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  1. Classic GH Thread

    OMG! I wonder if those were the days when actors used some of their own wardrobe on daytime and he must really have liked that jacket and turtleneck! I love Brooke Bundy. But she’s clearly nothing like Diana in looks, style or temperament.
  2. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I can understand the time being given to voicing their concerns because it is something many gay families go through when adopting. The fear of the mother changing her mind, the fear of not being seen as a “normal” family and therefore lacking in some legal protections. The problem I have is that they are not on enough, so any story with them is pointless.
  3. Classic GH Thread

    I’ve also seen several really compelling scenes of her and teenaged Laura where she references her past and how much she wanted to have a relationship with Laura that has nothing to do with Rick or Lesley, to help her with her troubles. I used to feel that way about Bobbie too. On paper this is someone that has a background of tragedy and even when she was after Scotty she was still a good nurse that worked hard to give herself a new life. To see people try to shame her in later years about her past as a sex worker and have her not be embarrassed, to be open and trusting and a loving character (who still sometimes had an edge) was great. They just don’t write them like they used to.
  4. Classic GH Thread

    Wick Webber! I love that special. And Denise Alexander saying the slap was so satisfying because she slapped Monica instead of the other way around.
  5. Classic GH Thread

    Alan loss the precision in his hands that he neede as a surgeon, and had to go into general practice because of it. He had been a gifted surgeon before the accident. So he lost a lot on a personal level considering how hard he worked to become a doctor, especially with Edward not approving of that. It also led to his drug addiction in the late 1990’s, as he was initially using the pills for pain from a surgery to reverse his old injury and get back to surgery if I am remembering correctly. I think that original Edward was always kind of snide and funny. He was the most catty character on the show. Then the rest kind of flowed from there. They used to have humor, but didn’t become a joke until Guza came back from Sunset Beach. Then it was just put them in scenes and have them argue over the same stuff over and over again. Alan and Monica often had very humorous fights, even in their early years.
  6. Classic GH Thread

    I think it ratchets up the tension all the way up the stairs. She often said her mix was a little bit of Hitchcock, a little bit of Capra, and a dash of humor. The Hitchcock references are really high in this scene for sure.
  7. Classic GH Thread

    Post Lesley Webber, the hospital seemed to have lost the drive it once had. Sure there were scenes there, but stories didn’t really revolve around it like they did again during Labine. You still had people like Monica, Alan, Rick (until 1986 ish), Bobbie and Tony working there. It wasn’t until they reintroduced Audrey and Steve’s son that I felt they invested at all in new hospital characters during the spy era of the show. And that was post Monty, and more about his relationship with Simone than revolving purely around the hospital.
  8. GH Actor out!

    Ron didn’t write much for him on GH, I highly doubt he’s going to go after him now.
  9. Classic GH Thread

    That medicine room is an iconic set for folks that watched the earliest days of the show. My grandmother often talked about stories or scenes that involved the medicine room. Even my dad, who caught a show here or there as a kid but wasn’t really invested used to tease my sister and I about our GH habits and ask if Jesse was still crying in the pill room in the 1980’s when we watched it as kids.
  10. Classic GH Thread

    All this talk about Mary O’Brien reminds me of this quote from one of Michael Logan’s interviews- Geary: There was this actress on our show named Mary O'Brien — she played Heather before they cast Robin Mattson — and she was having trouble crying in a scene. Gloria came out of the control room and said, "You've got to cry! We need you to cry!" Mary tried it again and Gloria came back out and said, 'You're still faking it! I want real tears!" After another three or four trips to the stage, Gloria finally went ballistic. "You must be the worst actress I've ever hired! I don't know what the hell was wrong with me! The whole scene is hinging on this! You are ruining General Hospital!" And she went on and on until Mary started to cry. Then Gloria said, "Yes! That's it! Shoot it!" And she walked off the set.
  11. GH Actor out!

    I thought he was the last good character Guza created. I loved him with Lulu before the recast. Valentini hasn’t invested in him or used either of them well since he took over the show.
  12. Classic GH Thread

    Clips like the one above just remind me how much your perspective sets the norms for being a soap viewer. When I think about GH, so much of the things I remember were from Monty on. Very little pre her. Even the nurses station is the round one that I think Monty started. And those things are so ingrained that it’s hard to imagine the days before. I can’t stand that Rick either. He’s just seems wrong to me. And I didn’t even see the show before 1983 that I can remember, and didn’t start actively viewing until Frisco pulled that hat off Felicia’s head. But he is still not Rick to me.
  13. Classic GH Thread

    I was hoping you would comment and have details! I don’t know anything about their relationship before they were married. It seems like it was a short courtship. But he liked her enough to give her the house! Or was that to spite Edward? I’m now so curious about Alan and Monica’s early days. Before Alan (and really Lesley Charleson), Monica was pretty much between Rick and Jeff, correct?
  14. SORASing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    I had no idea he had been Roger’s lawyer during that story. That’s fascinating considering his pairing with Holly later.
  15. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I would give anything to see these scenes! And I love your posts.