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  1. Both DJH and DH are also available on Amazon Prime.
  2. That clip is truly delicious. The outfit, the voice, the pleased-with-herself smile, all of it. Just a lovely time and place!
  3. RIP to him. Regardless of opinions of his work, he no doubt had very strong working relationships with the cast and crew at ATWT, and my heart goes out to them. Every death of a soap personality is sad - we've gotten accustomed to our shows ending, but it's hard to accept that the community is getting smaller as the people pass away, especially those who were very active in the genre just five or ten years ago.
  4. I’ll never understand why The Bradys has such a bad reputation. It was a good family drama for its time.

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    2. ChitHappens


      I loved the show.  Decades did a 48 hour marathon just this past weekend.  I hated learning how miserable RR was doing this show, but when you look at some of his other work, I sort of get it.  

    3. Gray Bunny

      Gray Bunny

      I had no problem with them morphing into a drama versus a sitcom. What didn't work for me was their half-assed writing for serious issues that should've been covered over a long story arc versus one single episode. Bobby's paralysis, Marcia's alcoholism. They covered these things like a one-time movie-of-the-week special. Had it lasted, they would've burned through so much story so quickly. 

    4. Franko


      They were definitely rushing the storytelling. In retrospect, a series of reunion movies (like what was going on with Perry Mason and The Waltons) might have been a better bet. That said, the drama of Bobby's accident works much better than expected. Stock footage aside, you really do believe these people have just watched their son/brother nearly get killed.

  5. They all look great, but Laurie Walters is especially flawless at 72 years old.
  6. Who, exactly, is the humor on the Emmys geared toward again?

  7. We missed this a few months ago, and I doubt anyone's surprised, but the last set of episodes from 2017 were indeed the end of the show's run. https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/degrassi-next-class-cancelled-producer-confirms-netflix-series-has-ended/ I'm just really upset because, once again, another looooooong-running series ends online in a whimper without a right and proper finale. Part of me wishes they would stop trying to revive long-runners online and just let them die with dignity on TV.
  8. Hulu needs to be ashamed of itself for hyping up these grainy syndicated copies of Designing Women.

  9. I set my DVR for this earlier and absolutely started thinking of how nice it would be to have a similar documentary for soaps. At this point, I want to hear from any and everyone who was around from the genre's inception until the 1980s. I'd be most interested in hearing more about the earliest days of radio soaps, when/how they became what we know them as (like, when did they become associated with grandmothers, when did fans begin to obsess over characters and couples, etc), and what day-to-day life as a soap star was like when they were huge in the 60s and 70s. Thankfully, we have so many of those articles posted here to get a glimpse of the latter, but I highly doubt there are any people left who could speak about the glory days of radio soaps. Honestly, even if I learned nothing new from it, I'd just appreciate the fact that our shows got that kind of treatment. At the very least, I'd want them to make it a point to showcase clips from shows that we have no or next to no video footage of like Young Dr. Malone, From These Roots, Our Five Daughters, Where the Heart Is, Hidden Faces, and Return to Peyton Place.
  10. Interesting list. That 22-year run for the big 4 CBS soaps is legendary for kids like me who grew up in the 90s. I think the 1975-1983 ABC lineup had some slight changes by virtue of expansions from 30 minutes to 45 minutes and then to an hour, plus AMC aired a half-hour earlier for RH's first year and a half on the air before moving back to its traditional timeslot and then going to the hour a few months later.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, every single episode of AMC from 1970 through 2013 and every single episode of ATWT from 1956 to 2010 is canon. Very glad to say that my soaps never strayed so far away from the right path so as to just stop mattering completely.
  12. And those numbers are going to be worse next week because people were very disappointed to learn that this wasn't an actual sequel series. Whether they should've known that before going in or not, they didn't, and they weren't impressed.
  13. I absolutely believe that most of the cast wouldn’t have been interested in a true sequel series at all. If otherwise has been stated, then I am wrong, but they’ve always been like that group of popular kids from high school who are all still friends but don’t really dwell on high school memories because they’re living their lives in the present. This gives them that chance to work together without going “back” down the same road. i love them, and I get it, and I feel bad that ppl are directly calling out “whomever had this idea” because we know it was Tori and Jennie, but it’s foolish to think everyone would want to see them all together and NOT playing their characters. Didn’t Tori and Jennie have a sitcom a few years back that was a quick one and done? They even played former costars. Once again, “let’s work together without focusing on the old stuff.” It’s so easy to make new stuff out of the old stuff!
  14. I love you, Ian, but nobody's gonna watch this show. I haven't turned the channel yet simply because the remote control is on the other side of the room. This is too silly and indulgent. I want to say it could've been a one-off special, but not even that. This is the type of thing that should begin and end as a quick, fun 10-minute online clip.
  15. It's so annoying and frustrating how much these vocal groups on The Ed Sullivan Show relied on goofy ass covers of Beatles songs.

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