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  1. What I don't get is why haven't made Zoe a believable villainess. She SHOULD be after something (money? a job?) to underline her motivation to keep the baby switch a secret. Right now it is very low-key which Reese in London and her and Flo sharing the exact same conversation for months.
  2. Sounds very UN-interesting. LOL Glad to have Steffy back and a remote is always nice ice-candy, so I will stay put.
  3. Exactly. What an unexpected sight - she looks pretty good.
  4. A lot of the actors from the first season were not very polished or strong. Terri Ann Linn only survived as long as she did because Daniel McVicar was an unexpected instant success. As soon as he was absorbed into Sally's orbit and with Colleen Dion's arrival as Felicia who was a fierce actress, Kristen was completely unnecessary. Katie and Storm were never given a proper chance (or storyline for that matter) as characters so it's hard to say whether the actors were really that bland. We will also never know how much was altered from the original plan due to the writer's strike of 1988. Bill Bell was famous for writing meticulous long and detailed outlines (and very much ahead), yet is not credited on the 1988 episodes as soon as the strike material started. So maybe Katie or Storm were supposed to have some sort of story but I doubt it. Quick heads for the YouTube episodes of Amy Silence: the Angela story will kick off in 10 episodes... On a more trivial note as I was never expecting to get to see those pristine quality B&B episodes from 1988 including full credits: it is very interesting to see some random directors being involved with the show back then. Doug Rogers!? Bob Bowker!? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1078924/ https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0736848/ It is evident that John Zak - after his successful directing gig at Y&R - became a regular director on B&B at the same time that Bill Glenn left and the show had only one regular director: Michael Stich - who at that time was still very young. There were LOADS of freelance directors hired or trial gigs happening from March-July 1988, it seems. This became really uncommon during the 1990s and onwards with the taping schedule getting tighter and soaps relying on a rather fixed set of contract directors. And the tenure of Dennis Steinmetz as producer (and occasional director) was also rather brief considering that the succeeding producers at B&B stayed for at least 5 years or until their respective retirement.
  5. It was quickly established in December 1991 to allow Joanna Johnson to return as the failed Karen character: Karen was kidnapped as an infant (which Carioline apparently knew nothing about) so that's why she was not ever mentioned in 1987 onwards. Bonnie Roberts who was an aid to the kidnappers then took the child (when they wanted to get rid of it after a failed money exchange) and fled through the entire US, ending her un in Starlight (Texas) where she raised he girl as Faith Roberts and lived a simple life until Blake Hayes passed through town.
  6. Time-line wise, Donna had Marcus BEFORE we met her in 1987... As for BIll, this was a major retcon. But not the first one with SPencer children. Both Karen and Bill Jr. were NEVER intended during these 1987/1988 episodes... EDIT: Brooke's "romance" with Dave was one of the key reasons why I always stood with Stephanie and Taylor that Brooke cannot be trusted and is nothing but a calculating gold digger. Contrary to you guys I also felt very uneasy by Brooke and Donna folowing the papers and then showing up at the hospital to socialise with Caroline. Talk about creepy! And while Bill Bell's talent is not to be disputed, it is clear that his wiring for most of the Logans except Brooke and Donnaleft a lot to be desired for. And we had those tideous episodes with a recap scene and the main scene (usually Ridge with Caroline and Stephanie or Thorne yapping abut it to another poor character) even in those days from time to time.
  7. That was quick, @Marquise Hurry to YouTube 'cause it's ON in #306 and #307
  8. Circket returned in 1986 - as a contract player alongside Tricia Cast and Thom Bierdz. She was definitely heavily featured during summer of previous years because everyone at Jabot knew her. My guess is that 1983 is correct after all, even if it was just a dayplayer part as a Jabot Teen Model or extra in a Danny Ramalotti scene back then.
  9. Do you still have them and could re-upload?
  10. Is this really episode 300-399? I've got the DVD Box sets, so that's why I'm asking. EDIT: cannot get the link to work unfortunately. Hmmm
  11. From what I remember Maria Arena came from a middle class family and worked in the fashion industry in LA during the 1980s when she met Bill Bell Jr. He got her introduced to his dad and the became a script writer on B&B. Poof 1992, she retires from public work, marries, gets children and rather shockingly shows up Y&R as head writer in December 2007. We learn that she did a lot of charity work in the years prior and is an avid art collector. Personally, I thought that she was much better than given credit for. Unfortunately ever since she was allowed solo reign, it went down the gutter. It's deinitely true that she had not the chops or the experience to be head writer and or executive producer of a daily show. She needed strong co-working bees which she either stirred away due to ego or had the wrong advisors.
  12. Post of the day - LMAO! I check those uploads regularly. I must admit that I'm getting greedy and wish that she'd upload more than one episode a day. Has anyone talked to her or is aware whether those B&B classics are streamed in the Netherlands or just on cable TV? 'cause if they were streamed I'd give a VPN client a try to check what episodes they are currently showing. As I understand it they are still re-running classic B&B...
  13. Oh no! I hope we find him/her again soon.
  14. It was a no brainer to make her a fixture of GC again when Jeanne Cooper passed away. We all know what Jess Walton got to do the last couple of years instead. Still shocking that we have to thank JFP to convince JW to return in the first place (on this ridiculous low recurring capacity).
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