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  1. The Fire Island incident is such shitty, selfish behavior, with far more consequences than the vapid beachgoers even recognize. One man who was there has COVID and has said he wants to spread it to other people (he also doesn't support the current protests - shocker). The sheer selfishness and entitlement and the homophobia this has sprung up (including comments about gays being responsible for spreading AIDS) are another reminder of how much damage even one or two nasty people can do. I was watching the Macy's Fireworks special last night, which was moving, if depressing, and one segment was devoted to praising those who pitched in to help with PPE (making masks, sending masks), knowing the supplies were so limited. The message was, basically, we know and you know you can't depend on the government. Where are we as a country that this is now just accepted and we have moved on? And what kind of a future can we even have?
  2. This is one of those quack things I guess. Don't know if this is new...if so he's aged well compared to some co-stars.
  3. Sick people cheering the method of running down protesters. Why they would want this type of ugliness normalized when it can so easily be turned around on them, I don't know. They are as stupid as they are vile.
  4. The Talk benefited from being a pet project of the head of the network, and is now likely just still there based on inertia. I am surprised Let's Make a Deal has lasted; it must be very cheap to make.
  5. This is such a transparent ploy to help Trump. They're counting on a lot of younger voters and black voters to support Kanye and go along with the idea that Trump and Biden are just alike. And the media will wag their tails like needy dogs as it's a sexier story; it also helps distract people from Trump being so incoherent that he spends his half-empty hate rally blathering about "swipiang and sweeping" in Vietnam and Desert Storm. If his campaign has anyone sensible amongst the grifters, they will blackball anyone who thought it made ANY sense to try to run the dementia campaign that the Bernie bros were running.
  6. It didn't help that Noelle and Jon had no real chemistry. I think Noelle's best moments were with Liz Hubbard, especially when she confronted and defeated Lucinda at the end of the show. It was the closure Trisha never really got to have with Gwyneth.
  7. Not until the late '80s. I think we first saw it around 1983. I'm not sure. Thanks for the videos @Soapsuds . I have many complaints about GL but I still miss it every day and I still believe it could be thriving today with proper handling. So many of the characters felt like my friends and I mourn their absence, even as I know they were never real.
  8. More money wasting and kickbacks and shameful huckster games. Just the most desperate pandering imaginable (and it may work for all I know). The only bright spot is if more people finally start to know the truth about Billy Graham.
  9. Oh wow, was that just recently? I wonder where they were found or if there's any way to be sure. I hope they are being preserved.
  10. I'm not sure if people think those of us who like Heather Rattray's Lily are trying to say she was very popular with viewers and Byrne wasn't missed. I don't think that's the case. I just don't really care. It does, yes.
  11. I really miss the Bauer barbecue today. 

  12. Some beautiful moments here to help you get through a loud, sad day.
  13. I still wish we knew more about that brief Diego vampirism story that was dropped. I remember they at least addressed the Marley and Jake rape when she was going after him, but still, I agree the whole thing was questionable. I'm just glad they let Marley have a redemption and didn't pack her off as the crazy lady.
  14. I see that Trump had a hate rally tonight and I see that Mary Hart is yet another has-been who would happily watch people like me die. She can go to the same purgatory of worthlessness as Baio, Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson, and that ilk. [!@#$%^&*] all of them, now and forever.
  15. Hope he was better on there... The clips are here, I think. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWesW-txnpVr0ByMrlhQHVA @soapfan770 temp recast thread
  16. I think he was reunited with his parents around Christmas 1984. Not sure though.
  17. She was great on there. A bit odd for an Alex recast, but it was only a few days I guess.
  18. I'm glad you're mostly seeing compassion. Hopefully that will be what carries the day. And I'm sorry so many of us in the US have so little compassion ourselves.
  19. They were headed for a pairing in 1986 but Marland moved her toward Seth instead.
  20. What I mean is I'm always wary of "your country is worse than my country" or posturing types of word games. When it goes too far without any clear plans you end up with something like Trudeau's tweet (even if it was well-meaning on his part) after Trump won leading to floods of people at the border and Canada having to deal with the influx of immigration and refugees they hadn't expected.
  21. Just disgusting. The media loves to talk about conservatives being betrayed by the Supreme Court, but they never have a word to say about the Court continuing to advance voter suppression. I won't link to the ads but I see that the GOP are running ads in urban parts of PA blasting Biden for the crime bill. This goes along with so many operatives who infest black websites encouraging black voters not to vote. The worst part is there are so many ex-Bernie bros who are giddily, actively pushing this narrative without being paid a dime. I don't think most of those being targeted will go along, but with such active voter suppression, even a slim shift would be enough to make a difference. A few articles on Trump's bad week/month and campaign changes as a result. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/02/the-week-that-shook-that-trump-campaign-348383 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/02/us/politics/trump-2020-campaign-problems.html I keep seeing endless fawning over Tucker Carlson all over social media, and various articles pushing him for President in 2024. The news that Peter Thiel is close to abandoning Trump make me wonder if he's behind any of this. (and yet again, fake leftists like grifter Krystal Ball and Ryan Grim are also involved). https://www.businessinsider.com/peter-thiel-reportedly-cutting-trump-loose-2020-7
  22. Weird as we were just talking about Chip. Maybe they read the boards. James was so underrated as Clay.
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