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  1. Netflix's "Sex Education" fills the void that "Skins" left behind. Very good series!

  2. Ugh just the thought of that death scene gives me nausea. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was truly turned off by Nadine' s death. Her death had the same affect on me as Frankies murder on AW.
  3. The show at times feels so hallow. Yeah I can't really say this brings me sadness.
  4. Pete's my number one pick, and Harris is number two. He reminds me so much of Obama, including his approach to the issues.
  5. So Diana is a psycho now....typical Ron. I knew he'd do Marlena "goes to Heaven" b*s*
  6. One of my favorites was AMC's Greenlee's wedding dress from when she married Leo. 😍
  7. The Doctors, Nick Bellini and Maggie Powers. With Guiding Light, how about Phillip Spaulding and Reva Shayne? Don't think they ever crossed the lines of being platonic. Dr. Stephen Jackson and Bert Bauer. Perhaps if Dr. Jackson had remained on the show longer, I could've seen GL pairing the two. Maureen Bauer and Roger Thorpe.
  8. ^Exactly She'll probably be on the front burner for a few months, and then depart(like Xander, Belle, Shawn, Nicole, etc.) RC writes like he's on B&B with the revolving door of cast members.
  9. My issue was never with KSJ, but it lied solely with the character and the writing. The breaking point was with Neil/Hillary/Devon in which Neil's character was completely destroyed (hard to believe after the Carmen Mesta mess, I'm still upset over that story and how it painted both Neil and Dru). Later on when the show tried to backtrack and make Neil morally superior to Hillary when she and Devon were having problems, the damage was apparent as viewers couldn't take such scenes seriously.
  10. I'd like to echo the fact that Rauch/B&E had started out so strong, and it's a pity they also contributed to GL's down spiral. These scenes of Annie cracking under pressure while on the witness stand are perfectly acted and directed. The use of shots of the jury helps to add so much to the scenes. That final scene of Annie collapsing to the ground is just icing on the cake for such dramatic scenes! One of my earliest memories of GL was watching Vanessa and Nadine's confrontation after Nadine's schemes(including passing off Bridget's child as her own) to hold onto Billy blew up in her face. If only that scene could be uploaded on YouTube. I'm a huge fan of Jean Carol and her onscreen chemistry with Maeve Kincaid was one of a kind. Another scene from that era that was also quite memorable was the scenes at the Blue Moon where Billy attacks Roger, nearly killing him upon learning of his affair with Mindy. Great acting and directing from everyone involved. One thing that stood out to me was Holly's attempt to attend to a badly hurt Roger, while everyone else who was in attendance looked at Roger in disgust. Brilliant writing on the part of Curlee/Demorest and their incredible team of writers who weaved in so many character's reactions to Billy's attack on Roger, from Fletcher/Alex to Nadine/Vanessa, to Nick/Mindy. Not one single beat was missed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrOugro4YpI
  11. It's almost a tradition for every incoming producer to recast Ben and reinvent the character. It's a shame.
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