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  1. One thing worth mentioning is that Passions isn't exactly alone in obscurity. It's not like Port Charles, Sunset Beach, The City and Generations get a whole lot of love from soap fans. It's great that the show has a loyal fan base, but I'll be honest, I understand the detractors' POV more and more.
  2. Decided it was time to finally have a profile photo.

    1. Gray Bunny

      Gray Bunny

      Linda from Sea-At-All !!! LOL 

  3. And by many accounts, she was reluctant to do so.
  4. Even the successful (or at least long-lasting) recasts are kind of a results may vary situation, like with Jill Larson as Opal, Robin Mattson as Janet, etc. If there's one "rule" with AMC, it seems to be that if you're a young woman in the '80s, don't get recast. And even that's not 100 percent correct: Nina, Liza, Angie ... but then Skye and Dixie.
  5. Hopefully a non-dubbed or better translated upload will come soon, but for now, here's another depiction of a talk show. Eden Capwell reading General Clinic for filth.
  6. You're welcome! That was AMC's studio where they filmed the exteriors, right? Marcy's actually in the next episode. In approximately two weeks, the recast occurs. A pity, really. I wonder what would have happened if Lau and/or Greg hung around a little longer.
  7. An episode I'd never seen until last night ... Tony Barclay's fatal fall and the introduction of Not Jenny. Is it wrong to say the intense staring between Greg and Tony is kinda hot?
  8. They might as well be doing it live and on the fly.
  9. It's so sad, so unfortunate.
  10. After all his turmoil, it might have been nice to Tony to slip into the role of beloved elder, a la Steve Hardy.
  11. I wish I still had my copy of the family album from 1995, which included a brief sketch of the Hortons pre-1965. According to SoapCentral's family tree: Alice was born in 1911 and married in 1930, making her 54 when the show premiered and 99 when she died in 2010. Tommy and Addie were born in 1931. She gave birth to Hope, and died soon after, at roughly age 43 in 1974. Mickey was born in 1932. No ages are given for Bill, Marie or Julie, but I vaguely recall Marie was ~23 in 1965. Assuming Julie was born in wedlock, she would be 16, 15 at youngest, when the show premiered.
  12. Yup. Mike got younger. Michael T. Weiss is 11 years younger than Eure. Roark was actually just a year younger than Weiss, but looked younger. The better to somehow be Carrie's contemporary. Jamie Frame also seemed to have a longer than usual young adulthood.
  13. 1. I know @Mitch has talked about what a waste it was that Sabrina Fullerton on ATWT wasn't more colorful. The same could be said for Little Billy. But would he have been a juvenile Ugly American? 2. For a genre so dependent on catching up and heart-to-hearts, it's interesting when you get the one person who's out of the loop. I guess Lucky's like that one cousin who stopped updating their Facebook. 3. Maybe Brava had a special family issue each year, with updated portraits of Mac, Rachel, Amanda and Matthew? 4. There's something to be said about finding a style that works, I suppose. 5. "I want to have a normal life, with normal kids." I don't think Nick ever said that, but surely it hung in the air for himself and other soap brats.
  14. Jasmine on the Tony Awards: (Also, I'm crushin' hard on Patrick Cassidy.)
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