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  1. Panty Gate I remember foolishly giving the benefit of the doubt bc I found the show entertaining overall, but that was the start of them burning what should be a minor story into the ground. It's so weird too bc the early seasons dealt with such heavy issues. Now accidently stepping on someone's toe could provide 15 episodes of story. I feel Potomac and NYC work so well because they can get over stuff. Even when they don't like each other they still tolerate each other like adults would do. Here if one person's mad then everybody piles on and that's all you hear about. I hate that!
  2. Honestly I’m starting to worry. I guess it’s possible something dramatic is happening we don’t know of, but I think they’ll stay united to spite LVP.
  3. RHOBH News: Nothing major, but some news has leaked out. No rumors of any potential drama between anybody so far. Teddi revealed today that she doesn't know if she's a HW, which is pretty good confirmation she'll just be a friend. It was unlikely they'd have 8 HWs so this is probably true. Also, Eileen revealed that the movie premiere for 7 Days To Vegas (her new movie) will be filmed for the show and the girls are coming. Kyle has been in North Carolina filming the Halloween sequels so I'm curious how long that'll take her away. We have no way of knowing if her role will be for both sequels or if it's big or small so there is no telling.
  4. You act like it would be the first time they trashed her character lol. The less it makes sense, the more likely it's gonna be to happen IMO.
  5. It's confusing because like you said they didn't HAVE to include him, they choose to, so why not contact him? And the crazy thing is that he was available! He is a recast on Mixed-Ish. This has obviously been in development for a while so they could've easily contacted him and he'd be available to do it. Then with Lark Voorhees and Dustin Diamond, I find it hard to believe they'll appear due to personal problems. Just seems like it would've been better to just go with a new cast so people wouldn't want the old cast back.
  6. This is so odd. I could see how they could do an unrelated spin off ala The New Class, but this seems to include some of the originals and I wonder how that will go. Tiffani and Mark Paul are both working. I'm sure their schedule could open up, but still weird choice for a continuation.
  7. I agree with @Cheap21 and @Antoyne about OG. The way she's been treated is AMAZING! Did yall hear that at the reunion OG showed up, business as usual, and was told she could only film from her dressing room via satellite? Apparently she's too violent and dangerous to sit on the couch with the other women. Cece got up and left when she found this out. My question is: This is a show where Tami and Evelyn have fought people many times, thrown things, etc. Evelyn this season has already attacked Jennifer AND she is going to try to attack Cece next week. How the FCUK is OG the dangerous one? This is beginning to feel discriminatory on another level. Is it because she's dark skinned? Her african features? It's more than just simple dislike. Shaunie has completely lost me as a fan. If you aren't on her team you have no chance on this show. Cece has been posting behind the scenes tidbits on her twitter and instagram. They're going as far as to editing out Byron's family members when they go to events with her so Kristen's narrative of the entire family hating her, is the only one that stands. Then when Tami had her party and they showed Cece up and leave, Cece said she actually stayed and partied with Tami and Jackie until the party ended! She's done with the show because of the biased editing and I can't say I blame her. I look forward to her digging into Evelyn's ass last week. I enjoyed her years ago, but she serves no useful purpose anymore. I feel like OG, Cece and Kristen were the more interesting newbies they've had in years, but the biased editing has ruined it. Since OG and Cece aren't up Shaunie and Evelyn's ass they get treated like dirt. I fully expect both to be out next season and along with Tami I'm not seeing a purpose in watching next season. I don't wanna see Shaunie and Evelyn ganging up on a bunch of new girls yet again.
  8. There's a twitter account that usually posts accurate things and they said she's for sure Hilary. I'm sure she will be. The one thing I don't like is how these characters had no build up to her return in terms of storyline. I guess it's good that they'll hopefully be featured going forward. I'm thinking of picking the show back up now.
  9. I agree and thats why I get so mad when people list seasons 5 or 6 as the best. IMO, the best season the show had was season 4 (including the best reunion). I also loved last season which I know is unpopular. I feel like Kenya is too on for the cameras. I have liked her various seasons, but you don't get her real life often. I feel like she worked best in her final season, but overall she tries to hard. I like it best when the women are themselves and the drama is more organic. I feel the next season is going to be better received than last year because it'll be full of drama, but I don't look forward to the story she CREATES for herself.
  10. Oh it's him for sure! She mentions the behavior in the post announcing the divorce: https://tamaratattles.com/2019/09/19/exclusive-details-kenya-moore-and-marc-daly-to-divorce/ That lines up with the blind item: https://tamaratattles.com/2019/09/17/blind-item-pretty-dick/ The weird thing to me is that just on Monday they appeared together on the Tamron Hall show, then he recently had an event that *he* threw for RHOA. This story is weird as hell just like anything with Kenya.
  11. Tamara Tattles says that he is so unlikable that there is literally no way they can give him an even decent edit. She said that the producers don't even like Kenya and they feel bad for her. I know there are rumors he's down low and has a gay lover, but they say that about everyone so I'm not sure how true that is.
  12. Eileen has never liked LVP and was always consistent about that so I can respect that. I don’t think she let it dominate her time on the show the way the ladies did last year. She’d address it with LVP but otherwise had her own stuff going on. I’d love her to return but I don’t think she ever would. She was offered a friend spot when Teddi joined and she turned it down since it wasn’t full time. After that I don’t think it would be easy to get her back. Potomac’s reunion was breezy as usual. This show is so effortless to watch! I loved towards the beginning when Karen was asked something relating to Ashley and calmly demolished her before telling Andy to move on lol. It was that moment that I knew I was in for a treat! Still sad it looks like Katie is done because I’d love to see her filming her movie during the next season. RHOC I’m completely behind on, but I look forward to catching up. Andy said the next string of episodes is epic and from the clip of Kelly knocking Shannon over the head it looks like that is gonna be true. These ladies always deliver even if it isn’t the ideal cast.
  13. Watching that episode I felt like I got more out of the non-Lorie/Leslie Brooks than others. This is the first episode I got a sense of who Chris and Peggy are and I actually liked both. I wish we could get like a solid week of Y&R from the 70s so we could get a feel of it. It seems like such a different animal than it became. In fact, each decade has a distinct feel to it. Also love whenever we get to see the Brooks home which looks just like the Forrester mansion.
  14. I never liked Charisse. I found her the main weak link in season one. Had Katie not had issues with her husband I feel they would've kept her. She was good that season and gave a lot at the reunion.
  15. The thing is, they DID have story. Clearly Jack and Lauren were going to be paired and Michael was getting good screentime with Kevin and Adam. I thought this all had potential and was dropped. As for Billy, I wonder if it was more popular on JT than expected. Either that or not wanting to have another scandal so soon after the Phyllis switch.
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