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  1. “Victor’s theme”? It’s not used anymore, unfortunately.
  2. The setup was there for Sonny to walk in on Carly/Jason in bed and they don’t pull the trigger!!?? The climax of this story was a total disappointment. I was on board with almost everything from the beginning of this Sonny-is-dead/he’s in Nixon Falls story, and loved how it was going to be a long time before he would return to PC. It was a classic soap story where there would be a huge anticipation to a big climax. But instead we got no drama at all. Carly/Jason don’t work as a couple either because we never saw them fall in love with each other, so there’s no real high stakes when Sonny returned. This isn’t like Roman/Marlena/John at all because that triangle had real feelings. Now we’re going to watch Carly and Jason hide their “feelings” they each other? I too feel like something changed behind the scenes, like this wasn’t the planned ending because this Jason/Carly being in love for real just came out of nowhere.
  3. Ratings for the week September 13-17, 2021
  4. Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is projected to form a minority government. No one party has all the power, so they must work together to pass bills. This is the result I wanted.
  5. Ratings for the week September 6-10, 2021
  6. I agree. Sami would be the perfect choice. Sami/Sweeney has the star power, and acting chops, to carry this story. There’s no way Chandler could do it. He’s just not that good, and definitely cannot be the main star of this type of story.
  7. Dull? Did you even watch the match? What was so dull about it? It was so good! The great rallies, the great shot making, one game went to like 6 deuces, a couple of really long games (I think one went almost 10 minutes), there was a triple break point game that a player came back to win, they traded breaking each other, each had an over head smash error, and there was even a bit of drama to finish the match off. There was tons of tension too. It was an amazing match! Every time you criticize a match, you always says it’s “boring” but never provide details why you disliked a match.
  8. Damn you. I’m so glad this isn’t going to be one of those stupid Halloween/April Fools one-offs. I loved The Possession so I’m looking forward to this.
  9. Didn’t get to see the match….looks like I didn’t miss much. Can’t believe Novak lost in straight sets.
  10. Overall, I didn't enjoy the show that much. The main plot of jewels didn't interest me at all, and in the end the peacock turned out to be a weapon of mass destruction? Okay. The action scenes weren't very good, but that's not surprising. I was nice to see Eileen back but she was wasted. Best part of the show for me was Leo because of his humour/outrageousness/jokes, and his scenes with Chad. Chad being so uncomfortable was funny. Tinker was a big upgrade. I had no idea he was this good. Maybe because he didn't get to do too much at Y&R. If they bring Sonny to the main show, hope it's Tinker. Worst part of the show were the Miami crew. It was just basically Paulina talking about her celebrity friends. After watching the first episode, I thought by the end of the series, everyone was going to come together to one location for a dramatic event. If they do Beyond Salem again, that is my hope for the next story.
  11. And she had a mental breakdown at Wimbledon? That’s what they said on the broadcast. I hope she’ll be able to handle all the pressure and spotlight from the media, social media. Too bad Emma’s parent didn’t stay in Canada or else we would’ve had Leylah, Bianca and Emma. LOL
  12. What an incredible match! Obviously wished Leylah won but Emma was almost unstoppable, making very few mistakes. Leylah’s serve just wasn’t very good, and Emma was just too powerful. And it looked Iike playing 4 tough 3-setters finally took a toll on Leylah. Emma bleeding was bad such timing after Leylah got to that break time. But what an amazing story for Emma. A qualifier won a grand slam. Insane. I’m definitely going to be rooting for these two in the future.
  13. Ah, is that must be why there’s been so few challenges too. Thanks.
  14. Since I don’t pay attention to tennis news, this just dawned on me, where are the line judges? Is it A.I. that’s calling the outs/faults?
  15. First the quarters at Wimbledon and now the semis at the US Open - Felix made a lot of progress this year. Hopefully next year he will make it to a final. He’s only 21 and has a ton of room to grow. He played a great tournament. I feel like he’s going to be the better player than Shapo when their career ends.
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