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  1. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    That's a great answer and really explains the connection - they were all involved in a lot of bullshit but it was always for the survival of their sisters. It's hard not to think of them as narcissists because they were always focused on winning their part of a love triangle, and yet, obviously they were motivated by trying to maintain their family's care. There's also the interesting contrast that Vicky is beholden to a family that abused her and stole her child while Dorian is maintaining a sister and daughter who only want her to be a better person. However, I prefer the earlier part of their history when their motives were more subtle, and we didn't suffer through David and Addie's marriage.
  2. j swift

    Another World

    I wonder how Sally and Vicky's relationship would have been? New Money Vicky and Old Money Sally and ditzy Amanda. Which one would align with Iris? Would Britney's kid come back, looking like Delilah Ralston, trying to steal the guys in town? I imagine that they both would have laughed off Paulina as having no power at all. While Donna and Rachel kept each other up to date with tea served by Louise and Brooks' granddaughter; from their artisinal barn, which had been the stable. It could have been the establishment of a good reboot.
  3. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I would argue that Blair was richer at the time, and she was a more reliable resource. The only characteristic shared between Cassie, Blair, Adrianna, Dorina, and Melinda was their brunette hair with blond highlights,
  4. j swift

    Megyn Kelly Melts Down

    https://pagesix.com/2019/01/17/megyn-kelly-laughs-off-unemployment-ahead-of-jury-duty/ I'm going to allow myself a bitch moment when looking at Megyn dressed for jury selection today. At least, one of the pleasures of have $69 million is that she doesn't need to wear her hair in an overprocesses 'lob for the rest of her life - because unless Party City is starting a News Channel than I hope she has been officially canceled from the culture.
  5. j swift

    Carpenters discussion thread

    My campy appreciation for the film comes from the allegory of these siblings not wanting to sell-out to be pop starts just like punks has always tried to avoid eschew pop categorization and - I love it when desperate outsiders can find common bonds - shared humanity through puppets.
  6. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I have a theory that early Dorian's power came from her ability to manipulate Viki's self-confidence. 70's Dorian seemed more sophisticated because she educated, well travel, and independent. While Viki was having trouble at the paper like drinking drugged tea or trying not divulging her sources. Men like Larry and Herb Calason were willing to listening to Dorian without questioning her mental health. Then Clint changed Viki So, when Dorian returned she has to lower herself to violence and threats which really gutted the character for me. I like the "Cramer Women" but their loyalty was disjointed and they never played the beat as to why Dorian should be in-charge given that she was neither oldest, the richest, nor the wisest. There was never ever specific sense of respect between Blair and Cassie, nor was there any conflict between them and Dorian for whom was favored. A soap family should have a common agenda the Buchanons learned loyalty through oil, the Lords learn about truth through the media, even the Craig's learned the value of communication. However, the Cramer women were as loyal as the next rich guy in town, they share no moral values or traditions. They were a family in name only.
  7. j swift

    Another World

    https://vintage70ssoaprecaps.tumblr.com/post/182113150209/another-world-week-of-october-25-october-29 There's a flirtation between Sally and Cass that could have been great. I'm speaking of Sassy-Sally, (not Cailtin's-victim-dead-Sally). It made me think of the completion of an imaginary arc where Sally and Cass go through their mid-30s, establish careers, become good citizens, struggle with a disease, fail at a business, but be good parents, and finally find there way back to each other...... I'm intrigued by Cass's equal who neither wanted to change him nor homogenize him. Cecile was always looking over her shoulder for someone better, Nicole was always looking over her shoulder for the police to come and arrest her, Kathleen wanted him to be a Mckinnon, not a Winthrop, Frankie was a poor imitation of Kathleen and constantly put his life in peril. And Lily was more of a convenience than an end-game. Imagine if they'd pulled an "SFT" and brought back Sally for the final weeks? She would have been great for Cass.
  8. j swift

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    SOD - February 5, 1991 - the culture is moving from retro late-'60s references to patriotism in the run-up to Desert Storm - Sweat (Gonna Make You) is on the radio and Oliver Stone's overrated The Doors is on the big screen, last summer's paisley fashions gives way to red, white, and blue stripes. Jason Bonderoff dusts off some old material to write about rejected soap proposals, not to be confused with his previous article on unproduced soap pilots. Days and GH are cited most frequently as soaps that tried to spin-off their super couples into another show. There are times in the early Sonny era when fans may have mollified by 30 minutes of the coffee connection and 30 minutes in the hospital. Personally, I think it would be a mistake to ever create a show around a couple, given the peripatetic nature of most actors. However, the Calliope and Eugene Show called either Sunny Side Up or Keeping Up with the Joneses, doesn't inspire me as much as a Judith Kranz's Rituals soap did. Brian Frons gets several mentions. I am a Frons apologist because I think many bad things have been projected upon him erroneously by fans. It is interesting to note that while he nixed Rituals, he was actively developing soaps during his tenures at NBC and ABC. I also think there's the unwritten issue here, soap actors would need to be paid commensurate with the primetime allies in order to want a spin-off. Most of the big acting names who left in the prior twelve months wanted the promise of more money (Michael E Kight, Kim Zimmer, Stephen Nicols). Peter Rekell mentioned a spin-off offer for the same money and a production credit; that and a dime won't buy a cup of coffee. I recall Beverly McKinsey saying that the 90 minutes episodes were ways to get them to do twice the work for half the pay. If NBC wanted Eugene than they were going to need to pay him some of that Start Trek money. Which is probably a big barrier to getting any of these produced. But it didn't stop a lot of old soap writers from getting a hefty development deal. Executive Producer Shelly Curtis is leaving DAYS to Tom Langan, thus beginning a new period on that show. I wonder if it is a chicken or egg situation that so many actors leave before a soap producer also quits? Once again, poor reporting from SOD, we get plenty of quotes from Shelly but NBC didn't seem to pick up the phone to make a statement. I also wonder if there was just less fan concern over changes in executives at the time or if DAYS was trying to maintain ratings during the shift by trying not to attract attention; unlike today when every new producer at DAYS is met by SOD and three wise men carrying gifts. For those keeping scores, Shelly Curtis and Pam Long have both "left" (no specification of firing or quitting) their shows and were allowed to do so without any questioning from SOD. We don't know if they were fired, or couldn't negotiate, or wanted to film the sequel to the Doors. Gloria Monty's promises for GH each issue are beginning to sound like a certain federal politician. She complains about the same writers and actors going from soap to soap. She's going to drain the swamp by getting rid of breakdown writers to freshen up scripts. Who has she hired to do this? Her sister and the writer from the last time she was at GH. And who is her first actor hired to act on the show? The same actor from the last time she produced the show. Given her propensity for Russian spy stories, I will not be surprised if Gloria Monty wants to build a wall around the Post Charles riverfront in the next issue. Finally a note about OLTL's rap music story. It's been significantly downgraded from prior mentions. However,I would pay just to watch the negotiations between Kurtis BLow and Paul Rauch. OLTL was the only network show to play Blow's Chrismtas Wrap besides the Top of the Pops in the UK
  9. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Do you think there were alternate plans for the identity of her son? I went back in the Soap Central summaries and she mentioned the son before Spencer came town. Because, in hindsight, Hugh is such an odd choice given his age. Spencer is a very interesting character in the page (except for his involvement in double vendettas (1) through Paige about Thomas McBain, (2) Asa and Renee and his mom's hooker past.) ruined by milquetoast acting. I imagine Paul Satterfield auditions well because he was constantly cast as characters who were much more complex than he is able to actually play on-screen. I never bought Spencer as a threat to all of these people were richer and more connected than him. HIs existence did nothing to expand our understanding of David's history. I appreciate a big swing from a writer but this was a miss. That being said, it led to Marcie's summer on the run which I recall as the last proper summer story (including new sets and new characters just for the season) that I recall on ABC.
  10. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    As a character, she came on to redeem a secret from her past due to an emotional crisis caused by a relationship (like Nora and her car accident or Nash and his nutty fiance), then three years later, she exhibits no growth by responding to her next crisis by going mad again. Her love for Bo had no impact on either character Soap heroines often come from healing from a crisis (cancer, rape, kidnapping), villains are often defined from not resolving a crisis (lost kids, ex-wives, and business rivals) characters that don't work respond the same way over and over without any growth at all. The choice to hang the Truman/McBain family introduction on such a poorly drawn lady like Dr. Paige, who was also fairly isolated in terms of scene partners, is a huge mistake that thanks to @Veemakes more sense in context. I also hated the sidelining of Dorian in this storyline when she could have been such a good ally for David against Spencer given her past a scam artist and a doctor. Writing a couple that stays apart due to a third party threat never makes any sense to me. Why would anyone logically follow the instructions of their enemy to get rid of their allies?
  11. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    A couple of tidbits from the double cast list: Jennifer Harmon as Cathy Craig (big early character, kidnapped Viki's baby) and Susan Floyd as Christine Cromwell (the red herring in the Megan/Viki/Eterna story) were such big characters who drove story for a year that it is amazing to me that they both came back as dayplayers/lawyers later with almost no fanfair. Dr. Paige Miller Truman - I always wonder about characters who get re-cast more than once. Paige was obviously being built into something, Bo's girlfriend, Spencer's ex, Hugh's Mom, but they could not find the right characterization for the part. One day she was a victim with a troubled past, the next day was a schemer, then she was back to victimhood. It makes me question when a soap decided to cut its losses early (Hugh and Stephanie, Carlo Hesser's niece come to mind) versus when they stick with a character regardless of recasts (Dawn on GH). Most characters are replaceable which is why the choice to stick with Paige for three years never made much sense to me. I understand that a long time characters like Kevin or Joey Buchanan require recasting due to age and actor's exits but Paige was never well drawn and I wonder why she was such a priority in the story?
  12. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    found it - http://www.oocities.org/historypg/ memories of geocities....
  13. j swift

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    That was a really fun read, all of the links are extinct, but do you have the name of the site for the front page?
  14. j swift

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Doug Wert is one of those actors who was great in musical theater, but it never translated onto the screen (Rex Smith, Matt Morrison, and Burke Moses also come to mind). The East Coast soaps were famous for casting from Broadway, but some stage actors seem odd within the context of a soap. He is Kate Shindle's partner, I've heard them sing together, and it was lovely. However, the only thing that I ever remember of his characters was his odd devotion to bangs way beyond the point that they were age-appropriate. If he had been cast earlier as a romantic teen, I think it would have been a better fit with his set of skills. A cunning guy who may or may not be a con artist but is still charming and attractive is difficult to play on tv versus the stage. For example, watch Grand Hotel the Musical on YT, and see Brent Barrett on stage and then watch him on AMC. His style is too big for tv, even the soaps, and it seems campy. While on stage he was sexy and sophisticated.
  15. j swift

    Celebrity Big Brother

    Spicer was also a rumored contestant on Dancing with the Stars, but he is contracted as a Fox News "Insider" which prevents him from signing with other networks. I'm amused when gossip stories are so easily invalidated by a simple internet search that one wonders if the term 'gossip editor' is an illusion.