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  1. I live for messy Candiace. Girl is working for that check and I dont mind bc f--k Ashley!
  2. The Beyhive has found its next victim

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    2. Cheap21


      Definition of Psycho Fans

    3. ChitHappens


      Yep!  Didn't take them long for those wackos to scour the earth and find her IG.  May God have mercy on Curran's soul, who was quite rude, BTW!  

    4. soapfan770


      Apparently it was all over Curran taking a drink order! Beyonce's PR people are apparently trying to clean up the mess.   

  3. NYC LuAnn is a narcisstic bitch and she is truly showing her ass this season. The level of pretension is reminding me of her from season 1/2 when I didnt like her. Im finding myself siding with everyone she argues with, especially Bethenny whom I dont like Sonja comes across like a 50 something college sorority girl. She's harmless. I think its f--ked up how LuAnn and now Ramona have messed with her exes. What happened to girl code? It was good seeing Mario again but how messy was it of Ramona to invite him to a part that her current man is at? How is Barbara not a housewife? She is always there and in the middle of the mix. It took me about 7 episodes to realize she wasnt even in the opening bc I thought she was a new wife. BH Who said that drunk twit Brandi could come back? Did not miss her at all. Camille REALLY should have gotten a diamond this season. Anyone know why she didnt? Not only is she in every episode, has talking heads and is in the middle of the mess, she is showing her private life, from her wedding and new husband and even her daughter. She has been giving us more than alot of other wives on other shows I like Denise but she's boring. For her sake, she should leave bc I can see her upping the fake drama to be relevant next season and ruin people's perception of her. Im also sick of hearing her talk about Charlie. She needs a new talking point
  4. People said similar things about Ben Affleck and he ended up doing well given what he had to work with
  5. I like BP and saw that they were touring in the US on some morning show. Bet that must have been an amazing experience. I saw they did a song with Dua Lipa which has been getting rotation on my Spotify recently I dont really keep up with KPop so didnt know that stuff with Sengri. I vaguely read he was in some controversy but hadnt read up on details. I see he's retired fro music. Damn, such a shame bc he grew into my fave in BIGBANG (well that alternated between he and Tayeang). The group wont be the same without him and I wonder if they will even continue has a quartet once everyone's military service is complete bc they are older now and most have had successful solo careers at this point BTW, CL's US career still hasnt happened? LOL...poor girl
  6. lol...I dont get why the women are being so hush hush. If this was BH, those hoes would be talking about it for 8 episodes straight. This is the time to be messy. Be MESSY!
  7. So we really not going to talk about Ashley's husband wanting to suck another man's dick? Okay
  8. Wendy isnt going on the Breakfast Club to do an interview until she releases her tell all book. She's in the middle of a divorce so it might take some time ETA: Lil Kevin, Wendy's son, got arrested for punching out his trashbox father https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/22/wendy-williams-estranged-husband-kevin-hunter-jr-fight-cops/
  9. Oh I didnt take a lie detector. The person that made up the lie, wouldnt take me up on my offer to take a lie detector test and ended up confessing to making up the BS
  10. LOTS of bullsh-t went around. How is Bran king when he's barely a real person at this point? Why is Sam's bitchass back? That only reminded me how much I hate that he's not dead and he already got his happy ending with Gilly. Id rather Jon dead than disgraced and sentenced to go serve his life at the Night's Watch again. And why is there even still a NW? That seemingly was and should be abolished after what went down Best part was Sansa being named Queen of the North. Very satisfying. Im fine with Arya's ending bc I just watched the end of season 6 and its what she mentioned she wanted
  11. I totally relate with Lisa. I was recently accused of lying myself and I offered to take a lie detector test to prove my innocence even though I know there were no reciepts that could be pulled against me. Sometimes you need validation for your own peace of mind and shut people up her hair is amazing
  12. Ashford is on contract? Is he playing Jack and if so how did he come back from the dead?
  13. Wow I just watched a half hour of the BH premiere before I realized it was a rerun. Just goes to show how boring and repetitive this season has been
  14. Wendy FINALLY discussed her divorce on the air
  15. Candiace's mom continues to be an evil ugly witch. After she went in on Candiace, Id have been like f--k off bc you dont need to come to my wedding. Its too bad she is so dependent on her mother for everything bc that money has kept her in line
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