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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Not that I think bringing back old favorites have that much impact on ratings, but there is one character I believe possibly could: VR's Dru Now, if they could pair Mishael with Dru in a return story? That's gold IMO. Who gives af about Kevin or Chelsea? It's really sweet that Josh has a hardon for him, but find another dude to pump your pud over. Please. Chelsea was a clone of Chloe. Wasn't need then, sure as hell ain't needed now. I can't add anything about Kevin that hasn't already been said. The Baldwin/Fisher's profile on the show is greatly diminished so what's the fuckin point?
  2. 😡 Grrrrrrrrr I'm glad I quit watching when she left and it still pisses me off the way that TPTB apparently treated her during negotiations.
  3. Honestly, I was fixin to come in here and vent (it's been awhile since I've posted anywhere on this site). But... I'm feeling pretty defeated these days, politically. I suppose I've never really gotten over the fact that somehow people elected that thing into the white house. And after everything he's done over the last 2 years, he still has over 40% of people supporting him! What in the fresh fvck is that?!?!? Don't get me wrong. I'll be dragging my liberal ass to the polls in 2020 but I've run out of energy for debating what shouldn't be debated in the first place.
  4. There maybe one or two other actresses on the show with the charisma that MM, ED and MA have. MAYBE. But to let MM and ED walk when MA was getting reduced screen time? Bad move. I knew after MM left that I was done with the show. I would like to be able to see the tribute to KSJ though.
  5. I might watch today's based on that recap. We'll see. I haven't been watching since Hilary's story ended apart from the first 10 minutes or so. This show is ruined.
  6. I haven't been watching much. Thank you. I did catch the beginning of today's show and sure enough, Abby was prancing down the stairs of the Abbott mansion. Did they explain why/when she left the ranch?
  7. I thought Nick was kicked out of the Tac house over a year ago and Abby moved in? Or have they reversed that...
  8. Andrew Gillum wins A first for Florida. His Republican opponent is a trump bot.
  9. I was floored when Moniz left. She really made Dinah into something and her charisma was off the charts. Hilary was on for 5 years and never had a family member introduced. Arturo is on for 6 months, some of which were recurring, and already has a brother.
  10. Caught the show the other day for the first time since Hilary's memorial. Are they trying to turn Nick into Victor, Jr? WTF? Those scenes with he and Summer were awful. Did anyone else catch Mariah's line that Hilary has left a gaping hole in a lot of people's lives? The writers are missing MiM.
  11. I haven't been watching but I'm sure there is. I did watch for Hil's memorial and some of that aftermath a few weeks ago but that's it. Mal resurrecting St. Cane was bullsh!t and the fact they used Hilary to do it was
  12. There's nothing left to discuss about the show besides DG's worthless character. If Mal thinks he can center it on Phyllis and her magic vagina, he's mistaken. I'm glad I left with Mishael.
  13. Wasn't it 7/27? The following Monday (7/30) started with everyone being told about her death and her memorial was later on in the week.
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