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  1. 7-23 Are you serious? They finally get the soap romance with the longing between Jason and Britt...and they are SELLING it...and then they just dropped Austin into the middle of that like some fungus for some slapstick. Uhhhh...NO!!! Loving seeing Anna in Detective mode. And how slowly, but surely she is getting to the truth about Peter. And I've been enjoying seeing Curtis/Jordan/Portia playing out through most of this week. Meanwhile, the Shawn storyline has been flowing nicely...and Shawn's been looking FOINE!!! lol. And then here comes Stella to mess it up... THAT'S how you introduce a legacy kid. No wonder Oscar and Dev did not work. Here is a teen with connections with a built in story already (the stalker story) and he is already reenergizing the teen scene on top of that. Great.
  2. I was wondering what DAYS news everyone was talking about...but wait...Eileen is back, Carrie, ANNND Sonny got recasted with... ME IS I'M IN!!!
  3. WHAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, if that is true...Marge instigated, so she better be ready cuz Jen retaliates. Hahahahaha!!!! Same.
  4. You remind me I need to finish my binge of EDGEMONT.
  5. Just hmmm. That chest.
  6. POTOMAC Now that the board is working... Filler it might be, but just like RHOA in its golden days even filler episodes can be fun. And in this case, I had a rough work day (and will be having a rougher week in another day or so with family) so I will take filler that makes me think less of my problems (almost caught up with GH and I see B&B will be dropped into my schedule due to that bombshell) and focus on fun. And I see Production was at it again!!!! I hollered at 'Candiace and Dorothy's Townhouse.' And I loved every reaction that they caught from other people. And I am always here for Kai to make an appearance though I was sadden to see him going with that silly storyline, but like I said elsewhere even Robyn ain't buying it and it SHOWS. And then Mia...AND? Granted she is not the second coming of Kenya Moore circa RHOA Season 5/6, but it was nice to see something slightly different going on with her other than her vs Wendy. And she gets points for doing 1 (with an assist by La Dame) vs 3 (Alaska-side note....why is everyone calling her this?, Robyn, and Gizelle) and holding her own. And also she OWN she was arrogant...something those girls wished they could do. And the first trip starts next week. Can't wait!!!! LA DAME. Still being quite vicious in Confessionals I see. And I loved that one with the golden choker/necklace. Granted she does not need to play nice with these heffas, but La Dame does appear to be a little...visibly annoyed at them. I prefer my Dame more unbothered. That said, her solo scenes are still great, a sign of a great Housewife. And look at her daughter! She has rarely appeared, but even I was like awwww she's grown. And yes, I loved that while Mia held her own against the Green Eyed Bandits that La Dame was there to keep everything straight and on the table. GIZELLE. Le sigh. I wish she would be more real. There honestly was a few flashes of that here. Pick on her I do and I do it well, but I have never knocked that she and Robyn have a real friendship and it's great that during the pandemic they decided to do a podcast. And I admit that I would be tempted to listen to it if I saw it in passing. Why? Because their friendship feels geniune. And same with her relationship with Kai which is why I looooooove seeing him and his shade. 'Not Ms. 4 degrees' lol. Even the tackiness of filming her daughter fail her driving test. Don't like it, but it was real. But I can also tell Production are trying their best to repair her face from her unmasking at the Reunion. It's a shame they are going about it all wrong per some tea Wendy gave out online about how they edit Gizelle a la Porsha last season on RHOA. Loved Mia needling her in that text since she knew it came DIRECTLY from Gizelle. And I would consider Mia vs the Green Eyed Bandits Round 1...a draw. ROBYN. Just trying to stay relevant. So...*shrugs* CANDIACE. Speaking of people and edits...I admit...they are doing hers right. How do I know? Because HER ALBUM IS COMING OUT NEXT MONTH!!!! I was just thinking her getting into her career was just storyline. Same with the bonus kids. Same with moving. But...out in the real world...she appears legit. As in...she might ACTUALLY be showing her life for good and for bad. And here she is being the voice of reason on that of that. Candiace? Did I see that right? Did I see her BREAK up a fight and not start one? WOW. And she's been touching on this on show. And while I don't want to be disappointed like I was during the transformation of Porsha from Princess of Thots to a mature woman, I have to say that she has been intriguing with the real stuff. Cuz she still has some fakery about her. And loved her brief kiki with La Dame when La Dame got to the pajama party. WENDY. Stay keeping up with the Jones...if you can...Girl. lol. I loved Mia drive-by shaded her in the fight when she tried to start more mess. That said...I was not feeling her this time around. *cough*secondseasoncurse*cough* ASHLEY. HA at someone online mentioning that she ain't letting Michael mess with her settlement money to start another failing business. Might be some true in that. And I hollered at her prepared she was. Such a Gemini mom. MIA. BOSS. Is she doing too much? Well...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh!!! But that's a newbie for you. At least she is not giving us Jen Shah. JS. And any over the top-ness is being nicely balanced out by her family life (which a first season wife should use to humanize them) and her scenes with La Dame. And I love the shade @Cheap21 posted above. Get her!!!! Looking forward to the trip!!! @Cat wow at that Tom picture. How the mighty have fallen.
  7. And just like that, I was back. lol. THIS.
  8. Ugh. Well, if he's Drew, that explains why the writers have started to move forward with Sam/Dante. However, I doubt Sam is going to want to be paired with him.
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