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  1. ALL: Recasts you mentally treat as separate characters.

    The classic AMC example is Dorothy Lyman's Opal Gardner vs. Jill Larson's Opal Cortlandt. JL's Opal bore some resemblance to DL's in the beginning, but they (wisely) grew to develop the character around JL's strengths.
  2. "Roseanne" revival

    Exactly, and that seems to be how TPTB is playing it, too. No great loss in the least.
  3. "Roseanne" revival

    I was going to post this same thing a few days ago but didn't know how to really word it. So much emphasis on Dan being alive and "brought back from the dead" when that's not really the rewrite here at all. If this show is to be set in Roseanne Conner's fictional world, then the only real rewrite is the lottery win. Everything else existed in her "real" world.
  4. Antenna TV Thread

    I'm watching the Alice pilot on Antenna now (with Alfred Lutter as Tommy), and it's not processed. Ugh. I wish they'd be consistent. Or maybe my eyes are wonky. First commercial break was 15 minutes into the program, so it looks uncut, but then they rejoined the show in the middle of a conversation between Mel and Flo, so I'm guessing we're getting the least edited version of the show. I've loved Philip McKeon's Tommy since I was ten years old, but Alfred Lutter's version - in the film and in the pilot - had so much going for him as a character. He was such a dry little [!@#$%^&*]. Not sure if that would have gotten old or not had he gone on to play the character in the series.
  5. Antenna TV Thread

    Yeah. I watched Gimme a Break! and Silver Spoons this morning, and they looked fine. SS seems to be edited. Commercial breaks were long, and they cut to a break in a very awkward spot. I've watched SS on and off throughout the years, but I don't think I'd ever seen the first episode before. They so lazily threw the premise together. "I'm your son!" Edward barely reacts before he just accepts Ricky as his son. Ricky is barely at the house before Edward gets sad about telling him he has to leave. I know that the show gets way better than that and is a legit classic, but what a rocky start. Another great episode of Valerie today. VH really fit the "boy mom" role well, and she and Jason Bateman played perfectly off of each other. It's no wonder the first two episodes centered on the mother/son dynamics between Val and David. I'm also really digging the soft piano version of the theme that they sometimes use during the tender parts of the show. I'm looking forward to seeing the show progress. Mrs. Poole was corny as hell but in "Lawd is she serious " way. I reeeeeeeeally hope these stick around for a good long while. Yes, I agree with this. It reminds me a lot of Mr. Belvedere in that way. Both shows were good bridges between the early 80s era of family sitcoms and the TGIF era.
  6. Antenna TV Thread

    I watched a good bit of the Saturday lineup yesterday while planning some lessons, and I have to say that it really is an overwhelmingly 80s network now. It's nice that the Saturday night 50s/60s block is still there to sort of counter that. Once upon a time, those shows' weekday presence extended further into the afternoon so as not to make it seem as though the focus was on later shows. They began with the first episode of Valerie yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. My watching of it has been spotty over the years, but I've always liked it. Doogie Howser is still one of the most ridiculous shows I've ever watched, and not because he's a teenage doctor. I'm going to try to watch some of these shows while they're around. I'm really curious as to what happens if/when some of them don't pan out. The Lear shows are goooooooone, so there's no running back to AITF or Sanford and Son to cure any ratings woes. I'm really pissed that I missed the new primetime lineup all last week. I'm going to try to watch some SOAP (never saw the first season) this week.
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Thanks!! I figured that was Jerry Lacy next to John, but I never knew he was on ATWT between his Dark Shadows and Love of Life stints. This must be Tom's hippie phase.
  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Have we ever had an accurate, complete caption of who all is in the photo? Obvious ones are Grandpa, Nancy, Chris, and Judge Lowell across the front. Lisa above Grandpa and Nancy, Carol above Judge Lowell, David Stewart giving that tragic look at top-center-right, John above him, Lisa's mom Alma on the far-left facing right. Who is everyone else?
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    It would have to be summer or autumn of 1981, with the "For more than a quarter-century..." caption. It's odd, because everything I've read has said that Barbara Rucker left the show in 1979. I will always adore that original title card in Lydian font. It paired perfectly with the starry sky background.
  10. Original GLOW girl the legendary Mt. Fiji has passed away. RIP.

  11. Antenna TV Thread

    Oh, baby, hellllll no. I'm watching, and it looks like they processed the tape to look like film. WHY do these networks keep doing this sh!t?!?!?! I'll be very happy when they just release it all on DVD.
  12. Antenna TV Thread

    I wasn't home to watch it - might not be tomorrow, either, but I wouldn't be surprised. If that's the case, I wonder if the whole show is uncut? That would be AWESOME. I got back to work tomorrow, but I might stay up for ALICE to see if they are doing right by it.
  13. 1975 NY Times article on the state of Soaps

    So true. We always hear about (in those days) the tons and tons of letters for or against different storylines and characters but never anything about the bottom line. I guess by the 60s/70s, the soap business had been around long enough for TPTB to know that you didn't want it to go any further than letters.
  14. 1975 NY Times article on the state of Soaps

    Excellent! It hurts my soul to see ATWT and AMC pitted against each other as they often were in articles at this time. It annoys me because we spent so many years complaining of how interchangeable the soaps were and how they no longer had individual identities anymore. There was just no need for ATWT to change its ways because realism and social relevance was the hot thing. The Odyssey House storyline on OLTL and the Vietnam storyline on AMC are two of the most woefully lost stories. How dare they disrespect the work Agnes and company were doing in the way.
  15. Netflix: One Day at a Time

    Most of my original ODAAT watching centers on the first five seasons. I've seen good chunks of episodes from the latter half of the series, but yeah, the "us against the world" theme was lost with Julie popping in and out so much and the husbands becoming such large parts of the show. IDK...I feel like it was the same show, and the characters just evolved, but I think they made a huge mistake in tying both girls down to husbands so young. They did a good job of developing a stable of semi-regular characters like Francine, Kate, and Bob who could come in from time to time and stay fresh. Nanette Fabray is easily the most underrated member of the cast. I like to believe that Abuelita on the new series was purposely created to help fill the Kate role.