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  1. I found a premption for Y&R that may apply to ATWT June 11 2004 Ronald Reagan's funeral coverage
  2. Random ramblings Poor Nate - a doctor without a hospital or a home - destined, like so many others, to frequent Crimson Lights/Society/ Grand Pheonix Of course Nate is not alone - Devon has no business set, the police station seems to have vanished so Paul and Rey wander around. Adam worked at the much hyped Dark Horse set, but that too seems gone. Micheal, Lauren have nowhere to live and work. But Fenmores is going gangbusters, with no reference to how badly traditional retail is doing IRL What happened to Gloria? Crimson Lights needs a makeover into a more contemporary venue - maybe that will attract more customers than the one or two that are shown. The whole Kyle/Lola story was derailed by having them marry so soon. They should have strung out the Summer/Kyle marriage, leaving Lola vulnerable to Theo who plays both Lola and Summer to payback Kyle. Kyle should have been more like early Jack - self centred and a bit of a user. Jack would now be in the position of having to deal with what his own Dad did. Like the idea of Jill/Jack getting re-involved in some way....
  3. Has Chance had any scenes with Jill/Esther or Chloe etc to talk about his past in GC and re-establish the characters place on the canvas?
  4. What do TPTB have against Fen? A cute,capable actor in a desirablle age group without much back story baggage. Gives Lauren and Michael something to do. They go to the trouble of bringing him back, which is more than Scott gets. BTW what happened to Mikey's plan to bring down Adam? Agree Adam/Chelsea/Kevin/Chloe are way too damaged as characters to be around especially with the writing they get.
  5. Is that the first adult Jamie (Tim Holcomb)? Never seen a pic before.
  6. Nice to see you posting again! Top of the Tower hasn't been seen in ages...
  7. To summarize - man becomes a parent...
  8. Somewhere along the line Douglass added that extra s to his name... Live TV - love that moment when the stagehand appears on set and a pair of arms grabs him out of camera range. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Wasn't the comparison GL vAL and SFT v OLTL? Over his tenure Marland slowly dropped a lot of the Dobson's characters. Elizabeth, Rita, Holly, Lucille, Diane, Roger, Sara, Steve, Adam, Barbara. Some of these were the actor's choice or network dictates. He did have a dilemma with some of the older characters as Barbara, Steve and Adam had no family left on the show so it was difficult to include them and they were probably drawing hefty salaries due to vet status. Marland would probably been happy to weave them in somehow but was overruled. But he kept Alan, Hope, Ben,Amanda, Jackie, Eve, Ross in the mix so the show didn't seem overrun with newbies. The big mistake was dropping Mike, Hope, Ben, Amanda, Hilary, Floyd,Eve, Katie, Morgan, Kelly etc fairly suddenly and turning the show over to Reva, etc. Marland had set up the Reardons as the complimentary long term family to the Bauers but they began dropping like flies also. And the succeeding teams then began chipping away at those newish characters and those from previous regimes until there was mismash of chracters and fragmented families.
  10. Manuela Soares 'The Soap Opera Book' published mid 70's listed these archetypes. Many of them have vanished as soaps changed focus. What would today's list consist of? 1. Young and vulnerable romantic heroine (strong in feelings, indecisive in actions) eg Liza SFT, Carol ATWT, Trish DOOL,Leslie Y&R 2 Old fashioned villian (selfish, scheming, liars, blackmailers) Author noted these seemed to be a dying breed Cam GH, Willis AW, Roger RH, Dorian OLTL 3.The rival (usually manipulating the heroine in pursuit of her man) Iris AW, Jennifer SFT, Erica AMC, Olive AW 4. Suffering antagonist (general troublemakers) Delia RH, Susan ATWT, Stacy TD 5. Mr Right (stable, professional) Mike GL, Linc AMC, Bob ATWT 6. Former playboy (mysterious, reformed?) Steve AW, Doug DOOL, Lance Y&R 7. Meddlesome/villianous mother/grandmother (destructive, rich, snobbish, powerful) Pheobe AMC, Liz AW, Meg LOL 8. Benevolent mother/grandmother (tolerant, non-interfering, optimistic) Bert GL, Kate AMC, Jessie GH, Maeve RH 9.Career woman (strong willed yet vulnerable, feminine can be sympathetic or not) Laura DOOL, Althea TD, Sara GL, Susan ATWT, Nancy EON
  11. Eric B is tweeting photos of himself and fellow cast members (including LLB and ED) in formal dress on a set that looks like an art gallery with giant photos of Victor throughout the years. Guessing this is the 40th anni tribute.
  12. Helene Dumas (Vivian Carlson) and Gene Pellegrine (Link Porter)
  13. Re Bonnie Burroughs Add As The World Turns - Bev All My Children - Celia
  14. Re The Verdict is Yours Add Richard X Slattery - Police captain
  15. I think the matriach/patriach characters disappeared from soaps for a variety of reasons. One being the emphasis on younger characters at the expense of older folks. Young characters have always been at the forefront of soap stories way back to Penny Hughes/Pat Matthews/Julie Olsen/the Bauer boys etc. The difference being the value set on those older characters who had a perspective on what the younger ones were doing. The elder Hughes, Matthews, Bauers etc were prominent throughout as they advised,questioned and fretted about the younger characters. As the actors playing those roles aged and passed away, the next generation wasn't groomed to take their place as soaps began dismantling the core families and characters who should have stepped into the matriach/patriach roles were written out for being too old - Pat/Russ/Alice Matthews.Bill and Laura Horton, Mike Bauer etc The emphasis on youth pervaded the soaps in another way as actors in their 40's and beyond projected a far more youthful look than previous generations. Frances Reid and MacDonald Carey were in their 50's when Days began and perfectly acceptable as parents and grandparents. Compare Reid at 51 to Michelle Stafford who is now 54 for example. Also the shows continued to give the same characters front burner stories Jack Abbott/Victor Newman/Marlena Evans way beyond what was necessary for those characters. Logical character depictions went out the window to keep them front and center when they should have been eased into strong supporting roles.
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