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  1. The Tennis Thread

    Svitolina annoys the sh*t outta me because when she faces Venus or even Serena, she plays like nothing else matters even after she loses a set but she just faded fast after she lost the first set against Mertens, who was by no means blasting her offcourt or anything.
  2. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    I agree with people who wouldn't miss Phyllis and/or Billy is they left tomorrow. JMO but I think the problem is that neither character is anchored to anything but each other. Both wander around their respective companies, sort of doing "stuff" that is not specific. What is Billy really doing for Chancellor? Do we even know his official title? Phyllis was on that one Fenmore's Dressing Room app but do we know what she's doing now? She tried to sabotage Brash and Sassy like it was her job but what has she done since then? Summer and Daniel are not around, so all she has is scenes trying to entice Billy with food or negligées. What else is there? It's gotten old fast. That's a good question though. Who are Victoria's actual contemporaries? Ryan and Nina were always older. Billy, JT, Mac and Colleen were always younger. I'm trying to think of someone but no one comes to mind. I guess Nick and Sharon would come closest?
  3. The Tennis Thread

    Oh honey, you don't want to know. Let's see Pizzagate likes, white supremacists likes, homophobic tweets, xenophobic tweets. I don't venture onto his twitter page but others have screenshot them . Svitolina just got her butt whooped! She seemed to give up after she lost the first set.
  4. The Tennis Thread

    Tennys Sandgren trying to delete his offensive tweets in a hurry faster than. via GIPHY
  5. The Politics Thread

  6. The Politics Thread

  7. The Tennis Thread

    I've been watching Chung since he was playing in the Challengers. I enjoyed him when he competed in Milan at the NextGEN Championships last year. I'm happy for him! He needs to take out Sandgren the Trumpist now since Thiem couldn't do it.
  8. The Politics Thread

    Just in case, there are still people who think/hope that Kelly is a moderating force.
  9. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Love her and glad she's still acting!
  10. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    What a beautiful little girl!
  11. The Politics Thread

    Some media entities really seem to be emphasizing the financial undercurrents regarding Trump and Russia, suggesting that money laundering may now be the focus of the investigation. Reading this article was interesting in how, on its face, it discusses the possible purge of U.S. intel sources while examining, once again, how mob-adjacent Trump Inc. has always been (this time it's the Russians) as well as how comfortable the Trump organization seems to be at playing this kind of shell game with money (e.g. the golf course section). Fusion GPS: Kremlin ‘Purged’ Suspected Spies After Trump Dossier Release The reality is that Trump has likely been practicing more money laundering through his various companies than the Godfather did through his olive oil venture but the sad news is that if he's half as proficient in covering his tracks as his mentor Vladimir, the evidence may not be found for years (if ever).
  12. Courts gut Net neutrality laws

    I posted this in the Politics thread but I realize, it probably should've been here first, so I'm linking it. Mozilla just filed a suit against the FCC to protect net neutrality
  13. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    That may be the wish of a fanbase, but that's like death to good writing.