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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Although this interview was done last year, I've never seen it. Kind of nice that he keeps in touch with Tamara Tunie (Jessica), Brian Bloom (Dusty) and Finn Carter (Sierra), who he had great onscreen chemistry with. ATWT/OLTL Alum Scott Bryce Talks About His Time on Daytime Soap Operas, His Role on 'The Good Fight' and Much More!
  2. 4 Dead in Tennessee Waffle House Shooting

    Finally, he's been captured.
  3. 4 Dead in Tennessee Waffle House Shooting

    Oops. Thanks for understanding what I meant @Roman. I just realized my typo and corrected it but yes, the Newtown families are suing, although it might be a longshot to sue the gun manufacturer, I applaud the stand that they are taking in highlighting the accountability factor. Until there is some sensible gun laws being passed, lawsuits seem to be the only recourse. I do think in this Waffle House situation, the families of the victims would have a stronger case should they decide to sue the father for damages. (Sadly, I'm not confident that he will be charged). And, I'm sorry but why can't the authorities find this man? He was naked, kills four people and was able to go back to his place to put on a pair of pants? The guy was presumed to be shirtless and shoeless and still cannot be found??
  4. The victims' families ought to sue the father of the shooter. It is outrageous that a man with this history was allowed to access weapons, let alone an assault rifle! It seems that in the U.S., only the language of litigation is taken seriously in these times. Also, that pool incident and they decided not to press charges? Consider the disparity between the police response to that incident vs. the one taken toward the men in Starbucks. It's beyond me how anyone can still refuse to believe that there are unequal systems in America. Man Sought in Waffle House Shooting Had Been Arrested Near White House
  5. The Politics Thread

    Wasn't born yet but this is the 50th anniversary of Columbia University's Student protests. In the past week or so, there has been a (belated) acknowledgement of the valuable role that the Black students played in the protests. Mark Rudd, president of the student organization wrote an Op-Ed piece that pretty much states that the contributions of the Black students were minimized, even though it was these students that were the most disciplined (many had parents who were active participants in the civil rights movement) and it was their actions that were the most effective. How Columbia’s Student Uprising of 1968 Was Sparked by a Segregated Gym @VeeMost people in the Trump administration, or connected to the Trump administration use shell companies to cover their unethical business maneuvers. See: Scott Pruitt.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Shania is canceled to me.
  7. James Shaw is a hero. That is all. 

  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    It wasn't hate for Nick, but personally, in terms of the roles that Irizarry has had in daytime over the decades, this one would not be among his finest, IMO. It seemed as if Irizarry was straining to make it work, at times. In one scene, I thought he'd pop an artery in his neck, he was straining so hard.
  9. The Politics Thread

    I once teased that perhaps a good deal of the Orange Menace's ire at Obama (besides Obama being Black and way smarter than him) had to do with the possibility that Melania might find him attractive. We're told that she already admires Michelle Obama, who's to say what her true feelings are about 44 behind closed doors. Having said that, that's all her problem, she should've gotten out of that marriage like the others did.
  10. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Hearing the song over the closing credits gives me all kind of feels. It took me quite a few minutes to figure out that the actress on the screen was actually portraying Mindy! I don't remember her (I only remember Tesreau, Simms and Crampton) at all but that year I was busy with school, so it's possible that I didn't really watch that year until the summer and my viewing was probably inconsistent at best. She's not a bad actress but I think the biggest problem is the transformation of the character (seriously, skeet shooting??!) on top of an unfamiliar actress, just too jarring! I enjoyed Alan-Michael talking about the Spaulding family legacy, while trying to draw Nick into becoming more invested in it. As for Irizarry, normally I enjoy him in a lot of roles but this one rings a little hollow to me. As a kid, I remember thinking how beautiful and graceful Jocelyn Seagrave was. Kat and David, The Toni Braxton song playing in the background-- so perfectly 90s. I love the energy of David when he's pitching the idea of him running Company to Ed. The Black characters that I see on soaps like Y&R are so staid and boring, it's refreshing to see a Black male character, in particular, being portrayed as being so full of enthusiasm and life! And yes, it is possible to write that type of character without the criminal past! Where is Amelia Marshall these days? Just feels like there is a vacuum in today's daytime that she could easily fill.
  11. The Tennis Thread

    Kerber's draw in Stuttgart looks...well, challenging, to say the least. That Siegemund/Strycova match is either going to be fireworks or too annoying to watch. They each have a tendency to get on my last nerve. There is often something slightly entertaining about two highly irritating characters grating on each other, testing each other's patience during a match. Having said that, I think I'll pass on that match. And LOL @ that Sloane/CoCo match.
  12. Y&R April Spoilers

    Okay, in the interest of remaining calm, I have to decided to choose to take this as a rumor because it better not f*cking be true. This character has been stripped of storyline, child, marriage and screentime...they better not strip her of her identity to add insult to injury. I will honestly give up on this show, which is a promise I will keep.
  13. The Politics Thread

    Speaking of the NYT, this was front page but it's not really most news media these days.
  14. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I haven't made it through a complete episode in weeks. I've tried.