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  1. Yes, that's a better comparison because of the longevity factor. Comic books, and even just the daily newspaper strips. I remember being a kid on the internet and learning how detailed the history of For Better or For Worse was, down to characters aging as the strip went on for 25+ years, new characters coming in and out, dramatic storylines, etc. If you don't know that that world exists, you're just shocked when you discover it. I'm starting to see that most of my friends who are my age feel the exact same way toward soaps. We're just old enough to have grown up with grandparents and others w
  2. The difference has always been and will always be daypart. Even in the UK, the daytime soap Doctors gets peanuts in comparison to the primetime heavy-hitters. Emmerdale didn't get a whole lot of attention in the 70s until it went primetime at the end of the decade (I want to say 1978?). When looking at structural and institutional strength, I think a more apt comparison would be between UK soaps and something like The Simpsons, SNL, or Law and Order SVU. Those shows are chugging along on their past glory, and I think everyone involved (cast, crew, fans - everyone) knows that the be
  3. I agree with y'all, and I guess that's why I'm easier on soaps and other shows if they don't necessarily get it right. I'm not easy on them enough to still watch or support something I don't like, but I do think that "trying" is worth something. After being excited for a short while, I ended up absolutely HATING Luke/Noah on ATWT and thought they were embarrassing. But other gay men, especially the older ones who'd been watching the show for years and years, loved them. So while they just made me roll my eyes, I understood that they meant more to others. Still wanted that relationship blown to
  4. I plan to spend my afternoons and some weekends rewatching all of Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush, and I fully intend to write tons of filthy, messy, bitchy fan fiction about it this summer. I'm ready, boys.
  5. Would such a study really be reliable/accurate, though? Isn't it a thing that any studies on how many LGBTQ people there are (followed by any qualifier) can automatically be assumed to be lowballing numbers due to how many LGBTQ people are still in the closet? I'm interested in seeing what the numbers would be, then wondering what the numbers really are. I agree with your second paragraph. That's always been the thing with minority representation, period, IMO. You will never be able to represent everyone who fits into a community if that community is the one main thing those people
  6. I think I still have a subscription to the website, at least I think they're still charging me for one. It was frustrating trying to navigate it from day one, so I never bothered trying to get into it via the site, but I was fine with continuing to pay for it just to show support. I'm ready to go looking for those early episodes, though. A new story every day - 250 or a year...did they ever really think that they could sustain that? Thankfully they ended up going full-on soap, but if not, it might've been interesting to see it as a weekly Saturday afternoon anthology (along the lines of s
  7. I would pay top dollar for box sets of surviving episodes from across the show's run featuring Irna's commentary from the grave. Pure comedy! The Decades channel airs a nightly program called "Through the Decades" that highlights a lot of "this day in history" type of stuff, and there was a feature on ATWT on its anniversary. I think the only real clip they showed was from the early 60s episode where Lisa comes down the stairs to discover her male friend has been invited to have dinner with the Hughes family. There were some nice clips of interviews with Don, Kathryn, Helen, and Eileen fr
  8. Yep. One of ATWT's biggest WTF moments for me was them bypassing what could have been a good, juicy bi-triangle in order to rush Luke/Noah together in the span of a handful of episodes. Pitiful. I'm still annoyed all these years later.
  9. I feel like there might have been some gentle comedy between "Berta" and Papa Bauer in the 50s and 60s, especially playing on her neurotic, meddlesome nature vs. his curmudgeonly voice of reason role.
  10. Yes, it was, and the crazy thing is, I didn't really realize it at the time it was on the air, but I'm starting to see it now. I follow two or three millennial-targeted Instagram accounts, and there have been a couple Passions posts, mostly with Tabitha and Timmy, and the comments blow up with memories of watching it after school. I never watched regularly, but my routine from junior high until graduation was to get home, fix a bowl of cereal, and switch back and forth between the second halves of Passions and GL (with the occasional GH thrown in). And honestly, a reimagining/reboot/re-wh
  11. I just want to chime in to add to the chorus of people establishing that Zach did indeed kill Kendall as a character. I wasn't even against them in the beginning - the courtship was good soap, and IIRC, they took their time with it. Once they were together and then became a foursome with Ryan and Greenlee, it was all over...despite the 15 years of pleas here on SON that Ryan and Greenlee alone were the problem and that Zach and Kendall were being dragged down by them. Lol. No. It was a four-way (ew!) all the way down to rock bottom, and it's why I ditched it in favor of other soaps that were b
  12. I did, but she was killed off maybe a month into my watching, so I mostly saw her interactions in heaven with Jesse before she accepted her own death.
  13. Bianca/Laura would have made so much sense! I actually started watching a few months shy of twenty years ago when the big storyline was Leo harassing Ryan to get Gillian's heart for Laura. I could not care less what people will think of me for this, but I LOVED Laura/Leo, their hospital room wedding, etc. I mean, I know better now, but I was 11 lol All of the "They should have..." stories/ideas that we come up with only would have worked with a slower-paced show than what AMC was in its last decade and a half. I feel like even if they did some of the things we wanted them to, it still wou
  14. That's what I'm thinking, too. It's just really too hard to believe that either America or the UK would debut any new soaps that fall in line with either country's traditional soaps. For better or for worse, the days of new multi-episode/week soaps are far behind us.
  15. I say it all the time, but this is the first time I say it in 2021 - Josh should have been Mark's long-lost son from a short-lived relationship just prior to his arrival in PV in 1976. No unabortion, and Mark (and maybe Ellen) back on the show with some solid purpose. Then go full-steam ahead with Josh as the male version of young Erica.
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