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  1. Sigh, allegedly Wendy and Karen are still feuding. Wendy needs to stop before I stop liking her. She is coming a bit too hard for me especailly since we havent see anything on air yet to get her this hype
  2. I CANT with the false tears and playing victim from Rinna. I liked her on Days but her acting aint that good I LOVED seeing Garcelle check Kyle (and Dorit) . I bet this is the moment that will solidify her as the target for next season if she returns Had this Denise mess not been a thing, I bet they'd have taken Garcelle's comment about Rinna's parenting as the recurring topic they beat the horse over in every dinner scene
  3. Someone dug up homophobic tweets from Candiace
  4. Unfortuantely I think they only keep her bc Kyle vouches for her. She just may be the worse BH housewife. I think only Carlton may challenge her for that This video was lovely. Watch Teddi get dragged for 4 minutes
  5. I posted about that yesterday but no one commented
  6. Dorinda asking Luann if she thinks she's an alcoholic? "Maybe, not tonight" Their new confessionals look GOOD FYI this was Episode 200!
  7. They trying to come for Garcelle! Garcelle: ""I love that Lisa’s free enough to do the videos and be dancing," she began, "but the dancing nearly naked is not a choice for me if I had a daughter that had body issues." F--K THEM! Im with Garcelle. If you're daughter has body issues, then why are you on IG dancing around naked? Why do you put her issues on blast and then proceed to act the way you do?
  8. New Housewives show alert!!! The Real Housewives of Jersey debuts later this year Not to be confused with New Jersey, this new series will be produced by the team that does Cheshire and will take place in the island of Jersey in the UK Filming is reportedly set to get underway over the next week and The Real Housewives of Jersey is due to arrive on ITVBe later this year. Islanders could soon be seeing their home, and some familiar local faces, on a well known TV show that is coming to Jersey. Visit Jersey says it thinks the show's high profile could encourage younger people to visit the island. With successful spin offs also filmed in New York, New Jersey, Beverly Hills and Atlanta, it has since arrived in the UK with The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Now the series, which is known for focusing on women with wealthy lifestyles, is arriving on local shores. Filming is reportedly getting underway in the next week and The Real Housewives of Jersey is due to arrive on ITVBe later this year. The reality show franchise The Real Housewives has been bringing drama to our screens since 2006, first showing the highs and lows of the lives of women in California with The Real Housewives of Orange County. https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2020-08-03/jersey-sees-reality-tv-show-the-real-housewives-arrive-on-its-shores
  9. Garcelle shade to Rinna when it comes to dancing naked on IG when her daughter has body issues....BURN! Teddi dropped a bomb and then remains as quiet as a church mouse this episode I respect Sutton. She told the girls the rumor she heard but gave Denise the courtesy of knowing as well. If that was Rinna, she'd have said nothing and set Denise up again
  10. DAMN, the two are already feuding. I knew Karen's comment was gonna cause trouble
  11. @Chris B There's no episode next week? WTF?!? Why would Bravo do that? That is an awful way to pace the series and not a way to set the series up for success. Most people didnt even know the second episode would be up today and to not have one next week is a bad move. They should have kept it instead of prematurely killing the momentum which started off strong. its too early to take a break
  12. I love Katie and would love to see her back but she mentally is not right and it would be exploitive on Bravo's part to give her a platform to further freefall. That last season definitely didnt help her custody issues I hate how they brought back Charisse. I feel like they should have made it a bigger deal. She seems more like an extra and is only being used to facilitate the drama without actually being a player. I want her more integrated
  13. Just watched! Wendy is so beautiful but I dont like her first talking head This baby is adorable. Makes me want one Candiace is so unlikeable. I dont like that Wendy is so close to her. Why are people saying Candiace needs to apologize to Ashley? Why are they acting like Ashley is a victim? I dont like either one but Ashley gave as good as she got last year. They both antagonized each other and while Candiace comment when she was pregnant was low, I feel like there is a mutual apology that needs to be given on both sides Wendy's face when Ashley said she has a tear in her anus The green eyed monsters always stir up sh-t. Robyn would be more likeable if she didnt cosign everything Gizelle said LOL at Monique curving Candiace. Id have done the same thing. That dinner table was to the space for it Dang, Wendy shaded Karen with that sex comment. Karen didnt even give it a response. I really hope they can course correct things before it goes left YES to Candy telling Gizelle to STFU! Bitch deserved it!
  14. Nah it was in her talking head. She said she's met her before and that she's unimpressed BTW Ramona apologized for shaming Leah's mental health issues and she got rightfully dragged
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