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  1. Did they re-run B&B in the Netherlands or is up for streaming somewhere?? The picture quality is pristine in those videos. This cannot come from old VHS tapes...
  2. It works on Safari. Just checked it. Try another browser... There used to be GREAT recaps on cbs.com - and every day had one screen cap. It was from 01/01/1998 onwards. Too bad that they got rid of the recap section for the soaps when they switched to full episodes being streamed. Such a waste to take the sites off the world wide web as it had zero data consumption; it just didn't fit into the new layout of cbs.com
  3. The German DVD sets consist of episode 1 - 250. So it's season one (I always count March 23 as the beginn of a season - unlike CBS nowadays...) plus a couple of episodes of the 1988/1989 season. If anyone has access to the B&B press site (or knows someone who has - any of SON staff?), they could also be of help. There are (or at least used to have) episode recaps to ALL shows, they call it "log lines". Just on some random occasions they contain characters/storyline that were not (!) part of the screened episode but it is still the most helpful source out there. Unfortunately, I didn't save all of these when I used to have access to the site. Bummer! Here's an example: 0076-0100.PDF It's still a hazzle and like a rag rug piece of sources, but on IMDB you can also find recaps for more than half of 1988 and 1989 to pinpoint a lot of episodes down to a en episode number. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092325/episodes?year=1988
  4. I have May 26 and 27 listed on a note pad... LOL
  5. Speaking of airdates: do we have the exact date for the first TRIDGE (Taylor & Ridge) wedding in May 1992? This is day 2 with the actual ceremony.
  6. A two episode stint last spring during Bill's shooting indeed. I think it was Pierson Fodé (Thomas) who screwed up any of Brad's intention with Sally and Caroline - plus her on-screen mom Joanna Johnson is done with acting (bummer! was a treat seeing her in the 2010s...) as she finally has a decent career as a writer and producer for those teen shows on Freeform or whatever that channel is now called. Therefore Brad Bell is back to instant story mode and killing of Caroline II.Not too dramatic but still a collossally wasted opportunity to kill of a character OFF_SCREEN.
  7. The problem with 1987 is that - apparently - there were like a dozen (!) premptions in July/August. Yet, it seems impossible to find out when exactly the show was preempted. So it’s all a wild guess. 1988 is a lot safer as there it seems were a lot less preemptions. Often airdates given on youtube are sketchy at best as there is conflicting information. The easiest way to get episode numbers is the German recap (but don’t buy the supposed US airdates listed there...) site I posted a couple of pages earlier in this thread. But beginning with episodes from 1989 I think.
  8. Dunno. Either some with beef with LaTylo who gave him a screw you back in 2013 or just lack of interest in the character of Taylor aka super lazy writing. You may say what you want about Tylo’s face or her acting in “dramatic moments”, having Taylor back has been one of the few very brights on this show in 2019/2019...
  9. WOW - almost too good to be true.
  10. What a pointless move... but - kill me for saying this - I’m soooo looking forward to THIS
  11. Both the return of Stephen Logan and the beginning of the Angela story started before the shooting. You may check imdb.com for recaps of at least the first half of 1988...
  12. Two more for your list... Or do you have info on them? Dave Harmon A PI hired by Eric in July 1988 to spy on Stephanie (prelude of the Angela story) Walter A Spencer Publications employee seens several times in July 1988 when Bill decides to have Donna's nide shots to be published in one of his shady US mags, "Temptation"
  13. More classic mid-90s stuff. So far, I just saw the 1994 episode which was probably one of the first with a very young Dylan Neal... https://plus.google.com/photos/photo/104785550328489102123/6607270579929050002 EDIT: It seems this was indeed Dylan Neal's second episode (after premiering in # 1794). It is either #1802 or #1803
  14. That's soooo true and hard to imagine these days. I started watching Y&R during the mid 90s but later got to watch 1986-1988 and was SHOCKED that Miguel and the Newman Ranch et al. existed, but Victor was just one of many characters and Newman Enterprises didn't properly serve a function back then. What a treat!!!! Thanks a lot
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