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  1. The Politics Thread

    They're like a bad rash. A really nasty one that keeps coming the fuc.k back. They know they be needin to go find somebody to play with!
  2. The Politics Thread

    It's horrible about that nursing home. There's obviously some level of either incompetence (aligning resources after the storm) or negligence there. We're contemplating going upstate to our new place that we've been renovating (slowly) because our RV is there, with a generator and (most) comforts of home. At least for the next couple of days. The only question mark there is if the roads are clear because its a pretty rural area. We've already lost most everything in the fridge but have plenty of water and vino
  3. The Politics Thread

    Thanks, Marce. It was a pretty intense storm, worse than I thought it would be. The wind was scary! According to FPL, I won't have power until Sunday afternoon...
  4. +1 Eulogize his ass by whispering as a tribute to DG
  5. The Politics Thread

    Trump is coming down here to "show his support" for FL after Irma. He need to sit his ass down. I'm going on Day 4 with no power and don't feel like bein messed with.
  6. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    IKR? It was pretty ridiculous
  7. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    San Cristobel
  8. At this point, they're writing her so badly that it doesn't matter to me. I flove Mishael, but clearly the show is not invested in her character. +1 Yaaas! +1 It has really gone downhill in record time.
  9. Exactly. The only reason women talk to each other anymore on this show is about the man that is currently humping them. Or one they want to hump. Hell, look at the Phyllis/Lauren/Michael scenes last week (or 2 weeks ago. the days tend to run together) - it was all about Phyllis complaining about how much time Billy spends with Victoria. No mention of Fenmore's and that online dressing room crap they peddled a few months ago. I suppose that the department store is back to being profitable! Macy's and JCP could learn a few things from these people The Hilary/Cassiah scenes this week have been particularly horrible. Hilary playing the heartless bitch and poor ol goodie two shoes Cassiah. Ugh. Honestly, these are supposed to be professional writers? I think they should take a look at some old school soap heroines like Rita Bauer. Brigitte Reardon. Hell, even on their own show with Nikki. No one is interested in one note characters, "good" or "bad"... I sorta-kinda liked Tessa initially but she is getting on my last nerve. And those googly eyes she makes when Zac walks in a room are truly WTF moments. You're right - if they do know each other, why keep it a secret? Hell, why was she keeping the fact Crystal was her sister a secret for so long? It makes no sense. If she truly has no idea about his role with the sex ring, that's even more of a non-reason for them to act like they don't know each other. If she does know, no one else does (apparently not yet anyway) so again, why act like y'all don't know each other. Unless Tessa is involved in the sex ring as well?!?! Which would be . Jeez, I've given myself a headache trying to make sense of this crap.
  10. Yup. And they're all fighting over a man Or - in the case of the Phyllis/Hilary scenes, it's all about how to keep and fight for your man I hardly pay attention to this shyt anymore.
  11. The Politics Thread

    Very well said. My hubby and I recently bought my childhood home in rural part of North FL and it needs extensive renovations. Of all the contractors we have worked with, the immigrants are - by far - the hardest working of the bunch. And they don't bitch and complain - some of them are actually singing while they bust their ass! The worst contractors? White guys. They are notoriously late, complain quite a bit and seem to always take longer to get the job done. Mind you, this is purely my experience on this particular project.
  12. Is it me, or has everyone been wearing the same clothes all week? I'm going back to sleep now lol
  13. LOL nothing to say about today's show, huh y'all? Complete train wreck. That's the only thing that describes the bullshit we saw today.