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  1. This is a date I really wanted to see too!
  2. and she still was respected...I would be pissed honestly....
  3. March 7, 1994 just added. https://archive.org/details/vcd1957510
  4. Haha her hair looked soo outdated in this episode for some reason...
  5. and sadly right before my must see episode of Cole punching Victor for digging up Eve's Grave on 3/7/94 😕
  6. March 4, 1994 episode now on the archive site. https://archive.org/details/vcd2236280
  7. She’s done nothing but place herself into everyone’s business, and stories since Stafford returned...and she’s flirting with Nick again. (Barf!!!!!!)
  8. It’s funny how I mostly can’t stand Phyllis on current Y&R, yet I always look forward to seeing her on these 95 episodes. Obviously it’s because this was long before the show ever thought of Phyllis having to be the “star” of the show, and she was in her place as (one of) the towns villainess
  9. I actually could see from the fade in scenes it was from June 10, 1991. I have that episode and already posted! Here's a few more episodes from 1995.
  10. Yeah it would a train wreck for sure...
  11. I often think about how most of the teens on todays soaps (GH at the moment) are around Heathers age when she did these stories, yet I just can’t see any of them pulling off this material like she could...maybe with better writing but who knows?
  12. Your welcome my friend!
  13. Here's some more 1993 episodes I just got!
  14. Happy New Years everyone!! :D 

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      Happy 2020. Hopefully this year will be a massive improvement over the last one.

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      Happy and healthy New Year!

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      Happy 2020 to all!

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