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  1. Melissa was back March 21, April 7, 9 and 17th Laura returned March 24 and 25
  2. Exits Bob March 28th Phyllis April 9th Jordan April 10th Donna April 11th Bill April 11th Samantha April 18th Entrances Nina Laemmle first episode April 21st Joshua April 21st Max April 22nd Kellam April 24th Liz April 25th Leslie May 5th 4 new characters in her first week!
  3. Kings Crossing debuted on a night when NBC had one of the lowest rating nights in recent network history at that time. But it was CBS that took advantage airing Disney 'Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang' at 8 and ranking 10th for the week (23.6/37) And its movie 'Help Wanted Male' ranked 3rd (28.6/47) NBC aired 2 specials Alice at the Palace (with Meryl Streep) 5.2/8 ranking 69th and 'Caruso Remembered' 3.3/5 70th and lowest ranked for the week. In the middle was the 90 min Kings Crossing premiere on ABC 17.1/27 and a 90 min Fantasy Island rpt 16.3/27
  4. Ruth Klinger Secret Storm As The World Turns Edge of Night Paul Joynt Guiding Light
  5. The sets have obviously been shrunk (Chancellor house, Abbott house losing the dining room) deleted (too many to name)and created (Society/Grand Pheonix/Newman'room')to fit as many standing sets into the studio as possible. The lack of extras in those oft use gathering spaces , even pre COVID was noticeable. I don't understand how the budget works, but surely a few thousand a week could be found to have some customers/clients in these places. How much did Mal spend on the Dark Horse set that was barely used?
  6. Some storyline synopses that give a sense of the plot Meg's refusal to marry Bill Cooke sends him off on a drink Ina spree. Maggie is told by Kit that her mother was responsible for her father's early death. Ralph Marquez suspects he is being used by Kit, and Jim Gavin makes a confession to Maggie. Jim Gavin's sister pleads with her mother not interfere in Jim's life. Barbara Gavin tells her husband she will not give him a divorce Bojalian's wounds, as result of his fight with Marquez, prove to be not serious, but Kit remains dazed and incoherent. Mrs McClure
  7. Ed Power Pilot/Proposal Delta County USA Val Nicholas 1977 Samuel E Wright Search for Tomorrow Ryan's Hope Joy Franz Texas One Life to Live Valerie French Flame in the Wind
  8. Ronald Dawson Search for Tomorrow early 50's (his 175th TV appearance) Valiant Lady
  9. Steve was a natural for a return when Pat Falken Smith took over in 81. Lee was tied into the DiMera's and it had already been established that Steve knew Lee in Paris. Robert had a link to the DiMeras also and he had been in Paris. So it would have been quite easy to tie Steve into all of that.
  10. Search for Tomorrow Some more characters with no actors attached. Mrs Jackson - prison employee when Jennifer was incarcerated Sgt Burns Sgt Dorene Mathews Chuck Stearns - Tourneur Instruments employee from Louisiana Dog Evans - former boxing opponent of Brian Dr Hitchcock - testified at Janet's trial
  11. I can't believe they are going through with a Chance/Abby wedding. This will be her second trip down the aisle and her first to Stitch was a bust that went nowhere. Abby has had so many love interests and this romance with Chance just seemed like another one.Where is the romance and obstacles that used to be part and parcel of any genuine coupling? What have they planned for this couple? a pregnancy story? Using Kyle and Lola as a yardstick, expectations are low. Both of them will probably realize in 6 months that they made a mistake...
  12. "By Kathleen Norris" a Radio Heaven for Thesps; Plenty $$ NEW YORK, Sept, 28.-Juiciest radio plum to fall to dramatic actors in many a moon is By Kathleen Norris which debuts Monday (30) On both the Columbia Broadcasting System and the National Broadcasting Company. Program is nothing short of a radio actor's heaven, with cast drawing down at least $250 a week from this show alone and having plenty of time left for afternoon and evening shows. Set up as follows: Program airs four times daily (counting two repeats) four times a week. Actors get about $57 daily per minimum; as per
  13. That was such a bland opening. I agree re the characters talking. But they weren't even consistent with that - Doran Clark wasn't gabbing.. Marilyn Jones...butch much?
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