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  1. I can't be surprised, but it's still so stunningly, crushingly cruel. And yet this is what the public seemingly approves of.
  2. Rest in peace Rev Joseph Lowery.

  3. Tom Coburn, ex-Congressman and Senator for Oklahoma, has passed. I remember his Senate race against Brad Carson, one of the first that the netroots was heavily involved in, and reading comments like one who said his father was in a nursing home, knowing he didn't have very long left, but still wanted to made sure he voted for Carson. I also remember how shocking I thought Coburn's comments about Schindler's List were at the time - seems almost quaint now. He at least believed in term limits, and treated Obama like a human being, instead of the great evil. That is also something which many in both parties today are loath to do, sadly. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/28/obituary-former-sen-tom-coburn-152711
  4. I remember stories on here about John and backstage issues at the time but I'm not really sure why this is the time to bring all that back up.
  5. By the time I started watching AMC, Edmund was already in self-righteous arm-grabbing mode. I was surprised when I eventually got to go back several years and see how much more likeable and charming he'd once been. Callahan played that with ease, and a combination of wit, intelligence, vulnerability and edge that is very difficult for most men on daytime to capture. I'm sorry to hear he's passed, especially with everything going on at the moment in terms of funerals.
  6. This is why I have no time for the easy narratives pushed everywhere about how smart and efficient China is and how China is trying to save the world. Too many people are so eager to share their disgust for America (Americans in particular being happy to do this) they don't care that they are enabling a very dangerous regime. You can dislike and distrust both. It's not hard.
  7. After all the years of coldness and emptiness from Katie Couric and Matt Lauer (and boy would he have been a passive-aggressive dick in this instance), it's nice to see Today get back its heart, for a moment anyway. Trump never invoked the DPA because big business told him it would be a mistake in the long run (socialism boo, etc.). Then Boy Blunder, Kushner, tried to negotiate a deal with GM, only to pull out because of money. They then invoked the DPA and tried to shame GM...while tweeting to an account that isn't GM's and telling them to get back to work at a plant that GM sold last year. They only invoked the DPA out of humiliation. Keep an eye on those ventilators because I have a feeling they will be left sitting in a warehouse, or only going to red states. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/26/us/politics/coronavirus-ventilators-trump.html The Atlantic has done a series of articles on Erie, PA's attempts to recover from economic rot. The latest is on their new reality following the shutdowns. https://www.theatlantic.com/notes/2020/03/american-downtown-erie-during-pandemic/608803/
  8. NYT continues to have trash employees obsessed with the Clintons.
  9. Not that I remember. The most you tend to get is generous underwear shots. Neville and William Roache were keeping the totty side going through the '70s...
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