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  1. All My Shadows

    AMC Tribute Thread

    I'm hoping that no one around here gives enough of a sh!t about me to send me random emails.
  2. All My Shadows

    AMC Tribute Thread

    I would love to. I'm not sure if I would actually have the time to, but if you send it to me, I'll definitely keep it on the frontburner and let you know what I think! Email me at [email protected]
  3. All My Shadows

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    It's about damn time they put it on DVD, but I'm seeing that it's merely a full-length clip show? What is this, 2002? If they did full episodes and sold it in the US, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  4. All My Shadows

    Classic TV

    GOD IS GOOD!!! The Weekend Binge two weeks from now is Family!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited! I have the first and second seasons on DVD and have been craving more of it for yeeeeeeears. KUDOS, DECADES! KUDOS!!!! I won't even care if they are dirty, edited syndicated prints, to be honest.
  5. All My Shadows

    Carpenters discussion thread

    Please do post videos! My preferred method of sharing is to simply paste the URL to the video, but apparently that doesn't work anymore, and I was too lazy to figure out the current way to do it. I think the Carpenters are one of those cultural things where if they speak to you, they really speak to you and they mean so much more than just a couple of songs you enjoy. These songs were with me through many lonely days in my teens and early 20s, and to this moment, those sharp, dissonant chords, the questioning quiver in Karen's voice, the sudden and dramatic sweep from the strings...all of it fills me with a longing for something that I'm still not sure I'll ever find. Then you get to one of their more upbeat songs, and you know there's no need to worry because everything will be okay.
  6. All My Shadows

    Carpenters discussion thread

    I'm pretty sure we don't have one dedicated to Karen and Richard, and I've been on my biggest Carpenters kick in yeeeeears over the last few months, so I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on their music, career, legacy, etc. Plus, Richard has been working on a new album that marries Karen's voice with new instrumental backing from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and it's due to be released this Friday. My love for Karen's wonderful voice and Richard's arrangements began when I was around eight years old, when one of the greatest hits compilations was constantly being advertised on TV. The song I most remember from the commercial is "Rainy Days and Monday," but I came to most associate them with "(They Long to Be) Close to You." When I was in junior high, I watched The Karen Carpenter Story one Saturday afternoon, and I've been hooked ever since. Here are some of my favorite songs from each of their major albums... "All I Can Do" "We've Only Just Begun" "Crescent Noon" "Rainy Days and Mondays" "Let Me Be the One" "Hurting Each Other" "Road Ode" "Aurora" / "Eventide" "Desperado" "Boat to Sail" "I Have You" "All You Get From Love is a Love Song" "Two Sides" "I Believe You" "Touch Me When We're Dancing" "Now" "Ordinary Fool"
  7. All My Shadows

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Here's an extremely random find. An artist created sand-on-canvas renderings of vintage soap logos and used ATWT as the title piece. The gorgeous ATWT and OLTL pieces are sold, but you can still purchase AMC and AW.
  8. RIP to Ken Berry of F Troop, Mayberry RFD, and Mama's Family #thanksalotbubba

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NothinButAttitude


      RIP, Ken. 


      I feel like binge watching Mama's Family now in his honor. I hope MeTV, does something in his honor seeing as they air the show daily. 

    3. dragonflies


      I hope LOGO does a tribute of some kind to him given how often they air Mama's Family 

    4. ReddFoxx


      May he rest in peace.

  9. All My Shadows

    Have Reboots & Reality TV reached saturation point?

    Yes, it was screened in places (or maybe just in one place?). It ended up online, but it looks like there is only a small clip on YouTube at the moment. I've been watching a lot of (original) Dynasty via Amazon Prime lately, and I know this topic has probably been exhausted, but LORD, in the age of TV shows centering on rich, pretty people, it's beyond me why we never got a continuation when we could. I imagine that's a no-go now that the CW version is here and isn't going anywhere (my students love it - I showed them clips of original Alexis and Krystle's catfights during our unit on absolute monarchy [indoctrination]), but I'm in season five, and you have all of these babies and toddlers running around - cousins LB and Danny with their Aunt Krystina, who happens to be a few years younger than them. They'd be in their early/mid 30s now.
  10. All My Shadows

    Have Reboots & Reality TV reached saturation point?

    It was The CW in 2004ish with Marley Shelton as Victoria, Blair Brown as Elizabeth, etc. Dark Shadows is something that I'm always ready for an updated version of (let's ignore That Damned Movie). Peyton Place is another.
  11. All My Shadows

    Have Reboots & Reality TV reached saturation point?

    Yes, I have to agree with this. Too many shows means all of your talent is spread out. On one hand, you might have more shows that strike one's fancy. On the other hand, not too many shows can sustain success past a couple of seasons. If I watched everything I was interested in from start to finish, I would not have any time for a career or a life. Once upon a time, watching two or three soaps five days a week seemed like a lot, but there are people out there watching the same amount of television in a day - maybe even two times over. Kinda like what they did with One Day at a Time. I do like this type of thing. I still get a little annoyed because I feel as though they don't HAVE to produce it and sell it as a reboot or re-imagining of something else. You can take the tone and very general premise of something older and completely flip it around, do it well, and hopefully be successful. For the last few years, I've wanted a "version" of That Girl that focuses on a young gay man with that same Ann Marie spirit and his stuffy, business-like boyfriend. For a looooooooong time, I have imagined a version of Little House on the Prairie set in the suburbs.
  12. All My Shadows

    TV Show Whose Decline Saddens You the Most

    Oh, yes, that final processional set to Onward Christian Soldiers as the Ingalls home stands majestic on the prairie, no longer a "little house" but a salient landmark...baby, my feels get just at activated! The scene doesn't seem to be on YouTube at the moment, which is probably for the best. LHOTP was exactly what I needed it to be from the beginning until Nellie left - not saying that her departure is what sent the show downhill (obviously it was a big part of it!), but it just so happened to coincide. I wouldn't even say the show limped along. It kept a steady trot even into A New Beginning, and it still felt lively. It was just done.
  13. All My Shadows

    TV Show Whose Decline Saddens You the Most

    Y'all, I love Charlie's Angels, and I don't turn away if I get a chance to watch a post-Kate episode, butttttttt I would've been fine with it ending after the third season. I never minded Tiffany, and the first time I ever came across reruns of the show as a kid, they were Julie reruns, but neither one could replace Sabrina. They tried with Tiffany. She was serious, she was all about the business, but she had none of Sabrina's wit and willingness to play to get the case solved. Julie was a different direction altogether, and the whole dynamic of the team was thrown out of whack. Another show of the same era that limped along longer than it needed to - CHiPs. The "fun in the sun" lightweight 70s style was out by the time Larry Wilcox left, but then they tried to keep it going with the dumb ass Nelson brothers and a bunch of new secondary troopers. The only plus from that last season is the clip of Ponch disco dancing that was added to the opening.
  14. All My Shadows

    AMC Tribute Thread

    And at this point, what is there to lose? Just put a bunch of longtime AMC people in a room and let ‘em rip. Who would they piss off?
  15. All My Shadows

    GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

    They made it available on demand after all. Y’all know I don’t do GH, but I’m watching out of curiosity and because it’s nice to watch an older soap episode with good picture quality. I wonder if the current PTB watched this and noticed how the Thanksgiving episode opened with families featuring longtime characters played by longtime performers preparing for the holiday. How do you screw something like that, I do not know, but soap writers/producers have been doing it for years. Lawd, they plastered that horrendous “opening sequence” onto this episode as if Dave Koz playing the saxophone is politically incorrect eighteen years later.