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  1. What is really lacking on the show, especially with the Quartermaines, is a real classic schemer storyline. Someone like Lucy- sexy, selfish, social climber but not hardcore evil. Somebody should be after Michael’s money. The show is seriously lacking in fun plot stirring.
  2. Especially back in the day when it just aired once, no one had VCR’s, and they wiped the tapes. Look at AMC’s early years- lots written about it, but it’s also lost, so we will never know. And memory is tricky. When you have the same characters for decades, it can get harder to place when something happened. The Y&R transition to the Abbott’s was pretty recent as far as soaps go- but it’s not like we have a daily record we can actually see if every moment. It’s not that I don’t think soap fans have fantastic recall- it’s just human nature to have lapses of actual memory that your brain fills in. Not everyone is Marilou Henner! When thinking about this topic, I also liked seeing the minor characters all the time too. When a main character lived or worked at Kelly’s we saw Ruby several times a week. Same with Dr. Hardy and Jessie if the hospital was hopping. I liked seeing those folks all the time too!
  3. Anyone would be better as Austin than Roger. Franco/Liz stans want Franco. People still post about Todd. Nobody seems to want him as Austin., and casting him cuts the character off at the knees. It’s going to go nowhere because of Frank wanting his friend to be there.
  4. Well when has soap law ever been close to the real thing? Only if the plot calls for it!
  5. Doesn’t Luke bring Laura flowers after the rape? She is still in the hospital. I think it was pretty clear as early as that moment the show wanted Luke to be seen as tortured by what he had done to her. Even though he still acts awful towards her after that, I think the writing was already on the wall. I still find it disgusting that people would yell rape me to Tony at events.
  6. I wouldn’t say he doesn’t like it. But he also is not at all reverent to it. Which under strong creative teams can bring a show to new heights- look at what Lemay accomplished with AW, Monty with GH, and even Reilly with DAYS the longer he was there. Ron is not that talented though. He grew up a fan of the Monty era GH. That fandom was present in his writing- the good and the bad. He had a lot of history at OLTL- and as outlandish as he could be, you could still see his reverence. He didn’t have any emotional connection with DAYS when he took the job. He also is writing a show where he will never get any instant gratification from the audience, even trolling them, because of how far ahead the show is.
  7. I didn’t realize he had gotten married. When did this news come out? And JJ says he is willing to return to the show, they just haven’t brought him back. Which is a shame.
  8. Agree, and I’m not surprised. Someone was showing an interest in his character after a long stretch of being trapped in the same cycle of stories or no story. Of course he liked what Pratt was doing. Colleen Zenk on ATWT being a prime example- when Marland made her character go after Tom, she didn’t really agree with it. Cut to a decade plus after, and she loves Hogan for making Barbara a psychopath. A decade where she was not featured as prominently as she should have been, and now she was one of his main engines of story.
  9. The casting would make more sense if he was shooting something for school, not to be released like an actual film.
  10. Such a shame GL didn’t want to let him tell a story for Roger about having ALS. I think that would have been particularly powerful for Roger, and poignant and important for the audience and Zaslow.
  11. That FOJ list- do we count someone like Zaslow? He was on GL before she arrived and after. I know she brought him to OLTL for a very short term return but that was more for him due to his illness than a typical FOJ situation.
  12. About the letter- am I remembering correctly that Genie does not do a voice over for it? Tony says the words in the letter. I don’t remember where I saw it, but I recall Genie at some point saying she refused to do the voiceover of the letter because it glosses over the rape.
  13. I think that is the most iconic part of the wedding. His catch, Laura’s shocked face, and Luke jumping down to fight him. I read Geary said he misjudged the distance and almost broke his leg when he jumped.
  14. Even though I hate the rape part of their story for L&L, I think Kin actually gained a more fun character that always had the ability to generate story due to Marland not getting his way. Scotty was a blast after his heart was broken. Plus Laura got to go on all those adventures and I can’t imagine her without that life. Speaking of sharing lovers, these two were both involved with Scotty and Luke.
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