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  1. Jackie is annoying abc always putting 20 on 10. Way too sensitive and can’t hang with this group of women
  2. IA with everything said about Vickie and Im convinced Bravo will give her back her orange. She said she will not do this show part time again so I think it will be all or nothing with her. It must be a money thing bc she is just as present. She gets her talking heads, her family has appeared, we've seen her love life, she goes on the trips and events and is right in the middle of the drama. How is she just a friend?
  3. Porsha is gonna DRAG Eva at the reunion. She just came to Kenya's defense @DaytimeFan IA with you on most of RHOA. Nene and Eva's stories feel so nonexistent and inauthentic. What is it exactly? Thats right, causing unnecessary drama with the ladies but they arent actually showing us anything of their lives. Eva would be more relatable if she let herself be vulnerable and be honest about her money issues but she keeps fronting and running away whenever its presented I will disagree on Marlo. She is nothing but a miserable nasty woman that I dont like. She could go and I wouldnt miss her as she like Nene, is a dark cloud of misery
  4. This bitch is crazy!
  5. Omarion...oh the pettyness of it all. Happy Bday Tiny Little Fizzle Pop!

    1. ChitHappens


      Yeah!  I'm not sure why Fizz, who's always been the voice of reason and seems like a pretty decent person, decided it was a good idea to violate the bro code, especially when the woman has 2 kids by O.  Once Apryl began talking chit about O as a dad, Fizz definitely should have left her alone.  

    2. ChitHappens
  6. Mariah's vindicated in my eyes. She's been saying this stuff about Jackie for years. I still dont get how she is an MD yet still playing dumb about what she did. She used to be my fave but not anymore Oh and Buffie better get a contract spot if she returns next year. I didnt like her at first but she earned it and Im liking her now especailly since she's shown her vulnerabilities
  7. Jackie, Jackie, Jackie! Jackie tells a room full of strangers at a public event about Buffie's fertility issues yet Buffie was suPposed to respect her enough to pull her aside and tell her how she felt instead of in front of the group? How does that make sense? Hellishly needed to STFU and Im glad Buffie told her to
  8. Her new face is right next to Mariah. I didnt recgonize her either
  9. Reunion look! Mariah stands out like the star that she is. Oh and I dont know why Heavenly is next to Andy when she has no storyline this season. Contessa or Jackie would make more sense
  10. Lets be clear; the show's arent great but knowing what he was putting out before, they are a vast improvement. The worst thing about the show is the acting as Im convinced he just hired a bunch of IG models but the pacing seems better as does the dialogue. My biggest problem with the OWN shows is that scenes would last 5 or more minutes and it would be repetitive dialogue dragging things out. Thats less of an issue here. I think this show is better than Sistas. Its one of those, its so bad, its good. An absolute trainwreck which you can see from the gifs. Im finding it hilarious
  11. I've been watching and the show is better than Perry's work on OWN. Stuff actually moves and its over the top in a fun way The mama aint sh-t! How she gonna tell the detective that she went to bed early and therefore couldnt corroborate her son's alibi? Is she that dense? She's starting to remind me of Hannah from HAHN which is making me not like her ass HAHA, that bitch got tazed. When you talk sh-t... Lilly wanted know parts of this! The brother is so damn creepy. He was probably sniffing his sister's panties Denise' boutique looks so low budget. WTF kind of secret service just lets the First Lady get into a brawl? She the First Lady of the US and she beating up bitches like she in the hood?
  12. Dondre Whitfield, aka Terrence from AMC just jumped into some mess with Amanda Seales
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