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  1. Angelica also said they tried to get Tonya Lee Williams but she’s out of the country working in a project. Even if that’s the case I would hope this puts her on their radar for a future return this year. Neil is worth more than a short term tribute so you can still bring in people important to his life later on, which is a tribute in itself by keeping the legacy he helped build going. I do like that Josh Griffith seems to rectifying things somewhat by giving Ana a father (perhaps mom is on the way as well) and bringing in Elena. As for her trying to blame his personal problems for Neil being underutilized, that doesn’t wash because they choose to basically eliminate the entire family with Mal Young’s run.
  2. I looked it up and RHOBH averaged 1.5 million viewers every episode except the premiere and episode 3 which had 1.6 million viewers. For each episode of RHOA they’ve had over 2 million viewers so I find Rinna’s claims hard to believe. Maybe they doubled the ratings for the first episode but I highly doubt the other episodes have managed a DVR spike that big. I’m really done with dog gate. The more Teddi talks about it the worse she looks and this episode was no different. I’m so glad LVP is playing it as “fcuk off” and not giving her the energy she wants. With Denise’s wedding starting next week we have only a couple more episodes with LVP interacting with the main cast. That was her last group filming IIRC. I imagine the wedding will spill over two episodes and that second episode will probably be the infamous showdown with Kyle and Lisa. At this point I’m dying for them to get to this point because I can’t take this week after week. I also loved Camille dropping the Brokrit tea which I’m assuming will be our story for the second half of the season. Nobody does bitchy like Camille so I know this will be epic. Plus as one of the early season girls she knows how it is to have all your business put out there so I’m glad she’s forcing them to be real. She really was robbed of a diamond.
  3. This amazes me if true. I know many say RHOA isn’t the greatest this year, but I’ve noticed RHOBH is so bad it amazes me it holds up.
  4. I think there’s still two episodes. The finale description mentioned that Nene goes off when Cynthia’s old friend returns. That Potomac trailer looks really good! They have a solid cast that manages to stay fresh. Bringing Katie back looks interesting.
  5. @j swift Barbara is on the cast trip which I believe is to Miami. Since I posted I watched the other preview clip and both clips are centered around Barbara and she’s wearing a different outfit in both talking heads so she’s at 3 talking head looks for two episodes total. It seems so obvious she was a HW so I’m curious what happened to change it. Tinsley has managed to become a regular by doing nothing and yet you have a newbie who Bravo seems to like (they’re using her to promote the episode) so it just is weird. Regardless of that oddity I will say that the premiere was very strong. It hit on so many levels and felt like it flew by. I do wish they had new blood, but their chemistry works. It’s something you don’t have on Beverly Hills as an example. Good or bad and similar to ATL they give u the good, bad and the ugly which makes for a better show. I wish BH went back to their old style of being scandalous about the real things happening in their lives, not fighting over panties and dogs.
  6. It’s too soon to have an opinion of Barbara, but I find it another odd case where Bravo has them film as a HW only to drop them. It’s very frustrating. I was watching a preview clip for tonight and it’s centered around a party Barbara is throwing, she’s already onto her second talking head outfit and they’re only two episodes in and she’s at the center of the upcoming drama. How did she not at least get a friend picture? It’s so weird. Even if she ended up being a one and done, if she filmed as a HW I wish they’d follow through! Just to go back to RHOBH again, I feel the season is going to suffer when LVP leaves. Tonight I was so bored by the stuff that didn’t involve her. I’m sure her solo scenes will be more interesting than what they do as a group because they seem so bland as a whole. I can’t imagine the cast trip being worth anything with only Erika, Kyle, Rinna, Teddi and Dorit going. They keep saying it’s like two seasons but I can’t imagine these boring girls carrying it with how much they control their imagine for the cameras. Not surprising Brandi and Kim will be back as they’ll need some conflict.
  7. You can tell this was a plot from the other side when Dorit and Kyle barely batted an eyelash when LVP showed them the proof. Then on WWHL Kyle looked soo upset that nobody buys what they’re selling lol. They keep saying we will understand soon but I’m just not seeing it. Teddi said this episode would clear her and it didn’t. They just need to accept they messed up and take the L.
  8. RHOA had 18 episodes last season, but last nights promo didn’t say finale so I’m assuming they’ll have 19 or 20 regular episodes this year. Reunion looks HOT. Nene isn’t speaking to anybody except Shamari and Marlo. She’s unfollowed everybody including Andy and Cynthia. It’s Wild because I felt she had a strong first half of the season but as she became more and more negative in regards to Greg is just snowballed for her. I can’t wait to see the reunion to see what actually causes her to meltdown. I know many found this season underwhelming, but I felt it was always entertaining and a good transitional season. They tried to infuse new blood and it worked. I’d love to see Kenya back next season and I’d keep Eva and Tanya around. I also feel like Marlo had a good season. Shamari was decent but definitely more of a friend I’d say.
  9. I’ve never seen this show but I know it’s very popular which is why I think that’s the direction they’d take a spin off in. IIRC it even has higher ratings than BH so it would make sense to give it a spin off.
  10. Ummmmm...Lisa Rinna is mobilizing the cast and threatening to sue if the rumored Vanderpump Dogs spin off happens. Btw, read the link. She came right out and said this. It’s not a rumor... Link: https://realityblurb.com/2019/03/07/rhobh-star-lisa-rinna-threatens-lisa-vanderpump-with-legal-action-over-her-new-spinoff-show-accuses-lisa-of-using-co-stars-to-launch-new-series/ Realistically if LVP is getting a spin-off, it’s for her restaurant in Vegas and based on the success of Vanderpump Rules. They’ve even stated for people working there that you have to be ready to appear on tv. I haven’t heard anything about a dog spin off, but regardless, these women are the ones pushing this in an effort to get her fired. Seeing how popular she remains they’re seething. This is just the craziest thing ever. Sorry to say it as a soap fan and someone who enjoyed her, but Lisa Rinna needs to be fired. How you threatening to sue the network you work for?
  11. @Soaplovers The difference between season one and now is that these girls don’t have storylines to show. Other than Denise who has a wedding coming up and other than LVP they don’t have anything. That’s why they so carefully craft their imagine and storylines, like this LVP takedown. Erika’s husband and son won’t film with her, Rinna’s Family is mostly off doing their own thing, Teddi clearly has no story, Dorit’s real life is 100% off limits due to her endless lawsuits and Kyle always flounders without Kim. Honestly Camille deserved a diamond since she actually has a lot going on. My biggest problem with this weeks episode ties into what I just said about personal storylines. You have Lisa Rinna acting so concerned about how LVP is treating people, but what does it have to do with her? They hate each other and she saw an opportunity to pounce. Why not just say that? This phony concern doesn’t seem believable. Also, regardless of how you feel about LVP, it’s hard to ask me to sympathize with Dorit on ANY subject. She’s always come off phony and like a social climber. I don’t buy her sadness, I don’t buy her tears and I don’t buy everybody rallying around her. Had it been literally anybody else I feel the audience would’ve considered it...but Dorit?! Girl BYE! What she did to that dog was messed up and nobody (except Camille) will even consider that. My personal belief is they neglected the dog, it bit PK and DORIT dropped him off at a shelter. You can’t convince me Dorit didn’t drop that dog off and she did it bc she didn’t wanna pay that $5,000! Lastly, if Denise makes season two I want her to stay Denise. She is gorgeous and a true breath of fresh air. I love her hair, her style and her family. She is so rich but so down to earth. It’s insane how enjoyable she is.
  12. I never was fond of this mockumentary style show, but in light of the incredibly sad passing of Luke Perry, I have even less interest. Has this been a proper continuation they could’ve given a nice tribute and send off for Dylan. I’m not sure how you can handle it here considering it will be a comedy. Such a sad cloud that will hang over this show and this cast as they prepare to start filming.
  13. I loved the crossover episode. It’s my Housewives dreams come true. I think the new cast looks interesting. Different but still feels like Married to Medicine. You can definitely feel the LA flavor on it. I enjoyed the group of women who came from ATL. Overall I was just so impressed with Bravo for even doing this. I hope this does well and they consider it in the future. It always confuses me knowing wives are friends in other cities and often attend cast parties, but barring Betheny they’re mostly kept in the background.
  14. I like her but she had no chance with Jack. They should’ve used her real accent for one and developed her as a character before throwing her into a romance. Especially with a man in his mid sixties.
  15. I’d have no problem pairing Mariah with a man, after she’s given the chance to have a proper female love interest with the same type of romance she’d have if she were put with Kyle. If they simply ditched Tessa and had her move onto a man it would piss me off due to the obvious bias. Also joining in on the Abby discussion, I personally would prefer Kristen Alderson to the current actress. With her I feel she’s always limited to just be a sounding board. She is so bland and has no range, which is why Abby hasn’t reached her full potential.
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