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  1. MichaelGL

    Days: Leo's Mom

    This is stupid.
  2. Rest in Peace Carol Channing!

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    2. ChitHappens


      Am I wrong in believing she was already dead?  



    3. DRW50


      I always remember her best for Thoroughly Modern Millie.

    4. Taoboi
  3. During it's first few seasons, it was Meredith on Grey. Honestly, some seasons later, I like her now.
  4. MichaelGL

    The Doctors

    I think the next HW's aren't any better, Mel and Ethel Brez I believe? Although things do get a little better after those two leave.
  5. MichaelGL

    Another World

    Or Jamie falling for a woman that Rachel disapproves of, and Alice takes pity on her and takes a stand for her when going up against Rachel.
  6. MichaelGL

    Days: 1/7/19. Weekly Preview

    I doubt RC is going to pair up Leo and Xander, but a boy can dream.
  7. MichaelGL

    The Doctors

    For all that Joe Stuart had done(good and bad), I think he would've been a better fit for TD during this time. Jeff Young clearly was out of his league while helming this show with changes to the sets, theme music, and revolving door or writers. TD would have benefited from someone with a steady hand to steer the ship especially while soaps like GL were expanding to an hour during this period.
  8. MichaelGL

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm gonna guess this year's Christmas episodes sucked? I was actually thinking how last year's xmas episodes were pretty good.
  9. MichaelGL

    Days: December 2018 Discussion Thread ⌛🎅🎄🎁

    Does Eve also fall into that category? Her reveal that she was Deimos's wife is playing out almost parallel to Leo marrying Sonny.
  10. MichaelGL

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    ^I agree, and then they introduced Jeffrey.
  11. MichaelGL

    Days: November 2018 Discussion Thread ⌛🦃🎩 ❄ ⛄

    RC really needs to work on having the cast interact more. So many events take place on this show, and only a certain set of characters are shown reacting to it.
  12. MichaelGL

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow GL fans. It's around this time, and the 4th of July that I miss my P&G soaps.
  13. MichaelGL

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    It's been a long and bumpy road, but I do believe Eastenders is watchable again. I've found myself watching daily , and there's been a few interesting plots building up over the past few weeks.
  14. MichaelGL

    TV Show Whose Decline Saddens You the Most

    One Tree Hill, after the first few seasons I was over it.
  15. MichaelGL

    TV Show Whose Decline Saddens You the Most

    ABC's Brothers and Sisters and Revenge. Such a good premise for both shows, don't think the seasons that followed the first for both shows tapped into the show's potential. Daytime wise, Guiding Light and Days of our Lives. With DAYS in particular, we practically went from lush sets, moody lighting, great scoring, to the same blue room in each episode over night it seems. So sad.