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  1. The AP Stylebook finally gave journalists permission to use the word "racist." That's what's changed.
  2. My friend's mom is a Swedish immigrant who has been in this country for more than 50 years. More than once she's been harassed by people who have heard her accent and told her to "go back where [she] came from." This is a white woman from SWEDEN who spent her life here working as a nurse. She's exactly the kind of immigrant the MAGAts claim to want. She just recently did exactly what they told her to do: she moved back to Sweden along with her husband, my friend's father. Nobody is safe from these people.
  3. I think that, barring something dramatic, this is the beginning of AOC's flameout. I'm seeing people who love her start saying, "I like her energy but..." Nothing about this made her look good to anyone but her cult. The whining and complaining and "playing the race card" (an expression I hate). How do you serve in the same body with John Lewis, Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters and compare them to the people who supported the Klan? I think it's fitting that the Congressional Black Caucus finally decided to take the gloves off and I think it's only going to get saltier.
  4. It's the 4th of July & I'm in the mood for a Bauer burger.

    1. Khan
    2. Soapsuds


      Papa Soapsuds is in a grilling mood and is making burgers on the grill today.

    3. Fevuh


      🙂 I posted the recipe awhile back...

  5. I expected that Harris' attack wouldn't leave much of a mark. That said, people who keep trying to make this about Obama are looking for excuses why reality isn't playing out to confirm their narrative.
  6. I think it could be found with others but no one is running on it. No one is talking about how exhausting this all is. Granted there's a thousand people running but I haven't felt a real connection with any of them. A moment here or there but no one seems to get it for me.
  7. I keep seeing people talk about how much they want to see X person debate Trump. It's not going to matter. Trump is senile and stupid. Anybody who debates him will "win" but it won't matter. Hillary shredded him during the debates and it didn't matter. The same for people saying that Kamala took Biden apart last night. It won't matter. Biden's support isn't "technical" it's emotional. It's about a traumatized electorate desperate for sanity and stability. Not a single person running seems to grasp that other than Biden. Everybody else is promising big changes which only reads as upheaval. Biden's messaging is clumsy right now but he's slowly zeroing in on the thing I think people want to hear. If he finally hits the point of "I'm here to end this chaos," he will be untouchable. IMO, all these people trying to knock Biden out of the top spot are failing because they are misreading the electorate. Going after Biden on busing means nothing to me and I'm someone who was actually bused as a child.
  8. This part of the problem with such a big field. You can't have a real debate with ten people on stage. There simply isn't time to ask everyone questions.
  9. Yeah, that was a nice bit of good news.
  10. What I find interesting are the people who seem to not notice that homophobia. I have friends who swear that Ameica is ready for a gay president because they seem to be incapable of realizing that Trump is the backlash to the fact we elected a black one. So many on the left have just disappeared into this cocoon of denial about the American electorate.
  11. A perfect example of how Buttigieg simply isn't qualified for the job he wants.
  12. Bernie pulled the same [!@#$%^&*] with Sherrod Brown in 2016 after Brown endorsed Clinton. Politico quoted an anonymous campaign staffer then Bernie called Sherrod to say it wasn't true. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/blogs/2016/06/08/politico-bernie-sanders-furious-sherrod-brown/85589252/ Bernie attacked Warren on Twitter from his own account. This is the kind of petty, bitter trash he is.
  13. I really don't think any of this is going to stick to Biden. In fact I think his refusal to apologize will help him. People might want to keep talking about how Biden is prone to gaffes but he didn't make a gaffe here. He pointed to his ability to hold his nose and do what it takes to get something real done even if it meant working with awful people. That doesn't play well with the Woke Police because they only care about performative outrage not making real, concrete progress.
  14. This is basically Anita Hill saying don't use her as an excuse for purity theatrics.
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