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  1. GH was excruciatingly bad and tedious for a few years leading up to the arrival of Marland and Gloria Monty.
  2. Missy! Uncle Dru! Jim and Mary! AW at its finest, woohoo!
  3. Oh God, Mel and Ethel Brez. Legendarily awful.
  4. I think Lorraine Broderick was writing the show at the time. She was not a good fit for this show at all, but at least she was...less bad than many who came after her. Yep.
  5. Both Penny and Ellen returned for Nancy's 80th birthday celebration. Overwhelmed by all the irrelevant newbies stinking up the joint, LOL, Penny had the immortal line, "Who ARE all these people?"
  6. It infuriates me that all these gems are just sitting in the vaults collecting dust. Whom do I sue?
  7. It really is. I don't know why these rare 1970s' episodes pop up from time to time, but really, they are a blessing. I salute all the generous people who are kind and altruistic enough to share them with the community.
  8. NEVER!!!!!!!!!! My Scotty Baldwin would never spawn that vile creature!!! UGH!
  9. I'm orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!! We are all so grateful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  10. I admit that I have not watched GH in recent years, only keeping up with the show from afar. How the phucque is that vile Frankp related to my beloved Lee Baldwin?!?! I can only keep up with the show from a distance now, to preserve my sanity. The last I knew/believed, Charleson was rarely seen, but I thought her guarantees had been cut. I did not know the show would so disrespectful as to drop her from contract completely. Color me surprised...NOT! 😠 There are sooooooooooo many actors who need to be fired ASAP. This drives me batty.
  11. Yikes! A good half of the characters/actors in those credits would be on my eliminate-immediately list. Leslie Charleson is not longer a contract player...but Roger Howarth is?!? EGREGIOUS!!!!
  12. That would be my guess too: GH in the mid-1990s under Riche and Labine. Since then, the soaps have steadily declined in quality to the point where there's very little of merit to the storytelling and production values. We are still blessed with some good actors, but everything else is below par. It's painful and depressing to acknowledge that our beloved daytime dramas have been in the toilet, more or less, for a freaking 25 years. :(
  13. Oh. Duh. Of course. Perfect, logical idea. I'm embarrassed that I did not even think of it. Right. When I know it's a miracle that certain episodes have survived at all, I am happy to get them in any condition. There are several episodes of Another World from the 1960s and '70s on line, which are not great quality, but I am not complaining. I am ecstatic to see them. True, most of what I personally want to find was originally broadcast before 1984, with the exceptions being Marland's ATWT and Labine's GH (the BJ hearty transplant story). But it's very generous of you to share what you have with other collectors who want "more recent" material. My own interest lies predominantly with the 1970s, '60s, and '50s. (Remember, I'm ancient, LOL!) Oh Lord yes: ripping and editing DVDs together can be a very time-consuming and laborious process. I just recently made six discs for someone and it took forever. I was happy to do it, but it did take a lot of time, patience, and energy. Never underestimate the petulance of on-line drama queens. :)
  14. When WAS the last time a daytime soap was consistently good? Twenty five years ago?
  15. I know there are various file-sharing apps out there. Drop Box allows you to send videos to other people whether they have a DB account or not, which makes life easier. And you can share one file with as many different people as you like, which is a major plus. I am new to the system, so I do not know about limitations on file size, but uploaders could always make it clear that such-and-such a file will be available for a limited time, and may be replaced by other files in the future (in order to free up space) if necessary. Those who wish to save their own copies of on-line videos are wont to do so pretty quickly after hearing about them, anyway, so if a file is removed from the uploader's DB box, it shouldn't be a problem. He can always upload the video again for anyone who missed it the first time. I did not know about the video degradation on youtube videos. That's what happened when you made copies of copies of VHS and Beta tapes. The quality would deteriorate dramatically. As it stands now, there are only a few SON members who have gotten their hands on rare material to share with other members, and they have done so freely and generously, without demanding anything in return. I've shared many DVDs and flash drives with friends and not required compensation either (although of course I love to trade video-for-video, to expand my personal collection). I think it's better to keep it casual and have SON-ers contribute what they want to, when they want to, without denying viewing access to other members. I've previously been in groups where vicious infighting erupted because one person would complain, "I uploaded a movie that was 25 minutes longer than your movie, so you still owe me 25 minutes!" Or, "My soap opera episode is more rare than the one you shared, because I got a copy of that five years ago! You're ripping me off!" Too many rules and too much nit-picking have resulted in more than one group shutting down amid acrimony. If someone wants to trade vid-for-vid, fair enough, I understand 100%, but they can simply do that privately. I love that the posters here freely share their stuff with everyone. I hope they continue to do so. It has made many soap buffs very happy. That's true about collectors' having more material in their collections than we actually get to see. When I first suggested that we use Drop Box to upload prone-to-be-deleted videos, I was specifically thinking about sharing stuff among the existing SON crew. I'd love to draw in more outside collectors who possess rare episodes too, but I wonder: if we open things up to the internet community at large, would we run the risk of whiny and vindictive trolls reporting our activities to TPTB, the moment they get their knickers in a knot over a perceived slight? That's apparently what happened with The Doctors, when folks started spreading the news about the soap's youtube uploads. Infighting precipitated crybabies to report the show's existence to TPTB, and the uploader's YT channel was closed down. Goodbye, The Doctors. :( We have to be careful, whatever we do.
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