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  1. What a great clip! I absolutely lusted after him back then. By the time he was on DAYS I hated his guts. And he was still attractive. That’s what bad writing and forcing a character down our throats does to me. Same thing happened with Cameron Mathison on AMC- same type of writing made me hate him too.
  2. That 30th anniversary show really makes me miss John Beradino.
  3. I totally agree. As a matter of fact, when I watch whole episodes from before FOTH but during Riche, it does seem kind of strange. It was certainly perfect for what Labine’s team was writing once they arrived. She and ABC did a fantastic job with that intro. Retaining the ambulance, the opening notes. Even the added patches didn’t show for a long time. I especially will always love Lucy’s eyebrow raising, Luke & Laura’s section, the medical scene at the beginning, Puerto Rico, and of course the ending with Felicia’s changing hairstyles followed by Mac’s never changing shot/turtleneck. I remember thinking when Frank and Ron’s intro started why didn’t they just go back to the ambulance and hospital and OG theme? And the one they use now is just amateurish beyond belief.
  4. That speeding ambulance and original theme is still way more exciting than any opening they have had since. And I loved Faces of the Heart. But the old open was just more exciting. And easy to make a quick version. They should have just updated that one in recent years. Modern instrumentation, an ambulance with sirens going, a shot of the hospital and logo, and quick cut to black and back into the show. Maybe 15 to 20 seconds and pumped with energy. Although it would be leading in to a show that is often lacking in energy.
  5. Especially when anyone that knows him knows he is not known for being budget minded. Was he the one that had that baseball set built for Shane Lewis? I know I was really enjoying the show, and then all of a sudden Matt Bomer is a maniac and Marty West is being forced down our throats.
  6. I never considered them the three days a week crowd though. When you watched back then people like Kim, Shane, Bo, Roman, Steve and Kayla were on 3 to 4 times a week. Every week. I’m not saying the characters you pointed out were not popular and driving story. I just never thought of them as the “A” story group of characters. Eve and Nick certainly got there though, there was a period of time I though Nick was also always on screen. I loved Mike Horton back then but he never got the play of Bo Brady. That was also part of the balance problem back then. I can remember thinking Steve and Kayla in particular were always on screen.
  7. I agree that you can’t blame Marlena for what happened to the Hortons. If you watched the show in like 1987-1990, she wasn’t even there. Jennifer Horton was the lead for her age range, and Mike Horton was given a b story or two, same with Melissa. We saw plenty of Alice and Tom, not as much of Mickey and Maggie. The Brady takeover is what did it. Everything was tied to them. Bo, Roman, Kim, Kayla, and you a lesser degree Caroline and Shawn. I enjoyed all those characters. But in hindsight they did disrupt the balance of the show.
  8. Something from another thread reminded me of Bill Bell once saying he would love to just recast and restart the original Y&R all over again. Just update the scripts for contemporary pacing and language. I remember this from after he had left the show as hands on HW. That he felt it would still work, the show was that strong. What a fascinating idea if he had pulled it off. Also- he really loved the first version of this show. It is pretty clear in everything I have read that he was very proud of the show as it existed when he left, but he loved the original version.
  9. Alexis is an interesting case. She was rudderless at first, saved by NLG’s acting abilities turning nothing into something and her ability to generate chemistry with pretty much everyone she was with- Luke, Nikolas, Stefan, Ned, Helena, Jax. I also enjoyed her with Sonny, mostly because I knew it was not going to last. I loved when she and Luke would plot against the other Cassadines/Helena. There have also been whole periods of time on the show when I felt they were basically ignoring her.
  10. There was a lot to like. Grant Putnam kidnapping Anna was a highlight, and the Jerome stories continued after Monty left, with added stakes and danger. I also remember enjoying seeing The Hardy family being utilized again. Alan and Lucy was a fun run of stories for the Q’s. Tracy returned, Ned arrived for Edward to manipulate and groom. I enjoyed a lot of that period. Even Casey the Alien gave us Faison, and a fascinating look at Anna’s time as a DVX Agent. Monty’s return did look great. She is an excellent producer and director. It was just a misfire of forced characters and fan favorites being sidelined. By the time her year was up a lot of that had been rectified, but it was too late. But I enjoyed Jenny, Paul, Mac and Julia Barrett who all arrived at that time. I also enjoyed a lot from the time before Labine after Riche took over. Brenda/Jason/Karen/Jagger being the highlight for me.
  11. From what I can recall, SB was against any romantic storyline at that time except Robin. He did comment in interviews that Jason would never truly fall for Carly because she couldn’t be trusted and acted too impulsively. I know that several kisses were scripted over the period of time between her being with AJ and then Sonny, and they really only kissed like one time. And then again when the PC Hotel was on fire and TB was in the role. I always kind of assumed he thought Jason needed to be with a “good” girl. Robin. Liz (when Lucky was dead). Also- was there ever a plan to really pair Liz and Jason? Again, it seems like at times they were going in that direction only to have it stop. Also GH- Luke’s big last story was not originally DID. It was Bill Eckert. But Ron wanted to twist instead of have it make sense.
  12. I remember reading somewhere that turning her into Holly and Roger’s daughter happened after the fact. By Curlee maybe?
  13. With Brenda there would have been so much more emotional investment. I wonder if they would have had the miscarriage or let her have Sonny’s baby? Jason had already been saddled with one kid that was not his to raise. Also another intention that never happened- Guza clearly wrote Jason and Carly as a couple. And even back then, I watched Steve try to play against it. But it would bubble up as a place of contention between the three during sweeps. I always thought it was because of Sarah and not necessarily the character.
  14. Yeah all this was after Guza left for Sunset Beach. The GH writing team and new HW Culliton used the outlines they had which got the show about 5 or 6 months of story after he was gone. Then Culliton had one issue after another. Genie went on maternity leave and didn’t want to return Because the writing had declined so much and she wanted to be with her kids. Geary and Culliton fought over where the story was going. Robin went away to college, KM only appearing during breaks, disrupting her andJason’s story, Maurice Bernard quit. Riche was distracted launching PC. The show had about a year and half of terrible stories and dropped characters and plots. The only thing I remember starting with Guza and him having a hand in finishing it after he returned was Carly’s reveal as Bobbie’s daughter. The rest of his OG plots all dissolved. What strikes me all this time later is how much of what was so good during that time came from other stories and he just adapted them. Genie Francis wanted to have a secret and tie it to her missing years (Nikolas). The bone marrow story had been one of the rejected ideas to bring Luke & Laura back to town (which was deemed not big enough/enter Frank Smith part 2). Jason’s accident and Carly and Jax were set up by Labine. I’m not saying he wasn’t talented, but he got that show at the exact right time.
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