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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Holy [!@#$%^&*] I did not put two and two together until this post. Also- gross.
  2. Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    Perspective is key. If the shows had the rating they did even 15 years ago, any of these infractions would matter more. Tony Geary said in an interview once that he did love scenes nude back in the day and very few complained. That would not fly today. I think Victoria Rowell’s issues with her show would get a different response today too. JFP firing an actress on maternity leave would be a much bigger deal today. Rauch certainly had had more than one issue, didn’t he. Has Sorel ever spoken about what happened? Have there been any rumors about Frank Valentini and the bevy of boys he has hired as an ep? I remember people speculating quite a lot about Conboy when he took over GL, especially when he cast that blond kid and the entire younger storyline revolved around him and his baseball playing.
  3. Twists You Hated

    Nora was an all time great character under Malone’s writing. Once he was gone, she just slowly slipped into generic woman of her age on a soap. In hindsight, it seems like ABC stripped all the character out of the women on their shows. It didn’t happen as hard or quickly to GH, but the rest of their shows suffered greatly from this from about 2000 on. If you were a good person, they didn’t know how to write conflict for you based in character and choices. Nora was one of those characters that had integrity and choices mattered, and she lost all that in order to tell less complicated stories. Or to tell any story they wanted, even if it didn’t fit her character to do it. Back to bad twists- on GH, the identity of the text message killer. Also on GH- Luke has DID.
  4. General Hospital September Discussion

    I get what you mean. I thought that way about Valentini’s OLTL run too. He’s only about moving the plot, not about the moments between.
  5. Twists You Hated

    She has said more than once that her character from SB was her favorite because she was clearly defined, and her intelligence was respected and not thrown out the door just to advance a plot like Alexis. What reminds me of Nora is how ABC soaps treat all their female characters since the late 1990’s. Generic, ill defined and male dependent. Nora and Alexis both suffered from this.
  6. Twists You Hated

    That was also the end of Guza’s 6 month bible, although Culliton was the HW. Her backstory was given to Alexis. She was the lost Mikkos daughter.
  7. Twists You Hated

    And Tom. He was working with Luke and Laura against the Cassadines. Its hard to say what would have been, because the hospital takeover story was not served well once Culliton took over from Guza. Bobbie marrying Stefan, the hospital story and the faberge egg thing and whatever Stefan was doing with Lucky were all started under Guza, and concluded poorly by Culliton. There was that window of time when Guza’s outlines were still in use under Culliton that the show didn’t noticeably change, but once it was all Culliton it fell apart. I vaguely remember that the Cassadines created the financial problems by buying and defaulting loans, suppliers, etc and that was something Tom was trying to get more proof of. So it wasn’t really Steve’s fault. But it was still a sad way to write his character out of the show.
  8. Could Sally Sussman have worked with a co-HW?

    Nobody was going to be Bill Bell again, and even Alden had rough spots before she was forced out before. SSM isn’t anywhere near the writer that either of them was so of course she needed help, but who? The genre stopped growing talent and developing new people. Who would we even consider pairing with her that could bring it?
  9. Non-romantic Supercouples

    Guza came back. If I remember correctly, she kind of went away, then he used her for supporting for a bit then she was gone again.
  10. Vet let go at Y&R

    What is shocking to me is that he running the show like JFP usually runs a soap. Long term players out. Bland female lead. Rushed plots. Getting rid of actors and characters in controversial ways and still keeping her job. She was so unlike herself on the people management side when she was there. Mal is cut from the same cloth. Its like we ended up with Pratt and JFP as one person, but with even less talent.
  11. Plots You're Tired of on Soaps

    I also have grown to hate stories where complicated women are raped and then become saints once the story is told. It trivializes complicated women, and trivializes rape. I wish in a town like Salem, where nearly every major female character has been raped, they would take that to the next level. If ever a show could present a take back the night event and have so much history and survivors present it would be DAYS.
  12. Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire

    The party that the entire town seems to be at, when a pivotal part of a major ongoing plot unravels and everyone is dressed to the nines. The best ones have movement on several major stories all at the same event, and characters that can’t get in or were not invited sneaking in or just outside but still part of the party. Also- a great umbrella storyline. One that really draws several corners of a show together. Knots Landing used to really do that well during their best seasons, like the Ciji murder or the Wolfbridge group story or the best one, Val’s babies.
  13. Thank you! It was Disney owned ABC and back then soaps had become very buttoned up and conservative.
  14. Does anyone else remember some risque photos of Teddy Sears (and possibly a couple of others from his time on OLTL) that made some noise back in the day? I think they were maybe even taken by one of their OLTL costars. I googled and didn’t see anything, but I’m almost positive this happened.
  15. Non-romantic Supercouples

    I also wanted Jax with Alexis. And I really liked V (talk about an actor making something out of nothing). I think Jax and V were charming.