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  1. I'm a lurker these days but I absolutely HAD to respond to this... +1000
  2. I'm not watching anymore but..."Amanda Sinclair"?? hmmm. I'll continue to lurk until I see something that compels me to tune back into the show.
  3. I haven't been watching or keeping up around here all that much... But is that Mishael?!?!?
  4. IDK but it's feeling more and more hopeless as the days go by. After Trump's "performance" and the G20, responsible media outlets across the country should be sounding the alarm bells for the way he cozied up to dictators, not accolades for walking his fat ass 10 steps into NK. His press conference was a train wreck. His private talk with Putin was barely covered. Ditto with China. Why TF is no one questioning what happened in those talks? Why isn't the media relentless in pursuing official transcripts of these discussions? Where is the outrage that the President of the United States spent more time with DICTATORS than our supposed allies?!?!? It's sickening. It's [!@#$%^&*] like this and the lack of true, real journalism that's going to give this disgusting excuse for a human being another go-round in the oval office. The Democrats have fielded a brilliant field of candidates, most of which would make an excellent chief executive. It's sad that they are fighting a losing battle.
  5. CTM is actually my preferred morning show, and Gayle/Charlie/Nora were really good together. Dickerson really never felt like he "fit in" IMO. I think if they would have had Tony join after Rose was fired, he would have been a good choice. Anthony Mason is not the answer. Start with Gayle/Tony and find another 3rd anchor. I really liked Pelley at the anchor desk for the Evening News before Glor. I think he was making strides in the ratings before he was dumped.
  6. +100 I don't recall anyone saying anywhere that Mishael hated the show. I fuckin love it.
  7. All y'all are right on the money. Hilary returning with Dru?!?! THAT would be a dream come true and if written correctly, one of those storylines that make people tune in again. It would be a hell of a lot more interesting than "Adam Isn't Dead Part XX".
  8. Hey buddy! I miss you too! Good point about Chelsea - I never looked at it that way but you're absolutely right. Hopefully she won't be around for long. But then again, I'm not watching so... lol I caught a few scenes with Ana and Fen the other day. They looked interesting but I understand from reading the day to day forum that he's gone? I miss you too buddy!!
  9. Seethe. You know I haven't watched since we said goodbye to Hilary. She was a transformative character and actress. When I read that Devon sees her in his dream, I was thinking of watching just for that but now... Chelsea never was, and will never be, the kind of character Hilary was. She is as useless now as she was when they introduced her. Sorry not sorry.
  10. Not that I think bringing back old favorites have that much impact on ratings, but there is one character I believe possibly could: VR's Dru Now, if they could pair Mishael with Dru in a return story? That's gold IMO. Who gives af about Kevin or Chelsea? It's really sweet that Josh has a hardon for him, but find another dude to pump your pud over. Please. Chelsea was a clone of Chloe. Wasn't need then, sure as hell ain't needed now. I can't add anything about Kevin that hasn't already been said. The Baldwin/Fisher's profile on the show is greatly diminished so what's the fuckin point?
  11. Grrrrrrrrr I'm glad I quit watching when she left and it still pisses me off the way that TPTB apparently treated her during negotiations.
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