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  1. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    My girl finally got a talking head! Is a peach next?!
  2. Y&R Character Recast

    The last thing the show needs is a new Kyle. That character has never worked not because of actors but because he was poorly conceived and Jack doesn’t need a young child. Jack is in his 60’s. Bring Keemo back and give him an adult son who can actually run a company and give Jack someone who can compete with Victor’s adult children.
  3. Characters that didn't survive a recast...

    With Mac and Colleen on Y&R I think that was a little more nuanced. Colleen was successfully recast with Adrienne Leon who looked the part and had great chemistry with the cast. Had she not been fired due to her imaginary weight gain she could’ve been their next leading lady. Mac did have trouble with recasts though and I wish they hadn’t let Ashley Bashioum go for Rachel Kimsey. Had they hired Melissa Claire Egan as Mac I think she would’ve done well in the role. One very popular role that didn’t survive a recast is Mary Ryan on Ryan’s Hope. Kate Mulgrew was so popular in the role and the writers were very against the thought of recasting so I feel they sank any recast they got. The first recast was very good but she had no chance since she had no support.
  4. Dark Shadows

    I’ve been wanting to rewatch this show but am too lazy to pull out my DVDs and Amazon only had certain seasons for free. I noticed recently they made the entire series, including pre-Barnabas free with Prime so I’ve started re-watching and it is just as good as I remember. I’m currently to the point where Julia has been introduced and everybody realizes Maggie is alive. They build the suspense so well and the show rarely feels slow to me. I just reached the first color episode and it’s remindjng me how sad I was when it went to color. The show had such presence in black and white and I felt like it hid the budget restraints better. I do recall they eventually adjusted to the color style so I do look forward to that and 1795!
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I’m sorry, this latest episode of Atlanta made up for the entire season. Nene, Kandi and Marlo were my MVPs! Nene’s petty attitude about rooms killed me. Both she and Cynthia picked their rooms before Kandi so don’t try to play her! I loooove Kandi and how laid back she is this season. She always delivers for me! Marlo was also a hoot throughout ribbing Kandi. She killed me when Nene was screaming and she said “They have a community pool in my complex.” Nene’s meltdown was also epic! She didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. If Kim is so rich and so blessed and has been through so much then why has she come back SO negative? Literally nobody has tried to start a fight with her and she has derailed every chance given to develop relationships that could build her profile and get her a peach. Nene can be a hater and a bully, but she isn’t in this case. I’m so sick of Kim! In terms of the young ones, I do find myself enjoying Pinto this season. She ain’t perfect and she’s dumb but I do enjoy her. Shamea has always been a flop to me but she was harmless until this week. That shyt with Eva was so disgusting. She should’ve just shut up and ate her steak if she had nothing better to offer. Side Note: I didn’t miss Kenya and I actually like Kenya. Im also starting to wonder if Marlo might get her peach. Andy asked Cynthia on WWHL if she should get a peach and a few weeks ago he said she’s overdue for a WWHL appearance. They even posted the clip asking if she should get a peach on their social media. I hope it’s time for my queen so we can get a more nuanced portrayal of her. I think she’d benefit from showing her family and friends and what she actually does. From her social media it could elevate the show. She travels a lot and that could enable them to do more of the small trips RHOBH does with just two or three wives. Speaking of RHOBH, I just watched the past two episodes. I’ve just been bored and can’t get into them. Unless it’s organic I don’t want dark drama, but the cast as is has no chemistry. I don’t need Brandi back before anyone starts, but it needed a jolt. Eileen and Rinna gave them that because they came from a different world. Teddi is fine but doesn’t really offer anything as the sole new voice. It’s crazy that Eileen’s exit has caused such a shift. I loved last season but I just can’t with how slow and stale this season is. They need to start looking for new housewives now so they can get someone strong for next year. I’d get rid of Teddi, make Camille full-time and they need to find someone with a new perspective. It’s time for some diversity in Beverly Hills. The RHONY reports have me very interested. Initially I wasn’t excited because the cast is staying exactly the same and isn’t it their 10th season? I had hoped for something, but based on reports it looks good. I need this to hurry and air because I’m beyond bored with Beverly Hills. I’m ready for them to announce Potomac and NYC.
  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Cameras were with the ladies (well with Bethenny) outside the funeral as they arrived and were there when Bethenny and Jill reunited. How do y’all feel about this potentially being included? On one hand I do find it a bit tasteless, but I can support it if that’s what the family wants. Bobby is one of the only universally loved husbands to appear on Real Housewives so I do what a tribute of some sort. Now theres a chance this wont and the cameras were from elsewhere, but how will y’all feel if it DOES end up being featured on the show?
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I know she’s coming, I just think they’ve done a poor job of handling the season since they announced her at the beginning and she likely won’t appear until the 10-12th episode. Then you have Kim who actually was included in the photoshoot and she hardly appears. For the big 10th season they needed a new intro, cast photo and Marlo, Eva and Kim should’ve all had cast photos. It just annoys me how cheap and disorganized the production is for this show.
  8. Y&R: New Young Female Role

    I wouldn’t mind if she was a SORASed version of his sister.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Kim has been a disgrace this season. It doesn’t feel authentic or like her at all. I wonder if the rumors of the new EP being her friend are true. Even then, he isn’t doing her any favors. She’s literally ruining any chance of being asked back because she is so unbearable to work with. She’s not even hitting with facts which is what kills me. She’s throwing out whatever she can and just attacking everybody which is a bad look. Kenya continues to come off very well this season in her more supporting role. I like when the ladies take turns being at the center of drama so it’s refreshing not to see her as the focal point to everything. Sheree completely lost me by not telling Nene what Brielle did. She asks brand new when Nene is cautious around her and stuff like that is why. I hate we will have a repeat of last season where Nene will likely wait weeks to find out about that. Last thing, still no sign of Eva? So bizarre to me. Also, Andy tweeted in response to a fan that it does make sense that Marlo appear on WWHL to give her side of things based on her tenure with the show. I hope that happens for my girl.
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Lol I don’t see it. Half those women have tired style and those wives are bland. Leanne shouldn’t have to carry the show. I think Cary, Brandi and Stephanie need to go and infuse the show with new blood and diversity.
  11. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Dallas was better in season two but I find it so overrated. It’s very bland which is why I feel the audience hasn’t caught onto it. I think they need a retool with the cast to truly make it an excellent show.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    New Jersey I feel would’ve been longer had Teresa’s Mom not been dying when they started filming. From the flashbacks in episode one you can tell they’d been filming, probably several episodes worth of stuff, but I can understand not wanting to have the show over such a dark cloud. In the end it benefited them because the 13 episodes we did have were still able to tell the stories they needed to tell and it didn’t get too hellish. For the first time in years I actually look forward to whatever comes next season. And the reunion preview with Ramona calling?! Gold! Who would’ve thought Jersey would get to a point where they have a fun and light reunion? Moving onto Beverly Hills, I know many complain about the post-Brandi landscape but I feel the show has been so strong without her. I will always prefer a petty fight over some panties to the darkness Kim and Brandi brought to the show. This season has been so much fun. Dramatic? No, but you can see it getting there. I do feel like the complete absence of Eileen makes me sad, but Teddy is a decent addition. I like that she is representing something different at least. Dorit’s downfall is going to be delicious since I never liked her to begin with. What a pretentious moron. I know Lisa Rinna is a mess but get over it or be direct with her and tell her you don’t wanna deal with her. She acting like a punk! I cannot wait to see Camille destroy her. Now I see why Camille became an official friend. That talking head after Dorit called her a c*nt gave me season one teas! Now onto the disappointment: RHOA I think this season is okay, but much like RHOC’s 10th season is boggled down in mediocrity, which makes no sense considering this is such an important year for the show. I’ve already said the first 3 episodes could’ve been condensed into one because as usual, they start filming this series without a full cast or plan so you end up with filler in early episodes. Right now we have some good moments but it’s inconsistent. At this point Marlo is giving more than some full time cast members, it’s shameful she’s not even an official friend. Kim has been such a disappointment. By the time they did the cast photo they knew how little she filmed and truly contributed so how is she the only friend with a cast photo? Also how are you going to announce Eva as a friend and she hasn’t even appeared almost 10 episodes in?! Yet they got her on the cast trip and throwing the finale party. Tf? This show is so poorly produced considering how important it is to Bravo.
  13. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Honestly RHOA should’ve done a 90 minutes premiere and edit the first two episodes together. It would’ve helped the flow a little bit, but I do think starting with episode four the show will be good until the end. So much that we know is coming they just had a slow start.
  14. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Steven has two love interests, Sammy Jo (the breakout character imo) and Ted Dinard (the lover Blake killed in The original). I think Rick is probably playing a new character.
  15. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    I do think they’ve done a good job building up to Alexis. The stories are a little different but they’ve definitely honored the spirit of original stories while updating them and Fallon’s arc has largely been about the affect Alexis’ exit has had on her life. On the original when Alexis arrived Fallon drifted into the background and became a weak heroine which is why Pamela Sue Martin quit and refused to come back. They barely scratched the surface on Alexis’ relationship with her kids. I think that aspect will be better than the old series.