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  1. @DramatistDreamer Yes, I was referring to CAA. It seems like that would be the paid platform that would be best for Y&R. It's no different than Hulu or Netflix - they charge a monthly fee. Granted it's smaller, but it is relevant for Y&R seeker because Y&R and CBS are associated closely together. Of all times to push older soap fans (clearly the group that's most streaming apprehensive), this would be it. And Sony has proven to be quite savvy with streaming DAYS. Y&R should be easy for them. Honestly, just get Y&R and B&B, both of which have complete libraries somewhere. Speaking of P&G, a few months ago, I did a calculation and P&G likely has the largest single library of content than any other 'studio.' Just ATWT/GL have at least 16,000 combined episodes (from 1978). Throw in AW, SFT, EON, Texas. That's a lot of money just being squandered. I've never understood the reluctance to distribute those shows on a widespread basis.
  2. Exactly the issue. However, they could license them to CAA since Y&R is established there. I'm sure some of the continued issues with 'classic' soap episodes (meaning pre-2000) has to do with music rights as well. Considering they are talking about August start for sports, except for DAYS, soaps are going to vanish - the networks aren't going to air soap repeats forever. ABC will add an hour of news and CBS will slot game shows.
  3. I'll give CBS a lot of slack here. In fact, I'd rather have them air any Y&R(R)/B&B(R) rather than completely dropping them for TPIR(R)/LMAD (R). I'm choosing not to stream either of the airings today, but I'm sure they'll be ones that will be worth watching. If you figure production resumes July 1 - it'll be mid- or late-July before new ones start to air. B&B will clearly crank them out fast so they get out first. I wonder if B&B ended up banking extra episodes because of the 12+ Impeachment pre-emptions or if they simply slowed down production? At least ABC has given exact info on GH, CBS has been silent about inventory.
  4. I wonder if they'll show episodes that include RM as Ridge? I mean we're looking at least 30-40 repeats easily. Even though B&B has produced appr 1700 episodes since he left, but there's 33 full years available and episodes that would be interesting to watch. Of course, CBS may pull Y&R/B&B repeats for games shows or special programming, which will probably do better in ratings. They won't go back to production until July 1.
  5. @ranger1rg I was fine with the twist when it appeared S2 was seeking revenge on Wyatt/Flo, using it to get her line in couture, etc. Instead, in only two episodes (since it wasn't featured for several), it's because she believes they are 'meant to be together.' Just yuk. Wyatt is not all that. I really don't get the arcane logic of soaps - that a woman still needs a man, even if he doesn't want her. Someone like Sally should be: "Wyatt you don't want me. No worries, I bet I can find 1000 hotter men in LA that would appreciate being a smart, creative designer who also has a rockin' body." I'm only playing it out for two reasons: 1) B&B is only 23 minutes w/ads on CAA; and 2) we're going to go several weeks without original episodes soon.
  6. They're determined to make S2 unlikable - she was written as a complete psycho in Thursday's episode. It was all over the place just today S2 mentioned loving Wyatt, saving Wyatt from 'baby stealer,' sending flowers to Flo, how easy it was to manipulate Katie, actually having real symptoms, badgering that doctor, the WALKER and makeup. Since B&B is literal - S2 'fake' sees a snake, we learn the only thing that scare her are snakes (really?) and Wyatt mentions that to Flo, who will like be on her way to an exotic pet store by Friday! Bottom line: CH is great, despite this mess because Thally is really the goal here.
  7. Considering they are talking June or July now before lockdown ends, Y&R could have 6-8 weeks of repeats - so 30 or 40 episodes, unless CBS decides to slots double TPIR (R) since I think TPIR does quite well in repeats.
  8. @Fevuh So much repeating drama over a KISS - Steffy/Liam, Ridge/Shauna and Brill - all in a few months. It's so weird. Quinn's rants about Brooke plowing through the entire Forrester family represents how the audience feels about Brooke. Honestly, Brooke is supposed to be highly intelligent (Belief) and they've rarely tapped that aspect of her character - instead it's Brooke's Bedroom, following (opening) her heart in illogical ways, etc. In many ways, Brooke and Sharon (Y&R) are characters that have been trashed up by nearly every writing regime, but have survived only because of KKL and SC's hard work. Both characters should have been played out and forgotten 15 years ago (at least).
  9. @dio Big missed opportunity because AJ could actually give it good. I suppose we know Brooke is going to hit the bottle soon - I wonder who will 'save' her - Bill or Eric! I'm betting on Eric in order to keep the RS/KKL fire going.
  10. Worse - Bridge’s only reaction was like a one-liner to Quinn. I bet it had something to do with how AJ was paid. Why bring her back if not to pile on Brooke? Katie may think she’s been betrayed, but Bridget is related to one of Brooke’s ‘follow my heart’ moments.
  11. @All My Shadows Keeping in-tact really depends on the era and context of the episode. Y&R had some amazing eras where pretty much everything was quite watchable. So I do agree there's probably some key classic episodes that would hold up. However, there's also A stories peaks that probably needed at least 2-3 episodes to really - that's where a condensed version of the big story would be interesting to watch. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing 100% repeats sooner, so maybe they can do a couple of back-to-back. But I believe we all agree Classic Y&R towers over anything produced today - from stories, dialogue, acting, production, etc.
  12. @Errol I could see this: 10 AM TPIR (R) 11 AM Y&R (30 min) M-Th equivalent of 2 episodes a week. Friday 30 min (R) 11:30 CBS News Special Report Noon Local News 12:30 B&B 1:00 The Talk 2:00 LMAD (R)
  13. @Errol @KMan101 Thanks for the background! CBS should definitely consider heavily editing 'classic' episodes of Y&R - the unfortunate nature of a regular soap episode is that it contains B&C stories that often were at an uninteresting stage and/or featuring long-forgotten characters when compared with the 'A' story, which is the reason it was selected for re-airing. It sounds like ABC recognized that and came up with a solution that resonated with the audience. Another option for Y&R (and GH) would be to split the remaining new episodes into 30-minutes, but that's highly unlikely. The network could fill the other 30-minutes with news.
  14. Didn't ABC do something called "Daytime to Remember" after they cancelled maybe "Loving/The City?' I think they rotated classic episodes of the Big Three shows. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I couldn't sworn someone mentioned it after AMC/OLTL axed and that it did well in ratings. OC, that would've been different era and pre-YouTube.
  15. Did LH & SC ever share scenes together? I'm curious. Anyway, Daniel, when he rises from the dead, seems like a perfect candidate for an Anna two-minute verbal beat down. I could totally see Anna dismissing Daniel and throwing in things like 'sanctimonious,' 'you're NOT all that,' "Maggie is your mother. Are you sure?'
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