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  1. Haha Steve and Dustin were hilarious in that preview!
  2. As far as leading Y&R actresses I would have gone with Case or even MTS...I don’t know why Melody is always overlooked..
  3. Definitely a good decision to let VR come back to speak!
  4. Thanks!! 😁😁 I think the music works well with the dialogue surprisingly...the beats are totally different between ABC/CBS and the Bell soaps but it fits pretty well. Of course the stories are definitely not up to par, definitely not in the same league as glow by Jabot or Victoria’s teen stories...
  5. Thanks!! One of the best years of the show!! 😁😁
  6. That would be awesome to see! Let me know if you need any specific cues, as I got a handful of old episodes I can help out with! 😉
  7. Thanks! it did work this time! These are so well done.....the music does enhance the scenes, as if you were watching classic Y&R! This is a weird request, but Do you think you can do another one of these with the current teen scene? I realized that they are all around Heather Tom's age when she first started Y&R, so I guess I just want to hear/see what classic Y&R music would bring to the current GH teens if that makes sense?
  8. Based on some research, ( not sure how correct this is) I have the 1987 Y&R/B&B preemptions as: Jan 1-New Years July 7-15, 23,24-Iran Contra hearings Sept 7, 11- Tennis Nov 26,27-Thanksgiving Dec 25-Christmas
  9. Thanks! that sounds juicy! I'm guess they had a fight and Lorie did it out of anger?
  10. That’s so amazing!!! 😁😁 there’s so many things I’m ready to see from that era!!
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