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  1. That is definitely good news to hear. A calm within this circus.
  2. OC And so it begins... Since before the season started, we knew it was coming. Coronavirus was going to hit the OC. I was curious to see how they would handle it since I was down in San Diego and it has gone from bad to worse. I've seen it hit family members. I have to deal with it in my jobs every day and people's lack of common sense or empathy. And trust...the area where the ladies are at? Well...let's not make this into a political post. That said...I admit that I liked that they took a cue from SOUTHERN CHARM and slowly seem to do it in relative free
  3. POTOMAC OH, SH*#$!!! Bravo went ahead and gave a taste of the finale fight??? Well....Team Darby then...get her Ashley!
  4. From what I've seen...stuff finally started to happen again. So it improved on last year?
  5. He looks like a mix of Tom Hardy and Paul Rudd. Niiice.
  6. I know what you mean @YRBB. I've been looking forward to seeing how Shannon was going to handle it since before the season began. But even I felt anxious watching the midseason trailer yesterday, finding it to be a little TOO real given what is going on here in San Diego and LA at the moment. I haven't watched last night's OC. Yet. For that very reason. @Cat well, SLC has DEFINITELY been great. I have half a mind to rewatch last night for the nuance because I find Heather and Mary gave so much in spades and are easily my favorites now. Whitney is an interesting enigma. Lisa is (so
  7. SLC That was pretty good. And oh, look. Another event with a cliffhanger. I think someone else said it online best. I mentioned that Jen had been promoting since long before the season started. And others said she tweeted a lot the first 3 episodes. However, tonight? She has been mostly silent. Translation: she knows she messed up. A lot of us here have said that she was doing too much. That she was playing a character. That she was coming in hot. Too hot. And I feel she's about to turn a corner since I believe 'Don't Get Ghetto.' is next week.
  8. That it is. And LA just apparently gave stay at home orders to everyone. SD (where I'm at) is probably next. Probably because at the time they did not take it at all seriously. After all the OC has been called the 'Florida' of California. For that reason...the fact that Shannon shows the good, the bad, and the ugly with herself...I been saying that unlike the other HW shows that filmed post-co-vid...OC would be interesting because it really was there...filmed before/during/AND after Co-Vid hit. The other shows have filmed after or had pick up scenes or have some scenes of it, bu
  9. @Chris B my bad! I see news breaking about Kyle, Kathy, and Dorit on TMZ. And she got it all on film per the midseason trailer. Happy for her as well.
  10. WOW. These explosion episodes have legs. Good flow and just got to the part where Sam told Alexis she don't need her watching her kids. I'll say this much...this was built up very well. And they have been slow...playing the beats in the direct aftermath...and people finding out one by one or gradually. OMG! Laura Wright cut her hair?? And it looks great. ETA: And Liz in the thick of it.
  11. I agree. I still find it hard to believe they are already on Episode 9 now. It isn't until the last 2 that everything is coming together. It really does look interesting. There had been reports out there of things...like Braunwyn coming out...but it sounded like it was not filmed for the show. But IT WAS? Color me intrigued.
  12. I heard the rumor about Kyle, but SHE DID FOR REAL? Cuz she has not at all did the 2 week period at all depending on when she was told. And Dorit and Kathy too? See? I had no idea other than Garcelle was quaranting and what reports I heard were just tech people. Wow. I agree on Erika. Somewhere...Denise is smirking.
  13. BH Hold up!!! She what??? Erika Girardi sued for allegedly embezzling money in divorce (pagesix.com)
  14. OC WOW. THAT was unexpected...and somewhat unnerving at the realness. But it DOES look more interesting than the first trailer. Midseason trailer is out... RHOA Speaking of realness...
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