline. In fact, Lauren and Jack should Hilary's mentors and friends. DIna's story is resonating. Monday's POP ratings just released: 129 YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, T POP 7:00 PM 60 0.06 518 Keep in mind, while down from Friday, last Monday's show did not even make the cable Top 150.
  2. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    @Hunk Chandler Massey The big miss on Scott - not nearly enough time with Lauren - to get his personality showing - more like to give him one because he's very 2-dimensional. While Sharon's return to normal has been helped by Scott, he still feel like a new character - not a legacy character who was at the center of one of Y&R's most iconic stories. Scott could literally not be shown again - without explanation - and have zero impact on the show: Lauren would keep showing up for meetings with Phyllis; Sharon would be involved with her kids and Nick; Abby would be at Newman or navigating the Ashley drama; the sex-ring - yeah that could disappear with him.
  3. Y&R: Dina spoiler

    I could see MY writing Dina out, but killing Dina does nothing for the show. All her children have money, so if (when) Graham's claim on will is over, that doesn't do a darned thing for them. Even if Graham somehow got the money, that character doesn't fit in the show. Except for the random Glo-worm encounters, he hasn't developed a single tie on canvas. It would be a pointless move. On the other hand, keeping Dina opens up a lot of possibilities for the entire Abbott family. I hope we discover that Graham was poisoning her and then she tries to get MI back from TWG with the settlement having her join them. MA has had good interactions with Bryton and KSJ. Plus, being Kay's BFF, it wouldn't be so bad to see Dina dish out some good ol' Katherine advice to Devon, etc. Plus Dina can get all up in Newman stories with her connection to Victor, hatred of Nikki and, of course, Abby. There's plenty of mileage left in a character with so many organic and REAL ties to GC. This is a case where they don't have to rewrite history to make it work.
  4. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    That's good to know. Perhaps, people like me heard the episode was good and decided to watch/DVR from POP. I refuse to watch the CBS feed after the constant irrelevant interruptions that are better left to cable news.
  5. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Did CBS pre-empt (even partially) this past Friday's Y&R? The POP ratings were exceptionally high (like 200K more viewers and almost double the demo under SSM). 133 YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, T POP 7:00 PM 60 0.07 678
  6. Y&R: Dina spoiler

    So Graham has medical power of attorney and takes Dina away.
  7. Y&R: Dina spoiler

    Since the story has been adjusted several times, now that we know Graham is all for revenge, they should reveal he has been poisoning/drugging her, which made her illogically sell etc. End it and let MA rule GC as JC's very worthy successor. Since no DNA test was run 30+ years ago, I'd love it if Ash was really John's. It's plausible since John/Dina were sleeping together- Traci was born years later.
  8. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    See this was my point about Brad repeating himself with the same two primary stories - nefarious scheme to destroy/steal ($B and SheDevil) and now using the exact same (and unrealistic) plot device to expose the affair. There are literally hundreds of other ways to reveal to Quinn. Why use the same thing?
  9. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    @ranger1rg My mom persuaded my to watch Friday (US) on POP and it was far better than I expected. I'll admit I'm a MA fan and she just kicks butt. MM scenes - though short were effective- the Jack 'we're friends' and 'I've got eyes' to Cassiah were perfect. Sometimes less is more. Neil's toast to Ash was a good example of how SSM's reform of Neil (and Sharon) were the best things she did. The only thing that was a bit bizarre was not having deeper scenes with Traci and Abby - their worlds are rocked even more so than Ash who's been living with this for 30+ years. But I suppose they're holding that for future fallout.
  10. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    Did H8ie really tell Widge she was 'rooting for him' to get back with Brooke? This is the same H8ie that was obsessed with evil Quidge??? But now he's good enough for her sister? Perhaps H8ie is so evil that her repressed h8red for Brooke and she wants her to be miserable with him - except we know B&B doesn't delve into anything deep...
  11. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    You're not crazy. The show is so bad, slow, that I'm sure others like me are reading day-ahead to see if show is worth watching. IMO, it's not. SSM's damage has been far too great in such a short period of time. And since MY's hands have had to be involved, I'm not optimistic about the near-term.
  12. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Honestly, since JH is gone forever, bringing back MM is the only thing that could energize the whole Newman clan. Adam's presence has always made the Newman dynamics better. The Nick v Victor falls flat. Victoria and Abby are just lackeys. Nikki - gosh we know separation is temporary. Adam has different dramatic points with each Newman. The only thing they should've done was team Abby with Adam as the non-Nikki faction. And let's face it, Chelsea is far more interesting with Adam in her life. Im assuming from what I've read, Victor will go nuclear on Nick and reveal Christian's paternity. Without Adam on canvas, it's going to fall flat. Ok Nick is devastated and dumps Chelsea, etc. Then what? Chelsea is now an island. A Jordan pairing would be meaningless since there's no other real connections to show. Hilary/Chelsea rivalry doesn't work because Hevon is the endgame there. Victor threatening Jordan - yawn.
  13. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    OMG. I had to sit through Tuesday's episode on mom visit. 1) $B has a nefarious plot to split up Lame/Stuffy 2) SheDevil has a nefarious plot to split up Bad Santa/Quinn That's the best Brad can offer? The same story running at same time? The only highlights: 1) SheDevil laughing in Gomer Pyle face - That was the most believable scene on B&B in a long time 2) The instant masseuse room - I'm mean like from Eric's text to the next scene a whole room instantly furnished and ready to go. So bad, I couldn't stop watching and laughing.
  14. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    A 'shocking revelation' at an awards ceremony - very 80s/90s. Even better, the 'reveal' has been know to the audience for 30 years!!! I still don't get the point here or the Graham tease, which doesn't make sense in any timeline. Like Dina had a 10+ year affair with Brent? That makes zero sense knowing Dina.
  15. B&B Promo - Bad to the Bone

    Darn it - it’s so boring and I’m gonna have to sit through Tu/Wed on a mom visit.