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  1. NJ Melissa is a BITCH! She was salivating over what Danielle told her and it was wrong for her to expose Teresa in front of the group the way she did. She should have came to her first in private on the basis that they are family I dont like how Teresa through Danielle under the bus to save her ass. I dont think she would have done that had she not been pressured. Its a snake move on her part bc I dont think she wanted to do that but it did take the heat off of her
  2. Looks like I wont be watching much of Dallas
  3. I really hope Bravo doesnt side with her over these two Nene defense tour continues
  4. Wooo I was not ready for that ending!
  5. To be fair, she did apologize to Eva in Canada but that seemed more to do with the fact that none of the main cast members would film with her outside of Kandi and she desperately needed to get back in iwth the group
  6. Nene did a video last night and shaded Bravo, Andy and took jabs at her cast. The real kicker is towards the end she insinuates that Kandi has been keeping her from getting her own spinoffs and calls her thirsty and ridiculous. She doesnt name Kandi but its obvious thats who she's talking about
  7. Pathetic. Im disappointed in Cynthia for taking her back when all throughout that scene Nene did not apologize. She deflected and pressed Cynthia to take responsibility for how she hurt her. She tried to cry and play the victim, but she never owned up to anything. Cynthia is a damn fool for being the "bigger person". Id have said f--k Nene and stayed inside with my drink BTW, Brooklynn stole the show I love that little girl
  8. I swear it was the first 10 women that showed up at Swagg that morning. Probably offered them $100 in store credit to film that scene. Its quite telling that Kandi and Porsha have never seen these women before when they've been around Nene and her friends for years
  9. Nene hired a bunch of random women to show up to her event just in case the main cast members didnt come. I cant
  10. The new girls on Miami are RATCHET AF! They have taken the franchise to a new low and are by far the most ghetto. They got up in formation to go jump the ho
  11. Nene wasnt in yet another episode. At this point, I dont get why she is a housewife and not a friend bc she's missed like half the episodes
  12. LMAO! Gotta make use of that set Hattie? Why are there so many damn dopplegangers on this show?
  13. Im confused. Is Stefano actually back or has Steve been brainwashed?
  14. You know I was a Tamra fan. Her only one, but still...
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