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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Wendy Moniz was crawling out of Kevin Costner's bed on Yellowstone, the new Paramount Network show set in Montana. It has a talented cast, Kelly Reilley, Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, Gil Birmingham, Dave Annable.
  2. General Hospital July 2018

    Waiting for the invisible ink on that Marriage Certificate to disappear.... Bobbie in black, Ava in red and Carly in her Ferncliff Original all looked better than Nelle. It's a shame they took a wrecking ball to Nelle, Chloe Lanier had potential, but the wishy-washy route they took "She's a killer! She's a sister! She's misunderstood! She's a vixen! She's a Killer!. "It's like the timeline of her character has been a series of bad SID Headlines.
  3. Daily Hotness

    @Faulkner good lawd the heat coming off these pages
  4. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    The four members of Blue County are the back-up band. I include James' AKAs because he is referred to in the synopses for extended periods of time (Salvatore Chavez, Lester Keyes, Marvin Jurrow, etc...) I'll add JS next to their names. I'll switch the Mei-Linn out. Paul Ryan: Canaan Crouch 1980 Brett Barry (not sure dates) Daniel Pintauro 1983-84 Braden Danner 1984 Elden Ryan Ratliss 1984-85 Christopher Daniel Barnes 1985-86 Damion Scheller 1986 Andrew Kavovit 1986-91; 1992 John Howard 1996 Scott Holroyd 2001-03 Roger Howarth 2003-10 Kavovit and Holroyd were the best.
  5. Soap Hoppers

    ROBERT NEWMAN THE GUIDING LIGHT Joshua Lewis 1981-84; 1986-91; 1993-2009 GENERAL HOSPITAL Prescott Harrell 1985 SANTA BARBARA Kirk Cranston Lee 1986 GUIDING LIGHT Reverend John Ruthledge/Arthur Peterson 2007 VENICE THE SERIES Richard 2013-16
  6. Soap Hoppers

    NICOLAS SUROVY A WORLD APART Fred Turner 1971 RYAN'S HOPE Orson Burns 1981 ALL MY CHILDREN Mike Roy 1983-84; 1998 THE HEIGHTS Jake O'Brien 1992 SISTERS Peter Goodwin 1995 and... DEADWOOD Captain Massie 2004
  7. Soap Hoppers

    HELEN WAGNER THE GUIDING LIGHT Trudy Bauer Simpson 1952 VALIANT LADY Jane Lynch 1953-54 THE WORLD OF MR. SWEENEY Marge Franklin 1954-55 AS THE WORLD TURNS Nancy ____ Hughes McCloskey 1956-80; 1983; 1985-2010
  8. Soap Hoppers

    BREON GORMAN LOVERS AND FRIENDS/FOR RICHER, FOR POORER Tessa Saxton 1977-78 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Alison Snowden, reporter 1980 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Nurse Ellen Snow ex-fiancee, Mario Corelli 1980-81 LOVING Gail Unknown Year AS THE WORLD TURNS Lenore Barclay Anderson 1989-95 occasional KNOTS LANDING Dr. Herndon 1993 BOSTON PUBLIC Mrs. Watson 2003
  9. Soap Hoppers

    PETER WHITE THE SECRET STORM Jerry Ames 1965-66 LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING Dr. Sanford Hiller 1971 ALL MY CHILDREN Lincoln "Linc" Tyler 1973?-1981; 1982; 1983-84; 1985; 1986; 1995; 2005 FALCON CREST Eric Kenderson 1982 DYNASTY Bill Rockwell 1983-84 DALLAS Ellis Newton 1984 KNOTS LANDING ____ Pearson 1984 THE COLBYS Arthur Cates 1985-86 DALLAS Private Investigator Breslin 1990-91 SISTERS Dr. Thomas Reed 1991-96 occasional ALLY McBEAL Senator Harold Watkins 1999
  10. Soap Hoppers

    A.C. WEARY RYAN'S HOPE Paramedic 1978 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dick Grant 1978; 1983 THE DOCTORS Tor (swept Nola off her feet) late 1981-82 TEXAS Dan Butler 1982 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Gary Shaw 1984 GUIDING LIGHT Norman Fellows 1984-85 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Theo the Kentucky strip club owner 2011
  11. Big Brother 20

    Not any more. Scottie wearing his gear while voting him off made me laugh. I can't decide who to cheer for yet, either.
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The Franklins: Amy ___ Phillips Franklin Karen Evans Kandel abused wife of Lloyd Phillips, eventually married Roy.. Leonard Franklin, Jr. Never Seen, deceased. Leonard Franklin , Sr. Charles B. Dumas 1989 Mel Winkler 1986 Nella Franklin Tiffani Caesar 1986 Kasi Lemmons 1987-88 Victoria Rowell 1988-89 (?90) Roy Franklin Count Stovall 1985-89 Sarah __ Franklin Novella Nelson 1986-89 occasional
  13. Who would you Cast???

    Finn a disease specialist accidentally gets poked with a virus. He confronts Nina regarding Peter with Franco. Nina goes to Charlie's for coffee and interacts with Julian. Franco hugs Kiki....Buh bye to all....... make that bitches.......
  14. YR: JT Reveal

    Exactly. Sad that I told friend it was Nick in a mask two weeks ago. I hoped I was wrong.
  15. Soap Hoppers

    @Paul Raven every time you post a list, at least five of them are names I have written down to do next. Great choices. Tomorrow or Sunday