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  1. I did not know Zippi was on Instagram, so thank you for the information. I watched The Secrets of Midland Heights too, but preferred King's Crossing. I had these recorded on tape back in the day, but at the time the cost of blank videotapes was so high, I recycled many tapes and recorded over the eps of both these shows. Grunt.
  2. Daniel Zippi was soooooo cute. That's all.
  3. Borgenson was as limp and lifeless as a wet noodle and had no chemistry with anyone. God knows how she was ever cast. The only worse Alice was Wesley Pfenning. Thank God the show finally wised up and brought Jacqueline Courtney back, even though they even screwed THAT up after just a year.
  4. No one except writer Harding Lemay has ever alleged she was "difficult," and Lemay caustically denigrated people left, right and center. He simply hated the actress for his own unfathomable reasons, and was out to get her. (Along with others, BTW.) Maybe the alleged incident at the 1971 AW Christmas party is true, who knows? If you read Lemay's book and watched the show at the time, JC's supposed "crime" was to...um, play her scenes as he wrote them, and Lemay thought they were too melodramatic. After Courtney passed, producer Paul Rauch was quoted in an interview saying that Courtney was "a g
  5. As a veteran viewer, I always longed for DAYS to return to its roots and offer viewers more of the Bell/Falken Smith style of adult, subtle, sophisticated, warm family drama and romance. From 1966 to 1976, the show was mesmerizing. The slowness of the physical action only added to its appeal, because the attention was always focused on intimate scenes among multi-dimensional, relatable and likeable characters. While she pontificated that the show was "dull and repetitious," Nina Laemmle's DAYS was cold, sterile, foreign and hackneyed. Hindered by mainly non-descript actors, the vas
  6. ITA. To me, one of the most satisfying components of soaps used to be that they had a sense of morality, of right and wrong. It was very satisfying when the villains got their punishment in the end. Now the "good" characters are mocked, derided and ineffectual (or ignored altogether), while the most atrocious criminals are glorified and reap rewards, not punishment, for their crimes. Bring back the morality police!
  7. I don't remember anything about Uncle Dru being mentioned in 1975, and I watched religiously until the summer when Susan Harney appeared and I realized the show had fired Jacqueline Courtney. I switched over to watching other shows full-time, and only recorded AW to FF through later. I do wish I could remember, however. Alas, after 45 years, memories do fade.
  8. LML did some excellent work on night time soaps (I'd say Homefront was her very best offering). It's a shame that her ventures into daytime on Port Charles and Y&R were so...tepid.
  9. I don't remember anyone mentioning Uncle Dru that year either. The last reference to him I recall was shortly after he was written out, and Mary Matthews said she had received a postcard from him which was on the mantel.
  10. I would respectfully counter that, yes, ALL the soaps' ratings are way, way down because...ALL of them have been atrocious for the past two decades. All the shows have lost their way and continued to make the same bad decisions over and over again. Even die-hard fans finally just gave up. GH's biggest blunders are continuing to focus heavily on a small number iof degenerate characters while the vast majority of its huge, bloated cast is sidelined. Yep. I used to at least record the soaps to "watch" later (actually, fast-forward through until I found scenes with any of my
  11. TPTB at GH must never delude themselves into thinking that they are producing a prestigious primetime cable drama. GH has been great in the past, when it was true to its own format and DNA, but it will never be Breaking Bad. BB was brilliantly written. A major part of its appeal was watching Walter White, basically a decent family man from next door, make terrible mistakes and decisions, and become further and further involved with nefarious villains. BB lasted for 5 seasons and produced 62 episodes before Walter White met his ultimate fate. On the other hand, Sonny has been a dege
  12. IIRC, the fan who originally tweeted that he/she did not enjoy GH's glorifying criminals also said that he/she was not attacking or criticizing the ACTORS involved. They need jobs and pay checks like everyone else. It's just the choices of TPTB to present such immoral tripe for years on end which needs to be reconsidered. I am not a fan of certain actors on GH, but even I don't blame Bernard, Burton and Howarth (etc.) for their degenerate characters' sins. It took a while, but I found Bernard's response to that fan's criticism of criminal characters always getting away with their c
  13. I saw on Twitter that Mo Bernard got annoyed at a fan for condemning GH's criminal characters never getting punished and being treated as romantic leads by TPTB. He replied with a picture proclaiming, "I WON!" Okay, I'll grant that he has won by still being employed and receiving a pay check, but the ratings for GH have been in the toilet for many years. With all the disgusting, unpunished characters endlessly hogging up air-time, has THE AUDIENCE or even THE SHOW won? I'd say no.
  14. While ATWT stupidly got rid of, or failed to use in later years, most of the Lowell/Stewart family, at least the show kept major Hughes family members right up until the end (although TPTB eliminated forever some Hugheses who should never have been off the canvas up to the show's cancellation, like Andy Dixon). I am grateful AMC kept the Martins and the Kanes, but the show decimated the Tyler clan. OLTL kept Viki until the bitter end, but eliminated all the Woleks, Siegals, and Grays. And even most of Viki's original family. Even TEON put enough emphasis on family and history by ha
  15. Actually, while most of the remaining legacy GH characters are barely seen (Scotty, Bobbie, Monica, etc.), we get a huge number of unimportant newbies coming and going all the time. And a focus on a few repugnant characters like Sonny, Carly, Franco, Jason and Sam, all of whom need to be de-emphasized or written out. I'd say 75% of the current, bloated cast needs to be axed.
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