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  1. I think someone in the RH thread once said that Helen Gallagher recommended Kathleen. If so that may be why she stayed as long as she did. I can still remember how bad she was at getting her words out, Nicolette Goulet also had that problem at times, although nowhere near as much. Still, it confused me because Mary was established as a very witty woman who cherished every word out of her mouth. Going from Kate Mulgrew to some women who could barely be heard was...odd.
  2. When Gillian first came on the show, she was chasing after Edmund, as she was the typical European royalty, cash poor. Once McTavish came in, the character was humanized through the pairing with Ryan, as they were the classic story of the two con artists finding their hearts. Unfortunately McTavish, as often was the case, ruined it by having Gillian have sex with David for money (which was basically rape), with Ryan shaming and berating her after he learned the truth, even though she had done this to get him bail money. After that Gilian lost a lot of her personality and I lost any interest I ever had in Ryan/Gillian as a pairing (or Ryan as a character).
  3. I mostly remember people laughing at Laura Allen's weird acting choices for much of her tenure. Then the hatred kicked further in when she got Gillian's heart and Leo married her. When Culliton came in and she became a blatant scheming bitch rather than a bizarro we were meant to pity, she got a more positive reception.
  4. The New York Times does it again, misleading and lying for right wing propaganda purposes.
  5. That was how I took it at the time, especially during Luke's long, rambling, self-indulgent monologues used to make Geary's agenda clear. I took it as their having a sham marriage propped up by Laura's delusions and inability to face her rape, and Luke not bursting her bubble because of his guilt over her rape. But that's just me.
  6. Nothing against Michele val Jean, but the main story she received (deserved) praise for was Liz's part of the rape plot. The Laura rape revisitation was a mess, and was far more about how Luke and Lucky felt than about the actual victim. We were asked to pity Luke because he apparently made himself stay with the woman he raped out of guilt. How progressive! If that aired today it would be ripped to shreds. I know a lot of fans love the Guza era but trying to whitewash that material just because modern GH is [!@#$%^&*] in a different flavor is counterproductive.
  7. I agree. Community and friendship and story balance seem to be long gone, not likely to return. I'm not even sure if the show HAS any "comedy characters" now. I did read that Debbie won't be back anytime soon, and I think this is probably the least influence the Dingles have had on the show in many years, so at least that's a positive for you.
  8. DRW50

    Doctor Who

    I've never seen her other work and I feel for her that she got this era of the show. Other than Colin Baker I'm not sure any actor in the role has been so ill-served. Chibnall was the epitome of grindingly mediocre in his other run, and this one seems to be about the same, from the little I watched. I didn't stop watching because of him - I had lost interest during Moffat's last years - but he made it very easy to stay away. That was the worst mistake made by hiring a man whose only real claim to fame was one popular season of another show. He never knew Who, never knew the basics of putting Who together in an era where it needed TLC and a revival of public interest. International sales (what is left, anyway) and the fact that Jodie's first episodes actually were very popular (suggesting there's still a residual interest in the show) might keep the show around post-2022. We'll see what happens.
  9. Gawker is back, and already showing which audience they are catering to by giving Glenn Greenwald a spotlight: Take a few words out and I'd probably agree with him.
  10. As ABBA said, on and on and on. What a [!@#$%^&*] joke.
  11. I remember all the breathless hype around him. The idea was that he was sure to be a star because he was a Bush AND could bring in Hispanic voters. As time has passed, the talking point is now that they don't even need Hispanic candidates because as long as they hate immigrants enough and are socially conservative enough they will get those votes. W really rotted away any chance his family had, no matter how many times the media tries to pretend otherwise. As shown with the comments of Ellzey this morning, even when you lose, you still end up crediting Trump, so his chokehold continues, but win or lose, P looks pathetic and weak and has no future in the party.
  12. I am not even following the Olympics that closely, but the abuse Simone Biles is getting, to the point of being called a "sociopath," makes me sick. No wonder so many have given up on this country.
  13. I think it was known the race would be competitive, but apparently she was a poorer candidate than some expected. Joe Barton, former Texas Congressman (this is his old seat) and forever friend of BP, came out a few days ago saying Trump wishes he hadn't endorsed her. Trump still cut some campaign stuff with her yesterday, I guess not to lose face. I also read that a lot of Democrats and independents are voting for Ellzey just to spite Trump. I think that's a bit foolish as I've heard he is even more extreme than she is, but that's what Trump does to people.
  14. In the TX-6 special election, Trump endorsed Susan Wright, the widow of Congressman Ron Wright. Jake Ellzey, who sucked up to Trump to no end but did not get his support, is handily winning over her right now. We'll see if this leads any of the cultists to realize they don't have to kiss his ass.
  15. The New York Times has so many just plain stupid people working for it who are obsessed with carrying the water of the right. The NYT is a danger to us all.
  16. Honestly this isn't very good, but if you want to see the wonderful Kim Hunter with a script penned by longtime soap writers Mel and Ethel Brez:
  17. The interesting thing about businesswoman Lily I did not realize until I watched some 1989 episodes a few years ago is that the transition toward Lily caring more about business started in Martha's last months in the role. Lucinda began to find more of a place for her at Walsh. I know Martha did not like business stories, but then, Heather's Lily was only heavy in business for about a year or a year and a half before they began focusing more on Lily wanting a domestic life. I think Heather's colder, steelier persona and the early memories of her at A&M, crossing swords with Emily and Sean Baxter make it seem like she was more involved in business than she really was. I agree that Holden was more interesting in a cold corporate world than on the farm. Marland himself decided, presumably with what Hensley wanted too, to make the character colder with the brain damage story. Unfortunately, this thread was lost after Marland died (and may have been lost even if he'd lived) - Holden was still treated as a leading man we were supposed to root for, even as he went around being a self-righteous prick and a deadbeat dad. I never liked the relationship and I wanted more for Heather's Lily - I remember enjoying her with Linc. I do wonder if Marland reunited them in that period primarily for plot reasons. The show got a hell of a lot of story - big, big story - for years based on their reunion (Angel's breakdown, the Aaron saga, Holden's brain damage, etc.). They probably had more heavy story which impacted the whole of the show in that period than they ever did again. Oh if you had known me around 1993 or 1994 I'd be in your ear all day on that subject, believe me. I do think he improved, or at least became more at ease, after his 1997 return. I don't think he was ever comfortable or happy in the role until then (as shown by him leaving twice - and probably his messier personal life as well).
  18. She was, yes. The Jon Hensley quote about the lack of chemistry with her reminds me of how little he had with Martha when she returned. I did feel like they had more when he returned in 1997 - I wonder if that whole period was just a funk for him and that's the main reason he struggled to connect, rather than Heather replacing Martha. I really wish he had left several years earlier than he did (he left in early 1995).
  19. So the new deadend left talking point is that things were better for progressives when Obama was President because they knew they were the enemy? Nate Silver is one of the worst at pseudo-intellectual sludge and being so trapped in his own straitjacket. He's just a wretched, thin-skinned waste. I am glad someone remembered this moment: Meanwhile, Dave Weigel, after spending yesterday humping Chapo's leg because the New Yorker was mean to them, is trying another of his "edgy" jokes he promptly deleted and whined about. No amount of attempting to go back to college will hide that he's 40 years old and his brand is increasingly irrelevant to the culture.
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