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  1. B&B actress returns!!

    JER is HELLA better then THUDley on any given day!!!!
  2. B&B actress returns!!

    She just leave for crying out loud...awful Bradley...
  3. Y&R: Old Articles

    Your welcome!! ?? im literally praying something new pops up everyweek!! Lol
  4. Y&R: Old Articles

    Yeah sometimes I wonder about that too....EB apparently said once that he's "close" to MTS as far as their working relationship, but he still doesn't know that much about her after all these years...who knows really.....this is also the same guy who said he respects and admires Jeanne Cooper, but wouldn't say they were "friends" yet she clearly thought otherwise according to her book...
  5. Y&R: Old Articles

    Your very welcome!! I had know idea that garage was part of the Abbott set, until it was mentioned in the dialogue, I guess we didn't see it too much way later on. BM has a good voice usually, even if that song was clunky, You can always tell she was more of the trained singer over Bregman.... I don't know the exact time the regular concert series with Lauren, Traci etc...singing stop, but I guess maybe after 1989, since that "Danny Rocks On" episode was posted not too long ago.... It does make more sense seeing Victor sort of grow "bored" of Nikki at this point, or at least getting so fed up with her.....I kind of view the Nikki/Victor relationship a bit differently not that I read an old interview where EB said he thinks Ashley is really Victor's true love.. I forgot that 6/27/85 clip is still around! at least that episode has the full cast credits, LOL
  6. OWN picks up Jamey Giddens scripted show!

    I guess that’s what’s all the buzz on twitter is going on about him... i wish him luck and hope some of his ideas about the current soaps generate on his shows..
  7. Y&R: Old Articles

    I actually didn’t wanna spoil too much that this episode was a pretty big one, but it’s great to see!! Eileen has certainly grown as an actress, but she did well with this material, u can see how this leads to her breakdown...I feel like there were like 2-3 actors playing Brent so it’s hard to get invested into his character but he did seem hopeful and then heartbroken Ashley didn’t accept him... interesting that Ashley’s date of birth is revealed as April 29, 1959, close to Eileen’s real birthday, except I noticed an error when Brent said that date was a Sunday, I think the 29th was a Wednesday that year.. Beth Maitland felt like a real star in those singing scenes, even if it was a bit of a rough song for her...I like seeing her leading story for a change. its still amazing how much BD can do when’s she’s only in one scene....I do feel sorry that John isn’t spending much time with Jill and is focusing on Dina...Marla did very well in that scene with John too. Nikki and Victor didn’t do much for me...he’s being an ass of course..
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    I know :/
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    Your welcome!! this has been a great year so far as far as classic episodes go!!
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    Another surprise for you all! thanks again to the wonderful @ltm1997 here's another 1985 episode! (I sort of speculated the airdate based on some summaries I looked over, so it may not be correct)
  11. New Blind Item

    Although I think their airtime DOES hinder a better story being told..
  12. Y&R: Old Articles

    It’s certainly a bummer those Episodes in English have never surfaced :/
  13. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tylo came back at least 3-4 times I thought after TK started as Ridge, and she never crossed paths with him..... It's kind of stupid they just let PF go right when she came back too.....poor planning as usual on Brad's part...
  14. "These two cast members are really happy with their amount of airtime. But some people feel it's beginning to hinder from a great story being told!" Tyler Christopher and Marci Miller??
  15. Overrated Vets

    Okkkkkkkk thennn