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  1. Bruenig made sure to get the expected anti-Semitic digs of the far left in, and his phony hatemonger of a wife made sure to do her tee hee routine while directing attacks toward those who have no stomach for it: Speaking of the hatemonger, she recently wrote a "defense" of Ilhan Omar which is just using Omar as an incoherent screed against a party she despises. Just another reason not to give your money to the Atlantic.
  2. There are differences from 2009, no doubt, like the racism Obama faced, which can't be understated; there's just enough similarity, both in media agenda, Manchin and Sinema, gerrymandering, etc. to make me uneasy. What may bother me most is how, just as in 2009, so many are working to normalize extremist and activist actions against democracy. Here is Dave Wasserman's response to more voter purges in Georgia:
  3. If that is the story where all of the men in the Martin family hounded Dixie nonstop about getting an abortion (she did not want to because she feared she would never be able to have a child due to giving a kidney to Del), the story was so incredibly offputting it helped drive me away from being a regular viewer of the show.
  4. This left me feeling numb for a long time after I saw the news on Twitter, especially when I remembered the law right wing media hero DeSantis signed. It feels like this is just the beginning.
  5. It's hard for me to imagine the Holden of these years having fun with anyone - he was cold and miserable much of the time. I don't think that changed until after Jon Hensley left again for a few more years. I would have rather seen Heather's Lily get a bit more time on her own. Lucinda did become too defined by the Lily relationship, although I suppose that was almost always her central relationship. At this time we did get some other sides of her, but I always wanted more. I agree about people who should have been banned from the wedding. Sadly I was glad that they e
  6. She wrote for Dawson's Creek and Wasteland. https://people.com/tv/dawsons-creek-writer-dies-by-suicide-after-year-long-covid-battle/
  7. He's a pundit who is mostly known for his takes on Virginia elections. He used to have a blog, Not Larry Sabato, based on the election analysis guy of that name.
  8. The Monmouth poll from a few days ago has mostly gotten notice for Biden's approval rating, or the clickbait of Republicans approving of Putin more than Biden. This is the number that worries me more (I know Ben Tribbett is an overly pessimistic source): This is what McConnell, and the media that hates us all, is banking on - Democrats becoming increasingly demoralized and apathetic. I hope Congressional Democrats will realize how short time is (instead of doing like Dick Durbin and responding to other senators with these concerns by saying "get a life") an
  9. I read that de Blasio supposedly is for Adams, on the sly, but then that may just be gossip spread by a rival campaign. Did anyone have any idea de Blasio would be what he turned out to be...or were people just so fired up over Christine Quinn they ignored his flaws?
  10. Heartbreaking. The New York mayor's primary seems to be becoming even more of a dumpster fire in its last days. Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia, likely knowing the polls showing a strong likelihood of Eric Adams winning are accurate, teamed up today asking their supporters (in Garcia's case it was more of a wink-wink) to rank both of them one and two. This has gotten some vocal backlash, including:
  11. Ernie Lively, character actor and father of Blake Lively and Robyn Lively. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/ernie-lively-dead-sisterhood-of-traveling-pants-blake-lively-1234965653/
  12. I had forgotten he wasn't on ATWT at that time. He seemed to know Melanie and Mary fairly well - I guess through other avenues.
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