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  1. Manslaughter investigation surrounding Maradona's doctor.
  2. I understand that feeling completely, @Vee It's just in my case, I've worn out so many of the episodes already up on YT, that I wished there were more never before episodes uploaded, but perhaps folks are skittish, given the rush to shut down never before uploaded content (something I'll never, for the life of me understand). Hughes holidays gatherings always gave me such comfort (and yes, joy) at this time of year, or any time when I was in particular need of a diversion. Gosh, I'd even take a spooky or disastrous Shannon O'Hara holiday party about now (one that I haven't seen in year
  3. Yes, that link helps. Thanks a lot, @DRW50 !
  4. Is there a website that shows how many states have already certified their election results?
  5. I have yet to see the new season, so I am scrolling and skipping past all discussions but I saw this AP article, which made me halfway roll my eyes and halfway chuckle at the complaints regarding the portrayal of the royals. I would think that the very fact that the show is using actors and not relying on newsreel footage would tell people that this is not a documentary. And the Churchill biographer had a point in that, nobody was complaining when the portrayals were more sympathetic or flattering, though there were clearly fictionalized scenes and characters.
  6. Did that animated show Bertie and Tucan have a better deal with Netflix than ODAAT why they were able to go to Warner Media after being cancelled on Netflix? I think I read about a few show creatives who turned down Netflix for HBO Max, Hulu, etc. I wonder if Netflix's treatment of ODAAT could've been a factor. I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps Unimas or some Network aimed at a young/progressive audience would be receptive. I am not sure if the show could retain all of their viewers but at least the show would continue to lose momentum and the show would ha
  7. Of course, this was always going to be the reaction.
  8. Looks like just about every other retailer's loss is Amazon's gain (although the e-commerce units of Target and Walmart also benefited this year).
  9. Yes, The aspect of collusion was the very first thought that came to mind when I heard about this. All in an effort to poison any future discussions between the Biden administration and Iran. There could be an unintended consequences that this could make the Iranians more eager to talk to the new administration, with the added bonus of 'sticking it's to the former U.S. administration.
  10. Emmanuel Macron is moving his government further to the right unfortunately, in a supposed effort to outflank Le Pen and the right-wing contingent, so that is the motive for the legislation to make it illegal to film the police, (especially when the officer in question can be publicly identified. For instance, a badge with the name and number. If someone is being beaten within an inch of his or her life, I don't think making the perpetrator look flattering will be utmost on that person's mind.) This new law is clearly a rebuff to the tools being used to empower the community against police bru
  11. With Trump going by the wayside, some autocrats are going to find it tough sledding .
  12. I just feel like only cancelled soaps would really consider putting out collections for purchase. Y&R barely wanted to air their classic episodes during their production shutdown.
  13. Thinking of Bob Hughes's Thanksgiving toasts and I wished someone would've asked him if he remembers the first time and then the last time he did one of those toasts on the show. That would've involved some deeper knowledge about the show, which seems like too much to ask these days. Too bad Scott couldn't just have completely taken over that one.
  14. It was always about the money. This show set itself up as the anti-View (a stupid move that only hamstrung future possibilities) which only worked until the veneer of feminine solidarity was stripped away by Julie Chen's husband's scandals. Sure, the show was able to give off the appearance of resilience in her absence, then when the novelty of a new and improved show wore off, the show limped along for awhile. The funny thing about a "substance-free" talk show is that, when people are home, isolated, they may actually look for substance in a talk show--they can get cat videos and ma
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