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  1. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    There's nothing about today's show that compels me to watch tomorrow. I'm not sure what's going on with Hevon, and more importantly, I really don't care. AND I'm a Stan. Ditto Shick. The hallucinations that Jack had at the cabin with Dina were entertaining (MA is beyond alluring) and the bright spot in today's show but still, not enough for me to make me want to watch tmr. The Charlie/Shauna scenes were painful. I dig Charlie but if this is where they're going with the character, it's lacking. Billy and Ashley worried about Jack? ZZZZZZ Why does everything feel so disjointed? JT is still the only game in town worth a sh!t and he's dead. Thad filled a huge gap and his exit has left GC hemorrhaging.
  2. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    It is. But at least we're getting a break from Everything Newman. I would like things to be more balanced though.
  3. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Another day of Jack's whining. This is getting old. Fast.
  4. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Y'all trippin. Hard. LOL! It was odd how there was a "new day" in the last 1/3 of the episode today with that weird sunrise over GC. I wonder how far Jack was from the cabin that he could just wake up, get out of his car (that apparently had some significant front end damage because the air bag deployed) and traipse his ass back up there. Are there several different routes to the cabin?!? I've always had the impression that it's one main drag up to that mofo. Why didn't Abby get some while she had the chance?!!?! Does Nikki still carry a torch for Arturo?!?! Is he more into her than Abby?!?! Why does Victoria let that one lil strand of hair dangle down her face for two whole days?!?!? How does Tessa annoy the fvck outta me at the mere sight of her?!?!? So. Many. Questions.
  5. The Politics Thread

    No words. It's below that rich white woman to step foot in a public school. Heaven forbid she has to go through something so traumatizing. Kinda like Pruitt flying First Class. Why should they bother with people that are second class citizens. This administration makes me sick.
  6. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Good gawd. DG's smary azz is on TPIR. Ugh.
  7. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Jack Overload
  8. The Politics Thread

    I can't imagine what that's like but as a white guy, it pisses me the fvck off every time I see a story like this. WTF is wrong with white people these days. It's sickening. My bf is from Puerto Rico and I can tell you that since Trump's election, he's noticed an uptick in people treating him differently. Happened just yesterday in Wal-Mart. He was using self-checkout and an older WOC employee was helping him but out of nowhere, this white lady that was also working that area stood next to him to make sure he wasn't getting any freebies. Even challenged him on something that was missing the price (he already gave the other employee the price). He had enough and told her he didn't want any of it and left the store. She told him he would have to put everything back to which he said "watch this" and walked away.
  9. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Oooooohhhhhh . Go on ahead then!! Lol
  10. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    I should say, I'm not here for Nick/Sharon. But I flove Sharon. So there. haha
  11. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    I guess we can't agree on everything lol
  12. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Agreed on both points. Jack's paternity SL is out of left field, but today's Abbott scenes were well done. Even Kyle was softer today which is something they needed to do weeks ago. I also liked the Sharon/Mariah scenes. Overall, not a bad Mom's day eppy.
  13. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    See...I was actually surprised he didn't say anything to her in the theater. It was harsh, but I could understand him reaching the boiling point especially after Dina was painting such a rosy picture of her marriage to John. And you're right @ajsp35801 Simone was a "D" character at best. They never bothered to show her POV or even who she was outside of a singer and attraction to Devon.
  14. The Politics Thread

    I see what you're sayin. Let's see what happens. I saw that on CBS This Morning today. The animation was disturbing. I feel so sad for these families not only for the death of their sons/husbands/fathers, but to know it was completely avoidable doubles down on the hurt. This is what, the 3rd or 4th military fiasco under Trump after just a year and a half in office? Where's the Benghazi crowd now?!?! Hypocrites.