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  1. Gene Fanning Judith Searle Marilyn Spanier Paul Langton Samantha Eggar Richard Kuss Joan Shea Up tomorrow
  2. THE DOCTORS COURTESY OF @jam6242 4/14/1963 Dr Elizabeth Hayes Margot Moser Betty Jane ___ Loomis ???? --believes baby found at Hope Hospital is hers Eddie Loomis ?????? Betty's husband, swears baby isn't theirs 4/24/1963 Dr. Jerry Chandler Richard Roat P.J. Pomeroy ?????? wealthy Texan; Chandler thinks he is a malingerer 4/26/1963 Dr. Elizabeth Hayes Margot Moser has questions about mother's reaction Eve Downing ???? mother of a burned child that will survive 4/30/1963 Dr. Elizabeth Hayes Margot Moser believes her condition is medical Dinah Fraser ???? 13 year old orphan in for a psych evaluation week of 1/13/1964 Marcy Dalton Fred's daughter Leslye Hunter
  3. GUIDING LIGHT Gloria that was Eds secretary Diane Lewis 1976-80 Neil Blake Patrick Horgan attorney 1979-80; 1982; 1983 A TIME FOR US/A FLAME IN THE WIND Nurse Andy Jenny O'Hara 1965 AS THE WORLD TURNS Susan "Sue" Michaels Jill O'Hara 1966 Landlady Mildred Clinton 1979 or 1/1980
  4. EVERETT SLOANE RADIO BETTY AND BOB Unknown Role BIG SISTER Dr. Seabrook CENTRAL CITY Unknown Role EASY ACES Unknown Role THE GOLDBERGS Sammy Goldberg LIFE BEGINS (MARTHA WEBSTER) Unknown Role LISTENING POST Unknown Role OPEN DOOR Professor Waldo Greentree THIS IS NORA DRAKE Lee King Alfred Drake VALIANT LADY Lester Brennan Mr. Richards TELEVISION OFFICIAL DETECTIVE Official Detective Investigator 1957-58 ZORRO Andres Felipe Basilio 1959 Charlotte Holland THE GUIDING LIGHT Gertrude "Trudy" Bauer Palmer 1949-51 Edgar Stehli LIFE BEGINS (MARTHA WEBSTER) Unknown Role Alan North ALL MY CHILDREN Mr. Porter 1983 John Gould Rubin GUIDING LIGHT Ray Goodman 1993 Jake Turner RYAN'S HOPE Unknown Role Unknown Year Veronica Cruz ALL MY CHILDREN Christina Unknown Year Scott Decker GUIDING LIGHT Jimmy, Harley's imaginary friend Unknown Year Roger Bowen GUIDING LIGHT Al Goodman 1993 Patrick Horgan THE GUIDING LIGHT Neil Blake 1979-80; 1982; 1983
  5. STAATS COTSWORTH Radio[edit] Cotsworth was once described as "the busiest actor in radio," having performed in 7,500 broadcasts in 12 years.[1] His roles as a regular cast member included those shown in the table below. Program Role Amanda of Honeymoon Hill Edward Leighton[4] Big Sister Dr. John Wayne[5] Casey, Crime Photographer Casey[6] Front Page Farrell David Farrell[7] Inspector Thorne Thorne[4]:347 Lone Journey Wolfe Bennett[8] Ma Perkins Gideon Harris[9] Mark Trail Mark Trail[10] Mr. and Mrs. North Lieutenant Weigand[11] Pepper Young's Family Jeff Taylor[12] Roger Kilgore, Public Defender District Attorney Sam Howe [4]:582 The Man from G-2 Major Hugh North[4]:432 When a Girl Marries Phil Stanley[4]:717 Other programs on which Cotsworth appeared included The Right to Happiness as Alex Devalans The Story of Mary Marlin,[16] THE GUIDING LIGHT Ray Brandon (aka Roger Barton ) LORA LAWTON Unknown Role MARRIAGE FOR TWO Roger Hoyt THE SECOND MRS. BURTON Jack Mason FACES OF LOVE Unknown Role 1975 TELEVISION MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role "Blackmail" week of 12/20/1954 Unknown Role week of 10/17/1955 Unknown Role week of 1/23/1956 Unknown Role ""I'll Never Forget" week of 7/9/1956 Unknown Role "The Long Night" week of 4/29/1957 Unknown Role "Moment of Fear" 10/28/1957 Unknown Role week of 7/7/1958 KITTY FOYLE Mr. Strafford 1958 TRUE STORY Unknown Role "A Stranger in Town" 5/11/1957 Unknown Role "Confidence Man" 11/16/1957 Unknown Role "Faith" 4/26/1958 Morton Winters 5/31/1958 Unknown Role 7/19/1958 Unknown Role "The Imperfect Secretary" 10/11/1958 Jason Wheel 6/24/1961 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Doctor 1962 THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Dr. Thomas 1963 THE DOCTORS Dr. George Mitchell "New Wings for Old" week of 1/20/1964 AS THE WORLD TURNS Ralph Brown 1967-68 SOMERSET Doctor, Missy Matthews 1970 MOVIE...... PEYTON PLACE Charles Partridge 1957
  6. Mildred Clinton AS THE WORLD TURNS Landlady 1979 or 1/80 Kim Zimmer THE GUIDING LIGHT Under five role, Secretary to Roger Thorpe mid-70s MERCEDES McCAMBRIDGE RADIO AMANDA OF HONEYMOON HILL Unknown Role AUNT JENNY'S TRUE LIFE STORIES Unknown Role MARY NOBLE, BACKSTAGE WIFE Unknown Role BETTY AND BOB Betty Drake BIG SISTER Ruth Evans Brewster Wayne CARTERS OF ELM STREET Unknown Role DAN HARDING'S WIFE Donna ____ Harding DAVID HARUM Unknown Role DEFENSE ATTORNEY Martha Ellis Bryan ELLEN RANDOLPH Unknown Role FAMILY SKELETON Sarah Ann Spencer 1953-54 GIRL ALONE Patricia Rodgers THE GUIDING LIGHT Mary Ruthledge Holden JANE ARDEN Unknown Role JOHN'S OTHER WIFE Unknown Role LONE JOURNEY Unknown Role LORENZO JONES Unknown Role MA PERKINS Unknown Role THE MAN I MARRIED Unknown Role MIDSTREAM Midge Meredith MRS. WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH Unknown Role ONE MAN'S FAMILY Unknown Role PEPPER YOUNG'S FAMILY Unknown Role STELLA DALLAS Unknown Role THE STORY OF MARY MARLIN Unknown Role TALE OF TODAY Flora Little THIS IS NORA DRAKE Peggy King Martinson TODAY'S CHILDREN Unknown Role VALIANT LADY Unknown Role WOMAN IN WHITE Unknown Role YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Unknown Role YOUNG WIDDER BROWN Unknown Role YOUR FAMILY AND MINE Unknown Role TELEVISION BIG SISTER Ruth Evans 1945 ONE MAN'S FAMILY Beth Holly 1949-50 THE DOCTORS Bakery Owner 11/11/63 Unknown Role 1964 THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Mrs. Chase 1964 also WIRE SERVICE Katherine Wells 1956-57 DOCTOR KILDARE Sister Teresa BEWITCHED Carlotta 1968 DANIEL KEYES ANOTHER WORLD Officer Feeney 1967 DARK SHADOWS Eagle Hill Cemetary Caretaker 1967 THE SECRET STORM George Peterson 1969 WHERE THE HEART IS Ben Jessup 1969-72 LOVE OF LIFE Judge Unknown Year HOW TO SURVIVE A MARRIAGE Dr. Brady Unknown Year ANOTHER WORLD Justice Daniels 1976 THE DOCTORS Professor Winston Croft 1976 Harold Kingston 1977 FOR RICHER, FOR POORER/LOVERS AND FRIENDS Marlowe the Cushing butler 1977 ANOTHER WORLD Foster Sturgis 1978 Judge Baker 1980 RYAN'S HOPE Judge Lewis Sikorsky Unknown Year Judge 1980 TEXAS Unknown Role Unknown Year KATHRYN HAYS THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Sheila Warren 1964 THE GUIDING LIGHT Leslie Jackson Bauer Norris Bauer 1971 AS THE WORLD TURNS Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropolous Hughes 1972-2010 also...... THE ROAD WEST Elizabeth Reynolds Pride 1966-67 Added in.
  7. Thanks, @dc11786. I'll take care of these a bit later. I took Sue Michaels out of ATWT.
  8. Mildred Clinton THE DOCTORS Dr. Max Bauer's Scrub Nurse Dolly Roberts "The Fallen Giant" 6/20/1963 was "scrub nurse" Esther Ralston THE DOCTORS Lillian ___ Petrie 4/22/1963 was "Aging Actress" Roy Poole THE DOCTORS Oscar Kylie (man that failed the police exam) 4/16/63
  9. @Paul Raven Camilla Crawford Penelope Windust 1972 reporter on the Stan/Leslie affair; inebriated model--possible act while investigative reporting? George Baldwin Michael McAssy blind piano player Roy Enright Phillip LeStrange 1986-87 Alan's "henchman Nurse Jodie Gooden Alice Oakes 1983-87 dated Louie, Lillian's friend
  10. Our own Charlie's Angel , @jam6242, did some research into THE DOCTORS in 1963, and here's some new information we didn't have before 4/22/63 Lillian Petrie an old time musical comedy actress, now a charity patient actress Esther Ralston. Chaplain Sam Shafer tries to convince tv idea man Victor Golding to create a show around her. No actor info for Victor Oscar (Roy Poole) the cop whose physical prevented him from a promotion--last name Kylie. more TD tomorrow GL's Nurse Jodie is under her last name, Gooden I'll add George Baldwin
  11. THE EDGE OF NIGHT APRIL 2, 1956-NOVEMBER 28, 1975 CBS DECEMBER 1, 1975-DECEMBER 28, 1984 ABC MONTICELLO PART THREE Vic Sady Lee Krieger 1958 fence Willie Saffire Jackson Beck 1968-69 Roy Sanders Martin Sheen 1967 Officer Adam Santana Robert Anthony 1973 Adam's trial Dr. Marie Santos Miriam Colon 1980 Jamey's doctor Glenn Saunders Kelly Gwin 1983 technician Anthony "Tony" Saxon (aka James Armsted) Louis Turrene 1976-78 mob boss, Deborah's father, married Geraldine Lieutenant Deborah Saxon Frances Fisher alcoholic cop, daughter Tony, involved with Owen Madison and Steve Guthrie Geraldine Weldon Whitney Saxon Lois Kibbee 1970-71; 1973-84 Whitney matriarch;widow, Gordon and Tony;sister, Charles Weldon; mother Colin, Keith; aunt, Schuyler; owned WMON; mentored Kevin Jamison; engaged to Del Emerson at end of series Richard Scanlon John Vickery 1983 agent known as "Constantine" David Scarborough David Rasche 1982 Greg Schaeffer (aka Greg Parker) Jon O'Hurley 1983-84 dated Alicia Irma Schneider ???? 1958 attorney, Ann Shea Wil Schneider ??? 1959 involved in the Frank Dubeck story Ben Schultz, Jr. ?????? 1962 son Iris Frederick Schultz ???? 1957 loan shark Johnny Phillips Iris ___ Schultz Etta Reese Mann 1962 mother, Ben Billie Schumann Catherine Cox 1984 Beth Correll's friend Ansel Scott Patrick Horgan 1976-77; 1983 father Draper; Saxon attorney Gordon Gould 1980 April Cavanaugh Scott Terry Davis 1977-81 daughter, Margo Dorn; adopted by Cavanaugh's; married Draper; convicted for Denise's murder, went to Warmdale prison, escaped; owned WMON (young) ????????? 1979 Baby Scott Never Seen child born to April and Draper after they left town, a daughter Draper Scott Tony Craig 1975-81 attorney, dated Brandy, Raven, married April, got amnesia and was "kidnapped" by Emily Gault and convinced he was "Kirk Michaels". Julia Scott Patricia DeRosa 1980-81 daughter April and Draper Nadine ___ Alexander Scott Dorothy Stinnette 1976-77; 1980 Raven's mother, Ansel's widow; killed by Molly Sherwood Lieutenant Segal Douglas Parkhirst 1961 cop Leo Sekular (aka Thomas McMahon) Robert Dryden 1957 ran child trafficking ring Diana Selkirk Susan Yusen 1978-79 cult member, tried to kill Mike Karr, daughter, Howard, who donated his eyes to Mike Karr Morlock Sevigny Jay Gregory 1973-75 Ben Travis' nurse, mobster Philip Seward Tom Keena 1979 attorney, partner David Henson Matthew (Max?) Sharkey Chris Goutman 1980 orderly +Emily Norman Snow 1980 Gary Shaw A.C. Weary 1984 hit man at Jody's college Ann Shea Bette Henritze (as Mary Henritze) 1958 ran off the road by Don and Doll Barbara Shea Sarah Hardy 1958 Sergeant Shear Vic Noto 1980 Pat Sherman Joe Silver 1957 owner of the Ho Hi Ho Club Ruth___ Sherman Mae Munro 1957 Pat's wife Molly ___ Sherwood Jane Hoffman 1980 maid, Emily, Puppet killer Laurinda Barrett 1980-81 Mr. Shriver (Schreiber?) John Call 1971 blind keymaker Martin Sider Carl Low 1964 Lakeview citizen Professor Albert Simms John McGovern 1963 husband and murderer of Vera Simms, set up Beth Moon for the murder Ida (Taffy) Simms Mari Gorman 1974 unwed mother; blackmailer; mother of Jennifer Mr. Simms Cliff Carpenter 1957 Paul Simms David Bauer 1957-58 parole officer Vera ____ Simms Elspeth Eric 1963 murder victim, wife of Albert Vaughn Simons Allan Miller Romeo Slade Martin Kove 1980 hit man hired by Jefferson Brown to kill Raven Frank Sloane Sam Gray 1971-72 thief that faked his death Kate ____ Sloane Jan Farrand 1971-72 haunted Martha Lenny Small Michael Minor 1972 Orin's chauffeur affair with Elly Jo Bill Smith Frank Campanella 1956 highjacker Charlie "Smitty" Smith Richard Bright 1982 bartender Officer Dennis Smith ???? 1980 spoke to Miles Jed Smith Phillip Kraus 1979 hit man after Paige Manny Smith Frank Marth 1960 +Sally Maxwell Smith Kurt Garfield 1979 Sally ___ Smith Mary Fickett 1960 mother, Viola Viola Smith Jacqueline Courtney 1960 daughter Manny&Sally Mrs. Smythe ???? 1957 faux mother, Billy Harper Mr. Snell Jack Hollander 1982 agent Whit Somers Peter Simon 1969 Chrissie Sommers Debra Whitfield 1981 maid, Whitney Mansion Margaret ___ Spears ???? 1971 (flashback) Martha s aunt Mr. Spencer Ed Bryce 1974 Bebe Spode Kimetha Laurie 1956 girl taken by Cora Lane Beverly Lunsford 1956 Betty Sue Albert 1957 Renne Jarrett 1957-58 Hester _____ Spode Helen Shields 1956-57 drunk mother of Bebe Martin Spode Eric Dressler 1956-57 father, Bebe; ex-convict Henderson Forsythe 1958 Dr. Julianna Stanhower Amanda Blake 1984 psychiatrist, Beth Correll Kyrie Stanton Donna Drake 1984 daughter, Roy, mountain lodge Roy Stanton Roy Cooper 1984 father, Krie, owned mountain lodge Mr. Starkweather Charles Welch 1976 Louis Steele Bill Smith 1958 Maynard Stephenson Ronald Dawson 1966-68 Hillyer butler Dr. Stern Jack Betts 1978 OBGYN Michael Stern Michael Fontaine 1983 thug sent to beat up "Preacher" Phil Stevens ???? 1971 travel agent Dorothy ____ Stewart Anne Revere 1969-70 mother, Duane Margaret Barker 1970 Duane Stewart Richard Clarke 1969-70 ex-husband Nicole, married Pamela Pamela ___ Stewart Irene Dailey 1969-70 Duane's wife, tried to kill Nicole Marty Stillwater Derek Evans 1983-84 paralegal tuned attorney Proud Bear Stillwater Never Seen 1983-84 Standing Elk's dead brother Standing Elk Stillwater Dehl Berti 1983-84 Indian chief, Steve Adler killed his brother, Proud Bear Detective Calvin Stoner Irving Allen Lee 1977-84 longtime cop, married Star Wilson and Didi Bannister Didi Bannister Stoner Mariann Aalda 1981-84 attorney, partner of Cliff Nelson; dated Julius Newcombe, married Calvin Stoner---preggers at the end of the show; sister of Troy, Mitzi's BFF, went crazy after the machinations at the Isis building Starr Wilson Stoner Yahee (Fernandez) 1978-82 singer/actress, married and divorced Calvin Dr. George Stuart George Ede 1980 Nicole's doctor Ralph Suncliffe Hansford Rowe 1982 father of Jinx Avery Judge Sussman Mildred Clinton 1975 presided over custody trial between Mark and Serena Faraday Chad Sutherland Mark Andrews 1982 artist; Eden Officer Sweeney Gerald Walker 1981 Jamison "Jamey" Swift James Noseworthy 1979-81 son of Raven and Logan Jason Zimbler 1984 Julia ___ Swift Never Seen mother Logan Assistant District Attorney Logan Swift Joe Lambie 1977-81 Son Julia, father, Jamey, ex-lover April, ex-husband, Raven. Accidentally killed by Geraldine, who was like a mother to him Tom Tammi 1984 Speed Taft Remo Pisani 1960 heroin addict, took Morrissey family hostage with Helen McCabe Angela Talbot Ann Wedgeworth 1966 murdered by SDavid Gideon Mr. Temple Never Seen 1980 attorney, Nadine Benita Thomas Janet League 1980 social worker to check on Jamey Malcolm Thomas Ed Kemmer 1964-65 Nancy's ex, dated EveM., Kitty, and married Cookie District Attorney Bruce Thompson Bret Morrison 1957-58 Jim Thompson Anthony Roberts 1964 Lil' ___ Thompson Lynn Kellogg 1964 Wolfy Thorne John Aquino 1982 Nora's travel friend David Thurston John Randolph 1971 Mayor John Thurston Humbert Allen Astredo Mrs. Timmons Mary Cooper 1981 nanny Julia Scott Ray Timmons Allen Nourse 1972 Tom Timmons Kurt Knudson 1983 Mr. Tirrell Joseph Leon 1984 Dr. Paul Tobias John Swearington 1975 Miguel Torres Ralph Bell 1965 Judge William Trahaney Tom Brennan 1984 presided over Raven's murder child Senator Ben Travis William Prince 1968-69 Nicole's father; mobster Cec Linder 1974 Jody Travis Lori Loughlin 1980-83 half-sister, Nicole dated Preacher, Kelly, Gavin and Jeremy, resembled Edenite. Karrie Emerson 1984 Leonie "Billie Lorraine" Travis Delphi Harrington 1982 Ben's second wife me\urdered Gui Trevanier Jean LeClerc 1983 houseguest of the Earle's Mrs. Tupper Ann Seymour 1957 mother-in-law, Rose Bremen Rose Tupper ??? 1957 baby adopted by the Baccolis Mrs. Tupperman Viola Borden 1984 mental patient at Green Mountain Sanitarium Vera ______Turek Elizabeth Lawrence 1966 housekeeper Clint, spy Louie Turner ????? 1957 hired Martin Spode Mrs. Turner Corinne Orr 1980 Captain Roderick Turner Ralph Bell 1962 Ernie Tuttle Vincent Gardenia 1967 killed Harry Constable George Hall 1967-68 Miss Tuttle Alice Hirson Ruth Prentiss Tuttle Beverly Hayes 1967-68 affair with Harry Constable Steve's sister Mrs. Twilly Elizabeth Moore 1980 Lieutenant Damian Tyler Christopher Jarrett 1981-83 son of Fowler Wilcox dated Poppy Johnson Captain George Valducci Ron Maccone 1982 Alicia Van Dyne Chris Weatherhead 1983-84 business rival/ex-Schuyler Louis Van Dyne Jerry Zaks 1983 limping owner of the Isis Building ; brother, Alicia; lunatic Spencer Varney Richard Borg 1981-83 worked for Bowie family, affair with Camilla, worked for Sky. embezzled from him, had affair with Libby Webster, murderer Eddie Vaughn Sterling Walling 1979 movie producer father of Brian Madison Jake Venefra Robert Neilson 1983 crime boss Audrey Veniard ???? 1957 photographer George Vetter Vincent Gardenia 1960 Teresa ____ Vetter Rebecca Sand 1960-61 murdered Victor Carlson Mr. Voorhees Patrik McCulough 1980 Bruno Wagner David Froman 1980-81 worked for Jefferson pretended to be his brother, Gunther Gunther Wagner David Froman chauffeur, Schuyler Whitney menacing but lovable director, liked Mitzi Abby Walcutt Jane Hoffman 1976 Nicole's neighbor; spy for Claude Revenant Jennifer Bassey 1976-77 (as Joan Bassie) Janey Walker Nancy New 1982 actress that replaced Mitzi in play Dr. Wallace George Bamford 1979; 1981 Jud Wallace Larry Golden 1984 hit man killed L.K. Pendleton Dr. Lynn Wallis Carole Demas 1984 therapist, Chris Egan when she was blind Ornette Walsh Charles Walsh 1973 Dr. Stephen Warner Richard Buck 1971 Cookie's psychiatrist, paid by Geraldine to let her out early Emory Warren Bill Berger 1963-64 killed Lyn Philip Abbott 1963 (temporary) Lyn Wilkins Warren Gillian Spencer 1961-64 murder victim. mother, Sara Louise Patricia Bosworth 1964 Marie Warren Ann Wedgeworth 1963 sister, Emory; dated Lee Larry Watts Paul Tinder 1980 amusement park kidnapper Ephraim Webster Nat Polen 1967 CEA Supervisor Jessica ____ Webster Rita Lloyd 1967 wife/rival spy Mr. Weiser David Clarke 1983 Dr. Charles Weldon Conrad Bain 1970 brother, Geraldine murdered by nephew, Keith David Hooks 1970 Ken Bruce Martin 1971 Dr, Neil Wellman David Pendleton 1980 Leo Gault's friend, hypnotized Draper to find his identity Collier Wells (aka Carlo Crown) Albert Owens 1981 thief, photographer Martine Duval Wells Sofia Petrovna 1980-81 dancer, Whitney Theater dated Jefferson (as Sky) and Gavin, married Collier Mrs. Wentworth Sylvia Short 1980 Mrs. Werner Bibi Osterwald 1974 BBabs' mother Barney West Alfred Sandor 1969 kidnapped Laurie/blackmailed Mike Hazel Kirby West Jane Fleiss 1982 Valerie's former friend Mona ___ West Jan Farrand 1969 kidnapped by Eric B., helped Barney kidnap Laurie Mr. Westcott ???? 1984 bought horse, Dream Walker Robert Weston Doug Hale 1981 Dr. Willard Whaley George Hearne 1979 prison doctor Sammy Wheaton Zeljko Ivanek 1981-82 stole Raven's purse Clinton Wheeler Dana Elcar 1964-65 +Irene Irene ____ Wheeler Barbara Berjer 1964-65 +Clinton Myrna Whitmore Paige Matthews 1983 actress Larry White William Zuckert 1956 high-jacker Charlotte Whitney Jasmine Joshua 1984 Senator Colin Whitney Anthony Call 1970-71 son, Gordon, Geraldine; brother, Keith, husband. Tiffany, nephew,Charles, Randolph; killed in boating accident Senator Gordon Whitney Alan Gifford 1970-71 Geraldine's husband, father of Keith and Colin, son of Samuel and brother to Randolph jkilled in boating accident Jenny ___ Whitney Never Seen deceased mother, Schuyler Keith Whitney (aka Jonah Lockwood) Bruce Martin murderer, husband Suella Gray, killed Charles, Tango and others; son of Geraldine and Gordon Libby Webster Whitney Marion Lines 1982 married Sky, affair with Spencer, killed Jefferson Brown (fake Schuyler) Randolph Whitney Never Seen deceased father, Schuyler Raven "Charlotte" Alexander Jamison Swift (Brown Devereaux) Whitney Juanin Clay 1976-77 lover of Derek, Elliot, Draper and his father Ansel, married Kevin, Logan, Jefferson(as Sky), Ian and finally Schuyler,Mother of Jamey and Charlotte. PI, kidnapped by Mark Aldrich, robbed by Sammy, shot at by Romeo; selfish vixen wth a heart Sharon Gabet 1977-79; 1980-84 Senator Samuel Whitney Never Seen father of Gordon and Randolph Schuyler Whitney Larkin Malloy 1982-84 after being replaced by phony Jefferson Brown, Malloy returned as Schuyler. Sky married Raven and was a millionaire/private detective James Horan 1982 (temporary) Suella Duvall Whitney ????? 1971 murdered wife of Keith Fowler Tyler Wilcox Donald Symington 1981 father of Damian Tyler Richie Wilkins ???? 1982 thug that set up Damian Mrs. Willoughby Beulah Garrick 1968 maid at Claybank Al Wilson Eugene Wood 1958 window washer Bart Wilson Larry Robinson 1961 Hector Wilson John Rensenhouse 1981-82 Whitney theater, tricked Raven into thinking she's a murderer Lucy Gantry Wilson Melinda Plank (Cordell) 1973 sister of Joel, daughter of Edith Smiley Wilson Frank Gorshin brother, Hector tricked Raven Lane Wilton Robert Hover 1983-84 Nancy's publisher Mrs. Winifred Dorothy Peterson 1964 1982 Mr. Winks Peter Saputo 1982 Marge ___ Winslow Lynne Rogers 1979 April's prison matron Lonnie Winters Jerry Strickland 1965-66 wealthy delinquent Peter Kastner 1966 Mr. Wismer Paul Collins 1981 Officer Beverly Witherspoon Eve Battaglia 1980 Elaine Wittman Carrie Klein 1983 henchwoman, Louis Van Dyne Dr. Wolfe John Lehne 1971 Mrs. Wong Ginny Yang 1980 Chinese restaurant Sergeant Worth Joseph Jamrog 1975 Nurse Teresa Worthington Marilyn Randall "Tree" 1978 Denise's nurse Tony Wyatt Antony Ponzini 1965-66 Andre Lazar's right hand Dr. Wygand Ray Owens 1973 Dr. Wylly ???? 1958 Mike Karr's doctor Mrs. Yost Patti Wilkus 1977 madam, Inez Johnson Selma Diamond 1977 Mrs. Zern Norma Connolly 1977 housekeeper of Nicole and Adam Otto Zimmerman Howard Petrie 1964 mobster Harvey Zuckerman ???? 1959 owner of La Siesta Motel; Ruth Hakim pretended to be Betty Jean Lane CHARACTERS WITHOUT LAST NAMES Albert David Prowse 1978 gentle giant/killer Allen ???? 1956 ++Betty Jean Andre John DeVries 1983 kidnapped Spencer and Camilla Anna Diane Raymond 1976 Mike Karr's secretary Antoine C.K. Alexander 1979 tempermental chef Arthur ???? 1977 Artie Ric Mancini 1972 inmate Barney Bob Hastings 1966 Bertie MacIntyre Dixon 1972 Billie Randi Graff 1981-82 Miles' nurse Bobbie Jaclyn Zeman 1976 stewardess Brenda Lisa Keith 1979 later called Becky Bruce James A. Kelly 1982 Raven's hairdresser Carol Doris Belack 1966 "Cheats" ???? 1974 stabbed Adam Clarence Robert Alvin 1957 mechanic Clifford Neil Fitzgerald 1970-71 Whitney chauffeur Corky Joy Claussen 1973 secretary Mike Karr Cowboy Ryan MacDonald 1964 killer Cynthia Mary K. Wells Daisy Karen Weeden(?Wenden?) 1979 cellmate, April Danny ???? 1982 ran the news to Nicole Dee Lynne Rogers Dennis ??? 1971 Whitney Chauffeur Dennis Sam Jarvis 1980 doorman, Margo Dimitri Hector Elizondo Doc Richard Dow 1981 Earl ??? 1969 kidnapped Laurie Ann Edith ???? 1979 Madison maid Miss Eileen Winship Cook 1984 Whtney employee with Jim Riley Erica Erica Weingast 1975-76 waitress, hostess Estelle Mary Garripoli 1980 Esther Polly Rowles 1976 diner owner knew Nicole Evan ???? 1982 hench, George Foley Frances Jimsey Summers 1957 Pike family maid Franki Anita Gillette 1967 coat check girl Fred ??? 1957 police tail Giorgio ??? 1980 Karen's ex, abusive Gladys Alice Madison 1957 Gloria Karen Anthony 1980 babysitter Greg ???? 1980 WMON Production Assistant Gregg Richard Pierson 1979 Gregory I.M. Hobson 1982 Buffy Revere's butler "Boss" Hannah Bobo Lewis 1979 inmate with April Hector Tom Pedi 1967 Henry ????? Monticello Arms Clerk Hildy Neva Small 1964 Irene Anita Keal 1982 Jeanette Kathy Ryan 1981 Jed Philip Kraus 1979 Jenny Vera Moore 1971 2 months Jenny Carol Nadel 1979 Margo's maid Jerry Lou Tiano 1972 Jerry Paul Larson 1974 Jessica Grace Carney 1971 Jimmy Sam Schact 1973 "Mama" Jo Mirium Goldina 1957 owned Chili Parlor Joe Roger Newman 1967 Joey Hal Studer 1964 John George Hall Whitney butler 1970-71; 1973-78 Johnny Ron Liebman 1964 Johnny Philip Sterling 1968 hitman JoJo James Coco 1969 Kidnapper Laurie Karr Jose Martin Newman 1957 chili parlor Jose ????? 1983 bum Kenny Roy Scheider 1962 Larry Bobby Alto 1981 Lenny Paul Carpinelli 1969 Lenny ?????? 1975 Kincaed's goon Lenny Larry Joshua 1980 Leroy Tom Gorman 1957 Lila Jackie Elliott 1974 Brandy's secretary leaked information Lilac Jenny O'Hara 1979 Lillian Sylvia Davis 1979 Lisa Elissa Leeds 1976 waitress at Ace of Clubs Lou Lou Pickett 1976 Louise Kathleen Chalfant 1978-79 cellmate, April Lucinda ???? 1982 George Foley's cook Mabel Helen Lewis 1958 Magda Beanna Buetow 1972 Maggie Robin Groves 1977-78 secretary, Logan\ Marcel Kevin O'Connor 1973 Marcel Charles Dumas 1983 Marco Ted Grader 1974 Marcus Peter Francis James 1981 Didi's client Margaret Arlene Walker Hillyer maid 1969-70 Marie Monica Moran 1973 Marie Sylvia Adams 1957 Lane family maid Mark Vincent Spano Marla Patti Davis 1971 Marty ????? Riverboat Bartender 67-68 tried to get Julie to drink Mary Ann Pamela Sousa 1983-84 waitress at the Rock Garden Mary Jane Kerry Armstrong 1983 Isis Bldg. secretary; Marty's date Mary Louise Diane Thompson (Alexandra) Neil 1984 airport met "Preacher" Maximillian James Hall 1970 Tango's Boyfriend May Stephanie Tashman Millie Janis Young 1967 Molly ??????? 1964 Mort Peter Strong 1983 Preacher's buddy Norman Dan E. Campbell 1984 Whitney security guard Orville Stuart Germain 1976 Otto ???? 1977 attacked Deborah ""Owl" Charles Welch 1983 derelict snitch Paulie Ken Chandler 1972 Kevin's buddy, robbed Claybank Peaches and Herb Peaches and Herb band 1981 Pete Ben Slack 1976 Phil Sam McMurray 1979 kidnapped Deborah Phyllis Joan Bassie (Jennifer Bassey) 1975 Polly Alice Mann 1957 friend, Bebe and Kitty Ralph the guard Wallace Shawn 1982 Rhoda Allison Argo Richard Doug Griebel 1979 Unicorn Bartender Ruthie Rosemary Edelman 1957 Sal Lawence Kletter 1975 bartender Sally ????? 1979 Eliot's maid Sam Michael McCarty 1981 Sam (aka Pete) William Preston 1982 hobo Samantha ??? 1982 Starr's understudy Sid Earle Hyman 1984 bailiff/narrated Raven's child Skipper Joe Seneca 1982 raised Troy Bannister Miss Stephanie Francine Owens 1962 Stubby James Coco 1967 Riverboat empoloyee Sully Ralph Stantley 1964 Susan Beverly Hayes 1978 Suzanne ?????? 1959 ex girlfriend Frank Dubeck Suzi Maggie Burke 1976 Trudy Mary Hayden 1970-71; 1973-78 Whitney Maid Veronique Hattie Winston 1976-77 maid Claude Revenant Vic ????? 1984 hench Victor Paul Lipson 1957 Martin Spode's friend Victoria ???? 1982 Devereaux Maid Vincente Hector Elizondo 1965 Andre's spy Robert Dryden 1966 Father Vincente Robert Blackburn 1974 priest Vinnie Jim Dukas 1975 Morlock's thug Viva Mary Lynn Johnson 1982 Pietro's partner Vivian Reva Rose 1969 Capice maid Willie Brendan Faye 1973 Zack Jay Ingram 1979 assassin for Tobias Agent Joseph Julian 1966 Agent Peter Carew 1966 Agent Val Bisoglio 1965 represented Kitty DeSena Airline Ticket Agent Linda Hamil Announcer Herb Duncan Arsonist Joseph Julian 1960 Assistant District Attorney Anthony Zerbe 1963 (2 weeks) Bailiff Fred Vinroot 1970-75 Donnell O'Brien 1958 Bartender Bern Hoffman 1958 Paul Austin 1982 Vincent O'Brien Daniel Ziskie 1980 Peter Carew 1979 Beautician ????? 1968 made over Julie to look like Laura Bellhop Bill Roberts 1980 Bookie Stephen Pearlman 1982 Cab Driver Bill Macy 1966 Bill Smillie 1966 Captain of the Sprite Robert Kya-Hill 1974 Chief of the Lakeview Police Ralph Dunn 1964 Matt Crowley 1964 Choreographer Michelle Marceau 1980 Club Attendant Jerome Collamore 1983 Commissioner Dana Elcar Ian Martin 1975 Cop Steve Burleigh 1977 Richard Janaver 1958 Coroner Richard Green 1978 Ian Martin Countergirl Pauline McCarthy 1957 Sugar stand Counterman William Culpepper 1957 Couple Ann Vetter 1979 Mr. Vetter 1979 Court Stenographer Elinor Ellsworth 1980 Courtroom Spectator Frances Nonemacher 1980 EON fan Croupier Theodore Theoharous Cult Member Stephanie Williams 1978 Custodian Jack Gilford 1963 Dancer Stephanie E. Williams 1981 Lawrence R. Leritz 1983 Desk Clerk Mark Fine 1980 Harry Peerce 1980 Gabor Morea 1980 Dispatcher Chet Carlin 1977 District Attorney of Mayfield Leon B. Stevens 1978 Doctor Adam Wade 1975 examined Vic L. after he was shot Ray Baker 1975 Matthew Lewis 1976 Martin Donegan 1982 Ronald Sylvers Norman Parker 1976 Staats Cotsworth 1962 Frank Mathie 1979 Doorman Robert Dahdah 1966 Drunk Steve Simpson 1980 Election Clerk Marin Riley 1957 Extra Zan Turner 1972 Marlon Brando 1958 Fireman Joe Farley 1975 William Wise 1975 French Official Yusef Bulos 1983 Friend Louise Shaffer 1964 (Gerry McGrath) Gate Attendant Martin Thompson 1984 Girl Katherine Lynn Kamhi 1982 Girlfriend (Hugh Campbell.... Celeste Holm 1959 Guard Bill Luhrs 1982 Walt Willey 1983 (Prison) Bernard Barrow 1966 Gun Collector Chet Carlin 1974 Gun Moll Louise Shaffer 1965 drugged Tony Wyatt Hairdresser Richard Calabrese 1980 Hired Killer Anthony Matranga 1968 Hit and Run Victim Gary Coleman Hobo Irwin Corey 1981 Hotel Clerk Russ Weatherford 1979 Hunter James Rossen 1979 Intern Billy Dee Williams 1963 Theodore Theoharous 1966 Alan Koss 1971 Italian Woman Barbara Sharma 1968 Judge John Bennes 1981 Bernard Barrow 1957 John Buckwalter 1983 Joseph Sweeney 1957 Vince O'Brien 1964-65 Gloria Cromwell 1981 Juror Natalie Priest 1976 Joan Bassie (Jennifer Bassey) 1976 Landlady Jane Hoffman 1964 Lawyer Chet Leeming 1963 Maid Sylvia Davis 1964 Rose Colbin Man Edwin Owens 1976 Man at bar that hit on Deborah Jay Ingram 1977 or 1978 Man in club Jeff Wincott 1983 Messenger John Travolta 1971 Minister Richard Whiting 1982 Charles White 1981 Charles Stewart Reathal Bean 1976 Paul Cassidy 1979 Mortician Gwyllum Evans 1980 Newsboy Lewis Stradler 1966 Newscaster Ralph Camargo 1974 Bill Martin 1976 Nosy Cab Driver Jack Gilford Nurse ???? 12/1982 Melissa Ann Green 1980 Freddi Chandler 1966; 1970 Toni Darnay 1961; 1966 Angela Pietropinto 1982 Ann Williams 1959 Jacquie Bradley 1980 Mary McTigue 1980 Verona Barnes 1980 Ellen Novack 1976 Zan Daes 1980 Nurses' Aide ????? 12/1982 Orderly Jude Cicolella 1982 fought with Miles Organist Rosa Rio Owner of a Pizza Place Stanley Brock 1976 Pawnbroker Charlotte Jones 1983 Plainclothesman Martin Andrews 1958 Police Commissioner George Vogel 1979 Police Doctor Phil Robinson 1958 Police Officer Jon Lonoff 1980 Gary Giem 1980 Jason Kincaed 1980 Paul Westphal 1982 New York Knicks April Adams 1980 Herb Holcombe 1957 Lois Holmes 1964 William F. Dohme, Jr. Police Recruit Lisa Dalton 1979 Prop Store Manager Douglas Seale 1982 Racetrack Announcer Frank Dwyer Radio Announcer Jay Jackson 1979 Paul Stern 1982 Terrence Mann 1982 Stewart Figa 1983 Reporter Allyn Williams 1974 (St. Antghony) Robber Paul Perri 1983 Saleslady (sold Raven her Wedding Dress) Victoria Boothby 1983 Kate Draper 1981 Adele Ronson 1962 Secretary Carol Teitel 1964 Sheriff Richard Kuss 1980 State Trooper Ed O'Ross 1980 Storekeeper Fay Sappington 1980 Stunts (Raven) Lois Lordes (Spencer) Stuart Blair (Schuyler) David Copeland Superintendent Howard Mann 1975 Swiss Ski Shoppe Owner Joaquin de Almeida 1982 Television Commentator Al Hodge 1958 Thug Joseph George 1969 kidnapped Ron Christopher to kill him Ralph Olliver 1969 kidnapped Ron Christopher to kill him Richard Niles 1968 Remo Pisani 1958 Ric Mancini 1974 Tramp P.J. Kelly 1957 Truck Driver Marvin Beck 1979 Voice-Over (Tobias) Russ Weatherhead 1979 Waiter David Birney 1967 Frederic Norbert 1984 John Kudan 1978 Waitress Glory Allyn 1957 Joy Bond 1981 Alma Cuevro 1980 Wedding Guest Lance Gutterman 1984 Whitney Dance Troupe Buddy Balou 1981 Catherine Cooper 1981 Deborah Henry 1981 Bebe Newirth 1981 Brent Saunders 1981 Beth Shorter 1981 Frederick Woden 1981 Gregory Wright 1981 Woman with Mike Karr Ruth McDevitt Woman Barbara Hayes Frank Adonis Joe Allen, Jr. Helen Jean Arthur (CMM) Ethel Ayler 1960s Marian Baer pre 77 LOL, SS, TD Bob Balaban Jody Catlin 1973 or 74 Carolyn Coates early 1960s John P. Connell YDM, DS, LOL, SS, CVVR Mary Ann Cooper Robin Curtis Ruby Dee Walter Dunnett III Frank P. Dwyer 12 days Patty Emler Robert Engels David Ford Clifford Goodwin Martha Greenhouse Susan Harney Holly Hill 1970s Christopher Holder pre-1982 Anna Maria Horsford Edie Huggins Larry Keith 1960s AW, AMC Dirk Koolman Richard Liberty Victoria Loving Virginia McKensie Nancy McKeon Bette Midler Wynne Miller Gwen Mitchell Eleanor Phelps Ethel (Everett) Remey Lisa Richards 1960s Wayne Rogers Alan Rosenberg Diane Rousseau 1960s Martin Rudy Eva Marie Saint Nick Savian (TD) Jeremy Slate Christian Slater 1976 Howard Smith Barry Snider Jocelyn Somers pre-1977 Dorothy Stinnette pre-1970 Gail Strickland pre-1973 William Svetland Lynne Thigpen Matthew Tobin 1968 or 69 Diana Van Der Vlis Mark Weston various roles 1961-71 Patricia Wheel Nancy Wickwire Greg Wrangler James Young Announcers Bob Dixon 1956-57 Harry Kramer 1956-72 Hal Simms 1972-84 substitute 1966-72
  12. THE EDGE OF NIGHT APRIL 2, 1956-NOVEMBER 28, 1975 CBS DECEMBER 1, 1975-DECEMBER 28, 1984 ABC MONTICELLO PART TWO Ken Jackson Robert Trumbull 1983 Mrs. Jackson Doris Belack 1978 widow, Morris Morris Jackson ???? 1978 Saxon crony; murdered Nurse Jackson Anne Hughes 1979 Otis Jackson Peter DeMaio 1975 Morlock's thug Donny Jacobson ????????? 1984 hit man, Standing Elk Richard Jaffe Tom Keena 1975 attorney, Mark Faraday Elly Jo Jamison Dorothy Lyman 1972-73 tried to kill Liz Hillyer, wanted Orin, affair with Lenny Small "Big" Jim Jamison Never Seen father of Elly Jo and Kevin possibly Julie's adoptive brother Kevin Jamison Richard Shoberg 1972-75 PI turned reporter turned politician; married Phoeba and Raven John Driver 1975-78 Phoebe Smith (Marceau) Jamison Heidi Vaughan 1966-67 orphan; ran scams with Victoria Dana; adopted by the Marceaus; married Kevin Renne Jarrett 1967-68 Laurie Kennedy 1972 Johanna Leister 1972-76 Tank Jarvis Michael Longfield 1978-79 worked in porn, then WMON; accused of killing boss, Wade Meecham, both he and Wade killed by Winter Austin Governor Jeffries Richard Higgs 1976 Mayor Hugh Jensen Thomas Ruisinger 1979 Joanne Jensen ?????????????? 1978 murdered cult member Mrs. Jensen ?????? 1978 Joanne's mother Simon Jessup Hugh Reilly 1971-73 faux psychic Alan Johnson ????? 1959 co-worker, Jack Lane, Ruth Hakim District Attorney Austin Johnson Lawrence Weber 1961-63 Constance ___ Johnson Elizabeth Lawrence 1961-63 Harry Johnson Joe Mason 1974 Detroit thug Inez Johnson Gwynn Press 1977 call girl Poppy Maxwell Johnson Karen Needle 1982-83 secretary Eddie, sister Al , dated Damian Walter Johnson Mark Rydell 1956 thug; friend, Jack Nurse Jones ???? 1979 prison nurse, April Dr. Clay Jordan Niles McMasters 1975-77 killed Quentin, Phoebe, and Van, kidnapped Nicole after helping with her amnesia, worked for Claude R. Ewell Jorgenson Bryan Gordon 1975 hit man Mrs. Jorgenson Natalie Norwick 1982 Dave Kaplan John Kellogg 1975 District Attorney Mike Karr series leading man John Larkin 1956-61 Laurence Hugo 1961-71 Jeffrey Lynn 1971 (temporary) Forrest Compton 1971-84 Nancy Pollock Karr Ann Flood 1962-84 reporter Frances Helm 1962; 1966 (temporary) Susan Brown (temporary) early 1960s Sara Lane Karr Teal Ames 1956-61 first wife of Mike; mother of Laurie Ann; hit by car saving L-A. Rose Kaufman Monica Moran 1976 Hubbell's secretary Patricia ___ Wilton Kayle Never Seen, 1984 divorced Lane to marry mobster Vincent Kayle Vincent Kayle Paul Savior 1984 mob boss Dr. Lucien Kee Aki Aleong 1983 hypnotist Ann ____ Kelly Madeline Sherwood 1964 set up Gerry and Davey Kipp McArdle 1964-65 Governor Kelly Paul McGrath 1966 granted Julie Jamison a stay of execution from Redstone Prison George Kelso Dick LaTessa 1974 mobster Stacey Kendall Patricia Earnest 1970 Keith Whitney's fiance Jackie Elliott 1971 Sergeant Kendrick John Randolph 1966 Barbi Kennilworth Rita Jenrette 1982 Eddie L.'s secretary Mr. Kershaw Dan Crane 1982 Mrs. Kerwin Pat Meikle 1957 Bebe's teacher Mr. Keyes Edgar Stehli 1964 Mr. Keyes Will Hussung 1982 Sergeant Helen Killbourn Mary K. Wells 1957 cop Schofield Killbourn Logan Ramsey 1961-62 killed John Lambert Gerald Kincaed Allan Mixon 1975 mobster +"Josie" Larry King Larry King 1982 reporter Mr. King ???? 1957 Sara's boss at the flower shop Dr. Knapp James Secrest Paul Koslo Roy Poole 1967 agent Mickey Kotka ????? 1959 thug Carol Kramer Elizabeth Hubbard 1963 +Emory Warren Heinrich Kraus Gunther Meisner 1983 murder victim (Spencer V. at the Earle mansion) Ludwig Krich Otto Von Wehrnerr 1984 assistant Anton Engler Julian "Julie" Kurtz Phil Proctor 1962 hood killed by Ted Grant Dr. Hugh Lacey Brooks Rogers 1969-78 town doctor Phil Lacey ?????????? 1956 Mr. Lamarti James Gallery 1971 John Lambert Ray MacDonnell 1962 impostor Phil Capice Kaye LePage Reynolds Lamont Elizabeth Farley 1973-75 Officer Lamont ???? 1980 Vic Lamont Ted Tinling 1968-75 attorney, married Kaye and Laurie Ann Betty Jean Battle Lane Mary Moor 1956-60 Jack's wife, Bud's mom Bud Lane ????? 1958 son, Betty Jean and Jack Cora ___ Lane Sarah Burton 1956-57 Harry's wife, alcoholic George Lane Never Seen Mattie's lat\e husband; Jack and Sara's father Uncle Harry Lane Lauren Gilbert 1956-57, owned Lane trucking murdered Marilyn Bollon Jack Lane Don Hastings 1956-60 worked for Harry, then Winston Buck Lange Leon B. Stevens 1964 father, Joannie Joannie Lange Astride Lance 1964 teen Arnold Larrabee Leslie Barrett 1979 Rose LaTour Henrietta Moore 1956 +Larry White Harry Lavender Peter Michael Goetz 1983 spy Emma ____ Lawrence Sara Cunningham 1972 Mr. Lawton Phil Robinson 1957 Andre Lazar Val Dufour 1965-66 mobster that found Eve Morris James Ledgard John Fiedler 1983 Assistant District Attorney Ben Lee Al Freeman, Jr. 1965-66 prosecuted Martha for Rick Olliver's murder Dr. Brian Lee Jon Lee 1971 Cookie's psychiatrist George Leeds Gilbert Green 1972 Jake Berman's partner Stan Watt 1972 Dr. Herbert Broderick Lennox Clifford David 1979 Walter LePage William Post, Jr. 1973-75 mob boss Judge Aaron Lewis Paul Sparer 1980 Mrs. Lewis Alice Yourman 1958 Muriel Lewis Susie Martin 1962 Joyce Little Bibi Osterwald 1957 secretary, Bart Thompson Reverend James Lloyd Reverend James Lloyd 1975 "Jonah Lockwood" Bruce Martin 1970-71 murderous alter-ego of Keith Whitney Dr. Logan ????? 1958 Betty-Jean's doctor Frank Loomis Jim Dukas 1968 ran the Riverboat once HC died Detective Ted Loomis Stephen Markle 1982 crooked cop shot by Troy Bannister Eddie Lorimar Raymond Serra 1981-82 mobster, left town wth Sid Mr. Lorimer Jim Mapes 1976 Dr. Katherine Lovell Mary Fickett 1967-68 Orin's psychiatrist Bill Lowery Steve Gilborn 1982 Francesca Lowery Freddi Chandler 1958 reporter Matilda Lukes Vera Moore 1971 Suella's friend Mrs. Lupesco ????? 1979 psychic friend, Louise Cavanaugh Ron Lydecker Bruce Holman 1973 Dr. MacBeth Paul Hecht 1970 Helen Mack ???? 1959 left town with Mickey Kotka. Maggie's sister. Maggie Mack Doe Lang 1959 singer at the "Ho-Hi-Ho" Club-- "beatnik singer" Brian Madison Steven McNaughton 1979 Owen's son married step-sister Paige Nola Patterson Madison Kim Hunter 1979 actress, killed Margo Owen Madison Bruce Gray 1979 movie producer, Nola's husband, cared for Deborah Saxon Paige Madison Madison Margaret Colin 1979 revolutionary; actress; married Brian Gigi ____ Magagnoli Chevi Colton 1962 Leo Magagnoli Frank Campanellla 1962 Charles Main David Lipman 1984 Police Chief Derek Mallory Dennis Parker (Wade Nichols) 1979-84 Ivy Townsend Mallory Never Seen 1979 Derek's first wife Jinx AveryMallory (aka Dorothy Suncliffe) Kate Capshaw 1981 actress, faked her murder with Smiley Wilson, died of terminal illness Susan MacDonald 1981-82 Duke Manson Bernard Grant 1957 +Marilyn Bollon; gambler Police Chief Bill Marceau Carl Frank 1957-59 Mandel Kramer 1959-79 Frank Campanella 1968 (temporary) Jennifer Simms Marceau Jennifer Leigh Jennings 1974-75 daughter, Taffy; illegally adopted by Martha and Bill Martha Spears Marceau Teri Keane 1963-75 secretary and later wife of Bill Marceau slightly crazy, accused of murder more than once Prison Matron Eleanor Marcheck Anne Whiteside 1968 Evelyn Marcheck ???? 1973 secretary, Jake Berman Steve Markham Frederic Coffin 1983 Prison buddy of Sully kidnapper; assassin Lieutenant Marks Robert Kaye 1969-70 Judge Markus Frank Hamilton Dr. Herb Marriott Bill Winkler 1980 Toby Marshall Rita Lloyd 1962-63 Warden Marshall Albert Lindman 1972 Debbie Martin Ellen Hansen 1969-70 troubled child Karen Martin Never Seen murdered in a car bomb Mitzi Martin Lela Ivey 1981-84 Waitress turned owner of Sid's-then Rock Garden; actress +Cliff Nelson, +Gunther Wagner Stephanie ____ Martin Alice Hirson 1969-70 hated Nicole; murdered by Pamela --mother of Debbie Willard Masefield Robert Emhardt 1979 Duly Masterson Never Seen 1957 Betty-Jean's friend Mr. Masterson ??? 1957 father, Duly Al Maxwell Never Seen 1982 brother, Poppy, Partner, Eddie L. Ms. Maxwell ???? 1983 secretary, James Ledgard Alf Mayhew John Clarksson 1983 tried to buy WMON Tess McAdams Kerry Armstrong 1984 roommate, Jody at college Dr. McAndrews Edmon Ryan 1957 Helen McCabe Marion Brash 1961 held Morrissey family hostage Reverend Dr. Bob McDougall Rod Colbin 1973 Ford "Mac" MacGinnis Leon B. Stevens 1957 reporter Elizabeth "Liz" ____ McGrath Ludi Claire 1964-66 Gerry's mother owned a store Nancy Coleman 1967 Kelly McGrath Joey Allen Phipps 1980 Nancy's nephew; puppeteer; +Jody; +Valerie; murder suspect Allen Fawcett 1980-82 Able McIntosh Taylor Reed 1983 Holly Meach Patti Karr 1983 lied about Mike Karr Rick Meade Geoffrey Horne 1984 Alicia Van Dyne's pilot Wade Meecham Dan Hamilton 1978-79 pornographer, worked for Margo Dorn; killed by blackmail victim, Winter Austin Lucille Meeker ?????? 1971 key shop customer Timothy Mellis Don Fischer 1984 orderly, destroyed Liz's sculpture of Maria Hathaway Judge Harry Mendelsohn ???? 1977 presided over Beau Richardson murder trial Babs Werner Micelli Leslie Ann Ray 1973-74 waitress\; married Danny Danny Micelli Lou Criscuolo 1973-77 Johnny Dallas' right hand man married Babs and Tracy James Catusi Temporary MacIntyre Dixon Tracy Dallas Micelli Patricia Conwell 1974-77 Johnny's sister; Danny's wife; Noel's mistress; former hooker Emily Gault Michaels Margo McKenna 1980-81 kidnapped Draper believing he was her deceased husband, Kirk Kirk Michaels Philip MacGregor 1980 Emily's husband, thug; deceased (flashback) "Kirk Michaels" Tony Craig 1980 Draper Scott with amnesia Nurse Miller Lois Diane Hicks 1982 Oscar Miller Kennealy Noble 1980-84 occasional, doorman, Margo/Cavanaugh Penthouse Sergeant Mills McIntyre Dixon 1973 Ron Mims Kim Hubbard 1983 Bartender at the Video Disco Jim Mitchell Tom Gorman 1957 car dealership owner Zelda _____ Moffett Elizabeth Parrish 1981 psychic Barbara Montgomery Elizabeth Sanders 1982 nurse, Miles; knew "Preacher" ; beaten into coma via Nora Susan Bigelowe 1982-83 William J. Moore Sam Gray 1959 strong armer; framed Dick Appleman Eric Morgan John Lehne 1972 Eve ____ Morris Constance Ford 1964-65 tried to kill Cookie Betty Morrissey Janet Margolin 1961 teenager, held hostage by Speed Taft with her parents in her home Daniel Morrissey Lewis Standley 1961 father " " Victor Thorley 1961 Jean ___ Morrissey Henrietta Moore 1961 mother " " Dr. Morse Raleigh Bond 1976 Mr. Mortimer Ted Beniades 1982 Mr. Moss Carl Thoma 1973 prison inmate Hermione Motherwell Fran Stevens 1981 Hank Muller Richard MacMurray 1957 co-worker, Hester Sheriff Mungard Lanny Flaherty 1984 Brian Murdock Philip Casnoff 1984 Raven's attorney George Murray, Jr. Charles Taylor 1956 Dennis Nagy Tom Urich 1984 Dr. Chris Neeley Doug Warner 1976-77 Phoebe's mentor Cliff Nelson Ernie Townsend 1978-84 attorney, partner Didi, dated Mitzi Frieda Neuman Edith King 1957 wife, Ralph Judge Ralph Neuman Charles Egleston 1957 Peter Nevins David Snell 1983-84 newscaster WMON Julius Newcombe David Pendleton 1981 dated Didi Judge Herbert Newhouse Charles White 1980 Winifred ____ Newhouse Maggie Task 1980 Herbert's wife Commissioner Wheeler Nicholson Daniel Reed 1958 city commissioner Al Nillson ???? 1957 emcee at election rally Harold Nivens ???? 1977 witness in the Saxon case Dr. Gus Norwood Wyman Pendleton 1977-79 father of Denise Cavanaugh Davey Oakes Steve Flynn 1983 received subliminal messages Mrs. Oakes Lois Smith 1983 Davey's mother Russell O'Brien ????? 1957 attorney, Haller family Molly O'Connell Helena Carroll 1976-77 waitress/cop Grace O'Leary Maxine Stuart 1956-57 public stenographer dated Charley Brooks and Paul Roberts Judge Martin Oliveri Ralph Camargo 1979-80 presided over Winter and Draper's trials Rick Olliver Keith Charles 1965-66 disc jockey, murder victim, +Laura and +Phoebe Reverend Osgood Frederick O'Neal 1980 Mr. Otani Yoshitaro Otari 1975 karate master Eddie Packard Ed Marinaro 1977 red herring in the Adam Drake murder case Franki Palmer Shirley Stoler 1980 kidnapper Mr. Palmer Arthur Seelen 1980 attorney Assistant District Attorney Ed Parmalee Les Damon 1957-58 worked under Bruce Thompson in the Cora Lane trial Ernest Graves Mildred __ Parmalee ???? 1957-58 Sara's friend Robert Parrish Joe Hamer 1982 kidnapped Valerie; took Derek's car Mr. Pascal Dutch Miller 1982 spy (Ian) Cody Patrick David Garrison 1978-79 cult; murderer Ralph Patrick Michael Amber 1972 Judge Howard Patterson ???? 1978 judge that presided over Denise Cavanaugh murder trial District Attorney Ira Paulson Bernard Barrow 1974-75 was DA until 1978 off screen Mrs. Peabody Elizabeth Otto 1980 wife Mr. Peabody Dillon Evans 1980 Nadine's attorney Sheriff Penbrook ??? 1971 Mrs. Perkins Kate Wilkinson 1966 Grady Perrett Pierrino Mascarino 1970 Dr. Alison Perry Laurinda Barrett 1980 classmate, Miles Donna Wandrey 1980 Sara Peterson ????? 1978 young forger Ralph Pettibone Frankie Faison 1983 hotel manager John H. Phillips Grant Gordon 1957 "Mr. Big" of his day House Jameson 1957-58 John Phillips, Jr. Don Fellows 1957 Jack's partner Clayton Pike Leon Janney 1957 (not really Clayton), baby trafficker; killer Elizabeth "Liz" Pike Ann Loring 1957 cuckolded wife of faux Clayton Nurse Pike Catherine Charles 1976 Alexandra Mansfield Pollock Fran Sharon 1971 (dream) great grandmother, Cookie Gerry McGrath Pollock Penny Fuller 1964 dated Bill, Davey, John Barnes; married Lee mother, Kelly Joanna Miles 1964-66 Millee Taggart 1966-67; 1968 Jeremy Pollock Never Seen 1971 great grandfather, Cookie Joseph "Joe" Pollock John Gibson 1962-71 husband Rose,father Nancy, Lee, Cookie, publisher Allen Nourse 1972-79 Lee Pollock Ronnie Welsh 1962-64 dated Beth, married Gerry, father Kelly Sam Groom 1964 Tony Roberts 1964-67 Rose ____ Pollock Ruth Matteson 1962-64 mother Nancy, Cookie, Lee wife,Joe Frances Reid 1964 Kay Campbell 1964-68 Virginia Kaye 1973-79 E.J. Pond James Greene 1983 murdered thug Floyd Porter James Ray 1974 mobster Mrs. Porterfield ??? 1957-58 mother, Virginia Dalton and Nathan Nathan Porterfield Martin Andrews 1957-58 Russ Powell J. Kenneth Campbell 1984 undercover agent; posed as dishwasher Dr. Eleanor ___ Prentice Judith Barcroft 1984; Laurie Ann's psychiatrist, killed Maria Hathaway Steve Prentiss Conard Fowkes 1967-68 +Liz Hillyer; library clerk Miranda Price Lucy Lee Flippin 1976 Ted Price Joe Silver 1958 Vic Price James Noble 1964 Alan Manson (temporary)) 1964 Robert Blackburn 1964-65 Mrs. Proudy Sara Cunningham 1973 Frank Pryor Allan Miller 1967 Poko Puppets Larry Engler 1980-81 Cynthia Purcell Doe Lang 1960-61 Bill Quinn Al Hodge 1958 Elaine ___ Quinn Elaine Edwards 1958 District Attorney Peter Quinn George O. Petrie 1963-74 Chris Rafferty Paul Falzone 1979 co-star; Mansion of the Damned Judge Nelson Ramsey Kermit Murdock 1965-68 presided over trials of Cookie,Phil, Julie and Martha Mr. Randolph Jim Paul Ailers 1981 Joe Randy Chris Wallace 1976 hit man that killed Tiffany Mr. Rankin Willy Hancock 1961 Vic Ratner Philip Sterling 1958 Dr. Kevin Reed Stanley Grover 1971 Cookie's psychiatrist Jason Reinhart Harry Goz 1979 film director Tomikan Renaldo Lawrence Weber 1982 Eden's minister of public relations Casey Reno Richard MacMurray 1961 heroin dealer Claude Revenant see Gilbert Darcy Buffy ____ Revere Elizabeth Parrish 1982 wealthy widow paid for Jim D. and Johnny's attention "Patience Revere" Margaret Colin 1979 character Paige portrayed Ashley Reynolds Paul Vincent 1972-73 ex-husband Kaye, affair with Phoebe Oakley Reynolds Ben Hammer 1961-62 PI used by Mike Karr Jeremy Rhodes Michael Conforti 1983-84 photographer, worked with Nancy, liked Jody Lieutenant Vic Rhodes John Raby 1956-57 "Rocco" Vern Rice Jim Dukas 1976 Carol ___ Rich Jan Miner 1958 friend Mike and Sara Lee Rich Skip Homeier 1958 friend Mike and Sara Beau Richardson David Gale 1976-77 Saxon employee; had a thing for Nancy Charlie Richmond Charles Welsh 1978 orderly, victim, Denise Cavanaugh Nurse Anne ___ Riley Michelle LaMothe 1977-79 Jim Riley ???? 1984 Whitney employee Paul Roberts Hal Cooper 1956-57 Grace O's ex boyfriend; had two kids (Never Seen) Officer Robertson Gerard J. Quimby 1982 John Rogers John Seymour 1957 ?pharmacist??? Benny Roman Sam Levene 1976 Dr. David Roper Herb Downer 1977 Miles' friend Mr. Roth Dan Resin 1974 Laundromat owner Erica Russell Patricia Bright 1969-70 Jason Rutledge Eric Conger 1980 Raven's attorney Judge P.K. Ryan Maurice Copeland 1976 presided over the Serena/Josie trial Van Rydell Paul Thomas 1976 hit man for Claude Revenant after Nicole killed by Clay Jordan Vinnie Ryerson Peter Gatto 1978 Block Street killer
  13. THE EDGE OF NIGHT Able McIntosh Taylor Reed 1983 Marcel Charles Dumas 1983 THE EDGE OF NIGHT APRIL 2, 1956-NOVEMBER 28, 1975 CBS DECEMBER 1, 1975-DECEMBER 28, 1984 ABC MONTICELLO Lila Ackerman Jane House 1979 attorney, Eddie Vaughn Steven Adler Eugene Smith 1984 hated Standing Elk Martin Ainsworth Clarke Gordon 2/82 Raven's attorney Mrs. Albertson Joan Shea Sarah Albright Jenny Lyons 1979 maid,waitress +Eliot Desmond Aldrich James Douglas 1984 father, Mark Mark Aldrich (Hamilton) Chris Holder 1984 kidnapper, Raven; thought she was his late wife Michelle ___ Aldrich Never Seen; 1984 Mark's late wife Hugh Alexander Never Seen Raven's late father Miss Ames Barbara Rodell 1971 Airline Desk Clerk Lieutenant Andy Anderson Roger Serbagi 1971 Bob Anderson Bob Dixon John Paul Anderson Conard Fowkes 1963 ex, Beth Moon Louise Anderson Evalyn Baron 1979 maid, Nola, tried to kill Paige Tom Andrews Robert Elston 1971 Dick Appleman Michael Strong 1959 engine designer Mary ___ Appleman Joan Copeland 1959 farmer Trent Archer Farley Granger 1979 star of Nola's movie Gail Armstrong Millette Alexander 1958-59 commercial artist Graham Armstrong Phillip English 1981 Lena __ Armstrong Never Seen Mother, Gail Mrs. Armstrong Selma Diamond 1976 Tracy's madam Minerva Pious 1976 Robert Arnaud David Garfield Benny Arnold John DiBenedetto 1981 son of Jody and Gavin's landlady Mrs. Arnold Janet Sarno 1981 Landlady, Jody and Gavin Mr. Arnold Peter Turgeon Landlord 1981 Hester Atherton Kim Hunter 1979 character played by Nola Madison Winter Austin Lori Cardille 1978-79 murder victim, former sex worker, + Logan Swift Stephanie Braxton 1979 Nate Axelrod Robert Mandan 1961 paint factory Louie Baccoli Louis Sorkin 1957 had Rose Bremen's baby Teresa ___ Baccoli Lois Holmes 1957 " " Mr. Bailey Mark Alaimo 1972 Mr. Bailey Calvin Ander 1979 building superintendant Lieutenant Sam Bailey Stephen Pearlman 1973 tried to railroad Adam Troy Bannister Keith Grant 1982 Didi's brother, murdered, worked for Eddie Lorimer Oliver Barbour Michael Strong partner of Sybil Gordon Robert Dryden 1957-58 Nurse Carol _____ Barclay Polly Adams 1977 worked for Miles Eve Barlick Shirley Blanc 1973 Beth Moon Anderson Barnes Nancy Pinkerton 1963-67 dated Lee, married John Paul and John Dr. Barnes Jonathon Farwell 1981 John Barnes Barry Newman 1964-67 thug turned good, dated Gerry, married Beth Pop Barnes Will Hussung 1965 father John Rachel Barnes Kim Hunter 1979 homeless woman Nurse Tina ____ Barnes Bette Henritze 1978 Denise's nurse Barbara ___ Barnett Audra Lindley 1962 double agent Captain Barnett Humbert Allen Astredo 1974 Nurse Barnett Karen MacLaughlin 1981 Max Barrett Arny Freeman 1975 mob travel agent Eric Barrington Leon Janney 1968 boss, Ron Christopher Lieutenant Barry William Mason 1970 cop Ann __ Barton Priscilla Gillette 1962 tried to discredit Mike Karr Rosalind Bates Annie Korzen 1980 Ella ___ Battle Jackson Perkins 1956-57 mother Betty Jean Wyn Battle William Quinn 1956-57 father, Betty Jean Dr. Bauer Frieda Altman 1958 Jake Becker Sam Gray 1962 Chip Beemer Kipp Whitman 1978 thug "Doc" Percy Beemer John C. Beecher 1972 Gordy Bellen ????? 1984 bought the Rock Garden from Mitzi Willard Benner Eugene Wood 1957 prisoner; gunsmith Roy Benson James Carew 1958 employee, Phillips Dr. Berger Will Jeffries 1980 Anita ___ Berkowitz Alice Yourman 1957 child services Edith ___ Gantry Berman Patricia Bright 1972 killed by Jake Jake Berman Ward Costello 1972 attorney, stalker of Nancy Amy Berry Beulah Garrick 1979 neighbor, Wade Meecham Lila Berry Lucy Landau 1979 neighbor, Wade Meecham Kenny Birdsong Rick Cassorla 1982 Deputy Lester Birdwell Ben Slack 1979 Judge Hannoch Blackwell Judson Laire 1973; 1975 presided over the Adam Drake trial Lieutenant Jeff Blaine Charles Weldon 1972 shooter of Frank Sloane Richard Todhunter Blaine Maurice Culpin 1984 attorney Eric Blake Richard Zobel 1983 assistant, Alicia Van Dyne Sheriff Kenneth Bloom Patrick Kilpatrick 1984 J.T. Walsh 1984 Mr. Bogartis Stefan Gierasch 1971 Marilyn Bollon Mary Alice Moore 1956 secretary, Harry Lane Marie Bonaventure ????? 1982 Eden storyline--? painting? Dr. Ursula Bower Rita Morley 1961 Camilla Devereaux Bowie Mary Layne 1982-83 Ian's sister, affair with Spencer V. John Bowie Never Seen 1982-83 Camilla's late husband, employed Spencer Varney and Nora Fulton Jack Boyd John Allen Nelson 1984 frat guy +Hollace Dineen Gilbert Brean John Seitz 1983 Leland Davis Breckenridge (aka R.Mosley Bradshaw) Richard Kiley 1961 faux Justice of the Peace Rose Marie Bremen Jill Kraft 1957 baby was stolen, +Willie Bryan Mrs. Brennan Fran Brill 1978 abused wife, fell out a window Mr. Brennan ?????? 1978 abusive husband Sid Brennan Meg Myles 1981-83 owned Sid's Tavern dated Smiley Wilson and left town with lovable mobster Eddie Lorimar Calvin Brenner Scott Glenn 1969 assistant, Lydia Max Breyer Robert Patene 1958 motivational speaker Mildred Dykman Campbell Breyer Claudia Morgan 1958 sister of Hugh Campbell Mrs. Briggs Lynne Rogers 1975 Gillian Brill Connie Clausen 1957 reporter Sergeant Charley Brooks Ian Martin 1956-57 detective, dated Grace O'Keefe Mr. Brooks Rex Everhart 1979 Betsy Brown Carolyn Groves 1962 dated Lee Pollock Davey Brown John Dawson 1979 Jefferson Brown Peter Alyea (flashbacks, pre-surgery) 1981 faux Schuyler Whitney Larkin Malloy 1980-82 Lorene Brownell Ellen Muir 1977 Herr Bruhner Stefan Schnabel 1982 Switzerland Lieutenant Willie Bryan Ed Holmes 1956-61 friend , Mike Karr, dated Rose Marie District Attorney Nick Bryce James Broderick 1964 Mrs. Nick Bryce Rosemary Rice 1964 Beth Rexford Bryson Doris Belack 1981 tormented Nancy wife, Kenneth Dr. Kenneth Bryson James Hawthorne 1981 plastic surgeon Valerie Bryson Leah Ayres 1981-83 daughter, Jim, dated Jefferson, Sky, Gavin, Jim D., Kelly photographer Lolly (Molly) Buchanon Marion Brash 1968 housed Julie Hillyer on the run Sandy Buchanon Michael Lombard 1968 " " Dr. Buckley Chevi Colton 1980 Joe Bulmer Victor Arnold 1982 Eden, Killer Leonie Travis "Lindbergh" Loretta Bundy Jessica James 1984 owned a pawn shop Nurse Celia ____ Burns Carol Teitel 1971-72 worked in sanitarium wife Fred Burns William Kiehl 1971-72 husband, Carol mob boss Jasper Burnside Stuart Germain 1979 Justice of the Peace Bobby Burroughs David Purdham 1980 Mrs. Burroughs Sylvia Davis 1970 Maxine Burton Amy Appleby 1984 Jody's dorm monitor, murdered Dr. Calmette Jacques Roux 1975 French doctor, Nicole Abby ___ Cameron Patricia Allison 1965-66 attempted suicide +Roy, +Phil, Margaret DePriest 1966 Agent David Cameron Norman Parker 1982-83 murderous CEA agent Roy Cameron Allen Nourse 1965-66 married to Abby Ellis Campbell aka "Pietro" Peter Webster 1982 kidnapper Dr. Hugh Campbell Wesley Addy 1958-59 Louise Grimsley Capice Capice Lisa Howard 1956-57 daughter, Winston, married Phil, mother, Sara Louise Mary K. Wells 1961-70 Phil Capice Earl Hammond 1957 friend of Mike Karr, in law enforcement Robert Webber 1957 Ray MacDonnell 1961-69 Sara Louise Capice Mary Breen 1961-63 daughter Amy GIbson 1964 Christopher Norris 1968-70 Sofia Capulet ?????? 1983 secretary, Gui Trevanier murdered by Spencer Lieutenant Paul Carey Mark Gordon 1966-68 investigated Rick Olliver's murder Roxanne Carey Martha Galphin 1968-69 dated Adam Jennings Carlson Jeff Harris 1960 criminal, murderer Mrs. Carlson Adele Ronson 1960 Victor Carlson Charles Baxter 1960 Byron Sanders 1960-61 Dr. John Carpenter Leon B. Stevens 1970 Fred J. Scollay 1969 Edna Mae ___ Carroll Nancy Marchand 1962 Tracey Carroll Kendall March 1970 Ernie Casper Louis Zorich 1975 witness against the mob Cecelia Castermore Minerva Pious 1972 landlady, Nicole Roger Castermore Roy London 1970 Cecelia's son, spied on Nicole through peepholes in her apartment Lawrence Pressman 1969-70 Dr. Catalano Martin wolfson 1963 Linda Catalano Lila Messenger 1963 Adam (Drake, Jr. ) Cavanaugh Timothy Geissler 1980-83 son of Nicole& Adam, adopted by Miles April Cavanaugh Never Seen died as a child, replaced with April Huntington grave seen 1979 Dr. Beth Correll Cavanaugh Sandy Faison 1983-84 virgin psychiatrist, married Miles Denise Norwood Cavanaugh Holland Taylor 1977-78; 80 Miles' crazy first wife Edmond Cavanaugh Never Seen abusive father Louise __ Cavanaugh Judith Barcroft Miles mother, adopted April (flashbacks) 1979 Dr. Miles Cavanaugh Joel Crothers 1977-84 hero doctor, frequently set up (young) Phil MacGregor (flashback, 1979) Muffin Cavanaugh Muffin the Dog 1983 Nicole Travis Stewart Drake Cavanaugh Maeve McGuire 1968-74; 1975-77 Jayne Bentzen 1978-81 television journalist Lisa Sloan 1981-83 Maude Cavendish Constance Carpenter 1975 Ada ___ Chandler Billie Allen 1973-75 adoption agent Micki Grant 1976-77 wife, Luke Lieutenant Luke Chandler Herb Davis 1973-78 police officer Mr. Charles Ed Penn 1975 Mrs. Cherney Paula Trueman 1974 Elaine "Cookie" Pollock Thomas Christopher June Carter 1962 Nancy's neurotic sister married Malcolm and Ron Fran Sharon 1962-72 Ron Christopher Burt Douglas 1968-72 financial manager and campaign manager married to Cookie, cheated with Tiffany Whitney Lilly ____ Clarke Pat Hosley 1957 neighbor, Mike/Sara Karr Mr. Clarke ????? 1957 neighbor, Mike/Sara Karr Scott Clarke Mark Weston 1964 Val Cobb Never Seen 1981 babysitter, Jamey Dora Coburn Rita Gam 1983 Catherine Coceck Joan Christopher 1957 Robert Cole John Swearington 1976 Joannie Collier Eileen Finley 1978 poisoned Deborah Saxon, member of the Children of Earth Al Collins J.E. Freeman 1982 travel friend, Nora Fulton Johnny Collins Larry Hagman 1959 Mrs. Collins Florence Anglin 1980 Peggy Collins Olga Bellin 1958-59 lab assistant, Hugh; pushed off roof by Max Breyer Father Connelly Raleigh Bond 1975 Mr. Connolly Edgar Stehli 1957 Sam Conrad Jonathon Moore 1981 Harry Constable Dolph Sweet 1967-68 thug, riverboat casino Jane ___ Conway Barbara Joyce 1958 reporter Lloyd Conway Richard Janaver Mr. Conway Karl Weber 1958 Assistant District Attorney Pete Conyers ??????? Dr. Everett Cooper Stephen Joyce 1982 Miles' patient's husband, Medical Review Board Mrs. Cooper Julie Garfield 1982 patient, Miles, wife Everett Raney Cooper Kiel Martin 1977 thug, +Deborah Judge Copeland Ed Lally 1983 Clarence Corbly Larry Hagman 1958 Martha Corey Kim Hunter 1979 neighbor, Deborah (actually Nola Madison) Liz Correll Marcia Cross 1984 anthropologist, +Preacher Dr. Bruce Corwin Clifford David 1979 doctor, Margo H. Clint Crawford Ed Grover 1966-67 scientist Marian ___ Crawford Marion Brash 1967 fell down stairs Randy Crawford Joey Baio 1966-67 son Sheldon Golomb (Collins) 1966-67 Nat Crenshaw Carmine Stipo 1972 Owen Crimmins ?????? 1978 donor (Claremont) Benedict Croft Thomas Schall 1984 trashe sculpture of Maria Hathaway Henrietta ____ Cross Marion Brash 1980 neighbor, Raven babysitter, Jamey Mrs. Culb ertson Joan Shea 1972 Jeanne Culpepper Frances Chaney 50s-60s secretay, Mike Karr Dr. Curran John McGovern 1961 Sergeant GIl Currie Stan Lachow 1980 Judge Barbara Curtis Nancy Marchand 1970 presided over Nicole's trial Dorothy Curtis Barbara Pavell 1958 John Victor Dallas C.R. Gowan 1975-77 son, Johnny/Laurie Ann Johnny Dallas John LaGioia 1972-77 owned New Moon Cafe, sister was Tracey, married Laurie, free-lanced time to work for Mike Karr Laurie Ann Karr Lamont Dallas Victoria Larkin 60-61 daughter of Mike & Sara, married Vic Lamont and Johnny Dallas wound up in sanitarium 1978-84. Got out in time for finale Kathleen Bracken 1962-64 Kathy Cody 1965-67 Emily Prager 1968-72 Jeanne Ruskin 1973-75 Linda Cook 1975-78; 1984 Assistant District Attorney Peter Dalton George O. Petrie 197 Phillips' man in office Stephen Elliott 1957-58 Virginia Porterfield Dalton Catherine Cordell 1957-58 Victoria ___ Dana Joanna Roos 1965-66 con woman worked with Phoebe Smith Cathryn ____ Dane Mary Denham 1977 (flashbacks) patient, Miles killed by Denise Judge Daniels ?????? 1972 presided over the Kate Sloan trial Gilbert Darcy (aka Claude Revenant) Scott McKay 1976-77 fugitive, Limbo Island wanted Nicole dead. Evelyn Dark Lesley Woods 1964 Miss Darwin Kate Draper 1981 Mr. Davenport ???? 1982 actor +Buffy Revere Professor Neil Davenport Earle Hyman 1970-71 Colin Whitney's campaign manager Davey Davidson Joe Silver 1962 Warden Davies Scottie Bloch 1978-79 warden at Warmdale Judge Cameron Davis Leon Morenzie 1974-75 Chummy Davis Ron Karabotsos 1981-82 associate, Eddie Marvin Davis John Griggs 1959 Claire Daye Cyd Quilling 1983 actress (Gunther hired) Sean Murphy 1983 Lou Deacon Kurt Garfield 1976 Al Decker William Hickey 1982 Mr. Deeley Bob Levine 1983 Mrs. DeGroot Elaine Stritch 1983 nanny, Jamey Jock DeLucca Ed Kovens 1980 factory supervisor Kitty DeMarco Claudia Crawford 1957 bratty girl, knew Bebe Jacqueline Courtney 1958 Mrs. DeMarco Katheriine Raht 1958 Kitty's mother Terry DeMarco Anna Minot 1959 assisstant, Hugh Campbell Miss Dempsey Ginger Gerlach 1960s Joe Denison ???? 1972 client, Mike Karr Kitty ____ DeSena Valerie French 1964 ex, Malcolm Thomas Ian Devereaux Alan Coates 1982-83 spy +Raven Patricia ____ Devereaux Caroline Lagerfelt 1983, spy, ex-wife, Ian Dr. Devlin Dan Resin 1974 Carlton DeWitt Leon B. Stevens 1973 ran against Adam Joey Dials Joey Jerrome 1979 shot by Steve Guthrie Mickey Dials Vasili Bogazianos 1979 gunrunner, ( worked forTobias) Jim Diedrichson David Allen Brooks 1981-82 director at theater, former patient at Bryson clinic, +Valerie Bryson Packy Dietrich Dennis Marino 1977 thug Lord Humphrey Digby Michael Egan 1983 guest of Jim and Dot Earle Lady Jillian ___ Digby Denise Cowerd 1983 guest of Jim and Dot Earle Malcolm Dimes Ralph Emhardt 1974 mobster from St. Anthony Hollace Dineen Deborah Goodrich 1984 college with Jody, dated Jack Boyd Kelly Patterson 1984 Johnny "Bud" Doble Larry Robinson 1957 cab driver Pat "Pet" ____ Doble Sue Ellen Blake 1957 Bud's wife Officer Donnelly James Shannon 1972 Eliot Dorn Lee Godart 1978-80 +Sara, +Raven, married Margo, led cult, owned The Unicorn killed by Moll7, the Puppet killer Margo Huntington Dorn Ann Williams 1978-80 April's real mother owned tv station murdered by Nola Madison Noel Douglas Thom Christopher 1974 ex, Brandy, seduced Tracy, married Tiffany con man Dick LaTessa 1974-76 Tiffany ____ Whitney Douglas Lucy Martin 1970-71; 1973-76 widow of Colin Whitney,screwed Ron C., married Noel, pushed out a window Adam Drake Donald May 1967-77 good guy attorney loved and married Nicole, fathered Adam, dated Cookie, Roxanne, and Brandy while Nicole was believed dead Dr. Gail Driscoll Barbara Stanger 1975 Lieutenant Driscoll Robert Burr 1966 Tammy ____ Dryden Cheryl "Gates" McFadden 1982 Miles' ex girlfriend "Big" Frank Dubeck Michael Conrad 1959 ex-con Reverend Dudley William Griffis 1975 Officer Duncan P.J. Benjamin 1983 Mrs. Duvall ???? 1971 grandmother, Suella Henry Dwyer Rick Maynard Lieutenant Sam Dwyer Lew Resseguie 1980 escorted Draper to jail Irene Eagan Julie Christy 1957 accomplice, Clayton Pike Dorothy "Dot" ____ Earle Jane Cronin 1983-84 bought Whitney Mansion Jim Earle Arch Johnson 1983 bought Whitney mansion; tried to start a coup Robert Nichols 1983-84 Susan __ Earle Micki Grant 1967 secret agent Hank Eastland Gerald Gordon 1959 Bud Eaton Stuart Moss 1964 Roy Eaton Allen Nourse 1964 Moe Eberhart Dick Cavett 1983 "stool pigeon" Mr. Eccles Leslie Barrett 1983 Judge Edison Never Seen 1980 grandfather, Emily Michaels Judge Edwards Raymond Edward Johnson 1961 judge that presided over Judy M's trial Carolyn ___ Earle Gretchen Walther 1984 mother, Chris Detective Chris Egan (Gantz) Jennifer Taylor 1983-84 Mark Egan Eberle Thomas 1984 farmer father of Chris Bernard Ehlers Robert Carroll 1957 attorney, Cora Lane Mandel Kramer 1957 Harold "JoJo" Eiler Jack Bittner 1972-73 friend, Johnny Dallas David Groh 1973 Dr. Elliott Fran Carlon 1958 Dr. Ellis ????????? 1960 doctor, George Vetter Mrs. Ellsworth Dorothy Blackburn 1980 neighbor, Rachel Carson Kirsten Elstrum Jacqueline Bertrand 1965 Del Emerson Robert Gerringer 1983-84 father, Preacher, con artist, engaged to Geraldine Saxon John "Preacher" Emerson Charles Flohe (Grant) ran video disco, sleuthed with the Whitneys, dated Jody, Liz Ken Emerson Alan Manson 1966-68 dated Cookie Dwight Endicott Alfred Drake 1982 art gallery owner Grace Endicott Carole Davis 1982 daughter in the mob Ellen Tobie 1982 Dr. Anton Engler (fake) Otto Van Wernherr 1984 created formula Carmen Engler Julianne Moore 1984 held her father's formula Sam English Edward Moore 1972 Dick Entwhistle David Bickford 1979 John Esterhazy Never Seen 1982 found Leonie , from Eden Randolph Esterhazy ????? 1973 ballistics expert Ben Everett Mel Cobb 1978 boss Nicole Jason Everett Barry Ford 1971 Caroline Ewing Never Seen 1978 murdered cult member Paul Fairchild Sam Schact 1974 crooked attorney "Josie Faraday" Louise Shaffer 1975 alter of Serena Faraday Mark Faraday Bernie McInerney 1975 husband, Serena, sued her for custody of Timmy. killed by "Josie" his wife's alter Serena Travis Faraday Louise Shaffer 1975-76 Nicole's cousin, killed husband, had Multiple personality disorder, alter was "Josie" Timmy Faraday Doug McKeon 1975-78 son of Serena/Mark, adopted by Mike and Nancy went to camp and never returned Andrew McMilian (temp) 1978 Dr. Arnold Featherstone Humphrey Davis 1981 colleague of Kenneth Bryson Mrs. Fenner Chevi Colton 1979 Danny Fenton Joe Silver 1966 Judge Roland Ferguson Thomas Ruisinger 1977 Toni Fescina Kay Medford 1958 informant, Roy Benson Dee Dee Fields Never Seen Jim's sister Jason Fields Robert John McLaughlin 1973-74 son, Jim/Liz Dr. Jim Fields Alan Feinstein 1969-75 psychiatrist Liz Hillyer Prentiss Fields Alberta Grant 1965-74 daughter, Orin, married Steve Prentiss and Jim Fields; friend of Phoebe Smith Marceau Dr. William Finch Dick Dowling 1980 Mr. Finchley Gene Fanning1980 Mayor Finley Humbert Allen Astredo 1972;1980 Charles Fisher ??????? 1957 reporter, Peter Sergeant Fisk George O. Petrie 1957 fingerprinted Cora Lane Ellie Fitzgibbons Mary K. Wells 1957 reporter Sergeant Fitzsimmons Frank Sutton 1957 partner Helen Killbourn Wlliam Herman "Fitzy" Fitzsimmons Vic Thorley 1957 investor, Peter Leroy Flagg Paul Reed 1957 prison warden Faith Fleming ???? 1957 campaign runner Bart Fletcher James Ray 1967-68 thug, Harry Constable, killed Lloyd Hubbard George Foley Michael M. Ryan 1982 had Whitney papers Yvonne__ Foley Beverly May 1982 wife, George Dr. Forbes Adam Kirk 1975 Susan Forbes Gretchen Kanne 1969 Nicole's business partner, murder victim Bibi Besch 1969-70 Al Ford Warren Parker 1957 reporter Allen Ford ????? 1957 lookalike, Mac McGinnis Ken Forrester Ronan O'Casey 1984 owned hotel in woods Madame Forrester Taina Elg 1984 " " Mr. Forrester Arthur Peterson Barclay Foster ???? 1982 art critic Sergeant Betty "Carter" Foster Elaine Hyman 1973 found Jake Berman's suicide note Lieutenant Sam Fountain Chandler Hill Harben 1975 Shelley Franklyn Pamela Shoemaker (Shaw Donnelly) 1983-84 actress, fell for Preacher E. Mr. Frobish William Cain 1982 Judge Frye Carl Lowe 1959 Nora Fulton (aka Roxanne Walker) Catherine Bruno 1981-83 former Whitney maid, WMON employee murdered by David Cameron overall nasty "b" Eva Gabor Eva Gabor 1983 Michael Gallagher ???? 1984 Calvin's partner Joel Gantry Paul Henry Itkin 1973 PI, son, Edith B., half-brother, Lucy Wilson, murdered Jake Berman Nicholas Pryor 1973 Matthew Gantz Randy Mullins 1983-84 son, Chris Egan and Walter G. Walter Gantz John Bedford-Lloyd 1983 PI, ex-husband, Chris Egan Assistant District Attorney Reuben Gardner Stan Watt 1974 Dr. Leo Gault George D. Wallace 1980 father, Emily Teresa Edison Gault Never Seen 1980 Emily's mother Leon Gavril Mitchell Gregg 1965-66 mobster Frankie Gemini ?/???? 1978 stoolie, Steve G. Johnny Gentry Craig Augustine 1981-82 actor, gigolo +Buffy Dr. David Gerard Michael Ebert 1969 psychiatrist Franklin Cover 1969-70 Eleanor Gibbons Mary James 1957 Ed Gibson Larry Hagman 1960-63 attorney Judy Marceau Carlson Gibson Joan Harvey 1960-63 accused of killing Victor Carlson Margie Gibson Karen Thorsell 1961 sister, Ed David Gideon John Cullum 1966-67 tried to kill Orin Byron Sanders 1967 Ira Gideon Randy Phillips 1981 underworld crime lord David Garrison 1981 Barry Gillette (aka Sully) Michael Stark actor, former cellmate, Del Bobbie Girard Mady Kaplan 1981-82 Matt Sharkey's ex, dated Gavin, murder victim Dan Gleason Robert Armstrong 1976 city official Sheriff Glover I.M. Hobson 1980 Goldie Golden ???? 1960 murder victim Dr.Goldman John Swearington 1975 Cliff Carpenter 1976 Jake Golick Ralph Dunn 1957 trucking company Anna Goodhue Jane Helmers 1970 Arlene Goodman Micki Grant Lillian (Eileen) ____ Goodman Francine Beers 1978-81 Cavanaugh maid Pat Stanley 1981-83 Joseph Gordon Owen Jordan 1957 +Sybil Mr. Gordon Jay Barney 1962 Sybil Barton Gordon Priscilla Gillette 1957 secretary/spy Dr. Goren ???? 1973 doctor, Jake Berman Sylvester Gowan ???? 1957 realtor Dave Grace Bill Tatum 1984 employee, Sky Les Grafton ?? Wallace Shawn?? 1984 spied for Alicia Judge Grant Hal Burdick 1962 Ted Grant Douglas Rodgers 1962 murder victim, Austin Johnson Paul Sparer 1962-63 Rosella Gray Carol Richards 1970 Jim Fields' ex Mr. Green Irwin Charone 1957 Vincent Green Ben Siegler 1982 Joe Bulmer's hired thief Harriet ____ Greening Allyce Beardsley 1973 neighbor, Jake Berman Mark Greensfield Baxter Harris 1981 Cynthia Gregory Cynthia Gregory 1981 singer Karen Gregory ?????????? 1980 ex- girlfriend, Kelly Kate ___ Griffin Priscilla Gillette 1964-65 needy wife Captain Lloyd Griffin James Mitchell 1964-65 dirty cop Mrs. Grimes Francine Beers 1974 Louise ____ Grimsley Never Seen first wife, Winston Mattie ____ Lane Grimsley Betty Garde 1956 widow, George, Mother Jack and Sara, later married Winston Peggy Allenby 1956-66 Joanna Roos (temporary) 1968 Ketherine Meskill 1966; 1969 Winston Grimsley Walter Greaza 1956-72 accused of Lyn Wilkins Warren's murderer Publisher, Financier Jonathon Groves John McKay 1982 Billy "Cutlass" Gumbs Al Fann 1976-77 servant, Claude R. Alex Gura Norman Rose 1967 agent Mrs. Katherine ___ Guthrie Harriet MacGibbon 1957 wealthy woman Lieutenant Steve Guthrie Denny (Chris) Albee 1976-80 +Deborah Saxon Sheriff Hagen Alan North 1978 Denise's murder Lobo Haines Fred J. Scollay 1972 hit man Ruth Hakim Anne Jones 1959 secretary Ambrose Haller Never Seen 1957 real family of Billy Harper Ambrose Haller, Jr. Never Seen 1957 " " Dorothy __ Haller Never Seen 1957 Reverend Hamish Russell Horton 1983 Robbie Hamlin Willie Aames 1983 owned the Video Disco Tony Hammersmith Michael Martin 1981 bartender Edward Hanley ???? 1974 National Committee Chairman, Adam Davey Hansen Ben Hayes 1964 thug Charlie Harmon Dick Bocelli 1980 bartender Billy Harper Billy Quinn 1956-57 adopted by Roger and Mary Pud Flanagan 1957 child of the deceased Haller family Josephine "Josie" Travis Harper Judith McGilligan 1976-77 sister of Serena, married to Raymond, tried to kidnap Timmy Mary ___ Harper Anne Sargeant 1957 adopted Billy Raymond Harper (aka Captain Blood) Dick Callinan 1977 killed Beau R. mobster Roger Harper Allen Nourse 1957 adopted Billy Private Investigator Harrington ?????? 1957 Captain Harris Karl Swenson 1957 Doll ___ Harris Louise Troy 1958 (hit and run) Don Harris Harry Davis 1958 nephew Jim Mitchell and his employee Lieutenant Gerry Harrison Bill Zuckert 1957 Doug Hastings Hal Studer 1960s and 1970s occasional Crime Commission Bigwig Colonel Ben Hatcher James Congdon 1967 good guy spy Florence ___ Hatcher Billie Lou Watt 1967 kidnapped wife Tommy Hatcher Michael Maitland 1967 kidnapped son Maria Hathaway Never Seen but Sculpted 1984 friend Laurie Ann from the sanitarium, murdered Mrs. Hathaway Never Seen mother Laura and Julie. was told that Julie died in childbirth Mr. Hathaway Never Seen father of Laura and Julie, sold Julie to the Jamisons Stan Hathaway Ronn Carroll 1983 director, Nicole at WMON Sam Haven Robert Dryden 1961-62 Benny Hayes Bennett Cooperman 1979 stalked Nancy Karr Eddie Hayes ?????? Mr. Hemphill MacIntyre Dixon 1984 Olivia Brandeis "Brandy" Henderson Dixie Carter 1974-76 assistant district attorney; sister Quentin, dated Adam and Draper Dr. Quentin Henderson Michael Stroka 1975-76 brother, Brandy; psychiatrist, killed by Clay Jordan David Henson Arnold Moss 1979 New York attorney; had affair with Margo Dorn Francine ___ Henson Lori March 1980 widow, David Sam Henshaw Chet Carlin 1978 Bill Hesse Wendell Holmes 1957 insurance agent Lieutenant Hewlot David Pendleton 1974 detective in St. Anthony Donald Hext Ralph Byers 1983; 1984 managed the Isis Building Leo Higdon Jackson Beck 1963 PI that knew Sarah-Louise was illegally adopted Louie Hill Herman O. Arbeit 1980 Tom Hill ????? 1957 cellmate, Martin Spode Dr. Hillmer John Homa 1982 Angela Morgan Hillyer Valerie French 1972-73; 1974 Adam's secretary, Orin's wife Elizabeth ___ Hillyer Never Seen Orin's first wife; died when daughter Liz was young Julie Jamison Hubbard Hillyer Millette Alexander 1967-68 twin sister, Laura; married Lloyd Hubbard and Orin Hillyer Laura Hathaway Hillyer Millette Alexander 1966-67; 1968 affair with Rick Olliver,, killed R.O. and died in a car accident; twin sister, Julie, appeared in 68 in visions Orin had Orin Hillyer Lester Rawlins 1965-68; 1972-73 father of Liz; widower of Laura and Julie, married Angela---wealthy businessman, owned mansion, Claybank Dr. Hobler Douglas Rutherford 1957 doctor of Roger Harper Mrs. Hoffman Florence Anglin 1973 Adam's neighbor Mr. Hoffman Lee Steele 1980 jeweler, Sky's watch George Holman Gene Peterson 1962 Eddie Holland Victor Thorley 1957 disbarred attorney Nurse Lydia Holliday Jane White 1968-69 Rhoda Holliday Never Seen sister, Lydia Son Holliday Never Seen son, Lydia Larry Hooten Ron Faber 1983 Kate Hopkins Doris Belack 1958 roommate, Gail Armstrong Francis Houghton ???? 1959 harassed Gail Armstrong, stole bracelet from mother to frame Gail Mrs. Kingston _____ Houghton ???? 1959 art patron hired Gail to paint Dr. Howard Martin Donegan 1982 Gorge Foley's doctor Lloyd Hubbard Donald Crabtree 1967-68 ex-husband Julie Margaret Hubbell Dorothy Blackburn 1964 Nurse Ernestine Hubbell Francine Beers 1972 Orin's nurse Warren Hubbell Dan Resin 1976 divorce attorney Mrs. Hull Lois De Banzie 1976 Mr. Hull William Post, Jr. 1964 Gloria "Tango" Humphreys Dorrie Kavanaugh 1970 Laurie's roommate into drugs and Jonah Lockwood (Keith Whitney) Lynn Ann Leveridge 1970-71 Ida ___ Ingersoll Avril Gentles 1982 landlady Leonie Inspector Isley Jareeslov Stremien 1984 Dr. Ives John Wardwell 1975
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