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  1. I always loved the night-to-day transition shot even as a kid. That was one of the things, along with relatives visiting from out of town, and getting to see every character react to an event, that made ATWT special to me. I do agree that finding 'new' episodes is preferable at this point (I still need to catch up on the '84 episodes that were put up a year or two ago, if they haven't been taken down), but Marland was there long enough to where eventually the denseness of the material starts to make it seem new again. I'm one of the few who has an easier time watching
  2. Speaking of Daniel, you probably already know this, but he's on Instagram. He still looks good, just older. He posted a cast photo for Midland Heights a few months ago. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDkLmLCDq-n/ If any of you know how to communicate on Instagram maybe we can get him to do an interview.
  3. Sad. Julia was such a bizarrely written character, but Abby played her with a certain surreal class and absurdity that made the writing more coherent than it probably deserved to be. Susan Sullivan and Jamie Rose left kind comments on Twitter.
  4. To be fair to her, I don't know if anyone could have survived their hairstylist judging by that clip - Doug's hair looks lumpy and misshapen, like Playdoh left behind, while the beautiful Roberta Leighton has been assaulted by a demonic cereal bowl. I'm just shocked that we got to see her. I'm shocked that we got to see a number of those clips. The karate one was fascinating as it has that raw type of feeling which was sort of being phased out of the show by then, with the increasingly ossified Brooks sisters, Jill, etc. And it's such a reminder of how incredibly gorgeous and chari
  5. Completely incoherent babble from Josh Hawley, someone you will hear a lot over the next 4 years as right-wing sympathizers and faux-populists like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Stoller adore him.
  6. Good pick. Very much so. Poor Judith was wasted on that empty part.
  7. Oh that liberal media. Mrs. Alan Greenspan is as useless as ever.
  8. Sad to hear that. Julia was one of those characters FC never seemed to know what to do with, but Abby Dalton did what she could.
  9. Caleb and Ellie Snyder were clear attempts at replacing the departing Meg and Holden. (Marland was clever enough to have them tucked away in the family history from the start so there was no Jack Snyder situation)
  10. Not sure if this is what will help, but this goes state by state:
  11. In the rare spot of good news, this pathetic little worm is [!@#$%^&*] off.
  12. Yet another prize Times reporter, last seen humiliating himself for Rudy in the Ukraine "scandal," is big mad.
  13. As a few people pointed out, I did think that was Jeffrey Tambor. That Matt Taibbi continues to be seen as such a brave intellectual makes you wonder why Andrew "milky loads" Sullivan is not given the same treatment, even though they are now the same person. I think some men desperately cling to him for a sense of coolness, which is very sad. Speaking of sad, the New Republic's ongoing identity crisis now includes cringeworthy starfucking - Ryu Spaeth had a bewildering pseudo-intellectual puff piece about how much he loves Ben Smith and how precious Ben Smith is for kn
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