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  1. Yes. And this was his commenting on the situation upon her arrival so that would be 1996, the Black and Stern year. I never have understood why they even hired her if they didn't want to use her talents. I guess FMB and MADD loyalty. P&G and CBS were so incompetent and incoherent. The whole thing makes me mad all over again because ATWT should still be on the air today.
  2. When announcing MADD taking over the P&G soaps, I think it was Michael Logan who pointed out, aghast, that ATWT no longer had a long-term story plan. I have wondered if they ever did again. It sure didn't feel like it.
  3. Other than Holden, and that Caleb recast, I liked all the Snyders from 85-93, and generally I liked Jack (mostly because of Michael Park). And yes, Doug Marland was a genius, and I have defended his work as much or more than I've criticized it (at ATWT - I am not that fond of his GL work). I think - and I don't mean @P.J. when I say this - some people don't understand that people can love a show and still be very critical. I'm not going to couch my criticism of ATWT because that criticism is why I kept going back to the show all the way to the end. Irna Philips herself tore the show apart at times, and she loved it as her own child. RIP to Hogan Sheffer, but I will never accept his ATWT, I will never praise it, and I do not feel one teeny, tiny ounce of guilt for that. The world is burning - if people don't want to see that on this board, then I'm sure they have better things to do while we still can.
  4. Someone else here can explain it better than I can but Trump just put out a bunch of worthless executive orders (the only one that likely will stick is cutting payroll taxes and capitol gains tax to benefit the rich and bankrupt Medicare and Social Security) in order to get media hype for making a big decision. Mark Meadows and the Senate GOP clearly worked together to give Trump this win and allow him to do something they want to do but don't want to be on the record for (ending entitlements). They are destroying this country and no one can do anything about it.
  5. No amount of strong EPs will balance out someone who hates soaps. Sheffer bragged about how he wasn't a soap writer, and he was appalled at the basic tenets of storytelling which didn't involve "men with balls" and random characters humping. He said as much himself. He may have been a good writer in another genre, but not daytime. Marland would have left ATWT within a few years, as he had another soap planned. The main difference might have been that he could have left ATWT in a better place. ATWT was actually in good shape when P&G and John Valente began hacking it to pieces, but the year to two years before that had been terrible for the show - moribund, dispiriting, and almost daring viewers to stop watching from sheer apathy.
  6. It was mostly just done to try to make us feel sorry for Craig, as Hunt Block awkwardly tried to force out tears and made weird trombone sounds before they had Carly give him pity sex. The whole story was gross to me, and crass. Sheffer hated soaps and it showed from start to finish. The writers who were forced into daytime due to lack of real options elsewhere and openly expressed contempt for the genre - while being cheerleaded by the likes of Michael Logan and other shills who also saw themselves as being above daytime - helped kill the genre off for good. Even now we have Mr. "Jack Abbott black rabbit," who was supposed to have left the genre for greener pastures, going back and forth. Just go write more for the WWE - that's become a bad parody of a soap anyway.
  7. So Tom knows how much we treasured incredible lines like "Cut the crap!"?
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53695338 Wayne Fontana, singer of "The Game of Love" among many others.
  9. I never blamed the writers for the lack of cameos. Goutman's ego was all over those episodes and his contempt for the show - and fans - was clear. To this day I still resent the fans who bent over backwards to praise him for his bravery in having so few returns. All they got was a dead gay man and a plastic globe. That may be their kink, but it sure as hell wasn't mine.
  10. It was a major story on ABC, Politico, etc. RCP's average has steadily narrowed to nearly 6. Hopefully once the junk polls fade out some better polls will increase. I guess at least it prevents complacency.
  11. I'm hoping Ryan, Karl, or Kelvin (who seems to still be friendly with people at Emmerdale) will cameo in some way, but the timing is just about the worst. I guess this shows just how little they care - not that we should have expected more.
  12. I keep thinking about the cravenness of this, and how our media, along with so many paid operatives, will turn a blind eye while praising Trump for his illegal executive orders and "both sides-ing" or blaming Democrats for the stimulus package Trump and his foot soldiers like McConnell and Meadows refused to pass, or instead trying to make the race about the latest Biden gaffe. They will do anything for this man, and so many people seem to fall for it. More attention is paid to a stupid comment from Biden than people suffering and literally dying every day. Yet the polls narrow and Trump continues to stumble on. This country is so broken it's hard to know what can repair it.
  13. @I Am A Swede thought you'd want to know (or anyone else who wants to read the spoiler) that
  14. I've seen some speculation that Meadows wants to tank the bill for Trump. I wouldn't be shocked. That way Trump can do some executive orders and get praise as taking tough action Congress won't.
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