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  1. ITA - the set-up for making Marlena vulnerable was botched. It could've been easy: She's simply the most unqualified doc in soaps. They could've played on this - her recordings get leaked by The Intruder, someone gets hurt, deep secrets revealed, etc. her license is suspended and she has to face she's a terrible doctor. The town turns on her and she's a pariah. However, DH, like all actors, has a limit on episode appearances, so they probably had to sacrifice the set-up and jump into it.
  2. The best scenario: ED returns for short arcs as Kristen. Keep SH as Susan - especially with EJ, Johnny and Dr. 'MarDevil' Evans - and maybe even limited times where 'Susan as Kristen' works to move story forward as during ED gaps. Certainly, Susan/Kristen teaming up via Kristen manipulation has been well-established. For those who say 'Kristen has committed too many crimes' to be on canvas, Ben Weston says 'hi'
  3. Anyone else feel the writer for psycho/obsessed Kristen has simply been regurgitating/transferring that dialogue to Philip? The only difference is that Chloe and Brady are swapped as the object of 'affection.'
  4. With the uneven production and dog stories (Bonnie, Chloe), I have to binge the week. I tried streaming daily or even two episodes, doesn't work for me. JE is an immensely skilled actor, but c'mon with this out-of-the-blue 'murder' followed by like 2 episodes in 6 weeks featuring her. There's no reason for Bonnie/Adrienne or Justin (Salem's worst lawyer) to be on. Have EJ serve as the resident go-to lawyer - he'll get clients off and find a way to get something out of it. I still have no idea of the logic behind having EJ turn against Xander for something that wasn't his fault. That's just horrid writing, but I suspect it's production-related and blocking certain actors together.
  5. @KMan101 100% SH will never be ED nor should she be. Except for her scenes with SS, the writing almost always make Kristen utterly unlikeable. Did they really have to have Kristen stab Victor to send her to prison? ED's Kristen would've never do something so basic. The obsession with Brady/Chloe was insipid and insulting. I hope Kristen is given an opportunity and decent material to play in MarDevil 2.0 since she was so important in 1.0. Plus, it would give Kristen a 'reform' opportunity. SH as Susan is totally fine given the material. Honestly, SH does her best work as 'Kristen as Susan.' Having Susan on a couple of times a month since EJ is back would be plenty. As if Susan wouldn't be giving showbiz advice to Johnny....
  6. As much as I'm lukewarm (and that's being kind) to CM, bringing back Will now makes a lot of sense. Johnny's using his script, EJ being back and I'm assuming, in tiny doses, Susan will make some sort of appearance -there's o way Susan's not around with EJ back and Dr. MarDevil Evans. Since we're stuck with Ben, just have the devil reveal Marlena's his birth mother from Possession 1.0. It would be far more logical to accept that deep down Marlena always felt a primal connection to Ben than what we've been fed. Gosh, I miss semi-amnesiac Ciara calling it like it is.
  7. I binged Mansion of the Damned a few months ago. What struck me for the first time was the sheer brilliance of Slesar's storytelling: 2 major characters only meet once or twice early in the story (during the Paige drama). After that, they don't meet again until much deeper in the story, which was the only way the 'trick' could've been pulled off plausibly. It wasn't overtly discussed until the story's conclusion. What's crazier is that based on the underlying story those two characters should've had major run-ins/confrontations constantly. Slesar was a genius.
  8. MarDevil is DH's best acting outlet. Sanctimonious and criminally incompetent psychologist Marlena is boring - even to Dee. From that first scene where she's just standing there as Julie rushed in with Doug on the floor, Dee was all-in. Forget the camp and ridiculousness, this story mines 'real' history and is a great umbrella story. Phloe is simply a dud. More intrigued they're testing Ava with both Jake and Philip - both have interesting angles. Give me an Aniston scene with TB. But, please, drop that accent! She doesn't need it. Kristen redemption would fit perfectly with the Possession 2.0 - otherwise keep her away. SH should be back as Susan in the DiMera house - in small doses - like 2x a month. Johnny, Chanel and EJ have all been casting wins for the show. I was skeptical about Jackee, but her sheer skill and presence make her scenes enjoyable. Unlike others who are phoning it in, she wants to be there.
  9. Yeah, April 1 isn't for 6 more months. Dear God in Heaven, Learn Some Timing!
  10. While Sweeney could easily carry this story - Sami being possessed wouldn't be shocking or, even, noteworthy since many in Salem already consider her the devil.... MarDevil is the right call - she's the show's moral center in so many way. Except for Kayla or, maybe Chloe, no other longrunning female character really fits. Jennifer or Sarah, if they were around, maybe. Gabi, Nicole, Kate - no real difference! Abigail - she's like that half the time anyway. It's too bad they destroyed Kristen again because if she was post-TJ - almost nun, she could team with John to save Marlena, which would've been an interesting twist and a nod to history.
  11. If it's just for Xmas, why not? Bottom line: Cady really gave new life to a very tired character. I'd really like to see her take on Jennifer in a longer run.
  12. Yeah, I'm starting to go through Twitter feeds of the actors on my shows. I'm X'ing every one that hailed and gushed over Cuomo. Hint: It's a lot. Except for the baby switch story, I can't think of any recent B&B plotline that lasted more than 3-4 months. B&B only produces 18 minutes an episode, and since each scene needs to basically repeat the same dialogue as the prior scene (lol), it's hard enough to get A & B stories in same episode. Expecting bread crumbs - like Finn's family history - doesn't work with Bell's writing team. Pretty much 2-3 episodes before a story hits, hints are dropped. It's quite predictable. Clearly, the show works, but I believe it could be far better. I'm tuning in for the first time since the 'vat' - I've always popped in and out.
  13. In so many ways, Bell has channeled Sheila through Quinn. Of course, I'm compelled to watch these episodes.
  14. @Franko Re: St. Louis & Edge - starting in late 1981 or early 1982, KTVI aired Edge 1:30 a.m. This continued at least until 1984 - my brother was a huge Preacher/Jody fan. The Karrie Emerson recast shocked him. I was in college by then.
  15. This even made the NY Post. Despite what some fans think, outside of AS, LR is easily the most widely known mainstream 'star' associated with DAYS. It's also only 5 episodes. Soaps really do need to embrace streaming. Just look at the streams ER, GA, Dynasty (2017), etc. I mean Dynasty (Season 3) was #1 on Netflix (US) the week it was released. P&G - simply foolish for not putting their soaps on a service. Same with ABC with AMC/OLTL/RH/PC/LovingTC.
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