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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. That was a pretty good opener. I won’t post any spoiler type comments for a few days.
  2. I just don’t understand when the ladies all decided they loved Dorit? Anytime they’ve ever called her our on anything she deflected and took zero accountability, but this season it’s poor poor Dorit being picked on. It’s annoying. It’s like they think the audience has no memory.
  3. I'm excited for the return of good ol Rambles. Nothing gets Kyle into more of a tizzy than Kim being on the scene. I find myself missing her.
  4. RHONY Ugh Luann and Barbara...not a good look at all. Dorinda has redeemed herself in my eyes completely now. And poor poor Sonja...I dunno what else you can say but poor poor Sonja.
  5. Thank god someone pointed out the absolute lack of chemistry between Sharon and Rey. I was starting to think I was going crazy in seeing nothing there. She really was very enjoyable during that brief period where she just a cold bitch.
  6. I personally watched daily when Hillary was alive. Her death is when my viewing became sporadic. And then Eileen leaving kinda took the last of my interest away. I try to catch at least one episode a week most weeks, but there are weeks where I just delete the whole week because nothing is grabbing me.
  7. He was so determined to say that Kyle has been defending Lisa, which SHE HASN'T. It was infuriating. I was very disappointed with Camille this episode. She had done a good job of pointing out that this all started because of Dorit, but then once she was with all the mean girls she went in on LVP. Which is weird since I thought they were friends.
  8. I basically delete weeks at a time of episodes at this point.
  9. She is performing in Atlanta May 30th! So pumped to go.
  10. I was soooo disappointed to see Luann go full Countess this episode. It’s like I want to support her because Dorinda was wrong but now she’s being insufferable. GUESS WHO GOT TICKETS TO COUNTESS AND FRIENDS??? THIS GUY!!
  11. I honestly didn’t miss the character when she was gone but I enjoyed GT in the role, despite how much i hated the story of her cheating on Jack yet again and this time with his brother. I couldn’t imagine MS’ Phyllis having the awesome Phyllis and Hillary friendship that I loved.
  12. As would I. I’d dump the rest of the Rosales clan and pretend his family never actually came to GC.
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