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  1. I saw somewhere the rumor of this show debunked. Thank god. I wouldn’t watch anyway but I also don’t want Rinna or her brats rewarded for anything.
  2. Well that didn’t show anything or even make it look interesting.
  3. Currently on season 3 of Better Call Saul. Such a fantastic companion piece to Breaking Bad. It’s like a love letter to the fans that loved Breaking Bad.
  4. I’m excited to see the new DiMera set. I always enjoyed the original they brought back not that long ago only to go back to the tiny library.
  5. Just give Cady the role of Jennifer if Missy wants to stay home. She truly became Jennifer for me after initially always wondering how Missy would play certain scenes. But they gave meaty stuff pretty much from the start and she delivered like she’d always played the role.
  6. I think what you said about the lack of genuine friendships is still why NY is the gold standard. I’m constantly seeing the ladies together on social media outside of filming because they actually interact when they’re not being paid to.
  7. Getting caught up on Y&R, and man seeing Dollar Bill interacting with Lauren and Jack, all I could think was how stupid it was to kill off Brad. He immediately fit right back in.
  8. I don’t even remember what Abe and Lexie’s house looks like. Hope’s house becoming that awful tiny room is so so bad. Everyone living at Salem Inn is awful. All of these people have money but choose to live in hotels. It makes no sense. Every company has no employees outside of the cast.
  9. I agree completely with everything you said about Beemer and Madison. I’ve never understood all the hate. Neither one bothers me in the least and I’d prefer them on canvas than not and I don’t want anymore recasts.
  10. Jen was SO annoying basically trying to say she was black and thus could not be aggressive. Bitch was aggressive ALL SEASON LONG. I thought it was gross how she tried to play the race card to downplay what an ass she was most of the season, it was ridiculous and I like her even less now.
  11. That really would’ve been the perfect time to do it.
  12. Jesus what an awful cast if true.
  13. Are people that disappointed? I know he has his fan club on this board for some reason but is it widespread beyond a few posters here that lust after him?
  14. I think my DVR has just given up recording Y&R altogether now and I have no idea why. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing much though.
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