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  1. II put together a list while working on my last set of radio folks. Not sure when I'll start my research, but here they are... Frank Lovejoy Andree Wallace Joan Banks Joan Blaine Patsy Campbell Julie Stevens Philip Lord Mary Cecil Arline Blackburn Willis "Bill" Bouchey Francis X. Bushman Janet Logan Lois Wilson Richard Kollmar Richard Keith James Van Dyke (?Dyk) I also started clearing out a binder with some random actors that were left on the pages of all the other actors that were already profiled. Among them Rosalind Allen Teja Anderson Dan Ahearn Iona Morris Barbara Andres I'll be adding these randoms to fill in here and there.
  2. DICK CHRISTIE DAYS OF OUR LIVES Officer Gleason 1983 KNOTS LANDING Aide 1984 Chuck 1985 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Stanley Krakowski 1990 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Charlie Webber 2013-Present THE WALTONS Sergeant Carey 1980 ACE CRAWFORD, PRIVATE EYE Lieutenant Fanning 1983 SMALL WONDER Ted Lawson 1985-89
  3. John Gibson THE EDGE OF NIGHT Joe Pollock 1962- 68 Lauri Landry CAPITOL Leslie Barber 1983
  4. CAPITOL Leslie Barber Lauri Landry 1983 Woman that slept with Trey
  5. @Paul Raven from our friend Barry Lake was the writer under and then after Irna Phillips
  6. ALAN AUSTIN LOVE OF LIFE Sergeant Ed McBairn 1968 GUIDING LIGHT Art Gallery Owner Carter Bowden 1979-81 RUTH MANNING THE GUIDING LIGHT Judy __ Stassen 1969 LOVE OF LIFE Bea ___ Swanson (temporary)) 1972 HOTEL Dr. Han 1984 GET REAL Elderly Woman 1999 and..... THE WALTONS Mrs. Farrell FAMILY Apartment Manager 1978 Mrs. Hanley 1980 Slick's Bits....... Best known as Aunt Harriet in the Kraft Mayo Commercials..... Died while auditioning for a role.
  7. COURTNEY HOPE RELATED Anne 2005 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Sally Spectra 2017-20 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Sally Spectra 2020- QUANTUM BREAK Beth Wilder 2016 TRANSPARENT Una 2016 CHAUNTAL LEWIS GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurse Stephanie 2015 Nurse Tara 2016-19 Nurse Chanel 2020
  8. GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurse Chanel Chauntal Lewis 2015-Present Professor Gregory Chase Gregory Harrison 2020 Arthur Fairchild Marshall Borden 9/1985 Alan Quartermaine's old college buddy that was dying in the ICU ALL SET Also.... Robin Keil 5/1958 ? is this radio? tv 1953-57 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Richard Todhunter Blaine Maurice Copeland 1984 attorney Police Commissioner Tom McGreevey 1978 (ordered Bill Marceau to fire Deborah Saxon )
  9. THE BRIGHTER DAY JANUARY 4, 1954-SEPTEMBER 8, 1962 CBS THREE RIVERS, NEW HOPE, COLUMBUS Toby Ballard .... Don Penny 1962 Paul Bannister ???? 1958 Mort Barrows ... Ben Rubin 1962 ... Douglas Marland 1962 Eve Beresford ... Erin O'Brien Moore 1958 or 59 Althea Dennis Bigsby .... Brooke Byron 1954-55 ... Jayne Heller 1956 ... Maggie O'Neill 1960 ... Anne Meacham 1960-61 Bruce Bigsby ... ?????????? Ted Blake .... ????????? 1958 handyman Lenore Bradley ... Lori March 1956-58 Tom Bradley .... Robert Webber 1958 Alan Butler Phillip Pine Lydia Harrick Canfield Murial Williams 1955-58 Reverend Max Canfield Herb Nelson 1955-56 Crystal Carpenter ... Vivian Dorsett Robert Carroll ..... Paul Bannister Bud Clark ... Charles Taylor Diane Clark ... Lin Pierson Dean Eliott Clark .... Lawrence Weber 1959 ... Ernest Graves 1960 Ellen Williams Dennis .... Patty Duke 1958-59 ... Lanna Saunders 1960-61 Grayling Dennis ... Hal Holbrook 1954-59 .... James Noble 1959-60 ... Forrest Compton 1961-62 Liz Dennis .... Margaret Draper Reverend Richard Dennis William Smith 1954 Paul Langton (temp. 54-55 per TV Guide) ... Blair Davies 1954-62 Sandra Talbot Dennis ... Ann Hillary ... Diane Gentner 1956 ... Gloria Hoye 1957-59 .... Mary K. Wells 1960-61 ... Nancy Rennick 1961-62 Uncle Walter Dennis Paul Langton 1962 Nurse Marion Dorsey ?????? 1960 Mitchell Dru ... Geoffrey Lumb 1962 Mrs. Dunbar .... Lilia Skala 1955 Judge Faulkner ... Raymond Edward Johnson Nicholas Forbes William Post, Jr. sophisticated man, in the Eve Beresford story 1958 or 59 Elliott Fraser .... John Heath Dr. Charles Fuller ... Dean Harens 1960-61 Charlie Garrett .... William Post, Jr. 1955 alcoholic loser Rose ____ Garrett Abby Lewis 1955 Skip Garrett Judson Rees 1955 Christine Gowan ... Sarah Burton Reverend Victor Graham Rex Ingram 1962 Dr. Blake Hamilton ... ??????????? 1960 Chris Hamilton ... Mike Barton 1960-61 Patsy Dennis Hamilton Lois Nettleton 1954-57 ... June Dayton 1961-62 Dr. Randy Hamilton ... Larry Ward 1954-57 Bart Harrick ... Walter Brooke Donald Harrick Walter Brooke 1954-57 Barry Lake ?????? 1957 Steve Markley ... Peter Donat 1958 Adolphe McClure Frank Thomas, Sr. 1960 Anne ___ Meadows Barbara Joyce 1959-61 Dr. Joe Meadows John Boruff 1959-61 Babby Dennis Nino Mary Linn Beller 1954-59 .... Nancy Malone 1959-60 Peter Nino ... Joe Sirola 1959-60 Cass Potter ... Walter Brooke 1962 Aunt Emily Potter ... Mona Bruns 1954-62 Judith Potter Bennye Gatteys ...1962 Maggie Quincy .... Patsy Garrett Robert "Bert" Ralston Mark O'Daniels 1958 ____ Sharkey Yvonne Sovell .... Eva Soreny Rex Stern ... Nicholas Pryor 1958 Dean Wilbur Perry Ivins Nurse Lois Williams Marian Winters 1960-61 Ellen's "real" mother Dr. Wilson Bart Thomson 1960 Hal Wilson ... Lawrence Spector 1960 Mrs. Wilson Alice Yourman 1960 Franny the maid ... Mary Michael 1954-? Larry... Del Hughes Spunky ... Raymond Duke pre-1959 Cuban Attorney .... Bernie Kopell Organist .... Rosa Roo Lloyd Nolan (scenes about mental health with Althea) Lloyd Nolan Also.....????????? Mason Adams Jay Barney 1958 Charles Baxter Susan Brown Sam Gray Kevin Kelly Lionel Kranitz 6/58 Jack Lemmon Judy Lewis Harriet MacGibbon Anna Minot Rita Morley 1957 Santos Ortega Doris Roberts Robert Rockwell William Windom
  10. done + He played “Jeremiah Clark” hospital board member on Another World in 1992 when Jamie Frame face the hospital board for sexual harassment. from my fb page. Our little profile of Elizabeth Stack brought in this comment from Marcia McCabe: Marcia McCabe She and I went to a camp in Vermont at the same time. Brown ledge camp. Stephanie Zimbalist was there too and we all did a ton of theatre together. Very special times!! We were all babies!!
  11. MARSHALL BORDEN ONE LIFE TO LIVE Luke Jackson 1978 ANOTHER WORLD Horace Murdoch 1979 RYAN'S HOPE Detective 1980 GENERAL HOSPITAL Arthur Fairchild 1985 Commander Elijah Wood 1994 A WALTON WEDDING David Drucker 1995 Slick's bits...... Husband of Lee Merriwether Correct Photo
  12. GREGORY HARRISON FRESNO "Torch" 1986 FALCON CREST Michael Sharpe 1989-90 SISTERS Daniel Albright 1995 ED Nick Stanton 2000 REUNION Russell Brewster 2005-06 DROP DEAD DIVA Brandon Tharpe 2009 ONE TREE HILL Paul Norris 2009-11 CHESAPEAKE SHORES Thomas O'Brien 2017-18 GENERAL HOSPITAL Professor Gregory Chase 2020- and................................. LOGAN'S RUN Logan 5 1977-78 CENTENNIAL Levi Zendt 1978-79 TRAPPER JOHN, M. D. Dr. George Alonzo "Gonzo" Gates 1979-86 TRUE DETECTIVES Host 1990-91 THE FAMILY MAN Jack Taylor 1990-91 NEW YORK NEWS Jack Reilley 1995 DARK SKIES Old John Loengard 1996-97 SAFE HARBOR John Loring 1999 JUDGING AMY Tom Gillette 2000-01 STRONG MEDICINE Dr. Randolf Kilner 2002-03 JOEY Dean 2005-06 RINGER Tim Arbogast 2012 RECKLESS De Fortnum 2014 SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED Movie Series Joe O'Toole 2015-18 RIZZOLI AND ISLES Ron Hanson 2015-16 2 Notable Movies..... FOR LADIES ONLY Stripper John Phillips 1981 IT'S MY PARTY Brandon Theis 1996 Slick's bits....... Married to Randi Oakes since 1980.
  13. Michael Fitzmaurice BRENDA CURTIS Jim Curtis THE O'NEILLS Father Danny O'Neill Thanks @jam6242
  14. If you check out the last page in Soap Hoppers, she's profiled there. GENERAL HOSPIAL Ms. Madigan Devika Parikh 10/13/2020 Lucy's cosmetics buyer Pentonville Guard Mickey Maxwell 2019-20
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