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  1. @j swift, I think @Mitch meant to say The Sun Also Sets, the show in Soapdish.
  2. Good points. I did what I didn't want to, fell into the "every step or setback is a game changer!" mentality.
  3. Cue the "Democrats in disarray" bull from the usual suspects ...
  4. Something I've noticed while reading recaps of mid '80s AW: the murder stories tend to drag on a bit. For example, in 1984: David was shot in May but we didn't find out who actually did it until November. The year later, Brittany's cousin Willa died in February and her death was resolved in July.
  5. Highlights of July 1984 include: -- The aftermath of the clusterfcuk that was the '84 Daytime Emmys. In light of reports that Judi Evans also received the cold shoulder from her costars for winning one so soon, I felt oogy reading Jon-Michael Reed questioning her win. -- Christopher Rich and Nancy Frangione preparing to depart AW. I dunno, I don't think it would have been so bad had Sandy transitioned into more of a tentpole character. It might even have eased some of the upheaval in the wake of Douglass Watson's death. -- Eileen Fulton's back! J-MR gives a little shade to her s
  6. And he wasn't. I forgot Scotty.
  7. Speaking of Norman Lear, I keep forgetting that he apparently had some (minimal) early involvement with Who's the Boss? (as the Soaps Of Yesterday blog recently reminded me). I think the case was WTB? was originally an Embassy show, which meant the columnists were cool with associating Norman's name with it. ETA: I've never watched "Perfect Strangers" all the way through, but it seems to have had a reverse. Starting out for adults/families, then softening for kid appeal. I have watched "Mr. Belvedere" all the way through and that definitely evolved from family show with a slight ed
  8. And if I remember correctly, Martha died during the Port Charles hurricane or thereabouts. Nancy, Tracy, Martha and Augusta and Phil's kid ... talk about four missed opportunities. Tommy Hardy didn't need to be the only legacy character on late '80s GH.
  9. I could be wrong, but I think "Strokes" started out fairly popular (then again, when everything else on NBC was in the basement ...) Anyway, I agree with your distinction between the first and second waves. I always think of the second wave as being dominated by Miller-Boyett's shows, but you'd also get a show or two like "Blossom." (Somewhere to the left, closer to the "adult shows," would be a "Wonder Years" or a "Doogie Howser") Seems like the kid-favoring shows fell out of favor at the basic networks, moving onto Nickelodeon and Disney. After all these years, TV mus
  10. Well, I'll be darned. I had no idea Robin Mattson read for the role of Patsy in Terms of Endearment. (If James L. Brooks had made Broadcast News at the time, I could see Robin playing Joan Cusack's role, Blair.) Elsewhere on ABC, Jon-Michael Reed is claiming GH "took action too late" in becoming an ensemble show again. "It is just now paying the long-overdue price of loading emphasis on two characters who are no longer visible. (Need we mention Luke and Laura?)" Then why the hell did you, Jonny Boy? Oof, feels kinda foolish (to me, anyway) that Grant Show dropped o
  11. The entire post is dead-on, but these two points are especially true.
  12. It feels like AW had a target on its back from the moment it was clear the 90-minute expansion was a flop. Also, seems like NBC rather quickly had buyer's remorse over Search.
  13. Also, nice to know that Susan Seaforth Hayes got the last word, literally and figuratively, when Doug and Julie left DOOL in 1984. Even if the dialogue is toeing the thin, thin line between touching and cheesy. "Let's go upstairs and cut a slice of heaven." "I remember the first time, and it's been heaven for me ever since." (And who knew the Hayes never had a fan club? 'Night, y'all!)
  14. Fabulous! Marcy and Steven Spielberg together?! Who knew?
  15. Here you go, @titan1978. It's @will81's new blog. https://thesoapsofyesterday-blog-blog.tumblr.com/archive
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