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  1. Ewww. But I will say this much...I have not been feeling OC since the first few episodes, but those last ten minutes was EVERYTHING. I just hope Tamra doesn't worm her way out of it. It seems like going by Twitter that only Taylor is the only OG who isn't coming back or making a cameo in the upcoming season. I could be wrong. Cuz Kim, Brandi, and Adirenne have all been mentioned as returning. And yay for Camille. GET THAT PAYBACK!!!
  2. Good. About time the Chancellors came back in play. Hope that means more airtime for Jill and a return from Nina.
  3. Well, Andy needs to GET THE FRAK OVER IT!!!! If his favorite wasn't such a hateful waif then he would need Keyonce to come and save HIS show. Because he should be busy with his own child, not trying to influence a show.
  4. Since people have mentioned that B&B seems like it has made a turn into watchable again, this should be an interesting month, no? Welcome to NOVEMBER SWEEPS!!! DISCUSS!!!!
  5. Well, it's NOVEMBER SWEEPS!!! DISCUSS!!!
  6. OMG at that MARRIED TO MEDICINE midseason trailer!!!


    Jackie vs Buffie! Jackie vs Simone! Contessa vs Mariah! And Heavenly with the 'If you make Jackie mad, you did something wrong' only to be told to stfu! I live!!!

  7. Differences aside, got off work the other day and this made me lmao. BYE, CANE!!!
  8. Oh, I believe it. re: LeeAnne and D'Andra.The dissoluting of their friendship was much too real during Season 3 to be fake. And that was a clear arc that was engrossing from beginning to end last season. I think there was a time they could have resolved it, but now probably not. Too much bad blood...especially if what LeeAnne said that season was true...D'Andra wants to be the Queen Bee and sadly, that is not her. That said, I do wonder if LeeAnne P.O.ed someone for a bad edit. Right down to that new midseason trailer, it is like someone wants her to be seen in a bad light. Which is easy to do this season it seems. I definitely miss LeeAnne with her bowl. She redeemed herself so well. And it feels like it's just down the drain or the show has gone to her head. Which I can understand if it's true that she was the one to get the show renewed this year. But still...smh.
  9. I take that look Lily gave to mean that she is the first person to have an actual reaction to Amanda then? And I have reading comments and recaps and I am already over this Devon/Cane/Channcellor story.
  10. DALLAS That haunted house thing was so random...moreso since MARRIED TO MEDICINE just did that as well. That said... LEEANNE. I agree with Cat that it seems like they want to give her a bad edit for some reason. That said, Kary was too transparent. And IT'S LEEANNE'S WEDDING!!! She can have whomever she wants there for it. And if D'Andra wanted to be a part of it, she would have a sit-down (off camera would be best, but for the narrative on camera) with LeeAnne and said that regardless of what went down, she had known LeeAnne for a long time and it felt odd that she was not in her best friend's wedding. Then...the chips would fall where they may. But...here's the thing...HAS D'ANDRA DONE THIS? No, she has not. She has her own mouth and does not need Kary. This is just Kary trying to be relevant when she needs to have several seats. BRANDI. Seems like old her is trying to come back. Let's hope not. KARY. Girl, you transparent. And you are trying too hard. Shut up. STEPHANIE. She is really backing the right horse when she should continue to be her own person and stay out of the Brandi/Kameron drama. KAMERON. I guess I am Team Kameron, but I am sadden she and Stephanie are on the outs though I understand why. KARY. I see you. Girl, bye. Starting to feel the season has stalled. Is it just me?
  11. POTOMAC Hmmm...seems like something physical did go down. Hopefully no one will try to edit it down. Oh, and Gizelle/Robyn/Ash were there. OC So...I guess I should skip the episode then? lol.
  12. Oooooooo...lord!!!!!!!!!! lol. Sounds like going by what people are saying about Candaice's Twitter it might be true.
  13. Yeah that I do not like. Or how absent minded my spelling appears to be together. lol.
  14. After a day of unexpected off-work-today-ness and too much resume sending...MUCH needed.
  15. Yeah, if they are going to use Chance or Tucker, they really should be on screen. Saw to hear that Amanda is getting no reaction shots. And can we not have nuFen back? lol.
  16. OC It has been hit or miss from what I can. I agree with whoever said the last episode was so filler. EMILY. I hate to say this, but right now she's the only person I have seen that I'm relating to this season. I've always liked Emily though. And it was nice to see Shane not be a prick as the two of them were helping Gina. The fact that Gina does not see how much of a friend Emily is being is just sad. GINA *cough*secondseasoncurse*cough* SHANNON. She was doing so well there being happy and all. And then this trip happened. Now she's back to Shanloon and that is also sad. And it looks like her friendship with Kelly is going to crash and burn. TAMRA. *crosses fingers people see how much she is pot stirring and call her out on it* BRAUWYN. Nonfactor. Sorry. Had a good start, but I feel nothing now. KELLY. See? Like RHOP's Ashley, Kelly really did need something to redeem her because she's been awful so far this season. So her going to see her mama makes sense. Unlike RHOP Ashley, while slightly dull on one hand, on the other hand it really did not come across as contrived at all. At least not to me. Maybe it's like how well-written soaps used their history to boost current storyline, but we saw Kelly's mother and brother back when she first joined the show. We heard mentions over the years. So her going to see how Mom is was organic because well...we know them and like relatives you want to get a catchup session. Did that make sense? It was a nice calm before the storm with her. And we know a storm is coming. VIKI. Her and the fast food...was a hoot.
  17. London, you came around the right time. A lot of people here just got into it as Season 2 was just premiering. So right place, right time. Yes, it was awesome. And I kinda did that Prof X vibe.
  18. DALLAS LEEANNE. Well, she continues to make it hard to defend her during that Mexico trip. However I still like her. And still like at that argument with Brandi when she's says 'when's my period?' I liked her circus wedding shower. It was nice to see her having fun. I too was tired of the arguing. BRANDI. I am shocked to admit it, but she's been mostly good so far this year and has been the voice of reason a few times. I still am on Kameron's side during their fight. However, I understand where she was coming from. However, she did start that so she can't just play victim. KAMERON. I would be over going in circles, too, girl. I feel you. There was no need to attack her at a shower. That takes away from the shower. And even I was like REALLY, STEPHANIE? That could have been done later. STEHPANIE. I still like you, but giiiiiiiiiirl. LOL!!! I did like Travis (yum)'s advice to her. But when all is said and done, she did jump on Brandi's side when that fight broke out. And it was more about Brandi's hurt feelings and nothing to do with her. She should have left it like that. Or better yet, she should have talked about how she felt hurt by what Kameron said about no one wanting to get to know her when Stephanie had been doing all of that this season. That's why those two are really having drama now. This could be clear up if they talked about the real issue. Not being messy. CARY. Yay!!! Cameo. KARY. She were getting me on your side. Then you made that messy comment about lingerie in the afternoon. Sit down as if you haven't been naughty in your TH. A'NDRA. Good that she finally had the talk with Travis. Good on her for putting on her big girl pants. Hopefully it sticks. Overall, a solid episode. RHOA So I didn't get a chance to read the article a few pages back about the Kenya/Marc breakup. But it seems he really has five kids, not three like Kenya thought and that's when she went off?
  19. I think (at the moment at least) Dorit and Erika have 3 lawsuits each. And I have to admit I have enjoyed Nico taking Dorit and PK for all they are worth and would love to see it manifest on the show as karma for how they treated LVP, but alas. Well...I've been here working all day with good internet and needed a break so I wanted to do some catch up post...so with that in mind... RHOP Late to the party as well, but I did like PART 3. In fact, that has to be one of my favorite reunion. I agree with @Cat that given that 'commercial break' moment where Ashley told Michael that she was still mac'ed...that comes across as damning in terms of what she does and does not know. But hasn't Ashley been like that all season, like how she used her father storyline to deflect from what was going on with Michael? JS. KAREN. Honestly, I feel she was the MVP of this last part. Her expressions and looks said EVERYTHING. And since she was the only person to have a unique perspective due to her past that they all knew about, of course Michael would try to shut her down. But whatever Michael. lol. She did it all with her grace and style that she was awesome. And look!!! Ashley trying to come for her and pull a Nene (overtalking her to get her to shut up), but Karen STILL GOT THE LAST WORD. I have liked her always, but she was a great season for her. MONIQUE. Hmmm. Still like her and Chris. And her post pregnancy glow, but perhaps she was a little too messy. I liked that while she said that last part was her uncle, she didn't acknowledge the first part of that video was not. Or not that I recall, but it has been a while since I watched it. Also had a good season and probably the only one that will film with Ashley next season starting out. CANDIACE. THANK YOUR HUSBAND!!!! He spilled all that tea. And still Michael tried to gaslight you and him. SMH. Other than standing up for herself though. She didn't do much. Curious to see if she will still have that heel to Ashley's neck next season. ROBYN. Thank you for all that tea as well. GIZELLE. The voice of reason during the last part of that gaslighting. Who would have thought? And that was creepy how MIchael tried to come for her. They got you on film. We talked about that back in Season 1. Too late to check it now. ASHLEY. Trash. I said it. At least be like RHoV Christina and own you're a golddigger. A man's career got ruined because your man can't keep his hands to himself and you want to say here and act like Karen and Gizelle's words to that effect mean nothing. Well, frak you then. Then trying to deflect, deflect, deflect and then no one saw that. All I could think was THIS... JUST...NO. However good reunion. It will be interesting to see how the next season goes...especially since Michael just got caught up in another scandal last week.
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