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  1. Y&R: Old Articles

    I am saving them for a rainy day, after I finish my current stash of to-watch vids. Ahhh, the good old days. Y&R had so many charismatic, memorable stars during its first decade, like Trish Stewart (Chris Brooks), William Gray Espy (Snapper Foster), Janice Lynde (Leslie Brooks), Tom Hallick (Brad Elliot), Jaime Lyn Bauer (Lorie Brooks), and so many others. It was hard watching them all drift away.
  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    I was a daily viewer of Y&R back then, and I saw Halsey's portrayal of John Abbott. He did not last very long. I felt he was miscast from the start, like Erica Hope as Nikki Reed, Patricia Everly as Peggy Brooks and Bond Gideon as Jill Foster had been. Still, he was not awful. Y&R has cast many actors who were way worse than Halsey, LOL.
  3. Classic GH Thread

    Watch an ep of TGL with Rita Bauer, and just the voice alone will help you go, "Aha!"
  4. Daily Hotness

    I tend just to delete huge quote bubbles from any site, only keeping the text or pictures that really catch my interest. You kept in the picture of Matthew Camp, I noticed, who is a MAJOR BABE and my future husband...or at least boytoy!
  5. Classic GH Thread

    No, it's Lenore Kasdorf from TGL.
  6. Daily Hotness

    I'm glad that you like at least some of the pictures I post. Everyone's taste is so different, and I do tend to gravitate towards posting images I personally find sexy, but I still want everyone else to get an occasional tingle too, LOL!
  7. Mindless critics have always been ignorant of the quality soaps (used to) produce. They assume that if it's part of a soap opera, it must be subpar, quality-wise. I was watching a classic ATWT episode once, when a neighbor came over. After watching with me for several minutes, he thought it was a stage play from Playhouse 90. HA!
  8. I've always thought Perry was a very solid actor, and boy did I have the hots for him back in the day.
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    The internet is awash with hilarious comments. Just have a good chuckle and move on.
  10. Daily Hotness

    Keeping the thread alive....
  11. Another World

    Cool. Thanks!
  12. Another World

    I had no idea archive.or even existed. Thanks for the info. I do wish they had issues going up into the 1970s, but I'm certainly happy too see anything available!
  13. Another World

    "Minipoo"? What an...unfortunate name, like the diet product AYDS from years ago. I love, love, love vintage movie magazines for this very reason: the fun articles and ads you find. I could read them all day. I just wish I could afford to buy more mags, but they are so often quite expensive on eBay.