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  1. Even in 1966 Denise Alexander was a bloody powerhouse. I’ve been watching GH 1977 Rick/Lesley on Youtube recently, and DA had a similar empowering energy to her as Lesley as she does here as Susan. Either way, so riveting to watch.
  2. One could only dare to guess what would happen if you locked Sasha & Willow and their anti-counterparts in one room together. Would the entire universe just implode on itself?
  3. Another iconic frenemy relationship in daytime - Tina and Gabrielle on OLTL...
  4. “Is that a nice quad or are you just insanely happy to see me?”
  5. @Faulkner that is actually funny on many many levels!
  6. God, just make Chase gay already - he’s too wasted on Willow and Sasha
  7. Speaking of Erica, here’s another episode I stumbled upon, from AMC’s 20th anniversary month in January 1990. Some gold in here - Chuck, Donna, Emily Ann, Phoebe, Billy Clyde, Travis, Jack, Erica, Natalie, Skye. I love how fresh the episode looked here... it still feels somewhat contemporary compared to today’s standards!
  8. Been watching this playlist most of the weekend. As it states, it’s lot of Erica, but also a whole heap of other storylines in there, especially Natalie’s initial machinations against Erica and Jeremy. What I found interesting is even back in December 1985, they were already mentioning Janet by name in scenes between Natalie and Alex Hunter, which indicates to me that they had a solid backstory set up to use for Natalie later down the line. But it was a real treat watching Natalie/Erica scenes - those two were quite matched on the rivalry stakes!
  9. A very scary thought just came to my head, because I had forgotten that biological connection... I’ve heard on these boards (not sure if fully substantiated though) that Alexis is meant to be meeting someone very important in jail. What if that someone is Steven Webber - but now being played by Roger Howarth?
  10. He went to jail. And I totally agree - Steven is probably the character that will have the most meaningful impact across the canvas, for several reasons: Liz just lost her love in a tragic murder - she needs her family around her, and who better than her big brother? Cam keeps moaning about how he doesn’t have a father figure in his life - next best thing, get Cam to bond with his Uncle Steve again! Get Steve mixing it up in the hospital again - make him a challenger to Britt for COS. And last but not least - an actual organic obstacle for Ned/Olivia - she never reall
  11. She did go through DAYS first for a couple of years in between AMC and BB, and from clips I’ve seen of her on DAYS, you can definitely see the similarities between both her AMC and BB looks.
  12. It’s still hard to imagine sometimes that Genie was only 16-17 in those photos (I imagine this was pre-rape).
  13. Found this 1985 partial episode whilst in a Youtube rabbit hole. Lots of Hunter Tylo scenes (before she was Hunter Tylo), a bit of Greg, and pre-Lauren-Holly Julie!
  14. So I’m currently in the Phase 3 trials for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine here in the UK. I’ve already had two shots (first in January, second two weeks ago), and apart from a nature immune reaction 48 hours after the first shot, everything’s been smooth sailing. The trial itself goes for two and a bit years, and my next check up is scheduled for September. I officially do not know if I have the vaccine or placebo, but judging from the reaction after the first shot, it’s safe to bet I have the real deal. The good thing about this trial is that due to the faster-than-expected rol
  15. Semi final running orders have been released! Youtube recaps are also here...
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