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  1. I mean it’s not that i was warm and fuzzy about Tessa and Mariah, but how insulting and degrading if they end the pairing by killing Tessa off, especially since this was the only real sort of LGTB story the show has ever really done...and you know Mariah will only be with men if Tessa does go..
  2. YRfan23

    Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Thank you!! wonderful surprise!
  3. YRfan23

    Days: Promo

    Does Carrie even still like Kate as a mother -in law or vice versa?
  4. Max Ehrich was a good actor, but I agree, they gave him nothing to do, like Robert Adamson as Noah.
  5. He does look like his brother Scotty...I still hate that they got rid of him too....who knows if we will ever see both Fenmore/Grainger/Baldwin brothers on the show at the same time..
  6. I hated some of the things Kate did to others over the years, but I actually enjoy her now....maybe it’s the whole “I don’t give a F**k what others think” persona she has, where she knows she’s disliked by mostly everybody but it doesn’t phase her... she does seem to always get away with a lot Though...
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    Days: New Role Cast

    Very random
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    GH: Special Anniversary Episode

    Can he even “act” like he hasn’t join the mob as much as he does now in the mob?
  9. Why are they wasting Tripp on Claire and Ciara...I hate how isolated he is from everyone, I get perhaps it’s because on the show he’s suppose to be older then him, despite the fact that IRL they are the same age, but why can’t Tripp at least be friends with JJ??
  10. Lol maybe that pic indicates they are interacting more 😁
  11. They look like they could play brothers.
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    Y&R Casting New Role

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    Y&R Casting New Role

    The 2018 version of Danny Romalotti??
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    Y&R November 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is this a Hallmark Movie? I'll watch just to see her! LOL
  15. Sami and Rex were never friendly to each other right? I ask because I expect if we ever see Sami have a run in with KL Rex he will be a complete D*ck to her like how he was when he was Brady.....Martsolf is very much the kind and protective "older" brother towards Sami.