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  1. A really stupid decision, if so. Laura Malone was very special and she could have been a compelling presence on the show for a number of years to come.
  2. I have a feeling that he told them he wouldn't vote for it at all unless they did this.
  3. Unfortunately due to the wave of voter suppression laws being passed (and, again thanks to Manchin and Sinema, probably not going to be addressed by Congress), even these votes on the margins may be deciding. I hope people will not punish the Democrats who did try, but I feel like all of these posturing games are leaving a lot of Democrats hanging out to dry, especially those like Raphael Warnock who campaigned on 2K.
  4. I included the second tweet because I pretty much agree with it. And this on top of cutting unemployment benefits. All so we can get a round of backpatting over fiscal conservatism. This is really a lousy idea that is going to drown out much of the popular support this bill could have had.
  5. Another shining moment for our self-appointed moral conscience, who can roll in his wads of cash as Democrats lose the House and Senate. If they do hold on, it sure as hell isn't because of him, or his partner in purity from Arizona.
  6. Ronny Jackson was so awful that Jon Tester risked his political career to keep him out of heading the VA. I wish I were surprised he failed his way into Congress, but then the GOP side of Congress is full of criminals and morons.
  7. That "raging bitch" line is an absolute classic. Few in daytime, primetime or film could sling a one-liner with the precision Susan Lucci could.
  8. Thanks to @victoria foxton for posting it elsewhere. I loathed Scott on Guiding Light - let's just say it's a good thing I did not have Internet access in 1993 and 1994 as I was furious about the Billy recast [I did not know just why they recast] - but he was a key player in one of DS's most complex, and in the end, riveting storylines. His arrival offered viewers a turning point for Angelique and how they were allowed to see her - for the first time, we were given the chance to see Angelique truly getting what she had always wanted (love, happiness, a real home) and we saw that sh
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CL67csTsR2V/?utm_source=ig_embed
  10. I notice Dave Wasserman has spent months going out of his way to tell his followers the worst scenarios for Democrats in the House. He's probably right, but, like many Beltway pundits who make $$$ off the GOP, there's a glimmer in his tweets that makes me think he will be happy to be right.
  11. Nice to see the original airing of this rather than the Soapnet repeat. Another World - November 15, 1988 - YouTube
  12. Thanks. I wasn't sure either - it's annoying as she looks so familiar to me. Anyway, here is Anna Maria Horsford: Fortified Oat Flakes Cereal Commercial (Mid-1970s) - YouTube
  13. Glad you enjoyed them. It's a shame Youtube doesn't allow them now. I haven't watched that era closely but I do think Monty's run had some good spots, at least once she came back down to earth.
  14. Susan Pratt is a good actress but she seemed to have a long history of playing annoying characters who had very vocal hatred from the audience. I remember when she briefly returned to AMC in 1997 to make sure Erica knew she couldn't contact Bianca (post-babynapping) and Soap Opera Weekly got angry letters from fans saying she had killed Laura.
  15. https://archive.org/details/general-hospital-february-21-1992 https://archive.org/details/general-hospital-february-24-1992 https://archive.org/details/general-hospital-february-6-1990
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