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  1. Daily Hotness

  2. Daily Hotness

    Your latest find has a PERFECT physique, Faulkner.
  3. Daily Hotness

    I cannot resist a man with a dog! Instant husband material! I found a few more. (I hope y'all don't hate me for overloading the board.) I will force myself to stop here, but...all these pictures gave me the feelies.
  4. GH October 2018 Discussion Thread

    I spoke with Anderson for about an hour, so she told me all sorts of stuff. I was very happy to learn that McLaughlin had a defender in Monty, even if the network executives didn't seem to care about the vets. Thank God the sci-fi craze has diminished. I believe it was a major factor in destroying the genre. I don't need razzle dazzle on a soap either, just good acting, writing, and intriguing interpersonal relationships.
  5. GH October 2018 Discussion Thread

    Emily McLaughlin's daughter, Mary Ann Anderson, published a biography about her mom called Portrait of a Soap Star, after EM had passed away. I was able to chat with her personally at that time, and she told me some things that surprised me. With the "youth explosion" all the rage in the early 1980s, ABC mandated that the vets be sidelined and that the focus be directed primarily at the younger cast members who would appeal to the teens. EM was unwell at the time, and even though scripts were being written with Jessie in them, EM kept missing tape dates which made her security with the show even more precarious. It got to the point that when EM was unable to fill her contractual obligations, ABC dropped her from contract status. Gloria Monty actually tried to protect her, according to Anderson, and continued to use Jessie when feasible. Monty kept EM at the top of the cast list in the closing credits, instead of dropping her down to the bottom with other non-contract performers. GM even continued to pay EM a whopping $3500.00 per episode, unheard of for a non-contract player with only only a handful of lines here or there. Some of the long stretches when Jessie was totally absent from the show were caused by EM's personal issues, but after Monty left, Anderson says the indifference by TPTB made the situation worse for her mother and Jessie drifted out of sight. It was only when Joseph Hardy came on board as producer that Anderson asked him directly if EM was going to lose her job completely. Hardy said he wanted to use the vets, including EM, if she was up for it, and so then, according to Anderson, her mom started appearing on the show once a week or so when her health permitted. Until I spoke to Anderson, I had put a lot of the blame on Monty for pushing the vets to the side, but after hearing how she really tried to protect the actress and keep her on the show, my stance softened. Seeing all the bad decisions the network heaped on AMC, OLTL, RH, etc., I can easily believe that the ABC executives had a large hand in screwing everything up. Personally, I loved the 1960s and early 1970s on GH, and then fell back in love with it in 1978 after enduring s few bad years with it. If anything, I loathed most of the 1980s, with all the dumb sci-fi nonsense.
  6. GH October 2018 Discussion Thread

    While I was somewhat mollified that the show acknowledged EM's passing through that brief announcement with John Beradino, I still find it atrocious that TPTB never gave any closure to the character of Jessie in the story. Can you imagine if Katherine Chancellor, Alice Horton, Nancy Hughes, Ada McGowen or Jo Tourner had simply ceased to exist on-screen, without any explanation, with no one from among their family and friends even mentioning their absence? The fans would have been LIVID.
  7. GH October 2018 Discussion Thread

    When Emily McLaughlin passed away, nobody in Port Charles even MENTIONED Jessie's death. The character just disappeared without mention, as if she merited no attention whatsoever. It was soooooooooooooooooo wrong, so disrespectful. (Yes, there was an on-air announcement after an episode, and a few years later, Steve Hardy finally mentioned on-screen that Jessie had previously died, but at the time, the situation was badly mishandled. McLaughlin and Jessie deserved more love than Morgan ever could.)
  8. Daily Hotness

    My baby Matthew Camp
  9. Daily Hotness

    Dear God in heaven!
  10. Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    May she rest in peace. This is so sad. It makes me thankful that we still have the chance to appreciate the presence of veteran actors like Bill and Susan Hayes. When all our beloved vets are gone, daytime TV is going to be a stark place. I will never regard today's "stars" like Roger Howarth, Maurice Bernard, Steve Burton, Farah Fath, etc., with the same reverence as the legendary actors like McCay who graced our screen for decades.
  11. Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire

    I love when a show's theme music starts to play during a particularly poignant or heart-wrenching scene. In 1987 (I think) Ed and Johnny Bauer were exchanging Christmas gifts, and when Ed unwrapped his, he was surprised to see that it was an old-but-beautiful baby pillow. He was unsure how to react for a second, but then Johnny explained that the pillow had been made by Ed's mom Bert many years before. The theme music (My Guiding Light) started to play gently in the background as the men referenced the beloved matriarch, Ed got choked up, and my tears started to flow. It was a beautiful moment.
  12. I'd love to see a special hour-long episode, just with Doug and Julie sitting over a scrapbook and having flashbacks of the past. It would not even be that expensive to produce! I doubt TPTB care much, however. We will probably get nothing. What Julie-centric scenes from the last 50 years would everyone like to see again (or just see for the first time)?
  13. DAYS: 1973-1974 Monthly Summaries now posted

    This is when Days of Our Lives was an intelligent, sophisticated, adult, and well-written series. That has not been the case for a long time, but it's great being able to relive the show's glory years. Thank you so much.
  14. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    I agree that the veteran characters like Maggie (and even more, Marlena) have been ruined by decades of atrocious writing, but without familiar and beloved faces on the show, I would never even dream of returning to Salem. I can still ignore all the crapola the show has done to the characters, and watch them trim the Horton Christmas tree, bringing back fond memories of when DAYS was an actual show, rather than a dollar-store production.
  15. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    I'd rather the show itself die (and be put out of its misery) before vets like Maggie, Doug or Julie (the only remaining reasons ever to tune in) leave.