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  1. On the subject of AOC, I found her line about the committees to be disappointing. I felt that meant you were IMPORTANT by being on those committees. They're allowing you the time and space to really be heard by being on those committees. I feel Kamala Harris benefited tremendously by being on those committees and I also am thankful for her (and others) based on things they've gotten people to admit when questioning them. That's incredibly important work so it shocked me she felt that was busy work. She should be greatful that she was given such high profile assignments as a newbie. Also, as much as she wants to change things and introduce new ideas, she needs to recognize she IS new and inexperienced. It's a learning curve, so I wish she were more open to acknowledging when she does say or do the wrong thing. It's like the Joe Biden thing, just own certain things so you can grow from them.
  2. I could see the second half airing in January or February and if they get it on before the midseason shows start it might have a shot. Also having it against Pose, which probably has a similar audience isn't helpful. I honestly am not even hopeful for season two unless they stabilize at least at 1 million per episode. I haven't closely watched the ratings of all their shows, but I'm pretty sure Greenleaf and Queen Sugar average well over a million per episode. I *hope* it works because I enjoy the show, but we'll see. If they are lucky enough to get a second season I would retool the show a bit. I'm not sure if they're filming the entire season in one shot, if not I'd get rid of Robin Givens as soon as possible. Get a more credible actress in that type of lead Alexis/Abby Ewing role. You cannot convince me she was the best they can do and she simply doesn't have the fanbase or talent to cultivate a fanbase to carry a show. Call Vivica Fox, Call Nia Long, Call Victoria Rowell, hell Call Mishael Morgan. Call ANYBODY but they need to be able to act and have some charisma if they're meant to carry the show. Tika Sumpter wasn't the most famous or best actress when cast on Have and Have Not's, but she has charisma and has grown into a great actress. Merle Dandridge is also very commanding on Greenleaf, not to mention everybody at Queen Sugar. That's what this show is missing, a strong anchor.
  3. The latest episode dropped to 752,000 viewers and a .18 in the demo. Definitely not the breakout hit they were hoping for, but they've already committed to 18 episodes so I'm sure they have faith in the show. They're airing it in two blocks so I'm curious if they'll change the timeslot for the second half of the season. I still do enjoy the show. I think it's very well written and they're doing a good job of utilizing a lot of characters. I feel the dialogue is very real and not as tame as I'm used to on soaps. I compare this more to daytime soaps than anything and on that front I think it's holding up well. I'd still recast Robin Givens though.
  4. I agree with what everyone else is saying about Y&R. I feel the writing is actually good at it's core and Kristoff's send off showed what they're capable of if they try. The issue right now isn't that the storylines aren't interesting, it's that Adam (played by a fabulous newcomer) is the ONLY A story and is literally featured EVERY DAY. The bits and pieces of the other stories are interesting, but impossible to invest in with the limited attention they get. Then Kyle/Lola is your only other A story and it's become painfully dull. The biggest problem for me though is Chelsea's return. That was such a dud character and considering she's connected to the most important character, that means more screentime for that flop character. They need to work on the balance of the show. As others have said, no matter how good you can't have a newbie lead your show. I do like Phyllis' return, but I feel the writing for her has deteriorated in her return. She's being written too light hearted considering what she's been through. Considering the ratings I wonder if they'll make any changes. Not saying they should fire JG but a co-HW could help.
  5. Then why did he go to AW for so many years?! That is crazy!
  6. Daniel Goddard is just an idiot. He's leveraged that Lane fanbase to keep his job and it's kept his character from growing. Look at how Brad evolved as the bad boy womanizer. That could be Cane if he didn't keep complaining. I still say the Juliet story (which greatly improved his episode counts) did wonders for Cane AND Lily and now this story, even though he isn't my choice for Traci, at least he HAS a story. His entire family has been written off and they are more important than he is! The fact that Lily, Neil and Drucilla's daughter and Devon's sister hasn't been recast is shameful. She is a hugely popular legacy character. He's lucky to be there and should be happy they didn't just fire him like everyone else. Even if he doesn't love the story, just be grateful you have one. This doesn't have to be his endgame, but it's something to help him stay relevant and evolve on the canvas. He's not thinking in the long term.
  7. L to R is that Snapper, Leslie, Chris, Greg, Liz, Peggy (is that the red headed daughters name?), Jennifer and Stuart?
  8. Wait, the guy who played Snapper and Mitch Blake was gay?! I had no idea lol. Such a good looking and talented guy. In retrospect it shocks me that Y&R never brought him back like in the 90s considering he had such success on Another World. He was a great leading man from what I saw on that show.
  9. The nepotism is probably why I'm always afraid to praise her lol. Like now I find it disgraceful how she's written. She's still young, attractive and can act (hence the Emmy nod a couple years back), but she's written like a nameless dayplayer. I hate seeing her just stuck with Paul. I'd love for her to become a real character again with a love life and after all she's gone through she deserves a child. When you look at a Tori Spelling and think of what we could have had, we really lucked out with Lauralee. Hell, look at her brother coasting at B&B lol. I appreciate that she at least sells whatever they give her.
  10. For the record I don't care about Traci and Cane either but I see through people's complaints which are almost always from Lane fans. My biggest complaint is that as we see Jack and Lauren oozing with chemistry, they should have had MICHAEL getting closer to Traci. It only makes sense based on Lauren/Traci's history. I feel like Cane and Traci are fine filler material, but what he really needs is a pink slip.
  11. Okay I've just reached Olivia's arrival. Before I get to Dru and Olivia, I have to give Brenda Epperson her props. Bill Bell had a gift for getting actors who distinctly fit his style and she was excellent in the role. Different, but probably one of the best and most seamless recasts they've ever had. It's a Shame another soap didn't pick her up. Watching her you don't even question that she's Ashley. Now onto the queen, Victoria Rowell came in guns blazing. Instantly had a grasp on who Drucilla was and she was so natural! It was also nice seeing her with the original Mamie before she was replaced by Veronica Redd. She's so different from anybody on the show and gives it a burst of energy. Her interactions with Brad and Nathan have also been interesting and allow you to see different sides to the character. Veronica Redd also instantly took over the role of Mamie and it feels like she's been there for years. She's electrifying with Victoria Rowell. I also question if they were already fine tuning their dialogue because it feels awfully authentic. Now on the flip side, I don't think Tonya Lee Williams came in as strong. I know she quickly became great but she's a little green at first. Gorgeous as ever though and clearly the right woman for the job considering how she developed. Also, David Kimble is just insane! I love everything about this story and these characters. I always loved Nina but Lauralee Be is really good as time goes on. I love the stronger 90s Christine.
  12. Just say she's too fat and too old for Cane. This is a soap and you really expect us to believe you care that he's dating the mom of his exwifes friend lol? Cane and Lily had a HUGE age Gap and as is typical with men nobody cared. Same for Victor, Jack and pretty much any man. When Ashley was flirting with Ravi everybody was up in arms. Lots of talk about Sharon Case being too old for Adam. I could mention countless other times. There is a huge double standard when it comes to women with younger men on soaps. Also, in terms of story is does make sense becaude Traci's most popular pairing was with Brad and Cane is basically filling the void he has previously.
  13. I feel like due to their easy renewals, these shows must do really well online. The Bell soaps I mean. On CBS All Access they're always listed with the popular shows so it's likely the ratings are better than we think. The only thing that gave Y&R a bit of a bump was the Kristoff St. John tribute. I think that worked because not only were you honoring a legendary actor, but it was something different. With Y&R right now the Adam story is literally the A story EVERY DAY so unless you are sold on that story you don't have much reason to tune in. Plus, even if you do love the show, once you notice it's on every day you have less reason to watch each day since you can easily skip and catch up. They need another A story to rotate it with.
  14. At the time, Nelson Branco hinted that she tried. Brad Bell also tried to get her on B&B as Dru or a new character according to emails in her lawsuit, but the network wouldn't let him do it. I also agree that I did enjoy MAB partly. Didn't she bring on Jennifer Landon as Heather towards the end of her run? I thought she was great in the role, but the regime change led to her being written out before she could do much. I feel like she could've been a great heroine for them had she remained. I also liked the Marge 2.0 story, Cane's death and Nina's return along with her sons. I feel like there was good stuff, but so much bad as well like the horrible Mackenzie recast, too much Adam, Maura West as Diane when she should've been Grace. There was definitely a disconnect somewhere. I feel like both MAB and LML failed not because they were necessarily bad, but because they were given too much power. I wish they had just been allowed to WRITE with a strong EP to reign them in. LML in particular I feel would've lasted for years had Kay Alden and Jack Smith remained and she never became EP. One thing I don't get with MAB is why she never went anywhere else. Soaps seem to love re-hiring people, but she truly seemed to be hated and disappeared. I'd be interested in seeing her write something else.
  15. I think the third season without him was the only good season of the reboot so I do think there could be life without Larry Hagman. The reboot never quite knew how to use the old characters except Bobby and the brief return of Gary.
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