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  1. Basically, lol. I'd love to read some of those comments that Sony must have received from their survey.
  2. Wasn't that domestic violence storyline supposed to be Mal's Emmy bait? It was a cynical move and it flopped.
  3. No no, I was never in that discussion on the secret child. Was I? Wait, when did this discussion even take place??
  4. I said this was going to happen last year, when I saw the storyline was going nowhere. Mal underestimated the response to his poorly written plotline. I bet those surveys convinced somebody that they'd better try to undo some of the damage PDQ. The worst mistake a writer can make is assuming that an audience lacks intelligence. Y&R has been doing this for the better part of a decade now and it shows.
  5. Chickenpox puts you in direct line to one day have the possibility of contracting shingles. Yay! As someone who had the shingles, I don't know anyone who would want someone to be at risk of that, especially when there is a vaccine that can now prevent it.
  6. I didn't know that Phil Lewis was directing now! I recognize him from the ton of sitcom work that he has done.
  7. Last week it was Michelle Obama. Roseanne is still blaming everybody but herself. People were making it out to be an act of pettiness but I can see why Joyce DeWitt had cut Somers out of her life for decades. As a kid I always preferred Janet anyway.
  8. Oops. I also realized I'm in the wrong thread. Oh boy!
  9. This reminds of that scene in As The World Turns where Margo (HBS) impatiently says "Am I speaking Serbo-Croatian?!" I wish I could find that clip.
  10. Looks like Big Sascha will be doing coaching consult for Kiki Mladenovic, er, or at least Kiki's mother. I wonder if they communicate in Serbian as Kiki's family are originally from Serbia and Sascha, though born in Germany, is of Serbian origin as well.
  11. This goes without saying but that Kentucky governor is clearly a dumba*s. How professional is Individual 1's administration!
  12. I agree. People kept trying to sell the redeeming quality of a domestic violence storyline but the foundation of the story was shaky at best and the set up was atrocious. You have to spend more time building a storyline than what Mal/TPTB were willing to invest. You can't just 'parachute in' a longtime character who had reasonable popularity and then all of a sudden convince people that he's a wife beater based on an invisible backstory. It was awful from the get-go. A lot of us thought the same with the Hilary character and strengthening her character as well as making the Hamiltons a 'super couple' for the 2010s. It never happened. In fact, Y&R seemed intent on going in the exact opposite direction. I'm not sure how smart Y&R/Sony/CBS are, they seem to make lots of decisions based on pure folly. At least, in the last 10-15 years, they have...with increasing regularity.
  13. Netflix's contracts will likely cause creatives to think twice about signing on the dotted line with them in the future. Just because this contract model has worked in the past, doesn't mean it will continue to work. So far, money has allowed Netflix to enforce their standard of placing a moratorium on most series that streamed on their platform (even the author claims that ODAAT might be an exception) Creatives value their freedom and will be side-eyeing these agreements going forward, some may even bypass Netflix and their big $$$ in favor of more freedom with their projects. One aspect that I don't like about that Deadline article is that there are still many unknowns presented in the way that Netflix does its business. "I hear" and "as far as I have heard" is cited a lot in this article, which tells me virtually nothing as it offers no concrete proof that this is actually the way Netflix does their business. I like to go on facts before I go off on Netflix or HBO or any company, for that matter, lol.
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