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  1. I mean- imagine if Sami’s son had stolen her man, even if for just an affair. That is a spin on an old soap staple, and would have made it fresh and interesting! And what if they all made peace, but a year or two later they clear a desk John and Marlena style, and Gabi is the one that saw them? So much good history to be played with there!
  2. The thread about rumored/potential queer characters has me thinking about the stories soaps do not even attempt anymore due to fear. The amount of storytelling opportunities that would be presented by investing in diversity would have helped all these shows, which are stuck in ruts because they try for the most generic product possible. It is remarkable to think that on every other platform to consume media we have now- broadcast, streaming, web based, etc- a story as nuanced as Karen Wolek’s foray into sex work would never be told on daytime today. Her self esteem issues, the blackmail, the desire for money and to feel important, the shame and guilt, her friendship with Viki, the strength of not being broken by her exposure in such a public way, the unsuitability of suburban life. Every body else would die to tell stories like that with that talent. But not daytime anymore. How many times have tptb backed off of an interracial relationship? When instead, they could have written deep storylines where these characters face the same issues they face in real life!
  3. Did one of those Ford brothers do porn, or have pornographic past? I think another interesting idea to explore is the gay-for-pay thing in porn. Especially if they had characters with economic issues and we saw a full picture of that playing out, trying to keep it a secret, people finding out, etc. You know, the kinds of risky but interesting character based material soaps used to do. I also forgot about EJ and Will. And yes, there was chemistry, and it did seem like CM was into playing the subtext of it. As a matter of fact, it reminds me of how good I used to find him as Will. And I bet they would have gotten enough attention that they had more viewers, not less once all was said and done.
  4. Apparently, poor Sam was a literal Brenda replacement. That was the plot Guza/Pratt intended for Vanessa that had to be retrofitted when she, ABC, and JFP could not come to terms to extend her original return. Brenda and Jason were going to be paired under the same circumstances. They just stalled it a bit to establish a ridiculous backstory for Sam that has not really been utilized in forever.
  5. How awful. If anyone deserved the right to burn that house down in character it was Luke. Especially if he did it after Laura was catatonic. Not that I wanted to see it. I really wish Guza’s style on this show wasn’t always designed to break all the toys all the time. We got some absolute good drama out of a lot of it, but at what cost to the foundation of the show.
  6. Thanks @Dion I loved that set. I loved when Laura first saw it, and the history that introduced the Ward family. I miss that set, the brownstone, Robert’s first house with the floating staircase. I think a lot of the current home sets are pretty great, they just don’t have a community connection or feel. Although I am glad everyone doesn’t live above Kelly’s anymore. For a period of time there everyone was in one of those two rooms!
  7. I remember thinking Kevin and that cop on Y&R should have been a couple too. I mean if I have to watch Kevin, it might as well be doing something he was clearly in to. So many times the heat is just ignored on these shows for the same bland stuff, or to prop up pets (Franco and Liz I am talking to you). I think Paul being gay on DAYS was the last time my wish actually came true.
  8. GH- Michael and Chase for sure. They have more chemistry together than I have ever seen from Chad in another pairing. DAYS- Will and Chad (OG versions) were constantly flirting in scenes. These shows need more bisexual characters- An easy and great way to add a new dynamics to triangle storytelling. I think @Soapsuds mentioned ATWT’s Holden and Dusty. That would have been hot. And again, a great spin of classic soap storytelling if one of these shows did that now. The rich son and the stable boy.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to Laura’s house? The one from the 90’s to mid 2000’s? I dropped out from the show quite a bit during the later Guza years. I remember it got a facelift with brighter colors before Genie quit in 2002, was still around when Laura woke up from her catatonic state, and then I have no memory of it.
  10. Well they do get use out of the permanent hospital set. Everybody is always walking around the hallways or sitting on that bench. 😆 It was the one thing JFP did that I loved. I thought the new main hospital set during Riche’s last few years was ugly and boring. Just a big square room. The old hub may have been outdated, but it created visual interest by having people walk around it, filming people coming around the other side, etc. JFP’s set brought back dynamic angles and filming possibilities. Not that they use them very often, but it does look like a great set still. I wonder about that too. Not just the vets. Guza and his team did create/utilize many great characters over their time on the show, but outside of people like Patrick or Lulu, I can’t think of any new ones that are not directly in the Sonny orbit that they maintained focus on. Even a character like Carly was wasted.
  11. I was just going to point out the same two pairings- Laura/Kevin makes no sense to me, and Liz and Franco is just gross. I have to add LW’s Carly and Sonny. It felt after Kate died and Carly had recently broken it off with Todd that they just kind of shrugged and put them back together, and there is no heat there at all.
  12. It did feel that way! There was a period of time I thought Sami Brady was the only lead character on DAYS, and Dante was a close second. They were just always on!
  13. I forgot about Carly. Steve had to play angry at Sonny hooking up with Carly when he had actively fought against the pairing for years.
  14. I remember thinking they were building to another Jason is angry with Sonny storyline. He had lots of scenes about Michael ending up in prison, mad at himself for letting Sonny raise Michael, couldn’t be with Liz or his own kid, angry with Sonny’s choices in regards to Claudia. I remember a scene with Carly and Jason where they went just shy of condemning Sonny when Michael was going to jail. The only other time it got close to bad between them that I can remember is when Sonny and Emily were together.
  15. @carolineg I agree. There was too much Dante. And while I think Guza’s team was at least having the characters address Sonny more in a realistic way, it was never far enough or with lasting consequences. It was nice to see though. Guza really stacks a deck when he wants a character to work- Dante is Sonny’s son, has family immediately with Olivia, paired with Lulu Spencer, shared a past with Brenda. Always all in on his pets.
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