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  1. Re OLTL: Don't forget in addition to the other diverse type of characters Ron and Frank started off with, there was also BethAnn Bonner's character Talia Sayid, who finally made Antonio interesting.
  2. It's interesting seeing the Dobson's start off on GL, knowing they would eventually kill off maybe one (or two) of GL's popular characters that they're currently writing for. It always make me wonder what GL's canvas would've been like without those departures. Did Cenedella have any really successful writing stints? On these summaries he's getting passed around from soap to soap, but I found his time on The Doctors to be boring and uninspired. He attempted to tackle social issues but it made it a boring PSA in my opinion. Wasn't he the writer who wrote AW before Lemay took over in the 70s?
  3. I wish Washam and/or Broderick took over the reigns of GL once Curlee/Demorest left. I think all four were great writers, and their work mostly character driven.
  4. I find it interesting that Capitol had the luck hiring writers such as O'Shea and Slesar, even the Corringtons. It's kind of sad that one single writing regime (it's last) kind of undid the work of all those previous regimes and led to it being cancelled.
  5. Would have loved seeing Nola go up against the Spaulding's. I wrote a fanfic idea of Nola getting involved with some of the business stories and having to go up against Vanessa again, thus reigniting their age old feud.
  6. Interesting concept. I like the idea. Wish it involved characters I actually liked. Wish at least one of the American soaps would do this once they resume production.
  7. You also had GL introducing characters such as Marcus Williams, Dahlia Crede, and Griffin Williams around this time.
  8. DAYS was coming off the height of Tomlin's last tenure, as 2012 was a petty good year, but everything faltered after that.
  9. The show squandered so much potential with the Michael/Willow/Sasha/Chase/Nelle group, even with the lackluster actresses playing Sasha and Willow. Willow should be showing signs of a dangerous attachment to Wylie, which should be a concern for Chase. Michael should be oblivious to this as he and Willow grow closer. And Sasha's more sinister side should be emerging not only in keeping Wylie away from Nelle, but as Willow and Michael grow closer. It pretty much writes itself.
  10. I wonder if that producer might have been Leslie Kwartin, and perhaps Potter backed Kwartin over Marland/the writers thus creating the rift between HW and EP. Makes one wonder
  11. Interesting how Douglas gives a shout out to Agnes Nixon in his acceptance speech, and soon after that he and Nixon got together and created Loving.
  12. The show should've went on location at an actual train station in L.A. Smh.
  13. Oh lord there was a train station confrontation/climax to the baby switch storyline? [DearGodinHeaven] I'm not so sad about missing the show these days, while writing does play a part, so does the production values.
  14. ^Thanks for fleshing out the story Mitch. I'm incredibly intrigued by the summation of the storyline. Would love to find some videos on Youtube from this storyline. I've already watched the confrontation on the bridge, but would love to see the events that led up to that.
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