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  1. Let's see how fast Brad's machine cranks out the first episodes. Bet they are targeting week of 7/13 (4 wks away) with 7/6 (3 wks away) being an outside possibility.
  2. Interesting. If they don't put in pre-emptions, DAYS will have to restructure those 45 scripts because of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas and NY's. DAYS pretty much covers those holidays in some manner. I'm sure it won't be that hard to do, but I don't think we want to see Xmas the first week in December and NYE before Xmas!
  3. You're right - It'll happen just because of they shoot so many episodes per week and they probably won't have as many dark weeks because the 'dark' months will have more than covered those. I'm sure they've already stocked up the scripts. Sadly, I bet they aren't trying to rewrite the unfilmed scripts in order to take advantage of the audience feedback based on what's aired.
  4. @Aback Ugh. Maya/Myron. It was bad enough that B&B FINALLY had a black lead female character (it took years to figure out what to do with Maya) and then Brad turns her into a PSA. IF they could've played the story through - $B tabloids (FC lead model a dude!), not have every character, including C2, applaud her, Charlie being the first one who figured it out, Rick being completely OK with it after a few days, same with Carter, etc. This could have been great and compelling storyline by balancing support and haters (other than the belated arrival of her hateful father), discussing sexuality, etc. Honestly, if they paired Thomas with Vinny, they'd have to be locked together forever since gay couples on TV are met with huge backlash if they are spit up because somehow that never happens with straight couples or in the real world. If people truly want gay, bi, fluid characters to be represented equally, they've got to get past making them 'pure.'
  5. Honestly, the other 3 soaps can learn a lot from DAYS on the TJ concept. I give credit to DAYS for doing it, but Stevano just ruined it for me. The writers are definitely cranking out scripts during this period, but I still don't believe we'll get anything new until July at the earliest. B&B can crank out episodes the fastest - not just because they are shorter, but it's production seems far more machine-like. Look at how they handled all those impeachment pre-emptions, where they basically retooled and nearly eliminated all the holiday stuff and quickly jumped from there. Plus B&B can focus on one story for several episodes more easily than GH/Y&R - see Thomas/Hope wedding build-up weeks then switched almost exclusively on Brooke video and/or Sally for next batch of episodes. B&B literally can have episodes with only 3-4 actors and tell (and repeat) a story.
  6. Thomas would be a perfect fluid character. Vinny would still be a good fling for Steffy.
  7. Y&R's lowest (R) beat all 9 new DAYS/GH episodes in viewers.
  8. Preach it! Paul/Lauren were also favorites so I was shocked that I totally dug the Paul/Cassandra. Pricket never did it for me. And, gosh, if Mary Williams was such a great character - with her sanctimonious attitude - but the one thing I liked is that they never moved her uptown. It was refreshing to have that contrast from all the rich folks. Wasn't Mary a big fan of Isabella because she also spent a lot of time in church? I don't really remember much from that era.
  9. It's funny you should frame it that way - I remember going back home and not only my parents, but my brother were totally into the Cassandra story. NA was not only stunning, but also a solid actor. Was there a specific reason why she was axed? The weird Brad/Paul rivalry flopped instantly. I'll admit I was a big Paul/Cassandra stan.
  10. Do I want to see DG back? NO WAY - NEVER. Lane matronized Lily at 21. Honestly, I think DG is not doing well and EB was doing him a solid as a friend.
  11. Y&R - they have a rich catalog of choices even if you only go back to 1990 (30 years!). And has been mentioned so many of the key players then are still on now. It makes viewing them interesting even for 'newer' viewers. B&B - I don't have an issue with MC - especially since 2 are ones that haven't been seen before. Also, B&B locations shoots are prime time quality. Unlike Y&R, a lot of the major B&B actors started 'late' HT (2007), JMW (2008), DD (2009), SC (2010), DB/TK/RS (2013). After that it's JG (2006), who's rarely on, and then KKL/JMcC (1987) - so you have 20 years of shows with only 2 current actors. Hunter Tylo/Jacob Young are still familiar with audiences, but their characters are absent from current canvas. I can see why they'd be reluctant to air anything pre-2007 and probably pre-2010.
  12. It's not just soaps, every scripted program that didn't finish their season orders is in the same situation. Several primetime shows, (e.g., GA, NCIS, NA, etc.) stopped production 2-4 episodes short of the season order. At least two shows that were ending (Supernatural and Empire) ended up in situation where they didn't complete the order and may not ever return for proper finales. SPN has a chance, Empire is unlikely. It's unlikely production will resume before July 1 and that's with a nationwide May 31 release date. It's doubtful television production will be one of the first industries released during a staggered return. If it happens sooner, that's great for everyone.
  13. You're correct about YR's approach to 'psycho' women back then (Veronica, Mari Jo), they didn't just snap randomly - there was a lot of build up. What I meant by quota is that every two years or so, another woman went over the edge for good and usually in a big way: Lisa (1989), Sheila (1993), Mari Jo (1996), Veronica (1998), Tricia (2001). I seem to recall Leanna was destined to have the same fate, but something switched radically. I'm definitely missing stuff and maybe others. But it was a clear pattern. I guess I was remembering that I really liked Tricia, how she evolved and was more sad to see her go. I just reread her bio and it all came flooding back to me. She was involved in some really good stuff. I disliked the Victor/Tricia stuff ('ick'), but was surprised when she made the false allegations. To be fair, he was conning her.
  14. CBS may keep Y&R (R)/B&B (R) when new episodes run out, instead of TPiR/LMAD (R) because advertising is really drying up across the board. Therefore, ratings won't matter as much. I noticed the last two episodes of episodes of B&B on CAA only had CBS/Viacom-related promos (CAA, Showtime, ET, etc) - zero product advertisements. For those who watch through TV/DVR, have you noticed a drop in product advertising? I always like Sabryn Genet, but Y&R had to fill it's annual 'psycho' woman quota. It's too bad. I like that they're pulling episodes from different eras. I certainly would not have expected this one.
  15. @DramatistDreamer Yes, I was referring to CAA. It seems like that would be the paid platform that would be best for Y&R. It's no different than Hulu or Netflix - they charge a monthly fee. Granted it's smaller, but it is relevant for Y&R seeker because Y&R and CBS are associated closely together. Of all times to push older soap fans (clearly the group that's most streaming apprehensive), this would be it. And Sony has proven to be quite savvy with streaming DAYS. Y&R should be easy for them. Honestly, just get Y&R and B&B, both of which have complete libraries somewhere. Speaking of P&G, a few months ago, I did a calculation and P&G likely has the largest single library of content than any other 'studio.' Just ATWT/GL have at least 16,000 combined episodes (from 1978). Throw in AW, SFT, EON, Texas. That's a lot of money just being squandered. I've never understood the reluctance to distribute those shows on a widespread basis.
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