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  1. If that's how they resolved this story, I'm truly disappointed. This would've been another way to cleverly bring Sam and Dante together. They were definitely implying at the non-wedding that there was more going on underneath the surface with Dante than something that could simply be resolved in therapy. Oh well, missed opportunity.
  2. That pretty much sums up my attraction to GL compared to ATWT.
  3. The thing is, JKJ isn't bad looking. They just need to style him better and get him a haircut. I kind of felt the same way about Paul Telfer when he first came on, and he's now one of the better styled/looking men on the show.
  4. Did the show drop Dante/Liesl brainwashing SL? Remember how Dante nearly pummeled Peter in the cemetery, and Sam had to snap him out of whatever trance he was in? Is this going be brought up again?
  5. How many rewrites of the big reset is Ron going to do?
  6. ^Thank goodness he was never the Democratic nominee or front runner in the general election. Yikes what a trainwreck that would've been.
  7. On The Doctors, didn't Maggie have a pregnancy storyline that resulted in miscarriage? I'm sure it was in the early 80s when the show had a revolving door of writers, I remember reading some summaries around the Maggie being pregnant and it creating a rift between her and Matt. Even though it was a late in life pregnancy, I wouldn't have minded the pair having a child of their own. Ed and Maureen also would've been nice to see share a kid.
  8. HA Sasha "Not Fierce" I wish they had given Willow an edge by developing an unhealthy attachment to Wylie after the truth came out, showing that something may not be psychologically ok with her after being led to believe her baby had survived. Instead Willow is a complete saint and has successfully integrated herself into the life of the child she once thought was biologically hers, and there's very little conflict stemming from Michael and Willow alone.
  9. Had an influx of ideas late last night, thinking about how JFP's tenure on GL had not went off the rails; Maureen never died, Bev and KS never departed, Buzz never ate the show. Has me wanting to pen a fan fiction.  

    1. AbcNbc247


      Write it lol

    2. Liberty City

      Liberty City

      Go for it!!!!

    3. KMan101


      Do it!


      I have to say, I enjoyed Roger and Maureen's evolving friendship. I wouldn't have minded it going further but I don't know if the show would ever go there. I guess too, sometimes just friends is fine ...


      anywho, so much potential!

  10. I don't believe Morgan/Kelly would've lasted very long; and the two seemingly were being pulled in two separate directions during the tail end of Marland's tenure? Kelly's demanding job in the medical profession; Morgan becoming a model/Josh Lewis etc. and seemed like there might be some conflicts from that. Weren't Kelly/Claire a pairing under Long? Seemed interesting.
  11. Hallelujah!!!!!!! PRAISE THE SOAP GODS!!!! I've been waiting for this day FOREVER!!!
  12. Rage rooms definitely exist; I'm surprised how modern and with the times GH is with little mentions such as this and drag queen bingo(lol), etc.
  13. Carolyn Culliton tweeted a response to the Another World Memories Twitter account
  14. Tripp should be a good guy, but with a bit of a edge (rough childhood, held a scalpel to Kayla's throat, etc); unfortunately Ron does not know how to write such characters without making them one extreme or the other (boringly too good; or outright psycho).
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