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  1. I Am A Swede

    Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Well, I guess that Joseph must be alive somehow, because I don't know how else they will be able to keep Cain, Graham or even Moira on the show now. Not that I would be sad to see any of them go of course, but I hardly think that they're leaving. Because if Debbie keeps quiet about this then she sinks to a new low, and heaven knows she starts from an already low position.
  2. I Am A Swede

    Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Why did they have this mini-story with Lachlan and his dad? It served absolutely no purpose!
  3. I Am A Swede

    What Are You Listening To?

    R.I.P Carol Channing
  4. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

    ^^ I find it absolutely astonishing that 37% actually think Trump is doing a good job!
  5. Even though I'm a little late (it's January 13th here now) I'd like to say Happy 60th Birthday to Motown, which was founded on January 12th 1959!

    And to paraphrase another musical phenomenon, Thank you for the music!   ^_^

  6. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

    It looks like we might finally get a new government here, 4 months (!) after the election was held. Over the weekend the Centre Party and the Liberals have expressed a willingness to support that the Social Democrats and the Green Party will continue to rule like they did before the election. They feel that the negotiations between these four parties have gotten them the result they wanted. It's not all done and dusted though. The four parties involved don't control a majority in our parliament, and since the Moderate Party, the Christian Democrats and the Sweden Democrats will vote against them they need the Left Party to either support the agreement or abstain from voting. And this is a major hurdle. The agreement contains elements that goes against everything the Left Party stands for, so the question is whether they will go against their principles or if they feel that it is worth taking the risk of a new election. They themselves would probably stand to gain from a new election, but the fear is that the Sweden Democrats would also gain from it.
  7. I Am A Swede

    Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    This whole thing with Lachlan is ridiculous! He's a teenage boy, not some seasoned criminal. When did he get the connections to be able to smuggle in a cell phone in prison and arrange for someone to terrorize Belle on the outside? It's hard to imagine now that once upon a time this show was actually realistic!
  8. I Am A Swede

    God, I love this show, but hate the lead character/actor!!!!!

    I would have agreed with this, but the thread title says that we should have loved the show, and I didn't love SATC. I watched it, but never really loved it, and Carrie was a major reason for that. This however I absolutely agree with. I loved ER, but I really, really, really hated Abby. In fact there were quite a lot of characters during ER's final years that I disliked. The show went from must-see-tv to I-think-I'll-skip-it-tv...
  9. I Am A Swede

    Film Awards Thread

  10. I Am A Swede

    Madonna's 15 Best Songs: Billboard Staff Picks

    Any list of this kind will only ever be a personal one. There's no way to determine an artist's best songs. Most successful perhaps, because that can be measured in terms of chart success and sales figures, but not best.
  11. I Am A Swede

    Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    I think they would like to pretend that the show began with the arrival of the Tates.