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  1. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    The thing about most of these Trump appointed judges is that he didn't really appoint them. Mitch McConnell and the Federalist Society chose them and while they may be right wing zealots they aren't crackpots like the people Trump personally chooses like Betsy DeVos or Scott Pruitt. Most of these judges aren't going to trash their reputations out of loyalty to Trump because they have none.
  2. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    This really made me smile.
  3. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    The whole "but her emails" thing was the culmination of 30 years of Clinton hate being mainstreamed into our culture. We now have an entire generation of people including journalists who have never known a world without the Clintons being accused of and blamed for everything from murder to mass incarceration. A whole industry was built around hating the Clintons. People like Mark Halperin and Maureen Dowd owe their careers to Clinton hate. Look at the abuse Chelsea Clinton gets. She's never done anything to deserve it. She's been attacked from time she was a little girl. Grown men like John McCain and Rush Limbaugh attacked her looks when she was little more than a tween.
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      LMAO.  Toups is taking notes on how to fix the remaining soaps.  It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it. :P

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      I notified Errol, who takes care of the board maintenance, about the glitch.  He says there doesn't see to be a patch for it yet.  Sorry.

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      As the people of my home state would say, that's Bull Stitt.

  5. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    Look at you. In two years you've gone from nonvoter to savvy political strategist. It's been a lovely transformation to see.
  6. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    Of the political stuff that stresses me out, the idea of that convention made my blood run cold. I heard about some of what they had planned for the Constitution: heartbeat amendments, a gutting of church/state separation, corporate personhood enshrined, raising the voting age, etc... This country as we know it would cease to exist.
  7. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    We have the House, we picked up 300 state legislature seats, a bunch of AG seats and seven governorships. The Republicans have abandoned the drive to "repeal and replace," the state seats mean we've shut down progress towards the constitutional convention that the Kochs have been drooling over. Tuesday was very good for us. As for Mueller, the "Junior is about to get arrested" feels like fanfiction. I do believe that we will see some indictments unsealed very soon.
  8. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    Now Bernie is trying to dig himself out.
  9. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    Bernie is just trash. He campaigned with Gillum and then he pulls this treacherous [!@#$%^&*]. I hope that the black millennials who fell for his con see what he's really about.
  10. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    This is another reason I'm looking forward to the midterms being over. The Mueller investigations ramps up.
  11. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    A great thread about how Trump supporters don't care that he's lying. It's a cult.
  12. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    One good thing about the midterms soon being over is that we will start hearing more news about the Russia investigation again. I've been missing Indictment Fridays.
  13. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    This from Rick Wilson, author of Everything Trump Touches Dies.
  14. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    More likely his manic phase is starting to peter out. A friend of mine who knows a bit about bipolar disorder told me that bipolar episodes last an average of 13 weeks.
  15. marceline

    The Politics Thread

    No it wouldn't. Steve Scalise got save by a black lesbian police officer and the first thing he did when he come back to work was speak at an event in front of an anti-LGBT group. These people will take their hate and madness to the grave.