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  1. For some reason, once he was dropped to recurring. Randy Brooks (Nathan #2) was credited as Randolph Brooks! LOL
  2. Emme Rylan (Ex-Abby Y&R and Lulu GH) used to be Marcy Rylan. I think she changed her name right before leaving Y&R.
  3. It’s hard to really say how I got this info but as far as Y&R/B&B I have them being preempted for: July 7-10, 13-15 and then July 20-22, 1987. I guess it’s possible they were shown earlier or weren’t effected, or maybe they swapped back and forth with ATWT/GL with them airing on days Y&R and B&B didn’t?
  4. They did not use that classic version of the theme to tell us Eric’s problem is fixed?!?
  5. We have almost the whole first summer with Sheila!! Amazing!
  6. Alden never seems to go into detail on why they even did that…sadly maybe she did think it was “good” at the time…but still to contradict all that Bill Bell worked on and established with Jill and Katherine the last 30 years, why would she and Smith do that to him?? If it were any other post Bell era writer it would make sense but we still had Alden and Smith leading the helm which was probably the shows last couple golden years….
  7. Ryan also wore Speedo’s at a July 4th party once, and Danny wore them on his Hawaiian honeymoon with Cricket.
  8. With that Said it’s hard to believe Alden and Bill Bell himself would even let that story be played out on air, unless they found some appeal over Katherine/Jill being related, which I would find hard to believe…I guess we just have to assume Smith had more power over Alden and couldn’t put a stop to him?? (Bell was already in poor health so we can’t really say how often he had say as an EP or executive consultant at that point.)
  9. That was great, but I also wanted a reaction from Kyle too....He spews as much hypocrisy as Summer does. Sally has gotten so much flack and I want her life to be turned around...I think it will be the perfect karma to some if Victor ends up changing his mind about her. I always thought him and Nikki would be great mentors to Sally, in the way Katherine was to Nikki. I was hoping before this Summer mess we'd have gotten a scene of Nikki and Sally laughing together about once faking illness's to fool their loved ones.
  10. Well they don’t have any January 1991 episodes yet but I’m hoping that new Person uploading will have some eventually.
  11. Yes!! Finally the missing 1991 episodes we’ve been waiting for!! I hope they have March 4, 1991, Cassandras final episode!! Fingers crossed! And also some January 1991! !!
  12. Did you see the same person uploaded 3 more full 1991?? I think they are in the vault Feb 27 and 28, 1991 and May 22, 1991!
  13. Odd a glaring omission like that would sadly be done today where soaps are “dying” but back then I’d figured they want to add the face that’s also the Y&R theme.
  14. Congratulations!! 20 years is an incredible milestone! I also wish I had known about these forums back then (yet I was only 11, and really didn't know my way around the internet like I do now LOL) but I can't express how much fun I have every day exploring this forum, and hope to have many more years with it!
  15. So I read that Rory Gibson is 26. He’s actually the first age appropriate Noah they’ve cast being young enough to be Morrow and Cases son.
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