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  1. Classic GH Thread

    I enjoyed the pairing of Stefan and Bobbi. There was a moment when as an audience we were unaware of Bobbi's motives. Was she going to betray Luke or Stefan? I barely recall scenes where Luke was actually spying on Stefan and Bobbi with a telescope and it was really thrilling. Looking back now, one of the anachronisms that is amusing is that everyone runs around town wearing blazers. Bobbi is off work as a nurse, she goes to seduce Stefan so, she throws on a suit jacket? Even the teens are constantly wearing blazers as if a board meetings could be called at any minute.
  2. Characters with multiple backstories

    I forgot a few Shane Roberts/Bobby Reno (AW) - he's a carpenter/doctor/race car driver who also may have murdered someone and also was married to Ava from Loving - another classic in this category - Bay City was a place where a guy could start a new life but somehow his lost wives and children always find them. Monica Quartermaine (GH) - came town married to Jeff but in love with his long lost brother Rick but also had an affair in med school that resulted in Dawn EJ Dimera (Days) - also a race car driver and an attorney-at-law - a lot of people gave up professional careers for race car driving in soaps Robert Barr (SB) - right hand man of mob boss Tonnelli but also a twin from a gothic family in New Orleans but also knew Eden as a teenager but not in Santa Barbara when she knew Cruz, Tori, and Keith Palmer Cortland (AMC) - told Nina that Cortland Manor was his ancestral home until we found out that he was from Pidgin Hollow John Hudson (AW) - merchant marine/n'er do well brother who hated his brother but also changed his last name to the same assumed last name of his brother and also was a doctor but he didn't tell anyone he was a doctor for about five years
  3. Whether it is due to a change in writers or a new producer some characters can not keep their backstory straight over the years. I've thought of a couple but I would be eager to hear about others who suffer from the same flaw. 1. Max Holden (OLTL), came to LLandview as a rancher who lived in Argentina with a brother named Steve. Later, he had a father in Texas with a ranch with his new siblings Jake and Andi. 2.Steve Frame (AW), from only child former football player to oldest of seven from a farm town. 3.John Black (Days), the classic in this category former priest/spy/jewel thief/heir to two family fortunes 4. Doug Williams (Days) - from Bill Horton's conman cellmate to having a long lost rich twin that left town and was never discussed again. 5. Jake McKinnon (AW) - grew up in Lassiter, Pennsylvania but somehow his uncle Vince and cousins were in town for years and he never contacted them nor invited them to his first wedding to Marley?
  4. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    As a rabid 90's Y&R watcher, and now occasional reader of SOD recaps, I find it hard to distinguish between Noah/Kyle and Abby/Summer. These roles have been recast, run out of town and then returned so often that I have a hard time keeping track of their backstory/parentage. Also, none of the characters has any distinguishing trait or specialization which enables them to be so interchangeable. Ashley was always a chemist, Niki was a model, and Jill ran the men's division. I have no idea what special skills the third generation of characters bring to the table?
  5. Days: July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Isn't it odd that we've met John Black's son but none of the rest of his family? While Will is trying to restore his memory, John the Priest/Spy/Jewel thief/Alamain heir/non-Alamain heir has never had a sibling or even a cousin? Why did John loose the motivation to remember his own background? Hasn't a family member seen John in a newspaper after one of the many times he saved Salem and his country and thought to befriend him on Facebook? How could he would get a driver's license or a credit card given that he didn't know his own last name for most of his 30's? I really just want one soap to tell the story of what its like to return from the dead and then try to buy property or apply for a non-spy job.
  6. Any Capitol Fans Here?

    Myrna's bathroom with the sunken tub, telephone, and turban closet were iconic.
  7. Any Capitol Fans Here?

    Did you ever notice that a signature of the Conboy producing style is a tracking shot through an archway into a rich family's cream and beige living room? It is as if the audience is eve dropping on the action. I know he was neither a set decorator nor a director but, there were definitely similarities across his shows. Looking at the daily opening scenes of Capitol and SB, the Clegg's and the Capwell's both had the same shot.
  8. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    point taken - I went back, read the synopsis and, my recall was in error, I tried to erase the post but I can't. I also didn't recall that Clay was one of the victims. That being said...it is still my favorite soap serial killer story, along with Port Charles first serial killer plot, because the pace and number of victims was addicting to watch.
  9. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    It's interesting to hypothesize about who would leak this info. From the OLTL perspective, they are trying to hype the recast and explain Ilene's departure. From Ilene's perspective, knowing she was never right for that part, she could be using the leak to help negotiate her next contract. However, the weight issue does both sources a disservice. I loved when the soap press was this vicious. It seems like historically soap coverage has always been both cattier than the rest of celebrity press as well as more honest about issues involving drugs, alcohol, and other darker aspects of the actors.
  10. Anthony Perkins was also in a relationship with Stephen Sondheim. They planned luxury scavenger hunts for their friends in New York with limousines to whisk teams around town. These games became the basis for their only screenplay together, The Last of Sheila. It's a great early 70's roman a clef/mystery/drama/comedy, highly recommended. Perkins was later a client of psychiatrist Eugene Landy who is accused of messing up Brian Williams from the Beach Boys as dramatized in the great movie Grace of My Heart. So, a lot of this material has been already been rich fodder for film/
  11. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    In the soap openings discussion someone mentioned the theme during the "Loving Murders". I'm sure others have noted the plot holes in the denouement of the story. However, my nitpik is with the actual promo. For weeks the promo suggested that the "click" would proceed every murder. However, in the end the "click" was just a locket? That locket held no clue to the murderer, we never saw Gwyneth wear it. It is entirely possible to commit each of the murders without the use of a locket. We're not even sure who gave her the locket. It was a complete red herring but, the whole publicity campaign was based on this one plot device.
  12. Best Soap Opera Opening

    I find the inverse relationship between SFT's ratings and the number of new openings amusing. In the final years they changed openings with every new EP. My vote for campiest image was the McClarey brother doing a soft shoe with a cigarette in his mouth; very disco/Fosse/soap. It's the best example of the trope that a new opening theme will bring in new viewers which I don't think has ever actually worked.
  13. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Does anyone recall Ilene Kristen's role as Georgina the Geologist in the early 80's? She came to town with nu-Tony Lord to mine solariam(sp?) under Asa's house. She had a quick affair with Bo and then left town. Someone recently referenced the storyline but I've never seen clips from this period. I'm wondering how different the character was from RH's Delia? When she was on AW she played a very snobby character that was years away from Delia. Also, did anyone ever reference Georgina when Ilene came back to OLTL as Roxy?
  14. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Me too but, I was reading a tumblr SOD recap from 11/89 and Clint wants to move to Buchanan City in Arizona with Viki and the boys to get away from the stress of living in LLandview. I hate it on soaps when rich women are expected to sideline their familial wealth to be loved by the men in their lives. I was just reading a AW recap where Brian asked Iris to give up being an heir to Mac's wealth. Why did these losers want their wives to be dependent on them for financial support in order to humble them? Why would Victoria Lord give up LLandfair, her paper, and running water to go live with Clint? My advice to any soap heiress would be to hold on to what is your's, you never know when your parents will locate a long lost child and then you'll have to share the wealth.
  15. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I forgot one other source of Asa's wealth were his land holdings in Buchanan City and the island (I think it was called Blaze?). Did the Buchanan's own Buchanan City or was it just named after them? Also, what was the name of the island where Pamela lived?