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  1. When I tell you I literally just burst out laughing reading this! Only on Josh Griffith’s Y&R would you bring back an original character to play the piano!
  2. I was shocked when Nicki said she hosted for 3 hours. I wonder if they'll do a regular reunion and then the final part will be a Nicki hosted special without Andy. I expected her to come out and ask a couple questions and thats it.
  3. Australian former soap star and pop star Holly Valance is rumored to be joining RHOBH in some capacity as a Friend. She’s retired and married to a billionaire now. She’s friends with Dorit and Crystal. As a pop music fan who loves both of her albums it’ll be nice to see her, but I still say GARCELLE is who needs a friend on this cast. They have that poor woman on an island.
  4. Erika leaked the trailer for the reunion! Bravo still hasn’t officially posted it. Seeing how Andy destroyed her just from the preview, I ain’t surprised she did that… I will say, for a show that has underwhelming reunions, this looks GOOD and I do think it’ll be worth the four parts. The Andy/Erika stuff SHOCKED me. I expected him to defend her I wasn’t expecting this at all. I’m glad he went there because Rinna in particular looks insane defending her crazy stories. I’m curious what the ladies will say when being held accountable. Im also curious about the Garcelle stuff. I feel like it’ll make me dislike Dorit and Rinna even more.
  5. For those who think Pine Valley is dead, ABC started working on this in December and according to the article, they had to “rush” and order this to pilot because Blair Underwood had other offers. This says to me that, as I expected, Pine Valley was intended for the 2022-2023 season and if that’s the case there is still plenty of time for it a pilot to be ordered since upfronts isn’t until May 2022. Of course there are no guarantees, but hope is still alive.
  6. I’m so devastated! Long time friend of the housewives and Bravo icon Coco Singer has passed away! My thoughts and prayers are with Ramona and her family at this time. I hope Coco is living it up with Giggy and Velvet in Doggy Heaven.
  7. I feel like Mary is gradually getting into the mix and this episode really solidified that. I feel like she's their ace in the hole. She may not do much, but all of her scenes are interesting and cause buzz on social media. I loved the comedy with Jennie and Whitney and that adorable scene with Heather and then she was spot on with Jen. I'm excited to see her with Whitney next week. It's weird seeing them get along since we know things fall apart for Mary and Whitney (and Lisa) later on. Now on the subject of Lisa? Lisa is a fool, because as soon as Angie brought it up everything about her body language said "I did that [!@#$%^&*]!" She did a HORRIBLE job of covering or deflecting. Some girls like a Gizelle or Bethenny know how to stir things up behind the scenes and hide their hand, but Lisa is an amateur. Now this has me questioning why she goes at Mary later on because so far all we're seeing is Lisa being two faced and trying to start mess. She is *such* a snake to me. I feel she's been a horrible friend with Meredith and she comes off very two faced. She wants things a certain way but she isn't willing to compromise or accept responsibility for anything she might do that upsets people. Side Note: the new girl is fabulous! They need to consider her for next season. She brought the drama, seems to have an interesting family and looks rich. I like her for now.
  8. These ladies ATE! I didn’t like these visuals with season 4 because of the awkward dancing, but they all look fantastic and the tag lines are GREAT! I didn’t want a season without Lydiot and Giner, but the promotional material has been so good that this is looking like it’ll be a top notch return!
  9. When they announced this I didn’t expect it to look this good. I never watched the two Chucky films after Seed, but this has me wanting to watch to be fully caught up. Crazy they got Chucky right but couldn’t seem to do a Scream tv show justice. You’d think that would be easier than making a talking killer doll work as a tv show.
  10. In the second preview clip we meet new friend Angie Harrington who was in running for a snowflake both seasons. Interesting that she has a transgender child. I have to applaud them for coming up with such a diverse and modern cast in a city where you’d least expect it.
  11. I’m excited to see RHOC return! It’s been a long wait for me since I mostly skipped the past two seasons. I’m excited for what the new dynamic will bring!
  12. @DaytimeFanThank you for that LVP scoop! I’m hoping and praying Erika focuses on KYLE at the reunion. Especially if she’s returning, I need them to be at war next season. Sutton has taken so much heat, but despite asking some questions, Sutton has been tame compared to everything Kyle has said behind her back in scenes and confessionals. That is where I want to see Erika focus her wrath.
  13. We all knew Cynthia was leaving, but I don’t know why I was so shocked and devastated when she posted it. You would’ve thought I had no idea she was leaving lol. I feel Cynthia is a better HW than she’s given credit for. On any other franchise Cynthia would be the star, but RHOA is full of big personalities so she falls into the nice role. Still, she’s given us endless family/relationship drama, a physical fight and endless reads. To me Cynthia did her job and did I WELL. I hope her post Housewives career is a success. I’d love a talk show in her future or even to become the first crossover housewife with her moving to Beverly Hills. Whatever happens I wish her well! A true class act.
  14. Lmao! He is cold blooded for that! He let her tell all those lies and clearly coordinate her story with his lawyers only to throw her under the bus.
  15. Mondays episode confused me. I was fine with the limo explosion fake out, but why did they move so slow with Jason and Carly getting back to the house? I feel like they could've strung out a good episode of Sonny confronting Nina, but that didn't really happen. Then Jason and Carly just barely started kissing while Sonny walks up stairs. If Sonny walks in on them kissing that has so little impact compared to him walking in on them sleeping together. I hope they sync the timeline tomorrow for maximum dramatic effect.
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