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  1. Aw, thank you OZ, dc11786 has been helping me, when I don't go AWOL, I hope we can collaborate and maybe create something - the objective would be to send a script or two to Chris Marcantel, maybe to be read by some cast members/fans? You never know...
  2. I was informed by some that the document was not loading, let me post here for all to see, remember, this is bare, bare bones...
  3. Thank you one and all, thank you dc11786 for the in depth info... The reason I was asking was because I was so inspired by the videos/chats Chris Marcantel (original Curtis) created, that I wanted to create a LOVING reboot. Let me share some of the very, very barebones idea I have for a premiere cast...Anyways, was just wondering what you all thought: LOVING.docx
  4. LOVING Children questions... 1) Lorna Forbes ultimately married her lawyer Zach Conway...did they have a child offscreen? 2) Did Steffi Brewster have a baby with Cooper Alden? I know Cooper had one with Ally Rescott named Tyler but I thought Steffi was showing signs of pregnancy once her character moved over to "The City". 3) Ann is not Jack Forbes' biological mother, just his adoptive mother? 4) Was Rick the bio-dad of Heather, or did it turn out to be Jack in the end? Thanks! Erik
  5. Hello With clips and episodes being released here and there...does anyone know of any access to any episodes of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's masquerade ball circa 1981? Asa through the party in honor of his second wife, Samantha, but his first wife Olympia crashed the gala. Thank you for any advisement, Erik
  6. I loved watching the first two episodes (and partially a third episode) of LOVING posted, as have most of you... I came into watching LOVING in late '85, early '86 after Marland had left, and most of the original cast had gone to make way for creative development that essentially would make LOVING a "lite" version of sister soap ALL MY CHILDREN. In the early 90's, there was an annual publication called "The History of the Soaps". I mainly purchased it because I was a big fan of ONE LIFE and ALL MY CHILDREN, and I wanted to know their respective histories. However, I was always cu
  7. If I recall during Sally Sussman and Kay Alden's last tenure the character of Juliette was alleged to be linked to Keemo in someway - and that the baby she fathered by Cane would have had it's paternity called into question when Keemo returned to Genoa City and the two were revealed to be lovers. But I think it was scrapped because the character of Juliette, though I enjoyed her, did not catch on.
  8. Okay, so I wasn't crazy for thinking Catherine O'Hara's "Violet McKay" reminded me of Another's World's Beveree McKinsey's "Iris"? Check it out...
  9. Here are the other three trailers...we had to stop short of episode 5 because of Covid-19... Episode 2... Episode 3... And Episode 4...
  10. Hi Dylan I am so honored, thank you...we even have a character with the same name as yours... I have included an attachment of the first trailer we ever did... And also, I have the podcast and it's free: http://bartelltheatre.org/2020/lust-for-life/ The episodes run an hour and twenty minutes, BUT each ACT/Part, was written and separated by commercials so to run the length of a daily installment as I had observed when I listened to the radio version of "Guiding Light" and a more esoteric radio soap "Hearts in Harmony". Thank you again!
  11. That was a delightful improvement. I personally enjoy it when Casey narrates his work for the simple reason as creator he has such a personal connection when telling his story. I wish they would stick with one narrator vs. going back and forth between, for the sake of continuity!
  12. Shamelessly asking...but would anyone reading be interested in listening to my podcast of my soap opera that I wrote? I am always up for constructive criticism...
  13. Oh my God, this is an awesome post and your kick off story has to be similar to many of our writing journeys, starting with the desire to create something when we were so young... For me...I remember it was the summer of 1990, Paul Rauch's last year on "One Life to Live", and his final summer story was that the cast of the mock soap "Fraternity Row" went on a location shoot at an island resort called "Badderly". At the same time their was a mafioso convention and the cast had to 'pretend' they were mafia as well. Long story short, it kicked off the romance of Jake Harrison and M
  14. So I am trying to think who Cricket all else had...was it Phillip, Chase, Danny and Skip? In one episode they did have Cricket during a modeling session strike a pose to the song "Thank Heaven For Little Girls", from GIGI. It was so 'daddy' inspired, lol...so I do see your point as to why Terry Lester felt the way he did, who by the way was tremendous as Jack Abbot. And I have to say for as many key actors/memorable parts "Y&R" had to recast...Jill, David, Jack, Ashley...the recasts were each bulls eyes. Oh my God, Nina...the drama over getting her to sign a prenup between Jill and Kay was
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