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  1. Yeah, Eric sounded fine to me, too. I could just imagine some viewers making a mountain out of a molehill.
  2. I had some fun ... RH: How many recasts does one show need? Bring Back Ilene! Bring Back Kate! AMC: Erica’s moving to New York … is she being written out? Palmer and Nina ... am I seeing things? OLTL: Oh, sure, a whole bunch of Texans move to Pennsylvania GH: Sick things they’re shouting at Tony Geary Laura … And Luke? And Scotty? And Hutch? EDGE: What time does it air for you? SFT: SAY IT ISN'T SO: Jo's a ... divorcee! They're moving! Y&R: Brenda
  3. Poor Melissa. That must have been absolutely heartbreaking, to put all her faith in Linda like that, and then be discarded so easily. I wonder how deeply that was explored when Linda returned in 1984-85, or if it was more about Linda's business machinations and the aspect of both women being involved with Pete. Aw, that's nice. Really shows how Julie grew up over the past near-decade. Yet another scene I'd love to see. Sounds like this is another turning point for Alex. He's still exceedingly evil, but also increasingly being kept in check. Better late than never
  4. An evergreen topic: Why is everyone on GH so sleazy?
  5. True! A few more: Will SB survive without Marcy Walker? Tony Geary is back ... but not as Luke? This new producer is RUINING OLTL! This new producer is SAVING OLTL and a little later ... Debbi Morgan is back ... on LOVING?!
  6. Is Susan Lucci spreading herself too thin? What's next for the cast of Generations? BREAKING: S**t went down on the Y&R set!
  7. While driving today, "From a Distance" came on, and it put me in a Bush I era mood. I'm sure we've done a thread like this, but ... "Good news for GH! Gloria Monty is back!" "If only I could see _____ again" (a tape trading thread)
  8. By the numbers: GH -- 9 entries, 6 positive and 3 negative AMC -- 7 entries, 6 positive and 1 negative DAYS -- 7 entries, 4 positive and 3 negative Y&R -- 6 entries, 5 positive and 1 negative OLTL -- 6 entries, 4 positive and 2 negative GL -- 5 entries, 2 positive and 3 negative ATWT -- 5 entries, 2 positive and 3 negative AW -- 4 entries, 2 positive and 2 negative B&B -- 3 entries, 2 positive and 1 negative Savannah -- 2 entries, 2 positives and 0 negative The City -- 2 entries, 1 positive and 1 negative MP -- 2 entries, 1 p
  9. It feels like a crossbreeding of Eight is Enough and early Falcon Crest's opening sequences.
  10. Tough call, but I think Dumbass of the Three-Quarter-Month should be given as a tie among Mary, Melissa and Margo. Oh sure, Grandma Craig is all open-minded and with it on the phone, but you just know that when Donna got there, she started acting all Piper Laurie in Carrie ... Not going to lie, I am a little choked up at Robert's exit. I'll bet Clary and Bill Hayes really went for it there. It's strange to think of an alternate 1980 where DOOL is cancelled and perhaps TEXAS is closer to the original vision (i.e. no Iris). What on earth would NBC Daytime look
  11. I'd love to get Eileen Barnett's recollections on playing Stephanie. It seems like the character went from a complex but likable anti-heroine to an easily manipulated mess. Did she want out? Was she fired? Also, so Bob and Mary know the truth about Stephanie, but I guess Phyllis, Melissa, Alex, Chris, David, Trish and the one I really wanted to find out, Linda, all remained in the dark. For all our talk about DOOL eventually emulating GH, it's interesting that Linda being willing to let Bob die of a heart attack came a few months before the better remembered scene between Tracy and
  12. Phyllis, Phyllis, Phyllis ... there are much better men than the town pogo stick. This had to have scored Bob some points in the Dumbass of the Month competition. This is reminding me of that episode of FAMILY GUY where Lois shows her old porn to the audience at church. Eww. But ha-ha to the idea of Don and Marlena taking in Carter-era porn at the bijou. "Two for A-pair-a-hips Wow, please." Okay, what I think this means is that Marie was a full-fledged nun from the beginning. She didn't have to be a novice and took her vows
  13. Word. As varying as the quality of the breakup Doug and Julie storyline has been, I'd love to see these scenes. I'm certain SSH (and her boobies) rose to the occasion. Oh my god, this sounds hilarious. And Don. Alex as a boy toy could have worked nicely against Sandy Horton. I feel like it'd play much better than the Mike/Janice Barnes/Bill triangle that played out eight years later. Fascinating stuff. I guess the continuity person was on several coffee breaks. Well, I see the whitewashing is beginning ...
  14. I am dying laughing here. Uh-oh, not the Better Business Bureau! Interesting that DOOL would do a "modeling agency" storyline involving a young woman roughly a year after OLTL's storyline. Following the leader, or was there just not that many story opportunities for Donna? Yay, now we can finally move on ... right? ... right?! How exciting! Oh, I would love to have seen the Dobsons try their hand at DOOL. By many accounts, they did well modernizing GL and DOOL was a show that wasn't having luck catching up to the rest of the soap worl
  15. Holy crap, @dc11786. If that was "I'll do my best," than I think we mortals could not possibly comprehend the results if you were absolutely going for it. Amazing work.
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