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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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  1. 1952 Florida based Ball TV Productions proposes 15 min daily strip 'Carrie Williams, Justice of the Peace' Margaret Lindsay movie actress of 30's and 40's was to star and Addison Smith, former Paramount and radio soap writer writer/producer was scripting.
  2. Re Mary Patton add Our Girl Sunday 1951 Re Ross Martin Add Lorenzo Jones 1951 Strange romance of Evelyn Winters 1952
  3. It's interesting that the writers credit changed with the arrival of the Brez's. NBC had a press release about them in Aug 77 Mel and Ethel Brez have been s i g n e d to NBC-TV contract. It was announced by M a d e l i n e David, Vice President, Daytime Programs NBC Network. "We-are developing Mel and Ethel as potential head writers for serials'," David said. "They will work in the development of concepts and ideas so they can become familiar with the serial form. "Mel and Ethel have not assigned to a specific s h o w , " M s . "and, to my knowledge, this has never happened before in daytime television." The Brez, who are married, wrote the script for the 1977 Daytime Emmy Awards Show that was telecast May 12 on NBC. Mel Brez is the 1965 recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship in cinematography awarded annually to a leading American scholar or artist in the United States. Since 1971 they have written motion picture and television scripts together on a freelance basis.... I think they took over TD in September? if so it appears circumstances changed re them not being assigned to a show and learning the ropes. In reading about TD at that time stories like Tom's child abuse and Greta;s pregnancy were attributed to Marland so maybe the Brez's were working from his bible and just tweaking stuff along the way?
  4. Yes you're right - Andrew and Andy, father and son. Father hung around longer. Re Scott Offhand can't recall a Scott on GL or OLTL, at least as a major character. On Y&R Jonas gave amnesiac Leslie the name Priscilla, always referred to as Pris. I wonder if it was explained at the time why he chose that name. BTW Was Jonas ever given a surname?
  5. Thanks for remembering. Y&R had 2 Kevins - Bancroft and Fisher. Thinking back, Doug is a male name not used much. The only ones that come immediately to mind are Doug Cassen ATWT Doug Williams DOOL Douglas Austin Y&R Doug Martin SFT
  6. I guess Victor and Jack crossed paths at the Charity function Nikki organized? When Nikki approached Jack for a donation he blew her off which resulted in Victor approaching Ashley for a donation. Ashley was involved with Marc at this time and she and Marc had dinner with Victor and Nikki. Things evolved from there. This was late 84.On NYE Jack and Nikki witnessed a kiss between Ashley and Victor.
  7. Sara/Sarah had a good showing over the years Sarah Kingsley AMC Sara Montaigne AW Sarah Kasnoff ATWT Sara Horton DOOL Sara Dancy TD Sarah Webber GH Sara McIntyre GL Sara Gordon OLTL Sarah Whiting SFT Sara Lindsey (Veronica Landers) Y&R
  8. Another Sharon on Y&R was Sharon Ralston, who had previously been attacked by Ron Becker. Wonder if Bill Bell knew someone with that name? Also, Ruby the manicurist had the surname Collins.
  9. The trouble is also that over time the original characterizations and motivations have been diluted and redirected to serve the plot machinations and keep the characters in story.
  10. Days had Amy Cooper played by Liz Keifer. On Y&R Bill Bell re-used names quite a bit. Let's see Derek Thurston and Derek,Cricket's rapist Brad Elliot, Brad Carlton Sharon Collins, Dr Sharon Reaves, Sharon the teen runaway involved with Rose DeVille Molly,pregnant teen and Molly,Sheila's mother Amy Lewis, Amy Wilson Neil Fenmore, Neil Winters George Curtis (Chris' rapist) George Packard Chancellor boss, George Rawlins Jack Curtis, Jack Abbott David Mallory, David Kimball, David Chow Michael Scott. Michael Crawford, Michael Baldwin And surnames Brandon Collins, Sharon Collins Ellen Winters, Neil/Malcom Winters Suzanne Lynch, Robert Lynch I'm sure there are many more
  11. Re interactions Nikki was on some years before meeting Victor. Then a few years later, she met Jack, who had been on the show 4 years at that stage. That lead to Victor meeting Jack and Ashley. So several years past before those characters interacted. Paul was involved with Nikki first and met Victor way before Nikki did. Remember when Lauren decided to approach Mrs Chancellor to cough up money for a music video?
  12. Brett Porter subbed for Terry Lester at least twice as I recall. He was a poor replacement IMO, but Terry's shoes were hard to fill.
  13. Robin filled in for Melody for quite a spell. Maybe 4-5 weeks? She definitely was playing Nikki when she went to Jabot and asked Jack to donate to the charity. That was the first interaction between Jack and Nikki
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