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  1. Oh gosh the at home talking heads on RHONY tonight were terrible and so distracting. But I did enjoy Dorinda turning on Ramona.
  2. This is why I can’t stand Fraud at all and never will.
  3. I knew it was nothing special. Brandi is so [!@#$%^&*] thirsty.
  4. I do wish Bo was around to see how’d be as a grandpa to a crazy granddaughter that tried to kill his daughter. I think KA tries but the writing clearly favors Marlena as Claire’s grandmother over Hope, the same way they have Marlena over Kate in Will’s life. One of my favorite stories from a few years ago was Kate vs. Marlena in the grandma wars over Will and his coming out. The show needs to focus more on the Allie pregnancy story more, mainly because that’s the family I care the most about. I really hope they didn’t bring Claire back to still be crazy and shipped off again. Also it’s about time they get Shawn and Belle back from Hong Kong permanently.
  5. Wow. They’re really doing another Sonny week. Guess I’m still not watching GH.
  6. You said it before i had a chance to. The character and the over propping for him makes the show difficult to watch at times.
  7. Really enjoyed the Kate and Hope scenes. We don’t get them together a lot, but Kate just works perfectly all over the canvas. Clearly they’re setting up for Allie to give her kid to Will and Sonny 🙄 I will once again say I love having Lucas back and he’s working for me in this relationship with Allie.
  8. Oh god, you've gotta to be kidding me. Her Abby was so damn bland and emotionless. I'd rather Abby be off canvas if Mansi isn't playing her.
  9. I did think he was an ass though to tell Ongina that he should've had a whiteout moment and sent her home. It was completely unnecessary and served no purpose.
  10. Hey Ari, remember when you thought I was dead. Well I'm going to be the best man in the wedding for the guy that thought he strangled me to death. Isn't that great?
  11. It's absolute trolling at this point and it's not helping their ratings in the least.
  12. I’m so insulted. Do they really think this makes viewers like Ben? Is it trolling?
  13. I can't believe they actually went there. They had Will basically laugh off Ben killing him and will now be his best man. If Claire wasn't back I'd be skipping the Cin wedding entirely because this is bullsh.it.
  14. So Nikki got feelings for Jack before Victor fell for Ashley? I’d love to see some Terry Lester Jack and Nikki. Always enjoyed Peter’s Jack with Nikki from the old episodes they’ve been showing and the time they got back together a few years ago, unfortunately Nikki was still obsessed with Victor.
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