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  1. edgeofnik

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    That's a good point. Where is Jack? Perhaps if this twist happens that will bring that story back - it would be a great use of 'real' history and Bridget. Hmm.
  2. edgeofnik

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    See p. 4 in this thread. It's so obvious and B&B doesn't do red herrings or twisty - it's "The Linear & The Literal."
  3. edgeofnik

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Two things they got right: 1) her entrance as a decoy for the weird Quinn shooting; and 2) cleaning up the Y&R doppelganger death/past messes. That said, after the first three weeks, they had no idea how to incorporate her into the canvas. None of it made sense and it's a real shame because KB has the intangible quality that makes you want to watch. What would be interesting is if SheDevil did a 180 and she helps her old friend Brooke figure it out the baby isn't dead, etc. Now that would be a great way to flip a character's shady/relevant history into a current s/l.
  4. edgeofnik

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Any bets that SheDevil is Dr. Reese's nurse....
  5. edgeofnik

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I plan on binging B&B soon, but in the meantime, anyone else think this is where Stuffy/Lame/Dope S/L is heading? 1. Stuffy wants to 'adopt' to give Kelly a sibling. (Surely, that was the next step in her life plan and not a plot-driven statement....LOL) 2. Reese told Taylor he's working in a clinic in Catalina. 3.
  6. Is it any surprise that Y&R is getting another reboot aka (The ‘New’ Plan to SAVE DAYS!!!)? It’s Sony and everything they’ve done to DAYS in terms of cost cutting, new writers, cast changes, etc has been applied to Y&R. It’s not called show BUSINESS for nothing. It’s either this stuff or no show.
  7. edgeofnik

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Y&R is probably the easiest soap to 'fix' for three reasons: 1) they have a lot of vets on canvas who can carry the show; 2) the show has never gone outrageous - even the worst storylines are pretty grounded - except for the long history of doppelgangers started by Kay/Marge; 3) the Abbotts/Newmans - love 'em or hate 'em - they are a solid core of characters and on-screen history that can always be mined. Plus throw in Jill, Lauren, Michael, Phyllis and Neil. That's a lot for a writer to work with. The first three things I would do: 1) Nate and Hilary conspired to send her to a clinic and bring her back; 2) Ashley returns and 3) Dina cured/misdiagnosed and assumes the role of GC Grande Dame - it's been a huge missed opportunity considering Dina has real ties to a lot of characters - either through the Abbotts or through Katherine. Y&R lost a lot with the killing of John and JC's passing. Having that patriarch/matriarch really works for Y&R. Aunt Jack and Drunk Nikki have never been able to fill that void.
  8. Exactly. This could've been a great story - and hit both sides - that people can be bigots because they don't understand/have experience with certain people and how these people who had known Maya for years gained an understanding of who she was, why she hid the truth (this would've been where Julius would've come in), etc. Didn't Maya also lie about having a daughter and searching for her, which was a big story where the character appeared on scene? I know they somehow dismissed that in two lines, which was weak. Let's think of how many soap couple over the years have broken up because the other 'hid' something - and nothing really comes close to this type of deception. To have everyone just dismiss it away is an insult to the characters and the audience. If anyone could've pulled off the evolution from betrayal to understanding to forgiveness in a credible way, it would've been JY and KKL - and that would've been great material for all involved.
  9. JY was sidelined until the Widge/C2/Rick/Myrna storyline took off. He even talked about how the on-and-off really hampers performances, but once he got a regular story, the actors hit a groove. After not knowing what to do with KM, making Maya strong and determined after being 'nice' and losing worked so well. And those four actors worked so well together. Instead of being pleased that B&B finally had a real diverse lead actress, Brad turned it into a pathetic PSA. It was appalling that everyone was so 'proud' of Myron. And $B who was obsessed with getting scoop and scandal on FC, just 'respected' her privacy. Sad. The story could have been great - having people angry about Maya's deception (like Brooke would be OK with anyone deceiving her child?), FC in crisis mode, paparazzi stalking her, threats against Maya, a long-term reunion with Rick (or Carter), etc. Instead, because Maya is TG, she must be a saint - because all TG's are saints - and can't be portrayed as a anything other than perfect.
  10. edgeofnik

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Seriously, how could they let that scene air like that? I'm assuming they did more than one take - and maybe that was the best she could do with it. I'm glad Hunter is back more frequently. Taylor, as Queen Steffy's mom, has been far too absent. I always thought $B and Taylor would make an interesting couple. I'm still hoping there's a twist where Taylor didn't shoot $B and it was the other key suspect. That could help explain Taylor's bizarre behavior - she's torn apart keeping the secret.
  11. edgeofnik

    Y&R: December Spoilers

    I was just going to comment on Damon/Phyllis - they were scorching hot and it was clear TPTB pulled the plug with the bizarre wrap up. That was ridiculous because he was fine and a good actor to boot. The whole Devon swirling down after Hilary's passing is almost a carbon of Neil's descent after Malcolm 'died.' It was such a turn-off having Neil literally in the gutter - didn't work then - won't work now. I'd rather see a strong Devon moving forward because of what Hilary meant to him.
  12. edgeofnik

    Y&R: December Spoilers

    I thought Kerry/Jack was potential interracial? What about Kyle/Lolal? And didn't fans give lots of grief because Lily wasn't paired with an AA male? Devon/Cassiah was a massive flop. I don't think there's any winning here. My feeling: I want to see the pairings where you can feel the chemistry aka Myle v Tessiah.
  13. It was bizarre when they had the law practice together - but it was clear that CLB and LLB worked really well together. At least Michael was still shady aka bringing Isabella to town and then having it blow up in his face. Michael's 'redemption' took almost a decade from the arrest to being acceptable. It wasn't some overnight thing.
  14. Todd (OLTL), Jack (DAYS) and Kevin (Y&R) - never bought any of it. EJ (DAYS) - still the ick feeling, but JS pretty much towered over the other male leads on DAYS that you couldn't help but like him. Redeemed believable: Michael Baldwin served time in prison (4 years off-screen), his transformation wasn't instant/kept his shady side and they didn't try to make him some romantic lead. It was definitely a work-in-progress.