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  1. I agree so much. Glee might not have been for everyone, and it was wildly uneven, but there is an entire generation of kids that watched this show and either were gay or learned empathy towards characters and were able to be open about it. Even in troubling areas. I read somewhere that at one point during the show, might have been a GLAAD media report, that the show was responsible for an explosion of gay/straight alliance programs at public schools across the country. That kind of visibility means something. Even if it was not always the right kind of visibility.
  2. This is so much the truth. It’s almost comical how little character there is left in daytime, as opposed to a caricature of humans.
  3. According to her Bell had kind of decided to focus on other characters for a bit, which is why her contract lapsing wasn’t such a big deal to any of them when ABC swooped in with an offer she couldn’t refuse. They were focused on launching Y&R and he was giving other characters play after having used Susan so heavily for years. Doesn’t mean it didn’t piss him off though. Obviously she was the character because after Alexander leaves she is no longer as major a character.
  4. It sounds riveting. I really wish we could see this. I would also love to see her early work on GH. I’ve seen a lot of her once Monty arrived, but not nearly enough from before. It’s pretty clear from the synopsis I have read that Bell loved writing for her. I wonder why she never ended up on another one of his shows?
  5. It’s a real shame they didn’t give Serena a real chance and Carly Schroeder a contract. She’s a solid actress and as Vee said, beautiful. It was a chance to have a younger lead female with history and a personality, something severely lacking in the recast Kiki, Willow, and Sasha.
  6. She was pretty neglected after Rex died until Alden reinvested in Jill/Kay.
  7. I loved Wendy, but something needed to change. Guza had been fired, and the show was not in great shape by that point due to his stories and treatment of the characters, some poor casting decisions, and star power having left the show. I think had she been able to lure a great HW to the show she might have been able to recharge and get the show back on track. Running PC and GH at the same time was a mistake, and both shows suffered for it. The same thing had happened with Labine, after Stone became the only story and then died, it took the wind out of the show’s sails. But I do
  8. I remember thinking it did get better when she got there, but then I stopped watching it again. I absolutely loved the period written by Karen Harris and Barbara Bloom.
  9. A lot of the points raised in this post are why actual representation matters. If you had several LGBTQ characters you are not as locked into one type of person being the only kind presented. If OLTL had done the serial killer storyline while Kyle and Fish were a couple, it would not have been nearly as egregious as it was. Greg Rikaart’s character on DAYS was a fun change of pace from Will, Sonny, and Paul because he got to be awful. Fear is what has been killing soaps for decades- the audience is both leading and being ignored by tptb, which has created a strange paradigm wher
  10. I have my doubts. DAYS absolutely chose the right character in Will Horton. Sami was the lead character. He was tied to important history on the show and to the major families. Marlena was used exactly as she should have been, his supporting grandmother. It all really fit well and wasn’t easy to just wipe away. On GH, we have Kristina, also tied to a major family but a character they don’t really invest in all that much. I think Morgan being both gay and bipolar like his father and interested in the family business would have given a gay male character tons of potential, espe
  11. During the JFP/Guza era, I considered Alexis a lead. She has been on and off with Valentini at the helm. To Nancy’s credit, she has been given a lot of clunker stories in the last 25 years, and managed to bring a character to life that was barely a sketch and was mostly defined by her, not the writing. And when she is allowed to be Alexis- witty, deadpan, smart, exasperated and playing off good scene partners she is still fun to watch. But morose for years on end is just a waste of what she brings to the show.
  12. I would not mind him as Lucky! And this would be the perfect time to bring that character back to the show.
  13. Well, I did like Ryan at first. Maybe he won’t be shoved down my throat again. isn’t this cast kind of bloated already though, especially in his age range?
  14. This entire exchange just illustrates how badly these shows needed new blood behind the scenes, modern storytelling and sensibilities long ago. Because redeeming a man that participated in a gang rape, and also then tries to kill people seems incredibly ridiculous now. Even before MeToo, it’s just laughably bad. And I watched this as it was airing, and liked Todd as an antagonist. Him becoming a Lord was crazy, and by the time Trevor was there he was a full romantic lead which was not great. At least Roger used to annoy tptb by fighting romantic storylines and scenes. When you
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