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  1. Just awful short sighted writing. Tie them to the Quartermaines, then start killing them off like they did to the actual real Q’s, and we have two years of wasted story and Monica has become a walking tragedy. If they had just recast Oscar and refocused the whole thing would have had a reason. Even with Drew gone a new, better Oscar could have helped Kim and Monica. Ugh! When they actually killed him I knew Kim and Drew were done on this show.
  2. Well, as angry as some viewers were, more loved Luke. Which is gross in hindsight. I mean Rise skyrocketed up the charts after the rape, and usage in scenes like this and others. Fans screamed rape me at Tony Geary at appearances. It’s just all around awful. Once his popularity took off and the show decided to keep him, there was no going back. There are several scenes of him tormented by hurting Laura. That screams PFS, but still the intention seems pretty clear in hindsight. Redeem him and get them together.
  3. He was still a lead until the mid 1970’s, and even after that with Jeff Webber being his unknown son. As much hate as Monty gets for sidelining him and Audrey, Marland’s stories do not seem to feature them as leads, and it continues on from there. So not just her fault. He wasn’t a focus again until Tom came back and started dating Simone, then briefly again when Ryan attacked him and Audrey. Nothing compared to Sonny or Luke. What is kind of remarkable is that he and Emily as Jesse weren’t just leads, they were the leads for a good while. I remember Rachel Ames made a comment about their workload and that Jessie and Steve were the couple that should have been together in the 35th anniversary special. Outside of Luke, I can’t think of another character on this show that has been the focus for as long, and neither one is a good thing. I remember when they were kind of moving the show from being Sonny focused to Jason as the focus (mid 2000’s, all of a sudden Sonny could be wrong and Jason was carrying a burden by being his friend), and it still felt awful because it was Guza’s unholy trinity of Jason/Carly/Sonny.
  4. Have any of you listened to Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson’s podcast? I do not listen to every episode, but I do listen to the episodes with vets. There was a great two part episode with Genie Francis, and another two part with Lesley Charleson. If was great to hear her opinion of the Eckerts and the differences between David Lewis and John Ingle’s Edward. Also how she felt betrayed by Gloria, and how awful she treated them when she came back. The interviews are usually a little bit about their history before diving into GH. Sometimes they flub the details a little but these people are not historians of their show like a lot of fans are.
  5. It was quite a leap from thug, to low level mobster, to rapist, to hero, to mayor. The difference with Sonny is that he stayed a mobster and everybody else became immoral somehow. Like their failures of character had more weight than his did.
  6. People like Robin Strasser would be fun because she seems to give zero f#cks. I think she would tell her version of events with little sanitizing. I would love to read a bio by Genie Francis, but I think hers would not be as open. Although in recent years she has been much more forthcoming. I know she does not enjoy dwelling in the period of time she was an addict and felt abused by the show and ABC. I would absolutely read a JFP book. Even if we know her perspective is flawed, it would still be fascinating to read. Most of all I would kill for another oral history type book like we got about OLTL. Especially about GH, but I would read one about almost any soap. Rachel Ames, Valerie Starrett, and Denise Alexander are great resources for earlier years and are still alive. So are most of the people from when Monty arrived and then the Riche evolution. I just wish it would happen!
  7. She left him pretty well set up, it was just the beginnings of it all, and not fully developed plots. But he did not inherit a bunch of stories already deep in motion. His complaints are funny because when he came back, he famously wrapped up nearly everything as a ghost writer before his first official show back, when Nikolas was shot outside Luke’s because he hated everything. Bobbie’s flashback/dreams with babies crying, Jason was firmly in Robin’s orbit, his accident, and Jax were all Labine’s last plots. He took them in different places than she would have (Jax was meant for Lois, etc). But when you look at her last six months, the show was kind of meandering and had lost a lot of momentum with Stone’s death. It had so dominated for months. That story took the wind out of the sails of the show for a bit when it ended, IMO.
  8. I also agree that the fire was a real turning point. It was like they wanted to nail the coffin shut, not leave it open a crack like everything before it. They kind of tore each other apart, and it was hard to watch. I do think both Tony and Genie excel with that kind of dark, emotional material. I thought we actually saw how Laura would have grieved for Lucky, even if it kind sidelined her for almost a year. Which is rare for a soap. They do tell things in real time (especially back then) but often with extreme grief they let them move on. She was morose for months. Had to be hard to act that kind of pain, but it’s one of the things that I loved about her in that era. I had no issue with the rape revisit storyline- it was important and made sense in the context of Lucky finding Liz. What I hated was how he treated Laura, and how other than a couple of scenes she got the story wasn’t about her. It was only about Luke. And Lucky’s pain kind of eclipsed Liz at times too. And that sucks. She had kind of been sidelined during Labine’s last year (maternity leave, Luke and her on the outs), and Guza really brought her back. She went on trial for killing Damian, then the bone marrow and Nikolas reveal, through her next maternity leave and finding Lesley. She was the focal point of all those stories, not Luke. It was the last time they were a couple and the story revolved around her until she went crazy. I always wondered if it was because she kept refusing to come back to the show during that maternity leave, so they stopped trying with her character. I remember an interview with Michael Logan when Guza returned, and he asked about Genie. And Bob said he would go down on his knees to beg her to come back (or close to that). What a difference a decade makes- they refused to bring her back when she was ready, except for guest stints. One thing that first Guza run did is that I did not feel that most of Labine’s work was very soapy. Guza brought that back, big time. Love triangles, secrets from the past, murder mysteries, and a medical crisis involving family. All in one amazing year. Who killed Damian Smith?
  9. It was. I read an interview with Susan Pratt and she mentioned Hoffman visiting the set, interviewing some of the cast and watching filming, hanging backstage, etc.
  10. I think Gloria had an eye for talent, and could spot chemistry, and knew what to do with it. Because even when her show was not well written (outside of Marland’s tenure and both of Falken-Smith’s), it was still compelling and entertaining television. As far as Luke goes- the Labine era made me love him. He was still dangerous (all that Frank Smith stuff), and wasn’t really a “hero”, but he had so many rich relationships and had chemistry with all of them. Sonny, Lucy, Bobbie, Lucky, Tony, Robin, Stone- not just with Laura. I loved his relationships with those people. The thing about Tony that drives me crazy as a fan of this show is he was always trying to sell a Luke I did not see on screen as the version of Luke. I get he didn’t want to be turned into Steve Hardy, but he he was elected mayor! At the height of his original run he was everything he claimed he hated about the character once Labine arrived, and blamed it on her. If anything, Laura was the one that kind of lost her way under Labine. Guza’s first tenure as HW brought her back.
  11. They are bad. It was one thing when it had been a steady decline for almost two decades. But just a couple of years ago they were all on a viewership upswing and were getting positive press about it. And they each squandered that with bad writing hires and terrible stories, bad casting decisions (including killing people they should not have killed off), and just general mismanagement. Except they did it in two years, instead of 10 years. It’s a shame, and some of it could have been avoided.
  12. Same with GH in the 1980’s era. Anna and Felicia could be strong without robbing Robert, Duke, or Frisco of any of their masculinity.
  13. Until the spa storyline, I really enjoyed his work on ATWT. There were other pockets I liked beyond that, but I truly enjoyed his early period on the show. I really respected his comments when he got hired, about re-reading Marland’s bibles and just how good the storytelling had been. When it all started, I loved Rose, Katie, Simon, and most of what he did. Couldn’t stand Katie by the time I stopped watching, but I loved her in the beginning. Did he write Luke coming out and the teen serial killer, or was that all Passanate? He had a horrible tendency to kill legacy characters off. But all the shows did by that point too.
  14. Didn’t Corday give her a diamond necklace when she left the first time? I remember reading she got a really nice gift.
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