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  1. Of course we don't know them so they could be great, but I still say it's a loss not to add Claudia Jordan. Andy said her leaving RHOA was a missed opportunity and she lives in Dallas, is wealthy and successful now and she knows these ladies. I know they interviewed her for season 5 (she wasn't cast bc she got a job in LA), but I don't see why she isn't cast. Hopefully the new ladies are bold enough to get people tuning in. If they can't get it right this show needs to end or move to Peacock. I also think Kary should've stayed over Kameron.
  2. Because we only got the mid season trailer, we went into RHONY blind last night and my god was it boring! I really don’t know how they’ll get another 10 episodes out of this if the pacing remains the same. The one thing that I did note is that Eboni is a hating bitch. The way she did Bershan was childish and messy. Why invite everybody to a party in front of her and say she can’t go? And then to say she isn’t the right type of Black person to go and use covid as an excuse was pure BS. Bershan is a paid cast member so she’d be under whatever covid protocols the other girls are. Eboni is trying to ice her out because she doesn’t like her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eboni was one of those “there can only be one” girls bad is thinking strategically towards next season. Bershan hasn’t done anything the other ladies haven’t for Eboni to hate her this much.
  3. That’s a fast turnaround, but I like it! Get this out of the way and hopefully it can lead to more things.
  4. If this is successful it’ll be a big deal for soaps. Days is already successful streaming and this, even with a better budget than the daytime show, will obviously be much cheaper than any of their other original shows. Right now Peacock is trying to figure out what works for them. If this gets good views I wouldn’t be surprised to see more from Days. I also think this will wake the other soaps are just looking at the attention this got. Y&R is a lost cause, but it shocks me that with its international success that Brad Bell hasn’t pursued a B&B spin off. Also, for those asking about Pine Valley, I still believe it’s coming. The script was turned in at the end of February. It’s obviously not being developed in the normal time frame that would’ve gotten it on the air this fall. I’m still confident that will get a pilot at the very least.
  5. Now that they’ve announced the Days spin off, it’s more clear why Freddie is saying this now. They didn’t say Will or Sonny is appearing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what brought this up. Perhaps they want a stronger actor since it’ll be for a streaming service.
  6. Same. I hope the rumors of Peacock adding them is true.
  7. I’ve been saying if these apps soaps wanna survive they need to build their streaming output. This is a smart move for Days and since it’ll use many of their biggest cast members, it’ll get eye balls. Hopefully this goes well enough to develop a proper spin off with a stand alone story! I hope this inspires Paramount Plus to do the same with the Bell soaps and Hulu with GH. Forrester International is literally begging for a spin off
  8. That can't be true because Jackee recurred on the final season, after the spin-off wasn't picked up.
  9. I wish the rumors of him being Todd were true. I'd welcome Todd, Blair, Starr and Jack and you can get rid of Brando, Willow, Michael and Sasha. Roger Howarth is a good actor, but I don't know that he's versatile enough to create a third interesting character on the same show. Todd would've been an easy fit who could reinvigorate the show. Austin is just snoozeworthy and attaching him to the Quartermaine family while killing off his father without an appearance makes it feel pointless.
  10. On the subject of the Spencer recast, my thing is, the write those teen characters in such an immature way that I wish they'd kept him on screen the past few years instead of MIA in boarding school. I don't think he would've been out of place in a teen set that acts like they're 12 years old. Based on the stories they got he wouldn't have needed to be a romantic lead or anything other than a child anyway. With that said, I LOVE the recast and I'm glad they're giving Trina something real to do. I just wish the character hadn't been MIA for so long.
  11. I think so. I mean, look at that Obsolete Video guy on You Tube who already posted a very rare Y&R episode from the 70s. Just from the teasers he's posted of end credits (in color) of various soaps, it tells me there's tons out there we don't know about that is in color and good condition.
  12. Honestly, they probably make decent money with their youtube so good for them! I didn't hate Freddie and I didn't mind when he gained weight, but he's no big loss if he doesn't want to return. I'd love if they bring Sonny back to recast with Zach Tinker who played Fenmore on Y&R.
  13. The writers seem to like Paris, but this is going to be a disaster and lead to her exit. She'll probably end up either sleeping with Finn or getting obsessed and likely will steal that baby knowing how Brad Bell works. I just can't see this story being a positive for her on a show like B&B. Steffy is their female lead so nobody is going to win against her. It's a shame they couldn't think of anything better because Paris is a good find for them.
  14. I started watching this when I heard about the ridiculous series finale and I'm loving it. I'm almost done with the first season and this reminds me of a cross between The Young and the Restless from the Bill Bell era and Passions. It's funny because I've seen clips and heard about how ridiculous it gets, but you can see promise in this first season. This is written and paced like a 5 episode a week daytime soap and I feel like if you take the overall story plan for season one and give Tyler Perry a full staff of writers you could have a good daytime soap. The characters are interesting and I can see years of story out of them so it's sad to know Tyler Perry let his ego get in the way. Still, with that said, I do think he's the only person I can think of who could bring back the daytime soap.
  15. How dare you accurately describe Richard Avery like that and make me bust out laughing!! He was such a fabulous character, but like you said a sniveling little weasel. Poor Laura lol!
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