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  1. A comment on YouTube regarding an audio post states that Monday Dec 20 1971 was ep # 4072. Hope that helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQeML9MPy90
  2. Barry Lake was headwriter in August 1960. His wife Marge ? Margo? was an artist and he had an art exhibition written into the script and used her artwork. The episode aired on a Wednesday and the collection was shipped to New Hope PA by Thursday for her own exhibit.
  3. Re The Verdict Is Yours The show moved taping location from NY to Hollywood in June 1960. New set was introduced with viewers being told new courthouse was being used. Jim McKay worked for 3 weeks before leaving as he did not wish to relocate permanently. Cast for first LA case 'The Matter of Vail' Steve Brodie as irate ex husband/father suing for custody of 5 yr old daughter Cece Whitney as the ex wife/mother Ann O'Neal Sally Bliss Ray Barnes Barbara Bestar
  4. Thanks for continuing to post these. Surprised to see ATWT as the top rated CBS soap and #4 in the ratings, while Y&R was lower. GL was in better shape but had to fight GH so in that sense was holding up well. NBC was a disaster.
  5. re Mason Adams add The Guiding Light - piano player at club where Gloria sings 1950
  6. Mary Jackson played Alice Horton in the Days of Our Lives pilot Philip Brown was cast as Ben Warren on GL but quit after a few days taping and Hunt Block assumed the role. George Peppard filmed for several days as Blake Carrington on Dynasty before John Forsythe assumed the role.
  7. Re Rita Lloyd Bernard Grant Add 'The Serpent and the Staff ' CBS Best Sellers (Radio serializations of popular novels). June 1960 She played the role of Esther.
  8. Llotd Bochner was signed to play CC Capwell on Santa Barbara but had a heart attack and Paul Burke became the first CC seen on air. Cher was to play the guest role of Ruby Ashford on Search For Tomorrow but pulled out and Michelle Phillips took the part.
  9. Take one of the few young male actors (Kyle) on a show overrun with over 30 men -(Jack,Victor, Nick, Paul,Michael, Adam,Rey, Cane, Billy, Kevin) and have him marry twice in a year, the latest to his'true love' thereby dooming him to storyline hell....
  10. Casting is crucial in soaps - even more these days when the quality of the writing, lack of direction and production schedules come into play. Look at how some performers seem to shine within the same framework by bringing that something extra to their work.
  11. Some additions From CBS Daytime 90- a series of Daytime tv movies that played Feb 74 Legacy of Fear Harry Bellaver Lois Zorich Don Scardino Trio for Lovers Maureen Anderman The Guest Room Dan Hamilton Frank Converse - John Banks Once In Her Life Constance Towers - Joan Baldwin Brett Halsey - Martin Baldwin Tiger On a Chain David Ackroyd - Peter stone Leslie Charleson - Nora stone Bruce Gray - Eliot Pearson Allan Miller - Dr Burghoff Some requests Sydney Walker Barnard Hughes Brian L Green John Boruff Peter Donat Kimetha Laurie
  12. re Brighter Day Barbara Joyce's role of Anne Meadows was in fact her ATWT role, she played another role on TBD. Variety reported in Aug 58 she was appearing on TBD while continuing as Anne on ATWT
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