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  1. Florida, why do you continually play such a big part in elections that produce such people?!
  2. I don't want another CEO or businessman ever running for POTUS. Ever. Perhaps, it is alright to have a cabinet position but not POTUS. Ever. Anytime the U.S. has chosen a businessman for the position, it's been an unmitigated disaster. I think Yang has some points on automation and jobs but I still think his answer is too simplistic. I do think, Universal Basic Income could be a temporary solution to help people who inevitably fall through the cracks whenever the country transitions into another industrial shift but it most countries who try it, only have it temporarily. I'm not sure how it can be made sustainable on a permanent basis but as a temporary "patch" for people of working age, especially people who are chronically un and under-employed, I think it could actually be a viable idea. That would definitely need to be factored into any Universal Basic Income plan. Color, gender and age discrimination all work negatively against job applicants, it's not just about automation. I do agree that he tends to over-simplify aspects, he could benefit from talking to grassroots and community organizations who have studied these issues on a granular level to gain more nuance. I don't even pay attention to his following, really, although I've noticed a few that I've seen seem to have gone quiet lately. Maybe those are just a few of his POC women followers.
  3. Seriously, I wasn't. I do think that some people hope that the Americans will view this as some type of 'new normal' (like the neverending quest to make Trump appear 'presidential'). Signs show that Trump has already changed the presidency, of course, in all the worst ways. Will his successor be able to change and redirect that? One never knows...
  4. Well, I wouldn't call record-breaking turnover restoring normalcy and stability but I guess it's become "normal" for the Trump White House.
  5. I guess I missed this one. Shrugs.
  6. Wasn't the White House just touting their problem-solving "deal" earlier today? Trump administration stays losing on foreign policy and diplomacy. Especially since they have no clue about either.
  7. Didn't it just come out? I haven't had a chance to read it at all. As an aside/heads-up, I'm starting to hear some rumors about Jeff Goldblum.
  8. I agree with you Jane. Cummings' legacy is about so much more than this impeachment proceedings or what that cretin in the White House did or said. Let's give the man his proper due by recognizing his decades in public service and what he meant to his community and to this nation.
  9. Last night there was a storm and once I got up in the middle of the night, I really couldn't get back to sleep. The rain lashed, the wind whipped the leaves (and anything not secured) around making various clacks and thud noises. Then this morning I wake up to the news of the unexpected passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings. Today seems as if it will be a challenging day. R.I.P. Mr. Cummings.
  10. Between Trump's obvious meltdown and open deterioration in mental faculties and even Bernie's heart attack, I'm beginning to seriously wonder whether age is become more of a factor in the 2020 Presidential race. It just seems unavoidable at this point.
  11. Trump is going to have no marbles left by Christmastime. Check the side glance he gets. I can't believe anybody voted for this buffoon.
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