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  1. YES! This feels like an international series. The vibes are there. The snow setting definitely reminds me of Vancouver. The casting was great and IA with your post
  2. Hated the ending! I didnt like that after all that it was that person anyway. I think they at least should have been shot on the bridge
  3. She is STILL daring someone to hit her...I cant. Last time somone took her up on that, she got molly wopped across a table. Her mouth is wreckless and she has learned nothing
  4. SLC Jen is a lowdown dirty bitch for the way she treated Meredith and then exposed her secret. She truly is pressed about Mary. Mary on the other hand is becoming more likeable with each episode. I beleive Jen is jealous of her and is competing for who will be the queen of SLC, but it aint her
  5. Braunwyn is the first Housewife LESBIAN! Good for her
  6. Dallas Why did I not know they added an Asian housewife?
  7. Introducing Dorit's new face and confessional look
  8. IKR? I REALLY wanted to like Wendy but the fact that she came on as Candiace's friend and feuding with Karen made me knew that would be an uphill battle. I tried but cant with her despite us having similar backgrounds. The Green-Eyed monsters are the absolute worse. Robyn was becoming more likeable this season but she is back in Gizelle's ass where she loves to stay. Candiace....I cant with her victim routine and acting like she has PTSD, and is so traumatized despite also being responsible for the altercation. She is not the first nor the last person to get into a fight on reality
  9. Im here for Monique, Ashley and Karen. F--k ALL them other hoes
  10. I dont like yellow so not a fan of the theme
  11. Preview is up! https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvgVOYhmLZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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