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  1. Those episodes kept me misty-eyed that's for sure. I loved in 4-24 how they organically told everyone what happened with Neil BTW--I guess an episode=a day is over. That last frame in the episode was also well done. 4-25 the funeral was definitely well done. Great to see so many speeches. Nice to hear the Dru mention. Not to mention the Olivia mention.
  2. Agree so much. But ED always could rise above bad writing. Not that the writing here is bad. 4-24-19 *takes a breath*
  3. POTOMAC Great start. I'm living for Karen's hair this season. And ha at Gizelle. No, gal. It aint' that easy to get back into the Grande Dame's good graces. Well...Robyn seems happy. That's all I got. Ewwww at Ashley and Michael. And that last scene with Candiace and her mom (shades of NY Tinsley and Dale which I also found raw last week) was all kinds of raw. I am happy to see her stand up for herself though. Monique is love. Can't wait for next week.
  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! The gifs have been everything this past week. That said...I knew there would be something shocking at the end of this episode...still...NOT THAT. And the backlash from it has been wow. Especially given some of the talks around here about Y&R and the Winters. I had told my co-worker there was no way that the dragons were making it out of this season alive...and there goes another one. Still so abrupt. Thankfully not as shocking or traumatic as well Viserion fell for me. Ugh at Arya and Gendry. But then again...she still has her list to finish. Then...maybe. And I see Varys and Tyrion are coming back into play. While I don't think Dany is going all Mad Queen...I feel it's justified if she burns it all down given all she has lost over the last few...days? Snapping is understandable.
  5. Taoboi

    Vanderpump Rules

    NOW THAT WAS A GANG-UP!!! But...I am shocked to say it...but James and Racquel held their own. Unlike Jax and Brittany who is feeling herself a little too much. I think the only person who came out really well was Stassi and Sandoval. And that last section was too much when everyone yelling over each other like they are on a Housewives show to the point that Andy (of all people) told them to STFU...LITERALLY. Sorry...I need someone to call Lala out and Billie might just do that next week...unlikeable or not. And mmmmm on that tea about LVP and the Toms...shades of RHoBH coming in that storyline?
  6. I admit that I've been keeping up by recaps at the moment, but I am curious to see where it might go...especially given they did that whole recast Valerie thing.
  7. 4-23-19 OH SHUT UP, SUMMER!!!! Ugh. You knew what you got into more than likely. They really should have kept her as mini-vixen. I am not here for whiny Summer. Billy and Victoria again. Meh. And I take it given what we have discussed over in spoilers all this Victor in Vegas stuff is setup for that unneeded return. It was nice to see Devon happy. And then he went home...and that music came on as he went up the stairs and le sigh. I felt that scene when he came down the stairs. And that montage at the end. Almost started crying then. But held it together. I am going to have to watch this slowly. Yeah. Say what you want about how she was written out, at least ED sold it enough that I understand where she is coming from.
  8. 4-22-19 Well, I guess I like seeing Ashley this way. And it does keep her somewhat around so her vs Jack...I can't wait to see where it goes.
  9. While it's on my mind...and because I might tune in to see... DISCUSS!!!!
  10. Annnnd here we go.. 4-22-19 Oh...so this is what's been going on since I regularly watched last (pre-Hillary death). Abby opens a restaurant. Hmmm...seems like the Summer/Kyle/Lola triangle got a bit of traction. And that necklace scene with the tension was interesting. So this is Mia. DON'T LIKE HER. Awwww at Devon taking off the wedding ring. Too many sequins. ETA: ASHHLEEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Taoboi

    Vanderpump Rules

    I would say if you have Twitter you can see the trailer. It looks CRAZY!!! Twitter never works out with me embedding it here so waiting for that YT upload. I heard that. I also heard that now that they all have their houses they want to bit the hand that feeds them. SMH. At least Stassi seems to have awareness that that isn't a good idea to do. After all, she's been there, done that. lol. I agree with you. It was a transition season and it will be interesting to see where it goes. I wouldn't say she was unlikeable. However, maybe the camera has gone to her head making any valid points mute. Now I see there is a rumor she might get physical at the reunion and...not sure if I like that or if it's a case of Lala (if that is who she got into it with) had it coming in light of Lala's feud with 50 Cent.
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