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  1. Dunno whether this has been posted already, but been on a 1986 GL watching binge, and came across the Christmas episode. Can I just say that this for me is hands down THE BEST Christmas episode of any soap that I have ever watched. The highlight of this episode for me was the first official scene of Ross and Dinah as father and daughter. So fabulously awkward between Jerry VerDorn and Jennifer Gatti in this scene. On a related note, there is quite a bit of December 1986 missing from bandstandmike’s playlist on Youtube, and part of what’s missing are the scenes where Ross and Vanessa finally discover that Dinah is their daughter (November 1986 gets up to the part where the carnival folk sneak into Lillian’s house after they find out that Vanessa is Dinah’s mother, but then a huge chunk of that storyline is missing). How did it end up getting resolved?
  2. I posted this on the GL thread in the Cancelled Soaps section, but found it worth reposting on here as well. This was a brilliant scene on GL from 1984 where Alexandra takes control of Spaulding Enterprises from Alan. The way this was played out by both Chris Bernau and Beverlee McKinsey was beyond phenomenal...
  3. @DramatistDreamer I fully agree with everything you’ve said above. I’ve been engrossing myself on old GL clips as of late (particularly Roger/Holly stuff), and somehow came across that clip. And I was *mesmerised* by it all. I know it’s a GL thread, but the only other sibling relationship I can think that would even come close to this is Jack/Ashley on Y&R (the Lester/Davidson version). But the Spaulding siblings were on a completely different level altogether!
  4. The other day I came across this clip on Youtube. It’s a 1984 clip with Chris Bernau and Beverley McKinsey, when Alex forced Alan to hand over control of Spaulding Enterprises to her. This was so delicious to watch!
  5. That was such an awesome clip to watch, on so many levels. Thank you for this! A few observations... firstly, was this Robin Mattson’s first air date as Heather Webber? It was weird seeing the tension from Richard Dean Anderson playing Jeff in that whole scene. Also, that was indeed classic Leslie and Monica right there. I loved how deftly Leslie handled her, particularly when Rick was mentioned. Was that Susan Pratt playing Annie? On a tangent, was there much played around the sibling dynamic between Rick and Jeff during this time? I’d be curious to find any scenes played between them, particularly played by RDA and Chris Robinson.
  6. Who do you reckon has had the best Jack-Ashley dynamic? Peter Bergman and Eileen Davidson? Peter Bergman and Brenda Epperson? Terry Lester and Eileen Davidson?
  7. Sheesh Claire looks like she’s had a Snapchat filter imposed on her face!
  8. Holy frickin hell! I have been wanting to see that Brent/Ashley scene for YEARS!!! Now I just need to find the subsequent Ashley/Dina showdown...
  9. Wow! That is one heck of lead time to set up that story. Thanks heaps for all your other answers btw. I would so love to see more of the Brent Davis and Ashley stuff if it exists, especially considering that it is still being used in today’s storylines!
  10. Thanks to pannoni4 for his awesome G+ collection of old Y&R episodes. A few observations and questions I had from watching all of this: * Intrigued to see that at the end of 1984, Lauren and Paul were already together and yet she was still trying to cause trouble for Traci. Also surprised to see the Shawn storyline kicking off already (I know the Lauren buried alive stuff was a big one for 1985). * Seeing as we were so close to 1985 by this point, were we still far off from Brad appearing on the scene? And did Traci move seamlessly from Danny to Brad? * How did the storyline with Tyrone/Amy/Jazz eventually wrap up? * As has been observed by other posters here, I also couldn’t help but notice all the foreshadowing that was going on with Victor/Nikki/Ashley/Jack in the 26 December episode. When did it really start to heat up between these four? * And also all the Brent Davis stuff!! Particularly when Jack told Ashley what he was told by Marc Mergeron about Dina’s affair with Brent. I couldn’t help but think as Ashley reacted to that “oh boy, wait until you find out what REALLY happened”. Speaking of which, when and how did Ashley actually find out that Brent was her real father?
  11. That's actually something I've never thought of till now - Jack potentially having mommy issues from Dina's desertion in his childhood. And absolutely, Terry Lester would have played that angle so well. Has that facet of Jack's personality ever surfaced during Peter Bergman's run, particularly in his various romances?
  12. Pretty much over the whole Soapsuds jihad against SSM. Dissenting opinion is all well and good if communicated in a respectful manner, but when it turns completely vitriolic, there's only so much that can be tolerated before the line gets drawn. He and JONNYSBRO sound exactly like each other nowadays, hence why they are both on my ignore list. Certainly makes my thread reading that tad more bearable.
  13. And Trump's lunacy continues...
  14. There's also a theory going around that this is a red herring from the FBI to distract the Trump camp and lull them into a false sense of security, before the real stuff comes out.
  15. More Trump Meltdown In 3... 2... 1...
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