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  1. Major Y&R actress out!

    That's what I'm hoping. It's not like ED hasn't been through this drill before. Just like the SSM era that ushered in a dozen new characters, recast Reed and The Worm and Dina - I believe all except Tessa and The Worm are gone* - the same thing is going to happen here. * Dina is dead-woman walking thanks to MY's personal crusade, which has made a mockery of those suffering from the disease. He could've had Dina filling the void that JC left behind considering her legit historical and current ties to GC. Such a shame.
  2. LATEST RATINGS: August 27-31, 2018

    This excuse is illogical. And most of the interruptions were the choice of the networks to cover certain events - they weren't Presidential news conferences. The network orders a certain number of episodes, so pre-emptions actually have the opposite effect - the delayed episodes end up extending the run - not shortening it. The show ran over budget and they had to trim the count to make it work.
  3. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Even though it's doubtful. If Jack/Victor are brothers, isn't there a problem with Kyle/Summer (Uncle/Niece)? They did have a complete relationship in the past. Just pull the plug off this mess and get Dina a new diagnosis with a cure. Heck, they had the whole Lyme disease with Katherine. Anything. The one thing about Y&R is that no matter which regime tries to destroy it, it's always salvageable because of the deep history and the core families.
  4. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    Thanks for confirm. I'm guessing budget issues are catching up to B&B finally. I thought they may have returned to Monte Carlo in conjuction with the international TV awards. I could've sworn they went back after the "slap" but they had terrible weather and had to do a lot of it indoors - maybe that was the same one.
  5. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    You're absolutely correct. In fact, people here would be praising him. I don't agree with Rep. Waters words or suggestions of violence, but mocking someone's looks does not add anything to the conversation. Honestly, if WH is that immature, then I'm glad he's not on the show. Anyway, on a B&B note. Has the show done any remotes this year? I can't recall any non-LA location shoots. It's truly the one thing where B&B excels - the other soaps aren't even players compared to them.
  6. Twists You Hated

    Y&R: Jill/Katherine & Cane/PIII Lauren/Sarah (that made me drop the show for a good year) Jill paying Mamie $1MM to leave town because the Bells couldn't just split John/Mamie like a regular couple John's death DAYS: Maleswen AMC: Lesbian Bianca being raped so that she could have a child. (I was done with AMC until the reboot.) The ultimate hate crime on daytime.
  7. Could Sally Sussman have worked with a co-HW?

    SSM did a few things well: 1. Sharon 2. Dina's return 3. The LA-reboot 4. Cane/Lily drama SSM did several that were painful (all of which could've been fixed with a better team): 1. The pacing 2. The introduction of no less than 12 new characters + Scott/Reed recasts 3. Faith! + Declawing Victor 4. Lauren selling Fenmores was more about The Worm (This could've been a great business story and should've involved Jill more) 5. Jack/The Worm + Ash/Ravi. (Who can forget that 1980s Ravi fashion show with Phyllis?) 6. Dina selling her company to the Winters, instead of merging with or better taking over Jabot. I would've loved to have seen Marla Adams ruling the roost at Jabot!
  8. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Instead of another regime change, I just wish Sony would 'add' credible Y&R writers to MY's team. This is really bad that we'd have 3 major changes in 3-4 years. It's like DAYS, which not coincidentally is a SONY product. Perhaps, they are starting to apply the DAYS budget model to Y&R.
  9. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    @soapfan770 I never considered that possibility because of Hunter's status. If that happened, it could be good. The first step would be for Taylor (or Stuffy) to reveal to Widge that $B is blackmailing her. White Knight Widge runs to her side and it begins. It would be nice if they actually took their time with some of these "1st Generation" storylines. I only point to the the rush to get Widge/Brooke remarried after she dumped $B, which happened a few months after she dumped Widge in Oz and only a few months after Widge stopped the Brill wedding at the house, etc? These characters are very long in the tooth and they aren't going anywhere, so stretch those stories out.
  10. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Brill was the best relationship ever for Brooke. $B has been the only man who never judged or diminished Brooke. I was appalled that they had Brooke dump $B in a nanosecond to reunite with Widge, the man who treated her like garbage pinging back-n-forth with Taylor and left her on honeymoon in Paris. C'mon. The writing for $B the past year has been skewed so much to make any logical person hate him - from the Tower obsession, to Stuffy Stalking, blackmailing Taylor, betraying his adult sons. Yeah, terrible. How does anyone NOT see that Brill is coming back? Nine months ago, Brooke washed her hands of $B because of the fire and now she's willing to help him win a custody battle of the sister she betrayed! It's so ludicrous, but also so very B&B!
  11. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    I was traveling, but I read Monday's recap - looks like my predictions may come true. Perhaps Brill can get me watching regularly again.
  12. Vet let go at Y&R

    I like DD and he's always been a stanch supporter of Y&R, but Paul was pretty much an island with LLB as spouse, no onscreen children or family. etc. I'm pretty sure the lawyers at Sony were like - it's time to start cutting male actors after 4 very visible female actors were shafted. BTW - Which regime was DD cheering/jeering a few months ago? I can't remember exact timing, but I do remember he was pushing some narrative on social media.
  13. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Iconic in all of daytime! I'm truly shocked. I'm really not getting where MY is going with the show. I don't even hate-watch anymore. I only read the recaps and nothing - I mean nothing - is pulling me back for a peek. That's pretty sad.
  14. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    @Faulkner Because B&B does crime stories so well... So it was just a matter of time before Brill was revived. I guessing the following: 1. Brooke illogically 'opening her very big heart" to $B in custody case to give excuse for screentime together. (After all the times Stephanie tried to undermine her parenting, NO WAY Brooke would ever do that to H8ie.) 2. Brooke/Widge really hit skids after he picks Stuffy's line over Dope's 3. After HFTF gets axed, Brooke negotiates deal with $B to keep it alive at Spencer - with Brooke mentioning it helps both Lame and Dope. "They're our children!" 4. $B realizes Brooke is still his destiny. Widge starts spending time with H8ie. 5. Brill reunite only for Stuffy to discover that Taylor switched Kelly's paternity tests....
  15. YR actress decides to go recurring...

    From your lips (re: prison s/l) - even though I do feel badly for CK and the other female actors on Y&R.