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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. For some reason, Vogue decided to have models talk about harassment and exploitation they've faced in the industry (they don't give any names). An open secret - maybe this will be a start of more.
  2. They lost House seats, lost Senate seats (they were at near-parity in the House in 2000, before the new maps came in, and lost the Senate in 2001 due to a party switch), and would have lost the White House if not for Florida rigging and Supreme Court rigging. If the young voters are only voting on impeachment, then we're already doomed, because it means they put something that will make no difference (no one who doesn't already believe Trump is corrupt will have their opinion changed, there will be no charges, and the Republicans will spin it to their advantage day in and day out, along with their media friends) over cold hard reality.
  3. I think Biden would have won in 2016. I'm not sure about now. VP selection will be more crucial that ever this time around. I'm especially wary of Bernie as I am pretty sure he will just pick a crony, and treat them as a token or a lapdog. I feel like the whole Pete Buttigieg boomlet, brief as it will be, is just another way for corporations to move white, rich gay men away from the rest of the lgbt community, which is already happening anyway.
  4. I'm surprised Elizabeth Warren is calling for his impeachment. She's a very intelligent person who knows how this would end. It feels like a Hail Mary for a campaign that has stalled. Democrats are repeating 2016 all over again, between the purity contests and the obsession with Trump over our own policies or values. I can't shake the feeling that he's getting reelected.
  5. So sad. Brexit is almost singlehandedly undoing decades of progress in Ireland.
  6. Is Kate Mulgrew doing the VO for the Knorr ad?
  7. I love Justina Machado but I'm not sure I love her enough to sit through Will Ferrell. The casting seems very off for me in most of this (although Marisa Tomei as Edith is interesting - Woody Harrelson doesn't have the fire for Archie though), as does having a man who wore blackface well into his career hosting the show.
  8. I don't even have the heart to read most of this stuff. Trump will still get away with everything, so will his cronies, and the media would still sell us all into the rivers of fire just to get access to them.
  9. Now that North Korea is firing missiles again (openly...I doubt they ever really stopped), I guess I can at least say they give me reason to post one of these Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett videos I always enjoy.
  10. @Vee I was going to send you a message, but I can't, so I'll just wave hello from here I guess!
  11. Oh that liberal Washington Post, bending over backward for Mike Pence. The man is so dangerous in part because the media have tried their hardest to give him changes and support, likely because of their daddy issues, and because he hates the right people. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/04/18/pence-buttigieg-debate-over-conversion-therapy/
  12. There is such a visceral hatred and resentment toward Obama on the left. I think partly because they were robbed of the moment to gloat about what a failure his policies were or how unpopular he became - he left office popular, and he his policies, flaws and all, are much more respected now because of Trump. They take any opportunity. Some of the hit pieces from Bernie bros about Pete Buttigieg make sure to mention what a failure Obama was. They aren't very subtle. Anyway, I'm glad that he made this decision. It's time for some of these people to drop out of the vanity parade and focus on the real problems this party has. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/17/terry-mcauliffe-not-running-for-president-1280594
  13. All they'd have to do is say he was in hiding or had amnesia.
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