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  1. Pathetic. This is why no one should ever allow the media's feverish attempts to paint W as a cuddly saint who paints and passes out candy.
  2. I read that Teri Hatcher "liked" an article online criticizing Felicity, although supposedly Teri didn't get along with the other cast members anyway.
  3. More of Bernie hiring the best people...
  4. I hear people talk all the time about how right wing the BBC is and how they are desperately attempting to stay in line with the Tories above all else. Moments like this, where they harass the speaker of the House of Commons and openly brag about it, don't disprove that point. Good luck with any of those morons if they tried this with Nancy Pelosi.
  5. Somebody wrote this scathing article about how unoriginal Netflix actually is, and I agreed with a lot of it. https://theconcourse.deadspin.com/netflixs-bright-future-looks-a-lot-like-televisions-dim-1833056161
  6. Given that John Stamos seems to be a bit smarmy and unpleasant himself I'm not sure if I'd want to be around either of them.
  7. A look at a Chicago crowd going to see Return of the Jedi. What a world. Star Wars is so toxic and ugly now - both from the fans and from talentless hacks like JJ Abrams.
  8. Thanks for letting me know. It's good to see someone talking about this time period for the show.
  9. It's taken me about 3 years to realize Lin Manuel Miranda isn't gay.

    1. Graham


      It took me 3 minutes into Mary Poppins Returns for me to realize he sucks off the stage.

  10. The only reason I've ever heard of the show is because of the women who had to fight like hell to get Danny Masterson fired. I also hate binging. I loathe it. I'm tired of this being pushed. I don't understand when I see people bragging about how they binged through an entire 8 years of a show in a week. Good for you. What will you remember of it? Anything??
  11. Some fans are crazy, of course, but I have seen some of them talking about how poorly she and others like Candace Cameron (ugh) treated fans who were upset about a character being killed off, telling them if they stopped watching people would lose their jobs, etc. Needless to say those fans are not very sad right now.
  12. If you don't like the show that's fine - lots of people here treasure Game of Thrones but I'll never watch it again. I just replied because I think Justina is one of the things that grounds the show rather than being sugary. Here's one of my favorite episodes (scenes from it, anyway), when Penelope goes off her meds. I'm not posting this to make you watch the show - just to try to show what she brings to the role.
  13. Justina Machado's acting is pretty far from cutesy pie overacting.
  14. A year? That's generous. It's a paycheck for him, as it is for most. The only time he ever perked up was with Camilla Banus. If he is staying around, I wish they'd just pair them up and if the show needs a gay character, bring on someone who is interested in playing the material (terrible as it will likely be). I imagine Marland's gay characters would have been incredibly somber if his last years as a writer were any indication, but at least they would have been treated like human beings. I've never known any gay men who sexually assault straight men. I am aware there are some out there...thankfully they are not around me, as that type of thing is dangerous and nowhere near as fun and sexy as daytime savior Ron Carlivati seems to think it is.
  15. https://crooksandliars.com/2019/03/chuck-todd-suggest-americas-toxic-politics Same old same old. Chuck Todd is a sycophant and a fool who is proud to suck the teat of bigots and hatemongers. NBC News deserves nothing but vomit stains all over their carpets. And not the ones Matt Lauer left behind.
  16. I saw some of Charlotte Kirk's "songs" on Youtube - they amount to porn, really. I rolled my eyes at the whole "yay girl power we don't need men!!!" campaign over Ocean's 8 last year because of how phony this type of display is, and hearing that a woman got a part in the film solely because of sexual favors tells me I was right. Anyway... https://deadline.com/2019/03/chantal-cousineau-hasnt-worked-since-leading-me-too-charge-against-james-toback-1202576982/
  17. Happy Ryan's Hope Day everyone.

  18. Penny also briefly returned at Christmas 2000. After that Goutman stopped caring about the past, other than to take a dump on it.
  19. Stunting and attention-whoring is all that some people care about. The woman who berated Chelsea Clinton takes the cake - I saw her tweets today pouting because the boy in Australia who egged a white supremacist politician is a hero and she's a villain. Never mind that many of the same people who hate her likely hate him, she just needs to make herself a martyr. That's what all of this is about. That's why her friend was hitting people up for money right after they posted the video. It's such breathtakingly callous and cynical manipulation of real grievances. So many people who are far more concerned with this woman than with the actual victims. "A grieving young brown girl," not a grown woman who was grieving so hard she hit people up for cash. I think my favorite was someone who was going on about "white blue checks" desperately trying to defend a white woman...even though they were also a "blue check" (verified) and were showing a gif from Avengers Age of Ultron, a movie with a white cast, made by white people, earning billions for a studio and company run by white people. Bernie Sanders and those close to him seem to be attention-seeking grifters with a very, very narrow view of the world, a huge martyrdom complex, and they seem to be very proud of that. I can see why he attracts this type of supporter. And these types of supporters are more than happy to ruthlessly exploit terrorist attacks, racism, and xenophobia in order to get clicks, retweets, and money in their pockets. These types of people are just as giddy over the massacre in Christchurch as Trump supporters are. I'm at the point where I'm not going to lie to myself that Bernie supporters and Trump supporters are any different. I want nothing to do with any of them, ever, and I never will.
  20. Yeah I went and looked at some of her tweets and people were saying that one of her friends was trying to get people to donate money to her. Then this changed to donating to victims of the massacre, but why would anyone believe that money is going to them now? The absolute glee some people on Twitter have for dogpiling on Chelsea Clinton while not caring about the Muslims killed in Christchurch is disgusting, if not surprising. I have to wonder how many are secretly glad this happened. It gives them more reasons to tear their hair and act superior.
  21. Is this woman a friend of Ilhan Omar's? I do agree that Chelsea Clinton is not to blame for the attacks and it's disgusting to use the massacre for cheap purity games. I'm not sure why someone who works for the Washington Examiner is getting involved, as that is a very far right paper who hates everyone involved in this argument.
  22. That story about her husband seems to be from Tom Arnold. While I wouldn't be surprised if this man is a Trump supporter, I have a hard time believing anything Arnold says.
  23. I'm surprised she keeps up with the show these days but it's nice to see she's still involved. I wonder if Valentini even knows who she is...
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