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  1. In these times you have to appreciate every little positive thing.... Apparently the current pandemic has forced Coronation Street to scrap plans for a big stunt for the show's 60th anniversary. Instead it's gonna be more of a back-to-basics situation, which even the producer, Ian McLeod, has acknowledged is more true to the original premise for the show. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55101771
  2. Happy 75th birthday to Pippi Longstocking.    :)


    On this date, 26th of November, in 1945, the first book about Pippi Longstocking was published here in Sweden.

    1. DRW50


      I really enjoyed the American movie when I was a kid. (I went on to watch some of the Swedish movies via VHS library...the first time I saw bad dubbing...) I read a few of the books, like the one when they were on a desert island. I remember they were going to make a new movie but I have a feeling that's off now.

  3. My god, these people are completely and utterly insane! Did I actually hear one of them say "death to tyrants"? I hope this doesn't spiral completely out of control....
  4. Just a few days ago (November 14th) it was the 45th anniversary of the first official singles chart here in Sweden. We had charts before, but they were based on sales figures from only a select group of record stores, and it was also a combined album/singles chart. The single which topped that historic first chart (and remained at #1 for another 9 weeks) was this
  5. Happy 75th birthday Anni-Frid Lyngstad!
  6. To say that this is disgusting is nowhere near enough. There should be some severe consequences as a result, not only for the postal worker, but also for the GOP donors.
  7. Brianna Keilar once again bringing the receipts......
  8. As an outsider looking in, I have to say that I'm completely stunned about what is happening. I knew that Trump would be a sore loser (although I didn't expect it to be this bad), but the behaviour of other Republicans is unbelievable. I'm amazed that they can stand up since they seem to be missing a spine.... And the pathetic excuses they come up with to justify their despicable behaviour is mind-blowing. I'm so f*ckin tired of old white men and their f*ckin sense of entitlement. And it really shouldn't matter whether they succeed or not. The mere fact that they're doing this sho
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