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  1. Yeah, I was kinda thinking it'd be a long shot on the OLTL and TEON stuff. Ergo, my substitute choices are Nicole's last broadcast and Viki discovering Tina's her sister.
  2. DVD #4 -- Game Changers and Great Performances Days of Our Lives -- A 60-minute* retrospective of Bill/Laura/Mickey (and eventually Maggie), climaxing with the truth about Mike's paternity. *Your honor, will you allow an extension to 120 minutes on the grounds of the huge ripple effect, not the least of which -- for better or for worse -- was the idea of a rapist becoming a romantic lead? One Life to Live -- If it's out there, Viki outshining Dorian during the party to unveil the latter's portrait at Llanview The Edge of Night -- (Ditto), Adam Drake being shot Search for Tomorrow -- Jo decides to divorce Martin Santa Barbara -- Mason immediately after Mary's death As the World Turns -- Frannie and Kim find Doug's shrine Another World -- Iris is revealed as "The Chief" Guiding Light -- Maureen and Ed's final scene General Hospital -- Tracy's farewell following her hit and run with Jenny Loving -- Gwyneth is the murderer. All My Children -- Erica's Woman of the Year meltdown
  3. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I don't know if Evie was so much pissed as she was shy. The photos taken ended up being used for the "Women to Watch" contest. Evie was finalist no. #9: I had a funny moment a few weeks ago with Teri Eoff (Suzy, seen primping in the screengrab). I totally forgot that for a few years, she was the adult female hostess of the Mickey Mouse Club re-reboot.
  4. Errol is right. All the love a network may have doesn't mean anything if (a) they've got an out and (b) want to use it. He also reminded me of Days/NBC's contractual relationship.
  5. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    I'm probably being a party poop, but I'll go with the powers that be (executives, networks) and wannabe powers that be (the press, actors, certain sections of fandom) making the misguided at best, degrading at worst decision that soap operas were meant to be ridiculous.
  6. What is the new cancellation threshold, anyway? Averaging under a million viewers?
  7. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    That was the first thought that came to my mind, too. I guess the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
  8. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Sherry definitely comes across as the sweetheart of the group.
  9. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    The guy who uploaded the live episode also uploaded backstage footage from the show's last days at Reeves Teletape (February 1985). If you like watching productions crews having fun (and grumbling about having their paychecks delayed a day), it's pretty cool, but the stars only make brief appearances. -- He typed her name as Mary "Stewart." -- Sherry and Marcia in hair-rollers. -- Sherry seems the most willing to play. She gives a bottle of Chivas Regal as a going away present and also does a mock awards speech. -- Peter Haskell also plays to the camera a bit, telling the "five stages of an actor's career" joke. -- Angela Bassett! -- Of note, Jerry Adler (whom I remember as Mr. Wicker on Mad About You) was the stage manager at the time. -- Teenage Jane vamps a little, joking that she'll end up in porn. -- Some brief, non-dialogue footage of the climax to the Vargas storyline.
  10. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Well, now that I've finished watching ... -- Hel-lo, Michael Corbett's body. -- Warren's office/temporary bedroom was giving me uncomfortable reminders of the third season of Batman. I guess it's more of a lighting problem than anything else, but I felt like I was watching those scenes being performed in a black box theater. -- Was Wendy having a pregnancy scare? -- I know the show wouldn't really go there, but when Danny started talking about Janet not approving of his best friend, I wondered if they were teasing a gay storyline. -- Ai yi, Rhonda Sue's accent was getting on my nerves. I don't blame Stephanie for wanting her to stop talking. -- Maree wins my crown for this episode, although Larry isn't far behind. -- IMDB says that's Jennifer Gatti as Angela. NBA, that's indeed Damion Scheller as Joshua. Looks like he made the rounds on most of the P&G shows. -- Sneakers off the couch, Joshua. Domesticated enough to be the family cook ... -- Angela and Danny are so going to hook up, right? -- What a music cue during Stu's big speech. -- I didn't notice any line issues. Susan Scannell comes close around 30:00, but it also comes off as natural sounding. -- That's interesting that they didn't show Liza singing. I wonder if it was planned, or a result of wanting to not overextend themselves with this episode. -- Oof, I felt bad when the last filmed insert didn't cue as perfectly as intended.
  11. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I may or may not have let out a squeal upon the discovery. Am watching it now -- the party line isn't nearly as intrusive as I feared.
  12. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Holy cow, one of the show's video engineers uploaded the live episode from 1983:
  13. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    And then, to apparently twist the knife a little, NBC ran promos like the one at 0:40:
  14. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    So who ponied up the bucks and/or dished out the blackmail to keep Robin around one extra year? Reading that interview, I'm picturing her making tally marks on the dressing room wall.
  15. One of my favorite introductions of a character was when Fox (Justin Hartley) joined Passions (around Christmas break of some year). Ethan and Gwen had just gotten married. Theresa went to rest in a spare bedroom and this hunky man entered and took off his clothes. She freaked out, Ethan ran to see what was the matter and when we came back from commercial, Hartley was revealed. Fox had on generic blue boxer shorts, but I remember thinking this is someone to pay attention to. The scenes are on YouTube, but the video quality's not very good. As for speculation ... I dunno, I feel like Frank 'n' Ron kinda eliminated any ambiguity about male underwear choices over the past 10 years.