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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Checked out Ariane's website. Another get thin/ make money venture. That's the best headshot she could come up with?
  2. Kitty Foyle

    Kathleen Murray's first episode was Monday Feb 10 1958.
  3. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I think its the hairy arms on too pale skin that looks off, as he's one of those boyish types that don't age well.
  4. Shortest Wait Between Roles?

    After Love of Life was cancelled in Dec 79, Margo McKenna (Betsy) was the first to land a new gig as Emily on Edge of Night (March 1980)
  5. Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    Zalman King film director, writer, actor and producer. His films are known for incorporating sexuality eg Two Moon Junction, 9 and 1/2 Weeks. For TV produced Red Shoe Diaries for Showtime.
  6. Shortest Wait Between Roles?

    Good topic! I have read that Don Hastings moved from Edge of Night (as Jack Lane)to ATWT (as Bob Hughes) in the same week in 1960. Patty Weaver went from Days as Trish in Aug 82 to Y&R as Gina by October 82. George Reinholt and Jacquie Courtney went from AW in 1975 to OLTL in a matter of months.
  7. DOOL: Day of Days Preview

    Its all very well to have the''shocking moments' but yes,maybe not give everything away (tough to make an interesting promo though) But the build up and aftermath needs to be just as compelling.
  8. Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    Paul Rauch was involved with a proposed late night soap for Fox titled 'Up Against It' Cast included Anthony Addabbo. Donna Swajeski and Zalman King were headwriters. This was in 95.
  9. Paradise Bay (1965-1966)

    Thanks so much for all that extra information. Love finding out more about those long ago soaps. I wonder who played the hispanic characters? http://www.famousfix.com/topic/keith-andes This link is a 1964 article about Keith Andes and how he is finding it hard to find work,despite several high profile gigs. Guess that's what led him to a daytime soap. Was it just bad luck or was there another reason he didnt work more steadily?
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    Just ffing through...that pool party scene had more extras than they've used in all of 2017!
  11. Paradise Bay (1965-1966)

    TV Radio Age Jan 66 NBC-TV has a daytime soaper called Paradise Bay. Recently the program had a problem that dealt with the teaching of sex education in school, and the show drew more than a thousand favorable letters, claims the network. No one, to be sure, is doubting the claim but one letter quoted in a press release seems a bit suspect. From a "university English Department spokesman," the letter said: "Bravo ! ! ! . . . it is the finest half-hour of television education broadcast since television became a medium of communication. Suddenly Paradise Bay has orbited the field of daytime television serials. What imagination, what courage, what a production." Question: does the "university English Department spokesman" teach a course in how -to -write promotional blurbs?
  12. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    Actor Jack Bannon had died age 77. He played Walter Larkin on Days in 1967 and was also seen in SB,KL,DYN and FC amongst scores of other TV shows. Best known for his role in Lou Grant. Son of Bea Benaderet of Petticoat Junction fame. He was married to Ellen Travolta at one time.
  13. Dear Mal Young

    By all means, make changes. But they need to be improvements that long term will benefit the show. Look at past characters and storylines that may be useful in creating stories for today. Assess the characters on the canvas and make some decisions re characters that need to be written out/ rested or dropped to recurring. Stop repeating the same themes eg Victor v his children Enough of the musical chairs romances Billy/Phyllis, Jack /Phyllis, Nick/Phyllis etc. Expand the canvas so the same characters are not constantly involved with each other. Consolidate the business stories. Stop with the buying and selling of businesses so you dont need a scorecard as to who owns/owned various businesses. Enough with Genoa City being the global powerhouse for mega companies. Also disband GC Buzz. Is it a syndicated show on free to air? Why would anyone across the country be interested in what happens in GC? Look at some way of increasing the number of sets.