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  1. Melrose Place

    Started watching MP 10 years ago and finally made it through S6 and into 7. I hate Samantha one episode and don't mind her the next but I actually grew to enjoy the Sam/Billy/Jennifer/Jeff mess and loved how they broke out into two separate fights on the complex but it was missing something older MP didn't miss and that was everyone leaving their apartments to watch the fight. Didn't mind the four of them exiting but I kinda wanted Sam to leave single and lonely after the crap she pulled and just like they did with Jake/Jo they failed to reunite Billy and Alison. The Coop/Lexi climax was great I'm glad he's gone and it was nice to see the craziness ease back into the show and in the end he was right, it was all Megan's fault that he got put into that situation. Jane being back is more than a fresh air. She has saved the show for me. I haven't enjoyed the show as much as I have in season 7 since the beginning of season 4. I love love love season 3. That was the last perfect season to me. But I think they ran through so much story or plot rather from seasons 2-4 that it pushed the show back. They ran out of ideas and destroyed half the characters in the process.
  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    WOW! LMAO that was may more campy than I had expected. I do miss this stuff on soaps it just works with the nightmare\daydreaming sequences. Thanks for sharing that and everything else you do.
  3. Y&R: Old Articles

    I did not realize Y&R went so far out there. Are any of those scenes on YouTube?
  4. AMC Tribute Thread

    Thanks for sharing that ghfan89! Really wish they hadn't killed off Natalie. i would love to see a long term story with Robin's Janet and Natalie but how absurd for Natalie to tell the sister who imprisoned her to marry her husband. Although with how the 90s ended I do wonder if Natalie would have had a place on the show anyway. Watching the '91 episodes and I love the family unit they have built up with Trevor/Natalie/Timmy/Haley.
  5. AMC Tribute Thread

    I'll have to try and find those Robin/Kate scenes on YouTube. Didn't ABC and Disney converge at the same time? Was it the declining ratings or Disney that caused the white washing of the ABC Soaps? Also-Does anyone know exactly when Kate Collins left in 1992? I found an episode with the recast from early September but wanted to see Kate's last episodes. Thanks in advance!
  6. The Doctors

    Was trying to get back into the Retro TV episodes. Is anyone else caught up that can give a brief recap? I haven't really watched since the 1970 episodes when Althea returned and a little bit when Carolee and Steve reunited after he was in prison.
  7. AMC Tribute Thread

    Got some 1991 episodes with Janet having Natalie in the well. Love the tone of the show during this period and it's insane how diverse the canvas was in 1991 in comparison to when I started watching in 2006, or even any soap currently on the air. You have Livia, Derek, Terrence, Mimi and even An-Li. Its insane how few Asian characters have been on daytime. How jarring was it to have Mimi, Livia, An-Li and Terrence off the show within just four years? Of course they were all relatively new but they really laid out some permanent groundwork there. And the entire Janet/Natalie story is so well done. I would love to have seen Kate Collins Natalie around for Robin's Janet.
  8. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    B&C were responsible for the return of Larry and the alien twins right? Was there anything else memorable during their tenure?
  9. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Just checked that, thanks! They had a good memory too, reminds me of the days we had saynotoursoap. Watching some 1988 episodes, did anyone know that Sarah and Gabrielle were initially quite good friends? I will say as ludicrous as this era was (in a months time span Melinda was given electro-shock therapy, Tina posed as a nun and befriended a "giant" named Picollini, Clint is in 1888 and a so called magician has his magic potion and Viki meets with an Indian Chief, Clear Eyes) it never seemed out of the realm.of possibility because the writing and acting was there and the stakes came back to the characters' loved ones/family.
  10. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Tom Sutton was Meredith's biological father? Did I miss that entirely? And Tom had a twin? The more we know...now I'm dying to know what other tidbits we don't know.
  11. OLTL Tribute Thread

    The cast list for the clip (what the uploader wrote) lists them both with the last name "McKenzie." So maybe that was his real name? Last name, anyway. I never knew he was involved with Marcy or that their stories were intertwined. I hope they continue to upload more. Its amazing how little is known of this time period even with the history books.
  12. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Thanks for sharing those! So nice to get a glimpse of that unavailable era. Tom was around a lot longer than I initially thought. Unless I gathered the wrong info from their brief conversation, Tom and Marcy were involved romantically before she went crazy? Did they ever reveal Tom's past/identity? I would love to see the entire Cathy Craig story. I can't believe not one episode of the Odyssey House is available as it must have been groundbreaking at the time.
  13. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I was reading old posts from another thread about the Marcy Wade story and saw that Carla once worked at The Banner. Does anyone know what her position was or how she ended up working at the hospital instead?
  14. The Doctors

    So I got way behind on the show around 1969. Can anyone catch me up on what happened to Liz and Anna? And after picking back up with Liz Hubbard's return I guess Jody Lee (was that his name? ) is gone too?
  15. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    Wait so they actually had Marlena possessed by the devil a second time? How did I miss this? And WTF was that with Marlena snatching Belle by the throat but she just sits there as if she's not in danger, pain, anything? Lol.