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  1. Good question. And the sad thing is...I love SH, but given the history and Kristen's throughline about having a baby, ED would have played the h#$% out of this...assuming she is going the whole 9 months. I did figure that RC would attempt to redeem her in order to keep her around. And a baby would do that. But woulda coulda shoulda re: ED.
  2. OC Before it gets crazier (and the wine flows) for RHOP, I wanted to say that I liked what I saw on OC. I could see why Andy say the drama really started to past week. And Viki hasn't gotten there yet. TAMRA. Ugh. lol. Maybe it's because Bravo broadcast Season 9 (?) again aka Lizzie's secret. So you could see Tamra stirring that pot. And she was soooooo doing that with Sharon. Made me wish Lizzie was around to call it out again. GINA. SMH. I was rooting for her, but flip flopper. And Emily had been a good friend to her. Just ugh. And it looks like she will get into more drama this coming week. SHARON. I was finding her refreshing this season so far...but this? I knew once Tamra started in on her she would start to not feel well. NEW GIRL. My apologies. I don't got her name down yet. So far, I like her a lot more than I like Kary over on RHOD as newbies go. EMILY. If I stand alone, I stand alone but I like Emily. She definitely is not suffering from the second season curse like some people might be *cough*Gina*cough*. That could be because she has started related for someone so ordinary. Shane is a POS though. He did a good job by surprising her, but he has to stay being there for his wife. Because she has been there for him and outside the show appears that she still is. KELLY. Like LeeAnne this past week, this trip was not a good look on her. UNLIKE LeeAnne, Kelly was just annoying as all get out. In fact, she is overdramatic at this Viki thing at this point. How can you even be mad at her when you are being just as dramatic as hers? And if you are going to bring your child into it (which you shouldn't), she needs to watch how she acts, too. Kelly as Head Mean Girl. Yeaaaah….NO. I would rather have Viki back since she at least has some form of a sense of humor. RHOA SO THE GIRLS ARE IN GREECE?!? LORD... LOL!!! Or at least (so far) Nene, Marlo, Porsha, and Tanya. Going with the theory about Rinna I was talking about, I'm going to go with Number 2. Isn't there now a new rumor running around that Teddi is coming back as a friend when it was said she was going to be full time? It's almost like how RHOA does that 'Pass the Peach' game.
  3. I knew Kristen would get a preggers storyline!!!
  4. Other than Kenya being in the wrong with Kim Fields I liked Season 8. And it was probably the last time Nene was subtle as she tried to get her crown back from Kenya by taking a page from Kenya's own book and played everyone against each other. Also the first time Cynthia was full on feisty due to her drama with Peter. I feel like this was a while back...maybe around the time news got out that either GB was joining BH or had filmed her first scene, but I was reading through comments and someone made a good case for suspecting that Lipsa was up to something this season. From the fact that the two new girls were friends of hers (I think GB is loosely a friend vs the other one) to her actions online like having Erika's back to her attempts to distance herself from some of the other girls all of a sudden to an article where Camille mentioned that post-reunion that Lipsa is the only one that has contacted her making one go hmmmm. Why would she do that? What would she have to gain? Her movements I wanted to say the someone said Instgram, but I might be wrong has been very strategistic in a way those girls were always accusing LVP of being. What was interesting was that until Fashion Week, it looked like she was doing it under the rader and under Kyle's nose. I feel like she also made some cryptic comment about Kyle, but it's been so long I don't remember the context. But reading it and seeing what they put out it does look like Lipsa does have a posse forming so the girls might just be split between Kyle/Teddi and Lipsa/Erika/Garcelle/NewGirl with Dorit with the winner aka Team 2. Which would be intriguing for the trainwreck I WANT to happen. She's been putting the cards in her favor. So...why? So....good theory from what I remember.
  5. Eileen that was not a good look on you. Don't taint my memories. And heehe at LVP response on Twitter. I still feel the only reason they are all back is because we want to see the aftermath of the LVP wish-it-was-a-takedown where they turn on each other. And like a trainwreck, one wants to see who is left standing. And since it looks like more and more Lipsa is coming for Kyle...I AM HERE FOR THAT.
  6. LOL!!! I knew you would be in here really to fight for Kenya!!! +1 to all you said. I thought last season was a good transition season for sure, but it SHOULD have ended with Nene gone just like Wig the season before that. Unless she humbles herself or pulls a Season 6 NYC LuAnn on the girls (don't be uncool), I just don't see why she is there unless she gets a redemptive arc like Porsha successfully (for me and a few others I believe) got last season. Sorry, I got so blindsided by the Kenya news and a kinda date that I forgot... DALLAS I think I am going to need a rewatch at some point. I liked it a lot, but I could see why others might get triggered. And even I should have been triggered since suicide is one of my hot buttons. Why wasn't I? I just felt like LeeAnne...love you...and Kary were both in the wrong on that trip so far. Kary kept telling the other girls and in the confessional that she wanted to get to know LeeAnne. Thus the shared rooms. However, this drama could have been mostly dropped if Kary HAD SAID TO LEEANNE'S FACE!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY?!? All she had to do was pull LeeAnne and explain why she did it rather than trying to come across uppity. Makes me think she just wanted to catch drama with someone she knows already mistrusts her. If you are trying to branch that divide, you are going to have to talk to them face to face so they can see your sincerity...if you are being sincere. However... LEEANNE. Girl, you WERE doing too much. Still love you, but you were. I can even see why. Wedding. Cheating talk. Being around D'Andra. Stress, stress, stress. But something can be said for being grace under pressure...something you learned last season with your bowl. I can't even hate her for her deflect at the dinner. We all have been known to use an uncomfortable subject/gesture to make people stop talking period. Kary ain't making it easier by unnecessary drama. BRANDI. Surprisingly a hoot. D'ANDRA. No longer Ashley Abbott to me. Ashley would not have missed that meeting AT ALL. Shame. I guess you really don't want that business, it's about attention. Didn't like that storyline at all. KAMERON. Looking forward to my rewatch. Goofy Her was back but it went over my head. STEPHANIE. Everything with her resonated with me. Speaking out about suicide...giving it that awareness would naturally draw people to you for better or worse. And being that role model can definitely be a burden. I felt that. Thank God she has a great husband. Love their scene where he had her reread D'Andra's text. KARY. *NENE*I see you*NENE* Love the house, but you are not fooling me. I liked her humor, but your passive aggressive stuff will be wearing. Stop. Will do OC later... Yeah, I have to at least say her luck seems to be like mine with guys. Rumor is the drama will be insane.
  7. Darrrn, that's what I did for being online lite today!!! She did a reveal. SMH. See? I saw her report and other comments online about their showing together on Tamron Hall so I was hoping good, they were working out. And he was being fine with the cameras. Just...ugh.
  8. Now tbf until TT do a blind item reveal are we sure that blind item that that sounds like is him? It was my guess as well mind you, but...:)
  9. IKR... @Antoyne, again that might be why the producers are giving the Darbys such an edit.
  10. ME, ME, ME!!!! lol!!! As for editing, it seems to be very clear that the editors/producers really do not like Ashley and Michael anymore. I wonder why...hmmm.... From other clips popping up you will get more of that. re: Karen putting Giz in place.
  11. Just saw it. It seems Gizelle's ex-husband just might be the Mr. Chocolate that they were always talking about over on RHOA when her and Apollo fell apart. Looking forward to Shady Phae Phae's response. And loved the Part 2 clip. Karen stays dragging Gizelle. Good.
  12. I like Quad with the short blonde. That said...yeah...I find this group divided in this episode not good. Team Heavenly, Quad, Contessa...I find worrying. Team Mariah, Jackie, Simone, Toya...for the win?
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