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  1. It reminds me of her stint on Y&R where she originated the role of Kelly, a nothing character that she made interesting enough that the viewer wanted to know more about her. Eventually Watros left for series television and the role was recast with Cady McClain where the character continued to tread water until TPTB decided to get rid of the character by turning Kelly batsh*t crazy and making her into a stalker who kidnapped Jack (a truly awful storyline) and left his doppelganger to take over his life in GC.
  2. According to this Op-Ed piece that I am currently reading (every now and then I read one or two), the number of uninsured in the U.S. has risen by 7 million people under Trump. This doesn't surprise me at all but it's disheartening to see the numbers.
  3. Interesting article that discusses the newest entrants to the streaming market and how they could end up forcing Netflix to reconsider their pricing strategy. Netflix has missed its financial and subscriber projections, sending its stocks lower. Some believe that this is due to recent price increases, while others believe that the announcements of other streaming services and their offerings have caused consumers to rethink Netflix's status as the most attractive streaming option. Netflix's subscriber drop-off is mainly domestic and it has just entered the Indian market (interesting though that in India, Netflix's subscriber fee is lower priced) but that could change with more competition entering the international markets as well. Netflix's biggest challenges in the US and internationally are bubbling to the surface
  4. Turns out Iran's seizure of the British tanker was in retaliation for the British seizure of one of their tankers, which is why at least one U.S. official is trying to downplay the incident. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/irans-seizure-of-british-vessel-further-roils-gulf-region/ar-AAEA4y9
  5. The Iranians were far from perfect (they had to be prodded and admonished) but IMO they held to the deal well enough under the previous administration but once this administration abandoned the deal they had no reason to stay. Actually the Iranians actually stayed in for about a year after Trump pulled out of the deal so they didn't abandon the deal immediately, they actually seemed as though they were hoping that the EU would come up with a solution but this year, it became obvious that the EU couldn't provide any answers. Also the added sanctions probably tweaked the Iranians just enough that they felt they had license to go completely HAM but they did not immediately abandon the agreement, shockingly they held on for about a year. That was surprising. I think the Iranian government was actually hoping that adhering to the agreement would end up bolstering their economy in trade as other companies were starting to do business in Iran and the government wasn't going to pass up the chance of making that $$$$ (a la China which had an agreement with their people who traded on human rights in exchange for greater prosperity). It was when the added sanctions came in and the U.S./EU businesses pulled out because they didn't want to violate those new sanctions. So I don't fully agree that it was certain that they wouldn't have adhered to the agreement-- they did so for a year after the U.S. abandoned it. It was when they started to lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to the tougher sanctions that they let the rest fall by the wayside. I just hope we are not seeing shades of 1979-1984 Iran. Detaining oil tankers is one thing (China also does this in the South China Sea, by the way) but taking hostages is a whole other bag that I hope we don't see.
  6. Between B'way, Off B'way, Law & Order, film school and indies, NYC used to be the type of city where acting talent flourished! When I was in grad school, I took a course (can't remember the name of the course) where we'd write scenes and cast actors and work with a director. Many of the actors did bit parts on L&O and indies in addition to work in the theater. It was fun to see them show up on T.V. in various shows. There was at least one actor that I can remember who showed up on ATWT in the mid '00s that had been part of that repertory group of actors.
  7. ^^That's what happens when the U.S. pulls out of an agreement, then levels sanctions. Iran had no incentive to follow rules of engagement when it's already been proved that agreements and rules can be broken so easily. The Europeans tried to keep the Non-Proliferation agreement together but with the U.S. dropping out then making demands, it became impossible. Iran is obviously acting out now. Hey maybe Kim Jong-Un will advise them on how to go rogue and make it work for them.
  8. Has anyone tried to petition Procter & Gamble/PGP for permission to start/run an official As The World Turns Twitter page? Maybe a photo like this is already on the Daytime Emmy Twitter page but I feel like photos and video clips should be accessible in one dedicated space for the show. Also, as much as I appreciate the various YouTube channels, there should be a dedicated As The World Turns channel where the best quality clips (and perhaps episodes too) can be culled and placed there. I don't know who runs the As The World Turns-Topic channel but it looks disheveled, disorganized and piece-meal. I only mention this because if there were one dedicated, comprehensive channel, viewers/fans would flock there and we could truly see just how many views ATWT videos are getting-- who knows, it may get P&G's attention if they saw a good number of views per month. Not to bring back the show but to even sell/stream more classic ATWT because they'd see that there was actual interest. I guess that everyone (fans, actors, etc.) wants to operate their own separate YouTube channels though.
  9. Trump began his entire professional career spewing crap, so I don't see him stopping that anytime too soon. Americans could end this with a very simple solution-- stop accepting his crap. Period. Stop letting his crap work in his favor. The GOP are still laboring to try to make Trump look "presidential" so expecting them to grow a conscience is a lost cause. The sad fact of the matter is that many Americans are just not into hearing the truth, so liars like Trump get by on that. Americans are very much uncomfortable with telling it 'like it is'. People like Trump can't operate in a vacuum, they are parasites that feed off of what is already there. The crap would be "cut" when Americans decide that they no longer want to ingest on a steady diet of it.
  10. Those people must have been beyond desperate to even talk to him. I mean, desperate as...their lives and the lives of their people are dependent on him. It's even more telling that his clueless cabinet/staff thought that somehow this would be a great photo-op for him, this makes him look even worse, if that's even possible.
  11. Disengaged and indifferent. This man exudes both qualities in abundance.
  12. Frankly, at this point, Y&R may want to put Can with Reiterating what I said before, it doesn't bode well for the health of a show going forward when any one character in what is ostensibly an ensemble cast can force the writers, including the head-writer to take a meeting regarding suggestions on story line ideas. Bill Bell Sr. never did that, which is one of the reasons why the show had such a highly successful run. As a writer, I'd never want to write by committee, IMO, it usually ends up producing a bad quality product. Ever watch a movie where there was too much input from too many people? Hint: they usually tank at the box office. Y&R needs to nip this type of thing in the bud but I doubt they will, it's already gone on too long and too far.
  13. Dusty's piercing blue eyes were one of the aspects that kept young girl me tuned in. Someone needs to ask Martha if she has any classic episodes that she can upload to YouTube, preferably one that hasn't been uploaded before, a la Patricia Bruder.
  14. If this is the case, the show is in more trouble than I could've imagined. I sincerely doubt that Bill Bell Sr. sat with actors to discuss "potential storylines". He wrote a storyline, the actors performed the storyline. If something seemed to be lacking, Bell Sr. tweaked storyline. Full stop. I've never heard of this type of thing and writing by committee is usually a recipe for disaster. Also, those Lane fans (who are 90% Cane fans and maybe 5-10% Lily and/or both) are just the worst! Y&R should seriously consider whether DG is worth all of this baggage. Maybe swap him for a character/actor who might actually generate more interest.
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