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  1. I haven't forgotten about it, but so far, haven't been able to find anyone capable of assisting. I have gone part of the way in having the audio cassette transferred to a CD, but that's still where things stand at the moment. Am reaching out to others I know for advice on this. Best, BC
  2. My young nephew will be visiting in a few weeks for about a month. I suspect he'll know how to deal with this. Alternatively, I could send a newly recorded cassette with the applicable clips, though I know that's considered an obsolete technology (pre-historic) these days. Thanks for your patience. BC
  3. Help Requested: Vis a vis the "Where the Heart Is," and supplemental audio material, need some technological advice. Have had a local electronics shop transfer the tape to a CD, however, we do not have a CD drawer on our laptop. How can my brother capture the applicable soap segments from the CD and translate/transfer them into a collective format that can be sent to and accessed by the SON Community? Your help sorely needed. All Best, Brent C.
  4. I'll get on it. Please be patient. My techno guru brother will have to help. I'll also include a Search for Tomorrow dialogue clip and Connie Eaton's vocal of the title theme from the "Best of Everything," done as a nightclub scene on the 9/7/70 episode.
  5. I'll check into doing this, if there is sufficient interest out there. It's the theme I best remember for the show, low key, clarinet I believe...I also have a snatch of dialogue from "Search for Tomorrow" from that same summer between a character named "Ida," and a younger woman on Ida's front porch. BC
  6. I have discovered that I have a tape recording of the original theme music, (opening and close and announcer) to "Where the Heart Is," taped in the summer of 1970. To my knowledge, (correct me if I'm wrong) this is not extant on the Web, however, I'd be afraid to post lest I violate ASCAP or other copyright laws. Have no idea who wrote it, but the visual was a butterfly in flight, photographed in slow motion. Brent.
  7. Guess I was way too late to get in all this. Don't even really know, based on these cryptic comments, what exactly I missed. Too bad. Brent C.
  8. Came across a tape recording the other day, that I made in December 1971 from the "Edge of Night." In it, Cookie, (Fran Sharon) is being pursued by a ghostly visitation, a ghost with a woman's voice who urges her to swallow the whole bottle of sleeping tablets by her bedside. The eerie music seems to be aiming at the "Dark Shadows" effect. Though it was I doing the taping, I don't any longer recall this plot line. Any additional information would be much appreciated. Brent C.
  9. He does a fabulous piece of acting in an episode of "Naked City" with Claude Rains, entitled: "To Walk in Silence" (1960). It's on DVD. BC
  10. What a New Year present! This is so memorable and fascinating to me. How well I remember Val's patio and Susan's living room with the backdrop of the house across the street. Susan's kitchen was sometimes featured and was foregrounded, (as in a side view of counters etc) contiguous to, but in front of the fireplace on the left. Lori Mach had such intelligence and dignity. Stephen Bolster was also very effective I thought. To the poster a thousand thanks!!! Let's hope more of these kines emerge. As someone else remarked, we know they're out there. Brent C.
  11. Secret Storm was a memorable show. Hope hidden kinescopes emerge soon. BC
  12. Haven't been on this site in ages. The Winsor memo is fascinating! I clearly recall the Brooke vs. Valerie struggle. Perhaps I'm repeating myself, but I even remember a line of dialogue (of Lori March) : "Brooke, you haven't a sparkle of honesty in you." They struggled with a letter opener and Brooke was killed. Also Brooke, (whether this was the same day or not) stabbed herself with some scissors, (as a pretext to lure someone over to assist her) She phoned someone and said she was bleeding and "hadn't an antiseptic in the house." Funny what 9 year olds remember! Would love to see a still of Marjorie Gateson's drawing room from that show--especially with Margaret Hamilton serving tea. Maybe one is buried in some ancient TV/Radio mag somewhere? Remember Wendy Porter too and of course, the actress who played her Julie Mannix turned up on the "Best of Everything" a few years later. Low ratings or not, that was an intriguing show. It was produced by Jacqueline Babbin who had earlier been involved in some really distinguished stuff, what the masses would call "high brow." "Best of E..." had some very good writing, and 3 bonified movie stars. Imagine Sondegaard, Fitzgerald, and McCormack on one daytime serial. The sets were by Kim Swados, whom had also been involved in some very fine productions, (sometime, if you like old live TV, check out Miriam Hopkins and Elizabeth Montgomery in "Studio One" ep. "Summer Pavilion" written by Gore Vidal--sets by Swados--excellent stuff, and Elizabeth Montgomery was quite a dish in 1955!) Let's all hope that at least a few kinescopes of "SS" emerge in future or (dare we hope) original video masters for the post 1967 period. All Best, Brent
  13. Oh I forgot--Re: Robin--she was definately having emotional and or emotional issues of some kind, since I remember the adults being exasperated by her disconnected behavior--such as sending her to the kitchen to retrieve a pie for guests and her returning with a handful of limes, (a scene I recall specifically). Perhaps it was nothing so dramatic as autism since I am sure I did not know what that was at the time. Brent.
  14. I don't know what the reason behind Brooke's hatred was. Brooke deliberately stabbed her hand and telephoned Valerie (I think), saying that she had done it accidentally on some roses and that she "didn't have an antiseptic in the house," (don't ask me why Val would be the most proximate aid in this matter) I vividly recall Brooke deliberately cutting herself and the sham phone call for help, but am not absolutely positive it was Val whom she phoned. Anyhow, (and I think this was the same day in October 1966--I was 9 at the time) Valerie was there with Brooke alone and an argument ensued...Brooke tried to stab Valerie with a letter opener but ended up being stabbed herself (unintentionally by Valerie). Valerie fled the scene in alarm...I understand she was later charged with murder but in all honestly don't remember the trial...perhaps my after school cub scout meetings blocked that period. Brent
  15. P.S.--The above article on the clothes, while fascinating, is not the New York Times article which appeared in 1964. It can be obtained electronically now through the New York Times database, for those who wish to avoid the old fashioned microfilm route.
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