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  1. Robert Burr ANOTHER WORLD Ed Brookman 1979 Terri Eoff (Misner) ANOTHER WORLD Sandra 1987 Elizabeth Parrish ANOTHER WORLD Mrs. Blitzer 1979 Coming up next Dean Harens June Dayton Robert Webber Lisa Howard (I) Coe Norton Ruth Matteson Marjorie Gateson Hildy Parks Ross Martin William Redfield Leila Martin Nancy Malone Frances Helm Murial Kirkland Dolores Sutton Millie Perkins Nancy Coleman Michael E. Knight Bill Hayes Leon B. Stevens Kathleen Gati Laurie Landry John Gibson (I) Barbara Britton Susan Bigelowe Jerry Ayres Mitch Brown Tony Bennett Malachi Throne Charles Taylor Bill Tatum Janine Turner Katerina Arroyave Jennifer Anglin Todd Andrews Jeff Allin Hope Alexander Willis Deke Anderson Larry Atlas Jennifer Ashe Phylicia Rashad
  2. Having trouble messaging.  @Errol  can someone check on the problem?  Thanks in advance.


  3. @ajsp35801 Frank Lewis (Brock Peters) was Carl's boss. His daughter Amy came on as Paul and Andy's assistant. There was a Loretta Lewis, Frank's wife in a 1982 episode crawl. I can't recall the actress's name. I started watching around 83, and I remember Amy dating Jazz and Tyron Jackson, as well as Kong, whose real name was Nathan Hastings (you know where that went.) I think Amy was a friend of Traci's, but I'm not sure. Actress Stephanie Williams left to join GH as Simone around 1988 or 89. Both were on contract for several years (Amy and Frank).
  4. Gregory Abels ANOTHER WORLD Dr. Fielding 1979 Dorothy Blackburn ANOTHER WORLD Mrs. Crossley 1984
  5. @vetsoapfan Frankles is Scott's alleged spawn by Heather, married to Liz and raising Cam, Aiden, and Liz' son by Jason.....
  6. Actors with last names A-Q have been posted on Page 1, along with the page of their most updated profile. Performers with no page are going to be added in the next week, and a page number will be added when their "Hopper" profile arrives. Actors with last names R-Z will be posted late night once I'm done typing them up. In the future, names will be added as I add them in. I hope this new format makes it easier for everyone to find the actors they are looking for!
  7. Not to mention the Griffin money they've spent on Turkish dayplayers/dayplayer cops the last week and a half. As Depboy likes to say, it's been Dayplayerpalooza the last two weeks.
  8. Sarpy has never shown much range in her years at GH. I feel that Loren Lott is definitely a bright spot on the canvas. I also think that hers is one of the only characters brought on in recent months that has had a good introduction. She has slowly been developed as Devon's long unseen sister, and is now at the point where she can join the canvas. The Rosales family was rushed and thrust into every story, while Kerry was immediately saddled in a relationship with Jack. We never had the chance to get to know any of them as individuals. We got that with Ana through Devon. Devon shouldn't be in any insta-relationships right now, as he is still written as mourning Hillary. With balance, all of these characters have a place in the canvas, but Mal didn't bother with balance. Devon and Abby have potential, and I'm glad he's down for finding a new chef. Lola won't be available for heavy duty work for a couple of months after a transplant anyway. I haven't seen a lot of negativity about Devon or Ana, but I have seen plenty of negative comments about Sarpy the last few years.
  9. @vetsoapfan egregious is that Franko is related to Lee Baldwin, married to Steve Hardy's granddaughter,and raising Laura Webber's grandchildren. Poor Leslie Charleson has been off contract too long.
  10. @Juliajms What did you think of the finale? I just watched it.
  11. What Cameron really thinks........... Alice Hunter could easily play a teen's mother. (After all these months dressing Jack in his Depends on Y&R, it wouldn't be hard to have her mothering a fifteen-year-old.) Regardless, ValenVarni have no idea who Bryan and Claudia are, much less that they had kids.
  12. THE DOCTORS Donna___Barnholm....????...drug testing asthmatic kept parents in the dark 4-6/1964 Mrs. Barnholm ????????? mother, didn't know about drug trial 4-6/1964 Mr. Barnholm ??????? father " " Stuart Match Christopher Goutman 1977 gave MJ away at wedding Dr. Portnow.. Kate McGregor Stewart ...2/78...abortion doctor , Greta Andrew Winters ????????? 1977 Emma's hubby Andy ????? Husband, Harriet from the asthma drug program 5-6/1964 Harriet ???? wife, Andy in asthma drug program 5-6/1964
  13. Sofia Landon ONE LIFE TO LIVE Marie Sorenson the Attorney 1982 Christopher Goutman THE DOCTORS Stuart Match 1977 The actor list on page one will be revised for easier searching. Halfway organized, it should be posted tomorrow, as well as a list of upcoming "Hoppers".
  14. Emma with Andrew Winters #4... He wasn't in the credit crawl. Does anyone know who this actor is? They appeared at MJ's wedding. Along with Ellie Match Snyder and Frank Snyder (Stephanie Gordon and Dan Lauria) Betsy Match Manero and Rick Manero (Carol Potter and Paul Espel)) Espel later went on to SFT where he originated the role of Bela Garody...Lee Godart took over the role before the character got involved with Sunny (Marcia McCabe) MMC later married Chris Goutman. Goutman appeared as Stuart Match, MJ's brother that walked her down the aisle.
  15. With Oscar circling the drain, can I nominate this guy to be a new teen? Dev, the Turkish pickpocket actually did an okay job today (actor Ashton Arbab). Just a thought..... Every once in a while an actor slips through the casting department. Today's episode was a let-down from yesterday-- Wallow, Nina, Peter...yawn. I like the actress playing Sasha, and I don't mind her with Michael. Maxie should be investigating things--her parents Frisco, Felicia and Mac all are sleuths. I don't care about Nina no matter how much ValenVarni tell us we should, and Maxie could be better used somewhere (anywhere) else on canvas.
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