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  1. Potomac is about to get MESSY! Eddie is allgedly cheating on Wendy with someone at his law firm and he has a side baby https://allaboutthetea.com/2021/05/06/exclusive-wendy-osefos-husbands-infamous-cheating-scandal/ The show is currently still filming so Wendy's family mess is about to get exposed Was this what Monique had in her chapter on Wendy in her binder?
  2. NY It definitely doesnt feel like there are enough women. 5 is too low and the energy seemed off to me. This mix of women is so odd; like no one would really hang out. Its Ebony/Leah vs Lu/Ramona/Sonja. Too bad Holla Heather and Bershawn arent wives bc the show could use them in a full capacity to help bridge that gap. I do love Eboni and what she brings though Dallas Agree on Kameron. I hate her ass after this reunion. She was so self entitled and righteous and completely unlikeable. She was giving me racist vibes too as it was pouring through her skin. I can only imagin
  3. Wow Cat, I was JUST thinking that she would do well on NYC before I read your comment
  4. Drew is pathetic. She really has all this smoke for Kenya bc she got called a stray? They seemed to be fine in their first interactions at the beginning of the season. Kenya even said they initially hit it off, they would talk on the phone and she tried to help Drew out fitting in and dealing with this reality tv thing. She also trusted her with the info about the private jet. Things started to change once Drew heard that Kenya called her a stray. Since then she never let that go and has been coming for Kenya hard and there was no turning back for her
  5. @Chris B I appreciate the production values but that was too long. They could have cut it down to under a minute
  6. Candiace is trying to start a feud with Joseline Hernandez. She got on camera and made a video defending Wendy Williams and Joseline clapped back. https://www.instagram.com/p/COP_eqJrgzB/?utm_source=ig_embed https://www.instagram.com/p/CORUPy5Dc5T/ She hasnt learned her lesson after Monique.
  7. Eboni did an interview with Wendy and I love her!
  8. Probably for the best bc she has a legitimate business and could have easily ruined things for herself like the Cookie Lady on ATL On a side note. Notice how since Teresa apologized to her, we have barely seen Jackie. Teresa literally provided her , her only storyline for the season and one Tersesa stop playing with her, the producers have had zero material to work with when it comes to Jackie.
  9. Jen looks like she's trying to hide from the feds
  10. NJ Dolores's mother was giving me this when asked if she liked David. "Um he's a good doctor" Teresa when she heard the girls saying she was in love. Margaret is so obsessed with who Teresa is f-cking. She needs to get some business of her own. Her husband is also very messy. I like it Why do the men get so many scenes on their own? No other franchise features the husbands this much Gorga was DEAD wrong to call Dolores a broken woman in front of everyone at a party. I think I could like the realtor woman but they should ha
  11. I like Dallas but it does need a cast overhaul. Keep: Stephanie D'Andra Tiffany Kam Bring back LeeAnn. She was tv gold and Dallas' most iconic wife Consider 2 new wives. Id even take original recipe Cary
  12. Joseline tried it! She wanted to get her Omarosa moment but Wendy handled her well. Dummy
  13. but she couldnt even answer it properly. "We're working on things but we're not oficially engaged or married so, LIKE ROBYN is officially engaged..." She gave a politician answer and deflected to Robyn to get the heat off her
  14. Gizelle had issues with Candiace her first season and the beginning of last
  15. Thanks @Taoboi Those two sound just as stupid talking about their relationships here as they do on thier own show
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