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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    From a 1987 Diva von Dish commentary about parties for SOD: "Oakdale's specialty is the birthday party. The younger set celebrates theirs every year and for some strange reason, the whole town is invited. While the entire cast is deft at establishing the party mood, I'm not sure that if I were Lily Walsh or Dusty Donovan I would want everyone in town who was over thirty at my birthday party*. Of course, Lily and Dusty don't have friends their own age. And I suspect budget cuts at Procter and Gamble prohibit anyone from calling Rent-a-Friend. So what do we do? To simulate genuine party activity, like dancing, I suggest renting clips, old or new, from the archives of Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Somehow I can't imagine Dusty Donovan rocking out; he'd be afraid of offending the Moral Majority. Holden is too uptight to let his backbone slip. Casey Peretti can definitely cut a rug and I'm sure John and Lucinda can show Bob and Kim a thing or two when it comes to modern dance techniques**, but we need more." *I'm pretty sure she lived for that. **Please, if anyone in that town was into dirty dancing, it was Lisa.
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I think kitchen sink drama appeals to audiences, but the idea of saying it's "like a soap opera" carries too much stigma and stereotyping right now.
  3. Yup, this was the kind of thing I meant. Supposedly Annette Bening's role in American Beauty was also partially based on Cybill.
  4. I don't remember the exact line, but it's what Charmaine Hollingsworth signed Blanche's copy of her novel with. That leads to my question. What are some performances, story arcs or episodes that might have been created with elements outside of the soundstage and writer's room? I've always heard Michael Patrick King based some of Valerie Cherish on Shelley Long, whom he worked with during the ill-fated Good Advice. But what I've always wondered is whether or not Lisa Kudrow was calling Matt LeBlanc to get some information on how things were going down at Joey.
  5. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    The Education of Max Bickford did make it to 22 episodes. I guess since it was on Sundays at 8, they were willing to wait before lowering the ax. What crashed and burned in the fall of 2001 was Danny, starring Daniel Stern. Two episodes (at 8:30 Friday, after Ellen's short-lived comeback sitcom) and out.
  6. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    Judy Garland, The Judy Garland Show Julie Andrews, The Julie Andrews Hour and Julie Faye Dunaway, It Had to Be You
  7. Characters that didn't survive a recast...

    Tee-hee ... I just got done posting what might be the definitive list of who was in and out during Monty 2.0. Cooper was in and out within 1992 (with a guest spot in 1993, I think). Hopkins was summer 1991-December 1992.
  8. Classic GH Thread

    Talking about Dawn on the roles that didn't survive recasts thread got me thinking about Monty 2.0. I'd always heard about a wave of characters/actors leaving the show and a new wave arriving, and thanks to curlyqgrl's summaries, I think I have the the final tally. It was really more like three waves. Monty's first day back, according to Wikipedia, was Wednesday, Feb. 13, 1991. Her last day was Friday, Jan. 24, 1992. First Wave: Out: Katherine Delafield (Edie Lehman, 11/26/90) Shep Casey (Bradley Lockerman, 12/21/90) Rita Lloyd (Kim Terry, 1/10/91) Lucy Coe (temporarily, for Lynn Herring's maternity leave, 1/29/91) Broxton (actor name?, 2/1/91 it appears) Simone Hardy (Stephanie Williams, 2/12/91) Carla Greco (Laura Harring, 2/14/91?) Frankie Greco (Robert Fontaine Jr., no clue on date, but presumably around this time) Cheryl Stansbury (Jennifer Anglin, 2/14/91?) Colton Shore (Scott Thompson Baker, 2/26/91) Charlene Simpson (Maree Cheatham, 2/26/91) Dawn Winthrop (Jennifer Guthrie, 2/27/91) Eric Jackson/"Edge Jerome" (Mark St. James, no date given, but presumably late February-early March) Nurse Jessie Brewer (Emily McLaughlin, 3/1/91; not a writing decision, but notable) Decker Moss (Michael Watson, no date given, but presumably early March) Larry Ashton (Hugo Napier, 3/22/91; back for a few days in July) In/Back: Jenny Eckert (Cheryl Richardson, 2/13/91) Mac Scorpio (John J. York, 2/18/91) Bill Eckert (Tony Geary, 2/19/91) Fred Eckert (William Boyett, 2/20/91) Angela Eckert (Carol Lawrence, 2/20/91) Sly Eckert (Glenn Walker Harris Jr., 2/20/91) Finian O'Toole (Arte Johnson, 2/22/91?) Harlan Barrett (Michael Cole, 3/7/91) Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring, 3/12/91) Paul Hornsby (Paul Satterfield, 3/18/91) Second Wave Out: Fred Eckert (William Boyett, 5/31/91) Angela Eckert (Carol Lawrence, 6/5/91; back for Jenny and Ned's wedding in February 1992) Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner, 6/11/91) Ned Ashton (Kurt McKinney, 8/30/91) In/Back Nancy Eckert (Linda Dona, 5/28/91) Dominique Taub (Tawny Fere Ellis, 6/4/91) Leopold Taub (Chip Lucia, 6/6/91) Connor Olivera (Michael Lynch, 6/24/91) Simone Hardy (Stephanie Williams, 6/25/91) Cesar Faison (Anders Hove, 6/26/91) A.J. Quartermaine (Gerald Hopkins, 6/26/91) Nurse Sheila something-or-other (actress name?, 6/26/91 it appears) Julia Barrett (Crystal Carson, 6/27/91) Susan Hornsby (Irina Cashen, 8/21/91) Third Wave: Out: Nancy Eckert (Linda Dona, 10/14/91 -- whodunnit storyline for another month) Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner, 11/5/91; back in May 1992) Dominique Taub (Tawny Fere Ellis, 11/14/91) Finian O'Toole (Arte Johnson, 11/21/91?) Harlan Barrett (Michael Cole, 11/22/91) Leopold Taub (Chip Lucia, 12/5/91) Cesar Faison (Anders Hove, 12/5/91) Anna Devane (Finola Hughes, 12/17/91) Susan Hornsby (Irina Cashen, 12/27/91) Anna Devane (Camilla Moore, 1/20/92) Cesar Faison (Anders Hove, 2/25/92) Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers, 2/25/92) David Langton (Jeff Pomerantz, 3/23/92) Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring, 3/27/92) In/Back: Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth, 9/9/91) Dr. Eric Simpson (Brandon Hooper, 9/18/91) Edward Quartermaine (David Lewis, 11/26/91) Dominique Taub (Shell Davidson, 12/3/91) Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton, 12/19/91) Anna Devane (Camilla Moore, 12/20/91) David Langton (Jeff Pomerantz, 1/13/92) Holly Sutton (Emma Samms, 1/16/92) Cesar Faison (Anders Hove, 1/17/92) Nikki Langton (Camille Cooper, 1/30/92)
  9. Characters that didn't survive a recast...

    Hindsight is 50/50, but I wish they'd have killed off Decker instead of Dawn and given her Jenny Eckert's storyline. Was Jennifer Guthrie about to leave or fired by Monty?
  10. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Victor certainly went into a new direction posthumously.
  11. Soap Hoppers

    Ooh, do Augusta Dabney next!
  12. Soap Hoppers

    I think Leslie Woods wins this category, having worked in soaps from the radio era all the way up to 2001. She also appeared in three out of the big four nighttime soaps (no Dynasty) and her penultimate role was (fittingly) in Nurse Betty. Maybe he could appear in the final episodes of both, like he did on OLTL.
  13. Classic GH Thread

    I suspect not. What I wonder about, though, is what was going through Gloria Monty's head during this time. According to Waggett's Soap Opera Encyclopedia, she was fond of having a successor right on the heels of the departed. By the time Luke was gone for good, Robert was the leading man. With Robert and Holly gone, was she pushing for Frisco and Felicia as the marquee couple, or was it always in the cards to bring Robert back? I know Anna was intended for Dr. Buzz before clicking with Duke.
  14. Antenna TV Thread

    That was a haunting scene. I found Soap was at its best in season two.
  15. Stop Trying to Make ... Happen!

    And Wendie was on an episode of Cybill, as Ira's girlfriend with multiple personalities. She was triggered whenever someone would turn on a faucet. If anyone can think of a more contrived way to show an actor's range, I'd love to hear it.