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  1. From William Lipton (Cam - GH), to Jacob Young (JR - AMC) and Kim Zimmer (Reva - GL) an actor shouldn't need to shave their head to get the audience's sympathy for a cancer storyline when adequate acting would suffice.
  2. Circling back to an earlier question, while Johnny has been reading Will's script, he hasn't needed glasses or any help for his glass eye? Has anyone even mentioned it? Is Stephen Nichols pissed that they don't make him wear a patch?
  3. I would add that the power differential has changed between Sonny and Carly as the role has been recast. Brown's Carly usually seemed insecure that she was Sonny's second choice after Brenda. It felt as if she was chasing Sonny to try to get him to commit to her. Brown's Carly came to Port Charles yearning for a connection after the difficulty of learning that she was adopted. From Bobby to Sonny, her motives were always written as if she wanted to hurt others as a defense against the constant fear that they might abandon her. This fit well with the manic energy that Brown brings to most of her acting parts, she always seems on the edge of breaking apart. Whereas Wright's Carly has been pursued by other men and is no longer burdened by an insecure relationship with Sonny, because they share the bond of children together. And no matter who else they date, marry, or have children with, having Michael as their oldest child, and experiencing the trauma of his childhood, as well as loosing Morgan, has created a lasting bond that Carly never needs to doubt. Which fit well with Wright's cooler energy.
  4. I think the status and power issue was present regardless of the actress. Mindy was the child of her business enemy Billy, as well as the step-daughter of her romantic rival Vanessa. And, as noted, Alex was sophisticated enough to know not to blame the mistress when a husband strays. It would be like Roger Thorpe going after Ben Reade or Josh Lewis getting into a beef with A.J. Chamberlain, it would have been beneath them and broken the inter-generational code of civility on soaps.
  5. It is always annoying to me when writers forget the initial specialization of characters. For example, Lucy Coe became so silly and dumb, but started out as a university law librarian. At the very least she should have known that Ian Thorndike was cribbing the works of Irish poets. Similarly, Carly went through the nursing training at GH as a physical therapist, but you'd never know it when she is either in an emergency medical situation or creating a spa for her hotels.
  6. I was thinking about alternative replacements for Beverlee McKinsey as Alexandra Spaulding on Guiding Light. While I agree with the theory that the writing for Marj Dusay was more problematic than the performance, here are some ladies that could have played that part. 1. Dina Merrill - a Hitchcock blond - her own history as the heiress to the EF Hutton/Marjorie Maryweather Post fortune makes her a perfect fit, and by the 90s she was mostly doing daytime celebrity game shows. 2. Louise Shaffer - played iconic business women in soaps, seems like a smart fit for Alex once she became interim CEO of Spaulding 3. Carole Shelby - she pinched hit as a replacement for Beverlee when she played Iris on AW, so she was familiar with understudying a role in daytime 4. Sharon Acker - played Judith on Texas, and was an Iris prototype after Beverly left the show
  7. If Ryan's Hope had been more of a mystery-based soap then there may have been more story opportunities for two crime reporters like Jack and Mary, but that wasn't Labine/Mayer's forte. But, she couldn't move away given that Jack's bonding with baby Ryan was such a huge story point for the character that he never would have let them move to another city without him. Some might say that Baby Ryan was the titular force of Ryan's Hope, so she and her mother couldn't leave. Mary was related to most of the other leading men and nobody needed more sisterly romantic triangles after Jill and Faith. They certainly chem-tested Jack and Siobhan, but I found their fraternal relationship to be refreshing, and I enjoyed many of Jack's other romances like Leigh. Also, Joe and Siobhan had sizzling chemistry. Also, I would argue that killing Mary let the audience know that the stakes were high when dealing with the New York city mob because they were willing to take out a major character. If the mob only killed day players, their threat to the livelihoods of those in Riverside would not have seemed so real.
  8. I watched the latest documentary and it got me speculating about the mental heath of her father, Jamie. His motivations are so suspicious. Although he clearly has lived off of the income of being her conservator, he doesn't appear to be solely driven by a need for money because (1) he lives a pretty simple life without a lot of luxuries, (2) he probably would have still made money by serving other roles like Britney's Mom, and (3) if he only wanted the cash, he was sure using a lot of it on surveillance and security. The surveillance was so over the top that it makes me question if Jamie is paranoid. I mean who needs Britney's daily texts and video throughout her house? It is reasonable that any parent would be worried about a child who was so emotionally fragile as Britney. However, his extreme response made me ponder his sanity. We know that there are genetic factors in mental illnesses such as psychosis and bipolar disorder. Jamie's mother committed suicide when he was young and we know he has had dependency issues with drugs and alcohol. So, I wonder if Jamie's own mental illness was partially to blame for how long the conservatorship lasted?
  9. To be fair, and I know this isn't the AW thread, but, the Lumina Ball in 1998, saw an increase in ratings from the same period in 1997, and the resolution also saw an increase in ratings year over year. Year to year, 23% more people watched in the final week of May 1999. I think we often conflate critical success with ratings success, and the Lumina story was given enough publicity that more people watched it, regardless of the quality of the story. 1997 (source AWHP) October 27-31: 2.2 1998 (source AWHP) October 26-30: 2.4 - Lumina Ball May 1998 25-29: 1.9 May 31- June 4 1998: 2.5 - Lumina blown up
  10. At the risk of stating an unpopular opinion, what would future conflicts be for Mary once she had reunited with Jack? Certainly I would not have wanted to see them struggle through ten more years of marital conflict. And Siobhan had taken up the rein of mob destroyer. So, while it may have been a function of difficulties with re-casting, I cannot imagine a story for Mary that wasn't redundant for Jill, Siobhan, or Faith. Thus, by the time the character was killed off there may have been many causes, including the fact that Ryan's Hope was top heavy with too female leads, and I would not have sacrificed any other character for a third recast of Mary.
  11. As memory serves, (with a little help from Google), Henry and Brandon created Spaulding Enterprises primarily as an oil company in Chicago, with the help of Jenna Bradshaw's father Clyde Wynant. Alan came to Springfield to start Spaulding Electronics, then when Brandon "died" in 1979, the electronics division was folded into Spaulding Enterprises as a whole. When Alex returned she had a clear vendetta against Alan for helping Brandon give away baby Lujack (ne Brandon). She exposed Alan's deal with Beth's abusive father Bradley as a means of alienating Alan from his son. Then, when Alan "died", Ross took over as CEO of Spaulding until Phillip and Lujack were ready. My point being that Alex was not originally interested in working at Spaulding. She came to Springfield with a lot of money from her divorce from India's father. She just wanted to use the business as a means of revenge against her brother. And it was lack of experience in management that Roger exploited and caused her a lot of shame, both personally and professionally.
  12. So much fun. I have to mention a few scenes that were made for the visual medium of TV rather than reality. 1. When Culhane came to thank Blake and then Cristal's plan was exposed. Why Culhane would drive all the way to the manor to have that discussion, rather than just texting Blake? 2. The fake background when Liam and Fallon were at the valet stand of La Mirage? It is 2021, at least do a green screen. 3. Kirby flipping through a copy of her father's diary. Did she really go to Kinkos when she could have just taken a photo with her phone using the Notes app? 4. Crazy Eva has made a photo album using cut out pictures of her and Liam? The girl worked for a tech company, doesn't she know how to make a digital Photoshop album? All that being said, the visual of Dom in Jeff's room with the manic notes covering was super creepy and effective.
  13. Loved that movie, and the play. Isn't it amusing that Will Smith's whole story about making a movie of Cats wound up being so close to the truth?
  14. I never bought the Alex/Mindy rivalry as played by either Beverlee or Marj. Yes, Alexandra was humiliated by Roger's affair, as well as his business fraud, but I doubt that Alex would personally blame Mindy. Mindy was too low in status and power for Alex to care about. She was clearly a pawn, and a mature woman like Alex would have understood that fact. Alex wound up spending far too much effort in trying to punish Mindy, and in my opinion, it was beneath her. I mean when Alan cheated on his wife, Elizabeth didn't get into a rivalry with Diane, she blamed Alan, because she was a smart and sophisticated woman. That's why I don't buy Alex caring that much about Mindy that she would waste years scheming to retaliate. To me the interesting beat that got overlooked in that story is the idea that Roger was able to con Alex due to her naivete about business. When Alexandra was introduced she had no interest in working for a living, and certainly she didn't care about a business that Alan created, but was not her family's legacy (a fact that was often forgotten by later writers). However, I think it would have been an intriguing idea if Roger's scheme motivated Alex to learn more about business so that she would never be conned again.
  15. To my memory, Nancy Sorel was the weakest link in that chain. Her style (80s helmet hair and oversized blazers) and demeanor made her seem much older than Sam or Adam. I always forgot that she was Laura's daughter, rather than her sister, because she acted so mature.
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