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  1. I loved Cindy and hated how they phased her out. Honestly Terri just didn't work for me and I don't think she had the same chemistry with Ritter and Dewitt as Suzanne and Jennilee.
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I don’t care about Rinna staying out of the drama this season. She was an as shole for years and I personally as a viewer have a long memory. Besides I’ve never cared for her quite frankly bland looking daughters and always found them to be brats, so doubling down on featuring them again is doing nothing but giving me a reason to be annoyed by Rinna. Honestly the only Housewife I ever have really disliked but they completely turned it around was Camille. Any Housewife trying to repair their image needs to consult whatever PR firm helped Camille all those years ago, and that includes Bethenny who I saw straight through last season.
  3. I started it and very much hate watched it, another one that I don’t remember when I stopped.
  4. I totally forgot Heroes but yes I was very interested in the first 2 seasons but it def went off the rails. Don’t know when I stopped.
  5. Y&R: Actor Out

    I agree completely.
  6. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    This truly is a great version of Nikki/Victor. Pretty much agree with everything you said here. Would like to add that I do not like the new singer girl's voice AT ALL. I'm definitely not looking forward to her stinking up the joint as much as Tessa did under Sally.
  7. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm pretty behind but I just wanted to add there's something really odd about Hope and Rafe being so gung ho about getting Anna for Andre's murder and being mad that Roman's trying to cover for her, when they did their damndest to cover up that Hope murdered Stefano....
  8. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Devon totally knew Hillary wasn't going to react well when he told her he was dating that new singer.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Potomac has a decent balance but I don’t really care about their day to day lives truthfully.
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Honestly this might be my last Atlanta season. I’ve only caught maybe half of it and it’s such a bore. I did like the vegan dinner because it had some of the lighter shade I’m used to on the show but as I’ve said before it’s hard to watch when you know the cast barely likes each other.
  11. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Yeah I’m very curious to see if there’s a correlation as well. And I agree with @ChitHappens, I’m very much enjoying the business stories currently. They seem to have life again and Ashley being so openly messy is great. This story and JT coming back have given Victoria some life as well.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Well that means this new season essentially HAS to be different. No real loss with Peggy who was pretty funny at times with how out of place she was on this show.
  13. Totally forgot to add Empire. I watched I think up until Season 2 or 3's mid season finale and never came back.
  14. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    When I first got into Days, Tony and John were half-brothers and it worked.
  15. You're so right. Something didn't click at all when they became adults. The writers were just throwing [!@#$%^&*] at the wall and hoping it stuck. One thing they were always great about though was making sure I hated Vanessa. I saw the actress in a movie like last month and couldn't enjoy her because my hatred of Vanessa runs so deep lol.