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  1. Anyone who missed any part of today should visit the Biden Inaugural Committee channel on YouTube, it's probably going to be archived there, but I make no promises on how long.
  2. I miss those continuous tracking shots that As The World Turns used to do during big group scenes like at The Mona Lisa or at a wedding. Usually, shot in one continuous take. No other soap did it that way, from what I've seen. That requires expert camera technique.
  3. New White House, who 'dis? Seriously, that Inauguration ceremony was truly so well done. I am relieved that it went off with virtually no hitches. So many captivating moments.
  4. I really need to not hear that man's name, at least for the rest of the day.
  5. So far, Trump has pardoned 2 rappers, likely the only black people who will get any pardon from his pen, the rest, likely all white men. Let's not pretend otherwise. He put many more to death. Speaking of the loser, yet another Trump-era EPA rule has been overturned and thrown out.
  6. I get that Stenbeck was originally meant to be a goner in '83 but his return in '86 was done so well-- probably the best written and executed return of a character that I have seen on a soap. So, I get that the temptation was there for another writing regime to bring the character back but by the end of the 90s, the writers knew so little about that far back in the show's history that, honestly, they should've just left it alone. The last regime to write him, wrote him as a complete caricature.
  7. As someone who has written scripts, I see what you are saying but until I see the script, I can't make a judgement on whether it's about the age difference, or a difference in ethnicity, which could be an equally important or even bigger issue. Lopez had the say so and apparently, Duhamel was one of her first choices for replacement, so that's... something. Also, scripts get rewritten many times over ( which can be a bad thing as often as it can be good). If they are still in pre-production, it's possible that some of the ideas were ever evolving anyway. If people reall
  8. That's a great print promo. Hard to imagine any media outlet paying this much attention to promote a daytime soap for a print ad. Production companies do this in the trade magazines to promote their Oscar contenders but short of some miracle, I think we're past soaps ever doing this again. '89 should have been the last time we saw James Stenbeck, when Paul shot him, unless there was a damn good story to bring him back. The one that brought him back over a decade later wasn't it though.
  9. If Duhamel is starring opposite Jennifer Lopez, I doubt the bump up in the actor's age will make much of a difference, tbh.
  10. Biden and Harris starting out on a respectful note, remembering the 400,000 lives lost to COVID-19 this evening.
  11. Today's remembrance service was brief but very moving. It's incredibly sad that in the US alone 400,000 people have perished from this virus.
  12. That news about him fleeing to Florida, at the same time that Palm Beach County is trying to get out of their lease for a branded golf course (thus following NYC's lead)
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