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  1. Soap Hoppers

    After they publicized it, she appeared for one episode and then another nurse replaced her.
  2. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    I received a friend request on FB from Bruce Martin (EON's Keith Whitney/Jonah Lockwood) while I was offline for a week. I'm hoping to find out about his time on EON and other roles.
  3. Soap Hoppers

    ROBERT "SKIP" BURTON ONE LIFE TO LIVE Rob Faulkner 1977 LOVERS AND FRIENDS/ FOR RICHER, FOR POORER Lee Ferguson 1977-78 THE DOCTORS Mel the kidnpper 1978-79 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dr. Peter Janssen 1980 TEXAS Beau Baker 1980-81 DYNASTY 1981 AS THE WORLD TURNS Brian McCall 1982 ANOTHER WORLD Jeffrey Cartwright 1985 RICHARD BACKUS LOVERS AND FRIENDS/ FOR RICHER, FOR POORER Jason Saxton 1977-78 ANOTHER WORLD Ted Bancroft 1979 RYAN'S HOPE Barry Ryan 1980-81 BARE ESSENCE Alan 1983 AS THE WORLD TURNS Dr. Russ Elliott 1984-85 Attorney Karl Eldredge 1991-93 RICHARD BURGI GUIDING LIGHT Brian Rafferty 1986 RYAN'S HOPE James the Orderly 1986 ANOTHER WORLD Chad Rollo 1986-88 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Randy Stone 1988 AS THE WORLD TURNS Agent Glenn Harrington 1988-89 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Phillip Collier 1992-93 PROVIDENCE Dr. J.D. Scanlon 2000 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Attorney Karl Mayer 2004-12 POINT PLEASANT Ben Kramer 2005-06 ONE TREE HILL Ted Davis 2012 DEVIOUS MAIDS Henri 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL Paul Hornsby 2014-16 LISBY LARSON\ SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Victoria Parker 1979 TEXAS Paige Marshall (Carrington) Wheeler 1980-82 ANOTHER WORLD Paige Marshall 1980 THE CATLINS Vanessa Mahoney Crane Lockwood 1983 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Annabelle (interviewed Tina) 1984 or 1985 GUIDING LIGHT Calla Tyler Matthews 1985-87 ANOTHER WORLD Pippa Palmer 1990 AS THE WORLD TURNS Mary Hopkins Campbell 1993-94 LOVING Bonnie ___ Rescott Davis 1994 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Leigh Malone 2000 Eve McBain 2006 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Agent David Sutton 1976-81 ANOTHER WORLD David Thatcher 1983-84 RYAN'S HOPE Richard Rowan 1987-88 ANOTHER WORLD Ken Jordan 1990-91 GUIDING LIGHT Ross Marler (temporary) 1993 AS THE WORLD TURNS Judge Shaw 1997 Taking Friday/Saturday to update Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists, but I will take suggestions for Sunday.
  4. Soap Hoppers

    I started making a list with pages yesterday ((and got sidetracked making dinner and forgot all about it) I'll get it done this weekend. Cued up for tomorrow: Richard Burgi Lisby Larson Richard Backus Robert :Skip" Burton Lewis Arlt They should be up in the a.m. Anyone with corrections/ other roles/ questions/ suggestions feel free to let me know. These lists are based on mostly old notes, so I'm sure there's more info out there.
  5. Soap Hoppers

    KATHLEEN NOONE LOVE OF LIFE Unknown Role Early 70s ONE LIFE TO LIVE Unknown Role Early 70s AS THE WORLD TURNS Margaret Porter 1975-76 ALL MY CHILDREN Ellen Tucker Shepherd Dalton Chandler Dalton 1977-89; 1995 KNOTS LANDING Claudia Sumner Whittakher 1990-93 PARTY OF FIVE Ellie Bennett 1995-99 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Ruth Keats 1996 SUNSET BEACH "Aunt" Bette Douglas Duke Lakin Goodman Kennedy Katzenkazrahi 1997-99 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dame Kay Witty 2001 PASSIONS Edna Wallace 2002-08 GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT Patricia Julian 2008 ROBERT HOGAN THE YOUNG MARRIEDS "Gilly" Gillespie 1965-66 GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Phil Brewer 1966 PEYTON PLACE Reverend Tom Winter 1968-69 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Will Austin 1969 Scott Banning 1970-71 BRIGHT PROMISE Assistant District Attorney Stephens 1971 GENERAL HOSPITAL Burt Marshall 1973 THE SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS Nathan Welsh 1980-81 HOTEL Jeffrey Harding 1984 THE COLBYS Colonel Timothy Holme 1986 ANOTHER WORLD Vince McKinnon 1987-89; 1991 AS THE WORLD TURNS L.J. McDermott 1991-92 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Charlie Briggs 1995-98; 2000
  6. Soap Hoppers

    ANTHONY CALL THE EDGE OF NIGHT Senator Colin Whitney 1970-71 THE GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Joe Werner 1972-76 FOR RICHER,FOR POORER Fred Ballard 1978 ONE LIFE TO LIVE District Attorney Herb Callison 1979-93 RUTH WARRICK THE GUIDING LIGHT Nurse Janet ___ Johnson 1953-54 AS THE WORLD TURNS Edith Hughes Frye (THE STRUMPET) 1956-60 PEYTON PLACE Hannah ___Cord 1965-69 ALL MY CHILDREN Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford Matthews Wallingford PEYTON PLACE:THE NEXT GENERATION Hannah Cord 1985 LOVING Phoebe....Wallingford 1993 JOHN CALLAHAN DAYS OF OUR LIVES Tyler Mallone 1983 EMERALD POINT N.A.S. Lt. Jim Travers 1983-84 GENERAL HOSPITAL Leo Russell 1984-85 HOTEL Duncan Wingfield 1985 FALCON CREST Eric Stavros 1986-88 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Doyle Archer 1989 SANTA BARBARA Craig Hunt 1989-92 ALL MY CHILDREN Edmund Grey 1992-2005 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Stan 2006 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Richard Baker 2008-09; 2010 THE BAY MacKenzie Johnson 2010 SUSAN PRATT GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurse Annie Logan 1978-82 GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Claire Ramsey Jarrett 1983-86; 2000-02 ALL MY CHILDREN Barbara Elliott Montgomery Cudahy Montgomery 1987-91; 1995; 1997; 1998; 2007 LOVING Elizabeth ____ Barnes 1994 AS THE WORLD TURNS Charlotte Lindsay 1999
  7. Soap Hoppers

  8. Soap Hoppers

    DAVID FORSYTH ONE LIFE TO LIVE Jason Rich 1978 TEXAS T.J. Canfield 1981-82 AS THE WORLD TURNS Burke Donovan 1983 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Hogan McCleary 1983-86 ANOTHER WORLD Dr. John Hudson 1987-97 ALL MY CHILDREN Jim Thomason 1997-98 Bob Thomason 1998 DAYS OF OUR LIVES John 2001 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Priest 2009 SYDNEY PENNY A YEAR IN THE LIFE Megan 1988 SANTA BARBARA B.J. Walker Lockridge 1992-93 ALL MY CHILDREN Julia Santos Keefer 1993-96; 1997; 2002; 2005-08 HYPERION BAY Jennifer Worth 1998-99 SUNSET BEACH Meg Cummngs Evans (temporary) 1999 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Josie Olliver 2000 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Samantha Kelly 2003-05 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Liv Norman 2011
  9. Soap Hoppers

    FRANK RUNYEON AS THE WORLD TURNS Steve Andropoulos 1981-86 SANTA BARBARA Father Michael Donnelly 1988-91 FALCON CREST Jovan Dmytryc GENERAL HOSPITAL Simon Romero 1992 ANOTHER WORLD Senator Ed McClain 1994 MELROSE PLACE Priest 1996 ALL MY CHILDREN Forrest Williams 2008-09 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Angel Ochoa 2015 ALLA KOROT ANOTHER WORLD Jenna Norris 1990-93 ALL MY CHILDREN Dr. Allie Doyle (Martin) 1997-98 GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT Stacy Sloane 2007 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Janet Bernardi 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurse Danya 2017 CRAIG HUEBING FROM THESE ROOTS Tom Jennings 1959-61 THE DOCTORS Dr. Frank Dickson 1963 Dr. Steve Lloyd 1964-65 GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Phil Brewer 1967 Dr. Peter Taylor 1969-79
  10. Soap Hoppers

    MICHAEL WOODS ALL MY CHILDREN Kent Bogard 1981 DALLAS Reporter 1981 TEXAS Mark Wheeler 1982 BARE ESSENCE Sean Benedict 1983 GUIDING LIGHT Dr, Jim Reardon (John Stephens) 1983-85 OUR FAMILY HONOR Jerry Danzig 1985-86 KNOTS LANDING: BACK TO THE CUL DE SAC Clay McKinney 1997 AS THE WORLD TURNS Alec Wallace 1999 PASSIONS Dr. Ackland 2003 NORTH SHORE Jack Bevans 2004 AS THE WORLD TURNS Jay Stanhope 2009 KATHLEEN WIDDOES YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Jill Malone Renfrew 1958-59 THE DOCTORS Charity McMurtrie "Call Me Charity" week of 9/16/63 ANOTHER WORLD Rose Perrini 1978-80 THE SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS Helen Dulles 1981 RYAN'S HOPE Una Mac Curtain 1983 AS THE WORLD TURNS Emma Snyder 1985-2010 SCOTT THOMPSON BAKER FALCON CREST Deputy 1987 GENERAL HOSPITAL Colton Shore 1988-91 ALL MY CHILDREN Craig Lawson 1991-92 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Connor Davis 1993-98; 2000; 2002; 2005 SAVANNAH Brian Alexander 1996 PARTY OF FIVE Jerry Rutledge 1999 GROSSE POINT Dr. Martin
  11. Soap Hoppers

    MARIE MASTERS LOVE OF LIFE Hester Ferris 1966-67 ANOTHER WORLD Missy Palmer Fargo Matthews (temporary) 1968 AS THE WORLD TURNS Susan Burke Stewart Baxter McDermott Decker 1968-79; 1986-2010 SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS Fran 1980 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Assistant District Attorney Helen Murdoch 1982 PATRICIA "PATTY" McCORMACK YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Lisha Steele (?Koda) 1962 THE DOCTORS Student Nurse "Pride and Mrs. Cobb" week of 12/9/63 THE BEST OF EVERYTHING Linda Warren 1970 AS THE WORLD TURNS Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes (temporary) 1975-76 DALLAS Evelyn Michaelson 1981-82 ROMANCE THEATER Sally 1982 HOTEL Paula 1984 SKIN Irene 2003-04 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Teresa Pruitt 2010 GCB Chessy 2012 GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Monica Bard Webber Quartermaine Quartermaine (temporary) 2018 not really soaps, but... THE SOPRANOS Liz LaCerva 2000-06 HART OF DIXIE Sylvie Stephens-Wilkes 2013-16
  12. Soap Hoppers

    TED LEPLAT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING Randy Wilson 1970 WHERE THE HEART IS Terry Prescott 1971-72 SOMERSET Chris Kirby 1975-76 LOVE OF LIFE Elliott Lang 1978-80 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Bradley Vernon (temporary) 1980 THE GUIDING LIGHT Andrew "Andy" Norris 1980-81 ROMANCE THEATER Unknown Role Week of 11/8/82 BARE ESSENCE Robert Spencer 1983 OUR FAMILY HONOR Unknown Role 9/17/85 SANTA BARBARA Larry Parks 1985
  13. Soap Hoppers

    Jordan Charney subbed for Antony Ponzini for a week in 1967 as Danny Fargo.
  14. Soap Hoppers

    I Certainly. @Paul Raven, @Faulkner, and anyone else, suggestions for later? I'm adding Marie Masters Craig Huebing Robert Hogan Kathleen Widdoes Kathleen Noone
  15. Soap Hoppers

    JACK .P. WAGNER A NEW DAY IN EDEN Clint Masterson 1982 KNOTS LANDING Aide 1983 GENERAL HOSPITAL Andrew "Frisco" Jones 1984-91; 1994-95; 2013 SANTA BARBARA Warren Lockridge 1991-93 MELROSE PLACE Dr. Peter Burns 1994-99 SUNSET BEACH Jacques Dumont (aka Liam) 1997 TITANS Jack Williams 2000-01 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Captain Dominick "Nick" Payne Marone 2003 2012 WHEN CALLS THE HEART Bill Avery 2014-Present FRED J. SCOLLAY YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Mr. Driscoll 1960 THE DOCTORS Chaplain Sam Shafer 1963-64 LOVE IS A MANY SPLEDORED THING Police Chief Ryan 1967 THE EDGE OF NIGHT John Carpenter 1969 SOMERSET Ike Harding (aka) Harry Wilson 1970-72 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Lobo Haines 1972 THE GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Bertrand Mandel 1974 ONE LIFE TO LIVE District Attorney Tom Emerson 1974 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Arthur Kendricks 1975 ANOTHER WORLD Charlie Hobson 1977-80 GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Tim Sullivan 1984-85