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  1. Last week marked the 30th anniversary of when the Casey the alien story began.
  2. Really, does any good come out of social media? It seems to act as a magnifying mirror for a person's true colors. Back to John, I wonder if Dana Sparks, Julia Barr or Shelley Taylor Morgan has posted anything.
  3. Good points! I can understand why it was Belle and not, say, a returned to Salem Stephanie Johnson getting the SORASing in 1999. Marlena and John were on the canvas at the time, so why not have them be active parents? I remember KS having pretty good chemistry opposite the DHs. You're right, though, about the show having rushed Belle to an adult role. And how Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas was pretty much one story continuously retold. Hell yeah about Victor Webster.
  4. Popping in to share some thoughts. The Langan era was when I cut my teeth on DOOL, so I'll admit to being biased by nostalgia. I definitely agree that Belle (and Philip) were SORASed too soon. For that matter, so was Nicky Alamain, who could have easily fit into Philip's role, rather than being approximately Austin and Lucas' age. In retrospect, the writers shouldn't have burned through so much story for Carrie, Sami, etc. in six years. Kyle's take on Brady seemed so flamboyant and affected.
  5. I re-read the summaries this afternoon. It was closer to Legionnaire's Disease. Also, interesting tidbits, that it was first seen in Madison around 1900, had roots in Asia and ye olde Aldrichs used their influence to bury the story.
  6. Lhasa Fever, General Hospital, 1979 (Off the top of my head, the most significant events that came from this storyline was that Rick and Monica hooked up, resulting in her assuming he was A.J.'s father, and the reveal that Steve Hardy was Jeff Webber's father.) The plague, The Doctors, 1982 (I don't care how valuable a necklace is, if it was buried with somebody, just let it be.)
  7. Semi-related: to the best of my knowledge, the first Bobbie and Lucy confrontation. And a couple more.
  8. And so there are seven: Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Gabbard, Klobuchar, Sanders, Warren I have to imagine at least half of them are out of the race by Wednesday. (Also, if Steyer is genuine, he'd turn his attention to flipping the Senate/keeping the House.)
  9. The Terms of Endearment theme over that Jeremy & Erica scene ... It's a bit of music that made the daytime rounds. CBS used it to promote the soaps during its 1984-85 affiliate reel. Anyway, I wonder if it was just for the promo or used in the actual episode.
  10. There was material for the older and/or longer-running actors during JFP's run as executive producer. Justine's reign of terror. The Sharlene/John/Felicia triangle. Michael's return and how it affected Donna & Matthew. Cecile's return and the tease that Maggie was Cass' daughter. I'm just skeptical that any of these stories are well-regarded.
  11. When rejected sitcom themes are used to advertise soaps ... Also, I know it wasn't directly affected, but not even a mention for ol' GL?
  12. "Okay, fine, I admit it -- I was born a conjoined twin! My long-lost sibling is the former Milton Moorehead of Syosset, Long Island!"
  13. Forgive the generalization, but there are way too many people in politics who want to be able to say 1+1=3 and get away with it.
  14. Bernie would show up to the opening of a door. And the bros and gos would insist a door had never been open in such a way before.
  15. The Tonight Show's talent booker just had the weirdest sensation all of a sudden ... (Never forget the Hairfluff Follies and how damn hard the MSM will work to legitimize anything.)
  16. Oh, I know. I just would have liked a little more. On the other hand, there is something poignant about Val not having any big adventures during her time alone. It makes her time in California all the more special. I'd definitely have Val and Gary's long-lost son getting along in the end. Leading up to it, though, I'd have moments where he's confused and more than a little defensive about their budding friendship. Mommie Dearest, of course, is hella-jealous and unashamedly pouring on the guilt. It seems like the best place to introduce Aaron* and Eve** would be in 1987-88. Granted, they'd be coming off the long "Who is Paige, really?" storyline, so this time around, it'd be best not to drag things out. The ninth season also works because we'd be getting Jill just as she goes off the deep end and the show did have some money for new actors (sorry Constance and Julie). *After Aaron Southworth **After Russ Tamblyn's repressive mother in Peyton Place The first (and not at all best) casting ideas that just popped into my head were Peter Reckell (hey, he's joining the show anyway ...) and Miss "Welcome to My Home" herself, Brenda Dickson.
  17. And suppose he just happened to like Jill better than Val? (Not knowing what Jill's capable of, of course.)
  18. Val herself said it just before slapping Abby: "I see him the same way I've seen him since I was 15 years old." I'm a little surprised the show never tried to get more mileage out of Gary and Val's missing years. There was nearly two decades to play with.
  19. A few years prior, Laura Webber was living in a commune (I think that was the story that introduced Genie?). And if memory serves, around this time or shortly after, Karen Wolek briefly had Marco stay at a commune when he was wigging out over the stress of his double life. Back to David Canary for a moment ... that's some caftan.
  20. And at Dominique's engagement party, too.
  21. Couldn't stand her, or her boyfriend Cecil. I will concede that the writers were probably scrambling after Josh Ryan Evans' death and I'm sure there was a desire to keep the dynamic of Tabitha and a short/young companion. Ultimately, Kay ended up being Tabitha's best foil after Timmy.
  22. I'm repeating myself, but I firmly believe there is a section of Americans who honest-to-God believe Hillary Clinton is somehow responsible for their problems. They have convinced themselves they need a boogeywoman.
  23. Maybe Stefano was a masochist. Marlena "killed" him in 1985 and from there on out, he just couldn't help but wuv her. Granted, it was from afar until 1994, but ...
  24. And if that doesn't work, an alley fight it is. (Sorry, I ended up seeing Harlem Nights over the weekend. It, uh, lives up to its reputation.)
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