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  1. This will be another good one! I might fall out when Rex puts the necklace on Katherine in the opening.
  2. Kim Zimmer is a queen. Dames like her are always polarizing. Maureen Garrett referring to the show's decline in quality as when "it frumbled down" is my favorite thing.
  3. Brooke is notttttt letting Erica camp out at the mansion lol
  4. All My Shadows


    Wait - they FINALLY did a Betty Wright episode? That's the one I've always wanted, but I remember reading a few years back that Betty wasn't interested because she didn't want to be seen as a "has-been" Oh, okay, I see it premiered last night. I'm about to boot that sht up and watch it right NOW. Lord, I'm in my feelings off the strength of the teaser alone. Damn. I love this woman so much. Why is Trick Daddy slurring his ass through this? Okay, let me stop live posting this lol --- I finished, and what a wonderful episode. Not a lot of drama because Betty managed to avoid drug/alcohol abuse and also had/has a great team of people around her, mostly family. Her main problem seemed to be running to the altar with guys who looked and seemed good on the outside but were really not for her in the end. I teared up at the end with her daughters singing back-up and her just sitting in the backyard and enjoying her life. She's always been one of the most down-to-earth and realest singing stars, and one of the things mentioned (but I don't think they really explored it) was that she made a ton of choices to stay true to herself, maybe those choices kept her from blowing up in a bigger way, but she has definitely gotten her flowers while living, and she's still young - only 66. She still has a youthful mindset, and that's helped her continue to find success decade after decade. Great episode and story.
  5. Yes, this would have been a great experience, especially when I'm sure many members here have more time to read now. I'm glad my copied made it here so quickly. I've read the first three chapters, and I'm hooked. I'll discuss more if/when others get the book, but the first two chapters, focusing on the transition of soaps from radio to TV, have been particularly interesting. They solidify my long-held belief that soaps have been shat on by the TV community-at-large since day one. There was hesitance at even bringing soaps to TV because they somehow had represented the lowest of what radio had to offer and would only taint this new and sophisticated entertainment medium. There are great passages on how the early TV soap PTB made efforts to distance their shows from the aging radio serials as well as how they laid the groundwork for some of the major visual conventions of soaps (for example, tight close-ups, as staid as they seem now, were super exciting at a time when people were used to NOT seeing faces at all). The feminist aspect is actually pretty interesting, too. She argues that much of the disparagement soaps received on radio and in the early days of TV was rooted in misogyny towards "women's entertainment," and apparently housewives who watched TV soaps in the early 50s were characterized as lazy because they couldn't do household chores while watching as opposed to when they just had to listen to their soaps. She also explores theories on why women watched soaps, connections with the works of people like Betty Friedan, and how TPTB's perception of who was watching influenced their storywriting. @DramatistDreamer It definitely gives me Ken Burns vibes, especially with Country Music still fresh in my mind. Nothing has been overlooked, and plenty of soaps are called out specifically to support the claims being made.
  6. How devastating! I'm not as versed in Edge as I'd like to be, but you just have to have a ton of respect for Forrest Compton. Thanks for sharing the interview, DRW50. I love the anecdote about the building superintendent. I hope FC knew how lucky he was to have been a part of the true golden age of soap opera.
  7. Back then, they relied more on second-hand programming. Little House on the Prairie was a staple there for years - I remember every time they debuted a new schedule without it, they'd end up bringing it back a week or two later because it was a hit (and still is, it's never been off the air since it premiered in 1974), which connects to the topic since Maura brought it up as an example of the type of show that really doesn't exist anymore. I'm not sure I'd put ATWT in the same "family-friendly" category as LHOTP, but a network that was successful with Golden Girls before it became trendy to like Golden Girls could have had success with quarterly GL/ATWT movies. They still could, though maybe the ship has sailed. They'd have to find a way to sell it to the built-in audience while also making is accessible to people who never watched the original series. It could totally work. You woudn't have an entire soap-sized cast involved in each movie. With ATWT, you could focus half of your movies on the Snyders and half on the Hughes/Stewart group and alternate between the two, maybe present smaller stories so that you could have them all included in a Christmas special, etc. In 2017, Hallmark made 33 original movies just at Christmastime. They absolutely 100% have the resources to make this happen. It just takes interest on their part and willingness on P&G's part.
  8. Yes! I forgot all about that. It was like 2003 or 2004 when that first came out, and no one believed it for yeeeeeeeeeeears, and then here comes Retro. In a way, I'm glad because Hallmark would've never given the show the treatment it's gotten from Retro. It might've been different with GL and ATWT, but The Doctors would've last maybe two months before getting pulled.
  9. I just want to repeat what everyone else has said - Don Hastings has found the fountain of youth. Flashier characters get more attention, but Don Hastings is one of the true faces of CBS Daytime. I love that he is living his best life. They mention Hallmark Channel. When the shows were cancelled, I totally dreamed that Hallmark would pick up reruns and then do seasonal reunion movies.
  10. Another reason they might be repeating a previous rerun is...who's actually going in to work on prepping things for air? They might be trying to require as few people as possible working for as little time as possible to make this happen.
  11. It's a good episode. I forced my non-soap fan friends to watch with me on NYE a few years ago, and they enjoyed it (for real - not to just talk sht about it). Maybe they pulled that one because they knew it was already "prepared" for airing? It's not a surprising pick. For many, many viewers, Victor and Nicki are Y&R. Re: 70s episodes. I think if they go there, we'd definitely get the first episode just for the sake of it being the first episode. I would imagine they could find some good Katherine/Phillip/Jill stuff, too.
  12. Stabler as a private investigator would be so different and old school, and I would probably even make an effort to regularly watch it. As far as this is actually concerned, I'm getting "Untouchables but with season-long arcs" vibes. I'll probably never watch this, but I love Christopher Meloni and hope it's a success, which it most likely will be.
  13. My copy came in today. I'm hoping to start reading it tomorrow!
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