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  1. @KMan101 @xtr B&B marriage obsession/having babies has been my #1 issue with the show. How is that the 3rd Generation of B&B (Lame, Dope, Stuffy, Ct. WyNot, DumbAs, P-rick, etc.) have all been obsessed with getting married since they teens/early 20s? These are RICH, self-absorbed spawn who are tied to high profile publishing, fashion businesses. They should be hooking-up, experimenting/abusing drugs/alcohol, clubbing, going to Mexico on wild vacas and on-and-on. Maybe someone should tell Brad to watch Veronica Mars/The OC from the 00s if he needs ideas. And don't get me started on the fact that all of them are in executive positions, but have many have graduate degrees, much less college degrees - even though the key 1st/2nd Gen are all educated, even Brooke!
  2. Wasn't DG 35 and CK 19 when that story started? As an illicit affair, yeah, that would've been OK. But I've resented the full-on Lame for years because it took Lily out of her younger years and turned her into a matron while she was in her 20s. My comment about age: Replace BM with ED (1 year difference). The show toyed with CAsh before Eileen was shipped to DAYS in 2012. We all know what this is about. Bell was a genius when he created Traci. Except for the prurient suicide attempt, Traci has been a remarkable and groundbreaking character, which is mainly because of BM's skills as an actor. I'm sure it was easy for her in the 80s because I bet she received a lot of direct or implied pressure to conform. Frankly, it's bold of this regime to attempt giving Traci a romance after all these years.
  3. Binged the week. Kind of boring. Good: 1. ELR is a natural and looks fantastic. If Celeste is given some depth, she could work with Aunt Jack. But we know the odds are against her staying long-term. 2. I figured Ana was a goner/2x month character, but I really like LL. Devon explaining why he wants her to work with Theo was solid. 3. Myle - the natural chemistry is only heightened when Kyle/Lola scenes follow 4. Phyllis' party disaster. Perfect. And that the 3 people who did show, have always stuck by Phyllis. 5. Surprisingly, Kevin is much less annoying this time around. Though I'd never want to see Kevin driving any story. Recurring in limited doses could work. Indifferent/Bad 1. Chelsea. Why is this husband, who apparently is dead after 3 episodes, even brought into the mix? Not necessary. Chadam have such a complicated history that the audience would buy her reluctance to jump back into a relationship. 2. Connor/Christian. OMG it was getting really confusing/annoying as different characters were going back and forth about the two of them discussing paternity, adoption, etc. The whole thing about Connor seeing Chelsea's husband as his father was just bizarre considering Chelsea barely left GC 15 months ago. Connor 'barely' remembers Adam? Did Chlesea erase the thousands of hours of video footage public/private that available on Adam Newman? 3. Drunk SuperGirl. No! Though Phyllis 'rescuing/mothering' her were better than I expected. 4. Victoria confronting Phyllis was completely flat - bad set-up, dialogue and AH was playing it far too distant. This should have had much more fire.
  4. I know, right? Instead of locking Mariah into being 'gay,' it would be far more groundbreaking and consistent with the character's history, if she were pan/fluid. Like ED, it's been challenging finding a sizzler for CG, but Myle just jumped from Day 1.
  5. After PhillipIV was revived... As soon as Hilary 'died,' I said they had the out with Nate shipping her off to a clinic to try experimental treatments. Just like getting CG back with an unknown twin, I seriously doubt the vast majority of viewers will care how MiM is brought back. The viewers will give a pass on whatever ridiculousness for a beloved actor/character.
  6. On my fifth episode after lapsing for months, what an unexpected surprise to watch Esther learn the truth. I really hated that Kevin 'knew,' while Esther suffered the same pain as Chloe losing Delia. It was incredibly twisted and a huge misstep in not understanding what a mother will do to protect her child. Esther would've never revealed the secret.
  7. So I decided to stream Monday and Tuesday episodes after not watching for months. Xanax is so dead, which is OK. Do we know for sure that it was DumbAs' car that was directly behind BlechEmma's? It was heavily implied. Did they actually cut to Thomas driving behind her showing he was the one who was tailgating her. If not, that's a big out. I'm glad Brooke/$Bl mentioned that C2 violated by him. Otherwise, what's great about B&B is that it only takes one or two episodes to catch-up on the current storyline. The downside is that I won't need to watch until the next 'shocking' event happens.
  8. It was cringe-worthy and certainly not what befitting someone as talented as JC. I have no idea how she'd fit in, but if giving Michael a viable law practice again, Avery has work options (or being Newman lawyer again). And I fully expect a Dylan recast - he's just gotta be Chelsea's mystery husband. It's a far better option for a number of reason - existing character; plenty of history with Nick, Sharon, etc., plus Nikki/Paul.
  9. I watched Y&R for the first time since Nikki's tribute on Friday for obvious reasons. I was actually surprised at how much better the entire structure/pace/dialogue v. MY era. I've made no secret that I have great love for GT (been a fan since GL), but she was wasted for much of her run as StePhyllis. It was weird, just seeing MS back at Y&R somehow makes it 'complete' for me, so I'll probably check out more frequently. I've advocated for a PhAdam pairing for years - it just seems like that coupling would create so much conflict, chaos and great scenes with a multiple characters across the canvas. Of course, it would never last. Now if MiM shows up as a 'real' character, I fear I'll be a daily viewer. Looking back, the end of Hilary was the end of daily viewing for me. I just adored Mishael and felt she just commanded you to watch.
  10. Yep. That's what I proposed as the story was happening. I know this was Mal's 'pet' story, but he totally missed the point that Dina (Marla) easily filled two crucial voids: 1) JC/Kay as the grande dame of GC and 2) providing a parental structure to the Abbott clan, something Jack has never been able to do since John's ridiculous offing. Not to mention that Dina has real/on-screen connections with most of the canvas - she was friends with Victor back in the day; Devon through Kay; obviously, the Abbotts, Jill, etc. If it weren't for the fact that Marla Adams just kills every time she's on-screen, I wouldn't be as bent about this decision, but she is truly amazing. Just do it! Fans of the show are willing to accept stuff for characters/actor they love. It was no big deal to come up with "Mariah" and the unknown twin because of CG. The situation would be exactly the same if the bring back Hilary. Heck, Adam's returned from the dead -- at least 3 times (the bone marrow foil, Billy shooting and the explosion).
  11. Yikes! Their eyes! Why'd you put that in my head? LOL
  12. At least they do it better than any other daytime soap in history. Except for the MC wash-out a couple of years ago, all the remotes are top-notch. I know the show's 'only' been on for 32 years, but someday they'll figure out how to tell stories that aren't steeped in weeks of repetitive dialogue, including the dreaded episodes where the same dialogue is repeated in 2 or 3 scenes. If only Bell would study Dark Shadows and TEON, he'd figure out there's plenty of ways to craft amazing and compelling scenes that move the long-running stories forward without feeling repetitive.
  13. So true - and Nick was annoying as heck. As soon as Brad saw the magic with Stuffy/Lame/Dope, the show quickly erased Nick/Jackie/Owen, etc. The whole Marone thing was a huge mistake all because they wanted Joe so much, which bombed from Day 1. Now with Rick vanquished, the only "Forrester" legacy children on-canvas are actually from the Marone line.
  14. This category should be NAMED after her! It really bothered me because MR was no great shakes on ATWT. Frankly, I was shocked when she gained movie fame basically playing in her same limited range. Plus as @Khan notes: The irony is that her far more talented and successful ATWT alum Julienne Moore has always been appreciative of what the show did for her career,. @ReddFoxx JM requested to appear on ATWT after the cancellation was announced! And this was after she'd already received 4 Academy Award nominations.
  15. I’ve always said the biggest problem with filming so many months in advance is that it’s impossible for the writers to determine what’s working and what’s bombing - they have to guess. Unlike the other soaps, that can fairly quickly extend s/l or characters that click (and abandon stuff that falls flat), DAYS is continually hindered. Frankly, it’s shocking the show is still viable. I’m assuming the financial are significantly worse than the other 3 soaps or else this would’ve changed. I’m glad they’re both back. Something to look forward to around in early 2020.
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