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  1. Honestly I found the show very well written. I think if he took over a soap he'd do well. My biggest problem with Ambitions was casting. Also, he did try to get hired by a soap and not one would hire him. Considering he is black I don't think any would rush to hire him even though he has a larger credit on his resume. Regardless of feelings for him, there is no way with this sea of bad rotating HWs that I would complain about a black person getting a shot at it. It would 100% be worth the risk and couldn't be worse than what we currently have. Especially at Y&R. That could be their chance to get their black audience back and could open the door to black writers. I would whole heatedly support that.
  2. I saw the trailer for a show called Black Earth Rising on Netflix and decided to give it a go. It's a British/American show that came out either 2018 or 2019 and stars Michaela Coen who is an up and coming British actress. John Goodman costars which helped sell me on it, but then I hear a voice and look up and it's Tamara Tunie! She plays a pretty substantial role so far in the first two episodes. I loved her as Jessica on As the World Turns and I always love to see black former soap actors thriving which she definitely has. I wish she had a bigger profile because she has been amazing in every post-soap role I've seen.
  3. From what I gather, as Wendy Williams was getting ready to go in air she got a text from Nene that said “I quit.” Wendy announced it immediately on her show without talking to Nene. Wendy also mentioned that she feels Nene needs to stay because she needs this platform to discuss a big personal secret in her life. She said Greg is healthy, but the secret will touch peoples hearts and instead of fighting with the girls over stupid stuff, she needs to use her platform to showcase whatever that is. Now Nene is pissed because she feels Wendy shouldn’t have said what she told her. She said she was just venting about quitting and hasn’t decided anything. I am curious what this secret is though.
  4. The thing with Shannon, Tamra and Vicki is that I have liked all of them at times, but they can never move forward with things so it gets tiring. On New York or Atlanta they can be fighting like cats and dogs, but they suck it up and keep filming and move forward. To me they are the biggest problem on OC which is why I want some sort of shake up. Not because I don’t like them, but because they don’t allow the story to move forward.
  5. Her comments gave me life! I love this new Hillary that isn't running for office and can say whatever she wants. She's been very vocal about how Bernie hurt her campaign.
  6. I'm so curious about this as well. I just can't see him getting it because he's so polarizing and hasn't seemed to expand on his base, just maintaining it. He says he won't do what he did last time and will back the nominee, but I find that *so* hard to believe. If he doesn't get the nomination I fully expect him to drag his campaign along until the convention and once again say it was rigged against him. If you thought his fans were bad last time, I feel they'll be worse this time.
  7. I feel like they've tried everything in their power to make Melissa Ordway interesting and it just hasn't happened. I find it baffling they plan on putting her into a triangle with someone like Michelle Stafford. She's gonna get eaten alive lol.
  8. The Peggy/Lydia season was IMO the last good season and was exciting from beginning to end. There was constant drama and I felt like Lydia and Peggy both brought the glam back that we lost when Heather left. What upset fans was that the girls were rarely together all 7 in a group, but the blame fell on Lydia and Peggy even though the group was fractured because Shannon, Kelly, Vicki and Tamra refused to film together. Peggy had a rough go of it because she joined the show right after having a double mastectomy and that coupled with her language barrier I feel hurt her with fans. Lydia ended up getting backlash when they dressed in male drag because she said she didn't understand drag. As a drag queen myself I wasn't offended. She didn't understand, but she got in boy drag and she clearly was open to learning about it. I didn't find that homophobic. I LOVED Lydia dragging Shannon from the moment they met until the reunion and I loved how Peggy got under Shannon's skin. They also had one of their very best cast trips ever. This cast definitely deserved a second season!
  9. There are multiple women rumored to be in the running, including one black lady who posted a video of herself doing test filming. I know there is a blonde lady who is friends with Cary and Kary. I believe most are friends with D'Andra so I'd say she's most likely safe. I think the Brandi news has probably left Bravo confused on what to do. I hope it leads us to a true reboot. I want a minimum of 3 new housewives, preferably 4. It's do or die for Dallas, they need a dynamic cast/season or it needs to end. DC and Miami didn't die for this mediocrity. Potomac gets better and better each season, there is just no excuse for Dallas being as boring as it is. Also, not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but Andy said we won't get a Beverly Hills trailer for another month, which would put the premiere in March or April. I'm beginning to think the early rumors of filming being dull were true. It's clear there was a retool when Brandi and Camille came in. Now Brandi is posting hints that Denise may be filming with Joanna Krupa (from RHOM) and the girls recently went to New York to film Erika on Broadway. I'm wondering if filming was extended to account for the slow early months. Something similar has also happened with the upcoming season of Southern Charm. They ended up scrapping what they shot because it wasn't very good and their former cast member accused of sexual assault (I think his name is Thomas?) is rumored to be back.
  10. There’s a rumor on Twitter that Peacock is negotiating to have the entire run of Days of Our Lives. If that happens it would be a game changer for soaps streaming!
  11. I feel like the Real Housewives franchise has become a lot safer in their casting choices because of what they perceived as mistakes in previous years. Looking at the transition into streaming, it's possible lower ratings for RHOM and RHONY with their season 5 reboot came from people switching to DVR and streaming. Now we get stuck with HWs like Teddi or Gina who should've been a one and done. With RHOC it's clear they've been telling the same story with no freshness *and* casting has been weak. They need to either do a major revamp or give up at this point. I don't know why it's a struggle. With RHOA they do keep the cast mostly the same, but their little refreshes somehow work. The relationships evolve and the friends (Tanya, Eva, Marlo etc) give just enough to keep it fresh. OC they're too set in their ways to keep the same cast and expect something different. I'd honestly fire Tamra AND Vicki. Now speaking on that RHOA midseason trailer, that looks REALLY good! I loved the Wendy Williams cameo and that she was telling Nene to try and repair her relationships with these girls. It's a shame because this is once again Nene's fault. I don't really fault her on the Kenya stuff, but she's now on Twitter fighting with Kandi saying that she's in an alliance with Cynthia to protect Kenya. Kandi has repeatedly posted that she wants Nene to come on her Speak On It show to say her side of things and Kandi has even asked the fans to convince Nene to do it. She's complaining that Kandi is supporting Kenya, but she's also trying to support her and give her a voice, but she doesn't want to do it. What does she expect then? Kandi can't defend what she doesn't understand. Why she's trying to cause a problem with Kandi is just insane. Kandi is the least of her worries.
  12. Chris B

    The View

    @Khan Eboni was a weekend and fill in anchor until she got her own show called The Fox News Specialists where it was two Democrats and one republican host. It ended up canceled when the republican host was busted for sexual harassment. This segment I’m posting is the most memorable segment on the show. She got endless death threats and had to get security due to calling out racism. The general format of the show was very similar to The View except it was two women and one man.
  13. Chris B

    The View

    I do think it's a difficult place to work, but she was TERRIBLE on the show. Just incredibly dull, so I feel she probably quit before she got fired at the end of the season. I could see her working better on a non-political entertainment talk show like Extra or ET. The only time she was interesting was talking at movies or pop culture things. Long shot because she's never guested to my knowledge, but I've always wanted Eboni Williams to become a co-host. She's a black former Fox News anchor who faced lots of trouble there for being a democrat. She's so good at expressing her thoughts and would fit in perfectly here. It's always shocked me she's never at least guest hosted. If Meghan thinks Sunny and Joy get her blood boiling, I don't know what they'd do against Eboni. I feel because of her serious news background she's better at getting to the facts of the story. It pains me that we don't have one true journalist on the panel. I miss the days of Meredith and Lisa Ling.
  14. I never understood why they gave Maggie another daughter and then never featured her. It's a very odd storytelling technique when you consider Maggie had two other kids off screen that could've been brought back at the time.
  15. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is deep into filming now and surprise, this is one of the rumored HWs! Color me impressed if true. She’s married to her step grandpa so you know she bout to be a mess!
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