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  1. Can someone please clarify the status of Arizona? CNN and NBC have not called it (for Biden) but the Associated Press has. Is Arizona "confirmed" for Biden?
  2. Kandi Burruss is more gracious than I am. I chose to believe Jussie b/c my first inclination is to believe victims. I now believe he made it all up and I am disgusted, disappointed, outraged and confused. To use a noose (of all things) and conjure up this plan in order to get more money from your job???? I still can't wrap my head around this. I feel bad for the cast of Empire and his siblings. No one deserved to get sucked into this.
  3. I haven't watched Y&R for many years but I did grow up watching Kristoff St. John in SO many shows (the Roots movie, The Cosby Show, Generations). I didn't realize just how much he was a part of my "life." The tributes from co-stars and colleagues alike are all very touching and heartwarming. What an amazing man he was. I feel so bad for his family.
  4. No severance pay for Les Moonves https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/leslie-moonves-wont-get-120-million-severance-cbs-says-1170183
  5. This show's decline truly makes me sad. I know everyone has a different opinion on WHEN the show started to decline. For me it was maybe late in Season 5 when the survivors made their way to Alexandria. The first 5 seasons we saw our survivors living on the road, Hershel's farm and the prison. Then they made their way to Alexandria and things kinda got back to "normal." I was happy for the survivors because they finally found a somewhat stable home but for me the tone of the show changed. Yet, I continued to watch. From there it continued to go downhill. The show IMO jumped the shark after the introduction of Negan. Now, I understand Comic Negan was all sorts of awesome and what-not, but IMO the TV version does not live up to the hype. Other messes: Glenn's death lost what relevance it should have had because (1) Dumpster-Gate and (2) his death was tied in with Abraham's in a poorly executed season premiere. Abraham's death was glossed over IMO because his death was tied with Glenn's. Carl's death was a HUGE mistake because at the heart of the show was Rick making the world "safer" for Carl. Rick leaving leaves the show without its core. I could also go on (and on) about how Tyreese, Abraham and Jesus never lived up to their comic mojo because of Daryl Dixon but I will save that for another post.
  6. The last Kansas Democratic governor was Kathleen Sebelius. She took a seat in Obama's Cabinet and was replaced by Sam Brownback
  7. Generally speaking it was a good movie but I was annoyed with the lack of screen time with regard to the Wakanda arc (Black Panther IMO was wasted and it felt like the directors didn't know what to do with him. But I get it . . . . by the time Infinity War wrapped, Black Panther had not been released and NO ONE knew what an ABSOLUTE BEAST the BP movie would be or how moviegoers would feel about Black Panther specifically). I also feel Captain America, Black Widow and Bucky (especially Bucky) got the shaft in terms of screen time. Now, I understand with a movie of this size some characters would get a bit sidelined. I liked the combo of Tony Stark and Doctor Strange. And Tony Stark and Peter Parker. I really like Iron Man. I ADORED Thor! IMO he was the movie's MVP. But the arc of him getting the axe dragged a wee bit. I need to read up on Peter Dinklage's character. Unpopular Opinion--- there was too much emphasis on the Guardians of the Galaxy for my liking, but Again I get it -- Thanos was CRUCIAL to Gamora's arc. I do like Nebula and Drax. I need to see this movie again. Maybe I'd like it a bit more. Regardless, I intend to see Avengers 4. I am excited about Captain Marvel. I know NOTHING about her!
  8. It was just a matter of time . . . . http://variety.com/2017/film/news/bryan-singer-cesar-sanchez-guzman-1202633573/
  9. What a jerk Russell Simmons is! I'm glad Terry Crews posted that email.
  10. Tom Sizemore accused of molesting a very young girl https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/celebrity/tom-sizemore-was-removed-from-movie-set-for-allegedly-violating-11-year-old-girl/ar-BBEVDkT?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  11. Michael Park was one of the pirates in NBC's Peter Pan Live.
  12. The first few moments of last night's episode terrified me. I don't remember the last time I got scared watching a show on TV! I pretty much like everyone but Abraham. I just don't get him. But I've heard he was very popular in the comics. I admit I am surprised Michael Cudlitz got a higher billing placement than Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman.
  13. Damn, damn, DAMN!! I was hoping this was another terrible Twitter hoax.
  14. I don't watch DAYS like I used to, but channel surfing today I noticed Kristian Alfonso's face looked slightly botoxed. This may be old news but since I probably only tune in to DAYS 5 times a year, this is news to me. And this isn't daytime-related, but what's happened to Christina Aguilera's face? Age, alcohol or weight gain? I can't pinpoint it.
  15. I think I read that when Bree auditioned for Jen, Erin Torpey was playing Jessica and the producers thought Bree and Erin looked too much alike. But I wonder if ET wasn't on the show, if Bree would have gotten it. I just never saw the appeal in Jessica Morris. She was pretty but she lacked charisma.
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