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  1. So far in rewatching the classic episodes, until March 1992, I don't think Darla was ever given an on-screen last name. So far Dinkle is just the credits name (though not in the US ones...) which is kinda surprising because Maria the maid was once (!) given a family name in an episode which never made it to the credits, though.
  2. This is one the writers which we have little info online so far; in case of Y&R not even a year yet! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1267575/
  3. Chenneling my inner Stephanie Forrester: if only...
  4. BTW: Just because we don't send you enough praises anymore, be assured that we all are eternally grateful for your idea and dedication to create and make THE VAULT work. I just had to mention it again. For years we felt spoilt by some generous souls on this board sharing multiple uploads on YouTube which were then taken down, pirated etc. Now it's just a labor of love to be able to relive all those classic episodes of B&B and Y&R - thanks to your idea and efforts. I listened very carefully to their backstory while rewatching. It was just stressed that Blake was so caring (aka. paid for Taylor's medical school) and therefore Taylor fell in love with him. The backstory of the Hamiltons was not yet created/adressed. It's probably safe to also attribute some sort of daddy complex because Jack Hamilton was not always a model citizen during Taylor's childhood and youth. Or maybe: they just clicked and shared chemistry. JMO, nothing against Peter Brown as an actor but he didn't appeal to me as romantic lead at all. Does anyone know whether his Y&R or DAYS roles were played in this direction?
  5. I cannot remember a "real story" on her return. I took it as out-of-work-actress desperate for some cash... Her return was just so sudden for Bill Bell's standards and did not fit really well storyline-wise. That's why I assumed that bringing on Karen was not something Bell planned to do - untill Joanna Johnson announced her readiness to return. In the early/mid 1990s JJ was already desperate to pitch her writing career. Back then, still unsuccessfull. BTW: here's a sreenshot of THE WIG @slick jonesThe reporter pictures was named Ron Weaver, after B&B's producer, but he did not get an on-screen credit. Do you happen to know who the actor was? HAHA - ah Bake; he truly is a character were even repeated viewing does you not like him any better. As we are getting closer to Balke's exit, there are some really disdainful final moments coming up. Blech!
  6. To those already watching the 1992 episodes: what's your reaction to the OUTRAGEOUS blonde wig that they put on Joanna Johnson's head for newly created "flashback" scenes/interviews of her as Caroline while playing brunette Karen!?
  7. Indeed. All three actress had a different take on the character - and it all worked wonderfully. That said, one could argue that Michelle Stafford also played a different Phyllis from 2000-2005 (and was still great at it), before she quit acting and turned to mannerism.
  8. Looking forward to rewatch St. Thomas A LOT. #tridge
  9. This also took place in a very uneven period of the show... Remember the insta-relationship (even marriage?) of Donna &Justin which lasted ten episodes? All the Logans were hevaily altered wth the recasts in 2006-2008. Think of Steven!? Think of Beth!? Think of Katie!? Only Storm was kinda in-line with the previous incarnations.
  10. According to IMDb she appeared in episodes #23 and #45. If I remember correctly, Donna was hanging around at the beach with some friends at a bonfire and the whole set was barely lit, so that it was not that easy to see much on-screen. They tried some VERY natural stuff with the teens back then. Griffey's was so low key and plausible as a college hangout; and there was a disco called DANCE FACTORY for one episode, I think. Too bad they clearly did not have the proper budget to use this is a real set for the teens. The recast was really bizarre. Judith Baldwin/the original Beth was much prettier, but Nancy Burnett fit in really well with the upcoming stories, so I guess it was storyline dictated recast.
  11. Thank you guys! And of course a major shout-out to all uploaders!
  12. Ah, the memories. Victor and Sabrina was MAB, I think and started very quickyl when LML was hunted off the premises. EDIT: Was Australian-Colleen and Professor Whatshisname (Adrian Korbel? Was he killed?) also in 2007? I can remember most of these stories but nothing how it played out onscreen because it was all soo sad and squandered (due to bad editing, awful music and some nonsensual twists). I'll give LML credit for actually doing PSA stories which were current. That said, the one scene I vividly remember from 2007 besides Dru's fall into bad CGI. Lily: "Oh my god Daniel. This is paaaaaaaawrn, Daniel. Oh my god, paaaaaawrn. You are addicted to paaaaaaaawrn, Daniel!"
  13. I must admit that this never bothered me because Owen was such a boring character from the get go, so that him sexing it up with Leslie Anne Down and walking around shirtless was a huge improvement and was easy to watch. Wasn’t there a twin story with Brandon Beemer for about two episodes?
  14. Ah, how cool is that. Dan McVicar is no longer the suave Prince Charming he once was, but Clarke will always remain an important and much loved B&B character. It was a HUGE wasted opportunity - mostly because the other stories at the time weren't "great" in any way so it made even less sense.
  15. Two things: a) B&B cannot put this stuff on Paramount+ (ViacomCBS). ViacomCBS must be willing to license/pay for these episodes. The beauty of YouTube is that B&B can basically run their private channel without any fee and get some cents from the ad revenue coming from streaming these episodes instead. It's surely reallly low income but somehow this seems to be line with their original Union and/por cast & crew contracts which actually amazes me... a) maybe the obligation to pay or the amount of royalties are different if B&B releases these episodes by themselves and gets ad revenue from YouTube and does not receive any licensing fees from ViacomCBS?
  16. Was "Out of Ashes" in November 2006? Which we all called "out of their asses" which played out on a carpark for two weeks, allegedly cost a huge amount of money but looked and felt sooo cheap and pointless on screen. All I remember of it now is Jeanne Cooper walking around in a dusted face.
  17. LOL and +1 This is a great trailer. Simply because it makes you want to watch...
  18. I'm just rewatching at around #1188 (December 1991). Cast credits are included quite regularly in those episodes...
  19. wait!? Pam was finally back onscreen this week??? id never thought we would See Alley Mills again. It has been 18 months?
  20. Thanks Marquise! I’m always impressed by some of your high definition photos from the early days…
  21. Nice, I’m always thrilled when someone new starts enjoying the show. Think this has gotten rare and the key issue for US soaps in recent years. They lack the prominence to find a broader „new“ audience (needless to say some might argue this is rightfully so because the writing often fails to deliver these days). I’d still say that B&B is somewhat true to its core (the show started to blossom and come into its own IMO from 1990-1992) and therefore enjoyable although I cannot deny my issues with today’s wiring and production values to make me prefer previous periods. But hey, Kimberli Brown was brought. So: Sheila forever - and I’m done for the ride!
  22. I don’t think there is an official announcement. We should count our blessings: originally it was supposed to be the very first 50 (?) episodes, then season. And they just haven’t stopped due to popular demand. rTL/Videoland is still Licensing B&B, so maybe they will show the reruns indefinitely.
  23. They came up with this bogus device sometimes during COVID. Probably during Steffys addiction or Thomas brain surgery…
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