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  1. I am technically as far behind as June but caught today's episode out of curiosity. I enjoyed seeing the Belle/Jan drama and weddong surprise but seems a bit rushed. I would have loved seeing the Jan drama milked through 2021. As usual the budget continues to hurt the show. I wish they could at least film on location at a small chapel for crying out loud. I am slightly interested seeing Ava and Phillip working together and Tamara at least seems to be having fun. I just have no faith in Ava working out this time.
  2. It is already offensive that RC, DAYS, soaps in general still can't portray rape with any sensitivity but my God who can take the ensuing drama seriously with this goofy ass background music .
  3. Thanks guys! Obviously the casting worked out in the long run but it limited long term opportunities it seems.
  4. Did they age Mickey and Bill in casting in the 60s? I didnt start watching until 2006 but I find it shocking that Mickey and Bill were so old by the 70s. This and the bizzarre aging process for Mike and David.
  5. If anyone wants to go into greater detail on what the next generation could have been, I would love to read. I know we had Lily, Billy, Mac, Nate, Scotty, Colleen, Daniel and then Raul, JT and Brittany added on. Were there any others or missed opportunities? I know I have said it before but I will never forgive the waste of Ricky Williams and Ana Hamilton. Amazing casting and two of the most stand outs in the past decade. Kyle is soon to be added to that list as I have lost interest in him. I guess the most recent Fen counts too. They had me more interested in the younger character
  6. Wow! I never thought of a Colleen and Scotty pairing with the natural Traci and Lauren aftershocks. Ahhh. What could have been. Weren't Colleen and Scotty close in age too? Would have been awesome to see a JT/Colleen/Scotty triangle and a great way to have kept the momentum of the 2000s era teens going considering MAB killed the YOUNG in Young and Restless.
  7. I am catching up on the classic episodes aired this year and currently in 2006. We're JT and AL's Colleen well received? I am liking the vibe between them but I know he is soon with Victoria (I am so not feeling AH) and she gets caught up with Korbel. I do like JT and Colleen much better than what I saw between he and Brittany and both Macs so seems like wasted potential to me. Also-does anyone think Brittany could have taken Amber Moore's place in Daniel and Lily's later drama? I love Amber but seeing Brittany I wonder if more could have been done with her.
  8. Wow I had never heard of this story. Sounds interesting. Was Jada playing Amy in this time? I imagine if they were just going to college that this was Amy's first 'adult' story?
  9. This is my first time watching new episodes since I can't remember when. The Amanda/Devon/Elena/Nate quadrangle is the most interesting I have seen in a while. I just really wish they would go back to the Bell days of directing and music. It would add so, so much mood and atmosphere. I hope they have longterm plans for this quad and all involved. Chelsea, Adam, Nick, Phyllis, Victor. Just blah. Good Lord. Same thing year after year. I can barely understand anything coming out of Victor's mouth. And WTF is Michelle doing in her scenes? I wish they would make Phyllis ju
  10. OMG this is absurd. Lol. I can't believe P&G approved this to air. Is this in the official history books?
  11. A good example I can think of is Pratt dismantling AMC but whoever came after not giving anything for the sake of keeping people at bay. Pratt had the show one event after another and then after summer 2010 through 2011 I don't think there was anything to offer. It would be nice if someone could shake things up just enough to build momentum and update the soaps but not dismantle the core of them.
  12. Oh God, I miss OLTL. Love the ideas! I would love to see the Halls back too.
  13. Fully caught up and wow I can't wait to see the new episode when it turns up on Hulu. I am loving the messiness of Lisa/Felix/Martine and am very intrigued by Warren and Felix's past I hope they go deeper into that. I like what we have seen of Cher but how incredibly random to add an insta child and have her immediately bond with Goldie like she has been there all along. Even random for this fast paced show. Great work by the actors playing Darren and Nancy during Kyle's funeral and Darren opening up to Mandy. Loved Goldie's new look! But her
  14. I just got caught up through June. Is Misbah gone permanently or just temporarily out? I was never really into Nancy and Kyle but wow his death hit me. Very well done. I loathe this entire Jordan character and the drug operation and he is absolutely heartless. I know they always have at least 2-3 of these characters going around at a time but between him hitting up Leela and Peri and the drug operation it's blah. Can't wait for the Toby/Celeste/Mitchell plot to pick back up.
  15. I think the bigger issue is the forcing of pets to the forefront. B&B spent years focusing solely on Hope/Liam/Steffy and IMO it was briefly great but then they had nothing else to rely on and when they did they ruined it (Maya and Aly) while GH focuses solely on the deadly boring quad whose names I won't mention. I think some people-audience and behind the scenes- become so attached to the pets that they become all the show focuses on. Y&R spent literally a decade struggling to build young talent while giving the same boring non suspenseful storylines to the older cast. I
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