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  1. I don't think Tommy was written off officially, he just vanished. But Tommy had appeared only sporadically throughout the 70's so it was hardly noticeable when he went missing. Of course, when Sandy finally re-appeared, Tommy should have been around for a while to establish the character. Also Mike Horton was dropped in early 1980 when Wesley Eure was written off. I think that had something to do with him being gay IRL.
  2. For Mulcahey to go from script writer on a 30 min show to headwriting an hour seems a huge leap at this point in his career so either it's not happening or he is being paid a shed load of money. Maybe he plans to give it a year and walk away with a healthier bank balance...
  3. Next requests Donald Crabtree Adrienne Frantz Abe Vigoda Vera Moore Alfred Sandor Conrad Bain
  4. If JG is going, who is left to replace him? The same few writers are being recycled and newbies eg Mal Young have been failures. There is still a chance to turn the show around creatively to some extent, but whether ratings would respond is another matter. Does anyone have anything good to say about Griffith's run? I tried, but only negatives came to mind..
  5. Was that something that all CBS soaps adopted at some point for consistency, or was it a show by show thing? I remember Mal introduced the 'previously on Y&R' . How long did that last?
  6. This whole Colin,Cane,chance, amanda story seemed convoluted and unnecessary. Why not have Cane and Lily re-unite and leave town. Chance return. Amanda show up and startle GC residents. Plenty of story and opportunity for interesting scenes without all this meaningless 'mystery'...
  7. The Paul Reubens appearance was a waste of time. I thought the latest episode was weak - the worst by far. The show has basically become acontinuing story - take away the jokes/laughtrack and it could be a soap.
  8. A SOD article dealing with Ted LePlat's arrival at GL states that he appeared on Secret Storm.
  9. Feb 27 1979 Elizabeth Levin and David Cherill (ex Tom ATWT) new headwriters replacing Linda Grover. Revised opening credits. March 5 James Storm debuts as Mike Powers.
  10. Wes Kenney was offered a bucket load of money to move to GH and admitted it was an offer to good to refuse. Hopefully Bill Bell was OK with it. He faced a similar situation when he parted ways with Irna Phillips to move to Days.
  11. Re Search for Tomorrow A 1954 synopsis mentions a character called Alice Bishop.
  12. My latest requests Marc Alaimo Bradley Cole Doug Wert John Karlen
  13. Re Romance Theater.Amazing start, so many soap names there!
  14. Dylan could have worked as Paul's child from the cult as it was established he had sex with other cult members. How was Nikki's pregnancy explained when it never happened on air?
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