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  1. There's a great cast, but the convoluted stories and the several weeks between episodes ruin it. C-
  2. I like the chemistry between the co-stars. The stories are decent , too. Thus es the one new ABC show to watch.
  3. Chelsea is the new Adam. everything going on with Chelsea is snoozeworthy. I hope someday we get a scene where Lauren walks up to her and smacks her for what she did, stealing revenue from Fenmores. I guess we'll be waiting until the next HW comes in and bounces her out on her azz.
  4. I may be wrong, but is Tammy Lauren (ex-Officer Maggie that dated Paul on Y&R) Mrs. Pearson?
  5. I posted them to my group, I'll let you know if anyone can fill in the blanks. soap opera cast lists A link if you care to check on possible progress. 😖
  6. i agree that this, Robert Darnell was Mr. Russell. @sheilaforever
  7. THE DOCTORS Dr. Caswell Sam Baker 1979 Nola's secret obstetrician This takes Sam Baker off the ??????? list.
  8. MEG MYLES THE DOCTORS Harriet ____ Wilson 1966-67 WHERE THE HEART IS Helen Wyatt 1970-71 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Marco's Hotel Clerk Unknown Year THE EDGE OF NIGHT Sid Brennan 1981-83 ALL MY CHILDREN Joanna Yeager Chandler 1983-85; 1987 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Maevis ____ Stone 1985-86 GUIDING LIGHT Spaulding Board Member Mrs. Taggert 1992-94 She appeared in movies titled Satan in High Heels, Calypso Heatwave, A Lovely Way to Die, and was "Big Red" in Coogan's Bluff Rest in Peace
  9. I binged "David Makes Man". So many well drawn characters, each with a fascinating story. It was worth the binge.
  10. In an old archived article, Patricia Smith said she had appeared on SFT from 1959-60. She played Cynthia Bradley, Arthur Tate's secretary that was married to George Maharis. Since Maharis played Bud Gardner (Jo's nephew), I just assumed that was her married name. I hope the article was accurate.😎
  11. GEORGE PENTECOST ANOTHER WORLD Anthony "Tony the Tuna" Jones 1984-85; 1986; 1987;1988; 1994-95 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW George Carver 1985 GENERATIONS Dean Walsh 1989 KNOTS LANDING Marcello 1989 ALL MY CHILDREN Dr. Davis Unknown Year BLANSKY'S BEAUTIES Horace "Stubbs" Washington 1977 FAMILY Apartment Manager 1978 CHRISTINA PICKLES THE GUIDING LIGHT Linell Conway 1970-72 ANOTHER WORLD Countess Elena (Helen {Strauss}) Carter De Poulignac 1977-79 SISTERS Didi Poncell 1994 PARTY OF FIVE Barbara 1998 GET REAL Elizabeth Parker ALSO SAINT ELSEWHERE Nurse Helen Rosenthal 1982-88 THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR Cissy MacIntyre 1989 FRIENDS Judy Gellar 1994-2003 JAG Trish Rabb Burnett 1998; 2000 BREAK A HIP Biz 2015-18 GENE PETERSON THE GREATEST GIFT Ned Blackman 1954-55 MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role "Not So Smart" week of 7/23/1956 Unknown Role "Message for Margaret" week of 1/7/1957 LOVE OF LIFE Noel Penn 1958 THE EDGE OF NIGHT George Holman (?Holmes) 1962 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Peter Larkin 1968-70 DYNASTY Natale 1981 also.... MEDICAL CENTER Dr. Merrill Weller 1970-75
  12. ADDISON POWELL THE WAY OF THE WORLD Unknown Role 2/11-2/20 1954 Unknown Role 6/6-6/19 1954 THE SECRET STORM Spencer Hadley 1960-61 THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Dr. Trask 1964 DARK SHADOWS The Ghost of Jeremiah Collins 1967-68 Judge Madigan 1968 Dr. Eric Lang 1968 Judge Wiley 1970 AS THE WORLD TURNS Dr. Flynn 1973 TEXAS Colonel Austin 1981 ANOTHER WORLD Henry Washam 1987 GUIDING LIGHT Commissioner Inman Unknown Year BEVERLY PENBERTHY ANOTHER WORLD Patricia "Pat" Matthews Randolph 1967-82; 1989 SOMERSET Patricia "Pat" Matthews REandolph 1970 AS THE WORLD TURNS Adelaide ___ Fitzgibbons 1989
  13. JIM POYNER ANOTHER WORLD Dennis Carrington 1978-80; 1989 TEXAS Dennis Carrington Wheeler 1980-81 FALCON CREST Studio Engineer 1985 HOTEL Rapist 1985 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Lee the Pilot 2015 WESLEY ANN PFENNING ANOTHER WORLD (Dr.) Alice Matthews Frame Frame (Gordon) 1979 GENERAL HOSPITAL Cynthia Elliott 1982 SANTA BARBARA Counselor 1984 RITUALS Lisa Thompson Robertson (Chapin) 1984-85
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