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  1. WTF CARES?!?!?! It's embarrassing that they bother to still do these promos!!
  2. Ex Passions Alumni to GH

    That's random...LOL He wasn't the strongest actor, but I think I preferred his Ethan over Martsolf's....he definitely had the better chemistry too IMO with LH as Theresa....though I think EM, and LH grew into the chemistry nicely.
  3. B&B: Brad Bell Interview

    Trash!!!! Just garbage!!!! ????
  4. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    LOL That's great!!
  5. Thank You! I was hoping we hadn't seen the last of these!
  6. Y&R: Old Articles

    It's weird how they had them go in separate ways for a little bit....I also read that Victor worked at a diner at one point during that year....
  7. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Haha that could have been the reason!
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    I really enjoy seeing Victor's vulnerable side....you would never hear him say things like "maybe I should be dead" nowadays....he was really such a normal character in those days...I LOL'd at Eve shouting "ohhh you CRAZY WOMAN!!" when the nurse grabbed the knife from her! I knew Terry Lester was good, but man he blew those hospital scenes away!!! Marla Adams was great as well! I didn't even realize those nightmare scenes were just a nightmare..... DA is very pretty, but she's absolutely stunning here!....her eyes really have this seductive feel to them, when she's just glaring at Dina and John.... What's really a shame is that I think the full episode where Patty shoots Jack use to be on YT a long time ago....wish I watched it when I had the chance! I recall hearing that AE's first day as Patty was that episode, but I can't be certain... Yeah those types of action scenes normally don't associate with Y&R IMO...but they pulled them off here....It's crazy how they had the budget for all of that... I still don't quite get how Nikki was shoehorned into the Tony stuff, as it seems like they didn't even really use her prior connections to Paul for that....and it also seemed like Victor wasn't aware of this either?.....did they have a period where they didn't interact this much before they got back together? or before the Rick Darros stuff? seeing the 1983 credits was cool! it's basically the format they use now (the cast in alphabetical order) but it looks much cooler seeing the characters drawings off to the side......it's also kind of weird seeing Robert Colbert's/Stuart's name still being listed....I wonder how often he even appeared until he left town as well... It's hard to really choose between which are the best years, because most of the past years are! haha but 1991 is probably my favorite year as well! and so is 1993! I would have to see more consecutive 70's/80's stuff to pick a favorite year from there.
  9. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    LOL that reminds me of the time, I thought a bee got into my car (I think it was only the sunlight reflecting on the seat haha) and I got so scared I literally had to pull over and jump out of the car.....only thing is that I think I slammed my car in park without stopping first! that's how bad my phobia is...haha
  10. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Haha yeah.....it would be my worst nightmare!
  11. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thanks to @ltm1997 Here's another 1983-84 Compilation Video!
  12. Y&R: Old Articles

    Yeah, it was the old newsgroups fans, I think people thought it was hilarious when they started using “bug” in the show and swore one of the writers was a member or something.
  13. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I miss him! RA has been such a failure I feel embarrassed he's still on this show.
  14. Y&R: Actor Returns?

    I don’t have anything against JT/TL but I even thought the promo was unnecessary.