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  1. LOGO Sitcom Reruns

    Yesss. There is a good little bit of interesting, short-lived drama series from the 70s that should pop up from time to time.
  2. LOGO Sitcom Reruns

    Are there any other shows from the same era that haven't been overly rerun that y'all would like to see? I'm personally hoping to see HOUSE CALLS with Lynn Redgrave and Wayne Rogers show up at some point. Also, it's probably very cheesy, but Harper Valley PTA would be right up my alley.
  3. Overrated Vets

    AMC's Trevor. I'm not even that well-versed on 90s AMC, but any time I watch him, I'm just turned off - a lot.
  4. LOGO Sitcom Reruns

    SUPER STOKED for It's a Living! It's one of the last classic sitcoms that I've never ever seen that I really want to dig into!
  5. "Roseanne" revival

    IMO, this article is trash from the very beginning. You can't compare Roseanne, a revival of a show that ran for a massively successful nine-season run when TV was still TV, to a Netflix exclusive or, really, any network series that has debuted in the last 10 years. Roseanne's ratings are not a commentary on politics. They're proof that there's been an audience craving a continuation of these characters for the last 20 years. ODAAT or any of the other series never and will never have that built-in advantage. I was okay with last week's episode but I do agree with everyone who says it seemed like a blatant love letter to the older, more conservative segment of the audience. I do not know what we're supposed to make of Harris. I loved Emma Kenney in the early seasons of Shameless, but I'm not enjoying her too much here. Darlene has never been my favorite, and she's definitely not here, either. Looking forward to watching the latest ep. The beautiful and talented Glenn Quinn is missed.
  6. Antenna TV Thread

    I was jonesing for all of those 80s sitcom boys. The ones I saw regularly in reruns, at least. Mackenzie Astin was the holy grail, as far as I was concerned. The beauty of it is that most of that generation of TV heartthrobs aged wonderfully. Then you got Philip McKeon's awkward ass. As the seasons went on, you would have sworn Tommy was actually Flo's son.
  7. What Are You Listening To?

  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I found the JW article.
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    IIRC, the backlash regarding That Couple was never about how their story was written (which was as hollow as most of everything else on the show at the time). I recall a lot of "Nuke hasn't kissed in X number of episodes" complaints on various boards, which was annoying because there were so many things wrong with the show, and this is what people chose to focus on. Then, when those complaints caught wind, and TPTB acknowledged and attempted to remedy them, it was like that segment of the audience collectively told them "Good, now everything is great." But it wasn't. I just was very, very disappointed in how it all played out. I was roughly the same age as the characters as it all aired, and so I was ready to follow this thing through and feel all of the things, but then...I had to remind myself that this was ATWT, as it was then, a show that set a lot of things up and managed to go nowhere with them. I remember those who'd wished there'd been something between Luke and Kevin instead, and I was probably one of them (I vaguely remember spending time writing fan fiction about it because that's just what 16 years old do). Ultimately, my preferred story would have been a triangle between Luke, Noah, and Maddie, in which they acknowledged that Noah really did have feelings for Maddie (which, in the real story, just vanished the second Luke went shaking his tatas in Noah's face) but was conflicted after actually spending a substantial amount of time with Luke and finding something attractive about him. This show had a goldmine of young characters in its last 5 years, characters that were ripe for dynamic stories and development, but they stifled every single one of them.
  10. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I think TV in general is too ADHD to do any character-centered storylines justice. The audience, by and large, doesn't have the patience for it, and TPTB don't have the talent for it, or so it seems. Soaps were once the best place for those loooooooong-simmering stories, but you can't even find it in daytime anymore. While I mostly liked Luke's initial coming out story over 2006, they really mucked it up by the instacoupling that I will refrain from mentioning by name. It was an extremely superficial story that was lauded with superficial praise. It's been ten whole years now, and I'm still wondering...did Luke really fall in love with That Dude because he helped him picked up a box of VCR tapes??? IMO, Goutman has it right. I've accepted that ATWT and GL's survival had very little to do with their ratings or any critical praise. P&G and CBS, especially, have expressed time and time again that they just were ready to be rid of the embarrassing old antiques that were costing them too much money to maintain. No one involved with either entity could have given a rat's ass about the quality or integrity of either show. PS - Hasn't Jake Weary gone on record in recent years to dispel the rumor that Kim pulled him off ATWT because his character was going to be gay? I never understood why it was so hard for people to believe that a 15-year-old wanted to do 15-year-old things.
  11. "Roseanne" revival

    I finally watched the first two episodes and really, really enjoyed them. The whole group, especially Roseanne and John Goodman, just fell right back into the characters, and the writing for Dan and Roseanne is as close to the original show's heyday as you could possibly get. Speaking only from my own experience and what I see with the kids I teach on a daily basis (high school, basically all grade levels, so 14-18 years old), it's silly as hell to say that Mark is "too young" to know to what he is emotionally or sexually attracted. If anything, he's too young to know which of the prefab labels he'll feel most comfortable claiming for himself in adolescence and adulthood. I knew I liked boys before I knew what "gay" meant.
  12. Antenna TV Thread

    Antenna really is where it's at these days. I do have to admit that I've been tuning in to The Cowboy Channel whenever the Becker/Murphy Brown block hits because Roy Rogers and Lone Ranger be rollin.
  13. Where the Heart Is 1969-1973

    Here is audio from various daytime programs from March 7, 1973, including the opening and closing theme of WTHI just prior to its final airing. Other soaps are included, but I figured WTHI is the one we have the very least information/artifacts from, so I posted here. All of the soaps still using organ music in this clip really highlights how huge and different Y&R was when it debuted at the end of this month. All of the CBS soaps still sounded like they had 20 years earlier, and here comes Y&R with its pop/soft rock score. I also love how rich and full that OLTL theme is at the end - might this be a slight rearrangement from the earlier years of that theme?
  14. Looking at the local mugshots and I see a man named "Draper" who was born in 1981. And they say soaps are dead!

  15. I'm sure I've been confused by this before, but why is Jordi Vilasuso only 36 when I feel as though he was 36 ten years ago?