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  1. Love of Life David Craig Herb Nelson This character and that of Ed Plummer continued into 66.
  2. Looking at some older scenes on YouTube, the Great Pumpkin had an extra seating area beyond the swivel chairs as well as a billiard table (????), but that vanished in the great squashed set reset of 2020. If the Grey Pimple was an additional hangout/meeting place I might have bought but for people to be continually hanging out there is dumb.
  3. No way did it seem like Victor was #1. Some of those eps he mumbled and grumbled in a couple of scenes only. It's starting to feel like they are taping random scenes that get inserted into an episode. eg taping some Victor scenes on a day when EB is working and then slotting them in. Although I have read that an actor has to be paid if they appear in an episode. So maybe it's just being done to save time, nor necessarily money.
  4. And then Irna was fired and they had Kim marrying John to give the baby a name...
  5. For those who are asking 'Who is Zac Tinker?' Why not google him?
  6. Robert Cenedella and Ian Martin were listed as writers as well as AHB on the premiere episode.
  7. In it's first week on air 'How to Survive a Marriage' averaged a 20 share in the 3.30 timeslot. That was one share under what Return to Peyton Place had been doing. I guess NBC hoped for better but were probably realistic that a new show would take time to build. However HTSAM never seemed to gain momentum and was cancelled.
  8. Oct 65 CBS developing Written on The Wind, based on Universal 1957 movie, as a primetime hour serial. Bertram Berman exec producer,Paul Roberts script supervisor, Mark Rodgers writer.
  9. June 64. Clear sweep for CBS 1. ATWT 15.4 2.Password 12.2 3. TGL 11.6 4. SFT 11.5 6. SS 11.4 7. LOL 10.0 8. House Part 9.8 9. EON 9.8 10. CBS Newsbreak 12.25 8.6 11. CBS Newsbreak 3.25 8.5 12.Pete and Gladys 7.3
  10. In 1962, Cec Linder (Peter Ames)was interviewed by Joan Reid, freelance reporter for Toronto Globe and Mail. That meeting lead to marriage!
  11. Judson Laire Edge of Night 1964 Virginia Vestoff As The World Turns 1967
  12. In a 1966 Variety ad, Irna Phillips and Bill Bell advertise a soap in development 'The Innocent Years'. So did Bill just use that title later for Y&R, or did the 1966 proposal have some elements of Y&R ??
  13. In a January 1966 Variety ad Irna Phillips and William J Bell under the banner of Dramatic Serials Inc highlighted current and future projects. Current As The World Turns (writers) 5 years as daytime's No. 1 program Another World (creators) Guiding Light (Miss Phillips creator) Days of Our Lives (Miss Phillips co-creator) In development 2 primetime series Written in The Stars Moment of Discovery 2 daytime series The Innocent Years Into Each House
  14. One Day At A Time - Hello,Ann Family Affair - My Family,Right or Wrong
  15. Wouldn't TPTB have some inkling that a young actress who has already left once might do so again and have Plan B ready to go? Having Summer scurry off to Italy w/o revealing what threats Tara had made didn't ring true. Had Tara been a little more ambiguous about not letting Kyle have access it would have played better. Summer used to be out for herself so her deciding that she didn't sign up for this drama and wasn't ready to play stepmommy as well as having a great job waiting for her should have been enough to write her off. How many more times is Imani going to slither up to Nate with Elena giving her the side eye before we move to the next beat? BTW Sean Dominic is the hottest guy on the show and needs more airtime.!!
  16. Ned Le Fevre Masquerade Phil Wendall Woman in White John Adams
  17. Virginia Payne Story of Mary Marlin Kitty Keene Arnold Grimm's Daughter Sarah Westland Road of Life Mrs Mulhern
  18. Gil Gerald Pilot 'International Airport' David Montomery 1985 Patricia Crowley Pilot 'International Airport' Beverly Gerber 1985 George Kennedy Pilot 'International Airport' Rudy Van Lueven 1985 Susan Oliver Pilot 'International Airport'Mary Van Leuven 1985 Robert Vaughan Pilot 'International Airport' Captain Powell 1985
  19. Well, as an avowed Phyllis hater, I have to say I am enjoying Phyllis as busybody in recent eps. Her sweety/bitch persona around Tara is amusing to me. Once again we have declared statements of wealth with Victor saying having a private jet means they can leave for Italy whenever they like. But there is Nikki with a pile of luggage in the only room we ever see.Surely staff would have whisked it from the bedroom to the limo. Victoria's house has been reduced to a few walls and some furniture. Couldn't they do the same for some other characters without homes? Oh, and a shout out to Lily for her advice to Moses along the lines of 'you have to give girls surprise presents-they love it' Really, that sexist nonsense has to go.
  20. Looks like she had 2 3yr contracts which is pretty standard. Did Terry ever have major love interests?
  21. Jan 1985 Rich get better ratings, says creator of "Dallas'' By BOB WISEHART McClatchy News Service Just what you've all been waiting for, the differences between "Dallas," "Dynasty," "Knots Landing" and "Falcon Crest". If the "Dallas" characters went to Paris they'd be bumpkins; If the folks on "Knots Landing" characters went to Paris, they'd be tourists; If the well-heeled denizens of "Dynasty" went to Paris ... well, actually, they probably go to Paris a lot and have apartments there. As for "Falcon Crest," its characters TRIED to go to Europe, but the jet crashed just in time for the season-ending cliffhanger. If this seems like a ridiculous thing to think about, meet the source of those observations, David Jacobs, who thinks about little else. Jacobs is a study in contrasts. By appearance he is squat, pudgy and so benign he could pass as the owner of the corner drugstore in the town where Andy Hardy grew up. But if we could peer into his fevered mind, the sight would be horrible indeed. Jacobs, the author of 10 non-fiction books about the arts, many for young readers, is the man we can hold responsible for the prime-time soap opera, a phenomenon that clogs the airwaves the way gunk stops the plumbing. And there is no plunger in sight. Jacobs created "Dallas," the show that launched this trend, along with its spinoff, "Knots Landing." He also created "Secrets of Midland Heights" a few years back, a notable bomb hardly anyone remembers. His current project is "Berrenger's," a bubbly extravanganza now playing on NBC and based in an upscale big-city department store. Interviewed recently in Los Angeles, Jacobs is a jolly little fellow, quick to smile and fast with a quip. The large sums of money that have come his way no doubt make life vastly amusing. Jacobs admits that he's frankly sick of the whole genre. "I've been trying to get out of the serial business for two years' now," he says, but the networks keep making offers he can't refuse. Besides "Berrenger's," and "Knots" Jacobs has little daily contact with "Dallas" he's working on a "Dallas" prequel, a movie about the early wildcatting days of Jock Ewing and Digger Barnes. He says no one in the series would appear in the movie. To the untrained eye, the formula for a successful prime-time soap seems simple; just make everybody wealthy. The rich may be rotten and the poor may be pure, but the rich get better ratings. If that's true, why have such shows been impossible to launch successfully in recent years? This season brought two duds, "Paper Dolls," an upscale look at the modeling business; and "Glitter," built around a People-esque magazine. The last success was "Falcon Crest" four years ago. The problem with "Paper Dolls" and "Glitter," says Jacobs, is that they spent more on lip gloss than on scripts. "Beautiful," he says, "but too much emphasis on what they looked like." Besides, it isn't true that rich characters in an opulent setting guarantee success. "Knots Landing" has its roots in the middle class, although Jacobs cracks "they're getting richer all the time." Jacobs is convinced that the real problem has to do with expectations by the networks and the audience, which have grown so heated it resembles an arms race. "Dallas" was a rush job, which meant there wasn't much time for detail and gloss. Jacobs finished the first draft of the first script Dec. 10, 1978. Shooting of the first episode began Feb. 1, 1979. As such things are measured, that's faster than the speed of light. "At first, 'Dallas' had seven characters and a couple of little stories," he says. "Now everybody wants everything in place right from the first." "Dynasty" had a sparse beginning, too, and did not at all resemble today's show. Does anybody remember that Dale Robertson played as important a role as John Forsythe (plutocrat Blake Carrington)? By contrast, "Berrenger's" was stuffed with a dozen plots and subplots in its first 90-minute episode, which even Jacobs admits is "probably excessive." The poor viewer, who, after all, had only just met these people, needed a scorecard to keep everybody straight. "If I had my druthers I'd go with two people or four people, and develop from there," Jacobs says. "But I'm not sure the audience would buy it. You're expected to have a complicated mosaic right away." But television always is risky business at best. As he says, "You try for something different, but what everybody wants is what they're used to, which we have a lot of already. I mean, I'm sure there's not room for another 'Dynasty' or 'Dallas.' For all I know, there's not room for 'Berrenger's' either."
  22. MacDonald Carey Molly of the Movies Dan Harding's Wife Betty and Bob
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