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  1. The episodes dealing with the aftermath were pretty solid IMO. Great acting from those that play Zak, Belle, and Cain.
  2. Who knows that might be changing, I have a feeling Callum/Whitney are going to be swept up into the Ben drama, one way or another.
  3. Wrote a fanfic a few years ago which was basically a continuation of Doctors after it was cancelled. It would've been beneficial for the show to say Billy had faked his death with the help of the FBI because Billy had been involved with some shady people back then that needed taking down. Perhaps utilize some history and bring back his bio mom Barbara to usher in his return to Madison, who was the only other person who would've known about Billy. With a SORAS Michael-Paul wanting to know more about his mom's family, the ingredients were there for a intriguing story involving the shows past.
  4. ^You're right Vanessa was a good mom, well at least when it came to Bill.
  5. You're talking about current day Emmerdale here.....so anything is likely. I mean did you watch those scenes with their surrogate a few weeks back? Atrocious.
  6. It's so obvious that Holly isn't even dead. BORING.
  7. Guiding Light Alan-Michael and GT's Dinah *Forgot to add that if the show really was invested in Blake and Ross, they should be had A-M become a interloper in this relationship considering Blake and A-M had history. Danny and Cassie (shame, bc Taggart and Culltion appeared to be heading in this direction) Remy Boudreaux and Marina Cooper
  8. My thoughts on the Maggie/Kyle affair reveal: Although the build-up to the affair reveal was must see, I was disappointed with how it played out. I'm going to be honest, I kind of wanted more from JP's portrayal of Matt. Lydia Bruce, however, was exceptional; she was understated, yet strong with her performance of a woman desperate to hold onto her marriage. Pritchett's best scene on TD still remains those hospital board scenes when he defended Nick. Back to my disappointment with the affair reveal; Maggie shouldn't have been so quick to want to brush the affair under the rug and move on. While Matt had every right to be upset and feel betrayed, I wanted someone to bring up his infatuation with Karen a few years back. That was my underlying problem with the reveal overall, it's as if the writers had zero grasp on Matt and Maggie's history as a couple. Maggie should've known Matt wouldn't get over it so quickly, and I think their history with Karen should've been brought up too. This kind of makes me wish Marland had still been at the helm, while he had his faults, I don't think he would fail to rise to the occasion of what would have been the climax to a story that's been in the making for a year. Does anybody notice the show is now moving away from having scenes take place in the living rooms and most day to day scenes are now occurring in the kitchen? Interesting.
  9. ^Yup! Didn't Josh pen something similar after Katherine's death?
  10. MichaelGL

    Netflix: What/If

    Almost mistook it for a stylish new soap opera promo. Definitely will be checking it out.
  11. Should JG reverse Dina's diagnosis on Y&R

  12. Watching some of the episodes that are currently airing on Retro, with the exception of the Ricky storyline, Mel and Ethel Brez aren't actually that bad so far. I'm really liking Greta's antagonistic relationship with her mother, the fall out from the Luke/Eleanor/Doreen storyline is hitting all the right beats, and I'm intrigued by Erich's behavioral problems. Plenty of these was started by Marland, but I think the current writers are doing a good job finishing or continuing his stories.
  13. This is exactly how I remember the last decade of GL playing out. While Wheeler was bad, I think Conboy was the worst. And that gawd awful opening he put in place....
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