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  1. I felt then, and even more now that Lucky went too far with how he treated Laura. And even though Genie was still on her never ending maternity leave when the story started, I think once she got there more time should have been spent on her feelings about what happened to her. Including the scenes we never got, where she maybe decided to tell him a little bit about what her life was like then, and how she was able to forgive Luke. Just like what happened to Liz often became more about how Lucky felt about her, her rape, and his parents. I do think Lucky’s reaction was realistic for how he idolized Luke and being rebellious teenager aged. But he went too far, and just like the Sonny propping of the Guza/JFP era, the writing was slanted and made Laura look awful. And truthfully, Genie always said it was a rape, that she was instructed to play it as a rape, and the show decided to make it a seduction after the fact. She should have been allowed more than just a couple of scenes with her point of view represented. As stated in another post, we had many, many scenes of Tony and Luke’s feelings about what he did.
  2. When she has some kind of drunken revenge sex with Sonny, and you have a Guza sweeps and baby story all in one. Followed by her death.
  3. I remember liking Terry. But there was no way she was going to make it through Guza had she stayed lol. I also liked Decker and Dawn though…I was very young.
  4. It worked for Sami on DAYS for a long time. And Laura on GH before the ending of the Ice Princess, as Lesley would have described her as troubled. She was a straight up brat quite a bit, but it had a humanity to it and Genie made her rootable. Marland certainly wanted her to remain vain and self centered.
  5. Did Melissa have a sibling, and Bobbie was fostering both of them? I had completely forgotten Melissa until these comments.
  6. One of my soap what if’s- Sunset Beach doesn’t get picked up, so Guza never leaves, and we see how those first stories he plotted with Karen Harris end up. Lesley’s return, Nikolas’ true paternity, how far Luke would have gone with his vendetta against the Cassadines, Bobbie and Stefan, the Cassadines hostile takeover of the hospital…so many threads that were intriguing and had a lot of promise that just didn’t go far enough under Culliton.
  7. I read an interview with her once, where the men working on Secret Storm didn’t think two women could work in production because they wouldn’t be able to tell them apart on the headsets. Ridiculous. I think she even said something to that effect- but we can tell all of you apart so…
  8. Did Shelly Curtis also direct episodes while at GH? Because Francesca James did, and they overlapped during the Labine/Riche era. Marlena Laird was there in the last half for Monty’s tenure, and Monty was very hands on and considered an excellent director.
  9. It’s hard to judge, because they had such a wonderful run at first, then it turned into a hybrid of Rauch’s late 1980’s OLTL and the kind of outlandish and triangle based stories Reilly was doing (much better) at DAYS.
  10. She really starts to soften in scenes I have seen after Roy’s death, and she and Laura have a kind of truce once Luke & Laura are fully together (although Bobbie still gets annoyed by Laura many times over the years.) Somebody else might have more specific info. I know she moves on from wanting Scotty and that takes some of the edge out of her. What I loved about Bobbie as a character is that she could always be bitchy, all the way to Labine’s era. Her insecurities were still there. But she also recognized that behavior and worked hard to not let those insecurities get the best of her. And even back then, she wanted Scotty and to do that had to face off with Laura. But she wasn’t just a vixen. She wasn’t just a bitch. She had layers, and even back then her schemes were not as awful as someone like Heather or even as outright villainous as Tracy was in her original run. She even often had scenes where she recognized Laura was very troubled. Laura was layered too! Which brings me to one of my most hated things about Luke & Laura- just because they called each other Angel and Hero doesn’t mean they were angelic or heroic by nature- she was his Angel, he was her hero. Trying to force them to be that for their entire character personalities really kind of ruined them both at times.
  11. Totally agree. Lois was a character Guza just did not get on a fundamental level. I think he struggled with Lucy and Felicia as well.
  12. One thing Marland did not do well was sexy. And Y&R, especially when Bell was there and the show was at its peak was very sexy. I don’t think Marland would have been as successful with the heightened melodrama and style of Y&R. I’m talking 1980’s- Alden’s first couple of years.
  13. I would have loved to see what Curlee would have done with GH- even though GH was not traditionally a family based show like GL, it always had a community feeling until Guza got there for his second round and started breaking the characters up. During Labine, Luke & Laura had connections to the entire canvas, and you had Luke’s as a kind of hub everyone went to. Monty’s GH had those friendships and umbrella storylines that often touched all parts of the show at one point or another. Kay Alden on AMC would have been fun to see too. I think a pre-possession James Reilly would have been interesting as HW on GH- I know he spent some time there on various writing teams in the past. I think his plot oriented writing would work well on that show. Or at the height of the action era of GH, what would someone like Henry Slesar have done to make those stories more thrilling, more dangerous. He would have loved writing a character like Anna Devane.
  14. Gail’s voice- I just always loved her.
  15. I also loved Skye and RC on GH. The memories in this thread! I forgot all about Brenda’s money issues, and then that clip really brought it all back.
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