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  1. Ramona is the only one on the cast that isnt an alcoholic. All these women have or have had major issues with alcohol. They are sloppy and its worse bc most of them are older. Dorinda is the worse bc she is a mean drunk. This is entertaining but I would not want to hang around this group. Sloppy and messy
  2. Really? I thought it was just Contessa. Well if Hellishly is there, I hope she gets dragged. Thats always entertaining
  3. BH OMG, why do these hoes care if Kyle is closer to Teddy? Like let it go. Dorito, shut up. Its like pantygate all over again
  4. I hate to say it but the show has been boring. The best episodes were the ones with the ATL heffas I dont like.
  5. Nene needs to be demoted to a friend next year. I cant see any of the other housewives pulling what she did and not being reprimanded for it
  6. I love Aquarians. There was a time that I used to love Marlo but those days are long gone
  7. Yeah that was from years ago
  8. Dorinda: "I almost became an alcoholic"
  9. Denise is NOT the one to mess with. Kyle tried it but Denise aint having it. I love how she wasnt here for Kyle talking about how work is so hard bc she filmed a movie. She's not even the main star. What is she like a cameo or small supporting part? Denise films 10 episodes a week in addition to the movies and guest roles she manages to squeeze in yet she doesnt complain about how overworked she is
  10. I was wondering who she was and why she was always around. Didnt realize she was an official friend
  11. We all need a friend like Toyko Vanity
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