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  1. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Re A Date With Life Logan Field as Jim Bradley, editor of the Bay City News, daily newspaper for Bay City, will appear in every episode, introducing each and playing an active part in each. Episodes will be based on the stories that lie behind local items in the newspaper reporting the activities of the city. Mark Roberts replaced Logan Field as lead character Nov 14 1955 and appeared in all subsequent stories. I would assume actors in different stories were playing the same characters Billy Nalle is organist Oct 10 11 Nov 1955 ??? Cast Barbara Britton, Fred Eisley, John Gibson, Irene Hubbard, Ilene Walker, Al Burdick, Bernard Grant, Cliff Hall, Ross Martin ??? 14 Nov 15 Dec 1955 Cast Barbara O'Neill, Billy Redfield, Don Hastings, Delores Sutton, George Petrie, Eleanor Phelps, Charles Fenman, Sheila Copelan, Clem Fowler The House on the Hill Dec 18 1955 - Jan 20 1956 Cast Leona Powers, Marian Russell, Lin McCarthy, Leora Thatcher, Frances Helm, Lawrence Hugo, Warren Parker, Bruce Gordon, Gordon Peters. The Tom Bradley Story Jan 23 - Feb 27 Cast Georgann Johnson, Lois Wilson, Ann Deere, Mary Alice Moore, Adrian Bayan, Steve Chase, Bernard Grant, Gordon Peters, Billy Redfield, Dolores Sutton, Irene Hubbard, Leona Powers, Marian Russel, Susan Halloran, Jay Barney, Ted Chapman, Eva Condon, Ben Yaffee The Doctor's Wife was the story presented March 2 - April 6 1956 Cast Shepperd Strudwick, Tom Gorman, Dorothy Stinette, Cameron Andrews, Doug Rutherford, Ann Loring, Natalie Trundy, Goergann Johnson, Leona Powers, Marian Russell, Gordon Peters, Susan Halloran, Ella Dayton The Witness April 9 - May 4 1956 Cast June Dayton, Dean Harens, Irene Moore, Eric Sinclair, Barbara Joyce, Kathleen Comegys, Mel Ruick Spring Fashions May 7 - June1 1956 Cast Neva Patterson, Joe Maross, Phyllis Hill, Joanna Roos, Rod Hendrickson, Dolores Sutton, Jimmy Rogers, Marian Russell, Vera Allen, June Dayton, Georgann Johnson, Barbara Townsend, Gordon Peters, Monica Lovett, Irene Hubbard ?? June 4 - 29 1956 Cast Susan Halloran, Georgann Johnson, Peter Fernandez, Henry Lascoe, Pat Sully, Stanja Lowe, Lois Wilson, Lawrence Weber, Sam Jarvis, Ann Dera
  2. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    More on The Seeking Heart John Adams was listed as John Warren Adams Dr Robinson McKay was Johns assistant
  3. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Re The Way of The World Add Edna Best, Dean Harrens, Patrricia Wheel, Vaughn Taylor, Vera Allen
  4. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Re The Seeking Heart Bartlett Robinson was in the original cast.
  5. Soap Hoppers

    My apologies for suggesting actors already posted. Perhaps an index on Page 1 like in Cancelled Soaps?
  6. Soap Hoppers

    My requests Ruth Warrick Robert Burton Anthony Call Linda Cook Lori March Richard Backus Lewis Arlt Joan Copeland Lisby Larson Thanx...
  7. GH: Temp Recast Announced

    I met Patty McCormack at a Film Noir Festival and she was charming,funny and friendly. Was amazed when I mentioned Best of Everything. So glad she has this opportunity.
  8. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Re Secret Storm Warren Berlinger left in Aug 56. Lillian Schaffe joined around that time.
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Week of July 6 1956 TV Index newsletter. Helen Wagner deleted from permanent cast. I'd read that Irna was not happy with Helen's work and that Helen took some vacation time and let it be known she wasn't that interested in returning which then made mercurial Irna determined to have her back. That's the first time I've seen an official statement.
  10. Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    Feb 1955 Irna Phillips and Agnes Ekhardt (Nixon) developing half hour soap for Fall 55 premiere with Ted Corday producing. Tentative title 'Journey's End'. This evolved into 'As The Earth Turns' which debuted April 56 'As The World Turns'
  11. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Re Way of the World Gloria Lewis,as Linda Porter was hostess of dramatized stories ranging from 6 to 15 episodes. Not quite sure why there was a fictional hostess? 14th 25 th Jan 1955 Cast Jerome Courtland, Helen Auerbach, Santos Ortega, Jack Orrison, John Craven Modern Romances Week of Dec 31 1954 'The Hunted' Cast Sandra Deel, Loretta Daye, Robert Webber, Lin McCarthy, Jay Barney Jan 7 1955 'The Matriach' Cast Ed Peck, Peter Fernandez, Muriel Kirkland, Viola Roache, Lois Smith Jan 14 1955 'One and Two Make Trouble' Cast Audra Linley, Walter Brooke, Celia Lipton, Logan Field
  12. Peyton Place

    Both the actors who played Connie and Eliot passing away within months of each other... I didn't know he was married for many years to Mary Foskett. She was on Secret Storm as Susan Ames for several years.
  13. Y&R: Old Articles

    In all his years on the show, Ryan's parents or any siblings never made an appearance. Apart from early references, it was simply ignored. Wonder why an out of state mom couldn't have made a few appearances at weddingsetc
  14. Soap Hoppers

    Looking forward to the next installment... Just for the record John James played Tom on SFT until around May 79.
  15. Y&R: Old Articles

    I read that too and was surprised to see his name. I guess Forest was on a few times when Kong was just a henchman to Mr Anthony and probably had a couple of lines.