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  1. Paul Raven

    Y&R February Sweeps Spoilers

    'The Young and the Rosales'
  2. Paul Raven

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Michael McDonald performed on Y&R's 'It's OK TO Say No' concert featuring the Rock On Danny Romalotti with support from Lauren Fenmore and Traci Abbott.
  3. Paul Raven

    Celebrities on Soaps

    60's pop star Lesley Gore guested on AMC as June Gordon. Lucci seems to be channeling a lesbian vibe in her honor...
  4. Paul Raven

    They Almost Became

    Good story. Wonder if he had been cast as Jeff, the role would have last longer? At first Peter Bergman was going to be Jeff but it was decided to make him a new character. I think they tried a couple more times with Jeff and then he was forgotten until John James. BTW Amy, nice to see you posting again!
  5. Paul Raven

    Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    True Story 1958 (the show continued for a number of years but this is all the info I have at the moment) Jan 4 ? by George lowther Cast Loretta Leversee, Lesley Woods, Randy Kraft, James Congdon Jan 11 Bitter Holiday by James Blumgarten Cast Susan Dean Pat Hosley Frank Overton, Bill Mason Jan 17 ? by Joan Cunningham Cast Phyllis Hill, Richard Coogan, Tom Carlin, John McGovern Jan 24 The Scent of Roses by Elinor Lenz Cast Lenka Peterson, John Kellogg, Shirley Grayson, Robert Webber February 1 The Opening Door by William Kendall Clarke Cast Terry O'Sullivan, Jan Miner February 8 Panic by George Lowther Cast Kathleen McGuire, Phillip Abbott, Joe Campanella, Henrietta Moore February 15 Blackout by Harry Junkin Cast Bernard Grant, Diana Douglas, Martin Brooks, Heywood Broun February 22 Obsession by Tom Reynols Cast Mark Roberts, Augusta Dabney, Audra Lindley, Lisa Howar March 1 Designed by a Daughter by Bob Corcoran Cast Lee Beneke, David White, Ray Bramley, Biff McGuire March 8 The Sisters by George Lowther Cast Navcy Wickwire, Lila Martin, Hugh Reilly, Stuart McIntosh March 15 The Operation by Max Ehrlich Cast Phillip Abbott, Ann Flood, Mary K Wells, Frank Sutton March 22 The House on Willow St by James Blumgarten Cast Kathleen McGuire, Martin Brooks, John Kellogg, Doris Wiss March 29 The Parkinson Award by William Kendall Clarke Cast Jan Miner, Dolores Sutton, Randy Kraft April 5 ? by Joseph Cochran Cast Harry Bellaver, Abby Lewis, Sam Grey, Arnie Freeman April 12 If the Shoe Fits by George Lowther Cast Jim Bowles, Tom Carlin, Darryl Grimes, Rudy Bond April 19 3:10 Local by William Kendall Clarke Cast Phyllis Hill, Coe Norton, Millette Alexander, Biff McGuire April 26 Faith by Michelle Cousins Cast Bernard Grant, Earl Hammond, Staats Costworth May 3 The Awakening by George Lowther Cast John Nappier, Ann Flood, Jana Pierce, Ed Peck May 10 The Cats by George Lowther Cast George L Smith, James Congdon, Jan Miner May 17 Phone Call From a Stranger by Jesse Sandler Cast Georgann Johnson, Phillip Abbott, Larry Weber, Warren Berlinger May 25 Milk and Cookies by Earl Hamner Cast Meg Mundy, Frank Schofield, Bern Hoffman May 31 ? by Harry Junkin Cast Staats Costworth, Barbara Wilkins, Bert Freed, Jamie Smith June 7 ? by Michele Cousins Cast Audra Lindley, Edmon Ryan, Pamela King, Lesley Woods June 14 ? by George Lowther Cast Mary K Wells, Alfred Ryder, William Prince, Rudy Bond June 21 ? by Michele cousin Cast Maxine Stuart, Jay Barney, Bill Daniels, Maggie Grindell June 28 ? by William Kendall Clarke Cast Jean Mallory, Henry Lascoe, Richard Knox, Abby Lewis July 5 ? by William Kendall Clarke Cast Delores Sutton, James Congdon, Jamie Smith, Graham Denton July 12 ? by Mildred McDaniel Cast Nancy Wilder, David White, William Prince, Phyllis Hill July 19 ? by Irving Elman Cast Diana Douglas, Staats Costworth, Joanne Le Compte, Frank Sutton July 26 Lone Woman by George Lowther Cast Loretta Leversee, Jane Rose, Frank Marth, John Kellogg August 9 ? by Gene Watts Cast Helen Auerbach, Scott Peters, Harrison Dowd, Ben Hammer August 16 ? by Irving Elman Cast Roger de Koven, Flora Elkins, Bill Daniels, Martin Brooks August 23 ? by Irving Elman Cast Joy Hodges, Ed Peck, Sally Kemp, Dean Harens August 30 The Last Man in One B by Barry Lake Cast Jan Miner, John Gibson. Warren Berlinger, Phillip Sterling Sept 6 ? by Bob Corcoran Cast Diana Herbert, Arch Johnson Sept 13 Dinner Party by Franklin Barton Cast Frank Schofield, Sally Gracie, David White, Lesley Woods Sept 20 ? by joseph cochran Cast William Redfield, Betsy Meade, Dortha Duckworth, Stuart Mc Intosh Sept 27 The Sad Blackmailer by Bob Corcoran Cast Stephen Elliot, Melba Rae, Jay Barney, Don Fellows Oct 4 Till We Meet Again by Irving elman Cast Vilma Kurer, Simon Oakland, Maurice Kahmi Oct 11 The Imperfect Secretary by Bob Corcoran Cast Staats Costworth, Susan Brown, Dick Van Dyke, Pat Hosley, William Putch Oct 18 A Question of Faith by Barry Lake Cast Robert Mandan, Dolores Sutton, Frank Dana, Bert Freed Oct 25 Chainsaw Man by Irving and Jane Robbin Cast Mike Keene, Virginia Kaye, Barbara Dana, Fred Stewart Nov 1 The Boy and The Bicycle by Ian Martin Cast Loree Marks, Paul Stevens, Glenn Walker, Paul Liposon Nov 8 Say A Few Words by Michele Cousin Cast Phtyllis Newman, Kathleen Murray, Dalton Dearborn, Leta Bonynge Nov 15 Strange Honeymoon by George Lowther Cast Marion Poane, Ed Bryce, Frederic Downs Nov 22 Everything Money Can Buy by Mildred McDaniel Cast Wesley Addy, Meg Mundy, George Lambert, Ben Yaffee Nov 29 Venture Into Night by Calvin Klements Cast Fred warriner, Carol Lawrence, Henrietta Moore, Arch Johnson Dec 6 The Logical Victim by Gene Watts Cast House Jameson, Ed Stehli, Sandra Church, David Ford Dec 13 Silver Eve by William Kendall Clarke Cast Jerome Cowan, Maxine Stuart, Jill Kraft, David White Dec 20 The Manager by Bob Corcoran Cast Elizabeth Ross, Michael Conrad, Karl Light
  6. Paul Raven

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Charlton Heston 1993 B&B
  7. Paul Raven

    Soap actors who appeared on all three networks

    Jed Allan - Days, SB (NBC) GH- (ABC) Secret Storm, LOL (CBS) Susan Seaforth Hayes - Days,SuBe -(NBC) Y&R (CBS) GH, Young Marrieds (ABC) Debbi Morgan - AMC, LOV (ABC), Y&R (CBS), Generations (NBC) James Storm - DS,OLTL (ABC) DRS (NBC) Y&R,B&B (CBS)
  8. Paul Raven

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Zsa Zsa guested on ATWT as Miranda's sister Lydia
  9. Paul Raven

    Love of Life Discussion Thread

    Very early on.Peggy McKay and onscreen dad?
  10. Paul Raven

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Liberace on AW
  11. Paul Raven

    Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Re Secret storm John Fink's role was in 1966. He was from Grosse Point and the local newspaper reported he got a part on the show for his girlfriend Sharkey Finnerman (!)
  12. Paul Raven

    Y&R: Veteran Actor Returning

    I thought the same thing. Looks like Doug might have spent too much time in the sun as a young 'un and those sunspots are the result. TV makeup must cover it up.
  13. Paul Raven

    Unflattering Photos/Articles Of Soap Actors

    These people find each other... Why would you go anywhere near someone that has been married 3 times? and claims to distrust women!
  14. Paul Raven

    Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Re SFT I looked through the list but didn't see Stefan Arngrim. According to a fan mag article he was on SFT for 18 months.He was around 6 at that time. That would mean around 1961/62 Possibly playing Jimmy Bergman?