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  1. j swift

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    Eric Luvonaczek was always a weak link in Alex's character history. First, I always confused him with India's father Leo Von Halkein. Second, he suffered from multiple headwriters rewriting his motivation. Initially described as a poor artist who fell for Alex and had to raise her twins when her dad paid him off to leave town. Then, Lujack describes him as a bad father, and he abandons Nick, (despite getting a settlement from Brandon). But, somehow, Simon needed to avenge him? Alexandra was devoted to both her sons and her nephews. So why did both of her stepchildren, Simon and India, dislike her so much? It seems like she was a totally different character when she lived outside of Springfield. However, after reviewing how many writers had their hands in the proverbial pot at the time that these facts were being established it is clearer how Eric became such an enigma. The other character that always intrigued me is Mark Evans. I think it is a clever casting choice to have typical good guy Mark Pinter play a guy with a hidden agenda. I really enjoy watching the entire arc, especially because his ties to Quint are never tipped off during his introduction. One other random thought: remember when Joe Lando played McCauley West in the summer of 1993? I went back and read the articles. The head of CBS, Jeff Segansky, asked Lando, who was on summer hiatus from Dr. Quinn, to take the role on GL. Looking back was that just about money? Was it counter-programming against GH and the return of Luke & Laura? Why Joe Lando? Do you think they went to other people first?
  2. j swift

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    The "presentational" nature of the actor playing Simon makes it difficult to infer his sincerity. So, when he goes from being to a con to a charmer, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  3. Dorian left for her post in Mendorra in 1993, Cord came to Llandview in 1992, so it is plausible that they were the proverbial two ships that passed in the night.
  4. j swift

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    @FrankoI'm so glad Tamara Tunie's play from 1990 is going to actually make it into production. Unlike last week's broken broadway dreams of Sandra Reinhart. There's so much build up for Frankie's return. Spoiler Alert: they change writers and he leaves in six months. The whole connection of Carly and Frankie wound up being meaningless in the long run. Although in re-reading the character summary I noticed some logical errors that I may have overlooked in 1990. For example, Frankie has to give Lawrence his inheritance in order to ensure Jennifer's divorce. Didn't he give up inheritance rights when he was adopted by the Brady's? Also, the Alamain's were rich so why do they need the Von Luishner money? Also, Lawrence raped Jennifer so does he have any leverage in their divorce? Shouldn't Jennifer have gotten 50% of the Alamian fortune? And why does everyone still call her Carly Manning once they learned her real name (even Aunt Viv & Frankie who would have only known her as Katerina)? It's also interesting to note the early similarities of Carly and Kristen on Days. Both came on with pseudonyms and hidden brothers that loved Jennifer. Both were from rich families but were introduced as very humble. It was as if Reilly was perfecting a characterization that was already on the canvas but somehow didn't meet his needs for plotlines.
  5. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Why didn't Dan Woleck fight for his right to the Lord fortune? Didn't Meredith get anything in the will to leave for her son?
  6. j swift

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    The 90's anachronisms are deep in this issue: there's a criticism that characters use cordless phones too often and Todd McKee isn't "fine-tuning his walkman to the wedding bell dial" any time soon (which makes no sense since walkmans didn't have dials or ringtones). Also, a lot of concern about hiring and using older actors. Meanwhile, Ron Harper has been hired to save Generations and he's no spring chicken. Also, 28 years later, most of the leads on B&B are over 55. Jack Wagner either left the birthing room to have an affair or to tape scenes on GH; both alternatives are reported and both make him look less than chivalrous. The Dawn and Dekker critique is interesting because GH tried recasts and rewrites but they just could not make Dawn work. I would argue it was the fundamental issue of an audience not accepting a retcon. Emily is basically a Dawn replacement, but the logic behind her introduction made more sense. However, it is interesting that Michael Watson (Dekker) went on to play Zach on B&B, who was essentially the same character and failed just as hard. Once again proving my thesis that a bad haircut should not be considered a legitimate character trait. Steve Bond's comment about soap storylines moving too quickly to gain audience support is interesting. In the near future, many of the soaps will go to shorter story arcs, or they'll try telenovella length plots, so it is interesting to hear an actor express concerns about the logic of those decisions. I wonder if 28 years later Steve Bond would even recall the reasons he gave for leaving? It is cute to read Erin Torpey coming to OLTL with the recasting of all of Viki's kids, but we are also getting one of the 14 different Kevins and I don't recall this guy at all. Also, Mack and Bunny are leaving SB which means that this is the last time that we'll see The Liar or The Polo Club. Finally, Hunter Tylo has the chicken pox so she needs to a temporary re-cast (from Sherilyn Wolter who seems like a poor fit to play Taylor). That's five actors needing emergency recasts in four months, which may be part of the genesis of soaps giving themselves more lead time for productions errors.
  7. j swift

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    I agree. It seems like post-Mindy and Beth, GL had a hard time finding an ingenue to contrast Harley. We got Lacey, Jessie, OG-Dinah, Samantha Marler, and a slew of other young female characters that never took hold.
  8. CC Capwell had two wives that were presumed dead but weren't (Sophia and Pamela). Also, his house had to be rebuilt twice, once post-earthquake and once after a fire.
  9. j swift

    The Doctors

    I watched an episode on Retro on Saturday and they mentioned that it was 1969. I thought they were up to 1976? Do they replay older episodes on the weekends?
  10. j swift

    What Are You Watching/Binging/Streaming Now?

    Two Aussie shows on Dailymotion. The Block, a big brother/hgtv hybrid where couples live in a block of houses, renovate the houses, and then auction them off. The homes are lovely and the casting is charming. Also, Playing for Keeps, a Footballer's Wives type soap about WAGs of Aussie Footballers, less camp but still funny with a Rebel Wilson type as the new wife providing us entry into the drama.
  11. j swift

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    up until 10 minutes ago, I thought Bob Woods played Cal who kidnapped Kimberly, but he played Paul Stewart, part of the couple that raised Kimberly's kidnapped baby. Hence why I thought he was still around in 1990, they were both spanners in the Kim/Shane relationship played by actors more famous on OLTL
  12. j swift

    Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    touche @jam6242
  13. j swift

    Classic GH Thread

    I wish Lucy Coe's librarian skills had continued to be a part of her character in the same way that Spinelli is always used to search things on the internet. She lost a lot of IQ points during her slapstick period and it would have been cool if she could recall or research facts on command.
  14. j swift

    Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    Paul Rauch must have amassed a fortune in holding deals over the years. It's the greatest con in Hollywood: get paid to write a treatment, get paid not to sell it elsewhere, and never actually have to produce anything. Also, Fred Mustard Stewart sounds suspiciously fictional; although I'm sure someone will reply that he wrote for daytime for a decade.
  15. j swift

    Soap Hoppers

    Are there any trends or achievements that you've noticed in creating the list? For example, did Melinda O. Fee play the most recast characters (or characters that have been recast)?