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  1. I strongly dislike the "single-player" elements of the new PYL and CS. It's the game show trend that I've hated for years, and both shows were perfectly fine without it. All-time favorite games are, in no particular order, The Price is Right, The $100,000 Pyramid (all incarnations), Match Game, Supermarket Sweep, Split Second, Card Sharks, Password Plus, and Jeopardy.
  2. I read Scruples many years ago and was obsessed. Any time I put it down, it was a struggle to function in the "real" world because the world JK created was just so lavish and exciting and fun. While my classmates were escaping into the world of Harry Potter and other fantasy characters, I found my escape in the type of extravagance found in Scruples and Hollywood Wives. Greatest thing about JK is that she believed in the value of what she wrote. There used to be an interview on YouTube where she basically shut everything down and cut tf up because the interviewer used "trash" to describe the types of novels Judith wrote. She wasn't 'bout it, baybayyyy.
  3. As an AMC and ATWT die-hard, the best thing that could possibly happen to the Final Four is cancellation. You don't want to see the casts and crews lose their jobs, but from a fan/viewer standpoint, you can only "hope it gets better" for so long. They won't get better, quality or ratings-wise.
  4. I remember watching that GL scene when it originally aired and I was glued to the TV. Tom Pelphrey annoyed the hell out of me then and now, and we all know Zim can cut the fck up unnecessarily, but given both their reputations, I think they managed to keep it cute and do a good job with it. More than anything, I appreciate the fact that they didn't chop it up into 30-second drive-by scenes or layer overdramatic music over it. As a standalone scene, I'd call it good soap.
  5. I think it's been mentioned here already, but ABC's Grand Hotel, which debuted tonight, features Denyse Tontz (AMC's Miranda) and Bryan Craig (someone on GH, I have no clue) as the daughter and son of a hotelier. It was a pretty light and fun summer soap. I think I'll enjoy it but won't be sad when it no-doubt doesn't make it past the first season.
  6. I’m actively refusing to do it because I wanted to change one of my answers, and it isn’t letting me, even after exiting the window, refreshing the page, etc.
  7. This is always how I've seen it, as well. When you think soap opera, those are the seven shows you immediately think of (I"d also include OLTL by virtue of it forming the middle of ABC's defining soap lineup for over 30 years). When my friends want me to entertain them by talking soaps, these are the shows they want to know more about. Going off of that, ranking those shows according to influence, popularity, general quality, etc. I'd say something along the lines of... 1. The Young and the Restless 2. As the World Turns 3. General Hospital 4. Days of Our Lives 5. All My Children 6. Guiding Light 7. Another World 8. One Life to Live I'm at a loss for #9 and #10, but I figure Dark Shadows would have to be one.
  8. I really don't hate this list. It seems to value soaps' more grounded history in such a way that they're saying when these shows were good, they were so good that it's enough to dismiss the more outlandish plots they've all had. I actually find their write-up on AMC to be quite lovely. And jesus, I am absolutely living for the blatant bashing of the Tim Burton DS movie. My only complaint, really, is that ATWT should obviously have been on this list, and because I kept my screen at a way so that I couldn't see the thumbnails at the bottom as I clicked through the gallery, I honestly thought it was going to be #1. But then came Santa Barbara, and I felt like ATWT fans watching the Daytime Emmys in the late 80s.
  9. I'm super excited because my DVD set of 70s episodes came in yesterday. This is the only North American Corrie release I've been able to find on Amazon, and I'm so grateful to finally have classic episodes of the show in crystal clear quality. It's crazy how much more intimate and "closer" you feel to the characters and actions when the show is presented as a videotaped drama, as intended, and not with the pseudo-film look that comes with being online.
  10. Oh, how I love seeing Cornelius Smith! I might do the insane and actually watch that movie just because I'll have nothing else to do and I'd like to see CSJ again. This is more of a "Where were they then?" but Y&R and SuBe's Peter Barton can be seen on the Decades channel week nights after "Dark Shadows" reruns in his short-lived early 80s series "The Powers of Matthew Star." Complete with Louis Gossett Jr. as his guide and a hairdo that resembles the head of a penis, he is in his teen heartthrob glory.
  11. I'm planning to watch the entire series of "The Hills" on demand in preparation for the continuation series, which I may or may not even watch, but I've been looking for a reason to jump into the original series.
  12. I'm not sure this is a quirk or just a thing that pisses me off, but I've just gotten used to the fact that there will never be any fun soap-related merchandise or knick-knacks in stores. The "nerd" aisle now includes shrines to The Golden Girls and Bob Ross, but god forbid I get an Erica Kane mug or Y&R logo magnet. And yes, I realize it's fairly easy to get something made online, but it's the principle of the thing.
  13. THE FEELS!! This show will always have my heart.
  14. The problem is that all soaps, at some point, tried to become all things. IMO, fantastical stories of frozen towns, trips to heaven, clones, literal back-from-the-deaths, and demonic possession just don't belong on shows that try to get to the heart of real, raw human emotion. This is not to say that soaps shouldn't have fantastical stories - but each soap should have chosen an identity and stuck with it. Any attempt to go out of the box should've been reined in.
  15. The 1795 storyline started tonight in the Decades reruns, if anyone has the channel and was looking for a good jump-in to watch or rewatch the show in its prime. One episode a night, so it’s going to move nice and slow like it did originally. I’m assuming it’s doing well for the network since they added to their original episode order.
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