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  1. Monday’s episode was very watchable. I wish they’d given us some more flirtation between Jill and Jack though. Their scenes felt a little too sweet and didn’t have the underlying tension they typically have. The absolutely star was Tricia Cast. She slips into character so easily and Nina has such a youthfulness and she’s screaming for story. Tricia Cast can make anything work, so seeing her have such a strong handle on her character makes me want more. The fact that she never worked with Justin and made it feel soooo real! Speaking of, I’d definitely accept him as a recast. Ideally I
  2. Dallas looks solid! I had to roll my eyes when Brandi said she contemplated suicide. That’s a damn lie. She knew when she racked Leaanne over the coals that she had done that. People called her out online for it. She’s just trying to avoid responsibility by making herself the victim in this situation. If she were truly sorry she’d apologize fully and we’d see footage of her growing, not making excuses. I’m glad Tiffany will be around to let her have it. One good thing is that they didn’t show Jen in the trailer and rumor has it she’s a part of major drama. I love when they don’t show
  3. With LA people seem upset it’s possibly getting canceled, but it’s ratings were truly horrendous and neither season was great. I feel they have a couple standout characters, but it largely fell flat. I also do think Bravo promoted the show and gave it good time slots for both seasons. The only Married to Medicine show that was robbed was Houston which had a GREAT first season and was dumped on Friday night with absolutely no promo. I would’ve much rather seen more of that show and I feel with promotion it would’ve been successful.
  4. Looks interesting. I’d be willing to give it a go. Jersey looks beautiful from the promo. I hope it’s more Melbourne in terms of quality and less Cheshire which can be so hit or miss.
  5. I think they should look into a new studio. Likely they could find something cheaper that is also bigger. I know when AMC moved to CA, it looked really nice because you could tell they had more space. Similarly GH is watchable even when it’s bad because the sheer number of sets allows them to tell more stories and use characters in a way that isn’t boring because they all have homes and various public places to meet.
  6. Does Mo not realize how much better the material would be for him, Steve and Laura if they *did* acknowledge they they’re criminals?! He is a fool.
  7. I forget what anniversary it was, but CBS All Access released the first 25 episodes of B&B to celebrate and to this day they still remain. Something like that would be nice. They have the platform. Little drops like that could entice more soap fans to subscribe and all the soaps have streaming homes where they can do that. That’s just something small they can do. P&G could have their own channel similar to The Doctors and a lot of their stuff is already converted.
  8. For such a popular soap Y&R has always had a horrible output online. We really have been spoiled this past year or two. We’ve seen stuff from the 70s and 80s in particular that we never thought we’d see. Every year I hope it’s the year someone does something official for soaps streaming and I’m again going to hope for that in 2021. I mean we did finally get The Doctors app so maybe we will get lucky. I’m hopeful for Y&R that the high ratings for the classics leads them to doing something on CBS All Access.
  9. It’s wild that Donny is missing his characters own wedding lol. Like you’re really a Covid-denying idiot who caught it right at the highlight of your tenure.
  10. I’m okay waiting for her since I know it’ll be a long stint. In terms of Covid it actually benefitted Days fans. Because Canada requires a 2 week quarantine, Hallmark is grouping their actors and post-quarantine they’re filming the movies back to back to get them in the can. That’s why Sweeney is able to return for a longer stint. If it were a normal year she’d be flying back and forth throughout the year to film those movies. Now with the exception of that dreadful and insulting rape story, I’m still loving the show. Every storyline except that one is good and for the most part well
  11. I wonder if this will in any way change Kelly's mind on Covid being a hoax.
  12. @DaytimeFanIm curious how you will feel about Mary when you see episode three. For me, the second and third episodes completely changed my opinion of her. She’s still wacky, but being introduced to her family and hearing more of her backstory really changed my opinion of her. Also, the scene at church was AMAZING! Based on the hospital feud I couldn’t imagine her as a pastor, but I now find her a very kind, but damaged person.
  13. Until you pointed it out, I didn’t realize that this is potentially the season 5 reboot with the same three originals and three newbies lol. Heather is only a friend so I don’t expect her to always be around. She didn’t go on the Salem cast trip but I’m hoping she ends up as more than a guest. Onto Salt Lake City, episode 3 is on demand if y’all want to watch it early. My guess is they did this because of Thanksgiving next week. I haven’t watched it yet, but did watch episode 2 which was also fantastic. I also noticed we got another flashback, this time from four months ago. I guess
  14. The Potomac women (except Monique, Katie and sometimes Karen) always try too hard and look tacky at the reunion. This year Monique is the stand out for me. In upcoming news, Dallas should be announced soon and New York is still filming. It’s looking like Bershan may have an Apple, but time will tell. A fan busted her and Eboni arguing in the middle of the street on their recent cast trip, so at least we know they’re bringing it.
  15. Normally I’d wait, but YouTube has been pulling so many soap episodes that I’m going to watch this right now. What a treat!
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