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  1. I could have also seen a Chase/Victoria/Nina triangle too maybe. It's a shame what might have been, but if the actor wants to leave I guess there's not much that can be done....I guess Bill Bell could have recast Chase if he wanted though.
  2. I have a bad feeling nothing will happen to Thomas when this gets out...Brad Bell already has an outlandish excuse as to why he’s so crazy (“The tumor made me do it!!!” 🙄🙄🙄)
  3. One of Bill Bells big mistakes! it’s so obvious Nina and Chase would have been “endgame” after the David stuff. It’s so ridiculous that Chase seemed to be the smartest of the bunch and then he just vanished when Nina shot David...
  4. Did Victor even interact with Lyndsey’s Colleen at all?
  5. If you watch the episode before, Traci and Brad have the most cringeworthy argument about Who The Godfather would be...you just want to choke Brad!
  6. Brad choose Victor to be The Godfather simply because he hated Jack. A decision I’m sure he regretted WAYY down the line. it always seemed like a weak plot point and Brad just wanting to stick it to Jack. Like seriously did LFs Colleen even interact with Victor when she first came back??
  7. Yeah but Lauren and Traci did put the past behind them years ago at “Katherine’s” (Marges) funeral. That’s when Lauren apologized to Traci for all the mean things she did in the past. It was a well-Written scene imo though I hate to credit MAB with that one.
  8. Ha! One of these commercials is on one of my old Passions tapes. I remember thinking the same thing RE: Stafford's hair!
  9. I would never have expected this to happen...why just why?! 😢😢😢 RIP
  10. I’m ready for some 1989 and the start of Sally and Spectra! 😁😁
  11. And of course the daughter going toe to toe with the older rich bitchy woman (Katherine/Stephanie)
  12. Yes! like any other March 92 date I don't have or something completely new...but I guess we have to be patient.
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