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  1. Have been scrolling through a site with random old Australian TV listings and discovered that ATWT aired in primetime in Sydney on Ch 7 in 1974! It's from Thursday Nov 28th at 8.30pm, This is the blurb... Carol returns home and asks Tom to give up Natalie Bannon's case. Grant and Joyce have a showdown and Grant decides not to divorce her until she has fully recovered. So it seems not to far behind the US storylines. Quite frankly I'm surprised that Oz execs would take to a daytime soap that had been running for nearly 20 years and expect viewers to be interested.
  2. Scarlett Hill 3 actors who appeared Stephen Ker Appleby Robert Footier Barbara Franklin Perkins
  3. Thanks So Jada was first off in 58. I have a feeling Jada chose to leave as a person of that age might want to do. She was back on 60/61 until Amy and Paul were dropped in 67. At this point she went ATWT to play Susan Stewart. I think she continued in that role until Storm wanted her back in 68. At the end of that contract she chose to leave again and then I think either she approached Storm to come back as Amy in 73 or they asked her to come back to boost the ratings as they faced cancellation. If anyone knows more about her comings and goings, please let me (us)
  4. Lois Markle Love of Life pre 1977 Matthew Tobin Love of Life One Life To Live Jon Polito Guiding Light Texas All My Children
  5. Gregory Abels All My Children Another World both pre 1980 Laurie Kennedy Search for Tomorrow pre 1978
  6. Candice Azzara A Time For Us Guiding Light (pre 1968) Played the role of Gloria in the second All in The Family pilot'Those Were The Days'
  7. Peter Capell Central City DA Greer 1939 David Harum 1945 Young Widder Brown 1948 Life Can Be Beautiful Gyp Mendoza
  8. I agree Bitter is not a good look for DD. But as the longest running cast member he has been treated poorly. Paul could easily be a part of the Rey/Adam/Sharon story for example. Dead weight like Kevin and Michael still get to show up, so why not Paul?
  9. Thursday April 25 1963 Melbourne Australia 1.05 pm Channel 7 Final episode of YDM. So it seems it had a short run on Oz TV. I wonder if they started from the first episode, otr the series began there at some point during the run. Maybe that was the case and viewers were confused by being dropped into the midst of things...
  10. Although Doug Marland isn't really associated with AW, it was the springboard for his career as a headwriter. May 1975 An Emmy For Native Of West Sand Lake By JOHN DINARDO "It's mind-boggling, I still haven't come down," said Douglas Marland. And he had good reason. On Thursday, the West Sand Lake native walked away with an Emmy Award, "Best Writing For A Daytime Series" for his work on the popular NBC daytime drama Another World. Marland, who now lives in New York City, joined the staff of Another World about five months ago when the show changed its programming from 30 minute
  11. "Why did we switch to a five episode format?" echoed Jerry Layton when I finally caught up with him in the carpeted viewing room where he was glued to a TV screen watching the dress rehearsal via closed circuit. "Well, we realized this 'Eight Hours ' for Emily' was too good to condense, then other stories of the same value came along and we changed our pace." He sounded like a happy man as he went on, "Now we can get below the surface of the characters and into their motivation in the five-day treatment. Important to us, too, is that now we can develop secondary and tertiary relationships
  12. Scrolling through some old Australian TV listings from 1966 and there is Morning Star. I have read that Young Dr Malone screened on Aussie TV in the early 60's but apart so Morning Star becomes the second US daytime soap to get a run in Australia. I wonder if the entire series was shown and if the tapes were wiped? HSV7 Melbourne Wed June 8 1966 12.23 First Edition News 12.30 Lunch Time Movie “Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?” (A) 1.55 Talking Programs 2.00 Morning Star (A) 2.30 People in Conflict 3.00 Time for Terry
  13. This has been debated and denied so many times over the years...
  14. Thanks so much for posting these snippets.It's great to read something new about these classic shows. Incidentally,Irna uses the phrase 'springtime and harvest' in her summation of ATET. She used that as the title of a little known radio soap in the early 40's which played on a few stations as a sort of pilot run but it was never picked up.
  15. No worries! And a follow up from Jan 80 'LATER' than you think. With ratings averages of 3 in Los Angeles and 4 in New York, Columbia Pictures Television's Life and Times of Eddie Roberts, late night comedy strip that premiered on Metromedia TV stations and others Jan. 7, appears destined for graveyard. Dick Woollen, Metromedia's vice president for programing, said that after 13 -week contract expires, group is almost certain to drop show entirely. Metromedia's decision indicates that Columbia will scrap show after completion of original 65 half- hours, said Ken Page, executive vice
  16. The bible for Capitol was once online. The bible for As The Earth(World) Turns was also. AW bible available on the AW Homepage and parts of the DOOL bible are at Jason 47's site. All make fascinating reading.
  17. Kermit Murdock Katie's Daughter 1947 Stella Dallas 1947 Just Plain Bill 1948 Front Page Farrell 1949 Right To Happiness 1957
  18. Sandra and Grayling were married Wed June 29 1955
  19. Three Steps to Heaven Russell Meade...Charles Martin Woman With a Past John Ridgeley played Hal Jackson
  20. Lee and Travis were cousins. I think Travis' mom and Lee's dad were siblings. Lee and Sunny were a strong couple at first and then Cissy was introduced as a spoiler along with Dane but then all those pairings fizzled out.
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