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    • @Paul Raven Just thinking about it some more. In 1987 Jack was involved with Nikki faking her illness and trying to get Megeron Inc and other things out of Victor. Once Nikki was caught out in late 87 up until he hooked up with Leanna around May 88 and started digging around in Brad's past, he might not have been featured too much or he was more a supporting player without his own story.    I am trying to think in terms of his last year on the show. He had the Leanna/Ruthless story, then the Jabot take over and played a part in the Brad/Lisa story and he and Lauren were getting friendly and ended up saving Brad in early 89. After that he may not have been featured as much. I do remember Terry chewing gum in a lot of his scenes towards the end. He seemed so bored during the last year he was on.
    • AS THE WORLD TURNS    T'S   T   Hensley Taggart      Stephen Crossley    1986-87    tried to rape Barbara; James stayed in his home after killing him to save Barb. James made it look like Duncan killed HT Jeffrey Talbot    part owner of WOAK; dated Kim                                   Jeffrey Southern                                   Ron Parady                                  Sam Stoneburner     1993 Marsha Talbot      friend and assistant to Douglas Cummings; knew what he was up to; framed Ken Wayne; helped Doug take Kim and Frannie hostage; accidentally killed him while trying to kill Frannie; broke out of jail and kidnapped Frannie; went back to psychiatric facility                               Giulia Pagano     1985-86 Mrs. Talbot   Eleanor Wilson       Ron and Elizabeth's mother       late 1960s Mrs. Talbot      Betty Miller     1990s Ron Talbot    Peter Stuart     1970     Elizabeth's brother                       Curt Dawson     1973     Cliff Tanner   Never Seen   Valerie Conway's first love; driven off by Jason Reynolds Dr. Tanner    David Adkins     2004    doctor at DeerBrook Gary Tanner   Brian Brownlee   1970s Jake Tanner    ????  skinhead choked out by Ben    1997 Ms. Tanner     Gayle  Holsman   2005 Mrs. Taranto     Brenda Thomas Denmark     Inez Tariche     Barbara Gonzalez     1992-93 Susan Tariche    Never Seen    Inez's baby    1992 Officer Tate       David Allen Basche      1991 Beverly Taylor     Wendy Edmead    1984-85   Lucinda's assistant, pursued Tucker Brandy Taylor    Virginia Williams    2001-02  murdered by James ; Paul framed for her murder Dawn ____ Taylor    Maureen  Mueller   2002  Brandy's mother Nurse Gretchen Taylor  Ellen Adair     Jade Taylor           illegit daughter of Rose D'Angelo and Derek Coburn; raised by Mac and Mrs. Taylor; ONS with Adam; affair with Will; stole from Lily; blackmailed Luke for being gay; faked a pregnancy; hid Cleo; accused of trying to kill Gwen, but cleared                                          Elena Goode  2006-07                                       Davida Williams     2008-09 Mac Taylor    Never Seen      Jade's adoptive father Mrs. Taylor    Never Seen    Jade's adopyive mother Dr. Randall Taylor           Winston May     1992 Richard Taylor             Michael Finn     1972     Annie's friend                                       Arthur Marcus    1972 Connie _____ Teague     Betsy Aidem    1997-98     Joe's wife Officer Erroll "Joe"  Teague    P.J. Brown   1997-97   racist cop arrested for using excessive force with Dr. Ben Harris; stalked Ben and tried to kill him, bombing the Milltown Church; killed by Ben. Agent ___ Templeton     William Charlton   1997  T. Jones' boss Lee Washburn Tenney    LizBeth McKay  1994  sister of Sheila, she married Ray and raised Sheila's daughter, Carly by Ray, as her own. Ray Tenney      Fathered Carly by Sheila then married her sister Lee when Sheila ran away and married Alexander Cabot. Let Carly believe Lee was her mother                               Thomas Kopache    1994                                Peter McRobbie     1996 Leo Tennov        Lee Wilkof Judge Tepperman    Judge Marilyn Milian        2007 Russell Terry       Mike Dooly     2004    Pilar's accomplice Claude Thayer       Patrick John Hurley    late 1980s Jennings Thayer     Richard Bidlake   1986  Marsha Talbot's attorney; quit Roger Thomas     Grant Goodman Cheryl ___ Thompson      Never Seen   mother of Curtis Harris Kevin Thompson       Friend and more of Susan Stewart; worked for Jay Stallings at his mining company;helped Susan quit drinking; married Sandy; fought about Susan; got in an accident while arguing with her; became a drunk and had a ONS with Ginny Hopkins; a prostitute; had another car crash while hammered; found liver failure and he died.                          Michael Nader     1976-78                         John Cunningham  (temporary)  1978                          Max Brown    1978 Nurse Kristen Thompson      Elle Stuckey     2005 Leo Thompson    Gervase Peterson    2001   Curtis's biological father; fresh out of prison Miss Thompson    ( see Helen Pearce ) Nurse Thompson     Charlotte Maier Pamela__ Thompson     Susan Pellegrino Peggy   ____ Thompson    Cindy Gianni      1984-85   Marcy's mother   Sandy Wilson McGuire Hughes Kane Garrison Thompson      Daughter of Carl and Martha; divorced from Roy, son Jimmy's father; in prison with Ellen Stewart for being an accessory to a robbery; met and married Bob; caught in a fire; badly burned and depressed, was sent to sanitarium; freed, and Bob was in a fire  and blinded; abandoned him; returned several years later as a model; tried with Bob; married Peter Kane and Norman Garrison while gone; he was violent to her; he was killed; she married Kevin who was attracted to Susan and died a drunk from liver failure; left town   Judge Sarah Thompson    Lynda Gravatt     1998 Miss Thurman     Linda Hamil     1976    John Dixon's secretary Keith Tillson      Keith Lee Grant    (EON) Antony Tilton       Ben George    1996    major investor of EAS Morgan Timmons    Judson Pearce Morgan     2001 Ms. Todd             Cindy Katz         2005 Mr. Toklar     Carl Palmer    2006 ___ Toland     Derek Michalak       2009 Nurse Tolley    Sharon Wilkins      Gregory Tolliver       David Adkins Nurse (Mrs. Rupert) ___ Tompkins    Kim Hunter     1997     lied to Lucinda that David was her child Mildred Torres    Rose Alaio       1994;1995 Mr. Trask       Michael J. Burg     1987 Officer Chester Trask     Doug Easley     1997   T. (Thurgood ) Marshall Travers     Attorney; hired by James for Barbara; affair with Jessica; became DA; prosecuted Paul for Brandy's death;shot in the head; began searching for his daughter Zara by Neia and found out ;Zara was dead; raped Jess but didn't realize it; stalked by Sarah Smith; tried to take Sarah, his daughter from Bonnie; she pushed him out a window.             Lamman Rucker    2002-03 Oliver Wendall Marshall     Richard Roundtree    2002-03    Marshall's father; attorney.   Sarah Smith (Jenkins) Travers   Joanna Hartshorne    2003-04     Orphan; thief, adopted by Bonnie; turned out to be daughter of Marshall Travers and Neia; moved to Miami with Bonnie   Dr. Larry Travis    Gary Lahti     1981    Sent to jail because his assistant, Rick Ryan planted angel dust made by Dr. Len Howell on him.   Lieutenant Travis    Raymond Proscia Aristotle Triandos    Richard Council    1981   Movie Mogul; married Natalie; owned the "Green Fire Necklace" until it was stolen.   Natalie Bannon Porter Hughes  Triandos   Widowed by Ralph Porter;married Tom; had an affair with Jay Stallings which resulted in Amy; revealed Ralph commit suicide after she slept with his brother, Luke; Jay and wife raised Amy until he died; Natalie moved away; came back married to wealthy Ari; yearned to see Amy; went home to California.                         Judith Chapman     1975-78                         Janet Zarish      1981   Lien Truong Senior     Ann Yen      1990  flashback (Tom) Lien's mother. Squatzie Tubbs         Tanner Cohen    2004 Cody Tucker            Never Seen   1998   Georgia's father; Samantha's ex Veronica Tucci    ???   1980s-early 90s   occasional  owned Veronica Leathers Rich Tuchman     David Rakoff   1998     modeling agent Dr, Tucker           Albert Stratton    1981 Marcus Tull        Bruce MacVittie    2007    kidnapper Daniel Dr. Jerry Turner     James Earl Jones    1966 Thelma  ____ Turner      Leona Powers   1956-57     mother, Janice   Malcolm Twist     John Bolton     1996 Miss Tyler        Betty Garde     1957-59 Richard Tyrell    Gregory Chase    1991    Tonio's employee             Tamia  the Singer       Tamia       2001        cameo Tammy Lynn     Beth Glover        1999 Tamra the prison inmate   Kerianne Spelllman     1997 Taryn     Johnny's nanny    Bianca Jamotte     2010 Tatiana  the NYC Film Student    Angel Desai     Tea (scenes with Holden)      Deborah Yates    2006-07 Teddi the fence   Donna Drake    1994 Teddy               Bryan Batt     1997 Teresa the reporter      Denise Hernandez    Teresa               Lakisha (Anna) Bowen     2006 Terri the district attorney     Elaina Erika Davis     1994 Terri that dated Duke      Caroline Key Johnson     1990 Terry the WOAK intern   DeeDee Lynn Magno Terry the circus performer     ??????     8/83 Tev from the check cashing place            Lenny Levi     2007 Theresa               Anne Bowen Thomas the butler       George Holmes Nurse Tiffany     Maureen McNamara    1979-80 Tim         Brad Beyer, Jr. Father Tim the priest    Thomas Piper     2002 Tim         Jakob  Hawkins     2007 Tim        John Bolton      Timmy        John McNeill Timmy in Lassiter Pennsylvania    Thomas John Mitchell Tina             Jennifer Dean Tina            Doris Gravomet     1982 Tobias  Duncan's groundskeeper  John Curless    1987-88 Toby the police psychic    Cheryl Stern    TONIC       band  that performed at Java Underground                                   Dan Lavery        2000                                   Emerson Hart     2000                                   Jeff Russo      2000                                   Kevin Shepard   2000                                   Peter Maloney       2000 Tony with Emily       John Benjamin Hickey        Tony                       Robert Stubbs      2009 Tony that dated Noah    Peter O'Connor    2007; 2010                                    Tom Baran     2008 Tony the boxer; firefighter   Rey Valentin Tori                   Wendy Allyn             2004 Tork                Brett Douglas     Tracey             Julie Bowen    Tracey                   Erica Smith      Tricia from Pitt           Christy Biberich       2002 Trixie              Ginifer King        2004 Troy from Ohio State       Chris Ramsey       2002 Turk          Marc Gwinn Ty        Nicholas  Purcell       2007-08 Tyrone the garage owner that fixed Craig's car  ?????    8/1985 Tyson         Chris Spain         2005       W  Waldo    the bookie; gambler  James Biberi     1999? Wally                Michael Gaston    7/1999 Walt                   Chris Stack     2006 Walter                Jacob Salas     2010 Wanda             Kate Gilligan       2010 Warren the politician that dated Lyla   ????    8/1980 Warren                       Fred Keller    Warren                       Joseph Hamer         1987 Nurse Wendy         Wendy Donn Podos  1980s-2010  also the show's baby nurse so she was around for a long time Wendy    David Stenbeck's friend  Sally Wheeler   1998 Wendy                 Tracey Gilbert      Wendy    assistant, Lily    Angela Lin   2004 Wendy  that dated Ryder   Sherri Parker Lee 1996 Willie                 Michael O'Hare     5/1985 Willy the boxer with Zack   Tim Gallin      Winston the Fairchild butler    ????    1984 Wyoming the hippie    Chris Orf      2004        
    • I had no idea that the Rorschach guy looked so much like David Tom.    
    • Terry definitely left the show in 1985 to do a pilot for some show called Hong Kong Nights or something. it was filmed on location. They didn't recast in case the pilot wasn't picked up (which it wasn't) He was gone for several months, maybe six. I am not sure he was ever really off screen other than that time. He was featured heavily in 1986 for the Abbott Divorce story and seemed to have plent to do in 1987 and 1988 as well. Though maybe there were smaller stretches of time he wasn't featured as prominently. I started watching episodes from 1985 and Jack always seemed to be there once he returned.   John left the show in Feb when Lance divorced Lorie and moved to Paris. When Lucas was shot in the San Pedro story (I think it was San Pedro) with Sebastian and Jonas and Leslie, Lance returned briefly in May 1980 for about two weeks. I assume it was McCook, but Broderick might know better. I think Lance was already dating Simone at this point.   Not sure about Beau. I remember reading an interview with Conboy where he said he gave an out clause to any actor who joined the show prior to the expansion, as he felt they never agreed to act in an hour long show, I am not clear if there was an expiry date on that out clause or if Beau was actually let go. Brock never seemed to have much luck in the romance department, pretty much every woman he went after just wanted to be friends, lol.    In terms of Victor and the Dungeon story. Bell was pretty good at washing over such things, if he made a mistake or wanted to go another direction he simply pretended it never happened. He got rid of part of the problem by having Julia and Michael leave town. Then when Julia returned I don't think the dungeon fiasco was ever mentioned and she was totally in love with him still. Nikki and even Douglas helped soften Victor up and Bell had already connected Victor to Lorie which would have helped. What seemed worse from synopsis I have read is Victor seemed to be abusing Julia, at least in the very beginning. Not sure if he was ever violent with her on screen though or if Brock just suspected he was.    Also it might have been in Bell's favour that the ratings dropped between 80-82. Most likely many people who started to tune in again or for the first time in 1982 were most likely not even aware of the dungeon story or Victor's more villanous beginnings.
    • I know it was much rumored that in the original "Fluke" mess planned on GH a few years ago, Julia, Sly and Jenny would all make appearances. It was clear Fluke was initially Bill due to his veiled references to the Eckerts, the Barretts and making Tracy pay for what she did to his sister (Jenny).   When fans figured the twist out and Tony Geary went out for extended medical leave, Ron Carlivati threw out the outline and turned it into cut-rate DID. Sigh.
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