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  1. Chris B

    NBC to launch streaming service in 2020

    Especially since so much of their stuff is already on Hulu. I ain’t got money for all this [!@#$%^&*] lol.
  2. Chris B

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Okay so the ATL ladies are finally headed to Tokyo. Bravo released an extended clip of Tanya and Nene fighting and she held her own. This is the most stupid feud they could possibly have. Nene’s jealous side is back once again. Smh. I never expected this to be who Tanya was fighting with. All in all I’ve found the past couple episodes to be fun. This season isn’t the most OMG in terms of drama, but I think a good transitional season we just aren’t used to since ATL rarely has new wives. I feel like they’ve knocked it out of the park with casting. If Tanya doesn’t have a peach next year they’re nuts. It’s great to see another wealthy, but smart black businesswoman on tv.
  3. Chris B

    Why are soap fans so averse to online streaming?

    Dallas and Neighbours have been added to Amazon’s new ad supported channel FreeDive. I hope that’s a step towards at least more prime time soaps streaming. It amazes me a company like PGP hasn’t put their soaps up somewhere. Even if only the recent years. It’s a shame they gave up on streaming Another World.
  4. Chris B

    Another World

    I have heard that Sally was quite popular. If that was the case why kill her off? Was the recast really that bad? Also did they ever attempt to bring back the Matthews in the late 80s or 90s?
  5. Chris B

    Another World

    Yes I got to see her episode and it took me a minute to figure out it was Alice even though they were talking about Sally. That is such an odd choice for a recast. I didn’t mind that only because they had a staff and I enjoyed hearing the staff greet whoever was at the door instead of them just walking right into these Uber rich peoples homes. It added a bit of depth to the set IMO.
  6. Chris B

    Another World

    @watson71 Thanks for that info! It seems like NBC was a powerhouse for soaps in the 70s but what I’ve noticed here and with The Doctors is the constant changes in time slot and writers ultimately killed all the goodwill they build. DAYS seemed to really benefit from consistency in terms of writers and cast and a good time slot. AW is lucky to have lasted as long as it did with all the changes. The list of writers and produces after Lemay left makes my head spin. Seems like they were constantly in transition which is probably how the history was so easily lost. If you search Another World 1979(or any year) it pops a playlist that I’m assuming compiles all that is available on YouTube for each year. I’ve been working my way through the 1979 stuff. I’m currently in the May 21st episode with Jamie returning. 1979 is not all full episodes but enough to follow the plot lines before I get to 1980-1981 which I think are complete from the AOL airings. The Cory mansion set is absolutely gorgeous and completely unrecognizable from later episodes I’ve seen. I guess Y&R was the only soap to keep the similar looks to their sets. I love Louise and Brooks. You really get the sense these people have money. I like that there’s a clear separation between the different classes. Also I’m not usually a couple person, but the chemistry between Mac and Rachel is truly unbelievable. I also like that their breakup seems more about her meddling in her sons life than you typical cheating scandal. Janice only seems to be coming into the picture after they’re already living apart. I’m also enjoying what I’ve seen of the Randolph’s. This Marianne is pretty good but I know none of them stick around so I know not to get attached. Janice seems like an interesting character as well. I was surprised to see Katherine Widdoes on here looking so young. Certainly a more interesting character than he’d longer running ATWT role. Knowing Iris only from Texas shows me what a disservice they did to her character. I enjoyed Texas, but the characters weren’t interesting enough to play against her. You could tell she was greasy but nobody ever really gave her anything to work with on that show.
  7. Chris B

    Another World

    I just watched this episode which I believe is the first 90 minute episode. It’s nice to see one of the stories Lemay spoke about in his book. Crazy to think this is something he didn’t want to do in terms of the 90 minute format and senseless murder plots, but I still found it very engaging. It also was very fast paced for the length although I can see how that would be difficult to carry on. I’ve found a few playlists separated by the year for AW so I’m going to keep watching all I can find. It seems like more so than the other soaps there are so many different eras and so many different characters and families. Prior to watching when I think of Another World I think Felicia, Donna, Vicky and Marley who Id heard of just being a soap fan and none of them are even heard of yet. It’s crazy to think they had so many popular characters who left and never returned. Finally getting to see Pat it amazes me she was written off. Not only was she a long term vet, but the actress is very beautiful plus she’s part of a core family and has kids that could’ve easily been developed long term. Does anybody know why they wrote her off?
  8. Chris B

    Another World

    I’m still searching through YouTube for Another World clips and episodes. I see there’s lots of stuff from the 80s so I plan to start with that once I get past all the 1979 episodes I seem to be finding. Something interesting I found is a series of video complications for the 5 different Alice’s. Considering recasting her was a big part of Lemay’s book, this was a great find for me. Each video is separated by actress and besides the Courtney one which is two parts, they’re each around 15 minutes. I’ll give me thoughts on each actress. Jacqueline Courtney - the clips for her were a mix of 70s scenes plus some from her return in the mid 80s. I’d also seen her in the episode with Robin Strasser as Rachel on YouTube. I found her to be good in the older scenes. Strikingly beautiful and very charismatic. I can see why she was so popular. She seemed like the perfect romantic lead. In the 80s scenes I do feel she was a little flat and she felt more cold. Overall she felt perfectly cast though Susan Harney - she was excellent IMO. I didn’t feel much chemistry with her leading man but she was a very strong actress from the scenes I saw. I can definitely see why she lasted as long as she did. If she didn’t choose to leave I could see her Alice remaining as long as she wanted. Also physically she looked the part. For such a popular role it’s interesting they seemed to get it right off the back. Usually it takes a couple recasts to find that perfect fit. Wesley Pfenning - her video is the shortest being under two minutes. It’s a clip from One Day At A Time so it’s hard to say how she fit as Alice. She seemed like she can act but being a brunette I can’t see why they’d cast her. Vans Tribbey - I felt she was all wrong for Alice but a good actress. She felt more like a Faith from Ryan’s Hope. I did like the scene with Rachel and considering roles change with recasts I’d have kept her a little longer to see how she worked out. Linda Borgeson - she was beautiful and looked the part but felt weak as an actress. I’m not surprised they rested the character after her. After seeing off of this though it is shocking to me that Alice last appeared in 89 and the show continued so long. It seems sad that AW had so many living, popular legacy characters they never brought back. It’s insane to think none of the HWs thought to bring people like Alice or Pat back. I still haven’t seen Pat but I know she was another popular character that left before her time.
  9. Chris B

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    I was using Tatyana more as a reference point in terms of stunt casting, not implying she’s the greatest actress in the world but I stand by my opinion that if she were white she would’ve been afforded better story. Hillary was a lot more popular than you give her credit for and the first female black character that was featured almost nonstop in years. She may not have always been the star of her story but she always had a story and had her fingers in a lot of different things.
  10. Chris B

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Bill Bell, Kay Alden and Jack Smith we’re invested in black characters which is why we had so many in large and supporting roles. The issue now is that they just don’t care which is why Hilary is gone. As visible and popular as she was there is no way they’d let her go so easy if she was white. No way if Tatyana Ali were white, with her pedigree that u can convince me she’d have been as under utilized as she was. There’s an obvious difference.
  11. Chris B

    Another World

    Thank you all for this great insight! It seems clear Another World has a storied history and we’re lucky to have a window into it unlike most soaps. I plan on reading Bill Bell and Agnes Nixon’s memoirs but I know they won’t be as frank.
  12. Chris B

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Exactly! I get frustrated when people say Nate needs to go when the actor is good. It ain’t his fault he ain’t Kyle or Fen and can’t get any action. The only reason Devon got Hevon is because they were undeniable. Roxanne and Devon could’ve also been a huge couple but they weren’t allowed to be developed.
  13. Chris B

    Developing: 90210 Reboot with Original Cast!

    Oh that is hugely disappointing.
  14. Chris B

    Another World

    @Efulton From the book he made it clear they made several attempts to work things out with her from Paul Rauch talking to her and he even went to lunch with her and she was adamant she wasn’t willing to make any adjustments. Granted we only have his perspective but it seemed like they had a few divas in the cast and seemed to give them chance after chance before doing anything to them. Even the guy he said was his friend was given several reprieves before Rauch fired him. I do think it’s a shame the show lost a matriarch but it does seem like it was her doing. In general did Lemay feature much of the Matthews family or did he phase them out?
  15. Chris B

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    I’d agree if I knew it would be written to acknowledge her behavior. If it were a man trying to change a woman it would be considered controlling or abusive. I expect clashes due to their class differences, but they need to develop some compromise and she needs to learn to accept him as he accepts her. Otherwise it turns me off then as a couple.