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  1. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Flannery was AMAZING every single day from 1989 to 1991, bringing in one Emmy-worthy performance after another: Thorne shooting Ridge, the rivalry with Brooke, the original stroke/homeless story on Skid row. B&B in general was terribly overlooked during the 90s. At least Darlene Conley got her due, she was equally fabulous during her first years.
  2. Vet let go at Y&R

    I don't think she has a classic contract. Her "guarantee" seems to be for 25 episodes a year or so. It's probably only because of her actor's guild association that she is technically on contract. Despite bringing back Chloe under MAB, Esther has been irrelevant ever since Jill became tied to Katherine's hip in 2004 or so.
  3. As The World Turns Full Episode List

    I'd be curious on your take when CBS preempted its Daytime lineup in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 as well - 'cause I made a similar database for B&B and still have some blanks.
  4. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    THIS! I also canNOT understand why Taylor has not met Ridge, even if just to trade some barbs or to insult Brooke. We have seen this 1000+ times (with the other Ridge) but it is still 1000+ times more watchable than anything Brad Bel has dished us in 2018 so far...
  5. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    This story was indeed dropped. Deveney Dixon wanted the ultimate revenge and tried to have THorne shoot Ridge AGAIN. This plan was foiled and no one ever gave a rat's a$$ about Deveney ever again. YOu can watch those episodes on the Polish YouTube channnel. There quite a few bits and pieces missing of the Angela story but the finale is on there in its entirety. The story was forgotten within ONE SINGLE episode. Overall, the story wasn't too bad. The climax came pretty fast and as soon as Deveney Dixon (the real name of the fake Angela was never revealed...) entered the picture it was very James E. Reilly-like but in a good campy fun way.
  6. Bold & Beautiful June 2018 Episode Ranking

    II think the leads on PASSIONS always had those kind of numbers. And Steve Burton in the 2000s on GH... As for B&B: KKL had 225 episodes in 2008 after 214 in 2007. Basically she had more than 200 episodes a year from 2003 to 2014. After that year the focus shifted, but also no actor/actress had more than 200 episodes a year.
  7. Y&R: July Spoilers

    NATE HASTING is coming to town? Any chance for a Olivia cameo?
  8. Possible "The Nanny" revival in the works?

    LMAO. Enter jingle *THE GRANNNNNY!"*
  9. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    She didn't get a "real" exit back in January, but technically she has been recurring ever since Rome Flynn left - and both Zende and Nicole were written off to Paris. Nicole just showed every second month for 1-3 episodes. Despite the current SUPER LAZY writing, not many characters have vanished in recent years (unlike before...) with the afore mentioned, Thomas and Caroline getting proper exit stories.
  10. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    She is the worst actress on this show in at least a decade. TERRIBLE. She needssome training ASAP...
  11. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    I'm counting the days for several weeks /months? now: hoping that June 15 will be the turning point. This upcoming week seems to be the moment where all those actors who were rejected to glorious extras for several months are back with an actual storyline. Hopefully decent to good and lasting ones...
  12. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Have fallen way behind, but we have to wait until June 15 to see anyone except Steffy&Liam&Hope - correct? LAWD!!! Watching this show is so unbearable these days.
  13. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    This show is sooo deep in sh*t Right now, it’s hard to believe. The same f*cking storyline every single day. And it does not even add up!? Seriously??? Everyone (the 7 characters that are still seen in LA...) behave plain stupid. I finally caught up hoping that April was a one-time-occurrence, yet it seems that we have to endure more of waffle Liam and Hope in her rag dresses. yawn! Cut to Friday Cliffhanger: Dumbass proposing to Dope - wtf?
  14. B&B casts new role

    Kinda strange development with the Nicole / Sasha / Zende phased out, Jacob Young on recurring and Karla Mosley going on maternity leave later this year.
  15. B&B: Actress now off Contract?

    ICAM Wile Sheila's return wasn't ideal, it was also MOST unexpected and she was not killed off within 3 weeks. Even more unexpectedly, she was reformed and is now a viable character again. This is better than one could have foreseen. Let's keep our fingers crossed that as soon as her political ambitons come to an end, Kimberlin Brown will return to B&B with a meaty storyline.