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  1. Paul Raven

    Our Five Daughters

    Radio/TV Daily Jan 62 Bill Tabbert Joins Cast Of 'Our Five Daughters' Bill Tabbert, who starred as Lt. Cable in the original Broadway production of "South Pacific," has joined the cast of the new NBC-TV daytime serial drama, "Our Five Daughters." He portrays lawyer Bob Purdon.
  2. Paul Raven

    Somerset Discussion Thread

    1974 script cover.
  3. Paul Raven

    "Secret Storm" memories.

    Stephanie Braxton and David Gale
  4. Paul Raven

    The Brighter Day

    Margaret O'Neill Mona Bruns. Blair Davies Mary K Wells Lanna Saunders, Joe Sirola
  5. Paul Raven

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    So Peg Bundy and Dan Conner are supposed to be the same age? She's definitely holding up better... Was that a one-off by Katey? I don't think Dan should be having any romance this season.Way too soon. The Jackie story was so ridiculous it was funny and everything else was humming along nicely. And no DJ and Geena!
  6. Paul Raven

    The Brighter Day

    Radio /TV Daily August 62 Rex Ingram Dons Cloth For 'Brighter Day' Role Rex Ingram, veteran stage, screen and TV actor has been signed by producer Leonard "Buzz" Blair for a continuing role in "The Brighter Day," CBS-TV's daytime drama series. He will be seen as Victor Graham, an ordained minister who is forced to take a full-time job because his new church is unable to pay him a living wage.
  7. Paul Raven

    Y&R: December Spoilers

    Thanks for the daily updates!
  8. Paul Raven

    Our Five Daughters

    Radio Daily Sept 62 Ralstons Pen New Pop Tune Esther Ralston, star of NBC - TV's Our Five Daughters, has just had a new song recorded, for which she wrote the lyrics and her daughter actress-singer Judy Lloyd supplied the music. Titled "Dream Of Home", Johnny Loren does the recorded version for the Phillips label. "Miss Ralston and her daughter have collaborated on many other songs which have been published and recorded. Judy, who appears with her mom in a minor role in a "Five Daughters" seg has had another song recorded with her own lyrics "Shades of Pink". Andrea Carroll did the vocal.
  9. Bill Hayes really is amazing. To be able to memorize dialogue and be so present in his scenes...the man is 93!
  10. Paul Raven


    I wonder what might have happened had Jim Reilly done an Irna Phillips and deserted his creation. Maybe with other writers Passions could have achieved its potential.
  11. Susan's 50th is commemorated in the latest SOD. Ron Carlivati says it was Ryan Quon who made him aware of the upcoming anniversary.He also mentions that when he came to the show the Doug/Julie/Bill /Susan real life connection was explained to him. I have to say I'm surprised but not shocked that someone who has been working in soaps for over 20 years didn't know of the Hayes. I wonder how much Ron knows of Days history... Does he even know who Maree Cheatham is? I would have thought you would devour the history of the show you are working on and the past work of the greats for insight and inspiration. Anyway back to SSH and SOD She auditioned in a dramatic scene with Denise Alexander in front of Bill Bell. Betty Corday, Wes Kenney and Jack Herzberg. The cast were very close in the early days due to spending the day together and recording live to tape. Most memorable story for her was the Salem Stalker killings because of long time people being killed and having to play Julie's mourning, not knowing they would be returning especially Bill. Favorite scene Where Julie says goodbye to Doug,not knowing he had been killed. Favorite Days moment Xmas episode where Julie speaks of those now gone- she feels the audience connects with that in their own lives. Likes the Xmas ornament scenes, says they always play well, stole the idea of naming ornaments! Thinks Julie has matured but still steps into conflict. Enjoys getting dolled up by hair/makeup/costume to be Julie onscreen Loved the music of Doug's Place and using music to tell the story - and the chance for Bill to use his musical talents- not only singing but arranging music Remembers Frances Reid's Xmas parties for the cast. Macdonald Carey spoke to her about her attitude in the beginning and that she should be less combative to try to get others to see her point of view with a scene. Says Days was much happier set than her previous experience on GH, which was deadly serious. Speaks highly of Mary Frann (Amanda) and Lanna Saunders (Marie). Bill has lunch with Robert Clary(Robert) every Thursday for 35 years and Susan was finally invited to join them. Admits her relationship to Kristian Alfonso has been 'a journey' in that Hope took over as the focus of the show from Doug and Julie and that was difficult but now she loves her for her relationship and honoring of Bill. Of course speaks highly of Bill as a wonderful life partner. Favorite Julie wedding was the one off camera where Doug and Julie re-united without explanation ...but loved all the weddings and the input they had. Says being part of the Hortons means she interacts with a lot of other characters but feels that newer viewers don't recognize the legacy of the Hortons. Still excited about getting a script and having the chance to act when many other female actors have a limited shelf life. Loves the devotion and energy from fans and the responsibility of keeping them entertained and interested.
  12. Paul Raven

    Will & Grace Revival

    The script really let them down this week. It always falters when the premise is not strong. Matt Bomer's character attracted to Will? Will making a fool of himself over some guy? Had it been Jack trying to interest and fool him by acting smart, that would have worked. McCormack's delivery is woeful.
  13. Paul Raven

    Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    re The Clear Horizon Richard Coogan joined in Feb 62 in the shows second go round. Add Narda Onyx and James Gavin Lee Meriwether debuted April 5 1962
  14. Paul Raven

    The Clear Horizon

    Radio Daily Feb 62 Producer Sees Male Trend In Daytime Drama Series Charles Polachek, producer of CBS-TV's "Th e Clear Horizon," which returns Feb. 26 because of viewer's letters, believes the demands of TV will dictate more story emphasis on m en in daytime drama s than radio ever did. "Excitement, action, melodrama β€”all are more successful on TV than they were on radio. So I think the trend in TV daytime drama will be more and more toward men than it was in radio, " he said. Behind the TV camera since 1945, Polachek notes that he has four times as much material to worry about as a daytime drama producer than the producer of a weekly half-ho r series But he calls his job simpler because he can operate "on a more established basis." "We have a basic cast, the same locale, the same settings. At a production meeting weekly , we discuss our problems. In many cases, three words take care of a description of a set. I just say 'Selby living room' and our crew knows exactly what we will shoot. It is t h e same for many other sets. We have done them all before. " Polachek had previously worked on Edge of Night and other shows in the 50's, but CH seems to be his last credit.