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  1. I'm very confused about Salt Lake City and will reserve judgement until we have a cast and trailer. I'm disappointed they didn't announce it with those things. I don't know enough about the city other than stereotypes so I will keep an open mind.
  2. People talk about ratings negatively only when it relates to soaps. All four soaps have better ratings and more loyal audiences than pretty much everything on the CW and pretty much every cable network. If the networks stopped treating them like it was a time filler and invested in promoting these shows (and gave them a budget) they'd benefit. Also the lack of streaming support for them with their libraries is insane, even if you just focus on what is on the air. For ABC, they own their soaps so why not throw them on Hulu or Disney Plus? That's free money and easy to do. It'll also be curious when Peacock launches if they put soaps on their platform. DAYS has a big online following so one would imagine classic episodes would be a given there. ALso when you consider the lawsuit with Sony was about *not* streaming DAYS I could see them pushing for it. Passions and Sunset Beach are also easy soaps they could dump on there.
  3. LVP did indeed appear tonight, but left before the RHOBH cast went on stage lol. She got a huge reaction too. As for the future of Dallas, I think it's safe since they're already casting for next season. I just can't imagine how long it can go on with these ratings. It must do really well with delayed viewing. My biggest question with this upcoming new city is what kind of wealth level it'll have. Also curious if they'll go with the all black or white cast or (gasp!) an integrated cast. I wonder if this might be the untitled HWs spin-off airing on Peacock. Regardless, it would be stunning if they do a full cast reveal at Bravo Con. That would be an iconic end to such a long awaited event.
  4. New HW City coming! Any guesses?! i wonder if they posted this now bc they’ll reveal at BracoCon.
  5. I'm so disappointed in what happened to Lauren. I LOVED the slow build of a romance with Jack. He's overdue for a good love interest and she could've been it. Plus with Michael going to the dark side with Adam and you could've had a fresh story steeped in history that would be anything but boring. Overall with Josh Griffith I see lots of great dramatic ideas, but they usually go for the more boring route in execution. I don't get it.
  6. I read LVP will be on the Watch What Happens episode and possibly at the Vanderpump Rules party afterwards.
  7. Bittersweet! Fen and Ana should be the their lead young couple but instead we gotta accept a weak ass holiday visit from him. Hell, at this point I'd accept Ana returning too, them hitting it off and pursuing something off screen.
  8. OMG this Eva still is killing me lol. I can't believe it's taken this long but I'm glad she's finally being called out. It's funny because I expected Eva to have a quiet season considering she's pregnant. I guess she said she had time!
  9. For ABC at least, this is no longer true. ABC recently announced they won't be using Neilsen ratings in the way they previously did. They're looking at Live, plus 3 and up to 7 day viewing, plus streaming and will now determine ratings and success for their shows based on a 30 day period of viewership. They're finding that many of their biggest hits have okay live viewing, but the 30 day window tells a full story. I feel the same is true for soaps as well. We may be thinking they're doing horribly, but we don't know how they're doing in streaming terms. With DAYS in particular, the NBC app allows you to view several months and it is full of advertisements so if they get good viewership from that then it's another form of revenue for the show. I feel the overall ratings picture for DAYS is probably better than we think which is why NBC keeps it around. Even if it doesn't always last on the network I could see them putting a form of it on Peacock.
  10. The media wants impeachment for the ratings, but in the end they don't want Trump impeached so they'll continue these types of story and commentary. Notice how common it is to mention that aid WAS released, but they skirt over the fact that it was released after the whistleblower complaint became public. If you rob a bank and return the money when the police find out you did it, it doesn't mean you get off the hook. Somehow the media is allowing that to be a narrative. My hope with impeachment is that it helps turn public opinion enough to help Democrats in 2020, but even then they'll have to deal with the media "both sides-ing" the election and working to help keep Trump in office.
  11. Since the time jump I do find the show energized, but considering there is a time jump I don't think enough has changed. I wish they'd maybe done two years instead. The cast is mostly the same, the characters who died are all minor. If you're gonna do a time jump then go for broke! I also would've shaken the cast up and had major characters suddenly in town at the jump so you can instantly see the show has changed. Kill of someone major and have a mystery surrounding it, then perhaps Sami (and EJ or Lucas) now living in Salem or just anybody we know really. It just feels like the status quo with more energized writing, which is why Ron typically does until he gets bored.
  12. We were just talking about Asian voters so this is promising. Shocking that neither party is trying to reach out to them though.
  13. This is huge. Even if they get a deal, having to renegotiate the entire cast contracts is going to be difficult. Plus if filming starts in March, the entire younger cast could be booked and busy. Nobody is gonna wait until March to maybe have a job. I wouldn't be surprised if they get the renewable but we get a smaller DAYS on Peacock instead of NBC.
  14. It was an unpopular opinion last season, but I really enjoyed it. I felt it was a nice transitional season and having just finished episode two of RHOA, I am LOVING this season. I feel like it's building nicely from what they developed last season and the return of Kenya has been a smashing success. Despite the drama surrounding her exit, it wouldn't have made sense when you consider she had a high risk pregnancy and wouldn't have been able to do much anyway. Plus I feel leaving on a positive note and coming back with a baby and husband makes me appreciate her more. The best part of this season is that it's giving me old school Housewives feel with the soap storytelling. Two years ago they would've edited Nene, Tanya and Marlo into every episode regardless of when it filmed. I LIKE that they're slowly and organically allowing the story to develop. The first episode had Kenya's return, then Marlo tonight and Nene and Tanya arrive next week. It gives you something to build towards. Kandi - She's always consistant and entertaining. This season she's been featuring less of her co-stars so far which is nice because you can focus on her and her relationships with the girls. I loved seeing Todd and Ace so far and the baby story interests me. Cynthia - Normally I can take or leave her, but so far she is bringing it. I like the Mike story and it was nice seeing Noelle again. I also like that she isn't going to cry and beg Nene for forgiveness. She has a lighter energy which is working. Porsha - I still can't believe how much I hated her and now she is not only watchable but enjoyable. The Dennis stuff is conflicting because everybody warned her, but it still sucks seeing what has happened. I hope she doesn't take him back, but she's always been a fool so she probably will. Eva - I still don't see how she has a peach. I don't dislike her, but she is just there. Once again it looks like she's going to continue throwing jabs behind peoples back then back tracking and !@#$%^&*] poppin when called out. I can't stand when she does this! They better not give her another pass and let this hoe have it. With that said, I'm still hoping she moves to Dallas for her new job and relocates to RHOD with Claudia Jordan. She's a small fish here, but with Claudia they could make Dallas watchable. Marlo - I saved my favorite for last. I know many don't like her, but I've always found her entertaining. I follow her closely on social media and always felt she should be a HW because she does so much that isn't featured on the show that could round her character out. I was so happy that when she returned they included her nephews. I was curious how that would be handled. It was nice seeing her be vulnerable. She almost didn't even seem like the same person. Seeing her bond with those boys the past few months on social media and now on the show has really made me respect her. I doubt she wanted kids, but she stepped up to the plate and has made those boys the center of her life. It isn't just for the show, this is her life and I applaud her for that. Not many with her lifestyle would take on that responsibility. Now going forward, I can't wait to see my favorite petty Moose next week! I hope Nene is as sour faced and bitter as ever! I have missed her hating ass!
  15. If there's more than one death it'll probably be Jordan and Adrienne. If Adrienne is dead I am going to be happy! That is one of the most boring long term characters in soap history and easily Judi Evans worst role. I hope they keep her on as Bonnie full time who is way more entertaining.
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