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  1. Remember on Passions when Kay gave birth to Maria and named her Maria IVY Lopez-Fitzgerald, to spite Grace?? It says a lot that Passions could play that beat better then Thudley can with the whole Hayes thing.
  2. Even now when Sally McDonald directs episodes of Y&R I notice the particular episode looks better. She’s been with the show since 1990 and has been directing since 1995 or 1996 so I also would have had her as EP.
  3. The worst was when they were in LA summer 2003 when Gwen lost the baby. Besides that entire day started in August and lasted till thanksgiving…Lindsay Hartley wore that pink top for about two months! and they joked about this during the reunion but this was when Whitney was shot and Chad Ethan and Fox were walking around shirtless in the hospital for like two weeks! Lol
  4. That’s so amazing!!! the thought of having all of 1992-1995 is exciting!!
  5. Sheila stay offscreen till October 1995. It seemed like she was done for good, until Brad Bell decided to bring her back.
  6. Haha that’s such an old staple of characters like Lauren sitting at her desk, and answering with: ”Yes Majorie….he/she is? (with either a. intrigued or sensual look on her face depending on whether it’s Mary, Traci, or when Paul, Scott or Brad is outside ) send him/her in”’ ) moments of suspense and said person enters.. ”hello Lauren” Lauren: “what brings you by?”
  7. They have such a fun chemistry! DA is really great at playing manipulative, but it's hilarious how Patty sees through her!
  8. Guys! Here’s another 1982!!! from a generous soul on the Y&R classic FB group!!
  9. If you listen closely you can hear Leanna mention Spectra to Rex. Haha I never knew they mentioned Wiley's on B&B That's also where Victoria briefly worked when Victor cut her off for marrying Ryan.
  10. That was a funny story Ronn Moss told about calling Susan “mother” when they first met and her telling him seriously to “never call her that!” Im glad he found it hilarious because I’d probably want to avoid SF like the plaque if I had that awkward of a first encounter. Im glad they are all so close though!
  11. I read that In the 4th of July episodes that year both Y&R and B&B made references that acknowledge they are in the same universe. Leanna does say to Rex she’s wearing a “Sally Spectra” suit and I think Macy also mentioned Fenmores to Jake in that episode.
  12. I posted these 2 because it looks like they are the 2 NEW ones we haven't seen. The other 2 they have are ones already uploaded. I honestly just looked up Lex Feux D'Lamour randomly searching for something else, and I jumped in when I saw these episodes pop up! LOL
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