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  1. Marcantel was brought back in either late May or early June 1995. Gwyn and Clay went to visit Curtis at Dunellyn where Curtis tried to convince them to bring him home because he was better. Clay didn't believe him and left him there. Later, Gwyn had him signed out which brought him back to Corinth proper in mid-June 1995. This was setting the stage for the serial killer story.
  2. Timeline wise, Millee Taggert and Robert Guza took over from Addie Walsh in January 1993. Under Walsh, Dinahlee was floundering. She gone from calculated vixen running her own business into an insecure department store model. Taggert and Guza pulled Dinahlee back into Clay's orbit, but played up the toxic element of their relationship. When Taggert and Guza wrote the show, Clay was truly no good for Dinahlee. As part of that growing story, they reintroduced Curtis Alden to the canvas most likely with the hopes of positioning Curtis as the dramatic lead of the Alden family as Noelle Beck had el
  3. I think several factors probably played into the early demise of the Andrade and the Perkins clans. For the Perkins, casting failed to deliver actors to bring to life those characters. John, Marissa, and Jade had the potential to be dynamic characters, but the actors failed to hone in on the really interesting aspects of those characters. With Jade, the Dobsons seemed to play to Melissa Brennan's strengths and softened the character who initially was suppose to be a young social climbing vixen. Valorie Armstrong failed to recognize the potential of Marissa as the overbearing middle class helic
  4. I believe it was August 1958. David was introduced so that his villainous sister Enid had someone to share her schemes against Liz with.
  5. I believe Sunburst was an alternate fuel project. That storyline went on for nearly a year I believe, but I don't think it was every truly resolved. I know Travis stood to make a great deal of money off the development of the alternate fuel and that Rusty was after the money. I think the story started under Don Chastain, and, from the sounds of it, got him fired. Ellis and Hunt continued it, but I think it was scrapped by David Cherrill. I think it was Tourneur Instruments, which was an avaition company. The Kendall family had also been involved in manufacturing of aircraft I beli
  6. Wendy Riche spoke about dealing with the network when she wanted to tell an AIDS story before the Labine had decided on Stone and Robin. She had gone to the network about having A.J. Quartermaine contract the disease from a situation that would leave people asking who slept with who. Of course, it's also rumored that Marland intended for Hank Eliot, not his lover Charles, to die of the disease. In both scenarios, there is definitely a concern about perpetuating a stereotype that gay men are promiscuous. Here's the transcript from the Riche interview on WeLoveSoaps:
  7. I thought Lee was Rusty's nephew. I know @slick jones recently added a description to E.N. Sentell, who I thought was Lee's father or brother. I'm a little rusty on some of Sunny's stories, but wasn't she originally brought on as a love interest for Tom Bergman in the late 1970s or was it always Sunny and Lee? Cissie and her brother Beau Mitchell came in late 1979/early 1980. Lee was dealing with some impotency issues and Cissie was able to awaken a part of him or something along those lines. Once she was pregnant, Cissie found an ally (briefly) in Spence Langley, who had pretende
  8. Marcus has a mixed record like most do. She was the final headwriter for "Love is a Many Splendored Thing." Her plans for the show were included in an article afterward that was fairly progressive. I know two of the stories would later be attempted on "Days of our Lives." Marcus was bringing back Mia Elliott who was looking to reunite with her husband and child that had been lost in Vietnam during the war. She planned on using this with Chris Kositchek. She had also planned on a lesbian relationship with Betsy (I believe) and a nurse character. Later, Julie would be the object of affection of
  9. January 1994 was better than December 1993 in my opinion so I'm glad those are popping up. Without watching it, I believe January 3 is Pat Barry's final episode as Isabelle. Isabelle announces she plans to leave Corinth and is signing over her shares to Clay. There is a brief attempt on Isabelle's part to get Stacey to understand her choice, but Stacey is still tiffed. It's a very quick exit. We don't see Isabelle again until August 1994 when Augusta Dabney returns in the final days of Nixon or the first days of Addie Walsh and Laurie McCarthy. There are hints in the spring of 199
  10. I haven't watched the 1982-1983 episodes that were posted. There is a bit more there than what I have already seen. This covers the tail end of Ralph Ellis and Eugenie Hunt's year and the first half of David Cherrill's six month run. @victoria foxtonI like how Rusty Sentell goes about messing with Liza. Rusty is interesting to me. Clearly, he is intended to be a Stefano Dimera type and sweeps into Henderson and is placed in a bunch of different stories. His connection to Warren (don't want to spoil for those currently watching) solidifies his role as a supervillain. In what I saw,
  11. Thanks. In that context, Tess moving to the City makes sense. I just get so bogged down by her clunky backstory with Dante, Curtis, Buck, and Kuwait. Nixon made the best of the situation and fleshed out a more complicated backstory for Tess to rationalize her decision to enter into a violent marriage. In what I've seen, a lot of that complexity doesn't come across in later material once Nixon leaves. In defense of Brown and Essensten, I do think they helped to rectify one of the problems I had with "Loving." "Loving" had a tendency to be too light at times. There was definitely a
  12. Thanks. I've never seen much of Jones' work but her characters always intrigue me. Originally, Amy was a schemer who had her eyes on the Cushing money, but also seemed to have feelings for Austin. Rod Arrants' Austin was driven to alcoholism by the endless pressure to join the family business when all he wanted to do was be an artist. I remember being really impressed when I saw Arrants in the episode available at Paley Center. During Megan and Desmond's engagement party, Megan tracks down Austin to his room where he is blitzed and going on and on about how miserable his existence was. I would
  13. "The City" wasn't unique in the sense that NBC was basically trying the same experiment with similar results with "Another World." The writing wasn't there, which was the problem with "Loving." From what I've seen of "The City," the characters are thinly conceived at best and harsh and unlikeable at worst. Like "Loving," the show had some good cast members, but the storytelling and the characterization were inconsistent. I think Harmon Brown and Essensten did attempt some interesting issues (homeless youth, incest, marital rape, transgender characters, racial tension), but the stories were und
  14. Jacqueline Babbin came in 1990 as a personal favor to Agnes Nixon. There are some rather blunt interviews in this thread from her. She pretty much says the show was stuck in the 1980s and that she was determined to give the show some more definition. I think part of the process was to basically eradicate the Alden family. In her year as EP, she saw the exits of Rick, Curtis, Clay (maybe), Isabelle, and Cabot. She also got rid of Perry Stephens and was overseeing the show when they wrote out Alex and Egypt. Stephens may have had demons that haven't been spoken about, but my understanding (possi
  15. Why Jack never came back is probably tied to why Jack was written out, which I don't know. Christopher Cass was a competent actor, but he was replacing one of the original actors who didn't leave by choice. Jack had very little story under Cass. The biggest stories he was involved in were inheriting the family fortune and the plot to convince Stacey that Jack was sleeping with Dinahlee. Walsh kept Jack and Stacey in different stories before their quick vow renewal and Jack's disappearance during the honeymoon. Walsh seemed determined to pair Stacey and Trucker and I think removing Jack was a w
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