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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. The further we get away from Terry Lester, the more I really just hate Bergman. I didn’t used to hate him, but I always felt his was a lesser Jack. When I watch clips of Lester now, especially early Abbot family scenes and scenes with Jill...he was just so good. Really charismatic.
  2. I really liked Kate as played by Megan Ward. She did have great hair. What happened to that character with the recast then storyline under Ron was just awful. Connie was perfect as exactly what she was to Kate- a source of embarrassment about where she came from vs where she was once she climbed to the top. No need for them to be separate personalities. Ugh. Then to do that again with Luke like two years later? Ugh. Luke. Of all people. Not in character at all to dissociate.
  3. Nothing on this show has ever been as all consuming as Guza and Phelps Sonny/Carly/Jason. At the height of Luke and Laura we had actual stories for the Quartermaines, Rick/Lesley, Diana’s murder and Jeff/Heather, etc that had nothing to do with Luke and Laura. Sure there were times they dominated and were the topic of the town, but not to the extent of Sonny. I do think the era of Anna/Robert/Frisco/Felicia came close. But even then there was still Lucy marrying Tony, Bobbie and Jake, Sean and Monica stealing the Q’s money, Tiffany and Sean falling in love, etc. Nothing revolving around the actual hospital of note, but still better than Sonny Hospital.
  4. GH- What if Bob Guza had not left GH when his co-creation, Sunset beach was picked up. So many of his great stories were de-railed. The return of Lesley. Nikolas. Miranda (who was supposed to have Alexis’ backstory), etc. The computer game Lucky was playing against Stefan that led nowhere. The faberge egg. All finished by Culliton and not well. When he came back they just moved on from all of this and started over. DAYS- What if Carly and Lawrence hadn’t left early in Reilly’s tenure. He gave her a fantastic story in buried alive, and made Vivian a true villain for her. Would there have been room for Hope with Carly there at that point? Would Marlena have been his focus for crazy since he had already had success with Carly buried alive? GL- What if Sherry Stringfield, Beverley McKinsey, Kimberly Simms, and Ellen Parker had not left? I think in less than two years that is a lot of front burner and important talent to walk out the door/be fired. And in true JFP fashion, replaced with the likes of Lucy. ATWT- What if Wendy Riche had taken over ATWT as was rumored a couple of times after ABC removed her from GH? I think she would have been a good fit on that show. Much better than when she was rumored for Y&R. What if Claire Labine had landed at AMC would have been awesome. Curlee at GH would also have been amazing.
  5. I always thought Courtney was Pratt, not Frons. Once Pratt was gone a lot of the show got better. The stories and characters made sense again, even if Guza couldn’t stop the Sonny propping, which got worse from that point on. I also remember when it seemed like the focus shifted from Sonny to Jason. There were a couple of years there (Sonny/Emily) where it seemed like they might actually make them enemies. All of a sudden Jason was the name every character said all the time, not Sonny.
  6. I agree that most of the time the fan view of vindictive firings is usually not accurate. But this was one instance where I think it probably was. Frank likes people that are team players. AJ was brought back from the dead, had a romantic relationship and was driving story with ELQ, Michael and Sonny for months. I am not saying that Kanan wasn’t a prima donna bts. But the timing was suspicious. And more than anything, ABC and Frank should have dealt with Ron’s online behavior. Any criticism had him lashing out at talent and audience.
  7. He also criticized Ron’s stop and start storytelling. His story, amongst others, were building and then dropped for weeks at a time. Which Ron still has a problem with. This was also a clear place where Frank should have done what was right for the show. Not what Ron wanted or what his own ego wanted.
  8. Especially with Tracy gone. Skye should be fighting Michael, Ned, Drew, Oscar, Brooke Lynn and AJ (still bummed they brought him back to kill him off) for control of ELQ.
  9. I miss that lighting! And Skye. And this is a period of time I could not watch the show daily anymore. Totally misogynistic writing. No balance. Sonny or Sonny adjacent on 3 to 4 days a week. So many women obsessed with Sonny. Courtney shoved down our throats. Carly with Sonny’s enemy (and I like Ted King, loved him with Skye, but did not get this relationship). Also- I just hate this version of Alan. He was never perfect. He could even be dangerous and deadly. But this is just awful to watch. It’s hard to see him reduced to this character that is also obsessed with Sonny. I will forever think Billy Warlock was miscast as AJ, but what does it matter? He was never going to be given rooting value or a point of view that makes sense.
  10. Sure! The last photo is out of order, but these are the only photos I could find of the evolution of the Nurses Station from early to now. Here is what it looked like in the early 1990’s. There used to be lots of shots with people walking around the center hub, coming out of elevators, the seating area having some division. It was dynamic. The cameras walked with people around the hub to the elevators or pay phones behind it. Amy could be seen slightly off screen eavesdropping. When Wendy redid it before PC premiered, it now just looks like a static set. A big square inside another square, and couches off to the side. Phelps remodel added dimension again, they just don’t use it well.
  11. I hated it when Wendy Riche got rid of the hub design for the open square concept nurses station. Not just for nostalgia- the actual filming of people walking around the hub and the elevator just off the side added some drama and movement. Once the remodel happened it was all just one big square room with a square nurses station in the middle of it. I also thought the colors were too dark on the late 1990’s remodel of the hospital. But I also hate the tan tiles that started arriving on every wall when Phelps got there. The green and blue colors do not bother me though. And the actual main set is pretty great, and not utilized properly at all. There could be a lot of exciting scenes with those stairs and the corridors off to the side. Instead it’s always people walking slowly to those benches by the window to sit and talk.
  12. See I think she seems more like Bobbie in the christening clip than she did in the anniversary episode with Liz. It’s not about the plastic surgery for me either. And I only really noticed it because Lynn and Kristina are still playing their characters, in character but older. Jackie just can’t make Bobbie come to life with limited screen time and no good writing. I really am a fan of hers and the character. She used to play more nuanced when she was in nurse mode or friend mode. It’s all the same note now. Has been for years. Whoever described it as matronly is right. It really just about broke my heart when she had that surgery when Sarah was still there that really changed the shape of her face, and very clearly was trying to sex up Bobbie again. The clothes got sexier, she went back to longer and darker hair. I sometimes wonder if that was a reaction to having a daughter on the show that was college aged?
  13. I loved Cady as Roseanna. I loved Dixie too (before she left the first time). I would be happy to see her on the show, I’m just not sure about her as Nina. Or making out with her brother, Will Cortlandt.
  14. Wayne was just so great. A completely different Roman. I used to love his antagonistic relationship with Bo. I can’t count how many times Austin was in the room with Sami as she was talking to herself and still didn’t hear or understand her. I freely admit that when Reilly got there, and we had stuff like Carly buried alive, the Marlena/John affair, Peter Blake’s arrival, Sami and Carrie’s story with Alan and just Sami’s teenage issues, the Curtis Reed story and Kate being Billie and Austin’s parents, Maison Blanche and Hope being alive- it was a great period on the show. It was one of the most entertaining of all the soaps I watched. But mid possession I started to loose interest in the dragging it out and crazy antics. He burned through way more actual story his first two years before he modified his style and the stories started just dragging on forever.
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