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  1. Glad to see the thread's back! Hello-hello again, @will81! Maybe it's me, but I'm getting mighty sick of Jon-Michael Reed haranguing Santa Barbara for being a hot mess. I dunno, I just feel like he's writing with a "How dare they?!" attitude that's really off-putting. Then again, but most accounts, SB needed the reins to be pulled in, so ... The relentless pimping of Brad Maule continues. I'm so glad to know he didn't really have his head shaved. And welcome aboard, Fuenella! Mrs. Divine, indeed.
  2. Lord, she needs to retire already ...
  3. Since they all seem to be afflicted with Peter Pan Syndrome, how about "The Lost Boys & Girls"?
  4. Fairbanks, Alaska, October 1983: KTTU, the NBC station in Anchorage, also aired ABC shows: 9 a.m.: AMC 10 a.m.: GH 11 a.m.: Sale of the Century and Wheel of Fortune 12 p.m.: LOV and SFT 1 p.m.: DAYS 2 p.m.: AW 3 p.m.: Dream House and Go! KTVF, then-CBS in Fairbanks: 9 a.m.: Richard Simmons and Pyramid 10 a.m.: Press Your Luck and Tattletales 11 a.m.: TPIR 12 p.m.: News & Y&R 1 p.m.: Y&R and ATWT 2 p.m.: ATWT and CAP 3 p.m.: GL (Another Life aired on the religious station at 3:30)
  5. Checking in on this area, July 1983: NBC (listings only for Sacramento (KCRA) and San Francisco (KRON)) 9 a.m.: still Finnerty & Company/reruns (now Diff'rent Strokes) and Sale of the Century 10 a.m.: still Wheel of Fortune on both, with Sacramento still airing Tic Tac Dough and SF airing the new network game, Dream House, at 10:30 11 a.m.: Dream House and Sale of the Century in Sacramento/Facts of Life reruns and news in SF 12 p.m.: still news in Sacramento/DAYS in SF 1 p.m.: Fantasy in Sacramento/AW in SF 2 p.m.: AW in Sacramento (there's a YouTu
  6. Atlanta, April 1988: ABC: 9:00 Geraldo 10:00 The Judge 10:30 Superior Court 11:00 Newlywed Game 11:30 Hollywood Squares 12:00 News 12:30 Ryan's Hope 1:00 All My Children 2:00 One Life to Live 3:00 General Hospital 4:00 Oprah Winfrey CBS: 9:00 Donahue 10:00 Sally Jessy Raphel 10:30 Divorce Court 11:00 The Price is Right 12:00 News 12:30 The Young and The Restless 1:30 The Bold and The Beautiful 2:00 As The World Turns 3:00 Guiding Light. 4/4:30 The Jeffersons NBC: 9:00 Jeopardy! 9:30 Win Lose or Draw 10:00 Will Shriner 11:00 Whee
  7. I guess adding B&B sometime between late 1989-late 1991 inspired KGGM, the CBS in Albuquerque, to shake things up. Of note: all of the network programming is accounted for in '91, while the network version of Wheel of Fortune apparently didn't air (stopped airing?) in '89. 10 a.m.: From Y&R to ATWT 11 a.m.: From ATWT to Designing Women and Family Feud 12 p.m.: From news and FF to news and TPIR 1 p.m.: From TPIR to TPIR's second half and B&B 2 p.m.: GL, both times 3 p.m.: From FF's syndicated version and Love Connection to Y&R
  8. New Mexico/West Texas/Durango, Colorado, October 1989: NBC (four stations -- Albuquerque, Roswell, El Paso and Farmington) 8 a.m. -- Today conclusion in all but El Paso (airing Scrabble and Golden Girls reruns) 9 a.m. -- Scrabble and Jackpot! (El Paso aired Donahue) 10 a.m. -- I Love Lucy reruns and GENERATIONS (El Paso aired Sally Jessy Raphael) 11 a.m. -- DOOL (all four) 12 p.m. -- AW (all four) 1 p.m. -- SB (all four) 2 p.m. -- GENERATIONS and Classic Concentration in El Paso, Highway to Heaven on the others 3 p.m. -- Divorce Court and Peo
  9. Did Eileen specify a year? I know I initially asked thought of 1991 (when Jenny, Dominique and Julia would have been available), but GH could also have wanted Eileen in December 1988 for Katherine Delafield.
  10. It's stuff like that which made me want to smack JER with a big ol' crucifix. T.C. on PASSIONS used to get sanctimonious in that way, too, but in a way that wasn't really called upon. At least Sr. Mary Moira wasn't really someone you'd take seriously. Or Sami, when Franco died.
  11. Don saw something he wasn't supposed to while at the mailbox and ended up in the Witness Protection Program ...
  12. Something I didn't know: Hillary Edson, later to play Eve, auditioned in 1983 for the role of Mindy.
  13. @j swift, I'd like to take you for a rousing evening at the Cock-N-Bull Steakhouse and Lounge ... Boy, they still are pushing Brad Maule (still supposedly on his way out) something fierce. He had the beautiful voice and the power to hush up the audience and backstage talent at the Heart Fund benefit. How odd that only Kin Shriner (now single!) is the only one to have his costume mentioned. I'm glad to know Grant Show was having bicoastal fun, with a girl in California and closer to work/home in NYC, Tasia Valenza. Time to put on our thinking caps: which "fla
  14. Looking again at that photo of SSH, I notice that she's doing the old lady hunch forward. You know, if the wardrobe wasn't enough, I guess they really want to sell that this woman is clearly not a Millennial.
  15. "I'm gonna blow you ... across the room!" *bad timing for a pause there, Patty*
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