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  1. Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    Do we have any knowledge of the cast fof Bourbon St?

    I feel your pain! I was almost finished with season five and literally it got pulled as I finished an episode! I’m hopeful it returns soon.
  3. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I think the complaints about Bethenny since her return are why this season is so good. Nobody seems afraid to go toe to toe with her. Carole and Ramona would’ve been eviserated in previous seasons had they done this but for whatever reason it’s working this year. She definitely steamrolled Heather and Jules and if she had her choice I feel like Ramona and Sonja would’ve been fired too.
  4. Could Ron C. create a soap?

    If Ron created a new soap I think it would be boring. He usually only has success when mining the history of a show and doing crazy things with it. Unless he remade a soap I don’t think it would be interesting. I’d be down for him to remake Passions though.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    From what Tamara Tattles is hearing, it sounds like they’re making Kenya an offer, but due to her pregnancy and reduced filming schedule it sounds like they’re trying to offer her a Friend position. She’ll only accept a guaranteed peach. Tamara also said that all the other housewives were accommodated for their pregnancies and that it was odd they weren’t doing the same for Kenya. Honestly, this is what we go through every season with RHOA. They never know what they’re doing. Hell, they had Tammy film an entire season as a housewife and even included her in the cast photo only to fire her before it aired. They also apparently have 3 newbies filming so we will see if that amounts to anything. Eta: I’m in the season five reunion and Aviva is just getting slaughtered! I can’t recall but is there any housewife that was so well liked and mid season became a villain like this? It’s such a turnaround! Usually it happens their second season not during their first. She literally went from everyone liking here, which is rare to bring the biggest nuisance and drama queen until she finally left.
  6. Major Y&R actress out!

    @DramatistDreamer I agree with you that it makes no sense that Mal has put so much focus on the men. They’re important, but literally every story is led by the men with the women supporting. Victoria wasn’t even the lead in her domestic abuse saga. When it comes to Eileen they say she’s such a strong personality that it’s difficult to pair her with people, but how do you explain Brad and Victor? The countless men she’s been paired with on DAYS? The problem is how much they value her. I even felt she had chemistry with Ravi and that went nowhere. They simply don’t try. There are guys on canvas she clicks with big they don’t pursue it. And I’m not suggesting she needs a romantic pairing to be viable, I’m just using that as one of the main excuses when people complain they want more Ashley.
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Omg I forgot OC in my rankings lol. I feel like that is another consistent show. I don’t think they’ve had a bad season since Heather joined which is what I consider their modern era. Even last season I loved and I’m disappointed Lydia won’t be around now. ESPECIALLY after Tamra’s interview going on and on about how Doug is gay. It amazes me the hypocrisy of that woman.
  8. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Oh I loooooove Melbourne! I just meant that Dallas gets all this attention when it isn’t even as good as one of the international offerings. For me in recent years the best have been: 1. RHONY 2. Melbourne (never had a bad season) 3. Potomac Those three may not be perfect but you can always depend on them to deliver good seasons that aren’t too heavy and have a good variety. Beverly Hills and ATL are enjoyable but hit or miss and Dallas is simply okay for me. Cheshire I lost interest in ages ago.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    For me, season 4 was the best season of RHOA and will never be topped. It was the perfect balance of comedy and drama and the cast trip was epic. I also find that the best reunion in Real Housewives history. The shade and the reads were epic! The best modern season IMO was the Kim Fields one. I know many disliked her but I loved the different vibe she brought. I need variety and she provided it. By the time the reunion came around she fit right in. With my season five RHONY rewatch I must say: Carole, Heather and Ramona deserve all the credit for carrying this season. Luann is useless until St. Barth’s, this is Sonja at her most pathetic and Aviva is the sleeper cell that surprisingly causing so much drama as time progresses. I remember when. I first saw the season trailer and I thought for sure she was an angel and Ramonja must’ve wronged her lol. On the subject of RHOD, I find that show so overrated lol. I’m sorry it just isn’t all that to me and this trailer doesn’t look much better. It’s watchable, but I even rank it below Melbourne.
  10. Peyton Place

    Part 5 is out September 11. I’m impressed they’re continuing the releases.
  11. Major Y&R actress out!

    LOL! Tracy Melchior was so tacky with that but I did like her as Kelly in OLTL. It was an awkward situation bc Heather Tom was so good I can’t be mad at them but she was better than Tognoni when she returned and no longer seemed to fit the role. With that said, NO to her as Ashley. If anything bring back Brenda.
  12. Major Y&R actress out!

    Kristin has been recast so I think that door is closed. We’d be lucky to have her back on RHOBH or maybe she plans on pursuing non-soap gigs.
  13. Major Y&R actress out!

    Not that it isn’t obvious, but Jamey is hinting more to come. You don’t lose two of your most popular front burner actresses back to back without there being a reason. I expect more people out, we just don’t know why yet.
  14. Basketball Wives on VH1

    Kristen and Cece haven’t done much but I like them enough I’d keep them next season. I’m just tired of the turnover on this show. I could see them doing better next season once they actually know the girls. I think they’ve done decent for newbies. Now onto the big secret OMG I loved it! Jen was so much fun last season obviously because she wanted to get back in. I was so happy to see her flip flopping ass called out! She has done nothing but stir up trouble this season.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Okay now I’m onto season five of RHONY and the opening episodes are just as awkward as I remembered. By the third episode it’s fine because you’re fully introduced to the new wives, but I wish that had happened the first week so you know what you’re dealing with. It felt very disjointed and this cast doesn’t have any chemistry thus far. In retrospect I do see why Jill had to go. She’s such a large personality and they wouldn’t have been able to move the stories forward with her because she would dominate the narrative. The one thing that doesn’t work AT ALL is Luann. She eventually gets it together, but it’s as if it’s season one Luann doing damage control and trying to create a picture that isn’t real. This is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. The feud with Ramona doesn’t work either because I remember how nasty she was last season so I feel no sympathy for her. You can definitely see she’s out of her element going from best friends with the HBIC to a lower tiered housewife that literally no one is close with. It makes me appreciate her come back in later seasons. Another big note: Heather was a godsend. Interesting family life, a business woman and she’s nice but scrappy. It’s a damn shame she isn’t there anymore. I’d love to see her join Jill next season and return. Tinsley can go to make room if they need it.