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  1. I've been watching since I got home from work, and honestly, whomever produced this channel clearly has love for this show and its history. I love it!
  2. I've loved that Jerrold Immel theme since the first time I heard it, but the sequence definitely doesn't match up to what I'd imagined in my head all this time. I always assumed it would be like the other Lorimar soaps, starting with some great scenic shots that set the scene, leading into a big, dramatic appearance of the title card that matches the music (which would have been perfect at the 20-second mark), followed by the good ol' "starring in alphabetical order." And no cool visual effects, either. Truly a let-down. It's basically a rip-off of Apple's Way.
  3. I watched the first episode when it aired and never went back to it. I'm just over this type of show and that it's supposed to be what a "soap" is these days. It's just not the same.
  4. I'm watching the first few episodes, and it's enjoyable. Like KMan said, they're embracing the stiltedness that was just a normal part of the original series while also forming its own tone. The new set of kids are giving me strong, strong, strooooong Degrassi vibes, and I love it. This is low-key what Degrassi: Next Class could have been had it not tried to be sooo many things at once. Okay, the thing about Bayside being a rich kids' school. I don't remember that being a thing in the original series, which is whatever, but I just have to wonder. Between Beverly Hills 90210, th
  5. Finally, the King's Crossing opening sequence.
  6. A friend watched the whole thing today and loved it, and I think I get Peacock for free bc I'm still a dumbass who pays for cable, so it's going on the list.
  7. It's funny how there were three distinct Peteys, depending on who played him. RSW's typical soap hunk version, DK's nerdy but endearing version, and then, of course, Mitchel David Federan's Petey, who always seemed to have his jazz hands on stand-by. Kennedy's was my favorite. I googled to see what Hunter's portrayer is up to these days, and I actually found some nice pics of he (Daniel Covin) and Eric together, assuming from long after AMC. He has gotten absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Interesting, they must have decided to put those reruns in for the holiday season as it was previously said that there enough Alex episodes to last through Christmas Day. It'll be nice to watch the repeats. I'm sure it'll be some of the ones they already aired during the quarantine, but still. It still doesn't feel real. I've been watching just as regularly as I ever did, usually 3-4 times a week, and I have to remind myself during the show that he's gone. It really feels like business as usual, which of course is what he wanted.
  9. Idk how I feel about Ken being the permanent host, but I'm looking forward to seeing him guest. I'm glad they're testing several people out instead of just going with a choice sight unseen. I've already started to see James's name come up, and I just can't handle it - that would probably make me tune out for good.
  10. Mona __________ Kane's long-lost great-great-nephew!
  11. I wanted AJ/Miranda just because it made so much sense, but AJ coming out and them ending as super tight best friends wouldn't have been hard to buy at all. Would Sam have been in the right generation, SORAS-wise, for him? Not that it would make a huge difference, but I always put him in the Colby/Pete circle. (ETA - I see that y'all have already discussed that in the above posts, which I missed) AMC had so many of those random ass little children at the end. I think a few years ago, I had a pipe dream about Kendall's son with the stupid name growing up, idolizing Maw Erica, and stea
  12. I'm sure some would say it happened before this, but the grand opening of ConFusion was shot in the processed/FilmLook style in the summer of 2006, and the show maintained that hideous "look" until they went to California.
  13. I thought AMC's Krystal was a perfect fit for the show, and Bobbie Eakes was, of course, great. I think she and Babe both suffered from obnoxious writing, but in another time and with another story, Krystal would have been a beloved character.
  14. It's going to be so emotional watching these. If there's one thing Bob Barker retiring from TPIR taught me, it's to savor the last moments of the greats before their episodes are gone forever, seemingly never to see the light of day again (besides all of the wonderful YouTubers out there). I hope Alex's J! reruns find a permanent home.
  15. I've shared my personal connection to Alex and Jeopardy! in the memorial thread, but I just wanted to also mention here how thankful I am to have been able to enjoy watching his hosting of Classic Concentration over the last year or so on Buzzr. Everyone knows Jeopardy! mode Alex, but it's just so fun to watch him with a more playful game format. Alex holds the distinction of being the only host to helm three daily daytime game shows in the US at once for a few months in 1991 - Jeopardy! in syndication and Concentration and To Tell the Truth on NBC. The previous year, he beat himself at t
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