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  1. The Native American stuff is the main reason I was wary of supporting her in the primary. It's always going to be an issue, but at least she is trying to repair some of the damage. I read that Susan Sarandon is out making digs about her. No surprise there, really. I see a lot of comments about stories like the the one about the abused women which basically say - we have our own problems. And these comments are from Democrats, and people who could see themselves as moderate or liberal. I understand why people feel that way, but I worry about what this coarsening will do to America in the long term. That's the worst of Trump, in some ways - in the long term he has encouraged so much coarsening and rotting away of the best of what the country was meant to be (even if it was rarely actually able to live up to that best).
  2. I think it's great news. I thought she was terrific last season and she and Goodman had such a natural chemistry. I don't think the show will push it too fast either.
  3. What a [!@#$%^&*] joke. And not at all surprising. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/18/mark-halperin-book-deal-1467085 Judith Regan is expected to release this statement about why she is publishing Halperin’s book: “I do not in any way, shape, or form condone any harm done by one human being to another. I have also lived long enough to believe in the power of forgiveness, second chances, and offering a human being a path to redemption. HOW TO BEAT TRUMP is an important, thoughtful book, and I hope everyone has a chance to read it.”
  4. That is somewhere between incredibly embarrassing and incredibly dangerous.
  5. I stopped when I saw one saying they just wanted an end to the drama and want to go back to the OG cast. If they mean John Beradino and Emily McLaughlin, I'm right there. If they mean who I think they mean...
  6. I liked the story with her helping the waitress. I know it's one of those stories used as an example of why the season didn't work, but I felt that it was a nice throwback to the early seasons.
  7. I agree with you, but then I feel like these games aren't meant for anyone outside of his base. It seems to work every time. I hope this time that doesn't turn out to be the case.
  8. http://www.knotslanding.net/interviews/joan2.htm "Loathed" was probably too strong a word on my part, but she lumps it in with material of this era she disliked (the chat person names LML and BL but I think someone else had taken over this season). Alex Wade from Detroit, Michigan asks In close to your last season of Knots, Val loses her marbles yet again. In what could have been a same, tired old storyline, is in fact one of Val’s most entertaining forays into madness. How did you keep it fresh after all those years of playing borderline crazy? JVA: Which storyline does he mean? AS: My guess is the one in your second to last season when you fell off the horse and wound up somehow getting a brain virus. Val did all sorts of weird things like stir-frying the kids’ hermit crabs. JVA: Oh right, right. That one did ask a lot of me. I think the writers tested me with that one. I think they were testing me, sending me up. Val’s going to stir-fry the kids’ pets … how much crazier could she have gotten? But I guess this person from Detroit enjoyed it and that’s what the writers were going for. Maybe he saw it as a fun variation on a constant, repetitive theme. AS: So you really didn’t like what they were doing with Val at that time. JVA: No I really didn’t. I’m thinking of two particular writers who liked making fun of Val. Before, I’d go to David Jacobs, who was the creator and executive producer of the show and I’d talk about certain scenes and tweak them, but in this case I didn’t object or confront the two writers … there wasn’t allowed to be a dialogue. AS: Were these two just two writers? Did you talk to the head writers? JVA: These were the head writers at the time. AS: Oh, (Lynn Marie) Latham and (Bernard) Lechowick were the ones you didn’t like. That’s interesting. JVA (hesitantly): I guess you know the behind the scenes things that were going on then. AS: Well, I interviewed John Pleshette about a month ago and he couldn’t stand them. JVA: They came into a show that was established and … I really don’t know if I should be saying this here … but there was a little bit of turning it upside down. God bless ‘em for going on and having successful careers (after Knots) but it became more and more challenging to play Val the way they wrote for her. Oh and happy birthday.
  9. I'd also recommend Race With the Devil (there's a scene with a [very fake dog toy] dog death though just to warn). I know Ulee's Gold was also acclaimed. I haven't seen it.
  10. Bibi is a messy and thuggish figure so I'm not surprised he didn't go that route. Today they offered Congresswoman Tlaib the opportunity to visit her grandmother, which she declined (and I can understand why she did), so that ends up making them look magnanimous, even though they have no right to be seen that way. So the optics tilt their way, as usual.
  11. Guza wrecked everything of GH. Nothing was left by the time "Cartini" arrived.
  12. If it sends the message that they had no real choice then it will be seen as true and that the government is just saving face. So it's effective propaganda.
  13. Given how little interest Bravo has in gay men who aren't purses, it's for the best.
  14. Bibi was already doing this with Obama. The media hyped it up as Israel, and also Asia, humiliating Obama, especially since he didn't directly respond (as he was smart enough to not do so). Now we have a so-called "tough guy" and look where it's gotten us. On the road to nowhere.
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