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  1. I had read those years ago but forgot about them. Thanks for sharing again. It was interesting that the complaints of 1984 (which seems boring based on everything I have read and seen) were fixed by 1986 but by 1987 the O'Neill family was gone and they would just bring c-story families in and out for years. Then by 1988 they were into the flights of fancy as mentioned. I actually love the mix of the fantastical (Eterna and Mendorra) and the reality based stories (Carla and Billy Douglas) but I wish Rauch had kept the cast diverse (so much potential lost IMO in losing Blair Underwood and Lisa Carrington-that one scene with Tina/Bobby/Lisa just oozed chemistry for me) and at least SOME community/reality based stories intertwined with the over the top drama. Is that what happened to Schnessel? I have googled him multiple times over the years trying to find SOMETHING and was unable to. How sad. Does anyone know when he actually passed? Did he ever come to the studio, I have never seen anyone mention him in interviews or anything. He wrote some of my favorite scenes and stories outside of my time watching the show...thankful for YouTube!
  2. Didn't Rauch remodel Llanfair multiple times? Did he just take things to far? I guess a lot of 1989 was filler but I still enjoyed it for what it was. We know RC was a big fan of the 80s and has the same problem today on DAYS (and when he was at OLTL) of basically filler and then climax.
  3. 1989 is one of my favorite years I have watched outside of "my era" and it just seems so fun with Eterna, the baby switch, the crown jewels, Tina and Cord wrestling convicts in an arena, the baby switch, Megan/Ruby, etc. I only found the B stories and cast boring but I guess the show was gettinf absurd. Can you share what SOD called them out on?
  4. That was the first full interview I watched for Locher and after a rough beginning it was enjoyable. Tina and Gabrielle are my ultimate faves so I was most excited for them. I wish they had focused more on story points and less on Tonja's social media/politics talk. I had no idea that the random scene of Tina being admired by the natives of the falls actually consisted of...natives of the falls. I dont know if they actually dressed like that or what but I was shocked and that was a cool behind the scenes story.
  5. Thanks Soapsuds! I didn't even realize ATWT was hitting #2 in the 90s. Really shows all the squandered potential by the end of the decade and just how good the shows were at one point.
  6. What year are the 4th of July ratings from? OLTL was doing terrible! Actually so was AMC. DAYS and ATWT werw doing really well though. What was going on during this time?
  7. Yeah, I just finished the episode and was totally expecting the fire. A little disappointed. Those production values for the gala were AMAZING and it was just simply using the Newman ranch. Was most of the cast still islanded at this time? I loved all the small beats and you could tell who did and did not get along. I wish we got to see more of Diane/Phyllis/Dru going at it. They seemed to write Raul so angrily (but I see why he was upset) and I agree the Neil/Lily scenes just came off real, they barely do any natural family drama anymore on the remaining shows. GH tried a little but no matter wjat any of them do it comes off flat.
  8. This is like the ideal interview of what you would want them to say. I wish he would have this realization again. I really truly enjoyed early Hope/Liam/Steffy but after years and years of the same thing. Then he builds up Ally and Oliver and destroys that. Same with the Avants and Rick and Maya. They could have done years of story with Amber/Rick/Maya IMO. They don't keep any villains on the show without them being comic relief. So on and so forth.
  9. Enjoyed the 1998 episode but sad to think by 2003/2004 they har either burned through so much story or gotten bored with Amber/Rick and the rest of the younger crew. This 2007 episode may be one of the best episodes of Bold I have ever seen. Those scenes between Stephanie and her mother and then with Eric (amazing dialogue too!)were great. I can never seem to get into Kyle Lowder and this is my first time seeing Phoebe. I wish I could say I thought they at least had chemistry.
  10. I think those ratings are for Tina's murder trial Maria Roberts and aftermath. The Heaven story was in March or April.
  11. Was there a rumor or did OLTL go #1 for the Faux Bo story as well?
  12. Flo reminds me of Maggie from DAYS
  13. I had already watched this episode in a playlist but it was fun to see it in HD. It was great seeing Victor and Jack co parenting and the Dacid fallout...but that ending seemed SO RUSHED with Nina, Cricket and Danny randomly reappearing alive at the end and I couldn't help but feel that Nina should have been the one to see David as he dies instead of Cricket.
  14. Did Brad get bored with Sasha/Nicole/Zende/Ivy,etc. I stopped watching as much around 2016 and am surprised at the cast turnover as I watch the "classics"
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