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  1. This show was trash!! Garbage!!
  2. Sad to see #GH completely collapse in the ratings - never to recover again.. I hope they can pick up in the ratings again - and find a new audience…
  3. I still think the ratings for #GH were exceptional during that era.. the production value and sets were amazing. I know the ratings points - were higher as were the household numbers. As someone stated the 16.1 household seasonal rating for #SFT doesn’t compare to #GH’s - 16.0 for the week of November 16, 1981. 20 million plus tuning in. 30 million for 16th, & 17th. They had to have reached a 20.0 rating or more for those two days. That’s unbelievable. Meaning that it was just as popular or more so, as any nighttime show. Gloria Monty in my opinion was outrageously genius in her producing skills. Genie Francis to me in those years and episodes, rivaled any Hollywood star. Comparable to Meryl Streep in beauty and talent. She was #GH. Her leaving completely changed the shows dynamic. If she had stayed I think #GH would have been #1 for a lot longer.
  4. Genie Francis really was utilized beautifully during the rise of GH.. . By The July wedding of her to Scotty in 1979 - the show rose to #2 8.5 rating and would be #1 by next summer.. (1981) being their greatest year ratings wise. I read they averaged 15 million viewers a day. Marvelous. Gloria Monty was a great producer. Tremendously talented actress.
  5. The ratings for GH were insane. No other soap has come close to that popularity. Y&R never reached those ratings heights. And they never will, despite being #1 for decades now. I’m sure ABC still has funds from the heyday of Gloria Monty’s reign as General Hospital’s: Executive Producer. History was made for sure.
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