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  1. GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I can’t imagine Sarah married to Jax, but I enjoyed that part of time with LW in the role. She’s a great actress, just not Carly.
  2. GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I have been saying the same thing about that mid 2000’s set of young characters for years! The show would have had a much stronger foundation. Guza didn’t like the Quartermaines, and I think the only reason they survived at all during the later half of his tenure was because Tony wanted to work with Jane. And even then, that was the story. Not something really about that family. Jason or Luke was the focus.
  3. Louise Sorel Interview

    I loved her during the first part of her original run. She and Adair were great as rivals, and Carly buried alive was great soapy TV. But I didn’t enjoy her at all once she went full camp. Didn’t she infamously outwit Reilly? I seem to recall he was going to write her out but she somehow ended up staying on the show. He pretty much only used her for camp after, but she kept her job.
  4. Classic GH Thread

    The remote in Puerto Rico was pretty great for action. there was also a train thing in the 1980’s I remember being thrilling. My favorite action scene from the show is the Claire Labine mob shoot out that hit Luke & Laura’s house (Laura, baby Lulu, Lucky, Luke and Sonny) Sonny and Luke’s club (Stone & Robin), and Sonny’s apartment (Brenda in the shower). It used the action to move lots of stories forward.
  5. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I’m here for a Paul/Will pairing with Chandler. I used to really like Sonny but I need a break from him.
  6. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I kind of recall except for big stories or events, Claire Labine’s GH often felt like one episode was one day. They didn’t always pick up the next day with the same set of characters or carry over scenes. There were exceptions - the culmination of the Maxie/BJ’s heart, the shooting at Luke&Laura’s house and Sonny’s apartment, etc. She was a master storyteller though with an excellent EP and team.
  7. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    With Ron as HW? Nope. We haven’t seen the last of many of Eileen’s characters. He loves this kind of stuff.
  8. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    I like them both as well. He’s hot af and I’m not bothered by him being primarily there to look at. Let’s face it, Drake (in his younger days) on DAYS was no Wayne in the acting department. Same with Jimmy Lee Holt on GH and pretty much every man on B&B, who seemed to me to hire for hotness first, then acting talent.
  9. DAYS for sure. The women on that show were always in danger and being saved by their man. When I was a kid GH and DAYS were my favorite soaps. And on GH you routinely had women in on the action, capable. Anna, Bobbie, Monica, Felicia, Tracy, Tiffany, Lucy etc...while sometimes in danger they were rarely damsels in distress. DAYS of the same 10 years was full of them. Huge difference in how the women were written.
  10. Favorite murder mystery or serial killer story?

    I watched DAYS daily until the near end of the possession story. I thought the end of that story, Aremid, Lady in a Cage and the Parisian stuff, and much of mid to late Reilly stories hokey, and couldn’t believe it when the ratings just kept climbing. Especially when soaps like GH, GL, AMC, and Y&R were carefully crafting such dynamic stories that were sophisticated and the ratings were stagnant. From a historical standpoint, GH shot to number one during a key reveal in the Lesley/Rick/Monica/Alan story. Luke and Laura took it further. I think the Ice Princess worked for the people that enjoyed it because it introduced Robert Scorpio, introduced the Cassadines, introduced Tiffany, and followed up on the prior summer on the run with Luke and Laura that had been extremely popular. The Ice Princess has the Quartermaines front and center too, scheming. I think the fast paced (for daytime) action had more to do with the explosion of the ratings than the Sci-Fi plot line.
  11. Favorite murder mystery or serial killer story?

    I think When it was just a diamond it was still her story though. She created the Cassadines, and may have even created the island. When it turned into the weather control stuff is what she hated. She didn’t hate Monty enough to stay away. I think her two tenures with Monty as EP were the best, even better than the Marland stuff I’ve seen. She did a lot of payoff of his ideas during his first tenure though. I just think she’s was an amazing soap writer.
  12. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Oh and while I am ranting- How many times are we going to hear how great Dear Evan Hanson is? It seems so fake every time they talk about it.
  13. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I give that credit to them and Korte. I think she wrote that episode. Tried another episode. The show is so full of who cares characters and moments that don’t go anywhere that once this story of two Jason’s burns through the reunions, there won’t be anything left to root for or invest in. The Michael story needs to be a triangle, with stakes. Like GL-Elani/Alan-Michael/Blake. Business, love, family, sex. Otherwise it’s yet another Michael loves a blondish young woman. He really has a type. Man Landers is just about the most basic media storyline and any professionally produced show should be embarrassed that this is what they are creating. And I like the actors enough. It’s the story that’s stupid as [!@#$%^&*]. Ava falling in love with Duke’s son that is a former Priest and still a doctor is a waste of her talents. And again, I like both actors. Maxie is boring, and Michelle Stafford is a waste. Liz being in love with Franco is appalling. Unless Miller is going to be revealed to be a psychopath, I see no long term story except Jason and his twin are both on the show. Faison shot Jason while wearing the Duke mask if I remember correctly. I quit watching regularly once Miller arrived. Did Faison have anything to do with his return as Jason story? Sam? Still a terrible character. After all these years.
  14. GH: Another Carly may return

    I loved her as Carly and as Claudia. I don’t think she ever looked as good as she did when she was Claudia. Braun was a fine Carly. LW is great as this watered down Carly. I think she was miscast, but she has done solid, sometimes great work. I especially loved her marriage to Jax.
  15. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I tried to make it through two episodes this week. I haven’t been watching. Nothing hooked me. Nice to see Steve back. But it feels hollow. I think the show is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen it in. Worse than the period between Culliton and Guza’s return in the late 90’s. Worse than McTavisch. Worse than JFP and Guza’s last couple of years. Worse than Garin Wolfe. Its just like Valentini’s OLTL. I used to blame Frons for having certain characters and actors shoved down my throat in bland parings and the women being reduced to basic. But I think it’s mostly him now. How can I blame Frons for Valentini making Easton act three separate characters on this train wreck. Even seeing my beloved Anna looking beautiful is not enough. And what’s with the blue? Blue lights. Blue clothes. Blue walls. Blue bottles along the bar. Everyone’s teeth look blue. Enough!