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  1. Shortland Street

    @Bright Eyes
  2. The Politics Thread

    More efforts to dismantle Medicaid: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/10/15/medicaid-head-lepage-mary-mayhew-901461
  3. The Politics Thread

    Somebody was telling me about the reasons that are used in these types of situations to throw out a ballot. Let's say if somebody lives on Bannerman Road. If the info says they live on Bannerman Road, the ballot goes through. If the ballot says they live on Bannerman Rd, then the ballot is rejected. That's just insane that people can get away with this. Yet they will, and continue to do so.
  4. Twin Peaks

    That's great they're doing a book for China Beach. And hopefully we will get another TP season... How old was that second photo of Sherilyn?
  5. The Politics Thread

    I was trying to read a bit about this 2030 climate report (which is probably just too depressing to even think about) and stumbled onto this CNN 'discussion.' I barely ever watch CNN so I'm amazed at how vapid this is and how even the host struggles to get words out. They have fallen so far. I guess I should be happy they didn't have some idiot on to tell us there's no such thing as climate change. https://madison.com/video/featured/experts-climate-catastrophe-could-hit-by/video_b5b5b7d1-f03d-56b7-ab5a-3cefefad1d0a.html
  6. The Politics Thread

    Welcome back @Max . I often think of your #1 Billboard hits post. I wish you could revive it. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the topic, but I saw this article talking about how Latinos aren't motivated to vote. I'm not Latino, but I can't help thinking - if they aren't motivated this year, when will they be? https://www.politico.com/story/2018/10/13/latino-turnout-democrats-midterms-898556
  7. "Murphy Brown" revival 2018

    One of the reviews said they felt like the episode was rushing through a checklist. The Murphy and Avery relationship is the freshest part of the show. I hope they keep that a focus.
  8. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    I'm glad to hear it is a good episode. I may give it a try now that Barr is gone. I know the ratings are going to crash but I hope it does well as I think TV needs shows like Roseanne, probably more than ever. (I'm not sure I will ever be able to not call it Roseanne)
  9. The Cher Thread

    I think Cher said that songs like One of Us were hard for her because she wasn't expecting ABBA to have such complex songs. To me that means she never quite connected to ABBA, as she herself said she wasn't exactly a fan when they were popular. I wish she'd done a few lesser known numbers like Thank You For the Music or Put On Your White Sombrero (although someone probably would have said she was culturally appropriating...).
  10. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I'd never heard of it either. No soap then was ever going to have a gay character on regularly but I do think they could have recast him in later years. * * If Ron Carlivati and Dena Higley were not headwriters. Now I'm thinking about Andrew and Marty again. Trying that romantic angle in late 1994, when he and Cassie had just gotten River back, was not good timing. If they'd tried again in late 1995, after Todd "died," I think it could have worked. (and of course if Patrick had not existed) Now I went to watch this scene again, for the first time in years. This could have been pure camp, and if I'm being honest it is still camp, but by this time Gottlieb had learned to ground these moments enough to where it didn't go too far. If only future producers had done the same.
  11. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Andrew and Cassie got married in late 1992 or early 1993 didn't they? When Cassie lost her baby she was nearly full term. It had to be early 1993 because Marty crashed it, didn't she?
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    No. I do too. I should probably do it more, really.
  13. The Politics Thread

    Threatened him with various punishments in Congress and from the White House, and so on, not with kneecaps. Schumer is too passive but this just seems very convenient to me, especially after all the bruising high-profile fights the GOP has already had over nominees. I guess maybe the handful of red state Democrats who actually have any chance of winning reelection could have also asked him to agree.
  14. The Politics Thread

    To me it's a bum deal. Most of the Democrats who are going to lose will lose even with extra time to campaign. My guess is McConnell threatened them.
  15. The Politics Thread

    Did The Atlantic get new owners in the last year or two? They seem to have more and more hard right voices.