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  1. Under Lloyd Gold, Guiding Light was supposed to hold a Lighthouse Gala, which Meta was helping to plan but Mary Stuart passed away. I can't help but to think we got the time travel storyline in place of the Lighthouse Gala. Millie Taggart also had a scene where Phillip and Ross discussed possible insider trading charges against Phillip. I assume this somehow would have played into the Phillip/Olivia/Alan triangle. The Ex wives Club had plenty of story threads; Alex blackmialing Mindy with a secret she wanted to keep hidden. Mentioning Alan-Michael (possible return under Taggart?) I vaguely remember Blake expressing interest in working at Spaulding again.
  2. Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu is....interestingĀ 

    1. dragonflies


      I love it, I'm addicted and want more LOL

  3. Would there have been a possibility of Gus's paternity being in question, him being either Alan or Ed's son? I would've liked to see that angle play out a bit, reviving Ed vs Alan.
  4. That's unfortunate. The only time I seem to enjoy the show is when they play up the dynamics of John and Marlenas blended family. Ron has done well at times playing that up, but Gary Tomlin really mined its potential when he was the helm.
  5. Quinlan had breathed new life into the show IMO. Nancy Pinkerton is pure brilliance on this show right now.
  6. Watching these recently uploaded episodes of GL from 1994 reminds me how much potential the show had after Curlees departure yet horribly wasted it. It makes me sad.
  7. So Rafe apologized to his half sister's killer?šŸ¤¢šŸ¤¢
  8. On today's Days of our Lives, a hostage situation entirely takes place inside a janitors closet.
  9. ^That is the truth. Unless Willow starts to become unhinged, her and Sasha are interchangeable. I'd even go as far to say Chase, Brando, and even Dustin are practically the same character. GH has so much dead wood.
  10. These ratings are atrocious, most notably Y&R
  11. Guiding Light, I wouldn't even say the Clone or San Cristobal broke it. It showed some sign of hope under Taggart/Cullton and it brought me back as a viewer, but somewhere between Ben being a serial killer because he was molested and Jonathan & Tammy against the world/the Coopers taking over the show, the show I once loved was dead and gone.
  12. What a pleasant surprise that we got a flashback of Edward Mallory's Bill Horton today.
  13. Michael-Paul is named after his father Mike and also Toni's father.
  14. This Sara storyline is so sad šŸ˜­
  15. I thought I was the only one who had this problem.
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