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  1. I wish they would just go back to 30 minutes. People would make time for multiple shows. Even an hour is overly generous and nowadays you have to burn a lot of story where typically you build towards most things (my friend Daniel helped me figure that one out )
  2. @ironlion I know, despite their criticisms Frank and Ron, I feel, do better when together...and a lot of actors admire their ethic. But I've never worked with them, so I don't know what it would be like... Sometimes, I fantasize about being a soap writer, professionally, outside what I have done personally and performed locally. But honestly, I fuss with my work A LOT, just because I want it to be perfect. In Daytime, you have such a short time to get your episode written and ready for review and record. I am sure they are doing the best they can in today's era...where back in the day if you wanted soaps you had to watch the big 3 networks...Now, you have choices x infinity, plus reruns of golden eras if you want.
  3. Because for ABC it came down to money. Wendy Riche probably was expensive, and I think people were telling me networks were looking at downsizing (even in the late 90's), and who should take the first cut in spite of it all? Management...and with Riche gone, all the usual suspects took her place, and "General Hospital" began to go downhill...same with "One Life" and "Children"... When a friend told me in 2001 that in 5 years only a few soaps would be left I couldn't believe it - but slowly but surely, of ten shows..."Port Charles", "Passions", "Guiding Light", "As The World Turns", "All My Children", and "One Life to Live" were cancelled, leaving...as predicted...a few soaps
  4. How about the premiere cast of characters for LOVING? A newscaster with a liberal media bias...a progressive priest...and a nurse who works with AIDS patients...and not one storyline that involved any one of them or their respective topics? Let alone the compelling incest story that masterfully executed but then dropped all for the network's sake of marketing a movie of the week that dealt with the same topic... Was 20 characters too much for a 30 minute program?
  5. Oh God yes, the fact itself that Michael Cambias had this obsession with sexing Bianca, which only led to her rejecting him because of who she was, and his grudge for not having her and then the act of rape itself, is a testimony of toxic masculinity. That could have been a character study (no for anti-heroism) rather than a catapult for the usual soap opera conventions.
  6. You say it perfectly. I never understood his mania. Like Camron/Ryan showed up in Pine Valley one day and it was like "Oh, he's interesting..." but then he began to dominate the show that had been an ensemble cast, a community, for 25 years. I resented that.
  7. Yes, THANK YOU!! There was no "full circle" with Erica. She went through a period of emotional, hard Life experiences that led up to immense recovery and her sobriety as a metamorphosis. Only months later, for her to go into stealing a baby to punish her husband and sister-in-law for having an affair, and tricking a mentally disabled woman into aiding her? And then FINALLY giving Jackson, who had waited patiently for her despite all her previous snubs and inability to commit to him. It was sad. Because Susan Lucci deserved more adult 'treatment'... I will say this, the work Susan Lucci did, when she said good-bye to Kendall the first time (when Kendall was Sarah Michele Gellar), was Erica at her most adult. It was raw, it was sad...I don't care what was going on behind the scenes with the actresses - it was like Erica was becoming stronger.
  8. After all was said and done with Ellen Holly's original storyline...what prevented Agnes Nixon, or Gordon Russell/Sam Hall from approaching her and asking her (or even Lillian Hayman) about themselves that they could draw story from? On another note, isn't that why Victoria Rowell esteemed Bill Bell for just talking to her which in turn helped add credibility to the stories he was trying to tell about Dru? I seem to remember in the 90s a lot of soap publications heralding the arrival of a promising new black presence on any number of shows...only for that character (characters) to show up, and then be phased out within a year...l mean, on "One Life" Troy Nichols showed up in Llanview with his son Kerry, along the same time Shelia Price showed up with her sister Rika...and within no time three out of the four were written out with Sheila becoming involved with Hank Gannon, and those two languishing on some serious backburner. Can I ask, what people thought about the writing for Diahann Carroll's "Dominique" on DYNASTY? What about the people of color on the reboot of DYNASTY?
  9. That's a great articulation on how I felt, as others have suggested, about Erica Kane in the mid-90s! It was like would she just stop marrying everyone for a moment and enjoy her sobriety and enjoy herself without having to revert to antics she had literally outgrown in the 70s and 80s...?! Regarding Sean and Tiffany of "General Hospital" fame, I believe Claire Labine did know how to write for them, she just called them "Kevin" and "Lucy"... Michael Malone did write Tina-esque antics, like it would be totally plausible for Tina to fall in love with her illegitimate brother, find out he an imposter and then still love him anyways, lol...But her most recent almost "incestuous" subplot was all during this odd "VC Andrews" period of the show where incest was already being told center stage between Viki and her father Victor; with intermezzos of Viki's own alter Niki Smith making odd plays towards her own son Joey and illegitimate brother Todd. The one character I feel Michael Malone did malign during his tenure, was Clint Ritchie's "Clint Buchanan", by making him a homophobe in what was a break through coming out story. That one hurt because Clint Buchanan was the "Every Dad" with how he loved his children, and now you had him taking a stance that if the character translated into real life, would have broke my heart that he did not have my back. I thought that was careless.
  10. That the world within the world Irna Phillips is creating is a nuanced representation of the world she lived in. And that the Hughes family is her "seed", and that despite the problems of the day "ATWT" was created, she is providing an escape, a celebration of the home, to take the viewers mind off of the problems of the day. What do you all draw from it?
  11. Thank you Copyright is understandable, I understand that much. And that would detour a lot of people to try to copy, or emulate the style of writing that the respective creator is known for and then try to pass it off as their own. I think when I looked at "As The World Turns" bible I found it was a nice example in the sense the late Irna Phillips wrote it from the heart, and made it a romantic, very personal creation. But then I wondered are all bibles created equal? What takes did her pupils Agnes Nixon and Bill Bell employ to sell their "worlds" without end. I think if there were access to these materials budding writers could examine their own characters and stories effectively. The way Agnes alleged to have done, per Peter Bergman, who received a character bible for Dr. Cliff Warner upon being hired so he knew where things involved him and other characters story-wise). The bible, a marvelous set of instructions, a gift of oxygen so your brain child may have the ability to flourish and grow. I have to wonder what Charles Pratt's bible for "Models Inc" looked like. Don't get me wrong, I loved that show - but I'd have to wonder. And did Charles Pratt create "Sunset Beach" too for Aaron Spelling?
  12. What are they trying to do in preventing the story bibles from being shared? I would think they would want to make them accessible in order to educate those who want to create serials or any other type of work? And I mean the towns of Pine Valley, Llanview, Corinth, etc., have already come and gone in their creation, so there isn't any way to plagiarize the work - people just want a rough idea on how to create their own worlds without end based on these bibles the creators all speak of. Forgive the simplicity of that question, but I think had I had access to an example I would have been like EUREKA!
  13. I thought she was very intriguing, because she had such a love for the soap genre and wanted to tell incredible stories. It was like "just hire her already!" I mean if the passion is there?!
  14. Re: [S.W.S.N.B.N.]... Why do I remember her being in the soap opera news 10 years ago? I show on IMDB.com she was a writer for "Days of our Lives", but I always felt she had a connection to "One Life to Live" too?
  15. I seem to remember, maybe back in the days of WOST or even SoapNet's "Ryan's Hope" board, somebody had access to the contents of the "Ryan's Hope" bible...And I recall this because of the trivia, that Siobhan Ryan was originally supposed to be a nun!
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