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  1. Cici? I hate that fake bitch! She is the definition of throwing rocks and running. She's the worst and my least favorite of the newer girls. I like OG, Tami and Jackie and thats all. Speaking of which, VH1 is foul for not upgrading any of the women that joined last year. They earned their spot and they continue to lead the drama I also cant stand Cardi Z. Girl bye! She really cant own her sh-t Shaunie is getting WAY too much airtime. I dont care for her family. Was shocked to see Shaq on the show but I guess things are beter with them now Jackie has been so mature and level headed all season that its shocked me. This last episode though she's back on the BS. I didnt mind bc she was getting boring but I hope she doesnt go too far bc I dont want to dislike her
  2. This reminds me of the classic Jill gif
  3. Ashley was so horrible and nasty but Katie sure got her ass together! Katie to Ashley: "You are stupid and you are dumb" LOL...I also liked when Katie later apologized for calling her dumb and said she should have just said stupid Katie asked her to her face if Michael was gay so I dont get why Ashley is acting like Katie didnt say anything to her but rather went behind her back
  4. I thought Elektra was gonna crash the car when Candy appeared! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for an accident with her going to jail bc she had a fake license
  5. I just saw it and I HATE his character. I wanted Damon to punch him out and I’m upset that didn’t happen
  6. LOL....Julie DRAGGED his ass

  7. IA. The two additions last year were duds. Fire them both to keep Vicki's salary
  8. I was disgusted by the previews. Monique is pregnant and Gizelle starts sh-t with her. WTF?!? Who the hell picks a fight with a very pregnant woman that just had a miscarriage the year before? Gizelle just wants to have an issue with this woman when the stuff she is being messy about really doesnt concern her
  9. Potomac The Green Eyed Bandits are one pair of messy bitches! Gizelle needs to get DRAGGED at the reunion
  10. LOL...did ya'll see Andy get checked on his own show? The "messy queen" tried it with the wrong one!
  11. Them some strong and unfortunate genes
  12. KK SNATCHED Pooh's wig!
  13. Just saw the episode and it reinforced my hate for Praytell. He is so insufferable
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