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  1. I love DPP!!! I could live off of DPP, Hoarders, and 600-lb Life every day for the rest of my life. Some episodes really are too gross for me to ever want to see again, though. There was the one guy who lived in the trailer park and had (I think) a lipoma that was already partially exposed and smelled like "ten dead rats." I'm glad she was able to fix that for him, and IIRC, he even hooked up with one of the ladies in the trailer park afterward, but I'm never watching that one ever again.
  2. Currently watching THE ROOKIES on Decades Weekend Binge, and I forgot how much I enjoyed this show way back in the early 2000s when TV Land aired it. Even then, they only showed the first season (something they were doing with a ton of shows at that time), and Decades has been airing the third and fourth seasons with Bruce Fairbairn as Chris Owens all weekend. I thought I wouldn't be too interested in it without Michael Ontkean, whom I remember loving on the show, but it's still very good. Such a great ensemble cast, and the real hunk here is the late Sam Melville, who was great with Kate Jackson. Next two weekends are Vega$ and Here Come the Brides. We had both several months ago, but I didn't get to watch much of either the first time around, so I'm still looking forward to them, especially HCTB, which is one of my faves.
  3. DAYS is not my favorite soap by a mile, but even I would subscribe to Peacock to be able to see the first 15 years or so. Disney+ is rolling in dough and doesn't care about me, I know, but I need them to understand that I will continue to boycott their service until they figure out a way to make classic AMC available. I don't give a sht anything else that they could give me. Doesn't GH have most of its episodes from the 1960s, when it was produced by Selmur, saved? I remember seeing a list of available episodes that included most of 1963-1970.
  4. The fck does she mean "ahead of your time?" Literally Port Charles, OLTL edition.
  5. Fox's statement is exactly what I would expect and tells me that they saw this the same way we did from the very beginning. Tori and the cast saw this as something that could last for a long time whereas the network was like "This is a cute little thing to do for a little while." They went into it with the mindset that it was a limited series event, and I have to applaud them for that. Sucks for the cast, but they have to accept that their audience wants to see them as those characters. I wonder if there was ever any clear communication between Tori and the network in regards to the sustainability of this project.
  6. Thanks. I figured that was still the weekday time but wasn't sure if it still aired on the weekends. Are the weekend airings from earlier in the run (I seem to remember that they started those back in 1967 when the weekday episodes were in the early 70s).
  7. When does the show currently air on Retro throughout the week?
  8. Pine Valley, you are missed more than you know.
  9. Oh, to have been sitting down in front of the TV to see what this new show "All My Children" is all about exactly 50 years ago...happy anniversary, my sweet, sweet soap.

    1. SFK


      In tragedy and triumph... ❤

    2. Franko


      What a wonderful feeling that must have been for those lucky viewers who immediately "got" AMC.

    3. vetsoapfan


      I knew that the new show was being written by the glorious Agnes Nixon, and after being mesmerized by her stellar work on TGL, AW and OLTL, that was all I needed to eagerly jump into AMC. Those early years were amazing.

  10. As someone who remembers the rumors back in 2003-2004ish about the Hallmark Channel picking up "The Doctors" reruns from the 70s, it's still so hard to believe this show has been so successful at getting a second life all these years later. I wonder if their livestream will eventually make it to Pluto TV.
  11. I'm pretty sure the episode still exists. That Irna quote about people not being either bad or good comes from a clip that was shown during the 50 Years of Soaps special from 1994 (Eileen Fulton can be seen in the background).
  12. Oh, I did. One of the first Dynasty clips I ever saw was of Fallon's staccato gasp of "Sammy Jo!" before they start going at it, so it was nice to see it in context. I'm actually really disappointed in how much they're focusing Fallon on that annoying 80s cop Zorelli. I will say that Emma Samms has been great as Fallon, and they've written the character as much more like PSM's early portrayal, so I do like that, but I haaaaaaate Zorelli. I just realized that I had already posted about finishing That Girl and possibly moving on to OTH. I'm pretty positive that I'm just going to do White Shadow and Addams Family at the same time first then go from there. I really want to dip my toes in to starting Ryan's Hope from the first episode, but I also have 90s AMC to start on.
  13. I finished That Girl a few weeks ago and miss it terribly. Close to finishing Dynasty (not impressed with season nine, y'all, sorry :(). I'm very undecided on where I want to go after. I'm stuck between The White Shadow (54 episodes, should be a quick watch, will probably be the winner), The Addams Family (an extremely quick watch and should be fun), or catching up on current shows such as Good Trouble.
  14. I didn't hear of his passing when it happened. I've enjoyed watching Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, and Neighbours lot over the years, and I thank him for bringing his brand of soap opera to the world. I'd love to see more of The Young Doctors and The Restless Years, which I believe he also had a hand in.
  15. Y'all do realize you can ignore trolls, right? Not even just using the ignore feature. You can simply scroll by without replying.

    1. SFK
    2. Vee


      Not an excuse for no mods.

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