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  1. @DRW50, @DramatistDreamer, @Paul Raven From what @Brolden and I have compared notes, Dr. Lynn Michaels Oakdale's favorite psychiatrist Kaiulani Lee (temporary) 1989-1990 Barbara March 1988 (temporary) Beth McDonald 1997 Courtney Simon 1985-05 on and off Dr. Audrey Samuels Donna Mitchell 1986 OB/GYN Maureen Anderman 1986 Maggie Burke 1986-1996 Elaine Bromka 1996-2003? occ. This is what we've estimated for both characters on ATWT.
  2. THE DOCTORS Still more credits from October 1979! Randy Troy Brian Utman 10/79 teen dialysis patient, Maggie Bert McCarthy Bill Culpepper 10-11/79 Nola's attorney in her case against Colin I had the character listed as Brent from Soap Opera Digest synopses Dr. Bryant Hazen Gifford 10/79 hematologist visited by Mona to determine Jessica's paternity
  3. Is this Alexander Kniffen, the actor that portrayed Carly and Paul's son Michael?
  4. Jackhole.... Ron Carlivati: repeating stories since 200????????
  5. LARRY KEITH THE EDGE OF NIGHT Unknown Role Unknown Year ANOTHER WORLD Richard T. "Lefty" Burns 1967-68; 1969 ALL MY CHILDREN Nick Davis 1970-78; 1983; 1984; 1988; 1991; 1993; 1994; 1996; 1997; 2005 also THE BAXTERS Fred Baxter 1979-80 KENNEDY Stanley Levison 1983 DAMAGES Dr. Karl Brandt 2010 THOMAS KOPACHE ANOTHER WORLD Taxicab Driver 1983 GUIDING LIGHT Carl 1985 AS THE WORLD TURNS Lester "Smitty" Daniels 1986-87 LOVING Mr. Goff 1988 HOMEFRONT Reporter 1992 AS THE WORLD TURNS Ray Tenney 1994 GENERAL HOSPITAL Deputy Clerk 1994 MELROSE PLACE Amanda's Doctor 1995 ALLY McBEAL Attorney 2001 Judge Oscar Boyle 2001 DIRTY SEXY MONEY Dr. Little 2008 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Raymond 2008 BROTHERS AND SISTERS Berkeley Goldschmidt 2008 also..... THE WEST WING Assistant Secretary of State Bob Slatterly 2001-05 CLOSE TO HOME Judge Salter 2006
  6. KAREN KELLY GENERAL HOSPITAL Girl playing cards 1984 RITUALS Noelle Gallagher 1984-85 CAPITOL Brenda Clegg 1985-87 JASON KINCAID THE EDGE OF NIGHT Police Officer 1980 ALL MY CHILDREN Sam Brady 1983-84; 2011 AS THE WORLD TURNS Attorney Thomas Christopher "Tom" Hughes 1984 GEORGE KANE SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Brad Campbell 1962-64 LOVE OF LIFE Link Morrison 1969-70 PATTI KARR RYAN'S HOPE Toni the Hooker 1980 ALL MY CHILDREN Barbara ____ Cousins 1982-83 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Holly Meach 1983 ANOTHER WORLD Mrs. Thompson Unknown Year GUIDING LIGHT Virginia the Talk Show Hostess Unknown Year Maude Grandon 1995 ALEXANDER KNIFFEN (picture pending) LOVING Michael (Austin) Slavinsky 1991-92 AS THE WORLD TURNS Jeremy Wheeler 1993
  7. Roger Serbagi LOVING Bernie Morris 1988 Jacqueline Brookes ALL MY CHILDREN Judge Irene Singer 1991 Michael Cavanaugh THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Dr. Mark Cohen 1994 Added 2020 to Marie Wilson's Days Summer Townsend and George DelHoyos Orpheus Don Briggs THE VERDICT IS YOURS Unknown Role 1957 Lenka Peterson THE VERDICT IS YOURS "Natural Mother" 1957 Jay Acovone AS THE WORLD TURNS Cliff Matson 1982-83 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Officer Brian Emerson 1983-84 Michael Nouri CLIFFHANGERS: THE CURSE OF DRACULA Count Dracula 1979 THE GANGSTER CHRONICLES Charles "Lucky" Luciano 1981 BAY CITY BLUES Joe Rohner 1983 DOWNTOWN Detective John Forney 1986-87 LOVE AND WAR Kip Zakaris 1992-95 DAMAGES Phil Grey 2007-11 ARMY WIVES General Ludwig 2009-10 NCIS Mossad Leader Eli David 2008-13 YELLOWSTONE Bob Schwartz 2018-Present
  8. THE DOCTORS Reporters Tom McGreevey 1979 Robert Bloodworth 1979 William F. Larsen 1979 Secretary Karen Dahle 1979 Mr. Reynolds...Hansford Rowe... 1979 interested in investing in the Medicine Man
  9. LOVING ADDITIONS Mr. Goff Thomas Kopache 1988 Liz Greer Jean DeBaer 1988 Bernie Morris Roger Serbagi 1988 Lou Phister Zach Grenier 1988 David Sutton Pirie McDonald 1988 AS THE WORLD TURNS Sue Michaels Jenny O'Hara 1966
  10. Thanks, @DRW50, I'm adding them to the LOVING cast and some Hoppers.
  11. ROBERT TYLER AS THE WORLD TURNS Spence Davies 1988 LOVING Trucker McKenzie 1988-95
  12. THE DOCTORS Additions Mary____Hopkins..Lucinda Jenney ...79...overworked housewife Rick Hopkins Peter Hadreas 79 husband Dr. Kaye Susan Stevens 1979 Dr. George Loeb Howard Ross neurosurgeon, Billy 1979 Mario Ralph Monaco 1979 Windsor' muscle man Ritchie...?? ?..79...bartender Medicine Man made fake phone call for Nola Sherry ????? 10/79 Colin's fund raiser friend Ray Doug Stevenson 1979 Greta's blind date Fry Cook (Medicine Man) Arnaldo Santana 1979 Moving Man Joe Piscopo (Mike's bed) 10/79 ?????? (Mike's Bed) 10/79 Reporter Mary Boucher 1979
  13. Again good riddance...... It's tiresome listening to her say on a daily basis that she needs more information about everything. I'm no fan of Meghan, and would gladly trade her for new mom Jedediah, but Abs needed to go first.
  14. She. like Daniel, never should have been tied to poor Maggie. Useless and pointless, both
  15. A funny thing happened when moving Mike's new mattress on The Doctors... Joe Piscopo arrived in Madison as a mover.
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