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  1. As bad as B&B keeping Sally alive and roaming the world picking up men. Y&R did absolutely the right thing with Katherine and Neil. Beloved characters that are so identified with iconic actors should be rested with dignity. Of all genres, soaps provide the perfect format for handling death. You’d think with all the ‘fake’ deaths that are suppose to create all this great material, ‘real’ deaths would be a goldmine for writers, actors and long-term storylines. But what do I know?
  2. Also 2MM daytime viewers are not necessary equal to 2MM viewers in other dayparts. The value comes to the types of ads the network is able to sell based on audience income, demo, etc. It's far more complex than simply pure numbers. And that's why I encourage every soap viewer to stream rather than watch live, unless you're one of the infinitesimal Nielsen homes. The networks can measure and track those streams, while the over-the-air viewing is based on a random sample of Nielsen homes.
  3. @JAS0N47 Thank you for creating such a definitive resource! I'm glad you'll be able to continue adding to your site. I just noticed that DAYS went dark for 8 weeks from mid-Nov 16 to mid-Jan 17. So this upcoming gap isn't unprecedented. Perhaps they'll have more dark week blocks during the year. And unless NBC decides to give an early renewal, I'm sure we'll see a repeat of the contract cancellation next year.
  4. @beebs Don't get me wrong - it's a complete liability because the show is unable to both correct course when a S/L is rejected OR take advantage when lightning strikes (Brandon is a perfect example). Granted B&B is 30 minutes, but the contrast is remarkable - that show seemingly pivots so fast, it's mindboggling. But even Y&R adjusts pretty quickly.
  5. @JAS0N47 Did DAYS wrap on Nov. 15 (with 7/13/20 episode) or are they filming this week? If they start in early January, they will still be 6-7 months ahead. Clearly we all agree is far from optimal, but if its the only way to keep the show going....
  6. Here's what's I've gathered so far (11/21) - Updated: B&B - full pre-emption, BUT West Coast received 11/19 (2) today. Latest episode IS 11/19 (2). DAYS - partial pre-emption (it's on here in Denver) - 11/21 On-line GH - guessing partial pre-emption based on @Soapsuds Y&R - partial pre-emption - 11/21 On-line B&B looks to be in the worst position here with so many full pre-emptions and the episode that wrongly aired in some parts of country on Tuesday MAY now air nationally on Friday or skip to next! Who knows?? It looks like 3 episodes last week and 3 this week, but a whole lotta confusion!
  7. Not everywhere, so count on partial pre-emption. Hearings are back on so no Y&R in Denver. B&B will be impacted in ET/CT as well. Maybe another full pre-emption?
  8. @~bl~ I had no idea ABC did that. I only watch ABC for sports. Unless something has changed, ABC probably welcomes opportunities to pre-empt GH in order to push episodes back because during the past few years it is has ordered fewer episodes - you know all those weird repeats that pop up.
  9. I binged from last Monday through Tuesday's double-episode: 1) Hope's pushing Thomas into vat was shown 3 times in the initial episode! 2) Thomas popping up in the vat at end of 11/11 episode looking pretty good kinda spoiled it from beginning. 3) Charlie working special security detail, but more than willing to watch Douglas Hope runs off 4) Aren't there security cameras all over Forrester? 5) I kinda wish they had flipped Hope's narrative to "You know what, Mom? I was defending myself from the man who tried to attack me again and left his son alone in a storage closet. I did NOTHING wrong!" 6) Brooke's "As a chemist..." cracked me up. 7) Hope at the end of the 11/19 episode #2 I'm guessing after airing only 3 episodes last week and facing the same situation this week, they probably posted it on-line because of the mess that will happen with Thanksgiving/Christmas. I put spoiler tags in case the episode airs tomorrow.
  10. For 11/20: B&B Full pre-emption - but episode posted on-line yesterday as 11/19 (2). DAYS: Partial pre-emption (it's airing here in Denver) - will be posted on-line GH: Full pre-emption Y&R: Unclear if full pre-emption - nothing posted on Y&R twitter either way. Will update if it appears on-line tonight.
  11. Quick Question for B&B fans: I went to CBS.com and B&B shows that 2 episodes aired on 11/19 (Tuesday). They are coded as 11/19 (1) and 11/19 (2) with different episode numbers (E45 & E46). DId CBS air an hour of B&B in some markets? I've never seen this before. Y&R only lists one episode for 11/19.
  12. As I said, seeing MiM was enough to get me to start checking it out again. Frankly, I still like the idea that she's playing someone new - a complete blank canvas with no baggage or retcons needed. We know MiM has great rapport with CG, PB, Bryton and plenty of others - so forming new relationships and stories only benefits MiM acting choices and storyline options. I'm sure CG, despite all attempts to Cassify her, was happy to not to be stuck as St. Cassie. Mariah allowed her to play stories that the audience would've most likely rejected if she was Cassie.
  13. I don't believe it was a coincidence that the 'cast firing' announcement was released the day before the first hearing - everyone knew there would be widespread pre-emptions - driving some viewers to stream. I honestly think they are trying to follow the CW model for DAYS - where the linear ratings are significantly supplemented by the online component. Like CW, NBC sells ads, so money is being made there.
  14. After walking by and seeing it was on, I decided to watch. It's the first time since "Amanda" first day. Gosh, I remember why I love MiM! I didn't intend to watch but she gets me hooked every time. And yeah the chemistry between Amanda/Nate is natural and full of positive energy. Almost as natural as seeing my dream couple that will never happen - Mariah/Kyle!
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