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  1. Thank you for finding those. @AdelaideCate007 also put up some 1993 episodes with those - thank you.
  2. That story was, I believe, a huge flop with fans. The character was sent packing. I can't remember if he was later killed off.
  3. Justin Deas screaming on a rooftop for an hour. Shameless Emmy bait that nearly got the show canned.
  4. @vetsoapfan @Mitch @Bill Bauer I hope you all see the above.
  5. Definitely. Janet experienced so much of that first-hand, especially the weird obsession with her love life when she was a young girl - to the point of having to deny, then and repeatedly since, that she gave away a love child. It's one of those things people laugh about, but imagine being the one who has to hear that for 25-30-35 years.
  6. Loathsome media darling and newfound Trump chanteuse Elise Stefanik, who has all the charisma of a tree stump and presents herself like Sarah Huckabee Sanders' very very slightly less awkward sister, had a meltdown over Nancy Pelosi shading her. It was the usual performative outrage, designed to raise more money from dumbasses, but you can tell from just how feverish the language is that deep down Nancy got her and it's going to leave a mark. Nancy is expert at stuff like that. This will be the first and last time I enjoy anything involving that sack of potatoes from NY-21.
  7. Not surprising, but absolutely infuriating.
  8. The Rising tends to get lots of love from the dead-end left because they hate the Democratic Party and have many segments talking about how terrible it is. Krystal Ball is an alleged grifter (just ask the people who donated to her PAC a few years ago) and changes political allegiances with the wind, but a lot of people love to ignore this because she says the right buzzwords. I'm also not sure why she keeps trying to do those thumbnail poses that look so awkward. She looks like someone asked Beth Hart to "do sexy."
  9. At the time I just told myself that she latched on to Frank because he was kind to her. I do think it was a thin story, as so much of that period was (even in that story itself, I never bought that Eleni would go into business with Alan-Michael after his scheming and betrayals). There was not much to pick from, sad to say. I remember when watching a particular nadir for me was Buzz having to live in a hovel or something and Nadine had to help him with a mobster and money schemes (I later learned the mobster was played by an actor JFP had worked with on Santa Barbara - I guess that sums up her
  10. I think in recent years a lot of people have projected themselves onto Britney in a way which can often feel gross and invasive. It reminds me a lot of what happened in the last 10-15 years of Michael Jackson's life.
  11. Summer of 1992 is when my interest started to wane. No Alex, recasting Blake, Mindy leaving, the woeful, dull as hell Nick mushmouthing "Melinda" 50000 times a week, tedious Mallet/Harley and Harley losing her spark, etc. At the time the Frank and Julie story was one of the few that interested me, along with the custody battle for Peter. I enjoyed seeing her scheme. It helped that I hated Lucy and she did too.
  12. @jam6242 I thought you might be interested in this, mostly just for the sake of curiosity. Some truly bizarre and cringeworthy cable access show - at about 24 or 25 minutes one of the Joyce Dewitt-esque lady singers doing endless spoken word sings a bit of "Try To Remember" and dedicates it to Bill Hayes, mentioning he almost lost his life. WKYT-TV 27 1969-73 Town Talk June Rollings and Ted Grizzard - YouTube
  13. McConnell is lucky the media will suddenly turn into that "I can't read" meme from Arthur. The knives continue to get thrown around:
  14. Now that the increasingly self-decimating deadend/grifter left is obsessing over Ryan Knight wearing a "Medicare 4 All" beret that makes him look like he reenacts Shirley Temple movies for tiktok, here's another reminder of the allegations that he invented stories about a sick dog to steal money from followers.
  15. Not that it ever really matters (it didn't when McConnell said he would work to do nothing but stop Obama from getting reelected), but McConnell finally saying the quiet part out loud should put the "why isn't Biden bipartisan" [!@#$%^&*] to bed once and for all.
  16. The Beltway types have been pushing this narrative for a year now, sped up even more when they feverishly tried to make this a wedge issue for Biden before settling on border hysteria. I saw Seth Mandel, the right winger who is an enabler of his hatemonger wife (who said she was fine with killing old people in order for her kids to be in school), using this article to claim people who are cautious about reopening are just like Tucker Carlson. And the statistics are BS too.
  17. A lot of the Trump cultists on social media have moved to Substack. I wonder if any of them got his people to have him start up a blog.
  18. @Vee Maggie Haberman aside, this made me laugh and laugh. All these mentally ill grifters just keep slowly walking into Trump's knife.
  19. Sorry. I didn't see it while going through the clips.
  20. Josh Barro is one of those tedious faux-macho edgelords that make up so much of the Bernie bros, but as Liz Cheney faces her political doom, this same thought popped into my mind:
  21. I may be thinking about that shithead Mario Lopez. Never mind...
  22. I mostly avoid CNN but I did watch the clip of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. So much of CNN is performative and patronizing, which is one of the reasons I hate that network, but Lemon's resigned disgust was all too real. He was also clearly not interested in Cuomo's hollow Beltway babble about how they needed to hear from Santorum because he represents the views of those who don't believe the election results were real and so on - as Lemon said, we already hear plenty from those people! As much as CNN has remained a hack factory over the years, at least Lemon has seemed to genuinely c
  23. Wasn't Jerry on some flop Dick Clark "male View" or was that someone else?
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