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  1. I would say Jennifer Gareis' last airdate contract must have been April 27th. I have just began starting soaps again today after a long 6 month break. I will see if anything is worth watching.
  2. And finally a 2nd year is complete ! 1975 and 1976 ! Should I get into 1977 ? DECEMBER 1976 All My Children Written by: Agnes Nixon Produced by: Bud Kloss As Ruth Martin was packing to move back home from the apartment she had shared with her son Philip during her separation from her husband Joe and the rest of the Martin family, she admired the uniform Philip was wearing in preparation for his graduation from the Police Academy later that day. Philip's happiness at having found a career which he loved and his plans to marry Tara in the holi
  3. NOVEMBER 1976 All My Children Written by: Agnes Nixon Produced by: Bud Kloss Sincer Dr. Joe Martin's appendectomy, his wife Ruth had realized she truly loved him and couldn’t continue her affair with Dr. David Thornton. They agreed to remain friends and saw that Joe's surgery had a dual purpose. It brought out in the open that David was an excellent surgeon - he could not perform surgery after his brother died on the operating table before him in Vietnam but was forced to do Joe's surgery because no other doctor was available -, and it brought Joe and R
  4. I would love to see old episodes in French !
  5. OCTOBER 1976 All My Children Written by: Agnes Nixon Produced by: Bud Kloss Paul and Anne Martin were elated with the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth "Beth” Tyler Martin. Paul's excitement was diminished, however, when the serum test results were returned positive. Their beautiful little girl had been affected by Toxoplasmosis, the disease Anne contracted while she was pregnant. Dr. Karras, Beth's pediatrician, had informed Paul that there would definitely be some degree of retardation, and possibly blindness. Paul questioned this diagnosis since Bet
  6. Apparently Jade RoWland and Nicolas Coster were also off from 1967 to April 1968 (there is an article Earlier in this thread)
  7. Thanks ! I didn’t know she had left in the late 50s’.
  8. Did Jada Rowland leave the show a few times during its run ?
  9. Hey guys. As I said in another post, I « retired » but I really hope someone will take over from me
  10. Oh yes please do ! I felt guilty to stop as I didn't know if someone was up to continue. I would be very much relieved and I might even help a bit in the beginning if needed.
  11. Hello everyone Just to tell you I won't post anymore B&B and Y&R monthly episode counts. I don't have time to do it and to be honest, watching the soaps these days are a chore. They can't hold my interest enough. I wish someone would take over the episode counts from me. I did it a few years and I enjoyed it but today, it is really not a pleasure anymore. Hope someone will take over starting from February this year. My best !
  12. Thanks to @will81's wonderful work, I tried to have a ranking for 1987. Within brackets, the difference with 1986. 1987 Episode Ranking A total of 243 episodes aired 1. Thom Bierdz (Phillip Chancellor Foster) : 156 (+96) *. Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) : 156 (-14) 3. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) : 148 (+10) 4. Lauralee Bell (Cricket Blair) : 146 (+65) 5. Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) : 142 (+45) *. Melody Thomas-Scott (Nikki Reed Newman) : 142 (-1) 7. Terry Lester (Jack Abbott) : 132 (-36) 8. Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren F
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