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  1. Problem is that Videoland is RTL Groups local streaming service and not one of the big US ones... there also might be local laws that make it easier to release such content in the Netherlands than in other countries. Still, it’s amazing that such high quality source material is sitting in the world and the Dutch are the only ones who get access to it. speaking of trivial observations: interestingly enough the writers strike material which lasted for quite a long time in 1988 had IMO absolutely zero impact on the storytelling. While I’m pretty sure that the outlines of Bill Bell were already in place in spring 1988 it was surprising how crisp the scripts were. One has to Inder who wrote these... On the other hand: as soon as the writing staff returned to the credits the first 10 episodes were REALLY bad. There were looong flashbacks and the writing was terrible. Basically everyone gabbed about Thorne and Caroline’s cancelled trip to Europe for the entire time. Apart from that and the sudden exit of Beth and Stephen I don’t think that much was altered due to the strike. Maybe your impressions while viewing will be different, though?
  2. DC first episode should be in December 1988. AmySilence is about to upload September episodes soon, so it’s another 2-3 months until the big day of Sally‘s arrival.
  3. Wooooohooo! This website is a dream come true. The crystal picture quality and most fo all the complete episode by episode nostalgia... Speaking of which: I'm currently watching #364 and am heavily surprised by the blink and you missed it location shoots. They had Brooke driving up to the Bell family mansion ah Forrester Mansion (which is a clip that was on YT before and used in flashbacks later on...), Brooke and Eric talking in the yard, Beth and Eric meeting in Marina Delray (?) and now Stephen and Storm had a talk outside the Logan house in the Valley which I had never heard of. I assume that the show started to REALLY take off internationally back then and that's why they amped the LA factor? 'cause these remotes were so short and pointless for the most part that you could have easily filmed them in the studio. And while the camera work was good, the sound quality was rather meh.
  4. Denise Richards was in Monte Carlo to promote the show last month. My best guess is that she had a short term contract, hence her heavy appearances, and now she is indeed a free agent. As her agent was just signed for a guest role, I’m sure Shauna will be back in LA soon.
  5. I have trouble to pinpoint it but I think this happened indeed. in 1999 or 2000 after Stephanie had a stroke...
  6. My best guess is that they are "around" but not available on YouTube. The soap trader/video collector, where the last bunch of 1992/1993 episodes we were spoiled with on this board came from, sure has those episodes from Fall 1993. If the Dutch video streaming site continues to showcase classic B&B we might get to see these highlight shows in a mere 5 years. LOL EDIT: I just checked: Videoland.nl has reached March 1989 by now. episode 489 was just posted. 8 more episodes and they have reached season 3 which they will hopefully upload as well.
  7. Nelson's exit was pretty abrupt. Sure the focus shifted to other characters around that like Ashley with Eileen Davidson's return, but Phyllis still had spark due the lovely Sandra Nelson. They were typical minor characters created by Bill Bell. On other shows they would have been under fives, at Y&R they got quite a lot to do even though they were mostly talk-tos. Tamra was Lauren's psychic (go figure - it was the 80s!) and Turk was Shawn's henchman. If you want to read more about the 1986 time frame in Genoa City, there are quite a lot recaps available: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069658/episodes?year=1986
  8. To say that EVERYTHING on B&B has been forgettable and a waste of time since March/April is an understatement. It's really frustrating to watch these days. That said, there is a lots of potential to quickly turn it around. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
  9. Either Lauren or Ashley over Paul indeed. At least they resisted any f*ck offs by placing Billy or Victoria on the list. I'm torn, but for Y&R I'd even put David Kimble ahead of Sheila when it comes to legendary villains and to say that Ashley with roughly 30 years of story had more impact than Sheila with 3 years is not a far stretch.
  10. One can always argue about the rank (Bill is indeed more like #9 and not #3), but the list is pretty much spot on with whom who has to be on the list. Only MAJOR omission is Taylor and dare to say that Maya compared to everyone else on the list (even Amber!) was more side note in history next to either one of them.
  11. I'm surprised that the show did not instantly drop Kristen&Storm after she had eloped with Clarke. By episode 340 Storm makes another play for Kristen... Not sure whether the chemistry is there or not, but I admire that Bill Bell kept running with Clarke because is definitely more valuable than Storm as a character and actor. Originally turned down as Ridge, then hired as day player part of Clarke, Dan McVicar kept hopping from one major story to another from 1988-1992 and he was sooo good.
  12. The whole show gives me MEGA flashback vibes these days. like when Brooke had her SECOND WTD-story in 2004 with Nick and Ridge. I'm just waiting for a preview touting "a shocking death". Back then, the much beloved (NOT!) Dr. Paxson died and we had the secret gravekeeper Jackie attending her funeral and crying for an entire episode because Brooke's OBGYN had died with the knowledge of the true paternity. This is about the smart factor of the current Beth-story. LOL!
  13. Im waiting for this summers extreme storyline makeover. I would have never guessed that even Steffys return does not put an end to this bore fest. Where is Taylor? Where is any decent story besides the thirtysomethings? Where are the location shoots?
  14. Anyone who wants to see the "Angela" storyline should head over to AmySilence's YouTube playlist and catch up. 'cause it's hapening NOW. (the first) Dr. Powell is already there and within the 5 episodes or so we will get full CHEESY backstory and the first heartbreaking (yet strange) actual scenes with Judith Borne as Angela.
  15. What I don't get is why haven't made Zoe a believable villainess. She SHOULD be after something (money? a job?) to underline her motivation to keep the baby switch a secret. Right now it is very low-key which Reese in London and her and Flo sharing the exact same conversation for months.
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