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  1. The show missed the big ticket, which would've been Dani and Craig's son Bryant. Bryant should've been relentlessly pursuing Dani to the point that Craig would become worried that Bryant would follow his path with Betsey. I remember a few years ago, watching the wedding between Craig and Sierra after Bryant was born and Craig introduced Danielle to baby Bryant and Craig said something like "I have a feeling you two will be getting in lots of trouble together in years to come". Then looks at little Danielle and says "Do you like him?" I mean c'mon, wasn't that meant to be a foreshadowing? Also, Dani should've been pursuing what happened to her father, even going to Greece, leading Bryant to pursue her there. When Dani was in Oakdale in the mid-late 90s, the writing as much as set that up with Dani making up this image of her father in her mind, etc. I agree that it would've made sense to bring Christina Nancy Hughes onto the canvas. She had no history and would have been a blank slate for writers to write for her as if she were brand new. Same with Hope Dixon. Bringing back that group of young legacy characters would inevitably brought up chances to bring in their parents (Betsy, Andy, etc.). It's so sad that the writers discarded so much of the show's history.
  2. They made such of mess of several characters in the show's last decade. I'm glad I missed that six month period as it would've tested my gag reflexes. By never even bothering to bring back many of those characters, it seems as if they were hoping the viewers would forget about the mess the show had made. You know what I don't understand, what I'll never understand? Instead of wasting time "tying up loose ends" with inconsequential characters why couldn't the show have brought back some characters of substance. They sort of did this with the return of John Dixon. There are plenty of characters that they could have done this with and it would've been meaningful, but instead what do they do? Resolve Liberty and Janet's storylines. What an entire waste.
  3. Sometimes this thread is just too sad to venture into. Our House was a series that I looked forward to watching on Sunday evenings as a child. I had not watched Days as a child so this series was pretty much my first time seeing Deidre Hall and Shannen Doherty (that I remember), as I didn't recognize Doherty from Little House until several syndication rounds later. About Regis Philbin, that comment from Kathy Lee Griffin about them never having a cross word makes me wonder what Kelly Ripa really thinks (beyond the PR driven rosy colored memories delivered in statements). It can't feel good to realize that your relationship with someone was not left in a good place, especially when that someone was an icon with an enduring popularity. The losses this year are just astounding.
  4. Same. If Lindsey Frost didn't want to stay, they could've brought back Kim Johnston Ulrich as Betsy. I know she played Diana but since the McColl family was pretty much gone by the late 80s, I think the viewers would've accepted it.
  5. Oh that is interesting, although I do think because the show had a good number of female supporting characters and leads at that time, the canvas could very well have gotten by on having Frannie turn up for storyline arcs, here and there.
  6. This storyline obviously had limitations but today's daytime soaps don't even acknowledge that Native Americans exist, let alone create a third dimensional Native American character. Whomever said soaps are going backward, not forward, ICAM. With the coming and going of Penny and Don Hughes, I do think that Marland intended for more than just the Snyders to be able to come and go and maintain a presence. Of course, cameos are different from storyline arcs. I do think that had Marland lived, a character like Frannie definitely would've been like Penny Hughes, popping up here and there. It seemed as though the show wanted that for Henderson Forsythe's character David Stewart until for whatever reason, that model became unsustainable. I wonder if Forsythe requested an end to the character to focus on the stage or if someone decided that it no longer worked. Several other Snyders could've used a good "talking to" from Kim,lol. I always appreciated how Kim didn't have to scream or shout to give someone a good dressing down. Although I thought middle aged Meg was borderline useless, teenage Meg was a great foil for Lily and made that small teen circle very interesting.
  7. Michael David Morrison was a great find, imo. To be fair, it probably threw everybody for a loop losing him. Some actors are more difficult to replace than others.
  8. If memory serves me correctly, it the wealthy in Westport, CT that brought coronavirus to the state of Connecticut in the first place. And I guess, it's the wealthy that intend to keep coronavirus in the state of Connecticut.
  9. Anyone who wants to read the words of Congressman John Lewis in his Op-Ed piece, you can read them here without paywall. https://www.sltrib.com/opinion/commentary/2020/07/30/john-lewis-together-you/
  10. Sadly, there will also be a lot more suffering to witness. ICYMI-- 5 years worth of growth has been wiped away, courtesy of Trump. The fastest, deepest economic contracting since, well, ever. A Collapse That Wiped Out 5 Years of Growth, With No Bounce in Sight
  11. Exxxxaccctly! And you know Brad will still try to get away with doing the minimum.
  12. Meredith Post, Courtney Simon (although I Simon might have appeared for GL, I think) and Juliet Law Packer, for starters. At least they were part of writing rooms that churned out some good storylines. And Simon was an occasional cast member as well. I'd be interested in hearing about that dichotomy between being an actor and writer on a fast moving series. EDT. I also forgot to mention Susan Bedsow Horgan.
  13. Also, where I live you have drop boxes at the polling places as well as town hall/city hall.
  14. My state has a online portal where you can track your mail-in ballot.
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