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  1. In more cultist news, a field director for Bernie had his private account exposed, where he tweeted at length about, among other things, how ugly Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren are, talking about how Hillary needs to be catapaulted, how Bernie supporters should phonebank for Bloomberg and put in false data to ruin his campaign, how Jonathan Van Ness is dying of AIDS, and how Pete Buttigieg had "botched" conversion therapy and his husband will become a meth dealer running around with twinks. Bernie's campaign did what any campaign should do, and fired him. https://www.thedailybeast.com/bernie-sanders-staffer-mocked-elizabeth-warrens-looks-pete-buttigiegs-sexuality-on-private-twitter-account Some of the highest profile cultists, the general sleaze at Chapo and Secular Talk, instead of just saying his private comments shouldn't have been exposed, chose to fight for his job and get angry at the campaign for actually running like a campaign instead of the dirtbag bigotry that pays their bills and gets them out of bed in the morning. Bernie supporters are the same people who love to lash out at any criticism of him by saying it's anti-Semetic and that you should never bring up his advanced age, frail health, his wife's money scandals, his general uselessness as an activist, his love of dictators, etc. Yet extensive vile comments from someone with a major role in Bernie's campaign are ardently defended and they are throwing money at this man instead of giving it to their dear leader. If anyone in Bernie's camp has any sense, they should be very nervous about these reactions, especially since the voter turnout in IA/NH/NV has shown few, if any new voters are coming to the polls for him. His bedrock of support is depraved and toxic and if they start to feel that he has "sold out" or become a "cop" or what have you, and that supporting him doesn't mean you get to [!@#$%^&*] all over everyone with zero consequence, they will turn against him and rally everyone else to do the same.
  2. I'm very glad that Richard Madden has made his twink parade an annual event. 

  3. I think when you have that much money, it can become easier to become some sort of godlike figure in your own mind. I think Steyer assumed he got what he wanted with impeachment so it was just the first part of his plan. If his Nevada results are any indication, the polling doesn't match up to the Election Day tally. It's a mix of cultism and shilling for attention/cash with both groups. You can always tell who the biggest phonies are as they will jump to Bernie without hesitation and are extremely aggressive about it. One man on Twitter who claimed to be a huge Warren support recently went full Bernie bro to the point of taunting others for having "Bernie Derangement Syndrome" (eventually he deleted it). The phoniness is just another reason I don't trust his supporters. They are selfish and fickle and disturbed and I don't think they will be there when we need them, when the battle really starts.
  4. Another Bernie supporting hypocrite. This man has always given me bad vibes (as TYT does in general) yet he is one of the faces of their movement.
  5. It was so freaky when I started watching and immediately heard those cues.
  6. That reminds me a little of I Wanna Dance WIth You (I can never remember if that was a real song from back in the day or not).
  7. Dark Shadows had some of the most beautiful music composed for a show. Some of the songs, like Josette's Theme, have never left my head. Initially so simple, sweet, then full on pathos - much like Josette herself. Cobert was a genius. I loved his Blue Whale songs the most.
  8. I never knew what Ariel did after she split with John. I wish they'd kept her around (unless it was Judith Blazer's decision to leave) - there's something very special about her. Instead they just pretended she never existed. It's been so long since any new early '80s material popped up and now we get various episodes in the space of a week. A pleasant surprise. I'm glad it's 1984 instead of pornstache Brad and all the low energy 80-82 material.
  9. This is what Bernie Sanders is and this is what we will be spending now to November doing...people who think the (second) most important election of our lifetime needs to be spent on smugging to voters about how communist dictatorships are awesome and America is the real enemy. What happened to all those Joe Rogan voters who are supposed to be so important? Do they love Castro too? Meanwhile, the cultists are using Obama clips to defend Bernie's views on Castro...but don't they hate Obama? Don't they say he was a war criminal and a fraud? They are no better than Trump supporters, and Bernie is basically a communist Trump. What a choice.
  10. Saw these on Youtube. Not sure if they are new or just reuploads, but... That first one really gets to me. Scott Bryce was such a beautiful crier (no wonder Marland went to town on Craig tears) and such a beautiful man. He always knew how to bring out the vulnerability in Craig. And he and HBS worked so well together, like a real brother and sister.
  11. It looks like he will end up being a clear second place in Nevada, which at least means he has some distance over the field. I saw that Warren is now second in a national poll, and not hugely behind Bernie (about 9 points), but I think it may be too late to make up the delegates. I just wish something could break. In my heart I just don't think Bernie even wants to win. He doesn't have to - he's very rich and will become even more rich if he loses. Warren and Biden at least do want to win and want to fight for us - even if we don't agree with all their plans or methods, it's still something that is valuable. Bernie doesn't want to fight for us. They just want to set everything on fire. Susan Sarandon is focused on Nancy Pelosi - and sadly, to many in his camp, Pelosi is the enemy and Trump is acceptable.
  12. I wish more people up high had made these types of arguments months ago, rather than just randos I see on Twitter. Finally more people are talking about how just because Trump was elected doesn't mean some paradigm shift that will help Bernie. No matter how much most Bernie supporters admire Trump, they don't have the same backgrounds or appeals.
  13. Another day, another example of St. Bernard pissing away Florida (although that's probably beyond our grasp anyway, but still...) and many voters nationwide. The main response I see in the comments is people playing "gotcha" with Ana, even though any idiot with a Google can easily know her political background. Talking about her doesn't make videos like this any less toxic for a general.
  14. This was around the time that Will's entire coming out experience was left offcamera. Great writing.
  15. People's Choice Award winning The Colbys!
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