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  1. Someone should ask Trump the exact same question?
  2. Nope, can't say that I am surprised at all. Sadly. Eric Garner's mother lost a son Eric at the hands of police and his daughter Erica who spent so much of her life trying to champion the cause of justice for her father and had a rapid decline of health as a result. Very tragic.
  3. What we certainly already knew: locking up and/or detaining children is profitable for these unconscionable folks. I wonder how many Trump officials have investments in these shelters?
  4. Oh my goodness, I'm not sure I remember this promo but that is a "lewk" for Jill with the lenses, lol.
  5. Gah, just how many Casey Hughes recasts were there?! No wonder the show was so unstable in the last decade?
  6. Okay, I get what you're saying (*nods head*). I'll never understand why some didn't see this before election day. His racism, xenophobia and sexual depredation were all pretty obvious for years.
  7. Where was all this appreciation of KSJ from Y&R/Sony when he was alive? All I saw were too many awful storylines over of his last years of life.
  8. It's fascinating to me. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that many former soap actors don't have the blue check mark next to their name? Which means technically, they are not tweeting from verified accounts? And verification criteria seems to have nothing to do with follower counts, some accounts that are verified have far less than 10,000 followers. It's a shame that P&G soaps didn't engage in much social media while they were still on the air. Twitter was launched in 2006 while ATWT and GL were still on the air. Perhaps if both shows had even had official accounts while on air, it might have at least given their actors a better post soap launching pad once these shows were cancelled (and PGN/P&G knew that these shows were going to be cancelled) by connecting fans to these actors to support future projects and engage with them. It's just a thought, especially since quite a few actors have struggled in the aftermath of these shows' cancellations. I know Bryce is considered one of the fortunate ones since he was already doing prime time television and movies while doing soap work. Most of the cast of the Brady Bunch are verified and I'm not sure how high-profile any of them are.
  9. Scott Bryce still acts in primetime and in movies and his follower count on Twitter is incredibly low.
  10. I just deleted the post. Thanks. I wondered why I saw a post from him today on Twitter. I'm pretty sure it was him. Sort of OT but I can't believe how low the follower counts are for some of these actors. I noticed that they seem particularly low for former P&G soap actors. It strikes me as somewhat sad that their follower counts are so low, for all the fans they used to have. I'm not familiar with Sally Spencer (may she R.I.P.) but it's weird that only one soap blog has published this story while there are a bunch of AW Twitter pages and soap blogs that have yet to put out anything. I guess this speaks to the lack of regard to which daytime soaps are now held.
  11. I read that article earlier this morning. ICE left and returned, banging on the door at 5 a.m. with the teenager huddled in an upstairs room of the house with her parents. This is America, folks, don't let anybody tell you any different. This is the country that had 'slave-catchers' hunt down blacks who ran away to get their freedom. Same country, different eras.
  12. Is his Casey the one who went upstairs and never came down? ...that is, until another actor portrayed the character?
  13. That tweet that she sent out was a blanket statement but the basic point that ICE is not going to the places where undocumented labor suits the U.S. economy is still a valid one. The White House and the GOP don't want another situation like the one they created where they terrorized migrant farm workers and had produce rotting in the fields as a result of not being able to cull enough fruit and vegetable pickers. And I still maintain that the point is to terrorize immigrants, both legal and undocumented, the majority of whom migrate from mainly non-white countries. The cruelty is the point.
  14. That was...not grass court tennis. These are not grass courts, I've maintained that from Day 1 and I've seen nothing to change my mind but hey, let's continue to make the courts slower and have ridiculously long matches at Wimbledon. Fortunately, I only caught half of this match because I had sh*t to do today!
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