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  1. Okay, you guys have shown me that my misconceptions can't be that bad. When I began watching AMC, Marian Colby was, of course, not getting much airtime, but she was right there in the opening sequence every other day, and I thought "Wow, I didn't know Phyllis from Mary Tyler Moore on was this show!" Watching all of this 90s Y&R has reminded me of how, in my earliest memories (the same memories of Rex placing the necklace on Katherine, so I was literally 3 or 4 years old), I associated Nikki and Paul as a couple. I have no idea where the heck I got that from, but in my mind, the hierarchy of Y&R faces went Victor, Nikki, Paul, and Neil, and somehow Nikki and Paul were together. I'm sure there are quite a few of us who thought ATWT was science fiction.
  2. And as a feature, it can still be fixed. If those who are responsible for keeping this feature alive are digging their heels into the ground and refusing to introduce new voices telling new narratives, then the final four just need to be cancelled because they will never be anything but relics of the past that most people are surprised are still on the air. I don't think there's ever been a time when soaps have looked so different from the rest of television than now.
  3. How long before ABC just gives up the timeslot?
  4. I really just wanted to quote the very last tweet from Patrick Mulcahey, but the specificity thing is what I was trying to get at a few weeks ago. I don't think the race issue in the way soaps are written will ever get fixed until soaps are willing to be more specific with characters across the board, and that requires opening up the writers' room to people who have more varied experiences - though it seems as though the people have been there but have been told to keep their specificities at the door. So, any attempt at writing characters with "specificities" usually flops because they're not allowed to actually go there. Sad, because look at how super specific settings and characters are becoming in non-daytime shows. People want to see shows that spotlight segments of society that have not been put on the screen before. When you combine that with the very unique abilities afforded to daytime ("the luxury of time" and all that jazz), you could end up with some amazing, beautiful stuff. It's a shame that most of OLTL's first two years are lost because I feel like that could be a master class at how to bring all kinds of ethnic and religious differences to soaps. Instead, soaps cling to the same old sht. Another hospital, another police station, another restaurant, another business office, another upper middle class home, another apartment, etc. It's just sad. I am black, and I can tell you that the majority of my black family and friends know nothing at all of the "WP" connotation of that sign, and they've all probably thrown it up at some point. Sometimes people really just don't know.
  5. A what?!?! I just looked it up, and I swear I've never heard that phrase before in my life I was watching here and there during this time period, and I thought KHC was hot, and I was in to the whole "just me and my horses meditating on the ranch" backstory, but then everything had to center on that damned orchid, then later, wasn't there a bunch of heavy/weird sht with gang members and a samurai sword!? It's starting to come back to me - who was that hot little number who played the main thug that had killed Damon's son?
  6. Heather Tom! I'll never forget a scene on OLTL that led to commercial with a close up of Kelly crying hysterically with snot, sweat, spit, etc. It was disgusting.
  7. This Paul/Christine week has been truly great all around! So many important characters showcased throughout the week, so many classic soap conventions that were destroyed or just avoided over the last 15-20 years, etc. I know Paul/Christine have a reputation for being a bore, but coming in as a very casual Y&R viewer, this wedding is one of the most beautifully shot I’ve ever seen, and their impromptu vows were pure soap romance. All of it made even better by the room full of important characters there to witness it along with the small moments like Nina/Christine and Paul/Mary leading up to it. Olivia is a classic soap heroine in every way, and it’s sickening bc she should be 30 years deep into drama on the show’s current canvas. She should be the matriarch that AMC made Angie at the end and online.
  8. This is basically how I felt about it at the time and now. From the POV of a soap bringing back two very popular characters from a better era and doing a great job of integrating them back into the then-current canvas, it was fantastic and wonderful and all of those things. I will always be grateful that AMC ended with Jesse and Angie at its core (both on ABC and with PP). The reunion at the train station was probably AMC's last big memorable scene. On the other hand, I don't think a writer will ever feel satisfied with how he's written the resurrection of a character who had died onscreen 20 years earlier. Not only are you going through the heavy-lifting of explaining how this character really wasn't dead even as we had Angie resting on his dead body, but you also have to explain why he stayed away for 20 years when clearly this woman and his son are the loves of his life. And ultimately, as would be the case probably 99% of the time, the story they wrote to explain these things in regards to Jesse was terrible and convoluted. The ends totally justified the means in this case, but I can see why JHB would feel "ugh" towards it. IIRC, it was quite a while into the history of the genre before a character was brought back even though we'd seen them die onscreen.
  9. I think this is unique to Y&R, probably because the theme had already become so well-known outside of daytime by this point. OLTL and AW had their respective themes performed on-air (within the storyline) by the real-life recording artists. I feel like the answer is no, but did Loving ever have Johnny Mathis or Jeffrey Osborne on?
  10. Even after I "grew up" and was watching soaps on my own, I thought it was funny because by then (early 2000s), the majority of the cast had been on the show for 15-20 years or more. I think between watching as a young child and also watching older TV shows in general, ones that would make reference to soaps every now and then, titles never threw me, but I got a lot of characters wrong, and it's super embarrassing to admit now. When I first started watching AMC, I didn't know who all of the characters in the opening were, so I'd try to match them up with the names in the closing credits. I'm honestly too embarrassed to admit what I got wrong, but just know - it was badddddd.
  11. I like it when it when it’s part of the scene/story. Random characters singing over dream sequences of flashback montages is cheesy as hell. There used to be a super cute Love of Life scene from 1969 on YouTube. It featured real-life couple Gene and Toni Bua as their characters Bill and Tess, with Bill singing and playing guitar. I love stuff like that, especially intimate moments between couples. Maybe it’s a little syrupy, but it’s effective. There was one really crappy example of this - AMC had Carlos serenade Greenlee in front of everyone at The Pit, and it was the pits. I’m not too crazy about the local club/lounge having mega-famous real-life performers coming by to sing for a few days worth of shows. WTF was Mary J. Blige doing performing for Starr Manning’s birthday?
  12. I didn't hear the GC Theme but I turned in about 20 minutes into it . I did hear Lorie's Theme in one of the party scenes: I'm going to hell for this, but Doris Collins rolling across the set right in front of the camera, blocking everything else in the shot is one of my most favorite things ever.
  13. Revenge is the poster child for "shoulda been a mini-series." There was literally no good story for those characters after the initial revenge arc. The first season was wonderful as starting with the episodic plots that slowly melted into a serialized end, but then they came back for another year and clearly had no idea wtf they were doing. Brothers and Sisters...I recall liking it in the beginning but being turned off by how unrelatable the characters were. I don't particularly care for earnest family drama about rich people.
  14. I'm rewatching Dawson's Creek with a friend who's never watched it, and I forgot how much I missed Capeside. And because it can never be said enough - Tamara Jacobs was dumb as hell.
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