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  1. This is great! The only thing is that Rosa Flores didn't appear until 1986, not 1985. I'm going to see if I can find those additional scenes that I mentioned because they're pretty funny.
  2. If anyone is following Thai elections, so far it looks as if the party of Thai's military has taken the lead.
  3. More scenes with Antonia Rey as Rosa Flores from 4:23.
  4. If you watch the first 7 minutes of the YT video I embedded, you'll find a hilarious sequence between John, Dusty and Rosa and then at minute 22:45, Meg faces the horror that Rosa is now living in Oakdale. It's the first time that Rosa calls Meg a low-rent tramp in Spanish.
  5. This episode contains Rosa's arrival in Oakdale. You're welcome. One of my favorite things about Rosa, (besides how she and John traded barbs back and forth) was the fact that she'd always needle Meg Snyder and call her a cheap tramp in Spanish and Meg never even knew what she was saying! There was one scene where Meg was having one of her fantasies about being with Dusty and Rosa shows up as their maid and even in the fantasy, she's calling Meg a cheap tramp in Spanish.
  6. Initially, Rosa worked in the kitchen on the ranch in New Mexico that Dusty ran away to after he graduated from high school, in order to get away from John and all the pressures he was facing in Oakdale concerning his future. Meg also found out where he was and followed him there. Eventually Meg was able to convince Dusty to return with her to Oakdale. When John was out of town, his housekeeper (who had been recommended by Shannon O'Hara after Shannon moved out of John's penthouse) got arrested for some thefts and Dusty contacted Rosa to see if she wanted to job that had been left vacant by the housekeeper's arrest. She worked for John but got fed up with John's rudeness and his lack of consideration. Meanwhile, Lucinda's temperamental cook threw a fit and when Lucinda discovered that the cook often lashed out after losing her temper, she fired her. Dusty suggested that Lucinda give Rosa a chance and Lucinda agreed. After that, she worked for Lucinda, which became even more comical once John and Lucinda got married and John ended up living at Lucinda's mansion.
  7. ITA. Maybe a misdiagnosis or some hidden toxin that was affecting her neurologically, treat her for mercury poisoning, whatever works. It'll be interesting too to see whether there will be more future appearances from Eileen Davidson now that Mal's gone. I know the official line was that it had nothing to do with him but it wouldn't surprise me if Ashley shows up in Genoa City more often than previously thought.
  8. The fact that the spoiler says that Traci mentions that Dina seems to be doing better than she has in weeks, proves that Mal could not have written it, since Mal liked to write Dina as being in a constant mental fog.
  9. It's especially sad that unlike New Zealand which took immediate action after their tragedy, the U.S. continues to do nothing, effectively not recognizing the devastation that is caused by these mass shootings. In this case, a year after the shootings, the tragedy continues, which is what many don't seem to comprehend. The devastation doesn't just stop once the tragedy is out of the news cycle. It continues.
  10. R.I.P. to Antonia Rey, who portrayed one of my favorite minor characters, Rosa.
  11. Oh, I agree...she's still beautiful. Perhaps her natural beauty is a bit too real for the remaining West Coast soaps.
  12. There is a profile of her from a few years back on the popular Humans of New York blog/Facebook page. Unfortunately, I can't seem to embed the entry, probably because I'm not a member of Facebook but because the page is Public, I was able to read it. What she has to say is unsurprising but pretty interesting. https://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork/photos/a.102107073196735/1415486905192072/?type=3&theater
  13. Ironically, it seems that Mary Kay Adams' career has generally stayed away from movies. Does anybody know why?
  14. Probably the only thing that can get me to watch this year is to see that one final salute to Kristoff St. John at this year's Emmys. More often than not, the Emmys have failed to recognize many of the best actresses out there, which has left me bitterly disappointed. In its finest hour daytime has done some excellent work telling some types of stories but considering how bad the genre is at telling other types of stories, I cannot say that I'm terribly surprised though.
  15. There were definitely times when Bob's shortness of temperament reared its head in situations. I know that John Dixon was often a provocateur who could get under anybody's skin but there were a few instances when he would voice a genuine concern with Bob (although, in typical John fashion, he used neither diplomacy nor tact) and Bob would just go off on John, sometimes unprovoked. Bob could be very haughty, as he displayed with new resident Casey Perretti, even when Casey's ideas were in earnest (and yes, on occasion, Casey could rub people the wrong way with his abrupt manner). Then there is the way that Bob talked down to Kim when he found out that she wanted to have a career shortly after Christopher was born. Everyone talked about Steve Andropoulous' regressive views on married women (w/kids) in the workplace but no one mentioned Bob's, even after both Kim and Lisa challenged Bob on his out of step views. FWIW, I think various writing regimes tried to show just how imperfect and flawed Bob could be (in many ways) but a lot of viewers often built up a hagiography in their own minds, based upon those warm and wonderful Thanksgiving toasts and Christmas carols but Bob was still the man who cheated on two of his wives.
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