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  1. ES definitely continues to prove she has taste as well as wisdom.
  2. POTOMAC Oooooo and just in time for Mia and Candiace to drag each other this weekend on Twitter. I think my favorite moment might either be the unmasking of Gizelle (Season 5) or Candiace vs Gizelle when she butted in on Candiace vs Charisse (Season 3)
  3. It is a shame that she was not there. Especially Viki vs Dorian was always an excellent rivalry and it did feel weird that she was not there at the end. Good she did appear on the online version. That said...I still cry over her last montage.
  4. 9-9 You know what? I'm sorry, but I can't. That kiss was EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. And perhaps this is my history and my memories of SJB Carly speaking, but no. HELL NO. Now I will give credit where it's due because I love that the writers acknowledged Jake's and tackled the elephant in the room with this Jason/Carly scene. I don't even think in all the time that I've been an on and off viewer that Jason and Carly have gotten into this conversation with some honesty, sincerity, and intimacy. About their beginning. About their feelings. It made me miss SJB for sure. So +1. That said...HOWEVER given the way Carly treated Robin, Liz, Sam, and anyone who looked at Jason funny to see her basically win after decades of sabotaging those relationships...yeah...*shakes head* no, bitca. And while I liked the scenes and who wrote them, my LOGICAL (not emotional which is clearly the above) mind is saying the writers are doing what a lot of people discussed here over the last few months. You cannot have Sonny just come back...with memory or without memory...and it just be Carly and Jason separate. They have to have feelings for each other so this is the right kind of messy. And that is what this scene was. A plot point. A well-written plot point, but a plot point all the same. Raising the stakes. Still...I could vomit. And...I wanted Jason with Britt darn it!!! lol.
  5. Really, ABC...taking the Y&R 5 show player approach? SMH.

    1. Errol


      Are you referring to ABC.com and how you can't watch the most recent five shows on there without logging in, but you can watch the older five shows for free?

    2. Taoboi


      No. On my system, ABC usually hold on to GH for two weeks (and the voting episode for some reason) but yesterday it just had this week. I guess they are doing some reconstruction because last week's is back. *shrugs* 


      But I remember trying to watch Y&R on CBS's player and that always sucked and only did the 5 recent episodes. So I was picking. 

  6. @Gray Bunny the meme that keeps on giving. Re: Kathy. I always felt she was brought on to soften Kyle's image after that Denise season. But...I didn't mind. At first. Her, Crystal, Sutton, and Garcelle brought back the very much missed glamour that BH used to be. After all, this show was about the rich, maybe famous, and of course their secrets, lies, and struggle with the wannabes. Now...I have started to side-eye...
  7. That just means like this past season of BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT, I can take my time finishing out this season then. I'm still back in Salem.
  8. Well, I need all that eye candy this morning so thanks @Faulkner. My FAVES...
  9. Well... But I get what you all mean...my friend wanted to do the movies yesterday...we have been reconnecting now that it's been pandemic-lite here lately. But I still only wanted to do the movies at a time when it was not busy. And... My side-eye is STILL getting a workout in my neighborhood. People can't even safe distance properly here.
  10. @Cat well I feel she was telling the truth. I am sadden that someone must have said something because that evening Bethanny started to backpedal. Since we know she ain't afraid of EricFake, I wonder who... And... REUNION LOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 9-7 RME. Of course, Carly would be happy about all this. While I don't like this Carly thing since I was into the Jason/Britt thang, I do like that beats are getting played. Right now, it's the Monice vs Carly talk. But I loved the bachelor and bachelorette party (mmmmm Brando). And there's that Novak jerk again. And I am trying to figure out why this Dante/Jason talk is here...which feels like it could be more...layed? (mob/cop, Sam, Sonny tension which they are discussing now, etc) Oooh so this is the talk between Jordan and TJ some of you were talking about. Yeah...I would say as foreshadowing as I feel all of Jax's talk with Carly over her in the mob has been. So again...I can't help but feel we are watching Jax's exit story as I type. Speaking of foreshadowing HA!!!! After being domant for months, the pasta thread FINALLY has come back into play, leading Jax back to Nixon Falls and probably the truth about Sonny. I love when soaps do that. Well played writers.
  12. They stay being good friends. LOVE. Annnd....REALLY BETHANNY??? REALLY??? WOW!!! RHOA Porsha is trending again. She might be out.
  13. I am also out of the loop. Did it come out already?
  14. 9-3 BOBBIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And wow. I bet those Jasam fans felt some kinda way about Jason and Sam running into each other at Savoy and it was basically a 30 second meeting to acknowledge their relationship and then they kept it moving. KM really and truly looked like her Sam cared that it was over.
  15. BH Well, I guess Kyle should be extremely happy they filmed the reunion already. Otherwise, I would suspect EricFake would be livid with her right now. There has been no other season where it has not been obvious who the chess player is. Last week, it was undermining Sutton and assassinating her good 'friend' Erika Jayne. This week it was more attacking her good 'friend' (with help from the husbands) and throwing Garcelle under the bus with an interview. Chess Player, thy name is Kyle. And I yet...I don't feel sorry for poor EricFake. Other people have to worry about bills that they should have the money for (and earlier today apparently Andy Cokehead used the word allegedly, setting off a firestorm), but is currently being MIA. Meanwhile she gets to dressed in red, go to wedding dress parties, and harass southern ladies. Wow. What a hard knocked life. KYLE. SMH. Just watching her with so many moves in play. Holding EricFake's hand, coaxing her to speak on her lies and her victim act...or appearing to care while covering herself in her confessionals. Having a dinner with her husband and her friend who has a husband that has no problem MENTIONING IT ALL in terms of how EricFake looks...cuz game recognizes game. And then have your own husband parrot what you say in confessional since everyone likes your husband more than you. And just in case, you have Production with ready receipts and Kathy as firm backup in your messiness. And it all looked so clear. I guess I should say I like 'seeing the strings' so to speak, but Kyle is no one's friend and it would be nice if everyone else saw that as well. I am definitely worrying when that whole wedding dress party was filmed because I don't even think that Garcelle interview dropped until a few episodes into this current season. So how fast it appeared on screen? Or did someone tip Kyle off? I actually have questions. DORIT. I give her this much...those were some nice wedding dresses. Now...did she make them? If so, then yes, she definitely has a talent for them. Something she should focus on. And not starting unnecessary drama with Garcelle over something that EVERYONE has told her before...SHE TALKS TOO MUCH. Heck, Camille gave her a ball gag to shut her up. So this 'amnesia' is not working for me. And she will be starting mess next week, too? I hope she gets dragged at the reunion as much as people will drag her for making Garcelle cry. You know this tactic did not work for Tiny...I mean, Theresa...no...Tara...when she tried it with Garcelle. You will fail just as well, Hunni. EX SOAP OPERA STAR. Other than some light shade at Dorit a la Beverly Beach...just her typical piece of @#$. Yes, she continued to prove Garcelle right and practically ran out of the room rather than try to back up her friend of 20 years. Oh, wait...Garcelle ISN'T her friend. She has NONE. Trifling ho. TRIFLING HEFFA. I mean...really...ANOTHER story involving flipping cars, burglars, and other oddities? I can't with her. And apparently neither can Kyle. So quit. Ain't no one buying that. Especially since there is probably no record of it now. I just zoned out of that scene completely. Well...at least she was civil to Sutton at the wedding dress party. Until next week anyway. CRYSTAL. Now did you just throw Garcelle under the bus? Did I see that right? I think I did. Just like her BFF Porty Hollowwart, she was trying for those brownie points with Kyle and just lost some good ride or dies in fans and one in Garcelle if that is how it's going to be. Cuz Kyle is what? NO ONE'S FRIEND. But she will find out soon enough... SUTTON. Interesting. I don't remember that scene in the first Dorit vs Garcelle fight. More proof that Sutton has Garcelle's back which I love. And how messy of Production to show that to show how much of a coward Ex Soap Opera Star is to not have Garcelle's back during this latest round of Dorit vs Garcelle. I thought Sutton's date looked cute and I liked that he was a total gentleman that had her back. Now to know those men still exist. And it looks like she's going to give EricFake a little next week. Fingers crossed. GARCELLE. Lord, she stays relatable. I love the scene with her friends playing matchmaker. God, given what is all out there...or not out there as the case seems to be IMHO...it is nice to have some relatable hope. And I loved what she had on at the party. I am only sorry that she was ambushed by Kyle. And if looks could kill, Kyle would be ash. KATHY. I think...I might be over her. Or more like now I am wondering if it is an act now. Cuz it felt more like it is an act versus just being kooky. Just little subtle things. Perhaps she is more like Kyle than I was willing to admit. So next week...last cast trip....Garcelle vs the Coven, Sutton vs EricFake...looks busy.
  16. 9-2 Yay!!! Finally entering September!!! And after feeling the last week of August was meh and abrupt, I have to say that I've been liking this week. But it's been driven by two things. 1) Lisel's disappearance. I was thinking it was annoying as heck that her and Scotty was put in trouble right when she was plotting to kill Peter. So stalling on getting rid of his tired butt. But leading up to where she was and WHO had her. My love of gothic, the set, and the music when she woke up like some princess. *swoons* So Cassandine-y. And then who has her...the recasted Victor. Ahhhhh...no wonder it is all Gothic. So while I hate the stalling on Peter, I DO like this sudden detour. 2)Mob War. I am shocked to say this...but I'm loving the pieces coming together for the wedding. Even if everyone is not three dimensional by any means, I do like that everyone has a view. The Novaks trying to suck up to Jason and Carly and oops here comes Gladys!!! The other guy working for Cyrus in an alliance. I just need more of Ms. Wu with her badassness and I'm good to go. And yes, I am loving this Trina/Ava scene and loving all of that drama with her, Spencer, and Esme. I think it has been well done up until now. ETA: ewwwwwwww at Jason and Carly almost kissing and him seeming into it. Just...NO.
  17. POTOMAC Just so I get this out of the way...Best Dressed at the Goddess Dinner was totally Wendy, Askale, Mia, and (except for her wig) Candiace. Oh, and Robyn!!! I loved everything about Wendy's look. The hair curls. The jewelry. Her dark skin and how gorgeous it look against the flowing white. And then Robyn? The curls with that color dress and how it was tailored from head to toe, giving her such a maternal glow. And then Askale? She said it best, she was giving Ethiopia fierceness. I remember the picture I posted of her in that but seeing it move...GORGEOUS!!! Meanwhile...alas...I knew this moment was coming. That moment when Gizelle was given enough time to recover from her unmasking. Production has been working on lighting her image. Gizelle could almost sell it. Almost. But like Candiace said, if she already knew why would she wait? Or I'll do one better...why not have a quick comeback AT THE REUNION?? After all you knew...right? Oh, yeah...SHE DID NOT. That was written all over her neck. So for this narrative spin all I can say is... We all know you didn't know. We also know you ain't that good of an actress, Vanessa Williams you ain't. Trying to sell the binder stories as a trap set for La Dame won't work. Trying to sell it as he was a cheater won't work since you already knew. She would have been better off trying to own it more. So I give her points for owning SOME, NOT ALL of her narrative. It definitely did feel like all the storylines took a turn. And this was a kind of conclusion. From here on out, no more Pastor Holy Whore relationship. From here on out, no more Eddie rumors either. And I honestly do not feel that that was what Production originally intended with this season so I'm curious to see where this goes. Because while some resolution was needed, it even appears (appears for now) to look like the icing out of La Dame is another abruptly cut storyline as well. Thing that make you go hmmm. I mean isn't POTOMAC normally 13 to 16 episodes a season. Last season was 18. And we are now on Episode 10. And the reunion films next month? The gut is screaming odd though I am still loving the girls and yes, if the reason was to keep the season light hearted given last season, I get it. But let us not sacrifice or damage what makes the show work by interrupting (or interfering) with story flow. This reminds me of what I said at the start of the season when I said you could tell what was real versus what was being produced or self produced on the show which takes one out of the show once you can figure out that. What made POTOMAC stand out was for the most part they kept their realness. Or...maybe I'm looking too deep into it. In any case, I did like the episode overall. And it was a nice turn in the road for a lot of the storyline while it appears that some things are slow burning (Candiace vs Ashley, Candiace's video, Messy Mia). And this Goddesses dinner was full of fun shade, gifs, and expressions galore. I'm rewatching in fact. lol. LA DAME. LORD, KAREN!!! It was funny watching Production shade her as she was working on that commerical thingy. And I liked that she decided to be the bigger person and apologize for the children. I also loved that she said it aloud in her confessional to be clear of why she did it. Something someone else...no names...could learn. That said...that ALSO means that when they fall out again as we all expect her and Gizelle to, she can just say she tried to be the better person and look what happened? So she will be justified. GIZELLE. Smh. This is the reason why it's not a good idea to be on good terms with Production. They be sitting there and paint a narrative even when it's clear how things with down in reel and real time. In fact, that was what I said at the reunion almost a year ago...if given the chance Gizelle would recover from her unmasking and be gunning for people. So for that I have to give Candiace her due because she said the same thing this episode. However, the good thing about being on good terms with Production, people are going to go to bat for you. Regardless of what Gizelle believes, La Dame IS Potomac so you cannot simply ice her out. I liked that Gizelle got checkmated with La Dame's apology which meant that she had to quickly pivot or look 'NOT like a victim.' So good. ROBYN. I liked her talking to the life coach. I hope something comes of it. Also I loved how she looked at the picnic. And I liked the comments she and La Dame exchanged. It was not shady and totally sincere. I also noticed how for once she stayed out of the drama when Candiace was there this time playing her usual role for Giselle. CANDIACE. Acting. Lots and lots of acting. Speaking of pivoting...that's what I thought Candiace was doing this episode. I said so far this season that I felt that Production was working hard to give her the good edit. And she's in the know. So she's been the voice of reason. She's been light. She's been motivated. HOWEVER, I feel Candiace is waiting a fine line. And it was very clear here. Her weakness is Ashley. She is really and truly and utterly jealous and spiteful to her and she cannot hide it. Part of the reason that why she talked a good game at the start of the episode, I loved Ashley GATHERED...HER...A$$!!! Old Candiace would have threaten to beat her up. This Candiace...is coming across very calculating. That makes sense since the realest thing that she is doing this season is her career. And how will those sales go if people don't like you or you do something like oh...bodyshaming...WHICH IS WHAT SHE WAS DOING!!! And she had to backpedal. And at the same time she still wanted to be seen as 'the tough one' at the same time...cuz she does have her fans. She is working very, very hard to be 'throw the rock, hide the hand'...at least for now. It's probably why Mother Dorothy is back. Not unlike how Mama Joyce is to Kandi during Season 6/7. Well played, but very transparent. But that is why I love her rivalry with Ashley. Ashley totally has everything Candiace wants and she knows it. And she cannot resist shading or attacking Ashley...even if Ashley is in the wrong. That will be her undoing if she ain't careful. ASHLEY. Heheh...I guess she wanted to make up for Candiace outdoing her at last season's reunion. But like I said, I LOVED her gathering Candiace. She had nothing to say when Ashley threw 'that's old. do better.' at her and I loved it. At this point, I think Ashley is only backing down because she KNOWS Candiace WILL shoot herself in the floor. And I continue to love how close her and La Dame now are. I teared up seeing them hung at the picnic. They have come such a looooooooong way that I look forward to their moments together. WENDY. Thank you for the real talk with the boys. What does one do? When will this hatred end? How can one trust? Same, kids. Same. I liked that while she was willing to move forward with Gizelle, she will be sleeping with one eye open. MIA. Yep. For sure, she is Messy Mia to me. I loved that she wanted to bring everyone together, but darn it if she was not throwing out the right kind of fun shade at both sides so far. And her reactions to Candiace vs Ashley was to die for. So I thought this was a nice closing out of several storylines. But I wonder where we are going next....
  18. Well...you all might want to take a breath... ...so filming should start soonish... ...and Heavenly is saying Quad is back to full time. *runs*
  19. OMG!! I'm so sorry. *HUGS* Positive energy sent your way. Sorry for your loss @Soapsuds
  20. Thank you. I was happy to hear that, too. We had sadly just found out that my cousin passed from Co-Vid last week. And my aunt is fighting for her life in the ICU this week. While I understood his hesitation, it was a silver lining to all the news.
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