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  1. Well this makes the over exposure to some tired, boring, aged leads even worse.
  2. Will81, that was a great assessment as I didn't really watch before 2009. I kept up in the magazines but nothing grabbed my attention, attempted to get into the show in 2009 but got briefly hooked the summer of 2010-I was so excited to see Amber back only for them to waste her, and loved Brooke sleeping with Oliver as a newer viewer. However I was bored with the umpteenth pregnancy story until late 2011 and totally invested in the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle and Jacob Young back as Rick. I agree with the other poster who said 2011-2016 wasn't bad. Amber/Rick/Maya had potential and A
  3. Was Janice referring to Michael Storm being a good kisser and enjoying working with him? I thought he did not care for her? Interesting her thoughts on Rauch. Sad. Wonderful to see Ken doing well! Glad you got to hear back from him and he liked that great collage.
  4. As much as I love 80s OLTL especially Rauch I really wish they had not broken what was so lively and beautiful. I am not huge on the Buchanan's but it would have been nice if maybe they did not consume the show. Its nice to finally see this time period after only having the 1969 episode. I could watch Ellen Holly and Doris Black read the phone book. I can't believe they could not come up with another frontburner story for Ed and Carla after they adopted Josh. Ed could have gotten mixed up in a dangerous investigation. The father or mother of Josh could have came on. Anything.
  5. Exactly and every time they come close to moving forward they go another hundred steps backwards.
  6. At this point I would love to never hear Jabot or Newman again. Its played out just as well as every other business on the show.
  7. I never thought of that option. That would have been nice and definitely complicated Carla and Ed's lives.
  8. Thanks j swift! I just finished the April 1977 episode. What a shock to see Lana/Brad/Jenny. These episodes are a real treasure. And Viki/Joe in turmoil. Erika is stunning with the long hair. I really loved this Joshua Hall and thought he had chemistry with Samantha. I did not realize he Todd Davis from GH. How interesting Carla did not want Josh anywhere near Sam.
  9. How old was Cathy at this time? She actually blew my mind as I assumed based on recaps she was an unstable hot mess after 1973 through the end but I quite enjoyed her despite her reading much older than she should be.
  10. OMG this just made my entire weekend. I gave up on ever seeing any new OLTL period especially of this era. I love all the natural touches-the dialogue feels so real, Eileen vacuuming, religious drama but not overdone, characters at work, Tim being a construction worker. Nice to see it in color-especially the bright 70s fashions. Ellen Holly looked stunning, amazing to see the progress over ten years. Carla is not only visiting Anna's house and welcome inside but taking Jenny to a meeting they are attending. So happy to see Anna and Carla's friendship.
  11. Reminds me of Natalie in the secret room on OLTL in 2008. If they are going to pull a Robin on GH I wish they wouldn't waste their time. Either bring her back or don't.
  12. Was readingup on Sean Donely and saw that he and Monica had an affair. Was that well received?
  13. I am scared to even watch because I am sick of getting invested in anything good and then them ripping it away. They are so scared to rock the boat on this show. I miss Ana, Fen, Mia and Hilary. I am sure a few others but can't think of them off the top of my head.
  14. I haven't watched classic soaps in a while and wow the community feel to that Michael Delaney storyline is sorely missed. Relationships, point of views, family drama, holidays feeling like holidays. This is unheard of now and I'm sure never to be seen again between the laziness and covid. You would think with the severe budget cuts we would have too much community drama and natural conversations and less BS. Instead we get Sonny and Carly playing soccer mom and dad.
  15. Genie Francis is literally carrying this entire story on her back. Whoever plays Cyrus was DREADFUL playing those dock scenes with Jason and then learning Florence was kidnapped. Was absolutely fantastic seeing Denise Alexander back. I wish they had utilized her more over the years would have loved a three generations story between Lesley/Laura/Lulu that only soaps can do. It does seem she is able to walk better now or they covered it better. While the show is lacking energy as said above I find it infinitely more enjoyable with Sonny and Julian gone. At this point I
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