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  1. And this was why I wasn’t a fan of this story from the start, and besides how many times is Ron go the route of look alikes/doppelgängers switching spots? At this point I just Kristen/Susan off the canvas because I need a break.
  2. Yawn. This story has been really uninspiring; if not for the performances. Ron is so predictable with his story choices.
  3. Lawd they’ve finally put Kat and Phil together and it’s being done in the most tackiest way
  4. GL: The Lighthouse Gala was supposed to be in time for GL’s 50th Anniversary on television coordinated by Meta and the Spauldings. Mary Stuart passed and Josh and Revas wedding was then plotted to coincide with the anniversary. I personally hoped they would keep it, as a rival to the Nurses Ball on GH. At the time Martha Stewart did time for insider trading, GL was teasing of a similar story for Phillip under Taggart/Culliton. This could have also been used to keep Phillip and Olivia apart for some time, however as soon as ConWest took over this was dropped. Everyone knows
  5. Ron not only kills off Bill Horton, but he kills off Laura too? Yeah I’ve been meaning to take a little break from DAYS and I see this might be the perfect time to do so. I’m already annoyed at the Kristen storyline, the Ben/Ciara story is the dumps, I’m not here for Nicole being put through the ringer for her impending affair with Rafe. It’s just all too much. I might drop in to see Sami’s return or Jackee Harry characters debut but that’s it.
  6. I don’t love the flashbacks, but I don’t hate them either.
  7. Yeah I couldn’t take the Kristen scenes today; conflict drummed up from a misunderstanding
  8. This shootout wasn’t even a mess. It was a snore fest
  9. I really like the unfolding of the Gwen storyline in today’s episode. Great pacing.
  10. Really enjoyed the Tripp and Patch scenes for some reason yesterday, especially the comparison Patch made about him behaving the same way when he was Tripp’s age. It just sucks that so much investment has been given to Tripp/Patch and not Patch and his other children. I’m going to miss Xander and Charlie’s friendship. It showed a very different side to Xander. I hope the show continues to have Xander interact with other characters outside of the Kiriakis circle.
  11. Currently enjoying this show the most out of the UK soaps. I’m liking how much of the stories are starting to connect and involve multiple characters. I’m sure like usual it won’t last.
  12. I’ve never liked Faith, seemed like they were trying to fill the void left behind by killing off Val, by introducing this incarnation of Faith Dingle.
  13. CBS News coverage of what’s going on at the US capitol is purely unadulterated honesty. 

    1. soapfan770


      I watched them for a few hours both Norah and Major Garrett did a fantastic job today. 

  14. Trump’s comeuppance-Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence turning against him, has played out like some William J. Bell story, a slow burn for almost five years all culminating in one moment. I love it. Today is a glorious day.
  15. Gwen is so Jack’s daughter Kate and Jenn scenes were nice. Kate and Jake’s scenes were even better as I thought they were character driven and quite honest. I wish I could have faith in DAYS to actually commit to such a pairing.
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