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  1. Completely non-political post: the chicken pox are how I discovered soap operas. I was head to toe in spots. I had them everywhere: mouth, ears, eyelids and my torso was just ravaged. I still have some of the scars to this day. I was laying in bed and ended up watching "Search for Tomorrow" with my mom. It must have been sweeps week because Renata Sutton was in the hospital about to give birth and the hospital was on fire. She ended up giving birth in a storage room with oxygen tanks in it and as her husband carried the newborn baby to safety there was an explosion and she died in a classically soapy death scene. ("David...take...care...of our daughter." *dies*. David screams "RENATAAAAA!") I sat there on the bed with tears streaming down my calamine-lotioned face and soaking into the blanket. The rest is history. The double irony is that a few years later I would be home sick with a really nasty flu and that's when I would see my first episode of "All My Children" and discover my very first supercouple: Cliff and Nina. 😊
  2. You know the more I see the insanity coming from people trying to "push the party left" the more I'm ready for Biden.
  3. My understanding is that some of Bevin's nine kids were foster children so basically this lunatic took kids who were already victims of bad circumstances and chose to abuse them some more.
  4. Everything about Bernie 2020 is nothing but a warmed over version of his failed 2016 campaign with extra viciousness, extra lying, and extra negativity.
  5. Beto's in Cleveland today. It's telling that he's doing his appearance at a restaurant that's a fave with the factory workers in the area because it's right by the steel mill.
  6. What I find amazing is how one of the right-wing's favorite causes is trying to force everyone to say "Merry Christmas" specifically so they can erase everyone who doesn't celebrate it. So exactly how is that supposed to appeal to Jews?
  7. I haven't run across those people but I suspect that's because Beto's been a non-issue for me. Even during his Senate race, I pretty much ignored him. I know he has a cult around him but so do a lot of the 2020 contenders. (I think the world of Kamala Harris but the cult that has risen up around her is offputting to say the least.) The difference I see is that Beto doesn't see the Democratic Party as his enemy. Bernie does. The Berners are assholes because Bernie's an [!@#$%^&*]. His whole shtick is about appealing to white male grievance. O'Rourke is all about channeling the hopey changey/JFK vibe. If he loses, I don't see him being the vengeful little prick Bernie is.
  8. I didn't want Beto to run but watching the Berners lose their collective [!@#$%^&*] over him makes me glad he did. He can siphon off a lot of Bernie's youth support and anything that kneecaps Bernie is good for Dems.
  9. It's weird watching the reaction to Beto O'Rourke declaring. It 's still amazing to watch how quickly people on the left will build someone up then tear them down.
  10. Aaaaand there goes his pardon. I knew someone was waiting in the wings with state charges, I just assumed it would be Tish James.
  11. Here's the list of all of the people charged. https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/investigations-college-admissions-and-testing-bribery-scheme For as much attention as the Hollywood types are getting, I'd like to see an investigation in to all the other people named on this list. I bet you'll find a lot of prep school types a la Brett Kavanaugh.
  12. Me too. I saw this on Twitter and just kept reading the headlines and feeling like I was going insane.
  13. Omar and AOC are well on their way to primary challenges.
  14. Marceline is a jumble of mixed feelings. People have been suggesting Sherrod run for years and every time they do I've fought it tooth and nail. More than once I've said, "You'll take my senator when you pry him from my cold, dead hands!" That changed after the midterms. Ohio is just such a lost cause I feel like it doesn't deserve him. That said this was a real Sophie's Choice for me. I really do think he would be a wonderful president but the journey there would be hell and I didn't want that for him or Connie. His 2012 race was one of the most expensive in history because he was the Kochs' top target. It was a nightmare. That would pretty much be a lap dance compared to 2020 because this time he'd also be attacked Berners because of his ties to Hillary Clinton. One thing I'm grateful for is that his profile has increased. I've enjoyed seeing people "discover" him. I hope that the party realizes what an asset he is and promotes him more.
  15. At this point Omar is either being duplicitous or stupid and I'm not interested in defending either of those things. I'm tired of watching these freshman stepping on rakes because they don't realize that real life isn't Twitter.
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