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  1. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    It's very sad. I guess considering Jean Rogers left due to unhappiness of stories, at least Dolly was not violently killed, as happened to a number of other ladies on Emmerdale. Still, it's sad to see her go and to know there are so few left. This also further isolated the Sugdens, which had already been happening. It is very prescient when she calls Frank and Kim out as users - I wonder if that was intentional or not. It doesn't help that the extremely depressing story with Kate Hughes leaving was going on at the same time.
  2. The Politics Thread

    I know it's Glenn Greenwald but I read an article on The Intercept saying that the Chamber of Commerce, MoveOn, and that Bernie group all endorsed her primary opponent, and there are some other odd things that went on as well: https://theintercept.com/2018/08/14/connecticut-primary-mary-glassman-moveon-chamber-of-commerce/ She seems very qualified, so it makes no sense to me. I hope they will support her for November as I think this is a swing district.
  3. The Politics Thread

    One last flush down the toilet for "Sam's Club Republican" T-Paw, a craven husk of a sellout who trashed Minnesota and then cashed out. I wonder if his old booster Chris Cillizza had anything to say. I doubt it...he seems to be too busy with his usual hee hee ha ha on Twitter. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/08/tim-pawlenty-loses-minnesota-gubernatorial-primary.html
  4. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I still watch. I don't post much here. I post mainly at Walford Web. The show has some alright moments, but is mainly the same damn scenes over and over, and way too much of Hayley and Stuart. Sadly with Kate Oates coming I imagine the worst will be on the way.
  5. Y&R: Old Articles

    That's probably true... I just can't even tell myself Maura was playing the same character. Even Susan Walters wasn't the same. They never should have even tried. Typical Y&R of the last few decades. I still can't believe what they did with Maura...
  6. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    I got very upset about this, mostly because of Dixie Carter. I told myself that it was silly, given the real problems in the world today, but...it still feels wrong to me.
  7. Recovering lost films and TV shows

    Glad someone is reading the thread! This one got a lot of notice, although it mostly makes me feel sad: https://deadline.com/2018/08/marilyn-monroe-lost-nude-scene-from-the-misfits-discovered-1202444346/
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    Tracey Bregman seemed to be having a blast playing those scenes. I wonder if Bill Bell ever regretted making Lauren a heroine, as she was a lot of fun as a naughty bitch. I especially loved her asking Jazz where Paul was, what Paul said about her, etc. He was so fed up with her. The bit when he said Paul was with a blonde (Andy) made me LOL. Her sparring with Amy was terrific, especially the end when Amy convinced her to keep Jack and his PI report in check by reminding her that Traci would turn to Danny again, and weren't there enough women already interested in Danny? Stephanie Williams also did a good job in those types of sparring moments when Simone on GH used to get into it with Lucy. The guy who played Rick wasn't much of an actor, which let the last scenes down somewhat, but MTS was doing more than enough acting for the both of them. She added so much tension and fear in every expression. It was also a weird throwback to see Victor in an era when people could tell him not to do something, like go out in a storm, and he would actually listen. (oh and Victor in that wet shirt is the only time I've ever found him attractive...). The scenes with Katherine trying to forgive Jill and instead using her hatred of Jill to fuel her decision about plastic surgery were just phenomenal. Such ugliness, such bile in that scene with Jill and Katherine, as Katherine tried so hard but Jill could not and would not let her. They took what could have been a vanity story about Jeanne Cooper's facelift and instead used it to set up all the material when Katherine found out about Jill and Jack and began the blackmail plot. What writing! And what gets me most is that the Brenda Dickson we see in the 1973 clip is not that far off from the Brenda we get here - just harder and more bitter (I love the way she has that line when Liz opens the door - asking if Katherine has died yet. She just delivers it perfectly). The jump from that Brenda to April 1986 Brenda is so severe, even though the 1986 episode wasn't even Brenda at her most...Brenda. Does anyone else think it's weird that no one but Jack was bothered by Traci dating her college professor? Ashley was indignant at him finding it inappropriate. Odd. Oh and there was that boring guy (Brian?) I forget about right after I see him. Speaking of Ashley, Eileen's hair and jewelry and wardrobe in these episodes is always a mess, but this looked good. Rick James videos were calling her: I did a double take in the 1986 episodes as I did not know Jazz and Nathan were ever on the show at the same time. They were all supporting figures, sadly, but it was great to see that Paul was surrounded by so much diversity at that point, as well as a natural and fun partner in Andy. It makes the '90s revolving around Lynne, Mary, Cricket and sauerkraut seem kind of sad, doesn't it? I guess Bell felt that Nathan could replace Jazz. It's too bad as I really like Jazz. I wonder how much the budget was at this time that they could spring for prosthetics for Andy, Jazz, Nathan and Amy, just for one scene. Poor Stephanie Williams being put in yellowface. I wonder if this was some kind of...wink at the criticism they got for the whiteface story. And Jazz guest stars as Madea. I know we've said this before but it really disappoints me that they didn't do more with Stephanie. She never seemed to fit into her ABC soap roles. She is a natural here, and I wish they'd seen that. Why did Lauren and Paul break up anyway? They seem so good here, and so right. (and damn Doug Davidson was hot in the '80s) I remember @DeeeDee posting before about Diane being removed from the canvas for Faren, and I could feel that here. Diane is insecure and Faren has the upper hand at every turn. I wonder if Bell was just so into the mystery lady stories - was Faren the first mystery lady on Y&R? In some ways Faren seems like a precursor, just in a sappier way than the later mystery ladies like Cassandra. Anyway, Alex Donnelly does what she can. Seeing this makes me feel that she was one of those ladies who looked better with the extra '80s hair. I think it was also DeeeDee who said the reason they didn't do more with Matt/Nikki was lack of chemistry. I can see that here (especially when compared to her scenes with Jack). I have to admit that I just can't picture Victor ever encouraging his brother to go after Nikki - did his raging jealousy not start until later years? This seems like such a bizarre plot. Matt seems shoehorned into the canvas. I wonder how fans felt at the time. Anyway, MTS again gives good work, and she somehow makes this outfit look adorable: The Traci and Mamie scenes were so sweet. Veronica is 'my' Mamie, but I really appreciated Marguerite Ray here. This batch of 84/86 episodes also made me appreciate Eileen Davidson more. I won't lie, Brenda Epperson will always be my favorite Ashley, but Davidson is just fascinating to watch in these episodes. She is always moving, always going, both vulnerable and tough all at once. And so intelligent too. She is also given a perfect balance of corporate, family and romantic life. One thing I notice in these episodes is you got a ton more ACTING from the ladies of the '80s. Starting in the late '80s/early '90s you got cooler, more introspective performances from so many women like Tonya Lee Williams, Nina Arvesen, Kimberlin Brown, Brenda Epperson. I loved their work, and I still do. It's just I didn't realize how different the women on the canvas were from one decade to the next. The show as a whole seems a bit looser and freer in these years (as loose and free as Bill Bell can be, anyway). I like it a lot.
  9. Recovering lost films and TV shows

  10. The Politics Thread

    The power grabs keep getting more blatant. https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/west-virginia-impeach-entire-state-supreme-court
  11. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Was that Arlene Dahl with that awful "pianah" accent? That opening theme always makes my heart swell when I hear it.
  12. There have been rumors about Aretha Franklin's health for the last year or two, and now rumors of her being 'graveily ill.' I hope this isn't true, as it's strange and sad to imagine the world without her, but my best to her and her family.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Honestly, I've been hearing this talk about her health for at least two years. 


      @BetterForgotten I don't make excuses for poor behavior but I don't personally know what things she might have been subjected to as an artist and as a woman and a woman of color in the music industry.

      I have friends who have (at various times) worked in the music industry and they have said it is a dirty, dirty business.  We've seen what some singers, particularly women have been subjected to.  I don't know whether Franklin's attitude/behavior has been as a result of, in response to or to counteract what she may have experienced during her years in the industry.

    3. BetterForgotten


      @DramatistDreamer I'm sure the music business hasn't been kind to her or many other women over the years. However, Aretha often seems petty and petulant. Like that whole issue a few years back she had with Beyonce calling Tina Turner 'The Queen.'


      Tina handled that whole thing with class, and made Aretha look like a damn fool. 

    4. ReddFoxx


      Hopefully she will pull through. As to her behavior. I remember how she pulled her arm away from Patti LaBelle when Patti tried to reach out to her at an event at the White House. I think she just doesn't like competition because most of her issues seem to be with other black women in the industry (Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross). She really seemed to resent Natalie Cole for breaking her streak of winning the R&B Female Vocal Grammy Award.

  13. The Politics Thread

    A woman who used to date Keith Ellison is claiming he abused her. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/08/12/keith-ellison-abuse-allegations-774576
  14. AMC Tribute Thread

    I miss David Canary.