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  1. DramatistDreamer

    The Politics Thread

    I don't believe that Obama would've been able to rebound from a BJ in the Oval office either but yes, Trump is a level of madness that nobody has ever seen before. Still, the fact that Trump has been able to get away with so much with what appears to be little to no accountability, even is Mueller's report somehow leads to indictment, etc. --I really don't think this portends good things for this country.
  2. DramatistDreamer

    Why are soap fans so averse to online streaming?

    PGP is very stupid and obstinate. They're too busy infighting and engaging in their intra-company 'cold war' to recognize a genuine revenue stream. Even if they streamed these shows for 'free' with their own ads like Crakle, FreeDive and so many others do, there would be no virtual downside for PGP. Then again, PGP never did see the true value of their entertainment properties, even when their shows were financing practically half of their business ventures. Like I said, stupid and obstinate.
  3. DramatistDreamer

    The Politics Thread

    Seriously, could you imagine if Obama had done all this sh*t??!! This disparity about what some Americans will make allowances for based on skin color is insane! And please, no one give me that crap explanation about Obama being the one to put up a higher bar because we know that is a smokescreen excuse for a much deeper problem that has existed in America. Knowing what I know about living in America with its overt and under the radar racism, sexism and microaggressions, it is not exactly surprising but still, it is breathtakingly insane to watch this all unfold in real-time. It's truly difficult to hold much hope for America going forward when this is all occurring.
  4. DramatistDreamer

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I was going to mention that too. Very true that Colin and Bryggman had genuine chemistry. As for the concept that their father/daughter chemistry felt less and less real as the years went by, I do think the writing going forward helped to contribute to that element as "John" seemed to become more and more antagonistic and toward "Tom" and in return, Margo became more defensive toward John. I remember, in particular that hospital scene after Margo had just had her miscarriage and John was badgering her over her refusal to answer questions and discuss James Stenbeck's return and Margo exploded on him. It seemed as though, by the 90s, relationships were pretty frayed and by the '00s, it was as if people were complete strangers. It was painful to see Lyla with her daughters and Margo and Craig who had always been close (from Colin to HBS and Bryce) were downright antagonistic. And John was on and off but the chemistry between he and Margo seemed off by then too...were they even sharing scenes by his final story arc on the show?
  5. DramatistDreamer

    The Politics Thread

    Does the release of Michael Cohen poll rigging saga mean that finally polls can be held at arms length in elections? How many examples must there be to show that these polls actually offer no real insight? When will people understand this?
  6. DramatistDreamer

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Okay, okay...tryin' to be diplomatic here.
  7. DramatistDreamer

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I absolutely agree with this! Even seeing their work decades later, it still holds up. Their chemistry had range-- they could portray angst and longing when they needed to, smoldering sensual chemistry when their scenes called for it, anger, devastation, all of it. And even when they were being dense (e.g. the Barbara fake seduction leading to near divorce), both actors played their beats with intelligence-- they really sold it. I also happen to think that Greg Marx and Julianne Moore had great natural chemistry as siblings and with Marx's auburn hair and Moore's coppery locks, they genuinely looked as though they could be brother and sister. The more I watch classic Guiding Light, the more convinced I am that Ellen Dolan's best role by far was as Maureen Bauer. I could never fully get used to her as Margo Hughes. Scott Holmes had some truly sweet scenes with HBS' Margo but they honestly pale in comparison to the intense heat she had with Marx's Tom. Also, this. Scott Holmes'Tom seemed to be the prototype of the 'sensitive' type of man that became so popular in the 1980s. Ordinarily, I don't have a problem with it but there seemed to be a distinct lack of "sizzle" which was very noticeable to me. It was like something had gone missing from the character after Greg Marxx departed the role. I only caught the tail end of Margaret Colin's run but I appreciated the fact that her face was so utterly expressive that she could convey a lot with just an expression. Her chemistry with Deas was obvious but sometime Deas seemed to venture into the hammy.
  8. DramatistDreamer

    The Politics Thread

    ...but he's a Sanders supporter, so I guess that made him aces in some people's books. I've never followed him and I try to avoid his tweets. The ones that I have somehow seen all seem to be videos of black people getting shot. No thanks, life under Trump is hard enough.
  9. DramatistDreamer

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I agree that Ellen should've been brought back and reigniting their feud might have added more interest, particularly to the history of the show, had it been written well. One thing that I've generally appreciated with ATWT, compared to many other soaps is that the rivalries, particularly between female characters, usually had little to do with a man/romantic paramour, with the exception of Barbara and Margo over Hal. Lisa's feud with Lucinda was particularly engaging because it was about so many things. Yes, there were elements of the fallout between Whit McColl and Martin Guest but that was far from romantic and those two characters were long gone at the best moments of Lucinda and Lisa's feud. And the prospect of two women in their 'older and wiser' years feuding over a man...I dunno, it's just not something I'd look forward to seeing. The one way I see that possibly working is if there are other elements at play and if Eduardo...em, Costner's character was just one of many elements that caused contention between Lisa and Ellen. But I do like the idea of having given the elder set some actual storyline and if it could've drawn in other people who try to avoid taking sides between the two, that could be interesting. It would have surely required more thought by the writers and producer to write something good, and at that point unfortunately, TPTB at the show seemed less inclined to take the time to write good, worthy stories for their actors.
  10. DramatistDreamer

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Oh, Y&R lost that ability after W. Bell Sr. retired. In fact, none of the daytime soaps on network have been able to do this in at least a decade.
  11. DramatistDreamer

    NBC to launch streaming service in 2020

    @dragonflies @Gray BunnyLooks like you're not the only ones championing this. Look at Lin-Manuel Miranda wanting to get in on a Passions reboot!
  12. DramatistDreamer

    The Politics Thread

    All because no one wanted to discuss the real problem-- austerity measures that had made poverty even more widespread. Speaking of messes, has anyone been following anything about this El Chapo trial? It's wild, man! I don't know how much of these testimonies are true but this puts Narcos to shame.
  13. DramatistDreamer

    The Politics Thread

    Looks like Theresa May had a verrry bad day! An understatement, yes, I know.
  14. DramatistDreamer

    The Politics Thread

    That tweet about NBC urging their staff to use endless euphemisms instead of just telling truth to power-- that, therein, lies the problem of the entire MSM (corporate owned) and it's killing this country right now. I guess we can all be philosophical about it and say 'well, empires fall...'. Unto everything there is a season. Thank goodness, there are at least some independent journalist and truth in media advocates willing to call these people out for their foolishness and mediocrity.