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  1. Just like the culmination to the Chase/Willow/Michelle story, the execution to the Sonny is alive reveal has just been executed wrong. It should have been revealed early on to Britt that Jason and Carly were a marriage of convenience, with Britt/Jason still carrying on a secret (or not so secret) love affair. Both Carly (in true Carly fashion) and the mob should have manipulated the situation to where Jason would have no choice but to call things off with Britt. Britt reacts badly to the news and it sends Jason straight into Carly's arms, which leads to the pair developing actual feelings for each other. But again the execution was off, and Britt has seemingly been left twisting in the wind. If the show wanted to keep Jax alive(ugh) while knowing the secret of Sonny's whereabouts, I would've had Nina run off with Sonny/Mike, perhaps Mike kills Peter, and the pair go on the run from the law. Maybe while they are on the run an accident happens which causes Nina to confess the truth to Mike who she believes is on the brink of death. It's so obvious there are too many cooks in the kitchen with this show, from network interference to interference from Frank. It's disappointing, but I must say I continue to watch because I am genuinely interested in seeing what happens to the characters and couples on the show.
  2. I’m sure this was mentioned elsewhere but looking at the canvas for characters who would’ve been the most vulnerable to possession I think it should have been Nicole after the dissolution of her marriage, being told to stay away from Rafe(roll eyes), etc. I can’t help to have this nagging feeling that Ron will using the devil as a way to progress several stalled storylines; the devil possesses Brady and he seduces Chloe, the devil then hops to Allie and she gives Tripp hell and seduces Chanel, and so on.
  3. Today’s ending got me excited (let me enjoy this moment I know lol) that was a good Friday cliffhanger
  4. The show is filled with old, stale stories, that are a rehash of the not so distant past. The only thing that is new and fresh is Johnny/Allie/Trip/Chanel.
  5. I understand the show wanting to give Justin a crisis of faith in Bonnie, and Patch of all people taking her side after initially resenting her months ago, but the show should have went about it in a different way. This story is atrocious and lazy.
  6. My super religious mom asking me what Days: Beyond Salem is like 🤐🤣

    1. Soapsuds


      Just show her the beyond Salem thread


    2. AlexElizabeth


      Tell her she should watch episode 4...😁

  7. Those fight scenes made me miss Ed Scott and his production values.
  8. At this point he's just trolling the audience. It's gotta be intentional after he was shredded on twitter.
  9. I'm scared how a dollar store possession story is going to play out on our screens
  10. ^True, and Pritchett finally got an Emmy for his work.
  11. I believe the period shortly after the Pollacks left was a pivotal time for the show, one that the show wasn't able to fully rise up to the occasion for, and thus the start of the overall the downward spiral for it. ABC was busily gaining steam with expanding their shows and the penning several epic stories, or building on them. TD was so inconsistent storywise and with their characters, that it hurt viewer investment, and I can sort of see why someone might tune in to OLTL or RH at the time, which had storylines building or hitting their climaxes.
  12. Really missed opportunity there with having Anna on the canvas in the early 90s. I would've enjoyed seeing Anna go up against a teenage Sami lol
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