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  1. The Taylor Swift Thread

    https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8039676/taylor-swift-reputation-album-sells-12-million-copies-us https://www.yahoo.com/music/chart-watch-taylor-swift-sells-1-million-copies-fourth-time-205945831.html https://www.forbes.com/sites/brittanyhodak/2017/11/20/taylor-swifts-reputation-outsold-every-other-album-on-the-billboard-200-combined/#584d94d15fac - 1.216 million copies in its first week - 4th straight album with one million - it took 4 days to become 2017's best selling album - it outsold every other album on the Billboard 200 combined So 'reputation' sold 71,000 less than '1989' which is really awesome considering sales have declined even more since 2014, and when you factor in that there was no media blitz like there was with '1989'. I really believe if she promoted the album like '1989' (going on talks shows, performing more, doing a ton of radio/tv/print interviews), it would've easily been her best first week.
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  4. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Awesome numbers! I believe 1989 had 600k. It will be close to beating Oops....I Did It Again and 1989’s first week.
  5. Between Bibel and Clifford, eh.......so another editor? Taking Bibel's old duties if Bibel got elevated? DAYS: - David Shaughnessy first listed as Director on November 7
  6. The Taylor Swift Thread

    I love the mixture of pop-R&B-hiphop on the album. Taylor’s always said she’d do something different with every album. She didn’t play it safe by making 1989-part-two. I’ll post more about the songs in a week or so after listening to them 50+ times. lol. But the two songs I’m listening to the most are “End Game” and “Getaway Car” which should be singles. I also really like "Dress." Projections for album sales look phenomenal! Hope the one million+ numbers turn out to be true.
  7. The Taylor Swift Thread

    There’s no deluxe version for this album.
  8. The Taylor Swift Thread

    I'll spoiler tag it since I hate posting big pictures, and I'll also post the speculations in the tag:
  9. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Yeah, she's doing okay, but it could've been so much better. She's done zero promotion this era, in terms of doing interviews (radio, TV, print) and performing. Nothing. For 1989, she was doing A TON - she went to Australia, Japan, England, Canada. She was everywhere. Also, the release of RFI a week after LWYMMD was released made no sense. If she had waited and dropped the single along with the video at the same time, it would've gone to #1. "There will be no further explanation, there will just be reputation." Umm.....I guess she's really doing that. She's said in the past (I wish I could find the quote) that she'll know when to take a step back. I wonder if this is the beginning of that. She's in her late 20's now, and maybe she and Joe are getting serious, and maybe she's thinking about making a family now. Call It What You Want: Love the song! I admit I didn't love it right away but after listening to it 10+ plus times, I started to get into it a bit, and now at over 50+ listens, I love it. LOL It's a happy love song and I hope there are more of these type of songs. "They took the crown, but it's alright," "Nobody's heard from me for months / I'm doing better than I ever was." I think those lyrics play into what I was thinking, re: stepping away. About the lawsuit, I'm a bit on the fence about this. On one hand, I didn't think it was necessary for her and her team to file the C&D letter because now it just brings more attention to the blog. By doing that, it's now mainstream. But, if she did speak out and say something, that also would've brought attention. I just hate it when people want to force someone to speak up/out about something. I kind of admire her for not bowing down to pressure. I know the ACLU does a lot of good things, but they don't always choose the right cases to take up. Like during Charlotesville, an ACLU board member quit because the they took up a case where they defended the free speech of the white-supremacist rally organizer. They also sided with the NRA on repealing gun restrictions that "discriminate" people with mental illness. Sometimes I just roll my eyes at who they choose to defend. And now they're using resources, that could be used elsewhere, on a blogger who's in a legal fight with Taylor's team? Come on. Anyway........THREE MORE DAYS!!!
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  12. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Yeah.....every single artists uses "something" to smooth things out because it's a *studio* recording and not a live session. There's a lot of acoustic/live sessions/unplugged stuff on youtube She's more of a softer singer, and not the high notes/powerful notes type of singer. She definitely doesn't use autotune.
  13. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Autotune? When? What song? She sings well enough. She doesn't have to be or need to be considered a powerful singer. She never was and never will be. Her fans are perfectly fine with her singing style. We ain't complaining. We're still gonna go to her concerts.
  14. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Finally have time to post! LOL Let's start with "Gorgeous".....LOVE IT! I think this song is a fun/happy song, though it can be interpreted in a sad way.....but it's mostly happy for me because I'm always smiling whenever I sing the chorus. LOL It's an easy song to remember, so I was able to memorize it in a couple of days (I still haven't memorized the first two songs) . Love the opening beats - it's sounds so cool. I also like the funny background noises/sounds (like her laugh). Just like in "Ready For It" there's a split second silent count before the bell rings (love this!.....it's campy). I put this with with my other fun/happy songs, like "22" and "Begin Again" where the song just makes you feel good. Not everything has to be lyrically awesome. Really liked the RFI music video. It's obviously not as good as the LWYMMD video (it's going to be hard to top this video...I don't think it will happen this era.....maybe next era). Not really a big sci-fi or anime fan, so all the references passed by me. For this type of video, I think she and Joseph Kahn could've added more of a story, like the beginning of the Bad Blood video. Just some intro and an outro. I didn't see anything wrong with a body suit. So she's doing Secret Sessions again - I think so far she's done 5 of them. Part of me is happy for all the fans that get to listen to the album and meet her.....and the other part of me gets a little sad because I wish it could be me. LOL The London fans seem to be all about "Track 5" that apparently made them all cry and apparently it's a happy love song. Some say it was better than "All Too Well"......I'm calling B.S. You can't overhype something like that! I think that's crazy of them to say that. LOL Re: Going the folk rock route. You want her doing that NOW? No way. I don't want her doing that until she's in her 40's, at least. Like I said before, I think she'll do one more pop album in her early 30's. Then in her mid 30's, I want her doing pop-rock. TWO MORE WEEKS TO GO!
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