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  1. I always love it when you guys have a month where no one does a new monthly thread. lol.
  2. And so it begins... Well, given that the first notice of the new writers/producers finally hit the screen.... ...
  4. LOL!!! From what little I've seen of Barbara so far...she just comes across to me like she should be on RHoNJ. I like her though.
  5. I didn't realize that Shannon Kane was on the ORIGINALS' first season. And God, she was fierce throughout.

  6. Looks like I'll be back to regular viewing again since around July 2018 then. Oh, and Mal...
  7. Great to hear all of this. Hopefully TLW will come through as well.
  8. Going by what everyone is saying on here (thank you, Bravo for an ACTUAL repeat tonight) that fight appears to just be part of it. New target: Camille? Yeah, I mentioned that a page or two back. You know Bravo want ALL OF THAT on film. 😎 And did you say by Season 4 Robyn would turn on Gizelle. Looks like you are right. That said...that was EVERYTHING. Karen was rocked those braids. Lived for her checking Gizelle. Can't wait for this and what looks like Nene's turn to be last year Wig and Season 4 Sheree at the RHOA reunion this year.
  9. Well, Bravo suuuuuuure is making it hard to catch repeats of BH and NY....not that I hating any BELOW DECK episodes. That said... Just to go back to RHOBH again, I feel the season is going to suffer when LVP leaves. Tonight I was so bored by the stuff that didn’t involve her. I’m sure her solo scenes will be more interesting than what they do as a group because they seem so bland as a whole. I can’t imagine the cast trip being worth anything with only Erika, Kyle, Rinna, Teddi and Dorit going. They keep saying it’s like two seasons but I can’t imagine these boring girls carrying it with how much they control their imagine for the cameras. Not surprising Brandi and Kim will be back as they’ll need some conflict. But wasn't the rumor that once LVP vanishes off from the group that either Camille becomes the target or that Season 1 Camille pops up again in full instead of the flashes of her we have been getting the last few seasons?
  10. So agree on the editing. Going by WWHL, looks like more went down than anyone is telling. At least until the reunion per Porsha and Andy.
  11. It's not like his thread over in Spoilers hasn't been bumped up for you to know when, boo.
  12. Well, it loved the little nuggets of tea TT gave out today. There will be another season of RHoD. RHoNJ sounds like it is already filming again and everyone seems back. The RHOA reunion might make up for the season. Will be 3 parts. And is in a couple of weeks. So finale next week?
  13. I hearted them so hard. Just...damn.
  14. yAY!!! hE'S ALIVE!!! lol That said...can't wait.
  15. RHoBH Now that I've seen the 'takedown,' I have to say that I'm like Denise...'what are these crazy bitcas fighting about?' *sips tequila* But seriously...that was pretty foul. And yet...do I need to throw out a devil advocate at the whole thing. Perhaps this is something LVP would do...I will own that. HOWEVER, I just don't think she is in any condition to do anything...making the ladies look paranoid.
  16. See? I would disagree with that. The interference no. I vaguely remember that going down. I also vaguely remember Jason Katims was more interested in a lot of the romantic teen melodrama than the scifi...which did show and kinda like how Tim Kring was on HEROES if I'm being honest. Regardless of his dislike...I felt Season Two had direction right up until the doppleganger/alien summit in New York episodes. After that, it went off the rails because the writing had all these ideas with no idea of how to converge it all together in a way that made sense. The war with the Skins did have legs if it had not just been resolved for the most part by episode 7 of that season. Basically from what I heard...they didn't want to go totally that way re: sci-fi.
  17. Well tbf, they always had that giant. But the dragon? I was like AWWW HELL TO THE NO!!! Right there with you. Just finished 30 minutes. In my feels. Miss my Queen of Thorns.
  18. Well...I happen to like the intrigue that came with the introduction of Tess personally. But I liked most of the sci-fi of Season Two (barring that whole queen hive thing)...but I'll give you season Three which I have finally watched a few months ago does not hold up well at all. Though I will ALWAYS love 'Get Up, Bitca.' That said...I am loving the reboot so far with the intrigue (and I love Amber Midhunter on LEGION) and the floating bodies thing...it's a show you can't just have on in the background. That's for sure.
  19. Season 7, Episode 1... 'Shall We Begin?' That whole spread where Daenarys makes it home was breathtaking. And then at the end I did not even realize that nothing but music had been playing. Genius! Great start I thought. And I continue to love the friction between Sansa and Jon. And hope it keeps going. EPISODE 2 It never even occurred to me that Jon and Daenarys haven't even met yet. Wow. Oh, the drama that could happen... That sea fight...WOW. Euron...you a scoundrel. But I do like him. lol. And he killed two of the snakes. I knew Thron was going to have a PTSD moment though. I sure he will redeem himself. EPISODE 3 Still watching but darrrrrn if Cersei has totally turned love-to-hate for me. Love that vengeance she got on the Dornes for her daughter's death. Sweet and perfect. And well-played, GoT...I thought Sansa was about to be reunited with Arya (who did great with her Red Wedding revenge in Episode 1...and loved that she found her wolf again btw), but she gets reunited with Bran instead. Writers are such a tease. More later...
  20. WOW. Because life isn't hard for a gay black man already...
  21. Oh, yeah...I saw. It's just when I try to post anything from Twitter, my computer freezes. That's because she knows that video has her in the hot seat.
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