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  1. Primetime Soaps

    Bradford Dillman, one of the leads in Kings Crossing has died aged 87.
  2. Falcon Crest

    Bradford Dillman who played Daryl Clayton has died. Apart from FC, he was in scores of Tv shows and movies .He was 87. Darryl Clayton (1982–1983) Film producer who works with Maggie Gioberti on a screenplay she is writing, but is actually part of a plot by Angela to destroy her marriage to Chase .http://mercurie.blogspot.com.au/2018/01/godspeed-bradford-dillman.html
  3. Peyton Place

    Gena Rowlands looks great.Dan Duryea! I'm currently in 1966 ,just watched Steven and Betty's wedding. Glad we've moved on from Rodney's trial as it really dragged. Looking forward to seeing Ann Howard and how this story plays out.
  4. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Great work Slick and so nice of Marcia to respond. Will you be adding any more soaps to the list? I have some actors/characters to add to 'Date With Life' of all things and will do so in the next few days.
  5. The Doctors

    Deborah Sherwood listed under the Pollocks as writer on April 16th episode. No sign of Cenedella.
  6. Return To Peyton Place Discussion Thread

    And Lipton next turned up at The Doctors, assisting the Pollocks. Or was there something else in between?
  7. Somerset Discussion Thread

    I thought Teds 2 day role was Dr Weldon, his first go round at TD, where he was advising Matt and Maggie about Greta?
  8. When was the last time an actor was cast and you thought there was some potential ? Most new actors meet with a frosty reception. Of course, there are fewer shows, so less opportunity to showcase new talent. Are strong younger actors now shying away from soaps as a pathway to bigger things?
  9. The Doctors

    Ruth seemed to be in every 60/70's sitcom as the go to 'little old lady'.
  10. Peyton Place

    Just watched an episode last night where Constance and Allison go shopping for maternity clothes. Such an elegant, classy presence on PP.
  11. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Can anyone come up with a better title? How do you feel about 'New Yorkers'?
  12. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    David/Fred left in 66 at some point.
  13. John Conboy Soap Producer has died

    'The Ross Hunter of Daytime Television.'I think Constance Towers made that statement. He began on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing before Y&R, Capitol, Santa Barbara and Guiding Light. He produced those CBS afternoon variety specials and a TV movie 'Solitary Man' as well as the proposed soap Casino. In the last shot he is pictured with gal pal Ellen Weston, who headwrote GL when he was exec producer.
  14. Billy Miller Billy Abbott vs Jason Thompson. Wayne Northrop Roman Brady vs Josh Taylor. Ronn Moss Ridge Forrester vs Thorsten Kaye
  15. After that initial flirtation with Mike (Paul Coufos was fired) Kayla became involved with David Banning, with Renee as the spoiler. I recall a location shoot where Renee hid David's car keys so he missed a date with Kayla. Speaks to Pat Falken Smith's writing revamp that Stefano and Kayla are still around today, literally with Kayla and the legacy of Stefano.