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  1. Laura’s Cyrus Slap Genie Francis brings it home EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  2. I loved that moment between Laura and Tracy in the hospital. Those two have come very very far over the years!
  3. A nice retrospective from Doug Davison, including a rare scene with Erica Hope as Nikki...
  4. Y&R has clawed back half of the 500K viewers it’s lost by the looks of things. Still a way to go though...
  5. @Taoboi lots of strength to you and your family!
  6. NuLucas has quite a resemblance to Paul Ryan (the former Speaker, not the ATWT character)...
  7. Good toe see she’s still going and doing her own thing! Thanks for the link, Carl
  8. There was certainly fire between Cady McClain and Lauren Koslow in that scene! It’s weird seeing Jen with this much fire and energy, but it seems to be working thus far.
  9. Hey all, just wanted clarity over some recent things (as someone not in the US). How was it eventually revealed that Peter was Alex’s son and not Anna’s? And why did Anna believe that Peter was her son for long? Memory implants? And what is Valentin’s relationship to Peter? Cheers all
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