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  1. The Doctors

    Bonus points if they tried to re-create the lineup from that era and shortly after. SFT at 12:30, ATWT in the 1 p.m. hour (to represent the classic 1:30 slot), AW at 2 p.m., TGL at 3 p.m. and EON at 4 p.m. (or 12 if they'd prefer a solid block). Run Texas at 11 a.m. when it comes time to air and one could have a P&G overload. (Or, as The Doctors' sponsor might say, "you're soaking in it.")
  2. The Doctors

    I'm curious/hopeful that they'll make it to the end. What's the situation re: popular music and The Doctors? I know rights issues were what kept post-1981 episodes of Ryan's Hope from airing on SoapNet.
  3. Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    @j swift , Judi married Michael Luciano in 1993. Jensen would get married in late 1991 to Gray O'Brien. I'm still reeling from her breakup with Lonnie Quinn (had no idea they were a couple).
  4. Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    Today's entries are fascinating because of how many tables would be turned within a year: -- Judi, of course, went from Days to AW the following summer (I was disappointed her role in the stand-up sitcom was as a girlfriend instead of one of the comics). -- Jensen Buchanan's time in L.A. was short-lived; she also joined AW in the summer of '91. Also, note "OLTL probably won't recast the role (of Sarah)." -- James was back on Days (say it with me) in the summer of '91; by September 1990, Generations had less than five months left on the air. I'm delighted to see Mina Kolb played Aunt Mary. Talk about Chicago credibility -- she's an inaugural member of The Second City. Plus, SOD repeated a bold-faced fib about J.R. Ewing and Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor (Lucci's character) interacting on Dallas. All this, and Ruth Warrick giving her best "Patsy Stone in Hello!" face while in character as Phoebe.
  5. Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    Here it is, Eric: https://classicsodnews.tumblr.com/archive
  6. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Does anyone here have a copy of Love, Honor and Cherish? I remember the date was listed there. The wedding episodes were Elaine Princi's last as Dorian, and Robin apparently returned on Friday, Feb. 19th. With that info, and the proximity to Valentine's Day, I'll take a shot in the dark and guess Friday, Feb. 12.
  7. Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    I loved Soap Opera Weekly, too. Totally in agreement about how all those babies are all on the cusp of their 30s.
  8. I thought I'd create a space for j swift, myself and anyone else who's following along to share the highlights. We're up to August 21, 1990, which includes: -- A preview of Patch and Kayla's second wedding, plus the announcement that Stephen Nichols was leaving at the end of September. Mary Beth Evans' comments are witty and on point: "It seems like every couple on our show has been through the marriage, breakup, remarriage routine. The second time around, there's just a bigger ring, a better dress and we all stand around and sob over their vows." -- Stories about Hunter Tylo getting settled on B&B (it's apparent she didn't enjoy her time on DOOL) and Tonja Walker joining OLTL (pre-crazy Alex is described but not named). -- An article on why so many established names like appearing on Santa Barbara. Frank Runyeon seems to have gained humility since the Steve and Betsy days. "There isn't the petty competition that happens on so many shows, where there's a king, and then it keeps on going down." -- The pieces about Terry Lester's "assistant," Longtime Companion and Joe Marinelli's heterosexuality, which j swift talked about on the Classic Y&R thread. -- MADD's promotion to ABC daytime head and a brief mention about the never-to-be CASINO. I wonder where it would have gone, especially since ABC was still trying its luck with game shows at this time (if they really wanted to play the game, they needed to program at 10 a.m. like CBS and NBC did). -- Praise for the Gina/Justin relationship on Santa Barbara and a pan for Reva leaving GL as a paranoid, irrational stranger.
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    Those latest uploads are a trip around the world and then some.
  10. Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    This is cute.
  11. AMC Tribute Thread

    *@#$ing drugs.
  12. AMC Tribute Thread

    It's funny. I prefer to think of Pine Valley as a cozy village, but it's not out of the blue to imagine a few fine families (like Phoebe's kin, the Englishs) having their summer places there.
  13. The drum of plaster is marked caustic. Jeremy probably received significant burns. That statue would make a great conversation piece.
  14. Y&R: Old Articles

    Those are a hoot, from the stilted readings to the poor video quality.
  15. Like @j swift, I've been reading the Classic Soap Opera Digest Tumblr. One thing I've just realized is that 1990 was an across-the-board bad year for female Hortons. Hope died. Jennifer was raped. Alice had heart issues. Maggie got hit by a wall during the storm. Julie came back divorced. Melissa ended up losing Emilio. And didn't the Maggie and Neil affair start that year, causing Sarah angst? (ETA: Yes it did, and Sarah ended up in a coma, too.) Laura was lucky to be in the sanitarium. Ditto Sandy out in Hawaii. And Marie wherever she was.