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  1. I have to give Ron credit- I have been expecting him to revisit this storyline. But the way it has begun, focusing on Doug was really a surprise. A great one. I love that they appear to still be working regularly, so that means they are still an important part of the story.
  2. I actually thought Sonny’s reaction was true to him. I can’t wait to see what complications arise from all this. Especially with Nina. Watros has done the unimaginable- she made Nina interesting without going full Annie. I still hope we get that down the road though…
  3. Even with there is a change, he rushes to put it all back together almost like it was! Roger Howarth as Austin. Peter alive. Drew back (although this Drew is working for me). Victor back. I wish the ratings were higher because I do think the show is better than it has been…but I also see why people are tuning out.
  4. The extreme dragging out of the Jax/Nina stuff and Carly/Jason’s wedding reminds me of old school soap plotting, but not as interesting. They are trying to do soap again, but it still lacks something. As ridiculous as James Reilly could be, he at least knew how to make an endless day interesting.
  5. Thank you! Just mentioning her name and I remembered how labored that relationship was all because of Tyler. And her crazy backstory with the sister who was killing patients at GH. That was her, correct?
  6. I just remember laughing when Sonny/Carly slept together and Burton had to play like it was a betrayal. Now you care? He publicly stated Carly was not the kind of woman Jason would fall in love with and he hoped Kimberly would keep coming back and keep that relationship viable. Then he lured her back and she told Guza she didn’t want to do Jason/Robin again. Until Liz and then later Sam, I felt he tanked every relationship. Tyler Christopher did it too with the attempted relationship after Emily died, I think she was a nurse but my memory is hazy on her name. It’s pretty clear that Frank/someone or both are shuffling the decks and once again propping pets. Austin is on too much and has a very nothing character, whatever Alexis was going to be doing got wrapped up way too quick and she’s clearly in a holding pattern, and Peter is back for what appears to be not the short term.
  7. I agree. She was really great in her return, finding Roman, the affair and dealing with Sami. The show was incredibly campy for a few years there though, I can’t blame her too much. One of the reasons I loved her scenes with CM early in the Will coming out story is that she was more grounded and there were layers there.
  8. I am also in the camp of really enjoying the earlier parts of the story. For me, what felt like weeks of random people being in her bedroom while she ranted about Father John went on way too long. Caroline was knitting next to her from what I remember. It got stupid real fast.
  9. I really do try to be more on the positive side when it comes to this topic. I would hate to be under this scrutiny and at times really mean comments. But I think Deidre’s work is very noticeable, and while she looks great, she could very easily go too far if she doesn’t lay off for a few years of any procedures. And I wish Leslie Charleson had stopped with her work by the time we got to that bottom photo posted earlier. She still looked like Monica, just older. Now she suffers greatly from her face not moving at all. Jackie does look much better. Still kind of breaks my heart when you look at her when she had that major work done that changed the shape of her face in the very late 1990’s. I thought she looked great, just older. Then she came back and it was so noticeable.
  10. Thank you for clarifying that! Did the original actress play her with as much sarcasm as Sherry did? That trait was even present with Liz in later, less well written eras.
  11. Part of what made it work was the production they had then. The soft focus, gothic storytelling and excellent sets. And of course Ron would get back to this.
  12. It reminds me of all the momentum the show had when they tried to put Genie on recurring. There was a lot of good stuff happening, long term stories playing out, and it all was unraveled and it took them at least 6 months to get back on track.
  13. What about a character like Blake on GL? I have read she was introduced by scab writers, and Pam Long came back and made her Holly and Roger’s child after the fact when the strike was over. I would say that is a fundamental part of who Blake was.
  14. It was one of the last showcases for her deep sense of longing, insecurity and pain being a tool to lash out at others. Erica always had a point of view, but the story didn’t necessarily revolve around her like later ones did, or be told in such a way that the audience could only root for her against her circumstances. I still think the baby switch was a terrible idea- a step too far for Erica, and some of that biased writing was done to bring her back away from outright villainy.
  15. It’s sad that today’s episode would never be done on the main show. It’s fun, sexy, and while not exactly modern, it certainly feels more modern than any of these soaps do. Soaps- DAYS included, didn’t used to be so afraid of everything. Chandler really won me over again with his enthusiasm in the club scene. Even before they were in drag, he couldn’t stop dancing next to Leo. I also love how awesome Billy Flynn has been in every episode.
  16. She would no doubt bring out that painful desperation for Jason that was so clear in how she used to look at him, especially when she was living with the Quartermaines.
  17. I am having fun watching, much more fun than the regular show. I am into this version of Will and Sonny. Tinker is great. Hope really would have been a natural fit for this story. It reminds me a little of GH:Nightshift though. The first season was a little too close in style and tone to the regular show. The second season was much stronger without JFP/Guza. Here’s hoping there are more of these and the bts talent diversifies a little.
  18. Binging now. And as soon as I saw Carrie and Austin I just kept thinking they should be on the show. While not as iconic, they easily fit into a Marlena/Roman kind of spot from the early 1990’s, have the nostalgia factor for longtime fans, and their complicated connections with Lucas and Sami create story when those characters are around. Imagine one of Sami’s kids choosing to live with Carrie instead of her.
  19. I have thought Donna Mills has looked incredible. You know she has had work done but it is not extreme or too much. She looks great, certainly looks older, but not trying to look 30 again. Joan Collins as well- again, she looks older but like herself. Susan Lucci also looks incredible. I know diet, exercise, sunscreen, etc has played a part- but as RuPaul says I have no doubt she has been touched by an angel. Kristina Wagner also looks incredible, and Finola looks pretty great. Although there have been times over the years where I felt her work needed to settle a bit to look natural.
  20. Oh he’s an absolute idiot. But none of this- masks, social distancing, or the vaccine should have been politicized. It’s public health. I’m sick of these folks.
  21. They wasted the other side of Jax this whole time. He wasn’t a saint- he was a corporate raider. They just put him in this box and moved on. He’s just a placeholder now. He is happy to be back in Hawaii and they are asking people to stop traveling there due to COVID. I’m sure they would like him to be vaccinated too. Has he stated if he actually has or has not been vaccinated? Because many of these folks in the media have been but are still pushing this agenda.
  22. He is often illogical and irrational when it comes to women. He forgave Brenda for the wire, Carly for marrying his enemy and all her other shenanigans, he married Claudia and had sex with Ava. It’s not so out of character for him.
  23. I think the nature of the genre before home recording plays a huge part in their use of history. Bill Bell retold several stories with different characters across a couple of shows, ignored details of stories and character history when he wanted to, and dropped family ties as the characters moved on without really bringing them up again. Because they could get away with it easier due to the nature of the shows airing once and then for many people that was it. Sometimes I also think fans of the genre, and those of us that post here that are super fans, we expect every detail to always be there and them to mention every character all the time. Yes the history is important, but sometimes around here it seems like we locked into minutia. But I do think these shows should have held on to people that knew the show inside and out, and kept mentoring a new generation to do the same since they last so long.
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