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  1. I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and guess GH's higher numbers were related to Genie's temporary return.
  2. "Dumb Dora loves being DAYS' production accountant. It's the only job where she can pay with [BLANK]." *funky bass, Brett Somers demands to see the card for herself*
  3. Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how they would have gotten around that problem. Alas, we ended up with TPTB being perfectly okay with presenting a 1 +1 = 3 situation (not literally, of course) and oddly enough, everyone going with it. ETA: I'm now cracking myself up picturing a really convoluted, Heaven Can Wait on crack situation where bad Luke, then good Luke, die. Good Luke's spirit ends up in the body of a third man (also named Luke). He looks different from TG to everyone minus the audience. TG, meanwhile, has to spend the next 30+ years never appearing in a scene with a mirror or reflective surface. Okay, enough of that silliness ...
  4. Okay, I'm going to throw out an idea: Should GH have killed off Luke in spring-summer 1980 and had Laura fall for and commit heroic acts with his good twin and/or lookalike? On the one hand, it's not the most original idea*, but it would work later on** and I can't think of an easier way to do right by Gloria, Pat, Genie and Tony and the fanbase. Obviously we can't turn back time, but something to think about. *OLTL did it in reverse with Marco posing as Mario around this time. **A few years later, the real Sky and Raven on EON. A decade after that, Kevin arriving after Ryan on GH. Being a '90s kid, I knew the beat before the song. I still sometimes sing to myself, "Biggie Biggie Biggie, can't you see ..."
  5. You're welcome, @Khan. I really liked the bond between Laura and Joanne, and how it was affecting Laura and Claudia.
  6. I'd love a soap hopper, like Nicolas Coster, to write a book. Think of how much ground could be covered. ETA: Bryan Cranston's book also left me wanting more insight on Loving. Let's get Lauren-Marie Taylor a pen!
  7. A few months after the rape, Luke did something really disgusting. As Laura and Scotty were dancing at the disco, he changed the music playing to "Rise."
  8. It all just sounds so rich and juicy! The kind of material an audience and a creative team can really dig into. Also, I'm loving that tidbit about Kitty's singing voice. How easily the pleasant can segue into the complex and tumultuous.
  9. Ah, my apologies. I was hoping you'd be able to shine some light on all of this.
  10. Yeah, Bill raping Laura was clearly depicted as a rape. The idea of it being a seduction apparently only came up twice: when Laura first claimed to a now-sober Bill that he failed to seduce her, then when she told what happened to Tom Horton. Technically Bill went to jail for involuntary manslaughter involving Kitty Horton's death, but considering she planned to blackmail him about the rape, his sentence can be considered related to the earlier crime. I think I've gotten the information correctly. If I missed anything, please let me know. What I wouldn't mind seeing is the episodes after Bill got out of jail, where Laura realized the extent of his devotion and renewed her friendship before falling back in love with him. Talk about your acting and writing challenges! Then again, Bill Bell was a skilled writer, who must have known the difference between playing all the beats and quitting when you're behind.
  11. I don't think GH ever connected the dots, but David could have been some sort of minion for the Cassadines, aiding the curse Helena put on Luke and Laura. I mean, if Luke has superpowers, why wouldn't the Cassadines be demonic? @vetsoapfan, in your honor, I'm giving the world's most pronounced eye roll.
  12. Interesting choice. Would you elaborate? This comment inspired me to re-read Marie Horton's character history. I'd love to see those scenes where she and Alex are trapped in the wilderness. They were trying to stop Mary Anderson from uncovering the truth that they are Jessica's parents, but the plane was sabotaged (by Kellam Chandler ... Alex had a lot of enemies in those days!). Anyway, Marie remembered why she loved Alex and why she ended up fearing him. They come oh so close to re-consummating their relationship, taboo because Marie was still a nun at the time. It's probably just coincidental (and Marie had been a nun for several years already), but if you told me this storyline was partially inspired by The Thorn Birds, I'd believe you.
  13. I wish they'd update that Tumblr soon. I was feeling rather nostalgic tonight.
  14. Thank you so much for that context. I was just going off of what was happening in that episode and decided Brittany seemed too dull for my liking. Donna may be a snob, but she's *my* snob, darn it! Also, the next episode would be the last for this Peter, according to AWHP. In just over a month, Michael arrives. Reginald and Mary won't show up until next summer.
  15. "I don't want her relish." You and me both, Donna.
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