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  1. There's been a spike in activity the last few days from Bernie Sanders dead-enders and, of course, the hacks at Politico are happy to amplify it.
  2. Damn. We need more Lesley Stahls in the press.
  3. Don't count on it. Trump supporters are not known for being savvy.
  4. California GOP backs down.
  5. Season five trailer has dropped.
  6. Katie Porter and Ayanna Pressley are eventually going to have to decide to wave goodbye to these arsonists if they want to be taken seriously.
  7. I agree that it's time for Feinstein to step down but I'm not interested in the tantrum throwing by the far left, especially in light of this idiocy. Democrats need to not only be a lot tougher on Republicans but also the lefty saboteurs because if Biden gets elected the first thing they will do is start beating up on him.
  8. I keep checking in with the Election Project website. At this rate, we should hit 20 million votes by the end of the day tomorrow.
  9. More than 15 million people have voted by now. When I checked the tally this morning it was 13.5. Turnout is AMAZING right now and the floodgates open tomorrow when a bunch of other states begin early voting.
  10. I voted today! When Trump got elected for years ago one of my first thoughts was that I hope I would live to vote him out in 2020. This felt really good. Another one in the can for Joe Biden. Turnout at the BOE reminded me of 2012 when Barack was up for re-election. Way more social distancing but the line of cars for ballot drop-off was insane.
  11. Trump's ABC town hall came in third in the ratings. We'll see how the ratings are for this one. I saw someone on twitter say that Trump's rallies aren't campaign events, they are his farewell tour. I like that framing a lot.
  12. It's amazing how my soap DNA keeps coming at me. I'm watching an episode of "Quantum Leap" and Roya Megnot, (Ava Rescott, LOV) is playing a fortune-teller. I just kept thinking "I know her from somewhere."

  13. I do plan on voting this week. I had a bit of a relapse over the weekend so I'm still really tired. Thanks for asking.
  14. This is not the behavior of people who think they are winning.
  15. I'd love it if ABC brought back the "undecided" voters from Trump's ABC town hall last month. Especially the black woman who told Trump to stop interrupting her.
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