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  1. I thought that was a random interview when I saw it yesterday. Good.
  2. When God gives you blessings, He really does not play.



    1. Cheap21


      thats a Housewive tagline ready to be snatched

  3. I suspected it was him before it opened.
  4. Since my brother and everyone that knows my love of soaps have messaged me, I had to come and look... ...WOW.
  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COUNTESS!!!! GREAT PIC. And LOVE your report. Love you, boo, but I mention other than tayshanna that Twitter dropped this tea about returning BH housewives. Even Adrienne ahas been mentioned to cameo. I'm sure the season is boring but this might be because it's the 10th season and they want to do their coup like ATL did with Wig and Nene (with Lisa wu cameo) for Season 10. Still waiting on Tayshanna. Well, Candiace did tell her to drag her. Still...time for them to come on back now.
  6. Taoboi

    Vanderpump Rules

    I should have known if anyone would do it since I couldn't it would be you. LOVE. After the years of us discussing...FINALLY...NEW BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So any early predictions...?
  7. THAT'S RIGHT, KA!!! You play Gina like the diva she is!!! lol. That was pretty good.
  8. She recently was at the last GH Fan Weekend event if I'm not mistaken. I've been going through SOD lately and there was a picture of her, Wally Kurth, Leslie Chamberlain, and Lesli Kay. That said...I'm happy for her...those Adrienne Leon will always be a favorite.
  9. Ewww. But I will say this much...I have not been feeling OC since the first few episodes, but those last ten minutes was EVERYTHING. I just hope Tamra doesn't worm her way out of it. It seems like going by Twitter that only Taylor is the only OG who isn't coming back or making a cameo in the upcoming season. I could be wrong. Cuz Kim, Brandi, and Adirenne have all been mentioned as returning. And yay for Camille. GET THAT PAYBACK!!!
  10. Good. About time the Chancellors came back in play. Hope that means more airtime for Jill and a return from Nina.
  11. Well, Andy needs to GET THE FRAK OVER IT!!!! If his favorite wasn't such a hateful waif then he would need Keyonce to come and save HIS show. Because he should be busy with his own child, not trying to influence a show.
  12. Since people have mentioned that B&B seems like it has made a turn into watchable again, this should be an interesting month, no? Welcome to NOVEMBER SWEEPS!!! DISCUSS!!!!
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