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  1. If Gwen's mom is Laura, maybe she thinks she died when Pine Haven Sanitarium burned down in 1994. Or perhaps her mom is Penelope Kent.
  2. That is a depressingly plausible possibility, even if Laura's history has never before included DID.
  3. Shannon Tweed's waiting by the phone to reprise the role of Savannah Wilder ...
  4. Dead on, Khan. I have to believe that nothing else can top this. In fact, how's that for a biography title: The Patron Saint of Mediocre, Privileged White Guys?
  5. Two from '80s DAYS: Megan Hathaway -- Stefano's second long-lost daughter, a spoiler for the Bo and Hope romance. I've been mulling over whether or not they should even have had Megan in the first place and just kept Renee around for another year and a half. There's pluses to having Renee in Megan's place (Renee having yet another rival among the Horton/Williams family), but also minuses (Renee and Bo were on canvas for months prior, where did their past relationship come from?) and sorta-minuses (Both she *and* Tony were kept captive all those months?; Nearly a decade later, that's what
  6. Yup, what happened was, Alan had a midlife crisis (a friend had died) and cheated on Monica with a nurse. Sean was a patient at GH (I think he was trying to avoid prosecution so he'd prolong his symptoms). Anyway, Monica and Sean got together, Alan and Monica were once again on the outs, there was other Quartermaine drama like the breakup of Jimmy Lee and Celia's marriage and Monica's cousin Lorena hooking up with Derek Barrington because she couldn't have Jimmy Lee, Sean stole the Qs money, Monica kicked them out, Alan faked his death and having amnesia while living a simple country life, Tif
  7. Ryan Lochte is thrilled to no longer be the dumbest Olympian in recent times.
  8. If the scene happens sometime before 1987, it ends in a draw. After that and Maddie unmistakably loses.
  9. Ah, I missed Susan. Just looked her up -- apparently she was only on for eight episodes.
  10. Speaking of the revolving door, how much longer does Wesley Eure have left at this point? Has Melinda Fee jointed the cast yet as the new Mary? ETA: Just looked it up. Eure apparently is done in January 1981, but Mike will return that May. Melinda joins in January, with Mary returning after an absence beginning in November 1980. Oh, and David and Scotty will be back in March 1981.
  11. The Obama Center has such a nice ring to it, no? (Although I'm sure we'd all prefer if the TT was taken down and a new, less evil structure/facility existed.)
  12. I know we've talked about it before, but Gloria Loring must have had one heck of an it factor for audiences to root for Liz in spite of where the character started out and stick by her by the end.
  13. Liz left Don to spare him humiliation, which I guess also helped solidify her as a good character/heroine.
  14. Slightly related, but I feel like 1983-84 was the last hurrah for DAYS' "normal" middle-aged or close enough set at that time. The Mickey/Maggie/Don and Liz/Neil/Marie triangles were wrapping up or would peter out, and Doug and Julie would be on their way out. Alex was there, but overshadowed by Stefano.
  15. The winner of the "MAKE IT STOP!" award for October goes to ... A classic soapy image in general, so often used. I mean, who doesn't spill their guts to their boss of only a few months ... ? The same damn image in one month?! I'm not sure why I can accept a network of investigators and informants with the DiMeras, but not with Kellam and Max ... Maybe it's because it's happening so often in a short period of time. It does happen. My mother is closer to her ex-mother-in-law than she was with her own mother.
  16. I mean, it's not hyperbole. He was willing to let Biden die (by exposing him to COVID at the debate). He was willing to let Pence and any number of legislators die on Wednesday. He was willing to let anyone die from COVID. He apparently has no concept of valuing any life outside his own.
  17. I'm just waiting for one of the arrested to say, "Senator/Representative (or certain other persons) _______ gave me the Capitol map/hired me to do this, and I have proof!" At that point, the fan will be hit with enough s**t to stop turning.
  18. If I had any faith in DAYS' long-term future (and/or RC's with the show), I could see a scenario where 10-20 years down the line (or really, whenever RSW is no longer the top stud), there's a revisiting of Ben's sins, how he supposedly evolved, belated atonement, etc.
  19. And you *just* know at least one of those creeps took a poop or pee wherever the hell they felt like. Hawley is getting his just desserts, but let's not let people like Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, etc. off the hook. ETA: I'm appalled that it happened, and fascinated as hell about how NO ONE thought to cover their asses here. Evidence, evidence as far as the eye can see.
  20. I mean, I suppose that could work, but I dunno, I'm kinda cold toward it.
  21. This was also a retcon, because apparently at one point, Jack & Jennifer did visit Laura offscreen. Personally, I'd accept: 1. Gwen being conceived when Jack was off canvas between 1993-1994. 2. Gwen being conceived when Jack was off canvas between 1998-2001.
  22. Great to have you back! MAKE IT STOP! I wouldn't figure poverty would be an aphrodisiac, but you be you, Liza. She does seem to be emulating DALLAS, with Kellam and/or Maxwell in the J.R. role. The problem is, Larry Hagman already had years of built-up audience goodwill, and even early on, his wings were slightly clipped. Where's the Jock Ewing? Where's the Bobby? This reminds me of Raymond Burr and Charles Rocket in Delirious. "I already told you, I was not responsible for your mother's death!" "If she really was my mother."
  23. By any chance, is this dude's last name "Bennett"?
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