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  1. I just don’t care about Atlanta anymore. I’m going to watch obviously but with Potomac being the gold standard now, Atlanta just doesn’t have it anymore. And I had to roll my eyes at millionaire and then some Kandi, complaining about child support. Didn’t she just buy her kid a Porsche?
  2. Were we supposed to care that Adam is going back to Adam Wilson? I’m glad the writers are tackling Theo feeling left out. The family just preached and went on and on about being Abbott’s right in front of him, knowing damn well he’s not an Abbott.
  3. I grew really fond of her during the classics. Excited for her to come back.
  4. Kate was so bad ass. You do NOT mess with Kate’s family.
  5. What we’re watching now are new episodes right? Cause it doesn’t look like Days does any social distancing at all. Which I’m kinda okay with because it looks so awkward on Y&R
  6. Michael has always been one of his best acting partners, and they haven’t lost an ounce of their chemistry. None of the dream sequences worked for me today. And the social distancing is as awkward as ever.
  7. Loved Lucas telling Kate today about Allie's rape and her instantly going into Grandma Bear Mode. I will never get over Marlena talking about Christian being a murderer and trying to get Will, when she's the champion defender of the guy that actually murdered Will. It's one of the major writing flaws that will never not annoy me.
  8. Ugh this post just reminded he'll be back. The cop station works just fine with Lani, Eli, and Shawn. I actually liked the Rafe and Nicole friendship when the show bothered to remember it.
  9. Agreed with all of this. I have never warmed too Wendy at all and if she keeps going the way she is, I don’t see that changing.
  10. Other Theo was more attractive, I wonder if he was unavailable. Theo without Ciara on the show will be a little weird though.
  11. The only stories I really care about are the older Abbotts, I’ve always hated Kyle since this guy took over. And the quad with Elena/Devon/Nate/Amanda. Mishael and Bryton still have it in spades when it comes to chemistry, but I hope the writers can control themselves and not rush it.
  12. Are we really out of bad guys at this point? Why don’t these guys ever quit?
  13. When was Adam ever on good terms with the Newman’s outside of when Hartley was playing him?
  14. It’s been happening off and on now for like the last 4 years. He literally keeps failing at killing her and John and just pops back up to fail again each year. I feel like the blackout is ruining some of the momentum the show had been building up. I’m tired of Clyde and Orpheus. Still crazy to think we’re not getting an official goodbye for the character of Hope after all these years.
  15. Neil Winters-Y&R Sharon Newman-Y&R Ciara Brady- Days
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