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  1. I’m really glad VR will be included in tribute. No way to bring Dru back without launching a major storyline. Even though I’d love that, Dru returns to recenter the Winters family, I doubt it’ll happen.
  2. "I promise Brad and the writers have some awesome drama up their sleeves for you!" She forgot to add: "That will be completely forgotten/ignored by the time May sweeps arrives!"
  3. Don't worry when B&B decides to bring back Godfrey, they'll do it with her twin "Karen2," the one Bill Sr. sold off, etc. Of course, C2 could've gone to the clinic Stephanie sent Felicia too, where the replaced every cancerous organ (or whatever implausible nonsense) because Leslie Kay's Felicia farewell was so good they couldn't kill her off. And in usual B&B fashion, someone got bored and Felicia disappeared.
  4. Seriously? Why? That's a ridiculous move - but then again so was killing Ally. Why axe SPam and Sgt Dufus?
  5. I'll admit, I'm only reading recaps, but what was the point of bringing JG back? I know they had the ridiculous Pam/Donna/Quinn thing for about 3 weeks, but, as expected, fighting over Bad Santa fizzled. I saw that Donna and Justin had a few scenes together, but talk of them reuniting (without any conflict) sounds like a deadstop or ticket out of LA for both characters. I've always liked Justin and Aaron Spears - it's hard to believe he's been on for TEN YEARS - but it's B&B and good actors are just left on the sidelines. And if they'd turn Donna more into her Grace persona from Y&R, people would really see how good JG can be.
  6. I wonder if FOX delays the 3/13 return date and they end up reshooting/creating new scenes and editing down (or out Jamal) in the first 7 episodes, which have been filmed. I guess they are filming episode 8 (out of 9), which before this broke word from the set was that several planned scenes had been rewritten. FOX is in a tough position because having JS week-in-week-out for the next 3+ months is not good. This story isn't going to get better.
  7. 90%? Try 99.9%! 65K x 18 episodes = $1,170,000 It's disgusting - this only makes it harder for hate crime victims to be believed or heard. I'm from Chicago and two big red flags from get-go: 1) Chicago ain't 'MAGA' country in any shape or form; and 2) it was 2 am during the height of the Polar Vortex. Ain't nobody sitting in wait outside. I can't tell you how sickened I am about this. Since Empire had 4 sons now, I'm betting Jamal was the one that was 'odd man out' and did this in an attempt to stop them from doing it.
  8. I still love VR to death - forget the wig - she's still stunning. I truly hope she's invited for whatever tribute the show plans for KSJ.
  9. I'm so glad they are doing this for MTS - she's earned it. And I have to say, she still looks amazing!
  10. Correct. Lame will turn away from Stuffy because somehow she would've been 'complicit' in the baby switch. S2 will be 'vulnerable' after DumbAs returns to NYC and Ct. WyNot hooks up with H8ie and/or Dope again, etc. The big problem with B&B is that paths are very limited for characters.
  11. I was guessing at the issue. There's so little information on international soap sales. It would be interesting if someone had a list of countries where Y&R/DAYS have been sold to compare.
  12. I'm behind here, but love the "Draper" name origin. It's funny, but I first saw Edge when the Sky/Jeff Brown story kicked in and I was hooked - it was on late night after Nightline and I happened to tune in. Once I had the opportunity to view the 1978-1980 episodes, I realized the show really got hit with the loss of Logan, Elliott, Draper and, even Steve - all were gone when I first started watching. And Raven sure managed hold her own against all of them.
  13. DAYS has never had the international appeal of Y&R, which still pales to B&B. Y&R's cosmetics/beauty and wealthy lifestyles is a different animal than DAYS, which comes across as more middle class, which is not a bad thing at all. Let's face it, even with the DiMera/Kirakis clans, DAYS sets/clothing, etc. don't really convey 'rich.'
  14. Another 4-6 month triangle: Ct. WyNot/Sally2/DumbAs Oh, well. As long as it give CH something to do, I'm OK with it. She's been the best hire on B&B in years (after the horribly wasted Reign Edwards).
  15. A full show takes time. These episodes have been finished for at least two/three weeks. It's not that easy to do. I'd rather they take their time and do an appropriate storyline exit for Neil that includes former cast members like Tonya and Shemar as well as proper recognition for KSJ, rather than slap something together.
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