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  1. [!@#$%^&*] Tami. But i don’t think we’ve ever agreed about her. The only one I like is Cici.
  2. Anyone keeping up with the show?
  3. For some reason it seems like Ashley is actually scared of Gizelle.
  4. I’m really enjoying the show every week. It’s over the top but also highly watchable.
  5. I found the first season to be much stronger. No one is projecting, it’s called having a different opinion. I would be pissed if someone that claims to love me and care about me, started [!@#$%^&*] my ex while smiling in my face.
  6. I thought Katie more than held her own against Ashley last night, that’s why Ashley had to start going low. I guess she thought Katie would just back down. As you guys have mentioned, Ashley didn’t even acknowledge when it was pointed out and then confirmed by Robyn that they all talked [!@#$%^&*].
  7. Of course Vyle Richards is at it again. She has no other storyline outside of her husbands lawsuit that she won’t talk about anyway, so naturally it was time to dust off her favorite one.
  8. To this day, it’s the only reunion I’ve never finished. It was probably the most toxic reunion I’ve seen.
  9. Bethenny wasn’t rich yet. Once she got her money, her true self emerged.
  10. Yikes it’s Thursday and not a single new post this week. Guess I’m not the only one that’s tuned out again.
  11. Did you mean Miami season 3? Cause Season 2 one of the best housewife seasons of all time.
  12. It’s so annoying that Andy loves her so much. That’s the only reason she’s first chair.
  13. That is absolutely not a pair that would get me to watch.
  14. So this episode proved Vicki absolutely did not need to be demoted. I was once again bored until she showed up. I wish reality stars would stop with the cringey lovey dovey scenes. They’re always awful. I think it’s funny that Kelly believes people only started talkin [!@#$%^&*] about her online once Vicki said she did coke.
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