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  1. Wow, what a classy remark! There's no need for name-calling like that simply because you don't like someone.
  2. Wow, did not see this coming. Simona Halep demolishing Serena Williams.
  3. Yes, Nadal is out!! Federer vs Djokovic in the final.
  4. I'm not sure it's fair to compare what Margaret Court, or any of the other old greats like Suzanne Lenglen, Helen Wills-Moody or Maureen Connolly, did with what any of the current stars are doing. The circumstances were completely different. All they could do was beat those they were up against on the surfaces they were presented with. They were all great tennis players, just like Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Steffi Graf were, and like Serena Williams is now. I don't think you can crown anyone in any sport as the greatest of all time, because things evolve and change, and things like training methods and equipment are vastly different now from what they were 25, 50, 75 years ago.
  5. I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but sadly I can't. There's just so much ugliness in the world now. Everywhere you look.
  6. Oh joy, another Federer/Nadal match.... been there, done that! What's this, the 4396th time they meet or something?
  7. Well, if you would start saying things we want to hear then maybe we will start to listen!
  8. Federer may have beaten Nishikori, but there's no way he will be able to beat Djokovic should they meet in the final.
  9. Well, Goffin started really well, but completely collapsed at the end of the first set. Sure, Novak played well but met very little resistance from Goffin after that.
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