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  1. This press conference is HORRIBLE
  2. I’m worried about Arizona you guys. PA and NV not so much. After such a positive day yesterday, the doubts and memories from 2016 are starting to get to me
  3. Emme Rylan started out well as Lizzie on GL, but over time she lost that spark and when she got on GH she was forgettable. It's sad because I really used to like her in the early days as Lizzie. I feel as if Sasha, Dusty, Chase, Peter, and Willow would be the ones out the door before Rylan but it looks like I was wrong. I hope this is just the beginning though. DeVry's exit has been a long time coming though, I have no doubt Sonny will take him out for his part in the baby switch.
  4. Speaking of final years, with Guiding Light, who was responsible for Ross's death? Rick, Phillip?
  5. The list would be ENDLESS for those who were sacrificed under Ellen Weston's disastrous tenure on GL. Primarily I'll name Ben Reade, Ed Bauer, and Alex Spaulding.
  6. Yup it feels like a totally different show, disjointed between pre-Covid shutdown and post Covid shutdown. Hopefully things smooth out in the next few days or weeks as I was enjoying the show with the material shot before the shutdown.
  7. This he said/she said storyline is as subtle as a bull in a China shop. So disappointed.
  8. Can we keep the judge on as a recurring character?
  9. ^I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm curious who will replace him.
  10. Well Ron has been at DAYS for quite sometime now.... "The Plan to Save DAYS: Hello Again Dena!"
  11. I'm kind of relieved, since it'd be under Josh Griffith. I can continue to have a reason NOT to watch.
  12. The show missed an opportunity exploring Gabi and her fathers relationship. CB really excelled with her scenes today with the bitterness and resentment she has toward him.
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