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  1. Dear @JAS0N47 & @Paul Raven ,


    I appreciate your depth of knowledge and your willingness to answer even the silliest of questions.  You both bring the receipts every time and I have come to trust that you guys really know your stuff.  Cheers!

  2. I was reading this on @will81 Tumblr Soaps of Yesteryear from April 1985 It it got me thinking of two things: 1. They should have used Maggie's time in New York to explain all of her retconned children, as it would have been more logical than someone else using her unsemenated frozen eggs for Daniel, (and however Summer was created). and 2. I know that Micky and Maggie were remarried in a double ceremony with Pete and Melissa. In the April 1985 plot summaries Melissa just found out that Ivy was pregnant with Pete's baby. So, when did Ma
  3. I agree that this plot should have been drawn out a bit more. It could've been used to create some genuine conflict with Fallon and Liam. The guy really had nothing to blackmail Fallon with, I mean what’s so wrong with paying for your husband’s best friend to come and visit? I thought he would have some information on the expansion, but it seems like that is a totally separate thread. I hope Blake isn’t doing anything to mess up Fallon’s company.
  4. @slick jones Was Ellis Garrison the sister in law of Michael? Was the character imbued with Mitzi's charm? Also any info on the character of Larry on Falcon Crest played by Ernie Pysher? He was an actor so filled with charisma that it is a shame he didn't find greater success. Up thread someone had an update on him, but he is great one to play "who could've played it better" with.
  5. What if it is My only quibble is the sitcom-like solutions at the end of every episode. It is inevitable that Liam and Fallon would squash their issue, but they will continue next week, so why write a resolve every week where suddenly they understand each others motives? Once again a shout out to the costume department. I laughed my ass off when Fallon responded to Blake's 911 call by changing her outfit to meet him at La Mirage, only to be repeated when Blake changed two minutes later to meet with Dominique. This is one Dynasty that has their fashion priorities in
  6. Right, and I guess I forgot that John Allen Nelson when straight from EON to SB
  7. I was just reading The Soaps of Yesterday tumblr about soap news from 1985 and it struck me that Larkin Malloy (Sky), Sharon Gabet (Raven), and Marcia Cross (Liz) were all cast on other soaps almost immediately after EON was cancelled. In fact, one story noted that Larkin started on GL the week after EON was cancelled. However, so many other talented actors faded into obscurity. Can anyone think of other cast members that found work in daytime in the first year after the cancellation?
  8. It is April 1985 in the newest upload. JMR and LH are very annoyed that Michael Zaslow was written off OLTL because he was a good actor and they felt there was so much potential in his character. Hugo Napier became a US citizen and was then promptly fired from AMC. Denise Pense was let go from GL as Katie, just before her character's brother Floyd was arrested for murder. Lisa Brown is also leaving GL as Nola and Michael Tylo sounds pissed off that it meant Quint's exit as well. He suggests that GL kill off Nola and play stories of Quint as a widower, because "single parenthood is hot th
  9. I was honestly entertained by reunion. Andy was clearly not a fan of the show, (not that he showed any disdain, I just think he didn't watch it weekly for 15 years), but he brought he charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent when asking intriguing questions. The set was beautiful. I thought the Kris Humprhey stuff was interesting, including how many of them thought it wouldn't work, and the idea that Kim didn't feel forced by production to get married, but she worried about the public perception of her not getting married. I thought the family openly discuss the strug
  10. Unlike other workplaces it continues to amaze how actors with bad reputations on one show found work on other daytime shows. Melanie's complaints about Beecroft were published at the time in SOD, but he still worked on several other shows after ATWT. Vigard's time on the show was characterized as "tumultuous" in the Tumblr articles after she left ATWT, but she still got a job on OLTL. I guess actors don't need letters of reference, but it never ceases to interest me that those who were perceived as difficult by their co-stars continued to book gigs.
  11. It was Saturday night, so I guess that made it alright. In hindsight it is funny that Prince's lyrics were so obtuse that we just assumed he was using sexual allegories. However, did he really try to compare female reproductive organs to both little red corvettes and raspberry berets (or just the kind you find in a second hand store)? Meanwhile Purple Rain remains one of the most beautiful songs to me, both emotionally and harmonically, but I have no idea of the intended interpretation of the lyric.
  12. One wonders, after watching so many of these reunions, how much insight the actors have into the production forces that guided the shows? So many of them tend to have focused on the drudgery of having to preform in five hours a week of soaps, that very few were aware or informed about what was happening in the writing and production offices. Learning that many scripts, as well as the egocentric qualities of most actors, generally means that those in front of the camera were more concerned about their own appearance and performance than they were about the inner workings of their show.
  13. I would hazard to guess that the renewal is more about the pandemic's effect on the inability to develop new programming rather than any perceived commitment from CBS to this particular show. Given that the panel has been decimated, there are few guests, and even fewer informational segments, the show is obviously on its last legs. However, there's nothing waiting in the proverbial wings to take its slot and even CBS wouldn't revert to form from the 80s and show primetime reruns in daytime. Does anyone else remember when One Day at a Time reruns were a staple of the daytime network schedule
  14. I read the news of John Gabriel's death this morning from the (not so) reputable New York Post. I noted that they mentioned that he played the "controlling" doctor Seneca Beaulac which I found remarkable because I don't think that controlling was a defining characteristic on the character. Then, I looked at the wiki, and I found that they lifted the adjective from the one sentence character profile on the Ryan's Hope page. Anyway, I see that Seneca returned for the finale, but I was wondering if anyone remembers his exit storyline in 1985? Where did Seneca go and with whom did h
  15. I forgot that Ginny got pregnant with Rick Jr after the trial, but then again so did GH...
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