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  1. I believe a day player came to claim the child in the summer of 1984 and the story ended.
  2. I’m pretty sure she was murdered.
  3. Tomlin was credited as headwriter on “Search for Tomorrow” the last week of May 1983. That may help with the timeline.
  4. Regarding Hank and AIDS, wasn't Doug Marland's original plan to have Hank contract HIV or to be dying of AIDS, but that the decision was to not pursue that line because Hank was the only gay man on daytime television. Also, I think the idea of having gay parts in the 1980s would have been great, but wasn't an actor taking a gay role seen as pretty much a career killer at that time? I don't see many people willing taking on that sort of role. I think the idea of a broad range of gay characters seems unrealistic for the time period in question. I do like to consider writer's other a
  5. I apologize in advance as this post will be a little bit all over the place. I'm curious what impact Paul Avila Mayer would have had on the series. I cannot help but think he would have fleshed out the Perkins family. I really like that unit in its original form, but casting is really rough. I was really shocked to hear in one of those opening episodes that Joe's trial financially crippled the Perkins clan. That was a very realistic story beat. It gave a very solid motivation to John's dislike of his son beyond the fact that he thought Joe was a killer. The John / Joe dynamic was
  6. I read an article on another board that confirmed the original plan for Adair McCleary was to reveal that she was the mother of baby Elan. It seems like this storyline was dropped when Gary Tomlin departed in the earlier part of 1984. I wonder if the show was going to have Travis and Liza raising both Lloyd Kendall's daughter T.R. and his granddaughter (Elan) as the show seemed to suggest that Alec was involved with Adair prior to their arrival in town. I know some liked the other writers in 1984, but I wish Gary Tomlin had been allowed to continue. I don't know if anyone could ha
  7. The storyline prior to the television show's premier sounds wickedly good, but the synopsis above covers the plotline when the show was both on TV and radio. It doesn't seem as strong or as interconnected as the other plotline. Prior to this, there was a rather long story involving Sybil getting pregnant by her late husband and deciding that a child would be a burden so she pawned off the kid on her maid Pearl. Pearl had a husband who was in the Navy, but returned and blackmailed Sybil about the baby. Eventually, Pearl offered the child up to Malcolm Overton and his new wife, Augu
  8. When I watched the clips, I always thought it was suppose to be the husband's inner thoughts. I think the show was suppose to be a bit of sex comedy. I imagine it must have been jarring pairing this with a soap written by Doug Marland.
  9. It's a shame that this show floundered in the middle part of 1990. I think the start of the year is pretty compelling. I know that Jorn Winter did some really good things for the show, but I also feel like he recasted parts that weren't necessary. Randy Brooks was brought in as a love interest for Debbie Morgan after Morgan replaced Sharon Brown in March 1990. Brown's Chantal was never really featured in a starring capacity. When the show opened, she was involved with a dentist, but that relationship fell apart because the dentist wanted to domesticate her. They briefly toyed with
  10. Thanks, @Paul Raven. For some reason, I thought it was earlier like late 1982 or early 1983.
  11. @slick jones I believe Drew Bell appeared as Ivan Carlisle in the unaired pilot of "Spyder Games." Both he and Julie were recast before the show went on air. MTV had another show in development that they passed on. It was called "Hell House." I believe Millee Taggart was the writer and Francesca James was the producer. I remember being excited for "Titans" when they were marketing it the summer before it premiered. It was really disappointing. It was crazy seeing all the new elements they'd throw in every week. Also, it was really sad to see no one intervene on behalf
  12. @te. You are probably right regarding the marketing piece. The show would natural want to end six month cycle with cliffhangers in order to get audience to press the show to be renewed by the individual stations to carry it had they decided not to continue with it. On a slightly different note, but related to syndication, I think something that got overlooked about "Strange Paradise" was that the show's American syndication deals fell through because of a lack of product. A lot of the American stations launched the show in September 1969 when the show was being filmed at one facil
  13. "Flamingo Road" is one of those shows I struggle to get through even though I find it intriguing. I definitely need to revisit it again at some point. I do have a question, which may or may not have an answer. I know there was talk in late 1982 of reviving the show as a daytime serial. Was there any details released other than NBC was considering reviving it? I think the plan was for a half-hour. Would it have replaced "The Doctors"?
  14. Feel free to correct inaccuracies: 1. Barrett Alden 1. Cabot Alden [d. 8/95] + Isabelle Dwyer [d. 8/95] (married) 1. Clayton Alden [d. 7/95] [biological son of Tim Sullivan and Isabelle Dwyer] + Gwyneth Marshall [d. 10/95] (married; divorced in 1989) 1. Rick Stewart / Alden [d. 5/90] [illegitimate: put up for adoption] + Stacey Donovan (affair) had a child together: 1. Heather Rose Forbes [b. 1989] 2. Curtis Alden [d. 7/95] + Ava Rescott (married in 2/86; div
  15. I believe the reason Rick was placed up for adoption was because Clay and Gwyn weren’t married and her minister father (later stepfather) didn’t want the shame of a grandchild conceived out of wedlock.
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