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  1. I finally finished the Natalie in a well storyline and I love how Natalie feels betrayed and is through with Trevor and never wants to see him again. Usually with soaps they instantly reunite and move on. Natalie and Dimitri seem to be simple friends (so far) but I must say Trevor really grates as he disrespects Dimitri trying to get Nat back at Wildwind. With Natalie and Trevor being such a big couple I was also expecting a bigger "reunion" moment instead of him walking into her room at Wildwind. I was expecting a location sequence at the mansion or something spectacular. While I certainly consider Ron Carlivati hit/miss some of the elements to the conclusion reminded me of Ron's early OLTL- Timmy's random letter, Mimi's investigation, Natalie attempting to leave town on time and the slow build up. I love how it slowly involved a good portion of the cast. You never get umbrella stories like that anymore.
  2. Was watching some past episodes from different eras of OLTL and it is amazing how much the show changed through the years with the exception of Viki and Buchanan's. August 1987- all in all the show was so good when it came to Clint/Viki/Tina/Cord/Maria but all the newbies just weren't working for me. Gabrielle was still a heroine and then the Sanders family was just blah. Wanda had a nice little story where she lost her diner to I guess the city and Judith Sanders helped stage a protest to help Wanda but a scene like that would have worked so much better with Larry, Viki and other written out characters like Carla, Ed, Jenny, etc. who would have known Wanda for years. I love the over the top Rauch era but I really wish he had maintained the diversity with different social classes and races. August 1992- my first time really getting into the Gottlieb years but the AIDS Quilt climax was some of the best episodes I have seen of OLTL. I finally see what people liked about Sloan & Viki and I wish Andrew had not become such an afterthought. Only thing I wasn't feeling in the 1992 episodes are Tina/Cain/Sarah but I was a big fan of Andrea Evans and Jensen Buchanan. And it is impressive how quickly they integrated the newer, more entertaining characters into Llanview. Rachel, Hank, Sheila, Marty, Jason just feel like they always belonged. November 2007- I did not realize at the time how much Carlivati did to improve the show between Viki being back at the forefront (I am loving Gigi, Moe, Noelle & Charlie) and the slight return to social conscious (Langston & the Cramer's facing the foster care system, Marcie on the run with drag queens & the New Orleans family) it is really a shame that outside of that I can only think of a few other times Carlivati kept this up (Rex having financial problems for medical bills around Christmas 2008, the beatbox gift for Shane was cheesy but I enjoyed it and the 2009 Kish story which I thought they over did with Dorian trying to marry a woman)
  3. Started randomly watching some December 1995 episodes. It is so nice to see the Michael Delaney stories. While cheesy at times it is a simple, realistic storyline that brings together the whole community versus some convoluted mess. I wish we had more of that towards the end. Was this teen scene Anita/Bobby/Laura/Scott/Kevin popular? I do enjoy Scott/Anita/Kevin. Laura is okay at times and Bobby I completely do not like. Wasn't Kelsey part of this teen scene or was she older? Skipped on to the Cutting Edge climax where Laurel ends up dead. Did the seemingly sensational ending give the show a ratings bump out of curiosity? Or was the event spoiled prior to airing?
  4. After years of never finding the time I have finally dug into the November 1979 episodes and this show was top notch. I did find some of the Marland episodes a drag but of the Dobson years available I have never seen a boring episode. It's a shame that they didn't keep the Dobsons at GL and post Marland at ATWT immediately. I am loving the drama of the the main story- Rita and Ed divorcing and Rita wanting an abortion. The build up of Roger being alive while Holly is in prison (already read spoilers to know where that's going) and Lucille plotting to poison Ben only to nearly kill Amanda. The episodes fly by and it is all based on the psychological motivations of the characters. I miss that and haven't seen it on a soap in my 12 years of viewing. The only drags to me are Dr. Greg Fairbanks and Peter Chapman. Both so dull. I also applaud them for keeping Sara and Bert among others an integral part of the fabric of the show. It's amazing how having the characters interact with multiple viewpoints and psychologically motivated storylines keep the show familiar and only a few years later they would lose half the cast. I have no interest in anything of GL from 1984-1991 maybe outside of the Sonni/Solita plot and Holly and Roger's return.
  5. Well that explains the lack of availability. Such a shame although none of this will ever be released by P&G anyway. Thanks!
  6. I have been looking for episodes from the fall of 1978/January 1979 with Sara/Dean but it seems that there are none available until late 1979. This seems to be her last major storyline and I would love to see some of it. Does anyone know of videos coded under anything more difficult to find?
  7. Killing Aly off destroyed the show for me. She wasn't a front burner character by any means but she could have fit in well alongside Nicole/Zende. Other things going on with the show at the time (summer 2015 maybe?) just soured it all for me. Tried again with Sheila's return but that was a waste of time. As was said in the main thread B&B is the one show that could play off the trashiness of reality TV with Steffy, Liam, Hope, Carter, etc in the workplace by day and clubs by night but doesn't.
  8. Glad to know I was wrong on the long term cast. It will be interesting to see how the tone of the show changes over the next several years. When did the show begin declining in the ratings and why?
  9. Just watched a 1963 episode available online. Can anyone give more insight to the Marian Rand/Alison Metcalf characters? I googled but could only find that Jo took Allison in after the death of Cornelia and that Marian sued Arthur for custody of her son? How long were Alison and Marian around?
  10. Thanks so much-sad that they will soon be gone. From what I have read the rest of the series is constant cast changes outside of Matt & Maggie.
  11. I got some help, you are lucky it airs in your area. I picked up with April and already the characters seem so much more likeable. I gave up with the early 70s episodes as everyone I loved (Rita Lakin tenure was amazing) I ended up hating. Who is Althea's new interest, Tom? When was he introduced? Nice to see Hank and Laurie still on I must admit I am surprised they even got to kiss in an elevator as an extra watched. Have they had any significant story outside of her singing woes?
  12. Is there anywhere the show is posted online? Can anyone PM me a link? I can't find it on YouTube or DaikyMotion anymore. And at what point is the show currently airing? TIA.
  13. I was watching the show up to 1969 before giving up as the characters became extremely unlikeable. Not sure if anyone would agree with that but is there any other period I should pick back up on that featured goof stories and the characters decent?
  14. Thanks for posting. Nice to see that Monica should end up having her highest episode counts in nearly a decade if not higher (I looked as far back as 2012 and don't recall her being this high much prior to that) Unfortunately I couldn't take Julian, Sonny or Franco this year and barely watched. Would still like to see Lucas, Bobbie, Ned, Olivia, Lucy, Mac and Felicia used more. And not getting Serena back full time was a missed opportunity but they would probably just make her pregnant anyway.
  15. Watching the possession story and in February 1995 Stefano sends out five Marlena clones across the country to divert the authorities from catching Marlena. Were these clones ever revisited? And did I miss the explanation on when or how he created them? Between Hattie, Samantha and these five clones Marlena must be the soap character with the most look a likes. Lol.
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