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  1. Antoyne

    Y&R: Veteran Actor Returning

    Paul and Christine’s obsession with Victor annoyed me but I didn’t want him off the show. And certainly didn’t want Rey as his replacement.
  2. Antoyne

    Soap actors who appeared on all three networks

    jordi vilasuso has been on AMC/DAYS/YR and I’ve hated him on them all.
  3. Antoyne

    Days: February 18-22, Weekly Preview

    I can’t believe this is just to prop up Ben. This is ridiculous.
  4. Antoyne

    Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Yes! They said John dated Diana 30 years ago and John did the math from Leo’s birth certificate. I can’t I just can’t.
  5. Antoyne

    Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Wait are they trying to tell me Leo is THIRTY?!! This is that same crap Y&R tried pull with Riikart.
  6. Antoyne

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    That is so damn rich coming from Lisa Fuckin Rinna.
  7. Antoyne

    Y&R February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Very excited about the MTS special.
  8. Antoyne

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I saw that trailer. I’m firmly team Teresa. Jackie clearly knows she came on hot and fizzled out and is desperately trying to secure a second season. If Jennifer doesn’t come back it will be a shame. She earned that second season.
  9. Antoyne

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    Still so weird we’re talking about him in the past tense.
  10. Antoyne

    Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Did they confirm Leo is Johns? I’m about a week behind.
  11. Nate was written terribly and the actor was completely lifeless.
  12. Antoyne

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    It’s funny even when I don’t hate Melissa, I still resent her and Joe for their early seasons. They did not give a [!@#$%^&*] about their family, all they wanted was to be seen. It still annoys me.
  13. Antoyne

    GH: Actor returning

    I always really liked Jax when I watched. Hated how they always had him less than Sonny somehow. He works way better with Laura Wright’s Carly than Maurice does.
  14. Antoyne

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    We met Jennifer’s future in law in Turkey at the engagement party. I enjoyed this season but focusing so much on Danielle and not giving her talking heads was stupid and clearly slanted towards Margaret. Jackie should def be a one and done and Jennifer definitely earned a second season for me.