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  1. All My Shadows

    Best/Worst Network Promo Campaigns

    Can you imagine the disappointment of people tuning in only to find a bunch of people running around a farm?
  2. All My Shadows

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    I've always been touched by the inherent sadness of Corrie's exists, especially the long-running female characters. Elsie's silhouetted stroll down the street as voiceovers play from her past gets me the most. The video cuts off but the slow fade in of the Corrie theme is just the icing on the cake.
  3. All My Shadows

    Celebrities on Soaps

    I believe MJB performed at Starr's birthday party. Snoop made an additional appearance to perform "Sexual Eruption" at Adriana's bachelorette party, complete with Layla and Adriana "dancing" on either side of him.
  4. All My Shadows

    Best/Worst Network Promo Campaigns

    I hated ABC's "Everybody's Got Their Somethin'" promos, in which we were supposed to believe that Vincent Pastore was a General Hospital viewer.
  5. All My Shadows

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    Wait...these people were expecting them to put together a meaningful one-hour tribute show less than a week after his death? Do they even soap? I thought the initial tweet was pretty clear in that this would be a quick post-show moment. Any soap fan knows that it takes a month or two before an actual tribute is written, produced, and aired...
  6. All My Shadows

    Best US Soap Scenes

    As much as I love Susan and Erica, she never needed that Emmy to prove anything, and you’re right, the character wasn’t made to win Emmys the way other leading ladies of daytime’s characters were. Erica was the type of woman who provided the catalyst for other characters’ portrayers to win Emmys. She was just fun and perfect without any need for critical acclaim.
  7. All My Shadows

    Best US Soap Scenes

    ICONIC!! Any time I hear that song now, my mind immediately goes back to this scene. Just those first few opening notes. My dad passed away a year and a half ago, and I've watched my mother move through so many stages of grief in regards to it. Watching this scene now just takes on a whole new meaning. Like you said, there were many problems with the whole Hubbard return story, but Debbi Morgan felt every beat of emotion needed to play a woman who is about to be reunited with a love who has been gone for years. She deserved one last Emmy for that role, but the fact that AMC ended (on ABC and online) with her firmly planted at its center is enough for me. This scene makes me so proud to be one of Agnes's kids. Here is a classic GL scene from 1966 (starts at about the 5-minute mark) in which Bert Bauer confronts Maggie Scott in regards to her affair with Bill. You never get to see a lot of good Charita Bauer stuff because most of it has been wiped, but here is a great example of how wonderfully she played the awkward, upset, sad wife. All of those words, but jealous is never one of them. No matter how upset she was with her husband and his various affairs, she never lost belief that Bill was hers and that any of those others bitches could never hold a candle to her. The beauty of this is that they hit so many of the same notes 27 years later when Maureen confronted Lillian.
  8. All My Shadows

    "Secret Storm" memories.

    I absolutely adore Carey Gold's rendition of the Secret Storm theme. It has a very soft, sweet quality to it, and the music used throughout the episode has the same feeling. It's a great contrast to the harsh organ music that was just about on its way out with the P&G soaps. How can you not love those delicious little rising sixteenth (I think) notes at the end of the closing theme?
  9. All My Shadows

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    This is so saddening. Just like anyone who grew up watching soaps in the 1990s, I view KSJ as one of the most recognizable faces of daytime. His passing definitely marks yet another sign of the times for this once-mighty genre. It's heartwarming to see so many non-Y&R/non-CBS/non-LA soap stars sharing their thoughts. Once upon a time, there was a great, big community of daytime drama performers and behind-the-scenes talent, and they mixed and mingled often, and they all got to know each other, and they found kindred spirits in one another, and it's clear that many found a kindred spirit in KSJ.
  10. All My Shadows

    Developing: 90210 Reboot with Original Cast!

    Tori Spelling is just one big EW. Nobody asked for this sht! They would've done better just filming it for their own personal enjoyment.
  11. All My Shadows

    "Secret Storm" memories.

    GOD, I am so happy with all of the little TSS gems popping up these days. Can't wait to turn that up and listen to it as soon as I can. It sounds so crisp and clear, too. Of course, we'd like to see the actual video that goes with it, but if we must make do with just audio, then I'm glad it's in such great quality.
  12. All My Shadows

    Best US Soap Scenes

    AMC: Tom confronts Erica in regards to her secretly taking birth control pills, 1979. Begins at about 7:30 in the first clip and continues in the second Classic Erica. Lies on top of lies, yet she keeps her composure through it all, and when she's finally backed up into a corner and can lie no more, boom bitch, it's all your fault, Tom! No one else played pissed off at Erica better than Richard Shoberg.
  13. All My Shadows

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    I'm not as well-versed on GL's history and character as I am on some of the other soaps. In fact, it was only recently that I'd really spent a substantial amount of time studying it, which is funny because it was one of the first soaps I ever watched. I'd echo vetsoapfan and say the show's two biggest eras of change were the late 1940s with the arrival of the Bauers and then the early/mid 1980s with the arrival of the Shaynes and Lewises (and, later, the Coopers). GL was strictly about the Bauer family in its various forms throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s: originally Papa Bauer's children Bill and Meta with their spouses then Bill's wife Bert and their sons Ed and Mike, who had wives and dramas of their own. Bert wasn't your classic soap matriarch, serving cookies and coffee and sage advice to everyone. She was pushy and bossy, and Bill cheated on her, and her voice was shrill, and she didn't take any sh!t from anyone, but she was beloved until the day she died and continues to be. The Spauldings were introduced in the late 1970s but did not take over the show, partly because it was going through an expansion from 30-minute episodes to 60-minute episodes. It wasn't until the Shaynes and Lewises joined that the Bauers began to be sidelined. By the 1990s, it was clear that they were no longer the main family as most of them were gone and not many attempts were made to bring any back. It's hard for me to compare GL with ATWT since they've always been a package deal in my mind. You just don't think of one without thinking of the other, but if I had to make a statement, I'd say ATWT was more consistent in its focus. Its characters also seemed to be more straight-laced, its families more functional than dysfunctional, which is what you saw on GL. The Bauers, from the earliest days, yelled at each other. When the sons grew up, they fought each other and wanted to fight their dad. Bill and Bert had recurring marital problems for years. Meta always seemed like a sad woman. Meanwhile, on ATWT, the Hughes family had all of the warmth and good feelings that you'd expect from a nuclear family. There were conflicts, and Nancy wasn't easy to deal with, but she and Chris were solid. The siblings got along for the most part. At the end of the day, you could say ATWT was the Hughes family vs. the world whereas GL was the Bauer family vs. themselves. DAYS is a completely different type of soap. Same general set-up with the family focus, but the word I've seen used often to describe its first 10-15 years is "psychosexual." You had Tom and Alice the parents, but most of the characters were younger, and their romances were more intimately portrayed. Then, of course, in the 1980s, it became a children's show. I'm personally not surprised because each soap is the marquee soap of its respective network and has been for at least 30 years. B&B benefits from being so closely linked to Y&R and its reputation for being popular around the world (and from being a half-hour soap). At any given moment since the 1990s, if you asked a person what soaps would be the last one standing on each of the networks, they would've told you GH, DAYS, and Y&R. I just don't think many people figured the rest would all leave the airwaves in just a four-year time frame.
  14. All My Shadows

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    For the most part, yes. When the Bauers became the central focus in 1948, a few odd characters from before still existed, but they mostly gave way to the Bauers and their acquaintances. When they moved to TV, all things pre-Bauer were gone. Yikes, that article is hideous! I always laugh when people say the 80s was the best decade of any long-running soap that obviously had its highest levels of popularity way before the 80s.
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