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  1. Taoboi

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    YAY!!!! Reading the thread as I watch, I see we like a certain character of a certain age.
  2. Taoboi

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Done with Season 5. Waiting for the arrival of Season 6. Those last few episodes were bananas!!!! That fight with the WhiteWalkers and that warrior dying...darn...just met her and liked her. Jon with the sword. The giant. It was just great. Then Drogon saving his 'mother.' LOVE. Ceresi's walk of shame. She had soooo coming. And yet...I still felt a little sorry for her. Can't wait to see how she reacts to her daughter dying. Definitely Jon Snow's best season to date. I didn't get the hype before...I liked Robb better, but Jon came into his own this season. And that last scene was sooo Julius Caesar. Arya's story this season. Just was full of atmosphere and liked she got the revenge for her fencing teacher. But the twist...was like something like the faith dancers out of CHILDREN OF DUNE.
  3. Taoboi

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Same. I wonder if that is why the producers wanted Tanya then. A more sophisticated Claudia Jordan who did hold her own with Nene on a trip as well. And having someone to actively feud with that is fresh would give Nene a storyline.
  4. Taoboi

    Vanderpump Rules

    I'm a bit worried about how everyone will look when Billiegate hits. However now that she (temporarily) fell out with LVP, should be interesting if they get it on camera. That said...Wow at Beau...he has grounded Stassi and I do like them together. Now if she does not mess it up...
  5. Taoboi

    Days: 1/14/19. Weekly Preview

    Looks like there's a butt back there to me. That said...could be fun. Go, Sarah!!!
  6. Taoboi

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Going by what you said...I guess the lesson that the girls need to learn here is...
  7. Taoboi

    Days: 1/7/19. Weekly Preview

    That said...mmmmm...Xander...
  8. Taoboi

    Vanderpump Rules

    Well, it' s been a highly fun season so far. But I like the 'heading into adulthood' hook they are finally trying to give the show. THough I'm not sure how the rumored Billie Lee drama is going to pan out. That new episode with the twin birthday party was hilarious however. Stassi just cannot have a normal bday party, can she?
  9. Taoboi

    Netflix: Daredevil

    BOO!!! SMH.
  10. Taoboi

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Taking up a co-worker's challenge, I am happy to report that I have been bingewatching and just finished Season 4 which has been the best finale so far for me. Mad about Tywin. He was definitely a favorite of mine. And loved the fantasy element of Bran's story that got introduced. Meanwhile that Hound/Briene fight was awesomely brutal. Shae...SMH. Can't wait to continue on to Season 5...
  11. Taoboi

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Given all this tea on LVP's state of mind coming up on the new season of RHoBH, I honestly can't wait to see how things went done and it does sound like the other girls won't come off looking good at all. Well...since I've been gone for a minute...I have some catching up to do so forgive if I have lengthy posts coming... First up... ATL It was all over the place last I check in. So it has been nice over the last month that the new cast appears to be finally gelling (I can say the same for RHoNJ). And I am liking Tanya so far. Can't wait for her Tokyo revelation. NENE. Hmmm. Not here for the Greg cancer stuff. Nor her jealousy over Tanya. That said...she has had some funny moments, but I don't see much going on with her. CYNTHIA. I know everyone seems to call her boring. But I feel most of what is going on with her has been organic and I have liked it from Noelle heading to college to seeing Leon to even some (if not all) of the Mike stuff. It is nice to see someone not just having drama. And loved her winning in BITCA STOLE MY TALENT. She definitely outshined Eva. EVA. Hmmm...I've been enjoying that everyone has been seeing her for the shady diva that she's been acting like. I would think once Cynthia beat her in that walk contest that she would stop, but...smh. But she is not stupid...already building alliances with Tanya and Shamari. SHAMARI. She came in trying too hard. But now that she has come down, she's been fun. And judging from the twitter fight she just had with Marlo (and while she gave good, she lost), it looks like there might be the next rivalry coming. KANDI. I really wish they had filmed the event. It is hard to play she said/she said without recipits. In any case, I like she still have other things going on. But I don't think I can take another fight between her and Porsha. PORSHA. THANK GOD THEY STOPPED SHOWING HER SO MUCH. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That said...while I like she is happy...I can't help thinking that this is Kenya's storyline we should be watching...with a better/hotter man.
  12. Annnnnnnnnd I'm back!!!! Just in time to see a fight with a troll. lol. Good times



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      @dragonflies I wanted to, but I didn't have a laptop at the time.


      @Vee Why? I was giving credit where it was due. I noticed it from Day 1 as well, but at the time I didn't have a laptop to comment. Major props to you. Easily the highlight of my absence. However, if you want me to take it down Or your name part of it...I will. 

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      I'm not interested in spectacle for its own sake and I didn't ask for it. Edit it however you like.

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      One person's own sake is another person's self consciousness. In any case, edited.

  13. Taoboi

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I would think the writing is on the wall for this all for sure because of... 1) Bravo being adamant on turning Friday...FOR STARTERS...into Bravo Home and running with it. Not to mention it appears to be leaning more and more into scripted shows. I don't see half of the advertisement that the RH franchise used to get. Not to mention SHAHS and the like. Other than VP and BELOW DECK and competition shows like TOP CHEF and PROJECT RUNAWAY and even that is small. Look at that versus last year where by this point we would have ads running for RHOA, RHOJ, RHOBH, RHONY...even if it was six months out...AND VR. Why the shift? 2) The odd choice of putting MARRIED TO MEDICINE on Saturday with little advertisement. And the even odder choice of the RHOC reunion on Sunday with little notice. Because surely I was not the only one who thought it would be on Tuesday to see (thankfully) an ad saying it would be on Sunday as a lead in to DIRTY JOHN. And again...I didn't even know that RHOA was still new that night because again there was little advertising and they kept RHOA faaaarrrr away from DIRTY JOHN ads. Mama Dee is LOVE. YAAAAAAYYYY!!! Congrats!!! Not to mention what's been going on on Y&R since Mel Young took over.
  14. Taoboi

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I see that everyone's been so busy that no one decided to drop the Season 3 Dallas reunion trailer. hehe...GOOD. oH.... @DaytimeFan @Cat...