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  1. I also thought that many years of learning French finally paid off... LOL Re: the death scene - Tricia Cast was PHENOMENAL. And Jess Walton soooo good as well. How amazing was it for Jill to accuse Kay before (!) even properly mourning her son...
  2. November 2000 - December 2001 should be online somewhere - with Polish voice-overs. I’ve watched these episodes many years ago on YouTube/Dailymotion. Not sure if MarekLogan was the uploaded or another polish fan... episodes 1300-2180 (June 1992-November 1995) are THE most glaring omissions on the www. Minus a couple of episodes here and there and Nikki Ns wonderful gifts these episodes have never surfaced online. It’s unbelievable as it was one of B&Bs strongest periods.
  3. Marla Adams (Y&R's Dina) as Beth is coming up shortly in the uploads around Xmas 1990... The temp Donna is doing the farewell episodes for Donna in March 1991 which is super weird. Then, in 1994 Carrie Mitchum returned like nothing ever happened!? Lane Davies subbed for Ronn Moss in 1992 shortly after the TRIDGE wedding, I think. One of his scenes is Ridge sitting on a plane to L.A. if I recall correctly.
  4. And it was a rather lengthy "subbing". Hunter Tylo was ill for two weeks or so...
  5. Thank you so much! I just noticed that quite a lot of months 1991-1993 look almost complete which is unbelievable. What a treat!
  6. Jake's initial story was really good. Too bad that they wasted Felicia&Jake by putting her with Zach eventually. Jake's return in 2007 (?) was sooo out of the blue, but even moreso how smoking hot the aged Todd McKee was. I think one of his first scenes was making out shirtless with Donna (Jennifer Gareis) in a hotel room. The occasional scenes ever sicne are random but a sweet nod to history. Todd McKee has quit acting a long time ago and seems to be a rather successfull employee with MerrylLynch; and he is has been playing tennis regularly with Brad Bell for roughly two decad
  7. The whole storywith Clarke's two sons was really sweet because we got to see lots of Clarke who spent 1997-2005 more or less in backburner hell before being let go. The momentum with Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget)was also there - too bad it went nowehere and Brad Bell killed that story for Bridget/Ridge...
  8. In the Recent Michael Fairman interview which was a Little low on content but full of Tricia Cast and Jess Walton love the two ladies get a kick out remembering the GUAM scenes which were shared in this thread a couple of years ago...
  9. We have seen Y&R credits from the same time than his B&B stint and we was also credited as "consultant" there as well. I don't think Bill Bell used anything on B&B. I cannot pinpoint a single story from April-July that looked like Reilly. Then again, Anne Schoettle (who is amrried to David Shaughnessy I think) was also serving as coslutant on Y&R back then. I'd always assumed that these consultant psoitions were either payback for being a scab writer during the 1988 writers strike or part of a Network deal theese writers scored.
  10. Interesting fact for the TRIVIA NERDS out there: We know have the exact dates for James E. Reilly's stint as consultant on B&B. No idea if he ever really consulted or Bill Bell used any idea of his or if it was just a Network deal with CBS that paid him some money! Reilly's tenure as "consultant" was rather brief and lasted from # 773 (April 24, 1990) - # 859 (August 22, 1990). As always: Thanks to the mysterious uploader for providing the classic episodes with closing titles.
  11. That was pretty cool. Interesting choice of clips.
  12. i discovered the new additons this morning, too! #860 is the first of 7 consecutive "missing" episodes, never included in Marek Logan's polish YouTube channel. Very excited for these episodes to become available...
  13. The voiceovers are great fun. Didn’t they do something similar when B&B went to over to DivaTV?
  14. Thank you so much! That's quite a large bit of episodes from an exciting time period of the show. A special teat to see them with closing credits.
  15. The ending on that episode is soooo much fun. I totally remembered this scene!
  16. Thank you, much appreciated! Seeing John McCook in 1978 and his voice is practically identical to today is so surreal.
  17. +1 did anyone save it and could provide a wetransfer link or else to those poor souls who are anxious to see this episode like me and yrfan1983!?
  18. The grieving widower spending some shirtless (or at least open vest) moments at Big Bear in #840 was also very particular or soapy.
  19. Agreed in all three accounts. Teri Ann Lin was so LUCKY to have Daniel McVicar as her onscreen partner for a quite a while. They were really good but not because of her. LOL NuKristen was okay, but I didn't like her story with Tony that much and she was bland.
  20. Storyline-wise the early Storm/Taylor scenes are cute although I don't see that much chemistry between the actors. Poor Storm, he was the constant leftover on B&B when it came to romance. The handling of Caroline's death still holds up to this date. The flower garden, the charme bracelet, the goodbye party - it's all so beautiful (even though stilted)! BTW: Episode 837 has Cindy Ambuehl as Bunny, a Spectra Model. Ambuehl is Don Diamont's wife (but was not back then!) and had two other minor roles on B&B in 1996 and 2012. I had no idea that she once guested as a
  21. AFlanFan's site was such a treasure grove. And to think that he/she collected ALL and I repeat ALL scenes of Susan Flannery in 23+ years on B&B was incredible. The greedy fan in me of course always hoped for the full episodes and not just scenes, but the concept was fascinating and made some good binge-watching before that word even existed. We are getting really close to episode #860 ff. There was quite a big gap in the Marek Logan uploads with Polish dubbing, meaning that roughly 10 episodes will be "new"- Sooooo excited for it!
  22. Wow - Patty Weaver looks amazing!? And the other two, Nina and Cricket - sigh - that’s Y&R.
  23. Woohoo, looking forward to these episodes. Thank you already!
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