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  1. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I'm glad you are enjoying her. There's nothing in Thursday that would change your opinion - she doesn't really do much. Michelle and the '80s version of Kathy meant a lot to me and represent most of what I loved about Eastenders, so this year has...not been an experience I have enjoyed. But at least the Preston story is over and the Willmott-Brown fiasco will be over soon and if America has not been nuked I can look forward to new material in 2018. I just wish I could shake the feeling that Luke is going to rape Ben.
  2. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Yes. She just doesn't fit in for me at all. The stuff with her and Karen (awful) and Honey (wrecked by SOC) on Thursday...ugh.
  3. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    Yes, but it depends on which actor is saying it. For instance, if Barbara Windsor was saying "ain't," I'd tend to believe it, because she always had a bit of rough to her. I don't with Jenna Russell. It takes a lot of work and time to make this believable - Pam St. Clement was posh but always managed to make Pat's rougher edge feel real - and I don't think Eastenders has that type of time anymore. I'll admit if I wasn't so bitter about what the show has done to one of my favorite characters I'd care less than I do.
  4. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    The problem I have with it (I can't speak for Tim of course) is it sounds about as believable as if Queen Elizabeth was saying it. It just feels very, very false. As does everything about this recast.
  5. The Politics Thread

    This is another example of how we're already likely seeing the "me too" movement used to not only discredit Democrats, but also to discredit the movement itself. https://www.thedailybeast.com/a-twitter-account-with-two-fake-ids-accused-a-democrat-of-assault-then-pro-trump-sites-ran-with-it
  6. The Politics Thread

    If people can afford to go I can see why. I have to admit I feel like what's going on here is going to be going on in one form or another in many places, including places like Germany which are now being hyped up as the new paradise, but I'd like to believe that isn't the case. I don't think Trump will get a second term, but I fear who will. I don't believe Democrats will win the White House in 2020 and I don't think they will make much headway in Congress in 2018. If the last week has reminded me of anything it's just how good they are at choking themselves out.
  7. The Politics Thread

    I really do think it's all about his sons - they just creep me the hell out. I'm seeing spin at contrarian sites like Slate that this will actually help elephants, but in my heart I don't believe that. I imagine a lot of people are out there right now yukking it up over those liberals being in their feelings over this, without caring about beautiful creatures being slaughtered by sociopaths wearing rictus grins. Anyone who gets that much pleasure out of hunting and killing an elephant is mentally unwell and I'd never want to be around them. This is likely one of the reasons the GOP is working to restrict broadband access and allow a handful of names to control all media - social media and information is one of the biggest threats to these types of boondoggles.
  8. I tend to wonder if they were looking for a reason to boot him anyway.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Lydia could be plopped into any Robert Altman film from the '70s. It's very odd seeing that type of persona on this type of show.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Some men want to be caught, deep down.
  11. Twin Peaks

    Thanks for finding all this. I see that Lynch is again not saying anything about season 4, which the media are saying means it's not happening. I have to admit I'll be surprised if it's already being filmed next year, but Kimmy's comment does make me wonder. Speaking of Kimmy, I had to laugh when the moderator asked her that question about a fantasy of another project she was in revived by fans, and she kept saying Twin Peaks fan support wasn't a fantasy. That was very Lucy of her...
  12. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    I think Victoria having a baby would just limit her even more, although if Adam was staying I would have liked it. If they want a child for a Sugden they should have just brought in a kid from Robert's years away.
  13. The Politics Thread

    She has been a guest on Hannity. Hannity went from saying Moore had 24 hours to hand-waving Moore, saying it's up to voters. And now this comes out. I think that McConnell likely doesn't want Moore in the Senate - even beyond the allegations he's mostly been a huge headache and attention whore who is only popular with the base, which is the last thing McConnell would want more of - and that all of this is happening from the Bannon side of the GOP. I do believe her, as Franken spent 20 years in the meat factory of SNL (a horribly sexist place), and his generation of men certainly had carte blanche when in positions of power, but the timing and motivations are something I am struggling with. Again, if this is true I think he should resign, but what bothers me is that this is being pushed by people who worship men like Trump and Moore as gods. This is essentially exploiting sexual harassment for political gain. And I have a feeling this won't be the last time either.
  14. The Politics Thread

    As for Al Franken, I think the photo is repulsive (I've seen some say it's not so bad because he didn't actually touch her - if this was done without her permission it's bad no matter what), and in an ideal world he should resign, but the timing of it feels off to me. I do believe her, but this came out at the perfect time - not just to help Trump, but also to help Roy Moore, who gets to act like a martyr and when he wins (he's going to win - he was going to win no matter what), he, the GOP, and the Beltway can say there's no reason to expel him or do anything but support him, because Al Franken is still in office. Even if Al Franken resigned tomorrow, Roy Moore would still win and he would still be seated. And the media would shrug it off, as would voters. They don't care what Republicans do, especially Republicans who hide behind a fake and craven perversion of faith that degrades the many good Christians out there who are so unrepresented today.
  15. The Politics Thread

    Speaking of the pipeline, I can't remember if this was already posted: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-25/under-trump-made-in-america-is-losing-out-to-russian-steel