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  1. Netflix: One Day at a Time

    I'm about halfway through the new season, but (this is likely a few days late) one of the show's creators is asking fans to get people to watch 4 episodes over the next few days, to help increase the show's chances of another season.
  2. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    Will you miss Vincent? Sometimes I wonder if AWZ just keep Deniz for that iconic pool shot (or are he and Jenny popular together - or are they related...my memory is awful). I wonder if Valentin will have any story with Ringo. I know some fans initially thought they were going to get together. I don't know how his story with Easy has been received.
  3. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I'd completely forgotten she temped as Viki.
  4. Parks and Rec - Sometime in seasons 4 and 5 I had started to barely laugh at anything and noticed that the writing was much more interested in recreating the same "moments" over and over between characters like Ron and Leslie than in writing comedy. They seemed almost ashamed of comedy, aside from repeating the same scenes over and over with Tom and Jean-Ralphio, both of whom (especially the latter) were about as funny to me as a Bleak House marathon. The constant verbal and emotional abuse of Jerry, which we were supposed to find hilarious even as the show kept getting patted on the back for being so "nice" and "warm," made my stomach turn. It became a show of bullies, a deeply deluded show of bullies. Everybody Loves Raymond - the last years of the show became so nasty, with Patricia Heaton in particular going from being a funny and warm wife to sneering and snarling her way through the episodes. I think one of the reasons most of the cast aside from those who already had careers never went on to bigger or better roles is because they were so typecast in such ugliness. I also wonder if that's why this went from being, at the time, a wildly overhyped show critics kept trying to call one of the best sitcoms of all time, to a footnote. Becker - I lost interest when Terry Farrell was fired. Nip/Tuck - sometime during season 2, when that creepy son became a focus and the show became obsessed with his sex life...namely the pointless, grimy plot of the two lesbian girls who started sleeping with him and one fell in love with him and it ended in tragedy, blah blah blah. Ryan Murphy, as misogynist, homophobic, and anti-lesbian (anti-bisexual - anti-anything that isn't about what he can perv on) as usual, just couldn't stop writing nasty stories about lesbians existing for men and "turning" for men.
  5. The Doctors

    I think Anna's time on The Doctors was also when she swore to never do press again because they misquoted her and made it sound like she lived in a house full of snakes or wanted to live in a house full of snakes.
  6. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Is that Christine Jones?
  7. Winter Olympics 2018

    He is the first, yes. Apparently he's retiring as a pro after this. He and the main guy from Japan are both coached by Brian Orser and are close friends, apparently.
  8. Winter Olympics 2018

    I save it for special occasions. A few others:
  9. My parents watched it all the way through but yes, they enjoyed the show a lot more in the first season. It seemed like once Steven King got more involved the writing declined.
  10. Winter Olympics 2018

    I read about Javier Fernandez's Chaplin skate and finally managed to find a video of it - what a beautiful routine, what a beautiful man, and what a beautiful ass. One of the reasons I don't follow a lot of male figure skating is sometimes it seems so po-faced (phony attention seekers like Johnny Weir don't count as exceptions), but this year has had some nice surprises that proved me wrong.
  11. Brown seems to mostly work with progressive causes now - maybe that's why he wasn't involved.