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  1. I think it is interesting, in light of the ratings and new ways of counting audience numbers, that the story about the cast being fired is still the most read story on TMZ and TVinsider days after the story was released. TVinsider's soap stories always are the most read on the site.
  2. I've read this headline 12 times and I still don't know what it means. Is it a performance art piece? A sculpture of the Capwell Villa? Miniature dioramas of the whole town? Does the Icelandic artist have a US publicist or does Daytime Confidential read Pravda on a daily basis to get soap scoops?
  3. There was a SOD article (summarized in our classic SOD thread) that suggested it was Generations time slot, and not creative issues, that were to blame for its cancellation. It was on in the early non-contiguous slot, so it didn't get habitual soap watchers like a soap that would have been placed after AW. Also, Faith Daniels was an up and comer at NBC, and after the tumult surrounding Jane Pauley leaving Today in 1989, Daniels was given her own talk show in Generations time slot rather than further destabilizing the apple cart. It's neither the first time nor the last time that NBC overspent on a blond reporter who proved to be too stiff for daytime audiences.
  4. I adore the soapiness of the GH Halloween teaser. Mark Lawson's character is a teacher and an Uber driver but, has a tux and a full Mary Poppins costume, as well as time off for all of the social events he can attend. Soap Rule #45, no matter their age or social status, all men in soap towns own a perfectly fitted tuxedo
  5. The recent discussion of Kentucky Bluebird on the SFt thread reminded of Jill Coleridge's rock star beau who wound up being euthanized. Wasn't his name George? Can someone fill in the details?
  6. I don't know, (or probably just can't recall) what the story was with Roscoe Born and the production. Can someone fill me in? Also, what was up with the two week recast of Flame? The only details that I am aware of are from the 90-91 SOD news recaps we covered from Tumblr in another thread. SOD reported that Roscoe was initially brought in for a short term story as a spanner for Cruz and Eden when the mob was trying to take over Capwell Industries. He later left to do pilot season. However, he proved to be so popular that the production brought him back, re-paired him with Kelly, and created the Quinn storyline. Then, the Dobson's returned and did not seem to understand Robert's appeal as a character as he lost some of his charm and became a full-time bad guy. However, all of the discussion of Born walking off the set has been completely forgotten and I would appreciate any details that one can recall. I've muted those who can't seem to stay on topic so, I look forward to responses from people who can remember the facts. One other thought - The Walkers are emblematic to me of a pendulum swing on soaps after the glitz of 1980's met the stock market crash of the 1990's. Except, (IMO), soap audiences don't want gritty realism. We want escape, ladies who wear hats to lunch, and shirtless stable boys. And we certainly don't want a middle class family fronted by the woman who made Reva Shayne into one of the most glitzy gals in daytime. Final/final thought (of the night), I wonder if Laura Asher, Micah DeAngelis, and Jodie Walker all suffered from the old soap disease of relying too often on hiring actors who had been hits on others shows? Each of those characters were a distinct shift from the actor's prior roles and the audience may have been more welcoming if they had been played by an actor who had not been so closely associated with a prior role on another soap. OK, final/final/final thought - What was the primary source of income for Capwell Industries? I thought they were primarily commercial real estate developers with restaurants, hotels, casinos, and country clubs. But at other times weren't they involved in tech and medicine?
  7. My quibble with the notion of not ruining what works is that there is an argument to be made that focusing on Eden and Cruz for so long was part of the demise of the soap. Because subsequent writers and producers were unable to grow new families and find new arenas for story-telling, once Eden and Cruz broke up there was an enormous void. I am not discounting the evolution of Gina and Keith, Julia and Mason, and other couples that became popular, but the focus was always drawn back to Cruz and Eden. Look at AMC and the Chandlers, Y&R and the Newmans, and OLTL and the Buchanans. Each of those families were late entries into the story but they furthered the plot. If each producer only kept what had been from prior regimes then a soap devolves into repetition and a lack of creativity (e.g. B&B).
  8. As someone who is totally confused by the re-boot, I really like this idea. A series about early Alexis, meeting Blake, hiring the staff, etc would be fun.
  9. I vaguely recall that Gina had a "thing" with Lauren's father Neil Fenmore which part of the source of their animosity.
  10. I never enjoyed the long lost relatives of Blake (with the exception Dominique). However, between Caress and Sable, the writers could write in as many of the Morells as possible. I was always amused that none of Alexis's relatives liked her from an early age.
  11. Not to repeat myself but, when I re-watched season 1 & 2 of Dallas, I loved the original version of Miss Ellie when she was a bit more of a Lady Mcbeth. Early in the series there are multiple scenes with Ellie and Sue-Ellen where she is telling her daughter-in-law to hurry up and get pregnant or Pam was going to have the first born heir to Southfork. Later in the series Sue Ellen's mother played a similar role, but I was amused that Miss Ellie was not always as sweet as she appeared in later seasons. I like a bitchier Miss Ellie because it explains more of JR's motivations and sets the stage for the Bobby/JR feud that was later heightened by Jock's will. Also, Jock's will was one of the best dramatic devices in response to the death of an actor that has ever been played out on a soap. One has to wonder if Jim Davis had lived would the series have lasted as long?
  12. I remember from the E! bts show on Dynasty that the Amanda issue was three-fold. First, Joan Collins had just tried to have a sick-out in order to get more money, so when Catherine Oxenberg asked for more they didn't want to start a presidence. Second, the follow-up season to the Moldavian massacre was when Dynasty started to slip in the ratings. Third, once they recast Amanda, The Colby's was cancelled, so the return of Fallon to Denver made Amanda redundant.
  13. I agree that Gina and Brandon's relationship was refreshing for a soap mom and son duo. It was certainly less oedipally creepy than Warren and Augusta's and more attentive than Sophia and Ted's relationship. Gina's love for Brandon also made Santana untenable, because there was no way to sympathize with her when she essentially sold her baby and her maternal instinct mostly involved kidnapping attempts. That being said, I would have been there front and center for a SORASed Brandon who had many of Channing Jr's a-hole-Capwell-centric qualities which were conflicted by his relationship with Gina once she became a Lockridge. For me the unanswered question of the Dobson's return is - What was the outcome of their case against NBC and New World? How much was their settlement? It seemed to be enough that they never had to work again. How did they win in the negotiation? Did NBC or New World have to pay them off when they left the second time? It couldn't have all really hinged on the casting of Pamela? There had to be more in their initial contract that allowed them to regain their position. BTW, these questions are rhetorical and I don't really expect anyone to know the answer (that means you DB). Just to go back for a moment, imagine that NBC build a soundstage and set of offices just for them and then to be locked out of that very facility had to be heartbreaking. I agree with the critiques of their second tenure, but I have a hard time getting my mind off of that detail.
  14. I would rewatch a cut of the George Rawlins murder mystery. At the time I found it to be rambling and unfocused. However, I would imagine that cut together as a single story it would hold together and the twists and turns would seem more intriguing. However, there is the character of George's niece (a beautiful brunette with a voice that sounded like she had a constant stuffy nose) who also seemed to just disappear. I remember thinking when Brad inherited the Rawlins estate, after his brief marriage to Cassandra, that the niece really got screwed in the will.
  15. I completely agree but reading this I also felt compassion for them - imagine having the biggest creative achievement of your career snatched away from you and being literally locked out of the studio. It must have been really painful and I can sympathize with their reaction of trying to go back to the way it was rather than start over. However, progress is inevitable and their inability to work well with others was their undoing.
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