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  1. I Am A Swede

    The Tennis Thread

    Kei Nishikori beats Roger Federer in straight sets (7-6, 6-3)!
  2. I Am A Swede

    The Barbra Streisand Thread

    I'm more surprised that she actually went out in public with that hairstyle! Babs darling, you know I love you but that hair is almost as bad as that horrible curly stuff you had in the 1970s! Her makeup is not the most flattering either. I wonder if she had fired her stylist before this?
  3. Today it's 100 years since the armistice that ended The Great War (aka World War I)

  4. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

    It looks like this site https://www.thelocal.se/politics could be a good start. The 4 party alliance that they want (The Moderate party, the Christian Democrats, the Centre Party and the Liberals) doesn't have enough seats in parliament to be able to rule. They even have one less seat (143) than the left (the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Left Party) which has 144. You need 175 seats to have the majority. The Sweden Democrats have 63 seats, so with their support the Alliance could have the majority, and while the Moderate Party and the Christian Democrats have hinted that they're willing to rely on them for support the Centre Party and the Liberals have categorically refused to consider that. But at the same time they (especially the leader of the Centre Party, Annie Lööf) has insisted that their first choice remains a government consisting of the 4 Alliance parties. How they will make that work is beyond me though. There's been some talk that Lööf wants to try and entice the Green Party away from their collaboration with the Social Democrats, but even with their support the Alliance won't have a majority. And since the Sweden Democrats view the Green Party as one of their main foes, due to the Green Party's immigration-friendly stance, such a government would stand no chance in parliament. To me the only solution (other than a new election, which would solve absolutely nothing) is a coalition with the Social Democrats, the Green Party, the Centre Party and the Liberals. They wouldn't have a majority, but would almost certainly be able to rely on support from the Left Party, even if it might be passive support. One can only hope that these supposedly grown up people will stop behaving like obstinate children soon and face the facts and deal with them accordingly.
  5. Tonight will mark the 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht or Night of Broken Glass, and with the increasing right-wing and antisemitic tendencies in society I feel it's important to remember this. 80 years is not that long ago, and it's hard to understand how the ideas that caused this tragedy and the subsequent horrors of World War II is already on the march again. Are we humans really that incapable of learning from history?   :(

  6. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

    Right now we are a perfect example of this. It's now been two months since our election and we still have no new government, because the parties, especially the Centre Party and the Liberals, are clinging to the Alliance with the Christian Democrats and the Moderate Party despite it being impossible for them to get a majority without turning to the right-wing Swedish Democrats, which the Liberals and the Centre Party have sworn they will never do. It's like they are burying their heads in the sand and refusing to face up to the actual election results. The Social Democrats have repeatedly invited them to talks about working together, but they keep repeating, like parrots, that a four-party Alliance government is their first choice. Meanwhile the political life here is at a stand-still and it's becoming more and more ridiculous. It's time for especially Annie Lööf, leader of the Centre Party, to face up to the fact that if she wants to keep the Swedish Democrats from having any influence, which is what she has stated over and over, then a coalition with the Social Democrats is the only way, unless she wants to force us into a new election process. And the only thing that that would accomplish would almost certainly be that the Swedish Democrats would increase.... Time to grow up and face the reality Annie!!
  7. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

    Yet another mass shooting with 12 dead so far. No motive revealed yet, and the perpetrator is dead so perhaps we'll never know why this happened. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46135459
  8. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

  9. I Am A Swede

    Looking back...Primetime Ratings from the 80's

    The final Falcon Crest episode of the season saw Richard being (supposedly) killed by Eric Stavros, and Melissa gaining control of Falcon Crest itself through some old deed. The cliffhanger was Angela meeting a mystery man (with a beard) and asking him "Isn't it time Maggie knew you're alive" or something similar.
  10. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

    I'm happy that the Democrats had a successful election although I have to admit I had hoped for even more. I guess it's hard for a foreigner to completely understand the mindset of the American voters, but then again I'm baffled that so many people here voted for a xenophobic and homophobic party with neo-nazi roots. So maybe it's me who's out of touch with what people want.
  11. I Am A Swede

    Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Perfect summary! On to current events, and I guess it could be my intense dislike for the character speaking but why the hell did Liv have to go and stick her nose into Sebastian's living arrangement. I wish that little bitch would just shut up or better yet disappear altogether. And now Aaron is all worked up too. Why did they have to saddle Robert with this man-child? I'm probably not very objective about this, but when it comes to Liv I find that objectivity flies out the window. I just cannot stand the character.
  12. I Am A Swede

    The Politics Thread

    What is wrong with people?! First the idiot who dressed himself and his son as Hitler and a nazi officer, and now this..... https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/11/02/two-kentucky-students-suspended-columbine-shooters-costume/1860371002/