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  1. ugh!!! I'm still so bummed about that
  2. Yes! it's always great when these rare gems decide to pop up! It's too bad 7/22/92 Y&R wasn't included but a double feature of 92 B&B is always great!
  3. haha! if only "hunting for new soap vids" can earn me a living! the reason I called it the "mysterious #1120" btw, is because before this person just uploaded a picture of the tape spine label that had all that stuff on it , and for some reason it didn't seem like he was going to transfer in online, but luckily now he did! LOL
  4. guess what @BoldRestless the mysterious #1120 tape has surfaced! aka: New July 1992 dates for Y&R/B&B etc.. https://archive.org/details/SmokesVHSTape1120/Tape+1120+Disc+1.ISO
  5. Thanks! He really looks like Eric Braeden here. I thought his role (Jed Andrews?) was a major role?
  6. I’m happy about that too! I do hope we eventually get all of 1990,91,92 etc...without any dubbing.
  7. Is it bad I could use a break of watching once in a while?? 🤔🤪
  8. he and Hunter King also look like they can be siblings.
  9. Lucas Adams as Noah? he's at least more age appropriate then Robert Adamson.
  10. I was sort of joking when I mentioned this on twitter but now that we are on a role....Billy Flynn as Scotty Grainger??
  11. Lord forgive me I wish soaps still had the budget for this Sh*t!
  12. It's hilarious yet kind of cold too! I would have had her and Hank become a couple....and spared her from Ethan the minute he dumped her for Theresa.
  13. I thought it was kind of funny that when Grace left town they had Sam admit to Ivy he never liked that cake!
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