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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. She looks so much happier. Good for Wendy
  2. Marlo has some nerve shading Eva's title changing
  3. NJ Im so late but just watched the reunion over the weekend. Thoughts on the season are that I hated Jennifer as a HW and hope she is axxed. She tried way too hard and wasnt likeable at all. The nasty things she said about Margaret's mother were just low down and disgusting. Go after Margaret, not her mother. I didnt like Jackie either but she seemed less fake and for the cameras. Margaret continues to be the breakout of the recent seasons The shade that these women threw is so typical of that part of the country. Its lame and sad bc it reminds me of girls I went to school with as a child. These are grown women in their 40s. Pathetic ATL Nene is so damn draining. I hate how there is zero accountability on her part
  4. Its amazing how I was anti-Lisa at the start of the season but these bitches have firmly planted me on Lisa's side. Another takedown failure! You dont make the audience sympathize with your enemy
  5. Im watching BH right now and these women have got to be the most unlikeable housewives out of all the current casts. F--king miserable bitches
  6. Isn’t she barely in it anyway? Outside of the finale, will her absence really matter?
  7. Ive wanted her back but wow, she surely thinks highly of herself with that stank attitude
  8. Nene admit she was wrong? Ha, never!
  9. Nene is also a damn hypocrite. She said Kenya started all of this by being strategic by unfollowing her for attention, but isnt that exactly what Nene did to the entire cast (but Shamari) 2 weeks ago?
  10. Nene is so f--king dumb! She is saying Kenya is being strategic by unfollowing bc the blogs would talk about it, yet Nene talks about her on the show and makes it a story Now Cynthia and Kandi are talking about Kenya's baby shower. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya! This episode is all about the queen! LOL...Porsha freaking out over her carnival baby shower was hilarious. Must be the pregnancy hormones KENYA! Her appearance put a light on my face. Love that she came in with Kandi. Love how everyone got up to greet her. The scene was all about Kenya. Nene who? Nene looked so pressed and Kenya paid her dust Marlo STFU. What an ugly soul OMG, Kenya got on mic! This is amazing. LOVE IT! BEST episode of the season. I hope Kenya's return causes the ratings to rise. Kenya better be brought back next season bc EVERYONE was talking about her and she completely changed the dynamic of the cast. This is a storyline right here
  11. Thanks everyone! Honestly this is the only thread I still come to on a regular basis on this board so I’m glad to see it so active still
  12. the gag is half the characters in that cast photo are white...lol
  13. I didnt even bother to watch last year. Was it any good? ATL Reunion Trailer is out. F--k Nene
  14. I read it was bc her husband refused to film, so they downgraded her. Thats such BS bc she is a main cast member and isnt not portrayed as merely a friend. I took me the 4th episode to realize she wasnt even in the opening
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