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  1. Classic GH Thread

    All this talk about the Riche era has me watching YouTube and bawling my eyes out. I don’t think any story has moved me as much as Stone’s did. I like Lucy best when she is just shady enough. Early Labine was great. The schemes with Damien, fighting with Katherine, the pain over what the bet cost Bobbie and Tony. Missing Serena. They went a little too far with her once she completely changed into a better person for Kevin. This is an iconic scene because of Lois and Katherine, but I also love Lucy and Ned. “She’s all yours pal!”
  2. 2018 Daytime Emmy Nominations

    Not that this matters anymore with only four shows and nobody cares...I still think to be nominated for lead on a show your episode count has to be in the top 10 or 15 on your show for the year. That means no leads masquerading as supporting anymore and no show supporting nominating someone they don’t use. I love James Reynolds, but he is not the lead actor on his show. Not even the lead actor in stories involving his character this year. Nice to see the supporting category has people like Susan Seaforth Hayes, Wally Kurth, and Marla Adams. All are actual supporting players on their shows, although Marla was used way more.
  3. Classic GH Thread

    I do agree that the story was written for Lucky and Luke and involved Liz and Laura. To me the Luke side of it wasn’t a burden, it was that he never felt that he deserved his “angel”, and that he had been found out about just how awful he was. He was shedding his attempt at being the best version of himself, which he did for his love of Laura. When Lucky found out, it brought back all his shame and his attempt at not being the person who has done this for a huge part of his life was destroyed. But it was pretty much only about him, not Laura. It was about breaking him down. If they had even tried to give Laura a point of view, it would have been incredible to revisit this. Instead I was let down once we got to the actual confrontations between the three characters. I thought Lucky was his most spoiled during this story, and kind of hated him when he was with anyone but Liz. Laura never got to truly explain what happened to her to him in a way that was appropriate and the depth of her feelings for Luke then and now. We just got nasty Lucky. I did love her telling him he didn’t own her, and that she had a life before him and separate from him that was hers. But that was one episode. Then it was walking on eggshells for a long time between the three characters. Oh Guza. His entire writing style is deconstruction. The problem is he never builds it back up. But I would watch that year again daily over anything happening on the show now.
  4. Classic GH Thread

    I will give her credit though. She learned from that mistake and during her run no other female character was raped. Which was better than another one falling in love with their rapist. I think rape is an important story, especially on shows with such high female viewerships. The stories should reflect what is going on. But soaps have a tendency to sensationalize it and make it a plot for a couple to overcome. DAYS I’m looking at you here. And though I did not watch it, Santa Barbara seems to have been particularly rape crazy for a show that aired for just a decade. Monty would never have revisited that story. She also would not have divorced Luke and Laura. She described her own style as a mix of Hitchcock and Capra. So thrills but also a sense of right and wrong that was close to black and white.
  5. Classic GH Thread

    She was truly robbed the year of the fire. I will never forget Luke telling her on the docks, then going to identify Lucky, and lashing out at Luke and Sonny and Jason. Not to mention the week after leading to his funeral. I remember even soap stars from other networks saying how her performance was truly overlooked. Her grief just seemed so real.
  6. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    During Dena and Tomlin their scripts kept the show from being unwatchable.
  7. Classic GH Thread

    And I felt that was kind of sacrilege. I think they broke them piece by piece in a way that I could get behind as long as the end result was to build them back up together. Instead it became pretty clear they just kind of gave up on her character. Luke was still off being Luke and Laura was crying all the time about Lucky. Nikolas, and revealing Laura having a kind of love for Stefan on the island and then Lucky learning about the rape and the fire were really good, character driven reasons for their relationship falling apart. But they should never have been divorced.
  8. Classic GH Thread

    There were times when I thought they went too far with Laura in that direction. She could be dangerous, impulsive and reckless just like Luke, and they tried to make her a little too domestic. But at least we saw her growing more anxious with the mob. Lucky was shot, she was kidnapped and shoved down the stairs while pregnant with Lulu, her house was shot up and she killed a man to save Luke all in like a year. It annoyed me as time went on and it became Laura wants to bake cookies and Luke wants adventure. Which did neither character any justice. One thing I will absolutely give Labine- her Laura was both vulnerable but also incredibly strong. And Guza wrote her as a basket case. She had an emotional collapse when Nikolas arrived and had to be sedated. She almost killed herself on the train tracks after Lucky died. She went crazy when she thought she killed Rick. She was just a mess under Guza.
  9. Front burner to forgotten

    I didn’t watch the show back then, but I remember lots of people hated her, and the Coopers for taking over the show. Was she the first bland female star pushed by JFP?
  10. Front burner to forgotten

    Nathan Horton on DAYS. I liked the actor okay, even enjoyed Melanie then too. Rose and Joe Kelly- GH. What fan of the show from let’s say 1985 on would even know about them. And yet, he was involved with Heather, with Anne. Was a cop. And Rose ran Kelly’s before Ruby did.
  11. Classic GH Thread

    And yet he also did some of his best acting work under her production and teams. Nuanced, delicate work that later got bigger and bigger. As much as he hates it, that early family unit of Luke, Laura and Lucky was really great stuff.
  12. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    It’s not that a couple has to stay happy. But the cycle needs them to be happy for a little while at least to keep the viewers invested and to keep them from burning through 5 years of story in 2. Soaps used to know how to do this. Characters with full lives don’t have to constantly be in romantic jeapardy. Even during the super couple era on DAYS they balanced breaking up/ making up with adventure stories, mysteries, friendships, family dramas, careers, and also moving the relationships forward with children, etc. It is the writers fault if a happy couple is not still sexy and interesting.
  13. Classic GH Thread

    Better than Valentini. Truly. Also, all the stories will have emotional stakes. She was very big on even a big action story having an emotional grounding. The problem is, who writes it for her? Because she can turn excellent writing into a great show (Labine, most of Guza), and mediocre writing into something at least watchable (Levinson and most of Culliton). Sadly, Korte and Val Jean’s brief tenure was boring af, and Whitesell and Iacobuzio and an entire year of Guza was nearly unwatchable. I was so excited when there were rumors she was possibly going to ATWT and again Y&R years ago. I think she would have been a good fit at ATWT.
  14. DAYS Actress back again

    What? Did she have a miscarriage? I guess I also thought it was a scare. And totally ridiculous.
  15. DAYS Actress back again

    I think Hope is well beyond the baby stage of her life.