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  1. This is one of the reasons I really wish activists would do away with the tactic of blocking roads, even though in this case the police closed the road. I say this as someone who has done it. I took part in a roadblock over the killing of Tamir Rice. It's a bad tactic that puts people at needless risk. Not just the protesters but innocent others if an ambulance or fire truck can't get through. If that happens the whole cause loses moral authority.
  2. I couldn't decide whether to put this in the COVID thread or this one.
  3. As expected, the far left has gone spooling off into a fever dream of conspiracy theories and attacks over Charles Booker's loss to Amy McGrath. These folks just keep screwing themselves.
  4. He is an idiot but the people around him aren't. Every time bad news drops about Trump, out comes more racism. We've been seeing this pattern for years. Frankly, I assume that Stephen Miller is the one behind it. All he has to do is show Trump a video like that one and tell him it will be a great way to own the libs. The press falls for it every single time. Trump wants the conversation to be about his racism because it animates his base. It's clear that Trump is going to spend the entire election doubling down on racism. The press needs to stop chasing the shiny object and focus on things like the COVID response (Wasn't it just a week ago Trump admitted he slowed the testing down?) and his cognitive and neurological decline because the latter is going to keep getting worse.
  5. When Trump started throwing around the word "treason" with regard to Obama and Black Lives Matter, I said that I suspected something big was about to drop because Trump always projects. Always. And here we are.
  6. Right? It's amazing how easy we make it for other countries to attack us. All this talk about how brilliant these tiktok kids are. Sorry but if they were really that brilliant they wouldn't be on tiktok to begin with.
  7. I wish Hughley a swift and smooth recovering but that video pisses me off. Looking at all those people in that small club, almost nobody social distancing or wearing masks infuriates me. We're still losing 1,000 people/day and the majority of the infected are people of color. DL did everyone in that room a disservice by even doing that show and now Zanie's Comedy Club is closed because of this so what good did it do?
  8. Agreed. The story should be on the crappy attendance. I think of those idiots who started lining up days ahead of time. All for the privilege of sitting in a mostly empty arena filled with anti-social dead-enders. What gets me about so many of the videos is how tired and bored so many of them seemed. That video of Trump returning to the White House looking like freeze dried hell feels like a turning point.
  9. The Lincoln Project's stated goal is to pull away 4-6 percent of Trump voters. If not to vote for Biden then at least to sit home. I don't trust them either but they aren't hurting us right now so I'll take it.
  10. And if that means killing a few thousand people so be it. Ugh. What an utterly twisted kind of thinking.
  11. I think they are ready for it. Joe has been running a really good campaign mainly because he's put together an excellent team. Symone Sanders has been one of his biggest assets and she knows how the Bernieverse works because she's from there.
  12. I think we're going to stay in the "first" wave all through the summer. This country simply refuses to do what it needs to in order to address this. By now we should have a national testing program and the DPA should've been used to manufacture PPE for the last few months. Instead what happened is that Republicans just decided to play pretend and hope that the mass death only hit the people they don't like. This is shameful and criminal.
  13. It looks like he called it correctly. Right wingers all over Twitter are absolutely enraged. Gorsuch was supposed to be their reason for putting up with everything else from Trump and he didn't deliver.
  14. A Twitter account I follow by someone who was former GOP now independent says that this decision is really going to demoralize Trump's evangelical supporters. He says that hating the gays is even more important to the evangelicals than abortion which, I gotta say, surprised me a little until you realize that evangelicals like to talk a good game about abortion until one of them needs one.
  15. LOL! I have to admit it's finally good to see the media finally forced to ask some questions about his health. It's ironic that after forcing all these students to risk their health just for an ego boost ended up making him look weak and sickly. I still think there's only a 50/50 chance he make it to November.
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