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  1. Did not watch it when it originally aired but just the snippet of what I've seen of Jingles the Clown on Somerset sends shivers down my spine. This was another story penned by the incredible Henry Slesar! It starts at 24:55
  2. How about just focus on the existing characters Josh? The creation of Avery always gave me the impression that the show was trying to make a carbon copy of Christine, only younger.
  3. Well since nobody is watching might as well go all the way...
  4. With Griffith at the helm expect nothing but disappointment with MM return.
  5. Just because someone dislikes Ron's version of DAYS right now, does not automatically mean they liked what Higley or Tomlin did either.🙄
  6. I think Turner has had a rocky start, as the writing and Turner's acting choices make me wish Kathryn Harold was still in the role.
  7. Wheeler took a buzzsaw to GL yes, but before everything went to hell, she did create some nice buzz surrounding the show and it also seemed like the actors were trying a lot more under her than her predecessor. It's a shame she squandered that.
  8. Having Robert go after Victoria's rapist (which is currently playing out on screen) is a good way to write him off, as Robert's anger always get the best of him. Send him off after either attempting to kill Lee.
  9. Yeah, the P&G soaps (primarily GL and AW, ATWT was close) were in a competition of trying to become the most violent, misogynistic, trashy display of daytime television around this time.
  10. Having a lighthearted comedic character (which is what Nadine was at the time) succumb to such violence was tasteless and is on the same level of Frankie's death on AW (interestingly, didn't these happen within one year of another?).
  11. That's an interesting perspective there on JER's departure and how it affected the show.
  12. ^Exactly. I'm not looking forward to this either.
  13. The episodes dealing with the aftermath were pretty solid IMO. Great acting from those that play Zak, Belle, and Cain.
  14. Who knows that might be changing, I have a feeling Callum/Whitney are going to be swept up into the Ben drama, one way or another.
  15. Wrote a fanfic a few years ago which was basically a continuation of Doctors after it was cancelled. It would've been beneficial for the show to say Billy had faked his death with the help of the FBI because Billy had been involved with some shady people back then that needed taking down. Perhaps utilize some history and bring back his bio mom Barbara to usher in his return to Madison, who was the only other person who would've known about Billy. With a SORAS Michael-Paul wanting to know more about his mom's family, the ingredients were there for a intriguing story involving the shows past.
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