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  1. September GH Thread

    OMG. Lol.
  2. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    I loved every ridiculous second of that one. It's still my favorite of Reilly's outlandish DAYS plots.
  3. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    She was a whole lot more fun as Lucy's aunt in GH. I think she was an aunt. Or cousin. She was great on GH.
  4. September GH Thread

    Lol I'm not currently watching the show. Who is snaggletoof?
  5. 2017: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Her brief tenure at Port Charles was excellent. Hire Karen Harris to work with her and the show has a chance. I wonder if Shelly's projections are looking as boring to TPTB as they are to me. She's here to replace Shelly, or Frank. Both should be a little nervous.
  6. DAYS: Happy 4000 Episodes, Kristian Alfonso!

    She is my favorite DAYS character. I hope we see some scenes between her, Julie, and Doug this year. It's a family dynamic I loved and miss seeing. Its been hard to root for Hope for a long time. I hope we can get back to her true self.
  7. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Lol. Did the show never address it? Other than the original Annie story, not a single Reva story from that era was good it seems.
  8. Days actor returns

    I don't know all the history, but it seems like Tomlin had little use for him. He was kind of like Sami's Don Craig. Once people took to her and EJ, or her and Rafe, there was no room for Lucas. Kind of like Wayne's Roman and Marlena. Goodbye Don. I do remember when he was gone Lumi fans particularly despised her pairing with EJ.
  9. Days actor returns

    As a viewer, I really regret TPTB removing Lucas as a primary character. Sami could have moved on without removing Lucas. I'm glad to see Ron is using him, even though I'm not watching and won't probably check the show out until Will really returns. I've been burned by shitty DAYS one time too many.
  10. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    And Cricket's was especially brutal for the time if I remember correctly.
  11. With boring Shelly at GH, I expect DAYS to take them within the year. Ron has a show with fan favorites front and center and returning characters that drive story. Shelly has Steve Burton. That isn't enough.
  12. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    I would consider that rape. Did she ever have sex with Stefano while she was Gina? Also Kayla, Jennifer, Sami and Adrienne, and Kim remembering she had been molested in a 10 year span of stories. And I may have missed one. And two of those rapists were allowed to stay on the show and became romantic leads, in Jack and Lawrence.
  13. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    But so many have. After she learned her lesson with Laura, I can't think of another rape storyline Monty told on GH, and for the 1980s that show didn't continually tell that story. I don't remember Felicia, Anna, Lucy or really anyone being raped when other soaps were having nearly all the women raped, and more often than not, their rapist staying on the show. Santa Barbara and DAYS come to mind immediately. Mine is that so few characters work anymore or have storylines involving their jobs at all. I want to see doctors and nurses at GH, teens working at Kelly's, people at ELQ, etc.
  14. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    GH- Luke has that tired old trope DID. ATWT- the Spa. DAYS- Carrie and Austin pin John down to ask what the hell is going on with Marlena, he tells them she is possessed. We come back from commercial, Carrie tells Austin she hopes they can save Marlena (John's gone), and then in her next breath asks what are they going to do about Sami. The near dead possessed Marlena being left with Caroline Brady repeatedly, who ran a fish market and a pub. Not Mike, who kept shocking Marlena back to life. AMC- Libidizone cruise.
  15. Bold and Beautiful performer exits

    He's the kind of tall, generic, attractive white male actor that will have no problem booking until he is replaced in his age bracket by more of the same. This type of actor will always have a job as long as Hallmark is still around.