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  1. Netflix: One Day at a Time

    I stopped caring about the Emmys a long time ago (starting to sound like you, Carl :lol:), but I'm still upset that neither Justina nor Rita were nominated. They're putting in the type of performances that the Emmys awarded year after year in the 70s, that great comedy that is flavored with a subtle somberness. I always say it's classic Lear, but it just is! I don't even have enough interest to see who were nominated instead.
  2. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I never watch Y&R but I am today and did they just reveal that JT is “A” from Pretty Little Liars???
  3. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I agree, Donald is one of the most appealing characters in TBITB but he never did do much, unfortunately. Frederick Combs, though I crushed on him for years after watching the movie.
  4. Best Soap Opera Opening

    I can’t embed an appropriate video at this moment, but I have to bring up the classic Aussie soap NUMBER 96, which began each episode with no music but just a shot of the titular apartment building a quick zoom in on which part of the building in which the episode’s action would begin. Perfect, and then of course it had a very swinging 70s theme that ran over the closing credits.
  5. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Original titles of the Welsh soap Pobol y Cwm begin at about 5:35. I'll never have enough self-discipline to learn Welsh, but that music is beautiful, especially in this sparse arrangement.
  6. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Oh, wow, thanks. I didn't know he was responsible for that arrangement. It's a real testament to his talent that he could produce something upbeat and very modern (for the time) while also being known as the master organist on soaps for decades. This had to have been one of his last assignments.
  7. Best Soap Opera Opening

    When was Charles Paul at RH? I think a long time ago, I referred to the second Another Life theme as the "HBCU theme," and I still feel it's appropriate. I've never seen a single episode, so I have no clue if it even matched the tone of the show, but I feel as though it probably didn't. I also call this GL theme the "Boyz II Men theme." I have no idea why.
  8. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Speaking of The Doctors, does it get any more depressing than this? I think it's a nice piece of music, but it's basically the funeral march for this once mighty soap.
  9. Best Soap Opera Opening

    So many things to say about GL's forty-two thousand opening sequences. Nothing beats the majesty of the Fire Island lighthouse of the early 70s, either on blue or orange. There used to be a crew credit roll from '74 or '75 on YouTube where you could tell that they'd simply positioned the camera in front of a framed photograph of the lighthouse against the orange sky. I'd pay an embarrassing amount of money to own that. I wish we had any kind of footage at all from the late 60s so that the collection could be complete. We now know that there was a different theme used during the era. You can tell with the original ballad version of My Guiding Light that they were less inspired as they updated. It went from being a very deliberate showcase of what the show had to offer to just a parade of headshots with random sh!t like a tarantula thrown in there. "G U I D I N G L I G H T" will never ever ever make sense to me, and I really need the person who devised it and the one who okayed it to explain themselves because it's just so bad. I hate the "dad rock" theme from 2005. A pretty melody but just the entirely wrong sound for a daytime soap.
  10. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Do you mean the 80s theme? Its composer, Jonathan Segal, did several game show themes. The most notable is probably "All Star Blitz," with its odd scat singing ("Ha ha ha he ha ha ha! Huh ha ba he ba ha ha!"). I've really come to like the gracefulness of Nola and Vanessa in matching dresses, Nola having trouble opening her fan, and then the two of them curtsying (or descending steps?) at the very beginning of the My Guiding Light opening. Here's an underrated gem, IMO. Perfect for the time of day this soap usually aired.
  11. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Everyone mentioning Rex placing the necklace on Katherine is speaking to my soul! That is precisely what I remember more than anything about watching soaps as a child 25 years ago. Simply iconic.
  12. Best Soap Opera Opening

    I HATE what they've done to the Corrie and Emmerdale themes. EE's current arrangement is decent, but you hit the nail on the head re: Corrie. I also hate how they use the same snippet for break intro/outro instead of the traditional End of Part One/Part Two music. Why go from a nice variety that had been there since the first episode to an annoying, repetitive mess? Speaking of the British Isles, nothing in the UK can beat Take the High Road's theme, especially with that beautiful, atmospheric midsection in the closing theme.
  13. What Are You Listening To?

  14. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Easily my favorite combo of music and visuals in all of soap history. The clouds, the birds, the big crescendo before the title appears. Beautiful aesthetic. I loved the music with this opening, so grand and majestic. What pissed me off the most was that we were told that the Rick Rhodes's theme/opening was going to "be like an update to the old 90s titles" which was foolish bc the one they were replacing was much more an update to it than what they debuted. I still can't believe they were proud of that and that it lasted that long. Even those 80s openings where it's just a clip montage followed by the title card made more sense.
  15. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I love how he was the only one without a live action shot in the original opening. It was like they were saying "Yeah, we don't know what he's doing here easy, and we can't make him look sexy, so here ya go."