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  1. Of course they did, because those writers did not competently and effectively steer the show. It's not surprising when viewers resent and reject one bad writer after another. He has been dreadful at every show he's touched.
  2. OMFG!!!!! Two actors whom I adore and actually WANT to see! This is thrilling news! Thanks for the heads-up!
  3. I always appreciated writers like Irna Phillips and Agnes Nixon, who strove to add diversity to their shows, even in decades when the networks were so resistant to it and a segment of the audience more vocal in its bigotry. Black, Eurasian, Jewish characters were rare, of course, but at least Nixon and Phillips, among a few other scribes, sought to include them from time to time. I gravitated to shows with variety in their characters because it represented the actual world I lived in, where folks came in all different forms. All-white landscapes felt foreign to me. There is still a ways to go
  4. This is very well said. I do enjoy a good romance story and strong, interesting heroines, but once TPTB start dismantling the core of shows and destroying founding families, my interest diminishes. It's usually the weakest writers and most incompetent producers who are guilty of this, so the combination of fractured families, poor writing and bad production decisions all go hand in hand. There are valid reasons why daytime soaps' ratings have long been in the toilet, but there are still people out there who would love to watch soaps that are as good as they were in their heyday. None of today'
  5. Personally, I thought TGL was still decent in 1968, although not as riveting as when Agnes Nixon was writing it (1958-66, IIRC). Irna Phillips returned for a while, and the Robert Soderberg and Edith Sommer steered the ship from 1969 to 1973. For me, the quality of the writing only dipped for a few years when James Lipton, Robert Cenedella and James Gentile were in charge. I wouldn't say the show was wretched under them, just so-so. Then in 1975, when the Dobsons came aboard, things improved. I found the period when the Dobsons were writing ATWT to be weak as well, altho
  6. I was just about to post the same basic analysis. If I were able to "relive" the show again, I'd want to listen to and watch 1937 to 1982 for sure (even though some of those years were not as stellar as others). I'd force myself to stick with the series through 1983 and 1984 only because some of the legacy characters still remained. I'd probably rewatch the few years following the return of Roger and Holly in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but I'd skip the dreadful Gail Kobe period as much as humanly possible. Nothing after Nancy Curlee's departure could be classified as quality,
  7. IMHO, TGL's best writers were: --Irna Phillips --Agnes Nixon --The Dobsons --Nancy Curlee & Her Team --Robert Soderberg and Edith Sommer Even during her ultra-brief reign, I thought Pat Falken Smith was excellent. I don't think the show would have been crippled in the 1980s if she had remained on board.s I'll refrain from listing whom I feel are the show's worst scribes, since that would take up an entire page, LOL.
  8. I thought Martin Bruhner arrived in the summer, but if he showed up in March, then the Cullitons and Tomlin must have been writing. And here I was trying to give Long a compliment on her first stint as TGL's headwriter; the first time THAT has happened in almost four decades, LOL! Thanks for the clarification.
  9. TPTB in the 1980s and beyond (except for the marvelous writing team headed by Nancy Curlee) tended to ignore or even contradict anything that had taken place on TGL before the Kobe/Long era. I doubt they would have even given Bruce much thought, if they even knew who he was.
  10. I think we all remember certain things with spot-on clarity, while other facts become cloudy over time. I am usually very obsessive about historical facts and accuracy when new writers and producers come aboard a soap, and I watch them like a hawk. There were loads of continuity and factual errors after Douglas Marland and Pat Falken Smith left. It seemed to me that the new PTB either did not know the show's history, or simply did not care to follow it. That's why my gut tells me that if Bert Bauer's long-unmentioned sister had been referenced, I would have zeroed right in on it and started do
  11. To my knowledge, the show never acknowledged Bruce Banning's existence at all when Bert went to take care of Meta in the mid-1980s, nor did they mention him when Meta returned to Springfield in 1996. Of course, I may have missed an off-handed comment in passing about the character.
  12. I have no memory of Bert going to a sister's funeral in 1983 at all. Thank heavens we can all pool our memory resources. Watching the show every day, I'm annoyed I could have missed/forgotten a fact like that. I believe Lisa's mother's name was Alma Miller, not Elsa.
  13. I wish I could remember for sure if the comment did indeed come from Lucci. Maybe another poster will remember better. The same person also criticized ABC for giving the writer almost two years to gut the show, and then Agnes Nixon and Lorraine Broderick a matter of a few months before its demise to repair all the damage.
  14. And didn't someone (maybe even Lucci?) later acknowledge that he had said he couldn't care less about the show's history?
  15. I agree. Some writers make their contempt for and/or disinterest in history quite clear.
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