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  1. AMC and Y&R really battling it out for #2 spot. It will be interesting to see if Loving tops that 4.3. They were probably encouraged by that jump from the month before. Thanks again for posting all this😀
  2. Quite puzzled by the whole Dina thing. What would be the point of tying the Abbotts to the Brooks? It would have to be Traci.Didn't Jack already have a test to establish that John was his dad? Maybe it is some other connection. So the sisters get a mention but no appearances...joining Chance,Tucker, David Sherman in the alt universe.
  3. Have we learned nothing from Jonnysbro and other similar posters? Some people thrive on attention for whatever reasons and its best to ignore. Eventually they will move on...
  4. When Kim was introduced in 73 was she still working as asinger? If so, did she ever sing onscreen? Did she get another type of job once settled in Oakdale?
  5. As a production and broadcast model soaps are just not relevant anymore. It's been a long, slow process with various factors involved, beginning with nightime shows turning to serialized formats and multiple networks offering alternativre viewing. They really only existed to provide low cost programming that made the networks huge profits. Once that stopped, the clock started ticking. Will NBC replace Days or just stop programming that time? Same with GH?
  6. re Virginia Dwyer Add Crystal - Joyce Jordan, Girl Interne 1941. The program was renamed Joyce Jordan MD in 1942. This was Ms Dwyers first ongoing NY radio job. re Richard Holland Add Our Gal Sunday 1949 re Toni darnay Add Lorenzo Jones 1949 re Lyle Sudrow Add John - Dorothy Dix at Home 1949 re Humphrey Davis Add Backstage Wife 1949
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned but Christel Khalil is back next week. She will not be recurring as she is living in Toronto. However she is happy to appear from time to time a la Eileen Davidson.
  8. Yes Kim and Stan had a 'light' involvement. She went to work for him as his secretary.He was PI.
  9. Is the guy with Kim by any chance WT Martin (Stan Holden)?
  10. Re Denise Alexander Add Just Plain Bill 1949 re Ivor Francis Add Young Widder Brown 1949 Re Charita Bauer Add Stella Dallas 1949 Re Getrude Warner Add 'Girl Friday' Perry Mason 'Case of the Unwanted Wife' (premiere story) 1943
  11. Wonder if Melody will address why she stopped talking to Jeanne Cooper for a few years and then picked up like nothing happened... A collection of memories from people who worked in 60's and 70's soaps would be fascinating.Many people from that era are still living. Don Hastings Peter Simon Ann Flood Judith McConnell and many more
  12. re Abby Lewis Toni Darnay Ralph Camargo Fran Carlon Add David Harum 1949
  13. Never for this amount of time. I guess the feeling is they might be anticipating cancellation and not return at all or just to tape the final episodes.
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