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  1. I love it! GH has become a dumping ground for every ABC soaper who needs a check. No reason to stop now.
  2. Let's see if he also goes on Fox News. McConnell never does press unless he's desperate.
  3. Not only that. Biden's judges and cabinet nominees are being confirmed. The DOJ just came out with a plan to address domestic terrorism. Hundreds of insurrectionists have been arrested and charged. Harris has negotiated numerous agreements with Northern Triangle countries that address the root causes of migration. Biden's overseas trip has been a rousing success so far. We got bipartisan support on the AAPI Hate Crimes Act and Juneteenth is about to become a national holiday. The only reason to feel like nothing is happening is because one is invested in feeling that way.
  4. Dems can't play the game as ruthlessly as Reps because our side will turn on us. 2016 should've been the final lesson in how capricious and treacherous the left is. Ever since Biden got elected our side has done nothing but bitch, moan, and complain.
  5. Gosh. Who could've predicted such a thing?
  6. This pathetic clown isn't running in 2024.
  7. I'm just tired of people who are ostensibly on our side looking for reasons to attack Democrats. For example, y'all know I love Joe Biden but personally I disagree with his summit with Putin. I think it would be better to shun and marginalize Putin in every way. That doesn't mean I think Biden's weak. I just disagree with him on this. Merrick Garland is another example. The leftists saying that he should step down and Sally Yates should replace him are vapid ass-holes running an op. I'm not even going to get into AOC stepping to Kamala Harris. Sandy is going
  8. I'm not sure. We're in uncharted territory. If he does end up in prison, it will have to be part of a plea bargain. A trial would tear this country apart and radicalize his followers even more. I know some people say they are already radicalized but it would be so much worse. We'd be looking at suicide bombings. I think a better outcome is asset forfeiture for Trump and continued deplatforming as part of a plea bargain then go after his family and enablers like Bannon and Stone and focus on the Republicans who supported the Insurrection. Once Trump is dead, those are the people who
  9. Whenever people talk about Trump going to prison I always ask how they think he'd get there. Aside from the fact that putting a former president on trial would be a terrible precedent, (y'all seriously think Repubs wouldn't trump up some charges against Clinton, Obama, or any other Democrat?) how do people think a trial would work? Where would the trial take place? What kind of security do they think the judge and prosecutors would need? Imagine being a juror? That's a death sentence or at least it would ruin a decent person's life. I've done jury duty and I consider it an obligation and neces
  10. They can't do that. They can't come out and say "we're taking this action because we think it will make it easier for Carroll to get him another way." That's exactly the kind of thing Barr would've done. That makes it political.
  11. I'll just say this: the framing of this as the "Biden DOJ" is a red flag that the person writing this is not acting in good faith. Trump is a private citizen now. The DOJ shouldn't be involved in his defamation case. It looks to me like Garland is trying to shut down the involvement of the DOJ because making the US government the defendants pretty much ends the case. Then Carroll can go after Trump as a private citizen.
  12. File me under people who think Sinema just isn't that smart and obviously being advised poorly. I don't see her as a closet Republican though.
  13. If we nuke the filibuster then the left needs to show up to any and all elections. Keeping Republicans out of power needs to be job #1 and I'm not confident that will happen. I'm just going to be honest: I think that white progressives will hand the government back to Republicans. In 2010 they sat home and gave Republicans the House. In 2014 they gave the Republicans the Senate. And in 2016 they handed us over to the Nazis. They wanted us to lose 2020 and are already positioning themselves to sabotage '22 and '24.
  14. The better Biden does, the more the Doomers will ramp up.
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