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  1. Oh I can't stand that guy. He's always stirring up some drama. I remember with the Beverly Hills trailer he led everyone to believe he was releasing it and then it was another Bravo show and he was upset that people were upset with him about misleading them. This thing was very obvious too and again, easily provable if true, so I'm not surprised he went private. The website you linked also has a story about Teddi either leaving or being demoted, Camille being promoted and Rinna possibly leaving. After threatening to sue Bravo and no storyline for two years straight I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Rinna left.They could *easily* replace Rinna, Teddi and more if they wanted to.
  2. I’m glad she dodged that bullet! She just has a couple months left. She needs to stop being stupid.
  3. THEY DONE LOCKED LUANN UP!! Link: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/luann-de-lesseps-ordered-back-to-jail-after-positive-alcohol-test/
  4. I think what messed RHONY up was that they started filming pretty quick after season 10 and they needed a bigger revamp than they got. They have a good core cast, but losing Carole hurt them. I feel the entire Bethenny/Carole feud was unnecessary and unfortunate because both fit in so well on the show. Barbara is good, but there is something still off. I don't think they could've anticipated it though so I don't blame Bravo. Its still entertaining, just not quite where it could've been. I feel like they'll make it work next season. I just finished Potomac and they're continuing another great season. I dread the time they have a bad season because this is such an easy watch every year. The scene of Gizelle at Karen's house was CLASSIC! The sage and the shade was iconic! I also loved Katie's return. Katie was my favorite in season one. Just GORGEOUS and she had the best hair which made her return even more bizarre because she's so disheveled. She obviously left the show due to problems with her ex husband which is unfortunate and it's been a VERY tough year for her. I hope she's able to get her life on track because she really was great in season one.
  5. @ranger1rg I agree with your comments. At this point I feel it is what it is. We had a shot with SSM, but Mal Young ran her off (instead of say, getting her a good Co-HW to balance her handle on the characters with stronger plots) and so we're back in the cycle of HWs that is so typical of soaps. Overall I feel the show is good. Very watchable day-to-day and the writing isn't damaging like it was with Mal Young. Of course I have complaints, but it's certainly better than any other soap right now. My biggest complaints are the large amount of actors being wasted, but I do enjoy seeing more of Michael, Lauren and Traci. The reset being done for Phyllis works and sets Michelle Stafford up for success as she'll be free of a romantic pairing and is back to the scrappy Phyllis she played so well. Then with the Newmans I feel they've done a good job of resetting Victoria, Billy, Nick and Victor and the reintroduction of Adam surprisingly works. I didn't want to ever see Adam back, but so far the story doesn't bother me. Now will JG be able to maintain? Who knows? But I'm going to enjoy it while it's somewhat decent for however long that lasts.
  6. On the subject of RHONY, it IS a short season just fyi. They filmed lots that has apparently been skip, including pretty much every event with Jill. Remember when Luann listed Jill as a cast member? It's because she filmed enough to be a friend, but with the events being cut so did her role. I can only imagine they cut the season simply because there wasn't material. They'll probably do a retool next season.
  7. Last week ratings went up and this week they almost matched last Monday for a clip show. Isn’t that good? I imagined Monday would’ve been the lowest just on the basis that it was a tribute show.
  8. That Biden story is stunning, as are the many other things coming out about him. Seeing his momentum worries me, but we've seen that before at this stage. It seems like we've been waiting forever, but I'm hopeful the first debates will help some of the neglected female candidates (particularly Harris and Warren). Also, the more Biden talks, the more he puts his foot in his mouth.
  9. I like people suggesting to use Dylan's death as a kick off point. I think it would be easy. The kids should most be either done with high school or almost there so some of them could be dealing with life as single parents (Kelly, Andrea), Steve and Janet I'd keep as a solid couple and I'd develop a new love interest for Brenda. Brandon I'd put into a triangle with Kelly and Andrea. You could have Andrea and Brandon working in media, Donna running a boutique, Kelly could still be working at the high school or have her own practice as a therapist. I would just treat it like Knots Landing or Big Little Lies, a community show focused on the lives of the different characters.
  10. Bravo did a good job of keeping the lie detector secret and the way the women (particularly Kyle) exploded in anger goes to prove LVP's point. They act like its so outrageous that she would do that, but what exactly do they want from her? She's been consistent in saying she didn't leak the story to radar and when Kyle came over THAT is what she was upset about. Not the dog coming out at Vanderpump Dogs, she specifically said she didn't believe Lisa didn't leak the story. They keep saying they wish she was with them in scenes (especially phony Rinna), but there doesn't seem to be any way for them to win with her. If she does return next year and I do hope she does, I hope they bring back Joyce. She had a good season and I never felt she deserved to be fired, plus she is genuinely good friends with LVP and she'll need an ally if she returns. I'd give it serious thought. Add Joyce and maybe Camille and definitely get rid of Teddi and Dorit.
  11. It does seem more and more like they're behind this whole thing. I notice the interviews are centered on them. I think it's always a mistake when you have actors involved that closely. Especially considering they're playing versions of themselves. I wonder if the issue might be them trying to control how THEY are portrayed. I'm not sure that's fair to the others either. I feel like the end result will be very watered down. I enjoyed Tori's show btw and it deserved to last longer, but to me these are two different things. I hate it being tied to the brand of 90210.
  12. This is so perfect but such a nightmare. Why are they wasting time on this silly mockumentary? The cast looked *so* good in that promo. I want a Knots Landing style reboot with them as adults! The potential for success is so big. I can't believe FOX didn't force a proper tv series. Beyond Knots, look at Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Big Little Lies (and I could go on). People LOVE modern day soaps with an older cast. Now everybody is quitting from the writing team and this premieres in a couple months?!
  13. For me, Rey and Lola were the most boring Rosales family members so it's disappointing they're sticking around. As for this casting, I LOVE Eva La Rue, but she seems too young and I'm not sure how needed she is. It just amazes me they've brought on so many new people including vets which is obviously costly, but they let Mishael Morgan go who couldn't have wanted that big of a raise. Also with all these returns it only makes me want Victoria Rowell back more. If you can boost every other family, why not bring her in to head her family? Throw in Karla Mosley as Lily and that problem is also solved.
  14. This is a big one. It’s crazy how important he was for so long and then he just disappeared. I remember when he was on I felt like he’d never leave.
  15. I really don’t care about Brandi, but seeing Kim filming a confessional is nice!
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