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  1. It was just a matter of time . . . . http://variety.com/2017/film/news/bryan-singer-cesar-sanchez-guzman-1202633573/
  2. What a jerk Russell Simmons is! I'm glad Terry Crews posted that email.
  3. Tom Sizemore accused of molesting a very young girl https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/celebrity/tom-sizemore-was-removed-from-movie-set-for-allegedly-violating-11-year-old-girl/ar-BBEVDkT?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  4. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Michael Park was one of the pirates in NBC's Peter Pan Live.
  5. The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread

    The first few moments of last night's episode terrified me. I don't remember the last time I got scared watching a show on TV! I pretty much like everyone but Abraham. I just don't get him. But I've heard he was very popular in the comics. I admit I am surprised Michael Cudlitz got a higher billing placement than Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman.
  6. Whitney Houston dead at 48!

    Damn, damn, DAMN!! I was hoping this was another terrible Twitter hoax.
  7. Once Upon A Time: Discussion Thread

    Thanks! I like Mr. Gold too. This show is great! I didn't even make that connection (Red Riding Hood and Granny)--will look out for them both next week. Thanks!
  8. Once Upon A Time: Discussion Thread

    This show is making me google Rumplestiltskin (sp?) and Maleficent (LOL). I like this show but haven't figured out all the fairy tale characters yet. Which one is Red Riding Hood? And is the psychiatrist supposed to be a fairy tale character too?
  9. Two and a Half Men: Discussion Thread

    Chuck Lorre really wanted him dead.
  10. I don't watch DAYS like I used to, but channel surfing today I noticed Kristian Alfonso's face looked slightly botoxed. This may be old news but since I probably only tune in to DAYS 5 times a year, this is news to me. And this isn't daytime-related, but what's happened to Christina Aguilera's face? Age, alcohol or weight gain? I can't pinpoint it.
  11. They Almost Became

    I think I read that when Bree auditioned for Jen, Erin Torpey was playing Jessica and the producers thought Bree and Erin looked too much alike. But I wonder if ET wasn't on the show, if Bree would have gotten it. I just never saw the appeal in Jessica Morris. She was pretty but she lacked charisma.
  12. They Almost Became

    I had to read that one twice
  13. Speaking of Bobbie, during that scene when she was talking to Alexis the other day, I thought to myself "Who is that?" Thought it was a dayplayer telling Alexis about therapy for Kristina. Then I realized it was Bobbie. Oh. My. God. I don't watch GH often. But damn . . . has it been that long since I've seen Jackie Zeman?!
  14. Heroes / Heroes Reborn: Discussion Thread

    I got into this show kinda late. I missed the first 2 episodes, and the word of mouth got to be too much that I saw the 3rd episode. I was instantly hooked!! I still don't know all the backstories and what-not. Are we certain that D.L. is a bad guy? I have a feeling he is wrongfully accused and Niki's "alter" did the things D.L. is accused of. Adrian Pasdar's character reeks of scumbag to me Am I right? His brother is cute but his haircut is just a little too precious. Isaac--jeez this guy is pathetic. Tortured soul or just a junkie? Not sure, but he has a cool superpower. I like Claire. I feel like I've watched Hayden P. grow up before my eyes. I remember when she was Sarah Roberts on OLTL. And she was also in Remember the Titans. This show has replaced LOST for me. It really has. I finally have something to look forward to on Monday nights
  15. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    I'm not familiar with Drudgereport. Are they accurate? If so, this is GREAT news!! Woo-hoo