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  1. This was easily the best season of RHOC in YEARS. I pretty much enjoyed every single episode. I hate Braunwyn and don't want to watch her. I still don't care about Emily and Gina, but I guess I would take them over having to watch that try hard Braunwyn.
  2. I’ll take Emily that I don’t even enjoy over Brown Wind. Definitely don’t want to watch both of them.
  3. Just great. I was finally watching the show almost daily on DVR again.
  4. When was the last time Ciara even saw her mother? Why is everyone else in town actually concerned there's something wrong with Hope, yet her own daughter doesn't acknowledge her existence or even notice anything is wrong because she's obsessed with a serial killer.
  5. Antoyne

    Vanderpump Rules

    Two of them are. Both Max and Brett.
  6. You guys are making me want to give the show a shot again. I’m convinced I’m going to watch and it’ll be an episode full of everyone I hate.
  7. I will fight you over Flynn and Mansi! I love Chad and Abby.
  8. So I'm getting caught up on Y&R. I see they finally got rid of the terrible Amanda wig. And it looks like they're trying a Phyllis/Amanda friendship. I was a huge fan of Hillary and Phyllis together with Gina and the role, but I will say I actually did see a little bit of that chemistry with MS and MM. Not quite at the level of Gina and Mishael but the actresses did seem to believably enjoy each other's company. NuChance is awful though. Awwwwful.
  9. I never thought I'd see someone say they miss Daniel. He basically ruined every female character in his orbit, and every male opposed to him had to lose and seem less than. He was a plague on the show and Shawn Cristian's whisper speak was awful.
  10. So glad that Lani told JJ about what Gabi is doing. I enjoy evil Gabbi, but she should not be getting any sort of happiness with Eli while threatening to blow up his grandmother's heart.
  11. Sorry I was posting as I watched and he originally mentioned something about being her birth father, but i've just gotten to him mentioning her being adopted.
  12. Oh god now we have Abby defending Ben Weston?!
  13. Chandler was doing this pretty consistently before he left the show. It's been a complaint about him for years. There are very few scenes in which he actually acts without smirking his way through it. RC has never understood things like this. He has always pushed whatever character he has a hard on for no matter what their deeds were and how ridiculous it was that anyone would forgive them. I will never accept the character of Ben after watching the murders no matter what the show tries to push. If anything it makes me push back against the character even more. And since when is Stefano Kristen's birth father? Is this another retcon like Stefano suddenly being Andre's birth father as well? When was the last time Stefano and Kristen were actually on canvas at the same time?
  14. Are my ears deceiving me or are there some new music cues. There's this music at the end of the Gina/John scene I'm watching that I don't recall hearing before that I really enjoyed. Sounded less cheesy and more classic soap.
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