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  1. @CatFor me, WWHL was fine as a general special, but since not much happened in the premiere they didn’t comment in the episode as you typically would and instead spoke generally. It seemed like they were trying to be vague and not reveal stuff so it came off awkward. Everybody was trying to act like they’re getting along so great but we know that isn’t the case. I’m certainly glad they didn’t spoil the entire show, but I think this would’ve been better as a preview special aired the week prior.
  2. Ramona has said this season will be longer than the last one which tells me there's lots of drama we don't know about. It seems like the season trailer is mostly the first few episodes since a lot of the drama featured comes from the Hampton's trip that starts next week. I thought they did their best of hiding things on WWHL, but I'm not buying this kumbaya stuff. I think we're in for a very good, dramatic season and I LOVE that New York doesn't reveal everything like most series. I feel like last season although not the best, had endless surprises throughout the season we had no idea about. H
  3. I've watched 13 episodes and I'm all in. In my research I see lots of comments that the first season isn't great and many saying to skip it, but as a soap fan I always need to see from the beginning if possible. I do see the problems with this season, but I feel it's valuable to be introduced to the characters the way it was intended. I'm not sure if they had a lot of freelancers, but the stories are very hit or miss. What works is that the cast is fantastic, both contract and the recurring people at the hospital. Everybody has enough of a personality that you instantly get a sense of place wh
  4. As much as I've been enjoying GH, their casting never ceases to amaze me. You have Sasha who looks like Lynn Herring's daughter, but she's not. You have Willow who is connected to nobody, but Serena and Christina are out there. Elizabeth is a long term tentpole character, but her sister is off screen, her parents are off screen and her biggest love interest is off screen. Then they keep casting these new actors would could fit old roles, but they almost always are some new random character. Of course they may surprise us, but I'm expecting all of these new roles to be a waste of th
  5. That's what I'm thinking...this has been handled in such an odd way. I also wouldn't be surprised if they did a surprise Peacock announcement.
  6. Okay I just finished RHONY, which was excellent, and I want to apologize for always overlooking Sonja Morgan! Much like people with Cynthia on ATL, every off season I wish they’d finally let her go and then the show premieres and I’m in love again. Sonja was her most delightful nutty self tonight! I also got the sense from seeing the flash forwards and trailer again that she’s about to give us a VERY strong performance this year! Even from WWHL the tension was thick. Whatever is going on with Ramona and Luann must be big because Sonja said she still doesn’t speak to them. Eboni’s deb
  7. The Eve retcon was huge IMO and the most bizarre of them all. Eve was central to so many key Victor/Nikki moments and at the time Cole was introduced, it wasn't that long ago. It's odd that they took one element of the story, of course Cole potentially being Victor's son, but nothing else. Eve had such rich history with Victor and Nikki and it was all wasted. You can even keep her on her death bed, but imagine how much more interesting it would've been to see her show some regret over her past actions.
  8. Poor Heavenly is working overtime to keep it interesting. Toya is working as well, but she's trying too hard. I'm curious how you'll feel about her as it goes on.
  9. Allegedly she wanted more money than was offered to her.
  10. I couldn't allow myself to get excited about this. I feel Brad Bell did an excellent job bringing Sheila back the last time. He did a great job of making the horrible stuff done to her on Y&R work in a way that freed her up to be a real long term character again. After that intro it went from an amazing return to a total dud. I get she would've had to leave because of her run for government, but it was so disappointing to see her do nothing. They could've brought her kids back or pursued a serious romance with Eric or anybody really. Sheila was vital to making B&B a success and her ret
  11. Considering how early in development this seems to be, I think we'd be lucky if the show got a pilot order. It's also possible the script is so amazing they'll go ahead and give a series order based on the script, but I can't see them doing that for a soap reboot in primetime. Most likely we won't hear anything about it though.
  12. Okay this was an impressive way to show the reunion looks! Whatever company produced Real Housewives of Durban did an amazing job! It was much more interesting that I expected.
  13. I feel like that’s a good description of how I viewed the show just from promos and media coverage. I remember things like when Kelli Martin’s character died and a big helicopter stunt. In that way it seems like it paved the way for the type of over the top stories and stunts you see on Grey’s Anatomy.
  14. I’d never seen this show, but of course know of it due to popularity. I had been debating between starting this and NYPD Blue, but this thread getting bumped up was a sign so I started this! I’m only two episodes in but I’m loving it so far. They seem to have struck gold with this original ensemble. I will say it’s very jarring to see George Clooney on a tv show since I know him primarily from movies. I grew up watching The Facts of Life, but I was watching that as he became a movie star so this feels different. Looking forward to seeing this slice of history so many seem to love! Wo
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