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  1. What tptb forget is that during Reilly’s first stint, all the outlandish stuff was rooted in romance, which had been the foundation of this show since the 1980’s. Every crazy story was written around a love triangle or quad, or a family dynamic gone wrong (Vivian/Carly, Sami/Carrie). And he paced everything almost like a Bell soap, certainly like a more traditional soap. Marlena possessed was ultimately about Stefano’s obsession with her, her family issues, and her love of John. All very relatable soap stories. Even Kate/Victor/Vivian was a triangle of sorts. Carly buried alive was about Vivian hating her due to her family. I am not saying I loved all his work. But since his first stint, the outlandish has little to no foundation except crazy. And Ron without limits is just a cartoon.
  2. I agree. I loved Labine, but she was out of gas after Stone died. And I was still faithfully watching, but the show was so Stone centric (and rightly so, it was a magnificent, beautiful and heartbreaking story) that when he died the show was just sad. They didn’t even get Brenda and Sonny back together after or before he died. A huge set of the characters was just miserable. Things did perk up just before Labine left, and Guza ran with stories like Jason’s accident and the arrivals of Jax and Carly. I would not want that first Guza HW stint to go away. But Curlee could have easily taken his place once Richard Culliton ran out of Guza’s projections and the show fell apart. That dumb jeweled egg. Maybe Curlee could have convinced Beverlee to come out of retirement and play a real character on GH.
  3. Is that some shade towards JFP? He doesn’t come to her defense per say. Also cool to see him praise Riche. I think a Curlee/Riche team would have been fantastic. As much as I loved Guza’s first tenure as HW, I grew disenfranchised with his deconstructive storytelling style, and then just grew to hate it. Now I am happily imagining Curlee and Demorest taking over instead of Bob coming back when he did for round 2.
  4. As an empathic person, I am more like a Laura that wears their heart on their sleeve than a villain (although I am not as much of a basket case as she often is). Maybe the poor to middle class person who always manages to marry into the wealthy family in town. And both hates and loves them. Eleni- GL, Lois- GH, etc. My dream is Abby from Knots Landing- cunning, sexy, and not quite as horrible as the major villain. Just out to get what is hers, even if she has to steal it or your husband to do it.
  5. I’m shocked at this return. I truly thought we would never see her again. I would be less surprised to see Tony again than her. I will tune in for sure for Tracy.
  6. She always needed something to be striving for and the chance at getting caught in whatever under handed means she employed to get to her goal. Gary, Apaloon, Lotus Point, etc. I think once the affair with Gary starts through Peter’s death was a near perfect run of stories for Abby. The show as well, but Abby really starts to meander after that.
  7. What I remember is just how it all felt kind of rushed, especially for Y&R. That was a pretty quick set up relationship and wedding for Bill Bell and such major characters. Not just Nikki but Victor and Diane too. I got the sense that he wanted to shake things up and prolong the inevitable with them reuniting. Then it seemed like Bell wanted to retire with a bang, and the climax was sped up. It still took almost two years, but it seemed faster because normally that would have been three or four years lol.
  8. How mad could she get? She married his dad, and didn’t she have a relationship with Billy too? Did Josh have a relationship with her other sister? These people haven’t met a relative they would not [!@#$%^&*]. I agree. Her Billie wasn’t suited for those stories. I don’t know. For me, even Jenny would have been out of place by the time we get to heaven, the old west, eterna, and the overall high action, super couple, glamour and wealthy trappings of his middle to late periods as EP. The salt of the earth type characters suffered. Even with everything that happened to her, Karen Wolek seemed like a real human being. The grit, the mistakes and her suffering through them. Her selfish choices. Her love of Jenny and Larry and her complicated relationship with Marco. But the Luke of Marland and Falken Smith had a telekinetic sword fight after they were gone, and Labine was able to reestablish him as less of a cartoon.
  9. I was watching an old interview with Judith Light, talking about Karen Wolek, and I started imagining if she had stayed on OLTL. And I just could not see her and that character on a OLTL that goes to Eterna. I know she was part of a mind control story, but still. As much as we wish these actors had stayed at the time, where would they fit? Where does Karen fit on what Rauch would turn OLTL into? It’s hard to imagine OLTL in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s without her, and yet, she’s out of place (in my mind) in the Gabrielle/Tina years. I also can’t imagine Sarah Brown’s Carly with Ron Carlivati writing. All that camp would not suit her at all. Beverlee McKinsey saved herself from years of awful GL story (Rauch again). I would not wish her having to act out scenes with Lucy, and try to maintain some dignity when Reva’s clone is running around town. Even though I loved Labine on GH, I can’t imagine her writing Robert Scorpio. Anna I could see, but not Robert. Any other examples come to mind?
  10. I always knew when it was one of his scripts on GH. Everyone had a brain and a heart. I think his work is so well suited to characters like GL’s Ross, and people that do snappy well like Nancy Lee Grahn, Rick Hearst, etc.
  11. With Ashley gone, it makes since to me that Lauren would be used more as the token female vet that has ties to most of the canvas and has the potential for a business storyline. Plus with them using Tracy Abott more, there is natural history and a place for some feisty scenes. Really a waste.
  12. No doubt they do well in streaming. Isn’t Days either the highest stream on NBC.com or close to it? Again- I would watch the [!@#$%^&*] out of these soaps if they were streaming, even ones I never watched before. But they already have me! I’m watching GH at times now, and it is pretty near god awful. 😂
  13. It’s not free money. Even if they go the easiest route and just throw them up there (like Hulu did with Designing Women- not remastered at all, syndication opening etc), that still costs money to convert all those old shows before streaming was an option. Plus there is the issue with classic soaps and music clearances. And the talent. They have to pay everyone again (actors, writers, directors etc depending on their contracts), and if they somehow don’t, their unions will make sure they get compensation in another contract negotiation. That is all a labor of love for a product that we would buy, but how far beyond us would that go? And how many of us would pay for it? Just because I would be willing to watch GH from Monty’s arrival (before that lots of episodes are just lost) and pay for it (maybe even a monthly subscription up to $20,) doesn’t mean other people would or have the means. At least shows like DAYS and Y&R have every episode saved. ABC soaps are not so lucky. I’m sure there are huge eras of vintage GL and ATWT that are gone too. I wish they would stream old stuff too, but we as an audience (because of the crappy product they make now) are diminishing returns.
  14. I keep reading stuff from fans online saying this is GH’s fault, Frank’s fault, etc, and the show should hire him to give him the motivation to get better. Frank has a lot to be at fault for but this is not one of those things. This is not how addiction and recovery works. Yes, they need support to get better. But not enabling to stay a course that is not working. He needs lots of help that has nothing to do with job.
  15. I always assumed it was a classic Frank lowball offer that messed things up. He is talented and I loved him as Nikolas.
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