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  1. I totally believe being tired of living this way, especially after several years of mostly peace when it came to the mob characters. Plus Sam has been trying to help Alexis, and she has been throwing Jason in her face quite a bit. And she is not wrong. Sam also has a luxury Carly hasn’t had- the danger isn’t always about her kids like it has been for Carly for more than a decade.
  2. The fact that people like Jane and Genie are capable of still pulling off high caliber work with the constraints daytime productions have now is pretty incredible. Jane isn’t even regularly acting. I imagine the scenes around Luke telling Laura about Lucky and the fire had the luxury of time to perfect, even if back then it felt rushed for TG and GF. Now she has to work herself up to Laura’s pain and hit it out of the park in zero time at all, and she doesn't have Tony or the Luke relationship to help her get there. I like Jon Lindstrom but he was mostly just standing there in th
  3. These deaths just remind me of what happened from a network level by about 2002ish on almost all these shows- only a handful of characters were deemed important, and everybody else was fair game. It didn’t matter if they were a vet, or legacy characters/kids. If it wasn’t one of the sacred cows, then the future of their story was irrelevant. On GH it became easy for them to kill off characters like Emily, Alan, Georgie, etc because if they were not Luke or a Spencer kid (Lucky or Lulu), in Sonny’s direct orbit (Jason, Carly, Michael and the rest of Carly or Sonny’s kids), or Robi
  4. John absolutely took the hardest IQ hit. Amazing to me that Reilly was on the GL dream team HW team, because those characters really seem quite intelligent, and the folks in Salem got so, so stupid. Maybe Stefano put something in the water, forgot about it and also drank some?
  5. Oh I hated her at the time. But back then Missy’s Jennifer was one of my favorites, and she had just as much chemistry with Mark Valley as with MA’s Jack. I think I even like Mark’s better at one point. I could have taken another recast, but Missy brought a lot of spark and tenacity and could play the humor that both Jack’s were also good at. They made excellent sparring partners. Stephanie Cameron was just another soap heroine- incredibly bland. The last couple of years of Reilly’s writing needed the stronger performers to sell the material, the recasts just didn’t pull it of
  6. I have to say though, Genie Francis and Jane Eliot made me feel something that the overall production struggles at- honest emotion that felt real, in one hug. I will be curious once Laura finds out this was mob violence- when Lucky died, she went scorched earth on Sonny, Jason, and Luke. I’m sure that won’t happen this time. She and Sonny are like best buds now.
  7. Y&R- Colleen and Brad Carlton should not have been killed off, and neither should Drucilla. DAYS- I thought killing Zach was a mistake then, and I still feel that way. Not a big fan of Bo being killed off either. GL- Maureen is more than just a mistake. It’s the tonal shift that sets a stage for what soaps became after that. No more sense of home, warmth, and that maternal guidance that used to be common and helped the characters along their way. I didn’t even see her until later thanks to YouTube, and I totally see what happened and why it was wrong for this ge
  8. That shot from above of Ned and Alexis- this is a professional, network television show. Who is approving shots like this? The tops of two middle ages actor’s heads, and the floor surrounding them? Unflattering, and makes little sense with the conversation they were having. Maybe a good idea if another character was supposed to be there and overheard them, but I didn’t need to see the top of the closet door for no reason.
  9. How sad is it that Laura’s house had a better introduction and motivation behind it, including ties to Port Charles than anything I can think of since Frank arrived A house was a more important character than whole stories we have now. How sad is it that Laura’s house had a better introduction and motivation behind it, including ties to Port Charles than anything I can think of since Frank arrived A house was a more important character than whole stories we have now. How sad is it that Laura’s house had a better introduction and motivation behind it,
  10. I mean, they literally quickly set up her character and put her right in the story Guza/Pratt had planned for Brenda. The baby, falling in love with Jason, the whole thing. I think Alexandra Quartermaine was pretty much a Tracy substitute.
  11. The last pairing that was going somewhere for me with Sonny was the original Kate. After that it has been over a decade of misfires, while he also has aged considerably and is not capable of selling Sonny as sex symbol. I’m not saying an older person cannot be sexy- they can and are. He just doesn’t seem to be into it anymore. Maurice is best as an actor when he is tortured. Barking orders at everyone and strutting around town was never his best work. He, like Genie Francis, plays suffering really well. It’s why they make her do it all the time.
  12. He had some slime ball chemistry with Karen, and back in the day I thought he and Genie Francis had quite a bit of chemistry. And the show would never have gone there back then or now probably. But it was there. I felt the Steve and Audrey thing when they started showing that kitchen set. Of all the characters to start having kitchen scenes?!? At what point in time have we ever been given an idea that Carly cooks anything? LW has had chemistry with several pairings except this one, I will never understand giving them another child and marrying them. They have zero
  13. Saw on Twitter Wendy Riche, Kimberly, Michael Sutton and Michele Val Jean reminiscing about Stone’s death. I didn’t know Michele wrote the script and the “I see you” line. It was a huge reminder of how much GH just broke my heart back then, but I came back every day because it was heartbreak with a purpose. It was sad but there was always hope and humanity on display. Stone died but Robin didn’t. This story took guts. And they told it as the ratings dropped, because they had the integrity to keep telling it. As someone that has know people that had AIDS and died, i
  14. Thanks for the insights @vetsoapfan! I have wondered over the years after reading comments and stories about them if JC was just collateral in Harding Lemay wanting out of the Steve/Alice storyline, especially with George being difficult. If so she didn’t deserve it. As far as Flannery slapping Susan Seaforth Hayes- well I love both of them but by all accounts she was at several times a nightmare to work with. Didn’t she also get in a fight with another costar? I have heard Flannery was rude, but that is not the same as unprofessional. When did Flannery slap her? As
  15. Well, didn’t she bring that on herself? I have never heard Flannery described as anything but professional, and not difficult to work with. Weren’t she and George fired because of issues on AW?
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