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  1. Im hopeful that they choose the Octopus episode... it’s hilarious!
  2. These episodes were Rebroadcast on German TV twice. These recordings are from the late 1990s/very early 2000s. A couple of years later yet another small cable channel showed them again. But each time they stopped around the episode 1200 mark or some more on Austrian TV B&B didn’t debut until 1996 or so and therefore there are also quite a lot of recordings floating around (Austrians get most German channels, so B&B wasn’t “new” to them but more so soap classics - plus it aired in a much better time slot...).
  3. Uploads are now up to episode #1050. I'm very curious to see whether he/she will stop with episode 1200 because it is when the German rebroadcasts stopped (where these vids were taken).
  4. The uploader seems to be on a roll. That’s a ton of stuff! i checked the Dutch site today, BtW. They have uploaded up to episode 679 by now and already placed a blank for Season 4... meaning it is highly likely that we will get at least the first 1000 episodes in crystal clear high definition picture quality. 🙂
  5. Is TV City really shut down? Haven’t seen a new report yet
  6. I think, I have everything sorted out by now (I just cut them into episodic pieces this afternoon): These are # 1465 - 1476 which aired from January 26 to February 10, 1993 on CBS. # 1468 - 1993-01-29 - is incomplete, ca. 50% # 1476 - 1993-02-10 - is incomplete as well but only missing 2 minutes at the end But before I forget to menion it: THANK YOU AGAIN - it's a treat to see those episodes. EDIT: one crucial episode is still missing - the pre-vial switch - # 1464 - B&B 1993-01-25
  7. TPIR has a live studio audience. For filming soaps, the only time people get really close is in love scenes and while the actors get their makeup done. It's far more managable to prevent transmission of the virus.
  8. Couldn't see it. maybe it is not blocked but was taken down due to rights issues? The upload is from 2009 - YouTube's policies have changed a dozen times since then
  9. They are no longer doing that if I remember correctly
  10. That’s a ton of YR goodness. Thanks!!!
  11. Are you sure? It says 4 seasons but is noW hidden behin the log-in page!? last I checked they were still uploading season 3. maybe they just moved ahead and reconfigured their website...
  12. What a sudden and abrupt recast! Clayton Norcross was seen in #618 and the story of Rige's shooting was on the brink of being revisited and hitting its climax. It's like the worst possible moment to recast... Speaking of botched up last-minute-changes: #616 was all over the place. Not just by continuity standards: it was already EVENING/NIGHT for several episodes and suddenly it is bright DAYLIGHT and Sally (yet another fabulous apparance of Darlene CoOnley BTW!) & crew visit the QUEEN MARY. Problem: it is still the same night as Brooke&Thorne continue their conversation from #615. Thorne then goes to a bar in the middle of the day (??? it still seems to be at night ???) to have his first encounter with Macy while Stephanie and Ridge chat by the Forrester swimming pool in bright daylight. Also: suddenly a mysterious woman is seen for the first time as a dictor takes off the bandages of his patient which probably would not be done at 11 pm. It's like they have hastily thrown in the beginning of the Angela story as a last minute rewrite as well.
  13. Right! It was like the Donna story but a tad more entertaining. And then, kaboof, dropped again.
  14. Not sure whether Bill Bell had any actual plan for Margo/Storm or if he always wanted Mick Savage to enter the scene for Kristen. Margo's love life from 1989-1990 is sure a mixed bag and even in re-watching not everything is adding up perfectly. I feel really sorry for Bill who is definitely one of the many male characters on this show to never get enough storyline material that he deserved. He is mostly a prop to Margo and sounding board to Caroline. What a shame: they shoudl done more with BIll&Stephanie... If anyone is interested: this is the wedding chapel in #609 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayfarers_Chapel
  15. The price is pretty cool. Might be just one series, but a lot of content at the same time.
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