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  1. Brad and Jill catch up. From 2009.
  2. Carolee Campbell in 'This Is My Son' in 1977. Was it an Afternoon tv special? Can't find anything about it. This seems to be the only acting Carolee did after leaving The Doctors.
  3. Marjorie Gateson (Grace) and Haila Stoddard (Pauline). Haila looking a little 'Some Like It Hot' in this shot.
  4. Jeanne Baird Regina Gleason, Micheal M Ryan
  5. Exec producer Joanna Lee on set with producer Robert Getz and cast. Lee was one of many exec producers in the 80's who tried to lift ratings.
  6. Kathleen Widdoes, Virginia Dwyer, William Prince 1958
  7. I never knew that John Larkin (Perry Mason on radio) appeared on TV's Perry Mason with Raymond Burr in 1962. Wonder if that was mentioned as a publicity angle? John played Mike Karr when Perry Mason was re-imagined as Edge of Night.
  8. Found some photos from the first episode where Lisa boards the train to Chicago.
  9. Add Robin Amos to the list. His/her name is on a July 1980 script. IMDB credits them with SFT and GL in the early 80's. Maybe Bill was trying out different writers for the expansion.
  10. Thanks for that. I had completely forgotten about that thread. I knew writers had been discussed in some detail but thought it was buried deep pages back in this thread. Will add it over there.
  11. Have we listed Robin Amos as writer during the Bill Bell era? I came across the name in a July 1980 script. He/she also wrote for SFT and GL in the 80's but that is all I could find.
  12. Court Benson Young Widder Brown Haney Jackson 1946 Lora Lawton 1948 Front Page Farrell 1953 My True Story 1955 Toni Darnay Whispering Streets 1955 My True Story 1955 Grace Matthews Road of Life Beth Lambert 2 week replacement for Barbara Weeks 1950 Stella Dallas 1950 Mary Patton Caroline's Golden Store Jane Life of Mary Sothern Nurse Miller 1939 Front Page Farrell 1951 Road of Life Sylvia Bertram 1945 David Harum 1947 Helen's House proposed serial 1940 Life Can Be Beautiful Rose Brown 1948 Young Widder Brown 1953 Whispering Streets David Amity The O'Neills Modern Romances 1949 Joyce Jordan Joyce Jordan 2 week replacement for Betty Winkler May 1946
  13. Nice to see that Patty Weaver is close to Wesley. Remember in an earlier interview he said Patty had cut him off when she married Jerry Birn. Glad they reconnected.
  14. I wonder if Rosemary was ever asked to return in the 70's and early 80's? Would she have been willing to return when Grandpa Hughes passed away for example?
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