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  1. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I hope we get a scene of Jill sending Devon his condolences.....she always demeaned Hilary too
  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    Haha no problem! I totally agree.....realistically he should have never "bounced back" from any of these crimes....I'm just glad social media wasn't around back then so CLB couldn't do his hammy selfies....
  3. Y&R: Old Articles

    Last few "new" uploads I have (for now) from March 1993. These are the episodes when Michael breaks through the wall and tries to rape and kill Cricket. 3/17 has a strange loop in the beginning I just discovered so I apologize about that! :/
  4. it's too focused on current daytime....obviously if you don't know the histories of the shows or all of daytime in general and how they had HUGE success for many many years, it's just going to be a mockery of the Genre. I wish I could do a proper Thesis on why Soaps STILL ARE Important, and what primetime can learn from them, but sadly it's things like that video that are use to work against those types of analysis.
  5. Y&R: Old Articles

    Here's some more November 1991 uploads! Unfortunately I have to skip over 11/6/91 for now, because of DVD issues which I hope will get fixed!
  6. Y&R: Old Articles

    Your welcome!
  7. https://michaelfairmantv.com/yr-temporarily-recasts-the-role-of-summer-newman-as-bayley-corman-steps-in-for-hunter-king/2018/09/21/
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    Here's some more "new" uploads from August/September 1991. the 8/16 and 9/19 are partials!
  9. B&B Actor Back on Contract

  10. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Maybe if Maria Bell was writing Days!
  11. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I thought they had asked her to speak at an Alumni event there?
  12. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Thanks! I figured it was her as EH has a distinct look even from a distance.
  13. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I always was curious, is that Carla standing next to Clint at, 0:04-0.06 and 0:09-0:14 in this clip?? I know the year should be 1980, since EH was still on the show before she left the first time.
  14. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I always thought that too...her and VR would be electrifying together!