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  1. She annoys the [!@#$%^&*] out of me and Dolores is not wrong about her, but it felt like it came out of nowhere.
  2. Is it me or is Jackie vs Dolores really random? I mean I hate Jackie so I don’t mind but it feels producer driven more than anything else.
  3. How did Will kill Adrienne? Have they explained that?
  4. Jesus christ these women are tiresome.
  5. I don’t know why Bravo was kidding themselves thinking they could do OC and have it be entertaining without Vicki’s antics. They should’ve just given her her Orange this season after they edited most of the damn show to be about her. No one is watching the show to see what Emily and Gina are up to. And Braunwyn is was too thirsty. Tamara got out completely unscathed by the takedown attempt. She’s a damn pro.
  6. I agree with everything you said. I’ve never liked Kenya but she’s absolutely breathed new life into the franchise by coming back. Nene really could’ve sat this season out. She is not missed and adds nothing at all. I still don’t get the point of Eva who just screams phony to me.
  7. I can tell Kristian is trying, but man that accent is so bad and in and out. Was she better at it in the past or has it never been a strong suit for her? How is Chandler Massey still getting paid to laugh his way through scenes?
  8. Watching today's episode now and I can't believe they really have made Steve, Stefano. Why couldn't they let the character die with Joe. This is dumb.
  9. How did Hayley die?? And why is Will in jail becoming best friends with the guy who killed him?
  10. I really enjoyed the episode, but as you said the interesting look of the show completely deteriorated as the flashbacks got more recent. I didn’t watch Y&R as a child so I loved seeing the older flashbacks. Would’ve enjoyed more older Ashley scenes and at least an older Tracy scene. The show also finally acknowledged that Dina actually made visits. When she first returned they made it seem like she hadn’t been back in their lives since she left as a kid. Ive always been a bigger fan of the Abbotts over the Newmans and prefer Nikki with Jack than Victor.
  11. Jackie’s extreme reaction to being called out for hurting someone tells you everything you need to really know about her.
  12. I don’t remember when I last watched the show but I’m going to watch the Peter Bergman anniversary episode.
  13. Nene will never change. She is the prime example of fame going to someone’s head and completely ruining them. I don’t enjoy watching her at all.
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