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  1. Striker recounts meeting Vicky for the first time in episode 25 and refers to her as Miss Stanley. Stanley is Vicky’s maiden name. Sorry if there was confusion. Before episode 25, Striker refers to Bart and Sam as his wife’s niece and nephew. In the first week of October 1989 myself, Justin and Bart are just introduced which is crazy to me. Bart only knows Justin because his sister Sam has talked about him. At least they are consistent. Reena has just learned that Courtney is Kevin’s other woman which is delightful. Courtney is going to be kicked out of the progra
  2. Bart and Sam are Vicky’s niece and nephew. Her maiden name is Stanley.
  3. @Neil Johnson It's interesting how things changed from "Another World" to "Texas." I'm curious how much was really adapted from the Corringtons' period piece "Reunion" bible and how much were elements that Paul Raunch cooked up with a combination of the Corringtons and/or Tom King. I've been surprised by little details that I've learned in episodes like how Striker was a former lieutenant governor in the state of Texas. I believe the nickname was explained in story, but I remember it being pretty weak. It had something to do with Striker's rise to the top of politics if I remember
  4. @Efulton I've also started watching "Texas" from the beginning recently. I'm a little bit farther than you are (first week of October, 1980). I really enjoy it. Mike Marshall's suicide really allows the Corringtons to use those Southern Gothic flourishes that they excel at. I think Mike's death really propelled the show, it's just a shame that it wasn't included in the first week worth of episodes. If it was up to me, I think I would have made the concluding episode of the 90-minute "Another World" reach its ending with Sheik Zeidi in surgery with the assassination plot underway and use that s
  5. Thanks for sharing your journey through these episodes @te. I know the show is a lameduck, but I find badly written shows fascinating sometimes. My perspective tends to be, "How could this be better?" The hardest thing I found in what I've seen so far is the gap between the teen stuff and the adult stuff. The opening episodes framed Dylan O'Keefe and Lyndy Maddox as some couple we should care about, but both seemed super obnoxious. I imagine they were suppose to tie in with the Erickson kids as I assume one or both of them hooked up with one of the siblings while they both were in
  6. I’ll do my best, but, to be honest, the period where Trisha and Jeff are together is one of the periods I’ve done little research into because I’m not a big fan of Millee Taggert and Tom King’s 1988-1991 run. I think it progressively improved in the later half (1990-1991 when Jacqueline Babbin arrived as executive producer), but so much of the earlier material comes off as generic. What has appeared online of this period doesn’t fascinate me either. Trisha arrived in Corinth in December, 1984, when her mother Gwyneth arrived at the Alden mansion for Christmas. Almost immediately, T
  7. I know its unpopular, but I really think Mary Ryan Munisteri was underrated. The affair storyline between Trucker and Trisha is a bit messy (the source of tension should have stemmed from Trisha's inability to trust Trucker after the lies he kept during the Tommy storyline). The substory that Stacey believed Jack was cheating with Dinahlee, who had been paid by Shana to seduce Jack, was a great way to keep Stacey and Jack in the thick of things without dominating the story. Stacey catching Trucker and Dinahlee together in bed is such a great moment. Matt's storyline was great. It was great how
  8. I didn't realize that hadn't been posted here. Thanks for sharing it. I believe this is from very early in the show's run (about May or June 1983). The menacing dude is Seth Quinn, the criminal son of the show's heavy Medger Quinn. This is the only bit I've seen of "The Catlins" with Brett Rice in it. Priscilla was working as a maid for Jonathan and Eleanor Catlin, Seth's brohter-in-law and sister. Priscilla was attempting to seduce Jonathan, I believe, and at one point, Seth tries to rape her. I don't think the plotline went on too long. In July, Eleanor was pregnant and any tens
  9. @DRW50 It's completely understandable. Joanna Lee's tenure is so well regarded and Sunny's rape was one of the last big stories that "Search for Tomorrow" told that didn't feel like a complete gimmick. I think its also one of the last stories that Gary Tomlin put into place. He would end up as headwriter at "Another World" in either March or April of 1984. What I've seen of Barrett's first few months were very good, but I think she was basically encouraging Tomlin and Glynn to take the story that was already in place and just slow it down and cut it down. There was a lot happened
  10. I think @DRW50meant if Joanna Lee was producer. She wasn’t. Lee’s last episodes aired in December 1983 and the rape was February 1984. The story was in its early stages as she left or right after. Ellen Barrett was producer. I think she wanted less scenes which would explain why there was the rape episode
  11. Thanks @te. I've been looking for this one for a while, but haven't had any luck. I really do appreciate you posting the link to this. I've jumped around a bit, but watched a bit from the beginning and the end. The show is a mess and not even in a fun way. It's such a bizarre production. The Miami sequences are completely overplayed while the Swedish sequences are more emotionally cold and laid back. Maybe if I understood the Swedish conversation it wouldn't be that bad, but the scripts are pretty unremarkable. Its a jarring tonal shift. Victoria Jackson and Jean Carol have a bunc
  12. Jack’s biological parents were Dane Hammond and Linda Henderson. Linda died in an automobile accident and her parents gave her to Roger and Ann Forbes to raise. I haven’t heard of any reference to Zack and Lorna having a child. Kelly was Zack’s daughter by his late first wife and she lived with Cabot and Isabelle after Zack and Lorna left Corinth. I don’t know if Lorna was mentioned during the Corinth murders but her flight (and Ann’s) was delayed which prevented her coming to town for Jack’s memorial. I know Steffy was planning to name her child after Casey Bowman, her fri
  13. Daniel Cosgrove also appeared in a shower scene with Deborah Zoe’s Eden. The glass shower was frosted but you could see he backside. This was all around February 2004 when there was the incident at the Super Bowl with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. Conboy was gored about this time.
  14. Barry Lake may have been a writer, but I believe Paul Raven is referencing a character found in an episode teaser that were posted in some newspapers at the time. I think Barney Lake was a criminal character. Unfortunately, I don’t think I know where my “Brighter Day” episode summaries are.
  15. Jon-Michael Reed wrote a syndicated soap column. Newspapers tended to cut up those columns. I think this is probably one of those. I might be wrong. Ben Masters player a movie director. I think Barbara Bailey also played the socialite mother of Tracey Brooke Swopes actress character. They all were jettisoned around the same time.
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