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  1. I posted Ann Flood's profile on Facebook the other day. Louise Shaffer responded: Louise Shaffer She made the Edge Of Night set one of the kindest and most welcoming I ever worked on. Slick's page I really love it when the actors leave comments after reading the profiles. It isn't often, but it's great when they do!
  2. AS THE WORLD TURNS ADDITIONS/CORRECTIONS Governor Barnes Edwin C. Owens Construction Worker Bishop Frank Martinelli 2008 EMT Jim Casey Christopher Bryan Barrette 1997; 2000 Removed Cesar the Guard- added him elsewhere Clarissa Soneela Nankani 2009-10 babysitter Rob Emerson Don Money 2007 drug dealer Erika the District Attorney Danielle Ward 2009 Gregor Hoffman Gregor Hoffman 1979 ballet dancer with Starr Danias Jim the Lakeview waiter/bartender Matt Samson 02-03 Joel Anslem Richardson 07 Bar Manager Deborah Kurley Julie Lancaster 97 Airline Representative Removed Sue Michaels--character on Flame In The Wind Captain Meyerson David Wilson Barnes 2007 Coast Guard Cesar Mendoza Mo Kanekoa 2009 Guard that worked the docks and turned up dead ___ Price James Ciccone 2010 card player Teresa Lakisha (Anna) Bowen 2006 Jade's former roommate Patricia ____ Whitman ?????? 2009 Silas's wife Shari Whitman ??? 2009 Silas's daughter Silas Whitman, Jr. ???? 2009 Silas's son Walt Chris Stack 2006 coroner ?????? Bill Hunt pre-1974
  3. RANDY SCHEIN ANOTHER WORLD Jerry's Friend 1987 ALL MY CHILDREN Reporter 1988 RYAN'S HOPE Protester 1988 ANOTHER WORLD Carnival Barker 1992 GUIDING LIGHT Mr. McCauley 1991 Mr. Miller 1992-93 Delivery Man 1994 Night Watchman 1995 Notary Public 1996 Mr. McAndrews 1997 Fan Club Member 1998 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Teddy 1998-99; 2001 Detective Unknown Year ALL MY CHILDREN Desk Clerk 2002 AS THE WORLD TURNS Drunk Driver 2002 Clerk 2003 Nash Fontaine 2004 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Radio Announcer 2006 JAMES MOUNT GUIDING LIGHT Mr. Frank 1996 AS THE WORLD TURNS Copy Editor 1997 ALL MY CHILDREN Steve 2000-03 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Bobby Baxter 2004 ALL MY CHILDREN Stage Manager 2006-08 HOMELAND Agent Thoms 2017 DAVER MORRISON ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dr. Stanley 1999 ALL MY CHILDREN Officer Morrison 2003-04 AS THE WORLD TURNS Cop 2004-06 ALL MY CHILDREN Cop 2008 GENERAL HOSPITAL : NIGHT SHIFT Will, an injured man 2008 GENERAL HOSPITAL Cop 2008 Rescue Worker 2009 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Private Investigator 2013 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Cop 2013 Guard 2013 Officer Johnso 2015-16 KIM KENNEDY BLAIR AS THE WORLD TURNS Beatrice, the City Times Secretary 2004 GUIDING LIGHT Tracy 2005 MICHELLE SANTOPIETRO ONE LIFE TO LIVE Jody 1995 PORT CHARLES Detective Rebecca McCann 1998 AS THE WORLD TURNS Goldie 1999 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Tina 2010-11 THE SOPRANOS JoJo Palmice 1999-2002 PROM QUEENS The Comedian2012-13
  4. JUSTIN PAUL KAHN AS THE WORLD TURNS Cop 2005 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Wes Granger 2008-09 GENERAL HOSPITAL ?"Franko" 2016 obviously not RoHo, maybe a body double? CHRIS STACK ONE LIFE TO LIVE Brad White 2002 AS THE WORLD TURNS Walt the Coroner 2006 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dr. Michael McBain 2007-09; 2011 and... THE EDUCATION OF MAX BICKFORD Alec 2001-02 THOMAS SCHALL THE EDGE OF NIGHT Benedict Croft 1984 ANOTHER WORLD Chris White 1990-91 Griswald "Grease" Snyder 1997 AS THE WORLD TURNS Client 2007 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Judge Thompson 2009-10 GOSSIP GIRL Pete Holmberg 2009-10
  5. As I've been working on a list of As the World Turns minor characters without names (doctors, detectives, nurses) , I've worked on some profiles for some of these dayplayers. LEOPOLD LOWE AS THE WORLD TURNS Delivery Man 2003 State Guard 2004 ALL MY CHILDREN Jilly McMinn 2004 Cop 2005 Federal Agent 2005 GUIDING LIGHT Officer Jenkins 2005-06 ONE LIFE TO LIVE New Orleans Cop 2005 State Trooper 2006 ALL MY CHILDREN Stafford Wyler 2006 AS THE WORLD TURNS Cop 2006; 2010 Bernie 2008 AJAY MEHTA ALL MY CHILDREN Restaurant Manager 1994 GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Rutledge 2000 AS THE WORLD TURNS Corporate Executive 2000 THE $TREET Mr. Faloudi 2000 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Opthalmologist 2009 THIS IS US Rohan Gupta 2019 and now....... 24 Ambassador 2007 ELI STONE Dr. Sanjay Rajapaksa 2008 ROYAL PAINS Devesh Katdare 2009-2014 ANGER MANAGEMENT Sanjay 2013-14 THE MINDY PROJECT Tarun Lahiri 2015-17 THE GOOD PLACE Wagas Al-Jamil 2016-20 PETER AUSTIN NOTO (show by show) ALL MY CHILDREN Lifeguard 1988 Doctor 1992 Michael 1998; 2002 Ghost of Michael Cambias 2008 ANOTHER WORLD "Casanova" 1988; 1989 Detective 1989 Doctor 1989; 1993 Detective Clay Boyer 1990 Kenny 1996; 1999 AS THE WORLD TURNS Policeman 1993 Doctor 1994; 1999 Guest 1997 Lawyer 1999 Security Guard 1999 Dr. Craig 2000; 2005 Masseuse 2008 Detective 2009 GUIDING LIGHT Thief 1990 Doctor 1997 Sheriff Don Malone 1998 Competition Judge 2005 Photographer 2009 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Detective 1987 Waiter 1989 Bellhop 1990 Gigolo 1995; 1999 Spy 2006 Dr. G 2008 Homeless Man 2008; 2009 Cowboy 2010 Johnny Rocket 2012 THE DANA CARVEY SHOW Self 1996 THE CHRIS ROCK SHOW Self THE SOPRANOS Tony's Friend 1999-2002 SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Self 1996-2015 PETER AUSTIN NOTO SHOW Host 2012 -19
  6. Scotty Baldwin's kids.. CARI SHAYNE GENERAL HOSPITAL Karen Wexler Cates 1992-95 PARTY OF FIVE Nina DiMayo 1994-95 BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 Lauren ___ Durning 1999 JENNIFER HAMMON GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Karen Wexler Cates 1997-99 PORT CHARLES Dr. Karen Wexler Cates 1997-99 JOSH DUHON PASSIONS Sam the college guy 2006 GENERAL HOSPITAL Logan Hayes 2007-08 CARLY SCHROEDER GENERAL HOSPITAL Serena Baldwin 1997-2003 PORT CHARLES Serena Baldwin 1997-2003 DAWSON'S CREEK Molly Sey 2000 LIZZIE McGUIRE Melina Blanco 2001-03
  7. GIANCARLO ESPOSITO ANOTHER WORLD Willie Armstrong 1982 GUIDING LIGHT Clay Tynan 1982-83 AS THE WORLD TURNS Caroler 1984 THE $TREET Tom Divack 2000-01 other daytime THE ELECTRIC COMPANY Singer 1971-77 SESAME STREET Mickey 1982; 1984 prime time BAKERSFIELD P.D. Detective Paul Gigante 1993-94 NY UNDERCOVER Adolfo Guzman 1995 HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET Mike Giardello 1998-99 GIRLS CLUB Nicholas Hahn 2002 SOUTH BEACH Robert Fuentes 2006 BREAKING BAD Gustavo "Gus" Fring 2009-11 ONCE UPON A TIME Sidney Glass/ Genie/Magic Mirror 2011-17 REVOLUTION Tom Neville 2012-14 ALLEGIANCE Oscar Christoph 2015 THE GET DOWN Pastor Ramon Cruz 2016-17 REBEL Charles Gold 2017 BETTER CALL SAUL Gustavo "Gus" Fring 2017-20 DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Narrator 2017-19 JETT Charlie Bourdelaire 2019 GODFATHER OF HARLEM Congressman Powell 2019 THE MANDALORIAN Moff Gideon 2019
  8. GRANVILLE VAN DUSEN HIGH HOPES Walter Telford 1978 SOAP Dr. Hill 1980 HOTEL Biff Henry 1984 Lee Jordan 1988 MELROSE PLACE Dr. Steele 1995 SISTERS Bryce Hayden 1995 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Keith Dennison 1996-98; 2000-01 PORT CHARLES David "D.V." Bordisso 1999 GENERAL HOSPITAL David "D.V." Bordisso 1999 also... THE WALTONS Mr. Andrews 1974 HILL STREET BLUES Graham Wells 1986 VOICE of Race Bannon on JONNY QUEST SINCE 1986 KAREN'S SONG Zach Matthews 1987 JUDGING AMY Judge Clarence Farraday 2000-01
  9. Why the Hell are they killing off Bill Horton? Just to send JJ out of town?
  10. Wow, there's a bunch on imdb that must be new for SH. Possibly both characters? not sure
  11. Both taken care of. Thanks, guys! Our own @jam6242 found a brief write-up stating that Beverly Todd was a nurse on SFT before moving on to Love of Life.
  12. MATTHEW WALTON AS THE WORLD TURNS Caroler Unknown Year ALL MY CHILDREN Terry "T" McDermott 2006 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Elijah Clarke 2007-10 GUIDING LIGHT Dalton Reid 2008 CASHMERE MAFIA Mike 2008 DROP DEAD DIVA Breakers Attorney 2014 DEVIOUS MAIDS Richard Atwood 2015 YOUTHFUL DAZE Luke Castle 2016 also THE ONION SPORTSDOME Alex Reiser 2011 THINK TANK Brimage 2013 NOTORIOUS Darin Mills 2016 TELL ME A STORY Clay Calloway 2019-20 PHYLLIS SOMERVILLE ALL MY CHILDREN Velma Unknown Year LOVING Mrs. Swan 1992 Grace Unknown Year AS THE WORLD TURNS Alice 1994 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Eloise Unknown Year Charlotte Stonecliff 1997-98 GUIDING LIGHT Mrs. Beasley 1998 AS THE WORLD TURNS Annabelle Fettle 2004 also..... KIDNAPPED Annie Phillips 2007 THE BIG C Marlene 2010-13 OUTSIDERS Lady Ray 2016-17 MARE OF EASTTOWN Betty Carroll 2020
  13. BEVERLY TODD SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Nurse 1967 LOVE OF LIFE Monica Nelson 1968-70 FALCON CREST Prisoner 1983 FOR LOVE AND HONOR Evie Yates 1983-84 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Celeste Perrault 2012 QUEEN SUGAR Mother Olivia Brown 2017 also..... FAMILY Sergeant Banner 1977 HAVING BABIES Kelly 1978-79 THE REDD FOXX SHOW Felecia Clemmons Hughes 1986 SIX FEET UNDER Lucille Charles 2002-03 MATTHEW DEL NEGRO AS THE WORLD TURNS Caroler Unknown Year Frank that liked Rose 2000 THE $TREET Dean 2000 GUIDING LIGHT Agent Peterson 2001 PARENTHOOD Timm 2010 MISTRESSES Jacob Pollack 2013-16 also.....BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE Ben Lewis 2006 THE SOPRANOS Brian Cammarata 2002-07 THE WEST WING Bram Howard 2005-06 THE UNITED STATES OF TARA Nick Hurley 2009-10 RINGER Agent Grady Torrance 2012 CHASING THE HILL Henry Walls 2012-13 RIZZOLI AND ISLES Giovanni Gilberti 2011-13 NCIS: LOS ANGELES Jack Simon 2014; 2016 TEEN WOLF Rafael McCall 2013-14; 2017 SCANDAL Michael Ambruso 2014-17 CITY ON A HILL Chris Cayson 2019 GOLIATH Danny Loomis 2018 HUGE IN FRANCE Jason Allen Ross 2019
  14. I didn't have much luck with these two, I'll "deep dive" the stacks for more info..... SUSAN PELLEGRINO ONE LIFE TO LIVE Virginia ____ Douglas 1992-94; 1997 AS THE WORLD TURNS Pamela __ Thompson Unknown Year Diana ___ Williams 1997; 1999 OLGA BELLIN THE EDGE OF NIGHT Peggy Collins 1958-59 ANOTHER WORLD Ann _ Fuller 1964-66 HENRY SIMMONS ONE LIFE TO LIVE Track 1997 ANOTHER WORLD Tyrone Montgomery 1997-99 NYPD BLUE Detective Baldwin Jones 2000-05 SHARK Isaac Wright 2006-08 MAN UP Grant 2011-12 RAVENSWOOD Simon Beaumont 2013-14 MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD Alphonso "Mack"MacKenzie 2014-Present PILOTS/PROPOSALS 13 BOURBON STREET 1997
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