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  1. Add me to one of the few who find Xander and Sarah one of the few bright spots on the show. Has anyone noticed a slight improvement with the background music?
  2. Politico is reporting that Kamala Harris has dropped out
  3. Something is starting to tell me that Justin isn't the most stable guy on the planet...
  4. The time jump turned out to be the best that DAYS could do these days, budget constraints, this weak team of writers, etc. πŸ˜‚ That's not saying much, as my standards were pretty low going into this. Hated RSWs acting. Loved having fierce Nicole back for the first half of the episode. Kind of wished Nicole and Eric had broken up and she was back to her old self, but alas I was wrong. I guess Jack and Abby were too focused on Jen to notice J.J.s life downspirialing out of control? Jack I can possibly understand though, but the other folks in his life who have seen this before? Re-Ron strikes again, Ben is set up for another crime, like the fire, and we are forced to sympathize for him for being set up.
  5. I can't help but to think that Emmerdale is trying to copy a story from an American soap.Β 

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    2. DRW50


      Which is that?

    3. MichaelGL


      Nate seducing Moira to get back at his father Cain for abandoning him as a child. πŸ™„

    4. DRW50


      Oh - you mean Jonathan and Reva on GL?

  6. The scenes of Jennifer being held captive are far from menacing when you realize she's being held in the blue room.
  7. I think the Kate and Madison rivalry had great potential. Madison as a character had potential.
  8. That's my only problem with his tenure. And I don't believe nor he or Josh have any clear vision for the show.
  9. I actually agree with this. The younger set were intriguing under him, and Summer/Kyle/Lola were interesting.
  10. Josh is trying to reset the show back to when he last wrote it. Dude move on.
  11. So what's with this conversation taking place on Days today about racism and political correctness???πŸ˜«πŸ™„
  12. Lol that's exactly how I watch DAYS. Climaxes only.
  13. Did not watch it when it originally aired but just the snippet of what I've seen of Jingles the Clown on Somerset sends shivers down my spine. This was another story penned by the incredible Henry Slesar! It starts at 24:55
  14. How about just focus on the existing characters Josh? The creation of Avery always gave me the impression that the show was trying to make a carbon copy of Christine, only younger.
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