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  1. I haven’t watched in ages but are Ashland, Gloria, Denise and Naya on Contract ?
  2. AUGUST 1977 All My Children Written by: Agnes Nixon Produced by: Bud Kloss After getting Linc to promise not to permit her to be hooked up to a machine if she should lose consciousness and thanking him for being her husband, lover and very best friend, Kitty Tyler drifted off to sleep and to her death. In the last week of her life, Kitty had scolded Myrtle Lum for putting matters relating to the Boutique to one side in her anxiety to spend all the time she could with Kitty. Kitty went on to say that she was trying to make Myrtle into a real “shop lady” because she intended to give her the Boutique for being the mother she never had. Emboldened by the kindness Kitty had shown her, Myrtle took it on herself to tell Phoebe Tyler about Kitty's condition to spare Kitty and Linc what time was left to them without Phoebe's interference. Once again, Nick Davis had spent the night with Erica Brent despite his repeated vows to confine their relationship to business. The following morning, smoke from a kitchen fire attracted Mona Kane's attention when she dropped by and she set out to rouse Erica, finding her in bed with Nick. After Nick extinguished the fire, Mona threw down the dress she had altered and brought to Erica and told her daughter and her long time friend Nick that she will leave it to the two of them to clean up. Nick realizes that even if there had been no fire, Mona, whose visit was obviously expected by Erica, could hardly have missed the sight of Nick's jacket and tie draped so conspicuously over the back of the sofa downstairs. He accused Erica of setting him up and when Mona refused to talk with him on the phone, he went to see her at Charles' office. Mona told him she did not know if she could ever forgive him for using Erica, refusing to buy his story that it was a truly adult relationship. When Phoebe Tyler heard of Kitty's death, she called her brother's house only to learn that Brooke was not with her parents. She accused Benny Sago of conspiring to keep Brooke's whereabouts from her and finally Benny told her that her niece was with Dan Kennicott. Phoebe obtained a phone number from Dr. Joe Martin and telephoned, summoning Brooke back with the news of a death in the family. After Kitty's funeral, Phoebe attempted to get Brooke to toe the line and tried to forbid Dan Kennicott from entering her house but Brooke threatened to tell Dr. Charles Tyler that Phoebe had bought an expensive camera and recording equipment in order to enable Benny to gather evidence compromising to Charles' efforts to secure a divorce. After Phoebe backed down, Brooke bragged to Dan that she had her aunt eating out of her hand and though Dan might call it blackmail it was no worse than what Phoebe was attempting to do to Uncle Charles. Kitty’s death reminded Mona that life was too short to bear grudges and she and Nick resumed their friendship. Donna Beck, in her turn, allowed Chuck to convince her that they should take their happiness while they could and she agreed to marry Chuck, asking only that they waited until the fall so that she could get her High School Diploma. When Nick learned about Chuck's engagement to Donna, he went to see Tara and Phil, warning them that Donna seemed to be very possessive with regard to little Philip. He told them that they had failed to exercise their rights and responsibilities as parents and offered to pay for a housekeeper until Tara recovered it if would enable Tara and Phil to push to get little Philip back under their roof. He urged them to do something quickly unless they wanted to see their son "brought up by a hooker." Without telling Tara, Phil went to see Chuck. When Chuck refused to pressure little Philip into returning to the Brent home and reminded Phil that the custody arrangement whereby Tara and Phil were permitted to raise the boy was only a verbal agreement, Philip threatened a court fight with no holds barred, claiming that Donna was unfit by virtue of her past to bring up the boy. Phil refused to enter into a proposed alliance with Phoebe Tyler to prevent Chuck's marriage to Donna but when he heard that Phoebe had learned - from Erica Kane - that Donna had been visited by Estelle LaTour, an active, working prostitute, just off Locust Street in Center City, he thanked her saying she had given him just the information he was looking for. When Myrtle Lum thanked Frank Grant for a floral arrangement sent as a tribute to Kitty in the name of Dr. and Mrs. Grant, Frank angrily confronted Nancy and accused her of trying to pull a fast one. Nancy laughed at him and when he grabbed her, she slapped him. He kissed her and they wound up making love. Nancy told Frank she still loved him but Frank insisted nothing was changed, saying he was sorry that it happened. Nancy was insulted at his apology and cried hysterically when he left. The following day, Frank learned that action on his divorce had been postponed indefinitely as the judge who was to handle the case had suffered a stroke and there was no way to tell when the case could be rescheduled. He took his anger out on Caroline Murray, insisting that he should have been told that Paul Martin, his attorney, was trying to reach him. - Caroline was unable to locate Frank when Paul called, not knowing that he was with Nancy at the time. - Jeff Martin guessed from some remarks Frank had made that he made love to Nancy the night before and warned Frank that he had to consider the possibility that Nancy might be pregnant. Frank called Nancy and insisted on seeing her, leaving Nancy to fanticize that Frank wanted to return to her. When Nancy realized that Frank was afraid she could be pregnant, she taunted him saying he was worried that she might slap him with a paternity suit and ruin his little set up with Caroline. She told him she could take care of herself and ordered him to get out. After talking with Little Philip and learning that Phoebe had told the boy that Donna was a "real bad" person, and faced with Phil's threat to start court action, Chuck talked Donna into agreeing to marry him right away. He got her word that she would say nothing to anyone, even Caroline Murray, her roommate. The following day he told Donna that he had found an apartment that had to be seen immediately and after they arranged to take the place, he and Donna took off in Chuck's car to find a Justice of the Peace. Dr. Joe Martin had to tell Philip that he was unable to talk Chuck out of considering having Donna, as his wife, raise little Philip and went on to tell Phil that his talking with Chuck might even have made matters worse. Joe told Phil that all Chuck's resentment over the past few years of the sacrifices he had made had come to a head and Chuck felt that he had done enough and it was time he started thinking of himself for a change. Philip urged Joe not to tell Tara about Chuck's outburst as he and Joe hoped that Chuck would reconsider between then and October, the date they believed Donna and Chuck would be married. Philip had been about to cancel a trip to Kentucky for a police training program but changed his mind in the hope that there was no real urgency and if he did not push to get Paul Martin started on the court action. Chuck would get his resentment under control. Dan Kennicott had left town for a trip home to his family's farm. He made an unsucecessful attempt to talk Brooke into accompanying him on the trip but was only mildly disturbed by Brooke's statement that though she would miss him, she wasn't going to promise to stay at home and pine away in his absence. She did tell him that he had nothing to worry about where Benny Sago was concerned but when Benny invited her to accompany him to a Rock Concert she all but agreed to go when Phoebe called Benny to say she had to cancel his night off in order to have him help serve a dinner party in honor of Tom Cudahy and she expected Brooke to attend along with Chuck. Phoebe was unable to locate Chuck all through the day of the scheduled dinner, learning only that he had signed himself out for the day and had his relief cover for him at the hospital. While trying to trace Chuck, Phoebe went to Charles' office and refered to certain pictures she had in her possession as evidence of adultery on Mona and Charles' part. When Mona told her she would be laughed out of court, Phoebe mentioned Charles' pajamas and Mona realized that Phoebe was responsible for the theft. Mona said only that the pajamas were brought into her home for someone else, but Phoebe told her to "keep it for the judge." When Erica learned of Phoebe's threats and the name Mark Dalton - Erica's half-brother, who wore the pajamas when he stayed overnight with Mona after having injured his foot -, she went into a tailspin, begging her mother not to allow Phoebe to involve her in a court case whereby Erica, as her daughter, would be publically humiliated. Mona was shocked at her daughter's selfish attitude and told her she was not the only person in her life. Mona went on to tell Erica that if she was so concerned for her reputation, she suggested that Erica live her life a great deal more discretely than she had done in the past. Nick got a rise out of Tom Cudahy by going to see him at the Goal Post and accusing him of playing dirty pool by hiring his hostess Erica away from him without consulting him first. Tom told Nick it was a free country and Erica came to him saying she wanted to make a change and he saw nothing unethical in his conduct. Nick characterized Erica as a rash, impetuous young woman who would be better off staying at the Chateau, and asked Tom to think about what he had said before taking her on. Tom's answer was that Erica was a big girl and he had already taken her on but he would think about what Nick had said. Tom phoned Erica at the Chateau and asked to talk with her about what they had discussed - Erica's coming to work for him - but said that he couldn’t make it immediately as he was having dinner at Phoebe Tyler's that evening. Nick was present and notesd to his amusement that Erica was worried about her new job and what Tom might hear from Phoebe Tyler. At the Tyler mansion, Phoebe apologized to Tom for the lack of a foursome at dinner and Tom mentioned that he had seen Chuck earlier in the day at a Real Estate agent's with his fiancee. He said that the two were up on Cloud Nine and told him they had just that minute rented an apartment. Chuck calmed Donna’s last minute jitters and they went into the magistrate's office only to learn their marriage license required a twenty-four hour waiting period to be valid. So they returned to the apartment they had rented and Chuck left on Donna's insistence that he prepare little Philip for the new living arrangements which would begin the following day. After Chuck left, Phoebe arrived, having obtained the address from the realtor. A phone call from her husband making it clear that he wanted out of their marriage made Ellen Shepherd realize that she was being unrealistic in hoping to hang on to him after he had walked out on her and their daughter Devon to live with a younger woman and she sent for Paul Martin telling him she would give him her power of attorney to arrange a quickie divorce. Mark Dalton agreed to take Devon on as a music student but made it increasingly clear that he was attracted to Ellen. She insisted that they were both lonely and vulnerable and admitted that she was embarrassed to be seen with him as he was so much younger and she was afraid of making a fool of herself. Ellen Shepherd was looking for a job and Paul Martin had promised to speak to Myrtle Lum about a place at the Boutique. When Nigel Farnsworth called on Myrtle with some complimentary tickets for his play as he had promised, he learned of Kitty's death. When Myrtle told him she couldn’t bring herself to work at the Boutique Kitty left to her in her will and was thinking of leaving Pine Valley, Nigel asked her to "come away with him" — to Scranton. When Paul learned that Myrtle was thinking of selling the Boutique, he suggested to Ellen that she buy it with her father's backing. Another World Written by: Harding Lemay Produced by: Paul Rauch Iris Carrington was pleasantly surprised to discover she had a willing accomplice in her endless quest to terminate her father Mac Cory's marriage to Rachel. Mac's servant, Sven Peterson, snatched the money Iris gladly handed him for keeping her informed on the deterioration of Mac and Rachel's marriage. Sven's venality, however, was only a fragment of his pernicious personality. His motive was to get Mac free and available to Regine who was the Cory housekeeper, Helga's daughter. Since Sven was Regine's so-called -uncle," he would reap the benefits - $$ - of a Cory marriage. Iris’ housekeeper, Louise, was aware of Sven and Iris' conniving, but her threat to expose them to Mac couldn’t stop Iris. She had instigated trouble for Quentin Ames, the curator of the prestigious Finley Museum, then under construction in Bay City. To protect her interests from her lover/lawyer Brian Bancroft, Iris had hired attorney John Randolph for her underhanded legal affairs. She had told John Quentin had fallen in love with Rachel and she had to protect her "daddy" from any claims Rachel would make on his estate. Grateful for the help Rachel gave John during a low time in his career and life, John refused to get involved. Iris used the time during a cocktail party to get her dirty work done. She had already sold Vera Finley on the idea Quentin and Rachel were having an affair. She dangled the sweet taste of a "generous fee" in front of John until he couldn’t refuse her. In one sentence John introduced himself to Quentin, in the next he notified Quentin he had been fired! Iris' strategy would be effective. Mac wouldn't believe Iris' accusations but he couldn't dismiss the possibility of truth coming from Vera, enforced by her termination of Quentin's employment. Iris then sent Quentin in the direction of her houseguest, the Countess Elena de Poulignac, hoping he would distract Elena from competing with Iris for Brian's attentions. Elena was wise to Iris' schemes, and warned her it was going to backfire on her. No sooner said than done, when Rachel's mother Ada McGowen arrived, ready to stop Iris from going through with her plot. When Mac told Ada Rachel had drifted to Quentin, and their marriage was beyond repair, she was astounded at how gullible he was to Iris' lies. Mac had given up all hope because Rachel hadn't even cared enough to write him from Paris, where she was teaching. - Iris and Sven had made sure all Rachel's correspondence to Mac was intercepted and destroyed. - Ada declared to Mac he was using this "affair" as an excuse for his marriage failing because he was sterile. Rachel walked out because Mac shut her out of his life. Ada's conclusions were confirmed by Dr. Morley's comments to Mac that he was obsessed about being sterile. He concurred the psychological problem was more difficult to treat than the physiological one. When Iris coldly threatened to press assault charges against Ada who nearly threw Iris into her own pool, Ada was not shaken. Rather, she would have liked the opportunity to tell a judge what she thought of Iris. Elena stood by admiring Ada's courage to stand up to the almighty Iris. Brian also promised Mac he would get to the bottom of this with Iris. She claimed she had “nothing to do with it," but Brian knew the deceit Iris was capable of to save her own skin, He wanted nothing more to do with her. The only reason he did make love to her was because Gwen Parrish wouldn't see him and Iris was available. Although then he realized being alone would've been better than being with Iris. For several months, Brian had intrigued Iris with the private games they played with other people's lives. Brian, however, used Iris for his own amusement as well. He stirred her jealousy by conveniently arranging evening business meetings with Gwen, knowing Iris would be checking up on his whereabouts. Iris was constantly alienating Gwen with her vile accusations. She sent Elena to introduce herself to Gwen. Gwen was skeptical about Elena’s intentions for the visit. Elena had to confess Iris was behind it to do some checking on Brian and Gwen. Gwen was romantically involved with Dr. Dave Gilchrist and wanted only a platonic friendship with Brian. Dave and Gwen visited Iris just as she and Brian were on their way to the bedroom. Their adventure was cut short by Gwen's proclamation she knew Iris sent Elaina to spy on she and Brian —they had a good laugh at Iris' expense. Gwen’s answer to Iris' resurrection of the non-existent affair, was she was barking up the wrong tree. She said Iris was as naive as a rattlesnake which spurred Iris to go to Dave with her false information. Dave usually knew better than to believe Iris, but this time he swallowed the bait. Gwen was tired of defending her honor. She realized it was hopeless for Dave and herself, but not because of any imaginary love affair. She perceived that Dave was too committed to Rachel Cory to let himself get serious with anyone else. The truth in Gwen's statement lay in Dave's silence. Then Gwen was on the warpath. She asserted that going to Dave was a big mistake, and Iris had cleared the way for Gwen to really take Brian away from her. She didn’t care what happened to her reputation as she and Dave had broken up. Iris was temporarily pacified, since Gwen's denunciation and Brian's rejection, with Mac's company. She monopolized him for dinner, doting over his blues for Rachel. Mac had resigned as a member of the board of trustees for the Finley Museum because without Rachel, he had no cause. Quentin was hanging around until he could convince Mac there was no truth about his romance with Rachel. Vera had further confused him admitting Iris believed in the affair, when Iris claimed she was trying to rectify matters. When Mac's stepson, Jamie, asked Iris to inform Mac Rachel had just called from France and was on her way home, she promised to cheer him up with the message. Instead, she prefered to cling to her rare and precious moments alone with "daddy," concealing the phone call from him. Sven was not relying totally on Iris for the fate of his fortune. He surmised that someone had poisoned Jamie's mind about him and began preparations to ensure he wouldn’t get in the way. Iris notified Sven that Rocky Olsen had been hiding in Jamie's game room at the Cory mansion. - Rocky was maneuvered out of his job as the Cory stableman. He worked for Iris until he gained evidence of Sven's extortion from Cory accounts. Sven out-tricked Rocky by taping a confession of such and played it for Iris. Iris fired Rocky, but he had remained hidden in Bay City to help Jamie, Dennis Carrington and Louise to expose and end Sven's evildoings. - Sven went after Rocky with a rifle, thinking if he went when everyone was asleep, no one could contradict his story. Louise guessds what Iris did, so she and Dennis raced to the Corys’ to warn Rocky. Faced by all four, Sven backed off. Rocky moved his hide-out to Iris' greenhouse. A plan of attack was devised by the makeshift detectives. During Iris' cocktail party where Sven was tending bar, Louise lured him to the greenhouse. He saw Rocky pretending to be asleep on the floor and picked up a shovel before entering. Dennis accidentally knocked over a plant alarming Sven and he escaped. Rocky was badly shaken, realizing “that weasel tried to kill me!" Changing tactics, Dennis found the address of Sven and Helga's previous employer, Mrs. Baldwin. Louise called her for an interview disguised as Iris who wanted to hire Helga. Mrs. Baldwin relayed that her husband sensed a reason to dislike Sven and they let him go. He also maneuvered his way into their employ through Helga. He began to dominate the household and Helga. They thought he he was dishonest but had no concrete evidence against him. Louise and Rocky had their answers. Regine refused to cooperate with Sven in any way. He fought with Cliff Tanner who was dating Regine when he could. Sven saw Cliff as an obstacle in Regine's way to be the next Mrs. Cory. Regine continued to see Cliff, though Sven's threats to eliminate him kept her at a distance. Regine had warned Pat Randolph about Sven and when Pat told her boss Mac that Sven could be untrustworthy, Sven, as usual, was eavesdropping. Rachel returned from France but her homecoming was not very pleasant. After Ada told her about the Iris-Quentin gossip and the fact that Mac believed it, she tried several times to contact Mac. Sven stopped her each time. Regine was determined to notify Mac of Rachel's phonecall, but Sven manipulated her silence by threatening to hurt her mother if she talked. When she said she couldn’t be scared by him, he warned her her father said the same thing. - Regine didn’t know that Sven killed her father because he knew of Sven's swindles and this was why Helga would not defy Sven - Hearing of Rachel's return, Iris wasted not one minute in engaging John in the unpleasant duty of getting Rachel's signature on a document which would renounce all claims to Mac's assets. John opposed but since he had spent Iris' retainer and she would sue him for it, he had no choice but to bitterly agree. John was extremely humiliated by his having to obey Iris. Rachel was appalled that John could lower himself to do this — she was under the impression it was Mac who initiated this situation. Under Iris' specific instructions, John was not to clarify it otherwise. However, in her attempt to track down Mac at Iris', Rachel figured out it was Iris who instigated it. Rachel kept one copy of the document and walked out on Iris and John, confident she would have a use for it in the future. Unknown to Iris, her friends were still trying to help her because she couldn’t help herself. Elena planned to open an art gallery with Quentin's help, thereby busying Quentin so much he wouldn't have time for Rachel. Quentin agreed to cooperate heartily. She was determined to ruin this scheme of Iris' to protect her in the long run from being hurt. Brian admitted to Elena he wanted to help Iris also, and despite her faults he loved her but wouldn't consider marriage to her, as a husband for Iris would only be a social appendage. Dave Gilchrist had decided to leave Bay City, but before he did, he made one last futile grasp for Rachel. She again rejected him. Dave admitted his love for Rachel to Pat, and Mac happened to hear his confession over the intercom. Unfortunately, Mac was disgusted and turned it off before Dave continued "it was hopeless, Rachel only loved Mac." Iris agreed to tell Mac the truth about her Quentin gossip when Brian threatenED to drop her if she didn’t. However, Brian made an uncharacteristically foolish mistake when he left Iris alone to confess to Mac. She immediately told Mac her visit was to gain his permission for Sven to work for her in his spare time. Regine cautionned Rachel that Sven was succeeding in keeping Rachel and Mac apart although she didn’t know why he was doing this. When Rachel finally faced Mac, he detoured her attempts to defend herself about Quentin with more accusations about the men who had fallen in love with her since she and Mac were married. He accused her of having led them all into it and once again Rachel walked out, unable to deal with Mac's obsessive jealousy. Dennis and Jamie thought they havde Sven snowed by pumping him for the location of the logging camp he worked at - when he killed Helga's husband -. While Sven eavesdropped, they discussed with Louise about giving this information to Rocky, and mentioned he was working for the Baldwins. Avaricious Olive Randolph was experiencing more snags in her climb from rags to riches than she had anticipated. Her husband John wondered why she didn't tell him when she found his daughter-in-law Molly returning the blueprints of their new home. He demanded an explanation from his son Mike, also, and Mike was ready for the showdown. Mike declared his father was dealing with a shrewd operator. He suspected Olive was taking John to the cleaners and had Molly take the prints in order to get his suspicions confirmed. The estimates John showed Mike were quite different from what Willis Frame, an expert in building contracts, estimated. Olive was angered by Molly's trick to befriend her, she blurted her honest opinion "that brat conned me so she could steal the plans." To herself, she vowed she would make Molly pay for tricking her. Molly apologized to smother the hostility which would pave the way for future evidence of Olive's deceit for Mike. Olive had alerted her lover and architect of the new house, Evan Webster. John questioned Evan about the possibility of a faulty design but Evan was ready with a revised presentation, thanks to Olive. John was reassured. While Olive was finding it more repulsive to satisfy John's amorous needs, Evan was pursuing John's secretary, Joan Barnard. Olive's mean streak of jealousy emerged when she overheard Evan's cooing to Joan. She was adamant she wouldn’t share him with anyone! Evan explained he was dating Joan only as a cover from any suspicions about Olive and himself. They took advantage of the empty house while John was out of town. Molly came by and heard Olive with a man other than John. She reported her findings of Olive embracing this man to Mike, and he in turn told his mother Pat. Pat confronted Olive about her affair, and Olive naturally denied it. Pat cautioned Olive that even the most infatuated husband caught on eventually. Olive decided she and Evan should "cool it." Evan could care less, since Olive had been withholding the extra household cash she milked from John. He walked out on her telling Olive she could get in touch with him when she had been to the bank. Blind to Olive’s intentional drain of his financial resources, John had to consider taking on a law partner who would bring in badly needed capital. Joan suggested he hire her brother Greg. Evan continued to lead Joan on, although she had been forewarned by Angie that Evan couldn’t be trusted. She decided to date him and learn for herself about Evan. Ray Gordon was content to place first priority on redecorating the office of the newly-renamed Gordon Enterprises. He prefered to neglect the responsibilities of the Ogden Sports Arena, the only money-making project for the former Frame Enterprises, to tend to the petty details which emphasized his position as president. The Ogden Sports Arena contract was given to the then Frame Enterprises only with the assurance that Willis Frame would oversee the project. - Willis was the brother of Alice Gordon's deceased husband Steven. - Willis was appalled by Ray's irresponsibility. He warned Alice about Ray's attitude but when she confronted Ray about his negligence over their contract obligations, he raged about Willis' attempt to break up their marriage. Ray resented Willis' authority and allowed it to interfere with a multi-million dollar business proposition offered by Ogden's building official, George Salter. The Ogden officials were losing faith with Gordon Enterprises and Willis had to jump in to cover for Ray's incompetence. He vowed to his girlfriend Angie, he was doing it for the company "no matter what it's called." He believed Alice was so in love with Ray she couldn’t see the damage he was doing. Because Alice was having repeated dreams in which she called out Willis' name - in her dream the man she loved was Steve but he appeared as Willis -, she had to constantly reassure Ray that neither Steven's memory, nor Willis were a threat to him. Willis had implored Alice's father Jim Matthews and brother Dr. Russ Matthews to help him save the company by facing Alice with the problem of Ray. Skeptical about Willis' intentions, as he had a past of stealthy conduct, Angie had to confirm his complaints. She stated Ray was so obsessed by his resentfulness of Willis, he unconsciously did not want the sports arena to succeed. Jim agreed, advising Alice that Ray did not appreciate the seriousness of the situation — without the Arena, Gor-don Enterprises would go under. Ray was on the rampage then, calling Jim's information malicious gossip; accusing Angie of changing her loyalties to Willis and firing her; and going over Emmett Garvey's head pleading his case to Charles Travis. That was a bigger mistake, Travis was not impressed by Ray's inefficiency. Alice was forced to intervene, she demanded Ray rehire Angie and if he kept hiding things from her, she would return to the office making management decisions all by herself. Ray swallowed his pride and promised to cooperate. He practiced great control when he walked in on Alice giving Willis a hug of gratitude. Realizing the mess he had created, Ray had asked Mac Cory to use his influence with Emmett giving him his endorsement of Ray's credentials. Unfortunately, the damage was done, the board saw the problem as one of poor management and all blame landed on Ray's shoulders. Their deductions were accurate. Jim had to relay his financial findings to Alice, Ray had gone extremely overbudget on both projects. The long, awaited decision arrived, Emmet personally delivered the verdict to Willis, Ray and Alice. After a long and stormy meeting, the board voted to take the Ogden Sports Arena away from Gordon Enterprises immediately. Alice rallied to Ray's support. He vehemently rejected any help from Willis. She showed great optimism despite this shattering blow to the company, they would put the Arena behind them, they couldn’t give up because they lost one project. Ray couldn’t let the "bad blood" between himself and Willis rest, he badgered Willis about power plays and invading on Alice's emotions personally. Willis maintained he wouldn’t stay out of their lives, he was determined to stand by and ensure Ray wouldn’t ruin Alice's life as he did her company. Later, to Alice, Willis promised he would be there for her if she needed someone to talk to. As a temporary solution, Alice and Ray agreed that a belated honeymoon in St. Croix would be good for them both. Bert McGowen was thoroughly confused by the love of his life, Clarice Hobson. One minute she was loving and responsive and the next she was scared and discouraged him. She turned down his marriage proposals as fast as he made them because she was afraid of being hurt. Bert expressed his love for her, telling her to relax and let things happen. Frustrated, Bert left Clarice alone and ended up on Willis' doorstep. Willis advised Bert to go back to Clarice and talk it out. Clarice explained, again, that in the past she had only known love to turn to hurt and she had learned to not let herself get hurt anymore. Bert retorted she had to stop feeling sorry for herself — he knew what it was to be hurt - his wife deserted him and took his children to be raised by her lover. - He assured her she had nothing to worry about, he wanted her to be free to be herself. Clarice's close friend Ada recommended Clarice take happiness when she found it. Bert would be her strength and would help her get over the things she was afraid of. Heeding Ada's wise advice, Clarice was ready to accept Bert's proposal. Bert, however, was the unsure party this time. He gave Clarice a diamond ring but before she had time to accept, he left her holding the ring in her hand. She planned a celebration party where her friends listened to Clarice's announcement, she and Bert were engaged! As The World Turns Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer Produced by: Joe Willmore Joyce Hughes was still at her in-laws' while their son, Donald, was attending to business for the law firm in Switzerland. She was getting very bored being confined because of the danger of miscarrying and was amusing herself by prying and picking at those who visited her. Sandy Garrison brought her books from the store, but couldn't tolerate her references to Kevin Thompson and his relationship to Susan Stewart. - Sandy cared deeply for Kevin, but could see that he also cared for Susan who often rejected him, but needed him desperately in her battle against alcoholism. - Joyce said Lisa Colman wouldn’t visit when she was downstairs because she was jealous. Then Joyce started on the Hughes family themselves. She complained that she was not allowed to do anything and was always in the way. Nancy was surprised at the telephone bill, but never complained although Joyce made reference to it frequently. Joyce finally called Don and said she couldn’t stand this any longer and wanted him to come home rather than finishing out his five months there. She also tried to pretend she was in very precarious health. After her check up, Dr. Meltzer told Bob Hughes that everything was fine with Joyce and he called Don, feeling that he could give him any medical reassurance he needed. When Bob mentioned this to Joyce she flew into a frenzy, saying he had no right. She said he thought she was only trying for sympathy. Lisa Colman had held up very well through her younger son's funeral and her older son Tom's surgery following the auto accident. She never missed a day at the hospital even though everyone had asked her to take it easy. One evening as she was clearing the table, she began shaking so violently that she dropped a stack of dishes and began crying. Grant put her to bed and called Bob at home. He gave Lisa a shot and told her to stay in bed the following day. She had to take care of herself and everything would get better. She begged Bob to stay until she fell asleep. Grant told Nancy that Lisa felt guilty and she confirmed that Lisa had been a good mother. Grandpa Hughes used to say "There comes a time when you must stand still and let it hurt." Maybe this was what Lisa was doing at the moment. Bob told Lisa that she and Grant should take a trip, but she refused to leave Tom. Bob was afraid that if she didn’t relax she could have a serious breakdown. Nancy got Lisa to agree to a trip, but then she backed out, saying she wouldn’t have Grant sacrificing his work for her. – It was slowly sinking through to her conscious mind that it was Bob, not Tom, that she couldn’t leave. - An executive business meeting came up for Grant that would take place at the beach house in Marblehead, Mass. near the area where he was raised. Lisa couldn’t very well refuse this trip because she wouldn't be taking him from his work, but she wanted to talk to Tom first. Tom thought it was a wonderful idea. At the last minute Lisa backed out. Nancy was delighted to hear that the following day Alma, Lisa's mother, had put Lisa on a plane to join Grant. Valerie Conway was sure that she really did have deep feelings for Bob Hughes, but she let things progress in their own way. Bob was a little afraid to commit himself since she threw him over for Dan Stewart before. He could see that she had changed considerably since then and was only troubled because she could be argumentative. Head nurse Marian Connelly was upset with Valerie for contacting a doctor over a patient instead of informing the nursing station. Valerie apologized when she realized that Miriam was still suffering over the death of her friend, Pat Holland Dixon, but they quickly disagreed again. Dr. Jim Strasfield asked Bob if there was anything serious with Valerie. Bob denies it and so Jim asked Valerie to dinner. Bob became jealous and visited Valerie at the farm, asking her to think about how his kiss affected her. Valerie declined Jim's second invitation, telling him she was taken. Lisa's dependence on Bob bothered Valerie since Bob didn't seem to recognize it, but she was very gracious when Lisa asked for Bob's undivided attention. She even told Bob to see Lisa when she returned early from Marblehead and needed to see him. Lisa told Bob she returned because she and Grant had a fight but when Grant called Bob to check on Lisa, he said she was so worried about Tom, he felt it was unfair to keep her in Marblehead. Valerie told Bob that Lisa was out to trap him and he promised to take care of it. Grant came home unexpectedly and Bob told Lisa he was going to consult on his Aunt's operation in Kansas. Dee Stewart was working at the law office for the summer and spent her evenings visiting Tom at the hospital. As he was recovering, she saw even more of him because she delivered briefs for him to review. Tom told her see should see boys her own age, but she protested that they seemed like babies. When she told him about her dreams he really became concerned. He voiced this to her sister Annie who tried to caution Dee against falling in love with someone who didn’t return that love. Susan Stewart was selling her car so that she could pay some of her bills. A car did her no good since her license was suspended for attempting to drive while under the influence of alcohol. She said it would probably be a long time before she found a job because everyone was against her. Grant tells her there are many people on her side, but all this is hardest on Kevin. He suggested she might be bad for Kevin. Susan accused Mary Ellison of trying to get Kevin by running her down. Mary denied this, but Susan was angry. - Kim Dixon told Kevin that Mary had an alcoholic father and might be able to help him with Susan. Mary had told Kevin to go to Al-Anon where they helped family and friends of alcoholics, but he insisted Susan was not an alcoholic. Mary said Kevin's kindness was killing Susan because he always believed her reasons for drinking. - Mary told Kevin that she couldn’t help him any more because Susan resented her. When she said Susan was an alcoholic and they all had the same problem, Kevin stomped out, accusing her of being against Susan. Kevin confessed to Susan that he had been yelling at everyone and didn’t like himself very much for that. Susan asked Jim Strasfield how his wife's alcoholism affected him and he described Kevin's symptoms. Susan told Kevin that she didn’t need him and tried to make him angry by taking a drink, but he only felt closer to her. The following night, Kevin asked her to dress up because they were going to celebrate. He asked Susan to marry him and told her not to answer unless it was "yes." Feeling under a magic spell, Susan agreed. In the cold gray light of morning, Susan told Kevin over the phone that she had made a mistake. He wanted to talk about it that afternoon. Susan asked David Stewart for enough money to get out of town because she couldn’t marry Kevin and she was not strong enough to tell him face to face. She hoped to have a job in a week. She told the girls good-bye and then left town. The building supervisor was told to let Kevin in when he arrived. He found the ring and a note saying she couldn’t marry him. She was leaving and when she returned, she didn’t want to see him. He continued to tell friends that he was engaged and Susan would be returning shortly. Ralph Mitchell had taken a liking to Mary Ellison, but she had refused to have dinner with him. - Mary was still recovering from being deceived by John Dixon. - Mary did agree to help Ralph study for his real estate test. He brought a picnic dinner which they shared with Mary's son on the living room floor. Mary agreed to have dinner with him if he passed his exam. Mary was excited about having dinner in Oakdale's finest restaurant, but was made uneasy when Natalie Hughes, Ralph's boss, dropped by and casually undermined Mary's confidence. Mary had the feeling she could never fit in with Ralph's friends. Natalie Hughes had signed the agreement saying she would go out of town to have Jay's baby and then let the Stallings' adopt it in exchange for a real estate office and living expenses. Natalie told Carol that she was considering taking Kim's apartment across the hall. Jay hit the ceiling and told Natalie that he would not finance the best apartment in town, but relented when Carol suggested that she could keep an eye on her health if she was close. Whey Jay complained about the cost of remodeling because people would begin to wonder where her money was coming from, Natalie commented that maybe she didn’t care who knew. When the Stallings visited Chris Hughes, he suggested Carol see Mrs. Stapleton, the social worker, for advice. Carol explained the situation and was surprised when she suggested that there be no secrecy because it would only hurt the child. This was a unique situation because only one of the parents would be adopting the child. Someday the child might resent Carol and turn to his natural mother. Chris reminded Carol that before she could change the contract, Natalie had to be consulted. Natalie refused to permit the change. Carol told Natalie that if it couldn’t be brought into the open, it would be better for strangers to adopt the child. Natalie would think it over. Natalie was disappointed when she found Ralph didn’t have enough influence with his wealthy friends to ask one of them to invest in their firm so that she could dump her original backer. Jay was sure that Natalie wanted more money and got Carol to agree they wouldn’t stand for it. Jay proved to be right when Natalie asked for ten thousand. He turned her down. She then asked Carol if she agreed to give up the baby for so little extra. Natalie looked for money elsewhere. For Carol's sake, however, Jay gave it to Natalie. Carol cried with joy when Jay told her this. Beau Spencer and Annie Stewart had a fight when he again made plans for them to go to the lake cottage alone. He called her old-fashioned, but her morals didn’t waiver. Beau tried dating other girls, but was happy when Annie broke down and called him. The solution was that they would marry immediately. David, Annie's father, was upset when he learned that Beau planned on supporting her on his allowance. Dick Martin had given Ellen the Spencers' phone number in London and she called to introduce herself. She was surprised to find Mrs. Spencer didn't even know they were serious. Beau claimed he just hadn't been able to reach her. He called immediately and told his mother that the Stewarts misunderstood. Jane Spencer called Dick Martin who said Ellen Stewart never deviated from the truth. Mrs. Spencer arrived in Oakdale. Jane Spencer really liked Annie and thought she could be the best thing that ever happened to Beau. Annie refused Beau's suggestion that they slip away and get married. He then told his mother to stay out of his life. Beau wanted to elope because he was sure his mother would interfere in their lives. Annie was upset when he suggested they call it all off if she wouldn’t elope this weekend. A young girl was looking for Jennifer Ryan at the hospital and was told that she married Dr. Bob Hughes, but was killed in an accident. She followed Kim and finally confronted her when she placed the flowers from Andrew's christening on Jennifer's grave. She said her name was Melinda Gray and she was adopted. Her mother died when she was eleven and her father recently. She was trying to find her natural mother, Jennifer Ryan. She had a locket with her picture. Kim found this hard to accept. Days Of Our Lives Written by: Ann Marcus Produced by: Betty Corday & H. Wesley Kenney Since the arrival of Samantha Evans in Salem, the serenity in her twin sister Dr. Marlena Evan's life had all but vanished. Marlena was concerned about Sam's emotional stability and asked her colleague Dr. Laura Horton to see Samantha. The man in Marlena's life, Don Craig, believed Marlena's time and concern given to Sam was an excuse to keep him at arm's length. The problem came to a head when Marlena accidentally found her own pre-scription pad in her sister's purse. Sam adroitly dodged Marlena's confrontation, passing the prescription pad off as paper she needed to make out miscellaneous lists. Still skeptical, Marlena pointed out that Sam's moods went from one extreme to the next. Sam again evaded the problem. As soon as Marlena was out of the house, Sam downed more pills. Marlena was shaken when Neil Curtis called her at work because Sam was ill, the truth was inevitable. While Sam was sleeping off a slight overdose of barbituates combined with alcohol, Marlena got her answers. Sam forged her own prescriptions! Marlena faced Sam with what she knew. After a few futile excuses such as flu, Sam could evade no longer. She swore she could quit, she was not an addict as Marlena claimed. Sam finally agreed she would go to Laura for help. Marlena was pleased with what she thought was Sam's improvement since she had been off the pills. Sam was putting on a good act for her sister, but when she found Marlena away from her office before their lunch date, she pretended to be Marlena and had a nurse open Marlena's medicine cabinet. She popped some of the pills from the numerous bottles she stole, and then calm and collected, awaited her sister. After lunch, Marlena noticed some bottles were missing from the medicine cabinet. Marlena was afraid to admit it, but once again Sam's guilt seemed unavoidable. Don, meanwhile, was losing patience with Marlena's preoccupation over her sister's welfare. He was bored with what was turning out to be a brother/sister relationship with Marlena. Sam was cramping his style. Marlena still couldn’t get Sam and the stolen pills off her mind. She agreed to loan Sam $5000 so she could pay off her debts, Sam claimed she had a job lined up and wanted to make a new start. Marlena asked about the pills and Sam blew up. She yelled at Marlena to go to hell, she didn’t need her, her money or her pills. Marlena immediately retracted apologetically. Concentrating on nothing else, the evidence was just too obvious for Marlena to ignore and she knew her sister was lying to her. Their personality roles reversed with Marlena upset and angry at Sam, too upset to even discuss the matter. Sam was calm and cheerful while in Marlena's presence. When Marlena escaped for a walk in the woods, Sam called Don asking that they meet for an important talk that evening. Sam made Don an offer he couldn’t refuse … she would leave town if he paid her way. She would even cover for him by telling Marlena the money was an advance on her salary. She got the money, but Marlena didn’t let her off the hook as easily. She had got her confirmation that Sam impersonated her to get into the pills, and was enraged with Sam because she wouldn’t let anyone help her. She yelled Sam was an addict, she needed a detoxification program, but Sam retorted she was not going to a loony bin! She was going back to the coast to star in a movie. Marlena’s resourcefulness had led her to stumble onto the truth about Samantha's triumphant return to Hollywood. Calling the agent, Sam claimed advanced her money for her new movie role to ask for a postponement for a few weeks, Marlena was staggered when he gave it to her straight — there was no movie, no money, no job. Sam had earned a reputation as a poor risk in the business and no one had or would hire her. Trish Clayton, in the hospital recovering from a fight to save her unborn child's life, told Dr. Laura Horton that Laura's son Mike had to get drunk to tell her how he felt. It was David Banning who helped her through her crucial time. - David was the father of Trish's baby, conceived from one night spent together after Mike had rejected Trish when unsuccessful at making love to her. Mike couldn’t seem to control his disturbing outbursts at Trish since she told him about the pregnancy. - Mike was removed from the hospital for being drunk and disorderly after he saw David consoling Trish in her hospital room. Despite the fact it was her friend Toni's acquaintance who roughed Trish up causing her near miscarriage, Trish had asked Toni to stay with her in her apartment. Toni happily agreed. David was upholding his responsibility to Trish, but his love belonged to Valerie Grant. This pregnancy was the reason Val broke her engagement to David. They loved each other deeply and both were suffering because of the breakup. A letter from David to Val stirred her hopes and she rushed back to Salem from Washington, excitedly anticipating another chance for them. Val no sooner gave her brother Danny the news when Toni arrived with different news. Completely unaware of Val and David's relationship, she informed them that David escorted Trish home from the hospital. Val's hopes vanished. At Trish's apartment where she and David were having dinner together, Toni mentioned Val's return to Salem. Trish pushed David out the door to follow Val. At the airport, David stopped Val seconds before she boarded the plane. He suspected she came back to reconcile, he wanted to make Val happy. She sadly replied he should've thought of that before he made love to Trish. She refused to reconsider, insisting Trish needed him more. On the plane, Val cried to herself "I wish it was me who was pregnant with your child David." During dinner, Mike phoned Trish and guessed David was with her. He made a smart remark, forcing Trish to hang up on him. Immediately Mike was regretful. Trish vowed Mike was not part of her life and never would be again. David believed that Val was completely out of his future and Mike was out of Trish's life. That left him, Trish and their baby. He decided they should give themselves an opportunity to get to know each other, in case they "make it legal." All he could think about was Trish and the baby, he wanted to get this settled, away from the pressures of friends and family - Julie, David's mother, had tried to convince David his responsibility is to Trish and his unborn child. - David, however, knew what it was like to grow up fatherless and had accepted his responsibility on his own. David suggested that they take a weekend in the country, then Trish could decide what to do. With David and Toni's persuasion, Trish agreed to go away with David. Mike was dissatisatied with his new acquaintance Wendy, and left her apartment - where he had been since he picked Wendy up in a bar -, to return to talk to Trish. Toni was pleased to report Trish and David were away for the weekend. During their weekend, David felt his baby move for the first time. He and Trish were enjoying their time alone. David assured Trish "it's working." He suggested they go to a town 40 miles away, out of state, where they could get married in one day. Trish resisted, but when David asserted he wanted to be more than a monthly support check to his child, he wiykd be there when he was needed, she gave in. He knew he had messed up everything else in his life, but won't let it happen to his child. He speculates that he and Trish could have a good life together, she agreed. The ceremony was delayed and Trish got cold feet. David gave her time to breath and think about it, and they returned to the chapel. They were married in a short ceremony complete with a wilted corsage. On the way home to Salem, Trish told David she was not sorry they were married. They both dreaded what was ahead in Salem when they told everyone their news. Jeri accepted Trish's marriage better than Trish expected, but when Trish admitted she and David did not love each other, Jeri was disappointed in her daughter. Trish was reluctant to tell Mike. Jeri asked if she was sorry she had to tell him or was she sorry she might have married the wrong man? Just then Mike called, and after procrastinating, Trish agreed to talk to him the following day. Mike was on Cloud Nine with false hopes there still might be a chance for him and Trish. Michael arrived at Trish's apartment bearing flowers and words of love. Trish couldn’t get a word in edgewise as Mike poured out his intention to marry her and raise her child, but her message got across to Mike when David walked in hidden behind an armload of clothes, asking Trish where he was to hang them. The tension mounted from both sides as the custody hearing for infant Dougie LeClair approached. His natural mother Rebecca feared that her ex-husband Robert, Dougie's adopted father, would receive the restraining order which would bar Rebecca from taking Dougie to Japan with her lover Johnny Collins. Rebecca pleaded with Johnny to stay away from the courtroom, knowing his easily ignited temper could lose the case for her. Robert's lawyer, Don Craig, concurred with Mickey Horton. Their theory was the judge would uphold the request for a split restraining order and grant Rebecca custody of the baby. During the testimonies of Alice Horton and Doug Williams, Johnny's irresponsibility and undesirable personality was emphasized. Robert's conduct as a father was commended highly by both. Johnny walked into the courtroom, a shock to all. Rebecca’s testimony : she didn't love Robert as a wife should love a husband. She tried. She was willing to live with a man she didn't love for the sake of her baby. Her baby came first. When Robert found out Dougie was not Johnny's child, he created a disturbing circumstance calling Rebecca promiscuous. - Desperate to replace the child she lost in an auto accident, Rebecca agreed to be artificially inseminated. The donor, known only to Dr. Neil Curtis, Don Craig and Rebecca, was Doug Williams, who at that time thought he wanted a sister or brother for his daughter Hope, Learning the details of the conception the night before their wedding, was too much for Johnny to cope with. He stood Rebecca up at the altar. Robert married her to give her child a father, hoping she would grow to love him as he did her. - She left Robert because she felt it would be less painful for all. She and Johnny could provide a good home for Dougie with his new job in Japan. Johnny treated Dougie as if he were his own. She tearfully closed her plea for her son's custody "Love him with all my heart. Johnny’s testimony: he left Rebecca because he was jealous and hurt. Rebecca was a good mother. He wanted to be a father to Dougie. He would marry Rebecca as soon as possible and give her and her baby everything he could. Don's consistent dartboard questions got Johnny agitated ... he drank a lot ... he got depressed ... he was known to be irresponsible ... the intensity of Johnny's protests bounce around the silent room. Rebecca was awarded full custody with no restraining order! Her tears of joy were matched by Robert's tears of sorrow. Before flight time, Rebecca brought Dougie to Robert for a final farewell before they departed for Japan. The atmosphere was strained. Rebecca's promise to visit them once a year offered little consol-tion to Robert, he drowned his defeat in his own tears. To escape his emotions, Robert prepared to take a Carribean Cruise. Doug and Julie gave him a small but heartfelt bon voyage party. Until Dr. Bill Horton had eliminated all possible sources available that would restore the use of his arm and enable him to resume surgery, he would not relinquish an ounce of hope. The disruption he had created at the hospital since his residency in anesthesiology would rest temporarily. Bill had arranged with Dr. Hugh Phibbs in London to attempt a surgery that would give Bill the full use of his arm. After reading an article, Dr. Phibbs had sent to Bill about nerve surgery, there was no stopping Bill, he had to try it. He explained to his wife Laura he wanted to be a surgeon first, if the surgery failed, he would return to his residency. Laura was at first reluctant, fearful Bill was reacting impulsively, but later conceded as Bill stirred up her excitement by suggesting she meet him in London. Bill's disappointment at Dr. Phibb's decision against surgery was somewhat lessened by his plans with Laura to continue their European vacation, with time on their side. Alice Horton had accepted Dr. Griffin's decision to perform a hysterectomy with mixed emotions. She knew that the precancerous condition in the lining of her uterus had to be treated, yet she knew how her family would react to Dr. Griffin's decision to operate. She asked Tommy and Marie to keep her news secret from their father Tom and brother Bill. Alice muffled her reaction when Bill loosely commented about Dr. Griffin's "knife-happy" attitude towards surgery. She jumped to Dr. Griffin's defense when Tom agreed with Bill, claiming Griffin was too radical in his techniques. Learning of Bill's possible surgery, she was even more determined to keep her upcoming surgery from him. She feared he'd postpone his own operation because of concern for her. A touch of resentment leaked out when Alice retorted to Marie's objections "I can take care of my own affairs." She immediately retracted and apologized, blaming her irritability on the pressures she was carrying. Laura discussed the surgery with Alice, sensing Alice's depression over it. Laura's reassurance that her emotional state was very normal helped Alice understand herself and cope with her feelings. Laura stated all women were programmed that feminity had to do with child bearing, it was natural to feel remorse when a hysterectomy was necessary. Alice insisted Laura take her "second honeymoon" with Bill in Europe, claiming she had Dr. Griffin's permission to postpone the surgery until their returned. - To the contrary, he recommended she not wait. – Marie visited Dr. Griffin to get her own answers about the necessity of her mother's surgery. His statement remained consistent, Dr. Bailey's opinion differed because he was not up to date on the latest diagnostic techniques. Alice was given the most advanced physical examination science had devised, there was no question as to the necessity of the operation, and the operation had to be done soon. Marie told Alice that she saw Dr. Griffin. Alice was furious with her for interfering. She went on how Marie had taken over her family, her home, her life, and treated Alice as if she were a useless old lady. Tom interrupted the argument. Marie realized she had acted like "an overzealous pompous do-gooder." Tom disagreed. He was grateful for all Marie had done for him, and was sure Alice was also. He sensed something had been bothering Alice, but didn’t know what. Marie wouldn’t tell him what it was she and Alice were keeping from him. Alice later apologized to Marie, they happily made amends, realizing they were both at fault. Alice explained it was a blow to find out she wasn't the indispensable woman she thought she was to her family. The marital battles of Jean and Fred Barton were becoming more intractable for their neighbor Maggie Horton. Jean cried on Maggie's shoulder about her unhappiness, yet condoned Fred's violent attacks on her. Maggie's heart ached for Jean and her son Billy, but she was afraid to get involved. Fred beat his wife because he was frustrated with the stress of starting his own business as a CPA. Further antagonizing him is his resentment at Jean's confiding in Maggie about their problems. He reprimanded her with physical assault. One evening when Mickey was visiting his parents, Maggie was forced to "get involved." Billy ran to her apartment crying because of the fight between his parents, his father was beating his mother worse than he ever had. This time Maggie phoned the police and reported the incident. The police officer told Jean she had a legal right to protection from her husband, suggesting she get it. Jean denied she needed it. Fred turned into "Mr. Nice Guy" for the police. The officers then reported their findings to Maggie and Mickey explaining the denials by Jean because of her humiliation and fear that the police were called in. Mickey thought Maggie had made things worse for Jean. He knew another beating would occur, when it did, Maggie had to stay out of it. She could help only by trying to persuade Jean to seek professional help. Mickey added Jean was afraid to get help theb, but there might be a day when she was afraid not to, if not for herself, but for Billy's safety. Jean thanked Maggie the following day for her understanding. Maggie said she apologized to Fred only to make it easier for Jean and she was playing into his hands just as Jean did. Fred came home bearing flowers and apologized but Jean was not as easily forgiving this time. She urged him to seek professional help because he claimed he didn’t know why he hit her. - During the fights, Fred ranted "his father did it to his mother. He lived with a martyr who was a rotten mother' - Fred rejected any need for help. He claimed he was not crazy, didn’t need a psychiatrist. He would change. It was not good for business, if his clients saw he was insecure enough to need a psychiatrist. Tommy Horton had become infatuated with Linda Phillips. He admitted to his sister he was acting like a teenager, yet he couldn’t help himself. He knew he couldn't compete with Bob Anderson's wealth, a fact Linda seemed to delight in cunningly flaunting at Tommy. She wore a diamond broach Bob gave her when out with Tom. She smiled at her private victory realizing Tommy noticed the pin and felt discouraged by it. During a date with Bob, Linda noticed Bob dropped from his pocket a locket that belonged to Brooke Hamilton. She wondered to herself what special relationship they really did have. She put Tommy in the driver's seat with Bob when she called Bob to thank him for sending her roses. The timing of her call ensured that she would have to cut the call short as Tommy arrived for their lunch date. Mary Anderson had stepped in as head of public relations for Anderson Mfg, since the death of Brooke Hamilton. - Unknown to Mary, Brooke was Bob Anderson's illegitimate daughter. - She mused to herself she wished she knew what kind of a hold Brooke had on her father, he still had strong feelings for her, despite the discovery Brooke was devoted to Bob's destruction. Mary honored her father's request to train a plant engineer in a course of public relations. She finally tracked him down, neither Mary nor her new assignment Chris Kostichek, made room for politeness. It was a meeting filled with verbal lacerations. They did agree to bury the hatchet long enough to get accomplished what Bob wanted done. Mary, however, ended up covered in mud from head to toe after she insisted she accompany Chris on a plant tour. Chris came to her lakeside apartment to explain his neglect in contacting her. Mary's stepfather, and former lover, Neil Curtis saw him leaving. He then showed up assuming Mary was dating Chris. He pulled her close and kissed her. Mary resisted and tried to get rid of him. He blamed Mary for driving him to drink. Neil's inebriation equaled his wife Phil's who was trying to cope with her discovery Neil was having an affair with another woman, whom she thought was the deceased Brooke Hamilton. Phyllis was repulsed when she accidentally overheard Mary and Neil's conversation about "making love and nearly getting caught”. She was numbed that it was Mary, not Brooke who was her husband's lover. After getting her bearings, she poured out the whole story to Bob and he was the sympathetic protector he had always been. He confronted Neil, giving him no opportunity to worm his way out of it, commanding "unless you stay away from Mary and make a full confession to Phyllis, see your career ruined, run you out of Salem and run you out of the whole damn state”: Bob's words hardly had time to cool off when Neil was holding Phyl in his arms - pretending she was Mary -, and Phyl pretended to reluctantly accept his confession about his affair, with Brooke, as his renouncement to infidelity forever. A man by the name of Larry Atwood had been to Doug's Place and approached Doug with a business matter. Doug agreed to talk to him, but finding out his "business" was a gambling casino he'd like to build into Doug's Place, guaranteeing Doug it would increase his profits, Doug gave him a stern "NO." He mused that Julie had a special intuition, she sensed this man was not to be trusted. Larry returned to Doug's Place only this time he saw Julie in their living quarters behind the club. Julie was passive about his discussion about a casino, until he speculated they'd have to move to make room for construction. Doug returned, again rejecting Mr. Atwood's persistent offers. Doug stated emphatically if he was saying he must have illegal gambling to fill his club, it was not worth a full house. Furthermore, he wouldn't want it if it were legal. The trust of his clientele was more important to Doug than an overabundance of the green money matter. The Doctors Written by: Douglas Marland Produced by: Jeff Young Tom Carroll arrived at MJ Match's for dinner, but was suffering from a migraine. He lay down while MJ finished in the kitchen, but was awakened by a terrible dream. He told her how nice it was to wake up and find her there. His proposal so confused MJ that she couldn’t answer. The following day, he suggested that they use their joint vacation to his sister's as a honeymoon. When she accepted, he produced a diamond, but then asked her to listen to him before they go on with their plans. He explained that his father had Huntington's Chorea, a fatal disease of the nervous system which was hereditary, but did not develop until you were in your thirties. His father took his own life rather than live through that illness. There was a 50-50 chance that he mught have the disease and pass it on to his children. This was too great a risk and so he would not father a child. MJ was sympathetic, but showed him that he didn’t have all the answers. There could be a cure developed in the next few years and they could always adopt children. MJ called her family to tell them the news and ask for help in making arrangements. They would use the first week of their vacation to plan the wedding and the second for their honeymoon. She planned to wear her grandmother's wedding gown. Dr. Matt Powers arrived home after his meetings with Kyle Wilson and told Maggie he realizes how lonely the nights must have been when she was teaching the seminar. He supposed that it was probably worse because they were having marital problems at the time. - During this time Maggie turned to Kyle who was sympathetic. Althea Davis advised her never to tell Matt about Kyle. – Mike Powers told his father that he was considering returning to medicine, but wasn’t sure he could commit himself to anything since Toni's death. He had been advised to try it, but didn’t want to take the job from someone who was dedicated. Matt suggested that he try the field service because this would be a good test and they were short of doctors. If Mike took the job Matt could be Mike's superior. Mike said there was no one he'd rather work under. After a talk with Jessie Rawlings about her reasons for working in the field unit, Mike had come to the conclusion he couldn’t go back into medicine to prove anything; it had to be for himself. Dr. Flanders told him to observe for a few days and then go to work. Matt received a letter from Dr. Althea Davis who has gone to Japan with Jerry Dancy to help mend Jerry and Penny's marriage. Jerry and Penny had straightened things out and Dave Davis had offered to pay his daughter's medical school expenses and had found Jerry a job. Matt figured he might be acting-chief of staff longer than he expected because Dave and Althea seemed to be mending fences as well. Dr. Steve Aldrich took his ex-wife Carolee and their children to the shore for dinner and suggested they take rooms and stay the night. The idea was delightful to Carolee, but she was afraid that it might give the children expectations for a normal life that it was not possible to give them yet. Carolee was considering renting their old house on Maple Street and hiring a housekeeper for the children. She couldn’t bear losing out on these precious years with her children. Steve was amenable. When Mona Croft asked her son Jason how to make up to Steve, he suggested she invite Carolee to dinner. She was surprised when this worked. Mona apologized for letting Ann deceive her and asked Carolee to move into her house so that she could be close to the children. Carolee explained that she was going to rent a house and didn’t want to confuse the children by living with Steve. Doreen Aldrich, Jason’s wife, was livid with Luke Dancy for hiring Jason as his lawyer. She said Jason was not stupid, even though Luke gave him a story about his backers. Wendy Conrad told Jason that Luke got his money from her mother, Eleanor, when she heard he bought Andre's - Eleanor was intending to finance Luke, but her lawyer was holding things up. When he promised to get new entertainment, Doreen offered to put up Luke's share, but had 51 percent interest. Andre's entertainment was Nola Dancy, Jason's lover. – Barney Dancy was sure that Luke got his money from Eleanor Conrad and was trying to blackmail Luke. Luke laughed in his face and told him the scheme wouldn’t work because Eleanor wasn't his backer. Wendy threatened to tell Eleanor's lawyer, Harold Kingston, about Luke's past. Eleanor considered Harold her friend and advisor and vowed to disinherit Wendy if she went to him. Wendy told Harold's son Ted she thought her mother was financing Luke who had a history of preying on older women and she was afraid her mother was on the verge of another breakdown. Ted bought the story and agreed to help convince his father. Harold Kingston told Wendy that the small amount - $500 - that Eleanor had been giving Mr. Dancy could not be considered large sums and her evidence did not show Eleanor to be incompetent. The doctors said Eleanor's mental illness was behind her. Nola had been putting together a new show and Jason promised to be there. Jason had reserved a table for Mike Powers, Sara Dancy, Nola and himself, but when he didn’t arrive at Nola's, they went on to Andre's without him. Nola was puzzled when she was told Andre had left and wouldn't be back. Just before her first show, the new owner was introduced. Nola and Sarah stood with their mouths open when Luke came forward. Barney visited Eleanor and convinced her that Luke really wanted her to be there for his first night at Andre's. Luke was confused and had to juggle both Doreen and Eleanor, especially when they both insisted he hurry home to their side. When Luke arrived at Doreen's, she had a list of things that needed improving: the menus. the waiters, the lighting and the entertainment. She became irritable upon hearing that Jason came in looking for Nola. Nola was sure that Jason had thrown her over and her mother was right all along when Jason knocked on her door. He told her that he had an emergency in New York. Sara told her mother that it appeared that Jason was finished with Nola and their quarrel was silly. Virginia Dancy went to Nola's apartment, but saw Jason's jacket on the couch and was furious with herself for giving in. Jason told Steve that Ann's car was found at a parking garage and he had flown to New York without phoning anyone. Stiles was still following up some clues. - Ann managed to have Carolee committed to a mental institution under a false identity, then married Steve when his divorce from Carolee, whom he believed deserted him, was final. Ann then intentionally became pregnant to further tie Steve to her. – Jason flew to New York again and then phoned Steve to bring their bags and passports because it looked like Ann had left the country. Stiles traced her to a Rio hotel, but she had already checked out. When they located her, Jason said he would go alone to have her sign the annulment papers and only if he failed would Steve see her. Ann had been having nightmares and was waiting for room service to arrive with her lunch when Jason walked in. Ann told Jason that she lost the baby when she arrived in Rio and couldn’t face Steve. She would sign the papers and mail them to him if he and Steve left immediately. After he left, she called her doctor to say she would be having her baby here in Rio and then told herself that no one could take it from her. Doreen tried to shake Nola's confidence by claiming that Jason always gave extravagant gifts, such as her ring, when he was tired of someone. When he was bored, he flew to Rio or New York for excitement. Steve was confused when Carolee wanted to continue with her plan to rent the old house. Emma explained that Steve had had a year to sort things out but it was like those mistakes were yesterday to Carolee. Her plans were unsettled again, however, when the house was suddenly sold. Virginia overheard Eleanor pleading with Luke to come home early when he brought the artwork for the brochure to Mona Croft's. Doreen caught this when Eleanor apologized to Virginia. Eleanor told Barney that she had thought they were only friends, but this conversation meant they were much more. Luke was talking about remodeling Andre's, but Doreen refused to give him any money until he fired Nola. She also "advised" him to cut his apron strings as far as Eleanor was concerned. Eleanor thought Luke was displeased with her because she couldn't get the money for him. She produced a check for $75,000 so that he wouldn’t have to ask his backers for money. Luke proved to be very affectionate for this sum of money. Ted told Wendy that his father had some trouble with Eleanor and was worried about her. Wendy saw this as her chance. Barney overheard Sara on the phone telling Luke that Eleanor confessed she gave him a large sum of money. Barney confronted Luke but Luke wasn’t afraid since he knew his mother and Eleanor would believe him. Luke would consider finding Barney a job, however. Wendy asked her mother to dinner at Andre's, then called Ted saying she was afraid something was going to happen. At Andre's, Wendy baited Eleanor about Luke and younger women until Eleanor left in tears. Wendy was then very contrite, explaining to all who saw the scene, that she just couldn't calm her mother. The Edge Of Night Written by: Henry Slesar Produced by: Erwin Nicholson Deborah Saxon might not know it yet, but she was working undercover to break open the murder case that all Monticello law officials were pointing guilty fingers in the direction of her father, Tony Saxon. They believed, but had not proven, the deaths of Beau Richardson and Adam Drake were Tony's reprisal against Mike Karr. - Mike had been indicted for Beau Richardson's murder and had a futile defense because of an eye witness report by prostitute Inez Johnson. Mike was the crime commissioner leader who had Tony indicted for political corruption. – Tony’s replacement for his right hand man Beau, was Danny Micelli. Danny was kicked out of his employer's home when he carried on in a drunk stupor. His inebriation was Danny's only escape after finding out his estranged wife Tracy was living at the home of a well known "madam." It took some sobering conversations with Lt. Luke Chandler and Bill Marceau to convince Danny that Tracy was not a hooker. They revealed to Danny that the purpose for Tracy's move to Mrs. Yost's was to befriend Inez Johnson, anticipating she would confide Tony's master plan to Tracy. Tracy was not returning to prostitution! Overwhelmed with joy, Danny quickly forgot Bill's warning that Tracy's job was "top secret." He no sooner told his sister-in-law Laurie of this when she called Tracy at Mrs. Yost's — in one sentence of gratitude by Laurie - overheard by Mrs. Yost - Tracy's cover was blown. Mrs. Yost turned villain on Tracy, refusing to let her leave. But fortunately Danny arrived, and Tracy ran to the safety of his embrace. Danny's marriage was back in order, but his mouth still remained unsealed. He returned to Tony's to give him notice that he was leaving, adding he was returning to the New Moon as co-manager and his wife was working for the police. Just as Tony was warned by Mrs. Yost herself, Inez, who clang to Tracy for companionship despite knowing Tracy's motives for the friendship, was revealing to Tracy was indeed Tony Saxon who made her tell the police Mike Karr shot Beau Richardson. Inez repeated her statement for the benefit of the police, Bill excitedly reported her attack of conscience to Mike. Steve Guthrie had been assigned the sticky task of getting a statement from Tony. In front of his girlfriend Deborah, Steve asked her father if he put Inez up to making a false statement. Despite Steve's warning Inez had already implicated him, Tony denied it. He even complained he was tired of being accused of nefarious deeds. Deborah asked her father if Mrs. "Y" who called him last night was the famous Mrs. Yost. Inez agreed to take a lie detector test to prove that Tony Saxon paid her $500 to inform on Mike Karr. The session was scheduled in Mike's defense attorney, Draper Scott's apartment. Prosecuting attorney for the DA's office Logan Swift just happened to arrive in time for the session. Before Mike arrived to join the eager law officials, Inez was answering questions with the polygraph verifying the truth of her words . "Did you meet Beau Richardson before April first?" "no." "Did you meet him professionally?" "Yes. I went to the ladies' room. I heard an alarming sound. There was more than one gunshot. I opened the door and saw a big man coming out of Beau's office with a gun in his hand." Just then Mike entered Draper's apartment and Logan asked Inez if the man with the gun was the man who just came through the door. She turned to look at Mike. Her reply was affirmative. And according to the polygraph expert, Inez was telling the truth!! Deborah was hot on the trail, working with the information Steve uncovered. The name "Packy" was written on a pack of matches by Adam Drake. Steve came to a dead end hunting for this person at the Riverhead Bar. Deborah was more successful. Dressed as a "bimbo," according to Steve, she had ingratiated herself into "Packy" Dietrich's company. She accepted his date to attend a party at his apartment. The party consisted of "Debbie Davis" – Saxon -, Packy and one other couple — Raney Cooper and his gabby girlfriend. Raney kept his guard up, glaring at Deborah cautiously. She began her probes, digging for names of lawyers they might know. Raney knew one. Adam Drake's murder was the topic of conversation, initiated by Deborah's questions. Raney prefered to pick a fight with Packy rather than answer Deborah's questions. She had touched the tip of the iceberg and wouldn’t quit while she was ahead. Deborah arranged to meet Raney late in the evening at the Riverhead bar. He was leery about her, suspicious she was "classier" than she looked. This whole episode in Mike Karr's life had taken a heavy toll on his daughter Laurie. She suggested to Johnny they give away their baby son JV to Tracy and Danny. Johnny had his doubts about Laurie's sanity, this was the confirmation. Nancy Karr persuaded Laurie to see a psychiatrist. However, Nancy had to admit she told Johnny about their upcoming visit. Laurie sank deeper into depression, refusing to go and proclaiming she needed help from no one. When Mike gave Laurie the good news about Inez' statement, she seemed to resurface to rationality again, although there was still a hint that there wa's an underlying problem. Laurie and Johnny planned a champagne celebration for the reunited Micellis and for the success of Tracy's participation with the police. Just when everyone thought Laurie had instantly regained her sanity, Mike acquainted her with the disappointing episode with Inez. As if a switch were turned off, Laurie's unstable characteristics appeared. She ran out of the Karr house with JV. Hours later, JV had been left outside Danny and Tracy's hotel room with no sign of Laurie around. To add to Mike and Nancy's disasterous chain of events, Logan Swift had leaked the Inez confession to the press and it was splashed over the front page of the "Monticello Star." Johnny rushed to the Micellis after a call from Danny. He really wasn't surprised by his wife's actions. He believed Laurie was right, they weren't cut out to be parents. He asked Danny and Tracy to take care of his son while he went away, getting things done that needed doing. Kevin Jamison was embarking on a different lifestyle than he was used to and it was controlled by two powerful women. Raven Alexander had tormented Kevin with her latest male escort, Logan Swift. Kevin wasn't amused with Raven's fickle antics, She told him the truth, this time, when out with Logan for dinner — he kissed her and she came home. Kevin was confused by Raven because she practically begged him to admit he loved her, yet he never knew where he stood with her. He couldn’t hold back any longer, Kevin expressed his love for Raven again, and asked her to marry him. Raven seemed to take the proposal as lightly as she did her dates with Logan. Logan, however, was falling hard and fast into his predecessor's tracks lured on by Raven's feminine wiles. Geraldine had observed her little games and cautioned Raven not to let Kevin slip through her fingers as she did Draper Scott. Geraldine had set her sights high for the career she had launched for Kevin. Kevin was like a son to Geraldine, and her sons were politicians. Kevin was content with his job as a crime reporter for the Monticello News, Geraldine's aspirations rose above this. She and Tony Saxon planned a dinner party at which they intended to announce the new appointment of the head of Monticello's Crime Commission — Kevin Jamison. Kevin's reaction to Tony's announcement was not quite what he and Geraldine had anticipated. Raven received a phone call during the proclamation which dampened Kevin's spirits considerably. But instead of displaying a fit of jealousy as Raven would've liked, Kevin calmly came in to usher Raven to dinner. Raven was furious — lacerating Kevin because he was not more like Logan Swift, who was her caller, ambitious and not afraid to fight for what he wanted! Raven had allowed Logan to score one point for his side, a surprise to all at breakfast at the Whitney Mansion, Raven hadn't been home all night. She and Logan were enjoying a cozy breakfast together at his apartment with Raven garbed in Logan's robe. Nicole had returned to the Clairmont Convalescent Home to ensure the baby she was carrying would have all possible chances to be born. Her doctor, Miles Cavanaugh, was concerned about Nicole's emotional state. Since her husband Adam Drake's murder, she had an unnatural control over herself. Miles surmised too much control was a sign of a deeper disturbance. Miles’ wife, Denise, couldn't resist the temptation to tell Nicole her unborn baby would be a boy. This was determined from amnioscentisis tests taken to determine the physical normality of her child. Nurse Carol Barclay reported Denise's slip of the tongue to Miles. Miles was stunned at his wife's gall, first to invade a patient's confidential file, then to report it to the patient. This particular patient had been Denise's personal vendetta on Miles, however, and she had been overly possessive towards him since Nicole's arrival. Nicole tried to get Miles to condone Denise's actions because Denise actually did her a favor. She was grateful to Denise for the news she would have a son because by telling her, the baby was more real to Nicole then. Denise had decided to really get involved and returned as a nurse on the Clairmont staff. Once again she had antagonized Miles. Draper Scott had been pleasantly sidetracked from the Mike Karr case by April Cavanaugh. Before Draper entered her life, April led a humdrum existence. She confided to her friend Nicole that she had never been happier than since meeting Draper. Nicole was pleased as she introduced them. Draper helped April find a new apartment in Monticello. They both enjoyed moving day until April fainted from a pain in her chest. Draper called her brother Miles and was surprised by Miles' circumspection. He rushed all the way from the Clairmont to tend to April. A brief explanation about April's heart problems and need for a pacemaker installation put Draper's questions to rest. April was then afraid that because Draper knew she was not a healthy woman, he would lose interest in her. General Hospital Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock Produced by: Tom Donovan Dr. Tom Baldwin had accused his sick son of faking, but Dr. Gary Lansing told Tom that Tommy might have strep-throat. When Tommy asked to see his mother, Tom had to admit for the first time that Tommy might not want to go to Salt Lake City with him. - Tom had refused to sign the divorce papers until Audrey agreed to let him take Tommy with him. - Tom said he might go to Salt Lake City alone and get settled. He suggested Steve and Audrey drop Tommy off in Utah after the three of them went on a honeymoon. When Tommy couldn’t move his arms, they took him to the hospital and called in Dr. Lansing who said the paralysis could be caused by a virus. He asked permission to do a lumbar puncture. Lee Baldwin told Dr. Steve Hardy that a new divorce action could turn out badly because Tom could claim Audrey drove him away because of her love for Steve. Gina Dante told Monica Webber that she couldn’t make a committment to Adam Streeter because she was not sure the wounds from Gary had healed. She didn’t tell Adam that Gary was in town. When Gary called Gina to Tommy's room, Adam followed and was upset that she didn't tell him about Gary. In rehashing the good times to Gina's stony silence, Gary remembered a child with the same symptoms as Tommy's. They went to his room and finding a wood tick, removed it. Tommy reviveds slightly and then lapsed back into unconsciousness. Steve and Jessie Brewer watched Tommy as they waited for the paralysis to subside. If they got the tick out in time, he should start showing signs of recovery in twelve hours. Tom admitted that Steve had been very loving to Tommy and about all he had contributed himself was confusion. He could no longer stand in the way of the divorce. Tommy woke and could move his arms, showing that he was on the road to recovery. When Tom told him that Steve and his mother were getting married and he could live with them and visit Salt Lake City when he liked, Tommy was thrilled. As Tom prepared to leave for Salt Lake City, he gave Audrey an early wedding present — her divorce papers. He let Gary Lansing take his apartment complete with furnishings. Steve and Audrey planned to marry in the hospital chapel with no fuss and then take Tommy with them on their honeymoon. Gary talked Gina into celebrating Tommy's recovery by having lunch. Gina took offense when he suggested she throw Streeter over. Gina saw Adam and apologized for being so standoffish. Gary tried to find out why Gina left the restaurant in such a huff and suggested it was because she couldn't trust herself if she stayed. Gary asked Monica to put in a good word for him with Gina. Monica pretended not to understand when Gary said they were alike. He said being a good doctor didn’t mean you couldn’t be ambitious. Gina was going with Adam to see Jill at camp and he was going to suggest Jill go away to school because he didn’t want to undo the good that had been done for her at camp. Gina had to stay behind when one of her expectant mothers went into labor. The following day, Adam said Jill was receptive to going away and wanted to know when he was going to marry Gina. Gary told Steve he had a young patient coming in with gynecological problems and wanted someone gentle to handle her. He suggested Gina and Steve volunteered her services. Adam asked Gary if he came to Port Charles because Gina was here. Gary said he was asked into this partnership by Keith Raymond and Gina's being here was only coincidence. Adam admitted that Keith Raymond had a good practice. Adam heard that Gary had asked Gena to help with a patient and made it sound as if Gina asked for this. She said there was no reason why she couldn’t work with him professionally because the last time they saved Tommy's life. Peter Taylor was very concerned about his wife Diana. She couldn’t sleep because she had nightmares about Mike never being accessible to them. She told Jessie that it was unfair that magazines wrote about all the trouble people got into, but never how they got out. When Kimberly Hughes came by to do a story on a patient, Diana told her about her idea. She felt that if Kimberly would publish a story on her innocence in the Brewer case it might make the adoption agency directors see that she was a good mother, but Kimberly wasn't interested. After Mrs. Endicott told Diana that there was little chance they would ever get Mike, she fell to pieces. Diana was apathetic about everything and even upset her daughter Martha. Peter asked for time off for Diana and Steve knew that it was important. Diana wanted to go home to her mother and the protection this afforded. Diana had emotionally retreated to her high school days when she felt safe. Peter and Diana's mother were worried when she began saying Peter would be better off without her. Gail Adamson had gone to New York for a seminar and had decided to see Lee's step-son, Scott, while she was there. Scott kept her waiting several hours. This seemed to be part of his lifestyle. He did what he wanted when he wanted and was sure Lee wouldn't approve. Scott refused to believe that Lee cared about or needed him because Lee had Caroline. Gail told him of Caroline's death. Scott saw Gail again and asked if she was going to tell Lee about their talk. She said she was not sure because she didn’t want to hurt him any more than he had already been. When Gail returned, she confessed her visit to Scott, but Tom had already told Lee that she intended to see him. Larry Joe Baker had an apparent heart attack and Monica Webber was his doctor. He wanted to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. Jeff Webber told Mrs. Grant, Heather's mother, that he was falling for Heather and considered her a breath of fresh air after all of Monica's lies. Larry Joe, Heather's ex-husband, promised Mrs. Grant that she had no reason to worry because of him. He then told Heather that she would spend the rest of her married life wondering when he would drop the bomb. Just before he left the hospital, he visited Heather and suggested that she was worth a lot of money as she was marrying a doctor and a gas station of his own wouldn't be a bad idea. As Heather protested, Larry Joe gasped, clutched his chest and fell to the floor. Monica examined him and found tenderness in his stomach. This time the x-rays showed a ping-pong gall stone that lodged itself in the systemic duct. Because it traveled, it gave cardiac-like symptoms that came and went. Rick said the attacks were brought on by stress. Monica questioned Heather as to any stress that Larry Joe might have been under while talking to her. Heather said Larry Joe was from her home town and a friend of her mother’s. Heather resented the fact that she had to go to Monica for permission to see her son. She thought this as well as her questioning about Larry Joe was just to make her look bad to Jeff. Monica told Jeff about Larry Joe being in Heather's room and asked if he would question her. She claimed he was a friend of her mother and her ex-husband. Heather visited Larry Joe after his surgery and he said he had decided against the gas station when she said she might be able to work that out. He had his sights set a little higher then. Heather stormed out of his room. Larry Joe asked Dr. Rick Webber if it was true he could have died if he had left the hospital and Rick confirmed this. He explained that if Larry Joe really wanted to repay Monica, he should tell her what stress brought on the attack because she was concerned that it might happen again if his problems weren't solved. Heather told her mother that she overheard Monica talking about their honeymoon and she was sure Monica was trying to get Jeff back. She asked Heather about the lies she told Jeff about Larry Joe. Heather didn’t want anyone to know that she was married to someone like Larry Joe. Mrs. Grant asked what she was going to do when she got her marriage license. Heather said they didn’t really check things like that. Larry Joe confessed his part in Jeff's finding Monica with Rick. He told Monica that he let Heather sucker him into it and how he had to get it off his chest. Monica couldn’t understand how she could get him to do this. Larry Joe explained he used to be married to her. When Monica and Heather both showed up at Steve and Audrey's pre-wedding party in identical dresses, they both figured the other did it on purpose. Heather drank too much champagne and accused Monica of trying to be a cheap imitation, but Monica startled her by letting her know that Larry Joe told her the truth. Mary-Ellen Dante continued to insist that Terri Arnett, her husband's mistress, deserved to die. Lee Baldwin and Peter Taylor concurred that Mellie's defense would be insanity. Mellie told DA Chase Murdock that she was only protecting her property. Besides she wouldn't have killed Terri — Terri would have killed herself when she went off the cliff. The DA asked Mellie if she knew the difference between right and wrong and when she did, he told Lee that he was going to prosecute. Mellie was furious when Lee pleaded insanity for her because she felt that it should have been "not guilty due to justifiable circumstances." She was placed in Mark's custody and he would take her to Lake Cliff where two court appointed psychiatrists would examine her. She told Mark that she would do everything in her power to single-handedly convince them she was sane. Peter Taylor was disturbed when he learned that Dr. Eric Bellemy, whose theories were just the opposite of his own, had been assigned to test Mellie. She explained to Bellemy that she was only practicing what she learned in Sunday School — an eye for an eye. Eric felt that if she were insane she couldn't maintain her composure all the time. Peter wasn’t sure his testimony would hold up in court if they found her sane. Gina agreed to testify that Mellie became hysterical at the idea of Terri's being found alive. Mellie's father was willing to testify because he wanted help for his daughter. Mark told Lee that he wouldn’t have Terri testify because the DA would question her ruthlessly. He admitted he fell in love with Terri, but there was never anything physical between them. Terri and Jessie both received summons from the D.A. who used them as well as Lenny Hawkins to prove Mary Ellen was sane enough to plot the recovery of her husband. Lee tried to show that Lenny suggested the second attempt on Terri and through careful questioning of Gina, Peter, Steve and Mark, that Mary Ellen was unwilling to face reality. The judge would review the psychiatric report and give a ruling on her sanity shortly. Adam found out that Gary claimed the lab made a mistake on his patient's test to keep Gina from a dinner date and he warned Gary not to pull that again. Guiding Light Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson Produced by: Allen Potter Evie Stapleton had regained consciousness after her fall at Jackie Marler's home. She was not in the best of spirits though, remembering that she saw Ben McFarren kissing Hope Bauer on Jackie's terrace just before she ran out in the rain where she fell and hit her head. Ben had kept a constant vigil outside Evie's room, but she wouldn’t let him visit her. - Ben and Hope were once engaged. Evie had always felt second string to Hope, despite Ben's repeated reassurances there was no future in his relationship with Hope. - Evie's nurse was her sister Rita. Rita sensed Evie's languorous mood and got her to confide her upset over Ben. Evie stated she let herself care too much and then it was over between them. Rita surmised Evie might be jumping to conclusions. She insisted Evie read the note Ben wrote her when she wouldn't see him. Against her better judgment, Evie read the note she had crumpled up to destroy. Ben arrived early the following morning to explain Evie's misunderstanding. He had figured out she saw him kiss Hope and realized she misinterpreted it. Hope had come by to say goodbye to Ben, she was going to Europe, then returning to school in Santa Barbara. This was their farewell kiss. Ben told Evie that having her understanding was important to him. As a token of his affection Ben brought Evie a single red rose. Mike Bauer had asked his secretary Ann Jeffers if he could accompany her to the movies. It was the same night that his daughter Hope left for France, and he was trying to avoid loneliness. Ann couldn’t believe her luck. Since Mike was her lawyer and hired her so she could pay his fees, she had become very fond of Mike. At her apartment she thanked him for helping her rebuild her self-confidence and getting her life in order. Mike disclosed that Ann was the most important person he knew. Ann spoke to Mike's mother Bert at the office. She apologized for all the sorrow she had brought to the Bauers - Ann's ex-husband accidentally killed Mike's wife Leslie when Mike was on Ann's case tracking down her son -. Bert advocated to Ann she couldn’t dwell on the past, and no one was to blame for circumstances over which they all had no control. Bert was wound up in preparations to leave for a vacation in London where she was meeting her close friend Dr. Steve Jackson. She planned to meet Hope in London where they could do some sightseeing together. Holly Bauer and Dr. Ed Bauer were becoming closer than they were when they were married to each other. Roger Thorpe had informed Holly that Rita Stapleton knew he, not Ed, was the father of her daughter Christina. Holly was disturbed by this as she and Ed agreed that he was and always would be Christina's legal father. - Rita was recently exonerated of a murder charge because Roger testified he was in a motel with her at the time the murder was supposedly committed. Ed had proposed to Rita before the trial. The impact of Roger's involvement with first Holly, while she was married to Ed, and then Rita was too much for Ed to bear. He broke off with Rita. - Holly feared that if Rita were to tell Ed about her knowledge of Christina's parentage, he would realize she risked imprisonment to protect Ed from humiliation and hurt. She had to care very deeply for him to do this. Holly had discouraged Roger from involvement in her and Christina's life. Since the trial, Roger's wife Peggy had filed for divorce and he had turned to Holly for compassion. Holly returned the heirloom broach Roger gave to Christina, cutting all ties from Roger as Christina's father. He took it back, wanting Christina to have it. Holly's mother, Barbara had allowed her aversion to Roger come between her and her husband Adam. She was more concerned about Holly and Ed remarrying than the limbo state her own marriage was in. When Holly informed her about Rita, she warned Holly not to let Roger spoil her life not then! Holly then faced Rita about Christina, protecting her own rekindled interests with Ed perhaps, by emphasizing it would hurt Ed greatly if anyone knew Christina was not his. Holly told Ed about the broach, emphasizing she would not let Christina keep it. He felt better knowing this. Roger was working on Rita then, trying to persuade her to tell Ed she knew the truth. Rita discussed it with Holly again, and reassured her she wouldn’t hurt Ed. Rita probed about Holly's true feelings, she admitted she cared very much for Ed, also. Roger was determined to regain the two years he had missed out on as Christina's father and complained to Barbara that he was tired of her contempt and insulted. It was her fault that Holly alienated Christina from him and he wouldn’t allow her to ruin his life any longer. He proclaimed Christina was all he had and he was not going to let Barbara take her away from him. Holly frantically tried to stop Roger from returning as she was getting ready to go out on a dinner date with Ed, but it was too late. He had arrived, under the influence of alcohol, and refused to leave before seeing Christina. From her window, Barbara sadly watched Ed arrive right behind Roger. She made a poor attempt to stall him, getting his distraction with small talk. Roger loitered at Holly's, causing her to panic. Ed was momentarily stunned when he finally did enter Holly's cottage and saw Roger there with Christina in his arms. Holly rushed Christina to her mother's, leaving the eternal enemies facing each other. Ed demanded Roger leave, Roger refused. Ed adamantly forbade Roger from coming to Holly's ever again. Roger wouldn’t obey. Ed was enraged, and he was ready to fight Roger for his rights as Christina's father. He grabbed Roger outside the house when Roger turned and threw Ed against the house. Rita Stapleton had been receiving mysterious phonecalls in the last few weeks. She was becoming disturbed as she answered her phone to find no one speaking at the other end. A young woman who claimed to want information about Cedars' nursing program frequents the hospital to get her answers from Rita, although Rita did not train at Cedars. The mystery woman had cut out Rita's picture from an Abilene, Texas newspaper - Abilene was the city where Rita worked for Cyrus Granger. She was later tried for his murder in Springfield. – A friend to Rita through her trial was Adam Thorpe. As things had returned to normal, Adam asked Rita to dinner. She refused and explained that she saw the look on his wife Barbara's face when she saw Rita talking to Adam in the hospital staff room. Adam understood, yet knew his marriage to Barbara had no future. Rita received the newspaper clipping of her picture at the hospital. Her response was confusion, and a sick feeling there was more trouble to come. She noted the postmark was Sweetwater, Texas. - Jackie Marler was married to Cedars head of research Dr. Justin Marler. She was going to surprise him while he was at a medical conference in New York during their marriage, but instead she was the surprised victim, finding Justin with another woman. Hurt and filled with hatred Jackie ran away to Europe. She told Justin she had the pregnancy she came to tell him about, terminated. - To herself, Jackie had vowed never to tell Justin it wasn't terminated. She recalled her discussion with a European doctor who cautioned her she had to keep the secret for the rest of her life, the decision could never be reversed. Jackie’s father, Dr. Emmett Scott was home and recovered from his by-pass surgery, the surgery that saved and improved his life. Before his near fatal attack, Jackie had told him the truth about Justin and herself. He became agitated and had the attack before Jackie could continue and reveal she had been pregnant. He had guessed and come to the realization, as Jackie did, that Justin's marriage to Jackie was all a way to better his career through Emmett. As Jackie had gotten Justin out of her system, she had set her sights on Mike Bauer. Emmett confronted Justin about his marriage to Jackie. Justin denied that he used his marriage to Jackie to get access into Emmett's clinic. He stated that he was just a kid and didn't know what love was. Emmett had decided to remain in Springfield to be closer to Jackie and approached Ed Bauer, Cedars' chief-of-staff, about a position on the staff. Ed was honored to accept him. Justin was still discontented over his situation with Jackie. He confided some of his feelings to Dr. Sara McIntyre. They were becoming closer since Justin arrived at Cedars and Sara lost her husband several months ago. Justin enjoyed recalling their medical school days when they were engaged, before he dropped Sara for Jackie. Sara remembered how long it took for the scars from Justin's jilting to heal. Justin pledged he would do his darndest to find the feelings Sara once had for him. He believed if they were there once, they still could be. He gently told Sara no one in his life meant as much to him as she did. Jackie had been posing for a portrait Ben was painting for her father. She was feeling guilty over the baby she gave up, the secret she was holding inside, her personality was irritable. She hated the portrait, then tearfully lashed out at Ben that it was not the painting, it was herself she hated, she didn’t like the person she had become. Emmett tried to apologize for Jackie's negative reactions explaining she was suffering in retrospect for something in her past. Alone, Jackie recalled her desperate plea to the German doctor that she be awake during the delivery of her baby so she could hold him just once before giving him away. Love Of Life Written by: Gabrielle Upton Produced by: Darryl Hickman Edouard Aleata told Van Sterling that he talked to Charles Lamont about Felicia's son, but Charles continued to be bitter and was seeking legal custody for revenge. The law recognized her son as Charles' because he was her husband even though Eddie was the natural father. "Little Charles" would be out of his incubator soon and Charles was looking forward to having him home. Charles hired a pediatric nurse to care for the baby when he brought him home. Johnny was upset because he felt his grandfather didn’t care for him any longer. Andrew Marriott encouraged Mia to find an apartment she really liked so that she could start making plans for her move. Mia was feeling pushed, but began her move. Wendy Hayes, Mia's friend and neighbor, said she would have Andrew to dinner so that he wouldn’t be lonely. Mia objected and was startled when Wendy said she was selfish because although she was moving out, she was not letting go. Ben Harper continued his writing in his spare time to release his pent up feelings. Mia showed up with the pages she retrieved from his wastebasket. She admitted that some of it was very good, but she edited it so that it flew better. She suggested that he throw nothing away because he might use it later. Ben was angry and ordered her to stay out of his wastebasket. Andrew asked Ben to have coffee with Mia and himself at the hospital. While he was called to the phone, Mia broke the news that she and Andrew were getting a divorce. Ben cautioned her against rushing into anything she might regret later. Carrie Johnson expressed her concern over Arlene's depression to Ian Russell. She suggested that young girls in her mental condition often commit suicide and he could ill afford the publicity. Russell asked that she not tell Arlene of this talk. As Carrie was leaving, Frankie Sills arrived for his meeting with Russell. Frankie felt that Russell owed him something for his twelve years in prison. Ian said that it was just one of those things that Frankie got sent up and he escaped. He says that Frankie turned up just when he needed him. Frankie asked if he wanted him to manage the casino and asked if it was in Atlantic City. Ian said he would pick him up at the hotel at six AM and the would stop for a big breakfast on the way. After Sills left, Ian placed a call giving Frankie's hotel and room number. He made a big point of the time when he arrived at the Key Club and kept Arlene there until very late. Rick Latimer tried reaching Sills in New York, but was told by his girl, Nita, that he was in Rosehill and she would call him. Rick told Cal that he was late because he had an unpleasant meeting with Russell. - Rick wouldn’t share his business problems with Cal and knew it would upset her if she found out he was with her mother who was still trying to win back her one-time lover – Rick -. Frankie Sills was found dead in his room by the maid and a search of his body turned up Rick's name and phone number. Rick rushed to the police station when he heard about Sills and told Lt. Hollenbeck that this proved he was right about Russell. Hallenbeck asked Rick about his visit with Sills the night before and he denied a meeting. The police felt Rick might be too eager to help and decide to question Cal who said he was home by nine. Later she told Rick that she knew he didn't kill anyone, but she also knew he wasn't with Russell or he would have told the police. A call to her aunt confirmed that her mother didn't go to the concert. Cal called Rick deceitful and said she would never trust him again. Ray Slater warned Rick that if Russell found out Rick saw Sills in New York. He wiukd know who told him and they would both be in trouble. Cal Latimer was taking classes at the college and ran into Michael Blake one evening. Some classmates of Michael's were going to have a swim party and asked Cal to urge Michael to join them because he spent too much time alone. He agreed to go if Cal would. She enjoyed herself until she noticed that she was becoming attracted to Michael. She left early, but he insisted on taking her home. Rick went to Van's looking for Cal when she was not home. Van told him how concerned Cal was over his tie to Meg. She explained that Cal wasn't as fragile as he thought and should share his problems because she was strong enough to shoulder them. Rick went home to confide in Cal and apologized for being a chauvinist in trying to protect his wife. She said it was too late because she didn’t feel the same. Rick told Lt. Hollenbeck that he was with Meg and was only trying to protect his wife, but she found out where he was. Hollenbeck became even more suspicious after he brought Nita to Rosehill and she said Frankie was only passing through. Ray was upset when he visited Carrie Johnson and learned that she was with Russell when a man arrived for a meeting. Russell told Slater that he had to prove he could be trusted and had to take care of an inconvenient visitor. He wanted Ray to make it appear that Carrie had an accident. Ray demanded that he be let out, given $10,000 and a ticket out of the country. Russell agreed. Ray hurried to Arlene's and explained that they had to get her mother away because her life was in danger. Arlene visited her mother and admitted she was wrong. She said she had to get out of town to make a fresh start and she wanted to go to Denver. Carrie was to pack and Ray would take her to the airport where she would wait for Arlene who was going home to pack. Before she did this, however, Ian arrived to take her to lunch. She tried to beg off, but Ian insisted. When Arlene didn’t arrive, Ray called Bambi and asked her to see if Arlene was at Beaver Ridge. Bambi took Arlene to the powder room and had her call Ray. He explained that they had to get her mother out of town, but she refused to go without Arlene. Hurting inside, Arlene told Carrie she found out about the talk and she was tired of messing in her affairs, so she hoped she left town for good. Carrie was hurt and determined to leave. Arlene was devastated over the things she was forced to say, but knew she had to save her life. Arlene was moody and told Ian that she was on the verge of a breakdown. He remembered Carrie's caution and advised Arlene to rest and forget about working that evening. He promised to come back later. After Ray put Carrie on the plane, he told Ian that he had staked out Mrs. Johnson's apartment, but she had already skipped out. Russell was going to check out Slater's claim that an informant said she took a plane to New York. Dr. Tom Crawford was concerned when Carrie didn’t show up for her check up. Finally Carrie called from New York to apologize and said she and Arlene had a blow up. Tom found this odd because he knew how much Arlene loved her mother. Arlene had nightmares about her mother being killed in a hit-and-run accident. She decided she had to stop Ian. She hated him for making her hurt her mother. She went to the Club and slipped a gun from the desk drawer into her purse and then left with the janitor who was starting his vacation. She went home to wait for Ian. She visualized him coming through the door and looking startled when she fired. She fell asleep and awoke to find that Ian never came home. She went to the Club and complained that she waited all night for him. He suggested that she then knew how she made him feel in the past. Russell told Slater that some checking showed that he hadn't told everything about Mrs. Johnson's disappearance. She bought a ticket for Denver in New York and her ticket to New York included one for Arlene. Ray suggested that Arlene was the only one who would know whether she had knowledge of it. Arlene called her Aunt Dorothy in Denver and asked her to get in touch if she should hear from her mother. Nita told Lt. Hollenbeck that she wanted to return to New York and he agreed to pay her way. Nita told Rick that Frankie called her and he had to have met Rick because how else would he knows where Rick lived. She remembered he said they were going into a deal and there was a meeting at 4 D Arbor Street. She refused to give this information to Lt. Hollenbeck because Frankie told her to keep her mouth shut. Lt. Hollenbeck heard Rick offer Nita money to talk to the police and considered that a bribe. She returned to New York without imparting any information. The police were unable to locate Russell in Rosehill. Cal had Michael drive her to Rick's office on the way home from classes because she was misplaced her housekey. She was very irritated when she found his door locked and Meg inside with him. Lt. Hollenbeck’s inquiry about Ian made Arlene recall the gun in her purse. She ran into Meg and Rick at the club and when Rick insisted upon writing her a check, he found his gun missing. One Life To Live Written by: Gordon Russell Produced by: Joseph Stuart Richard Abbott had traced the source of pollution in the river to the dumping of 100,000 gallons of industrial waste daily by the Dorax Plastics company, a holding of the Lord Foundation acquired just before Victor Lord's death. Dorian learned of it from her lawyer and also learned that it was legal due to a variance that the company had obtained and nothing had been done as it would be too expensive to alleviate the problem. When she insisted that Joe stop the story and even suggested that Abbott be fired, Joe told her that the young man had his facts straight and instead of a cover up, he suggested that the Dorax Company had a lot of cleaning up to do. Dorian backed down and told Joe to handle it any way he thought was best. He answered that he intended to, Joe told Abbott that if the pollution continued, he would go with the story. When Joe Riley had a seizure at Llanfair, Dorian tore her dress and upset some furniture, telling Joe when he regained consciousness that he had a seizure and by trying to fight it, became violent. She impressesd on him that he might have been holding Kevin or been with Viki and hurt her inadvertently. Joe accepted Dorian's recommendation to convince Viki, since the baby had a heat rash, to go back to the cabin at the lake to stay for a time with his promise that he would join them on weekends. Viki agreed to go but he was sure she was suspicious and hurt when he made excuses not to join her the first weekend and only went along in the hope that things would be all right. After Richard Abbott was struck by a security guard from the Dorax Company, Joe told Richard to get his picture taken by a staff photographer and write his story. - Richard had managed to retain a sample of the river water as evidence that the clean up was ignored in favor of beefed up security. -As Joe was reading over Richard's story, he went into convulsions. Abbott called for an ambulance and phoned Dr. Peter Janssen. When Joe regained consciousness, he tried to insist to Peter that he only fainted but in the face of Peter's complete disbelief and in order to get the call for the ambulance cancelled, Joe had to tell Dr. Janssen all that had happened. Peter asked pointedly about Dorian's story of Joe's "violent" episode and gave his word to Joe to keep his confidence, adding that he was not through and wanted to check with the doctors at Richmond Memorial. Peter insisted to Joe that the first step in making the situation healthier was to drive to the mountains and tell Viki as it was important that the two of them went through this together. Joe shook his head, saying he wouldn’t risk being violent again with Viki there. Dorian Lord sent for Richard Abbott and asked him never to mention to anyone the scene he witnessed in Joe Riley's office the day before. She assured him that Joe was not sick, just overworked, and reminded him that Joe had a very responsible position at the paper and had to be the image of energy and strength. She added that office politics could be responsible for his indisposition to be blown all out of proportion and insisted that what Richard saw was not a convulsion but an “involuntary muscle reaction.” Abbott asked if she called him all the way out to Llanview to tell him that, saying that he had enormous respect for Mr. Riley and would keep the incident confidential for him, not because Dorian told him to. After Abbott left, Marco applauded Richard's having the guts to tell Dorian he was his own man. He reminded Dorian that first rate tyrants always got rid of the best brains around them and she should be cultivating people like Abbott instead of driving him away, but that she had lost all perspective as far as Joe Riley was concerned. Joe had given Richard a by-line on his story and when he showed it to Dorian on his way out of Joe's office, he asked how come she didn't say anything to him about it when he saw her earlier. Joe asked Dorian when she appointed herself as his guardian and said taking it upon herself to speak to Abbott about being quiet was the very reason for her reputation as a meddler. Dorian apologized in tears for overstepping herself, saying she was only concerned for him and Viki. Richard Abbott went to Peter Janssen and told him about Dorian's call, asking what sort of a game Mrs. Lord was playing. Peter replied that question had gone right to the heart of the matter and left for Llanfair telling Richard if his hunch was right, he would be able to tell him the whole story but to cool it for the moment. Peter confronted Dorian, at first believing she did not realize what she was doing, but after she accused him of being in love with Viki and threatened his position at Llanview Hospital, saying she made him and she could unmake him, he realized that it had not been self-delusion and that she was proposing, in effect, that they divide and conquer, and out of the wreckage of the Riley marriage she would get Joe and he, Viki. He asked if she had considered where the child would go. Peter went to see Joe and told him if Joe did not call Viki right away, he would. He explained that he had consulted two neurologists who agreed that the episode of "so-called violence" was inconsistent and told Joe that Dorian was obsessively in love with him and was trying to take him away from Viki. "All that's required of you is that you do absolutely nothing." Joe promised to call Viki and asked if Peter wanted to wait around to make sure he did. Peter left the office telling Joe to give his love to Viki. Joe picked up the phone and dialed. After some hesitancy, Joe asked Viki to come home right away. When she arrived at his office, he told her about his condition that he had had a few minor strokes or he had a brain tumor. Viki couldn’t understand why Jim or Larry didn't let her know or why Joe went to Richmond Memorial. Joe explained Dorian arranged it as she was there when he had his first convulsion. Dorian Lord had come down on Brad asking him if he was running a business or not, as he had put off an appointment with a man from the bank who was arranging some group memberships and had held up an exercise class because he chose not to open up due to a hangover. Dorian took over, ordering Marco to open and Brad left. Brad managed to get Lana to let him stay with her again after she told him to get lost. When she told him she believed he wouldn't have made love to her this time if he were still in love with Jenny, he assured her he wouldn't hurt her that way. When Brad went to Karen's house drunk looking for Lana and accused Karen of bad-mouthing him to Lana, he grabbed her and Jenny walked in to find Karen screaming hysterically at Brad. Jenny calmed Brad with black coffee and sympathy. Later Karen told Jenny that she was not trying hard enough to keep a distance between herself and the Vernons and was giving out signals that belied what she saod to Brad and Will. Will Vernon learned from his lawyer that Naomi had left a brooch to Jenny and called at her house, ostensibly to see Cathy but after Brad walked out, he told Jenny about Naomi's gesture saying that it had given him a sense of peace and he hoped it would do the same for Jenny. He asked her to attend a symphony concert with him but Jenny begged off saying she had promised to do some baby-sitting that night. - Brad had just asked Jenny to go away on a vacation with him when Will walked in. – Will went to see Brad at the health club and saw him kissing Lana. When Lana left, Will told his son he had to stop what he was doing to Jenny: that it was obvious he was having an affair with Lana. When he accused Brad of a total lack of morality, Brad replied that he came by it honestly, "it's in the genes." Brad taunted his father saying if Will told Jenny, it would only be in order to make points with her himself. Karen told Larry that she resented Cathy's plans to take a house across the way from them saying that Cathy spent too much time seeing Larry, that she already had one analyst – Will - and that should be enough. When Larry went, Karen admitted a young plumber to the house while – barely - dressed in a very brief bikini despite Lana's advice, given before she left, that Karen put something on. When the young man made a violent pass at her, Karen got rid of him only by threatening to have him arrested. Later when Will and Larry left a dinner Karen had prepared to go to the emergency clinic, Jenny was not sympathetic to Karen's digs at Larry and Will, and Karen went to pieces saying she couldn’t stand up under all the criticism she was getting. Jenny was frightened and tried belatedly to offer sympathy. Pat had been allowed to see Tony but was upset when Tony sensed something wrong and jumped to the conclusion that something was wrong with Brian. She promised to bring Brian to see Tony but Paul insisted that she would put the boy in an impossible position if he had to pretend that nothing was different. - Jim had insisted that Tony was not well enough to be told about Paul's "return from the dead." - When she talked with Jim, he agreed that Brian should not see Tony and told Pat she might tell Tony that he – Jim - had decided not to bend the hospital rules against children of Brian's age visiting. - Brian was Pat and Tony's son conceived more than ten years ago just before their relationship ended. Paul Kendall then married Pat and Brian had been raised to believe Paul was his father. After Paul's reported death Pat told Tony he had a son but Brian still had not been told when Paul suddenly reappeared in their lives. He had been doing federal undercover work and the report of his death was necessary for his safety. – Samantha had told her father she didn’t want to go to college this year. Will emphatically replied she would go! Ryan’s Hope Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello Thanks to extraordinary efforts by Dr. Faith Coleridge, a CAT scan was done on Angel Nieves in time for Pat Ryan's hearing before the Medical Board of Riverside Hospital. The results made it clear that there was every indication that with time Angel might fully recover from the paralysis he had suffered. The board decided to adjourn for a few days officially and asked to see Pat but Clem Moultrie was forced to tell them that Pat had not shown up for duty. - Pat had overslept and had to be roused personally by Clem who was unable to reach him, as Delia had turned off their alarm and took the phone off the hook as her way of helping Pat to get some much needed rest. - Ultimately the board decided not to dismiss Pat but to insert a letter of reprimand in his permanent record and ordered him to serve out the remainder of his residency under the personal supervision of Dr. Roger Coleridge. Delia was infuriated when she learned that Faith's efforts were responsible for Pat's being retained by the hospital board while her own were the cause of further trouble for her husband. When Maeve got her to promise to take up volunteer work to give herself something to do, Delia envisioned herself working for the House Association on behalf of Pat - and joining him for lunch and coffee breaks –. Clem sidestepped her offer, telling her she was needed in the Blood Bank but when Delia realized that she would be working in another building entirely, she got out of her commitment - at Roger's suggestion - by pretending to faint at the sight of blood. When Pat refused to speak to Clem on her behalf to get him to change his mind - Clem refused to let Delia work for the House Association or be anywhere near Neurology and added that if he had his way, she would not be allowed to work at the hospital at all -, Pat and Delia fought and Pat left the apartment that night to sleep in Bucky Carter's quarters at the hospital. Delia went to apologize to him and sees Pat saw Faith a grateful kiss. She rushed to Roger's apartment for sympathy but when Roger assured her that Faith was not after Pat, Delia replied: "maybe he's after her." Recalling hat Pat had given Faith her walking papers when she was in love with him, Delia insisted that Pat, the eternal "rescuer" became interested in Faith after she suffered an acute paranoid schizophrenic episode - Roger's words -, Delia exclaimed: "I should have a nervous breakdown." She left Roger's apartment with a book of case histories. Mary Ryan had been to Tom Desmond's apartment and was intrigued by Tom's telling her he brought many things with him from Ireland because he knew he'd "never see them again." She talked with Maeve who in turn tried to draw Tom out about himself, only to have him sidestep very adroitly. Mary’s marriage to Jack was over except for the final notification after a hearing at which she was represented by Frank but was not present. Jack had waived all rights to his daughter Ryan Maeve Fenelli. After the hearing, Frank told Jack that because of the baby they were not really dealing with a closed door, but Jack insisted they were as far as he was con-cerned. After the Medical Board hearing, Frank confronted Jill, asking how she could sit there and let them do that to Pat. Jillian conceded that though the board did not stop Pat from practicing medicine, it would be very difficult for him to get a good position with a first rate hospital after his residency. Frank warned Jill and Seneca that it was not the end, ignoring Jillian's plea not to make things worse. Jillian and Seneca went to the beach house with Edmund and Jill was tempted to consider accepting Seneca's offer of marriage but still held off. Seneca, for his part, framed the words to tell her that the baby was Frank's child but couldn’t bring himself to trust Jillian’s progress in getting free of Frank emotionally. Tom Desmond arranged for some reporters, including Mary - for Channel R -, and Jack Fenelli, to be on hand when the House Association, represented by Dr. Clem Moultrie and Dr. Epstein, presented a four part program for consideration by the board which included the demand for the removal of the letter of reprimand in Pat's file. Frank informed Jillian, when she asked, that he was there in his capacity of City Councilman to the Riverside area and as Legal Council to the House Association. Marshall Westheimer received the papers proffered by Clem and told him that the board would take their proposals under advisement. Jack inserted a surly personal note, askhg Tom Desmond out loud if it was hospital policy to treat all newspaper people in an equal manner or if he was just going to keep on playing favorites. - Jack had overheard Tom ask Mary to dinner at Lem's and her agreement to join him for "egg rolls and propaganda." - Tom promised equal time to all who needed it, though advising Jack that, "you and these other fellows are not my type." When everyone else left the office, Jack forstalled any talk by Frank by telling him he'd better not try to say anything or risk getting punched out. Frank suggested, tight lipped, that they get back to business. Delia Ryan phoned Roger to tell him she had typed herself as a "Hystrionic Personality" and was working on a list of symptoms to use on her way to going crackers. When Pat came home, Dee went into her act, telling Pat he did the right thing by walking out on her the night before and that she had been depressed all day and felt unable to do anything but be calm and quiet and not do anything bad. Johnny Ryan was taken aback when Maeve said, when learning that Mary was having dinner with Tom Desmond, that she was not so sure that Tom was as open and candid as he seemed to be. Johnny replied that Maeve still had a soft spot for Jack Fenelli who was indeed open and candid with them in showing everybody in the family his every last bad quality. Jack was at Riverside Park and saw his baby daughter along with Edmund in Miriam's charge. He conversed with Miriam without letting her know who he was and payed particular attention when Miriam remarked on how bright Ryan was, only to go on to say that the child was going to have to be strong and quick and learn to do for herself and help her Mama, adding "this baby's father walked out on her." Jack held Ryan while Miriam prepared to leave, playing a surreptitious game of peek-a-boo. As he watched Edmund and his daughter being wheeled away, he heard a mewing from a trash basket and found a small white kitten. He took it home with him, echoing Miriam's promise to Ryan of a bath and a good dinner. When Jumbo called the following day and heard about the incident, he told Jack, who had named the kitten "Fenelli," "Stick with the cat, but keep away from the little girl — she get to know you she’ll miss you. Don't do that to her." Seneca had given Jillian a square cut emerald ring surrounded with diamonds but Jillian shied away from accepting it, saying it meant too much. Seneca told her she couldn’t keep one foot in the past and go anywhere. Jillian replied that she needed to feel free of the past before she could accept an engagement ring. Seneca told her she could put it on any finger she wanted but asked her not to give it back to him. Jillian put out her right hand and accepted the ring but in a moment she was fantasizing that the ring was on her left hand, given to her by Frank. Search For Tomorrow Written by: Irving & Tex Elman / Robert J. Shaw Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim Before Carolyn Hanley left for Chicago, she asked Cindy French if she had told Gary Walton that she was pregnant with his child. Cindy promised to tell him soon. Late that night Cindy tried to sneak into Gary's bed, but he sent her back to her own room over her protests, careful not to wake others in the house. Gary felt he couldn’t let Carolyn go without one more try. He didn’t understand when she claimed the broken engagement was his fault. She realized that Cindy hadn't told him that she was pregnant. Feeling that he would know soon anyway, she broke her professional confidence and told him that she couldn’t marry him when he was responsible for Cindy's pregnancy. Gary said he didn't know if Cindy was pregnant or not, but there had never been anything physical between himself and Cindy. He realized that Cindy knew Carolyn wouldn't break a confidence of a client and she would just leave town without saying a word to Gary. In the morning Cindy apologized for coming to Gary's room, but he told her he knew the truth. He said she had a job then, so she could just pack up and leave. Gary asked Carolyn to stay in Henderson and see Dr. Rogers about returning to work at the hospital. Carolyn, who was ashamed of herself for having so little trust in Gary, agreed. Bob took her back on staff. Eric Heywood was on the road to recovery and would soon be allowed to go home to recuperate. Kathy Phillips had Gary give her a test and he came through with the news that she was pregnant. She visitsedDr. Brown who explained that her IUD coil had slipped. Scott was elated that Kathy was pregnant, but she had reason to fear it. She remembered the night she was with David Sutton. - Kathy was helping David study for his bar exam while Scott was trying to locate Eric's father in Mexico to obtain permission for adoption. He accused Kathy of sleeping with David and she was so hurt that she let David console her. This was the first and only time. - Kathy told Scott that she was not sure she was ready to have a baby yet. Her career was at its peak and Eric was going to require a lot of care. Scott agreed to let Kathy think this out and he would go along with whatever she decided. He said he loved her and things wouldn’t change. She decided to go ahead with the abortion saying she might resent a child she didn’t really want. Scott was furious that she made up her mind so quickly. She decided to explain the situation to Dr. Brown and see if he could do a test to be sure this was Scott's baby. He explained that after a child was born they could only test to see who was NOT the father. Kathy continued with her plans for the abortion. That morning Scott told Ellie Bergman where Kathy was and how he felt. She suggested that he had a say in whether Kathy had the abortion. Scott arrived in Kathy's room to find she had already gone to surgery. When she came down, she explained that she couldn't go through with it. Stephanie Collins mentioned to David at the hospital that Kathy would be taking time off from the office to have her baby. When he returned to the law office he explained how he heard about the baby and offered his congratulations. Before Janet Collins left the house with the $350,000 ransom in a shopping bag, she cautioned Liza not to call the police because the kidnapper said he would kill Wade if they did. She wouldn’t tell Liza where she was going. Janet drove to the appointed phone booth where she was instructed to drop the shopping bag in the litter can or on the opposite side of the road. After Janet drove away, Fay Chandler scrambled out of the ditch and recovered the money. Reporter Brucer Carlson told Steve Kaslo that Liza had called him, asking if a suicide attempt had been reported. - Allen Ramsey used a jumper to lure Wade, a psychiatrist, from his home. Liza was trying to confirm the kidnapping. - Steve knew that Liza had been despondent since she was told she would never be able to model again because scars from her latest eye surgery couldn’t be corrected. She had even rejected seeing him until recently. He went by the house to see if she was all right. Liza's brother, Gary, dropped by and she told him that Wade had been kidnapped and Janet had gone to deliver the money. Gary insisted on calling Lt. Frank who arrived before Janet returned. Janet refused to believe that they would hurt Wade since she followed all the instructions. Fay took the money to Allen at her apartment and he insisted that they release Wade. If Wade should be found in the farm house they would question the caretaker and learn that she was his nurse. Allen said that he would pay all his debts and they would still have a quarter of a million dollars left, but they would have to make sure the money was safe. Fay had a gun she took from her ex-husband's things. It was an unregistered one that he bought in Korea. Allen insisted that she leave it behind, but she slipped it into her coat pocket. Wade had managed to remove his ropes, blindfold and gag and waited by the door when he heard a car. He jumped Allen and when Fay heard the struggle she rushed in and shot Wade. A stranger had seen the commotion and had to be shot. Allen had an idea. He positioned the bodies, wiped the gun clean, and put it in Wade's hand. He figured it would be several weeks before the bodies were found and everyone would assume the stranger was the kidnapper. Allen stopped by the Collinses' and learned from Janet about the kidnapping and that the police were not called in until after the money had been delivered, so it was unmarked. Fay learned the following day at the hospital that the caretaker released himself and rushed to tell Allen. He was calm as usual as he explained that this was not really a problem. If the bodies were discovered early he would still do the autopsies as the coroner and show in his report that both men had powder burns on their hands. Lt. Frank suggested to Janet that if Wade were going to be returned, he would be home by then. They asked permission to put it in the paper and on television, hoping someone would have seen Wade. Janet agreed and Bruce cooperated with Lt. Frank. When the bodies were discovered, Allen was called out and he gave his theory. He believed the kidnapper shot Wade, who lived long enough to shoot the kidnapper. Allen was very busy the following morning and when he arrived at the lab, Amy Carson, who was assigned to his service, had already done the preliminary work up and found that neither man had powder burns on his hands. Ramsey told her never to do anything unless he ordered it. He assured her that when he redid the test he would find powder burns. Not only did his report indicate powder burns, but that the John Doe died instantly and Wade lived for a few minutes. David Sutton visited Allen to make sure he was satisfied with his wife's will and assured Allen that if he had expenses. something could be worked out. Allen said he had his salary and he and Doris were glad to contribute to heart research. - Learning of her husband's affair with Fay, Doris cut Allen completely out of her will just before her death. – Janet was holding up well, but she put of telling young Danny that his father was dead until the day before the funeral. Stu Bergman spent time with his daughter who kept remembering the few hours before Wade left home. John Wyatt suggested they ask David Sutton, who was an investigator, to work full time on the case. Bruce also devoted many hours of investigation. Cindy remembered that when she and Gary returned the night Wade left home, a large dark car was parked around the corner and attracted her attention because she thought it would get a ticket for parking on the street. When Gary left a half hour later, the street was empty. A man came forward who remembered a new dark Oldsmobile parked in front of his house and noticed only that the license plate was covered with mud. The John Doe was identified as small time criminal Harry Purcell. John Wyatt refused to believe that a petty thief could have been smart enough to handle a kidnapping like this. They asked Bruce to talk to Purcell's cell mate Moran. He said Harry hated violence and didn't know how to use a gun. His big crime was that he was a drunk and it wiped his mind out. Moran vetoed the idea of Harry having a partner because he was a loner. Bruce gave this information to John also telling him that Amy was sure that she had done the powder burn test correctly. David and Bruce questioned Alan, but he stuck to his story. They told him that neither the money nor the car had turned up. David said it was a long shot that anything would turn up on the dark Oldsmobile because kidnappers didn’t use their own cars. He checked stolen cars. Allen visited Janet and said that it might be better that the kidnaper was shot because she wouldn’t have to go through a long trial. He mentioned that Wade was called to help a "jumper." Gary and Janet were discussing the fact that the kidnapper probably had known Wade because it was too convenient for him to know Wade was going away, when Janet remembered that Allen had mentioned the "jumper" and Lt. Frank had told no one. David visited Doris Ramsey's investment counselor about the estate and learned Alan was a foolhardy investor and lost a great deal in the stockmarket. Recently he owed them one hundred thousand dollars but paid the entire amount two days ago, saying that he sold some securities from the estate. David replied that was impossible since the will was still in probate and the estate went entirely to charity. With this information, the fact that Allen knew about the jumper and Amy's assurance that she hadn't made a mistake in the lab, David seemed to piece things together. Allen Ramsey called Amy's attention to a lab test she had completed. He showed her that it was possible for interns to make mistakes because they were bored or emotionally involved as she was in the Collins' case. Later Amy walked by the lab and saw Fay in Allen's arms. Steve and Liza’s marriage was on the mend. She agreed to move back in with Steve but wanted to wait until Janet was not so shaky. The Young And The Restless Written by: William J. Bell Produced by: John Conboy Jennifer Brooks had faced the fact that she was dying and although she was resentful at first, she had decided to make each day count. She wrote a love letter to Stuart to be opened after her death. When both Leslie and Lorie took time out of their busy schedules to visit her, she could see in their faces that they knew she was ill. Jennifer told Stuart she wanted to talk to them alone. He said he kept silent because she seemed to draw so much peace of mind from the fact that no one knew. When Jennifer confronted the girls, they each expressed guilt that they hadn't spent enough time with her and only came to her with all their problems. Jennifer asked them to carry on their own lives as usual because her greatest hope was that they would be productive and active women. She also wanted to talk about the fact that she hoped their father would remarry and she wanted them to accept his wife. From this day on, she didn’t want them to discuss her illness or death. They objected to her request, but gave in when they saw this would give her peace of mind. Joann Curtynski was at the Allegro when she saw Candice, a young overweight girl, in obvious emotional pain, who was consoling herself with food. Joann told Candice that she reminded her of herself. Candice found it difficult to believe this slim woman could have been overweight. Joann said she could only lose weight when she made the decision to really try. Candice explained that when she felt bad, her mother always made her a favorite dish. Joann explained that her mother was killing her with kindness and she had to make it clear to her that if she really loved her, she would help her diet. Joann gave Candice her name and phone number in case she needed help coping with the diet or her mother. When the Prentisses returned from Paris, Lorie made an appointment with the best plastic surgeon for her mother-in-law, Vanessa. She was reluctant, but Lorie held over her the fact that Lance didn’t know his mother shot him, mistaking him for Lorie. Vanessa was sullen when they returned so Lorie explained to Lance that the specialist could help her, but it would require several surgeries and perhaps five years in all. Lance told Vanessa that she was still a young woman and to be beautiful would mean there would be men in her life again. He asked if five years wouldn't be worth the rest of her life. Vanessa imagined herself after surgery, dancing with Lance and decided to go ahead with the surgery. Jill Foster told her brother Snapper that she couldn't let her mother push her into a loveless marriage just to give her son a father, She couldn't bear the thought of living that way for years. Kay Chancellor remarked to Derek Thurston about the wrinkles around her eyes and he suggested that she consider plastic surgery. It didn’t take long for the swelling to go down. If she looked younger, she would begin to think younger. While celebrating her decision, he said her dream was to turn back the clock. She asked about his dream and he explained his idea of a beauty salon that beautiful women would look forward to visiting. He admitted that this was why he first came, but he became interested in her because she was such a complex woman. She looked at his sketch and said he might have a good idea. Kay decided to take Liz Foster's advice and give Derek what her young beautiful rival couldn't. Derek came back after seeing Mrs. Chancellor and told Jill that everything indicaated that she would finance the salon. Derek was taking Jill to dinner to celebrate, so Liz called Mrs. Chancellor and explained why she couldn’t work that evening. Kay became furious with herself when she realized she couldn’t do without Derek. She tracked him to the restaurant and asked him to see her immediately. Jill said she understood and he had to go for the sake of the salon. Derek returned to the Fosters' later. Kay learned of this from Liz and picked a fight with Derek. He had made an appointment with a surgeon for Kay, but since she felt she was being used, he retrieved his sketch. As Liz was telling Derek that he was responsible for confusing Jill and that she knew he had no honorable intentions, Jill came down the stairs. Derek offered Jill a place to stay if she was serious about leaving home. Unable to handle this, Liz called Snapper who warned Derek not to take advantage of Jill. Brad Eliot continued to live in his office at the clinic, refusing to return to his wife Leslie. He would not inflict his blindness on her when he was sure that she would immerse herself into her music then and show the world what a brilliant pianist she was. He told Lorie that he would only return to Leslie if she couldn’t make a go of it in music. As always, Brad phoned backstage and had them leave the phone off the hook so that he could listen to her concert in San Diego. She fulfilled her promise to play her best concert. Brad was sure that she had gotten over the loss of their baby because she could never have played so well if she had remembered that this was the day it was to be born. After the concert the Maestro noticed that Leslie was sad and she remarkeds that it was something that didn’t matter then. Brad called his lawyer to have him process the papers. Leslie returned home and was served divorce papers. Brad was in his office when he lost his balance and was stricken with a terrible headache. At first he wouldn’t admit his pain to Cynthia, his nurse, but she could see the pain in his eyes. He told her this might be the first sign of hope he had had in months. He explained that he was going to Chicago to Dr. Lionel, but he didn’t want her to tell anyone where he was gone. He dictated a note to Snapper. Leslie came to the clinic to confront Brad about the divorce and was shown the note by Snapper. She called Lance, asking him to meet her at the Allegro. When he arrived, he found Leslie celebrating with champagne. She was furious that Brad had decided he knew what was best for her. She would go ahead with the divorce. Lance took her home and waited until she awoke with a hangover. She was upset that Brad left town without telling her good-bye or about the divorce. When Lance returned many hours later to his wife who thought they were going to spend the evening together, Lorie was sullen. Leslie asked him not to mention the divorce because she didn’t want Lorie to discourage her. Lance couldn’t explain, but finally Lorie decided he probably had had a good reason. Brad’s suspicions that he had a brain tumor proved to be true. It was so small that it didn't show up in the tests before and the new pain he was experiencing was because it was growing again. Dr. Lionel wanted to map its growth, but Brad insisted that surgery be done immediately even though there was the risk he could lose his life. Cynthia was concerned and took a couple of days off to go to Chicago. She tried replacing Leslie in Brad's life. Leslie wondered about the wording of Brad's note. The fact that he said he might not be “able” to return confused her. She planned on talking to Cynthia who typed the note. Brad asked Cynthia to explain to Leslie that he did this for her if he didn’t survive the surgery. In Genoa City, Cynthia did nothing to relieve Leslie's confusion but suggested she forget Brad. Sixteen year old Jody Conway called her father who insisted she had to marry Tom Bennett because HIS daughter wouldn’t have an illegitimate baby. She told Brock that she had decided to keep her baby and he warned her of the pitfalls of raising a child alone. Jody became disturbed when she read the statistics that show teenagers had a greater risk of malformed babies and complication during childbirth. Chris Foster told her that she had the advantage of good medical care, but agreed to find her a female doctor with whom she would feel more comfortable. Mrs. Conway was going after Jody, but her father was against it. She pleaded that a lot of this was her fault for being too embarrassed to answer her questions. He relented and went to Genoa City, but once there he didn’t want to see her. She became more determined than ever when he told her she could come home after she gave the baby up. Jody had started into labor when Tom called before leaving for college. He arrived at the hospital, but Jody didn’t want to see him. She expressed her fears for her life and that of her baby. Her evident terror frightened Tom. He called the school to tell them he wouldn’t be arriving that day. He confessed to Jody that he felt guilty and wanted to stay. There was nowhere else he could be at the moment. Tom called the Conways to say Jody was in labor and needed them. Everyone figured he had done this to rid himself of the responsibility. Mr. Conway comforted Jody and told her not to think of Tom anymore, because he was on his way to college. He was surprised to see Tom waiting and ordered him out. Tom stood his ground and said he was going to ask Jody to marry him. Ruth Conway ignored her husband's wrath and sent Kim, her youngest daughter, in to see Jody who warned her of the dangers of giving in. After Jody accepted Tom's proposal, Brock helped Tom get the license, but the ceremony was interrupted when Jody went into the last stages of labor. Dr. Leonard ignored Mr. Conway's pleas that the ceremony continued. During the delivery, both Tom and Jody thought about all the problems of a teenaged marriage. After her daughter was born, Jody refused to look at her. Jody told Tom that for the baby's sake as well as their own, she had decided to put the baby up for adoption. She said they owed their daughter the best chance in life they could give her.
  3. I am impressed ! Thanks for your research. It is a terrific work !
  4. Will, how do you find the script informations ? I would love to dig them for other soaps if I might.
  5. Is TV guide the name of the publication ? I couldn't find it when I tried.
  6. Would you be willing to share and correct my mistakes when I post ? I tried to do some list years ago but ressources were not all available and I have some mistakes.
  7. Thanks Will for the information and correction !
  8. To illustrate what we were saying and inside the DNS thread about 1977, once the Ellmans took over from the Pollocks, they did their cleaning too. They immediately ended the Mark/Terri/Mellie triangle and Bobbi Jordan was fired. Here an article from September 1977 in the DNS.
  9. Allison Argo played Cindy French in 1977 (Source: DNS, September 1977)
  10. A interview with Larry Keith from "Daytime Serial Newsletter" (issue : Sept. 1977)
  11. Byrna organized a fan poll in 1977. Here are the results.
  12. May I ask which book or magazine it is from ? I don’t remember having seen so much about these characters.
  13. Marland had been HW for a while already when the MJ/Tom dynamics started. But I agree, I think lots of soaps were closing some big stories at the time : John/Dan/Kim on ATWT, Steve/Carolee/Ann on DOC, Terri/Mark/Mellie on GH and creating some new big spots for the future : Derek/Jill/Kay on YR for example.
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