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  1. ABC Primetime pilot for 77-78 season Delta County 'a 60- minute Peyton Place -type serialized story from Len Goldberg Productions set in the contemporary South' The pilot movie aired as Delta County USA Cast included Jeff Conaway (Mick B&B), Edward Power ,Morgan Brittany, Robert Hays, Joe Penny, Joanna Miles, Peter Donat and Lola Albright.
  2. I Liked RA as Noah, but he just looked too old to be Sharon/Nick's son so I would be fine with a good recast. Every character should have at least one friend/confidante. As for Nick and Adam, the constant back and forth b/w Sharon and now Phyllis is tiresome as was Billy/Victoria/Phyllis. Maybe a Heather return - she could be involved with any or all of those guys and give Paul more presence.
  3. Well.considering that characters motivations seem to turn on a dime,Nick/Phyllis could be happening within a month. Didn't we see Nick vowing to never accept Victor...he set up Dark Horse to avenge his father and now all is forgiven. Love how Adam can get a company and penthouse in a matter of days.
  4. Was reading an old GH article with Don Matheson (Cam Faulkner) and he referred to previously appearing on Y&R. Does anyone know anything about that?
  5. Just came across an August 1960 ep of Love of Life I hadn't seen before. John Buckwater played Fowler.
  6. Isn't John Driscoll in the Army now? I hate when they tie all these characters together. People move to the other side of the world and coincidentally hook up. According to SOD Chloe is only back for a few eps.
  7. A thread for shows that were piloted / developed / announced under a different title that was used when they actually aired. To begin Dynasty - Oil Falcon Crest - The Vintage Years Lost in Space - Space Family Robinson The Man From Uncle - Solo Mad About You - Loved By You Please add to the list and comment if there is an original title you preferred.
  8. As of the April 10 1978 ep Mel & Ethel Brez are no longer in the credits. They always got a 'story by' credit which previous headwriters did not. So at the moment the daily writers are credited. Linda Grover is the next headwriter so it will be interesting to see how she is credited.
  9. How can they bring her back from the dead? Her death should have been less definite in the first place.
  10. More likely Nate will join the other homeless GC citizens...Michael/Lauren, Paul/Christine Like your tackhouse idea. As for Abby marrying Nate (or anyone else) NO. Her first marriage was a total waste and we don't want another character notching up multiple marriages. Why couldn't Devon ask Nate to share his penthouse?
  11. Well, behind the scenes economics dictated this as there was probably no money to give Adam a new set and he is a main character whereas Nate is not. Such a pity that Nate is not a priority as he is a very sexy capable actor. Why he can't be driving story is such a waste. He is a legacy character with a clean slate in terms of writing for him, unlike Adam who has years of ugly backstory to deal with.
  12. Well they recast Liza and Nina (twice) and Angie and they were all not well received.
  13. Julie Bovasso, known for her walk out minutes before airtime on FTR apparently remained as feisty in later years... The preview performance of Julie Bovasso’s Angelo's Wedding on 11 May 1985 imploded after an altercation between the playwright and the staff of Marshall Mason's Off-Broadway Circle Repertory. Bovasso, then almost fifty-five years old, attended the performance against the explicit wishes of the production team; the rehearsal period had been fraught. Suspecting unauthorized cuts, Bovasso took a seat in the audience, but then, midshow, confronted the backstage crew and demanded the chance to give the actors notes. The staff refused. At the start of the third act, Bovasso changed tactics: she alighted the stage and instructed the audience to leave the theatre. Members of the crew blocked her access to the actors, leading to a physical altercation, a 911 call, and, eventually, her forced eviction from the theatre.
  14. Just discovered that Mel and Ethel Brez wrote the NBC pilot "Roxy' that starred Janice Lynde .Janice was hoping this would take her off Y&R but unfortunately was not picked up. Also, Kathleen Turner commented in an interview about her scene by Virginia's bed side as her mother was dying. Kathleen drew on her emotions of when her father passed and went all out in the scene, feeling pleased with her acting until she saw it onscreen and thought it came across badly. She said she learnt not to draw on her own emotions for a character.
  15. It seems Eileen is happy ATM to appear every so often and the writers are accommodating that. I don't know that anyone was a fan of Mal... Jess posted pics on the society set. Should be back onscreen soon! Hope she gets some good scenes...
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