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  1. Please do not blame yourself for anything. Sometimes, even the most dedicated and generous people who enjoy sharing their material with others can be completely turned off by the belligerent, aggressive, mean-spirited behavior of trolls on the internet.
  2. The writing for Beacon Hill, by the dreaded Anne Howard Bailey, was heinously awful. The first several episodes were atrocious. After Bailey got canned, the writing took a surprising upswing in quality, but I think by that time the audience was just not willing to give the show another try. The same thing happened on the daytime soap How to Survive a Marriage. Bailey was the original writer and her material was just awful. She was fairly quickly replaced by the wonderful Rick Edelstein, who wrote beautifully for the series, but after being burned by AHB's garbage, viewers never seemed to sample HTSAM again.
  3. There are whiny, belligerent and mean-spirited fans of every genre who will happily cause trouble and ruin things for everyone else the minute they do not get their own way.
  4. A while back, I posted a link to a web page containing scores of radio eps of TGL from the 1950s. I loved that page because its editor had gone through the trouble of putting all the 90+ episodes in proper, chronological listening order. (The Internet Archives has the same episodes uploaded, but they are NOT in the correct sequence, so it's not as enjoyable to listen to.) My old laptop died, taking all my bookmarks with it, before I could save the link permanently. By any chance, does anyone know the page/link I am talking about? I'd appreciate finding it again, and endless googling is not helping me.
  5. I know some collectors who refuse to copy and share their treasures, even though their original tapes from decades ago are turning to dust. They simply do not want to let anyone else have what they've got. It's gratuitously selfish and mean-spirited.
  6. I foolishly waited too long to digitize many of my ancient videotapes, and by the time I finally got around to doing so, many of my treasures had deteriorated badly and would no longer play. Fortunately, many of my "lost" videotapes have been popping up on your youtube channel, so I am both relieved and thrilled!
  7. Folks tend to take for granted that what is printed in books is true, but that is not always the case in soap-related publications. There were even painful errors in the Agnes Nixon tome. I think Jackie Smith made an error and got her writers mixed up. The actors who played the Quartermaines, and Douglas Marland himself, have all acknowledged many times that he was the one who created the Qs. He was also the writer on board when Gloria Monty took over as producer. It was the Montry/Marland pairing that ushered in the new and improved General Hospital. I believe Russell came aboard as a consultant in the early 1980s after the divine Pat Falken Smith was foolishly fired. I remember scanning the list of writers at the time, cringing at how awful their material was in comparison to the DM/PFS regimes. If you are the uploader known as It's A Long Story, thank very much for all the time and hard work you have taken to share so many amazing vintage gems. Believe me, longtime soap fans appreciate folks like you, Eddie Drueding, and all the other people who share your treasures.
  8. AW fans have so much for thank Eddie Drueding for. His amazing dedication to the show and generosity in sharing material throughout the years has helped preserve AW's legacy.
  9. In a Daily TV Serials interview in 1974, Jacquie Courtney mentioned that she had had copies made of her most memorable episodes of Another World. I always wondered if she was the one who released her 1973/4 Emmy reel videotape, which was used in the 50 Years of Soaps TV special from 1994. (In the closing credits of that program, when the donators of clips were being acknowledged, producers gave "special thanks to...Jacqueline Courtney."
  10. For loooooong-time (i.e. ancient, LOL) soap viewers, Jacqueline Courtney owns this thread. Also, Denise Alexander (particularly on Days) and Judith Light.
  11. Really? That's fascinating. Unfortunately, IMHO, any real-life chemistry they may have had did not translate over to the screen.
  12. The story about her back problems precipitated commentary in the daytime press. She claimed she was too injured and in pain to work, yet there were pictures of her around town having a very active social life. Lynde did say she had been challenged by Leslie's nervous breakdown/mental hospital story, but if I were William J. Bell or John Conboy, I would have been really pissed about her complaining to the press that she hated Leslie and that the character was a nerd and a nebbish. I thought she was wonderful in the role, very effective, but sometimes an actor becomes more trouble than s/he's worth. Hallick really made a mistake leaving Y&R. His role on Days tanked, and he never really did much else of note in his career. Bell very well might have kept Hallick and Lynde center stage for years (as he was wont to do with popular romantic couples) if the actors had cooperated. Julianna McCarthy once noted that although Espy was very private and taciturn, he was really kind and sweet with her young son. I guess he could open up when he did not feel pressured or threatened. David Bailey was a bland and colorless Russ, and there was no chemistry between him and Lynde. I adore Michael Storm of OLTL, and he was great with other actresses, but there was zero chemistry between him and Lynde as well. Leslie Brooks was her signature, most memorable role. It's a pity she did not appreciate it at the time.
  13. She was interviewed about Y&R for a magazine once, and the headline quote across the front cover was about how much she "just hated Leslie!" She said the character was a "nerd" and a "nebbish." Also, the show did not want to give her "outs" that were not specified in her contract and there was bad blood about that. Finally, Y&R did not renew her contract and replaced her with Victoria Mallory. Years later she admitted that her attitude was borne out of being young and ungrateful.
  14. Like John Wesley Shipp and Marsha Clark were a "couple" and "quite involved." Or like Rock Hudson and wife Phyllis Gates. Decades ago, being outed was career suicide. Gay celebrities hid behind beards. He quit and made it clear at the time how much he disliked working on Y&R. After almost 30 years away from the show, he agreed to make a slight cameo appearance, just like Janice Lynde would later do, although she too had bitched endlessly about the soap back in the 1970s.
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