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  1. lol...that was a typo that I didnt even catch til your post. Its quite fitting
  2. RHOA tonight was everything! It wasnt as good as Pillow Talk but the ladies came out and showed out! F--k Neno, Yovanna and Marlo. That is not a friendship, its an alliance
  3. That was just for the reunion. Heavenly revealed on her YT that they havent seen each other since the reunion. Its probably gonna be some other mess next season
  4. Charlie's Angels! Love this new trio and Kenya slayed me with her snake face. I cant stand Yovanna so I loved them coming for her LOL..they had to put a graphic up to keep track of who f--ks with Nene. Speaking of which, she is so fake. She said Porsha was fat before she had the baby, yet wants to make up with her? You are still talking sh-t
  5. It helps that they didnt play musical chairs with its schedule this season
  6. Im not a big Contessa fan but she needs to stay. She had storyline with her family that held my interest and she fits in great with this group and has her own drama with the women. I think the only cast change I would make is dump Quad and bump Buffie. Buffie earned her spot and Quad needs to be demoted to a friend. She really has no story and Im not interested in seeing her do another season of dating around, unless she has a stable relationship with a doctor, nurse or medical lawyer. Bravo should be messy and bring Dr. Greg back with his new girlfriend. I was hoping that Simone and Cecil were being messy by trying to generate interest for them so that they could have him back as they are good friends. Now that would be a story worth seeing
  7. Dallas I really cant stand Kary and hate what LeAnne did bc that made it so that she cant drag her like she rightfully should. I hated how Kary kept chiming in and wouldnt shut up NJ The way the women were going on about Danielle was so disgusting and Margaret was so vile. I dont condone violence but Danielle was justified in what she did bc this is the second time Margaret assaulted her. The hate she has for Danielle makes her look like a loon Anyone else feel the scene with Jennifer, her daughter and mother felt staged? What kid is gonna ask their very traditional grandma about their uncle being gay? Not much Jackie and thats how I like it
  8. Cheap21

    Ladies of London

    Wow talk about a show I havent thought about in years. I think its might reviving it as a Real Housewives of London series
  9. I honestly dont get why she wasnt demoted. She appears less than Marlo at this point. Nene should have definitely been made a friend bc they've not featured her in 3 episodes and she doesnt attend most of the event and has only interacted with Kandi 1:1. Her edit has been horrible and I believe production is getting her back for attacking them last season and of course her ugly behavior at the reunion. She is being humbled bc no one is f--king with her and Marlo and Yovanna (and i guess Tanya) are not it
  10. Vicki, oh boy, that was a mess. She was a hypocrite and Bravo pulled out reciepts on her. Ive watched all season and never once considered Brawnyn to be trash. Huh? She came and fit right in with the group and I think she holds herself well and is one of the classier woman on the show. Vicki knew she was wrong for that, especially since her best friend is Tamra Shane did a complete 180. That was some bullsh-t and he was doing damage control. He dont give a f--k about Emily
  11. Emily joking that she wants lipo too. The gag is she didnt see what her face looked like as she said it
  12. Kenya’s mother sent Brooklyn a late bday gift. This is HUGE. I’m so happy for Kenya
  13. LOL...I thought it was gonna be about Quad's police report (but Quad dont want to talk about that), but it was about Mariah's drug test. She thinks Mariah faked the results
  14. lol...someone joked bc Simone is stealing all of Jackie's patients after the infertility debacle
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