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  1. You're welcome. I know you work very hard and deserve a lot better pay.
  2. It still really bothers me that Procter And Gamble productions didn't extend the licensing agreement with the SoapClassics people to stream and sell DVDs from some of their classic soaps.
  3. This! On the subject of Pluto, last year I watched a marathon of Hunter episodes, so that was kind of fun.
  4. I'm hearing that some people are unhappy with the agreement and a few are threatening to reject it. How many? Stay tuned, I guess?
  5. Also, they were competing with the likes of cable television, not to mention MTV, (which was only expanding a large fanbase among that demographic) which had more freedom to air more risqué content. I suppose that B&B, being a new serial at the end of the 1980s, might have been seen as an easier vehicle in which to push the boundaries than its predecessors, which were likely already being held to stricter standards. Yeah, but B&B made it fairly obvious where they believed their bread and butter were. In the first episode, if memory serves me correctly, Ridge may have even stated that sex sells while grousing to Margo his disapproval of his father's conservative design practices.
  6. Speaking of which, a couple years ago when she got into that legal trouble, I went to look for information on the conclusion of that case and stumbled upon (much to my chagrin) legions of fanboys lusting over those scenes in Tremors where she was down to her skivvies. There were GIFs and guys gushingly expressing their long-held crushes for her. So the implications of a poster that Finn was not attractive enough to somehow 'compete' with Emily for Tonio, which never happened, by the way, (although I think there is some confusion with Jennifer Ashe, who was sporting a short 'do during that storyline), but there are clearly fanbases of dudes who'd disagree with that assessment. I'm actually glad that ATWT was never really one of those soaps were just looks were an avatar for desire or attraction. I mean, if a character like Hal Munson (no offense to dearly departed BH, who was a highly talented actor with vast range) could be desired by three women in the course of a year (two which expressed a willingness to fight for him), I think people should use that same lens when discussing the spectrum of attraction and desire for the women characters.
  7. Yes, I remember seeing a scene where Ridge is lying down and the camera pans over his silhouette and in a very obvious way lingers over the outline of his body and uh, bulge, for lack of a better word. Thinking back, B&B was the first daytime soap in my personal memory where sex was "sold" in a manner that was so blatantly obvious.
  8. It's indisputable that it was harder to win twenty years ago when almost all the Top 10 then is now on the HOF or headed there. Dementieva and Safina likely wish they had these draws. I don't believe that the ratings bear out her argument about the supposed difficulty with selling women's tennis.
  9. Speaking of Raducanu, Flavia Pennetta basically say "I'ma let you finish, but..." By the way, ratings seem to have disputed Flavia's assessment that women's tennis is harder to sell. The WTA may not have the sheer numbers of charismatic players that they had two decades ago, but I hardly think there is some dearth of WTA players with personalities.
  10. Thanks for providing background and context to this concept @JaneAusten. Yeah, the insistence on reducing workers to consumers is... unsettling to me. I wonder whether, in the wake of these mushrooming strike actions, this stance will shift. I also feel as if I need to do a bit of reading on this topic. I'm really on a memoir/autobiography kick but maybe the next book I read should be a non-fiction book on policy. On the contempt of Congress charge for that crony of the former administration-- I need to see some demonstrable action before I get my hopes up.
  11. Cool @Vee. It's an interesting concept, that's for sure. The article did stipulate that it wasn't the same as UBI though, so it's definitely a concept I've never heard before. On these programs that are up for debate/negotiation, those home health aides are incredibly low-paid, so I hope the ACA can at least have some funds that can help because it is immoral for those workers to work hard and continue to be so severely underpaid. In my area, the group home employees are on the verge of striking. It wouldn't surprise me if the home health aides were next.
  12. This is an interesting concept, although I am not crazy with the idea of this the amounts rising and falling with the fate of these businesses. OTOH Big Business usually tends to do very well financially and even when they don't, they have a propensity to bounce back quicker (depending on the industry, I guess). The nature of a dividend-I guess that's why it's named as such. What do you think of this @JaneAusten? I would be interested to hear what others think too @DRW50, @Vee, @marceline, if you feel so inclined.
  13. Yeah, I'm not even talking about casting in this case (though I agree about Gareis being miscast, although the writing for Donna became far more problematic),this was strictly about the writing. I will never understand why it became so vital to strip the Logans of their identities the way they did. There are way to evolve the characters without taking a hacksaw to their characterizations.
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