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  1. Thanks, guys! I'll have to find it but there are some recaps from a Nancy/Russ/Frank/Betsy quadrangle. I'm sure it was mostly backburner but Frank turns to Betsy at some point throughout being jealous over Nancy and Russ. Caroline was scheming over the secret of Nancy's paternity of Carl, with Frank being the father and not Carl Blair who had died. Not sure if she just kept mum or was an actual schemer from just reading recaps though. I hate that Carl and Frankie could not co-exist. Of course I wasn't watching then but I love, love, love the Hubbards and they erased everything with Nancy/Carl/Frank so on.
  2. Does anyone know of the character Betsy that Frank Grant dated? Is this Betsy Kennicot?
  3. I can't complain on the Y&R repeats chosen but since they have the entire catalogue intact it would have been nice to have neutral themes with say two 70s episodes on Monday, an 80s episode on Tuesday, 90s Wednesday, 2000s Thursday, so on. It took a pandemic for them to open the archives and I still doubt they will have interest in sharing any further.
  4. Wow-would be awesome to track issues of that newsletter and compare them to FrenchFan's. Would be the only hope of accurate, full 1970s soaps recaps.
  5. Did the newsletter possibly compile all of the initialLesley/Laura story into one month? That seemed really fast-paced and jammed a lot into one month for a time I thought was deemed boring for the show. It's a shame they just completely ignored the Vining parents. That is a lot of backstory supplied for them to go off of
  6. This is the third year in a row that their was a strong focus on the Evans-Black family around this time and everyone cheered. If they do not maintain that momentum this time then it just proves they do not care. I would be surprised if they don't get a small ratings bump again too. I feel very strongly that they could axe almost the entire cast, focus on John and Marlena and their extended family and the show would dramatically improve (for me) and perhaps with a smaller cast it would fix the budget constraints.
  7. Thanks for sharing! Seems like Dorian's party, Viki's descending down the stairs and Dorian unveiling her portrait led to Viki's pregnancy with Kevin? I had heard about the party and thought it was epic but never knew it led directly to Kevin's birth. It appears they had more of a balance within the cast with Carla and Ed having their biggest recap yet, Vinnie being in on things, etc. Nice to see Ed and Carla with realistic family drama and a slight nod to social relevance with Josh worried about his white friends, Pat seething at the politician and Vinnie's nightmare concerning his job path. I loved your assessment of all the 1975 soaps, FrenchFan. Thanks for all you do!
  8. Yes please to 1976! I am loving this and greatly appreciate!
  9. Awesome to finally see Sara with some story. She is one of the most interesting characters to me and I have always enjoyed her small talk scenes. I wish we could see the Dean Blackford climax.
  10. If they are coming back with the same old, same old they are making a huge mistake. If the soaps don't come back with heavy promo and a true "season premiere" then I truly think they will fail. Then again, DAYS tried the time jump and that was a fail.
  11. I just can't believe not even one channel is willing to take a chance, to be different. To have a multi-cultural canvas. GH is set in a hospital. B&B in the fashion industry. It just makes no sense. They were right about the soaps recycling the same people. Why can't they use interns of all different backgrounds to broaden the canvas? I'm not saying its easy to modernize the show's but it damn sure ain't that hard.
  12. OMG this is nauseating. Will the reign of Sonny ever end.
  13. You guys are awesome, thanks for sharing! Nice to see details on Agnes' last months with Gordon at OLTL.
  14. I'm sorry I'm not sorry that they are leaving. I feel like I am watching them rehearsing the material and not taking it seriously and then boom its the finwl product. This has gone on for months. The show itself is dying unless its doing that well on streaming and if a new viewer comes in and sees that they won't come back. I would rather they recast Paul and add a new gay character and recast Will down the line.
  15. Please share, I am loving this!
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