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  1. Haha thanks...I think I could have done better, but I was trying to put my shoes into what the frustrated soap viewer circa 1989-1991 might have been thinking!
  2. Y&R: "BRING BACK TERRY LESTER!!!" "A Kay Doopleganger??....Ridiculous..." "Brenda Epperson is Pretty, but....Eileen is Ashley" "Finally a Jill who can ACT" "Y&R to expand longtime Abbott maid's Family" B&B: "I give the show 6 months at best" "Shocker: JoAnna Johnson OUT!" "I love Sally!" "I don't watch Y&R...Can someone give be a history lesson on Sheila"
  3. Ending of July 29, 1988. https://archive.org/details/youngandtherestless19880729
  4. I think Gaston is more age appropriate for Chance IMO.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a safe and warm day!!🦃🦃🦃

    1. soapfan770


      Thank you!! Have a great Thanksgiving yourself!!!

    2. DRW50


      Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you do for Y&R fans.

  6. I don’t think thanksgiving was Shown last year either. I think it was because of the Trump impeachment hearings that kept pushing everything back. personality I’m over that mushiness of everyone saying something nice to one another for one whole day.....the best thing is always hearing the old music play while everyone is being all overly gushy.
  7. So awesome about the 1999 dates! at least recaps can be found on Soap Central to look those days up! I'm such a goof but I saw a lot of 1989 was added too, and got excited till I realized I had all those episodes already from my playlist! haha...oh well...Least there's easy access now.
  8. it does now! sorry bout that
  9. Seems like the Vault is down again...hopefully it's temporary
  10. Paul’s first episode was May 23, 1978 as DD posted the script page once.
  11. I think Lucas came on Summer 1977.
  12. I mean I like that they are showing the ball because it’s a true classic but they really could have showed the 10/3/91 episode since we got 10/2/91 in April. hopefully they pull out something good for Christmas repeats, if they have them this year.
  13. Amazing!! Thank you my friend!
  14. Apparently a lot of long running channels with ABC soaps and ATWT and GL are now being shut down too....what the $&&! Is going on?!?!
  15. $&@&@!! Looks like it’s gone already...
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