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  1. I can't remember the whole thing but I know that Jade and the cop ended up together, I think with the suggestion they had a baby. Perry wound up in a mental institution and Jade "visits her often". I remember thinking that was such a dark and almost comically flippant way to wrap up her cliffhanger. I also remember Joy survived the lightning strike (I can remember Lisa Hartman's voiceover saying these things) but drawing a blank on Lindsey... It was such a great romp of a mini-series. I'm not sure it would have lasted a 22+ episode season but it was an entertaining ride
  2. I certainly will be now, once I've finished the storyline. Good on her for getting on with her life in a new career but it's a crying shame the industry evolved in a way that there was no space left for her. She'd be great on B&B albeit I wouldn't wish that upon her these days. I've just reached Edie Falco as a nurse tending to Steffi. This is really the gift that keeps on giving with those sorts of surprises.
  3. As someone who never had the opportunity to watch Loving, the show has interested me for years. I've seen bits and pieces (the pilot, odd episodes on YT) and you've all managed a far better job than I could of articulating why it's so intriguing. Every single isolated episode I've seen feels like a completely different show. I've been wanting to watch the Loving Murders for literally 25 years and the timing of these uploads is an absolute gift for me to dial down anxiety and immerse in something. As a soap loving 10 year old in the UK, my first knowledge of the story came from a f
  4. It looks like they're working in the opposite direction - 2005 is patchy but they've uploaded pretty much everything from 2006 to date. A strange move but interesting development. I hold out hope we'll get more. There's no geo blocking either which is a refreshing change.
  5. I'm up to around episode 346 (I think) and the Angela story has just started. It is such a strange story...I get that it was most likely done to elicit sympathy for Stephanie but I can't imagine what the long term plan was. I know about the ultimate deception but I don't really buy (yet) that it was Bell's intention from the offset. Susan Flannery continues to amaze me. Having only watched from the mid-90s onwards, I'm used to the bulldozer she became, always a hair's breadth from fury. This earlier version is far more nuanced and Flannery's exhausted resignation when she told Eric
  6. Thanks that's interesting to know and reassuring I hadn't simply missed it. The Logan stuff is important context to the set up of the show and I can't put my finger on what doesn't work for me. The casting is stronger than I'd expected but other than Brooke and to a lesser extent Donna, I don't really connect with them. I'm also very intrigued about the recasting of Judith Baldwin with Nancy Burnett. Judith set Beth up as a kind and strikingly beautiful woman who life hadn't been kind to; one you could imagine, when watching for the first time, might realistically win Eric's heart
  7. Add me to that list, I absolutely ate up the 1992 episodes. I've just started watching from the beginning thanks to this thread and with some judicious FFing (mainly the Logans) I'm up to episode 50. I've always been a huge fan of Susan Flannery but her characterisation in these early episodes is mesmerising; to me she holds the entire show together. She's both terrifying (genuinely, not the cartoon slap slap 2000s version) and tragic. I do have a question about Stephanie in these episodes though. In the first couple of weeks she received a phone call at home and did th
  8. In essence, I'd say so from my limited observation God knows moneyed Cheshire is a whole other universe... I've only seen a few eps of this return so the Barbour look sounds exactly right and an updated follow on from her 90s style. But I saw her in some really unflattering outfits with false nails and her hair looking a bit Cheshire. I did see an episode where she "dressed down" after Moira shoved her in a mud mountain - it was natural and understated. Perhaps I've not seen enough to judge fairly. I do hope though that fans (and I guess the show) move on from the ag
  9. I dipped in again to see how they'd handle Kim's permanent return and dipped right back out again; there is nothing compelling or even logical about the way they're attempting to integrate her back into the show. Practically begging Cain for sex, nearly getting into a fist fight with fish wife Moira and propping up the bar at the Woolpack like an old lush. All while being presented as a femme fatale for the ages. It's so coarse and crass and lacking any kind of realism - not helped by her floating around the cardboard and glitter Home Farm set the rest of the time. It's t
  10. I've had a chill out day today and decided to binge through a load of the 1992 episodes posted up thread. When I watched in the UK, episodes started from 1994 and although I've gone back and worn out YouTube since then, I've never watched so many consecutive full episodes from before the time. I've watched a fair bit of 1987 but it's all a bit dry and lifeless as Bill Bell got a grip on what worked. Having got to mid-December 92, it's such addictively trashy soap. Even though by my reckoning there are 5 or 6 fewer contract characters than there are in 2019, the show f
  11. Thank you, it's been a few years since I've seen that stuff and still got me! That in itself links to comments in this thread - it gets me because I grew up with the show and those characters. Equally, I also used to absolutely love B&B and hands down class the Stephanie/Brooke BeLieF storyline in 1993 as some of the best soap ever created (the clips are in the US soap thread). It appeals to me in a completely different way. I was on the edge of my seat, I was willing Brooke to slap Stephanie back (thankfully she did) and it was immensely satisfying drama. But I cannot recall
  12. I think that's probably the best work that she's done on the show; she also had some very meaty material a few years before where she revealed that she had helped her mother to die when she was a teenager. I love the show and always will because it's "my soap", I'm the same age as it and grew up with it. I completely see its flaws and I'm lucky that there have been only a few periods where I've had to stop watching. The quality has never plummeted through the floor so dramatically that I think the damage is irreparable but there have been some very close calls. That sai
  13. http://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/emmerdale/news/a868277/emmerdale-spoilers-kim-tate-return-confirmed-claire-king/ So there we have it... I'll pop back in to the show again when she returns but assuming it'll be Kim Tate vs the Dingles I won't be sticking around.
  14. I've not seen a great deal of Joseph at all but can see why you'd feel that way because I can't bear any of those characters either The Tates though are so iconic to me and when I read ages ago that they were being revisited, I had misplaced hopes that it was the start of building a next generation. Particularly because the show is not one to draw on history from that era and I thought there was so much potential in it. Another side note and complaint, wtf has happened to the Home Farm set? It looks like it was designed and dressed for a school play.
  15. Probably 2000, around when it went to five nights a week and Sarah Sugden was killed. I never particularly cared for that character (I found the actress irritating) but she served a clear purpose in the Sugden family. When she went, it felt like the start of a decline I guess. There was this air of transforming the show into something else that was more ITV cookie cutter. This was a period where I recall the whole drama slate on ITV becoming very basic and broad strokes. With Emmerdale this seemed to be through hollowing out the families, relationships and characters that had bui
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