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  1. I think the Abbott home and Sharon's cottage got a pass because they were already permanent sets. Covid has probably paid a part also due to the expenses of cleaning extra sets. Hopefully at some point more sets will be allowed.
  2. I guess the GCAC set was too big. It seems they want to fit as many permanent sets as possible into the studio space so they don't need to pay to have them pulled down,stored and put up as needed, as previoysly happened. In the past years we've lost GCAC Dark Horse complex - now a small office Newman Ranch 2 - replaced by a room Tack room Police station Victoria's house - shrunken down Chancellor estate- redecorated and shrunken Ashby house Lauren's apartment Jabot office - now just boardroom Abbott dining room GC Buzz Brash
  3. The Monroes Preview Tues @ 10 14. Dateline NBC 13.1/23 30. The Monroes 10.8/19 69. CBS Movie 7.2/12 Regular timeslot Thurs @ 9 1. Seinfeld 16.9/28 3. Mad About You 16.5/27 52. New York Undercover 8.3/14 70. The Monroes 7.0/12 96. Color Me Barbra 4.2/7 (1960's Streisand special)
  4. All the storytelling is being affected by the budget- no room for extra sets and characters that would allow for stories to be told in greater depth eg Abby visiting specialists, Faith encountering a mean girls clique, Groan Penis having staff/guests etc, more homes/offices. GH does seem to have better sets.
  5. Tristan Rogers should watch some old Y&R of Colin if he wants to talk about poor casting, writing and stories.
  6. John McIntyre Helpmate George Emerson Brenda Curtis Judge Harmon Just Plain Bill 1942 Claudia Morgan Light of the World Bathsheba/Delilah Terry O'Sullivan Today's Children John Randolph Young Dr Malone (radio) Dr Cummings
  7. Kenney has stated he didn't want to leave Y&R but was offered a huge amount by ABC to move to GH. he wasn't thrilled by how Monty had been running GH but that's a story for another day.
  8. Millette Alexander True Story "Confidence Man" 11/16/1957 Betty Stewart
  9. That Judy Kercheval find is amazing! now we just have to find the story that went with Mike marrying Valerie, A 1973 article on Meg Mundy Meg Mundy plays meddling mother-in-law Mona in 'The Doctors' seen locally on Channels 5 and 7 at 2:30 p.m. If you're middle aged you might recognize the face of Meg Mundy, During the 1940s she was a top fashion model. Now she's in a soap opera playing ... One of the nastiest ladies that' s ever been By ANGELA TAYLOR The New York Tlmes News Service To the soap opera fans who settle down to NBC TV's "The Doctors" every afternoon, the
  10. Didn't know that Love of Life aired in Australia. Found a listing for August 1971. Love of Life aired at 11am followed by Secret Storm at 11.30 on Channel 10. Meanwhile Channel 9 was airing Where the Heart Is at 11 and Love Is a Many Splendored Thing at 11.30. So if you were home in those days you'd either have to commit to one station's soap or do a lot of channel switching.
  11. It's been mentioned before that Mary Stuart disliked working with Paul Dumont. His only other soap role Paul Martin on AMC was also short lived. Aug 76 Some women just can't hold on to their men. . Much-widowed lovelorn Joanne on "Search for Tomorrow" has been left in the lurch by a potential mate.' Chris Delon decided to reunite with bis terminally-ill -wife, Gwen, and move out of town. Jo was tearful, but stoic in the knowledge that it was all for the best. What a sacrifice. And what a bitter twist to the latest adventure in Jo's 25-year search for happiness, since the
  12. Jeanne Bates Virginia Lane title role (San Francisco serial) Woman in My House Caroline Wilson Whispering Streets 1958
  13. Lauren Martin Harkins (Camille ATWT) Vanessa Sunset Beach Julie Port Charles Toni AW Don Jeffcoat (Joey OLTL) Nikolas GH Julie Pinson Billie DOOL When Krista Allen got it) Kim Rhodes (Cindy AW) Carly ATWT Rib Hillis (Jake PC) Lifeguard SB Dominique Jennings (Virginia SB) Vanessa SB
  14. A real opportunity to introduce a powerful new character to stir things up. Not hopeful. Remember Chelsea's husband when she returned? Dropped immediately.
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