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  1. Shrugs. She and Scott Bryce used to have dinner whenever he went to L.A. for work. They weren't dating. Finn, like LF do portraits of friends and family, perhaps Swan too. Who really knows? It's cryptic.
  2. Happy Birthday to Janet Jackson. Hoping she's indulging in the Pleasure Principle in celebration .
  3. It sounds vaguely familiar that alcohol may have been involved in some of those DV incidents but I am not entirely sure, as I try to minimize how much news about his dreck that I consume. I wish he'd just go invest in some therapy and leave the rest of the population alone.
  4. Swan and Reed dated over 30 years ago. I was referring to them. I'm going to go on ahead and admit that, unless I see documented proof, I don't believe that Carter and Swan were in a romantic relationship. Just call me a 'Doubting Thomasina'.
  5. Also, he's a domestic abuser, so I don't expect anything from him other than wretched behavior. I just wish he'd stay out of sight.
  6. We've all discussed her first marriage to Weber. Check the old posts. Also there was a whole entire thread about soap stars who were married to other soap stars on their respective soaps and ATWT actors featured heavily, including Finn. Old news. They're not related but whoa, the coincidence of having two left-leaning Southern families named Carter! That's one mighty coincidence. Somebody might want to consult Skip Gates!
  7. While nowhere near as bad as Schroeder, he has shown some off-putting behavior. The most recent that comes to mind is the sh*tty way that he treated Janet Hubert on the reunion show when both Hubert and Will Smith, as well as the rest of the cast tried their best to extend the olive branch. I was looking to hear that maybe the piece was edited somehow but there was no explanation from him. It just made him look like a jerk. Maybe both Schroeder and Ribeiro have Napoleon complexes or something, IDK.
  8. Besides the fact that both Schroeder and Ribeiro insist on ruining my childhood memories of Silver Spoons, I think that something is really wrong with Schroeder. I mean, really wrong.
  9. I have never heard anything about them dating. In fact, I had heard that she was daring a doctor before all the problems began for her. I know she has been divorced for a few years and has two grown daughters, who hopefully she has reconnected with by now. I hope she is doing well and getting her life sorted for the better. The Vegas incident did indeed make news on we discussed it on this board. I know that Swan and Reed dates and Reed seems pretty liberal, bordering on downright progressive, but they dates a long time ago, so it is possible that one or both of them have si
  10. Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam and other Asian/Asian-Pacific Island nations have been among the most proactive in this. Probably due to their experiences with the SARS epidemic in the early aughts.
  11. Pliskova is getting her a$s beat, so far. Swiatek is making her look lethargic.
  12. A bureau of AP is housed in that building as well, I think. Endless conflict and scary times we are living in.
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