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  1. Ron Carlivati will have no problem keeping him on the show. He’s justified some terrible behavior on all his shows. On this show even. Ben was still a serial killer, correct?
  2. I think if Sonny is still going to be on the show, then they need to play this aspect of his life. So bring on the mob wars. I also am tired of Sonny. But two or three years of him in domestic storylines, new baby, family illness, a christening for crying out loud! Carly and Sonny should not be the tentpole couple and family on the show. They can be leads. But these stories do not suit them. Not showing his violent life affecting them is and was a mistake.
  3. It would have been more believable for her to dive in to protect someone else. Or better yet, not get shot and get her hands on a gun of a downed person and fire back. She doesn’t have to be Anna, but she can handle herself. She held Cassadine goons with a machine gun when she was 19/20! Speaking of Spencer, did it ever come out what he did during the election?
  4. I feel vindicated reading the last couple of pages and all the mentions of how dour Simon is as Ed. I’ve been watching a lot of the classic early 1990’s stuff this week, and he is really lifeless. I just keep thinking why would Holly, Maureen and Lilian want this drip? He’s dull and kind of a nasty passive aggressive jerk. Sanctimonious, smug, and boring all in one.
  5. I am sad for Judi Evans. And her fans. Justin and Adrienne were never the couple or characters I tuned in to see. I enjoyed them, but I didn’t miss them when they left. Did we ever get a real scene with the reunited Johnson family? Jack, Steve and Adrienne? That was a waste.
  6. I just watched the Blackout storyline on YouTube. What a great set of culminations and jumping off of new storylines. Lots of what if’s as I watch. What if Sherry Stringfield had stayed? Would Blake have kept her edge? Was there a possibility that Maureen and Roger could have had an affair or become a couple, especially if she had survived the accident? I do have to laugh that in these circumstances they managed to find a way to get Dylan’s shirt mostly off. If I were in charge in let’s say 1996 or so, I would have begged Kimberly Simms and Beverlee McKinsey to return to the show, and convinced Curlee to come back and bring the show back from the edge it was dangling/had slipped off of. Vincent Irrizary was so hot back then.
  7. I would absolutely love to see Flannery as Laura, Denise Alexander as Susan, etc. DAYS and Y&R have their entire library intact from what I have read over the years. GH would probably only give us Monty to today. They have such spotty access to things before 1979. This is an exciting possibility!
  8. That is what modern soap writers get wrong with these type of characters. They force the issue instead of letting characters have their own point of view and telling the story from all angles. Lead the audience but don’t be so blatantly transparent and desperate. The audience might root for the outsider (depending on the character of course), but making them the insider eliminates that feeling. It does for me anyway.
  9. From the matriarch and patriarch thread- what are some of your favorite characters that embody these formerly common soap characters archetypes? Also any others that were missed in @Neil Johnson’s post in that thread? I decided to add wrong side of the tracks character, and redeemed bad girl. I’m looking for your favorite, not an idea of the best or first or model. Which is yours favorite and why? Matriarch- Alice Horton DAYS I just loved Alice. She was feisty, involved without nagging, loving, and welcoming. Patriarch- Dr. Steve Hardy GH Not a traditional soap, the family home was the hospital. And Steve was the rock, the steady foundation. Wise older character- Ruby Anderson GH Again, not a traditional soap. But Ruby really was a loving safe place, especially for the younger characters in town. She wasn’t a pushover, she was tough love and could relate to everyone because of her past. Ingenue- Laura Webber GH Even when she was younger and wasn’t always an innocent, she had such an emotional innocence about her. Heart on her sleeve always. Prince Charming- Phillip Spaulding GL For the most part trying to be the best of his family. Long term bad-girl- Tracy Quartermaine GH Although kind of defanged in later years, at her core she acted always in her own interest. Redeemed bad girl- Brenda Barrett GH I had watched GH since I was a kid thanks to my family, but I was a young teen when the Karen/Brenda/Jagger/Jason stuff started, and I was really hooked then! Brenda wasn’t as bad as some bad girls, but she was selfish, manipulative, mean, sexual, and also vulnerable and needy and lonely. Long term realistic villain- Roger Thorpe GL Hall of mirrors was over the top, but most of his time doing evil and selfish deeds was realistic, and compelling. Larger than life supervillain- James Stenbeck ATWT For all the love I have for Stefano, James still seemed dangerous when Stefano seemed like a cartoon. Meddling character- Phoebe Wallingford AMC Did anyone wring their hands more or have more fun meddling than Phoebe? Wrong side of the tracks- Nina Webster Y&R Nina was such a great, grounded character. And she is almost a double archetype- wrong side of the tracks that marries into the wealthy family in town! My personal favorite archetype is the wrong side of the tracks character.
  10. Yes! And the possibility that they also could have reunited again. The only real competition to John. I also think as an audience member, having a viable (Wayne’s) Roman gives John strength too. Something to prove, or react against. The depth of what he lost was more present when Roman was there too. John lost a family, his love again, his identity. Everything. Once Roman was gone, or back but played by a nonsense recast, John just existed as a version of the Roman he played. Roman Brady deserves better.
  11. If that is true about NBC that is crazy. And anyone running the show would not agree. Because she cost a fortune. Corday gave her all the money to return to the show, which was in real trouble at the time. I do not know what kind of contract she had by mid Reilly, but it had to be at least as good if not better after he had centered a huge portion of the show around her. I hate these network fools. I was a teen back then, and I was way more invested in Marlena and Bo and Hope than I was Sami/Carrie/Lucas/Austin. I enjoyed that quad too, but not as much as Bo and Hope.
  12. They still had to keep it pushing back then, just not to the degree they do now.
  13. And Days had Belle, GH had Emily and Georgie (although they did kill them both off), GL had Tammy, etc.
  14. Sabrina on GH was very similar to this type of character and the fans hated her. I get that some of these actors might have fought turning into the matriarch/patriarch. But look at DAYS. Alice and Tom are still in their shows top 20 episode counts of all time. Every regime used those characters until they passed away in real life. There should be room on a show today for similar parts. But times were different back then. In the 1980’s MTV and young people helped people like Tina Turner, Steve Winwood, Starship, Heart, etc have huge careers again while in their 40’s. I cannot imagine young people rallying behind something like this now. Partly because of inherent ageism, and partly because they are catered to in media like they were not back then.
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