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  1. There comes a time where fat-shaming and borderline transphobic behaviour does need to be called out - and it isn’t often enough on these kinds of boards. We, particularly the LGBT+ folk on this board, need to do MUCH better at being inclusive and holding ourselves and each other to account.

    1. Vee


      I think Soapsuds is the least of the board's current problems but he's made a lot of people uncomfortable for a very long time, it's just there's very few of us who openly say it. That being said, he is occasionally capable of intelligent conversation. I don't care much for him but I think he cares about the board and the genre. I think his behavior should've been corrected long ago but I don't hate him and I wouldn't report him, unlike the many reports many of us have made about actual trolls which are actively and proudly ignored. That problem is my priority.

  2. Wondering if it’s worth starting a Eurovision 2022 thread yet, seeing as we are now in a ESC new year and the host city has been announced…
  3. OzFrog

    The View

    We getting into transphobic misgendering now?
  4. The Cameron/Spencer scenes were really well done! It’s those types of scenes I love watching, where they start to delve into the psychological a bit more.
  5. FWIW, I’m still enjoying the individual scenes and character interactions, even if the beats of the story aren’t making as much sense now as they did previously. Then again, I’ve always been more about the characters than the plots, as long as the characters were written true to themselves, so I’m keeping an open mind here.
  6. It would be fascinating to do some research on how neurodiverse people interact with programs like US daytime soaps compared to their neurotypical counterparts, and how that affects their world view. I started getting into daytime soaps in the mid-90s when I was a teenager (undiagnosed on the spectrum at that point), watching the likes of DAYS, Y&R and B&B, which were considered to be exciting times for soaps at the time.

    In my experience, I’ve never really been one to go “that was bad acting” or “that was a bad story - I very much just accept and see what’s on my screen. My motivation in watching appears to be more around how characters interact with each other rather than plot - indeed for me being on the spectrum and growing up, it was a source of learning in a sense about how “normal” people behave.

    Like most neurodiverse people, I consider myself quite empathetic, and I use that empathy quite a lot when watching dramas like soaps - do I feel or sense what this character is going through? On that level, I would naturally gravitate towards characters (actors) who display a “human” side to them - and that is something that would come down to the relevant actor’s ability level.

    And I guess my focus on character as opposed to plot is why I find myself not getting as wound up over a bad plot in a soap like some people would, because my emotional investment is in the characterisation side of things - soaps are rooted in both realism and fantasy, and that’s something I intrinsically accept. Like I said originally, it’d be interesting to study the neurodiverse viewership to see how they react to watching soaps, etc.

  7. Despite the overwhelming reaction thus far from certain quarters to recent events on GH, I’m still finding myself watching the scenes just for the interactions and seeing how it unfolds. It is somehow still maintaining my interest, and that is saying something.

    Perhaps it’s my neurodiversity at play here, but I guess I’m looking at things from a different angle to everyone else. And that’s something I actively embrace.

    1. Vee


      This is the wrong forum to come to for neurotypical people, to put it mildly. Maybe we just have different opinions.

    2. KMan101


      I can still find things watchable about the show. It's not awful (to me; but I see potential still; it may be to others and that's fine, I can see why they may not enjoy it).


      But a clear direction has lacked for a looong time, and that's putting it mildly. There's effort on one side but you can just tell the show reeks of interference. It's a shame.

  8. I’m intrigued by the Mrs Wu/Brad speculation. Is it actually confirmed that Brad is in fact Mrs Wu’s son, and I just missed something along the way?
  9. One thing I wonder about MarDevil and Sami - was it not PossessedMarlena who originally convinced Sami to steal Austin away from Carrie back in the mid 90s?
  10. Both “Don’t Shut Me Down” and “I Still Have Faith In You” made a big splash on charts worldwide this week! In the UK, they debuted at #9 and #14 respectively, making Don’t Shut Me Down their first UK Top 10 hit in almost exactly 40 years (their previous was One Of Us back at the end of 1981).
  11. It still feels so unreal (and yet so heartwarming) to see Anna and Carrie’s mother/daughter relationship on screen - Leann Hunley should really have been a presence on DOOL during the 90s when Carrie was part of some major plots. She and Christie Clark work so naturally together!
  12. ABBA 💙💛💙💛

    1. Taoboi


      Hmmm sounds like some great news. Will check the ABBA thread later. :) 

    2. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      It's better than great....   :wub:

  13. You better believe I’ve preordered the album! The first two singles are **MAGIC**! And furthermore, they’ve already stormed the top 2 spots on the UK iTunes chart. How frickin incredible that 2021 has brought us this joy
  14. Definitely remains to be seen what kind of trouble Dismay can cause for Trina - one to watch for sure!
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