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  1. My best guess is that Mulcahey is getting closer to retirement and accepted a paycut. I always thought that the storyliner credit was more about money than actual influence. He only ever did an interview on his initial joining of B&B and that he gave the idea for Stephanie’s faked heart attack. one of the last really EPIC B&B stories, IMO. Hardly any interviews ever since or any story that really screamed Mulcahey.
  2. Minor B&B update Patrick Mulcahey last credited as storyline consultant: July 03,2019 Mulcahey is still writing scripts, though.
  3. I'm still waiting for the actual on-air-shows. If they actually feauture Maya again... Or whether it is just one episode guest stint called a storyline.
  4. Maybe it had to do with her real housewives gig and some exclusivity clause? And we probably all agree that it is hightime for at least one second story on this show. The baby switch paid off ratings-wise, though.
  5. Hunter might be a trainwreck at time, but a highly entertaining one. And I don’t think it is her that is keeping Taylor away from LA. If B&B calls and pays good money, she is always coming back. Taylor vs Brooke is KKL vs HT. No need to change actresses; they have proven this year again that they are still a gold mine.
  6. Indeed, Darlene Conley should be seen very soon. Soooo excited
  7. ??? She was on contract from the beginning. Her first airdate was in episode 7.
  8. #401 should be November 1, 1988 I'm currently at episode #390 and stories are picking up: Margo/Clarke/Kristen is delicious to watch, Donna/Bill is touching despite the nude camp and Lt. Burke is looming over Stephanie's head. Fascinating enough is the fact that every 5th episode has a location shoot at the Bell Estate/Forrester Mansion which looks nice but as grand as later location shoots.
  9. FINALLY... Nick Preston's butler RAMONE was played by Gary Moerke according to credits from #392. The actor does not seem to have an IMDb page so far.
  10. Those years used to be quite widerspread on YT. I think it was all taken down and the uploaders did not bother again.
  11. Something what struck me watching 1987 was that many characters which left quite a legacy or were brought back later on like Katie, Rocco or Bill Sr. TOTALLY get the shaft back then. They had some story but it was really wallflower-material to fill gaps. Especially, Bill & Margo felt like ROYALLY wasted.
  12. Season 1 is really a mixed bag. It's NOT good by any standards. For the longtime viewer however, it is still precious, thanks to the likes of La Flannery and some iconic first encounters and set-ups because there is lots of groundwork for the show's main characters. Up until Clarke's arrival it is basically skip-able IMO. I wasn't too gripped by Caroline's rape for instance. Season 2 starts to pick up steam and is good soap. Greatness is not often found, yet the characters get more life (and useless characters like Katie are more or less dropped), the production values improve drastically (probably due to foreign licensing sales...) and suddenly there are remotes, hospital sets get nicer etc. The upload by AmySilence on YT is up to episode 409 right now. The Dutch Streaming Site is already in the 500s, though. And Sally Spectra should pop up around #420 or so. Therefore, there is quite a good reason to binge those classic B&B episodes. The picture quality alone makes it GREAT watching and even the weaker episodes are at least on par with 2019 soaps if not better. By 1989 B&B is REALLY watchable and begins to feel bold, beautiful and campy.
  13. Does this work for you? Otherwise I will try yousendit or sth. else.
  14. Wooohoo. Thank you! As for 1080 p picture quality - YouTube apparently changed their policy a while back, limiting us non-paying customers to 720p. 1080 p is now reserved for YouTubeRed users... I will check about episode 392!
  15. Has anyone been able to download / save those two episodes from YT in decent quality??? All downloading sites I know off, fail with those two episodes and give error messages. Any way to trick them into allowing a download? 'cause I've been saving all of AmySilence's uploads and would hate to miss out on those two eps. # 397 and #398 ???
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