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  1. At least they do it better than any other daytime soap in history. Except for the MC wash-out a couple of years ago, all the remotes are top-notch. I know the show's 'only' been on for 32 years, but someday they'll figure out how to tell stories that aren't steeped in weeks of repetitive dialogue, including the dreaded episodes where the same dialogue is repeated in 2 or 3 scenes. If only Bell would study Dark Shadows and TEON, he'd figure out there's plenty of ways to craft amazing and compelling scenes that move the long-running stories forward without feeling repetitive.
  2. So true - and Nick was annoying as heck. As soon as Brad saw the magic with Stuffy/Lame/Dope, the show quickly erased Nick/Jackie/Owen, etc. The whole Marone thing was a huge mistake all because they wanted Joe so much, which bombed from Day 1. Now with Rick vanquished, the only "Forrester" legacy children on-canvas are actually from the Marone line.
  3. This category should be NAMED after her! It really bothered me because MR was no great shakes on ATWT. Frankly, I was shocked when she gained movie fame basically playing in her same limited range. Plus as @Khan notes: The irony is that her far more talented and successful ATWT alum Julienne Moore has always been appreciative of what the show did for her career,. @ReddFoxx JM requested to appear on ATWT after the cancellation was announced! And this was after she'd already received 4 Academy Award nominations.
  4. I’ve always said the biggest problem with filming so many months in advance is that it’s impossible for the writers to determine what’s working and what’s bombing - they have to guess. Unlike the other soaps, that can fairly quickly extend s/l or characters that click (and abandon stuff that falls flat), DAYS is continually hindered. Frankly, it’s shocking the show is still viable. I’m assuming the financial are significantly worse than the other 3 soaps or else this would’ve changed. I’m glad they’re both back. Something to look forward to around in early 2020.
  5. If MiM is willing to return for these cameos, how is it such a bad thing? Seriously, if she hated Y&R/this S/L, she could've easily declined. Clearly the new regime understand what they lost in her and are finding ways to gauge audience reax. I've been fully expecting a resurrection - that Nate sent her off to a hospital before she 'died.' For goodness sake, PIII "died" on-screen but faked his death, after a unexpected car accident, in the late-1980s with far less medtech!
  6. No surprise at all. I'd take MCE over any of the Rosales. But please revert Chelsea back to her scheming self -at least she had a brain back then! If the character is anything like the last two year - major pass.
  7. It was inevitable after JY was discarded. It was only delayed by KM's leave. As soon as the legal requirement after her return was met, we knew she'd be gone. But nearly all of us saw this coming with the Marlon reveal and the PSA storyline that boxed-in Rick/Maya. A real shame. The Myrna/Rick/C2/Widge months got me hooked back in. The Myron ploy was disappointing because B&B had finally managed to have a diverse leading actor - and one that had languished on canvas for years - so not an instant character forced on the audience.
  8. Even lesbians can be victims in order to keep a "SHIP" going! Pathetic, right? Remember the Mariah who gaslit some poor mother and stalked her hot ex-BF? Like she'd ever put up with that BS. The Cassification of Mariah has been terrible. Please give her back her edge!
  9. Exactly. I think having a character like Mariah being PAN rather than gay is a huge step forward, especially considering Mariah's history. Her connection and attraction to Tessa was person-specific, rather than gender-specific. I just hope they find a good match for CG. I'm still hopeful, I'll be watching regularly again in the near future.
  10. Good. I hope they do get jail time. Funny how these Hollywood elitists preach how regular people should live their lives - no school choice, socialized medicine, green energy, gated communities, armed security guards - and, yet, they don't follow any of those 'ideals.' Why on earth would these celebrities need to scam these universities? Didn't they have plenty of money to pay for tutors, personal coaches, etc. to give their kids even more advantages? C'mon. If their overprivileged children couldn't get into on their own merits and connections, they shouldn't be there in the first place!
  11. Understatement, much? I realized I gave up my daily viewing with MM's exit. Then I gave up my once a week viewing after ED exit. I've maybe seen 4 episodes during the past 6 months.
  12. Forget the wig, her face is FLAWLESS. She is still a stunning beauty. And she turns 60(!) next month. I love her.
  13. Exactly. The whole point was Chloe trying to make up for the loss of Delia. That would be a way to bring Chloe back on canvas, including Jill with her 'new' grandchild, send Kevin away FOR GOOD. I really don't get the love for GR - he hasn't been good for a decade. I'm hoping with the Nate recast, that it will be revealed that Nate sent Hilary off to a clinic. Honestly, IDC how the rationalize it - just bring back MM. Heck, tie Adam's return with Hilary's - now that would be an intriguing pairing!
  14. Ugh. I hope it's just short-term. I wish EH would come back as a divorced Chloe.
  15. Also when MS sought advice from VR for her surrogacy. You don’t ask for help in such a personal matter from someone you loathe. Nothing would make make me happier than for VR to rejoin Y&R, especially since MS will be back. As acting partners, they had amazing chemistry together.
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