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  1. My thing is the hypocrisy. You can't tell me this is the only #MeToo story that NLG knows. In this era why didn't she speak out about this or any other case from the soap industry? Why didn't she support Sarah Brown when she mentioned her issues? Why is it the only person you call out someone who has just died? That's the only thing that bothered me about it.
  2. The thing with NLG that bothered me, is that we KNOW any actor in soaps as long as her knows of serious allegations of sexual assault/harrassment. Hell, as fans we know of stories bigger than this that simply aren't reported bc it's about soaps. If she really cared, in all this time why has she never called out anybody alive? Why didn't she support Sarah Brown? You can't convince me nobody on the GH set knew about what happened to her. It just is incredibly odd she would use this opportunity to attack someone who is dead, who has a family and friends grieving over him.
  3. I don't think anybody has announced plans yet, but Y&R's music director tweeted that the show plans on airing some classic episodes to keep the show on the air. I don't know if they'll cut down on 5 episodes a week to stretch, but at least we do know the show is tentatively scheduled to stay on air. Do y'all think it would be smarter to run through the episodes and go straight to classics or 2-3 episodes a week to stretch them?
  4. I've often wondered how he would be and I can't come up with an answer. With B&B he can be very repetitive and he revolves the show around such a small amount of characters, but it's a half hour so people tend to overlook that. I wonder how he would handle a larger show. I do think he often has good ideas and he would make the show feel more like Y&R. I think because he'd be forced to have more than one main story it could work. The problem with B&B is typically that they have one good story stretched to oblivion while everybody else languishes. He'd probably have a good year before it goes to hell.
  5. The NYC taglines I actually found very strong. Leah, Ramona and Luann were all excellent and I LOVE Dorinda screaming hers for some bizarre reason lol. I'm looking forward to a fun season from them.
  6. I muted him on Twitter to avoid seeing things like that, but it does seem dire. The irony is that republicans in the senate seem to be the ones having to quarantine and seem to be in more danger because they simply aren't taking this seriously. I worry with the Senate that things will get worse for all of them due to the lack of pre cautions being taken. Then so many people are still taking this too lightly assuming they'll get government checks. I havent' been counting on that because we know how full of it these people are. As we can see by the bill they're trying to pass, it's likely most Americans won't get anything and the businesses will be the ones saved. If that happens I can't imagine how Americans will react.
  7. Via Youtube I've been re-watching Knots Landing and the page I use has started adding some short lived soaps so I've started on those as well. So far I've found CPW, Pacific Palisades, Paper Dolls, 2000 Malibu Road and Savannah. SO far I've watched CPW, Palisades and just started Malibu Road. Pacific Palisades - This was the first I watched and I'd seen it before so it wasn't a surprise or anything. I will say, this was is very enjoyable in a Melrose Place meets Knots Landing sort of way, but the cast is very hit or miss. Also I find it odd that considering how amazing the writing staff is that the show wasn't better. You literally had writers from both of the best eras of Knots Landing on the show, but it was largely forgettable. I also think casting Joan Collins as an American faking her accent was silly when you had Finola Hughes on the show. Also considering Finola's character had rich parents it would've made more sense to cast Joan as her mother. All in all this was a fun watch, but understandable why it ended. Central Park West/CPW - This is one of the most iconic flops considering how high profile and expensive it was. In the end it was obviously just on the wrong network because this show was EXCELLENT. Well written and well cast. I'd love a reboot of this. Because of the lack of success they did a massive retool which including changing the name. CPW was TERRIBLE. One of the worst things I've ever seen. It was turned into a dated, disjointed copy of Dynasty down to the plot points. Raquel Welch was horrific and most of the promising young cast was wasted with the retool. 2000 Malibu Road - I've only seen the two hour premiere, but this was really interesting. It had it's own identity and I couldn't really place it in terms of similarities to any of the other primetime soaps. It's a shame CBS didn't have faith in the show because I feel it could've gone on for years. This holds up well. From what I gather this was a surprise ratings hit, but CBS had let the casts options expire (thinking it would flop) and they couldn't get everything back together to renew the show. Lisa Hartman Black is EXCELLENT here in a role very different from both of her Knots Landing roles. Tuesday Knight is another surprise as Drew Barrymore's crazy sister. Lots of familiar soap faces as well. So far I've seen Robin Strasser, Scott Bryce and Brian Bloom pop up. Next I think I will watch Paper Dolls which I haven't seen in years. I have Savannah on DVD but I remember getting bored and never finishing it so that one I will probably watch last.
  8. And this is how it always was. So many big characters would come and go as needed. If the show was written by todays standards, David Kimble and Sheila would've stayed on Y&R for 15+ years straight to the point of it being parody and we wouldn't have had half the new characters we did get in the 80s and 90s. There is nothing wrong with resting supporting characters and freshening up your cast.
  9. Considering it's a given that they won't be back into production anytime soon, they need to at least limit the amount of episodes per week. I know in the UK they're cutting down on some of their soaps to stretch the episodes. Strangely enough, Emmerdale which airs SIX episodes a week isn't slowing down (nor are they stopping filming). I think 2-3 episodes a week would be fine to keep them going. The alternative of them running out of episodes and just pulling them is risky considering there is no time table for a return.
  10. I feel like Y&R owns this. They have so much dead weight on the show and rarely seem to freshen up their cast. People were upset when SSM came on and wrote out characters like Chelsea, Chloe and Kevin, but it needed to be done. Everybody was so upset she (and later Mal Young) wouldn't bring back Adam, but why would they? That character had run through 4 actors and so much story in a short amount of time. It's like the shows and viewers don't want new characters or to revisit the past so you end up going in circles with the same people.
  11. I can see them doing that for movies with lower budgets, but it would be insane to do it for a movie as potentially big as Wonder Woman.
  12. This actually looks better than the trailer! Still doesn’t change the fact that we know all this stuff happens at the end of a long season.
  13. Sutton despite being announced as a HW, filming a title and intro card and filming the *entire* season has been demoted. Overall looks watchable. You can tell it's edited within an inch of its life though and we know the Denise stuff is the end of the season so it'll be interesting to see how they make 20 episodes out of this.
  14. Okay now all soaps are officially shut down. GH is saying they're far ahead and should be fine, DAYS of course has filmed 15 years in advance. I wonder how long the Bell soaps will last.
  15. With everything shut down I wonder what is even going to happen with the HWs shows that are filming. I believe you have OC which has been filming for a few weeks and New Jersey just started filming. There's no telling how long the gap will be until they resume filming. Dallas I can't see premiering until next year now because they haven't even started filming.
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