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  1. It sure was. Now it's back to him and his shenanighans, snarling at Jax, . Jason's not only an enforcer, but also "consulting" with the police and Carly is hatching another junior Corinthos. Meanwhile, the hospital is down to three doctors... recurring Monica,recurring Lucas, and Finn, who gets involved in EVERY case. Kim resigned, Obrecht fired, and Dr. Andy (dayplayer) is there to bring people to Finn. Kevin and Neil (both recurring as well) are the psychiatrists. Nursing falls to Elizabeth and Epiphany (recurring) and Bobbie (recurring). Felix, Amy and Deana are only good for the Nurses' Ball, so we get random dayplayer nurses. So much for the "Hospital". That is, until one of Frank's friends comes a-calling looking for an ATM visit.
  2. Goddard doesn't deserve to be rewarded, unless she's returning to take his ass off the show....
  3. Shelley wasn't much of a writer, she should have "retired" with Pissy. The only glimmers of decent story started coming through when Van Etten began, but every time something semi-good starts up, ValenVarni squash it for their pets. (Chet/Maxie for one). Julian is a trash character. Always has been, always will be. Julian, Kim and ToddFrankenDrew could all leave tomorrow and no one would bat an eye except the fools on FB that feel Franko is a hero and the most romantic character on the show..... Now that Ass-cars Dad is gone, Momma can kick rocks, too. Kim should have been Sarah. #firefrank
  4. AS THE WORLD TURNS Sabatino-Smith Signore Sabatino Frank Savino Justin Saint Claire Joel Fabiani 1994 Rosie Salcedo Rosa Arredondo Dr. Salerno Ali Marsh Dr. Audrey Samuels Donna Mitchell 1986 OB/GYN Maureen Anderman 1986 Maggie Burke 1986-1996 Elaine Bromka 1996-2003? Geneva Samuelson Geneva Hyman 2006 one of Eve Browning's murder victims Dr. Sanborn Jack Gilpin 2004 psychiatrist, Barbara Hector Sanchez Rui Baptista Ms. Sanchez Amanda Diaz Nita Sanchez Judy Reyes 1994 Robbie Sanchez Carlos Alberto Valencia Lynn Sands Patricia Hodges ________ Santiago Never Seen Montegan criminal Officer Santiago Albert Michel, Jr. Merv Santini ???? 1980 supplier, Jay Stallings Helen __ Saunders Lisa Howard ?1961-62 Theresa Saunders Sofia Landon (Geier) 1987-88 servant, McKechnie Castle; murder victim Lieutenant Gary Savage Lloyd Allen 1981-82 police officer Dr. Savitt Munson Hicks Dr. Sawyer ???? 1972 Mr. Sawyer Barry Cullison 1989-90 Lucinda's Pilot Signore Scarzini Nicholas Kepros Martha Schaeffer Julie McKee 1988 Doug Schaff Terry Eno 1994 Mike's parole officer, bad cop Adam LeFevre 1994-95 Dr. Schiff Jean DeBaer 1998 heart specialist Dr. Elaine Schiller Tracey Godfrey 2005-08 OB/GYN Captain Rudolph Schilling Edmund C. Davys Hans Schmidt Gerrit Vooren 1993-95 shot Eduardo, responsible for many Kingsley Malta disasters; kidnapped Lily and Holden Hilda Schmidt Lisa Mandel Officer Schwartz Jeffrey Spodan 1990 Dr. Jack Scott Edward Moore 1984 Myrtle ___ Scott Marcia Haufrecht 2003 elderly victim of Rick Decker Nick Scudder Carl Tye Evans 2001-02 Molly's former lover, jailbird; acted reformed bu was still a sleaze; tried to seduce Abigail and run away with her; murdered by Mary Jill Scully Tara Westland Dr. Searle (?Serle?) Sue Jin Song 2007 Emile Seblon Tom Galantich 1992 Gavin's hired hit man Henri Seblon Christian Aubert 1992 Emile's brothe Dr. Seidmann Ali Marsh 2007 worked with Parker Hope Chernov 2008 Randy Selkirk Craig Austin 1994 reporter Don R. McManus Neal Jones Alex Draper 1997 Dr. Steven Seltzer George Dickerson 1993 Lois Serafin Kathryn Meisle 2004 psychic Reverend Seton Nicholas Kepros 1986 Dean Severn John Hillner 2009 Oakdale U Officer Ron Shanks David Harbour Nurse Shapiro Lynn Cohen 1992 ___ Sharkey Jeremy Holm 2010 Milo Shaughnessy Ross Partridge 2007 Sarah's husband, demanded to know how she died at gunpoint Sarah _____ Shaughnessy Crystal Bock 2007 patient that died from an allergy after an operation Judge Shaw Lewis Arlt 1997 Charles "Chuckie" Shea Keith Pomeroy son of Lisa and Dr. Michael Shea; killed in 1977 by a car accident Pip Sarser Roger Morgan Willie Rook Johnny Breen Shane Nickerson David Perkins ?? - 1977 Claire English Lowell Cassen Shea best friend of Nancy Hughes; cheated on by husband Jim with Edith Hughes; mother of Ellen; sister of Steve, widowed, married Doug Cassen; inadvertently caused the death of Diane Steiner, widowed again; married Dr. Michael Shea,lost him to Lisa, became a drinker, which may have caused her death Anne Burr 1956-60 Gertrude Warner 1960 Nancy Wickwire 1960-64 Jone Allison 1964-65 Barbara Berjer 1965-71 Dr. Michael Shea scheming doctor; married Claire; impregnated Lisa with Chuckie; Tom Hughes stole drugs from his office and went to jail for his murder; killed by Hester (Miss Thompson) Pearce, whose daughter had committed suicide John Lasell 1966 Jay Lanin 1966-68 Roy Shuman 1968-70 Bartleby Shears Jonno Roberts 2003 con man who worked with Simon, murdered by Simon ; twin of Mordecai Mordecai Shears Jonno Roberts 2003 wanted revenge on Simon and Katie Becky Shelby Larissa Auble 1989 Hal's niece Ben Shelby Donovan Sylvest 1989 Hal's brother-in-law Ben Shelby, Jr. Sam Gold, Jr. 1989 Hal's nephew Cassie Shelby Stacey Morley 1989 Hal's niece Claire Munson Shelby Kirtan Coan 1989; 1993 Hal's no-nonsense sister Davey Shelby Sean Kalish 1989 Hal's nephew Tess Shelby Parker Posey 1991-93 Hal's niece ; dated Hutch; pretended she was pregnant to save their relationship Milt Shepherd Thom Sesma 2005 pharmacist Elizabeth Sheriden Betsy Aidem Dr. Sherwood John Ottavino 2007 Mr. Shink Patrick McNulty 2009 Parker's lawyer Bobby Short Bobby Short ?? Musician Nurse Showcroft Marisa Redanty 2004 nurse @ Deerbrook Harry Siegler Randy Kovitz 2009 backer, Carly's vodka business Deena ___ Silva Deborah Hedwall 1998 Eddie's mother;drug addict; killed by Margo (young) Sarah Thompson 1998 Eddie Silva Nathaniel Marston 1998-2000 son of Deena and Alec Wallace; juvenile delinquent; Lost his mother; crushed on Margo; fell for Georgia; found out Alec was his father; Georgia killed Alec in self defense; married her and moved away (young) Frankie J. Galasso 1998 Georgia Tucker Silva Jaime Nicole Dudney 1998-2000 daughter of Cody Tucker and Samantha Markham, abandoned by Sam a second time; contemplated suicide after killing Alec; cleared ; married Eddie Dr. Silverman Allen Enlow 2005 doctor that supplied Rosanna with a drug Daisy ____ Simmons Paula Trueman 1985 woman that almost froze to death Darren Simmons Never Seen 1988 husband of Laura Jennifer Simmons Never Seen 1988 daughter of Laura and Darren Kirk Simmons Dan Monahan 1979 dated Lois Middleton "PORKYS" movies Laura Farrell Simmons Carolyn Anne Clarke 1988 daughter of Mary, sister of Beau; disturbed woman, "Fatal Attraction" for Bob Hughes; murdered Herb Petrie Victor Simmons Never Seen 1988 son of Laura Mr. Simms Phil Pruneau 2/1990 Mr. Simms Tom Cappadona 2005 Mona Marsden Simms ?????? 1985 kept tabs on Frannie in Europe, Peter Marsden's aunt Phil Simms Phil Simms 2007 former New York Giant turned Sportscaster cameo Debbie Simon Sharon Case 1992-93 Ned and Valerie's unbalanced daughter; fell for Hutch, but ended up in a bad situation because of Linc Dr. Simon Craig Wroe 1997 Ned Simon Frank Converse 1992-93 Seth's publisher, fell in love with Emma; Debbie's over-protective father; killed Linc for hurting Deb; died of a cerebral hemorrhage Valerie ____ Simon Sigrunn O'Mark 1993 Ned's wife, Deb's mom, stayed with Ned for Debbie's sake Bud Simpson Vasili Bogazianos 2004 gym manager Detective Simpson ?????? 1988 dead police officer Mary Simpson Mary Joy Mrs. Simpson ?????? 1979 Social worker Jordan Sinclair Chris Beetem 2004-05 came to work for Barbara; married Rosanna to help her get custody of Cabot, found out he's Cabot's father; divorced Rosanna; dated Jen, found out James was his father; worked for Lucinda; left for NYC Bing Skaggs Jeff Robins 2009 threatened Holden's life Jasmine Skyler Chelsea Lagos 2005 J.D. Slade Jason Kravits 1997 Ike Slattery William Hickey 1983 con man, impersonated Steve for Craig and stole rare coins Dr. Sloan Andrew William Smith 2006 Officer Slocum Brandon Fisher Steven Cimino Tiffany Slovinsky Katie Bennett 1996 dated Clegg Dorrie _____ Smith Paula Laurence 1979 gossipy woman Ernie Smith James Doerr 1989 bartender Harry Smith Harry Smith 1994 CBS TV host cameo Jerry Smith Haywood Nelson ?1971-73? John Smith Ed Kemmer Any information about dates, actors, character or character info would be greatly appreciated. Next up Snyders-Stewarts
  5. How long was David Harbour on as Officer Ron Shanks? I know it was a while....
  6. Katherine ____ Johnson Kim Staunton 91-92 OLTL Kira's mother Kira Johnson Lauryn Hill 91-93 illiterate girl who Nancy taught to read Joel Frank Tomen 1989 Kevin, Carly's butler Callum Keith King 1999 Hannah ___ Lafferty Carole Demas 90-91 Linc's religious mother EON, OLTL Crystal Lennon Dana Wheeler-Nicholson 93 AMC, AW, NASH Reverend Middleton Alex Molina 1989 Agent Earl Mitchell Farley Granger 1986-89 secret agent; Shannon's uncle; Lisa's late husband Mrs. Moran Jennifer Joyce 4/85 wife of Detective Judge Moss Frank Raiter 1994 Luis (Vasquez) Navarro Gilbert Cruz 1994 Juanita Pererra 1989 Vivianne E . Castanos Montegan uprising Melissa Roebling Elizabeth Heflin liaison between StrickCo and Walsh Enterprises 93 All additions will be added to the lists. Coming up this week, As The World Turns S-Z and Loving.
  7. ADDITIONS Dennis Cooney GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Fisher 1986 James Congdon AS THE WORLD TURNS Benjamin the fake Earl Mitchell 1988-89 Had Benjamin and Juanita Perrerra on my list to find since 1989. Larry Block AS THE WORLD TURNS Homer from the pawn shop 1995 George Hearn ANOTHER WORLD Atticus " Tic" De Cosgrove 1975
  8. AS THE WORLD TURNS NEW ADDITIONS/INFORMATION Dr. Alsop... Jack Koenig 1993 Brittany Nicole Weaver 2002 Benjamin James Congdon 88-89 faux Earl Bud Graham Beckel 1982 Lenore ___ Cassidy Emma Walton 1988 cellmate, Barbara PI Slocum Chapman Chris LaPlanta 2009 Dr. Peter Clayton Robert Trumbull 1989 Lee Cody Chris Kowanko 1989 Mrs. Cipperley Suzanne Sheperd 1987 Charles Carl Stark 1990 Removed Cryer wrong year Agent Duffy Dennis Pfister 1994 Jim Enright Allyn Burrows 1994 _______Fiddler Ron King 1982 District Attorney Bill Fowler ... Tom Keena 84-85 boss Maggie, EON Nella Franklin Kasi Lemmons 1987-89 AW Judge Lawrence Hanlin Herb Petras Nevins trial 93 Cliff Higgins Kevin Thigpen 1993 brother, Joel +Kira Inspector Hogan John Jellison 1994 took out Ernie the bartender James Doerr last name Smith 1993
  9. PHYLLIS NEWMAN RADIO AFFAIRS OF DR. GENTRY Trudy Welton TELEVISION MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role "It's an Ill Wind" week of 8/19/1957 Unknown Role week of 7/28/1958 TRUE STORY Unknown Role "Say a Few Words" 11/8/1958 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Renee Divine Buchanan 1987-89 also..... DIAGNOSIS UNKNOWN Doris Hudson 1960 COMING OF AGE Ginny Hale 1988-89 100 CENTRE STREET Sarah Rifkind 2001-02
  10. This guy Michie is such a POS.
  11. I think a drinking game is in order for every time the word "influencer" gets used.
  12. Of course, Duke and AJ should never have been killed off again. That was "the writer" too. Ron Frank and Nathan should have taken their circle jerk on the road together. Lulu and the lyft driver? I wish it had been Griffin, who should have been spared Kiki's shreiking. That's just my thoughts.(Or a newly returned to town Dillon ha ha as if Frank would bother).
  13. Y&R has not done young people well since the Glow by Jabot kids.or Daniel/ Lily/Sierra/Colleen None of these hacks have been able to write for the teen set. I would dare to say Fen/Summer/ that kid that Paul should have adopted were somewhat okay, until HKK went downhill. Kyle with Lola has been nothing but tedious from day one. JMO.
  14. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AS THE WORLD TURNS courtesy of @Brolden Josiah Clack Richard Gallagher 2010 Minister Vienna and Henry's wedding "Vulcan" Del, Maya Gold's partner John Ahlin 2006 ADDED
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