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  1. Which is usually why there is a 2nd Season curse re: believing their own hype. Usually. So 'Holla' Heather next week? Niice. Meanwhile, Camille gets her own promo AND there is already a clip online of her vs Kyle. Then, Jill Zarin keeps cameoing all over. Great time to be alive.
  2. I love you, @victoria foxton, but my whole work/gym schedule due to the Rona was set around the episode today aka about to head out to work. I would love some cliffnotes if you don't mind.
  3. So...completely preempted for cautious rules on wildfires when none are going on right now. What happened today?
  4. Brain disorder. Makes one think if the ones refusing masks are...
  5. Sonny walks in and...PREEMPTED FOR WILDFIRE TALK?!? Really NBC?!? Really? 



    1. victoria foxton
    2. Taoboi


      Lol. See other note. ;)


    3. KMan101


      Another Sonny week this last week? Zzzzz


      Did anyone see Mo's tweet this week or last where he was like 'you guys excited for SONNY" like ... he's such a troll. He knows we hate the constant focus on him. LOL. 

  6. BH Count me in as a Kathryn fan. Her season ages well for her, too. It was on the other day. But when it comes to Housewives it is either: 1) get one and done or 2) They get a second season and then get THE SECOND SEASON CURSE. Just seems ugh. Speaking of ugh... DENISE. Did good last night. Loved that she chin-checked Kyle about how she wants to make drama over Denise leaving when Kyle just did the same thing at Denise's house IN FRONT OF KIDS. Kyle can have ALL the seats on that. Also loved Aaron getting Erika all the way together. The next two episodes look to be doozies, but love to see Denise doing her thing. DORIT. Look at you, riding that fence. She gets points with me for being TeamDenise. GARCELLE. Also TeamDenise. And that is why I see her being the one to figure out the 'plan' and 'who' is behind it per the midseason preview. And I continue to like her parts of the show. When was the last time these girls have truly showed their lives....not what they want us to see. ERIKA. Ha! Want to get all huffy once Aaron walks off. Why? BECAUSE HE DRAGGED YOU. You kept wanting something and you got it, but not in how you expected. And I don't at all like what she was trying to say in her TH about him intimidating her when she started it. WALKS LIKE A MAN. Girl, bye. Hope Camille get you together again next week. KYLE. I think Aaron said it best. Keep posting that bear (Denise F^&*ing Richards). You will get what you have coming. Know that. BTW, your man's business is shrinking. Focus on that. LIPSA. Fake friend. I admit that I giggled at her Kenya Moore moment, but you ain't THAT iconic. I feel the break killed the momentum, especially when NY came back swinging with momentum and direction...but it was a nice slow burn episode. Speaking of NY while my internet is working, I don't mind the THs now. It feels more...real? More documentary and is that not how reality tv started off as. It will be interesting to see it in the passage of time since the current seasons will be a sign of their time.
  7. I have been feeling it internally and took a mental health day yesterday to steel myself to keep hope.
  8. Shameful. It makes me worry this is going to be another crazy week...
  9. Good for them for doing something right for once. And awww about Chip's mom.
  10. I agree. But at least both of those other shows get promotion and repeats all over the week. Just one showing this week? one? Really, Bravo? Just as bad as how they treat SC NOLA...one of their better shows.
  11. Wow. So Bravo is really trying to cancel M2M LA, huh? Every other Sunday shows usually gets a second (third) showing during their seasons. LA? Nothing but movies usually. I love SATC to an extent but darrrrrn.
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