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  1. Of course he's tired. So am I. Joe Biden is running because he has to. There's simply nobody else who can do this. He's our best bet. I think that when all is said and done Joe Biden will have spent the last days, weeks, months, years of his life using his old white male privilege to save our republic.
  2. Klobuchar has been working her ass off. I expect her to do better in IA and NH than the conventional wisdom would allow.
  3. I didn't watch the debate so I was surprised to see so much chatter about Klobuchar. My long shot prediction for a while has been that she will exceed expectations in Iowa. Of course given that nobody expects her to do well that might not exactly be a brave stance on my part.
  4. I'm going to admit it. I did a fist pump when I saw this.
  5. I figure he'll be impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate. I've never for one second thought he would ever be removed.
  6. Having both Biden and Pelosi show righteous anger is defintely a good thing and hopefully it's a sign of more to come. People are fond of saying that the Dems are "weak" or that they play too nice. These displays help challenge that. Plus for those who are just tired of the gaslighting and insults from Trumpists this just feels SO good to see. "You're a damn liar." How many times have you wanted to see someone say that to Trumpers?
  7. Finally someone says it out loud.
  8. The election IS about Trump. Not just Trump the person but Trumpism as a political ideology. Trumpism is about corruption, destroying our standing in the world, human rights abuses, etc... That's what we're up against. Even if you don't want the election to be about Trump. When a president is running for a second term the election is always a referendum on them. This ad is brilliant because it takes one of Trump's key talking points - "The world is laughing at us" - and turns it on its ear. As for what motivates people, can we just acknowledge that different people are motivated by different things. Biden motivates me greatly because he's the only candidate in the race who seems to understand what matters to me.
  9. I suspect we'll see them both gone by the end of the month. Fingers crossed that Yang goes with them.
  10. That's the problem with having campaigns that last for years.
  11. The KHive's behavior is a big part of the reason people are gloating over her dropping out. It's the same thing we saw with Sanders in 2016 and will see with Warren when black voters send her packing. I made up my mind in this primary months ago but I've made a point not to get into lengthy debates about Biden because at the end of the day all I can do is show up and vote. 2016 was the last time I will ever "fall in love" with a candidate.
  12. Yep. And Buttigieg has Zuckerberg and Sanders has Putin and the Branch Bernidians. This is why I have no tolerance for people who leave PAC money on the table. I want candidates who will use every weapon at their disposal.
  13. As I've said before, this just wasn't Harris' moment. I see a lot of grieving and gloating but at the end of the day there can only be one nominee. People need to realize that. These 2020 cults are unhealthy and self-defeating. There's another cautionary tale where Harris's campaign is concerned: Twitter isn't real life.
  14. I suspect he's manipulating the stock market. In a few days he will call off the tariffs.
  15. This Harriott-Buttigieg thing has just been fascinating to watch. I've frequented The Root for years and Harriott's writing normally makes my teeth itch. He's generally just an edgelord nihilist but he occasionally writes something very good. (I don't think this essay was all that good.) Then there's Buttigieg who I just keep forgetting is even running because I just can't take him seriously. I look at Harriott vs. Buttigieg and for me it's like a yeast infection vs. an asthma attack. I'll pass on both, thanks.
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