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  1. Series You Loved from Beginning to End

    Without a doubt "Upstairs Downstairs", the original show that ran from 1971-75. It's my favourite tv-show ever. Looking at it now, of course the technical aspects betray their age, and maybe all 68 episodes weren't top-notch, but as a whole it maintained its high standard from beginning to end. The acting was always superb, the characters well-rounded and it dealt with historical events and social developments with impeccable style.
  2. Winter Olympics 2018

    I think it's easy to believe figure skating is fixed, because unlike most other sports it's not about who's fastest or strongest or who can jump the longest or the highest. It has an element of performance and that opens it up for personal preferences and opinions. Sure, there are compulsary elements too, but they only account for part of the points total. Take the above mentioned example of Nancy Kerrigan in 1994 for instance. I personally thought that Oksana Baiul deserved the gold that year, but other people don't and I can't argue with their opinion. I'm not saying that fixing does or doesn't occur, because I have no proof either way, but there is a reason you never hear rumours like that about alpine or cross-country skiing or about long jump or decathlon.
  3. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    You're most likely right, and it is so sickening.
  4. Best Actor/Character Send-Offs (Primetime)

    Even though I hated that it happened, I think Lady Marjorie's death on "Upstairs Downstairs" was beautifully written. She left to visit Canada with her brother and his new wife, and at the end of the episode her husband, Richard, asks his secretary to send her a message on the ship, which just happens to be the RMS Titanic...... The camera then zooms in on a portrait of Lady Marjorie as the episode comes to an end. Jump to ca 48:00
  5. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    From your lips to God's ears! Please!! On another note, I hate, hate, hate that Cain is seemingly going to go all vigilante on Debbie's partner-in-crime, Simon. This is one of the many, many, many reasons I cannot stand him, this pathetic brutish behaviour that he constantly reverts to. I'm not saying that Simon shouldn't be punished for what he did, but Debbie is the one who is ultimately responsible for what happened to Ross. This is all so typical of the Dingle family. Everyone else is to blame except them. I'm seriously running out of ways to express how much I loathe that whole family. They make me sick!
  6. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    I just read that is leaving. I really must keep up better with coming's and goings. To bad that it also appears that .
  7. ER on HULU

    I agree with practically everything you say, especially the part in bold. Those two episodes, especially the second one, were some of the best ever on television. I did love everything around Mark's death, except that it had to happen. But it was all superbly done and acted. I'll never forget the image of Kerry reading the message from Corday posted on the noticeboard in the ER and breaking down in tears.
  8. Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon

    I realize that they don't care all that much about this contest in the UK anymore, but still I'm disappointed every year that they can't send something better.
  9. TV Character's that got the worst(or no) exit from their series

    One that comes immediately to mind for me is Pixie Mason from the Australian cult classic "Prisoner: Cell Block H". She was a naive, sweet-natured person who was hopelessly romantic and found herself in prison on multiple counts of bigamy. She was brutally raped, became catatonic with shock and ended up in a mental hospital
  10. Wow, I had almost forgotten Empty Nest! Strange since I really loved that show. But you're right, it wasn't the same after Kristy left. I did like the addition of Marsha Warfield, but adding Estelle Getty as Sophia was a bad idea. I never felt she fit in. She needed Blanche, Dorothy and Rose to really work.