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  1. I think Valentini produces a more attractive package than Tomlin does. Valentini’s GH looks like it has a limited budget, but we have varied sets and the show looks pretty good visually lately. I thought Tomlin’s OLTL looked inexpensive back in the day, and his DAYS looked downright cheap and awful during his stint as EP. Sadly, I do not think there is anyone that these networks would hire that could do a better job. That’s the truth. They stopped developing talent and they won’t go outside (Mal Young’s spectacular failure at Y&R has nailed that coffin shut I think). Outside of someone like Ed Scott being poached, or Riche being lured out of network retirement, I don’t see anyone with the skill and clout needed to get a better job done than Valentini. And I’m not a fan of his anymore.
  2. For the few good things he did at DAYS he did far more that was awful. I also thought his stint at OLTL was a campy mess. The only thing I absolutely loved on his OLTL was Asa’s death and all his ex wives showing up for the funeral. On DAYS he wrote some good stuff at times, Nick’s storylines (although I think he had him go too dark and it was a waste to kill him off). The EJ and Abby affair was kind of hot and he did some good writing for Will. He is among the talents that I do not want to have too much power anymore. Phelps, for all her faults is ten times the producer that Tomlin is. And I hate what she did to GH, GL, and OLTL. I hate her FOJ’s and her bland heroines and her misogyny. But Tomlin is not a good pick for any of these shows.
  3. I see Jean and all I think is burn the witch!
  4. I would rather have a completely new actor or Jackson. I think he was miscast back then, and is still not right for Lucky. He was great as JR and would have been a fantastic child of Jimmy Lee and Celia that went to live in Port Charles. Just not Lucky.
  5. I still wish they had given Sri Rao a shot. Even if he had to have a co-head writer. Maybe someone that has a background writing action oriented storylines to merge with his more grounded material. Wendy is at an age that I would think why would she want the aggravation of dealing with these network hacks?
  6. There are way too many worthless newbies with no real ties. This team even invented ties with Kim and Oscar and then killed him off. I do have to add that all the comments about a public employee’s insurance covering all their medical expenses for an injury or illness not related to their job are wrong. You can have insurance and still have major medical bills. Especially public employees, depending on their location. The real issue is didn’t Drew hit her? I know it was an accident, but his insurance or better yet, a lawsuit against the Quartermaines should cover her bills. For that matter, why aren’t they paying anyway?
  7. Frank and Ron were not using him except for the Robin is dead/isn’t storyline. He even had an addiction storyline that played off camera, like AJ in jail. So bad. I remember thinking at the time why are we forcing Easton into another character when we have Patrick right there.
  8. I see that image and all I think is what a great Kate recast. Nina is a waste for her talents.
  9. I would easily rank Felicia, Alan, Tracy, Monica, Robin, Robert and Brenda over Alexis. Any day. But it is not a horrible list.
  10. I have always liked him. But he isn’t a young man anymore and that is the issue for me. He’s a grown ass man that should have issues but shouldn’t feel so stunted. Its like Sam on GH. These are not characters in their mid to late 20’s anymore. Write them as adults. Yes they can have issues and be immature but it’s like they want us all to pretend they are forever 29 and Marlena on DAYS is forever 45. Let them age!
  11. Someone had to say it.
  12. I agree. I think the death of soaps happened before the rise of fandoms being catered too, and that sucks for those of us that loved this genre. There should be dolls of possessed Marlena and Deception and Jabot cosmetics and Erica Kane mugs with all her last names on it.
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