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  1. Nope, you can see at the botton under description what it is in those "tapes": besides 2 B&B episodes ther eis local news, Y&R, ATWT and GL...
  2. Just in case no one misses THESE: https://archive.org/details/SmokesVHSTape1120/Tape+1120+Disc+2.ISO Two B&B episodes from July 1992 which are VERY interesting. I must have missed on June-October 1992, I think, 'cause didn't know how long many of the departing characters had stayed that year or came back. Case in point: Blake, Clarke, Kristen are all still around in these episodes... The second episode is HILARIOUS: the finest Spectra camp thanks to the late Darlene Conley and Schae Harrison. They are spectacular during the comic relief designer audition of "the baltic blouse!" and others. LMAO
  3. Still have to double check but it seems like this is #1336 and #1337 of B&B
  4. So cool: B&B has two episodes -> both in the "Disc 2" segment, the closing credits of the second episode can be fond in the beginning of Disc 3... Super awesome - Summer 1992 is rarely found online so far.
  5. Yay! I really want to see B&B these days to find out what's going on with THE VATed Thomas. Dare I said it.
  6. She was a snotty child to say the least and acted VERY different from later on. Don't expect too much: it's classic soap cliché of long-missing daughter returning rom boarding school and haboring a grudge against her parents. Yawn! But Bobbie Eakes has always been awesome, so...
  7. It’s the first episode that was uploaded by MarekLogan with the polish dubbing. It’s a true miracle that a) the circle is now complete (1987-1992 online sort of...) and b) this time around in pristine picture quality and without the polish dubbing. I re-watched those episodes nearly 3 years ago and did not finish with the few 1992 episodes until earlier this year. But Marek Logan had occasional gaps - and mostly no closing titles. Therefore: bring it on AmySilence!!!
  8. Sorry to be blunt: Jack Smith is OLD. He had a great career and did some great work over the years. But his scripts inr ecnet years were beyond washed out and money-wise he should not be dependent ona job and give some newer writers the spotlight-.
  9. I also think this will be "the twist". That they had already changed the liquid in the vat by thetime Thomas fell into it. I'm more curious as to when he will be back and if we get some Hope Haunting in the meantime. Kinda like Adam gaslighting Ashley back in the day on Y&R. But this time we all will be rooting for the villain, I guess. LOL
  10. It's quite a bummer that I've finally caught up with the show AND have been enjoying it lately and now the BOUND TO HAPPEN reveal that Thomas is still alive is delayed through those preemptions. Good to hear that B&B was broadcast today! And I second one motion: Hope needs to die. She is a piece of trash to Kimberly Fairchild proportions. Even moreso than previous Hope or Ivy...
  11. Before Forrester Creations secretary Trish there was CLAIRE at the desk. Any idea who she might be? Character Witnesses for Ron Deacon Mrs. Webber, a friend of Ron's mom Mr. Baker, Ron's boss Mrs. Pearson, Ron's high-school sweetheart
  12. Thanks you've been great guys!! His on-screen name on B&B was Doug Russell I think I will put your savvyness to the text and soon post screencaps of the various character witness during Caroline's rape trial. They are now the most least important (LOL) missing actors to appear on B&B during its first year for who I could not find any credits... And here we go... Male Models at Forrester Creations and wannabe competetion in the romance department for Clarke in regards to Kristen: Greg: Andy Granger Lanford Kingsley
  13. I thought he was VERY bland and was not sorry at all when the show dropped Dave. I read that, too. He has been speaking very fondly of B&B in later years...
  14. I once chatted with Michael Maloney who worked at various soap mags AND B&B itself; he didn't have a clue on the reason for the Beth switch. As for recating Thorne: I once heard rumblings about alchol problems of Clayton Norcross back in the day. It may also be that Bill Bell was looking for a different Thorne because he was trying to match up Bobbie Eakes For a couple of days this would indeed be cool considering the flashbacks with Brooke and Eric they could show from the reallllly early days. It COULD be him
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