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  1. F--k Shittie O'Nostrils. F--k Evilyn Lozada and F--k VH1 OG out here living her best life
  2. Who? Kari is a nonfactor not feeling this season. They are rehashing old drama too much Buffie is a fail and they need to stop trying to make her happen
  3. Crackie Z: "Thats really weird that she (OG) would come around this group, knowing she was texting him (Chad)" I guess she doesnt know that Evelyn f--ked Tami's ex husband while they were married The bitches calling OG a homewrecker. WTF? What home did OG wreck? Chad and Ev didnt divorce bc he was cheating with OG. She claimed she was abused. WTF?!? And she needs to pick what Chad is. She said she contacted him as a friend bc she wanted to let him know someone was talking about him but in the previews for the reunion she said she wont share the stage with somene taunting her with her abuser. She doesnt make sense Evelyn thought she had some reciepts but OG hit her like If OG is in fact fired, I am dropping this show just like the last time the bullying got out of control and the show was subsequently cancelled. Shaunie and company have not learned their lesson. People dont want to see their mean girl antics
  4. Stacey Dash got arrested for domestic violence. She is in JAIL!

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    2. ReddFoxx


      Maybe Trump can pay her legal bills. Not that he has the money to do it, though.

    3. ChitHappens


      Y'all notice anything interesting about this charge report 😂😂😂 



    4. DramatistDreamer


      Please don't let her try to cross back over, even though I suspect that before this entire process is through, she may find out what color she really is.

  5. Does Michael not have a PR rep? Why did he think it would be a good idea to defend himself by claiming Robyn was drunk, Gizelle was a liar and Candiace, he dont f--k with?
  6. Someone tell Dina Manzo to shut the hell up. I bet she said nothing when Bravo kept recycling the RHOA opening credit shots for like 5 years straight while every other franchise updated theirs annually
  7. Eva hasnt been relevant in 10 years. That cant be it.
  8. LOL...Tommy thought he was gonna win America's Favorite and the look on his face was to die for as Nicole was declared it. Good for her. I was hopng Holly would win over Micky bc I didnt like him but I guess he deserved it. Loved Julie going in on the racists by exposing them. Good! Love this version
  9. QUEEN Kenya is sitting on her throne. DEAD at her getting a damn throne, getting treated like royalty. She's BACK! Serving Game of Thrones realness
  10. ATL Trailer here! https://people.com/tv/real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-12-trailer-exclusive/ Kenys is back in the center! Go Queen!
  11. Kristen is pissed at CeCe for not encouraging Byron to got o dinner? Why? Kristen intentionally excluded CeCe, so why would CeCe fight for her? Girl BYE! Basketball Wives: Cece, Jackie And OG Expertly Outbullied The Bullies And It Was Everything
  12. Now you know that ratchet trash bucket has no business being on RHOA
  13. Why are Jennifer and Jackie back? They were horrible additions. Danielle should have been a housewife. Hate how they keep her as a friend
  14. Lord have mercy. Joseline is gonna be on this show!
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