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  1. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    So after the producers decided not to bring Kenya back, they went and asked Nene to bring some of her friends on? Nene has no friends so she just randomly pulled people that shop at her store? A mess. I can see why Tanya has no peach. Her closet is everything and more interesting than her. She better accept the criticism bc I dont believe people need to be engaged for more than 2 years. The engagement is the countdown to the wedding and if you arent working towards that, then what are you doing? Nene's other "friend", dont even know her name. They hyped up her confrontation with Eva but it was a bust. What a dumb scene Kandi really needs to STFU at this point. im sick of her talking about Porsha to everyone she films with Im sick of Cythia and her teleconference bf. Her nonexistent storyline is so boring this year. She's reaching
  2. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    HAHAHAHA! D'andra and her big secret reveal against LeAnn was a bust. I loved how that backfired. Cary was on that ass and I LOVED it.
  3. Cheap21

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Kelly Sullivan appeared last week on Star as a mother thats bipolar. No clue if this will be a recurring role or not Is that his bf/husband?
  4. Cheap21

    Married to Medicine

    People are coming down on Toya but IA with her too. Quad can come on the girls trips but what does a single person need to be doing on a couples themed trip? Quad better have a man and be willing to show him next season if she still wants to come
  5. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Kandi is so damn messy. She is talking to Todd and Don Juan about her businesses and family birthdays and goes "Speaking of Carmon, the other day I was talking to her about Porsha's new man...." WTF?!? That didnt even come across natural and why would she bring it up? She's talking to everyone about Porsha. Bitch, STFU
  6. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Nene's a bitch
  7. Cheap21

    Love and Hip Hop Thread

    I saw Alexis Skyy and was like
  8. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    LOL...I cant remember the last episode I watched but I thought I was up to date. I keep forgetting about this Anyways have you or anyone else watched Cheshire? I havent at all this season
  9. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    LMAO! That mother was given Porsha the eye. She was not here for the BS Kandi is so damn cheap. She has all that money and is trying to get a budget surrogate Cynthia and her game....WTF does that? It doesnt even feel natural. Talk about producer induced. That was messy on so many levels OC Ya'll talking about the reunion already? The season ended? LOL
  10. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Dallas Im behind and only now catching up Im glad Cameron broke the 4th wall. They are all on a nationally aired reality show. What difference does it make if Leann took video with her phone when its gonna be on tv? Brandi is dumb I dont like Cary but her trip and connecting with her family is cute Wow who'd have thought Leann and Stephanie would be so good
  11. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Natina Reed, the rapper in Blaque, died in a car crash in 2012. Its ironic bc Left Eye founded the group and they were marketed as the new TLC, and both groups had their rappers die in a car crash and how is Kandi staying out of the Porsha mess. I generally like Kandi but she was such a fake ass bitch this episode. She is laughing and making nice with Porsha in one scene saying she knows stuff about her new man but she is gonna stay out of it but then goes and films with two people that dont f--k with Porsha to get them to gossip and bad mouth her. Jamie, the girl Porsha fought? I dont think we've ever even seen her before, just heard about Porsha fighting her. This was so strategic and calculated by Kandi but she does this all the time. She brings in the Kandi Koated Klique and Mama Joyce to fight her battles so she can keep her hands clean and say she didnt do anything when she does just by giving them the platform. She was asking the questions and leading Jamie and Carmon to say what she claimed she wasnt going to
  12. Cheap21

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Yes to Shamari! I like her. I didnt realize she was in Blaque. Anyone else think she resembles Monique from Potomac? Nene's shade of her was so petty Good for Porsha and Kandi but it was weird seeing them kiki with each other. Kandi was such a fake ass bitch gossiping about her with Carmon and Jamie. She brought out her minions to do her dirty work as always Im really not liking all the shade Eva is throwing at Cynthia. Completely unnecesary I heard that Ronnie was gonna be the new Peter and he's already giving hints of that
  13. Cheap21

    GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

    shed be unemployed
  14. Cheap21

    GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

    Wow, people still complaining about Sonny and Sam. Some things havent changed
  15. Cheap21

    B&B November 2018 Discussion Thread

    When did this show get so many black people? Are they a rip off of Zende, Nicole and the sister?