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  1. You could tell that this was uploaded from a SoapClassics DVD because of the abbreviated opening theme (which the theme was better before they made changes in 1987, which I didn't really like). This was one of the episodes that had streamed on the SoapClassics website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH5PmjWpAVI
  2. The SoapClassics website also streamed some episodes from the 1980s. I remember a few of the episodes streamed on their platform were some crystal clear episodes surrounding Tom and Margo's wedding. It was quite a treat since I had never seen those episodes before.
  3. When it was announced that ATWT was being canceled, I was on a hiatus from online life and I wasn't watching the show, was there a big petition (a la Change.org) circulated around, or anything? Years later, I heard some folks had gathered in front of the NYC CBS building to protest, or something (even though P&G headquarters in Cincinnati would've been more effective, tbh) but unless it was a crowd of tens of thousands, I doubt P&G would've so much as blinked. When SoapClassics was ending their partnership with P&G (according to SC, was P&G's decision not to extend the license), a Change.org petition probably should've been sent to P&G requesting that they extend the SoapClassics videos or at least allow some streaming of episodes. I don't expect P&G to ever get out of the way because this is how they are- they've never offered a reason why they don't bother, we all assume that it is prohibitively expensive to digitize their episodes but honestly, from 2012 or whenever SoapClassics stopped streaming and selling videos, had even a small group of people continued to digitize episodes, could you have imagined how many episodes would be viewable by now? People are assuming that the process of digitization has remained at the same arduous level, without considering the fact that technology always continues to innovate and move along and facility with technology always improves. Another aspect is that P&G could've damn well just stream rather than sell videos and, in most cases, this would ease some of the issues concerning music rights. Yes, there are some artists that undoubtedly will not give permission to re-air their music but I bet most would if asked. A simple way around that might be to have a chyron in the bottom corner that displays the artist's/band's name and song title. A dedicated ATWT website or even YT page could provide links on where to purchase the song and artist's/band's music. Would it take some work? Undoubtedly but we know how many dedicated people who are skilled at this and yes, many are soap fans, classic television fans, etc. Yes, there are a lot of episodes, even given the fact that we are dealing with 1980-1998/99 (the majority of episodes after were automatically on digital format) but like I said, between 2013-1020 is seven years, a substantial amount of time for even volunteers working in their spare time to work with. If anything this whole crisis has taught me is that, it's not usually lack of money or even time that prevents things from happening...it's often the lack of will. When people, companies, governments truly want to do something, they do it.
  4. It's petty, I know but someone should just put the clip of only Shemar yelling that the streak is over (sans La Lucci) and put it next to that announcement of how B&B overtook Y&R in the ratings.
  5. I wonder how far back Martha's VHS collection goes? I wish more former soap stars would post episodes up on YouTube like Patricia Bruder and Margaret Reed have been known to do. I I'd be interested to see what episodes others have. Maybe we can fill in the blanks of missing episodes from YT and I doubt that P&G even cares at this point.
  6. Maybe that B&B fan on Twitter can post a video with Shemar Moore's clip. Just a thought. True. Even though in the age of so many alternatives, had the soaps had decent storytelling, there would be a significant increase in ratings, or at least not as dismal as it is now. I grew up on soaps but have no desire to watch any of the remaining ones. Honestly, even if ATWT and GL had still been on the air in the state they were when they were canceled, I wouldn't watch either of those shows either. These shows probably would have better ratings had they shown classic episodes from decades ago.
  7. While they're at it, why don't they add Donald Trump to that class action suit?
  8. Never one to miss an opportunity to spread disinformation and propaganda, China and Russia have once again taken to social media to float conspiracy theories on the origins of the novel coronavirus. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/as-virus-spreads-china-and-russia-see-openings-for-disinformation/ar-BB11Ps1U The only thing that I've seen is a tweet mocking Trump's handling by bringing up the lack of toilet paper, which only reminded me of that Golden Girls episode where Rose dreams that she is in Moscow with Dorothy and Blanche (and Sophia who complains that they left her at home and she had to hitch a ride with a nice East German kid to get to Moscow) and Dorothy jokes that she knows the reason why everybody in Russia looks so grumpy all the time--it's their toilet paper! I definitely thought that the origin of that tweet was probably from one of those disinformation sites.
  9. Is Brad capable of working with a cast of more than ten actors though? It's debatable that Y&R can even do this anymore. I guess he had Devon performing everybody's two minute wedding ceremony every six weeks.
  10. And I've read that Y&R continues to slip in the rankings and has even been overtaken by B&B for the first time, so it follows that the show needs all the help it can get, and unlike some in that cast Adams has proven her skill level and experience.
  11. You mean the same wanna be gangster that was quoted to have said this?
  12. As I said in another thread weeks ago, "Look at CK side-stepping those unhinged Lane fanatics and getting back to the sound stage at Y&R".
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