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  1. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Sharon's divorce isn't even a year-old and to have her fall so completely in love with Scott is cray-cray. I wish someone like Nikki pulled Sharon aside to tell her she's severely rebounding and to slow it down. Nikki could even show she's being objective by throwing in 'the last thing I want is for you to be free to go after another Newman...' No way Mariah would keep the Scabby stuff secret. It doesn't fit her character or her loyalty to Sharon. Since I'm assuming TL is very short-term, JT being a complete dud, doesn't bother me - just disappointing. The theory Nikki moved Victor's funds after being tied to gun that kill Zack shows how weak this plot point is. Like Victor and Nikki are going to abandon everything and live in a non-extradition country. Please. Instead of this convoluted plot to being JT back. How about a surprise visit to see his son? The drama and tension would still be there with the Newmans.
  2. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Isn't that the typical Hilary pattern? Such a good girl helping Jack, Nick and Cane! Oh, she's horrible to [insert weakened female character]! Followed by disapproving, holier-than-thou headshaking by Devon, 'cutting Hilary to her core.' I hope MY can find a good balance between showing Hilary's many strengths - smart, driven, confident while letting her be accessible and likable, but NOT vulnerable or weak.
  3. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    I'd like Christine, Leslie and Michael to form a law firm - then bring in whichever character/actor is available to fill the lawyer role. The legal aspects of soaps has faded in importance and resonance over time. The Juliet settlement sessions were engaging, but that's been exception lately. Corporate legal stuff is, frankly, boring to watch and criminal trials are a bit of a joke, etc.
  4. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I like the recap and no previews. Nikki 'stole' from her husband? And I'm assuming this was with Kevin's help, which happened in past week when Nikki busted him. The dating app stuff was over for two+ weeks then. So it's no really relevant. What am I missing here on timeline? DGiH! - I've actually enjoyed PB for the past few weeks. Glad he's sharing more scenes with MM. I hope the predicted Lame reunion and the Devon final scene appearance turn out to be red herrings and we're surprised with a confident Cane 'seducing' Hilary with Jill busting in on them! A return to status quo for those 4 actors would be a terrible waste. JM still has more chemistry with CG than almost any other female, but this isn't B&B so no danger there.
  5. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    The 'daily show' definitely did not work with JT's arrival. He walks in and we see nothing with Victor/Victoria reacting in real time! What??? Yes to recap - I thought that was done well and I can do without previews. +1M - Lily sitting alone at Club sulking for Cane. Just NO! Better: Lily sees JT and they go upstairs for a romp - that'll put a quick end to Cane pining! Same with Hilary/Cane. I have no idea why, but MM/DG have always given off a very positive vibe and they look good together.
  6. Y&R Promo week 12/11/17

    Does anyone know how long his arc will last? I can't imagine he'll be on for more than a few weeks since he's normally pretty busy with other projects. I wouldn't mind seeing Phyllis/JT having a one nighter. JT/Colleen was unexpected magic.
  7. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    If only a talent like MG would return. And, yes, Mariah/Daniel would be like a twilight zone pairing - Cassie unrequited 'love' that cost her dearly only to be realized by her sister. Lots of angles there from Sharon, Phyllis, Nick, Lily, etc. Too bad it won't happen. Mariah/Scott/Abby could work out - especially with Tyler history. But there has to be a recast. Conceivably, this could be a future triangle. Sharon boots Scott, Abby discovers she's preggers and leaves town, Mariah picks up the pieces - creating a real conflict with Sharon (and Nick), a jealous Tessa reveals Mariah hitting on her to Noah.... And Mariah biggest ally is Victor: 'I can't believe that loser took advantage of my beautiful daughter...' OK, that's a stretch because I like CG/EB scenes and it's been an eternity since we've had one.
  8. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    TL had more energy and charisma in his 5 second whoosh in than DH has had in 10 months. Just saying. At least we know the AH/TL scenes will be good. They always did have chemistry and now that they're divorced (on- and off-screen), I'm certain it'll work. I'm guessing this is a short-term arc for TL.
  9. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    The one-day 180 of Ashley giving up CEO position is just terrible. Not only is it sexist, but also illogical. The Jack video call with Dina in background was way too 'real' for me. My mom has issues similar to Dina so I go home every other week to spend time with her, but I have to do business. Earlier this year, I had to conduct a one-hour phone presentation from the back of my rental - a Dodge Ram(!) - in the driveway because she wouldn't stop interrupting. While I dislike what they've done with Dina and the lovely MA, the accuracy in a lot of the actions and dialogue is spot-on - especially the random lashing out. I was dead at preview of Lily's reaction to what Abby told her. Scott/Mariah could've been worth exploring.
  10. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Congrats to MO, who gave birth a month early. I wonder if she had completed her filming. Based on what's happened with KSJ, it appears that Y&R tapes 4 or 5 weeks in advance. The Rash scenes were odd. So basically Ravi can file a harassment suit against Ashley at any point and he now has tangible proof. CEO + underling is an imbalance of power no matter the willingness because the staff person is at the mercy of the higher up. I'd like to see Y&R tackle this. The least Ashley could do was match the title/$$$ Ravi could've gotten. She even admitted they rarely enforce the non-compete so go for it Ravi and please hire they lovely and fierce Leslie to represent you! I miss her.
  11. SOD: Best & Worst - 2017

    The only thing B&B did well was completely surprise us with Deacon & SheDevil while all the focus was on H8ie. But that was it as has been universally stated. KB has been wasted and B&B has been so awful, I even stopped reading dailies last month to keep up. I'm glad they mentioned JY/KM. Complete and utter waste. JY, who is actually good, has been sidelined while 'talents' like Spam and GomerPyle get screentime. Appalling.
  12. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    After she stops by the police station and grabs Nikki's gun from an open evidence box, which just happened to be lying around...
  13. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    More illogical with park storyline: 1) NE wouldn't dare do anything controversial at this point; 2) I thought NE's assets were frozen; and 3) Victor and Victoria both adored and admired Katherine. They'd never do anything to even give a hint of disrespect. It's not playing for me. It's like they took the ridiculous and illogical Spectra building/Spencer tower storyline from B&B and decided let's do that! And I'll be disappointed if Dina doesn't march into Victor's office and rip him apart. After all, Katherine was Dina's best (and only) friend in GC.
  14. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Lauren should've divorced Michael a long time ago. TEB and BM were the ones who convinced me Y&R was not a show with a bunch of old people playing piano all the time. Like Dina, Lauren has 'real' ties throughout the canvas - she can be dropped into almost any grouping - she would be perfect mentor for Hilary - nude photos - check, kidnapped - check, smarter than the average GC clown - check, underhanded schemes - check, check and more checks.
  15. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Yeah, Baldwins are goners - I'm pretty sure Tracey is on her way out too - Xfinity changed the long-running Y&R icon featuring her for DVR tapings to simple Y&R logo with black background last week. Can't be a coincidence.