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  1. The Politics Thread

    Like I was telling someone a week or so ago, when they're not running for anything, they sometimes start speaking truths (here and there).
  2. The Tennis Thread

    The 2017 Women's final ratings do not surprise me. There was more interest than the two previous years, particularly in the U.S. market, since these were two Americans, fresh-faced and photogenic yet outside of tennis, all but completely unknown. Sloane's comeback narrative didn't really have much time to 'catch fire' since the media was pretty fixated on Sharapova and Sloane was pretty much 'flying under the radar' which honestly, likely helped her since there weren't a lot of eyes (and pressure) on her as she advanced round by round. Good for Sloane (and especially her bank account) but mixed blessings for tennis, IMO as they were able to capitalize somewhat but not in the way they capitalized when the Williams Sisters won their first major titles. Also, it didn't help that the final was so lackluster in quality. It's possible that viewers came but didn't stay watching.
  3. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Writing regimes on soaps have shown us repeatedly over the last decade that they only care about soap history in the most superficial of ways. They don't go that deep, at least not anymore. Honestly when Graham first came on the scene, I wondered whether he was some secret Mergeron offspring who had attached himself to Dina in an effort to extract Dina's inheritance from her recently deceased French husband, but then he encouraged her to sell Mergeron, which would've been his birthright (of course, if he is only out for money, he would only care about the cash that could be extracted from a sale anyway). With John dead, I'm not sure what real payoff there would be in making Graham John's offspring. Dina likely blew through her divorce settlement from John decades ago, why would Graham be using Mergeron money to pay for his mother's bills? With Brent Davis dead, I'm not sure what payoff there is to be had either, except to show that Graham is a grifter like his father? I'm not even sure what longterm possibilities this Graham character even has? Is it worth it to make him an Abbott?? It sure didn't have any longterm potential when Y&R tried to make Jill Katherine's daughter and it has made no longterm impact making Jill a Fenmore. The show would be better off making it about Graham wanting those Mergeron millions/billions because he's an heir.
  4. The Politics Thread

  5. The Politics Thread

    Who didn't know that this was going to happen? He should've waited until after the Sept. 30th deadline for the GOP simple majority vote on the replacement bill had passed but, you know...Bernie. The Republican National Committee Is Weaponizing Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Plan
  6. The Politics Thread

    In addition to this nonsense, he referred to "Nambia" as being an African country. Every day, at some point, I'm forced to remember that people actually voted for this guy. SMDH.
  7. The Tennis Thread

    No surprises there, since a lot of people thought the result was a foregone conclusion after the SFs. I saw people tweeting congratulations to Rafa for winning USO after he beat Juan Martín in the semis!
  8. The Politics Thread

  9. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Who says Ashley and Graham are going to sleep together?
  10. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    My guess would be that Graham is either Brent Davis' kid or John Abbott's kid, IMO.
  11. The Politics Thread

  12. The Politics Thread

    Sadly, that's what happens when people elect an undisciplined fool.
  13. The Politics Thread

    Bingo! The timing is definitely calculated as they've realized for some time now that their time is running out. The GOP's kill efforts will lose their procedural protections by the end of next week-meaning they won't be able to shove their dog of a replacement bill through by a simple majority vote. After that, it becomes all but impossible to shove their nonsense through. So yes, the timing was indeed highly calculated.
  14. The Politics Thread

    I don't see much MSM media attention going to Hillary at all, I think they are desperately trying to ignore her right now. Her book signings and the stories of people camping out to be first in line for them, is almost a grass-roots effort that exists despite the obvious discomfort of media to highlight anything she does at this time. Bernie seems to dip in and out of the spotlight. The Universal coverage effort had a moment that has already seemingly receded into the background...for now. There's always a next time. Right now, Trumpists seem to be bracing and doling out recriminations against the Obama administration (or trying to) in preparation for furthering their "witchhunt" story. They seem to be ignoring the fact that Manafort has been under investigation since at least 2014 before he began to manage the Trump campaign. I guess they are determined not to let facts get in the way of a good ole fashion attempt at crafting a story of perceived victimization. This is an interesting video. I admit, it made me feel tense, in some sections but I guess some modest attempts are being made at comity, which is rare these days.
  15. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Point! I just don't see Mal changing the 'weak thirsty women' narrative to anything more progressive but I'm open to him surprising me. I hope he will.