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  1. I wonder which scene was harder to film: Kyle telling LVP what the girls are saying and being kicked out by Ken, OR, Dorit not being supported by her husband in an empty restaurant and having to say she thinks LVP is lying? I hid my eyes when watching both scenes like I was watching a horror film.
  2. Just a theory, the first time you saw someone in a face mask, you probably wouldn't expect it, so you might not notice changes in height or build, especially if they were imitating a recent hostage. However, these people have seen criminals in face masks since Andre wore his Roman Brady drag thirty years ago, so I agree that they should no longer be that gullible.
  3. Someone in NYC does it every season, there's been a need for updates after the reunion for years from Lu's divorce to Bethanny's boyfriend's death.
  4. My problem with Port Charles was that from serial killers to vampires all of the romantic storylines were in quadrangles. Lucy/Eve/Ian/Kevin (and sometimes Scotty), Karen/Joe/Frank/Courtney, & Alison/Rafe/Caleb/Livvie were just placed in endless permutations without any rooting value as to the outcome. Isn't odd how a 19-year-old soap can look so dated? So many frosted tips, unflattering low-rise pants, and crop-tops; and that was just the men's wardrobe...
  5. ‘Bold & The Beautiful’ Producer Colleen Bell Named California Film Commission Boss By Governor https://deadline.com/2019/05/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-colleen-bell-director-california-film-commission-gavin-newsom-1202621617/
  6. I thought Will Ferrell did a great job, his dialogue in the hallway with Kerry Washington made me emotional. I also really liked Marissa Tomei's energy as the always-hopping Edith. However, I thought Jamie Fox was showboating when he went up on his line and I felt like he was not being a team player and allowing others a moment. I got stuck when Wanda Sykes said that The Jefferson's lived in a four-bedroom apartment, during her interview with Florence, because I think it was two bedrooms/four rooms, but she chose not to highlight her mistake. I was really nostalgic for the sets. I still recall when The Jefferson's redecorated their apartment, and how chic I thought it was that there was a cocktail lounge in their lobby, with a doorman, and a dry cleaner that delivered. All in all, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.
  7. I like that she's coming back for Tiffany, but I feel like they need to decide what to with Whitey who spends months on the backburner.
  8. GH has had some good years and bad years. GL had good decades and bad decades. But, which soap did you watch from the first episode to the last and truly enjoyed? I'm talking shows that lasted less than 10 years, but you tried to stick with them the whole time. BEST Somerset - (1970-1976) - the first show that I watched from the beginning. I didn't think of the off-tonal shifts while watching (I was very young), but I swear it is what started my fear of clowns and my love of Joel Crothers. It was the first show that I consciously remember ending because we watched NBC soaps, it seemed novel for a soap to end. Capitol (1982-1987) - I loved Slone Denning, I loved her wedding dress, I loved her way of speaking, and I loved how sophisticated she was despite her shut-in harpsichord-playing mother. It was campy in the most fun way because it never intentionally leaned into the turbans, hookers with a heart of gold, and secret foreign princes like some other soaps (cough, cough GH) Rituals (1984-1985)/Dangerous Women (1991) - two attempts at "tea-time" syndicated soaps. I was attracted to the trashy qualities of both shows. Dangerous Women was a reboot of Prisoner Cell Block H which was a late night guilty pleasure for me. Valerie Wildman starred, later she played Dylan's father's girlfriend on 90210 and Nicole's mother on DAYS, but I always remember her running a B&B for ladies to stay right out of prison. WORST Generations (1989-1991) - One of the greatest theme songs of all time. However, it never felt as if anything significant happened in the plot. The one big reveal was that Adam Marshall had impregnated Doreen Jackson who was married to his father's new business partner. The fallout of that reveal was mitigated by recasts and new loves; so there was no payoff after a year of story. For example, her baby was kidnapped (off-screen) and then she got it back (off-screen). There were some other minor mysteries and character development, but it always felt as if it was trying to get off the ground only to reimagine itself halfway through. How to Survive a Marriage (1974-1975), or How do you survive watching people endlessly navel-gazing for thirty minutes? It was soooo boring, no wonder there are very few digital copies, most people probably fell asleep trying to transfer it. I will admit that being in nursery school may have affected my critique, but I just recall how slow it was day after day. Texas (1980-1982) - How do you send Iris Cory to Texas and not let her be a bitch to anyone but Paige? All of the older male cast were as unconvincingly romantic as their hair color. You know there are problems casting men opposite Beverlee McKinsey when Alex Wheeler was shot twice in a year, excusing him from scenes, and Eliot Carrington may, or may not, have killed a village of children in Vietnam (even his PTSD wouldn't excuse him from slapping Iris when he found out he wasn't Dennis's father).
  9. I just always assumed it was money. But, I always assume it is about money. Marcy Walker was on the verge of leaving for at least two years before she bit the bullet, and she was due for a pregnancy leave that year. SB was in a hiring frenzy I would bet they paid more. One year later, when someone in SB production failed to reply to his agent's call about renewing his contract, he left without notice, and Gordon Thompson, his replacement, said that they had to pay him a big salary because they were in the lurch.
  10. Kyle's daughter's friend's maybe-a-thief/subcontractor recognized LVP?!? A. Who makes their construction workers take a lie detector test? B. What subcontractor in LA would recognize LVP? C. Don't Lie Detectors work like psychologists and have confidential waiting rooms? D. If you saw LVP in the building why would anyone guess that she was taking a lie detector test? E. Does John Sessa make his eyelash extensions from actual Vanderpump dogs?
  11. She was the most frequently recurring girlfriend on Seinfeld and was in the iconic Hamptons/shrinkage episode. Assumingly Kassie Wesley (DePaiva) is in the same issue worried about leaving GL. Meanwhile, 30 years later she's had a pretty steady gig as an employed actress.
  12. Melanie Smith (Emily) gave an excellent exit interview to SOD in the 12/27/90 issue. She mentioned her reason for leaving was to go to LA, but she didn't like working with Greg Beecroft (who left to play the failed recast of Duke on GH) and called him unpleasant and uncooperative. She also told a great story about Bette Davis asking for her autograph. I would infer from her exit that there was very little story for Emily at the time after she had just broken another affair with Tonio and Brock. Whether later writers wanted to take Emily in a new direction is yet to be proven. But, the throughline of the character was that she was always impulsively sexual and that is what got her into trouble. https://classicsodnews.tumblr.com/post/181458634097/late-breaking-news-ratings-race-vcr-alert-soap
  13. j swift

    Vanderpump Rules

    I might need to start watching in non-HD because James's nails were so dirty that I was distracted for the whole reunion! Also, functionally, this crew doesn't need a reunion. They see each other every day. They don't need a special day to air their grievances and wear a cocktail gown.
  14. There's a discussion on the exec producer thread about the original plan for Jessica and Natalie regarding their parentage. I think Natalie vs. Meghan's long-lost-baby backstory is such an interesting contrast. Paul Rauch took under a year to tell the impossible story of Eterna to explain how Vicky could have had a long-lost child. The audience instantly accepted Meghan and moved on. Cut to another decade and the writers are much more low-key about providing specifics of how Natalie came to be; which then bit the show in the butt because it took years to nail it down. They had the technological advance of the DNA to prove maternity, but it didn't explain how Vicky became Natalie's mother. I would suggest it one of the variables that limited Natalie's appeal to me as a character. Also, I've always hated soap stories where adults meet their rich biological parents and expect an instant attachment. I think there are many long-lost kids of rock stars in real life who would tell a different tale. It is weird and usually reflects poorly on the parental character who neglected a kid for some reason that needs to be justified in the plot so they don't seem like monsters.
  15. In my prior response, I totally forgot that was the Elizabeth Taylor week of shows ("I put a curse on you Luke and Laura..."), so that whole week was probably abnormally inflated. Also, aren't those photos a funny reminder of how the female characters established iconic hair-dos? Monica had her bun-with-tendrils look from 1977 until she met Ned at that spa, once Anna took off her scar she wore that half-up/poof for years and Gail always wore a short perm.
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