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  1. But yeah, it was mentioned online...can't think of where off hand want to say either good sources on Twitter or TT, that there was some kind of producer shift. Someone who had been there a long time so I think NJ still has the same company. Since both locations are the ones who mentioned the fact that other than WWHL, Andy doesn't have as active a hand as he used to have on the HW shows as he would like people to think he does or certain people here would like to think. Heck, the fact he is focused on his show (rather than the RHOA reunion which is what people REALLY want back BTW Reunion is back ON) rather than hiding out says more about him and his focus than anything. But after this year Andy can take several seats in my eyes. Maybe Lucilla is the one that is leaving, no? I was already a Jennifer fan her first season. So I came out of this season loving her more. Her Twitter videos are hilarious. It's like she is in on the joke rather than the butt of them. Very tongue-in-cheek and I like that. I also like how she at least appears to be showing her life. lol at the Kyle shade. I'm looking forward to her presence for sure re: Garcelle. It will be something else for sure. Especially since she was allegedly Denise's only defender. And did you hear that the reason Sutton got demoted was that she was going through a divorce and did not want the dirty laundry out and about. It makes me wonder if they do a Season 6 NY LuAnn or even Camille last season with her where she is at everything, but her life is not shown toooooo much. With Naomi back on TV guest judging Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn's new show MAKING THE CUT (just came out last Friday), I am dying to see her. She was in the trailer throwing some effortless shade and I LIVE. Those BH girls would not be able to handle her AT ALL. Andy...well...ugh. But I said how I feel about him after the RHoD, RHOC, and BELOW DECK reunion.
  2. I was just coming over here after just reading it. The shear disrespect. DaM-N. I can't.
  3. NJ THAT. re: your quote from reunion Part 1 with Jennifer, Melissa, camera on Tre. Was my favorite part of the reunion that I managed to see. The editors STAYED shady to Teresa to this year (add on her at the party in the finale.). Jennifer fan here and I've loved her from what parts I saw of her in the reunion. At the time my work schedule (and Bravo sucky repeat schedule) made me miss the majority of Part 1 and Part 2 of the reunion. Jennifer was quiet Part 3 which is the part I actually saw. But I loved her keeping that other couch on ready. And...they WEREN'T ready. To make it funnier...what Jennifer called Melissa out on IS ALL that Melissa has been doing online. Pre-Corona I believe is when she did that first TikTok video with her, Joe, and the family. And I believe she did it two days after Part 3. I saw it and hollered, seeing Jennifer completely vindicated. However, I hear that there will be new producers for next season and that Jennifer's performance while excellent for the viewers who want to see her vs Melissa or Marge (a more worth adversary), Andy came out of the reunion disliking her a la Kenya. Hopefully, he really has no influence in casting anymore because word on the street was that he wants her out. BH So you heard they pulled a Season 5 Marlo (the year that Marlo fell out with Nene and cut ALL of her appearances even though she was at all the housewives events that year) on Camille and now we might be seeing VERY LITTLE of her versus a good amount this year? Honestly, I had very little interest but the mini commercial (the GOLD TO COLD one) makes me interest. More interesting and to the point than the trailer for the new season. I definitely curious to see how Garcelle fits given she was one of my favorite side characters on THE MAGICIANS. Especially since she lived some of them, but I want to see who she is referencing NOT liking. Cuz we know how these girls love to make a molehill into a mountain. OC Yeah. Tamra was definitely back now. Sounds like they rolled Vicki back in too, but I haven't click on any of the recent article due to being busy. Just ugh.
  4. I am wondering if it has to do with their contracts now. Like since they run out at the end of April is it a loophole tactic so they would still have to film the reunion post deadline in order to still have the three (yes, three) episodes above to get them to film it. Meanwhile, there are only THREE episodes left before the reunion anyway. RHOP So during FAMILY KARMA, they did a mini commercial and GUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLL, it went back too fast but there was a clip for Candiace saying that some tea. Apparently if this Michael thing is to be believed that he not only went to see the woman but he said to her something about a BOYFRIEND HE HAS TOO?? What, what?!? Just juicy. I don't plan on that. Since Candiace will be much too busy with Monique to continue to keep Ashley's feet to the fire (though the new commercial shows Candiace still in Ashley's business hehe), I can't wait to see Ashley stand up to a GROWN woman. Should be fun.
  5. Hmm...sounds like some RHOP information is going to drop today.


    Fingers crossed its the trailer. :)

  6. Well, I did see a trailer for it and I was intrigued.
  7. Yes, we really did. May it not end on a whimper.
  8. I was just about to ask if you saw Nene and Kandi's back and forth today. Never mind. Meanwhile, you see Claudia gather RHOD Kary all the way together today. 2 for 1!!! lol. See? Other than that last part of her talking about why she was living, Danielle looked like she read Marge for filth and I was here for that. Because Marge has been believing her hype. And it is not a good look on her IMHO. Like was mentioned, Danielle has been holding back for two seasons when Marge has been coming for her...and she FINALLY gave her what she had coming. Danielle's only mistake was overestimating Tre having her back. Danielle vs Marge was the highlight of this part of the reunion and I LIVED. It is a shame Danielle is gone because it would have been interesting to see where their rivalry that has been ongoing for two seasons now would go from this now that Danielle was truly on the attack. Same. Livid at Corona.
  9. You are not alone, my Goodman. I fell off in Season 5 and have been meaning to rewatch it, but I've been busy. But yeah...I agree. After all the Jussie drama and the cast standing up for him, Fox was done with the show IMHO and definitely want to send a message. Judging from the move to Tuesday, message received.
  10. This is probably going to take a while but... OC So I was surprised looking through this that no one was mentioning how Andy with his messy a*s was trying to get Vicki and Tamra back on TV from what I heard. That Tamra was actually back on OC because what they filmed so far was just like RHOBH...BORING. Speaking of... BH So it sounds like April 15 is the date that was leak. And as a result, RHOP was pushed back. Uh...no. @Cat, I giggled when you opened admitted you were going to hate watch. Not sure if I will watch unless they implode or my theory about Lipsa attempting a takedown comes to pass, but that looks non-existent with the Brandi stuff and the reshoot. And there was a rumor of Sutton being demoting?
  11. They so should have left it on Wednesday. #punishment
  12. It sounds really intriguing, but I love alternative history due to SLIDERS. I had never heard of the series, but I now want to know more. Is it any good?
  13. Sorry. Bad popup on this sight so just now replying...and WOW...a lot of pages to get through....but... THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE!!!! Has Karen said otherwise since? I was just watching RHOP clips last night and it occurred to me that maybe Candiace is trying to make Karen pick sides in her fight with Monique. And we know that won't fly.
  14. So...February Sweeps are over. Or was it sleeps? A B C D F I am still catching up on GH, but I've enjoyed the week of the reveal so far. Now that might change once I get to the fallout. So I would give it a solid B since it's been a while since I watched GH. Y&R...hmmm...judging on one episode as I'm behind I would say a C. There were just too many people running around...none of whom I was interested in. But I still have EB's anniversary episodes to sit and watch. How was your shows last month?
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