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  1. Some details for The Bennetts. Wayne Bennett was a lawyer, the Bennetts had a son, Bert was Wayne's friend who Wayne suspected was involved in the store theft of $2000 when Bert turned up with an anniversary ring for his wife Ellie.
  2. Some GL trivia In 1966, GL director Gary Delmar was killed Oct 9 in a race car accident at Bridgehampton NY. He was 42 years old. I guess the Tracy Delmar character of that time was named for him.
  3. Broadcasting Magazine Aug 75 Soaper puts Georgia In a lather. In 1939 it was Orson Welles's War of the Worlds that caused mass panic when a fictional radio story was interpreted as a real newscast. In 1975 it's As the World Turns, a CBS -TV daytime soap opera, that had some Centerville, Ga., residents in an uproar. When viewers heard the program warning of a tornado "moving northeast Seven miles from Centerville" they took it seriously and began flooding the weather service's Macon office with calls. In true soap opera style it took the fictional tornado three days to reach "Centerville" and it was only after it struck and destroyed the fictitions town that life in the real Centerville and the weather bureau returned to normal.
  4. For me the erotic factor of those Paul/will scenes is lessened because Guy presents as teenage lesbian...
  5. Well if EB is offscreen for any length of time , then convince me that he is not up to the grind of daytime at this point. Not that a 78 yr old should be expected to be.
  6. Premiere Week 1986/87 Season Cosby Show NBC 33.5/50., Family Ties NBC 32.1/43. ' Cheers NBC 30.0/46 Dallas CBS 28.5/44 2hr premiere pre-empting Falcon Crest Golden Girls NBC 25.6/45 Stranded NBC 24.9/38 NBC Monday movie Moonlighting ABC 24.9/38 Murder, She Wrote CBS 24.6/38 Raiders of the Lost Ark ABC 22.7/37 ABC Sunday Movie Johnny Carson Special NBC 22.1/38 Th 9.30-11 pre-empting Night Court/Hill St Blues Football, Chicago -Green Bay ABC 22.3/36 Who's the Boss ABC 21.8/36 Amen NBC 20.3/36 Matlock NBC 20.1/32 Dynasty ABC 20.1/31 60 Minutes CBS 19.8/34 Head of the Class ABC 19.2/30 Sledge Hammer (Tues.) ABC 18.6/29 pre-empting Growing Pains Kate & Allie CBS 17.8/28 Hunter NBC 17.5/33 Gimme a Break NBC 17.5/27 Perfect Strangers ABC 17.4/29 Miami Vice NBC 17.4/28 24. Together We Stand CBS 17.1/26 Mon preview pre-empting My Sister Sam Doing Life NBC 18.8/27 Tuesday Movie pre-empting Crime Story/1986 Highway to Heaven. NBC 16.7/27 Scarecrow & Mrs. King CBS 18.6/30 The Colbys (Wed.) ABC 16.6/28 pre-empting Hotel St. Elsewhere NBC 15.7/27 30. Facts of Life NBC 15.6/30 ' ALF NBC 15.6/24 Amazing Stories NBC 15.6/23 Under the Influence CBS 15.4/24 MacGyver ABC 15.4/24 Valerie NBC 15.4/23 36. Jack & Mike ABC 15.3/26 Football, NFL game (Sun.) NBC 15.2/29 Knots Landing CBS 14.8/23 Easy Street NBC 14.6/23 Intimate Encounters NBC 14.2/23 Sunday movie Our House NBC 14.1/24 A Team NBC 13.6/24 Crime Story NBC 13.3/23 Fri @10 preview pre-empting LA Law 20/20 ABC 13.2/22 45. Kay O'Brien, Surgeon CBS 13.1/22 Firefighter CBS 12.6/20 Tuesday movie Courage CBS 12.5/20 3hr Sophia Loren TV movie Wed 8-11pre_empting Together we stand/Better Days/Magnum PI/The Equalizer Mike Hammer CBS 12.1/21 Hero in the Family ABC 12.0/20 Disney Sunday Movie Downtown CBS 11.8/21 Sidekicks ABC 11.7/22 Webster ABC 11.3/18 Simon & Simon CBS 10.8/20 Spenser: For Hire ABC 10.6/20 Twilight Zone CBS '10.2/16 The Colbys ABC 10.1/20 Life with Lucy ABC 9.8/15 George Washington II, part 2 CBS 9.6/16 Mon 9-11 pre-empting Newhart/Designing Women/Cagney & Lacey Sledge Hammer ABC 9.3/15 The Wizard CBS 8.9/16 Ellen Burstyn Show ABC 8.7/15 Starman ABC 8.3/13 Mr. Belvedere ABC 6211 Heart of the City ABC Our World ABC 6.0/9
  7. Dr Jane Lewis - even the name was boring, earlier wasn't there Cynthia, the nurse at the free clinic who had the hots for Snapper? The Sally return should have been epic but with a new Snapper and Chris - no opportunity for flashbacks- it fell flat. Greg should have hooked up with Sally.Imagine the angst for Chris having Sally as a sister in law? And Snapper having to watch Greg father his son? and Mom Foster trying to keep the peace?
  8. I think Katherine Phillips has passed away. Teri Keane played in radio soaps and is still living.
  9. Check the primetime ratings thread in the next few days!
  10. The Another World bible is a must read. There were some deviations as soon as the show aired. Granny Matthews was dropped as was Susan. The whole storyline of Susan and Liz falling for 'Dave Wilson' was dropped as the character of Susan was not working out.However years later it was reworked into Susan and Liz being involved with Fred Douglas. Pat Matthews was called Cynthia. Tom Baxter was Tom Young. Russ seemed on his way to being a delinquent, injuring a pedestrian.
  11. Another oft use phrase 'I have to wonder' eg 'I have to wonder if Leslie will have the strength to perform', 'I have to wonder whether Snapper will ever forgive his father' etc
  12. Or if CBS had held on to EON and programmed it at 4pm as ABC did. It would have had a much stronger lead in and probably better coverage, Top 10 daytime ratings among blacks Jan- Feb 88 1. Y&R 18.3 2. AMC 17.8 3. OLTL 16.2 4, ATWT 14.2 5. GH 14.2 6. GL 13.1 7. B&B 13.0 8. TPIR 12.8 9.LOV 10.6 10. SB 8.6
  13. That seems to be the case, but surely Snapper would have to comment to Chris that 'something really heavy is going down with my sister Jill right now'😉
  14. Yes it was natural for the Brooks sisters to be friendly to Jill in 73/74 when Chris and Snapper married. They were girls of good breeding and Jill looked up to them with a mixture of awe and envy. Once the marriage had taken place there was no further reason that the girls would interact with Jill as they moved in different circles. Unlike today when billionaire's stop off at Crimson Lights for a coffee. Surely though, Chris had some reactions to Jill's traumas with Kay as as she was her sister in law?
  15. How many times has Victor been presumed dead/faked his death or gone missing? Was the last time when he ended up on the docks with the nun?
  16. Re Secret Storm Cleveland reporter Jenny Crimm had a cameo role in 1967.
  17. 2 weeks ending August 6 1967/ 2 weeks previous/coverage 1. As The World Turns 10.9/39 (11.5/41) 99.3 2. Dick Van Dyke 10.7/50 (11.1/50) 98.6 3. Another World 9.9/35 (9.9/35) 97.2 4. Art Linkletter House Party 9.9/36 (9.0/34) 99.3 5. The Guiding Light 9.7/37 ( 10.1/39) 99.1 6. Search For Tomorrow 9.7/38 ( 10.5/41) 99.1 7. Andy of Mayberry reruns 9.6/50 (10.3/52) 96.2 8. The Doctors 9.1/34 (9.0/34) 97.6 9. Newlywed Game 8.7/33 (8.7/33) 97.8 10. Let's Make A Deal 8.6/31 (7.5/27) 86.7 11. Love of Life 8.3/34 (9.0/36) 98.4 12. To Tell the Truth 8.3/30 (8.3/30) 98.7 13. Beverly Hillbillies reruns 8.1/47 (8.4/47) 83.9 14. Edge of Night 8.1/32 (9.5/37) 98.7 15. Eye Guess 8.1/32 (7.7/30) 91.6 16. You Don't Say 8.1/32 (8.6/32) 87.4 17. Days of Our Lives 8.0/30 (7.4/28) 95.6 18. Secret Storm 8.0/31 (9.1/33) 98.6 19. General Hospital 7.9/26 (7.9/26) 98.1 20. Password 7.9/30 (7.8/30) 98.0
  18. Zoe was just a plot point. If they didn't want to go the whole way, why not just have Theo crushing on Kyle. The DG situation is interesting. He could have easily been involved in the Grand Pheonix in some way but he's being ignored. Just send him off to be with Lily and give the fans a happily ever after for now. Free up some dollars and space on the canvas. I'm sure like Rikaart he'd jump at the chance to come back down the line. Jack's trip needs to lead to something. i wonder why Jack/Lauren was dropped. I'm glad they did cos I hate it when long time characters suddenly hook up. I always thought Dina coming back should have tied in with Keemo. Maybe his son or daughter was working for Dina. Maybe they were unaware she was their grandmother or vice versa. I envisioned a woman arriving at Crimson Lights and approaching Sharon. She was with his dad for many years and he has died and she found out about his past through a box of momentos. Sharon discovers she has a half brother. Looks like speculation that Avery was returning was just that. And yes, Rey looked like a vampire. Devon dresses and acts like Elena's dad.
  19. I have read that Tom Selleck was the one who didn't want to sign a contract. Selleck did have a higher pitched voice than expected from someone with his looks. I wonder if he was advised to have voice lessons and refused?
  20. That darkness was a hallmark of the Conboy years. It was carefully constructed so that the actors and/or certain props were specifically lit. Hours were spent on the lighting. Wes Kenney changed that and said he got feedback along the lines of 'I didn't realize you had sets!'
  21. I think Bill Bell deliberately isolated characters eg Kay and Jennifer as he realized that the half hour could not support it. If Kay and Jen were friends then as well as Kay being a part of the Brooks story, Jennifer in turn would have involvement in all that was going on with Kay and Jill and there would be an obligation to write to that which could dilute the overall story. Also he liked to keep things up his sleeve so that later, characters could connect and open up new avenues to explore. Nowadays everyone on canvas has a history with just about everyone else and it gets incestuous and unwieldy ...
  22. Carol Lynley has died aged 77. Best known for The Poseidon Adventure. Lots of movie and primetime appearances. Her soap connection...she payed Judge Martha Dunlay on AW in 1989.
  23. Whatever scenario they come up with for 'Hilary's ' return is going to be ridic. Why not just style her differently, and create a new character who bears a resemblance to Hilary? Devon can just fall for the new character, with the obstacle being she feels he's trying to recapture what he had with Hilary. Instead of some long lost twin? It's not like Mariah/Cassie...
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