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  1. Y&R: Old Articles

    LOL @ the tatoo!
  2. B&B Recasting Major Role

    Eh what!? Ingo coming to B&B!? As Thorne!? Who's next? Vanessa Marcil as Felicia?
  3. I mind WYUGH wayyyy more, so I'm busy sending my prayers to keep him on the backburner. LOL
  4. Still watching July episodes, it felt much more balanced than the numbers actually show. Which I find interesting. Or maybe the last ten days were mono-thematic? PS: my 2017 tallies for Carter and Jarrett look differnet than yours. Hmmm
  5. B&B: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    Still so far behind and catching up, but Steffy turning all CHARLIES ANGELS and pulling Stephanie's old gun from her handbag and shooting Sheila: to die for!
  6. Y&R: Old Articles

    No more FEBBRE D'AMORE??? They aired each episode in two pieces anyway, didn't they?
  7. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    This episode from January 1991 (# 961) is highly interesting for three reasons: First, it is really good. It's also the only episode I know of that Maria the maid - remember her??? - ever appeared outside the Forrester Mansion. LOL And finally, the oddest trivia of them all: she gets a last name she was NEVER credited with nor was it ever used again to my knowlege. Go watch it yourself!
  8. B&B - Flashback: Episode Count 1990

    Exactly. Brooke was off-screen for a couple of weeks (roughly 3) when KKL gave birth in real life before giving birth in reel life...
  9. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    This makes the MP and BH90210 reboot look like gold. pure gold.
  10. B&B - Flashback: Episode Count 1990

    The Spectras really gave the show a collossal PUSH for the better. 1990 was an overlapse year as Bill Bell still tried to make the Logans work. The return of Storm was pretty decent, but completely fizzled by 1991. Donna had the exact same story in 1989 like she did in 1990: playing second fiddle to a man of her affection; first losing Thorne to Macy and then pining for Jake who was only interested in Felicia. Katie was absent while Beth Logan came home twice from Paris, but at the end of the year played by "Dina Mergeron Abbott". LOL Come 1991 he would ditch the Logans altogether... The affair of Brooke and Eric was the first major WTF moment this show has become pretty famous for ever since. You never saw that one coming because it came out of NOWHERE, it was suuuuuper gross and yet heavily addictive (though way to sugar coated to prevent natural barfing reflexes). Margo and Bill were REALLY interesting, yet Bill Bell never delved into this relationship properly. I have been a huge fan of both actors and characters, but in all honesty their marriage reeked lazy writing and missing oppurtunities. Margo married Bill out of a sense of security; it was often adressed, but never acted out and then dropped. And then in 1990 Bill gave Stephanie a kiss - and she told him to get lost. And then it was dropped because the writing focussed on other characters again.
  11. As the feedback for Y&R-Fans 1998 episode counts for Y&R has been pretty lively, I thought I'd share these. Due to a Polish user, a vast amount of classic B&B is avlliable on YouTube (with annoying Polish subbing) these days and coupled with my own collection. I managed to (re)watch roughly 95% of the entire year 1990. The data for each actor/actress could be missing by 1-.2 episodes. but overall these numbers are rather accurate. So what happened in 1990 amongst the bold and the beautiful citizens of reel LA? Just as Kristen Forrester left with photographer Mick Savage for New York , Felicia Forrester returned to town in January just in time for Ridge and Caroline's wedding. Their wedded bliss was shortlived when Joanna Johnson decided to not-renew her contract. She signed a last minute extension - unfortunately for just 3 months and therefore Caroline was diagnosed with cancer and dead by July. Her oncologist soon became a psychiatrist and the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes was heavily involved in widower Ridge's orbit but yet ping-ponging with back-in-town lawyer Storm Logan. By Christmas Day, they even had a flashback engagement (meaning that the scene was only shown via never-before-seen flashbacks. LOL) Stephanie was back to raging war with Brooke when she found out that Eric was having an affair with young Miss Logan. Brooke got pregnant the minute Katherine Kelly Lang became pregnant with her first child and gave birth to Eric Junior - who we now know as Rick - in November... Bill Spencer and Margo had abysmal screen-time for the first half of the year until it was revealed that troubled twen Jake Maclaine was her younger brother who left the family at age 17 and was never heard from. Jake who caught the interest of both Donna Logan and Felicia eventually faced his daemons and confronted his father about being sexually abused by him as a child. Jake's mother Helen played by Tippi Hedren was shocked, but eventually returned to her husband Ben, after he suffered a heart attack. Yet the tale of Jake's abuse was not over by the end of 1990... Macy Alexander fell for Thorne Forrester over music and they shared a beautiful wedding in October despite the Forrester's objections towards Sally. Sally Spectra, in her first entire year as a contract player, and Clarke Garrison managed to play with the big leagues in 1990 as Clarke's creativity hit his climax. Marriage proved to a win-win situation for both of them - until Bill sent sexy reporter Julie Delorean to have Clarke stray... Yearly Total 1990 - number of episodes. 254 1 Moss, Ronn Ridge Forrester 184 2 McCook, John (I) Eric Forrester 171 3 Flannery, Susan Stephanie Douglas Forrester 167 4 Lang, Katherine Kelly (I) Brooke Logan 159 5 Trachta, Jeff Thorne Forrester 137 6 Conley, Darlene Sally Spectra 116 6 Dion, Colleen Felicia Forrester 116 8 McVicar, Daniel Clarke Garrison 113 9 Eakes, Bobbie Macy Alexander Forrester 93 9 Koslow, Lauren Margo Lynley Spencer 93 11 Mitchum, Carrie Donna Logan 85 12 McKee, Todd (I) Jake Maclaine 77 13 Johnson, Joanna (I) Caroline Spencer Forrester (+1 Flashback) 76 14 Clarke, Brian Patrick Storm Logan 71 15 Storm, Jim Bill Spencer 63 16 Harrison, Schae Darla Einstein 62 17 Tylo, Hunter Dr. Taylor Hayes 51 18 Fox, Michael (I) Saul Feinberg 41 19 Rogers, Jane A. Julie Delorean 23 20 Brandon, John (I) Ben Maclaine 21 20 Hedren, Tippi Helen Maclaine 21 22 Linn, Teri Ann Kristen Forrester Garrison 17 23 Burnett, Nancy (I) Beth Logan II 16 24 Clary, Robert Pierre Jourdan 15 25 Conaway, Jeff Mick Savage 11 26 Doyle, Gerard (I) Barry Hawkins, Stephanie’s lawyer 9 27 López, Irene Olga Maria, Forrester Maid II 9 28 Haddon, Laurence Charles Williams, Eric’s lawyer 8 28 Richards, Michele Lamar Valerie Cooper, Caroline’s assistant 8 30 Choate, Tim (I) Tommy Bayland, Spencer photographer 6 30 Walling, Chuck Charlie Maclaine 6 30 Wolter, Sherilyn Dr. Taylor Hayes (Temp Replacement) 6 33 Adams, Marla Beth Logan III 5 33 Claman, June Betty Burns, society matron 5 33 Gomez, Rita (II) Maria, Forrester Maid I 5 33 Miya, Helen Trish, Forrester Creations secretary 5 37 Koslow, Zachariah Mark Lynley Garrison (aka Mark Maclaine) 4 37 Sloan, Nancy Katie Logan 4 39 Carlson, Steve (I) Dr. Madigan, Brooke’s doctor 3 39 Miller, Nicole (XXIX) Eric Forrester Jr. 3 39 Miller, Ryan (LXXIII) Eric Forrester Jr. 3 39 Wolff, Nan Judy Johnson, Eric Junior’s nanny 3 43 Ayres, Jerry Conway Weston, P.I. 2 43 Marston, Jack Dr. Claude Pinot, Brooke’s French doctor 2 43 Snider, Jeremy Eric Forrester Jr. 2
  12. B&B - May 2017 Discussion Thread

    This was OLIVER BELL; Brad and Colleen's youngest son. And the cameo was sooooo strange. Well not so much compared to Nicole's wig last week. LOL
  13. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Not that I know of
  14. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    You'll have to use auto translate or sth. like that as the site is in German; but it has an extensive episode guide: http://www.history.soap-reichundschoen.de Or Scott Novick's site for some of the periods you mentioned: http://www.boldbeautifulfan.com/bnbarchv.htm On imdb.com there is also a vast list of recaps available...