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  1. Sam Stein buries the lede in yet another piece on how terrible the Democrats are and how everyone will blame the Democrats:
  2. Maggie Haberman was gushing over that article, which tells you all you need to know. The media would sell their children for every single Republican majority leader they can sing the praises of. They wept over the glories of Boehner, Paul Ryan, etc. The one thing I agree with Trump on is how much the media in this country needs to be clamped down on. Just not in the way he wanted to do it.
  3. https://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2021/break-the-floor-dance-company-sexual-harassment-allegations.html
  4. Jason Sudeikis tonight. He was one of my favorite cast members, but I am not going to let myself have very high expectations . We'll see... This cut for time piece is one of the few sharp parodies the show has done in a while (usually their parodies in recent years are soft-focused).
  5. It's been a while but I think she was not asked to join The City, but she said that was fine with her because she needed a break. She joined AW in early 1997, so she probably had about a year and a half break. I wonder if she was ever asked if she was going to join The City before it was canceled.
  6. I guess that explains why Jack and Louis have such hair changes. A few of us were wondering about Michelle. Is she gone for good? I can never tell with this show.
  7. I think the producers wanted a fresh start - my guess is they didn't want any characters too closely identified with Loving. Alex had been around for a good while, but he was also played by Randolph Mantooth, a name in his own right.
  8. The news about Peter Scolari really got to me too. I used to sit and watch the Bosom Buddies reruns on USA over and over. I just thought he was cute and funny and he had such screen presence. I haven't watched a lot of his later work but whenever I saw him he'd make me smile. So sad.
  9. Frances Fisher (DAYS, GL, EON) is also in Rust.
  10. @Nicholas BlairThank you for the details that synopses can't cover. I felt betrayed when P&G/Valente dumped many of my favorite characters in 1995, so much so that I never fully connected with the show again. Yet I can at least step back and acknowledge many of them had reached a natural end or needed a rest. That does not seem to be the case here. It's a shame so many have no interest in soaps beyond the basics, as Irna's brief return to ATWT is a story that would be fascinating to see in a docuseries form. I guess at least we will always have the tribute episode GL did for her in 2007.
  11. She left Search before it was canceled, although she likely saw the writing on the wall. IIRC, she was offered the part of Amanda Spaulding on GL in 1995, but declined, as she needed a rest.
  12. DRW50

    The View

    https://www.salon.com/2021/10/20/meghan-mccain-fumes-over-her-princess-of-arizona-snl-portrayal-laughing-stock-of-the-country_partner/ These parodies were extremely mild, especially compared to SNL of many years past, which would have roasted her alive. She has no talent, no value as a human being, and is married to a hideous lump of dogshit. Now that her father is gone, she can only get by on being a professional victim for people who probably spit at her whenever she leaves the room.
  13. I have never liked Greg Berlanti or his assembly line shows, and this is what you get with an assembly line. Still I am horrified at these stories. Ruby Rose was painted as some kind of a diva for what are clearly very unsafe working conditions with a sea of bodies to show for it.
  14. If this is true, I really do loathe her and what she represents. She is not only hurting people, but she is demoralizing countless voters into believing the two parties are the same. I think if Democrats lose the majority in 2022, she is switching parties immediately.
  15. Manchin has denied a party switch, for now anyway, but the gleeful media reaction is, if not surprising, still nauseating.
  16. I've seen some speculation Sinema is gearing up to join a third party. I wouldn't be surprised - she would fit right in with Andrew Yang, a man whose idea of a political position is an insipid grin.
  17. I think by that point it was impossible to break up Mac and Rachel again, and then after Mac died and Rachel went through a period of mourning, Espy was leaving. If he had stayed I wonder if we would have had more with Rachel and Mitch. I think Felicia and Mitch were fine together, as he was a support for her yet not so heavy that he got in the way of her lighter moments (as Lucas did), but I think Felicia was really too much of a camp construct to ever fully work with a love interest. She was the closest soaps got to the old Crawford/Davis/Stanwyck type dames, who in their 40's tended to feel too rigidly defined to be viable with any love interest.
  18. The court expansion commission Biden called released their findings several days ago. They essentially just mouth Stephen Breyer's position - we can't do what Republicans are already doing because that's wrong. I'm not surprised, there was no way we were getting any kind of expansion, but the framing is done in a way to further demoralize many who are already giving up.
  19. The media has gone wild reinforcing to people that he died of COVID even with the vaccine (John Roberts giddily pointed out that this will make people more resistant to vaccines), so you're right, this will have a very bad impact.
  20. Can  someone tell  me who the woman  in the People ad  at around 20 minutes is? She looks so familiar to  me. The same for the older woman in the ad around 8:30. For some reason I associate her with ATWTOctober 3, 1980 commercials with WNAC sign off - YouTube

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      If you're talking about the woman who is speaking in the Enhance commercial, she is Melinda Fee.

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      Thanks so much. 

  21. Thanks @vetsoapfan. I can definitely imagine viewers being drawn to Mitch but not really wanting him to be with Rachel. I think Mitch was too dynamic a presence for the show at that time (or Espy was, anyway). It's a shame Beverlee had left as an Iris/Mitch pairing might have been compelling.
  22. I thought I read somewhere that the ratings did improve in 1986, which helped stave off cancelation, but I guess that was from a low base. Did Rachel and Mitch have any fans at the time? I know it never would have happened, but I wonder if they would have had any success pairing Steve and Quinn. Was she ever meant to have feelings for him?
  23. Manchin just keeps ruining lives, sending poor people past the point of no return, for his corporate donors.
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