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  1. B&B actress returns!!

    The actors lasted 13 months, their story arc was February - November. It was better than to be expected, yet a royally wasted opportunity to drop them now. Yep, she left the first week of April with Thomas WORD I wouldn't call it a mess - YET. Depending on the reason why she is brought back. If it for an actual storyline - I'm all for it. This is unexpected but great news!!! She is WAYYYYY too good to be wasted.
  2. B&B: Actor taken off contract

    Bummer! Though I'm not surprised as Rick has been absent for awhile (probably due to Jacob Young making his music).
  3. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    First of all, thanks a lot! RE: Beau Billingslea. He played Dr. Barnette in 1987 as Grandma Logan's doctor. Doctor Barnett in episodes 1118 and 1119 was played by a different, a caucasian actor...
  4. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    I have some more missing actor names from 1991 episodes... Do you happen to have information on any of these? New York based designer "Jonathan Sloan" whom Julie wanted Clarke to work for Sally's OB-GYN "Dr. Barnett" in September 1991 (as well as a nameless female ER doctor...) Handwriting expert "Eric Littlefield" who was hired by Stephanie to fake a letter from Eric The homeless extras druing Stephanie's skid row period? One of them was called "Lucas" "Tommy Bolton" a family friend of the Forresters who Thorne wanted to romance Felicia One of Jake's tennis clients who happened to be very much into him called "Tiffany"
  5. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    It's been a while that I saw ANY scene of current Y&R, but this was interesting from a production standpoint. The set looks very real and the directing is pretty good. Storywise I'm not inclined to give the show a chance, though.
  6. B&B Actress Out

    Fully agree. That said, I thought the Spectra arc had a beginning, middle and end - and closed a chapter of the show which was left ambigiously open and got a decent revival.
  7. B&B March 2018 Discussion

    Personally, I don't think so... I think this is gonna be a happy ending - and the shooter was someone else.
  8. B&B Actress Out

    THIS... ...is about to happen in a week or so. Really sorry for Courtney Hope and bummed to miss heron my screen. At least, Sally is getting a proper exit it seems - which is more than a lot of other characters. Yet, it is a really stupid choice 'cause Jan and Feb were utterly hopeless with that useless Hope character - it seems there is way more to come.
  9. Are theynow  taping WILL&GRACE in the DAYS lot/universe? Right in the middle of season ONE, NBC renewed it for a season THREE!?

  10. Bold & Beautiful February 2018 Episode Counts

    Both not too big losses. They wasted Reign Edwards as soon as Nicole switched from techie bad girl to FC-intern / Maya's best buddy in five seconds... I thought Sasha had the bigger potential, but hey, look how far it got her!?
  11. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Thanks for sharing. Watching the B&B episode as I type this... :-) It is #1491 - and according to my records this particular episode aired indeed Wednesday, March 1993!
  12. B&B March 2018 Discussion

    It's DEFINTELY JARRETT. It was sooooo randomn that Bill fired him last week and he totally fits the disposable extra bill as the culprit.
  13. Bold & Beautiful February 2018 Episode Counts

    The story lasted 9 months and was better than to be expected. They are still "there", but if they just linger into backburner hell in the end you could be right - 'cause no ending whatsoever would be a bust. @FrenchFan You are missing one episode for RJ. He was also on for like 5 seconds during the post-Bridge-wedding episode before Ridge and Brooke hit the bedroom for their honeymoon
  14. ALL SOAPS: Grade February Sweeps!!!

    I only watch B&B these days and I'm usually far more forgiven to it than a lot of you guys around here, but for this February Sweeps I'll have to give the show an E
  15. DAYS: February 2018 Episode Rankings & Stats

    Thanks. He has aged pretty well