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  1. I kind of wish they'd had Satin Flowers make a (debut) appearance. I forgot to say, Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) was on SNL last night, in a very brief cameo. Apparently he's a rapper. He didn't get to say or do much, even though he appeared in one of their rapping videos. I guess at least he got a little bit of TV time. Thank you for all the articles you've posted over the years, @Vee . I'm glad you were able to enjoy the show to the end. And to the people who used to post about the show here and disappeared - I hope you enjoyed the finale, wherever you are.
  2. So the spoilers were true, aside from some confusion about whether Tyrion would die. The character has been pointless for years and years and made so many bad decisions he was never remotely punished or even confronted for - death would have been more fitting for his arc and for being the last of the Lannisters. But he was so important to GRRM (and to D&D, even if they treated him as a Gary Stu and let Peter Dinklage do all the heavy lifting), I'm not surprised he lived. Bran was one of my favorite characters for years, and in many ways his (or should I say whatever he's become) getting the throne is fitting, but I don't get the feeling D&D have cared about the character in a long time, so the groundwork was never laid. Oh well. The cast did their best, so kudos to them. And Davos lived. And Theon had a good sendoff. That's probably more than I could have expected, so I'm happy enough.
  3. She also isn't the first - Stacey Abrams was floated as VP. Whether intended or not, she may feel she's being treated as a token. I do think if he gets the nomination, he won't pick a white man. There's just too much fear that a lot of voters would stay home.
  4. I wonder if she feels Biden may not choose her anyway, especially since so many have said she is similar to Obama. I agree. I still think he could blow his chances, given his predilection for saying stupid things, but I think we're at the point where attacks based on being to right wing aren't going to have a huge sway in the primary, especially when it comes to a Congressman most people have only heard of because his daughter is a swimsuit model. This is a very damaged and not overly compelling group of nominees, and the most hyped frontrunner, Sanders, is significantly damaged. This lowered the bar for Biden, and so far he hasn't done anything to hurt himself. The general is another matter, but I am assuming the worst there anyway.
  5. I want to laugh but I don't think I have the stomach for it.
  6. Thanks. And thanks for the episodes you recently put on your channel.
  7. Netflix seems to be moving into a 3-seasons policy for shows that are more known for acclaim than big numbers. The guy who made that Easy show talked about Netflix wanting to end his show after 3 seasons.
  8. The only thing I know Pop for is when I would watch Big Brother After Dark. I hope it works out. I know I will tune in.
  9. These shows are trash. They ruined Archie and now they will ruin Katy Keene as well. Garbage.
  10. That was my reaction when I saw that Kyle Maclachlan was going to be in the show with her. I might have given it a try. I will never forget her going after Michael J Fox for supporting stem cell research.
  11. It makes sense for the people floundering in the polls. People like her, who are midlevel, don't need it. And it will hurt her image, not just now, but in the long-term. All she has do is see how little Bernie got out of all the endless press fawning over his appearance - he has actually dropped in polling.
  12. A few will change their vote. Most will still go on culture wars in the end. I've lost count of how many times this type of stuff is supposed to lose effectiveness. It never does.
  13. Those same farmers will be voting for him again. They can kiss my ass.
  14. RIP Tim Conway.

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      I used to deny it but as the years have passed I've realized the three (sometimes four) rule is accurate. 


      He was so funny. For years I would kind of look down on his type of comedy, but he was a genius. 

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      He was so damn funny!


      RIP 🙏

    4. dragonflies
  15. Seeing senators shrug and say "It's not up to us" as their states are ground into the dust by Trump is astonishing, even as it's also so very predictable. The saddest part is the voters who are being driven into despair and death will still vote for them, every single time. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/05/13/trade-china-republicans-1319024
  16. I think GRRM would likely flesh her reasons out more if this is the route they go down. From what some book devotees have said, there's a good chance her story there will have many different turns anyway - for instance, some of them feel Missandei (who is much younger in the books) is a spy. It seems like D&D are doing what they've done for years, are sort of grinding out story beats they think fans want to see, or for the sake of "moments," whether the moments are earned or not. The Hound telling Arya that she must not choose vengeance and must now move on, even though Arya has already slaughtered countless people, including nearly an entire family (the Freys), and logically is long past the point of her "father" telling her to be a good person. Or Jaime deflowering Brienne and then dumping her to go die with Cersei. It makes sense that he would want to go die with Cersei, but why was there ever a need for any of that with Brienne? Was it supposed to be a sop to "Bramie" (or whatever they are called) fans? Was it meant to be some kind of added pathos? Was it supposed to be a fakeout? Would the story have lost anything if Jaime and Brienne had remained platonic and Jaime had simply left a pining and stoic Brienne at Winterfell as he went to die? And then there's Jon, who has no real voice or role beyond, I guess, waiting around to kill Dany? I've seen a lot of fans saying they don't care what Dany did and they were fine with her killing thousands. That makes sense, in a way, because they know her, they don't know extras and bit players, but it also shows how hollow many of the emotions and characters and constructs have become when more people don't react to what is a grotesque war crime.
  17. Karl is one of the best actors Emmerdale ever had...I can't watch that as it's just too heavy for me but I'm glad he keeps getting work.
  18. Bill Hader and John Mulaney had a conversation about Barry a few days ago. There are some mild spoilers (mostly for what has already aired). A lot of it is just laughing, joking, and talking about SNL. https://livestream.com/accounts/1249127/events/8676409/videos/191190202?t=1557702174070
  19. Now that Theon is gone and got a decent sendoff, all I really want to know now is whether Davos will have a decent finish (I have no idea if his wife and sons are still alive or not). The Dragonstone group, long gone Catelyn, seasons 1-4 Sansa (who apparently did not have meaning as she had not been raped) and Theon were always the heart of the show for me. I would like to see at least one of them end on good terms.
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