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  1. That scene was from the sci-fi season of Knots? (given Ms Hartman's outfit choice). I'm just happy someone else appreciates a little soapy camp.
  2. Yes, but do you prefer this performative style (where soaps have to contort the plot to fit an actor's desire to sing) or the musical tradition of characters breaking into song to express their inner thoughts and feelings? I have a campy appreciation for the latter (which I find far less annoying than characters constantly talking aloud to themselves), but I know there are fans that prefer a more grounded soap experience.
  3. Chloe and Brady's summer of song still makes me smile. Not only did these "teens" know every lyric to The Sound of Music, but they could harmonize on cue with operatic vibrato. The idea of high school students spontaneously singing showtunes is funny to me and it is one of those things that can only work on a soap.
  4. There was an article in SOD about it and mostly it was just the timing of story because there would no longer be break in July.
  5. 1. As I recall the soap used to have big cliffhangers the Friday before the Summer Olympics when the networks broadcasted the games during the daytime. Three memories come to mind: (1) Edge of Night had a short term drug runner story that ended with Preacher and Sky in a car chase on the beach (the footage of the end of the car chase was used in the opening montage for years) (2) All My Children and General Hospital had to be rearrange their summer plotlines in 1980 when the US boycotted the summer games and (3) Days is the last soap that I recall using a cliffhanger prior to the Olympics. Does anyone else remember specific Olympic related cliffhanger stories? 2. Y&R regularly featured characters singing during the 70's and 80's. At first, it was mostly non-diegetic, for example when Snapper would sing it was meant to be in his head. Later, Gina's Place gave everyone an opportunity to sing (even John Abbott struck up a tune). And, of course, Danny usually had his summer concert (with Traci and Lauren as backup) either to educate Genoa Citizens about the dangers of drugs or premarital sex. On GL, Morgan and Kelly sang to each other, ex-hookers Donna and Kitty both sang at the cabaret on AMC, Doug of Days sang all the time, and Frisco sang to Felicia before being a secret agent. Who else do you recall singing and do you prefer characters singing only in context or should soaps bring back the non-digetic style?
  6. Some summer events off the top of my head Another World - KBAY telethon (only happened 2-3 times but a great showcase for the singing and dancing talents of the actors and the reappearance of Cass in drag as Crystal Lake ) Young and the Restless - The Abbotts or the Newmans usually had a July 4th pool party (mostly an excuse to get Brad Carlton in a speedo) General Hospital - Founders Day, (everyone went to the park, dressed in Victorian costumes, would be slightly offensive in the modern era), served as a cover when Luke broke into mob boss Frank Smith's office and later when Cecilia needed to run into Jimmy Lee. Days of Our Lives - the annual reveal that the local hunk or teen vixen was one of Stefano's long lost children (jk)
  7. Meanwhile, my very amusing and well considered post on the lyrical versions of soap openings has received no attention at all... 🤔
  8. Agreed. I think this is another example of an instrumental whose lyrics fit due to being added later. Even the title of the song itself is a retcon, it was renamed after Nadia Comaneci used it for her Olympic theme Gone, bright shiny days Gone in a young and restless haze But, what's a restless haze?
  9. Based on the recent discussion of the One Life to Live theme song, I've been thinking about the lyrics of other soap themes. Thanks to this article which contains all of the theme song lyrics https://www.welovesoaps.net/2011/08/soap-opera-theme-songs.html As I mentioned in the OLTL thread, Peabo Bryson's lyrics lack logical cohesion. Why should we should keep hope that "there's always tomorrow" if we "only have one life to live?" Doesn't the idea of one life indicate that we should seize this day and not wait until tomorrow? Also, where do "you go when it looks like the rain won't end" - Llandview? Isn't Pennsylvania known for being rainy? Why would you go there if the rain won't end? The Edge of Night is my favorite theme because it made sense and fit the mood of the show. Half dark, half light. And do you think we might wake up some day? And be aware of all the games people play. It played off the idea that it was the last soap of the day and had a haunting melody The British soap Eastenders lyrics benefit from being retconned into a pop song, but perfectly fit that show because it is about love and community while set in the fictional Albert Square. Anyone can fall in love Life's more than that, it's pulling together Everyone can share the love Where we come from friends never say never side by side satisfied To stay right here in one square forever. Passions used poor grammar that resulted in a mixed metaphor. You keep me alive You are the fire burning inside of me You are my passion for life I think what they meant was you are my passion, (note the comma) for life. As in, you are my love forever. Instead, it reads as if you are my reason for being, which seems antiquated, although it fits the Ethan/Theresa love story and may explain why I never liked that show. Another World's theme contained lyrics about the worst kind of love. You are the one that lets me fly so high You are the rain when my spirits run dry So, I'm only of value because I lift you up and bring you water? No thank you, sir. In the words of Janet (Miss Jackson if you're nasty), what have you done for me lately? Finally, Guiding Light's decent should have been predicted by whomever approved these lyrics: Everybody wants truth Everybody wants hope Everybody clings to sex like soap on a rope
  10. https://classicsodloving.tumblr.com
  11. Agreed, but listening to the lyrics, they don't make any sense. The juxtaposition of the idea that "there's always tomorrow" doesn't fit with the concept that the we "only have one life to live." To me, the idea that we only have one life indicates that we should seize the day, make this moment count and, make the most of the time we have. It does not mean that if this day sucks (or the rain won't end) we should wait until tomorrow for it to get better. Here's where you go When it looks like the rain won't end (Where is he suggesting we go? Lllandview? Asa's house? Llandfair?) and then in the second verse (which we only heard on days with extended end credits) he changes the entire meaning of the song Let's live today And find someone to share it with Cause we only have one life to live Maybe it is just the pandemic, but in hindsight, Peabo lacks logical consistency.
  12. Through a 2020 lens, the casting of Connor Oilvera, (the son of El Patron who was facing deportation), is as anachronistically amusing as his appropriation of new jack swing music. Unlike All I Need, Lady in Red, or (Think of) Laura, Connor's lyrics have no association what so ever with the love story of Anna and Robert. Now That You're Here? Anna and Robert spent years around each other while pursuing other lovers, (and were never written as each other's destiny), so it is not like they just found each other. A more appropriate title would have been Now That We've Exhausted All Other Options (including the alien in my garage and your virgin pianist girlfriend). But, I guess, that's harder to dance to. I'm also amused by the rehearsal dinner scene where Mac had founded a jazz club for live music, but the performers lip synced to video backing footage, very 90's cabaret... Lastly, can we talk about the insta-wealth that all GH characters achieved in 1991? Mac went from an environmental activist to a jazz club owner. A family inheritance caused Bill Eckart to go from a dockworker to buying that gorgeous lighthouse. And his sister Jenny (who for some reason did not benefit from that wealthy dead relative) went from student nurse housing to the Quatermaine mansion! Gloria Monty gave up all pretenses of relatability as soon as those ratings drooped.
  13. After commenting on the 1991 SOD thread I researched Connor Olivera and came up with this old thread: What ended up being Connor's storyline? according to, http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/7967/mlynch.html "His character was a singer at TheOutback, and he was pals with Mac. He also used to teach Robin dance moves. He had a crush on Dominique, but she was hung up on Mac, and ended up marrying Scotty. Connor found out that Sean Donnely is his biological father. Connor left PC to further his music career." Sean Donnelly's son? Did he go to the wedding with Tiffany? How long was he on the show? The actor and his song styling did not age well, but the idea of an expanded Donnelly family tree is intriguing. If anyone has any additional information on this character I would appreciate it.
  14. I'm still trying to decide if bringing a gift to your lover's pregnant wife is hostile or hospitable? Also would that baby have grown up to be Siri Pinter, wife of Carson Daly and sometime Today Show guest?
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