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  1. I think that it is exactly what happened. And when Brad Bel told her that, she probably through a hissy fit and now we will miss Taylor onscreen for another 2 year until everything is forgotten again and she needs the paycheck. Just my wild guess, though.
  2. 90s Phyllis was PURE gold. I loved her campiness with Joani and she even made Danny and Cricket interesting and dare I say enjoyable. When Stafford came back in 2000, Kay Alden fleshed her out pretty well. It was a progressed Phyllis who still had some spark, but was no longer suuuuper desperate. Then, ca. 2005 someone decided that THE STAFFORD (c) was the greatest thing ever and her acting tics started to take over the show. That's why Gina Tognoni was such a divine twist of fate, suddenly Phyllis was a likeable character again.
  3. ICAM. And while I'm SERIOUSLY bored and MIGHTILY disappointed how the show wasted the momentum from two months ago in blink and you missed it moment, I disagree with the assumption of some other posters that there is just Thomas/Hope as the story. Actually, for most of the year the show has tried to create an umbrella story around hope. Recently it was RIdge/Brooke/Shauna as the other half. Unfortunately, it is true that the entire rest of the cast is completely wasted and barely gets a a c-plot which is completely mind-blowing because it would not be that difficult. I think my favorite part in last 2-3 years was Pam's nearly engagement with Charlie with the Quinn and Eric angle. It lasted not even a month, but was great dama and good fun. They could easily inject some episodes with that...
  4. Donna would get the legacy character tag in the sweeps kill off, even though she has been useless ever since she divorced Eric.
  5. On air we had mentions of the Thanksgiving day dinner the next day and some remarks after it. Maybe they did not film a big Thanksgiving Dinner this year
  6. Both come to mind immediately. Or they kill off one of the many Avants that they are no longer using...
  7. Im also curious: B&B is now ca 6 episodes behind schedule. On the other hand: it might be that they edited some stuff together because Lawrence St. Victor/Carter posted two Early December airdates which never aired, I Think. Therefore, maybe the show indeed skipped Xmas.
  8. What a treat! I remember both years (haven’t seen 1997 I think?). merry Christmas!.
  9. WOW - this is really cool. Hopefully it is the beginning of a trend. I think the AOL video service with P&G was much too early in the streaming days. With content getting rare (due to everyone opening his own service) maybe some classic soaps/episodes will make it to the streaming heyday after all!?
  10. I don't think we will ever get confirmation, let's just be happy that they continue to post the show online. For some odd reason previous reruns in various Euorpeans countries did not last longer than May 1992 episodes, but it might have been just coincidence. For now, I'm beyond thrilled that day ater day more classic are ubloaded by videoland.nl and more improtantly AmySilence... It's been excatly three years ago that I discovered the MarekLogan YouTUbe channel and watched the exact same episodes hat just pop up on Amy Silence's channel - but with the irritating Polish dubbing. It's a great to relive that.
  11. She does really look like her. Tried to compare the voice but I couldn't say that they are identical. Then, she seemed to have various tones of speak during Silk Stalking which is available on YouTube in its entirety. Judging by her IMDb credit, Kapture was already working back then, so I'm convinced by your unilateral feedback that it is her. Thanks!
  12. She was an occasional director on B&B before: in 2016 and 2017
  13. Another one: May 1989 - Kristen's former roommate: Bonnie Blaisdale, neé Barrett Any clue who the actress is?
  14. I was shocked to see those scenes many years ago because they have been around forever in Italian. It's a really bold story climax, yet the built up does not hold up to classic Bill Bell standards. It's like a writer's strike story finished within 5 seconds after the strike has ended which is kinda sad. That said; it's getting reallllllly wicked eventually and perfectly over the top in ca. 2 months' time.
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