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  1. The dates could be slightly off, but I think it was: Jan 1986-Dec 1989 Oct 1995 - Sep 1997 Dec 2005-May 2006 There is ZERO chance to catch them anywhere (most of these episodes aired on PayTV many years ago and therefore not many recordings seem to exist...) - except for those episodes graciously uploaded in The Vault.
  2. They mentioned this before: Remember, Thomas first stayed with Vinnie at his apartment but eventually Vinnie was always gone and even moved in with his girlfriend because the show was desperate to have an apartment set for Thomas and the mannequin to live in. LOL
  3. Ahem, did we know that Tanner Novlan (Dr. Finn Without Personality) is married to actress Kayla Ewell who starred on B&B from 2004-2005 as Caitlin Ramirez (daughter of Sydney Penny and Lorenzo Lamas) who was Thomas' first teen love!? We now go back to your regular scheduled programming in session...
  4. 2010 was AMAZING mostly due to „Pose!“ it really fell apart the next few years with some instant-stories. The exits of La Flanner was not the decisive moment IMO. I thought it was unwatchable by middle 2011... and stayed that way until late 2013 with Thorsten Kaye‘s arrival.
  5. Hahaha. That said: I LOVED the vat of acid plot. The reveal came much too soon any chance that Flo is getting “offed”? Wouldn’t miss her or Wyatt at all... but as you guys already mentioned: “tragic death” in Brad Bell’s thinking usually translates to a death of a doctor, maid, homeless man - and hardly ever a main character. Therefore even Vinny would be way too prominent. Maybe Vinnies favorite Uber driver is getting killed or so...
  6. Very cool - late 1992 is still rare (let’s hope for the Dutch rebroadcasts of B&B!!!) and this one even had closing credits. Splendid - thanks for sharing! It WAS a good period of the show. Windsor Harmon & Schade Harrison were awesome together. Brad Bell threw in the towel with them way too soon.
  7. Or she was just very pricey!? That one article mentioned that she made 1 million a year, plus another 1,5 million for her writing team - in 1979!? This should equal to 10 million today or so... if the ratings did not improve why tank so much money on a writing team when you can it for 25% of that sum...
  8. To little connections to the cast!? and Ashley Jones scored big when she was hired as Bridget on B&B which garnered her years worth of front burner storylines.
  9. The Dennisons weren’t exactly introduced in one of the shows most golden periods. They totally fit the bill of the likes of Kurt Costner. They were not exactly great characters; I’m nearly always Team Jill, so gutting her with Keith was not exactly my dream pairing. Ironical, I loved Megan with Tony and fell in love with Tricia eventually as well - when she went off the deep end. The only time Keith was ever good was when we got a TEMP KEITH in 1999 (?). That actor was super sexy and had off the charts chemistry with Jess Walton. I never understood why they went back to the original
  10. As for the adults and permanent recasts: yes. if you add in child actors, I’d assume that it is Bridget...
  11. This storyline was like... B&B had perfected its storytelling technique: outlandish stories - sometimes not too stellar - but the climax of those stories was always a must see event. I still don’t understand why Brad Bell felt it was smart to kill off Macy back then, but it sure made some great drama and most memorable moments.
  12. Wow - this is pretty cool. Random but interesting.
  13. Rightfully so! All I remember of him is that Thorne suddenly wore turtlenecks
  14. Wasn’t all this on EVERY single cover of CBS SiD in 2002 AND 2003!?
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