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  1. As expected, Joseph Tate is alive.... I guess they thought it was clever writing but this makes Graham's behaviour last year completely baffling. Why did he fall apart the way he did when he knew all along that Joseph was actually alive? It does make one wonder if this wasn't the original story, but that they changed it. Much like they obviously changed the original story for Joseph when Claire King agreed to come back as Kim.... Speaking of that. Are we really supposed to care about a feud between Kim and Cain? If it was the Kim of old, then yes I would care. But now, who gives a damn?! I could care less about this caricature of Kim, and Cain is, and has always been, a loathsome thug. The show was quite watchable for a while, but now it's going through a very rough patch....
  2. Three people have been killed in a possible terrorist attack in the Dutch city of Utrecht https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47615231
  3. Not quite as bad as I feared, but I think I'll stick to the animated version....
  4. The big Emmerdale news recently is without a doubt that Lisa Dingle is on her way out. Jane Cox is leaving the show after 23 years, and Lisa will be killed off. It should be sad news that such a longtime character is leaving, but I can't feel any sadness about this. When Lisa first appeared I quite liked her, and for a while she was a voice of sanity (sort of) in the Dingle household. But as the years went by she sadly became more and more Dinglefied, a fate she now shares with Moira, and it has now come to the point where I won't miss her when she's gone. And that's the only sad thing about her departure.
  5. A perfect example of quantity over quality.....
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