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  1. All day long and I finally remembered what VK was reminding me of: Catherine O'Hara as Marilyn Hack playing a blind hooker in For Your Consideration.
  2. That "One Hallowe'en" clip is half hilarious (the censored lyrics, like "She feels ITCHY!") and half really good. Kathleen's no belter, but she sounds alright.
  3. PASSIONS actually had a Gladys Kravitz type. Ruth Buzzi played "Nurse Kravitz" for a bit after Endora was born. (You could also make an argument for Reese in the early years, but I'm getting off topic.)
  4. If Grayson Hall hadn't died more than a decade earlier, I could see James E. Reilly wanting her as Tabitha on PASSIONS.
  5. December 1994 WINK, Fort Myers, was another CBS station airing Y&R at 4 p.m. Seattle, May 1992 DAYS aired at 9 a.m. on KING, opposite Regis & Kathie Lee on KOMO (ABC) and Geraldo on KIRO (CBS). AW and SANTA BARBARA aired in pattern at 1 and 2 p.m. B&B was not airing at 12:30 p.m. on KIRO, but rather on independent station KTZZ.
  6. Rest in peace. The only man to go toe to toe opposite Joan Collins and Susan Lucci.
  7. Not that the Curlyqgrl recaps are infallible, but I couldn't find any mention of Audrey exhibiting dementia-like behavior in 1995 or 1996. Tony/Bobbie/Alan/Monica lasted from August-October 1995. By the end of November, Bobbie put that storyline to bed. November 28, 1995 - Bobbie comes to Q mansion to visit Monica. Emily asks Bobbie if she and Alan are going to be lovers. She tells her that she and Alan are over and that Alan wants to make things right with his marriage and with Emily. Bobbie and Monica have a talk. She hopes that even if Monica never forgives her, she hopes that she will work things out with Alan.
  8. I know it's part of soap lore that Felicia Gallant was at least partially based on writer Robert Soderberg's friend Jacqueline Susann. But I'm sure Robert didn't figure that Felicia would evolve into more of a warmhearted, loving friend, mother and wife (think the transition from Patrick Dennis' Auntie Mame to Lawrence and Lee's Auntie Mame). Felicia's evolution was carried out by many writers including ... Richard Culliton.
  9. Re-reading the summaries from March 1982 -- https://www.angelfire.com/tv/curlyqgrl/gh/eps/gheps1982.htm -- it seems like GH was treading water. There were five major stories going on. What happened to Laura? Will Alan and Monica divorce? Will Anne and Noah realize Dr. Bradshaw committed malpractice? Will Heather get the upper hand on everyone, particularly Dr. Katz? And trouble involving the waterfront/Sportscenter (i.e. Scotty, Blackie, Rick, etc.). I think things picked up from July onward, when Laura was determined as "really dead," Emma Samms joined as Holly, you had Susan/Scotty/Heather, and such on. Anyway, I'll bet it was a combination of the plodding storyline plus the natural fizzling out of a ratings high that led to GH's dramatic drop in March '82.
  10. Not to mention the fact that AW was at No. 2 until its bottom fell out. I'm just trying to imagine a lineup with so many expanded shows. That said, if there was any soap that maybe could have gotten away with a 90-minute runtime (in terms of keeping its audience) in 1980, it would have been General Hospital.
  11. A real find has turned up on YouTube! When Joan Rivers attempted to prank call Victoria Principal.
  12. Fred Silverman seemed to think that expanded daytime shows would solve everything. Another World ... the proposed expansion to Days ... don't forget, the short-lived David Letterman Show started at 90 minutes. I wonder what he thought when Today expanded.
  13. Well, I guess it's a little better than having all five leave at once ... Vern: Last episode: Thursday, July 23, 1992 Brian: Last episode: Monday, Aug. 17, 1992 Ginger: Last episode: Monday, Aug. 17, 1992 Tanner: Last episode: Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1992 Molly: Last episode: Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1992 (Assuming I read the Daytime Royalty summaries right.)
  14. Can I just say that I'm delighted that we have not one, but three extensive recaps of the Scofield invasion, with the consensus being that Tanner and Molly were just plain awful? (Luckily for DOOL fans, the next teen scene of Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas was much more successful.) Also, am I the only one who sees a little Timothee Chalamet in young Michael Easton?
  15. And within DYNASTY itself ... Dominique Deveraux, Sable Colby and Caress Morell. I also forgot Angelica Nero (DALLAS). In later years, Abby on KNOTS LANDING also had some Alexis-ish characteristics (I'm thinking in particular of becoming a tycoon, associating with dangerous men and remarrying about every other year).
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