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  1. Lisa had been acting on soaps almost 20 years at that point so she knew what she was doing in the genre.
  2. Well someone like Susan, who grew up in a different era and had to spend most of her working life in the closet (there were no out actresses in the 60's, 70's etc probably has a different mindset about revealing anything personal and understandably so. Susan's daughter lived in Australia at one point. Did she ever mention having a daughter? The first I knew was when Bold was taping in Oz and in an interview she said it was a chance to spend time with her daughter who was studying there. Back to Y&R no to Kevin or Michael discovering they are bi. The lack o
  3. August 85 A worried Maggie returned to Salem after Melissa phoned her
  4. Feb sweeps daytime ratings 10am-4pm 84 v 83 1984 CBS 7.6 ABC 7.1 NBC 5.3 1983 CBS 6.9 ABC 7.5 NBC 4.6 NBC must have been cheered about their improvement and hoping Santa Barbara would further help. ABC's decline may have been attributed to Loving and the various 11am shows failing to make an impact.
  5. Alan Reed (Teddy Bergman) One Of The Finest 'gangster'/'cop' 1940 Jackson Beck My Son and I Jack Peyson Life of Mary Sothern
  6. Bette did an interview with SOD in the early 80's about her soap watching. I recall she praised Kathryn Hays.
  7. I think Scruples was in the planning stages in 83 as it was scrapped in favor of Santa Barbara.
  8. The AWHP identifies most of these actors. This party was for director Len Valenta. I mentioned in a post elsewhere that I read somewhere that Mr Valenta had tapes of shows he had directed. They're probably sitting in an attic ....
  9. Tess Sheehan When A Girl Marries Nora/Nettie Front Page Farrell 1943
  10. BD needs a better haircut. It would really improve his look. Something shorter and layered.
  11. Soap Sensationn. ABC Research is anticipating record numbers from last week's two-part wedding (Nov. 16 and 17) of Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis) on its already top-rated General Hospital. "Conservative" estimate is 19.5 million viewers watching all or part each day, or 16.0 rating/49 share. General Hospital usually averages about 15.1 million viewers or 12.0 rating/40 share. National ratings weren't available last week, but overnights were strong for both days, according to ABC. New York brought 15.4/46 and 15.8/46; Chicago 21.7/62 and 20.6/61. and Los Angeles 13.6/48 and 12
  12. For Fall 81, CBS moved Knots Landing foward one hour to 9pm. The Waltons, long time 8pm show ended its run so CBS moved Magnum up an hour to 8, Knots to 9 and introduced Jessica Novak at 10. Knots didn't debut until Wk 5 of the season. The results Magnum #13 21.5/33 Knots Landing 18.0/29 (won its timeslot but not in the top 20) Jessica Novak 13.7/24 (third in its timeslot behind Hill St Blues and 20/20) Moving Knots gave NBC the chance to build Hill St Blues into a hit. As the season wore on Knots struggled to win its timeslot up against Diffrent Strokes/Gim
  13. Well both are pretty obvious plot turns to take and Josh does by the numbers writing so.... The show is unbalanced right now with the Kyle/Summer/Tara story on every day, with a dash of Amanda talking about the past and that's pretty much it. Everyone else is just filler. Jack is on way too much going from the Abbott house to Society and Crimson Lights to dole out wisdom. What's with all the women in silky tops/pants?
  14. Not sure a truck driving by on an overseas location shoot would have been deliberate product placement.
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