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  1. I think these B&B classics are shown On a digital cable channel - and the Videoland (Web Service uploads where we get the videos from) uploads are merely complementing these broadcasts.
  2. If I remember correctly, the show shifted to Flo/Wyatt/Sally for its final 3 weeks pre-Corona. Liam/Hope/Thomas were hardly if all on... I assume that all would have returned within another weekly set of episodes
  3. It’s in his signature... you have to view it on Laptop, though. Signatures are not shown on the mobile version of the SON board, I think
  4. Not toooooo exciting stuff but still decent, I guess. they should have added some classic Michael Baldwin with either the leather romp with Phyllis in 1997 (?), his attack on Christine (1993?) or some stuff from Dianes divorce from Victor (1998)
  5. Recasting Taylor would be a terrible decision - the character has been "altered" so much in recent years that the only thing still working is Hunter Tylo's dynamic with longtime cast members like KKL.
  6. You're definitely not alone. I was super stoked when I discovered the Marek Logan channel and was able to see 1989 and 1990 for the first time in its almost entirety. And with Amy Silence I could fill 1988 plus the following years without any distraction from the Polish voiceovers... A dream come true! The only longer period of B&B that i haven't seen is May-October 1992. I'd love to see 1993-1996 (when I origianlly started watching) again as well but have some rather vivid memories of it.
  7. Wooohooo! THANKS! Gracias! MERCI! Danke! That's an unexpected treat - and it seems like the original closing credits are included.
  8. Monday to Wednesday are not too bad.
  9. Has AmySilence deleted her GoogleDrive? Maybe she got copyright strikes tehre as well?
  10. I think that's not too shabby for a Friday night and a format that cost them basically nothing to produce
  11. All sounds soooo good. And there is some follow-up with most episodes unlike the previous weeks. Love it!
  12. +100 Not bad choices per se, but definitely no classics...
  13. I own all the B&B books: The Bold And The Beautiful: A Tenth Anniversary Celebration by Robert Waldron (informative in the same style of the Y&R book by Barbara Irwin and Mary Cassata) The Bold and The Beautiful – In Celebration of 20 Years on Television by Eva Demirjan (an amazing labor of love!) Becoming Bold and Beautiful – 25 Years of Making the Most Popular Daytime Soap Opera by David Gregg and Adrian Aviles (more glossy pictures than content) Plus the PEOPLE Magazine Special Edition for B&B's 30th anniversary For Y&R it is: The Young and the Restless: A Special Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition by Barbara Irwin and Mary Cassata(1998) And I've seen the GH and DAYS (???) books from the mid-1990s which were all really high-content and quality - like the ones for B&B and Y&R
  14. Has never heard about that: god bless Mary Williams! I think Doug Davidson recently have an interview that the actress was so different and got a kick out of such material
  15. Thanks for sharing. A complete episide is a complete episode for the enthusiasts... Any advice from the tech savvie as how get some sound out of it? Just headphone or is there a program to increase sound?
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