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  1. Congratulations, SON and team! It's incredible to me that it's been 20 years. I've been here for 18 of them! I was a thirteen year old child in junior high when I joined this board, and my maturity level certainly matched my age! But because of the many awesome members here, I learned so much about this genre we love. Soaps were truly my escape. I always say other kids had Harry Potter, but I had daytime drama - it was my happy place, the one thing I knew would provide nothing but comfort and peace. I'll never forget the excitement of the weekly ratings posts or - and this is taking it back - Matt's weekly top 10 of actors, actresses, and couples. Those truly were the days. The soaps might not have been their best, but there were still so many, and we all watched them like a hawk, so no matter what, on any given day, at least one or two shows had some good stuff going on. Thank you EVERYONE for having a part in "raising" me over the years. A big part of who I am today is because of who you all were back then.
  2. Lovely conversation to have on this, the tenth anniversary of the ABC finale. So many emotions that day! I miss this show more than words can ever say.
  3. ^^^^gorgeous photos. The ones in color are truly treasures! Is it just me or does it seem like, relatively speaking, AMC is more relevant in mainstream media, a decade after its ABC finale, than some/all of the remaining soaps? Not saying any of them are hugely relevant in mainstream media at all, but relatively speaking…
  4. It's funny that you say this - and I realize I'm coming in a week later, blame Ida - because a very good Instagram account I follow posted a series of scenes not long ago where Brooke fires Kendall from Tempo for writing an Erica-bashing article. It was so WEIRD to see Brooke working on Erica's behalf and the two of them almost respecting each other. Clearly, on Erica's end, it was all about getting back at Kendall and using Brooke to do it, but it was still an oddly satisfying thing to watch. It kinda made their feud even more realistic - yes, there is always THAT bitch you don't like, but sometimes you gotta hand it to her.
  5. I toured Southfork last month, and the tour guide very candidly said that Victoria was the only cast member that the long-serving staff there personally could not stand to deal with. Each room of the house is devoted to a main Ewing character, but Pam is the only one missing - tour guide said it was because Victoria would not approve of her image being used in the house. Not sure how true that is, given that there were full cast pictures throughout the estate/museum. She spoke fondly about everyone else, but she did acknowledge Larry was an alcoholic, and you either surfed those waves with him or you didn't. Patrick and Charlene seem to have been the real favorites over the years. Charlene's daughter was married on the ranch a while back.
  6. I've only ever seen the miniseries, and yes, the cast is incredible. It's been a very long time since I've seen it, though, and I'd love to give it another watch (rainy day marathon alongside Scruples and Hollywood Wives, maybe?).
  7. Oh, no indeed! I was hoping my response didn't sound catty. I legit feel like a slacker for not simply going back a few pages, especially considering it was mentioned a day before Ray's passing, which I came here to post about. Unpopular opinion, but I thought it looked good on paper. I remember people being upset at Zoe being a lesbian transwoman because it was perceived as just a way to get Bianca "with a man," but I wonder how that would play today. Jeff Carlson didn't half-play that character, that's for sure, and the chemistry was there with Eden. It would have been interesting to see her last longer or visit more, but I always felt she was such a character "of the time" that her politics would have softened over the years. Or, maybe Amy would have evolved into the character that Rosemary would go on to play on How to Survive a Marriage (feminist psychologist). Maybe she could have been one of the few characters allowed to see Tad as a pig and call him out on it. Re: Ruth's hair. I've been amazed by that poor nurse's cap holding on for dear life for years and years. You just know something's in there holding it up.
  8. Whoops, I guess I shouldn't have chosen to be lazy and not flip back a few pages (though I did find the energy to go back two years to see if it was discussed then). I agree with both of y'all so much re: McT. As much as some have tried to claim that the woman never had any business writing the show or that she was just a hack who did not care about the show or its legacy, that is just simply not true. A hack? Sure. Employed far longer than she needed to be? Absolutely. Destructive in the long-term? Yes! Completely ignorant as to what the All My Children vibe is? Not by a longshot - especially compared to who she immediately succeeded and preceded for her 2000s run.
  9. There's a certain soap uploader on YT, and I very often worry about his sanity/well-being...

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Maybe I'm mistaken but I think I know who that might be. I don't subscribe but I have seen a few videos and yeah, it's a fine line between zany and bizarre. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else?

    3. te.


      I have to see this tbh. Can someone DM me the username?

    4. DemetriKane
  10. I can't remember if this has been posted here or not. It's been on YT for over two years, and I'm just seeing it for the first time. Courtesy of the actress playing the little girl. Of course, my biggest soap "Make-a-Wish" is to see every second of 70s AMC, but at this point, I really need to see this era of Anne and Paul before Elizabeth's death and Anne's descent into madness. We have a small handful of clips showing her raging hard, but what was she like on a day-to-day basis before her life came crumbling down? She's so bubbly and cool in the 1970-1971 episodes/clips, but what was the "mid-section" like for the character?
  11. Rest in peace to the stalwart unsung hero of AMC, a patriarch in every sense of the word. Susan is now the lone survivor of the original cast who stuck around and took the show into its 20th and 30th years. I hope she is in good spirits as she mourns the passing of a longtime friend and her beloved mom.
  12. That was the first (and only) time I watched the "current" Corrie as it aired, and it led to me falling deeper in love with the better eras of the show. I think any exposure is good, especially since it hasn't been seen on regular US television in maybe 20-30 years?
  13. I saw some episodes from the same period pop up on the BritishTV channel a few mornings ago. I really need Pluto to just release the schedules for their various channels. It's hard to decide to watch something regularly without it.
  14. Currently watching a TPIR rerun where one of the showcases is a salute to ATWT. Prizes are a new camera (a nod to Gunnar's job as a photographer), trips to New York and Spain presented by Meg Ryan and Frank Runyeon, a sailboat (where "Tom and Margo rekindled their love"), and an appearance as an extra on ATWT.
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