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  1. I had no idea Monica caused Lesley to loose a child. What a great rivalry the show eventually wasted. They should have been rivals like Jill and Katherine. Dormant and then back at it again every few years. I do sometimes wonder if Monty hadn’t decided to get rid of Lesley (well her and the network, when all Denise wanted was time off before a new contract), what would have happened with the show. Would later regimes have kept Rick and her and kept up the focus? I think she still had potential as a character and could have easily stayed without Rick. But Rick without Lesley- i see why they wrote him out.
  2. This is hard for me to quantify. I think Phelps produced a better looking and acted show. And Guza’s team of writers wrote way stronger material. The individual scripts and storylines had more depth, more drama, higher stakes and made bold decisions. But I absolutely hated their interpretation and destruction of the characters they inherited. I liked a lot of the ones they added though- Ric, Johnny and Claudia, Faith, Patrick, Alcazar, Dante etc. I can’t say the same for Valentini’s era under any writers. But I hated the show. Stopped watching it. Bob Guza needed someone that checked some of his impulses, and Phelps didn’t (even if she wanted to, I believe he got a producer credit when Frons brought him back).
  3. The Cassadine returns arc was fantastic when it started. I think Helena should have been disposed of in some dramatic fashion once the brainwashed Lucky story came to a conclusion (that whole story should have been better), and that was it. She skulked around for way too long making idle threats and never being the actual threat. Lucky didn’t die in the fire (which was Faison working for her anyway), Laura went crazy but she had nothing to do with it. Emily died but again- not by Helena’s hand. Alexis’ sister Kristina was killed by the mob- not Helena. Courtney was killed by the virus, not Helena. Hell the virus and the Metro Court hostage situation were not her. Love the actress, but Luke or (preferably) Laura should have done her in ages ago and been done with it.
  4. I wonder if she will pull an Arianne Zucker and stand by her man all the way out the door? The writing was so on the wall for his tenure being up. No love interest. Kid killed off. They didn’t even play up his connection that they established with Shiloh. He was done the second they killed Oscar.
  5. I used to love when music was used on soaps. Not just a super couple theme, but when they picked a song that added to the scene. GH used a couple of Chris Isaak songs for Sonny/Brenda montages and they were perfect. Back when I actually cared about Sonny. Primetime and streaming shows have totally stolen the multiple character montage at the end of an episode with music playing over it. They can afford the music. This used to be a soap staple.
  6. Guza eventually used all the ideas that the 1990’s writing team came up with, even if he just mapped them onto other characters. The Miranda backstory went to Alexis. Sam became her secret daughter. The transplant story that brought Nikolas on was originally a non-Cassadine storyline for the return of Luke and Laura, deemed not big enough (which I think was the correct decision for that return). Plus the bones of the Nikolas storyline came from ideas Genie Francis shared with Guza and Riche about a story for Laura. She wanted to play a secret, and thought there was fertile ground for and about her character from when she was kidnapped by the Cassadines.
  7. I so agree about Ryan. The missed opportunity was him and Jill, because she might have been able to bring out the ambitious side that could have led to something. Like Brad 2.0. But Don has more smarmy charm than Scott.
  8. Who wasn’t a dumb dumb by that point on GL? I thought that stellar cast they had was absolutely wasted by the revolving door of hackish writers and Rauch. Even the Annie/Reva thing and Beth being a bitch were entertaining, but seemed like they didn’t belong on this show. Poor Holly too.
  9. AMC’s Greg is a perfect example. I liked him just fine. But without Jenny and Liza? Nothing.
  10. He was my least favorite Lucky. I would love it if Greg came back. Or Jackson (which is highly unlikely). He would make a great Phillip on DAYS though. If they write to his strengths. He and Nadia would make a very attractive couple onscreen.
  11. Griffith had one good HW stint, and it was when he was with Malone (first time). I can’t say he has been enjoyable since, even when paired with another writer. Reminds me of McTavish repeatedly being rehired at AMC, and of course Dena at DAYS. The only time one of these rehires worked out as far as ratings increases was Guza at GH. And each time he had maybe one good year and then two bad ones. Better than Griffith, Higley, and McTavish. But still a mess.
  12. There is no way Kelly would leave too. We could never be so lucky.
  13. I loved that period of Melrose Place. She was great in the role, and looked great. I was so happy when she came back as Hope shortly after this.
  14. Yeah, it’s not the body change. He changed. He used to be hot as hell but was also temperamental and sweet and had a lot of great qualities for a soap leading man. He was a neutered version of Holden by the mid 1990’s. Victor Webster and Matt Cedeno and most of the men on DAYS in that period covered that bland department. I agree that Jason Cooke and Jensen were more than that. As for Paul Williams and Brad Carleton- I don’t think they quite qualify. Compare them to Andy or Dylan or the like. Paul and Brad had stories where they were central, as opposed to always being in the third tier storylines or always in a love triangle (where their costar was more important than them). Both had an edge (although Paul had none by the time he was paired with Christine, and had lost most of it with Lauren). Brad was a hunk, but he wasn’t a bland one in my eyes. He’s no Terry Lester by any stretch, but more vital than Andy.
  15. Do we know if this was his choice, or a decision made for him? He so clearly kept Y&R on their toes about his contract outs, and was often working to be off daytime. Then he got to GH and it seemed like he sort of stopped the trying to get off thing, or stopped booking as much stuff off the show. As far as the show goes- he is not in a romantic storyline, they killed his kid off, and the Quartermaines are few and far between. But- I would take him and his fake Q ties over Franco any day.
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