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  1. 10-7 Valentin's Dad is WHO?? That said...still loving everything about this miniadventure in Greece. Anna in Anna form is always awesome. And Scorpio is a bonus.
  2. Yeah I don't feel the one in Arkansas edited out anything. However this being the Bible Belt, I really feel like they did a disclaimer back then. I could be wrong though.
  3. #taste My mother was a big fan of the original (all about 'her man' along with HIGHLANDER...HERCULES...etc) I am hard pressed to find anything that resonates with how black teens are now so I love to see how it was showing that as it resonates in that department. Takes me back to when I was a kid.
  4. As a kid I lived in the small town of Pine Bluff, Arkansas and can say confidentally now that YOU ARE NOT ALONE cuz I REMEMBER THE ANTI ABAROTION EPISODE!!! But PBS did not censor anything back then. The controversy about TALES OF THE CITY had to do with nudity and gay people being in it back then when it was a major issue to have homosexuality on a show so there was disclaimers for it back then. And they STILL showed it all. If I remember it back then. It was part of the draw. Of course, my parents was around so I could not see TOTC versus Degrassi which usually aired here between 11 30 and 12 30 back then on PBS. Or at a time when parents was not around. It was my draw since it resonated for me and felt real. THANK YOU. SAME.
  5. THAT was my favorite part. I LIVE for Garcelle letting them heffas know that she doesn't need to do ANYTHING to stay relevant. She simply IS. Yeah at this point...I would be sooooooooooo down for this.
  6. SLC Yay! I finally see Episode 4 and 5. I hate to say it...but after a good start with a slow burn, it appeared to have stalled. The quirkiness is still there. The icy overhead look at the city is still as gorgeous as I remember Season 1 being. But it has not clicked nearly as well as Season 1 did. Still enjoyable, but with the fallout from the reunion starting to end, it still hasn't found a groove. Thank God for Fabulous Ice. Whether she is being her Type A self or disliking Heather or clashing with BFF (former...?) Meredith, she is carrying this first half of the season. And now these next episodes has been about her growing feud with Whitney. Whitney? Let that sink in. But again, Whitney has shown since the beginning that she is smarter than she looks. I laughed at how she was mocking Fabulous Ice in her Confessional during Fab vs Angie. Speaking of Angie...imho she reminds me of a classier version of Messy Mia on POTOMAC. There are some here that Messy Mia's intro was kinda jarring though she had a natural connection by La Dame. That was how I felt about Angie even though we met her last season. Just slightly thirsty. I like Messy Mia from where I am at in my POTOMAC viewing. Here...I feel how others feel about Mia. Sorry. JEN. I said it before, but I'll say it again. Erika FakeFace...THIS is how you pivot. She still has her outburst. She still cannot take complete fault in things she does. But she is not coming across nearly as horrible as she did last season. The MVP is wise to see how she came across and has been slowly trying to make amends. And Meredith is in her sights. And Meredith does not forgive easily. She got dragged. And then she had to sit down (with Meredith nearby) and talk to Brooks. It was nice to see that revolved before the s&*( hit the fan again. LISA. Perhaps it's the fact that she might be trying to fix her image after being Fabulous Ice, but I LOVE IT!!! And by it, I mean her vs Whitney. Like I said, I feel she is carrying so far. And it will get crazy given her connections when the arrest episodes hit. And speaking of connection, do I think she got the caterers to back out? Hmmmmmm JEANNIE. I like seeing her family life. Old Fashion Housewives. Now I don't like that Hottie Hub wants to have more children given her backstory. That just seems selfish to me. I really and truly hope that is for storyline. HEATHER. Also giving Old Fashion Housewives right now with her family life. Outside of that and being comic relief with Whitney, she is just there now that her fight with Jen has resolved. MARY. That clip I posted a few weeks ago was essential Mary. Kooky she may be, but she at least is telling the truth. And I hollered at that tension with Jen. I don't think they will ever truly be friends so I live for their rivalry. I was also happy to see a solo Whitney/Mary scene since I feel they are the 'outsiders' of their group. WHITNEY. Like Meredith, I don't feel she is taking any prisoners this season. I don't dislike the turnup, but I do miss last season's Whitney. She was relatable in a whole different way from Heather. She brought the real. And it feels like she is still trying to with the sex issues, but the stuff with her father was so much more interesting. It is rarely seen on HW shows. Sex issues with the hubby is sooooo a decade old. MEREDITH. RUN THOSE GIRLS, HUNNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I continue to enjoy her fire this season. Calling out Jen. Not backing down to Jen. Making Jen sit with Brooks to resolve it. Flirting with her Hottie Hubby. So good second season for her so far.
  7. POTOMAC Finally got my internet working enough to see the reunion photos and... La Dame's dress made me think of shades of Latoya's dress from the RHOA reunion. Candiace, Ashley, and surprisingly Robyn were faves. Oh and Askale. But I know my opinion will change as I get to see the dresses actually move at the reunion so...
  8. BH Not as triggering as I thought. But STILL...if we are ALREADY going in on EricFake...this is going to be a loooooooooooooong three parts. And Andy was already coming across as playing soft ball with the questions already. Part 1 of the reunion for me was just there for me. Good start. But not much. Uneven even. Because some of what was going on could have been dug into more. But here is Andy again moving on from the meat. And the meat was the ganging up on Garcelle. And even that I was surprised by. Not at the gang up. I expected that. But it seem like people thought Garcelle was too weak with those heffas. I thought she carried herself extremely well. She kept it classy, but at the same time she kept it FIRM. With Dorit, she let that heffa run her mouth until she ran out of words. Then she clocked her. The fact Dorit kept coming for her was embrassing. With Ex Soap Opera Star...ah!!! That was the most meat. And I agree with @DynamiteKiddo. With it might have started with how Ex Soap Opera Star threw Denise to the wolves...it felt like a study on what happens when two close friends fall soooooooooo out with each other, can they ever get it back? I thought they both gave good points. But the win is in Garcelle's direction because Ex Soap Opera Star has truly shown that she is no one's friend. And if she can't OWN IT that others OWN the fact she's a trifling heffa that has known her for decades, then that's on her. Heck, she cannot even own a comment she allegedly made. And again Garcelle showed how classy she was by not doing what Kim did and brought out the reciepts. But Ex Soap Opera Star suuurre changed her tune quick. KYLE. Hmmm. People have speculating that it was her that told Garcelle that Ex Soap Opera Star said that. I love that said people think it was at that brunch at the beginning of the season that where Garcelle confronted Kyle about last season's reunion. I...could see. Kyle would totally be trying to get brownie points with Garcelle to be on her side. That made all the looks she gave when Ex Soap Opera Star and Dorit started to go after Garcelle in the latter half of the season take on a whole other level. There were quite a few times when her silences were telling. DORIT. For her sake, she better hope Garcelle does not live up to her threat on WWHL. Cuz her search for a moment by yelling did not turn out well for her. One...Garcelle STILL held her accountable and stood firm against it. Two...she got dragged for it and RIGHTFULLY SO...TRICK. ERICFAKE. Speaking of searching for a moment. Girl, go have a seat. Your turn is coming. Jesus. EX SOAP OPERA STAR. Yeah I was not here for this trick's attempt to go Cujo on Garcelle. No, ma'am. Dorit was doing a good job of burying herself. She didn't need her own personal Robyn. Sorry. I loved that Garcelle gathered her together and then pulled a page from Kyle's own handbook and blindsided her trifling a&*. Sorry, not sorry. What made it so delicious is that no matter if it was a lie, Ex Soap Opera Star has done so much to so many people...whether it was right or wrong. Kim. Yolanda. Eden. LVP. Denise. It's not at all far fetched when you are playing that role on a show. How about being real? Or just...own that. Don't be made that people see right through you. Don't be so transparent. CRYSTAL. Nuff said. SUTTON. Awwww...she got a montage. Oh, she has a new man. Oooooo look at those expansive heels. WATCH EricFake get green with envy at how much Sutton's wealth WHISPERS. And WATCH how bend out of shape EricFake gets. Well #staypressed. GARCELLE. At this point, I just think they all are mad at her because she plays the game so much better than any of them. Relatable. Beautiful. Not afraid to be vulnerable even in a pack of hyenas...I mean women. But also able to articulate herself to get her point across while cutting through bs. And that was what Couch Left was doing. A LOT OF BS. The fact it was a 3 on one and she still held them accountable and deflected their jabs with her own is why she is a BOSS. Even better a QUEEN. And now that she is appearing more and more around LVP in public, I suspect she will be moreso... So...good start, but again...if we are already at EricFake spinning another narrative...I'm ready for a Shady Phae Phae style fall.
  9. 10-5 THANK YOU, CURTIS!!! GATHER MICHAEL AND WILLOW ALL THE WAY TOGETHER. lol. Good to see someone in Nina's corner. I have never had any use for RM as Ryan Lavery except for early Ryan...but his Drew is foine. lol. Keep him in those blue jeans. ROBERT!!!! BACK AT LAST!!! Other than that, yeah to a little of what was said in the September thread about adding the climax to the stalker storyline to the 'abrupt end' list. All that start and stop. All that momentum. All that building. And even the actor playing Spencer can't sell that sudden turn to confessing even if the dialogue says that he did it because Sonny's men was about to hurt his dad. What I have been finding interesting has been that the fallout for all of these anticlimatic endings (the stalker storyline, Nixon Falls, etc) has been...interesting. Like I wish the Mike/Sonny storyline could have gone on muuuuch longer. But it does seem that there are hints that Mike is not all gone. And it would nice for all of his determination that the 'ghost' of Mike continues to haunt Sonny. Since Jason and Carly did not sleep together, I am all for those 'feelings' to go poof to get back to Jason/Britt myself. The end of the stalker storyline ended with lines drawn where I am at with Trina vs Esme. I'm down for that. And I'm liking the built to Drew's return. The Valentin/Anna scenes in Italy made me so swoon. I still can't believe how much I am cheering for them because Valentin had swagger in those scenes. Also interesting that when put against a major actor like CS, someone has mellowed out of 'dramatic' speak. However...the fact that this has slowly, but surely been building at the expense of the other interesting storylines instead of alongside them...makes one think...hmmm since we got CM as Recast Drew, we might want to speed this up so let's kill all the other storylines off. To that I said...should have kept them all together so all the stories shine...not just pushing one. Or...meh.
  10. Yeah it sounds like I will getting triggered. Until then...going to meet up with friends in town for a wedding.
  11. BH Awwww...hell no. What we are NOT gonna do is come for Garcelle in Part 1...
  12. Jealous that you are caught up. I need to finish Season 1.
  13. Funny you should say that @CatNickii says... And it's well known she dislikes Candiace and Gizelle so...
  14. It will always be ALL STARS to me. And like @Faulkner, I too hollered at GOOD-BYE KYLE being her most iconic moment and loved Lu's being 'Be Cool, not uncool.' And lol at us manifesting a RHOA HW going at it with a BH HW who all would drag EricFake. She is. Nowhere for her trifling butt to hide now. Get her, Kenya!!!
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