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  1. The mid '80s and early '90s had some memorable promos. I also enjoy this one.
  2. That's absolutely shameful. I'm so sorry.
  3. Immigration is Coulter's obsession and has been for many years. She also knows she is too old to have any real value in the party today. The same has been happening to her fellow anti-immigrant crusader and has-been Michelle Malkin. https://thebulwark.com/michelle-malkin-mother-of-groypers/
  4. This is such a clunky promo.
  5. I can understand why people mostly want to vent their rage against people who are flouting social distancing while they have stayed at home and lost freedom and money. I also get that comments like "grandma and grandpa will die" have lost any effectiveness they ever had. I just wish that so many wouldn't make blanket statements about how these idiots are all going to get sick or die. Many of them won't. That doesn't make their behavior any better. But it does mean that people who are opposed to such selfishness are more easily written off as hysterical and easy to ignore.
  6. Deep down I've never really liked Patton Oswalt very much, so I'm not especially wounded, but how do you go from making cheap personal attacks against the Angry Video Game Nerd guy for not wanting to see the new Ghostbusters to going on Joe Rogan's show, a proud racist and Trump supporter? How does that work?
  7. That scene with Sue Ellen and Pam is beautifully done - reminds me of how much more invested I was in the first season or two of Dallas. You don't get that contrast between the Ewing wives enough in later years. I guess they were still fake slaps, but Victoria Principal really makes those whacks look real.
  8. @DramatistDreamer that was such a lovely little clip - the melancholy of it reminded me of what SNL used to do many years ago. I don't miss a lot of the material of those years, but I do miss that aspect. I hope they will bring more back. If any of you want to see Fred Willard's 1978 episode, it is repeating tonight at 10 EST. Sadly only the 60 minute edit, but there are some good sketches I am hoping will show up.
  9. Fred Willard's 1978 episode of SNL will be repeating tonight (sadly only in a 60 minute slot) at 10 Eastern. Some really good sketches in that one. 

  10. In UK news, Dominic Cummings, who is to their government essentially what Steve Bannon desperately tried and failed to be to ours, continues to be mired in a scandal about breaking lockdown rules to go stay with his partner and parents (they claim it was to get childcare...). Not helping matters is that Durham, the area he went to, had an outbreak after his arrival. Fortunately for him, if not for anyone else, he has Boris Johnson and his flunkies fully under his thumb. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/22/dominic-cummings-coronavirus-and-lockdown-a-timeline
  11. I think Oakdalian also used to have this episode up a decade ago but I don't know if it's been on their channel for a long time.
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