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  1. It still amuses me that purer than pure Bernie has also appeared on that show.
  2. Some truly sickening people went to a Biden event today with a coffin. I'm not going to blame any campaign for this as there's no real evidence of who the group supports, but it's just another reminder of why I don't consider myself very tied to what this party has become.
  3. Looks like it may have been a real person, but I still wonder. People would not be as wary - well some would, but not everybody - if the campaign didn't have a history of overstating/lying about black support. This happened again just earlier today:
  4. In theory I agree with the strengths of Bell's character interactions, but by the mid '90s I think the canvas had become too isolated, with long periods of time for characters like Nikki and Katherine stuck at home, or interacting in ways that started to seem a little like thin gruel (like Nikki going to beg Victor to get a vasectomy, or Katherine mostly just seeing John again to talk with him about plastic surgery). Kay Alden did a good job opening the show up a bit.
  5. If Soapcentral is accurate, her last is in late October. I agree about the Lisa and Lucinda rivalry. Instead we just had Lisa bitching at Carly.
  6. Thanks for the photos. Are all the lgbt characters gone from GZSZ?
  7. Thanks for sharing all this good material, both of you. Eileen is certainly very...dramatic in that cover. Very very rare to see 1984 material that hasn't already been passed around. @safe this episode has Richard Backus (probably the only bright spot of all that part of the story, aside from Kim Johnson Ulrich). It's fun to see Lisa scheming, even if the silliness is laid on a little thick. I enjoyed the scene where she was so reluctant to call Lucinda a woman. Jason Kincaid did a decent job playing foil to Eileen but they made the right decision recasting with Gregg Marx. Kincaid may have been better off being cast in a comical supporting role - maybe someone at the Argus to help with dull Brian. The real meat of this episode is the Karen/Dusty/John material. So beautifully acted and heartfelt. Larry B may have seen the soaps as slumming, but he always gave his best. Kate McNeil and Brian Bloom are also very moving in their scene together. A great deal of potential was lost when Marland downgraded this whole setup for Holden.
  8. No, because of the primary system. Trump generally gets what he wants in primaries. The cultists don't. They tried this game in 2018 and they mostly lost their primaries, and the few who didn't went on to lose in November. The few exceptions, who were elevated as stars, like "The Squad," have, other than Ayanna Pressley (who is not a cultist), all mostly become meshed in scandal and controversy and haven't lived up to the hype. They couldn't even beat Dan Lipinski, and my guess is they won't this year either.
  9. McConnell already said he would put one through this year, so you're right. RBG would have had to retire in 2014...I wish she had. I don't think she regrets her decision, but it's one that continues to hang over the Court, especially since, even if a Democrat wins the White House, the Senate is likely going to stay in GOP hands. They will not allow any pick by a Democrat to get on the bench, mark my words.
  10. Absolutely not. They hate the party and are proud to tell us. I don't think they'd vote downballot even if he is the nominee.
  11. I will still vote downballot, although if Bernie is on it I have a feeling no races are going to be very close, sadly.
  12. I'd say Guza just whitewashed it a different way. It became about how hard done by Luke was and how he'd suffered all those years by living a lie with pathetic, deluded Laura. It's hard for me to compare Genie and Becky because the stories were so different, but I think for what she was given, when the story wasn't about Lucky verbally abusing his mother anyway, she was one of the stronger elements. Anyway, I don't want to go on because I know everyone but me loves this story so I'll stop.
  13. I saw that last night. And he is now awkwardly backtracking while doing the usual gaslighting of the cultists. Not surprised to see he writes for The Nation (which seems to have lost all direction) and New Republic (a reliable source of war-mongering and hate-mongering for many decades). The only "list" that Bernie supporters tend to have is the long list of expenses to pay for the grifter king and those close to him. All of these pseudo-intellectual wastes of oxygen can kiss my ass. Oh and of course he defended Bernie supporting Joe Rogan.
  14. So glad someone else besides me wanted to see it. Glad you enjoyed.
  15. The newest excuse of the cultists is it's all a setup by people pretending to be Bernie supporters. At least Trump cultists are honest about their bigotry.
  16. Becky Herbst did a fine job but it was always too much about Lucky and Luke and their endless woe to ever register with me. Guza later having Lucky treat finding Elizabeth bleeding in the snow as her highest moment of purity told me I was right to never support the storyline.
  17. I kind of like the idea of this promo, but Reva was too old at this point to be viable for this role...I did laugh at her unintentionally almost getting caught up in the blinds at the end.
  18. I didn't have a problem with what you said, I was mostly just replying more to marceline's comments. I think you're right about some of Bernie's supporters wanting good things, like improved healthcare, I just don't know if Bernie or his main people have those beliefs. I think he's more delusional than anything else, but I wish there weren't so many similarities to Trump. It's about ego. Bloomberg has wanted to run for President for many years now. Steyer is little better. Steyer pushed the impeachment ball rolling when many felt it would only help Trump (which is exactly what has happened), then abandoned the effort to run for President, and is now criticizing Democrats for not doing a good enough job on something he helped start in the first place. I think Bernie will do well in Nevada, as he has a ton of organization there, but so far he hasn't managed to expand his base, not helped by said base spending more time playing victim and attacking anyone and everyone than trying to rally support. His main benefit is that the moderate side is still split into 3-4-5 pieces. I hope he doesn't win but I'm expecting the worst. Speaking of Bernie, it looks like as his #1 cultist begins to get her own profile, she's starting to get honest about his bullshit healthcare plan. There have been rumors of tension between her and his campaign and I wonder even more now.
  19. I've been reading, thanks to @Vee , some X-Men comics again recently, and the current portrayal of Professor X (messianic, passive on the surface but extremely manipulative and dangerous underneath, especially his willingness to enable extremely dangerous individuals for the 'greater good') makes me sort of see where Bernie is as a person. In my heart I'm having a difficult time believing he's any better than Trump, and even if he is, the people he gives support to aren't. (the biggest difference between them being that Bernie is incapable of actually doing anything, beyond grifting) I'd seen the racism, misogyny and homophobia, but hadn't realized Bernie surrogates are now at the point of using torture and rape scenes from [!@#$%^&*] Salo to express their hatred of Pete Buttigieg. What's even more dangerous is that the media individuals who are very influential and have access to power, like Dave Weigel, are now posting the same images to try to curry favor with Bernie surrogates. These are sick people, and they will have unfettered access to power if Bernie wins. And I know many feel Bloomberg is just a sane version of Trump, and possibly even more dangerous. I just don't want to think these are our choices. I don't know how a door knocker or phone banker would manage to convince anyone these men are going to be the choice for them.
  20. Our soap savior Ron Carlivati did a poor job writing for gay characters? Shocking. Not that this was anything new. It's telling that the only time anyone was ever interested in CM's Will was hoping they could imagine a hunky straight guy giving him a pounding. He had nothing to offer as a character in an entire decade on the show. And they gave up on Sonny a long time ago. At least now we can look forward to which Identikit doll they may bring in that we will all pretend is worth caring about because he has an eight-pack and because in some alternate universe he might dick down a gawping twink. Fun times.
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