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  1. She'll probably get a gig at Faux News. Awful person. I read that Eric Trump was spit on tonight. Well, he's probably into that anyway.
  2. If he isn't forced out from a conviction he'd likely have to go from a primary. That's the second most Republican district in California and his father represented the district for decades. He also hates all the right people, to the point of bragging about taking photos with dead bodies while in the military. I'm seeing a lot of anger from the left about Democrats in Congress not being upset enough about Carroll's sexual assault accusations. The sad truth is nothing changes with her accusations, and if anything it just makes Trump even more popular with certain members of the public. And many of those who are upset support a man who wrote about how women fantasize about being raped, so clearly they aren't that bothered. They just want to be pandered to so they can feel morally righteous. Well, tough [!@#$%^&*].
  3. They investigate? What does that mean? I still can't get past how that site sneered at Twin Peaks season 3.
  4. https://www.vulture.com/2019/06/keanu-reeves-why-we-cant-stop-watching.html
  5. There's a new poll out about younger people, especially women, being less supportive of the lgbt community, for the second year in a row. It's by GLAAD, an organization I have little to no respect for and which has been tone deaf for a very long time, but I don't have a hard time believing the results. Beyond the increase in tension over transgender issues, we're also living in an era where bigotry and hatred are encouraged in all corners, and people are more and more happy to fall into line with extreme views. This is also another example of why I think, as I've always thought, that the whole "when old geezers die off young people will make everything a paradise" concept is bullshit. https://people.com/human-interest/lgbtq-acceptance-rates-drop-glaad-report/
  6. This is the type of navel-gazing and attempts to cling onto power and shut others down that has helped lead to so many horrible moments in recent years.
  7. They were in the same orbit - she was in the middle of his drama with Jim after he pushed Jim off the scaffolding. https://coronationstreet.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_4477_(21st_September_1998)
  8. I don't care for Buttigieg, but I don't think he meant it that way. I think he meant he was trying to focus on his job (for once), not on whether she was voting for him. Buttigieg has never had any chance. He was mostly someone for the media to talk about until Biden got in the race and they had real stories to tell. I don't even believe he thinks he has a chance. I think he's angling for a job in the DNC, or on cable news. As I've never felt he was going anywhere I have stopped paying attention to him, but the amount of virulent homophobia surrounding him (including people who endlessly call him "Butt Plug" and "Bootyjudge") reminds me of why this party is so toxic and divided.
  9. DRW50

    Twin Peaks

  10. I don't like FX and I read they had an odd approach (like giving Verdon credit for all of Fosse's successes and claiming she became some kind of shut-in after he died), but I hope you enjoyed it.
  11. The people who already hate him will believe her. Others will think it's all a lie (I have already seen people claiming it's Kavanaugh all over again and he's being set up). And of course others will believe her but not care because they hate women anyway and Trump is their hero.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/21/politics/trump-military-strikes-iran/index.html We're getting to that point again where I feel like we're close to a living hell, a mistake that there's no way we can come back from, similar to the games Trump played with North Korea. Maybe even wore as there are clearly very powerful people in Trump's orbit pushing and pushing to bomb Iran, as they are either deluded enough to think that we will defeat them, or they know we won't, but that they will get to go to Heaven. It's getting to that point again where I'm scared to go to bed and scared to wake up in the morning.
  13. Thank you, @victoria foxton , for that 1993 episode. I had missed it somehow. Very enjoyable. I thought the episode felt very full of character, unlike the 1989 episode, which was much more generic. Clunky as it was, I liked the theme of Stacey and JJ struggling to let go of Jack. The scene with Buck talking tough to JJ was a highlight, and another reminder of what a strong child actor Geoffrey Wigdor was. I also liked the scene near the end where Stacey mourned the tree she and Jack had planted. Some terrific scenes with Clay and Gwyn - so much chemistry between Christine Tudor and Dennis Parlato. Parlato was so ideal for this role it's a shame he only got to play him for a few years. Dinah Lee and Alex were also fine. The Shana and Tess scenes stuck out for me. While it makes sense for Shana, who was so isolated during her years in Corinth, to help usher in a loner like Tess, the expository dialogue given to Tess just makes me wince. And while I just adored Susan Keith as Cecile, she had a very alienating, chilly acting style that must have been a challenge to write for. I can kind of see why they gave up on Shana, even though I wish they hadn't.
  14. There are two people missing here, for two very different reasons. (also it's time to note that Savannah Guthrie's voice, no matter how much NBC pushes her, still sounds like she lost out on an audition for Sweet Valley High)
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