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  1. If she were smart, she'd try to get an endorsement deal with Kleenex or even put out her own line of handkerchiefs. She could poke fun at her self and make money in the process
  2. When I see Rinna with this ponytail I need a NJ crossover and for Danielle to gather her all the way together!
  3. Gizelle and Kenya would have been allies. They are friends in real life
  4. I saw the RHOP aftershow and Candiace is still going on on Mia's "manly" hands and big feet. She better tread lightly bc this is reeking of transphobia and considering her controversy with LGBTIA last year, its not a good look for her
  5. Marlena is currently possessed? How dafuq that happen? lol...sounds like typical soap casting to be onest
  6. Isnt she part of BH's production? Im betting she has zero input on this thing which is why she may get a less favorable edit
  7. I cant stand the crying chihuahua
  8. I hate how she weaponizes her tears like a "Karen" yet tends to provoke the situations she finds herself in
  9. So what happened to Candiace's PTSD? Remember that the RHOP reunion filmed last November and the current season started filming 4 months later in February. After the fight last year she was crying in every episode. She told us she was in therapy and we were seeing post it notes all over her house as a healing mechanism. She had an emotional meltdown at the reunion bc she was suffering PTSD and discussing what happened was triggering her. What happened to all of this? She still cries, but we havent heard any talk of therapy or seen a post it note. Did her "PTSD" magically disappear? She is popping off and acting aggressive and putting herself in the same situation that prompted her trauma before yet she seems unbothered. What is up with her? Real PTSD doesnt just go away that quick especially when triggered by similar scenarios. Again, just a few months prior to this she was telling us she was an emotional traumatic mess for sympathy
  10. The show moves way too fast. It reminds me of season 1 Empire
  11. LVP would return if they cleaned house and kept just Garcelle and Sutton!
  12. Candiace earned herself another dragging last night. She is an insufferable child
  13. Im here for revamp. With Porsha gone, the show is forced to go in a new direction. I think having Kenya, Kandi and Sheree as the ‘OGs’ is a great idea and now more than ever Marlo needs a peach for familiarity. Bring in 3 new wives and that could be the reboot this show needs. It would also be interesting to see what Shamea brings as a friend with Porsha as she has her own relationships with Kandi and Kenya As for Drew, without Porsha, Cynthia or Latoya, she isnt needed. She isn’t an organic fit
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