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  1. Y&R: John, Dina, Colleen, Diane, Cassandra and Hillary. We know Dru ain't dead. DAYS: Renee NEVER being revived always puzzled me. The character and actress seemed very popular. ATWT: Rose. Yeah, OTT at times, but without Lily's baggage, it allowed MB to take chances. ATWT worst offenses were recasting Connor and Molly. ATWT seemed to be pretty good about not killing off legacy characters. B&B: Macy.
  2. With so much uncertainly with production (and after last year's massive pre-emptions), it's smart to completely avoid direct episodes with holidays. Didn't one of the Xmas episodes air after New Year's?
  3. In theory, CH's acting style should be a great fit for Y&R . . . but after seeing the likes of Debbi Morgan, Maura West and Genie Francis do iconic faceplants, I'll absolutely hope it works out for her.
  4. I thought it was part of a scripted promo until ED appeared!
  5. Maura West - Carly ATWT and Ava GH Reluctantly - PB - Clif on AMC and Jack Y&R
  6. I'm relieved CH is playing S2. It's a smart move for both shows - S2 can get that 'fresh' start after that horrific storyline while giving Y&R a character that doesn't have to be completely established. This might get me back - at least for a couple of episodes.
  7. YES! Thank you for the great news. Like I said in January, I wish DAYS would refocus with Kate as the 'matriarch' - her ties and connecting throughout Salem could produce really interesting stories. As long as there's the prospect of LK/AS scenes....
  8. So is SH out or coming back? Seriously, I can't keep track. Even though I know they had banked several months of scripts, let's hope they made some adjustments based on the feedback they've gotten during the almost 5 dark months. I know, unrealistic, but one can hope.
  9. Oh, this might get me to dip in. I gave up during Stevano. AS SHOULD be the Queen of DAYS. Sweeney has everything both on- and off-screen - I rarely say that - but it's true. My wish: that faux-Will be exposed as a baby switch and Sami finds the True Will, not some passive victim that would take the rap for a hit and run he didn't do. That sealed it for me.
  10. Based on that screenshot, MTS still looks kinda amazing. It's almost like one of those 1970s soap stills. Seriously. I really hope the show picks up soon, I really want to come back, but I just can't.
  11. 100%. Probably more than any other character, ED/Ashley still conveys class - something Y&R was known for - it always had an air of elegance - that's the closest word for it. ATWT/GL were more earthy (in good ways); B&B (trashy), but Y&R just oozed with class and Ashley just seems to be the epitome of that. BE channeled that really well, but there is only one ED.
  12. I'm thrilled! Everyone knows I think so highly of CH. So many options: 1) bringing her on as S2 is not a bad move, 2) a Summer recast has always been on my wish list or 3) a new character. Don't care what role. She's a welcome addition to the show.
  13. The argument that TPIR is in repeats doesn't hold because that happens several weeks a year. CBS needs to do a major campaign to let people know new episodes are airing. I'm not sure they really care though.
  14. B&B especially - instead of Ridge-Bill-Ridge-Bill-Ridge-Bill (I think that's the current line) - why not play the long game? Extend the stories. How typically B&B bizarre that a couple of years ago Brooke dumped Bill in a hot second after everything they'd been through? It not only didn't fit the characters' connection, but also was so un-Brooke. B&B's 'reunions' happen so fast, they've lost impact and we've conditioned to expect they'll split again for the same triangle.
  15. Seeing that post - means CH is coming back before the holidays. While the twist was great, the rationale and follow-up was about worst possible scenario. S2's so thirsty to get Wyatt back that way? NO. S2 doing it for revenge + teams with Thomas to destroy the Spencers. YES. We know how B&B works - they excel at this: bad stories get quick wrap and never referred to again. S2 will return and open a competing fashion house with Thomas - the focus will be on that and this dud will never rear its ugly head again. Flo will be gone by then.
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