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  1. Who I swear has an undiagnosed case of ADHD. He's not quite at Aaron Spelling levels of oversaturation, but how many times have we heard about some high profile project with a far too qualified cast?
  2. There's also a having the cake and eating it, too, aspect I'm not comfortable with. This was increased when I found the article that ran in SOD after the episode aired. https://classicsodnews.tumblr.com/post/171693446514/santa-barbara-attacks-general-hospital-soap-opera I found Marcy's comments to be the most insightful. Interesting that she didn't mention having played a victim before on AMC.
  3. Finally found the scenes I was looking for, Eden being treated so crassly by "Linc and Laurie" before letting them have it. If that wasn't enough of a thin veil, consider the mention of producer "Betty Bounty." The juxtaposition between Eden's comments and another rape occurring is incredibly chilling.
  4. I was watching clips from November-December 1983 and one thing jumped out at me: the oddity of not keeping Opal around for a couple weeks longer so she could be at Jenny and Tony's non-wedding. Does anyone know the exact date of Dorothy Lyman's last episode? The last upload she appears in is from Wednesday, Nov. 30 (the day Liza found out about Tad and Marian). By Monday, Dec. 19, it's mentioned that Opal left for Switzerland to get married to Ralph Purdy. With that in mind, I'm going to guess Greg crashing the wedding happened on Friday, Dec. 23 and Monday, Dec. 26.
  5. And so smug, too! I recall the time he referred to Jessica Savitch as a "train wreck" with Bryant Gumbel. I'm not saying she didn't have problems, but, geesh, she was Bryant's colleague and easily had more talent and presence than Andy ever will.
  6. Franko

    A Different World

    If I recall correctly, the two plotlines that NBC wouldn't eventually approve were (a) having a character actually receive an abortion and (b) gay bashing. Stevie, and then Lettie, were inessential holders of an essential role -- the older and wiser female. Once the students got older, it made more sense to have the role be filled by Jaleesa, Whitley, Kim and Freddie (more or less in that order). In hindsight, I wish Jaleesa would have left with Walter. Having Jaleesa be reduced to one scene per episode was pretty said. I don't know if Lewis and Sinbad quit or if they were fired.
  7. It's interesting when a bland soap hunk rises above that persona. I never would have guessed that Justin Hartley and Eric Winter would carve out primetime careers.
  8. I've said it before, but 2002-2006 NBC Daytime was FULL of these guys. Really taught me it wasn't a phase.
  9. Christine also just happened to be in that production of Camelot.
  10. Amazing stuff! I can't read to read the commentary in full. Maybe my eyes directly go to the sharp stuff, since I was landing on comments like "Georganne LaPierre (Heather) has to be one of the most untrained actresses to appear this year." And hel-lo there, Beau Kayser!
  11. Katherine Bell's marriage into the Quartermaines (GH), written during Claire Labine's run, had some resemblance to Delia's involvement with the Ryans (RH). It wasn't an especially secure union, the in-laws struggled to tolerate her and Katherine wasn't above playing the victim card. I especially love Monica, who ain't havin' it.
  12. Y&R and B&B both had the virgin daughter of a publisher, in love with a guy her dad disapproved of, getting raped early in the show's run.
  13. Does this count? Agnes Nixon sure loved ambitious young women and salt of the earth mothers: Rachel and Ada (AW) Carla and Sadie (OLTL) Erica and Mona (AMC) Ava and Kate (LOV)
  14. One thing worth mentioning is that Passions isn't exactly alone in obscurity. It's not like Port Charles, Sunset Beach, The City and Generations get a whole lot of love from soap fans. It's great that the show has a loyal fan base, but I'll be honest, I understand the detractors' POV more and more.
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