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  1. Rick was Jef's father. There was conflict between them as Jef had not made the life choices Rick wanted him to make.
  2. Juan Williams is ahead of Ingraham? She must be crying in her white hood.
  3. Oh it still gets me heated. I have probably bitched about this and the season 13 attempts to fix the mistakes too many times already.
  4. I remember the first time I saw this episode. I had rarely been so bewildered or angered by a primetime soap episode (there is another one coming up that angers me even more so at least I was prepared...). Bewildered by the Karen material, which just comes out of nowhere and feels completely out of place on Knots, and angered with the Claudia material, because it's just way too much and it destroyed a character that I, up to that point, had genuinely enjoyed.
  5. Thanks. That's a shame. Keller is the one I didn't know about. I wonder if she was just there long enough to wrap up Mary's story before a longer-term recast.
  6. Thanks. I have a hard time keeping track of the Marys. Of those I've seen Stanger was far and away the best. Fee, not to be rude, just looked way too old, and seemed to think she was on Dallas or Dynasty.
  7. Thanks for replying! The quiet moments are so important. When soaps decided those were just boring, they signed away what made them special. And the sad thing is we get moments like that almost everywhere but soaps now. The business stuff just feels like filler. I was hoping we might get to see Mary, as I don't know who was playing her at this time (was it the one between Barbara Stanger and Melinda Fee).
  8. Oh good. I wasn't sure if you watched these years so I hesitated but I am glad you enjoyed it too.
  9. No problem. If you didn't have it I hope it helps with all your research and information as it's so invaluable.
  10. Great. Did you enjoy it or was this not a favorite era for you?
  11. Thanks. I wonder if any of Flippen's ideas really made it to air. Ah. He must have been bad to mention him all those years later.
  12. That's interesting. I didn't know that. Did she say why?
  13. Do you think they should have given Elizabeth Harrower more of a chance? What were Laemmle's nighttime shows?
  14. Oh good. I hope you give us some of your comments. I was mostly glad to see Richard Guthrie's David was still there (I thought he'd gone by this time), and that I got to see Marie (I love Launa's Marie). And there is some good Doug and Julie melodrama at the end, even if poor SSH had to gasp like a seal. I can see why Gloria Loring was so popular with fans even as most of the new characters weren't - she has a real spark and a self-assurance about her, and clicks with Joe Gallison. I didn't realize Don and Marlena were still together at this time either for some reason. It made me sick seeing her having friendly talk with Kellam knowing he would go on to rape her. The one scene that really annoyed me was having Tom say he now knows how patients feel when by this point he'd already seen various friends and family linger in hospital beds for well over a decade. Just a stupid line. Thankfully Macdonald Carey and Frances Reid were as wonderful as always. Ratings drop I think. Glad you enjoyed it. That Archives channel has some other DAYS episodes too, but from later in the '80s and then into the '90s. This was so rare I was shocked to see it.
  15. I didn't really remember anyone in the thread but people who hated the cuts, so I misunderstood. My mistake.
  16. They're working out fine for the people they were intended for - big business. I do think they are one of the main reasons that Republicans lost the House, so at least that was one bright spot.
  17. I was going to share this privately to people but the PM system still doesn't work so there's no point. It's an August 1980 episode that one of my favorite channels uploaded. @jam6242 @JAS0N47 @vetsoapfan this is right after Julie got shot, so if it's new to you I hope you enjoy it. https://archive.org/details/vcd1522120
  18. Not to take away from that but I was just thinking how he ended up pretty much destroying Molly as a character as after his exit everything given to her was terrible, aside from her 2010 return, which I thought was surprisingly strong.
  19. I love Bill Hader so much I finally had to change my avatar, but Bobby and Shelly are still the best couple ever on television, so don't forget it.

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      Is that change because of Barry?

  20. Pence doesn't want the blame. He can get his agenda through while Trump is the public face. People also likely know how these big revolutions turn out (as it likely will in Honk Kong soon enough). The only way anything will change is if rich white kids are affected. I think that the media and the Democrats have long underestimated just how much dislike and outright contempt there is for immigrants from many people. It's not just a liberal vs conservative issue and nuance is long gone from American discourse, if it was ever there in the first place.
  21. They have a long history of this attempt to rehab far right Republicans. They had Tom DeLay, the corrupt and vile House Speaker, on years ago. One of the reasons I quit watching.
  22. DRW50

    Twin Peaks

    I don't have the money for this (it's an umpteenth box set) but I just love how unabashedly corny and fun David Lynch is.
  23. https://www.thedailybeast.com/no-place-like-home-the-long-lost-film-predicting-how-tourism-would-ruin-jamaica
  24. Yes. I think she played a doctor and a nail technician.
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