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  1. Here's a Y&R/B&B Catfight Compilation that was just uploaded.
  2. I'm terrible for admitting I once thought it would have been kind of cool to see what those two could do for Y&R...but that was a few years ago when I always heard how "good" they were at OLTL/GH (which the word "good" was used loosely)
  3. Doug Davidson also confirmed on Twitter that they plan to show Paul and Christine's Honeymoon where Phyllis was causing trouble.
  4. Yes! that was from you, and there definitely wasn't any Jack/Patty scenes.... I hope we definitely get more confirmation besides TEB's words, but I also figured they still had plenty of episodes to show until the first week of May or so? I guess they did want to space them out.
  5. Aw man, I would have loved to see that entire week....I guess there were some clips posted on YT like The aftermath Of Katherine's facelift where she reunites with Brock, Lorie's return and run in with Nikki, and the Jack/Patty clip, but I would have loved to see that entire week. Yeah If we can have something nice for a change they'd stay away from any 2006-2020 episodes....I doubt it, but we will see.
  6. I don't remember if he still script writes for B&B...I wanna say yes, but don't actually know...LOL
  7. As long as they don't go any farther past 2003ish I will be excited! I know it's a common misconception but I think the Jack/Patty scenes were from the episode before, and didn't actually air on the Victor/Nikki wedding....the original broadcast of the wedding is on here, and Jack/Patty scenes aren't included.. The only thing they really cut on the NYE 2016 rebroadcast was the Brooks sisters reunion scene, and I think Eric's song before the ceremony?
  8. It's been hinted the first one they show will be the Masquerade Ball.
  9. Agreed! I'm so excited. I do hope they will pull out stuff that's not online though.
  10. I'm happy, and definitely hope they will pull out some good ones...Tracey hinted it was the Masquerade Ball next week cause she said she's wearing a wig in the episode, and that's one of the only times I know Lauren wears a wig...
  11. She sort of hinted that the first one they show will be the Masquerade Ball.
  12. So according to a post Tracey Bregman made on her instagram they are planning to start showing classic episodes next Friday and she said the first one would be from 1991!
  13. what an unprofessional little C*nt........................
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