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  1. Loved the Xander/Sarah and Allie/Nicole scenes today.
  2. Basically this was Hope while Ciara accused Claire of bombing the church. Smh. Ron could’ve at least had given her some lines that illustrated that Hope might be torn.
  3. The direction of the aftermath was so unlike DAYS of the past few years. I really liked it. Allies crush or affection for Xander is cute. Obviously nothing will come out of it but I hope it’s another friendship for Xander. Hopefully the aftermath of this will have long lasting affects outside of Ben/Ciara.
  4. Search for Tomorrow sounds fascinating in 1976 under Peggy O’Shea. SFT should have asked her back towards the end of the shows run.
  5. Watched an episode from May 1997 and it seriously puzzles me how well produced GL was under Rauch for his first year and a half and then by 2000 it was a brightly lit mess. Writing aside, I love the direction in this episode.
  6. SFTs Jo and Patti have to be the best mother and daughter relationship I’ve seen portrayed on a soap. Just from the classic b&w scenes I’ve watched.

  7. I think in time Taggart would’ve brought more Bauer’s back. Didn’t she and Lloyd Gold bring back Ed Bauer? It’s no secret that Alan Michael was supposed to come back for the war over Spaulding, and who knows with his return maybe that would’ve opened the door for Hope. I’m just speculating but Taggart in my opinion seemed to get the ball rolling.
  8. What’s the overall opinion of Jeanne Glyn and Caroline Franz tenure on Search with Ellen Barrett at the helm? Recent uploads of the Cagney/Suzi/Warren/Wendy quad with Justine mixed in has me glued to my screen.
  9. On this day Guiding Light premiered on television in 1952
  10. I wonder how much Allen Potter has in making the Dobsons work at GL, because their other stints at other soaps are like night and day.
  11. Really enjoyed the Xander and Jack scenes today. Hope they eventually develop a friendship. Ciara is SO MUCH BETTER when they write for her and she’s away from Ben. Her blackmailing Brady was good stuff and reminds me of the way she was before they sorased her. From the Claire scenes to the Allie scenes, good family oriented drama. This is why out of the remaining soaps DAYS still holds a soft spot in my heart :) I feel as if the only reason the show feels normal now is because whatever interference the show was having with the writing or final editing is no longer there. JMO.
  12. It's so puzzling as to why the show thought Brian Gaskell could pass as a substantive Dylan recast.
  13. I felt that over time Shawn/Belle/Philip started to mirror Grandpa Shawn/Caroline/Victor, but perhaps I was just reading too much into the triangle at the time.
  14. It's a nice surprise to see Emily O'Brien on the show as Claire's friend. This story has potential, as does O'Brien's character, so ultimately I expect Ron to disappoint me eventually.
  15. Your assumption is correct. While there was a good amount of fans who loved the Santos element, it was only down to the coupling of Danny and Michelle (IMO a coupling that only worked with Joy Lenz in the part), everything mob related was seen as out of place on GL. Further back in this thread a few posters have pitched ideas as to what other ways the Santos family could have been incorporated in Springfield which would have been 100 times better than what we got. IMO I didn't have a problem with the actors, just the perpetual mob stories were a major issue.
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