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  1. Rhoda’s Wedding puts me in such a good mood.

  2. "Brilliant" (ha) Youtube vlogger's video on why soaps exist.

    I've seen this video, and I hate it just as much as the rest of y'all do. I really can't put it into intelligent words the way that I feel towards this guy and the whole vibe of the video. It's literally someone who knows very little about soaps deciding to do five minutes worth of research (if that much) to make himself "informed" among his uninformed friends so that he can become the "smart one" who knows about this enough to actually have a "valid" opinion on it. In short, he is a piece of sh!t.
  3. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Frank and Nancy were pretty busy in the late 70s. They'd gotten divorced after she moved to Chicago and both moved on to other lovers. Here's some info from the Pine Valley Bulletin's bio for Frank: 1977: The distance proved to be too much for Frank and Nancy. Frank filed for a divorce. He almost immediately began a relationship with nurse Caroline Murray. Caroline was a Vietnam veteran. Frank helped Caroline get over her memories of the front lines. When Nancy came back to town, Frank was willing to give her one last chance. They slept together but Nancy was harboring a secret. She was already dating another man. Frank and Caroline married. 1978: Frank was happy with Caroline, but his heart sunk at the thought of Nancy’s pain. He fiancé, Carl Blair, died in an airplane crash. When Nancy gave birth to his son, Carl Blair, jr., Frank took it upon himself to be a father figure. The more time he spent with Nancy, the more his current marriage began to unravel. His feelings for Nancy were still very much alive. 1979: Frank found out Nancy had been lying to him about Carl: he was in fact his son. In an argument with Nancy, she admitted Caroline had known the truth as well. He could not handle Caroline’s deception, and asked for a divorce. 1980: Nancy was making plans to marry again, this time to Frank’s colleague Dr. Russ Anderson. Frank wanted to be a part of his son’s life. But most of all, he was still in love with Nancy. He had all but given up hope the night she was to marry Russ. He was in for a surprise when Nancy arrived on his doorstep. She finally professed her love for him. The Grants remarried that Thanksgiving. Just another reason why I'd give anything to see more episodes from this truly golden age of AMC. In the ep surrounding Tom and Erica's wedding, we see brief glimpses of Frank and Caroline at the wedding while Nancy had just given birth the same day to Carl Jr. ETA: And yes, Eric, you have been so missed!
  4. AMC Tribute Thread

    Yep, Andrew Preston is who immediately comes to mind every time Sean appears. That preppy guy with the devious eyes who is clearly up to no good. It's a soap trope that I've never really paid a whole lot of attention to, but now it makes sense. I'm loving Sybil. It's just so fun to see how these characters really were as opposed to how I've always perceived them via summaries and short clips over the years. Sybil could've been a fun character to have through the 80s when so many of PV's women had become either pillars of virtue, villainesses, or Erica. Maybe it's because I've just never been huge on Cliff and Nina. I, too, was surprised at how quickly the ball got rolling with Jesse and Jenny. The Gardner storyline as a whole happened way more quickly than I always thought it did. I like that Opal and Jenny remain in Kate's orbit and are only introduced to other characters through her and the Martin porch. There's just a stirring feeling underneath every scene that the sh!t will hit the fan soon. Mark was such an exhibitionist, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he went commando in many episodes. I'm assuming whenever Jesse and Jenny end up in school, Greg and Liza will make their debuts. I'm heartbroken because it seems as though there aren't any more episodes in this consecutive set. Seven episodes are better than none, I suppose.
  5. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Good for him. He arrived to GL at the worst possible time and couldn't do much for anyone, but I've always liked his offscreen personality. I'm glad he's working steady.
  6. Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire

    Don't forget the couple that isn't involved in that event having a deep discussion somewhere else in town and usually ending up making love.
  7. Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire

    Rich people having gigantic portraits of themselves at home and/or at the office. The Ewings on Dallas went one step further and had a gigantic photograph of the entire family. The majesty of an announcer telling you who sponsors the day's episode and assuring us that part two will continue in a moment. Two characters having a conversation even though both are facing the camera - especially when the character in the foreground's thoughts are being betrayed by his/her face.
  8. AMC Tribute Thread

    I've always assumed Tood-ee, rhyming with Judy. She was on Match Game, so if anyone ever finds an episode, we can hear Johnny Olson say it. Do we have any information whatsoever on where the house used for exteriors of the Martin home is located or if it's still standing? I'm assuming somewhere in Connecticut, probably near real-life Pine Valley Hospital.
  9. AMC Tribute Thread

    By the time of the 1985 episodes I've been watching, Erica was determined to turn it back into that. I'm digging into the '81 episodes, and it's interesting to see the show in a time of transition. In the first one from August 18, only Kate and later Charles are characters who'd been around since the early 70s. No more Linc, Kelly, Nick, Phil, Tara, Anne, etc. I wonder what the initial reaction to the Cortlandts was as their introduction coincided with the fading out of so many characters who'd created the show's identity in its first decade. I know Cliff/Nina were huge, but by this year, people had to be tired of watching them fight against outward obstacles, especially Palmer. I didn't realize how important Betsy Kennicott was (or how important they wanted her to be). Mark La Mura continues to prove to be AMC's most handsome actor and one of its most charismatic. I ain't mad at that one scene of him shirtless digging in the refrigerator. Uncle Mark had cakes. Dorothy Lyman never missed a beat as Opal, but wow, I never thought I'd ever see her and Jenny first showing up. Now I see what they always meant by Opal being less comedic and more villainous in the beginning. Early Jesse with Frank and Aunt Bess is also a treat that I never thought I'd see any time soon. I'm three episodes in, and Opal and Jenny just pulled up at Foxy's. Great stuff. Is this between John E. Dunn leaving the role of Tad and MEK showing up? Everything I've seen of JED means that his Tad would be younger than Kim Delaney's Jenny, but he's supposed to be older, buttttt doesn't MEK show up in the following year? How long was he missing from Pine Valley? Also great to see Tudi Wiggins as Sarah Kingsley - yet another character I thought I'd never see. These episodes are awesome! No disrespect to the late Harriet Hall, but she sucked. Sorry for my habit of saying so much when I binge classic AMC, but I have so many thoughts and observations lol Alan Dysert was so cute and clean-cut, stereotypical early 80s.
  10. AMC Tribute Thread

    When was Tempo first introduced? I'm planning to dig into these tonight and tomorrow, but I already see a Tempo cover in one of the thumbnail shots.
  11. AMC Tribute Thread

    Heaven...I'm in heaven...and my heart beats so that I can hardly speeeakkkkk
  12. AMC Tribute Thread

    Chris Lawford (Charlie Brent) has passed away.
  13. US Soap General Discussion

    I seriously hate the business takeover of soaps in the 80s. It may have worked at the time, but it became overkill on virtually every single show.
  14. Cold/Cruel Comments That Made You Laugh

    I find it's a lot of sad, bitter old men. I used to visit it daily 5-10 years ago, so past the glory days, but I've been turned off every time I've gone recently. TWOP turned into the same thing for me, though populated by a different group of unhappy people. My contribution to this thread is any time anyone has ever referred to Kristian Alfonso as looking like a horse in the early 2000s. At some point, somewhere, people were calling her character "Horse Brady" like it was her name.
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    It would seem to be late 1976 or early 1977, so shortly before the Spauldings arrived.