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  1. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    That is surprising ! France 2 cancelled Days of Our Lives a few years ago at this time slot.
  2. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    It is Cameron Davis right ? Lexie’s out-of-the-blue half-brother from FakeCeleste?
  3. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    She was on contract until her last appearance but she had no storyline that’s for sure.
  4. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    She last aired in January. Damn, Sally’s return on Friday was so lame ... I am glad when the show has other storylines than Liam’s girlfriends but the black teens are cheesy and Sally is written so stupidly...
  5. Home and Away: Discussion Thread

    Morag was the best !
  6. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    That would be awesome with English subtitles I don't speak a single word of German haha
  7. Bold & Beautiful May 2018 Episode Ranking

    Jeremy Ray Valdez was officially taken off the contract cast. He last appeared on 4/12.
  8. Young & Restless May 2018 Episode Ranking

    The cast was trimmed and everybody is quite featured except Michael and Cane to a lesser extent. Don't ever let me begin on B&B... Damn this month was so painful to watch.
  9. May 2018 Episode Rankings A total of 23 episodes aired this month. 1. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) : 18 2. Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) : 16 3. Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) : 15 4. Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) : 14 *. Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) : 14 *. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) : 14 7. Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) : 12 *. Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) : 12 9. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) : 11 *. Noah Alexander Gerry (Charlie Ashby) : 11 *. Gina Tognoni (Phyllis Summers) : 11 12. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) : 10 *. Melody Thomas-Scott (Nikki Newman) : 10 14. Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) : 9 *. Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland) : 9 *. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) : 9 17. Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby) : 7 *. Lexie Stevenson (Mattie Ashby) : 7 19. Marla Adams (Dina Mergeron) : 6 *. Jason Canela (Arturo Rosales) : 6 *. Camryn Hamm (Shauna Nelson) : 6 22. Cait Fairbanks (Tessa Porter) : 4 *. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) : 4 *. Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott) : 4 25. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) : 3 26. Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell) : 1 *. Shanica Knowles (Simone Burch) : 1 *. Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith Newman) : 1 *. Abhi Sinha (Ravi Shapur) : 1 Contract stars not appearing this month : Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) January-May 2018 Episode Rankings A total of 106 episodes aired this year. 1. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) : 74 2. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) : 72 3. Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) : 64 4. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) : 62 *. Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) : 62 6. Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) : 61 *. Gina Tognoni (Phyllis Summers) : 61 8. Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) : 60 9. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) : 58 10. Melody Thomas-Scott (Nikki Newman) : 55 11. Thad Luckinbill (JT Hellstrom) : 52 *. Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) : 52 13. Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland) : 50 14. Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) : 47 15. Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby) : 46 16. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) : 36 17. Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) : 33 18. Marla Adams (Dina Mergeron) : 30 19. Noah Alexander Gerry (Charlie Ashby) : 29 20. Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman) : 25 21. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) : 24 *. Cait Fairbanks (Tessa Porter) : 24 23. Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed Hellstrom) : 19 *. Lexie Stevenson (Mattie Ashby) : 19 25. Jason Canela (Arturo Rosales) : 16 26. Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott) : 15 *. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) : 15 28. Robert Adamson (Noah Newman) : 11 *. Tracey Bregman (Lauren Baldwin) : 11 *. Shanica Knowles (Simone Burch) : 11 31. Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) : 10 32. Camryn Hamm (Shauna Nelson) : 9 *. Max Shippee (Graham Bloodworth) : 9 34. Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell) : 8 35. Daniel Hall (Scott Grainger) : 6 36. Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) : 5 *. Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie Browning) : 5 38. Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith Newman) : 4 *. Michael Masini (Tony Kinsman) : 4 *. Abhi Sinha (Ravi Shapur) : 4 *. Jess Walton (Jill Atkinson) : 4 42. Sitara Hewitt (Helen Hamilton) : 3 *. Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) : 3 44. Darnell Kirkwood (Jordan Wilde) : 2 *. David Lago (Raul Guttierez) : 2 *. Lauren Woodland (Brittany Hodges) : 2 47. Catherine Bach (Anita Lawson) : 1 *. Jaime Lyn Bauer (Lorie Brooks) : 1 *. Meg Bennett (Julia Newman Martin) : 1 *. Janice Lynde (Leslie Brooks) : 1 *. Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) : 1 CONTRACT DEPARTURES 1/17 – Daniel Hall (Scott Grainger) 3/02 – Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman) 4/16 – Thad Luckinbill (JT Hellstrom) 4/27 – Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed Hellstrom) CONTRACT ARRIVALS 3/29 – Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott)
  10. May 2018 Episode Rankings A total of 23 episodes aired this month. 1. Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) : 23 2. Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) : 21 *. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Spencer) : 21 4. Annika Noelle (Hope Logan) : 19 5. Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) : 17 *. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) : 17 *. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan Forrester) : 17 8. Aaron D. Spears (Justin Barber) : 13 9. Heather Tom (Katie Logan) : 11 10. Karla Mosley (Maya Forrester) : 7 *. Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) : 7 12. Hunter Tylor (Taylor Hayes) : 6 13. Ingo Rademacher (Thorne Forrester) : 5 14. Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan) : 3 *. John McCook (Eric Forrester) : 3 *. Rena Sofer (Quinn Forrester) : 3 *. Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton) : 3 18. Nia Sioux (Emma Barber) : 2 19. Alley Mills (Pam Douglas) : 1 Contract star not appearing this month : Jeremy Ray Valdez (Det. Alex Sanchez) January-May 2018 Episode Rankings A total of 106 episodes aired this year. 1. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Spencer) : 97 2. Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) : 91 3. Annika Noelle (Hope Logan) : 82 4. Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) : 76 *. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) : 76 6. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan Forrester) : 71 7. Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) : 62 8. Heather Tom (Katie Logan) : 51 9. Aaron D. Spears (Justin Barber) : 35 10. Karla Mosley (Maya Forrester) : 28 11. Ingo Rademacher (Thorne Forrester) : 26 12. Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) : 23 13. John McCook (Eric Forrester) : 21 14. Rena Sofer (Quinn Forrester) : 20 15. Alley Mills (Pam Douglas) : 19 16. Jeremy Ray Valdez (Det. Alex Sanchez) : 16 17. Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) : 14 18. Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes) : 12 19. Dick Christie (Charlie Webber) : 11 20. Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton) : 10 21. Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester) : 7 *. Anthony Turpel (RJ Forrester) : 7 23. Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan) : 6 *. Dan Martin (Brad Baker) : 6 *. Nia Sioux (Emma Barber) : 6 26. Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter) : 5 *. Pierson Fodé (Thomas Forrester) : 5 28. Andrew Collins (Jarrett Maxwell) : 4 29. Obba Babatundé (Julius Avant) : 3 *. Reign Edwards (Nicole Dominguez) : 3 *. Courtney Grosbek (Coco Spectra) : 3 *. Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne Avant) : 3 33. Patrika Darbo (Shirley Spectra) : 2 *. Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer) : 2 *. Achileas of Greece (Simon) : 2 *. Sheryl Underwood (Emmy) : 2 *. Alex Wyse (Saul Feinberg) : 2 38. Othello Clark (Othello) : 1 *. Danube Hermosillo (Darlita) : 1 CONTRACT ARRIVALS 1/08 – Annika Noelle (Hope Logan) 3/08 – Jeremy Ray Valdez (Det. Alex Sanchez) 5/14 – Nia Sioux (Emma Barber) CONTRACT DEPARTURES 1/18 – Reign Edwards (Nicole Avant Dominguez) 2/01 – Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) 2/09 – Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester) 2/12 – Anthony Turpel (RJ Forrester) 3/08 – Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) 3/12 – Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter) (I still list Jeremy Ray Valdez with the contract cast as he was not removed from the credits but his last credited appearance and probably final airdate was 4/12)
  11. Y&R: Old Articles

    To give everybody a bit of context : APRIL 1982 Nikki admits to Kevin that she’s pregnant. She makes it clear she doesn’t want anything from Kevin other than for him to tell Victor it’s his (Kevin’s) baby. When Snapper tells Sally he hasn’t told Chuckie he’s his father because they’ll be going back to Michigan once the boy’s well, Sally offers to stay in Genoa City — permanently. “There’s nothing more important to me than giving my son a chance to know his real father,” says Sally. If she and Chuckie stay in town, then Snapper will have time with him. When Nikki tells Victor that Kevin has refused to marry her, he‘s determined to change Kevin’s mind. “I’ll see that you’re protected. Kevin will give your child a name and he’ll do it soon. He’ll marry you ... or I’ll kill him !” Because Snapper wants to be a real father to Chuckie, he tells Sally the time has come to discuss Chris’ idea. Sally says Chuckie has been her whole life — if she gives him up, there’ll be nothing left. She is stunned when Snapper asks her, straight out, if she’s still in love with him. “After everything you’ve done for our son, how could I not love you?” Snapper pleads with Sally to please think about leaving Chuckie with him and Chris so the boy would be part of a family. Andy is furious when he learns Karen is holding up the divorce. She hasn’t signed the papers his lawyer sent to her a month ago! “I don’t know what kind of game she’s playing,” Andy tells Jill, “but I’m damn well going to find out. I promise you, Karen’s not going to stand in our way. I’m going to get her to sign her name on those papers!” Later that day, Andy demands Karen tell him why she’s holding up the divorce. Karen says she needs more time to read the divorce papers carefully. “I can’t sign them, because l still love you,” she admits. Although she wants Andy to be free, she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. Andy says he can’t be her friend unless she lets him go. Although it’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, Karen finally signs the papers. When Jill learns that John Abbott, Sr. (Jack’s father) is back in Genoa City. she arranges to meet him “by chance” in a restaurant. After John spots Jill, he stops by her table and says a polite hello, but cuts the conversation short. When Kevin shows up at Victor’s house, he and Nikki get into a terrible fight. After they’ve both cooled down a bit, Kevin offers to acknowledge paternity of Nikki’s baby. When John Abett sees all the bills Jack has run up by romancing Jabot’s models, he lays down the law to his son. “You’ve got to function as a businessman, not a playboy. I expect you to devote yourself, totally, to fulfilling your professional respon- ulbilities.” Resigned, Jack promises he’ll do his best. After Nikki admits how insulted she is that Kevin hasn’t asked her to many him, he finally breaks down and proposes. Kevin explains he couldn’t face his fiancée in San Francisco, or his family, if he doesn’t do the right thing. Although Nikki wants to continue living with Victor, she agrees to marry Kevin. She later tells Victor it’ll be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. Her eyes filling with tears, Nikki runs into Victor’s arms and sobs, “Oh, Victor, I’ll never be happy again.” Lucas demands to know how Victor obtained Lorie’s proxies. Victor explains that Lorie gave him her stocks willingly, without any hesitation or trickery on his part. Lucas doesn’t believe Victor for a moment and decides he’s going to find out what really happened. Now that Nikki’s agreed to marry him,Kevin insists she meet his high-society family, but he doesn’t want them to know she’s pregnant, because he couldn’t stand for them to be hurt. Panicking, Nikki claims her doctor told her she can’t fly. “I’m not leaving Genoa City until my baby’s born!” Frustrated that Nikki makes everything so hard for him, Kevin feels like walking out on her. Deeply upset that her daughter’s “living in sin,” Mary pays Patty a visit at Jack’s house and begs her to come home. Patty replies that she doesn’t want to. “It just tears my soul out to see you throwing yourself away on this man.” Mary lets Patty know that she still hasn’t told Carl about her living arrangement. “Please spare your father something you know is going to devastate the man. Please, please come home!” Mary implores. When Patty refuses to return home, Mary asks hert o tell 'Carl she’s living with Jack. Mary then hands Patty a letter from her father and tells her he wrote it because he wanted her to know how much she means to him. Although she’s afraid to read "what’s in the letter, Patty opens it. After reading the very emotional letter from her dad, Patty decides she’d better tell him she’s moved in with Jack. When Snapper presses Sally for her decision about Chuckie, she tells him if he really wants to be a father to the boy, it has to be the three of them — together. “I can’t, I won’t, walk away from my son.” After overhearing this conversation, Chris returns a phone call from a boyfriend of Sally’s back in Michigan, Stan Harris, who’d tried to reach Sally earlier. Chris tells Stan that Sally is a very lonely woman and suggests he surprise her in Genoa City. “Please come, Mr. Harris. It could mean more than you know to all of us.” Displeased with the way Jack’s been running Jabot, John lets his son know he believes Jack’s not competent to function without supervision. Jack is distressed when John reveals he’ll be remaining in Genoa City to run the business. Although Jack again promises he’ll do better, John retorts, “I don’t believe you can make that promise. You don’t have the drive or the discipline. Or, frankly, the dedication to Jabot!” John then orders Jack to return to his old office. Nikki is upset when Kevin tells her that since she’s afraid to fly, he’s going to have his parents come to Genoa City to meet her! Mustering up all her nerve, Jill pays John a visit at Jabot and tells him she’s been looking for work for some time and could use his recommendation. “A few words from you could really make such a difference in my future.” John agrees to write Jill a recommendation. When Nikki tells Kay how scared she is of meeting Kevin’s parents, Kay offers to have them over to her house. “I’ll do all the talking,” says Kay. Lucas admits to Lance that he was totally wrong about Lorie — she had nothing to do with Vanessa’s death. Lance, deeply moved, gives his brother a big, emotional embrace. “I guess Vanessa pulled one over on both of us, didn’t she?” says Lucas. “You . . . me. . . and especially Lorie.” Lucas then tells Lance he recently went over to see Lorie and apologized for his behavior during the trial. Lance steps by Lorie’s apartment and says he wants to talk about them. Because they were once so close, he wonders how Lorie could have given Victor the one weapon he needed to destroy him. He begs Lorie to tell him what drove her to do it. Hoping Lance will understand, Lorie explains she’d been hurt — she thought she’d lost Lance. “I wasn’t acting rationally,” Lorie admits. “Do you believe for a moment I could have done what I did if l’d been capable of thinking of the consequences? Dear God, no, I could never hurt you that way. I loved you so deeply and desperately, Lance, that the thought of losing you struck me blind with fear!” Tears in her eyes, Lorie adds that she did it because she loved Lance too much. She throws her arms around Lance and kisses him with desperation. But Lance pushes her away and says this isn’t what he wants. Lance can‘t accept that love drove Lorie to give her proxies to Victor. Lorie begs for Lance to give her time to erase the memory of her betrayal, but he says it’s too late. “We can’t go back. Things are different. I have a son now, a boy I love very deeply and who depends on me more every day.” When Lorie asks how Lance feels about Leslie, he reveals that in Europe a bond developed among himself, Leslie. and Brooks that drew the three of them closer together each day. They became a family. “I didn’t intend for things to turn out this way. But after all that’s happened between us, surely you must see that this was inevitable. Please try and understand.” Lorie says she never wanted to hurt Lance. Although he wants to believe that, what she’s done has left him with a permanent scar. “Our love was once all things... so very precious...but now it’s over. Let it be over.” As Lance leaves, Lorie stares at him numbly and says that she may have lost Lance, but she’ll never give up on him. She did something horribly wrong but she’ll make it right. Lance pleads with her to let go – for both their sakes. Lorie resolves to get the company back from Victor. She’ll make him pay for forcing her to say good-bye to the only man she’s ever loved. Claiming that he cares about Lorie, Victor tells her he’s purchased tickets for her to take a vacation in Greece! He thought it might help her put a little distance between her and her problems. Lorie is delighted by Victor’s offer, for she’s beginning to feel that he trusts her. Victor then admits the trip is for the two of them. “It would be a challenge to explore the mysteries of a woman like you. « Who knows what I might discover?” Hoping to put her plan into action, Lorie accepts Victor’s offer. After Kevin’s girlfriend Caroline arrives in Genoa City (Mrs. Bancroft sent for her), Kevin tells her that their wedding is not going to go off as planned because there’s another girl in his life. As he’s about to tell her the whole story, Nikki walks in! Determined to fight for her future, Nikki declares to Caroline that she and Kevin are in love. When a stunned Caroline asks if Kevin wants to break their engagement, he says it would make things a lot easier. Sally admits to Stan that it’s all over between her and Snapper. She’s not clinging to any false hopes and dreams any more. Stan says all Sally has to do is marry him and he’ll give her some real hopes and dreams. Snapper tells Chris that although he’s grown to love Chuckie, there’s only one thing more important to him — her and Jennifer. Chris’ eyes fill with tears, for this is what she’s been waiting so long to hear. They embrace. Snapper says he’s sorry for the hell he’s put her through . . . the pain. They declare their love for each other. Snapper then tells Chris that he and Sally went to Chuckie and asked him to decide where he wanted to stay and he chose Sally. Chris’ enthusiasm over her modeling contract with Jabot wanes when Greg looks it over and says it’s not as wonderful as she thought. Chris will be paid for whatever pictures Jabot uses, but there’s no guarantee of income or a commitment to the amount of work she’ll get. All the contract does is lock her into Jabot Cosmetics. The company is guaranteed her services, but she’s not guaranteed much in return. Jack tells Patty the time has come when she’s going to have to make a choice between him and her family. They will never accept their relation- ship. Before she cuts her father out of her life, Patty needs to hear that Jack loves her. Seeing no other way to get her to commit herself, Jack assures Patty he loves her. “You are very, very important to me.” He kisses her passionately. Now Patty is sure of Jack’s love. Allison Bancroft overhears Kay and Earl (her husband) discussing the affair they had in college. When Allison joins them in the living room, she pretends she’s known about their liaison all along and makes Earl feel as uncomfonable as possible. When Chris admits to John that she has some misgivings about the exclusive contract with Jabot. He assures her they wouldn’t have offered it to her unless they were sure they’d have considerable use for her. They want to mold her into a top-notch model. Since that means she’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling, John advises Chris not to sign the contract unless she’s certain she’ll be available. Dr. Young informs Snapper that Chuckie’s doing very well after his surgery. Since it’s unlikely there will be any problems with rejection of the donor kidney, Chuckie will be released today. Despite himself, Snapper is a little thrown to learn his son will be leaving so soon. He’s grown: to love Chuckie so very much. John warns Patty not to get her hopes up about Jack marrying her, or she’ll end up a very, very disappointed young lady. “I doubt that Jack is anywhere near making a com- mitment — to you or anyone.” Sally lets Snapper know that she and Stan are going to be married. She then thanks Snapper for all he’s done for their son and apologizes for any trouble she’s caused him and Chris. Before Sally and Snapper say their final good-byes, she awkwardly admits she loves him. “I think you’re the finest man I’ve ever known. And I’m never going to forget you.” With tears flowing, Sally embraces Snapper. Snapper says he won’t forget her, either — or their son. That afternoon, Sally, Stan, and Chuckie fly back to Michigan. The private investigator Allison hired, Mr. Kelsey, informs her he has a lot of information on Nikki Reed — she’s had a very “colorful” back- ground. Mr. Kelsey later has a huge wrapped package delivered to Allison. When Nikki and Kevin tell Victor how much Allison is opposed to their marrying, Victor decides to throw an engagement party at the ranch so Kevin’s family can see how Nikki lives. But soon after the Bancrofts arrive with Kay, a bitter argument ensues. With a vengeance, Allison rips the paper off the package the private investigator delivered to her earlier — it’s a blowup of Nikki in her stripping costume! Allison is shocked when Kevin admits he’s known since his first visit to Genoa City that Nikki is an exotic dancer. Allison snootily declares Nikki’s not the kind of girl she wants in the Bancroft family. She won’t let her son marry a naked dancer! Lance confesses to Lorie that he now realizes why she gave her proxies to Victor and he’s even coming to accept it. He says he’s made a decision so he can go on with his life — he’s going to ask Leslie to marry him! Incredulous and numb, Lorie points out Lance doesn’t love Leslie, but he says he loves her enough to marry her. “You’ll always have a special place in my heart, but it’s over between us, Lorie. There’s no future for you and me. We’ll never again be able to trust each other the way we once did. "That ended the day you signed those proxies over to Victor.” Her eyes glazed with tears, Lorie says she’ll always love Lance. When Allison continues to put Nikki down, Nikki loses her temper and angrily reveals that she and Kevin got drunk one night; made love, and now she’s pregnant! Hoping to win his wife back, Snapper treats Chris to an elaborate romantic evening in a fancy res-taurant. He promises that if they get back together, things are going to be different. This whole ordeal with Chuckie has changed him and he needs a chance to prove that to Chris. Snapper then reveals that a research and teaching fellowship he applied for in cardiology months ago finally came through. So that they can make a new start, Snapper wants Chris to pack up and move to London with him for three months, where he’ll be working in a world-famous hospital. Chris is overwhelmed and torn — the timing couldn’t be worse! Because she’s hurting over losing Lance, Lorie tells Victor she can’t go abroad with him right now. Since time and distance are the best cure for what she’s going through, Victor urges her to take the cruise. He even agrees to let Lorie go alone, to recover. “Your happiness is just what I want. Have the time of your life and forget your sorrow.” Lorie gives in and decides to take the trip. Determined to stop Kevin from marrying Nikki, Allison suggests she and Earl buy her off. Allison offers Nikki a generous lump-sum down payment and then a monthly income for the child and for herself until she remarries or whatever she wants to do. Nikki refuses the “handout” and says if Kevin wants to walk out on her now, she’ll tell Victor it was her idea. Kevin insists he wants to marry Nikki. Lance lets Leslie know that he’s resolved his past with Lorie and is ready to go on with his life. “I want to take you along with me, Leslie, into the future. I love you. And want you to be my wife.” Stunned, tears of joy come to Leslie’s eyes. Lance takes her into his arms. MAY 1982 Jack warns Patty that John would do anything to cause trouble between them. Patty points out that Jack could prove his father was wrong about the things he told her by asking her to marry him! Jack can’t bring himself to say those words, though. Because she feels her dream of marrying Jack is cmmbling around her, Patty decides to move back home. When Snapper senses Chris’ reluctance to move overseas with him, she admits big things might be happening in her modeling career — that’s why she’s so hesitant about moving to London. lt’s the worst possible timing for her to leave the country. “I’ve changed,” Chris reveals. “I need a career and an identity.” When Snapper asks if Chris’ career is more important to her than their marriage, she says that’s an unfair question. Snapper retorts it is a fair question. He’s giving them a chance to put their marriage back together and she’s telling him she doesn’t want any part of it. Chris says that although she wants to repair their marriage, the contract with Jabot is a once-in-a-lifetime op- portunity. “I hope our relationship is not over, but if it is, I’m strong enough to stand on my own.” Snapper says he hopes Chris will change her mind. They embrace and kiss. Soon after, Snapper leaves for London - alone. Just as she’s about to leave for her parents’ home, Jack begs Patty not to go — he has a question he wants to ask ‘ her. “I want you to marry me, Patty. l want you to be my wife.” Patty can’t believe what she’s hearing. Jack assures her this is what he’s always wanted — he was just waiting for the right time. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Jack Abbott!” Patty cries. “And‘ I’ll love you, and make you happy for the rest of my life. I promise you.” They melt into a very passionate kiss. When Patty breaks the news of her engagement to Mary and Carl, they are shattered but wish her the best. They only want Patty to be happy, even though they’re convinced Jack’s the wrong man for their daughter. When Jill learns that John is going to be working late at the office, she pays him a visit, determined to make a last try for him. Much to Jill’s surprise, John asks her out to dinner. Although she was supposed to have dinner with Andy at Liz and Stuart’s house, Jill accepts John’s invitation. Going for broke, Jill tells John she’s missed seeing him. Someday she’d like to explain why she hurt him so badly once. John remains implacable. But later that evening, John phones Jill and tells her that someday he'd like to hear her explanation, then hangs up. Jill doesn’t know what to make of John’s call, but at least she knows she didn’t blow her Iast chance with him. With Victor as her best man, Nikki and Kevin are married in a lovely ceremony at the ranch. Moments after Nikki and Kevin have been pro- nounced husband and wife, she faints ! Afraid that Jill has lost Andy for good, Liz urges her to make things right with him. “That man loves you. But he’s not gonna wait around, takin' your abuse, while you chase after a pipedream with John Abbott. And in the long run, you’re gonna end up with nothing but a heart full of dreams.” Liz’s words are not lost on Jill. Nikki is taken to the hospital. After Dr. Wallace examines her, he tells Kevin that so far the baby’s all right, but Nikki is spotting and cramping a little. Since it could be serious, Dr. Wallace wants to keep Nikki under observation. Hoping to make amends with Andy, Jill begs hint to come over to the house, and he agrees. Although Jill reiterates her love for Andy and assures him he can trust her, Andy demands some answers. Jill lies that she didn’t show up for dinner because she’s been looking for work. She hasn’t told him about it because she’s so afraid she won’t find a job. Jill wins Andy over and he easily forgives her. “I’m in love with you, remember?” They embrace warmly. Relieved Andy bought her story, Jill then seductively invites him to spend the night with her. After a bitter fight with Stuart over Snapper and Chris, Liz tells Stuart she’s moving out! Liz feels it’s best if she went back home. “I feel I don’t belong here. Maybe I never did. L need some time." Stuart. stares incredulously at Liz as she walks out the door. He can’t believe this is really happening. ' Since they’re planning to be married, Leslie and Lance decide to tell Brooks that Lance is his real father. “I’m your father,” Lance reveals to Brooks, “and my brother Lucas — he’s your uncle.” Confused, Brooks can’t quite accept this revelation of Lance’s and asks to be alone. When Leslie and Lance later go up to Brooks’ room, they find their son is gone! Brooks wends his way to the lakehouse and when the maid tells him Lucas has gone out, Brooks makes up his mind to find him. As a storm is raging, he climbs into a rowboat and screams out for Lucas. Some time later, Lucas finds Brooks lying near the shoreline. Relieved his boy is still alive, Luke embraces him tightly. He was so terrified Brooks had drown in the storm. Back at the lakehouse, Brooks sobs to Lucas that he had to find him ... he had to be with him. “Please don’t be mad at me,” he begs. “I love you, Daddy. I love you so much. You won’t let anyone take me away, will you? I don’t want any other daddy but you.” Lucas’ heart is breaking in two. Why did he ever allow Lance to tell Brooks the truth? How could he have been so willing to give up his son? Jill meets John for dinner and tells him how sorry she was for hurting him when he was just beginning to trust her and believe in her. “I realize you can probably never forgive me. What happened is not something I’ve taken lightly. A little part of me died when I hurt you that way,” Jill admits tearfully. Beginning to soften a little, John explains how he felt when he found Jill in bed with Jack: “The woman I was falling in love with — at that moment, I realized she wasn’t you. She couldn’t be you.” He confesses he built up an unrealistic conception of who and what Jill was. He’d put her on a pedestal...thought of her as idealistic fantasy — pure, perfect, untouchable. Jill makes it clear she’s none of those things and never will be. “If I were to forgive you for what happened so long ago, what then? What are your hopes, Jill?” Jill answers it would mean so much to her if he would forgive her, but admits she was hoping for more. Her fantasy is that they could totally erase the past and start with a clean slate. His feelings for Jill beginning to resurface. John agrees to start anew. Tears of happiness spring to Jill’s eyes as she assures John she’s very much available to him. She doesn’t even think about Andy for a second, or that she’s supposed to marry him! Deeply upset that Brooks can’t accept him as his father, Lance tells Leslie he can’t marry her. If they were to wed, Brooks would think Leslie was abandoning him. “I won’t, I can’t, inject myself into his life. It’s obvious there’s only one father Brooks wants or needs — and that’s Lucas. I just hope someday Brooks will come to understand and forgive me.” Leslie assures Lance that will happen and they kiss lovingly. Although Victor invited Nikki and Kevin to stay with him at the ranch while she’s pregnant, Nikki decides to move back to her old house with Kevin. Soon after they arrive, Nikki informs her new husband they’ll be sleeping in separate bedrooms because her doctor has told her not to make love for a while or it could cause her to miscarry. Kevin reluctantly goes along with it but deep down feels rejected. At Chris’ urging, Stuart goes over to see Liz at her old house and tells his wife he’s missed her — he wants Liz to come home. Liz admits that although she cares deeply for Smart, part of her feels like she doesn’t belong in his world. She feels like a stranger — someone who’s on the outside looking in on him and his family. “How can I come back into your life when I don’t really feel I belong there?” Stuart leaves, disheartened. Lorie confesses to Lucas didn’t go to Greece. She went somewhere else and interviewed men and women involved in big business who have had dealings with Victor. Lorie says she needs information from Lucas about the way Victor has been running Prentiss Industries — who he's stabbed in the back since he’s taken over. When Lucas asks why Lorie wants this data, she says only that she’s doing whatever she has to do to get the company back to him and Lance. When Robert mentions he’s having a problem finding a house for himself and his daughter, Lance offers to lease Vanessa’s house to Robert. Lance admits the house holds too many memories for him to continue living there. Paul lets Mary know that April wrote and told him their relationship is over. She’s met someone who wants to marry her and so she wants a divorce from Paul. Robert reveals to Lorie that Lance has no reason to remain in Genoa City anymore, he’s left town indefinitely. Through tears, Lorie vows: “i know that l will see him again ... someday. And when l do, l'm going to give him his company back. And I’m going to give him my love.’‘ When Patty presses Jack to set a wedding date, he tries to make her realize how much she’d be giving up marry him. “Marrying me right now, you’re not giving yourself any opportunity to become self-sufficient .You‘ll be totally dependent on me as your husband.” Jack points out to Patty all the opportunities available to women today and says she’d be limiting herself by not reaching out, to build her own life and develop her talents. Patty argues that all she wants is to be Jack’s wife. When Jack says he wonders if this is the right time for them to get married, Patty accuses him of trying to get out of setting a wedding date. John interrupts and suggests Jack be honest with Patty. To spite his father, Jack agrees to marry Patty! Tears of joy in her eyes, Patty falls into Jack’s arms and embraces him tightly. They kiss. Lorie confesses to Leslie that she’s going to write an expose on the real Victor Newman. “I’m going to bring that man to his knees!” she declares determinedly. She’ll then use the book to force Victor into giving the company back to Lance and Lucas. While Nikki is out of the house, Caroline shows up and tells Kevin his mother told her the real reason why he married Nikki. Caroline admits she could almost feel sorry for Nikki, except that she married the man Caroline loves, the man she thought loved her. When Kevin says that’s all behind them, Caroline points out that people don’t turn off their feellngs so easily. Kevin says although he cares deeply for Caroline, he has taken vows he can't break. Caroline admits she not only loves Kevin, she admires him for being such a strong, honorable man. “I love you. . . now more than ever. I’ll always love you — no matter what happens.” Just as they're about to kiss, Nikki walks in, furious at what she’s seeing. When Caroline says she can explain if Nikki will just give her a chance. Nikki demands Caroline get her “sticky paws” off Kevin, then she’ll listen to whatever she has to say. Caroline confesses that Allison told her the real reason why Kevin had to marry Nikki. She goes on to say she was hurt that Nikki and Kevin pretended to be so much in love — why couldn’t they have just told her the truth? Nikki replies that she and Kevin tried to spare her feelings. Refusing to accept that, Caroline admits she’s come to see if Kevin is happy, and if he isn’t, she’s not going to let Nikki ruin his life. “I gave up too easily before, but I didn’t know all the facts,” Caroline tells Kevin. “Well, I’m not going to back away yet. If Nikki wants you, she's going to have to do more than to get herself pregnant!” While Andy is at the house, Jill suddenly pretends she’s not feeling well, then later sneaks out for dinner with John Abbott. When Liz finds out what Jill has done, she warns her daughter she’s going to lose Andy if she keeps two-timing him this way. Paul tells Carl he’s been searching for a new direction in his life and thinks he’s found it at last. Carl beams with pride when Paul reveals he wants to follow in his footsteps and join the police force. “i couldn’t be any prouder right now if you told me you were running for President!” Father and son embrace tightly. Kevin and Nikki begin arguing bitterly in front of Caroline over the fact that they’re not sharing a bed. Furious with Kevin for bringing that up, Nikki shouts, “You and your precious Caroline can do anything you like together. I’m getting the hell out of here and ifl never see you again, it won’t be too soon!” With that, Nikki slams out the front door. Nikki shows up at Kay’s house and informs her she’s left Kevin! “If Caroline wants Kevin, she can have him. I never should have married him in the first place.” After Nikki tells Kay all about her fight with Kevin, Kay says she thinks Nikki’s playing the “wronged wife” for Victor’s benefit in hopes of moving back in with him. If Nikki doesn’t want to stay married to Kevin, Kay points out, she’ll have to tell him the truth. Nikki realizes if she does that, Kevin will tell Victor and then she’d lose them both. Kay urges Nikki to return to Kevin and make a go of their relationship. Nikki does as Kay suggested and apologizes to Kevin for making a scene. When she tries to seduce Kevin as a way of making up to him, he becomes enraged with Nikki for using sex to bargain with him. He orders her never to do it again “Don’t do me any favors, Nikki, I can sleep alone till hell freezes ovm and it won’t bother me one bit!’ Nikki slaps Kevin’s face and shouts “As far as I’m concerned, you will!’ Though they both feel rejected, Kevin and Nikki are turned on by their quarrel. He grabs her and kisses her angrily, then shoves Nikki away from him and stroms out of the room. Despite Nikki’s fury, she finds herself for the first time wanting Kevin. Robert confides in his wife Claire’s doctor that he’s divorcing her because he needs to get on with his life. Dr. Marshall says he’s not surprised, since Claire’s shown no signs of progress for the past 16 years, it seems no conventional treatment is going to release whatever’s blocking her mental function. Before going to the courthouse to obtain his divorce, Robert stops by to see Claire in the mental institution. With much pain in his heart, he told her their marriage is going to be over today. “I have no choice but to this, because I can’t and I won’t on this way — tied to a memory that’s tormented me — that’s given me nothing but pain and anguish for so many, many years." Robert begs Claire to say something to him, but she just stares ahead vacantly. “How could this happen to us? What we had was so precious, so important to me. I would have gladly waited until the end of my life if you would have given me one word, one sign of encouragement these last 16 years. Robert adds that even after they’re divorced, there won’t be a day that goes by that he won’t pray for Claire. While Robert’s back is turned, Claire very slowly makes her way toward him, a cold, hard stare in her eyes. When Robert turns around, Claire lunges at him! She screams as Robert lights her off. Suddenly two orderlies burst in and free Robert from Claire’s grasp. Robert is horrified. After a doctor injects Claire with a dedative, she's silent and docile again. As he leaves, Robert whispers with tears in his eyes, “Good-bye, Claire. God be with you.” Hoping to get into the files at Prentiss Industries for “dirt” on Victor, Lorie asks him to give her a job at the company. She complains that her life is at a very low ebb and she needs to do something that will fill her time and force her to use her brains and creativity. Although Victor is skeptical about Lorie’s sudden "need" for a job, he says he’d like to use her writing skills to help create a new corporate image for Prentiss Industries. Because he wants to wipe out any misgivings people may have about how he acquired Prentiss Industries, he would like Lorie to write a series of articles that will show Lance never took full advantage of the opportunities of his position and that Victor is the better man for the job. When Lorie balks at the idea, Victor points out, “You said you wanted success in business. This is your down payment. Aren’t you willing to pay it?” Although it’s killing her inside, Lorie agrees to write the expose on Lance. Pete Walker, who’s behind a big vice racket in Genoa City which Carl is trying to break up, “suggests” one oh his hookers get herself arrested for possession of cocaine so that Carl will bail her out in exchange for phony information. Pete Walker is determined to wipe Carl out and use Pam to help him to the job ! Later that day, after Pam is arrested, Carl tells her if she wants his help and protection, she’ll have to give him the information he needs on her « bosses. » Because she doesn’t want to appear too easy and make Carl suspicious, Pam insists she needs a few days to think about spilling her guts to him. After Kevin admits to Victor how bad things are between him and Nikki, Victor asks Nikki why she’s trying to wreck her marriage. Nikki confessed it’s because she loves Victor. All he has to do is say the word and she’ll come back in a minute. Victor urges Nikki to forget about her feelings for him by going to be with Kevin until’s she’s got Victor out of her system. Unable to accept that, Nikki asks Victor to hold her one last time. Although he hesitates at first, Victor gives in and kissed Nikki tenderly. After he’s gone, Nikki whispers to herself with desperate confident : « You still love me, Victor. I’ll get you back someday. And next time, I’ll never let you go. » The following day, Victor pays Nikki another visit and tells her their relationship is finished. It was over the day she married Kevin. « I’ve got to get you out of my blood now and I can, believe me. » When Nikki insists Victor loves her, he reveals he’s begun seeing Lorie Brooks – he’s been attracted to her for years. Thrusting in the knife, Victor decalres if he were to have an affair with Lorie, she wouldn’t be stupid enough to get pregnant ! Furious, Nikki shouts for Victor to get out – she never wants to see him again ! JUNE 1982 After Pam’s released on bail, she begs Carl to meet her in an out-of-the-way coffee shop. Carl is stunned when he sees that she has a black eye and a black-and-blue mark on one cheek (actually, it’s only make-up). Pam leads Carl to believe it was a “warning” from the people she works for. Carl again offers Pam protection if she’ll cooperate with him. Pete Walker tells Capt. Alex Morgan, who’s taking payoffs from him, that he’s getting ready to make a move involving Carl Williams. Pete warns Alex to put some distance between himself and Carl or he’ll go up in smoke with him! John summons Jack into his office and lets him know how pleased he’s been with Jack’s performance at the office lately. Delighted Jack has been taking full responsability for his future, John offers him the presidency of Jabot as a wedding present! Jack will become the company’s new president on the day he marries Patty, and John will stay on as chairman of the board. Jack just stares incredulously at his father. When Jack asks if John is giving him a figurehead position or real power, John says he wants Jack to know he believes in him. “I want you to begin this new facet of your life on the same day you begin your life with Patty. I’d like your wedding day to be a whole new beginning for you. I’d like to see that day be a new beginning for usn as father and son. I’d like us to learn to reach out to each other, to become close. To work together in the business. Perhaps even become friends. That’s what I’m trying to tell you by making this offer. » Although they both want to express their deep emotions, neither is able to. Father and son just shake hands as Jack thanks John for this gesture of his faith in him. For the first time in many years, Jack gives his father a very brief masculine embrace. After receiving additional “instructions” from Pete, Pam phones Carl and asks him to meet her. She tells him she hasn’t been “working” because she doesn’t want to get beat up again. Believing he has this gal exactly where he wants her now, Carl asks Pam how she got involved in “the life.” Pam claims she began working as a prostitute to pay off her brother’s sizable gambling debts. Two men who work for her brother’s loan shark suggested she talk to the bartender at The Golden Touch, a sleazy bar where she picks up many of her “johns.” When Carl tries to glean more information from Pam, she says she’s given him all she can for now, then insists she must leave. Robert is stunned when Dr. Marshall phones and lets him know there’s been a change in Claire’s condition, but he shouldn’t get his hopes up too high because it may not be that significant. For the first time in 16 years, Claire has begun speaking. After Jill returns from a disappointing date with John, she finds Andy waiting for her at the house. Andy reaffirms his love for Jill and says he wants a future with her. He pulls out a ringbox and hands it to Jill. When Jill opens the box and sees how tiny the diamond is, she feels let down, but does her best to hide it from Andy. “The ring comes with all the love in my heart, » he says, then slips the ring on Jill’s finger. They kiss. Carl warns Pam that if she doesn’t give him the complete truth about who runs The Golden Touch, he will drop his protection of her in a second. When Carl inquires if she knows Pete Walker, Pam nervously admits she does know who he is, but doesn’t know anything about him. She says someone named Phil Carter is the only boss of The Golden Touch that she knows — he’s the manager of the place. Carl orders Pam to do some snooping, because he wants to know more about the chain of command. He wants names from Pam — who’s the real boss. When Pam says she shouldn’t have gotten involved in this, Carl assures her nothing terrible is going, to happen to her. “That’s easy for you to say!” Pam retorts. “You’re not the one who’s running the risk. Do you know what happens if Phil Carter or anyone else finds out I’ve been talking to you? I’m dead, mister. Worse than dead. They’ll cut me in pieces first!” Meanwhile, Pete orders one of his men to look over Carl’s house and find out who lives there, when they come and go, and what their habits are. “Remember where Carl Williams lives, ’cause when you’re finished, I’m gonna have another little job for you,” Pete adds with an evil look on his face. Mary is very upset about Carl’s involvement in the vice investigation. She knows the job has to be done, but why by her husband? She fears they will all be contaminated by Carl’s association with the prostitutes and other low-lifes he must associate with. John Abbott is completely sincere when he offers to pay for Patty’s wedding, or at least help the Williams defray the expenses. He wants the wedding to be just as beautiful as they hope for their wonderful Patty. Mary thanks him and says she’ll mention it to Carl. Carl is feeling the pressure of money, but his pride refuses to allow him to accept money from Jack’s father. Carl will pay for Patty’s wedding himself. He’ll figure out a way to come up with the $3500 it takes to pay for even the simple wedding they’re planning. Somehow he’ll find a way, he vows to his wife. Paul is with Patty as she shops for her wedding gown. He sees her disappointment when she comes across the perfect bridal gown, but knowing it costs $750, she determinedly talks herself into loving a dress that costs $150. While Patty is in the dressing room of the bridal department'of the store, Paul arranges to buy the dress Patty really wants. The saleswoman is so touched that she takes $100 off the price. The remaining $650 cleans out Paul’s checkbook, but he feels it’s worth it to make his sister as happy as he knows she’ll be when the dress is delivered to their house. Pete warns Alex Morgan that he’s being paid to keep Williams off Pete’s back. The cop is getting too close, Pete says, and he warns Alex that he’ll be the first to fall if they’re nabbed. But Pete isn’t relying solely on Capt. Alex Morgan. He’s got a plan of his own that he’ll have one of his henchmen plant $3500 somewhere in Williams’ house. Then he’ll get the word spread “on the street” that Williams is a crooked cop asking for protection money. Pam is to set him up for the final fall. Pete is looking forward to his plan’s fruition because the police will be the ones to do the work! Carl Williams is being set up for one tremendous frame-up! Pete’s hencnman jimmies the lock of the Williams’ home, and begins this search for the perfect spot to hide the $3500 so that it can be found when Williams is accused of taking money under the table. He hides in a closet when he hears Mary unlock the front door, prepared to strangle her if she finds him. When Mary goes to answer the phone, the henchman sneaks down to the basement, still in seach of a hiding place that will look as if Carl himself had secreted the money. He finds the perfect spot in Carl’s work area of the basement. Coming down to the basement, Patty is very close to being strangled by the unseen thug when she’s called upstairs – her gown has been delivered. While Patty, very moved by her brother’s thoughtfulness and generosity, thanks him for her gorgeous gown, the thug mamges to sneak out of the house, his job well done. Carl meets with Pam in a seedy coffee shop and tells her he must have proof of Pete Walker’s activities and the names of all the higher-ups. Pam feigns great fear of her bosses, and reluctantly sets up a meeting later on at her apartment. They’ll go separately. She finds herself quite moved when Carl gives her a pretty compact so that every time she looks into the mirror she’ll think of what she could be if she went straight. By the time the “word” has been spread about his being on the take, Carl shows up at Pam’s apartment. He notices that she seems to be stalling about giving him the names he needs, but he doesn’t see her drugging his coffee. By the time he passes out, he’s just begun to realize what Pam did to him. As he lies, unconscious, on her bed, he has no idea that she has been part of a scheme to ruin him on the force. Pam does feel twinges of guilt for betraying him, but she really feels she had no choice. She, too, was forced. She’s arranged for her friend Cindy to discover her and the mess Carl made as he staggered around from the drug. She plants some pills in Carl’s pocket, and waits for the police to come. John Abbott’s daughter, Ashley, comes home unexpectedly after she graduates from college. Her father saw the ceremony, then he went on to other daughter Traci’s high school graduation. Like Jack, Ashley bears the scars of being deserted by their mother so many years ago. But she sides with her father, while Jack sides with their mother. When Ashley meets Patty, she finds it hard to believe that Jack would marry anybody, let alone such a wholesome innocent girl as Patty. Ashley wonders if Patty can make Jack change. Jack wants to live up to Patty’s picture of him, and he wants the presidency of the firm, but he hates these sessions with Patty’s priest, and he is very attracted to the beautiful Diane, a model. Lorie realizes that Nikki suspects her of being up to something that has to do with Victor, and she knows that Nikki is as intent on protecting the man she loves as Lorie is on returning Prentiss Industries to Lance. Nikki, meanwhile, vows to find out just what Lorie is up to. In San Francisco, Allison convinces Caroline to return to Genoa City and fight for Kevin, rescue him from the clutches of the despicable Nikki. Kevin admits to Victor that things aren’t working out between him and Nikki. Nothing he does seems to please her, and Kevin gets the feeling he’s robbed her of something. “I’m making her miserable. Me, Kevin, her husband! Nikki doesn’t even want me in the same house, let alone the same bed. She doesn’t want any part of me!” When Victor offers to havea talk with Nikki, Kevin begs him not to interfere. Kevin now realizes what a big mistake it was for him and Nikki to get married. In Pam’s apartment, Carl suddenly realizes she put a drug in his coffee. Although he tries to leave, he’s too far gone to be able to unlock the front door. “You drugged me, dammit! You drugged me!” he shouts, lunging at Pam. A few moments later, bhe collapses on the bed. Feeling levels of guilt mixed with fear, Pam stares at Carl’s unconscious body and whispers : « Sorry it had to bey ou, Cop. They gave me no choice at all. » Pam places two of the pills Pete gave her in Carl’s trouser pocket. She then arranges for her friend Cindy to mess her up and make it look like she’s been raped! Pam instructs Cindy to tell the neighbors she heard her summing, that it sounded like she was being attacked. At Mother Bancroft’s urging, Caroline pays Nikki another visit and announces she’s come to Genoa City. She’s here to spend as much time with Kevin as he can spare. Caroline intends to fight Nikki for Kevin because she feels he’s worth it. « I don’t believe Kevin is happy married to you and I don’t believe you’ll ever make him happy, baby or no baby ! » Caroline reveals she has come not only to break up the marriage but to pick up the pieces afterwards. “Kevin and I belong together. I’ve known that from the first time he Kissed me.”While Nikki isn’t looking, Caroline unobtrusively slips a small envelope on Kevin’s drawing table. “You don’t scare me at all!” Nikki shouts. “I’ve got Kevin, and neither you nor anyone else is going to take him away from me. He wants me. He’s always wanted me. And you and that old windbag of a mother can’t do a thing about it!” After Caroline has Ieft, Nikki picks up a vase and throws it at the door. When two police officers arrive at Pam’s apartment, she tells them Carl came on to her, but she tried to resist. After she fought him for a while, he passed out. Although the officers are somewhat skeptical of Pam’s story, she declares she wants to file charges against Carl. “This guy's gonna pay for what he did to me!” Pam later tells Officer Davis of the Sex Crimes Unit that Carl threatened to frame her. She says she had to pay him over three grand or he’d put her up on phony charges. After Carl comes to, he’s taken down to the police station for questioning. Jack’s sisters, Traci and Ashley, are surprised when Patty asks them to be her bridesmaids. Patty wants them all to be close, since she’s never had any sisters of her own. After reading Caroline’s note, Kevin confronts her at her hotel room and asks why she’s come back to Genoa City. “I want a straight answer!” he demands. Caroline says she got to thinking and realized Kevin was trapped in an unhappy situation and must be lonely. “I wanted to show you that you aren’t trapped forever, Kevin, your marriage to Nikki can’t last! There’s nothing there to hold it together. I can give you everything Nikki is refusing to. I’ll be your mistress . . . and your- friend. I’ll do anything to make you happy.” Kevin says it won’t work — he can’t love one woman and be married to another. Although Caroline declares her love for Kevin, he urges her to go home to San Francisoo. But after Caroline forces Kevin to admit that’s not what he really wants, she decides to stay. Caroline melts into Kevin’s arms. Alex Morgan is stunned when Officer Davis teIls him Carl has been accused of attempted rape. Carl insists he’s been framed because he was getting too close to the truth. Since Pam has claimed that Carl was shaking her down for thousands of dollars, an investigator from Internal Affairs is brought into the case. He informs Carl that a team of investigators has been sent over to his house with a search warrant to look formoney. « They can search wherever they want. I’d be very surprised if there’s fifty bucks in my house,” Carl says confidently. But, at the Williams home, one of the investigators finds the money the thug planted in Carl’s basement. Although he was sure the charges against him would be dropped, Carl is devastated when Capt. Black (of the Internal Affairs Division) tells him his men found $3,700 in cash in the Williams home. “They planted it, dammit!” Carl shouts. He insists Pete Walker — or somebody who works for him — framed him. Although only a few hours earlier Jill and Andy were celebrating setting their wedding date, when John Abbott phones and asks her to meet him, Jill happily accepts the date! Pleased with their work so far, Pete tells Pam and his henchman Mike that he’s to set her up in an apartment in Chicago. Pam is to call Investigator Davis and tell him she’s terrified of Carl and is leaving town until the trial. “We’ve got Williams, now let’s finish him off and he’ll never be a problem to us again,” Pete says resolutely. When Patty learns that Jack’s best friend can’t stand up for him at the wedding, she suggests Jack ask Paul to be best man. Jack reminds Patty that Paul isn’t exactly fond of him, but later does ask Paul to stand up for him — for Patty’s sake. After learning from Lucas that Victor had highly confidential files delivered to Prentiss Industries, Lorie resolves to find out what’s in them. When she asks the file-room attendant ifshe can look through the personal files, the woman tells her no— Victor is the only one who has a key. Desperate, Lorie later invites Victor over for dinner, hinting that more than dinner will be included in the bargain. She's got to get that key from Victor, even if it means going to bed with him! After dinner together, Lorie invites Victor into her bedroom. He is filled with anticipation. Patty, all aglow over her wedding, asks Ashley to be her maid of honor, and she happily accepts. Although Paul will be part of the wedding party, Jack has asked John to be his best man. Carl is utterly incredulous when Alex Morgan breaks the news to him that Headquarters has decided to file departmental charges against him. He is even more upset when he learns the department has suspended him! Carl shouts that he’s not going to take this lying down, and walks out. Because it would ruin their daughter’s wedding day, Carl can’t even share his burden with Mary. A furious Carl pushes his way into Pete Walker’s office and confronts him. “I’m on to you, Walker!” he shouts. “It’s not going to work!" Carl declares he’s not going to let up on Pete until he’s locked him up for the rest of his life. Grabbing Pete by the throat, Carl pushes him back violently, causing Pete to fall to the floor. In a fit of anger, Carl knocks over a file cabinet and throws a liquor decanter across the room. He then brushes everything off Pete’s desk and storms out. After Victor’s houseboy tells Nikki that Victor is at Lorie’s aptirtment for the evening, she stops by Lorie’s and calls out for her. Nikki’s unexpected visit stops Victor from consummating his night with Lorie and he leaves with Nikki, feeling more than a little disgruntled. Although Lorie is relieved she didn’t have to make love with Victor, she’s upset she didn’t 'get the key, either. On the day of Jack's wedding, John gifts him with a lovely brass doorplate, reading: “Jack Abbott, president, Jabot Cosmetics.” John gives his son an affectionate embrace. Jack’s co-workers gather together and throw a lively celebration for him at Jabot before he takes his vows with Patty. Since the liquor is flowing freely, Jack downs a few drinks and ends up in bed with Diane, the sexy model he’s been attracted to for weeks ! Concerned that Jack’s running late for the wedding, Ashley stopes by the studio photo and is stunned to find her brother in bed, drunk. She strops dead in her tracks when she sees Diane coming out from some of the bedclothes piled on the bed, awalened by the commotion. Ashley is completely blown away. How could her brother do somethink like this when everyone is expecting him at the chruch ?!
  12. Y&R: Old Articles

    John Denos joined indeed in 1982 and not 1983 as it is often credited. I have a newspaper article from August 1982 stating that many new faces were joining the show. They mentionned: Mark Tapscott (Earl), Suzanne Zenor (Claire), Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Beth Matiland (Traci), Kristine DeBell (Pam), Ben Hammer (Alex) and John Denos (Joe). Given what we can reed in summaries: Tapscott and Hammer joined in April, Davidson, DeBell and Zenor in May, Maitland in June So with this episode credited from late May, you can guess that John Denos was fairly new on the show. Probably joined in April at the best.
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    For whatever reasons, the last 3 January episodes were omitted from the total counts. Sorry. Corrected it.
  14. Young & Restless April 2018 Episode Ranking

    I will double check today. Thanks for telling me.
  15. April 2018 Episode Rankings A total of 21 episodes aired this month. 1. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) : 19 2. Melody Thomas-Scott (Nikki Newman) : 17 3. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) : 16 4. Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) : 15 *. Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) : 15 6. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) : 14 *. Gina Tognoni (Phyllis Summers) : 14 8. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) : 13 *. Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) : 13 10. Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) : 12 11. Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) : 11 *. Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland) : 11 *. Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) : 11 *. Thad Luckinbill (JT Hellstrom) : 11 *. Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) : 11 16. Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed Hellstrom) : 8 17. Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby) : 7 18. Shanica Knowles (Simone Burch) : 6 *. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) : 6 20. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) : 5 21. Marla Adams (Dina Mergeron) : 4 *. Jason Canela (Arturo Rosales) : 4 *. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) : 4 24. Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore Baldwin): 3 *. Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie Browning) : 3 26. Noah Alexander Gerry (Charlie Ashby) : 2 *. Lauralee Bell (Christine Blair Williams) : 2 *. Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell) : 2 *. Cait Fairbanks (Tessa Porter) : 2 *. Sitara Hewitt (Helen Hamilton) : 2 *. Lexie Stevenson (Mattie Ashby) : 2 32. Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith Newman) : 1 *. Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) : 1 *. Abhi Sinha (Ravi Shapur) : 1 *. Jess Walton (Jill Foster Atkinson) : 1 Contract star not appearing this month : Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) January-April 2018 Episode Rankings A total of 83 episodes aired this month. 1. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) : 64 2. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) : 58 3. Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) : 53 4. Thad Luckinbill (JT Hellstrom) : 52 5. Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) : 50 *. Gina Tognoni (Phyllis Summers) : 50 7. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) : 47 8. Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) : 46 *. Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) : 46 10. Melody Thomas-Scott (Nikki Newman) : 45 11. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) : 44 12. Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland) : 41 13. Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) : 40 14. Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby) : 39 15. Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) : 35 16. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) : 32 17. Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman) : 25 18. Marla Adams (Dina Mergeron) : 24 19. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) : 21 20. Cait Fairbanks (Tessa Porter) : 20 21. Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed Hellstrom) : 19 22. Noah Alexander Gerry (Charlie Ashby) : 18 23. Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) : 17 24. Lexie Stevenson (Mattie Ashby) : 12 25 Robert Adamson (Noah Newman) : 11 *. Tracey Bregman (Lauren Baldwin) : 11 *. Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott) : 11 28. Jason Canela (Arturo Rosales) : 10 *. Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) : 10 30. Shanica Knowles (Simone Burch) : 9 *. Max Shippee (Graham Bloodworth) : 9 32. Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell) : 7 33. Daniel Hall (Scott Grainger) : 6 *. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) : 6 35. Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) : 5 *. Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie Browning) : 5 37. Michael Masini (Tony Kinsman) : 4 *. Jess Walton (Jill Atkinson) : 4 39. Camryn Hamm (Shauna) : 3 *. Sitara Hewitt (Helen Hamilton) : 3 *. Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith Newman) : 3 *. Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) : 3 *. Abhi Sinha (Ravi Shapur) : 3 44. Darnell Kirkwood (Jordan Wilde) : 2 *. David Lago (Raul Guttierez) : 2 *. Lauren Woodland (Brittany Hodges) : 2 47. Catherine Bach (Anita Lawson) : 1 *. Jaime Lyn Bauer (Lorie Brooks) : 1 *. Meg Bennett (Julia Newman Martin) : 1 *. Janice Lynde (Leslie Brooks) : 1 *. Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) : 1 CONTRACT DEPARTURES 1/17 – Daniel Hall (Scott Grainger) 3/02 – Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman) 4/16 – Thad Luckinbill (JT Hellstrom) 4/27 – Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed Hellstrom) CONTRACT ARRIVALS 3/29 – Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott)