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  1. American progressivism is pretty much dead and Bernie Sanders killed it by hijacking it into a personality cult. Progressives haven't figured it out yet but they've lost a whole lot of people who might have supported their candidates because they chose to hand black and brown voters over to Trump. Meanwhile any progressive policy is dead in the water because McConnell has been able to stack the judiciary. The people who sat home and/or spite will be living with this judiciary malfeasance for the rest of their lives.
  2. This is probably why the Queen made a public address. Johnson is dying and she wanted to get in front of it. Which makes me wonder: has there been any update on Rand Paul? I figure if he were healthy he'd be blowing his own horn about his excellent medical care.
  3. NaturalCauses2020 is still rolling along.
  4. All this talk about enthusiasm is ridiculous. It's another way people have changed the discussion in order to make Bernie seems more important than he is. "Enthusiastic" votes don't count more than others. People look at the cults of Bernie and Trump and decide that's what enthusiasm looks like (instead of what it really is: radicalization) but they completely ignored how many people enthusiastically voted for Hillary. Looking at "enthusiasm" is just another way the press chooses to double down on false narratives instead of paying attention the the real base of the party and how we enthusiastically rejected Bernie.
  5. Watching the Diff'rent Strokes episode "The Bicycle Man." Ugh. This is still as creepy as ever.

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    2. Gray Bunny

      Gray Bunny

      So cringe-worthy. The only one I liked was when Kimberly Drummond had bulimia in the final season. I envied her ability to devour an ENORMOUS sheet cake in one sitting. 

    3. Khan


      "But, Daddy, it's so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasy!"

    4. Khan


      People want to credit (or blame) Norman Lear for making VSE's a "thing," but Lear himself probably cringes whenever *he* watches one.  Yes, he brought up important, relevant issues on "All in the Family" and "Maude."  However, the issues themselves were never the point of the episodes, nor were they brought up with the idea of "educating" or "informing" the public.  At the end of the day, Lear, like Agnes Nixon, still believes that entertaining people is the key.

  6. I think part of the problem with livestreams is just that so many people are on the internet right now. The software my company uses for remote conferencing just kept freezing and crashing during meetings (which kept them blessedly short.) I got a text from the Biden campaign asking for suggestions on ways to connect with voters online so I'm sure that the Berners infantile hashtag has nothing to do with it. One of Biden's strengths is retail politics. He excels at one-on-one communication with voters. He's okay with speeches and rallies but where he really shines is working a rope line where he can talk to people and look them in the eye. The current circumstances throw a wrench into that.
  7. I doubt this is what motivated him. He's pivoting to the general and trying to show how his administration would handle this crisis. The Berners are pretty much an afterthought now.
  8. It was me. But I started with "just wait until South Carolina when black voters get to weigh in." I won't lie though. I got a little nervous after Sanders win in Nevada.
  9. Compare with what's happening in Illinois.
  10. Thanks. Fortunately I voted early so this is all moot for me. I know a lot of people are complaining about how DeWine handled this but I'm just grateful my mom won't be trying to make her way through her polling place.
  11. These elections aren't just about the Dem primary. There are local issues on the ballot like judges and tax levies. Red states are postponing primaries to keep people from the polls. If they were acting in good faith they would simply mail a ballot to everyone on the rolls.
  12. This is going to be a shitshow.
  13. So even Princess Sparkle Pony sees that it's over. Of course it doesn't stop her from going on Fox News and spreading conspiracy theories. Seriously. I loathe this creature.
  14. Trump has been exposed to the virus now three times: CPAC, Air Force One, and now Mar-a-Lago. Natural Causes 2020 is looking like a better bet all the time.
  15. Apparently Bernie is going to give a coronavirus speech in an hour.
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