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  1. GH April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I took it off my DVR today.
  2. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Lord and so it begins with Hilary...counting the days until she loses the baby and fakes a pregnancy so the Winters can tell her how awful she is until she wooes Devon over again and then does something even worse than lie about the pregnancy...I dunno maybe kill Lily.
  3. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I did have to laugh at them making fun of her favorite phrase that she’s still “getting to know” people lol. That’s her way out of everything.
  4. BBC's Orphan Black

    Just jumped into this show yesterday on Amazon Prime, I’m hooked!
  5. Y&R April Spoilers

    Lord Hilary really is going to fake her pregnancy.
  6. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    He’s out of the bed. How many times are you going to rant about it? Don’t let me stop you from quoting yourself again.
  7. Basketball Wives on VH1

    I'm so annoyed they've gotten one step closer to getting rid of the L.A. girls by permanently adding ANOTHER girl from the originals. So stupid. Make it even.
  8. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Strangely enough it's the most likeable they've been as a couple for me.
  9. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Right, they both deserve to suffer.
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    God I hope so. She lacks any self-awareness and is only surrounded by people who tell her she’s great. I have to wonder if she even realizes the tides have shifted. It appears Dorit is still going to pretend the things she says and does on camera, never happened.
  11. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    There wasn't an ounce of self-awareness in Hilary. After what he did to her and Devon, no matter if they had an affair, he literally will never have ground to trash her or treat her like garbage again. But I guess that story never happened. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Kyle? Until it's acknowledged that he's mad at his dad but ok with the man whose wife killed his mom, I don't care about anything he has to say.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

  13. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Dorit really is just awful and a liar. She's up there with Siggy on just being a complete unaware asshat for her second season. Unfortunately I think Andy likes Dorit.
  14. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    You guys will have to let me know when the Gabby/Stefan story is over. I'm not watching again until then, even for my beloved Kate.
  15. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I have to applaud Nikki having a brain today and saying they wouldn't tell Victor cause he would probably use it in the future to blackmail any of the four of them. It's so funny though, they say these things about Victor but when JT did he was looked at like he was just making [!@#$%^&*] up. Very odd writing with that. I liked the Neil and Victor scenes quite a bit, and in general I'm enjoying the wrinkle in the Devon/Neil working relationship with Devon apparently not filling Neil in on a thing while he was gone. I do wish Traci was around for this vote, and to try and talk Kyle out of being the smarmy little s.hit he's become now. So they played that almost reveal of Jack and Kyle not being blood Abbott's perfeeeectly. I was actually excited Ashley was going to reveal it, but more excited when Jack popped up.