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  1. Ramona should’ve left Elyse and Leah alone. If this is any indication, they’re gonna tear her ass up at this reunion!😭
  2. One of the worst cases of an actor returning to their role was Gina Tognoni as Kelly on OLTL. I’d go as far as to say she was the worst Kelly and I include her original run in that. Her work on Guiding Light was brilliant, but also surprising because of how blah she was on OLTL. I thought Tracy Melchior was as good, but obviously the chance to have a name like Heather Tom was too good to pass up. Heather was the best Kelly by far and it is amazing how different she was from Victoria. In fact, all three of her soap roles are unique. She should be on of the biggest stars in tv and film by now. Also, and I know it’ll be unpopular, but I feel Brenda Epperson was better as Ashley than Eileen Davidson. Considering Eileen is still saying they need to recast because she won’t come back full time, I always hope they’ll bring Brenda back.
  3. The crew wears masks and shields but I’ve seen very little of the women in masks. Also a few restaurant get togethers that they’ve documented. Two of which featured a black woman that people think may be testing to be a housewife. In light of OC going in a cast trip, I wonder if Dallas will still go on one, but just go to Katy’s house in Mexico. Either that or renting a house somewhere state side and taking a private jet. I just assumed they wouldn’t have any trips at all, but if OC is doing it I’m sure others will as well. In other news, Sheree has COVID-19. Lastly, Peacock has announced that their Housewives spin off is called “Housewives Mash Up.” Filming is on hold due to Covid, but it sounds like a Real Housewives All Stars type of show from the name.
  4. @Vizion This is well known in the soap world, they just no longer care. I had mentioned earlier in this thread how a CBS report had leaked when Shemar left showing that the show lost 1-2 million viewers based on his exit. Once they realized that they introduced lots of new black characters and brought back Dru and Lily. Of course when they did this they also gave them story. Things like this Is why I support VR so much and get so frustrated. It’s not just us liking these characters, these characters are HUGELY popular and this audience has been so loyal they deserve better. Mishael Morgan was the first black actress they struck gold with since VR left. The chemistry with Bryton was first class, but they still let her go. That’s insane considering the popularity. I also maintain Loren Lott was on her way to that level of success had they given her a chance. Soaps are dying and they’d rather die than simply give their audience, which is largely black, representation. That is insane.
  5. Wrong. When Maria Arena Bell tried to bring her back, they wanted her to stop posting about diversity in order for it to happen. She refused so the return was canceled. She’s never been willing to return without real change.
  6. LOL there were no trailers. Kim Zimmer has been open about the awkward gas station costume changes and in cars. As for B&B, with the state closing most inside activities, this makes the new episode announcement even more bizarre. Whether they get shut down in July or a later month, it’s coming. Period. This is why they need to bank what they can and plan a proper return. All of this starting and randomly stopping is going to kill their ratings.
  7. He looks so much better with the grey. He looks younger too. That bad dye job was a mess.
  8. This is a mistake. They need to hold those episodes until Y&R is also ready and PROMOTE the return of both. This is going to kill B&B’s ratings.
  9. When she first came on they did attempt that but it was embarrassingly bad. Her outfits were also over the top, but you could tell they were in over their heads. They couldn’t dress that girls figure, couldn’t do her makeup. It was just a damn mess. I liked her better when she returned for Neil’s funeral.
  10. I have enjoyed this season, but the cast needs a touch up for the following season to work. They need to cast a friend of Garcelle and I would dump Erika and Teddi. I would say Kyle, but that’s not gonna happen. I’d finally bring back Camille and keep Sutton. That would be a great cast.
  11. I wish they would just release the doc for streaming since with COVID they can’t do an in person thing. Maybe it’ll be on Peacock. I really wanna see what they came up with.
  12. So no Garcelle or Denise on the after show? Sounds boring and one sided so I'll pass on that.
  13. Zende returning is random. I wonder if they have a story planned or if this is a knee jerk thing for diversity.
  14. Wednesday’s episode was fantastic! Who knew this theme would be so good? The Glo by Jabot stuff made me miss this show having a good teen scene. I also liked how Jill, Jack and Phyllis were involved (Katherine too) so it wasn’t just an isolated teen story. This could easily be redone with Charlie, Mattie, Reed and others. I still can’t believe those characters were wasted so much. The highlight for me was the Barber-Winters scenes. The touch of having Mamie around added so much texture to those scenes, as well as the kids. And the adults were actual viable characters not just once a week like they are now.
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