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  1. Very true. Well...that has potential. Heck, that could be slow burned, too, into something bigger.
  2. EXACTLY!!! From reading recaps, it appears Spencer is brought back when needed, using have some presence in storyline. And then he leaves again. So I don't mind that for a while, allowing for the character to grow. In fact, the reunion might be a great reset for what they want his personality to be. I don't know if he kept up the self absorbed rich kid with a heart when I stopped watching, but perhaps the fact that Nikolas kept himself 'dead' for three years might make him be a bit of a introvert, trying to put out the image of what a good prince...one who does not need to fake his death to get things done...should be. Even be a bit brainy. Maybe...?
  3. That's another thing. I don't see Jill liking Phyllis with Chance either.
  4. To be fair, Scott was given a chance, introduced through Victor, Lauren, and Michael. And it could have been slower intro, but he was at least given a shot at several stories. They could do the same for Fen...especially since JG gave him such juicy story off-screen that could be informing his return right now. From his tour to have a secret to being an addict it writes itself.
  5. IKR!!! I might have seen him maybe once since I stopped watching regularly and he was a little bit taller and had his glasses, but still looked the same. So....wow. I admit it is nice to see a show let a kid grow up onscreen a la Robin/Jessica/Maxie1.
  6. RHOA So...Nene actually quit...or just her attempting to get some attention/publicity going? OC I think the Peggy/Lydia season is the last season I have watched all the way through. Unpopular opinion, but I didn't like this past season. It did start off great for me and Viki was a good Friend Of and was working hard to get that orange back. And I like Emily. But it went left in the middle, got toxic AND repetitive for me...and I just did not feel like catching up and just tuned out.
  7. Taoboi

    Vanderpump Rules

    Well, there's the OTHER Brett and his other server Danica. But I am going to have to doublecheck a repeat, I think LVP took one of them haters (or both) out of the opening. ETA: Yep, Twitter appears to be confirming that Max and Brent have been getting the 'editing out' technique as much as they can edit them out.
  8. Given the returns (Nickolas, BrookLynn, Tracy, Taggert), I am wondering who is standing over Laura in the promo myself. I am down with just about any story that keeps Laura center. I heard that rumor about Gladys, but I know very little about the character.
  9. Oh. Glad I stepped in here to check on today's GH then. Just smh at the Clown and will continue to watch online as time permits...
  10. If it's like the one I saw online for yesterday's Y&R a day early, it is probably intentional to keep it up. But what happened? A preemption? Meanwhile, GH YouTube channel also have some clips up as well. I can't believe how big Spencer has grown since I was a regular viewer.
  11. Other than seeing Jill and being happy to see her...and Sharon with a moment of peace...today's episode was meh. Scratch that...nice dresses. lol.
  12. Lord, Andy, could you be any more messy?


    Can't wait to see what Leslie Jones's response will be.

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    2. Taoboi


      @Khan, yeah...the year has barely started and Bravo has turned into CBS.  I was just shocked at how a fun show (and fun tweets) have turned into a mess.



    3. DRW50


      Leslie Jones is too good for Andy Cohen. 

    4. Taoboi
  13. Or last season...which I will get around to binge watching eventually. I can't believe it has gone from prime tv and even got a spinoff to being vanished off Wednesday when it has almost always been there. Like Fox is punishing the whole show for what one did. smh.
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