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  1. But AATT has been hinting at this for a while. Now if it gets brought up on the show...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo. And we know the Green Eyed Bandits would jump on that.
  2. Hahahaha!!! I was wondering if someone had posted the Househusbands tagline!!! I was so hoping you all would see it since we mostly don't watch WWHL. @Cat nah uh Girlfriend!!! You know you got to talk about how LeeAndra did in Part 1, too!!! NJ Another easy breezy episode. I admit that watching last week it was good, but uneven. However, last night was very well paced. And it touched on all the story parts in this last half of the season. THINGS I LOVED: FAMILY DYNAMICS. What I have loved all season has been watching al
  3. RHOA So...they really cancelled DON'T BE TARDY??
  4. Agree. I loved her mob walk in the leather jacket a few weeks back. She OWN that week PERIOD.
  5. I agree. Rightfully so on Liz and her family. And same on SB and TB. But I am loving LW from where I am at right now.
  6. Hmmm who could she be? They did just mention Sarah a few weeks back. Or dare I say it...a recast Lulu?
  7. NJ Finally got to watch last week's and all I could think was That and...LOVE Teresa's hair going back to black and loved her in that dress at Michelle's party. That said...they must have forgotten where Dolores came from for them to be starting some mess with her. Calm she may be, but she is not at all afraid to go off when need be. Other than that, I felt it was another easy breezy episode. So many good moments, but I wonder if attacking Dolores is just a way to start drama in the Teresa/Dolores/Jennifer friend group. And judging
  8. RHOD Surprisingly, it was a good start. Asian Kenya and LeeAndra came to play. And they were taking NO Prisoners. LeeAndra said online that she held people's feet to the fire. And from what I can tell, she did just that. That heel stayed on necks. I cannot wait for her to do more of it next week. And her laughing at some of the others being dragged was funny. Meanwhile, the other major thing was Kameron vs Tiffany. I am not sure how I feel about this. After all, the feud was over chicken feet. And I knew it had exploded on Twitter. It seem like t
  9. See? I saw a racier picture of him and thought about using it. But I thought it might be too risque. That said...yum. I agree. Happy to see him getting more story.
  10. Now Episode 2... ...that had a HINT of rush to it. It still flowed beautifully...just not as much as Episode 1. And again...it was great to see another House vs House. And En Vogue at that. Not to mention Janet Jackson. Again, Music was on point. And then the episode closed out with Mariah Carey. That intervention for Pray Tell was this year's Dinner Party from Hell and the reads were fast and furious. And next week...THE TRUNK...
  11. Well...sounds like May Sweeps is coming in HOT.... DISCUSS!!!
  12. I KNOW!!! AND THE DALLAS REUNION!!! Pinch me. I can't believe this day has come.
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