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  1. When he was on OLTL he was Jack Crowder. By the time he got a gig on GH, he was Thalmus Rasalala.
  2. Radio actor Michael Romano had many soap roles in the 30's and 40's in Chicago and the New York. When he moved to LA he changed his name to Jay Novello and acted in radio then TV and movies for many years. Alan Feinstein (Mickey LOL, Jim EON etc) used the name Alan Yorke early in his career.
  3. I was referring to Jabot where Jack and (for some reason) Mariah work. Mariah and Tessa were sharing a dingy apartment , then moved to the Chancellor estate before getting a room at the Garish Plughole.
  4. They've been shown in the corridor and in Adam's office but not in a space of their own. I'm going to include Phyllis, as wandering around the lobby of the Greasy Pelican doesn't count as a workplace. Elena is till living above CL. She referenced it a few weeks ago,
  5. Nicholas has joined the not so exclusive club of characters without homes. By my count Lauren/Michael Kevin/Chloe Nate Elena Sharon/Rey/Faith Sally Characters without workplaces Jack/Mariah Nate/Elena Devon Kevin/Rey Gloria Sally/Chloe Amanda/Imani Michael Have I forgotten anyone? Makes it hard to tell good story in cafes and hotel rooms. I was hoping after the palazzo for an improvement in this area but no dice.
  6. Love Ia Many Splendored Thing also had Laura/Mark/Iris around that time The Dan/Paul/Liz/Susan seemed to take off in 69 when Irna was still there. Everything I have read says she left in early 70. That means she was responsible for the Dan fathering 2 kids story which she later was reported to be against. Seems odd that when she returned in 72 she continued the story for months and then started decimating it by killing off Liz and Paul and writing off Dan and Susan. Unless she thought the whole thing was too convoluted and she got bored and wanted to write for other characters? Katherine Babecki is listed as an ATWT writer in the 60's and there is a belief that this was actually Katherine Phillips.
  7. Don't understand why they think it's good drama to have Amanda pretty much talk about what is happening and for viewers not to see it. In the old days a story like the Sutton/Richard murder would have had us meet Sutton, Nya and Imani in their home and over the months we would have seen them develop as characters and interact as a family, thus creating interest rather than them meeting Amanda in restaurants and hotel rooms to talk about the past and offscreen happenings. i have no objection to the bare bones of the story but the telling of it is abysmal.
  8. Thelma Ritter Her Lorenzo Jones role was 1941 Dick Van Patten David Harum 1941 William Prince Light of the World Santos Ortega Hannibal Cobb Hannibal Cobb 1950 Rita Lloyd Whispering Streets 1959
  9. Conrad Dunn/George Jenesky (Nick Corelli Days) I think he was Conrad Dunn (his real name) when he first played Nick in a recurring role then later used George Jenesky when he was a contact character before going back to Conrad Dunn. Patsy Peace became Patricia Pease at one point. Soap hopper Ariane Munker became Ariana Chase when playing Kim on Days.
  10. Denny Albee (Steve EON, Peter OLTL etc) went by Christopher Albee for a short time.
  11. Wasn't Chance already presumed dead in the John Driscoll days?
  12. Soap vet Jack Betts was also known as Hunt Powers and appeared under that name on GH in the 60's. Brenda Epperson Doumani. Kimberley Beck Hilton
  13. Agree re Billy.He is insufferable. On the subject of Jack/Victor, at what point did they became more cordial to one another? They are now quite friendly at times. Was there a particular event that caused this or just a general thawing of relations? Personally, it seems ridiculous to see them chatting to each other. Why would the writers lose that decades long rivalry? Mind you Jack is a shell of his former self. Any newer viewer would see him as a touchy feely grandpa.
  14. Guiding Light Mr Baker ?? Jock Baker's father 1956 Det Burgess ?? Investigating young Michael Bauer's disappearance 1956
  15. Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn was on The Doctors under the name Ellen McCrae. Other actresses that took on a married name were of course Susan Seaforth Hayes, Nancy Pinkerton was later Nancy Pinkerton Peabody. Melissa Brennan became Melissa Reeves. In researching Soap Hoppers we found radio and tv actor Jimsey Somers become Jocelyn Somers and appeared on Days under that name. Michael Dwight Smith (Danny Grant Days) changed his name to something like Hassan Rasheed for a time. I can't find the correct spelling atm - Jason47? can u help? Renee Props (Ellie ATWT) also acted under the name Babette Props
  16. That was an old soap stand by. Someone was trying to deliver devastating news but rather than just saying it, they were dumbstruck or kept hesitating. Meanwhile, said recipient of the news that was going to destroy them, kept butting in with various scenarios.
  17. Thanks for posting. Great read. OLTL What were the circumstances around Sadie's return to Llanview? How long was she away? What was the behind the scenes reason for Lillian Hayman being off the show? ATWT Nancy's sister Pearl was still being mentioned. She was almost an original character yet never seen. First mentioned when Helen Wagner was briefly fired in 1956 and Nancy was sent to stay with Pearl. GH The Ellmans introduced David, Dorrie and Alan Q in their brief run.
  18. Pierre was basically Robert on Days and Pierre on Y&R. Bill Bell obviously loved Robert Clary and had him play the same character on each show.
  19. Very interesting discussion. It's fun to speculate on what Bill Bell's plans were for the show. It seems the Ridge/Caroline/Thorne/Brooke story was always going to be the main thrust and pretty much played out as planned. By his own admission,Bill didn't plan too far ahead in the sense that he waited to see what the actors brought to the role and how his ideas played out onscreen. I have a feeling that Eric/Beth/Stephanie was going to be more prominent but once he got into it he saw that was not the case. Hence the replacement of Judith Baldwin with Nancy Burnett. If she was replaced only because she was weak in the role then some of the younger cast should have been dropped also. As stated, having the Logans operate in a different sphere brought its own issues as there is just so much story you can tell in 30 mins. Bill was savvy enough to know that and was probably happy enough to let some characters slide into support roles with the possibility of more story down the line. Wish he had have spoken about this at some point. I recall with Y&R he talked about Chris and Snapper and how popular they were as actors and characters and yet he didn't know what to do with them after the first year.
  20. Really the kids should have had real ciggies and booze for authenticity. Maybe Serge was in tears cos he didn't want to be there.
  21. Y&R and B&B could share sets as they tape at the same facility. But I guess it's about space and money. B&B could have a great courtroom set but no space to have it up if Y&R needed it.
  22. It wouldn't surprise me if they decide to throw a 'celebrate Chance' party where everyone can talk about how wonderful he was/is - not totally acknowledging his death but holding on to hope. Hence the festive tone. Sounds like the kind of cornball thing Josh would plot. Perfect opportunity for Fr Devon to deliver one of his boring sermons. Why would Victoria be there? Why hold it at the Gruesome Photobooth?
  23. You must have missed the exciting scene with Lily where she agreed to write articles for Chance.Com. Which went nowhere...
  24. Have to agree but hair/makeup seems to be an issue with some of the other actresses as well. How is it working with Covid? is it a quick in and out?
  25. Interestingly Robert Milli was in the initial cast of One Life to Live and Love Is A Many Splendored Thing,in both shows playing a doctor named Jim in a budding relationship with a non Caucasian woman. in both cases the story was dropped. Milli was replaced on OLTL by Nat Polen an older actor, who was 55 in 1969. Milli was 10 years younger. Was this done to eradicate any notion that Carla had been involved with Jim, who now presented a more benign fatherly image?
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