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  1. Right. Balance is important. Not all of us drool over the antiheroes, rapists, mobsters and murderers that soaps have become obsessed with, LOL. "Basic good guys" like Frank Cooper or Larry Wolek or Russ Matthews are important too. I saw (or rather, endured) the new Halloween Kills this week. As always while watching movies like this, I kept shaking my head in disbelief and wondering, "WHY are these people sooooooooo stupid?" Finding a decent romantic partner for Frank was another problem in the long run. That's why I was fine with him being a friendly, supportive background player, but I never wanted him to be a lead.
  2. In its early days, SOD was actually a classy publication with well-written articles. That has not lasted throughout the decades, alas.
  3. I believe the pecular myth that a certain actress from Y&R was/is transgender can also be laid to rest.
  4. To me, Jacqueline Courtney was the one true, definitive Alice, but I've always felt that Tribbey was the most acceptable (least objectionable?) of all the replacements. I'd rate the actresses: JACQUELINE COURTNEY Vanna Tribbey (C+) Susan Harney (C) Wesley Pfenning (D-) Linda Borgenson (BOMB)
  5. At least if Mary Ryan had to die under any actress, Goulet was less atrocious than Tolan. (Damning her with faint praise, I know.)
  6. When Frank first showed up in Springfield, I thought he was a hunk and a half, and looked sexy as heck in that tight blue T-shirt he used to wear. Woof. But, honestly, while FD was not a great actor, the character did come across as a kind of dumb-but friendly lug, which was not so bad. I preferred Frank over Buzz and Lucy, and usually over Harley.
  7. I thought Iris was a more complicated, explosive character, but Alex was more humane. If I have to choose one, I'd go with BM as Iris.
  8. There were so many valid, important reasons for Mike Bauer to return to the canvas. I would have preferred to get Stewart back, but always felt Jed Allen would have made an affable, attractive Mike too. If Beverlee McKinsey had stuck around, I would have paired Mike with Alex, but a Mike/Vanessa pair might have worked well. I did not warm up to Vanessa being with Billy, either, but preferred the two of them together over her and Matt Reardon.
  9. I'm not sorry to have missed that completely, LOL.
  10. After AW, she did do one episode of the police show TJ Hooker, but that's about it as far as I can see.
  11. I truly think she would have worked in the long run, had viewers been given the chance to warm up to her. Of the three replacement Marys, Carney was by far the best.
  12. And he would have been such a vast improvement over many of the awful writers who controlled GH in the 1980s after Pat Falken Smith departed. Yes, that was the most tasteless, arrogant and putrid (LOL) moment for me.
  13. The thought had never occured to me, but now that you have brought it up: the electric McKinsey and the charismatic Espy might have been quite an interesting pair. I agree that attempting to replace Reinholt was a major blunder, but AT LEAST David Canary was a good actor in his own right. How Linda Borgenson ever got an acting job is beyond me. You are right: those reveal scenes were horrendous.
  14. I forget: did we ever find out if she was Bruce Sterling's biological daughter? I thought Mary Carny was attractive, a competent actress, and showed potential. Too bad TPTB axed her so quickly in favor of the painfully bad Kathleen Tolan. Speaking of Ryan's Hope, my unpopular opinion is that Johnny Ryan was a pompous, unlikeable and boorish windbag, and Maeve could be a cold fish.
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