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Oh you'd already found those? I'm sorry.

I think it's the stripped-down nature of these scenes which makes them harrowing. No big music or lengthy pauses. The part where Ann realizes that Jennifer is hearing voices is terrifying.

I'd love to see some 70s Search. I remember our great inspiration Schemering talking about the "multi-tiered" approach Search used for some of that decade. It sounded very good.

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I guess that was part of the excitement of soaps then, whereas now soaps keep the same people and get progressively more boring and unwatchable.

I think of LOL's cancellation as a mercy since they never would have survived the Internet years without being hounded to death. Those poor viewers. "You're watching LOL?? Is the full title LMAO?"

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Thirty years ago on SFT...1980 recap

Liza tried to understand what was wrong with Renata who was pregnant. Meanwhile, Travis was given the eye by Allison, Tony’s girl. Liza wanted to convince Tony to marry Renata by proxy for her baby’s sake. Convering the terrorist story, Allison told him Liza was with Tony. Liza insisted Travis they had to rescue Tony from the terrorists. The terrorists captured Travis and the leader, Carlos set out to kill Liza but Tony was indeed killed. Travis was saved but Carlos was still out. After Carlos was shot dead, Allison admitted she tried to snare Travis and left Henderon.

Kathy learned Scott was jailed for negligent manslaughter while he was drunk. After breaking up with Renata, David was allowed to see more of Doug. Renata was very depressed. She tried to kill herself but David rescued her. Renata and David married just before she was released from the hospital. However, she could not make love to him because of Tony’s haunting memories. After therapy, they ended up having sex.

Ted assured Janet he loved her and not Stephanie. Meanwhile, Suzi told a judge she wanted to live with Jo. Stephanie received sympathy from Martin who went undercover for Lee at Beau’s club because he was organizing gambling. Stephanie quickly got in debt. Ted organized a raid on Beau’s casino, remembering the affair Beau had with his former wife. Beau had been tipped off by D.A., Don McKary and the raid is a failure.

Jo told Martin she was ready to move to New Orleans if he still wanted her and Stephanie figured it was a way to get Suzi’s custody. Beau intended to buy the inn and Stephanie encouraged him to make Jo leave town but Martin moved the company from New Orleans. Soon, Jo fretted about Martin’s gambling and asked for time to think when he proposed but they got engaged.

Sunny and Lee became engaged in January after she proved he could “function as a man”. Soon, Lee began to think Sunny was two-timing her and did not know what to do when Cissy made pass at him. In fact, Sunny was working undercover at the Boilermaker. When Beau learned the truth, he bound Sunny and shipped her to Vegas with the gambling equipment. Beau took naughty pictures of Sunny and sent them to Lee who immediately bedded Cissy. Once free, Sunny explained her story but the D.A. was in cahoots with Beau. When Beau is shot dead, Don had Sunny arrested for murder and threatened Cissy who kept mum he saw him killed Beau. Cissy got Don to confess his deed on a tape but the tape is not evidence.

Two chorus boy buddies, Spence and Brian arrived in town in May and Brian arranged for Spence to meet Stephanie because she is Brian’s long-lost mother. When Brian headed for St. Louis, Spence stayed in town with Brian’s I.D.. He sent Stephanie flowers to remind her of the birthday of the son she gave up years ago after calling Steve Emerson, Brian’s father for background information. Stephanie was shocked.

Travis hired Cliff, the man who killed Tony, to give Liza self defense lessons. After a scuffle with Don, Liza underwent surgery for internal bleeding and Travis learned she could not have children. Don was jailed and he hung himself. Kathy and David realized they only received one half of Don’s suicide letter which cleaned Sunny of Beau’s murder but Sunny was sure Don’s boss, Matthews was hiding more. Lee and Sunny reconclied. Cissy refused to testitfy against Matthews because she was afraid. Kathy ended up having Matthews convicted.

Wendy was attacked a night but Lee saved her and gave moral support. Stephanie cautioned Wendy against falling in love with Lee and the young girl began dating Spencer but he ignored he true identity. Meanwhile, Stephanie learned “Brian” was her son.

Jamie Larson, Kathy’s sister-in-law arrived for a hospital job in June. Liza reacted calmly to the news she’d never carry a child and Jamie asked her to help Don’s son, Timmy recover from his father’s death. Ted began dating Jamie to make Janet’s jealous and Janet’s dating one of her employee Jim.

Jo called off ther wedding to Martin after he went on another gambling spree. Martin’s apartment building burned and David and Renata were trapped in the blaze when she went into labor. The baby, Mia was born during the fire. David was able to save the baby but Renata was crushed to death by the falling debris. Sunny investigated fault equipment in the burned complex that was installed by Janet and Ted’s company. Jo was the only one who stood by Martin’s side who felt guilty and she convinced him not to kill himself. Meanwhile, Jim warned Claire, the janitor’s daughter to keep quiet about the fire night. Ted learned of Jim’s fire responsiblity and they fought on a bridge. Jim plunged into the water and drowned. Janet found Jamie conforting Ted. Ted broke off his engagement to Janet after Jamie convinced him to keep quiet about Jim’s death but the body was found. Soon later, Ted was elected gouvernor. Claire tells the police she suspected Ted. Fearful a mysterious past would come out if she testified against Ted, Jamie suggested they married. They did marry around Christmas. Janet was heartbroken.

David and Mia went to live with Liza and Travis but Travis warned Liza about getting too attached to Mia. A baby sitter, Delia allowed Mia to fall off the bed. Liza was relieved the baby was okay and began thinking about adopting. Travis considered black-market. Cissy, pregnant from her one-night-stand with Lee, gave up her baby without realizing he was adopted by the Sentells. She soon regretted it and tried to find her baby who had a heart-shaped birthmark on the back of his hand.

Sunny could not choose a wedding date because she was undergoing neurochirurgical tests. Dr. Max Taper believed her condition stabilized but indeed, an interd had fumbled her records. Soon lated, Max told Sunny she had a tumor which was spreading. She consulted a new doctor, Winston Kyle. A doctor advised Lee to stop Sunny from seeing Kyle, who may be a quack. Meanwhile, Winston wanted to take her out of the country for her cure. Max urged her to undergo surgery but Sunny fled country. Before New Year, Garth Taper, Max’s younger brother, an artist, became enraged at an art exhibit and slashed a portrait before Kathy came to his aid.

Before his death, Jim tried to blackmail Stephanie about Brian’s parentage but “Brian” confessed to Stephanie he wasn’t her son and she learned that Wendy had gone overboard for “Brian” who called the whole thing off. When Stephanie told him “Dawn” was Wendy and threatened to kill him unless he dropped her. She wanted him to leave town as soon as he recovered but he refused.

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1980 was not a good year for SFT as the writers who followed the Corringtons made many changes and the show went downhill.The ratings started to fall and Search endured constant change in the years that followed.

How was Jamie,Kathy's sister in law?I don't recall Kathy having a brother.

I always wondered if Patricia Estrin(Jamie) got the job because she was Rod Arrant's wife.Perhaps it was part of his deal to re-sign as Travis.

Incidentally,veteran actress June Havoc,who played Madame Zophie in Search's last year,died this week aged 97.

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Here's what was happening in Henderson in April 76

From Amy Kaslow's body has come life itself (her beautiful baby girl) and a hoped-for source of life (her bone marrow) for her brother, Steve.

Liza, Mike and Bruce are relieved to learn that Amy came through both operations with flying colors. They inquire about Steve but Gary says it's too soon to know whether Steve's body has accepted Amy's bone marrow.

The letter from the Mountain View Hotel has arrived at the Wyatt house. Eunice is quite perplexed by its contents; it's a little strange for the hotel to be writing to her about a missing earring when she knows she wasn't with John during his stay in California. But does this mean that her husband was there with another woman? She confronts John directly with her fear and John vehemently denies it. He says it's probably a clerical error, maybe there were two John Wyatts staying at this hotel. Eunice still looks doubtful. John panics. He tries to put a stop to Eunice's thinking by installing guilt. He tells his wife that if she trusts him that little, she can call the hotel. John leaves the house under the impress that his guilt installing tactic worked. But he's wrong. Eunice does place the call and learns from an anonymous desk clerk that Mr. Wyatt was indeed accompanied by his wife during his stay at their hotel. Choking back her tears, Eunice thanks the clerk for his help.

While Eunice is placing the call, John is trying to place the blame of this letter on Jennifer's shoulders. Jennifer looks at John with sweet innocence and denies his accusation. This scheming sweetie even counter-attacks saying: "John, I'm very hurt that you could suspect me of such a deed. I would never do anything like that." John looks Jennifer straight in the eye, but Jennifer's eyes are very practiced at lying and they don't give her away. John apologizes for thinking so little of her.

That evening when John arrives home, Eunice tells him that he lied to her; he was at the hotel with another woman. John, eager to get this weight off his shoulders, admits it. He begs his wife to forgive him saying it was a mistake and the affair is now over. He says she's all that matters to him. Eunice is too hurt to buy any of this.

David has put an end to the afternoons of lust he and Stephanie have been sharing. He tells this "hungry" woman it's over. She's been getting a bit too inquisitive. Stephanie doesn't take the breakup lightly.

Bruce tells Jo he suspects there's a connection between Chris and David. He's going to check further. He advises Jo to be on her guard with Chris.

Henderson's Villains?

In today's society, it's hard to say what kind of hats people are wearing -- in most cases they're neither white nor black, but shades of gray. Chris and Dave seem villainous -- but are they merely unwilling participants in villainous activities? Dave's utterance of "All hell is going to break loose now" when he hears (it's a bulletin on the radio) that the DA suspects underworld involvement in the death of politician Glen Corbett leads one to believe that he and Chris have some sort of connection with the underworld.

It's not a false belief since one of these black hats, Mr. Mannix, sends a bloodhound to Henderson to search for Christopher Miller.

It's a successful search; Stephanie identifies Chris's photo. The bloodhound, Ralph, calls Mr. Mannix and tells him he has located Mr. Miller. Mr. Mannix immediately sends a hit man to Hartford House. He tells the stud with a gun that he wants this to be a neat killing -- no body! "I'm paying you for more than a murder," Mr. Mannix says, "I'm also buying my life."

Bedtime Chatter at the Phillips'

Kathy and Scott are locked in a horizontal passionate embrace. Eric's voice comes over the intercom, Scott disentangles himself from Kathy's arms and rushes to his son's side. Kathy seethes with anger and stares icily into space. When Scott returns to the bedroom, Kathy lets him know where it's at. She accuses Scott of pampering and spoiling Eric. She says catering to his son's every wish is going to turn Eric into an emotional cripple. Scott fails to see the logic in her statement, he retaliates, accusing Kathy of not caring for Eric.

When Bruce goes to see Amy at the hospital, Amy cautions him not to confuse what he's feeling with love. She says wisely they don't have a relationship, all they have is a daughter; and it's not good to hope that their child will bring them together.

One Small Step for Steve

Dr. Luria and Gary come out of Steve's room. Mike and Liza wait with bated breath for the doctors' next words. The uncertainty of the moment causes a mixture of fear and hope to cross their faces. Gary squelches all reasons for fear when he says: "I have some hopeful news. The transplant seems to be taking. Steve's marrow is beginning to produce healthy, white blood cells." Liza and Mike let out a simultaneous yelp of joy. Mike rushes over to Amy's room to tell her the good news.

A Knightly Act; A Broken Marriage

John is not the sort of man who lets a damsel-in-distress go undefended. His kindly, chivalrous soul will not let such a thing happen. This is usually a very good character trait, but in this case a knightly act has jousted him through his own front door. He defends Jennifer to Eunice and Eunice accuses him of still caring for Jennifer; in fact, she even believes John is still spending his time between-the-sheets with her. Eunice orders John out of her house. John packs his bags and moves into Hartford House.

Time's Growing Short for Chris

Dave has found out from Stephanie about the man checking up on Chris. Dave knows this spells danger, with a capital "D", for Chris and he orders his charge to stay in his room. This is a wise move for the hit man, Kenneth Abbott, has already checked into Hartford House. Mr. Abbott is waiting patiently for the right moment to fulfill his blood-written contract.

Ellie's Letter Arrives

When Stu sees the familiar penmanship on the envelope, he hurriedly rips it open and starts reading the letter hungrily, hoping it contains some news of Ellie's homecoming. Stu hopes are dashed when he reads the tender words of love and farewell that Ellie lays down in her own sweet hand. It's heartbreaking to learn that he was blind to such a real and true love. Stu tells Jo that he's going to find Ellie and bring her home. "This is where she belongs," Stu says in a voice laced with tender emotion.

Stu has realized too late that his heart belongs to Ellie. He wants this warm, understanding woman, not the chatter-box who's now hanging around/on him. Stu has grown quite tired of Connie's ways. He now finds them quite irritating. He wants to find Ellie, but he doesn't know where to begin.

Stu Asks Bruce for Help

He decides to ask Bruce for his assistance. Bruce agrees to help him saying with the sources he has available it shouldn't be that difficult a task. He tells Stu not to lose hope. She'll surface one day. Ellie will run out of money and she'll have to get a job, and that's how they'll find her.

A Former Mistress: A Former Wife?

It doesn't seem as though the Wyatts will be getting back together. Eunice still feels a lot of animosity towards her husband. She can't yet find it in her heart to trust him. When John show sup, at what used to be his home, Eunice doesn't exactly greet him with open arms. She even goes so far as to reproach him for paying her such an unexpected visit. John's beginning to tire of Eunice's constant attacks. He wants his wife back very much, but these tirades of hers are getting too much to bear. He tries to convince Eunice that he loves her, but all she does is twist his words around and somehow it always comes out that he still has a thing going with Jennifer. This last visit culminated with John screaming at Eunice. "There's no point in our going on!" Then, in emphasis, John slams the front door as he leaves.

A Sitter for Eric; A New Job for Scott

Scott decides to start living for himself. He realizes Kathy is right when she says he's mothering Eric too much. Scott hires a sitter (ignoring Eric's tantrums in the process) and then goes out job hunting. It's Scott's first time out in a long while but he strikes it rich. He gets hired by the criminal law firm of Anderson & Fine.

Steve is well on the way to recovery. He's moved from the sterile room into his own private room. His first visitor is Liza who greets him with a long, passionate kiss, something she thought she'd never be doing.

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Thanks for posting this. The story with Scott being accused of "mothering" his child seems ahead of its time in some ways.

That must have been very harrowing for viewers, that Steve Kaslzo's sister died, giving him a possible chance at life, then he also goes on to die.

It sounds like Ellie genuinely cared about Stu. Wasn't her exit (running off with the cook and leaving Stu a note) seen as very stupid?

This clip is from when Eunice got the letter:

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Carl,Steve's sister Amy did not die-the choice she has was to endanger her pregnancy by donating bone marrow to Steve,or have a safe pregnancy and jeopardize Steve's chances.

Ellie pined after Stu for years and yes ,it was completely ridiculous that Ellie would run off like that. They might as well just let Ellie die.

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This is from the March 77 SOD.

Liza is fuming. Anger has now replaced the fear she felt for her husband. She can't believe Steve's inconsideration. All the time that she was worrying where he was, he was safely situated in their old apartment completely absorbed in his songwriting. He calls Liza and makes like his "disappearance" was nothing. He says he just forgot to tell people where he was. He didn't think that Liza would be so worried. Liza explodes. How could Steve be that callous. Hurt and angry Liza tells Steve, "Did you know I was all set to leave Paris right in the middle of my modeling assignment! That's right, I was all set to give up my career just so I could rush home to Henderson to find you. My career will always take second place to you, but it's not very obvious you don't feel the same. You were so involved with your composing, you didn't think of calling me until now!" With that remark, Liza slams down the phone. She turns towards Woody who tells her, "See, I was right. Nothing happened to Steve. You would have been giving up your modeling career for nothing." The look in Liza's eyes seems to state that she agrees with Woody. It looks like this is one rift in the Kaslo marriage that won't be easily healed.


Jennifer is now totally disoriented. She has just paid a visit to John and instead of taking her in his arms, he practically kicked her out the door telling her he didn't love her. She's the last woman on earth he would marry. Jennifer thought perhaps John was being cautious, but it soon became very clear that this was not the case. He meant every awful word he was saying to her.

As can be expected Jennifer doesn't take this rejection lightly. She's now completely controlled by her deranged mind. When Jennifer arrives back in the safety and security of her own room, she vows out loud that she's not going to let John get away with this. She's not going to let him do this to her. Let's hope the authorities get Jennifer, before she gets John!!!

Steve is hard at work composing a song. There's a knock on his apartment door. He opens it and his eyes light up with surprise when he sees that his unexpected visitor is Liza. The reception at first is a cool one. Liza is still very upset with Steve for not telling her where he was. Steve is very apologetic. He tells Liza he loves her and never meant to worry her that way. Steve's warm apologetic manner - and his love glossed eyes - quickly melt Liza's icy demeanor. She loves her husband too much to stay angry at him for any long period of time. She falls into her Steve's arms and they embrace. Steve then tells her about his idea. He says he's going to rent their old apartment and use it as his work place. This small, cramped room is the only environment in which he can create his music. Steve emphasizes the fact that he'll pay the rent since has just gotten himself a new job as the bartender at Hartford House. Liza tells Steve it's a great idea, and she's glad he's able to write again.


Jennifer comes sailing into the lounge of Hartford House. She runs into John's arms. She has no idea she's being set up. She doesn't see the three men sitting at the bar...but one of these men is definitely watching her. He's the pawnshop owner and he was brought to Hartford House by the other two men (Lt. Frank and David Sutton) to identify Jennifer as the woman who stole the gun from the store. He quickly does just that and Lt. Frank walks over to Jennifer and tells her she is under arrest. Jennifer casts an icy stare at John realizing at that instant that he was involved in the scheme to arrest her. He was the bait the authorities used to get her to the Inn. Jennifer's eyes are now flashing revenge.

Jennifer doesn't remain in custody for long. She's no sooner indicted for Grand Larceny than the crackerjack lawyer her father hired gets her released on a $1000 bail. David is quite angry that Jennifer is free. He knows she's Eunice's killer. He tells LT. Frank that he's not going to rest until Jennifer is tried and imprisoned for this vicious crime.

Eric is beginning to realize that his father cares more for himself than he does for him. Ralph needed money to pay his bills and he doesn't waste and instant selling Eric's colt Araby. Eric is heartbroken, but all Ralph can offer in sympathy is the cold, "You'll get over it."

Ralph has been on the lookout for greener pastures. His ranch, Spring Valley Farms, has been suffering very hard times - what was once a prosperous venture is now nothing more than one big headache. He would dump the ranch in a minute if he had somewhere else to turn.

Well, Ralph doesn't have to wait long. His wish is granted via a phone call from a Mr. Jennings in Arizona. Mr. Jennings offers Ralph a job managing his Arizona ranch. Ralph is elated. He doesn't want to wait a second accepting Mr. Jenning's offer! He doesn't think twice how this will affect his son Eric. With Ralph it's always him first...the heck with anyone else.

Eric is very depressed by the news. He doesn't want to move that far away from Scott and Cathy...and also doesn't want to have to adjust all over again to a new community. He tries to explain his feelings to Ralph, but it doesn't seem to make a dent in his father's decision to pack up bag and baggage and move to Arizona. Eric is deeply hurt. He's beginning to see his father for the selfish man that he really is.


No one is more surprised than Steve when a rather funky looking woman walks into the lounge of Hartford House, approaches the bar and asks him if he knows who Steve Kaslo is. Steve smiles as he tells her she's talking to him. The woman then introduces herself and states her purpose. She says she's Melissa Manchester, she's a friend of Kitty Merrits; and she's interested in recording one of his songs. She asks Steve to drop by the club where she's rehearsing and they can talk about it.

While discussing terms, she and Steve perform an impromptu duet. Melissa is very impressed with Steve's playing and singing. She says she would like it very much if he would go on tour with her. He'd be a great addition to her band. Steve is overwhelmed. He never expected such a thing to happen. He tells Melissa he'll give her an answer in a few days.

David brings Jo to the store where the jade bowl is being repaired. Jo identified the bowl as belonging to Eunice. She shows David where it is engraved "EJW." David is satisfied. This is all the evidence he needs to get Jennifer arrested for the murder of Eunice Wyatt. This was the bowl she stole from Eunice's house and accidentally gave to Stephanie as a wedding present.


John, the man who loved his wife so very much, has been charged with conspiracy to commit her murder. How did such a grave miscarriage of justice take place? It all began when Lt. Frank and David Sutton, arriving at the Pace apartment to arrest Jennifer, found the letter Jennifer wrote to John which she hid in her dresser drawer.

It's a very incriminating piece of correspondence. It states that Jennifer followed John's instructions to the letter. She killed Eunice, just as he told her to, and no one is the wiser.

Lt. Frank and David then go to Hartford House to search John's room. On the top of his closet they find the gun, plus the two items (the silver cigarette case and the lighter) which were missing from his apartment.

David can't believe that John would be involved in such a thing, but he can't sway Lt. Frank from issuing a warrant for John's arrest.

Hearing that her lover has been arrested too, Jennifer goes to John's office to see him. The words come out of her sweet cupid mouth and John's stomach is sickened as each phrase hits his ears. Jennifer killed Eunice and she's convinced they planned her murder together! She's sick! They never had meetings and she's swearing up and down that they did! John tells Jennifer to get out of his office before he strangles her! Jennifer is once again taken aback by John's attitude. She tells John if she's going to pay for Eunice's murder, so is he! He's not going to get off scott free!

Gary has stopped seeing Gail. After observing a passionate New Year's kiss between her and Bruce, Gary is now convinced she is having an affair with him. Gary knows he can't tell Amy what he suspects (she loves her husband so much) but he's having a hard time keeping quiet since he works so closely with Amy at the clinic.

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It's not entirely the type of story you might expect from a soap of that era either, it seems like very tough stuff, that they actually killed off Jo's sister.

I'd love to see more episodes from that timeframe. It's amazing that thanks to Ann Williams's kids there are even clips of that -- just riveting work from Ann and Morgan Fairchild. I am fond of Morgan in anything she does but she had such a raw edge and anger in those clips.

Jennifer was involved with Scott too right?

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