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  1. Well, he just lost a major final after being two sets up, and his grandmother had died just before the match, so I guess he just didn't feel like smiling.
  2. Men's tennis is so uninteresting. I hope that Djokovic/Nadal/Federer all retire soon.
  3. I think we can all understand her feelings.
  4. I wonder how it will succeed in the US. A big part of the charm of the ESC was the multitude of languages and musical styles that were represented. That's changed somewhat in recent years, especially since the language rule was abolished and you no longer have to sing in the official language (or one of them) of your country. And even though it's often been a very middle-of-the-road kind of music you could still hear influences from the different cultural backgrounds. Songs from Greece and Portugal sounded different than songs from the Netherlands or Norway for instance.
  5. Sometimes it feels like I've walked through the looking-glass and ended up in the Twilight Zone.....
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