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  1. This is very moving. https://theglowup.theroot.com/exclusive-rep-ayanna-pressley-reveals-beautiful-bald-1841039847
  2. Imagine how much better that scene would have been if KKL could move her forehead. Still, she's still way beyond anything Denise Richards can ever be. Rena Sofer is fantastic here, and had the only appropriate reaction to Brooke's stomach-churning worship of Stephanie.
  3. What annoys me most is we never hear what St. Bernie will do to pass bills. His cult members just seem to think they can strongarm everyone and that will get the result, even though they criticize Biden for pipe dreams about getting bills passed. Really I think they don't want the legislation to pass anyway - that way they can continue to make him a martyr and just go on about the pointlessness of the system.
  4. Oh yeah the prisoner of war stuff with the two Clays? I think both Avas had a certain childishness to them but Roya parlayed it with her poise so we got a different vibe.
  5. Thanks for your insights, as always. Do you think they made a mistake moving Ava to Clay/Alex? I wonder if she knows about these episodes. I would have liked seeing Pam Long try the show. She wrote friendships well, which was a big part of Loving.
  6. I need to see that. I didn't want to see them too close together because I know some got very annoyed at the original being remade so I thought it would taint my view. (I also wish the 16 minutes of Sorcerer that is on the German cut could be made available but oh well). It's good to see you posting again, as always. Not that this has anything to do with the above, but:
  7. Thanks. I'd forgotten Elaine Bromka played Dr. Samuels. Such a talented actress.
  8. Here's a little memory lane video they did with Eddie and just put up now - the most I've seen him talk about his SNL days.
  9. I think there was another Dr. Michaels sometime in the '90s. I remember being pleased to see Simon again. I think she also appeared on AMC as a therapist somewhere in this time period.
  10. The team of Klaus learning of their Animated Feature nomination (a real upset).
  11. Courtney left SFT around 1980 I think (didn't they recast her with Nicolette Goulet around that time?), although she made some brief returns. I think she began appearing oncamera at ATWT in the late '80s.
  12. It's also pretty much guaranteed many will be sitting home in November, no matter who is nominated. I guess we were always heading this way though. Pathetic. I can't stand Bernie but from what I've seen CNN's coverage was a shambles. I hope more people are coming around to the realization that no cable news can be trusted.
  13. The decision is another example of the damage done from so much producer changeover, since within a year after that Perry Stephens was fired and Jack was recast, which destabilized Stacey. And then they turned Curtis crazy when they'd already had an unstable son for Gwyneth and Clay. Lots of long-term mistakes. I'm glad to see a little more of Roya's last weeks in the role...and always glad to see more of Egypt. I can see why Linda Cook loved the role so much. The Jim and Jack scenes are the type of simple and believable conversations between male friends that would get lost as the years passed in daytime. I still kind of wish they'd kept Jim around (it helps that the actor is easy on the eye), but I guess he was seen as holding Shana back. @slick jones I think there may be some names in the cast list you could use.
  14. https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1217298870750908416 The Warren and Bernie relationship is over.
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