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  1. One more twist on the Steve Fletcher/Blizzard story he was dating Nana Visitor/Tucker - if they got married their wedding announcement would have been super complicated
  2. @SFK Its from January 1984 and the party marked the inauguration of the mansion set for Mark and Paula Denning See my Soaps of Yesteryear thread for other examples of editors making headline mistakes
  3. One more note - I continue to appreciate how the soap press was spoiler free and therefore subject to poor predictions
  4. @Chris 2 if you thought the Alec Baldwin material was catty I thought you should see some other fan opinions of the time I'm tickled both by this fan's derision of a baby actor, and Jon-Michael Reed's admonishment that not everyone can survive in daytime To be fair, Terri Vandenbosch was no Julianne Moore Ryan's Hope fan were also not happy And Lynda Hirsch feels its important to note that even men feel the same way As always Jon-Michael and Lynda are not fans of the Daytime Emmys However, when
  5. SB Sophia once played another Augusta - that's a twist I never knew
  6. Anyone willing to guess from the outset as to the solution to the Charlie murder mystery? Will it be (a) a Nora Fulon EON situation wherein he was killed to cover up another secret in a coexisting plot, (b) killed by mistake with someone else as the intended victim, or (c) killed by a non-contract character in order to portray Sami, once again, as being wrongly accused of a crime? Extra points to anyone who can correctly predict how long it is before we find out the killer. My main concern with any Carlivati mystery is that usually there is no investigation
  7. Agreed I think it is unfair to judge all actors who used cue cards with the broad stroke of being lazy. As I mentioned on the prior page, soap scripts were notoriously rewritten at the last minute. The single take nature of soap production may have relied on cue cards to maintain an efficient production. Actors who deride cue cards in interviews are generally not talented enough to be able to read and act at the same time. And, most soaps could no longer afford them as a luxury, so it is not a contemporary issue.
  8. Its a shame that no writer was able to successfully integrate Silver into a long term character. Con artist Silver was so great at playing an All About Eve storyline with Erica, and while the long term potential as a thorn in Erica's side was intriguing, at some point there would have been a detente, which would have weakened both characters, making her redundant with the role that Kendall played in Erica's story later in the series. Then, we had mousy Silver aka Noelle. She was interesting contrast to Erica because she was so earnest while Erica was so flamboyant. However, that contrast w
  9. Yes, but once again Jon-Michael Reed's editor [email protected]#$ed up the headline Clearly it should have been "Married duo ditches Days"
  10. Why didn't he change his name to Steve Skitching? Its got more zing!
  11. @will81's Tumblr The Soaps of Yesterday is so juicy I thought we should have a place to discuss these older news stories (both personal and professional) - https://thesoapsofyesterday-blog-blog.tumblr.com/ 1. Remember when soaps had money to burn? Weddings in 1984 were very expensive affairs with $10,000 to $20,000 spent on the dresses alone! 2. But off-screen marriages did not go as smoothly for Marcy Walker or Alec Baldwin I think Janine Turner's southern accent was real 3. I had always
  12. I agree, one of the great unknowns in soaps is which characters who were one part of a supercouple could survive on their own. For example, in my opinion, DAYS Hope really suffered as a character without a resolution regarding Bo, whereas GH's Felicia went on to a number of successful pairings after Frisco left town.
  13. I guess that makes more sense, given that Sami is certainly not a makeup expert. I had forgotten that detail. Sometimes the recall abilities of other fans causes a "Roseanne Rosanadana Moment" (ha)
  14. Regardless of the writer, you have to admit that it is pretty impressive that Sami Brady, a woman with no formal education or training, could create a disguise that intricate. I mean even Stefano and Rolf had to resort to hiding in the shadows. They wish that they could have gone undercover with such good makeup and prosthetics.
  15. Dan Wells' instagram notes he will be back in Salem as Sami's alter-ego Stan
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