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  1. Wow, that is so sweet and poignant. I remember how big it was when she passed away at such a young age.
  2. Currently making my way through season seven of Dynasty. Recently finished the entire series of That Girl, which I loved and miss, and I'm still mad that they didn't just end the show with Ann and Don getting married. I know Marlo supposedly had her reasons, but it made perfect sense for them to just get married and let that be the end of it. I really want my next pick to be something from the last 20 years, like a One Tree Hill or something.
  3. I started season 7 about a week ago, and you can immediately feel that the show is out of its heyday from the very first episode. It's actually quite sad. I mostly like Ben, but jesus, his story is going on wayyyy too long, and then Leslie comes in, and I see someone upthread said she was meant to be the Amanda replacement, but I'm getting more of a fake Fallon from her than anything else, along the lines of early assertive Fallon. Sammy Jo has gotten so boring with Clay, and I'm confused in regards to her and Steven seemingly falling back in love with each other? But why??? Dominique is clearly on her way out. All of the fire she came in with is gone, and she's just another earnest Carrington. Shame that they got bored with such a fun character. The show doesn't even look the same anymore, it's darker and less glamorous, and that just takes all of the fun out of watching.
  4. It's been so long since I"ve watched 90210 or discussed it, and this just brought me right back. That damn Donna. I'd play the good-natured but hot-tempered guy from the bayous of south Louisiana who falls in love with the dorky-as-hell but cute-as-a-button gay son of a legacy family (along the lines of Daniel Kennedy's Peter Cortlandt). I come to town and become acquainted with the inhabitants, playing the role of the outsider who calls out a lot of the sht that people in town have just unwittingly accepted and, in some cases, encouraged. I see how much bae's family takes advantage of him, and I fiercely stand up for him against everyone else and advocate for him when he won't advocate for himself. Sometimes that gets me into trouble with him because I'm not above running an underhanded scheme to put a bitch in his or her place myself, but at the end of the day, I love him, and he knows it.
  5. Considering he wasn't addressing DAYS actors, I doubt he was trying to teach them a lesson. He's been working in the same town in the same genre in the same industry as the DAYS cast for 40 years, so I'm sure he knows some of them more than you or I ever will. A renewal is great, but once again, no one has a contract. That's a scary as fck precedent in a daytime where we have four dead soaps walking. A renewal is great, but what exactly does it mean when the entire cast is off-contract? I also don't understand why any bitterness DD feels towards his show would be directed to the cast of another show.
  6. I see absolutely nothing wrong with what Doug Davidson tweeted. As someone not on contract, he probably gets it more than most. Congrats for being renewed, guys, but none of you have any kind of job security, and your show is bleeding money. It's realism vs. idealism. Our genre is down to four shows, all of them are sad, depressing shadows of what they were even ten years ago, which were sad, depressing shadows of what they'd been in their prime. None of them will ever be satisfying for an extended period of time ever again, and the people at the networks don't give a sh!t.
  7. Thank you!!! It’s the “new plan to save DAYS” all over again.
  8. There was a great scene from a July 1987 AMC episode I watched a few weeks ago with Erica trying to keep her pregnancy a secret from Travis, who rattles off a dinner menu over the phone to Erica. She tries to keep from throwing up and then beelines to the toilet as soon as he hangs up. Found it. The entire scene is hilarious and classic Erica. The Kane family unit of Erica, Mona, and Mark, however small, was perfection. Mona's face at 13:25ish and the way Mark just pats her on the shoulder is cracking me up all over again.
  9. My area of south Louisiana receives stations from both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and each market has scheduled soaps differently. I can only speak for the early 2000s, but reading this thread has made me curious about past decades. ABC: WGNO (NO) airs daytime as scheduled by ABC. WBRZ (BR) aired an hour-long newcast in AMC's timeslot, making AMC air an hour earlier on a day-behind schedule and booting Port Charles completely. CBS WWL (NO) airs daytime as scheduled by CBS. WAFB (BR) aired B&B, ATWT, and GL as scheduled, but The Price is Right aired an hour later than its CBS timeslot, pushing Y&R to air in the afternoon at 4pm central. That late airing was a huge convenience for Y&R fans who worked or missed the morning airing for whatever reason, but as of this fall, WAFB airs the whole lineup as scheduled by CBS (afternoon Y&R replaced by Kelly Clarkson). NBC WDSU (NO) airs DAYS an hour late, and Passions aired an hour later as well. I still think of DAYS as competing with OLTL/ATWT and PSNS as competing with GH/GL. We don't receive WVLA from Baton Rouge, but they air daytime as scheduled by NBC.
  10. Stupid as fck. If they created TV series that are actually TV series and not dragged-out miniseries/telenovelas, then we might not have this problem.
  11. I really need the GT episode to be Penny's Christmas complete with half the audience yelling at Penny to steal the jewelry and the other half telling her not to plus the social worker getting dronk and singing about orthopedic shoes.
  12. I should've known when my browser started freezing up as soon as I sent that post through.
  13. Speaking of crazy WoST people who were or claimed to be in the business, are we still not allowed to talk about ya girl Pepsi Smash here?
  14. Kim and Mindy haven't distanced themselves from the show. They've been selective in what they've done because soooo much of the various sit-down reunions and articles have been the exact same thing over and over again. The cast loves each other and the work they did, hence why they're doing this telefilm, but I can see how sitting down for the camera to have the same conversation can get old.
  15. I miss the forum the most. So many interesting tidbits and pieces regarding the classic era of soaps. There are several posters here who provide a lot of that same information, and I love it, but to have so much conversation on it all in one place was divine. There are still so many audio and video clips from WoST that had never made it to YouTube or anywhere else online as far as I know. I have the original Y&R soundtrack and an album of 70s soap themes on vinyl, but there were GL and ATWT underscores there that I have not seen anywhere else along with some other re-arrangements of various themes that have disappeared. He also had a great library of radio soap episodes that I would love to hear. They're probably available on OTR websites, but once again, to have it all in one place!
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