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  1. Bingo. I wouldn't bat an eye, I just want her back.
  2. Camille came PACKING. Those fools were not expecting it at all and she never lost her cool. That was an epic takedown.
  3. Ugh I liked Avery when she was feisty but not when her storyline became baking. Snooze.
  4. She legit had zero reason to turn on Monique. Why would you want to impress Gizelle?
  5. I guess that's how it will look with MS back as Phyllis. Even though there was an age gap between GT and MM, they still looked believable as peers and had a great easy chemistry as besties.
  6. I wonder if Mishael will have any chemistry with Michelle Stafford. I loved the Hillary and Phyllis relationship.
  7. I’m literally amazed every episode at just how quick the women move on, it really is a testament to the perfect cast.
  8. So I clearly missed more on this board than on the show 😂
  9. RHONY Dorinda Dorinda Dorinda. You’re now mad that Luann got over someone else being awful to her faster than your drunken attack that started because she asked how your margarita was? And Ramona and Sonja look awful as dog owners. I hope when Coco dies it completely destroys Ramona and people make fun of her. If my friends acted like those as.sholes when my dog died, we wouldn’t be friends.
  10. Anyone else watch the premiere? I was shocked Tami was back. I guess she still needs them checks.
  11. Omg please for the love of god let this be true!!
  12. That was the whole reason I loved Avery.
  13. Yes New York and Potomac. Beverly deserves to keep dropping. It’s the only way to send a message that this season was AWFUL.
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