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  1. I can buy it especially considering how hard Marge was going after Jennifer. She is vindictive enough. I dont think Bill is cheating but who knows what space they were in a decade ago. Whatever happened, they clearly moved past it so that doesnt matter
  2. Dont expect any payoffs to 90% of the storylines that are introduced. There was promise at first but it stalls and never recovers
  3. It doesnt even take place exclusively in ATL anymore. Too many scenes in LA, NY and South Carolina. I dont care for the new cast. I want the messy f--k sh-t from the past
  4. Mia and Alaska are feuding on social media. Team Mia on this one
  5. I used to love Rinna as Billie on Days but f--k her now! Give me Julie Pinson
  6. Can you imagine any of the cancelled daytime soaps doing this? Just blowing up the whole town and killing everyone off so htey wouldnt have to worry about how to wrap up the storylines? This was so damn lazy
  7. he was introducing all these new characters and plotlines and in the final episode kills off the entire main cast except for Hannah, Madison and that mob guy. WTF. NOTHING was resolved
  8. So after 8 years this is how Tyla ends the series? Jim dead. Candiace dead. Veronica dead. David dead. Wyatt dead. Katherine dead. Jeffrey dead. Benny dead. No need to wrap up any stories when the entire cast is killed off
  9. Kenya and Shamari werent on the same season. Season 12 was when Kenya returned and her story featured her as a mother and marriage to Marc in addition to feud with NeNe
  10. Bershan earned her check! Why doesn’t she have an apple?
  11. Shut up Quad. I didnt like how she took control of the reunion as if this was an episode of the cancelled Sister Circle
  12. It was about time. Bravo hasnt been subtle about getting rid of OGs across the board
  13. Sami is still scheming like its 1999? What is she like 50?
  14. The thing thats ruining NY is the same thing that ruined DC. Its leaning way too heavily into politics and forgetting that we go to these shows for fun. BH addressed these issues and kept it moving. NY however seems to be fixated on it and its going to be its downfall. With that said I do like the season overall but the constant politics and race talk can be draining
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