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  1. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Alex and Roger at the country club is epic in a way only soaps can do. Slow build, culminating in several stories coming together. The scenes with Alex confronting Mindy before, the actual Country Club scene with most of the major players in town, the scene outside on the balcony with Alex, Alan-Michael, Roger, Blake and Frank, and the next scenes with Alexandra and Roger are just incredible. She plays so many layers between all those scenes, and that voice!
  2. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Robin Strasser has spoken about that iconic scene in the past too. So many classic scenes are ether lost due to the nature of production at the time, or not available to anyone to view because of copyright and money to make them available. I am just thankful that some amazing people have added classics to the internet so I could see them again, or for the first time.
  3. titan1978

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine on GH is pretty iconic. Especially the curse at the wedding.
  4. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Real talk- the reason we never got Jason/Carly was that Steve Burton fought that pairing at every turn. At first he was waiting out Kimberly McCullough’s visits from school. Then when they broke them up and Robin was really gone, he played against romantic interest with Carly. I think Burton had actual chemistry with all three of the major Carly’s, and I think Sonny has not always had romantic chemistry with Laura Wright. Until Sam came along, I was pretty sure he wanted to be paired with Liz. It was the only time outside of Robin I saw him come alive in a romantic storyline. Again, before Sam arrived, when she thought Lucky was dead. Maurice had a couple of duds by the time they paired him with Carly. I think he was probably active in getting that pairing because he wanted to act with someone great again. I love Vanessa Marcil. Love Brenda. But if she’s not willing to sign at least a two year contract, I do not wish to see her return again. Her first return was so successful, but the show was a mess while they scrambled to reset after she left. And the second time it was 60% of her return was a story she hated and fought against, and had so many weird missteps. The whole Dante/Brenda thing was a mess. The kid- a mess and a waste. That should have been Jax’s kid. The Balkan was a fine idea but it was executed stupidly.
  5. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    I have always felt she goes for the emotional core of her scenes, and Tony sometimes (or a lot of the time depending on the writing) goes big. I never felt like Genie played Laura as anything but grounded. I loved Luke back in the day, and didn’t necessarily have to watch them as a duo. They worked just fine for me apart. But together and written equally they really did do stellar work. Action stories or emotional heartbreak. They played it all really well.
  6. titan1978

    Classic GH Thread

    The only things I remember is that she had to leave everything behind, because she was terrified of Helena. The one time she went to get Nikolas, the Cassadines killed her mother (retcon), and she decided to move on for not only her and Luke’s safety, but also Nikolas. Also was that marriage even valid since she was obviously still married to Luke? He did not died in the snow accident the Cassadines used to convince her to stop fighting and give in to Stavros. Adding Stefan to that Cassadine kidnapping story really helps make it more palatable, because without that relationship it’s really a very tragic story for Laura. We did learn that Luke somehow had some or all of the Ice Princess diamond and was selling it off by piece to fund his adventures.
  7. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    I love Kristina Wagner and Felicia. But she has never really had an edge, and Luke needs that to bounce off of. That tragedy, even as an undertone is where Geary does his best work. They just were not good couple material. That absolutely did happen. I even recall when she lost a few pounds, maybe 10 to 15 after the Lucky fire story and all of a sudden they bought her some stylish new clothes and had her hair styled more sexy and she got new show publicity photos. She was back in their good graces for losing a little bit of weight. She looks great right now, and she seems to be happier. As bad as the show is her character is being used better than she has since the Nikolas backstory was created. Laura is the only woman I thought Stefan had any chemistry with.
  8. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    I used to see some chemistry between Laura and Sonny, Mac, and oddly Tony. None really with Roy, but at the time I felt he was really not doing his best work while on GH. Waste of a good actor. Genie has a great scene with Roy where Felicia is there and leaves, and Laura just unloads about her. Once her pairing with Stefan was done, the show should have just started over for her. New situations, new romantic pairing. Lucky’s death really did a number on Laura. The show let her character grieve like Laura would have, but it was all she did for almost a year.
  9. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    You are correct.
  10. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    That two Macs story was atrocious. Miranda was Guza’s character, and from what I remember reading back then, Alexis ultimately got Miranda’s backstory. That two month period before Guza’s official return was so crazy. Luke delivers Alexis’ entire backstory in one episode without real buildup, the two Macs starts, and several other pieces are being put into place or ended so he can basically have a season premiere of just where he wants the stories to go. He was clearly already working on the show before his credits start. If I remember correctly, he was credited as a consultant on Port Charles before his credit started back at GH. I liked V!
  11. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    My personal favorite mob shootout on the show. So much came together, and the cliffhanger version when the shots start while Laura is singing the lullaby is just great production for a soap. Those two also did the stupid revisit of the Aztec stuff with Felicia, only to have Guza wrap it up when he was ghost writing the show before his official return when Nikolas was shot outside Luke’s.
  12. titan1978

    Best US Soap Scenes

    The show had been such a mess that when Guza came back (with Pratt) I was excited. And the Laura story did start out well, even if I was terrified that Rick was going to be revealed to have molested her. The hospital takeover was a good idea, and you could see where that story went off the rails when JFP and Genie came to blows over her wanting to take the same vacation Tony was taking that summer. I hate what they did to Rick. But I also think Genie and Tony excel at that emotional material that cuts into deep issues, so I wish she hadn’t left and we could have seen whatever the original story was play out. Guza was really on fire when Brenda came back, then it was good but messy soap until we got to the contagion/Scrubs/Metro Court era for me. I ate that era up. After the fallout of Alan dying though, the good writing was overshadowed by the destruction of the core of the show, and I slowly stopped watching.
  13. titan1978

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Jesus Passions was so stupid.
  14. titan1978

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    What she should be is a sinister member/matriarch of a new group of characters. No past strip mining. No winks to the audience. The Dimeras are done at this point. We need some new danger.
  15. titan1978

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    As VR has been saying forever- there has to be diversity behind the scenes and interest for these things to truly change. While Bill Bell did not lead a diverse writing staff, he knew a hit when he saw it, was interested in those characters and allowed the talent to have input, even in something so basic as allowing them to interpret the scripts instead of just saying exactly the words written. The things that would save these soaps have always included more diverse storytelling. The fact that women are written so badly and all people of color are so horribly represented in these soaps is part of the death of the genre. Think about these shows in the 1990’s. It’s appaling. They haven’t done so well by LGBTQ characters either. But a huge difference is that they have those people represented in staff at all levels, and it just isn’t the same with people of color.