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  1. ^^ This is the type of messaging Joe Biden should be focused on, not glib statements and/or stupid flat jokes on radio shows or lying about endorsements from the NAACP. Stick to the facts, please.
  2. Images to remember from this catastrophic crisis.
  3. At random, I was listening to a radio station earlier today and the show's host decided to do a "name that theme song" game. Interestingly, he decided to throw in a couple of soap opera theme songs among other television shows to see whether anyone could identify them. Callers guessed the theme to Dallas almost immediately but I was somewhat surprised that no one could identify 1980s General Hospital by their theme song or the 1980s All My Children's theme song. People got the Bonanza theme song right away.
  4. Some ATP players, in particular, are truly showing their as*ses during this pandemic. Just wildin'.
  5. Things are just not looking good for some tennis players during this pandemic.
  6. I wished ATWT would have stayed closer to its homespun roots instead of trying to go all Glam. The soaps all insisted on going 'Big 80s' and I think it was a big mistake for the budgets down the road. Sure, it added glamor and seemed to be in keeping with the times back then but when you really think about it, it turned out to be completely unsustainable and gave the impression that the sets had to get even more grandiose over time in order to keep up, when it reality, a good clean refurbished set might have been as good or better. I am currently watching a few episodes from 1994 and the sets are big and grandiose but they did not age well. Fashions looks awful and garish. Then again, the clothes are boxy and terrible too.
  7. Within the first two minutes I realize that I've seen this episode somewhere, can't remember where though. This is the opening of the La Placa, Kim and Nick's place, right? Someone posted this last summer, I think.
  8. The trending topic will likely fade out by day's end. Still, Biden better choose wisely when it comes to a running mate, preferably someone who is young sharp and has the gift of oratory because Joe is seriously lacking in those areas and the challenges are only going to increase from here.
  9. #JoeBidenIsARacist has been trending on social media apparently. What gaffe has Joe made this time?
  10. David, Kat and Bridget has echoes of Bob, Kim and Lisa to me, although they're not exactly the same since Bob and Lisa were once married and had a son together. Similar in a sense that even though you got the sense that Lisa sometimes looked at Bob as the "one that got away" in a sort of "what if" type of contemplation, you knew that Lisa loved Kim and respected Bob and Kim's relationship. Other friendships that I loved were: Margo and Jessica/ATWT--I'm choosing to ignore that ridiculous Doc story Dru and Sharon/Y&R--Somehow it worked and I enjoyed it. Tom and Craig/ATWT--80s Tom(s) and Craig were like brothers, their bond was so tight. Betsy and Sierra/ATWT Jack and Leanna Love/Y&R (80s)-- The playboy and the misandrist, what a combination but both Lester and Crampton had such easy chemistry that you believed them as co-conspirators who actually got along famously. Colleen and Lily/Y&R-- They were sweet and the friendship should've continued. Another reason why it was so wrong to kill off Colleen.
  11. Biden likely has a lengthy short-list of candidates facing vetting. The media loves to get people riled up by creating a horse race narrative.
  12. Oh no, poor Marnie! She was so entertaining on the livestream. Prayers for her to get successful treatment. That is very tragic news.
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