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  1. Victoria Rowell would be awesome! I can't believe I didn't think of her. Some others: Lamman Rucker Peter Francis James (recently on CWs Katie Keene) Cassandra Creech
  2. I have a few suggestions for casting the spin-off's Deans, Professors, an Athletic Director, and Faculty Advisors at the "Historically Black College": Petronia Paley Mariann Aalda Timothy D Stickney Nathan Purdee Jonelle Allen Count Stovall Victoria Tilford (Nee Platt) Nathan Owens Yvonna Kopacz-Wright @ChitHappens @NothinButAttitude @All My Shadows Who would you like to see turn up? Other bigger names like Tamara Tunie and Tonya Pinkins may already have regular roles on other shows, but I would l
  3. It's still on my DVR. I watched half and nodded off about eight times. Debating whether to give it another try.....
  4. I was really surprised that I liked it as much as I did-- especially because of Tulloch. Chiriqi's take on Lana was great. I will be watching.
  5. RICHARD BURGI GUIDING LIGHT Brian Rafferty 1986 RYAN'S HOPE James the Orderly 1986 ANOTHER WORLD Chad Rollo 1986-88 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Randy Stone 1988 AS THE WORLD TURNS Agent Glenn Harrington 1988-89 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Phillip Collier 1992-93 PROVIDENCE Dr. J.D. Scanlon 2000 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Attorney Karl Mayer 2004-12 POINT PLEASANT Ben Kramer 2005-06 ONE TREE HILL Ted Davis 2012 DEVIOUS MAIDS Henri 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL Paul Hornsby 2014-16 GRAND HOTEL Michael Finn 2019
  6. THE GREATEST GIFT Miss Adams Mary Finney Evelyn Seibold Dr. Bentley Bernard Lenrow Bill Connor Harry Gannes Dr. Bob Pierson Lawrence Pasquin Sam Blake Josef Draper Scotty Hugh Thomas Martha Dorothy Patten GREATEST GIFT AUGUST 30, 1954-JULY 1, 1955 NBC RIDGETON Miss Adams Mary Finney Evelyn Seibold Dr. Eve Allen...Anne Burr Fran Allen...Janet Ward Martin Beal...Alan Stevenson Dr. Bentley
  7. Richard Burgi THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Ashland Locke 2021- BORRASCA Killian Clery 2021 Jackee Harry DAYS OF OUR LIVES Paulina Price 2021 Kyle Lowder DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Rex Brady 2018-19; 2020; 2021 Ryan McPartlin ALL AMERICAN Coach Manny 2021
  8. GOLDEN WINDOWS Sergeant Moore Eric Fleming Lucy Phillips Adnia Rico Mr. Wickersham Warren Parker Judge Mal Conner Organist Clarke Morgan GOLDEN WINDOWS JULY 5, 1954-APRIL 1, 1955 NBC NEW YORK CITY Dr. Paul Anderson...Phillip Pine Tom Anderson...Herbert Patterson Miss Bigelowe...Ethel Remey Ann Summers Brandon...Sonny Adams John Brandon...Grant Sullivan Ruth Brandon...Harriet MacGibbon (Mrs. Drysdale, Beverly Hillbillies) Carl Brown... Wal
  9. CONCERNING MISS MARLOWE Ralph Marquez... +Kit Joe DiReda Jerry Jarret Lilia Muriel Berkson Rudi Richard Newton Tom Kozaku Mozumoto Paul Sims was a doctor. CONCERNING MISS MARLOWE JULY 5, 1954-JULY 1, 1955 NBC NEW YORK CITY Ronald Blake...Bert Thorne Linda Cabot...Sarah Burton Marion Cahill...Elaine Rost Kit Christy...Chris White ingenue actress; daughter of Maggie; dated Ralph Cindy Clayton...Patricia Bosworth
  10. MERCEDES McCAMBRIDGE Eric Re Kitty Foyle, she played the title character in a Studio One presentation of Kitty Foyle (1947). She played Ruth Grant on Barry Cameron; Peg Martinson on This is Nora Drake; "Senator's wife" on Mary Marlin; Irene (last name probably Franklin, later married to Clifford Barbour when another actress was playing the role) on One Man's Family (1941); "The Stepchild" on Stepmother (1937); Unknown role on Dan Harding's Wife (1936); Rosemary Murphy Levy on Abie's Irish Rose (1942); Alice McGinity on Affairs of Anthony; and Sarah Spence on Family Skel
  11. FROM THESE ROOTS Dr. Carla Anselmo Eda Reis Merin Ralph Barber Owen Jordan Margot Barnes Barbara Dana 6/61 +Jerry, warned by Mildred about Jerry Al Brewster Morgan Sterne Clay Briggs Philip Bourneouf Arnold Moss Miss Christie Ruth McDevitt Dr. Clerval Michael Shillo Roy Cleveland ... Tony Bickley Mavis Culpepper Joy Claussen Don Curtiss ... Clark Warren +Lyddy 60-61 Maxine Dallas Elspeth Eric Joe Dennis Donald F. Briggs Clariss
  12. FIRST LOVE Garth Brown Bernard Lenrow Phil Gordon ... Len Wayland Dr. Hughes Harrison Dowd Captain Hunter John Boruff _____ Davis Dean Harens Mrs. Sherry Carol Veazie John Sims Arthur Storch Sidney Thompson Mercer McCloud Nina Augusta Roeland FIRST LOVE JULY 5, 1954- DECEMBER 30, 1955 NBC HARRISON Quentin Andrews ... Frederic Downs boss Zack Garth Brown ... Eric Dressler
  13. THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN George Bailey Ty Perry Joan Saint John Effie Afton "Uncle" Frank Thurmond ... Poco and Barry's uncle Edwin Cooper ?????????? James McDonald THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN AUGUST 3, 1953-DECEMBER 31, 1954 NBC NEW YORK CITY Jennifer Alden ... Lori March 1953-54 neurotic rival of Poco Alan Anderson ... Lester Fletcher 1953 Dort Clark George Bailey Ty Perry Vince Bannister .... John Ma
  14. I reached out to share new information with a friend no longer on FB... His contributions: LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING Dr. Dorothy Sawyer Knowland...Judith Searle 1967-68 dated Jim Abbott Mrs. __ Marshall housekeeper, Sawyer family, believed in the occult Alice Drummond 1967-68 Jean Stapleton 1968...3 days Dan Sawyer Edward Winter 1968 returned from Vietnam; Dorothy's brother Maxine ___ Sawyer Mother of Dan and Dorothy; dated Will
  15. This!!! I just didn't like him as Brady or Rick. He does look amazing though. Both are just quick week or so appearances from the articles I've seen.
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