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  1. Yup, right after I wrote my last post, I looked it up. Either way, that's two more gone. And I now know why Steve Olson left (because Mary turned down his marriage proposal).
  2. I knew I was forgetting somebody -- Tommy Horton also was written off during the revamp. And it sounds like Amanda Howard was done for good as 1979 concluded (I forget, was she killed off?).
  3. Per @JAS0N47's excellent recaps, here's how 1980 went down. (Elizabeth Harrower wrote until Friday, 3/14/80. Ruth Brooks Flippen wrote from Monday, 3/17/80-Friday, 4/18/80. Nina Laemmle wrote from Monday, 4/21/80-Thursday, 10/9/80. Michelle Poteet Lisanti began writing Friday, 10/10/80. Gary Tomlin began writing Monday, 10/20/80.) OUT: Steve Olson -- left for Paris as early as Friday, 12/28/79 Stephanie Woodruff/Brooke Hamilton -- died in a car accident on Friday, 2/15/80 Linda Anderson -- after failing to be taken back by Bob Anderson, she left town on Wednesday, 3/5/80 Melissa Anderson -- left with Linda, but made occasional appearances until Thursday, 4/17/80 (Linda ended up dumping her at boarding school, which concerned Bob, Mickey and Maggie) Donna Temple -- taunted for her entanglement in the porn industry, she left town on Thursday, 3/6/80 and also made her last appearance in April, on Friday, 4/11/80 Robert LeCleir -- left to reunite with his sister in Paris on Friday, 3/14/80 (Little Dougie was first left to Doug & Lee, but apparently Robert sent for him almost immediately.) Laura Horton -- still residing at Lakewood Sanitarium as of Tuesday, 3/25/80 Bob Anderson -- died (of a heart attack, if I remember right) on Friday, 3/28/80 (And right after Mary married Alex, too.) Phyllis Anderson -- left town Friday, 4/4/80 Bill Horton -- left to be with Laura on Friday, 4/11/80 Samantha Evans -- left for Hollywood on Friday, 4/18/80 Margo Horton -- left to die at Maggie's farm on Wednesday, 5/21/80 (her actual death occurred off screen in July.) DJ Craig -- born Monday, 2/25/80 and died sometime between Monday, 5/26/80-Wednesday, 5/28/80 Hope Williams -- seems to have made her last pre-SORASed appearance on Friday, 6/27/80 David Banning -- fled town with son Scotty on Monday, 8/25/80 IN: Joshua Fallon -- first appeared Monday, 4/21/80 Maxwell Jarvis -- first appeared Tuesday, 4/22/80 Kellam Chandler -- first appeared Thursday, 4/24/80 Liz Chandler -- first appeared Friday, 4/25/80 Tod Chandler -- first appeared Monday, 4/28/80 Flora Chisholm -- first appeared Monday, 4/28/80 Jessica Blake -- first appeared Wednesday, 4/30/80 Leslie James -- first appeared Monday, 5/5/80 Cassie Burns -- first appeared Wednesday, 5/7/80 (killed off in October, revealed to be an accidental drowning in November) Johnny Stockton -- Marlena's would-be adopted son first appeared Thursday, 5/22/80 Kyle McCullough -- first appeared Friday, 7/25/80 (attracted to Maggie, left town Tuesday, 12/30/80) I have to imagine plenty of viewers flipped to All My Children during April-May 1980.
  4. A pity that didn't pan out. This might have been a mess, continuity-wise, but I'm now trying to imagine Zaslow as Tony #4 (with at least some of David's backstory).
  5. I love it! Over in Llanview, I'd desperately like this kind of relationship with Dorian, but that damn David ...
  6. Forgive me if we've done a thread like this before, or I'm posting in the wrong forum ... I thought it would be fun to ask which type of soap character we'd like to play. I would be the pomposity-pricking assistant to either the show's diva or most domineering man. Despite my impertinence, the boss still considers me one of the family.
  7. *fiddles with handkerchief* I would like to talk about ... Jenny Eckert. *support group screams in trauma and frustration* No, but seriously, I'm actually kinda impressed that the show didn't rush her and Paul into bed. If I read the summaries right, that didn't actually happen until February 1993, after nearly two years of will they or won't they tension.
  8. That's true. I guess I was just scared about the idea of, say, Jo being possessed, having a psychotic lookalike, time-traveling, etc.
  9. This might be a stretch, since it's not about any one person, but I'm glad Search For Tomorrow wasn't still on the air during the era that NBC was pushing Another World to be a Days clone. At the same time, I'm wondering how The Edge of Night would have done during those years.
  10. Noice! There we go. (I hope Mary Beth stumbles upon this. Quite the ego boost to know we all seem determined to lock down a good role for her.)
  11. Oh, darn. Hope Wilson is dead. That'd be the role I'd cast MBE as. Turning back to GH for a moment, Robert Scott Wilson as Dr. Tommy Hardy. Okay, sure he has to get naked to count to 21, but ...
  12. Grace didn't care much for serving dishes ...
  13. Speaking of cake, I'll never forget Tabitha receiving (of all things) an angel food cake from Charity.
  14. I keep meaning to try it. It's apparently just a spice cake. What I remember was the show treating it as an item of gross-out cuisine. Wasn't there a scene where Julian was at a junkyard and found a cake pan with some soup residue? Naturally, it dripped out. Well, that settles it. Lobster from The Lobster Shack (not sure when that place was written out), "love noodles" and tomato soup cake for us all.
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