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  1. Here goes another dayplayer..... This actress played the doctor at Greta and Dorothea's childbirth class. @vetsoapfan do you recognize her? Anyone? Any help is appreciated. One FB friend thinks she may be Beverly Hayes, but I think Hayes was older than this in 1978. I may be wrong.
  2. PETER GATTO ONE LIFE TO LIVE Unknown Role Prior to 1974 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Unknown Role Unknown Year THE GUIDING LIGHT Unknown Role Unknown Year THE DOCTORS Lou (Kathy's Husband, Parents Anonymous) 1977 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Vinnie Ryerson 1978 LOVE OF LIFE Tony Alphonso 1979-80 AS THE WORLD TURNS Tyler Adams 1990-92 occasional movie..... TOOTSIE Rick 1982
  3. Elena is likely moving into Devon's bedroom, since she already "lives" with him. Maybe Theo has unrequited feelings for Kyle, which is why he couldn't take listening to Summer drone on...... (kidding.....)
  4. Awesome, Thanks Khan! I was just starting to look around imdb.
  5. This actor appeared today as Eddie Barry, a heart patient of Colin's. He looks familiar from primetime--(possibly Murder, She Wrote or Scandal). Does anyone know the actor's name?
  6. Not to mention Neil not being on canvas much during his last few months while the Rosales were everywhere?
  7. Actress Sally Spencer (M.J. McKinnon) has passed away From Ed Frye: "My friend and colleague, Sally Spencer, passed away yesterday. She had been ill with leukemia, treated, home and by all accounts doing well. She and I were "almost TV man and wife", but we were instant and long term friends. I'm heartsick at this news. She is one of those vivid, generous, loving, wise, smiling souls that the world can never have enough of. After TV, she put all of her deep empathy and intelligence to work as an educator. Dr. Sally Spencer at Cal State is worth reading about. https://www2.calstate.edu/…/past-awardees/Pages/spencer.aspx May the Angels sing to you in seven octaves of welcome, Sally, to that place of beauty and rest you so richly deserve. See you further along, my friend." Rest in Peace
  8. I have yet to find any, but I have to go through my radio stacks later to work on some profiles---I'll double-check when I do.
  9. Frank's got wood for Bechtel, so he won't be SORASed.
  10. Those days are long gone ....LOL They'll need a lot to hold his hairpiece in the jungle!
  11. I'm playing catchup tonight for this past week, but just chiming in that I would rather watch Dev trying to fit in to a new country and family any day over watching Garren Stitt attempt to act. He was painful to watch. Ashton Arbab was a find when the horrible Turkey trip was on, and they were smart to bring him back on.
  12. Random thoughts.... MS is chewing the scenery as always (Yawn). They don't want to write for Fen or Noah, which is a shame because both would be great on the canvas. I'm glad all of the random speculation of Ana being 86'd. There is plenty of room for Ana, Elena and you now who on the canvas. There was always room for Lily and the actress speculated to return. Was never much of a Chelsea fan, so her return does zilch for me. Don't give a rat's ass about her dead husband, who she called, who comforts her. I believe they only talked about a hotel to show some Dark Whore I mean Horse (bad) versus Newman (good). I wasn't clamoring for a Kevin return, either. It was such a relief to finally see him leave the canvas. His return has just sent him on a backslide of poor decisions, which they finally stopped doing when he left to care for Chloe. Please go back. The only way to free Kyle is going to have to be Lola dying. He's a rich, young guy and there are plenty of young women he could be mixing it up with (Mariah, Ana, Bummer) each of whom has 1000x more personality than Lola. I actually like Traci/Cane, and shame on DG for riling up the Lame fans. Dude, you are getting airtime and are being connected to the Abbotts. Shut up, do your job, and take the airtime. You could be Sharon Case the last couple of weeks. I love to see Beth Maitland smile rather than cry, and she has been beaming. Now let's work on fixing Dina's diagnosis and bring her back to reality.
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