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  1. I don’t like the sound of that 😥😥😥
  2. I know Lynch is a great actress, but for the little I've watched, Sue always seemed to be WAY too OTT bitchy, borderline evil, for a TV show....it doesn't seem she evolved it all too throughout the show.
  3. Good lord this year has been cruel... I was barely a casual viewer of Glee but, of the view episodes I've watched, this scene here has always stuck with me...I certainly thought it was a powerful one.
  4. I mean i consider it to be the shows final classic year but I don’t necessarily want to see those episodes too if that makes sense? Lol im thankful Maria isn’t the one married to Thudley or else we’d get a week of her greatest hits...
  5. What is the fascination with showing 2005 episodes? I think they’ve showed the most episodes from that year...
  6. So it’s not a rumor then.....🤢🤮🤮🤮 F**k!
  7. I think someone once tried to tie them together as the same character, but that can’t ring true since Y&R Pierre died within the first year.
  8. Thanks! I never really got the impression Ridge gave a damn about Thorne and vice versa so really there's nothing wrong with this write up, although B&B was always bad with friendships. I agree about a lot of what was said, but IMO the show never got away from ETA! and we know that's all Bradley knows how to tell...it was just better back them with his father still looking over his shoulder. Also the first two years of B&B were definitely more humorless, but I'd say from Sally and the Spectra gangs arrival 4 years earlier the show found it's sense of humor....I don't know why they are acting like it took them 6 years to do so.
  9. She will be the new Tricia Quick! @DRW50
  10. Thanks! 1993 always Seems to be considered the last "golden" age of soaps before it went downhill. Do you have the write up's for B&B's Ridge & Thorne as Worst Brothers and them being most improved show? I'd love to read them if you don't mind!
  11. I have this SOD and ever since reading that article, I always picture Bergman literally cursing and throwing stuff at those poor kids of his, whenever they dare to interrupt his "homework"! 😳😱
  12. Didn’t they just show 1/6/03 a few weeks ago? This better not become a regular of the shows now repeating episodes they already showed.
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