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  1. I just finished up watching most of December 1986, and I actually don’t think Antoinette Byron was that bad. Her Skye had the unfortunate job of driving a popular character (Tad) out of town and splitting up a popular couple (Tad & Hillary) in the process. Speaking of popular couples, Cliff and Nina are sickening as hell. I can’t believe they spent so much time and energy on a couple’s second wedding. The only saving grace is that so many of the other, more interesting stories were advanced by the wedding. These episodes have really endeared Erica and Mona’s mother-daughter relationship to me. For better or for worse, Erica never had a bigger fan or supporter than Mona.
  2. I absolutely believe the broadcast nets are chomping at the bit for ODAAT. It's a great example of what they've been trying to do for years but flopping at: a tradtionally-filmed sitcom that manages to be relevant and critically successful. Getting that with a built-in fanbase is a no-brainer.
  3. Finished the season yesterday and enjoyed it all the way through, of course. I refuse to accept that it just ends right there. These characters have so much life left in them, and we deserve to watch them! This was a strong season for Schneider and Alex - I came out of it loving both characters so much more than I already had.
  4. Do they really not know why they have such a hard time going into season 2? It's because, nine times out of then, what they've created is a mini-series, not a full-blown TV series. They pour their hearts and souls into a 10, 15, however many episode season with absolutely no idea what they're going to do once they're past that. And of course, that initial season is hyped to high heavensssssss, so people who aren't IN the know are shocked, shocked I tell ya, when their show wanders around aimlessly for three or four more seasons until it gets shot out back. Revenge, I am staring directly into your emotionless eyes and calling out your hands.
  5. True. One of the few times I liked Cindy, ever, was in an episode that MeTV played last weekend, Bobby’s first kiss with Melissa Sue Anderson. Right after the kiss, Bobby makes Millicent promise not to tell a single soul about it, and she does, but then we pan to Cindy hiding in the door way with the most delicious grin on her face. Then she proceeded to ruin it because she’s Cindy.
  6. I can agree with this. All of the growing pains have subsided, but everything is still fresh. I mentioned it when this thread originally hit, but seasons 3-5 were the heyday of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Little House on the Prairie also peaked in those seasons. I'd say Three's Company did the same. It just goes on and on and on. The exception might be shows that didn't live past season 5, but even in that case, I'll mention it for the third time here that The Brady Bunch was at its best in the last three seasons. God bless those writers for knowing how to grow the stories up as the kids grew up.
  7. I grew up on the later seasons of Mama's Family. Ours was one of the markets where they continued to air reruns of the syndicated episodes in their original Saturday timeslot for at least 10 years after the show was cancelled, and all of the cousins would watch it with our grandma. Good times. I didn't start to appreciate the early years until after I saw more of the sketches on Carol Burnett. The original One Day at a Time got better once the girls grew up a little and they got rid of the random neighbors. I get why they tried to make the neighbor characters work, but ultimately, the show was about the ladies, their boyfriends, and Schneider, with healthy dashes of Grandma Kate and Francine thrown in.
  8. It's several months later, but I was about to say the same thing in regards to The Brady Bunch that I said almost 5 years ago lol I've been watching it a lot on MeTV on Sunday mornings, and I still feel the same way. The final season had some of the show's best episodes. Here's one - The Price is Right, by its very nature, got better as the years went on and they added more games, the audience got more into it, the roster of models stabilized, etc. Early TPIR is great, but classic, vintage, top-notch Price is Right is basically anything from about 1980-2005. Those 25 years were golden.
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the strength in the later seasons. As much as the black nuclear family was needed on TV in the 70s, the kids as young adults making their own way (when they could...) gave the show a different vibe that worked in its own right. The parent-less season with Willona rolling through the front door 7585 times in the opening credits is one of my favorites, and it produced "Penny's Christmas," which is more legendary than any Rankin/Bass holiday special in many homes across America. I'm not holding my breath, but I hope GT gets some mainstream outside of JJ and James's death one day. Where I'm from, the Evanses (and allll the characters on Sanford and Son) were the "experience" people related to and wanted to see on TV, not the Huxtables.
  10. Thanks for sharing, Carl. This makes me so angry, oh my God. And you know these guys probably bask in the glow of overwrought reverence.
  11. Awesome! Not very often that we get to see anything from the period where organ music was used with color soaps. Love how big and dramatic that GL theme is.
  12. Y'all, he's crazy as fck, and it's getting scary, not just from a child sexual abuse and captivity standpoint. I wouldn't want to even be around him in a public place because he's just a loose cannon. That Gayle King interview was "I Admit: Live." In regards to support, the most I'm seeing is from people who are wondering when "Surviving Harvey Weinstein" and "Surviving Stephen Collins" will come out. Well, first of all, you'll never see those because those men have nowhere near the name value of RK. Second of all, how dare you try to imply that RK is being targeted because he's black by also implying that his black female victims are not important? Third of all, it. does. not. fcking. matter. if these white men are put on blast. Whether they are or not does not erase all of the sht RK has done, and it needs to be addressed and put out there.
  13. circa Fall 1977 "It's a special week of ALL MY CHILDREN when Erica (said in that way - you know what way I'm talking about) tumbles with primetime's hottest heartthrob. This funny guy playboy is used to getting his girl, but does he have what it takes to come and knock on Erica's door? It's a daytime-nighttime crossover when Jack Tripper leaves sunny Santa Monica and visits Pine Valley. John Ritter appears on ALL MY CHILDREN! This week on ABC."
  14. David Selby and Lara Parker, too!
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