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  1. WHITNER "WHIT" BISSELL DOCTOR HUDSON'S SECRET JOURNAL Unknown Role 1956 PEYTON PLACE Calvin Hanley 1965 THE LONG, HOT SUMMER Phil McDermott 1965 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Les Miller 1971 EMERALD POINT, N.A.S. Sidney 1983 FALCON CREST Mr. Hobson 1984 and BACHELOR FATHER Bert Loomis 1959-60 THE TIME TUNNEL Lieutenant General Heywood Kirk 1966-67 ARGENTINA BRUNETTI NBC's MATINE
  2. MARTIN WOLFSON THE EDGE OF NIGHT Dr. ___ Catalano 1963 THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Mr. __ Radnitz 1964 LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING Chandler Garrison 1968 BRUCE WINANT ANOTHER WORLD Unknown Role Unknown Year LOVING Unknown Role Unknown Year GENERAL HOSPITAL Unknown Role Unknown Year MY SO-CALLED LIFE Doctor 1994 and... GREATEST HEROES OF THE BIBLE Unknown Role 1978 A. D.
  3. ERIK HOWELL THE GUIDING LIGHT Best friend (Johnny Fletcher) 1966 Johnny Fletcher 1967-72 GENERAL HOSPITAL Computer Voice 1985 Cop at Arts Festival 1988 (not verified)
  4. Again, ignore is right there. If you don't like what I post, don't quote me and don't respond. Just move along. There are plenty of others you can quote, and you always do.
  5. And you be as naive as you want. Feel free to use the ignore button!
  6. All you have to do is look at how he treated Genie Francis at GH before TPTB gave her a contract to see how he treats vets. The characters he brings back often die on screen (Alison Barrington from PC, Duke, A.J.) and he uses KW, JJY,LC, etc. as little as he can. Do you really think he would have kept Eileen Fulton, Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays and others on contract ? Doubtful. Howarth was already there. But you keep believing! You obviously know more than me.
  7. Valentini would have just cut the vets contracts and instead of Parker Sage and Faith, he would bring in his pals as new characters instead of Hughes, Walsh and Stewarts. He's toxic to shows with history.
  8. We would have had Carly with DID-- Carly , Marly, Sharly and angry boy personality Farly. Parker, JJ, Luke and Casey would have been walking around dripping in Wesson oil and Bronzer, and Parker would have been raping his female cousins. That's what RC and #firefrank would have done to ATWT in 2009-11. Just saying...
  9. DEBORAH RENNARD DALLAS Sylvia "Sly" Lovegren 1981-91 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Whitney Baker 1991 DUE SOUTH Dr. Esther Pearson 1994-95 DALLAS: J. R. RETURNS Sylvia "Sly" Lovegren 1996 SUNSET BEACH Unknown Role Unknown Year CYNTHIA BELGRAVE AS THE WORLD TURNS Mrs. Lewis Unknown year ONE LIFE TO LIVE Sadie __ Gray (temporary) early 1980
  10. I believe Ellie was a cousin before the name changed to "Hudson". Other relatives were mentioned but not cast. I'm pretty sure Larry was one of Terry Hartford's johns, I'd have to find my FC papers to confirm, though.
  11. Lela Ivey had short term roles as Ellie Garrison on Another World 1985-86 and Suzy, Jackson's secretary on GL. Mariann Aalda was Dr. Grace Battles on GL and later Lena Hart on Sunset Beach. Ernie Townsend went to As The World Turns in 1984 as Kent Bradford. Lois Kibbee led the Sanders clan in 1986 as Elizabeth after a brief stop in Henderson as "Grand Mere" Elaine Descot (SFT) in 1985. Robert Gerringer was on ATWT in 1985. the character was the father of a guy that bothered Lily.
  12. Just stating a fact that they have made clear on the show for 20+ years. Don't know where "grossness" comes into play. It could be knockoff materials, guns, etc. and it's not like the viewers don't know that whatever it is, they are "mobsters" and whatever they import is illegal. I was simply clarifying a point. Anyhoo Like I mentioned in my status, when are the LGBTQ+ going to be utilized as more than a "Press release" and actually have storylines? Cassandra James It would be nice if we could actually see Molly and T.J. in
  13. Claire Yarlett UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Mac 1995 Appeared on THE WEST WING as Dr. Jenna Jacobs, skewered by President Josiah Bartlett (Martin Sheen) for her views on the bible and homosexuality.
  14. The Corinthos crime organization for all the problems they bring about, block the drug trade from Port Charles. It has long been a problem among the Five families. Every time Sonny , Jason, etc. get a new "Mob rival" they try to bring drugs in through the docks, trucking companies, etc. Not sure what they import, but definitely not drugs. Not since the days of Karen Wexler, after which Sonny and company made the "No drugs in Port Chuck" rule. Swickard has really been selling it throughout this story. I look forward to him letting Michael and Wallow stew. I do think he a
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