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  1. Usually, I could go for a good ole' fashioned rant, but that was rambling. I mean, who is the person in question though?
  2. TBH, I haven't had much time to watch the livestream but on a break, I did catch a glimpse of Reince Priebus trying to spin basic facts away. He just looks so pathetic.
  3. Sometimes it's odd how the timing of things end up.  Just over the weekend, I saw one of those commercials with Wilford Brimley and wondered if there had ever been a reunion interview with the cast of Our House.  As a child, I watched that show every Sunday evening.  Today, with that news about Days Of Our Lives, it made me think about this again.  When will we see the cast get together for an interview about the show? Mr. Brimley isn't getting any younger.

  4. From what I've read over the years, she did a program for directing and did some directing for short/indie film projects.
  5. I'm not even sure this so much about CBS failing to properly utilize their streaming news channel (CBSN) as it is about the network making a conscious choice based on their belief that these hearings will get better ratings than any of the daytime soaps currently on their network roster. They're making a conscious decision based upon their beliefs. Their opinions of the soaps are not that high despite the fact that they recognize that these shows have some value for the network but they appear to believe that these hearings have more.
  6. That the Republicans are not trying to reach is not at all shocking. They're not even trying to pretend and have clearly dispensed with the "model minority" distinction-- they pretty much view any non-white groups as potentially disloyal and quasi-enemies. Just a few days ago, Trump was trying to pretend as if his fake overtures to African Americans were worth anything with that sham gathering in Atlanta on Friday. Today, one of his key advisers has been publicly exposed as a white supremacist (for the people in the back who weren't paying attention). How's that going to square with his pretend overtures?
  7. I agree. And the people shrugging their shoulders at this as if it was understood need to understand that this is often the reason why marginalized people feel the need to iterate and reiterate how awful and disgusting these types of things are, the horrifying nature of this cannot be overstated and it should never be shrugged off.
  8. Fair enough. Maybe that's all that daytime soaps can do nowadays anyway--cater to fanbases because the era of them attracting brand new viewers is long gone. JMO but I can't help but believe that by failing to craft strong individual characteristics for female characters, will ensure that Y&R continues to lose viewers over time.
  9. If these fans truly care about MM and her new character, they'd want her to be established as a character on her own merits because without that foundation, any relationship she is placed it will immediately become centered around the man, not her. The stronger her individual characterization is drawn the more likely she will be to hold her own in a pairing and the less likely she will be to have her personality fade away when a part of a coupling. Today's soaps have a genuine problem with building characters that people truly care about because they fail to spend the time to build distinctive characters withn their own personal histories/stories to build on.
  10. Another example of just how poorly Chuck Todd continues to do his job. It's good that Rep. Jim Himes corrected him. Some are calling this a rant, but I don't agree with that. Himes seemed perfectly rational in his assessment of the situation and he laid it all out there in an even-keeled methodical way. If he had been less impassioned, these same people would have claimed that he was being professorial and removed, the way they often accused Obama of being.
  11. Interesting that coming off his DQ in Charlottesville, Mmoh wins the next tournament he plays in Knoxville. He was very forthright in talking about his actions in Charlottesville and the regret he will always feel because of those actions. Of course, he talks about other things, like making his way back from injury (I had no idea he had been injured).
  12. Oh. My. God. These people are horrible human beings. I've never taken an Uber and I may never take one at this rate. I just can't with these people and their terrible ideas and mindset.
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