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  1. It is 5/28/91 and SOD is filled with contradictions, but one thing is always true, the lead story is based on whoever answered their phone the fastest, and this week it was BIlly. ATWT's exit story for Tonio gets a three page behind the scenes feature. Then, in Picky/Picky they note that it was ridiculous that Tonio tried to escape in a red shirt because he could be seen so easily. As if when Tonio packed to go on the run he made a quick stop at Banana Republic to buy some khakis. The news hints that Jack Wagner might play Warren when he goes to SB. Then, the Comings/Goings confirms that Jack is going to play Warren. Did SOD switch editors between pages? GH gets a thumbs up for the Anna and Robert romance despite their own article saying that the couple's banter only began shortly before their romance. A viewer at the time would have seen Anna abandon Edge Jerome after a single date and then suddenly trying to talk like Hepburn & Tracy with Robert. Despite a desire to pair the two, there was no build up, it did not fit with their history, and it ignored the past 18 months of story. Duke and Katherine are completely ignored and there is no mention of what kept them apart. Bianca's custody trial on AMC and Jake's recovery from sexual abuse on B&B have such little historical impact on both shows that it hardly seems worth mentioning. However, the Picky/Picky that the use of the Bee Gee's music on a 1960s-themed girls night on LOV is the only mention that soap might get in a month of SOD issues. The Line of the Week goes to AW - regarding Who shot Jake? Once again, acting is a humiliating profession...
  2. Rinna is ombre personified. Her face, arms, and hands are all various shades of tan and I found it very distracting. But, she's so smart to have learned her lesson. Rinna doesn't like Dorit, but she let Camille gossip about her without adding more information. She didn't say Dorit was close to death or doing coke in her bathroom, which I think shows major progress. However, I think Rinna and Kandi from Atl have the same issue which is that they don't have any real friends on the cast. Seeing Lisa and Kyle giggle on the way home from the party was fun. In past seasons, Kandi would have gossiped like that to Phaedra, and Lisa with Eileen. Now, they are pleasant to the rest of the women, but the stakes are low because there's no intrigue if two casual acquaintances decide to go their separate ways. Thank goodness Dorit has a second interview look, I could not stand those poodle bangs. The line of the night goes to Erika about Teddi, "She didn't say that in my chapel." Here's a paranoid theory - If nobody spoke about the dog after the Kyle and Teddi scene at V Dogs then that whole scene would have focused on Lisa's fight with Kyle about not being there for the opening of Tom Tom. So, the Johns kept poking Teddi because they wanted the focus to be on Dorit's treatment of the dog. Because I still don't get why Kyle wouldn't be mad for being played a fool in that scene where everyone knew the info but her?
  3. I re-watched the first four and the Thanksgiving episodes today. It was notable from the previous season recap that Whitley has lost her accent, (or at least it only shows up when she is emotional). Also, why is Whitley more embarrassed than Dwayne about the state of their living situation when their mothers visit? Why do Whitely and Dwyane never address how much they expect each other to change? Is there only one art job in America? On the positive, I am astounded by the risks that they took. If you compare LA Law's riot episodes to ADW's the differences are not in LA Law's favor. LA Law chose to tell the story of a privileged white man who was a victim of violence in the riots and totally ignored the points made in the ADW episodes. And to cast Sista Souljah while showing the LAPD to be buffoons was bold for network tv six months after the riots. I appreciate the sitcomy-ness of the episodes where they only seem to have one class and one assignment per week and they all happen to be in the same class. They create a student court and they are literally the judge and the jury. However, there has to be some fluff when they produce 26 episodes in a season. And I love the new opening, but I have to put in my vote for the amazing Phoebe Snow and the phone booth version of the song. It goes without saying that ratings are completely different than today. However, it got me thinking about how growing up in the age of mass media everyone had similar touchstones. Anyone my age remembers that Whitley Gilbert was at the mall during the riots, just as we recall in LA that the Cosby finale was one of the only shows not pre-empted during riot coverage. Today the highest rated show is not being watched by at least 85% of 18-39-year-olds. So in twenty years, there won't be that shared commonality of mass media that ties us all together regardless of race or ethnicity. While I appreciate that media is more representative and niche, I worry about what people will talk about when they were all watching different you-tubers who only affirm (and never challenge) their beliefs.
  4. http://hollyoaksloversx.tumblr.com/ I enjoy when Hollyoaks takes a big swing storywise, but I think the Ste right-wing hatred story is ill-advised. It is clear that none of these movements would have recruited a guy like Ste. Most of Ste's violence has been due to mental illness or drugs. Tom, Brody, or Romeo seem like a more appropriate age and background for this story. Also, it is very difficult to get used to the pace. Stories climax and then the character go away for long periods of time. It lowers the stakes when everyone in town can take off to Ibiza for a month whenever they need to lay low.
  5. If you go back to page 3 of this thread, in October of 1990 there were two reports in a row about why Jack was not in the room when Kristina gave birth. Stories ranged from an affair with Robert Wagner's daughter to Jack being called to set at the last moment. Also, Jack had tiffs during his contract negotiations in 1989 that necessitated the use of a fill-in actor for Frisco. So, it does not seem like a good time for him overall, and his George-Clooney-caesar-haircut at the time didn't do him any favors. http://santabarbara-online.com/article4JWagner2.htm
  6. Wait, why aren't we discussing A Different World anywhere? The debates over which opening you preferred, which dorm was the best, which Whitley roommate you preferred, and the controversial riot/honeymoon episodes. Personally, I don't think we needed to follow Jelissa beyond her college years. Felicia is back for the earthquake because she gets trapped in the brownstone. One big unanswered question of the week - Where is the Cousin Joey News Update?
  7. It's May 14, 1991, and SOD's Broadway coverage caught my eye this week Robert Duncan McNeil (AMC) and the guy who played Garth on LOV were in the original Broadway cast of Six Degrees of Separation. Rex Smith was replaced in the musical of Grand Hotel with John Schneider (which made me wonder if the Caroline Crawford murder story that just started on screen got in the way of his rehearsals). Lisa Porter (now Vroman) was just fired from OLTL but she is in the OBC of Aspects of Love. And Ashley Crowe (Beatrice-the-head-shrinker ATWT) was in the original cast of Prelude to a Kiss (Alec Baldwin (DOC) was in the film which is highly recommended). I love stuff from when Broadway and soaps were still symbiotic - it is so NYC In LA theater news, Stephen Nichols is performing a non-musical play of the life of Jim Morrison of The Doors and I'm gonna take a hard pass. The SOD News got a new look this week. New fonts and simpler background. Somehow, Gloria Monty only got a single mention. And, SOD admitted that GH was slipping in the ratings despite their weekly exposure in the news. Parker Posey has been hired at ATWT. If you scroll back a few pages I predicted it as soon as the blind item was posted. What is the opposite of a psychic prediction? Jack Wagner quit GH and soon he will turn up at SB. SOD had the scoop two weeks in advance, but GH seems to have dropped the ball in terms of an actual exit story for Frisco. Soon we'll have the Port Charles earthquake of 1991. Felicia is an interesting character to have survived Frisco, Colton, and Luke, and then go on to a successful pairing with Mac; when in contrast DAYS was never able to pair Kayla with another partner after Patch. Also, in a tale foretold by @Franko , Ellen Wheeler is being forced to compete to get the part of Marley back on AW after Anne Heche is leaving. Not only is her ex-husband mentioned, but also that she had recently failed to score a part on DAYS, and another GH actress is vying for the role. No word on if Ronda Lewin was approached to return. The humiliation of being an actress is remarkable. Jenson Buchanon was on OLTL so I wonder if it is one of the three recent GH Dawns, (although it could be any of the fifteen actors recently fired by Monty)? Finally, an odd reminder that Janine Turner started on GH and SOD suggests trying to watch LOVING, but be quick because it is going to be canceled in four years. https://classicsodnews.tumblr.com/
  8. Which is the least egregious use of $15,000.00? Paul Manafort's custom ostrich jacket or Felicity Huffman's pay off to an SAT proctor to get her kid an additional 400 points (which was still too low for regular USC admissions standards)
  9. 8 is not infinity. I hope Denise has a strict prenup after he just got out of an 18-month divorce; big dicks are a dime a dozen and that Charlie Sheen settlement won't last forever...
  10. RHOBH - when Teddi went horseback riding with Dorit and Erika why didn't Teddi try to get ahead of the dog story there? Are they trying to say that if the LVP-Dogs crew hadn't brought it up then Lisa wouldn't have told the Lucy-Apple-Juice story on her own, (because that is absurd)? Why hasn't Kyle said that she is offended that the texts indicate that the LVP crew tried to involve her as well? If Kyle had talked about herself, rather than just defending Teddi, during the text-tea, I think it would have been more powerful. BTW the whole exchange about why they weren't getting better refreshments during the tea was very funny. At least when you drive an hour to Erika's house you get to sit in a chapel and she puts out some cheese... RHONY - Does Barbara go on the trips? To me, that is what differentiates a "friend of" to a cast member. Perhaps they are filming her to placate her from the filming issue the prior season? Also, I was of the opinion that she only socializes in The Hamptons, not in the city. RHONY is so outrageously funny that I never consider BTS stuff while watching it.
  11. And if she has suddenly gone nuts why wouldn't she go after Cal Winters's family and friends? Her ex-husband was worthy of her vengeance.
  12. That's what is so gross about this case. At least, the Kennedy and Bush Family gave buildings that benefited all students. It could be argued that it was a fair trade. These people just cheated the system. Even the coaches were lining their own pockets rather than using donations to try to enrich their teams.
  13. my first response was - you can pay to get a kid into college, but you can't make them pass their classes Despite skepticism about college entrance exams, 9.8 times out of 10 they correctly predict who will complete a college curriculum. Thus, I can't think of a worse investment than paying $15,000 to $500,000 to get your kid into a school that they will not complete. The Huffman kid got an increased score of 40%, from a low average score to a high average score, which is way beyond any increase that could have been due to chance. That family is only fooling themselves if they think she could, (or should), compete at a top 20 school. Of course, this has been going on forever (cough, cough Bush) but it is the FBI investigation and the third party scheming that makes this case so interesting.
  14. It was in the Roku streaming channels selection but, it doesn't seem official.
  15. I downloaded Soap Streams on Roku. So far, there are the first two Santa Barbaras and the premiere episode of Sunset Beach. It just became available on 3/6/19 But I Googled and found this issue: https://forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?t=152735 which may prevent it from updating
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