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  1. DOOL could only go so far with David and Valerie in the '70s, but suppose they went for the double whammy and paired Mike and Danny?
  2. That was a hoot! I could watch Stephen and Mary Beth give commentary for days. Also, she totally won me over by referring to the best scene in Hook.
  3. Was the cover of "Every Breath You Take" from an episode of Solid Gold? I think I'm hearing Marilyn McCoo. (Around this time, there was a Tom and Margo scene where she's watching TV. The audio was from a Lily Tomlin album.)
  4. Oh, come off it, Claire Labine. Lois was a total writer's pet and you know it. (This is coming from someone who loved the character.) Different times: the shocking idea of Roseanne without Roseanne.
  5. 1. My God, you're brilliant! 2. and 4. Think of the possibilities if Ridge was written as having absolutely no boundaries when it came to sex?
  6. Is Ann Williams at the start of this commercial?
  7. The actresses who played Kay tend to blur together for me. Taylor Gina Deanna Heidi I remember Kay spending much of the first year enviously watching Miguel and Charity. It seemed like every month Tabitha had a new way to attempt killing Charity (usually involving fire), so early Kay was just mostly there for the teen angst stuff. She'd tell her problems to Simone, fight with Jessica and dodge Reese's affections.
  8. Well, you know me, always with a song ... Those shoulders are just so odd.
  9. I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned "everybody in town's out for dinner and listening to a song related to their present circumstances" scene. Off the top of my head, KNOTS LANDING did it best. Karen Fairgate is having a moment, you all.
  10. Slowly but surely, the Seattle pieces are falling together. I think that'll be my new goal, determining when Search stopped airing in that market. Slight tangent: I think it was foolish in the long run to slot sitcom reruns in the half-hour after Guiding Light. I can understand why CBS didn't move Match Game from 3:30 to 3, since it supposedly helped by having a big after school audience, but would Tattletales have suffered moving from 4 to 3? Were the ratings that good for the All in the Family/M*A*S*H/One Day at a Time reruns? I dunno, I just feel like interrupting the soaps-games lineup with reruns ended up isolating the games (and eventually Love of Life).
  11. TIL Tom Elpin was on an episode of The Facts of Life. (How many soap stars were on that show, anyway?)

  12. Was this before, after, or right around the time Jill daydreamed about Ryan without his clothes on?
  13. Darn it, I'm now wishing Lypsynka would have shown up at The Outback. Don't forget Bill and Julia becoming ELQ shareholders.
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