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  1. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    I haven't been watching but I'm sure there is. I did watch for Hil's memorial and some of that aftermath a few weeks ago but that's it. Mal resurrecting St. Cane was bullsh!t and the fact they used Hilary to do it was
  2. Good. They're horrid.
  3. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    There's nothing left to discuss about the show besides DG's worthless character. If Mal thinks he can center it on Phyllis and her magic vagina, he's mistaken. I'm glad I left with Mishael.
  4. LATEST RATINGS: July 23-27, 2018

    Wasn't it 7/27? The following Monday (7/30) started with everyone being told about her death and her memorial was later on in the week.
  5. Guiding Light discussion thread

    @j swift I tend to agree that Hollen would have been the best choice to play Trish. The story you mentioned for the character sound interesting and while she was never written as antagonist, I could see the conflict with Mindy and Alan that you mentioned. I'm not anti-Marj, she just wasn't right for the role of Baroness Alexandra von Halkein. She just didn't have the nuance to play the character's grey areas whereas Beverlee excelled (but TBH, what actress could have taken over that role? I seriously doubt anyone). I LOVE @Khan's idea to tie her into the Lewises, I can picture Marj now playing a somewhat trashy Tulsa aunt now. I must not have been watching around the time of the stories you mentioned with Jennifer Richards; I don't recall any of that or maybe I'm just getting old lol
  6. When real life gets in the way

    Probably goes without mentioning, but Beverlee's infamous "I'm going on vacation and never coming back" to JFP. Myrna Clegg should have never been brought in to play Alexandra, she was miscast from Day 1. TPTB should have listened to Bev and given her a little break. Wasn't that her main complaint? That she had been working too much and wanted a little rest?
  7. All "Unmasked" Moments in Soaps

    Bolger's Philip was hot. Very.
  8. The Politics Thread

    Talk about an interesting social "experiment". It's too bad no one engaged him in a conversation because he has a very valid point. Caucasian Vs. Redskins and White Privilege
  9. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Now watch their numbers take a nosedive because there's no one worth watching on this show.
  10. I may have to watch today. We'll see. So they could have had her leave town instead of killing her off. Grrrrrr. +1 The fact she already has a more developed backstory than Hilary still rubs the wrong way, but you're right...there are tons of story possibilities here.
  11. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I can see why EB was employed during the soap's heydays. I could understand his appeal. But you're right that his time has passed. OTOH, I've never seen any quality in DG that would warrant his continuing presence on this show.
  12. The Politics Thread

    +1000 Makes complete sense and you're absolutely right. There's no argument to be made otherwise, hence the radio silence from the opposing viewpoint. :-)
  13. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I like him too.