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  1. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    There was talk pages ago and over the years about Andy Cohen and a disdain for women - I thought of that again today when I saw this clip where he dismissively refers to Jessica Savitch as a "cokehead" (not that Gumbel or Alexandra Wentworth seem to mind) and he brings her name up mostly just so they can make fun of her. Given that he seems to love being on TV so much I might have thought he'd be more respectful about someone who lived a sad life and died so young and was a pioneer in TV, but clearly not.
  2. Love of Life Discussion Thread

    I wish people had interviewed her about her LOL work. I mostly just know her from her brief appearances on Ryan's Hope.
  3. That IS crass. It seems like the show had producer issues in these years (although they had so many producers). I remember reading that Savage left the show on bad terms so I wonder if she was also poorly treated.
  4. Classic GH Thread

    No problem. I should also say if you ever want to change files (like from AVI to mp4), I'd recommend Handbrake, which is free.
  5. Lovely tribute on your part. Exhaustive work as always.
  6. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I remember clips mostly. I don't think I ever watched most of it...
  7. The Politics Thread

    I doubt it was deliberate timing but whoever pushed this latest repeal was clever to do so when so much media attention is going yet again to Hillary and Bernie, as it means the press won't care (other than praising the GOP for their persistence and desperately trying to frame this as a big win for Trump).
  8. Classic GH Thread

    @vetsoapfan the program I bought was 123CopyDVDGold. I should warn that it's not really that great - it does at least download off Youtube and I don't have to worry about viruses, but I don't use it for larger files and it doesn't really do formats outside of Youtube for me these days. If anyone has a better thing let me know.
  9. The Politics Thread

  10. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Yes, I like that touch, although it is always odd when an opening has characters who left years before the current episodes... I see that second one also has a lovely Liza/Travis montage. If @amybrickwallace is still around she may enjoy that.
  11. Matthew Labine passes away

    Sad...only a few years after his mother.
  12. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Someone's put up some dubbed versions of early '80s episodes. The second one has the Italian version of the theme - I'd never seen it before. There was a better quality version put on another channel several months ago but this is the full version.
  13. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I tend to wonder if she just wants to get to be on the show in a way that doesn't involve being Luke's wife.
  14. What do you think of Christopher Cass as Jack? I guess I get the idea of recasting him to be more snappy and different from the other men on the show, but he's just a world away from Perry Stephens. He also looks just like Robert Preston, which isn't a bad thing, but is distracting for what Jack was supposed to be. Lisa Peluso is the unsung hero in a lot of the episodes of this time period. Not that they're good only because of her - they're decent enough - but the way she goes between fantasies, romance, comedy, drama, sibling rivalry - she can play anything and give it such depth. And in such a soap opera way. Colleen Quinn is also very good - she was thrown into the deep end with all this drama but she makes it work. I guess these episodes were also the last of Elizabeth Savage. So did Wally have a twin brother (the one in prison with him)? I wish they'd given Ilene Kristen something a bit better to do... The way they have Rocky keeping all these secrets and also trying to keep Monty at bay means she has a lot of important scenes, but it's odd how rarely we see her with Rio, who was supposed to be her husband. I was glad to finally see them having a real talk in the episode where Abril was missing. I'm always so impressed with James Horan in these episodes as well. I guess I can see why they recast, as his Clay doesn't have the strong edge the character probably needs, but he works very well with everyone and gives the character a lot of layers.
  15. Classic GH Thread

    I bought a program, but if you want to use a free one I use this sometimes: http://keepvid.com/ It's tougher for Dailymotion as the one I use has virus and pop-up issues.