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  1. Love it! Contrary to others I’d say her 2017 return was brilliant and beyond everyone expectations. It just watered down to zero when Kim Brown announced her run for politics and she became the resident waitress.
  2. Crazy, is this the first photo of Carrie Mitchum we have seen since 2001 or so!? Totally unexpected to see her standing next to Dan McVIcar. Not sure if they EVER shared a scene together!????
  3. Many execs worked as directors before getting this position. Ed Scott and David Shaughnessy for instance.
  4. Definitely. Not sure if it started at the beginning of season 6 or by episode 1200 or else. I always try to forget about Connor and Karen. Don’t think that the story was that bad, I was just over Karen after the triangle with Macy and Thorne which was just soll bland minus some cute moments. Never got why the show was soooo keen on pairing Joanna Johnson not at all with Ridge/Ronn Moss. Sure she would have been the third woman but Ridge was on every day anyway, so why not!?
  5. It was never resolved. I don’t think Bill Bell was ever asked but the answer anyway would have been probably: it doesn’t matter who did it. It was indeed implied to be either Jake or Clarke but both left the show by mid 1992. therefore… This was similar to some Y&R plot twists of the mid-90s. EG There a mystery date for Nina/Ryan/Victoria/Cole where it was also never disclosed who set them up. Re: Connor in retrospect I’d say that Connors only story was the initial blockbuster story to make him a rival of Ridge and lead a Love story with Brooke. By late 1994 Connor was basically done. In my memory he was gabbing with James for the next 12 months about Ridge, Brooke and Taylor. In every episode these super successful adult men were sitting in their offices and constantly rehashing evening Bridge or Tridge. Ian Buchanan at least got to play a bigger part in this story (didn’t he disguise as Brewster Mackenzie for Morroco?) but for Connor that was it. He continued to play the resident lawyer and I remember him dating Maggie for 3-5 episodes. Are you sure he was also linked to Michael as well?
  6. I don't think so. Kim Brown's pregnancies were in 1993 (?) and 1998 - the latter unfortunately marked the end for Sheila/Maggie/James because - when she came back from maternity - leave Amber and Rick were just too hot storyline-wise. I cannot recall any contract dispute rumblings in 1995, so my guess is that thex temp exit was for storyline purposes. The credits list her as "Brenda". I cannot recall whether she was actally called Brenda back then; shortly later she was seen a lot more often (though more as Brooke's assistant and not yet as "the secretray" because Trish was still around!) and her name was MEGAN.
  7. I'm also super excited for this. My previous "reruns" never made it far into 1992. Therefore... For trivia buffs: Susan Flannery's directorial debut (as per on-screen credits; back in the early not every episode has closing titles) is #1162 which aired November 11, 1991. In this episode Sally gave birth to C.J. Colleen Bell (Bradley's wife) is first credited as a member of B&B's production staff in #1156 which aired November 1, 1991
  8. @slick jonesFor your soap hoppers/connection data base: Marnie Andrews (I) https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0028766/ who played Betsy Kensington on GH did guest star on B&B in October 1991 as Sally's Lamaze Class Teacher. Allegedly (but without any IMdB credit: B&B's Meave Quinlan (ex-Megan Conley) did also play Betsy Kensington not sure if as a temp or if she was recast by this actress).
  9. I was thinking that you did link a scene of Miguel and Veronica kissing when I read the caption. Anyhow: it would have been the right headline in both cases. LOL!!! Poor Miguel, the only time he was ever given somehting else than saying "Yes, Mrs. Newman", it was romance with a psychopath.
  10. CRAZY SH*T When B&B airs on the Middle Eastern channel MBS (?) it usually lasts 15 minutes only as well. But that's because they cut out all the sex scenes and cursing etc. LOL They dod not bother with the episodic structure. Mediaset and RAI in Italy on the other hand. They always butchered Y&R, Guiding Light and DAYS into 40 (?) minutes including commercials, so that everything was out of sync and did not resemble the US broadcasts at all. I didn't know that they also do this for B&B. Considering that B&B nowadays has a lot more space for commercial time than most European outlets squeeze into a TV show of 30 minutes, this is even more puzzling. PS: does anybody know if Mediaset shows NEW episodes on Saturdays and Sundays or is it an "omnibus" style / weekend catch-up/rerun?
  11. This is Episode 1058 and/or 1059 - we have it in the Vault. Interesting that the Italian version has a copletely different music...
  12. I could not beleve my eyes when I saw the "climax". It so WTF!? I was stunned when DeveneyDixon made it for a prominent spotin the special PEOPLE magazine issue for the show's 30th anniversary. However, B&B brought back Sheila and not Deveney n that year, so my guess is that this chapter is closed for good. This is soooo funny. Will have to check this out.
  13. Shout-out to all Trivia and History Buffs out there! In Episode 1131 from September 1991 there is - to my recollection the first hint that B&B and Y&R exist in the same universe - because Thorne and Jake talk about FENMORE'S Department stores. Little did we know that 12 months later, Sheila & Lauren would collide on B&B!?
  14. WOW - now this is cool. I had no idea... Thansk for sharing!
  15. Not watching the show these days, but this silliness warmed my heart: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQPvDdVnD73/?utm_medium=copy_link
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