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  1. I have now made it to mid-March 1995 and things have slowed down quite a bit. They stalled the DID story as it was getting so good with Tommy nearly killing Dorian then Jean plotting to allow her to leave until a great twist with Niki returning as Todd announced he was Victor's son. Unfortunately, Niki being back and fleeing to Atlantic City didn't play as exciting but hoping they turn it around as everything has been plotted and detailed so finely thus far this entire year. The sore spot for me is still the supporting characters and the Gannons have faded into the ba
  2. Maxie has had nothing but baby stories for ten years it seems now. I miss the workaholic and fashionista Maxie. The fact that they can't find some sort of balance or original story is frustrating.
  3. I thought I was watching a whole new show during that stunt...I still remember being so impressed. I can't believe that was almost 8 years ago now.
  4. That was a great review, J Swift! I wish it had translated better onscreen though or they had put the same effort into later characters.
  5. Made it to mid-February 1995 and I am so impressed by Erika and Robin in the DID story. They are playing every beat as Jean imprisons Dorian, even chaining her up, and I was horrified as Dorian awaken to realize she was in the secret room. Then even worse, trapped in a soundproof prison. The cinematography there was fantastic. I haven't read up on that in ages nor have I seen it so it all played as new for me. I always thought that RJ actually interrupted the Sheila and Hank wedding to expose his past affair with Nora but it actually happened after the wedding in the empty church.
  6. I feel like it has been consistent for years now that Jarlena hit the front burner by the end of August. As far as I recall all they did last summer was officiate weddings so maybe by August their story starts and heats up by end of fall. It definitely is a let down to see so little of Shawn and Belle mentioned. The ratings have proven to go up when the family is at the fore front so I don't know why they wouldn't promote the Evans-Black-Brady squad with the generations and the Shawn/Belle/Chloe/Phillip/Brady group.
  7. I thought the story was overall looked down on? Was it that popular? I remember reading about it and was intrigued.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I am on the last January episode and honestly find her weird so far but wanting to enjoy her. She half mentioned the affair and not wanting to be judged for being a woman, then judged someone who came to work with her in the cop car (it may have been Kevin-I wasn't feeling it) but was also prying to get close to Dylan, even in front of Marty and that made me uncomfortable as a viewer 26 years later lol
  9. I so enjoyed reading all the feedback Now in mid-January 1995 and am enjoying how close Viki is to Larry and Nora as her life slowly crumbles and Sloan's military funeral-wow!! I did not watch or read up on 1994 much-how rushed was the story of RJ framing Hank for a 1972 university murder? Seems like this back story had a lot of potential but in a two week period Hank is arrested, RJ gets himself out of prison, Hank stands trial and is acquitted. I rather enjoyed it but seems like there was much more to play on there. Nice to see early Todd and Blair, mea
  10. While $26 million is not a lot for 200+ episodes in a year they could certainly do better at lighting and background in 2021. Half the cast looks better in pictures and less flattering onscreen. People make a living online with no money. With that said they have gotten better in recent years with fall 2015 being the best lighting in at least 12 years IMO.
  11. Very interesting to think of Eileen as Gabrielle after what she did with Kristen on DAYS, imagine if that never panned out. I would just have loved to have seen Andrea's Tina amidst the darker DID story and Victor's death being revealed, plus the David drama. Idk, also as a huge Tina and Cord fan it's almost hard to see him without her lol and seeing her Tina with Roger's Todd and Kassie as Blair. There should have been so much more to do with Tina I 1995, I would assume. I would have loved to have seen a OLTL without such turnover-Ellen Bethea mesmerize me as Rachel
  12. Thanks Vee and DRW! And wow-I had no idea Tea was brought in as a possible pairing to Antonio and Kevin-hard to picture her outside of Todd despite this being an era I have never had much interest in. I am enjoying Nora and Bo's ties to all the Llanview drama and I am assuming they are pretending to be on opposite sides of the Antonio and Andy crime drama-well actually they just confirmed this onscreen As I did not start watching until '06 but enjoy pre-mid 90s the most I wish there was a Gabrielle or Tina esque star power character, I like the cast here but no one s
  13. Watching some 1995 episodes, was the Linda Soto character mainly background or did she get major play? I see her with Antonio as he makes Andy jealous and she was working with Bo to help Andy out but have never heard of her. If she was a Vega family friend I am assuming she was phased out as Tea was brought in?
  14. Well this makes the over exposure to some tired, boring, aged leads even worse.
  15. Will81, that was a great assessment as I didn't really watch before 2009. I kept up in the magazines but nothing grabbed my attention, attempted to get into the show in 2009 but got briefly hooked the summer of 2010-I was so excited to see Amber back only for them to waste her, and loved Brooke sleeping with Oliver as a newer viewer. However I was bored with the umpteenth pregnancy story until late 2011 and totally invested in the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle and Jacob Young back as Rick. I agree with the other poster who said 2011-2016 wasn't bad. Amber/Rick/Maya had potential and A
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